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Pristine clear waters, white sandy beaches, and crimson sunsets are all just one flight away with our new and exclusive direct route. With two direct flights a week from London, and a selection of beautiful hotels from spa retreats to ultimate luxury, planning your trip to paradise just got easier. Explore each beautiful island from the spectacular array of flora and fauna on Praslin, to the blissful shores of MahÊ and La Digue... The one thing that’s missing now is you Find out more at

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Welcome to the 2nd year edition of Absolute Seychelles, our internationally

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the very best of the Creole culture and stunning nature while visiting these magical islands.

The magazine and dedicated website serve as a resource tool for readers/ travellers to discover the best of the Seychelles, with information on the

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Produced with the support of the Seychelles Tourism board and the Ministry of Tourism, hope we can either inspire you to try the

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6:10 PM Praslin “There are times you share − and there are times you don’t share with anyone, except each other.”




Seychelles offers a world-class choice of marine and other activities against a backdrop of breath-taking, natural beauty, genuine, Seychellois Creole hospitality and authentic, island-style charm. But perhaps Seychelles’ most enduring appeal is the fact that it is a place where harmony is a way of life. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne The Seychelles Minister for Tourism, Aviation, Ports and Marine


Image taken on Bird Island



“ As a coral-island man it’s

about wild surf and reef passages, calm lagoons and green turtles, whitesandbanks and seabirds colonies, coconut crabs and giant tortoises, tall casuarinas and frigate birds, dolphins and flying fish, Orion setting and Scorpio rising.” Guy Savy Owner of Bird Island and leading naturist Image taken at Raffles







“ Seychelles is increasingly winning a

reputation for being a stand-out holiday destination for discerning travellers in search of authenticity, harmony, safety and one of the most extraordinary experiences of nature on the planet. Sherin Naiken CEO Seychelles Tourism Board Image taken at Raffles




Seychelles is a microcosm of everything our planet can be: beautiful, pristine, ethnically integrated and harmonious.� Glynn Burridge Seychelles Author and Tourism Expert Image taken at Raffles





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History of The

S E YC H The islands of Seychelles were uninhabited until around 240 years ago and their very existence was not properly documented until the 17th century. The granite islands were isolated from the outside world by a thousand-mile moat of ocean.


It was not until 1756 that the French tricolour was raised, a stone of possession laid and the island claimed for France. Then it was promptly forgotten for a further 12 years.


ome historians believe that the islands of Seychelles were first discovered by Arab sailors in the 12th century. Arab manuscripts from this period record ‘high islands’ beyond the Maldives while Persian manuscripts appear to refer to them as the ‘golden isles’ Later in the 16th century Portuguese navigators referred vaguely to a group of islands as the ‘seven sisters’. Vasco de Gama took a short cut from Mozambique to India and, in so doing, sailed past previously unrecorded islands. These were later recorded on Portuguese maps as ‘Almirante’ - the Admirals islands. Today they are still called the Amirantes. It was not until 1609 that we have the first recorded discovery and landing of islands in the main Seychelles group. An English expedition came across a mountainous group of islands they mistook for the Amirantes, but it is clear from their account that these were part of the main Seychelles group, which they described as ‘some earthly paradise’. It was not until November 1742, 130 years later, that two French ships under the command of Lazare Picault, sailed into the waters of a small bay on the south-west of Mahé. The ships were a thousand miles off course on a voyage of discovery. After landing, Picault remarked that the main island should be named the ‘Island of Plenty’ for his sailors found an abundance of fresh water, fruit, fish and birds. After four days the ships sailed on, laden down with 33 tortoises and 600 coconuts. The French Governor of Isle de France (as Mauritius was called then), Mahé de la Bourdonnais, expressed


