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6:10 PM Praslin “There are times you share − and there are times you don’t share with anyone, except each other.”






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Features Editor - Victoria Marie Emerson - Design - Pete Hayward - Owners - Publishers Simon Darcy Abbott - David Camici -

Cover Photography - Marsha Dine Photography Location - Bliss Hotel, Mahe, Seychelles Model - Trisha Dubignon Clothing - Kankan Seychelles Hair and make up - Anisa Rose Make up Styling - James Dupres Styling assistant - KC Rose ASPIRE is owned and produced by Make a Difference Media Ltd Absolute offices 1 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 4QU


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from the team


elcome to ASPIRE our new annual edition a round-up of what we feel are some of the very best places, products and businesses we

have encountered over the past few years. This our new flagship

publication forms the ultimate guide to the best of the best in our

home city of Brighton, the wider county of Sussex, London and beyond. Whether you are

reading this from your hotel room or spa, on a tablet device while travelling or even from

your plane seat, we hope you love this selection of some of the biggest names and innovators in the industries they sit as much as we do. Throughout this edition, we offer some added insight into the best way to explore these outstanding destinations and lead you on a journey down the road less travelled, exposing some truly hidden gems that we have uncovered on

our travels. From groundbreaking clothing designers to fabulous hair stylists, retail shopping at its most luxurious and dining to die for, we hope you find something to excite and perhaps sample for yourself on your journeys. Enjoy



aspire, the journey Words: Pete hayward, designer, Aspire

“Push the boat and give us your ideas was the brief on that first day...”



as it really been four years since I got the email from the new owners of the Absolute Brighton offering me the opportunity of taking on the design duty of the regional magazine for our vibrant city? As intriguing as this was, I was holidaying and sitting beside a beautiful lake in Szczecinek, Poland. The last thing on my mind was to start sifting through photos of Hove wine bar openings, photos of party features and purchased in B list celeb interviews and the like. ‘No, No’ exclaimed the owners, ‘we want a new approach, we want a magazine with the style and finish of the very best global fashion and lifestyle titles.’ The new magazine would have a high-end print finish and a vision to create something so radically different in a view to take the ABSOLUTE brand bigger and further afield. How far afield that was I couldn’t have imagined that first day, but in just four years I would be working with them on the best lifestyle magazine in Sussex, plus launching with them high-end titles into luxury destinations like Seychelles, Ibiza and the Maldives. ‘Push the boat and give us your ideas was the brief on that first day (the kind I like), and working with Simon Darcy, one of the two owners it was designed in the form I believed they had envisioned it.’ The maverick in me couldn’t resist. I put aside my Żywiec Porter beer and headed back to the fabulous hotel Sint Ji Rooms and fired up the laptop. A few hours later, we had a template running, and a massive set of text and images hit my inbox. Not a red face in a wine bar to be found, this was indeed something different and a game-changer in our city.

There were challenges with the first few issues, and the pressure was on. My main line of work is in the music industry, album cover project deadlines were threatening to make me drop the Absolute title. But I persevered, and with a new streamlined design template, the gig was on track. My background as a designer involved working with luminaries such as Wham!, McCartney, Cowell, The PWL label and pretty much anything you saw on a 12� single in the 80s. I began working as a teaboy design assistant in Chicago and saw the revolution from drawing board to hi-end macs. Been there, got the sweatshirt! As a working Dj in the 90s and early noughties, I travelled the northern end of Europe and experienced some enlightening stuff visiting the great cities of Europe. They do stuff differently, and so do I try. We brought it all to the table. Absolute turned out to be all they said it would be. Design freedom was offered with the publishers Simon and David Camici happy to brief then let go. Ideas flowed, and the magazine made its mark. And so it should. Quality is the benchmark. The print, the paper, the design, the vision. A local magazine which had a local feel has evolved. Victoria Marie Emerson also joined the team as Editor and helped the transition from copy to layout run smoothly as well as being a contributing writer. The Absolute title has grown wings and published international editions in The Maldives, Seychelles and... the holy grail - Ibiza. Not bad for a small team playing in the premier league of publishing! Now four years on we are adding an Indian Ocean Eco Travel title due to the enormous successes of the Maldives and Seychelles editions with their online portals gaining reads & downloads totalling over 50,000 each in the last 6 months alone.


The Absolute title has grown wings and published international editions in The Maldives, Seychelles and... the holy grail - Ibiza. Not bad for a small team playing in the premier league of publishing!





“Aspire seeks to portray and share all that is quality, refined, appealing, forwardlooking and unique.” The engagements came from readership worldwide. A large proportion from countries like the UAE, Qatar, Germany, as well as here in the UK.

Then in May 2019, Simon Darcy approached me regarding idea that had formed after being asked to do an Awards issue or a Best of Sussex issue by the many readers and clients. He explained a desire for something new and fresh, and in that ASPIRE was born, a concept to showcase the very best of our home city Brighton and Sussex. Beyond that looking to the rest of the UK, London and overseas. A showcase of the best of Brighton & Beyond was born, cherry-picking the hidden gem brands and businesses that as a publishing team they and the editors had experienced over these last years. With the knowledge gained from the travels, the interviews, the visits to hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hair studios, galleries and beyond, the flagship of the Absolute magazine group - Aspire, has evolved. Aspire seeks to portray and share all that is quality, refined, appealing, forward-looking and unique. Edition one highlights include break out clothing designer Gresham Blake, stylist to the stars Oliver Cunningham, one of the most refreshing and cool new breeds of barbers to hit the south - Teddy Edwards, all of which have made huge waves. Travelling overseas to iconic places like Ibiza’s Nagai and Los dos Lunas, Banana Island in the Arabian Gulf and Raffles Seychelles. Our fashion features continue to gather plaudits and the beautiful collection shot in Seychelles and the Moulin Noir set shot in Rottingdean qualify this. The past year has been a standout one for good design, new retail and business ideas, We can barely keep up with the pace. It’s heartening for Aspire to celebrate all the people that strive to improve and make a difference for us. Of course, none of this could be put together without the support of our partners, and the devoted love of our readers and in return, we strive to push the boundaries further to search out and support fantastic quality businesses where ever we travel and bring those back to you the reader.



150 places

+ Qatar

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OCEAN FASHION S C E N E Photography: Marsha Dine Photography Make Up Artist: Anisa Rose Make Up, Ann-Marie Hair, Wigs and Make Up Hair Stylist: Ann Marie Hair, Wigs & Make Up, Federica Desir Models: Anisa Rose, Tasha-Lee Richemond, Trisha Dubignon, Felicita Filipin, Lady Zen Stylist: James Dupres Assistant Stylist: Kc Rose Wardrobe: Kankan, Portofino Sunglasses VisionCare / Beyond The Sea Eden Island

Jewelry: Kankan, Gianmaria Carbo Locations: Alphonse Island Resort, Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Bliss Boutique Hotel Seychelles
















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moulin noir

Shot on location at Beacon Mill, Rottingdean (1802 Grade II listed)

Photographer/editing Jacqulyn Hamilton @jacqulynhamilton (Instagram) Model/shoot designer Shannon Page @shannonpagee_ (Instagram) @bamemodels

Dress & accessories designer Dana Nicola @dananicola (Instagram) MUA Claudia Haley @emeraldxcloud (Instagram)












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Absolute Sussex and Beyond


ussex by the sea, with 150 kilometres of glorious British coastline

and acres of rolling countryside, is teaming with villages to explore, castles to escape to, stately homes to snoop around, gardens to

roam and attractions to seek adventure. Whether you are a thrill seeker, an artist looking for inspiration, a day tripper looking for

a taste of the Great British seaside, a discerning foodie or you’re in the market for some retail therapy, there are thousands of possibilities right here on your doorstep.

Over the past year, our team of writers and reviewers have searched the county

and it’s surrounding towns to discover the very best of Sussex and beyond. Now, as we take a look back at our encounters and expeditions, we have narrowed

down this extensive list to bring you our guide to the ultimate must-visit places for you to add to your bucket list!

There are thousands of possibilities right here on your doorstep. ASPIRE


Brighton Pier In the last ten years, millions of pounds have been invested into the maintenance and redevelopment of Brighton Palace Pier. In 2006 Brighton Palace Pier shipped two of the most famous thrill rides all the way from Italy. Air Race and The Booster have attracted thrill seekers from around the country. The Booster lets you experience the force of over 3.6G’s in 2.8 seconds, at over 130 feet in the air it rotates you 360 degrees before plunging back towards Brighton Pier. Now firmly established as a pier of the 21st century with the charm of yester-year combined with modern retailing and entertainment facilities, the owners continue to preserve the historic structure whilst ensuring they still attract millions of visitors to enjoy the queen of all piers. Above the deck the latest video games, thrill rides and retail shops ensure visitors experience the best of classic seaside entertainment and the beloved Palm Court Restaurant remains the "Spiritual Home" of fish and chips and is on par with the very best restaurants in Britain!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter Attracting fans from across the globe, this is a truly unique attraction offering the ultimate opportunity to journey behind the scenes of Harry Potter and experience the magic that has gone into creating the most successful film series of all time. Visitors to this extraordinary to this Watford based attraction are able to step into the original Great Hall, first built for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, experience green screen technology and marvel at the breath taking miniature scale model of Hogwarts castle. The attraction allows visitors the chance to see first hand the sheer scale and detail of the actual sets, costumes, animatronics, special effects and props that have been used in all eight of the Harry Potter films. In addition to the Great Hall, some of the most iconic sets featured in the attraction include Dumbledore’s office, Diagon Alley, the Ministry of Magic, number four Privet Drive, Gryffindor common room and the Forbidden Forest.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard For those who crave a bit of nostalgia, a visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is a must. Once you arrive, you are taken on a journey through time, allowing you to step onboard historic ships and explore magnificent museums from the Royal Navy’s past. Visit HMS Victory and see Nelson’s legendary warship, dive deep onboard HMS Alliance or take a Harbour Tour and discover a working naval base from the water. Leave nothing undiscovered with a Full Navy Ticket when you visit Britain’s top National Museum for naval and maritime heritage. See the history of the Georgian Navy inside The National Museum of the Royal Navy, experience traditional boatbuilding techniques at Boathouse 4 or learn the history of Royal Navy armaments at Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower.


Absolute Sussex and Beyond

Reach new heights with Stealth the UK’s fastest roller coaster

Thorpe Park A mecca for the ultimate thrill seeker, Thorpe Park is home to over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events as well as some of the UK’s most popular roller coasters. Reach new heights with Stealth the UK’s fastest roller coaster launching riders to 205ft at 80mph in just 2.5 seconds. Take flight on THE SWARM the UK’s only winged coaster, or face one of Jigsaw’s most twisted traps with SAW - The Ride the world’s first horror themed roller coaster featuring a 100ft “beyondvertical” drop. Be sure to visit as the colder weather brings their legendary Fright Nights! Taking over from 28th September until early November, prepare to be scared senseless at the UK’s premier Halloween event with the return of our awardwinning live-action mazes and experiences as well as riding world-class rides in the dead of night.

Afternoon Tea at Amberley Castle Located in the picturesque village of Amberley in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, Amberley Castle is a unique luxury hotel and restaurant steeped in over 900 years of history. Within its medieval walls lies a picturesque retreat which seamlessly blends ancient architecture and history with modern design and contemporary cuisine, cooked to the highest standards. Feel like royalty as you enjoy a sumptuous home-made afternoon tea within the historic lounge or outside terrace during the warmer months. You’ll be presented with a fine array of finger sandwiches, fruit and plain scones with clotted cream and seasonal preserve, plus a selection of delicious cakes, quiche and sausage rolls. Served with your choice of tea or coffee, this is a must visit for those visiting Sussex. History encompasses every part of this wonderful building and the many acres of gardens it stands in. Enjoy discovering the tennis courts, 18-hole putting green and croquet lawn, and even the resident peacock roaming the grounds. For those seeking tranquillity and relaxation, there are many quiet corners to discover under the shade of a tree or by the fireside.



I360 sunset flight Take to the skies to see Brighton and the beautiful south coast as you have never seen them before. Glide up gently to 450ft in our futuristic glass viewing pod, which was conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects, creators of the London Eye. Admire 360-degree views across Brighton & Hove, the South Downs National Park, the UNESCO Biosphere and, on the clearest days, all the way along the coast to the Isle of Wight (49 miles away). The glass viewing pod is fully enclosed and spacious – it’s 10 times the size of a London Eye capsule. There is room for up to 175 visitors to stand at the edge of the pod and look out, or to move around and see the view from different angles. The Sky Bar on board the pod serves Nyetimber sparkling wine and other drinks from Sussex, so you can raise a glass of something special while taking in the views. The friendly in-flight crew will welcome you on board, point out landmarks and answer any questions. A viewing map is available and a multi-lingual app can be download before you board. We’d highly recommend downloading the app as it also has ‘pre-flight’ information about how British Airways i360 was built, as well as an in-app viewing map and a children’s section with fun facts and a treasure hunt!


Absolute Sussex and Beyond

Shopping in the North Laines, Brighton We all know that Brighton has a lot to boast about; a beautiful and buzzing seafront, an action-packed pier, an endless array of indie cafes and restaurants and an incredible and varied nightlife scene. Brighton has, however, one very well kept secret that captures the very essence of our Bohemian town; The North Laine. A shopping mecca for in-the-know Brightonians, this maze of over 400 colourful, wonderful and often weird independent shops keeps its visitors busy for hours as they wander through treasure troves stocking goodies that you just simply don’t find in the large chain stores. The name of this riot of retail dates back to Saxon times when ‘laine’ was a word used to describe the large arable fields that lay in Brighton. In this case, the laine in question consisted of five separate farming plots which themselves were split into smaller sections of land. It is the access tracks between each section that actually make up what is now the North Laine. The North Laine is so easy to find when you know where to look! As you arrive at Brighton station, instead of heading straight forward down the road well-trodden, swing a left and you are smack bang in alternative shopping heaven.

Rampion Wind Farm Tour Brighton As you journey along the Sussex coast, you won’t fail to spot the battalion of wind turbines, standing proudly out to see. Captivated by their ingenuity and lured by their sleek form, both local residents and visitors alike are keen to get closer to the action to witness these now iconic sails at their full capacity. Such is the demand that Ross Boat Trips now offer 120 minutes sightseeing trips to the new Rampion Wind Farm array aboard Catamarans “Adept” (formally a wind farm transfer vessel) and “Voyager”. The 116 turbines are more than 8 miles off shore from Brighton and it takes about 45 minutes to get there. Adept or Voyager then enters the array field for approximately 30 minutes of slow cruising amongst the massive turbines and then those onboard get to witness panoramic views of the Sussex coast on the way back to Brighton Marina.

The Royal Pavilion and Garden The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace in the centre of Brighton with a colourful history. Built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, this historic house mixes Regency grandeur with the visual style of India and China and is open for visitors throughout the year. Once you’ve taken in the opulent design of the Royal pavilion itself, be sure to take a wander through the beautiful Regency garden that surround it. Providing visitors and locals with a green haven in the heart of the city, the gardens are maintained under strict organic guidelines by a team of volunteers lead by the head gardener at the Royal Pavilion. This ‘nature assisted’ form of management promotes and supports bio-diversity within the gardens. Combined with the fact that the varied plant life attracts an amazing collection of butterflies, birds and bees, a stroll around the gardens is a feast for the senses and a celebration of nature.




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absolute london


t just under an hours journey by rail from Brighton, London is the perfect day trip or city break destination. With staycations becoming more popular than ever, our glorious capital city certainly has a huge amount to offer the entire family, from iconic landmarks, museums, groundbreaking art galleries and world-class live performance venues, to leafy parks, botanical gardens and bustling shopping districts. With so much on offer, it’s hard to know where to start your explorations. With this in mind, our team of reviewers have done the leg work for you, pooling together their top London destinations and must-visits to bring you your Absolute Guide.

With so much on offer, it’s hard to know where to start your explorations. 44 ASPIRE

The Shard Take in London all at once at the capital’s highest and best viewing platform, situated at the top of The Shard. Standing at 310 metres tall and nearly twice the height of the next tallest platform, The Shard offers unparalleled 360 degree views on floors 68 and 69 and even an open air floor on level 72 which allows you to see for up to 40 miles. When you buy your ticket, it will be dated and timed for your arrival, however once you are at the viewing platform, the experience is enjoyed at your leisure, with no time restriction on your stay. This allows you plenty of time to soak up not only the views but a glass of champagne from the bar! What’s more, the weather guarantee means that in the event of bad weather you’ll be able to return for free.

Shopping in Oxford Street

A trip to London is never complete without some retail therapy, and where better to start than taking a trip to the mecca of the shopping, bustling Oxford Street. With over 300 shops, designer outlets and landmark stores, you will find every item on your shopping list and a few extras for good measure. This is the ultimate location for top brands to open their flagship branches and is home to the iconic Selfridges, as well as John Lewis and the British institution that is Debenhams. Bargain hunters will love a visit to the huge Primark store and dedicated followers fo fashion will find all the latest trends at Topshop. Be sure to look out for those hidden pockets of designer delight but nipping off the beaten track every now and then and visiting St Christopher’s Place, Wardour Street and the streets of Soho.

The experience is enjoyed at your leisure, with no time restriction on your stay.

Where better to start than taking a trip to the mecca of the shopping, bustling Oxford Street.

The 02

Regarded as the busiest music venue in the world, the O2 arena has a capacity of 20,000 people and hosts some of the most spectacular concerts, theatre shows and sporting events going. Throughout the year the arena’s calendar is chock a block with A list events and the year ahead is no different, with the likes of Björk, Lana Del Rey, Cher, Liam Gallagher and The Chemical Brothers all paying a visit. As well as a live music venue, the O2 is also home to a Hollywood Bowl, a huge range of restaurants and bars, a cinema and the ICON Outlet which brings together over 60 of the best fashion and lifestyle brands. With up to 70% of retail prices, all under one roof, you are sure to bag a bargain. For the ultimate thrillseeker experience, you can now even enjoy an exhilarating 90 minute climb over the roof of the dome whilst seeing a different side of the city, by day, at twilight or sunset.



absolute london

Cruise on the Thames London is the proud host of some of the most iconic sites in the world. If you are taking a short trip to London, it can be tricky to get round every landmark by foot, so how about ticking off that bucket list by taking to The Thames with an experienced guide on either a luxurious dining cruise or an adrenaline-pumping speedboat? City cruises offer a hop on hop off ticket, where guests travel to tourist hotspots including the Houses of Parliament, the Coca-Cola London Eye and Tower Bridge on one of City Cruises’ regular sightseeing boats. For a more leisurely and luxurious experience, a dining river cruise aboard one of Bateaux London’s luxurious glass-fronted vessels will seriously float your boat. Experience London by night with a three course dinner and wine, try an elegant lunch cruise, sip upon an afternoon tea or feast on a Sunday lunch; all while enjoying live entertainment from talented musicians.

Bateaux London’s luxurious glass-fronted vessels will seriously float your boat.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern, housed inside the former Bankside Power Station, is Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary art from around the world. Following a huge £134 million conversion, the Tate Modern launched in 2000, to huge critical acclaim and now welcomes over 5.5 million visitors every year, making it the second most visited attraction in London. Sitting proudly alongside the River Thames, the Tate Modern has several different zones to explore, including the breathtaking Turbine Hall that runs the length of the entire building. This is the place to visit to witness the incredible work of artists such as Cézanne, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Dalí, Pollock, Warhol and Bourgeois, all for free.

The London Eye

As the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel at 135m high, the London Eye towers over the banks of the River Thames offering 360 degree, breathtaking views across London. A source of pride for the whole country as well as the capital, the London Eye is the most distinctive addition to the world’s greatest city this century, loved by Brits and tourists alike. It’s so uncomplicated, but so visionary, it’s surprising that nobody thought of it years before it happened. Adult tickets can be purchased from £27, or you can upgrade your experience with special extras like champagne and chocolates! There’s also much more to the London Eye than its views and engineering. It plays an integral role in the community, has become an internationally recognised symbol for London, a hugely popular filming location and is also a unique venue for corporate events, launches and entertainment.


London Eye is the most distinctive addition to the world’s greatest city this century

This is the place to visit to witness the incredible work of artists



absolute london The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew You don’t have to be particularly green-fingered to enjoy the breathtaking sights at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. As a world-famous scientific organisation, this jewel in London’s crown is internationally respected for its outstanding collections as well as its scientific expertise in plant diversity, conservation and sustainable development in the UK and around the world. Kew Gardens is a major international and a top London visitor attraction, with 132 hectares of landscaped gardens and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2003. This year it celebrates celebrates its 260th anniversary, with special celebratory events hosted throughout the year. Discover beautiful glasshouses including the iconic Palm House and its exotic rainforest; the Princess of Wales Conservatory which invites you to explore 10 of the world’s climatic zones; and the Waterlily House with its amazing, giant lily pads. Visitors of all ages love the 18m high Treetop Walkway, which soars into the tree canopy offering a bird’seye view of the gardens. Enjoy a stroll along the Great Broad Walk Borders, home to more than 60,000 plants, and step into history at Kew Palace, the former summer residence of King George III.

Kew Gardens is a major international and a top London visitor attraction

ZSL London Zoo

As a real working zoo that’s striving every single day to help make a real difference to both the animals they look after and the wildlife of the world, ZSL London is a really worthwhile visit. Find real animals, real characters and real adventures in a zoo that is packed full of wonder and amazement. More than 750 species of animals are waiting to meet you, plus thousands of surprising and fascinating facts are just waiting to be discovered. Find yourself face to face with the Asiatic lions in Land of the Lions, get up close in the walkthrough exhibits including In with the Lemurs, Meet the Monkeys and, if you’re feeling brave, Europe’s only walkthrough spider experience! Plus there’s the iconic Penguin Beach, Tiger Territory and Gorilla Kingdom.

Find yourself face to face with the Asiatic lions in Land of the Lions


Harrods The Harrods name is synonymous with luxury, excellence and service and a visit to this legendary department store will guarantee you an exemplary level of care, outstanding personal service and a brand of magic experience only to be found at Harrods. For more than 160 years, Harrods has been a luxury shopping destination for exclusive collections, with seven floors and 330 departments dedicated to the finest products in food, fashion, homeware and technology. Harrods has something for everyone and once you’ve shopped ‘til you’ve dropped, you can choose to dine in one of the store’s 27 restaurants, including a pizzeria, steakhouse, oyster bar and contemporary Chinese restaurant, Chai Wu. The Georgian is an elegant venue for afternoon tea, while the Harrods Food Halls have a wide selection of tea, chocolate and fresh produce.