an interest in these islands, and dispatched Lazare Picault to find, chart and claim the islands for France. In May 1744 Picault anchored off the north-eastern coast in the area that was to become the first French settlement. He named it Port Royale and the island was named after his Governor, Mahé. However, any planned settlement of the island was not to be. Seychelles was left undisturbed and half-forgotten while the war between England and France dragged on throughout the Colonies. It was not until 1756 that the French tricolour was raised, a stone of possession laid and the island claimed for France. Then it was promptly forgotten for a further 12 years. The first settlers to arrive in Seychelles landed on the island of St Anne in 1770. Records note there were 27 men and 1 woman. They included a doctor, a carpenter and seven slaves. The aim of this new colony was to exploit the resources of timber and tortoises and to use the islands as a staging post for shipping slaves between Africa and Isle de France. Shortly afterwards a second colony was established in the south of Mahé with the aim of producing spices. The first few years of these colonies were hard times. The harvests failed, the settlers faced starvation and their commanders lost control. The grandly named Jardin du Roi spice garden project ended in fiasco. In May 1780, a ship was sighted from Mahé. Believing it to be English and not wanting the garden to fall into enemy hands, the gardens were burnt to the ground. When the ship sailed closer it was discovered to be




History of The



French after all. But by then it was too late: the gardens and the spices, save a cinnamon tree or two, were completely destroyed. Other man-made destructions occurred in those early years: the tortoise population on Mahé was decimated with many hundreds of tortoises shipped to Isle de France or eaten by the settlers. By 1778 they were almost completely wiped out on Mahé. The endemic Seychelles crocodile was also hunted to extinction as were several species of birds. The year 1789 saw the start of the French Revolution. The colony in Seychelles at this time consisted of 69 French, including three soldiers, 32 free ‘coloureds’ and 487 slavers. In 1790 the French community, fired by the new spirit of revolution, set up their own Assembly and Committee, announcing independence from the Isle de France. But the newly independent colony did not last long. One by one the great declarations of independence were dropped, particularly the abolition of slavery, which was not at all popular with the colonists. Eventually it was agreed that the powers of the committee should be given to a new commandant who would be able to govern more effectively. The new commandant was a popular choice: Captain Queau de Quinssy (later spelled Quincy). He was not only the longest serving Governor of the colony, but also achieved the most during the long troubled years of the Napoleonic Wars. During the wars the islands changed hands between the French and the English several times, and it was Quincy who repeatedly capitulated to avoid bloodshed. It was soon agreed that Seychelles should be a neutral port to the English and the French and so the settlers avoided the conflicts and blockades that other Indian Ocean ports suffered. This also suited the many French corsairs who were sailing the Indian Ocean plundering enemy ships: Mahé became a popular port of call for many of the most notorious corsairs of the day.



The British fought for Seychelles and Isle de France because both island nations were strategic points in the route between India and the Cape, and because the corsairs were a menace. In 1810, after a long blockade, Isle de France capitulated and the British renamed it Mauritius. That Seychelles would become British property was now guaranteed, and duly occurred in 1814. Quincy remained in office under British rule and died on Mahé in 1827 at the age of 79. He was buried with full honours near Government House, where his impressive grave still stands today. During the British colonial period, Seychelles gained roads, schools, churches and a hospital. By 1900 the population had grown to 7,000 and in 1903 Seychelles became a crown colony in its own right, separate at last from Mauritius. The British Governor commemorated the event by erecting a clock tower in the centre of Victoria, a replica of the clock tower outside the Victoria railway station in London. Although a British colony, the culture of Seychelles remained steadfastly French. British Governors did attempt to anglicise the islands, but with little success: customs and language did not alter much during the British colonial era, giving rise to the popular observation that Seychelles was “half-British but fully-French.” It was during the Second World War that the beginnings of political change began to stir in Seychelles and shortly afterwards universal adult suffrage was granted. In 1962 two political parties were formed under the leadership of two lawyers who were to remain the main political figureheads for the rest of the century: France Albert Rene and James Mancham. Independence from Britain was gained in 1976, and today Seychelles is a Republic within the British Commonwealth under the leadership of President Danny Rollen Faure.





PHOTOGRAPHY Daren Black Photography MODEL Layla Harris First Model Management, London CLOTHES: Walk in Wardbrobe - Hove. Raffles Boutique, Kankan, Jouel - Seychelles LOCATIONS: Raffles Praslin / Carana Beach Hotel / H resort Bird Island / Pangia Beach / Eden Island Seychelles


















Seychellois Creole cuisine By Glynn Burridge

If, as is often argued, a nation’s gastronomyis its most influential ambassador, then nothing can do greater credit to the Seychellois Creole culture than its divinecuisine.


Eating out in Seychelles is an exercise in diversity, covering everything from fine-dining in the exclusive restaurants of 5-star hotel resorts and opulent island hideaways to dipping into the street food available at night bazaars.”


eychelles is all about diversity - harking back to a time in the mid-eighteenth century when this archipelago of over one hundred islands, still slumbering in its first innocence, was settled by a prophetic assortment of ‘fifteen whites, five Malabar Indians, seven African’s and a negress’. The original French settlers brought with them their legendary skills in the kitchen and their aromatic blend of spices and herbs which they adapted to an island life where seafood was abundant, meat less so and vegetables somewhat scarce. Necessity being the mother of invention, one way they achieved this was by using fruits as vegetables. This is why one finds particularly coconut, mango, papaya, pumpkin and golden apple prepared as chutneys to accompany tangy salads as well as dishes of pork, chicken and beef and, of course, fish, shellfish and crustaceans in all theirSeychelles splendour. Toubiquitous French tradition was added acertain British influence, evident in the Creole’s evergreenlove of tea, cakes, custard, crumbles(and corned beef) but this was mild in comparison to that of the Chinese and Indian workforce arriving in the mid1800s. The Chinese contributedtheir love of noodles and rice dishes with steamed fish and vegetables while the Indians introduced a variety of curries, beans, chillies, dhals, kebabs and the many piquant flavours of home. Meanwhile, via liberated Malagasy and African slaves, came velvety coconut milk, cassava and banana infusions.


Down the years, a melting pot of culinary techniques has taken root in Seychelles to mirror the varied ethnicityof its population, producing the grand symphony of flavours, tastes and textures which we know today as Creole cuisine. Thanks tosilky notes of vanilla, muscat, coconut, lemon grass, cinnamon, allspice and myriad other spices accompanying its rich harvest of seafood, quality meats, herbs and vegetables, Seychelles offers a tantalising choice of salads, mouth-watering main courses and decadent desserts. Its array of enticing, colourful dishes, served against the backdrop of the islands’ unmatched natural beauty, lends quite another dimension to being a ‘foodie’ - one that will call you back to these islands time and again. As you might expect of such a kaleidoscopic destination, great places to eat can be found in the five-star cocoons of top international hotels but also in the intimate atmosphere of the smaller Seychellois hotels and restaurants where Creole fare is popular. Stand-alone restaurants, often in stunning settings, are many and dotted throughout the islands, serving a wide range of international favourites including Indian, Chinese, Japanese and classic French and Italian cuisines. Beachside restaurants offer excellent seafood and an unforgettable, feet-inthe-sand experience as well, aligning you with the true Seychellois island lifestyle, while an assortment of bars and bistros serve great coffee, snacks and ice-creams for those on the run.

“Beachside restaurants offer excellent seafood and an unforgettable, feet-in-the-sand experience.”