For more than 160 years, Harrods has been a luxury shopping destination for exclusive collections

As the world’s only surviving tea-clipper, the Cutty Sark is an iconic, historic sailing ship

The Cutty Sark As the world’s only surviving tea-clipper, the Cutty Sark is an iconic, historic sailing ship and fastest of its time. Celebrates turning 150 this year, this now award-winning visitor attraction in Greenwich, London is holding a year-long programme of events and celebrations that will be taking place at the Cutty Sark. Cutty Sark reopened to the public in April 2012, marking a new chapter in the extraordinary life of the last surviving tea clipper and one of the world’s most famous ships. Visitors to Cutty Sark can venture aboard and beneath the beautiful three-masted clipper: walk along the decks in the footsteps of the merchant seamen who sailed her over a century ago; explore the hold where precious cargo was stored on epic voyages; and even walk underneath the 963-tonne ship in the dry berth below to view the elegant lines of her hull.






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7 tuesday evening 13 monday afternoon FESTIVAL OF RACING 5 WEDNESDAY 6 THURSDAY LADIES’ DAY 7 FRIDAY 23 sunday Afternoon FAMILY FUN DAY 24 monday afternoon 7 monday afternoon 14 monday Afternoon 6 tuesday Afternoon 15 Thursday Afternoon TEL: 01273 603580 50 ASPIRE




“Worth waiting 300 years of farm evolution for” - The Times

“Darron Bunn has put his Michelin Stars to good use” - Farmers Weekly GOODWOOD ESTATE, CHICHESTER, PO18 0QB. 01243 755070. GOODWOOD.COM


fashionista “

an avid leader and follower of fashion”




gresham blake

Gresham Blake’s Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter collection boasts an array of sharp tailoring and vibrant prints inspired by the Pop Art movement.


hot to the backdrop of an industrial estate they created the atmosphere of 1970s

America which inspired our direction and styling for the photoshoot. The contrast

in styling created an Autumn/Winter collection that has a contemporary and playful edge. This is further explored in the collection through a juxtaposition of colours,

prints and textures. Strong checks paired with clashing prints reverberates off the stark

background. The collection also includes a number of pieces made in the official Brighton

& Hove Tartan, designed by Gresham Blake and the former Mayor, Peter West, it is a tartan

that reflects the rich culture and flamboyant history which Brighton & Hove has acquired in

abundance. Silk suits, bold jumpers and statement tracksuits are just some of the pieces you

will find in throughout our latest collection, which was typically shot on the hottest day of the year! The day was packed full of eclectic styling, outrageously oversized wigs and flashy cars, we are obsessed with the end result. Credit to all the team including photographer, Kenny

McCracken, hair stylist, Simon Webster and MUA, XoĂŤ Kingsley, for persevering through the sweltering heat.


All the cloths featured in the Gresham Blake Autumn/Winter 2019 collection can also be purchased through their Bespoke and Made-to-Measure services as well as their Ready to Wear collection. Working with the inhouse tailoring team gives you the creative freedom to actuate a suit in your own unique style. The contemporary tailoring style utilises modern techniques and which in turn facilitate whatever design you wish, custom printed fabric, bespoke linings and individual patterns and styles, are just some of the services offered. At Gresham Blake, the tailors take you on your own personal tailoring journey. They make sure you have a finished product that is not only unique to you and true to your personality but completed to an exceptional standard, with handmade finishes such as; hand sewn buttonholes, hand stitched linings and turn back collars. Nothing is out of the question with Gresham Blake, bespoke printed polo shirts, tracksuits, dresses and even as far as bespoke shoes, name it, they’ve probably done it or want to do it!



gresham blake


Alongside the Ready to Wear collections, it has been a very busy year at Gresham Blake and there are many new and exciting things on the horizon for them. Their ever-expanding corporate wear business, which creates tailored and stylish bespoke uniforms for many clients, is one of their newest ventures and is growing rapidly. Corporate wear is an avenue where the Gresham Blake team are incredibly passionate. Being a predominantly Bespoke Tailoring brand, they inject a very personal approach to all new endeavours. When designing their bespoke uniforms, the design team take into consideration the client’s branding, interior concepts and history to create something completely unique to them. The diversity and creativity Gresham Blake offer to their customers is limitless. Working with the prestigious establishments that they do, nothing makes the team happier than people wearing their clothes and looking and feeling amazing in them. Their current clients include, Hard Rock Hotel London, The Savoy, The Grand Brighton, The Soho House Group, Pennyhill Park and Swingers just to name a few. At Gresham Blake they pride themselves on being

an ethically aware brand, choosing to work with local companies and small businesses where they can and develop product ranges with the lowest footprint possible. So, they are very proud to introduce to you ‘The 45 Collection’. A collection that is at the forefront of sustainability, an ever-increasing issue within the industry. The name pays homage to its ethical beginnings, the recycled polyester utilises innovative fabric technologies which incorporate 45 recycled plastic bottles into every suit, consequently preventing them from reaching the landfill or our oceans. Not only is ‘The 45 Collection’ suiting kinder to the environment, they also look and feel great, with comfort and functionality being a crucial aspect of their suiting. This is a special year for the team at Gresham Blake, as the brand hits its 20-year milestone and what better way to celebrate than in style? Make sure you keep an eye out for the Gresham Blake Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. The autumnal checks and vivid shirts are definitely not to be missed.




oliver cunningham The stylist has over 15 years’ experience and has worked as Head of Colour for plenty of well-known London salons, such as Nicky Clarke, Trevor Sorbie and Daniel Hersheson. He has also worked on editorial shoots and TV programmes, as well as taming the tresses of clientele from the media, music, fashion and television worlds and Hollywood royalty. Fresh from a full salon transformation and with 2019 looking to be the most exciting year yet, we catch up with Ollie to see why the team are a cut above the rest.

Oliver Cunningham


When did you first decide to become a hairstylist? I started at an art college when I left school and soon after I decided I wanted to earn money. I loved fashion, colour and art so thought, why not mix them together and become a hair colourist? At the time Toni and Guy was at the height of its success. The company was making the way for the new generation of hairdressers, so I went to my local salon and enrolled in the apprenticeship scheme.

How did you get your first break in the industry? My first big break was Penelope Cruz believe it or not! A very dear client, whom I had coloured for many years, was working at one of the most lux London hotels and had received a request to arrange a colourist for Ms Cruz. I was lucky enough to have been put forward and it all started from there! Why did you choose Cuckfield as the location for your salon? I chose Cuckfield not only because it’s a chocolate box village nestled away in the stunning Sussex countryside, but it’s also in The Times’ top places to live and a huge percentage of my client base live in the area. Having been based in London and Brighton, I wanted a location that falls in between, so hopefully nobody has to travel too far. It’s close to all the best public schools in the area, so it’s easy for drop off and pick ups and many of my loyal clients have moved out of London and still want that London salon buzz, which I believe we create.

Your salon is known for being different to the usual set up. Can you tell us about that? After running the salon conventionally for the past 2 years I decided that I wanted to give my loyal team members the flexibility and financial rewards they all deserved. I wanted to create a shared creative working environment, where everyone was responsible for themselves. They all rent a space and now come and go as they please. They run their own days how they see fit. It’s created a great team bond and sense of responsibly for each member. The team are all very experienced and have worked in many salons previously so they have all taken to this new model with confidence and ownership. It’s like everyone runs their own business under one roof. This has helped everybody create a better work life balance. Life is so very short to be slogging every hour at work. We want to to do what we love but, enjoy the other things in life too. I believe it’s a much more modern and mature way to conduct a business. We are becoming paperless and slowly moving everything online, so each team member can access their diary from their devices. They have direct communication with their clients, which provides a much more personal service from the booking to the end result.

Who makes up team Ollie Cunningham? Tell us about your elite team. You will be greeted by our amazingly friendly and helpful front of house Jodie and she will then recommend one of my elite team. The team is made up of my Assistant Holli who gives the best blow dries and other highly experienced hair creatives whom have all worked at the top of their game for many years. They currently still work with celebrities, editorial and TV whilst also in the salon on the days they are not travelling the world. We also offer make up and bridal specialists. Allow me to introduce you to a handful of my team.. Chloe Cassidy – Stylist/Colourist/Makeup Chloe has just joined our team and has over twenty years experience in the Hair and Makeup industry. Chloe has worked all over the world on TV and photoshoots, working with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Matt Le Blanc, Adam Sandler and Jodie Kidd. Chloe works on a Wednesday and Friday in the salon offering all hair services. Louise Brown - Stylist Louise has been hairdressing now for nearly 22 years and still loves it just at much. Giving back to her clients and creating wearable current looks is something she absolutely adores. For Louise, it’s all about her clients. She’s been very fortunate to have been trained by some of the industry’s most influential stylists and has gratefully enjoyed partaking in London Fashion Weeks and styling for editorial work and published books. Louise’s work has been featured in Vogue, she was crowned ‘Fringe Queen’ by The Guardian’s Sally Hughes and enjoyed being Head of Education for Trevor Sorbie for many years. For Louise, being in the salon with the team is the highlight of her week and looking after her clientele. It’s like catching up with friends every 6 weeks, what’s not to love.

Elita Hoxha - Stylist/Colourist Elita has been doing hair for over 10 years now. Previously based in Brighton, she is still enjoying every minute of it. She loves following all the hair fashion trends and giving her clients the best advice and hair styles to suit them. Elita has always found huge satisfaction by creating beautiful hair.

Morgan Rhodes Morgan has been in the hair and make up industry for over 15 years. Her portfolio of work consists of fashion show, movies, music video and celebrity clients. Morgan is known throughout the industry for her exquisite up do’s, styling and cool on-trend hair cuts. She is also a bridal specialist, travelling up and down the country to transform her brides on their special day.

Nails By Lola – Nail Technician and Artist Lola has worked on many photo shoots and although is still young, is very experienced. She is a fully qualified nail technician and nail artist offering luxury treatments, ranging from manicures and pedicures to gels and acrylics. Perfect for everyday wear and special events! Poppy Payne - Stylist and Colourist Poppy has over 10 years experience, starting off her career at one of the top London salons. She specialises in both cut and colouring services as well as specialising in bridal hair and makeup. She has an effortless style that reflects in her seamless work. Poppy works in the salon 2 days a week, whilst the rest of her time is spent styling music videos and photo shoots.

Richard Humpreys - Colourist and Stylist Richard started his career more than 30 years ago in London at Sanrizz. Since then he has gained a world of experience in the hairdressing world. He has previously been at numerous London salons and later moved to Brighton to work for the best Sussex salons. His work is soft nd feminine. He is very good at guiding you in the right direction to fit in with your lifestyle.

Which products are you a big fan of at the moment? I absolutely love using REDKEN shades EQ, which is a type of colour glaze. It creates super natural, translucent tones which I have never seen before in any colour product. It’s mainly used for adding tones after the colour service. It is used heavily in the states on every A-lister imaginable. It can also be used to refresh tired looking brunettes or adding soft subtle hues to blondes. Styling-wise, as we are heading into summer we are using a lot of salt sprays to create that beachy undone look, perfect for the festival season. I love KERASTACE AURA BOTANICA EAU DE VAGUES which is their new vegan 99% natural texture spray, so no nasties and still creating beautiful hair. What’s been the most memorable moment of your career to date? Wow that’s a hard question. There’s been so many times that I’ve had to pinch myself and think ‘has that just happened?’ One such moment was seeing my work on the front of VOGUE - that was pretty memorable.

What inspires you as a hairstylist? I gain a lot of inspiration from Instagram now. I follow lots of different hairdressers and colourists who showcase their work. I think the best way to learn is from each other, so to be able to access every trend around the world via one app just blows my mind. I also take a lot of inspiration from the seasons and I like to change my client’s looks according to the weather. When it’s dull outside it’s great to have a pop of colour around your face to brighten up your day!

You are known for a having a loyal celebrity clientele. Can you name any names and what is it like to work with the A listers? Leona Lewis, Louisa Johnson, Lottie Moss and Penelope Cruz to name a few. Everyone I work and have worked with have been amazing. It can be challenging of course – it’s pressurised and you have deadlines. Everything must be perfect, boundaries have to be pushed and your aim is to keep the hair in the best possible condition whilst achieving the goal required. Naturally this can be extremely stressful, however that stress is teamed with a total buzz. If you could style anyone you haven’t worked with yet, who would it be? Adele! I think she would be a great laugh and l’m sure we would get on. I love to create golden copper blondes; those natural warm hues are delightful and so satisfying.

Are there any tips that you can offer our readers who want to go in to hairdressing? Today with social media, beauty bloggers and the world of Instagram and Facebook, it provides the perfect platform to expose your work. Start a page showing before and after pictures. Get good training, work alongside the most experienced, watch, learn, absorb as much information as possible. Have a passion and run with it. What does the future hold for you and the salon? I hope to have more creative individuals sharing our beautiful space, and possibly expanding the model to create more shared creative hubs where like-minded individuals can work in the space. This way they are working for themselves so they have total control of their own lives, but doing what they love.






revolver reVOLVER Ibiza, the ultimate reference point for cutting-edge fashion and style on the White Island, launched back in 2008 to rave reviews.




aving launched back in 2008, reVOLVER Ibiza is set in the heart of Ibiza Town and is the ultimate reference point for cutting-edge fashion and style on the White Island. Its cult status is built on offering an eclectic and carefully curated fashion collection from around the world – a welcome diversion from the tacky ‘I heart Ibiza’ tees you seem to find in every other store! Each piece is personally selected by husband and wife team, Jean-Paul and Catherine Sanchez, with labels selected to offer an alternative to the traditional luxury brands locals and tourists find on offer in the usual upmarket local boutiques. The reVOLVER story started way back in 1995, when the husband a wife team become hooked on Ibiza after a visit. What followed was a bucket load of subsequent partying, leading to the duo seeing an opportunity to escape their lives in ‘rainy London.’ Instead of their original plan of just investing in property in Ibiza, they would move over to their favourite hotspot to set up reVOLVER. A business plan was drawn up and no sooner was it suggested, the business was up, running and incredibly popular.

“We wanted to bring something to the island that was missing. There are shops where you could find your usual high-end super labels and high street brands, but nothing cool or edgy, things we wanted to buy! So we opened reVOLVER.” Catherine and Jean-Paul Sanchez

A perfect reflection of the products within, reVOLVER Ibiza’s store interior is stylishly cool, with a white minimal interior, juxtaposed against the beautiful historic building exterior, with original stone walls and Sabena beams.

reVOLVER is a haven for anyone interested in fashion for the individual, not the crowd.”

Revolver is a haven for anyone interested in fashion for the individual, not the crowd. The store’s edits for men and women feature a mix of international and alternative designers including Comme des Garçons (Wallet & Parfums), Kenzo, Helmut Lang, McQ Alexander McQueen, Thom Krom and Y-3, all of which are unavailable anywhere else on the island. Following the huge success of reVOLVER Ibiza, and hot on the heels of the store’s reputation for the über-cool, reVOLVER Sunglasses launched in 2015 as the island’s premier store for shades. Designed more like a stylish art gallery than your average sunglasses shop, reVOLVER Sunglasses boasts a collection of the best luxury sunglasses brands in the world including Victoria Beckham, Chrome Hearts, Linda Farrow, Dita, Thom Browne and Matsuda along with trend-setting styles by the likes of Mykita, Kuboraum, AM Eyewear and Vava.

Although the reVOLVER boutiques are synonymous with exclusive brands, the owners adopt an ‘inclusive-exclusive’ ethos which means although you can leave the store with the ultimate high-end statement party piece, you are just as likely to be able to pick up a cool t-shirt or pair of leggings at a reasonable price. Whatever you are on the market for, these are the go-to stores on the island. Loyal customers include the Ibiza party crowd, fashion-conscious locals, as well a host of international DJ’s, the clubbing jet-set and island trend-setters. Pay them a visit; you never know who you’ll bump into! reVOLVER´s collections and sunglasses are also available online at reVOLVER Ibiza, Calle Bisbe Azara 1, Ibiza 07800, SPAIN (+34 971 318 939) reVOLVER Sunglasses, Calle Bisbe Cardona 6, Ibiza 07800, SPAIN (+34 871 514 606)





teddy edwards Nominated for UK British Barber Of The Year

“I am astonished by the results! Alex has given me a damn fine haircut. The best I have had in a long time. I look and feel amazing and on top of that, I have had a great experience!” t’s fair to say that male grooming has stepped up a notch in the past few years, with more


barbershops popping up all over the country than ever before. In Brighton alone I have seen countless salons appear about town, and they all seem to be doing a roaring trade. There is one name, however, that seems to stand out from the crowd, one that I hear time and time again when people are asking for recommendations, and that is ‘Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms’. Personally, I historically have never been too fussed about who cuts my hair. I take pride in my appearance, but also tend to pop into whichever barber is closest to me at the time when I feel I need a haircut. I have never been a regular customer of a particular establishment and figured as long as I get a decent cut for a fair price, I am usually happy. I honestly thought one barbershop is the same as another, and although I have had some quite dodgy cuts in the past, I just put this down to pot-luck, or me not having explained what I wanted clearly enough. That philosophy changed forever when I decided to pay attention to the hype and give Teddy Edwards a visit. Writing for Aspire Magazine has its advantages. I decide to give them a call and speak to Alex, the creator of Teddy Edwards, and tell him all about Aspire, our brand new exclusive publication, and book myself in with the man himself for a haircut and a chat. I arrive at around 1pm on a Tuesday at their Seven Dials location on Dyke Road and although all the staff seem to be busy, everyone turns to welcome me. The place is buzzing with four or five clients being attended to, chatting away to their respective barbers as if they are old friends. I have not even sat down yet and already I am getting a sense of something special that I have not experienced in other barbers. No sooner than I am asked to take a seat, Alex appears shakes my hand and ushers me to his cutting chair, offering myself and all the other clients a beer which I graciously accept. As I get comfortable Alex hands me a bottle of branded Teddy Edwards IPA and asks what he can do for me. I explain what I usually have done, which is usually a simple trim, grade one on the sides and longer on top so I can spike and style it. For the first time ever I get asked a whole host of confirming questions. “Have you been growing the top out?” “How high do you usually have the sides?” “What sort of style do you mould the top into?” I notice all his tools of the trade are neatly and professionally laid out on the bar in front of him. Knowing I am in good hands, I take a sip of the lovely refreshing crisp beer which is produced by Dan, a member of his team and part-time brewer! I congratulate him on his skills and relax. As Alex cuts my hair with the skill and finesse you might expect of someone who has been in the industry for over twenty five years, we get chatting. Alex appears genuinely interested in everything I have to say and I find it difficult to steer the conversation on to him. When I eventually do however, I find out that after years working as a barber and hairdresser for other people around Brighton, he opened his first shop six years ago in a tiny two-seat shop which is now a cactus shop next door and within no time at all word got round. He was so popular queues were forming down the street daily, with some people willing to wait hours for a haircut! He had to move to bigger premises at Hove Station where their popularity grew and five months ago opened his second barbershop on Dyke Road. They now have an online booking system which works really well, and have enough barbers on site to deal with walk-ins throughout the day.

“Alex cuts my hair with the skill and finesse you might expect of someone who has been in the industry for over twenty five years.”


He is truly humbled by his success, and when I ask what sets them apart from other Barbers he puts it down to them making sure they provide consistently great customer service, making sure every customer is treated how they should be treated, have a great experience every time, and of course having a team of highly skilled expert barbers who all buy in to the same ethos. He wants every customer to feel they are getting good value for money! As I look around the room all this seems obvious as the team happily chat away with their customers, greeting every new walk-in with a welcoming smile. All the while an unmistakable air of professionalism is evident throughout. Alex takes all the time he needs to finish off my haircut, using a cut throat razer to erase stray neck-fluff and cutting in to the top to give it more of a spikey effect. It feels like no time at all however as I am having such a lovely time! When he is finished he uses “Snake Bite” rub on my neck which opens up pores and prevents shaving rashes. When he brushes me off he makes absolutely sure I am completely clear of hairs. I have never left a barbers without having to put up with an itchy neck for the rest of the day! Until now that is. He uses the finest quality “Upper Cut” products including a dry styling powder to give it a firm hold, followed by a touch of wax. I am astonished by the results! Alex has given me a damn fine haircut! The best I have had in a long time. I look and feel amazing, and on top of that I have had a great experience! For me, it is easy to see how Teddy Edwards has built up such a solid reputation. Their customer service is akin to some of my favourite restaurants. The team provide a professional service in a relaxed manner and the atmosphere this creates instantly makes you feel welcome and at home. They make sure every customer is completely satisfied with their cut and nothing short of this will do. The experience I have had here has changed the way think about Barbershops. No longer will I settle for second best, it is Teddy Edwards every time for me from now on! I am actually looking forward to my next visit! That is something I have never been able to say about a barbers before. Tony Shattell



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gourmet “

a connoisseur of fine food and drink.”




lion & lobster T

Tucked away on an unsuspecting residential street just off of Brighton seafront we found the Lion & Lobster.

he exterior, in keeping with is name, is painted a warm red and upon first inspection you would think it was a regular local pub. In fact there is so much more to this establishment then being a local boozer! The Lion and Lobster is one of Brighton’s oldest pubs, dating back to the 19th century and was previously known as The Olive Branch and then The Rockingham. Realising we were about to encounter something really quite special, we hurried in through the front door and squeezed ourselves through a packed bar area, between various groups of people audibly enjoying the start to their Friday nights in this delightfully charming pub. We were then directed to an old rickety staircase leading up to the restaurant area by an incredibly helpful member of the bar staff. The interior of this pub was without doubt in keeping with its vast history, with original features preserved and decades of memorabilia on the walls. As we walked through the kooky rabbit warren, dark mahogany wood ran throughout and intensified the already warm cosy feeling we were experiencing. Quirky pictures and original huge roaring fireplaces firmly cemented the feeling that this was a place we wanted to stay in and possibly never leave! Our waitress for the evening, Hattie, showed us to our marble table, set with heavy old fashioned silver cutlery (again in perfect keeping with the surroundings) and we settled down to peruse the menu. There is an option to choose from the Lion & Lobster’s regular menu or indulge in the pub’s specials that the wonderful Hattie informed us is changed regularly every few days. As we sat trying to decide what delicious options we would choose, a decent sized bowl of oil and balsamic vinegar was presented to us with ciabatta bread; a nice twist to the standard french stick and bread some eateries provide, if at all! We struggled to choose between the suitably large selection of meals available to us. From the classic fish and chips or steak to the sea trout fillet with wasabi crust or vegetable moroccan tagine, we can say without a shadow of a doubt there is something for all palettes. We settled on a smooth, deep Rioja, Monte Llano as our accompaniment to the meal, and selected two starters from the specials menu - five spice battered squid and Teriyaki pork belly. The food arrived with good speed, although not so fast that you would worry! The squid was in the most delicate and crispy batter, seasoned to perfection with the five spice and served with a good wedge of lemon and the squid was cooked just right - nice and meaty, delicious! The Teriyaki pork was in a total league of its own. Five generous pieces of slow cooked beautifully tender pork that melted in your mouth were glazed with teriyaki and crowned with a thin ,crispy layer of fat. It was divine! For the mains we opted for another special of braised slow cooked beef cheek with sautéed new potatoes and red cabbage and we chose the Sea Foodie from the regular menu. A huge hearty dish arrived with plenty of the delicate beef cheek and perfectly crisp sautéed potatoes. I was pleasantly surprised at the lightness of the dish and as a result, enjoyed every extra mouthful I could manage. The Sea Foodie, beautifully presented on a huge wooden platter, was a great main for one, or in our opinion would also have made a great sharing dish. A superb selection of fish included pepper and dill cured halibut, tiger prawns, the five spices squid and a smoke haddock and potato brandade, again all cooked to perfection.