Seychelles is proud of its culinary heritage. Night bazaars and other nooks and crannies will introduce the curious visitor to local delicacies such as boudin (blood sausage), freshly BBQ’d fish and kebabs, homemade cassava and banana chips, graton (pork crackling) as well as tasty desserts in the form of cloying almond nougats and caramelised papaya. You might even be tempted to wash them down with a local fermented brew of la puree or bacca as you try your hand at a moutya - the once-forbidden dance of slaves – before an open fire, to the primal beat of a goat-skin drum and the soughing of the waves. Eating out in Seychelles is an exercise in diversity, covering everything from fine-dining in the exclusive restaurants of 5-star hotel resorts and opulent island hideaways to dipping into the street food available at night bazaars where you can discover the delights of whole baked fish, blood sausage, pork spare ribs, barbecued sweet potatoes, pork crackling, cassava chips, baked breadfruit and so much more. Then there are myriad take-aways which are a great introduction to Creole food on the run with perennial favourites such as Chinese stir fries, stews, octopus curry, chicken curry, fresh fish basted in chillies, ginger and garlic accompanied by lentils and any number of local satinies of coconut, pumpkin and golden apple. It’s hard to get better value for your money although some of these places are super-popular and you might have to wait in line for your slice of paradise. Fine Creole fare can be enjoyed at Beau Vallon’s Boat House and at Chez Batista on the southern beach of Takamaka where you will find a full spread of Creole goodies that will introduce you to the delights of Creole gastronomy. Marie Antoinette on the outskirts of Victoria on the way to Beau Vallon also provides good variety as do any number of small hotels and guesthouses.



Seychellois Creole cuisine Here’s a mix of places where to savour fine food in a great atmosphere.

La Plaine St. Andre - La Grande Maison Arguably, the best fine-dining restaurant of the entire archipelago, La Grande Maison is located in the historic La Plaine St. Andre, the site of one of southern Mahé’s grand old plantation houses dating back to 1792. Positively dripping history from every pore, La Grande Maison has recently undergone a comprehensive refurbishment, restoring it to its former glory amid gardens evocative of another time. The restaurant, which forms part of the celebrated Takamaka Rum distillery, takes dining in Seychelles to a new level under the inspired guidance of chef Christelle Verheyden whose creations are a perfect fusion of her own carefully-honed techniques


and creativeness à la Creole which makes extensive use of local produce. Favourites include freshly cut palm heart salad with truffles and curry leaves; red snapper fillet with green mousseline, basil and combats and tuna and foie gras, all complemented by a selection of fine rums and choice imported wines such as the rare red Alicante Suori Mondo ‘Z’acco’ from Tuscany. The dining experience in this charming old plantation house overlooking gardens of exceptional character will be a memory not soon forgotten. La Plaine St. Andre, East coast rd, Au Cp. Tel. +248 2522112. www.


Auberge – ‘Chez Plume’ Few restaurants in Seychelles can boast the pedigree of Chez Plume, resting in full view of the Bay of Anse Boileau on Mahé Island’s scenic western coast. Renowned for its fine dining, Chez Plume’s dinner menu, named in honour of an expansive French adventurer and African traveller who once owned the restaurant, has remained much the same for the last 25 years. Its loyal clientele who continue to frequent this iconic restaurant after a recent change of ownership speaks volumes of the way its reputation and standards are being maintained. The signature dishes of this 80-seater, open-air restaurant include succulent ginger crab; whole grilled snapper à la Creole; white fish fillet (capitaine blanc) with passion fruit sauce and breadfruit croquettes; locally caught lobster and fresh clams fished straight from Anse Boileau Bay. Rare local treats such as roast fruit bat also grace the menu as does a selection of freshly made jams and choice vegetables from the restaurant’s very own vegetable garden. If you’re looking for a memorable lunch, Chez Plume is the place for a choice of pastas, a genuine Caesar or Greek salad, a succulent steak, plate of juicy ribs or prawns on a skewer washed down with a frosty local Seybrew beer or glass of Louis Moreau Chablis. Dessert includes the famous souffle passion, which will surely bring you back for more. Anse Boileau. Tel.+2484355050 Facebook/restaurantchezplume

The dining experience in this charming old plantation house overlooking gardens of exceptional character will be a memory not soon forgotten.”