I would love to recommend this absolute gem of a pub to everyone I meet, however I want to keep it secret, just a little bit longer, just for me!


The Lion and Lobster is one of Brighton’s oldest pubs, dating back to the 19th century As we sat suitably stuffed, basking in the warm glow and ambience of our little cosy corner, we were visited by the owner Yani; a great guy who is clearly very proud (and rightfully so) of this hidden gem of an establishment. He gently encouraged us to try the chocolate fondant and although we had no room left, we were naturally tempted knowing the quality of the food we had already experienced. So we gave in and it did not disappoint! Hot gooey chocolate fondant, sumptuous caramel sauce and crunchy butterscotch bites were every bit as delightful as we had come to expect and the perfect ending to what was a practically perfect evening. The only thing lacking was a large sofa and my PJs to recline in next to the fire! We were later to learn that this cosy pub hosts a huge variety of events throughout the year! Coming up is the annual Halloween Street Party that takes place on the last Saturday of every October, plus there are live bands every Friday and Laurence Jones and the Allstars have play Jazz every Sunday for the past 17 years. You’ll find a quiz every Monday with free pizza for every team and a weekly rollover and come October the crowds will gather for Oktoberfest from the 4-6th. The Christmas party menu kicks in from mid November to January 1st and of course there is a huge party on New Years eve (no tickets necessary) and finally a Summer street party on 6th June 2020. I would love to recommend this absolute gem of a pub to everyone I meet, however I want to keep it secret, just a little bit longer, just for me!




pitch Located in the heart of Worthing town centre on the beautiful Sussex coast, Pitch is a contemporary mix of modern and classic British food, wines and cocktails from Masterchef winner Kenny Tutt.


orthing, despite boasting a wealth of excellent eateries, is not a place that instantly springs to mind when thinking of somewhere in Sussex to go for a dining adventure, especially as it is situated next door to Brighton with its plethora of exciting and varied restaurants. However Sussex’s best kept foodie secret has just been taken to the next level, as 2018 Masterchef winner Kenny Tutt has stayed true to his roots and opened his debut restaurant ‘Pitch’ in Worthing. Boasting a contemporary mix of modern and classic British cuisine and named after fond memories of his family market trader heritage, he aims to champion great produce from the surrounding area and place his home town firmly on the gastronomical map. It is not very often I take a trip out of Brighton, but Kenny has grabbed my attention and I was excited to check it out. My companion and I find the venue easily enough, as it is ideally situated in the centre of town on Warwick Street, and as we enter are welcomed by Kenny’s lovely wife Lucy who shows us to our table and introduces us to our waiter Wesley, who I vaguely recognise and later find out has gained a wealth of experience in Brighton establishments before joining the Pitch team, where he now feels well and truly at home. We are given a glass of fizz each and left to settle in. Pitch has a wonderful contemporary feel, it is spacious and airy with botanical print on whitewashed walls, marble and metallic tables with wooden chairs and opaque globe chandeliers, all giving an impression of dining out of an evening alfresco. An impressive grandiose feature spiral staircase is the focal point in the entry hall, leading up to a cosy and more intimate second floor. As the restaurant starts to fill, the courteous and friendly waiting staff tend to the tables attentively, chatting to the patrons who all seem to be excited to be here.

Sussex’s best kept foodie secret has just been taken to the next level, as 2018 Masterchef winner Kenny Tutt has stayed true to his roots and opened his debut restaurant


To start, I take Wesley’s recommendation of crab cakes from the daily specials board, as the way he enthusiastically describes them makes me salivate. My companion opts for Pitch Doughnuts, which I initially had my eye on so Wesley suggests we have two of each kind, Chorizo and Manchego Cheese, and goat’s cheese and truffle honey doughnuts, to share for the table so I can try some. When selecting the main, I am drawn to Dorset crown lamb rump as it is served with ‘Nanna’s’ faggot which promotes nostalgic memories of my own nan’s recipe growing up. My companion plumps for roasted hake, served with red pepper caramelised onion and tarragon (an often underrated fish, so we are interested to see what Kenny makes of it). Being the designated driver for the evening, I select a refreshing pineapple wojito soft-tail to wash it all down and my companion selects a glass of Chevanceau Rouge, the house red, which is exceptionally smooth and bursting with flavour. The restaurant is buzzing and incredible looking plates of food are being served up on adjacent tables whilst we wait. The excitement builds and it seems like no time at all before the starters arrive. I tuck in to what can only be described as the best crab cakes I have had by far! The soft delicate sweet taste of the meat is expertly enhanced by a perfectly seasoned coating and the burnt lime mayo, beautifully presented in an oyster shell which hides a charred half-lime to squeeze an extra bit of zing if you so wish. The white claw meat is coated in a lighter batter so as not to overpower the fresher tasting part of the crab. I give Wesley the thumbs up as he passes by. Simply incredible. I generously save a forkful of crab for my companion to try, and she passes me one of each of the doughnuts. These delightful creations trick your brain in a variety of ways. You think of a doughnuts and assume they are going to be heavy, but they are delicate, light and fluffy. You automatically think they will be sweet, but these contain powerful rich and punchy flavours which shock the tastebuds into overdrive, with the subtle sweetness from the dough only coming through at the end. What some might think of as gimmicky are far from it. These are masterful creations which I could go back for time and time again.



We have the surprise honour of our mains being served to us by the man himself! I wholeheartedly congratulate him on his achievements so far, how incredible his starters were, and tell him what a wonderful time we are having. Kenny is humble and genuinely pleased to hear this, and although must be incredibly busy with the restaurant at its peak busiest time, he stops and chats with us for as long as he can. We hear all about his journey from his job as a Brighton bank manager to how, when he was commenting on cooking programs, Lucy told him to “put his money where his mouth is” and apply for Masterchef. We also heard about the time he had off work during filming and how he could not tell anyone what he was doing, let alone that he had won! Then following his dreams and opening his first restaurant in his home town. We hang off every word, and wish him every success in the future before he disappears back into the kitchen. Not wanting our mains to get cold, we dig in. My Dorset crown lamb rump was cooked to perfection, pink, succulent and buttery soft with just enough seasoning to allow the flavour of the lamb to shine, with the earthy salsa verde bringing it out even more. The accompanying Jersey Royal potatoes had a lovely golden carapace of crunch which revealed the creamy silky smooth and uniquely quintessentially British tasting body within. The ‘nanna’s’ Faggots which initially attracted me to the dish were incredible. The full on peppery meatiness of these delightful balls added an extra dimension to this incredible well rounded dish. My companion’s naturally mild flavoured Hake had its full potential awakened by the Kenny Tutt treatment. Seared to perfection with its soft meaty flesh flaking with a mere touch of the fork, served a strong contrasting salty red pepper sauce which surprisingly did not overpower the fish. The earthy crunchy onion rosti rounded off a dish which has so many contrasting flavours which somehow work incredibly well together.


“Every course was consistently excellent, with a huge variety of flavours and textures with a great deal of thought going into the presentation and composition of the dishes.”


After a short but well needed breather, Lucy came over to check on us. Wesley had already given us our dessert menu and my companion had picked out lemon curd tart with buttered toast ice-cream, tea meringue and marshmallow. I was still struggling to decide and Lucy was equally excitable about all the choices, so I decided to go all out and have two desserts, certain my companion would find room to help me. All three desserts were a force to be reckoned with. First up, a cereal milk panna cotta which actually tastes like the best bit of breakfast, when the last bits of cereal are all gooey and the flavour has gone into the milk and you get to guzzle it out of the bowl! In addition to this, chocolate corn flakes are scattered about the plate with a dollop of rich sweet peanut butter which all makes it feel rather naughty! I had let my guard down and my companion was already digging into my other choice, Kenny’s famous strawberry dessert, which he showcased in the final and had taken inspiration from what was served at their wedding. Fresh Sussex strawberries scattered over two very distinctive types of strawberry wine jelly, topped off with a thick tonka cream and drizzled with brown butter crumble. There was so much going on with this masterpiece of a dessert, every bite was a joyful adventure. My companion’s lemon curd tart was equally as exciting. With its classic combination of flavours and ingredients and incredible range of textures, we could see why it went down a storm with the women’s suffragette movement centenary dinner on Masterchef. We washed it all down with cherry and red berry dessert wines and wallowed in a warm glow which came not only from the wine, but from reflecting on the fantastic experience we had just had. Pitch is so much more than great food. The team were exceptional, and worked energetically and harmoniously throughout the evening. Every course was consistently excellent, with a huge variety of flavours and textures with a great deal of thought going into the presentation and composition of the dishes. Kenny’s unwavering commitment to sourcing the very best local ingredients is commendable. The menu changes regularly and seasonally and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next. His cookery school opens end of Summer and spaces are sure to be fill up fast. Not to be missed. Tony Shattell 16 Warwick St, Worthing BN11 3DJ



curry leaf cafe


Award winning South Indian street food, expertly spiced curries, tandoor-grilled specialities and incredible authentic regional desserts, with a terrific range of craft beer.

You can be sure of one of the most colourful and vibrant spots in the city with a unique buzzing atmosphere.



nless you have been hiding under a rock for the last five years, you will surely have at least heard of Curry Leaf Cafe. Having launched their flagship street food diner on Brighton’s ship Street in 2014, just a stone’s throw away from the beach, they quickly became one of Brighton’s most loved Indian restaurants. They have since won awards for their incredible authentic South Indian street food, opened another restaurant in Kemptown and a purpose built kiosk at Brighton Station. Curry Leaf Cafe’s reputation has even spread as far as Bicester, where they have opened a kiosk in the famous Bicester Village designer shopping mall, after being approached last year by the management. If ever there was a candidate for the launch issue of Aspire Magazine, Curry Leaf Cafe surely ticks all the boxes, so I gave them a call and booked ourselves in for dinner and a chat with Operations Manager Stewart Cumming. The first thing I notice when I arrive at their Ship Street Location is they appear to have undergone a bit of a facelift. The greens, oranges and yellows that anyone who has visited Curry Leaf Cafe will be familiar with, now seem even more vibrant, yet still seem to help create the laid back dining experience frequent visitors will know and love. You cannot help but notice a brand new and very beautiful mural on one of the back walls, which Stewart informs me depicts Annapurna, the Hindi goddess of food. We arrive early on a midweek evening so the Cafe is relatively empty, but before long it soon fills up and is absolutely buzzing. Stewart is too, as he tells us all about food, drinks, and all the changes that have happened over the last few years. His passion for all things Curry Leaf is infectious and we are genuinely excited to hear about it all. Let’s start with the drinks menu, which Stewart tells me they have been somewhat refining of late. Craft beer has always been a passion of Stewart’s and they now have twenty two to choose from including a range of alcohol free beer, and are more than happy to recommend something to go with your choice of food. They stock a lovely diverse yet uncomplicated range of wines, including a stunning Sauvignon Blanc from South India. If spirits are your thing then Curry Leaf Cafe have them all, along with quality Double Dutch mixers to compliment your choice. Soft drinks have not been ignored, with some lovely South Indian drinks to choose from as well juices and sodas. We try Kombucha, a tea based Indian soft drink which is not only incredibly refreshing, but I get hints of rhubarb, lime, white peach and citrusy notes all in one drink. We soon knock that back and I order a pint of Arise session strength IPA, a favourite of mine which they happen to have on tap, and my companion challenges Stewart to find her a beer for someone who does not like beer. Challenge accepted and passed with flying colours. He comes out with Mongozo, a refreshing coconut flavoured wheat-based Belgiun beer, which is not only delicious, but also a great pairing with many of the flavours you will find in South Indian Cuisine.

This brings me neatly on to what Curry Leaf Cafe have become famous for. Head Chef Gouranga Bera has been with the team since it was launched in spring 2014, and although the menu has its popular staples, it is always evolving with Gouranga constantly trying out new dishes, especially after he has been home to India and come back with new ideas and recipes. After we have nibbled on some highly addictive Szechuan nuts and a selection of mini poppadum’s with some tasty dips and chutneys as an appetiser, Stewart brings us out a selection of starters and more dips, which all look and smell incredible. As soon as we started to tuck in, we knew we were in for a truly memorable food experience. Out of the six we tried, the Goan Pork Ribs were my personal favourite. So tender, I could lick the meat off the bone. They were sticky, messy, fun to eat and the flavour of the fiery sweet and sour marinade blew me away. The Amritsari Paneer Tikka came a close second; subtly spiced thick slices of some of the creamiest, melt-inyour-mouth Paneer I have ever experienced. Sublime! The Samba Vadas, crisp deep fried lentil savoury doughnuts spiced with chilli, ginger, black pepper, cumin seeds and curry leaves were a delight. They are tasty on their own with the brittle shell revealing a doughy aromatic centre and even more so when dipped in coconut chutney. The light as a feather Dahi Puri were charmingly moreish, subtle and incredibly well balanced fresh and fragrant spices encased in a light crisp shell with sweet coconut yoghurt drizzled over the top and served with a tamarind chutney, all working in harmony producing flavours which danced around the tongue. Aubergine Bhajis produced some interesting textures and were not over spiced so the flavour of the aubergine still shone through. I only got to try a forkful of the stunning Fish Manchurian as this was my companion’s obvious favourite. The Indo-Chinese punchy sticky sweet and sour sauce which topped the crispy deep fried white fish surprised and excited and I kicked myself for not getting in there quicker. The main event was another selection, but this time of three curries; Lucknow Lamb, Goan Green Chicken and Vegetable Jaipuri in Thali-form served with rice, a light and pillowy garlic and spring onion naan, plus the chef’s famous dosa bread. All three were absurdly good! The chicken melted in my mouth and the not overly spicy but an intensely fragrant and colourful sauce really hit all the right notes. We mopped it all up with the dosa and naan. The Vegetable Jaipuri was lovely. The aroma of the fragrant onion and tomato sauce was particularly pleasant and it tasted divine to boot. It was the lamb that stole the show however. This was the hottest and richest of the three dishes and slow cooking was certainly evident as the lamb melted away releasing the meats full flavour, which went perfectly with the terrific sauce it was cooked in. Although both bursting at the seams, we could not resist finishing off the night by sharing a dessert of Gulab Jamoons and ice cream. I am so glad we somehow found room! As I write this, I can still taste the syrup laced with cardamom and Indian spices that the gorgeous soft sweet dumplings were drenched in, and the sublime creamy black coconut vanilla ice-cream which accompanied. I want to go back right now for more. Literally everything we tried left us wishing we had bottomless bellies. The team behind Curry Leaf are really pulling out all the stops to ensure they are always evolving to be on top of their game. Serving incredible food and drinks at very reasonable prices, whichever of their location you dine in, you can be sure of one of the most colourful and vibrant spots in the city with a unique buzzing atmosphere. Tony Shattell

Curry Leaf Cafe 60 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AE 01273 207070






the ivy



In 2014 the company decided to spread its magic and sensitively season a new breed of restaurants from coast to coast.


he Ivy Collection is the new generation of localised fine dining establishments, bringing the inimitable flare of the majestic original, from the exquisite surroundings and impeccable service to the sensational modern British cuisine to which The Ivy is synonymous with. The Market Grill in London’s Covent Garden was the first and just the start of a fierce four year nationwide rollout. Now with over thirty-three on the map and more to come, this is a very exciting time for the collection. ASPIRE spoke to the Executive Director of operations Yishay Malkov, who enlightened me about The Ivy Collection. He explained that this national growth is not about recreating the original, but evolving from the well known restaurant and creating accessible glamour for all across the country. Each restaurant provides the same high standards of cuisine, in an environment that reflects the local region and with the Ivy’s impeccable hospitality. Each and every one of the collection is carefully thought out. It takes months, sometimes years to find the perfect location and ideal venue. Brighton was always on the top of the list given its seaside chic style, yet it took time and patience to source the perfect backdrop and finally a union between two historical establishments met in the heart of Brighton’s lanes. The much loved grade II listed old post office has been lovingly refurbished into a vibrant all day day brasserie, drawing in crowds since its launch in May. I was introduced to The Ivy many years ago and I immediately fell in love with the glamour, elegance and sensational cuisine. For twenty years, I have remained loyal to one of my favourite, fine dining brasseries and as soon as I found out that the collection was extending to the south coast I jumped at the chance to review Brighton’s Ivy in the Lanes. The aim of the collection is to encapsulate the flare of the original whilst making the collection available to a wider demographic, so I was intrigued to investigate. As soon as you arrive at the entrance of The Ivy you can immediately feel how the building is brimming with life one again. Having housed cafes, clothing shops and market stalls at one point, this once atmospheric post office was again ebullient and distinguished. The elegant green canopies covering the three large windows give a small glimpse into the wonderful Ivy experience with the iconic logo placed in large bold letters for all to see. On entering the building you are immediately transported into the sleek and glamorous Ivy world. Two large stained glass doors provide the grandest entrance in Brighton, complete with low lighting and foliage and The Ivy’s trade mark green reminding you that you are now apart of this refined dining experience. A warm welcome is sure to greet you by the immaculately dressed hosts, wearing well tailored cropped cream jackets - the perfect introduction to a sophisticated evening. It is clear to see that the elegance and maturity of The Ivy has continued through to the collection of restaurants. They say first impressions count and you cannot hep but feel consumed by this extraordinary concept. In the main restaurant you can feast your eyes on a contemporary celebration of colour and Brighton’s unique tongue in cheek charm with wall to wall brightly coloured artwork enlivening the venue and bringing it to life. This is a true sensory experience: a magical oasis hidden in the centre of Brighton. Inside feels incredibly cosy considering the high ceiling and vast 6000 sq.ft space. The mix of stylish booths for larger groups and cosy corners for intimate diners are strategically placed around the shimmering central bar, creating a sense of continuity and flow in this hive of calm activity. The gorgeous burnt orange velvet booths complete with plump cushions offer style and comfort and go hand in hand with the crisp white linen tables. It is apparent that the whole concept has been lovingly and thoughtfully designed to offer the perfect mix of opulence and simplicity. The atmosphere is relaxed and there is no sense of urgency. This is a place to sit back, chat and simply be in the moment.

It is clear to see that the elegance and maturity of The Ivy has continued through to the collection of restaurants


Every table is served by their own dedicated waiter who greets their guests, offering a description of the specials and their personally recommended cocktails. It amazing to learn that the staff are put through an intense two week training course which includes sampling the whole entire menu! This knowledge of the product inspires confidence and instils a passion for the company and has clearly really built a sense of camaraderie between the team. The ample menu covers all from Eggs Florentine at dawn to Grilled Whole Lobster at dusk. There is just the right amount of surprise blended with familiar favourites. Each season, a new menu is launched, with the forthcoming autumn menu offering delights such as white onion soup, lemon sole with caper, lemon and parsley and Iberico pork. The cocktails are as refined as the venue and make for the perfect start to your evening. We’d recommend the English spritz for a crisp, light and refreshing libation. Equally as extensive is the handpicked wine menu that features a wide spread range spanning continents and budgets. There are certain Ivy favourites that have amassed their own following in every restaurant over the years such as the shepherds pie or The Ivy signature hamburger and Brighton’s no exception. If you enjoy seafood, we promise you will experience the freshest fish on the south coast. Be sure to take a glance at the fish options on the specials board, featuring dishes such as a beautifully presented whole oven roasted sea bream with aromatic fennel, lightly spiced. When it comes to desserts, the menu is packed with classic favourites with a twist, but the piece du resistance is by far the divine melting chocolate bombe. As this glorious chocolate ball arrives at your table, the theatre begins as your waitrer slowly pours the hot salted caramel sauce across the crisp shell only to reveal a honeycomb centre with vanilla ice cream. A Willy Wonka moment that is sure to end your dining experience on a tremendous chocolaty high! As your meal comes to end, be sure to prop the central bar for a night cap and to soak up the electric colours and beautiful design. The Ivy in the Lanes has some fantastic unique touches including a private dining room that hosts 20 guests and a magical ladies loo. Yes that’s right! The ladies lavatory is fast becoming an Instagram favourite with its glorious golden floral wall coverings, circular design, velvet sofa and true Hollywood glamour fit for a starlet. It really is show stopping! The Ivy has certainly spread its magic to the South Coast shores with its Gatsby feel, eclectic mix of art and design. Ever keen to immerse themselves in the spirit of the city that hosts them, The Ivy in the Lanes hosts special events in line with the local calendar, including a Pride inspired brunch with DJs and live entertainment. This is luxury, but without the prohibitive prices distinctive and divine and definitely somewhere incredibly special for all to enjoy!




brighton beach club The Brighton Beach Club sits proud within an iconic glass-fronted building right by the waters edge, boasting some of the finest sea views, a stunning new interior and menus that put it firmly on the Brighton foodie map.


n a city spoilt for choice with eating establishments, first impressions and curb appeal really do count and Brighton Beach Club is certainly eye-catching on approach. The building has been turning heads since the 1950’s, when it started life as a Milk Parlour selling Ice creams and milk shakes. Over the years an art deco second floor has been added and it became a well known family run restaurant. The team at Brighton Beach Club have clearly thought long and hard about how to make best use of the two levels, creating a relaxed, familyfriendly space on the lower ground level and a more sophisticated and romantic setting upstairs. Being parents of two toddlers, we opted for the more informal approach, entering the venue from the beach level. Just as an aside, there is an incredibly conveniently placed kids playground just next to the entrance which is ideal for letting the littl’uns burn off some energy before grabbing a bite to eat. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the Brighton Beach Club team and, despite entering with a large double pram, two very excited little girls, highchair requests and all the regalia that comes with family restaurant visits, we were calmly seated and accommodated with a smile. The owners are clearly parents themselves as they have thought of everything to make the experience enjoyable. Many restaurants claim to be family-friendly, but in reality, few actually are. To my mind there are some very key ingredients that are required in order to validate that claim and the Brighton Beach Club have nailed every last one. Firstly there is an ingenious ‘Crafty Nippers’ concept whereby, in order to ensure everyone has fun, the team provide every family with a craft pot. Each month they change the craft for the little ones to design, create and colour. Once they have finished they can pop their creation on the ‘craft tree’ and every month a winner is picked and the winning design will win a family meal for 4. As if I wasn’t impressed enough with the clam that the craft bucket provided, our waiter was also genned up on the importance of just getting the children’s food out to them as quickly as humanly possible. The little ladies went for fish and chips and sausage and vegetables off the Crafty Nippers menu and, although sounding like your average kids menu dishes, what arrived was just so much more. The fish was beautifully fresh, plentiful, cooked in a light crisp golden batter and the chips were high quality, delicious and cooked to perfection. The sausage was a gourmet meaty sight to behold, accompanied by carrots and broccoli that were as vibrant in colour as they were on flavour. Hooray for excellent quality, nutritious children’s dishes! I’m so glad the portions were big as it was impossible not to dig in myself. As well as the kids menu, all of the main menu is also available in half portion, half price, and there will also be a smaller portion Nippers menu for the little tots.


The team at Brighton Beach Club have clearly thought long and hard about how to make best use of the two levels, creating a relaxed, family-friendly space on the lower ground level and a more sophisticated and romantic setting upstairs.

The owners have been very mindful of the unique position the venue enjoys and have kept the tones of the space very natural. The bar is made from reclaimed scaffolding, whilst beautiful blue and white tiles, brick tiles, reclaimed steel and warm wood all make up an area where you can go to relax, eat, drink, hold an event or get married. Both the upstairs and downstairs areas benefit from huge floor to ceiling windows, so diners can look out to sea whilst wining and dining. With the walls being curved, together with the views, it almost reminded me of being on a cruise ship! The style of food is Modern British and you can eat any menu throughout the venue. So if on your own working over lunch, wanting a great view or a special meal with family and friends you can chose the area to dine in. For those wanting a casual bite to eat, handmade pizza, a chargrilled burger and beer battered haddock and chips take a starring role. For those looking for a fuller dinner or lunch, the menu includes sumptuous dishes like Mussels Marinières,

shallot, white wine, parsley and cream and fries or 28 days Black Angus rib eye steak, chips, beef tomato and watercress. The menus also offer a wide selection of food for vegans and vegetarians. They’re filled with veggie and vegan friendly options and could even entice the most hardened of carnivores, such as the Buddha bowl with bok choi, edamame, beans, quinoa, roasted sweet potato, peppers, seaweed, tofu, enoki mushroom, mirin and ginger dressing. The bar is well stocked with craft beers, beautiful cocktails and truly amazing milkshakes! It was important to the team to pay homage to this building’s roots and so you will find an incredible shakes menu which is great for kids and the big kid in us all. Not only does the food menu change regularly, the excellent seasonal craft drink range also changes with the seasons. Catering for all ages and dietary requirements is an important part of the Brighton Beach Club’s offer.




brighton beach club Intrigued as to who the brains behind the beach club are and what their story is, I sat down with Operations Manager Helen Sprason to get the low down….

How was the Brighton Beach Club concept born and why is it unique? The Beach Club was born from taking inspiration from the iconic building and surroundings. When we were lucky enough to acquire what was Alfresco we knew that we wanted the venue to take on a new format. It is such a wonderful building, in such a brilliant part of Brighton. Being next to the i360 and looking out over West Pier we wanted to create an environment that could be something special for everyone throughout the day. Many beach clubs across the world, like Noosa in Australia are relaxed, but the detail in the service, food and drink offer is exceptional and this is what we want to create in Brighton, with a truly British influence.

Why did you choose Brighton?

As a company, City Pub Company we have 2 other venues in Brighton; The Lion and Lobster and The Walrus are part of our company. Both are unique and we really love being a part of Brighton and its community.

What qualities do you look for when recruiting your team?

People are what make any business; it’s all about personality with a love for talking! We look for people who have an energy about them and who have passion when they are talking about things that matter to them. Educating the team so they are knowledgeable is what will make a business great, confidence shines through when people have the understanding and then they can talk to people with ease. Being kind is also something we look for, mainly because people who look out for others will ensure there is a wonderful atmosphere at all times.

How did you go about creating your menus?

This was a collaboration between our management team and head chef. We have a very clear idea of what we want. We then ensure we balance all areas of the menu so we can ensure we have a varied menu which can change monthly, while keeping some seaside favourites.

Your drinks menus are as exciting as your dishes. How do you select your stock? We are very passionate about ensuring we offer exceptional choices and so we love getting to meet new people and showcase interesting soft drinks, spirits, coffee, beers, milkshakes and smoothies. There are so many wonderful products out there and we are lucky enough to be able to offer such a large range.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring restauranteur, what would it be?

For me it’s all about your people and self belief. Sir Richard Branson hits the nail on the head, ‘look after your people and your business will look after itself’. Look after your team, however large or small, and believe in what you are doing. Don’t ever lose sight of what your dream is. You can book a table now at




the walrus

It will come as no surprise that the ASPIRE team have included The Walrus in our ultimate guide. t has been our go to destination for meet-ups and drinkies for the last couple of years.


In the past they have hosted our Christmas knees up on several occasions, consistently delivering incredible food, festive fun and drunken shenanigans. It is a fantastic multipurpose venue that literally caters for everyone, and does this exceptionally well. Whether you are a foodie, a dater, a weekday drinker, or party animal at the weekend, it’s the place for you. One minute you may be feasting with friends upon one of their infamous hand stretched pizzas in the restaurant and then as the sun comes down, you’re heading on down the stairs to their music venue, The Underbelly, to embrace the joy that is live music, whether it’s a duo, a five piece band or even a cabaret. You’re also likely to stumble upon a comedy night every now and then, plus quizzes (including specialist themes such as Harry Potter!) and even a spot of burlesque. The team behind the Walrus will look after you, whatever your needs and wants. They have a simply enormous selection of drinks, with guest cask ales, a select wine list, and a whole variety of different spirits to please the most fastidious of drinkers. There is excellent food here for everyone regardless of dietary choices, allergies and levels of fussiness. They serve legendary Sunday roast dinners and so, craving our weekly roast fix, we decided to take a trip into town to the Walrus to give their renowned roasts a go. The Walrus never ceases to amaze me whenever I go as it feels like you are walking into the Tardis. Its quaint unassuming entrance on Ship Street opens up into a luxurious pub with a vast welcoming bar, dominated by deep blue and green hues and old photography, with cosy ambient lighting and relaxed drinkers and diners dotted about the area. As it was my partner’s first visit to the Walrus, I took them upstairs, past the immense two floor heated roof terrace, to the magnificent 100 seater dining area. They were immediately impressed by the grandness of the room, commenting on the beautiful chandeliers, immaculately laid tables, and the attention to detail that had gone into the traditional elegant décor. They have certainly succeeded in creating a warm and inviting traditional old fashioned stately home feel to the room. No mean feat considering the vastness of the area. We settled into our seats in the corner of the room, giving us the best views of the dining area, including the wonderful fireplace draped with holly and traditional decorations. It was then that we got chatting to our super friendly waitress, who suggested we try a couple of items from the menu. After selecting our wine (a lively French Merlot and a crisp and fresh Sauvignon Blanc), we had a chat about starters. Knowing I was going full carnivore for the roast, I plumped for the plant-based Asparagus and Pea Crepe, serve with a herb dressing. My partner, not being a big eater herself decided to forgo the starter, but they brought out the Salmon Gravalax, smoked salmon mousse and crackers anyway which I was more than happy to share with her. Both starters were out of this world! I could not recommend the Asparagus and Pea Crepe more to vegans and non-vegans alike. The fresh earthiness of the asparagus and the sweetness of the peas, were beautifully complimented by the zing of the light herb dressing. However, it was the Salmon Gravalax that stole the show. Everything about this incredibly moreish dish worked. The creamy mousse delicately neutralised the incredible richness of the top quality smoked Salmon, whilst the crackers really added the crunch and were the perfect apparatus in order to mop the lot!


The team behind the Walrus will look after you, whatever your needs and wants.



All plates contained expertly cooked veggies that had an overwhelming sense of seasonality and freshness

On to the main event. I decided to opt for the Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder, whilst my partner plumped for the Veggie Mushroom, Spinach & Vegan Cheese Wellington. I usually end up finishing half of their roast as well as mine anyway so I figured I would be able to manage two to myself. How wrong I was. These plates were enormous! These are incredibly generous portions of what I can only describe as the very best quality roast dinners in all of Brighton. The meat on both the plates I had amazed me! The huge chunk of perfectly cooked and seasoned lamb was pink and juicy. I tucked in to a bit of the wellington too, even though I am not usually a fan of veggie or vegan options when it comes to roasts. I was impressed however, and if every pub could cook a wellington as tasty as this one I would happily go vegan every time! It turns out the chefs at The Walrus are pastry experts, and the filling was incredibly tasty, with the vegan cheese adding a lovely tangy aftertaste which I have never experienced in a veggie wellington before. All plates contained expertly cooked veggies that had an overwhelming sense of seasonality and freshness, including crispy kale, baby parsnips and carrots, and beetroot. The roast potatoes were cooked to perfection, sweet and fluffy on the inside and a goldenbrown satisfying carapace of crunch. Each roast had just the right amount of gravy made from the jus of the meat being served with, or an incredibly flavoursome vegan option. The staff are more than happy to provide more if requested, and you can soak it all up with a ginormous light and fluffy home cooked Yorkshire pudding which comes with all options. We nearly managed all three between us but decided to take some home in a doggy-bag and save a tiny bit of room for dessert. I have to admit, going for dessert might have been pushing it a bit after the amount we had already eaten, but we managed to finish them eventually as they were too good to leave. The incredible sticky toffee pudding was just heaven! It was rich and gooey with the perfect marriage of sweetness and stodge. The Warm Chocolate Pudding, oozed smooth creamy chocolate and was impeccably partnered with a generous helping of non-dairy ice cream. As we waddled out with our doggy bag in tow, incredibly full and in awe of our experience, we reflected that there really is no better roast served in Brighton and Hove. We wholeheartedly encourage you to book yours there too. You will not find better value, and where else can you go for dinner and then continue the party downstairs for the rest of the evening? The Walrus is most definitely the place the place to be.







BeachClub Relax & Unwind In The Cities Latest Venue Brighton BeachClub The Milkmaid Pavilion 26 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2LN 01273 206523 @btnbeachclub


Relax & Unwind In The Cities Latest Venue Brighton BeachClub The Milkmaid Pavilion 26 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2LN 01273 206523 @btnbeachclub



nagai I b i z a


Nestled in the tranquil countryside on the road from Ibiza Town to San Juan sits a truly remarkable restaurant. One whose story is nothing short of an amazing adventure, and is now in its ninth season, winning international awards the past 3 years. Nagai is cementing its reputation as a must visit for anyone descending on the white isle!


he restaurant is made up of a team of four globe-trotting entrepreneurs who have been brought together by sheer fate and a love of international cuisine, to create this exciting and stylish restaurant which will stimulate all your senses and have you yearning for a return visit. Nagai’s story began in Thailand on the island of Koh-Pangang where Eleonora and her brother Luigi took the chance to open a sushi restaurant without having ever tried Sushi... a trip to Bangkok, a chance meeting with Reina Nagai, who was backpacking at the time and staying with some friends. a spontaneous dinner with seemingly nothing in the fridge, and...the rest is history! Eleonora, so impressed with Reina’s incredible talent for creating exquisite dishes out of the simplest ingredients, proposed a partnership that made a huge success out of the restaurant in Thailand, as well as two more in Italy, and most recently Nagai Ibiza! Nagai’s fourth member Melchior, grew up in Ibiza, has travelled the world, is an accomplished linguist, quantum alchemist and treasure trove of island lore. The foursome all have clear roles and manage to work in harmony as well as create a team of young, friendly, Ibiza-style staff. So much passion and imagination has been put into this venture. It is all completely familyrun designing the layout to be as harmonious as possible, integrating art, music, light and nature into the decor. Everything in Nagai is designed to stimulate the senses. Light, sound, and stunning contemporary Geisha artwork all work in harmony to excite and inspire conversation, with the majority of Nagai’s seating being outside on their boutique summer terrace surrounding a beautifully lit olive tree. The passion and creativity so evident in the look and feel to Nagai Ibiza extends to the exceptionally well thought out, and ever evolving menu. Often described as “Japanese Fusion”, there are many classic Japanese dishes such as Sushi and Nigiri made from the finest Japanese organic rice and freshest fish, plus favourites such as Teriyaki, Gyoza, and Karaage. The Chef’s creations also draw influences from Europe, Thailand, Korea, Europe, and all over the world, using only the best organic, most nutritious ingredients. Much care and attention to the finest detail is put into the presentation of each and every dish, and the combinations of flavours are designed to excite and rouse emotions. Everyone is catered for here, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.

So much passion and imagination has been put into this venture. It is all completely family-run designing the layout to be as harmonious as possible, integrating art, music, light and nature into the decor.




They do all they can to support local artists, sculptors, and jewellery makers

It’s not all about the food at Nagai. They do all they can to support local artists, sculptors, and jewellery makers, displaying and selling their work. Local DJ’s, musicians and performance artists will entertain you while you eat or sample one of their imaginative cocktails. 2019 has already proven to be one of the most exciting years so far in Nagai Ibiza history, and there are still even more thrilling events in the pipeline, including their now legendary closing party at the end of the season. They have a great team ready to look after all who grace their terrace. They will continue to experiment and develop new and exhilarating concepts in the dishes they produce, utilising the wealth of international experience on offer from the team. They have even more exciting performance artists and musicians ready to entertain. On top of all this they will continue to support local charities such as the Ibiza Preservation Society and take part in beach cleaning. This year is their best season yet, so ensure you book a table! Although capable of seating many more, Nagai will book in less than 100 guests a sitting to ensure everyone has a good time and is well looked after!





Book now To claim your Free Dessert Enter code ‘I am the walrus’

The Walrus 10 Ship Street Brighton BN1 1AD

01273 025 749

Gard en



Res ta ura nt

Pub, Restaurant & Garden


stone’s throw from the beach on historic Ship Street in Brighton’s Lanes, you’ll find The Walrus with its labyrinth of nooks and crannies. This extensively refurbished 200 year old pub & restaurant has now re-opened.



“Brighton’s Best Roast”





fountain inn “Entering the Inn instantly transports you back in time.”



hen it comes to dining out, my wife and I rarely venture out of Brighton and Hove, as the city’s dynamic foodie scene has so much to offer in terms of quality and variation. Both coming from rural roots, we have had our fair share of traditional country-style pubs. Our dining habits may have to change however, as our recent rare adventure into the countryside brought us to the Fountain Inn in Ashurst, just 30 minutes outside of Brighton. This is possibly the most elegant cosy, warm and welcoming country pub we have ever visited, with some of the most delicious locally sourced home cooked cuisine to boot. Arriving on a lovely warm summers evening, we were immediately impressed by the beauty and grandeur of this 16th Century grade 2 listed building and its beautiful tranquil waterside garden. As we got out of the car and took a deep breath of the country air, we could see drinkers and diners scattered around the garden chatting whilst enjoying the quite serene atmosphere that sucks you in and relaxes you as soon as you arrive. Situated in the picturesque village of Ashurst , the Fountain Inn exudes a certain character and charm that is both majestic and inviting at the same time. Entering the Inn instantly transports you back in time, ducking down to avoid bumping my head on the low ceiling and exposed timbers and making our way along the narrow corridor to the quaint bar area where locals were perched conversing over a fine selection of cask ales. Uneven flagstone floors and fireplaces are decorated with all manner of memorabilia, which you could spend hours admiring. I can imagine coming in to the warmth of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s evening and never wanting to leave. Warmly greeted by the owner Alex, we were offered the option of dining inside and out. Knowing my wife is a bit susceptible to the cold when the sun goes down, we opted to dine in one of the charming dining rooms adjacent to the bar. After giving us some space to settle in and peruse the drinks menu, Alex reappeared and took our order. Being the designated driver I opted to try a cask APA which Alex said was popular with the local drinkers. I planned to nurse my pint for the duration of the meal as I could only have one, but the delicious nectar seemed to evaporate as I was choosing my main. I perused the select wine list, which is easy to navigate as the wines are divided into subheadings based on the palate so even the most novice wine drinker can pick out one to suit their taste. My wife played it safe anyway and went for the house red, Carignan Vin de France, which did not disappoint. A full bodied little number bursting with fruity flavours, she opted for just a glass at first, but soon after ordered a carafe. I was more than a little jealous and made a mental note to get my wife some driving lessons for her birthday.





fountain inn At first glance the menu looks like what you would expect from such an establishment; a selection bar nibbles and sharer boards, small and large plates, sides, and a selection of desserts. Delve deeper and you can tell a lot of care and attention has gone into selecting the menu, with a mix of classic hearty pub favourites such as Battered Cod and Chips, and Steak Burger and chips, as well as some more exotic dishes such as Pan-fried Bass Fillet and Sussex Mushroom Linguine. Where possible, the locally sourced ingredients are listed beneath each dish. We opted to share Sourdough and Seaweed Butter to nibble on to begin with, followed by the Spiced Trout Pate on Toast and Dirty Wings as a starters. For main my wife plumped for Coq au Vin with Mash and Garden Veg, whereas I could not resist the Lamb Rump with Pomme Purée, Greens and Mint Gravy. Sensing we were genuinely impressed with what we had seen so far, Alex suggested we take a look around while the chef prepared the nibbles. We exited the back door and found an impressive selection of vintage cars parked in the rear carpark, which Alex later explained was one of the local car clubs which they run monthly throughout the year. Circling the building and crossing the duck pond, we stumbled across the barn, which we noticed on arrival as it is simply huge and been converted into a function room. Peering in, it looked even more impressive on the inside. Huge beams crossed the ceiling, giant elongated tables, the piano and enormous fireplace seemed to take up very little space in this grandiose yet cosy room. It even had a skittle ally! We returned to the table just in time for our sourdough and seaweed butter to arrive and greedily tucked in to this slightly unusual, but totally triumphant combination - a great start! The small plates were next to arrive. My spiced trout pate was simply incredible. The fish tasted so very fresh and was delicately balanced with the gentle spicing. The pate was served on rustic style buttered toast, giving the dish the crunch it required. My wife’s Dirty Wings were also a devilishly naughty delight– a dish moreish, sticky and flavoursome, you cannot help but to leave you inhibitions behind and get stuck in. How do I know? Because I sneaked a wing (or two) as my wife was sipping upon her wine and admiring the view! Thankfully the main event was equally as impressive. My wife has an affinity towards Coq au Vin and tends to order it regularly if on the menu, and she happily explained it was one of the best versions she had tasted. Not a lover of the dish myself myself I tried a bite, and had to agree with her. The meat was perfectly doused in the rich red wine, the mash was as smooth as you could ask for and the garden veg was cooked to the point where it still had a good amount of bite, with a freshness that sung in your mouth. My lamb dish simply oozed hearty flavours and I could not get enough of it. The tender meat, the crunchy greens and the mint gravy all working in harmony to produce down to earth yet bold flavours. I could not have been happier!


“Delve deeper and you can tell a lot of care and attention has gone into selecting the menu.”

Alex returned and could obviously sense we were enjoying ourselves immensely as she had a knowing smile on her face, and when she offered dessert she was met with a resounding yes. We picked from the select menu of classic homemade favourites, knowing we were in for a treat and we were not wrong. We shared a wonderfully gooey chocolate brownie with rich chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream, and a huge separate serving of salted caramel ice cream. A great way to finish a wonderful dining experience that will be etched in our memories until we return. As we sipped our coffees, we reflected that we will definitely be making the worthwhile trip out of Brighton again. We chatted to Alex who informed us that there is always something going on at the Fountain. Throughout the summer they have barbecues which are so popular they are planning on continuing them throughout the winter, combining dishes cooked on the barbecue with their famous Sunday roasts! The Fountain Inn is well worth a visit no matter what the occasion.




las dos lunas Ibiza

A symbol of prestige and charm since 1981, Las dos Lunas with its Italian roots and Mediterranean philosophy, achieves a unique harmony through the beautiful garden-terrace that, combined with an exquisite cuisine will transport you to a dream like paradise.


as dos Lunas was created within the site of a century-old Ibizan antique shop and is one of those magical places that by virtue of its elegance and consistency, has withstood the test of time and helped make the White Isle famous worldwide. The walls Las dos Lunas have seen fashions and fads come and go, the Ibiza tourist market evolve and businesses around it come and go. This stunning venue, however has stood firm, offering those who venture through its gates a culinary utopia of calm and tranquility away from the chaos; true Ibiza gastronomic institution that seduces all the senses. Oblivious to the hidden oasis that lies within, passers by bare witness to the high protective stone walls, filled with a delightful rhythm. In this magical place you can live the authentic bohemian essence of the island. Follow your senses up the charmingly tiled winding path as you venture amongst an array of dazzling flowers and lush foliage, surrounding a magical al fresco dining space. The perfect spot for both an intimate dinner under the stars with your love or a celebratory dinner with friends and family, Las dos Lunas will meet your every desire. This iconic restaurant is a must on any connoisseur’s list, having been run by the Lucarini family since its doors first opened in 1981. The unique Mediterranean garden embodies the spirit that has made Ibiza world renown. Countless stories and anecdotes have taken place under the grape vines and bougainvilleas. The palpable heritage and harmonic beauty in the terrace has made Las dos Lunas the favourite of many of its loyal international and local clientele. One half of the extremely talented couple who founded Las Dos Lunas, Massino Lucarini is the gifted designer who created the mesmerising garden. Entwined around the building, historic ornaments, works of art from around the world and graffiti, the botanical splendour symbolically embraces history, with a nod to every era. As does the soundtrack., with music spanning decades, with each track united with a nostalgic feel-good theme. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from - everyone is treated like a King or Queen at Las dos Lunas. That’s why when supermodels, rockstars or royalty arrive, there is no need for the exceptional team to change protocol. Irresistible flavours of the unmistakeable traditional cuisine range from homemade pastas and desserts to succulent meats, fresh fish and salads. Crafted with the finest ingredients, many of which come from the venue’s very own eco garden, ensuring there’s plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options available.