“ For those visiting Victoria and

looking for a chic, intimate atmosphere and a great menu, Le Bistro will not disappoint.” Le Bistro Nestled in the leafy suburb of Mont Fleuri, just opposite the Botanical Gardens, on the outskirts of the capital Victoria, lies a new Bistro on the top floor of the Alliance Francaise building and run by Seychelles premier supermarket with access to the finest local and international produce. Serving breakfast and lunch, Le Bistro has struck a chord with local foodies in search of a convenient, characterful place to dine in attractive surrounds that offers value for money. Le Bistro’s simple but appetizing menu includes swordfish rillettes, seafood gazpacho, slow-cooked shoulder of lamb and an excellent island-style tuna curry followed by coconut crèmebrule and coconut mousse with mango jelly. As might be expected of an island like Seychelles and the availability of the finest quality fish, Le Bistro also offers Seychellois grouper bouillabaisse with its fresh homemade rouille. For those visiting Victoria and looking for a chic, intimate atmosphere and a great menu, Le Bistro will not disappoint. Proposing ‘a taste of France in Seychelles’, top Trip Advisor ratings attest to Le Bistro’s growing popularity especially among those in search of an ideal venue for an ìnformal business lunch with snappy, friendly service or for that rendezvous with a difference. 2nd floor Alliance Francaise Building, Mont Fleuri Rd.Tel.+248 2537803Facebook/ LeBistroseychelles


“This is a place for all the family with a special kiddies’ menu sure to put a smile on young faces.”

Bravo! Mahé’s Eden Island is a one stop shop for visitors, offering great scenic views of the marina, shopping opportunities in the island’s only mall and a fine choice of restaurants of which the centrepiece is undoubtedly Bravo! a south African styled bistro with an extensive menu right on the waterfront and with a commanding view of its stunning mountain backdrop. This is a place for all the family with a special kiddies’ menu sure to put a smile on young faces almost as wide as their parents as they contemplate a wide range of classic salads, delicious starters, wholesome pizzas, juicy burgers, pastas and awesome seafood stackers, sashimi, curries and platters. You’ll want to stay for dessert which includes sundaes, mousse and cheese and black forest cake. Bravo! also serves fresh juices, spirits, cocktails and wines to top off your day at one of the coolest places on the island. Eden Island. Tel. +248 4346020 Facebook/ Bravo Restaurant


150 places

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ON ALPHONSE ISLAND Known as the Alphonse Group, the paradise islands of Alphonse Atoll, Bijoutier and St. Francois Atoll lie within the Outer Islands Group of the Seychelles.



lphonse itself is a one hour flight south of Mahe and sits just three kilometres north of St. Francois and a thousand miles east of the African coast. A population of less than three hundred people surround a central lagoon, with the entire island is eight kilometres squared in size. Alphonse boasts tranquil expanses of utopian shorelines, crystal clear lagoons, immaculate white sandy beaches and stunning vistas. Head inland and a thrilling mass of dense jungle forests lie waiting for exploration, dotted with historic commercial coconut groves. The ideal forever-summer holidaying weather and idyllic luxury accommodation on the island make this a dream-like destination for relaxing and unwinding. However it is the creatures that lie within and surround the island that are the star attraction for visitors. Shearwater birds, tortoises, crabs and a plethora of exotic bird species call Alphonse their home, as well as the extremely rare Chiffchaff and Tufted Duck. Alphonse sings with tropical wildlife, however it is only when you delve deep into the twinkling turquoise waters that surround the atoll, that you discover a whole new world of show-stopping creatures that attract visitors from all corners of the globe. Alphonse Atoll is one of the most fabled fly fishing destinations in the world, often appearing in the bucket lists of the seasoned angler. The images of the pure white sand flats of St Francois that sit as the home screen wallpaper on computers across the globe serve as a constant reminder of a “one-day” destination.    There are many tropical flat fishing destinations all over the world, so what is it about Alphonse that makes it so special? Situated 400km from the mainland of Mahe to avoid excessive marine traffic and major industry, but close enough to be accessible by plane within an hour, Alphonse Atoll known as the best saltwater fly fishing destinations on the planet. 