The palpable heritage and harmonic beauty in the terrace has made Las dos Lunas the favourite of many of its loyal international and local clientele. Las Dos Lunas offer the finest wines, spumosi and champagne from around the world, including Spain, Italy and France. Also on offer are a whole host of premium spirits, top shelf international brands and an assortment of locally brewed spirits such as hierbas ibicencas. A whole plethora of world re-known cocktails grace this extensive drinks menu, including their own creations like the Rossini and as well as their own bread and focaccia that’s baked daily in the beautiful wood fired oven. Glamorous and iconic, Las dos Lunas is the most fascinating setting to celebrate unique moments while enjoying an unforgettable experience on the island. It can provide for those special events or wedding receptions when you want a long table for over 20 guests, all preserving their intimacy and space. Catering options are also available so you can enjoy the quality of service and gastronomy at the location of your choice.



BBC Good Food Magazine ‘Britain’s 12 Best Indian Restaurants’ SIBA Awards 2019 ‘UK’s Best Craft Beer Restaurant’ Waitrose Good Food Guide 2020 ‘Local Gem’



60 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AE


40 Upper St James St, Brighton BN2 1JN 104 ASPIRE




residence “

home or dwelling a place to rest and recharge�




Shangri-La Hotel Completed in 2012 and now an iconic feature upon the London skyline


he Shard was designed by Renzo Piano and stands at 309.6 metres (1,016ft) high, making it Western Europe’s tallest building. Heralded by the developer, Irvine Sellar/Sellar Property Group, as being a vertical slice of city, the skyscraper encompasses offices, restaurants, residences, London’s highest viewing platform and Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London. It was in May 2014 that Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel group, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, opened it’s first property in the United Kingdom, right up on levels 34 to 52 of the The Shard. As London’s first elevated luxury hotel, the five-star property offers 202 rooms and suites, all with unparalleled views, three signature dining and drinks venues, three riverfacing event rooms as well as an infinity pool and a 24-hour gym on level 52. From the moment you arrive and throughout your journey around the hotel, you are presented with ingenious and innovative design. In the main areas of the hotel, the designers have adopted a contemporary approach to present the sumptuous Oriental motifs, such a fundamental part of the Shangri-La Hotel brand DNA. Colours, textures and materials are used to harmonise the interiors with the cityscape view at each turn.




Unparalleled views, three signature dining and drinks venues, three riverfacing event rooms as well as an infinity pool.

Upon arrival at the ground floor entrance lobby on St Thomas Street, guests are greeted by four soaring feature artworks next to the welcome concierge desk. A strip of interlock-boxshaped crystal chandelier illuminates the whole area, adding a sense of modernity. Along with the lighting and layering effects, the shimmering gold-shaded artworks, featuring Chinese ink painting, exhibit the traditional Chinese poise in an innovative and artistic manner. The simple yet stylish furniture accompanies a pastel yellow floral patterned carpet evoking a warm and cozy atmosphere. In seamless fusion, the sky lobby on level 35 combines the design elements of both East and West influences. Stepping out of the lifts, guests are welcomed by grey marble floors reflecting unrivalled views of iconic London landmarks from floor-to- ceiling windows. Together with the cozy furniture and sculptures in the welcome area, the lobby presents a harmony of art and exceptional views. The hotel features 202 guest rooms that occupy levels 36 through 50 with unparalleled views across London. Although the design layouts are varied from room to room due to the spire- shaped architectural design, the hotel’s design theme is represented in all rooms. Here, the essence of Chinese Arts is reinterpreted in a modern and abstract way. Featuring a soothing colour scheme and mood lighting, all guest rooms are infused with cozy tranquility. The spatial planning, exquisite furniture and the distinctive materials create an unsurpassed living space. Amongst the 202 guest rooms are the Signature Suites, which include one of the largest and most extraordinary hotel suites in London, the Shangri-La Suite. At 188 square metres and residing on Level 39 of Renzo Piano’s iconic skyscraper, The Shard, guests experiencing this one-bedroom jewel in the Shangri-La crown enjoy access via a private lift, 24-hour personal butler service, sumptuous living areas with entirely custom-designed furniture and 180-degree views of London’s iconic landmarks from one of the capital’s most rare addresses. The prestigious Shangri-La Suite, designed by Francesca Muzio and Maria Silvia Orlandini, co-founders of lauded Italian design atelier FM – Architettura d’Interni Studio features exquisite custom-made furniture and high-grade silk wallpaper in a refined palette of champagne, citrine and bronze, designed and produced by Muzio, Orlandini and a team of over 250 highly skilled craftsmen from around the world. It also boasts the specially designed Shangri-La Bed featuring patented body-contouring technology and fitted with Frette 1,000-threadcount linen; a grand marble-clad bathroom with integrated television and mirror screens, an expansive walk-in dressing chamber, fine crystal glassware and a wellequipped private pantry, allowing for Shangri-La’s Dine by Design dining experience. The suite may also be connected to an adjacent room, enabling its conversion into a two-bedroom suite with a total living space of 232 square metres. LÁNG, the hotel’s local café and wine bar is the perfect meeting place for locals and hotel guests looking for a relaxing spot to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or evening drinks. Located on the ground floor of Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London, adjacent to London Bridge Station, LÁNG takes its name from the Chinese word for ‘pathway’ and links the leading high-rise luxury hotel to the local community. For those looking to visit for dinner, a new evening menu has now been launched at LÁNG. Fittingly named the Five Mile menu, all produce is locally sourced from within a fivemile radius of the hotel. LÁNG’s new menu is a celebration of the amazing artisan suppliers with the very best British ingredients located literally on the hotel’s doorstep.




No matter when you dine or what the occasion is, every dining experience is enhanced by 360-degree views The Five Mile menu takes diners on an imaginary journey around the local area from the comfort of their seats at LÁNG. Organic vegetables, premium cured meats and the finest farmhouse cheeses are sourced from the hotel’s neighbours located down the road at Borough Market to those up the street at Bermondsey Street railway arches. Using the freshest ingredients, the hotel’s talented team of chefs have hand-crafted delicious dishes ideal for grazing or dining. From Mini Beef Sliders with Smoked Applewood Cheddar to Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken Thighs with Kimchi Mayonnaise, dishes are packed with a multitude of flavours to delight any palette. Delivered directly to the hotel from Billingsgate Fish Market are the finest natural oysters, which can be ordered by the dozen or individually, and are served with a light Japanese ponzu sauce. Meanwhile, premium pork sausages from O’Shea’s butchers, based less than a mile away, make the Jumbo Hotdog with Caramelised Onions a popular guilty pleasure. A Cannon & Cannon charcuterie board featuring British wild cured sausages, a selection of farmhouse cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy and honey from award-winning Bermondsey Street Bees, allow diners to sample a variety of LÁNG favourites simultaneously. For the perfect pairing, LÁNG serves several English wines, including a Bacchus, Foxhole white from the Bolney Estate in Sussex, as well as a pinot noir, Chapel Down Rosé from Kent. Freshly baked homemade cakes from Executive Pastry Chef Heather Kaniuk adorn the counter tops, as does melt-in-yourmouth Whirld Fudge – made using founder Justine’s family recipe that has been passed down through generations. TĪNG is a restaurant and lounge, where guests are invited discover a deliciously local dining experience, celebrating fresh ingredients sourced from suppliers in Borough Market. The name TĪNG derives from the Chinese word for ‘living room’, reflecting the casual elegance of this restaurant and lounge on Level 35, just off the Sky Lobby. The design is sophisticated and subtle, with an open-plan finishing deck offering a glimpse into the kitchen’s lively buzz. The restaurant is a popular destination for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and late supper. No matter when you dine or what the occasion is, every dining experience is enhanced by 360-degree views, encompassing the River Thames, Tower Bridge, Maritime Greenwich, Canary Wharf and the historic counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Located at the pinnacle of the Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London at level 52, GŎNG is a curated sky lounge destination crafted by renowned architect Andre Fu of AFSO. Hailed as the highest bar in Europe, GŎNG is conceived as ‘a world of eclectic chinoiserie’, infused with Fu’s signature modern Asian sensuality.


Bringing unparalleled elegance to the city’s social scene, this is the perfect place for sunset cocktails and late-night drinks, featuring the dramatic backdrop of London’s skyline, with views to the west, north and east. The bar offers two distinct areas: the cocktail bar and the Champagne bar. The name GŎNG derives from ‘dougong’, a traditional Chinese architectural element of interlocking wooden brackets, featured in the bar’s distinctive design. Working with the distinct architecture of The Shard building, the floor has been deliberately sectioned into a number of intriguing salons including the champagne bar and an infinity pool. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a series of fullheight panels in silver-foil - each hand- gilded in patterns of chinoiserie sceneries. Behind them, guests discover the seven metre long Imperial Bar, made of solid Arabescato Orobico Italian marble. Next to it, the champagne Bar area is decked in hues of mauve purple and accented with a ‘cabinet wall’ in rustic hammered metal to provoke surprising textures. At the opposite end of the bar is the iconic infinity pool. Here, a pair of over-sized ivory ‘paint scroll’ appear to float directly above the entire pool - a design that is created to provoke a poetic contrast between the sleek infinity pool and the slanted curtain-wall façade.





Absolute checked in and checked out the newest addition to the ever-expanding Brighton Hotels scene. If design, service, comfort, fine food and amazing drinks are your wishes, then look no further than Malmaison.

“The design attention is second to none, with a sassy approach to service and style and is ideal for anyone seeking a quality stay or visit."


ow stylishly reinvented, this fabulous Hotel now boasts all-new bedrooms, an elegant brasserie with sea-view conservatory and a glittering bar. Situated in the Marina and a seagull glide from the harbour, we visited Malmaison with two young children in tow. Importantly the car was parked in the multi-storey car park on the marina and is complimentary to guests. The hotel is a short walk away. The hotel offers 73 stunning bedrooms and these range from Standard Rooms to Club Rooms to Suites. These include as standard, free WIFI, Flat Screen Plasma TV and other essentials for your stay. There are 5 function rooms in total if you include Work & Play divided up into thirds. There is a smaller function room next to The central Lounge. The décor is ultimately contemporary and stylish. Post punk and multi image montage images are placed throughout, The rooms in the ocean-front hotel are alternatively washed with sparkling sea reflected light on the ocean side, or gentle north facing cliff reflected ambience on the town side. It's altogether a sanctuary to unwind after a day or evening out in the buzz of the city. Clean lines and tasteful styling ensure that these rooms offer a very comfortable retreat. Malmaison describes their rooms as Twin Inland view, Double Inland View, Double Sea View, Superior Double Inland View, Mal Club,


Deluxclub sea view and Marina Suite. The Bar at Malmaison Brighton has a style of its own. It has to be one of Brighton's coolest destination visits. Spacious, light and very relaxed. It’s where you can escape with your morning coffee, meet friends for lunch, or sit out on the deck to watch the world go by below. The exclusive atmosphere, sensational cocktails and eclectic design all help to make the bar special. Not to mention views over the Marina, floor to ceiling windows – and a large decked terrace. Before dinner, we took a seat in the stylish bar and ordered drinks. The Malmaison Fizz and a Negroni were promptly delivered. The fine quality of malchemy cocktails was obvious. Being Friday, we noticed the rush hour effect - deals on cocktails between 5 pm and 8 pm. Quality and value, and second to none. The wine list includes something for everybody, and the wines by the glass are no different. These are bound to impress. Bar food is also available; Brasserie-style dining with fresh light bites or artisan sandwiches. Afternoon Tea and Classic Cream Tea is available. The evening weather was fine so we headed out onto the balcony terrace. It has an Ibiza style lounge layout with very cool oversized ambient lighting and sits overlooking the parked boats and yachts. A fantastic place to meet with groups and

friends, or simply a romantic getaway. The seats are comfortable and accommodating. Perfect escapism. Our children loved the space and settled nicely on the seating. The hotel is licensed for ceremonies and civil partnerships, allowing you to spend the day there. A series of beautiful spaces, which you can choose to move from room to room as the day goes by. Exclusive use of the hotel is also available. The hotel can arrange your disco Dj selected from a city famous for its music scene. A range of wedding breakfast menus is available, including a children’s menu complete with all their favourites. When guests get peckish towards the evening, decide which buffet takes your fancy. Malmaison could be described as luxe but with a quirky vibe. This is my type of seaside hotel. The design attention is second to none, with a sassy approach to service and style and is ideal for anyone seeking a quality stay or visit. With a short journey out of Brighton's buzz, chilling out has never felt more natural. Staff are warm and welcoming, managing to be both professional and laidback. Pete Hayward

Waterfront, Brighton Marina Village, Brighton, BN2 5WA









Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa Both a rural and beachside escape, Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa is enchanting and opulent, exuding excellence on every level.


et within 30 acres of private parkland and neighbouring the charms of Climping beach, this stunning and historic hotel features a medieval-style house, thatched houses and cottages, a 13th century chapel, a romantic inner rose-clad courtyard and an intriguing underground passageway. Surrounded by a picture book rose garden and boasting an exquisite spa with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a croquet lawn and tennis courts, this is where guests can get away from it all, in their luxurious home from home. As you approach the entrance gates and journey up the impressive and welcoming drive towards the medieval main house, you can feel the history and stories of the past in the air. The whole team at Bailiffscourt take pride in being proud custodians of an estate that has welcomed visitors for decades before them, stewarding the building and upholding its ethos and traditions. When it comes to the history of their surroundings, the staff are very well versed and are happy to lead guests through the fascinating accounts and features. With all the appearance of an ancient manor house, Bailiffscourt's best-kept secret is that until 1927 it didn't exist. It was designed for Lord Moyne, then Walter Guinness of the brewing family, by the antiquarian and architect, Amyas Phillips. His brief was to recreate a house in the medieval style, which was favoured by Lord Moyne's wife Evelyn. Phillips searched the country for original stone, woodwork, doors, windows and fireplaces, bringing them all together at Climping to create the exquisite country house and park that we see today. Bailiffscourt played host to the high society of the day throughout the 1930s, until the death of Lady Moyne in 1939, and in 1948 it became a privately owned hotel and in 1993 Historic Sussex Hotels bought and lovingly restored to be the Bailiffscourt guests see today. My friends and family have for years spoken about Bailiffscourt with such high regard and awe, having visited for weddings, relaxing spa visits, and romantic special occasions. So you can imagine that when I was invited to bring my family for a weekend staycations, I felt a mixture of excitement, honour and later, panic. I’d only ever imagined going there on a romantic break and hadn’t considered a visit with two toddlers in tow! Calmed slightly by the fact we were going to experience the specifically designed Family Sussex Staycation package, I surprised my husband with the news and set about packing our overnight bags. The Sussex Staycation package stars from £355 and invites families to discover all that West Sussex has to offer from cultural encounters to award-winning vineyards and return to Bailiffscourt for some calm, a quiet moment in the spa or roam free and explore the 30 acres of private parkland with a wander down to the beach. For the more energetic little visitors, there is plenty on offer from croquet to quoits and tennis to tumbletowers, before enjoying a delicious dinner from the 3 course ‘Climping Menu’ and settling in for a deeply luxurious night’s sleep.

Bailiffscourt is truly a family friendly hotel and as soon as we arrived, the team took every care to ensure our little ladies were as looked after as we were.


Bailiffscourt is truly a family friendly hotel and as soon as we arrived, the team took every care to ensure our little ladies were as looked after as we were. Check in was friendly and efficient and we were delighted to discover we would be staying in one of the very finest rooms on the estate; Baylies. This is the ultimate room for a celebratory or romantic getaway and is now increasingly popular with families, like ourselves, looking to spend time together. Baylies is on the first floor of the Medieval House with dual-aspect views over the rose garden and across the grounds and simply has to be seen to be believed. With its vaulted ceiling, glowing wood-burning stove and a four-poster bed that takes pride of place in the centre of the room, this incredibly spacious signature room certainly has the wow factor and allows it’s guests to feel like royalty. Enthralled with the vast room, our daughters immediately started toddling and crawling around, exploring every nook and cranny. A well-sized cot and child’s bed had been set up for them and they delighted in finding towels upon their beds, that had been crafted in elephant shapes and sat together with a welcome the signed from ‘Nellie’. Each of us had our very own fluffy dressing gown and as we wandered into the bathroom, we discovered a large walk-in shower and twin roll-top baths (which caused huge excitement at the girl’s bath time!)



Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa

Small and meaningful gestures, coupled with attention really set Bailiffscourt apart from other hotels; every guest is presented with a beautiful map that details the estate grounds, babies have hooded baby towels provided, each room comes equipped with a list of DVDs which you can borrow from reception, the tea facilities are enhanced by the presence of a very healthy supply of probably the best shortbread I have ever tasted and the numerous lounges are equipped with board games galore, a library’s worth of storybooks and crayons and colouring-in. With a total of 39 beautiful bedrooms, set within a series of charming houses and cottages dotted around private parkland, Bailiffscourt has something to offer every taste. Guests can choose from medieval-style rooms, to a more modern affair with contemporary design. The Medieval House is connected to the Thatch House by an underground passageway. The Court and Coach Houses stand opposite the main entrance, while the Gate House and the newer rooms in the Moat House and The Oaks stand beside the old moat overlooking the fields beyond. All rooms are individually decorated using beautiful fabrics and filled with antiques and art, whilst also offering the modern essentials such as satellite TV and complimentary WiFi. The unusual room names are taken from the fields surrounding the hotel dating back to 1610 and each room varies in size. For families, there are lots of options depending on the age of your children and the size of your family. You can either share - many of the rooms have sofa beds or ample space for extra beds, you can book an entire house or cottage or simply choose adjacent or interconnecting rooms. Upon booking, you will be asked how you will be most comfortable and a recommendation will be given as to the best fit for you and your family. Before long, it was nap time for the girls and whilst ‘Papa’ read the paper by the roaring wood burning stove, it was time for me to go out of my comfort zone entirely and head over to the spa. I know that sounds a little crazy but I’m just not the pampering type. I’m a busy and probably rather highly strung working mummy that finds it very hard or indeed impossible to relax. My husband had encouraged me to take up the offer of a complimentary massage at the spa (my first ever) and so I agreed and pondered at what a challenge it would be for the masseuse to crack this stubborn ice queen. That said, if they were successful, it would certainly be a testament to their skill. Highly regarded as one of the most beautiful spas in the south of England, the Spa takes its inspiration from nature, offering tranquility and indulgence. Built in the style of a Sussex barn with dramatic exposed timber frame, the spa has received prestigious design awards, artfully contrasting the textures of polished limestone and natural green oak. You cannot fail to be impressed as you enter through the glass doors, into the vast reception area. I’m not sure how it happened, but as soon as I arrived, it was like something said to my body ‘….and relax’. Was it the calming scent in the air, the soothing music or the sheer beauty of the venue? Perhaps it was the perfect blend of all those elements. As soon as I arrived, the lady at the desk provided me with a locker key and I immediately felt at ease as I discovered a robe and flip flops waiting for me. I then had to fill in a form that, aside from the usual personal details, asked questions such as ‘how intense would you like your massage?’ and ‘would you like your masseuse to be conversational or quiet.’ I have to say I think that is a great idea as it avoids those potentially awkward conversations.


The restaurant at Bailiffscourt has a wide spread reputation for being exceptional I am still in shock, but I have to admit that I absolutely loved the half an hour that followed. Bailiffscourt Spa have managed to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable, calm and totally carefree. The massage led me to drift away from the stresses and strains of the every day and for 30 minutes, I was just happily existing. Not planning my next work assignment, or the lunchboxes for the week ahead. Not awkwardly flinching (as I pessimistically predicted) as my shoulders and back were worked upon. Just totally and utterly relaxing. It’s not surprising to learn that Bailiffscourt Spa has been awarded The Good Spa Guide’s 5 Bubble Rating. They have an impressive choice of treatments on offer designed to relax, de-stress, revitalise and restore. It is advertised that their highly skilled therapists ‘ensure total care of your body, mind and spirit’ and this once Doubting Thomas can certainly vouch for that . Aside from treatments and therapies, the spa boasts a heated outdoor and indoor infinity swimming pool all surrounded by sun loungers with expansive windows bringing the outdoors into the beautiful indoor pool area. A gloriously bubbly hot tub also awaits, as well as the spa bath, steam room and sauna. Enhance your experience with a moment of calm in the specially designed relaxation rooms, while away the time in the Sandpiper Lounge (a light-filled space with a balcony overlooking the outdoor pool towards the sea) or get physical in the gym and fitness studio featuring state of the art equipment, personal trainers and a range of classes including yoga and Pilates. During my lone visit to the spa, I learnt that there were specific family swimming times, from 10 till 11 am and 3:30 till 5 pm every day. Although slightly limiting, it is rather settling to know that all guests are aware that these are family swimming times, allowing you to feel comfortable and not disruptive when your children are splashing around! I returned the next morning with the whole family and, as well as being made to feel very welcome, my little fish enjoyed themselves immensely, aided by the excellent selection of floats and swimming aids made available for children. The restaurant at Bailiffscourt has a wide spread reputation for being exceptional and so we all arrived to dinner dressed in our finest and with very high expectations. We had been assured that despite being a relatively formal setting, the restaurant was family friendly and we would all be very welcome to take dinner at 7pm. Children are welcomed in the restaurant, where you can dine comfortably as a family, or the other options would have been, for those that can’t last until dinner, to have snacks and light meals served in the lounge earlier, order room service or have a picnic arranged by the team to take to the beach. With its medieval architecture, mullioned windows and tapestryhung walls the restaurant is a stunning setting and upon arriving, we were settled at a table that had a high chair all ready and waiting for us. The little ladies had half portions of the ‘Light menu’ and my husband and I were treated to the 3 course Climping Menu, which changes throughout the year and is a wonderful showcase on a plate, highlighting the exceptional talent of the Chefs. Bailiffscourt use quality, locally sourced ingredients from Sussex throughout the menus and have great relationships with local suppliers, some of whom they have been working with for many years. The suppliers know exactly what want and they deliver excellent produce every time, ensuring that the high standards set are continuously delivered - it is a team effort, from field (or sea) to fork.