This magnificent island threesome comprising of Alphonse, St Francois and Bijoutier fast established a reputation for holding one of the healthiest populations of bonefish on the planet. Nearby St Francois is approximately seven miles long and four miles wide, consisting of firm white sand bottoms interlaced with channels and cuts. The uniqueness that sets St Francois apart from many of the other Seychelles’ destinations is the endless white sand flats. In addition to the abundant bonefish flats, the lagoon envelopes coral finger flats and coral heads allowing anglers to catch several of the now 60 species targeted on a fly in the Seychelles.    There’s more than just the remote location of these atolls and islands, which makes them so spectacular. Add in the terrain, the techniques, the season and the species diversity and you have an incredible mix, custom-made for fly fishing. On the terrain front, fly fishing in the Alphonse Atoll sets itself apart due to the largely land-based approach it offers. While blue-water, boat-based fishing is available to anglers, the main draw these atolls holds is for the angler to be able to target challenging species on foot. Whereas saltwater fly fishing destinations in many parts of the world are boat-based, the Alphonse Atoll stands apart because of the opportunities it gives anglers: to wading in shallow, warm water on hard white sand and turtle grass or on coral flats for to discover a plethora of exciting new species. It’s not all catching but getting the opportunity to cast at behemoth giant trevally or shoals of bonefish in the same knee-deep water you are standing in, is not something many fly anglers who are accustomed to boatbased fishing, will ever forget. It’s not that Seychelles guides’ and anglers are against boats in any way, but there is something more tactile, connected and satisfying about standing in crystal clear water, while site casting at fish.


Many of the species caught, like the vegetarian milkfish or the picky Indo-Pacific permit, used to be thought of as unattainable, but, through the perseverance and pioneering techniques of the Alphonse-based guides, they are now a viable target species on a fly. Off the back of the work done by these innovative guides, and the diverse species they were able to target with their clients, the possibilities around what is or isn’t possible with saltwater fly fishing have been rewritten. Alphonse Island is credited with deciphering how to catch the first milkfish, pink parrotfish, yellow margin and moustache triggerfish on a fly as well as refining techniques for catching numerous other species like giant trevally and Indo-Pacific permit. To date, this fishery still accounts for more than 90% of the world’s milkfish caught and released on an annual basis.    The cherry on top is that the luxury resort of Alphonse Island was refurbished in 2017 and is known as one of the most comfortable fly fishing destinations globally. The addition of the Blue Safari activities that can be enjoyed by non-fishing partners, has generated a considerable amount of hype, making it a must for couples that don’t only enjoy fishing.   The most important part of Alphonse is its conservation efforts that continue to preserve this amazing island threesome. The fishery is strictly catch and release, with a code of conduct that ensures sustainability. The assistance of the Island Conservation Society, Islands Development Company and Alphonse Foundation in managing the area ensures that minimal pressure is placed on this recourse but at the same still earning revenue to protect this Indian ocean jewel. Every catch brings a thrill, a lifelong memory and a story told time and again. Every release contributes to the health of the fishery and ensures that Alphonse remains as one of the ultimate bucket list destinations.


R e v i e w

o f

Seychelles’ 2018 events In 2018 Seychelles will be playing host to three major international sporting happenings that, between them, stand to boost its reputation for holding successful events and, at the same time, add value to its tourism industry.

The three events scheduled to be held in Seychelles during the course of 2018 are the Fédération Internationale de Natation (Fina) Open Water World Cup, the fourth edition of the Sailing Regatta and golf’s Staysure Championship.

For the very first time, Seychelles will host the second of nine series of the Fédération Internationale de Natation Open Water World Cup series 2018 with a 10km Elite marathon swimming competition to be held on May 20 at Beau Vallon. The Fédération Internationale de Natation (Fina) has entered into an agreement with Seychelles whereby Seychelles will host a series of the competition every year for the next four years. This is the first time that Fina chose an African country to host a series of such a competition and top swimmers from many countries worldwide will be in Seychelles for the event giving valuable exposure to competing Seychellois swimmers. The best male and female Seychellois swimmers will represent Seychelles during the remainder of the series due to take place in Portugal, Hungary, Canada, Chun’An in China, Taiwan and Abu Dhabi, UAE.


The Seychelles Sailing Regatta is the successor to the Seychelles Sailing Cup that traces its origins back to the early 2000s. This bigger and better version has arrived back on the scene and is now preparing for its fourth edition. The competition will be held from May 27th to June 3rd, 2018, a period that has been chosen for its favourable wind and sea conditions with an anticipated 15 to 20 knots southerly wind and typical Seychelles’ sunshine.


The final event of the year comes just as 2018 draws to a close in the form of an international golf competition: The Staysure Tour Championship. With negotiations still ongoing, this would be the first time that a major finale, in this case the end of the Staysure Tour, is played in Seychelles, attracting a total of 32 top notch golfers including Ryder Cup Captains, players and Major winners. By hosting the finale, Seychelles will receive exposure across the entire season and that will help position Seychelles as a highly desirable destination to global golf and high net worth global markets driving high yield inbound tourists to Seychelles. Besides these happenings, Seychelles traditionally hosts several other events during the course of the year. The first of these is Festival Creole.

Festival Creole The Seychelles’ Creative Industries and National Events Agency [CINEA] now hosts the Creole Festival, traditionally held in October. The month-long event features musical animation in Victoria, traditional dance performances, exhibitions, seminars on various topics surrounding the Creole heritage, fashion events showcasing professional designers and fashion students, are some of the events featured on the programme of activities. The ‘Kanmtole Competition’ is among the most popular activities where school students as well as participants from workplaces and districts compete in showcasing their skills dancing the Seychelles’ traditional dances of European origin – known as the “kanmtole”.


The month-long event features musical animation in Victoria, traditional dance performances, exhibitions, seminars on various topics surrounding the Creole heritage.


R e v i e w

o f

Seychelles’ 2018 events

Also popular is ‘Fon Lanmal’ a fashion evening featuring professional designers from Seychelles and other Creole countries, as well as students from the local art and design school. Classifying participants in separate categories, the event is aimed at showcasing talent in designing traditional costumes or culturally-inspired contemporary fashion.

New to the Festival Creole is an International Senerade [Laserenade Enternasyonal]. This is the former Carnaval International de Victoria previously organized by the Seychelles Tourism Board that has been merged with the traditional serenade held each year during the Creole Festival.

The International Serenade features participants from Seychelles, other Creole nations as well as guests from non-creole countries parading the streets of Victoria depicting their respective cultures through colourful costumes, music, dance and other performances. The Festival Creole is the main event that celebrates the Seychelles’ Creole origin and culture through dances, other cultural manifestation, literature and cuisine among others. It was to uphold the Creole culture that the first Creole week was organised in 1982, later becoming the Creole Festival in 1985. Eco-Friendly Marathon The philosophy behind this annual marathon held at the end of every February, is to promote healthy living, for which running through Seychelles pristine, beautiful countryside and enjoying its stunning scenery and unique flora & fauna is a powerful icon attracting runners from Seychelles, USA, France, South Africa, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Spain, Nigeria, Netherlands, Mauritius and Cameroon, among others. Organised in conjunction with Seychelles Honorary Consul in South Korea, Mr. Dong Chang Jeong and Korean partners, the success and popularity of the Eco-friendly marathon are the results of the increasing number of cross-cultural exchanges taking place between South Korea and Seychelles.



Starting from humble beginnings and now having seen its 10th edition, the competition has swelled to accommodate 4000 locals and several hundred foreign competitors over a variety of distances including the full and half-marathon, 10 kilometre and 5 kilometre runs.

Seychelles Ball Traditionally held during the annual, September Tourism Week, the Seychelles Ball is an eloquent reflection of Seychelles’ style and joie-de-vivre. This is an evening when all members of the Seychelles Tourism Board and their trade partners, both local and international, have the opportunity to appear in the height of tropical finery for an evening event that features a selection of live bands, excellent cuisine and an unforgettable Seychellois Creole ambiance. La Fête La Digue Every 15th August the residents of La Digue Island celebrate the religious holiday of the Feast of the Assumption, an event that inevitably draws people with roots in Seychelles fourth largest island, back to the island of their birth for a very special ‘homecoming.’ Steeped in tradition, its very own particular customs and sleepy island ways, La Digue’s celebration of 15th August has always been a special event that attracts people from all across the archipelago like a magnet.