The Climping menu highlights the fine produce available throughout Sussex, creating a mouthwatering menu, mixing innovation and tradition, echoing the ethos of the hotel. Lured by the promise of Selsey lobster, we both opted for the Lobster Soup, accompanied by Aioli, gruyère cheese and croûtes. The soup was warming, indulgently rich, bursting with flavours of the sea and the accompaniments added vitality. For mains, I decided on the Grilled fillet of salmon with salsa verde, samphire, celeriac purée and lobster cream sauce and my husband chose the Roasted cornfed chicken supreme, creamed potato, morel mushroom cream sauce, spring greens and port jus. Every ingredient had noticeably been sourced and selected for its quality and vibrant flavour. The salmon melted in the mouth, the chicken was moist and succulent, the spring greens sung with freshness and both the creamed potato and celeriac purée were perfectly smooth, silky and now my ultimate goal when I make mash at home. The waiting staff were courteous and incredibly patient and friendly towards our super young diners. Although rather well accustomed now to restaurant visits, all in the name of mummy’s work, they do like to keep the waiters on their toes with the ‘drop and retrieve the serviette game’ and their high expectations regarding speed of serving the dessert course. We now have a tactic of ordering their mains whilst we enjoy our starters, their desserts whilst we have mains and then ordering our desserts up to our room, to be enjoyed once the girls have settled in their beds. The waiting team happily obliged, entertained the girls and made us feel both relaxed and at ease. It isn’t just the restaurant at Bailiffscourt that is set aside for feasting and indulging. The series of lounges around the inner courtyard are unique and endlessly appealing for a glass of wine, afternoon tea or simply to sit a while and read the papers. When the sun shines, be sure to take a moment to venture outside into the charming courtyard or rose garden. Afternoon Tea is served between 3.30pm and 5.30pm and from 4pm on a Sunday. I recommend booking in advance as it’s extremely popular! Situated just 25 minutes drive from the charms of Chichester and just 10 minutes from picturesque Arundel, Bailiffscourt is a perfect marriage of relaxation and adventure, luxury and home comforts and history and innovation. Few hotels and restaurants are truly ‘family-friendly,’ but Bailiffscourt has created the perfect formula for ensuring every family member is catered for, recognising that if your children are happy and relaxed, then you, and even I am too.









“His colouring is flawless” Leona Lewis

“My favourite hairdressers, I can’t recommend then highly enough” Lottie Moss

113 High Street RH17 5JX t: 01444 452900 OPENING TIMES Monday 10-6 | Tuesday 10-6 | Wednesday 10-6 | Thursday 10-6 Friday 10-6 Saturday 9-5 | Sunday Closed ASPIRE



unique “

being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”





Drive a classic droptop Mustang in Ibiza!


biza is an island known for its breathtaking scenery, stunning resorts dotted throughout and the adventure hiding around every corner. To be able to explore this island of possibilities, you’d be wise to get yourself some wheels and there is simply no cooler, more exciting way to conquer Ibiza than in a classic convertible Ford Mustang! As one of the most iconic cars of all time, this prestigious motor fits so perfectly on the White Isle. Embark upon countless stunning drives in the centre, north and south west of the island, explore the many beaches, picturesque villages, the countryside with small vineyards and olive groves, all the quirky shops and cafes scattered around the island, markets, art galleries, and much more. The classic 1960’s Mustangs create a real sensation wherever they go, attracting admiring glances along the way. It’s like going back to the vibe of those 60’s iconic movies. Driving one is quite simply fun on wheels! You do not need to be a classic car aficionado to appreciate the wind in your hair and the sound of the engine, whilst pumping some great tunes in the bluetooth speakers. Their retro charm cannot fail to make you feel like you are in a classic Hollywood movie, living the dream in this fantasy motor. Based on the island, Mustang Adventures offers these cars both as self-drive hire and with a driver (should you not have a designated driver!) They also offer guided tours of Ibiza in the Mustangs, where they show you some of their favourite local spots, making recommendations and pointing out the history behind the island. Married couple Caroline and Conor who run Mustang Adventures know the island inside out and they can take you to those hidden beaches and the hippest hangouts, or the best catch of the day beach lunch! As the Mustangs are comfortable 4-seaters, (potentially fitting five people with a bit of a squeeze), you can enjoy a special day out with family and friends. Or why not rent a few droptops for a larger group, it will certainly get everyone’s attention! Mustang Adventures have a fleet of eight classic Mustangs in various colours, of which five are convertibles. Our favourite colour would probably have to be the green convertible (although the denim blue is seriously cool too!).


There is simply no cooler, more exciting way to conquer Ibiza than in a classic convertible Ford Mustang!”

The cars have recently been restored to a very high level including the engines and even the interiors and paintwork. They are in tip top shape and very close to how they would have been when they left the factory. The brakes have been upgraded but apart from that they are totally original parts and are the real deal. The self-drive rental is on full day basis. The price depends on model, time of the season, and number of days rental. In high season the convertibles are around €499+VAT for one day and the hardtops €299+VAT. If you rent for more than one day the daily rate is lower. Mustang Adventures offer tailor-made services, so if you would like an airport pickup combined with a tour and/or driver service and a few hours of driving the car yourselves they can arrange that (convenient after a long boozy lunch!).




boatshed B r i g h t o n Ya c h t B r o k e r s Did you know you CAN afford a boat… probably! You may, at first, think your dream of owning a boat is beyond your reach, but you might just be wrong.


othing beats the feeling of stepping on your first boat, casting off for the first time and getting to that point may be easier than you think. We’re certainly well placed for it - we’re by the South coast, with two of the biggest marinas in Europe - gateways to the continent and fun at sea! What does the sea offer? Fun, excitement, relaxation, sailing, motor boating and fishing. Short trips are possible to other UK marinas or longer trips to the continent. Remember: Brighton is often known as “London by the Sea” - our water is there for our enjoyment! Boat ownership is easier than ever - you just need to find a boat that suits you, somewhere to put her and ensure you really understand the cost and responsibility of taking her on. Another great way to get on the water is to join your local club, make lots of new sailor friends and join in the club’s events and training - this will really give you a taster; you may even be invited to go sailing with a club member. BUYING YOUR BOAT So how best to find your perfect boat, look after her and make the best of her? Build a relationship with your local broker! A great broker will understand the international and local market, be able to articulate the full cost of ownership, and should assist throughout your boating journey with help, advice and assistance - this should be friendly, transparent, ongoing and impartial to ensure you get the absolute best from boat ownership. You should receive guidance on regular maintenance and get help with arranging favourably priced work from your multi qualified broker, who should have vast marine experience and local, boots on-the-ground help with everything you need. The average boat is taken to sea just 11 times per year and 10% of all boats are for sale, so the choice is bewildering. Therefore befriending your local yacht broker will really help you to find the boat that’s right for you. SELLING YOUR BOAT When you want to sell, nothing beats good advice from a trusted broker - we know the market, the area, what your boat is worth and the best way to sell her, along with many tried and tested practical hints and tips. Your broker should be experienced, offering a full brokerage service, with plenty of local contacts and ideally be a member of British Marine or ABYA, have worked in the marine industry for many years and subscribe to Maritime and Coastguard Agency practices - even better if they possess professional skills such as engineering or Royal Yachting Association certificates. They should be able to take your boat to the global market and proactively work to sell her for you, allowing you to relax and know that you’re in the best hands and will achieve the best price. Tim, manager of the Boatshed Brighton team says “We regularly receive customers who come to us and sell their boats, after months or even years of inactivity with other brokers. We then sell their boats and the customer says ‘I wish I’d come to you first!’ If we can just get that message out there, that we’re here and we can help, so many people could be so much happier - quicker!”

Build a relationship with your local broker! A great broker will understand the international and local market


WHY BOATSHED YACHT BROKERS? Boatshed has taken the yacht brokerage industry by storm; we’re traditional brokers using cutting edge technology and are all passionate about boats. Boatshed provides a full service brokerage, managing the sale from listing to selling the boat. From small beginnings and through sheer hard work and determination to do a great job, Boatshed Brighton Yacht Brokers have disrupted the Sussex yacht broker fraternity and are leading the light in proactive, knowledgeable, trusted and helpful yacht brokerage in the area. We enjoy it too! This is shown by the biggest collection of amazing Google and Facebook reviews along the Sussex coast. But it’s not just about buying and selling boats - we’re here to talk, advise and guide in all aspects of boat ownership and increasing time is spent with people new to boating, people who have been boating for a while and those more experienced boaters. Most people are grateful for a chat and a helping hand, whether it be initial avoiding-pitfalls chats or engineering advice, backed up by over 30 years’ experience in marine engineering. We’re all boat owners, boat lovers and local berth holders, equipped with marine engineering, skippering, life boat crew, navigating, sailing, motor boating and GRP surveying in our repertoire. Combined, we’re a complete authority on boating in Sussex, with free ongoing guidance on all aspects of boating, engineering, safety, maintenance and work package planning. This means we really understand boats, how they’re put together and how they work; we understand the meaning of owning a boat, the cost of boating, how it can go right and wrong and we’re there with guidance to help avoid costly mistakes. We’re all about bringing down the cost of boating - we’re in continual advisory meetings with people coming into boating or wanting to live on board, whether they’re moving to bigger or smaller boats, from power to sail or vice versa, or houseboats. And we’re here for all types of boats: sailing, motor, classic, commercial, house boats, racing, multi hull and RIB. Oh, and did we mention we sell boats at records speeds and for the best prices? Record listings and sales in August 2019 prove that we’re doing things right, again and again – selling the right boat to the right person, with the right advice and with the right prices for boat sellers. 079200 22540



brighton races Any social calendar wouldn’t be complete without a day at the races and few days out have the charm or the spectacular views of Brighton Racecourse – which dates back to 1783.


ne of the most exciting, vibrant, race tracks in the South of England and with its fantastic location, the seaside course is perfect for a great day out with corporate clients, friends or family. Feature days run throughout the year in combination with their normal meets, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy some great racing in a truly unique location. This September ‘19, Brighton Racecourse have partnered up with Love to Ride for Cycle September! Love to Ride is an organisation designed to encourage cycling in return for online points, allowing you to win a range of prizes. Brighton Racecourse are offering £5 off tickets and a complimentary soft drink to those who bike to one of their September Race days, so hop on your bike and see some thrilling racing! Cycle September is a fantastic programme encouraging you to get active and have fun, all whilst helping the environment. Cycling for as little as 10 mins a day can earn you points, which gives you the chance to win prizes such as a seven-day mountain bike trip in New Zealand. Brighton Racecourse will be offering the discount for those who cycle on the 2nd, 9th and 16th of September, giving you plenty of options to get involved and come to the races at a significantly discounted price. All of these dates will feature their usual high-quality racing, at their beautiful racecourse overlooking the sea. To claim this discount, simply cycle up, buy your ticket on the gate and have fun! On September 1st, the Funday Sunday is a race day specifically targeted at families, with live music and entertainment running throughout the day, as well as the usual thrilling racing all afternoon, destined to keep the whole family entertained. You’ll be able to see the horses up close in the parade ring, something the kids are sure to love, and you can purchase a variety of delicious snacks from vendors across the site, all whilst marveling at the panoramic sea views. If you want to upgrade your time at the races, there are a variety of hospitality options, such as lunch in the luxurious Silks restaurant, or hiring a private box for the day which will make your trip even more special. It’s the perfect way to keep the kids entertained as the summer holidays draw to a close, and affordable too thanks to the under 18s race free policy. It’s never too early to think about Christmas and this year Brighton Racecourse are hosting magnificent Christmas party nights in a number of their suites for you to celebrate with your friends or colleagues. Whether you’re looking to book a private event or book on to one of the four shared parties, they’ve got you covered - and all at an affordable price of only £39 per person. The team will take the stress out of the organisation, whilst looking after each and everyone of your guests perfectly, with the festively decorated rooms, a three course Christmas carvery buffet and a drink upon arrival. You can then dance the night away to great tunes selected by the DJ to really get you in the Christmas spirit.




fontwell park Steeped in history and with a plethora of events taking place throughout the year, Fontwell has plenty to offer and excite everyone.


lfred Day came to The Hermitage, on the north side of the Chichester to Arundel road, in 1887 to train racehorses. While researching the history of the area, he found a reference on a 1630 map to “Fontwell”. This was the name of the spring in front of his house, the only watering-hole on this major south coast route, and which the Romans had originally called “Fons”. Passing monks are said to have added the “well” part of the name. Day brought the name Fontwell back into use. Generations of his family had been involved in racing as trainers and jockeys throughout the 19th century. While not training any Derby winners, Alfred Day often managed to get inexpensive horses to win good races. He bought one horse for just over £20 and won a race worth £300 with it. He turned down an offer of £700 for it, but a week later the horse died! His best horse was Master Willie, who held the world record for 6 furlongs for over 25 years. As time went by Day was able to buy more land in the area so that by 1924, with the support of the local gentry, he had obtained a license from the Jockey Club to create a racecourse at Fontwell. The hurdles track was a conventional oval shape, but the steeplechase course was designed as a figure of eight to make best use of the limited space available. There was a huge crowd at the first meeting on 21 May that year. Those who became Club members could enjoy the gardens Day had laid out over many years, which included a maze in the style of the one at Versailles, and relics from other stately homes. What had been the farmhouse became Fontwell House, the members’ restaurant. In keeping with the garden-like setting, the grandstand and the weighing room were built with thatched roofs. The inaugural race was won by the 5/4 favourite Gem, ridden by champion jockey Fred Rees. It was a warm, humid day, the first of a two day meeting, and some of the stable lads refreshed themselves so much they had to be put to bed still wearing their boots. There were four days racing in the first year and this slowly increased with a mixture of one and two day meetings, generally in spring and autumn. In 1949 Monaveen won a race at Fontwell. This was the first racehorse owned by the Queen and the Queen Mother, and the only horse they owned jointly. He went on to win good races and to run in the Grand National. A topiary statue in the main enclosure commemorates Monaveen’s triumph and the special bond his owners had with racing. The dual winning Champion Hurdler, National Spirit, won 32 of his 85 starts and five of those were at Fontwell, most notably in the Rank Challenge Cup, which he won 3 years in succession in 1948-50. Since 1965 a prestigious hurdle race has been run in his honour, attracting many equine stars over the years. Its first running saw Salmon Spray winning, who went on to land the Champion Hurdle in 1966. Other top class horses to have won it include the dual Champion Hurdler Comedy of Errors and the top stayer Baracouda, who won the race in 2001. Between 1959 and 1966 Certain Justice won 14 races at Fontwell, and 25 in all. More recently, in 1992-93 St Athans Lad won eleven races at Fontwell in the space of 14 months. They were good examples of the racing adage “horses for courses”. The unusual shape of the steeplechase track with its twists and turns does not suit all horses, but others thrive on it as there is always something new coming into view up ahead. It is the only figure of eight jumps track left in the country. The course has long been valued by racing fans, many of whom go into the middle to watch the races by one fence and then walk over to the nearest fence on the next stretch of the figure of eight, in good time to see the horses reach it. As the horses go round three times in a three mile chase, spectators get quite a bit of exercise too! Around 1970 it was rumoured that Goodwood might buy the course, but instead it was snapped up by Isidore Kerman, a top London divorce solicitor who already owned Plumpton racecourse. He died in 1998 and his son Andy became the chairman until deciding to sell in 2002 to Northern Racing, who currently own or manage nine courses. Since then there has been a huge investment in the facilities. A new 90 box stable yard has been constructed and in 2007 the parade ring, winners’ enclosure and saddling boxes were refurbished. A 40 bedroom hotel and pub/ restaurant have also opened on the site. Maximum use has to be made of racecourses nowadays, so there are now over 20 race meetings a year and the course facilities are in use for numerous other events such as weddings, markets and concerts.


Speaking of the Queen, actress Judi Dench (who is no stranger to portraying a royal) filmed the Dick Francis story, Dead Cert at Fontwell. The script called for a horse to fall, but despite hiring one that was a poor jumper, it persisted in jumping beautifully whenever it was on camera! Perhaps it was the magical Fontwell Park effect. Continuously voted Best Small Racecourse for 19 years running, Fontwell Park continues to delight racegoers, even nearly 100 years after hosting its first meet. It’s the park’s figure of eight jumps track that delights – as it’s now the only course of its kind in the UK. But it’s not just the track that keeps visitors coming back for more, there’s so much more to Fontwell Park than that. It’s the electric atmosphere, the varied events and themed fun that makes people want to return, time and time again. Fontwell has a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There’s something for everyone; whether you want to bring your family along for a family fun day, have a day out with some mates at Oktoberfest or get glammed up for Ladies Evening, there’s a huge range of events and themes to suit everybody. The course itself is relatively small and therefore everything is easily located. The Parade Ring and Winning Circle are just a short walk from the Main Grandstand. As autumn gets fully underway, so too does a busy season of events, including the popular Oktoberfest, fireworks night and the Southern National. October sees a big two day race meeting on the 4th and 5th of October (themed as an Oktoberfest). Oktoberfest is now in its fifth year and continues to grow in popularity. It seems Bavarian beers, food and racing are a popular combination! The annual fireworks night returns this year on Saturday 2nd November, a hugely popular night and finally, on Sunday 17th November, Fontwell Park hosts the Southern National– a real ‘racing’ day that’s always popular with National Hunt fans! The latter event is one of Fontwell Park’s most spectacular and anticipated days, featuring highly in many a horse racing fan’s calendar. National Hunt racing at its best, this fixture really is the ultimate ride for jockey and horse and is ran over 3 miles of November ground – as Fontwell Park say “the race for the Grand National starts here!”. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the racecourse’s biggest raceday of the year – Boxing Day! The annual event, which has now become a family tradition for many families in Sussex (and beyond!) combines top class racing and hospitality with all the festive fun of Fontwell Park’s winter wonderland. Aside from racing, Fontwell Park is the perfect destination for a huge range of special events; from weddings to banqueting, exhibitions to Christmas parties and a meeting space for between 2 – 400 guests. From the traditional and elegant Fontwell House, to their Premier Grandstand and Paddock Marquee, they have three great venues to suit your needs. And, as the racecourse offers dedicated event planners, you can rest assured knowing that your event will be planned to perfection. Whether you’re a horse racing fan, bride-to-be, the office’s Christmas party planner or a family looking for something fun to do, one thing’s for sure; Fontwell Park can cater for your individual needs – and offer so much more!



Spread over three floors, including a pub area, the Regency Restaurant and a wonderful hidden terrace, The Lion & Lobster is one of the oldest and most traditional pubs in Brighton and Hove Opening Times Monday to Thursday 11.00am – 1.00am Friday & Saturday 11.00am – 2.00am Sunday 12.00pm – midnight 24 Sillwood Street, Brighton, BN1 2PS T: 01273 327 299 E:


A full service creative agency Weweb are a full and service creative agency specialising in design, marketing. specialising in design, web and marketing. Founded by three passionate creatives. Studio 3, The Ironworks, 30 Cheapside, Brighton BN1 4GD 01273 258000 / ASPIRE



voyager “

metropolitan. sophisticated. urbane. worldly”




Banana Island

Situated in the Arabian Gulf, 11 kilometres from Al Shyoukh terminal on the Corniche of Doha, Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara is an exclusive 13-hectare island that comes with a promise of serene bliss, family adventures and ocean thrills.


his glorious 900m crescent of private golden beach has its own marina and reefs and is accessible by private catamaran. Once you arrive, you’ll find your own personal paradise with over-water villas, an Anantara Spa, nine dining options, a cinema theatre and a tranquil lagoon pool. Banana Island offers 141 rooms, suites and villas, which combine soothing sea views with modern amenities for a blissful stay. Choose a space to suit you, all teaming with sumptuous Arabian style in every detail. From the Over Water Villas to private dining terraces, you are sure to find relaxation in luxury surroundings. The elegant and sophisticated accommodation is each include a flat-screen TV, an outdoor seating area and a minibar. The villas make for ideal destinations for entertaining and multigenerational holidays, with each coming with a large living room and each bathroom is decked out with Anantara signature amenities, a relaxing bathtub and shower. Exceptional gastronomy is high on the agenda at Banana Island Resort, with a breathtaking array of restaurants to choose from. You can dine at a different restaurant every single day, should you wish to, experiencing flavours from around the world at each visit. Treat all your senses at Zest, the chocolate and pastry café. Sip on mouthwatering beverages and nibble tasty creations and find a versatile menu of fresh, delicious dishes served from morning to night. For global flavours, visit Azraq, or ‘blue’ in Arabic. It’s an all-day dining destination where buffet and live cooking stations showcase Middle Eastern, Asian and international cuisine with a touch of traditional Qatari flair. Delight in breakfast favourites, light à la carte options and a live grill station offering kofta, steaks and seafood for dinner. Health conscious guests are treated to wholesome options as part of the buffet and à la carte menus, all designed with your well-being in mind. Al Nahham enjoys a dramatic setting perched at water’s edge, where an iconic thatched pavilion leads through to a stunning deck with views across the Arabian Gulf. Explore local flavours and spices with a selection of mezze from around the region and end your evening with a selection of shisha out under the stars.


For some Mediterranean flair, make a booking at Riva where you can savour the flavours of Italy served up fresh and with panache. Dine indoors or out on the garden terrace overlooking the Gulf, the restaurant’s magnificent soaring architecture a distinct backdrop. If you’re travelling with the youngsters, then they will delight in taking part in the children’s pizza making classes! For a full family, relaxed setting, drop by Ted’s Diner. Here you’ll find a nostalgic slice of Americana awaits you. Hop into a booth and order a burger and shake, choosing from signature Oreo, Rocky Road and mint choc chip flavours. The private dining area is perfect for kids’ birthday parties, with entertainment for all ages.

Exceptional gastronomy is high on the agenda at Banana Island Resort, with a breathtaking array of restaurants to choose from. ASPIRE


If you are looking for a more intimate and bespoke dining setting, Banana Island Resort offer customised culinary journeys known as ‘Dining by Design’. This is a signature Anantara experience that offers guests the freedom to dine outside their restaurants for a unique experience. Choose from a collection of connoisseur menus or craft a brand new one. Cherish an unforgettable occasion as you select a dream setting complemented by a beautiful table and flawless service. When dining at Banana Island Resort, it’s impossible not to be inspired the ingenuity, flavours and innovation demonstrated and created by the chefs. For the aspiring chefs amongst their guests, Spice Spoons Cooking Classes are hosted at the resort, taking you on a culinary adventure through the colourful culture and traditions of Arabic food cuisine. Enjoy an option for table set up and napkin folding class and learn about the unique balance of flavours as you prepare a series of authentic dishes. Whether you are an experienced cooks or a beginner, you will leave with wonderful memories and impressive new skills to entertain family and friends. In respect with the local culture and tradition of Quatar, Banana Island Resort is an alcohol-free atmosphere, making it the perfect destination to detox, revitalise and reenergise. To help you do this, the resort offers a host of activities suitable for the whole family. Spend quality time with the little ones as you surf, dive, golf, bowl or cinema. Race across lagoon waters with a host of motorised water sports or pay a visit to the golf course and tennis court, available near the property. You’ll even be able to keep the younger guests


entertained at the Cool Mint Children’s Club and Peppermint Teens’ Club, which have a wide range of toys and interactive games. For those looking for a little rest and relaxation, unwind in the Middle East’s only wellness centre in a resort setting, spread across lush botanical gardens; the Anantara Spa. Here you will discover a diverse treatment menu that captures Doha’s ancient tribal roots, as well as a souk heritage of vibrant sights, scents and sounds. Experience a traditional Turkish hammam or melt into massages inspired by Thai wellness and desert landscapes. The spa features four single treatment suites, each with a steam room, three couples’ suites, a Thai massage suite, Moroccan and a Turkish hammams. You’ll also find an indoor pool to exercise in and once you’ve burnt off some energy, take a plunge in the ice well or visit the sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room. Don’t forget to visit the private facial treatment, manicure and pedicure room, should you wish to get spruced up and pampered. The ideal time to visit Qatar is between October and early April which comprise of winter and early spring. These months are also best for enjoying outdoor and water activities and exploring Qatar’s beaches. As one of the region’s leading cultural capitals, Qatar offers everything from world-class golfing, incredible shopping, historical sites, the undulating desert and beautiful beaches. The high temperatures (touching 50°C in July-August) coupled with a 90% humidity restricts outdoor activities during summer, but there is still plenty to do within many of Qatar’s well-fitted indoor facilities.

Banana Island








raffles seychelles For over 120 years Raffles has gone out of its way to give you the warmest welcome, the richest experiences and the fondest of memories and today the legend continues all over the world. The Raffles name is synonymous with luxury, glamour and extraordinary adventure. Each hotel is an oasis of calm and charm at the crossroads of a civilization. Each is a carefully chosen destination in its own right. Each is uniquely, indefinable, sublimely Raffles.


ow as the brand grows and reaches new and sometimes surprising destinations, guests can rest assured that wherever in the world the brand travel, it will remain distinctly Raffles – infused with the same spirit of adventure, luxury and sublime service. Exciting and enchanting, refreshing and invigorating, Raffles is loved by those with an adventurous spirit and a taste for the very best.

In 2011, Raffles’ first ever resort in the Indian Ocean was opened in one of the world’s most far flung destinations, the island of Praslin in the Seychelles. Beautifully designed upon a lush hill facing the Indian Ocean, Raffles Seychelles features 86 private villas, some of the most spacious in the archipelago. Each villa offers a private pool and outdoor pavilion to soak up the breath-taking views of the opal-hued ocean, white sandy beach and rolling green hills. An oasis of laidback luxury, Raffles Seychelles instills a sense of wellbeing and creates an atmosphere of blissful relaxation, ideal for the paradise seeker. The resort sites right on the beautiful and renowned Anse Takamaka Beach, 500 meters of pristine white sand line the resort’s beachfront, with dramatic granite formation adding to the picturesque coastline. It only gets better as you can step a few meters from the beach and enjoy two, 45 meters long infinity pool, where paradise seekers can relax, sunbathe and enjoy fresh cocktails.



Another amazing attraction to Raffles Seychelles is the signature Raffles Spa, a haven of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Steps away from the coastline of Anse Takamaka, amidst stunning surroundings, it’s carefully designed to calm the spirit and awaken the senses. This luxurious spa features 13 treatment pavilions, showcasing the spectacular view of the blue ocean, tropical gardens and dramatic granite boulders. Two spa suites, a first in the Seychelles, are fitted with steam showers, Japanese soaking tubs and observation decks where guests can enjoy stunning vistas in privacy. A tranquil spa garden makes the ideal spot for pre- and post-spa relaxation. Set among natural rock formations and high above the water, even the journey to the treatment pavilions is an intrinsic part of the Raffles Spa experience. At 1,234 square meters this is the largest spa in the archipelago, and the closest spa to the Indian Ocean.


A tranquil spa garden makes the ideal spot for pre- and post-spa relaxation.

raffles seychelles



raffles seychelles


Beach dinners under the stars, cocktails on a rooftop overlooking the ocean, finely crafted sushi and sashimi, contemporary Creole dishes

Dining at Raffles Seychelles is an absolute pleasure as you are spoilt with the world of fresh seafood before you! Beach dinners under the stars, cocktails on a rooftop overlooking the ocean, finely crafted sushi and sashimi, contemporary Creole dishes: Raffles Seychelles presents a diverse collection of culinary experiences at its four restaurants; Losean Restaurant, Curieuse Restaurant, The Sushi Room, and Pool Restaurant & Bar. Offering breakfast dishes from around the world to an evening menu inspired by the Indian Ocean, Losean offers thoughtfully-prepared and contemporary food throughout the day. Come evening and Losean becomes an elegant dinner setting, with tables both inside and out in the gardens, candlelit and accompanied by the sounds of the sea. Incorporating local ingredients and freshly-caught fish, the à la carte menu is a tribute to the best of Creole and Indian Ocean-inspired food; simple and delicious, with a contemporary twist. Curieuse Restaurant is gastronomic journey tracing through India, China and South East Asia, Curieuse, led by Chef de Cuisine Sunil Dutt, is the Seychelles’ only Asian restaurant. Infused with oriental spice and aromatic ingredients, the menu varies from Thai salads and spicy sour soup to Indian curries and traditional Chinese stir-fries. With low-lit outdoor tables dotted amid the leafy Seychellois surroundings, Curieuse is an atmospheric, island-chic setting for an unforgettable dinner. The Sushi Room - In a location famed for its fresh fish, The Sushi Room at Curieuse celebrates the island’s world-class catch with an exciting menu of sushi and sashimi.



raffles seychelles


Celebrations are also done in exquisite Raffles style in Praslin. When it comes to marking your special occasion, the possibilities are endless at Raffles Seychelles

The intimate, eight-table room, just off the main Curieuse restaurant, allows guests to witness the chef in action, skillfully preparing each dish moments before it arrives at their table. The evening tasting menu presents an assortment of nigiri, tataki, maki and sashimi for a well-rounded experience of Japanese cuisine, complemented by a variety of sake. Sushi can also be enjoyed à la carte at Pool Restaurant & Bar for lunch. Pool Restaurant & Bar showcases fresh, local products and light cuisine and offers a casual lunch setting, perfect for refueling during a busy day of soaking up the Seychellois sun. Serving salads, sandwiches and well-loved classics from around the world, as well as sushi and sashimi, the menu’s diverse options cater to every appetite. Celebrations are also done in exquisite Raffles style in Praslin. When it comes to marking your special occasion, the possibilities are endless at Raffles Seychelles: enjoy a group trip of a lifetime, complete with beach barbecues, cookery classes, excursions to neighboring islands and fishing trips; celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with private dinners under the stars, rooftop cocktails and spa treatments. Synonymous with romance thanks to its white sands, stunning scenery and beautiful sunsets, the Seychelles is a destination that’s ideal for couples. The team at Raffles help you create the perfect proposal, picture-perfect wedding, unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary. Complete with romantic dinners, couples’ massages and aromatic baths at Raffles Spa, champagne cruises and sundowners on Anse Lazio, one of the world’s best beaches, you are guaranteed an unforgettable celebration. There’s never a dull moment in paradise as this resort comes equipped with an amazing recreation team who knows the island better than anyone! Indoor or out, relaxing or inspiring, for families or couples; Raffles Seychelles has activities which help you feel at one with the natural beauty of the archipelago. With a range of water activities, from snorkeling to boat excursions, to table tennis on the resort or hiking trails for the adventurous, there is something to suit every taste. Fear not the worry of having the kids on holiday as The Sugar Palm Kids Club is a dedicated club catering to toddlers, children, and even teenagers on the resort. Lively, educational and age appropriate activities are coordinated by the Recreation team to ensure that the young ones can enjoy the idyllic paradise of Praslin, as much as adults do.




seven pines Set dramatically on the edge of a pine forest bordering the sea on the west coast of the island, Seven Pines Resort Ibiza offers the height of laid-back luxury and Ibizan flair.


n all-suite clifftop resort set in whitewashed Ibicenco-style homes that respect the island’s authentic design with contemporary touches, Seven Pines fills an extraordinary area of 56,000 square meters and offers tailor-made luxury, privacy and beautiful surroundings for guests in its 186 spacious suites. The resort’s unique position between the spectacular Cala Conta and secluded Cala Codolar beaches (both within walking distance), means that Seven Pines Resort Ibiza enjoys a stunning backdrop of the island of Es Vedrà and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Completing the offering, Seven Pines is a convenient 25 minute’s drive from the airport and encompasses exceptional food and beverages, a comprehensive spa and wellness offering and unparalleled discreet, personalised service. The resort’s very own Pershing yachts are also on hand for guest transfers and charter. The 186 expansive suites at Seven Pines are set in sprawling gardens in a village-style resort. The open plan one- and two- bedroom accommodations enjoy an abundance of natural light, are furnished in a refreshing contemporary yet comfortable design and neutral tones with turquoise accents that ooze serenity and style. The resort is separated into three distinct areas: The Laguna, Ibicenco Village and the Cliff. Located in a quiet part of the resort is The Laguna, a collection of 42 suites each with terraces or balconies, and a central lagoon-style swimming pool with its own chiringuito-style bar. The outward-facing suites have their own swim-up pool and this area makes for an ideal location for exclusive large groups and event bookings. Spread around the resort’s fragrant gardens, the Ibicenco Village features 140 one and two-bedroom suites distributed in 37 traditional whitewashed houses. Each house consists of 3 or 4 suites varying in size and attributes and every suite offers a furnished terrace or balcony with breathtaking views to either the resort, the gardens or the utopian sea. The largest suites also feature their own pool, ideal for enjoying the Ibizan sun with a little privacy. In prime position for the sunset are four two-bedroom Cliff Suites with private gardens and panoramic views of the sea, perfect for groups of friends and families looking for space to reconnect. No matter which location you choose, each suite also comes perfectly equipped with its own House Bar with a selection of beautiful wines, premium spirits, mixers, ice and equipment (including a cocktail-making tool, recipe book, full selection of glass and ceramic-ware) as well as Illy coffee machines for guests to make their own refreshments just as they like, accompanied by a wide selection of snacks. When it comes to cuisine, Seven Pines stop at nothing short of exceptional. With a focus on using the very best hand-picked ingredients, the team pride themselves on using innovative cooking techniques to create light and refined dishes to match the laid-back style of the resort, the island and its sunshine-filled days.

The largest suites also feature their own pool, ideal for enjoying the Ibizan sun with a little privacy.


The 186 expansive suites at Seven Pines are set in sprawling gardens in a village-style resort.



seven pines Both gastronomic delights and breathtaking vistas are offered at The View restaurant - open for breakfast and a la carte dinner to hotel guests and visitors - which looks out to the sparkling sea beyond. Its clifftop position and panoramic views ensure a relaxed hazy start each morning, setting you in the perfect frame of mind for the rest of your day. As the evening draws in, The View serves a modern Asian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. Feast on sizzling fish, meat and vegetables prepared on the Robata grill to bring out the fresh produce’s exquisite flavours. Tasting menus featuring the signature dishes are also available for those who wish to sample it all and an extensive selection of fine wines from the resort’s specially-created and lovingly curated wine cellar will leave you stuck for choice. Ideal for relaxed drinks and comforting Mediterranean sharing plates, the laid-back Cone Club restaurant is open from lunchtime until late evening hours. Big community tables create a warm, bohemian inspired atmosphere that invites guests to have a relaxed day among each other and enjoy the magnificent views. Serving smoothies, signature cocktails, chilled wine and cool beers, the Cone Club has a beach club feel and with light clifftop breeze and stunning views, is the new sunset hotspot for the island that continues beyond sun-downers to a chilled-out evening vibe during the daily Sunset Rituals. The Pershing Yacht Terrace is the latest addition to the food and drink scene at Seven Pines, having opened in June 2019. Providing the ultimate location for another superb sunset spot, the utterly unique Pershing Yacht Terrace is set at the impressive backdrop of the rock island of Es Vedrà and is a sophisticated cocktail bar and the first in the world that has been designed by the Pershing Yacht team to emulate the vessels’ clean lines. It enjoys views of the sea and glowing torches to set a chic atmosphere accompanied by a chilled-out playlist. Home to signature drinks, classic cocktails and fine wines and liquors, it is the perfect location for pre-dinner drinks or a night cap and perhaps a cigar. For more of a relaxed vibe, the Infinity Pool Bar is located at the very heart of the resort and serves light cuisine alongside refreshing beverages, while the Laguna Pool Bar delights with a menu of Thai favourites throughout the day. Ensuring guests’ every whim is catered for, Seven Pines have launched ‘Home Delivery’, the resort’s innovative in-room dining concept which can be ordered through the resort’s own mobile app. Serving a menu of fresh soul-satisfying delights such as creative salads and international classics, the dishes are all delivered by bike and served on natural, bio-degradable tableware. Guests in the larger suites are also able to order a private BBQ chef who can come to the suite’s garden and cook a feast on the grill for family and friends. For an even more celebratory feel, a bar and mixologist can also be arranged to accompany. When it comes to a bit of well deserved R&R, Pure Seven the spa at Seven Pines Resort Ibiza is a haven of wellbeing that is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and energy of Ibiza with a mission to reconnect individuals to themselves in mind and body. Open to hotel guests and visitors alike, the Pure Seven spa is a 1,500sqm oasis that offers a series of relaxing, rebalancing and reinvigorating treatments. Seamlessly blending natural and organic elements – including local ingredients such as Ibiza salts, herbs and citrus - with the latest cosmetology, all therapies are tailored to the individual. The extensive treatment menu offers an array of treatments using pioneering techniques ranging from advanced cosmetology and ancient practices from every corner of the world; from Mayan volcanic stone massage to Indian Ayurvedic medicine and from Oriental methods to massages with European influences. ESPA and Neom products are used to create the Pure Seven spa‘s signature treatments and rituals while complementary holistic therapies, such as acupuncture, ear candling, physiotherapy, osteopathy and oxygen therapy, are also available and highly popular. Your wellbeing experience begins with the Pure Seven relaxing tour through the steam bath, sauna, cold mist shower and relaxation area with water beds and a central, doubleheight panorama of the captivating Mediterranean Sea and the iconic rock island of Es Vedrà. Treatments are provided in the spa’s six treatment rooms including a double suite that is complete with a private balcony and its own sauna. The first-floor gym and its terrace (perfect for sunrise stretches or TRX sessions with a view) also offer impressive sea vistas, while the


For those who are looking for a slice of the action, active pursuits are a plenty at Seven Pines.

Open to hotel guests and visitors alike, the Pure Seven spa is a 1,500sqm oasis that offers a series of relaxing, rebalancing and reinvigorating treatments. Beauty Salon offers services such as manicures, pedicures, and hair and make-up. The Pure Seven spa supports both physical and mental wellbeing with the likes of personal training sessions, Pilates, yoga, guided hiking, meditation, nutritional and life coaching with wellness programmes that are adapted to each individual to achieve relaxation, assist with stress-management, increase energy and fitness or detox depending on their personal goals. Sustainability is high on the agenda at Pure Seven, with the spa striving to be plasticfree, using only paraben-free, vegan products. For those who are looking for a slice of the action, active pursuits are a plenty at Seven Pines. Heart rates are sure to get a little higher with activities such as indoor and outdoor personal training, running trails, cross-country biking, sea swimming and stand-up paddle boarding. Should you wish to take a trip out of the resort and seek adventure, Seven Pines Resort Ibiza can create an exceptional itinerary for you. From diving to beach-hopping, chartered yacht excursions to restaurant reservations and club bookings, best beach recommendations to private jet arrangements, these specially designed excursions will ensure a memorable Ibizan experience. The resort’s own fleet of Pershing Yachts include a Pershing 5X, 74 and 9X, available for guest charter. It is without doubt that Seven Pines is a fantasy location, and it is therefore of little surprise that the resort is also regarded as the ultimate fantasy wedding destination. The team delights in ensuring an unforgettable day whether couples prefer clifftop sunset nuptials or a garden ceremony, laid-back and intimate celebrations or an elegantly decorated banquet. The resort’s dedicated and experienced team will be onhand to take the stress out of arranging the festivities, as well as coordinating necessary paperwork for the ceremony.



Experience your own paradise on earth at Grand Park Kodhipparu, Park Hotel Group’s first luxury resort



Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives M

uch is known about Maldives; a coveted holiday destination renowned for its pristine beaches and stunning scenery. It is also one of the places where time seems to stand still while you get busy with doing everything, or nothing.

Comprising of close to 1,200 islands spanning across the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a dream destination for many, with most international airlines flying into the Velana International Airport. Experience your own paradise on earth at Grand Park Kodhipparu, Park Hotel Group’s first luxury resort and your exclusive address in beautiful Maldives. Located on the island of Kodhipparu in North Male Atoll, famous for its dive sites and abundant marine life, the resort is just a 20-minute speedboat ride from the airport allowing you to save time on seaplane transfers so that you get to paradise in double-quick time. This one-island-one-resort destination invites you into an oasis of tranquillity with its collection of beach and water villas, dining venues and recreational spaces. More than just a destination for couples and honeymooners, the location in the North Male Atoll makes for many enthralling underwater experiences with renowned snorkelling and diving sites including wreck sites just nearby. The resort is also family-friendly with a wide array of children’s facilities including a kids club and kids activities. This is the ultimate island experience for the romantic, the active, the family and the foodie.



Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives Whether it’s a peaceful getaway from the bustle of everyday life or a wonderfully indulgent holiday guests are after, Grand Park Kodhipparu has everything at hand to ensure guests will make the best memories for life. “The Maldives have long been established as a leading and exclusive resort destination. At Grand Park Kodhipparu, we have created a unique gem that will appeal to the most sophisticated travellers searching for a truly Maldivian journey and experiences of a lifetime,” Mr Raffaele Solferino, General Manager of Grand Park Kodhipparu. Designed by world-renowned hospitality firm, Hirsch Bedner Associates, the resort showcases sophisticated architecture, state-of-the-art interiors and high ceilings of palm fringed roofing. Contemporary exteriors with Maldives’ traditional influence of wood and rattan have inventive rustic appeal and invite a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Neutral tones, natural fundamentals and spacious social settings balance the unrivalled beauty of the cobalt sea and tranquility. Take in the beauty and charm of Maldives in any of Grand Park Kodhipparu’s 120 idyllic villas. Featuring traditional Maldivian elements and contemporary comforts, all the resort’s beach, ocean and lagoon villas come with spectacular sunrise or sunset views and 65 of them come with private pools. Luxury is to have the choice to bask in paradise the way you like it. With the ocean or lagoon water villas, unwind with the soothing sounds of the waves while lounging at your terrace or relaxing in the plunge pool, steps from the ocean – ready for you to explore the colourful marine life. Wake up to a beautiful sunny day in one of the private Ocean Water Villas, located near the island facilities, offering limitless views of the sky and sea. Featuring a private terrace with sun lounger, inviting steps to the underwater world and an expansive bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower, this is your own haven where you can get reacquainted with nature. The resort’s Lagoon Water Villas are set amidst a calm crystal clear lagoon facing North of the island, with each private villa being perfect for a dip or swim around the shallow waters on the island. Unwind at the spacious private sun terrace or simply lie on the Maldivian hammock to bask in the sun. For the perfect private paradise experience, guests can request their own pool at their Ocean or Lagoon Water Villa. If, however, you prefer the sand and sea, how about choosing one of the beach pool villas surrounded by lush greenery and just a stone’s throw from the shoreline while remaining close to the resort facilities. Each villa comes with a private plunge pool facing the horizon. Listen to the waves lapping on the shore or walk on the beach to feel the white powdery sand beneath your feet as the beach is just steps from your terrace. For the ultimate luxurious experience, Grand Park Kodhipparu’s Grand Residences offer a dream holiday homeaway-from-home with two bedrooms, an exclusive living room, inviting infinity pool with panoramic ocean views and outdoor private dining area. Luxuriate in the uniquely designed bedrooms, exclusive living space and two bathrooms. Take your time to enjoy Maldives to the fullest as you watch hundreds of fish swimming idly from the villa’s glass floor, take in the panoramic scenery of the Indian Ocean or simply stargaze as you dine in this private sanctuary after nightfall.


At Grand Park Kodhipparu, we have created a unique gem that will appeal to the most sophisticated travellers When it comes to dining at Grand Park Kodhipparu, gastronomy is a subject not to be taken lightly, with the resort’s chefs producing exquisite and innovative dishes to inspire and delight. From casual dining at Breeze Poolside Dining & Bar and extensive buffet spreads at The Edge, to a feast of prime cuts paired with curated wine at specialty restaurant, Firedoor, the most discerning foodie is in for a treat at Grand Park Kodhipparu, all accompanied by unbeatable views. Situated next to the ocean, The Edge welcomes diners into its contemporary and open spaces designed to showcase unblocked views of its picturesque surroundings. Maldivian influences are reflected in the pinewood timbre flooring, roof and ceiling features and extended to the furniture and décor items created by local craftsmen. A variety of seating from cosy indoor lounge seating to overwater private pods is available, ideal for group mingling or those romantic dinners. For those looking for a more casual vibe, guests can enjoy a wide selection of international culinary creations from The Edge’s extensive buffet selection which also features live cooking stations where seasonal specialities are prepared on demand. Set against tranquil, panoramic ocean views, Breeze Poolside Dining and Bar serves lunch and light bites throughout the day. Offering modern, light menus with contemporary interpretations of Asian and Mediterranean classics, as well as old favourites like burgers, pasta and salads, Breeze is the perfect venue to refuel throughout the day. At sunset, Breeze transforms into an easy-going resort bar where inventive bartenders put together refreshing cocktails (and mocktails!) Fine wines and light snacks also feature alongside some easy beats at sunset. Breeze is also conveniently adjacent to the infinity pool with an adjoining wine cellar! Nestled in an intimate space away from the other resort facilities, Fire Door is a speciality restaurant that sets the stage for a special celebration. Upon entering, be greeted by a hive of activity at the show kitchen featuring an impressive Josper grill, set to fire up your appetite. At the heart of the restaurant, schools of colourful fish swim idly in the lagoon adding to the carefree and relaxed vibe as guests dine in privacy either indoors or alfresco.



Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

When it comes to a spot of rest and relaxation, leave your cares behind and enter a peaceful sanctuary looking out to the sea at award-winning The Spa. This idyllic setting advocates an holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, ensuring that you step out from the signature spa sessions feeling restored and revitalised. Each session focuses on a renewed self after the session, body and skin care programs for a youthful and glowing self, or the Asian touch selection of Balinese or Ayurvedic for inner peace. The Spa features 7 over-water treatment rooms overlooking the crystal clear water of the lagoon and is partnered with Comfort Zone, the distinctive range of body and skin care treatments which are tailored to each guest and utilise natural-origin, paraben-free products. Established in Parma, Italy in 1996, Comfort Zone is one of the world’s most renowned brands for holistic products, using its range of eco-friendly creams and balms for all treatments. The brand promotes a soulful and healthy lifestyle and uses the finest natural-origin ingredients combined with science-based solutions to visibly improve skin, body and mind. The Spa also offers traditional salon services in its Beauty Salon, including classic manicures and pedicures, hair-cuts and styling as well as threading, ideal for guests celebrating their wedding or special occasions at the resort. No matter what signature session or treatment you have chosen, guests are invited to end their wellness journey in the Relaxation Room; a tranquil space with signature tea and healthy bites, or to embark towards a relaxing session of yoga. Be it the Hatha yoga or simple a sunset yoga, the session is perfect way to calm the mind and soul. The Spa offers an holistic wellness retreat program to recover, rejuvenate, and reactivate your senses with a mix of activities, spa treatments, and balanced cuisine to nourish the body. There’s a lot you can do when in paradise or you can choose to do nothing at all. For the adventure enthusiast, Maldives offers a wide array of water sports and worldclass scuba diving experiences. There are also a whole host of private dining experiences for the honeymooners and couples, and families are also welcome as the excursions and island explorations ensure your days are filled with fun and excitement. Maldives’ natural and beautiful landscape presents plentiful opportunities for many unique dining experiences. And how better to experience the destination than basking in the splendour of picturesque surroundings with one of the resort’s chef’s culinary creations from breakfast with champagne on a sandbank, an afternoon picnic at a private beach to an intimate gourmet meal in the privacy of your villa.


From the moment a guest arrives at Grand Park Kodhipparu, the team make it their personal aim and pleasure to ensure every guest has an exceptional experience of the island

For those looking to explore beneath the waves, the Scuba diving and Snorkelling experiences available are second to none. Discover a dazzling underwater world in the North Male Atoll, home to a myriad of marine species, renowned dive sites and sharks’ point. The dive centre is fully equipped with what you require including a team of PADI certified professionals for a memorable diving experience. The island is also located in one of the best house reefs in the Maldives, whee you can learn and discover what the underwater world offers as you snorkel around the island. You may encounter hundreds of colourful reef fishes, just metres away from your villa. Even more action can be found at the Grand Park Kodhipparu water sports centre; a candy store for fans of the sun and sea. With an endless list of activities to choose from, sports aficionados would be kept occupied for days, including catamaran sailing, parasailing, kayaking, snorkelling, banana boat riding, water skiing, wakeboarding, fun tubes riding, kite surfing, windsurfing and jet skiing. Beyond the resort, there’s a lot more to explore in the Maldives, so be sure to set aside time to embrace the beauty of the Maldives’s nature and culture with a selection of offsite excursions. Be it fishing in the traditional Maldivian way, a cruise on a Dhoni (Maldivian traditional boat) to watch the dolphins and enjoy the romantic sunset, or a visit to the bustling island city of Male for more exploration of the Maldivian life, Grand Park Kodhipparu team will organise it for you. From the moment a guest arrives at Grand Park Kodhipparu, the team make it their personal aim and pleasure to ensure every guest has an exceptional experience of the island that they are so very proud of and irrespective of whether they are honeymooners, families or adventure seekers, they leave with memories to last a lifetime.




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The beauty of sound design by

Francesco Pellisari design


t an early age he showed a natural flare for mathematics. He would go on to study engineering and work with some of the most important companies and projects of the 1980’s, working with Olivetti in developing microchips with Intel and going on to designing AI robotics. A chance meeting with a famous violinist of the time would see him re-discover his natural gift for sound, bringing him back full circle to his family roots within the arts and propelling him to a new world in acoustic engineering, where he has been crafting beautiful sound installations ever since. His creations are at the avant-garde of design and sound performance, earning him multiple awards from the AV industry and placing him as one of the worlds leading authorities in audiovisual consulting.  Blending function, form and finesse is an art form in itself and this has been the quest of Italian acoustic designer Francesco Pellisari since 1997, when he first established the New Acoustic Concept (NAC Sound), a company dedicated to audio consulting and the manufacture of designer speakers without compromising audio quality. Fast forward two decades and Francesco’s aesthetically-pleasing omnidirectional designer speakers are now sold worldwide, hailed as a sound visionary and artist among music aficionados and artisans his work continues to lead as he pushes the bounderiers of sound design ever further in his quest for the ultimate listening experience, now personally invited to produce audio solutions globally, from private residence in Dubai to international brands and even Church San Lorenzo da Brindisi, Italy this icon of the AV industry talks to us.


An audio sculpture for Francesco is an omnidirectional sensory experience that involves all the senses.

Born in the 1960s in Rimini on the Italian Coast, Francesco Pellisari was always destined for creative greatness. As the twin son of a member of the Italian avant-garde literary movement known as Gruppo 63, he grew up in a creative environment, free from convention and surrounded by great art. Francesco and his brother Emiliano were raised with sculptors, poets and philosophers as primary influencers. It was in early adulthood that Emiliano turned his attention toward theatre arts, while Francesco focused on robotics and began developing his technical and scientific acumen. In Francesco’s youth he was spotted by Italian violinist Ronald Valpreda, first violin of the famous classical group Solisti Veneti, for having the ‘absolute pitch’, also referred to as the ‘perfect pitch’. The absolute pitch is a rare auditory phenomenon which affects one in every 10,000 people, which allows the person to recreate a musical note without the need of a reference pitch. People with absolute pitch may train their relative pitch, but there is no record of adults obtaining absolute pitch by musical training. Because of this ability Francesco was hired by Mr Valpreda to help him choose the right violin for his performances. Growing up in such a stimulating environment Francesco developed a passion for music, sound, sculpture and design, and gradually his artistic goal became the creation of audio sculptures capable of conveying the same emotions of live performances. This is where art meets technology. An audio sculpture for Francesco is an omnidirectional sensory experience that involves all the senses. Speaker and environment become one, and one could not exist without the other. If we think of music in terms of a live performance, we want to hear, see, and touch the artist. This is what Francesco set out to achieve. Francesco’s passion for music led him to study speaker design and acoustics under Roy Alison, founder of Acoustic Research, one of the preeminent acousticians of the 20th century. In 1997 he created the New Acoustic Concept company (NAC Sound), a brand dedicated to the manufacture of design led speakers without compromising audio quality. NAC Sound, although now a global supplier, the company remains small and independent, always focused on providing the highest standard of speaker combined with industry leading product support.



Francesco Pellisari

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After decades of experience in the field of applied acoustics and design, Francesco Pellisari also now offers a personal avant-garde technical consultancy under his very own name FP (Francesco Pellisari ) with special regard for fundamental design and engineering. Every consulting project aims to open new perspectives, makes an acoustic breakthrough and delivers performance otherwise thought impossible. FP (Francesco Pellisari), as a company, regard acoustics as an integral part of the environment rather a stand-alone element and the team work closely with architects, engineers and designers to adopt the acoustic design to their objectives and vision. FP (Francesco Pellisari ) designs are hailed as world-leading and innovative and these acoustic solutions are not limited to off-the-shelf solutions, existing material or designs. Every project undertaken is tailor-made to our customer’s needs and is followed directly and in person by the team. Not only are FP (Francesco Pellisari) solutions created to enhance both the acoustics of a space, they are also created to enhance the design and become an integral part of the architecture. Because space, colour and light play important roles in design, the team’s professional advice takes into consideration all key elements and works across disciplines to provide a holistic solution. So how is this all-encompassing sound created by the omnidirectional speakers? An acoustic image is produced when the brain senses an acoustic wave and other environmental information. The human brain calculates where all the sound is coming from and draws its own three-dimensional image to identify the sound, its direction and volume. The speakers designed by Francesco are the result of comprehensive study not only of the measurements of acoustic waves but also the awareness of psychoacoustics, or rather how the sound is interpreted by the human brain. Designing a speaker, in fact, is not only about fiddling with mathematical calculations. It has more to do with undertaking a project in which the end-result is defined in terms of both science and the physiology of listening, physics and psychoacoustics. Rather than using just cold calculations, we use the harmony of sound as the basis for achieving our allimportant goal: the listening experience. The patented omni-directional technology allows the speakers to radiate sound spherically, creating a stable sound, emitted equally in all directions. With none of the usual positioning restrictions, the mechanical resonance is reduced — producing a rich, natural and consistent sound almost everywhere on the site of installation. For example, in a church, by suspending the speakers from the ceiling, it is possible to tune them and resolve architectonic-related sound problems. The hand-crafted ceramic speakers themselves are shaped and glazed by highly-skilled artisans and engineers in Italy. Ceramic has excellent acoustic properties, producing an astoundingly natural and pure sound. The specific ceramics used by Francesco are tailored for producing the finest sound quality and also for their high rigidity.


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Videotree Watch your favourite programmes no matter whether you are in or outside your house with Videotree’s world-first waterproof and weather proof Televisions.


elevision technology has never been so versatile, allowing you to be entertained in any environment on a screen so sleek that is as much a work of art as it is state-of-the-art. Whether you want to enjoy a blockbuster in the bath, ‘Game of Thrones’ in the garden or a soap in the spa, Videotree’s range of expertly designed televisions have the answer. Videotree are the leading pioneers in waterproof television technology and over the past 15 years have developed a breathtaking range of quality, luxurious waterproof, mirror and outdoor televisions that are guaranteed to give any crib the ultimate wow factor. The World’s First Lifestyle Waterproof Televisions Videotree’s leading range of waterproof televisions provides ultimate state-of-the-art entertainment in a multitude of environments. Add that VIP vibe to your bathroom, en-suite, pool area or even spa and unwind whilst enjoying your favourite television programmes on a high-end contemporary glass styled screen. Made with elegance in mind, each television is as beautiful to look at as it is ground breaking in design. Videotree waterproof televisions are available in a variety of opulent colours and can easily be mounted either on your wall or installed within the wall itself for a fully flush ‘frameless’ finish anywhere within your home. Each comes complete with an IP66 rating to provide complete protection against moisture and dust and is manufactured with the latest 3D technology software. Industrial 1080p, Full HD and 4K Ultra HD display options are available. Ensure you have no reason to leave the tub by switching channels mid soak using the sleek waterproof remote control. The standard waterproof in and on wall 27” in and on wall television can be supplied with built-in integrated waterproof speakers, plus separate wall/ceiling mount speakers are available with Digital Audio Quality. Enjoy versatility and multi connectivity with HDMI, composite, component and VGA inputs and add that extra cinema-style quality by choosing additional in wall speakers that fit fully flush to most surfaces to amplify your television audio. Add a spark of glamour to your house by installing one of Videotree’s newest range of Mirror Televisions. These beautiful centrepieces pose as an elegant mirror whilst moonlighting as a hi-tech television when switched on. Boasting stunning visual imagery and a sleek and subtle contemporary design, this range offers the most sophisticated mirror televisions on the market. Whether you are looking for an opulent dressing table mirror, a small vanity bathroom mirror, a focal point framed mirror in your dining room or a larger commercial LED panels the mirrored screens can be made to any size, without compromising on picture quality. Their high-brightness, high-contrast screens will display your favourite channels in all their technicolour glory. Unlike your average television, Videotree Mirror televisions are completely borderless, meaning you don’t have the give-away rim around the screen edge. This creates the ultimate mirror illusion, ensuring a crisp reflection when the screen is turned off and incomparable clarity when on. Meeting their customers high standards and expectations of interior design, Videotree offer a range of bespoke finishes, including behind-glass options for televisions hidden beneath glass walls and glass kitchen splashbacks.


Add a spark of glamour to your house by installing one of Videotree’s newest range of Mirror Televisions.



Standard-sized televisions are supplied with a splashproof remote control for easy and versatile channel hopping and larger televisions are provided with a fully waterproof remote control. Ideal for commercial digital signage, Videotree’s use of high contrast industrial panels makes them a low-cost option for a wide range of environments including marine, hospitality, leisure and health resorts. With optional IP connectivity, each mirror television can link to new or existing services. All models are available with additional external speakers and hidden glass exciters can be used on bespoke Mirror TVs where the glass is larger than the display. With a range of finishes, framing, mounting, IPTV connectivity and speaker options, Videotree mirror televisions are as unique as their owners.


Award-Winning Titan Outdoor Televisions Take entertainment outside with Videotree’s elegantly designed, slim line outdoor televisions. Perfect for creating a cutting-edge garden or al fresco seating area, the outdoor television range boasts a multitude of features including a toughened glass, double-coated, anti-reflective, high brightness screen for clear viewing in any condition and an IP66 rating to provide the ultimate protection against dust, moisture and insects. Designed to appear fully integrated into its surroundings, each television measures as little as 42mm in depth, ensuring a sleek and flush finish. Regardless of the setting, Videotree’s outdoor televisions can be custom designed, with bespoke framing and installation options as well as optional metal frames for free standing.

Come sunshine or rain, Videotree’s use of super high bright industrial panels means they will continue to impress, with a patented silent cooling system for those summer days and an optional internal heating system for when the frost sets in. Videotree Outdoor televisions are not only suitable for gardens and pool areas, they can also provide stylish digital signage for pubs, bars and restaurants whilst keeping guests entertained at a range of outdoor events including weddings, parties and concerts. Each television is supplied with a wide range of inputs including HDMI, PC, Component, RGB, RS232 and IR in and out - compatible with all leading home and professional integration systems. Designed and built in the UK, all Videotree televisions are manufactured to an IP66 rating – fully protected against moisture and dust for installation in any environment. Designed using the latest 3D technology, each Videotree television is carefully built to exacting standards by a team of highly-skilled technicians to integrate the latest television technology into a sleek, slim line television module. All products come complete with quick and easy installation, a DVB-T2, IPTV and global signal compatibility and two year manufacturers guarantee. Designed and manufactured in England by an expert team of technical and design specialists, Videotree’s roots go back to 1990, when concept Designer and Founder Ian Rees set out aiming of meet a growing rise in demand for access to television and internet services outside of the living room. Previously Ian had been working in Africa for Tiny Rowlands installing large 6m satellite dishes for hotels. At the time he was asked to install a speaker in the bathroom and it always stuck in his mind how products should be made that are bespoke to the wet room environment. A few years on, Ian created the first fully waterproof HD LED television, suiting for all environments in the home, healthcare, leisure and hospitality industries and embarked on an incredible journey of innovation and technological mastery. It was in 2005 when the ‘Videotree’ name itself was born. At that time the main business was installing TV systems and data networks for the stock exchange and financial institutes in London – years before multiple TV’s were common place on the desktop. Ian and his team created a Tree of TV’s on a stand, giving birth to the name ‘Videotree’. Technology doesn’t stand still and through dedication to an unrelenting process of research, review and innovation, Videotree ensure the technological ingenuity behind the brand stands at the leading edge of their industry. This thirst for innovation and staying ahead of the game led to the development of a range of revolutionary IP-enabled televisions for multi-room environments (the first of their kind), a range of robust yet elegant outdoor televisions and a range of bespoke mirror televisions with innovative design features and luxurious finishes - all whilst putting perfected performance first. Not only did Videotree revolutionise the impact of TVs on multi-room environments with IP-enabled televisions, they incorporated, and continue to integrate, inventive design features that put performance perfection first. The bench-marked standards they have set along the way continue to inspire those who strive to emulate their presence in this dynamic and fast-paced industry. Videotree strive to provide the highest standards of customer service throughout each client’s journey - from the initial vision, right through to the design and installation - ensuring that each customer is completely satisfied with every part of the process. This superior level of service has attracted an array of international clients, installing waterproof, mirror and outdoor televisions into homes and businesses across France, Dubai, Russia, Germany, Spain and the USA to name a few. Based in Surrey, Videotree are proud to be a member of the Made in Britain campaign and bear the marque on all of their products.




whitespace making their mark


ounded by three passionate creatives, Brighton based Whitespace specialises in design, web and marketing. Having successfully delivered design and web projects for big-name clients such as Green Party UK, Brighton University, Hippodrome and OX Magazine, Whitespace has marked itself out as one to watch in Sussex’s highlyprized creative market. ASPIRE sat down with the team to find out just how their journey began, where they’re at now and where they hope to be in the future.

How did you all meet and what prompted you to start the business?

We worked together as heads of department in the same company before forming Whitespace. Steve and James also previously worked for years on web and app projects, while Milly was James’ client collaborating on various successful design and marketing projects. All of us share the same core values, creative approach and a love of good design. We each have our individual specialisms and strengths. We recognised we could build something together that we could be proud of and haven’t looked back!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt since starting Whitespace

Learning to be disciplined with our working hours and establishing a work/life balance which would be sustainable rather than lead to an inevitable burn out. We plan to be around for a long time, so it’s important to understand the need to form a solid foundation for the future.

What’s been the biggest high for you so far?

We are keen to continue pushing for the best creative results possible. It’s important to us that we always strive to exceed our clients expectations.

Winning the OX Magazine contract. That project shifted us into another gear mentally and gave us the confidence we needed in our abilities and approach, especially as we had won a pitch for a client in Oxford despite being up against an Oxford-based agency! It was a real compliment to be chosen for the quality of our work over the convenience of a local company.

What is your goal for 2020?

In short we plan to grow and build on the success of our first two years in business. We are keen to continue pushing for the best creative results possible. It’s important to us that we always strive to exceed our clients expectations. Currently we have three developers and hope to expand the department further to help keep up with demand. In addition we have plans to add to the design studio to help support James. From September we will have an Operations Manager joining us. Emma will be a huge support in all areas of the business and generally keep us in line.


Also, an update to our website content management system, “Traffic” which has been a pet project for years. It is powering over 60 sites at the moment but is well overdue an overhaul in both style and functionality. The large amount of the underlying code is being re-written and we’re giving it a major facelift.

What’s the best bit of advice you could give to a new business start-up?

Understand the value of your offering and don’t undersell yourself. That’s a lesson we certainly learned quickly. Good communication with colleagues and clients is key. Have a plan. Have your business mechanics in place before you start if possible. Understand too that decisions and processes put in place in the early stages will form the foundations of your business so it’s important to set things up carefully and make sure they are sustainable going forward. On top of that, stay positive and beware of imposter syndrome. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re not up to scratch - you are!

What was the best decision the business has made so far?

Sitting in the Jolly Butchers pub for a pint and making the decision to move into the Foundry Street office. We could have easily worked from home, but it soon became evident that we needed to spend more time in under the same roof. It set us up well for 2019 and we’re now excited to be leasing our own offices in the heart of Brighton, another big milestone. We can’t wait to fill it with our expanding team!




art + believe I

t was back n 2009 that Brighton-based Dan and Charlotte founded ART+BELIEVE. Their artwork has been influenced as a result of their travels, where they have designed and created artwork in numerous continents throughout the world. Their intuitive flair has organically evolved as they’ve visited new places, drawing from their inspirations; nurturing and developing the style they are know and admired for today.

Both Charlotte and Dan are highly creative artists in their own right. When they joined and started painting alongside each other they became ART+BELIEVE. Their relationship is more than that of a crew, they are together in every sense of the word and have travelled the world creating breathtaking pieces of artwork. Their first collaborative commission was in Brazil, South America. They have since produced bright, colourful, breathtaking geometric murals in over sixteen countries. Believing that Art is there for all to enjoy, you will forever find them working on both commercially and community driven initiatives. They’re a professional outfit that take their work seriously, at the same time their outlook is always open. They love to really push the boundaries with people and organisations that are prepared to take a risk and allow them to produce something that’s creative, unique and different.

Each piece of artwork they produce pulls on influences of their previous commissions and movements. They fuse this with ideas that are complementary to the heritage, angles and form of the building or landscape to which their artwork is applied.

Their intuitive flair has organically evolved as they’ve visited new places






art + believe



Our strengths are finding new creative solutions to forgotten architectural spaces. We always view the location before creating the artwork because we believe the architecture should compliment the design. What experience does ART+BELIEVE have? We have 10 years experience in painting public and private commissions. We have painted in over 16 countries working on commercial and community projects.

Who do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of industries from private commissions, community and charity projects, government bodies, design consultancies, brands and development companies.

How do you work?

Our strengths are finding new creative solutions to forgotten architectural spaces. We always view the location before creating the artwork because we believe the architecture should compliment the design.

Why should people work with you?


We have painted all over the world on large scale commercial and community based projects. We love what we do. We will transform a space to engage with the local community.

What makes you different?

We always feel the communication and interaction of a projects journey is as important as the final installation. We have travelled extensively and have a wealth of experience working with different cultures and unique architectural spaces.

How can people work with you?

We’d love to hear from you so please send us an email with your ideas and proposal to studio@artandbelieve. com.



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