The celebrations start with an open-air mass at ‘La Grotto’ attended by the Bishop of La Digue and his flock on the occasion of the Assumption of Mary or the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven at the end of her life. Traditionally, this grand gathering of worshippers becomes a procession through the lanes of La Digue to mass at the picturesque St. Mary’s Church. After the celebration of mass, residents and visitors from home and abroad join in the animated, colourful atmosphere that traditionally lasts for the entire day and well into the night and which takes the form of impromptu street parties and live music shows, with food and beverages of all kinds available from vendors.

La Fête La Digue, gives visitors a chance, not only to celebrate a significant moment in the religious calendar, but also to taste the unique, timeless atmosphere of one of Seychelles’ most traditional islands.

For information about other events, please consult Seychelles’ Creative Industries and National Events Agency [CINEA]



Kempinski SEYCHELLES Hailed as “the original Garden of Eden” by early settlers and now a leading luxury destination for discerning holidayers, it is without doubt that the Seychelles archipelago is the very jewel of the Indian Ocean. It is on this divine location that the Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare invites you to experience veritable paradise in settings of understated opulence and down-to-earth hospitality.



his rustic-chic hideaway is all but invisible from the coast and is set behind a chain of swaying palm trees in dazzling surroundings of untouched, natural beauty and offers much in the way of exclusivity and privacy. The approach from the property’s main gate is a winding journey through 68 hectares of tropical garden that will deliver you to the formidable French-colonial-style lobby and the beginning of your Kempinski Seychelles experience. A selection of private rooms and suites have been designed to blend harmoniously with the natural environment and refined to reflect 121 years of Kempinski service excellence. In a market saturated with “villa-concept” hotels spread out over vast areas, prompting the need for a buggy to reach hotel restaurants or the beach, Kempinski Seychelles Resort’s traditional layout offers unparalleled ease of access to an 800 m stretch of remarkably beautiful coastline. The resort’s premium room category, a Sea View Garden room, is ideal for direct beach access from your private terrace, just 100 to 150 m away from the sand. As this is the only hotel in the bay, the area receives very few outside visitors, and guests are able to relax and enjoy their time on the beach in relative seclusion. Synonymous with the Kempinski brand, a taste of true European luxury awaits you when you ditch the winding drive from Mahé’s main ports and arrive in style via a chartered helicopter transfer, landing at the resort’s very own helipad (the only one of its kind to be found in the south of Seychelles’ main island). While Mahé’s stunning beaches are very well documented, few travel brochures manage to convey the immense scope of the island’s mountainous landscape. Undoubtedly, these views can best be appreciated from above. A scenic helicopter flight


Synonymous with the Kempinski brand, a taste of true European luxury awaits you when you ditch the winding drive from Mahé’s main ports and arrive in style via a chartered helicopter transfer. comes highly recommended and is easily booked at the hotel’s front desk. A passion for food, produce and premium beverages is similarly an earmark of the Kempinski brand and is evidenced by the attention to detail and culinary fineness at all four of the resort’s dining outlets. Their uncompromising search for authentic recipes and quality local ingredients means guests are able to enjoy a wide variety of regional and international cuisines in an array of atmospheres, ranging from beachside casual to fine-dining elegance. Word on the street is that the best sushi in Seychelles is served here. The resort’s resident sushimaster, Chef Somsak Saytip, has built a career perfecting traditional Japanese recipes, and his creations are complemented by sensational Indian Ocean views and five-star service. The extensive sushi menu presents an innovative selection of fresh nigiri, sashimi and sushi rolls, which are best paired with a chilled bottle of sake from the resort’s extensive collection. For a truly memorable and intimate evening, be sure to book a bespoke private dinner: enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner for two on a palm-lined beach or beside the resort’s private lagoon.




Sumptuous treatments in a serene environment, using only organic and natural products inspired by the change of European seasons.



Pure luxury and pampering is guaranteed at the Kempinski The Spa, which offers sumptuous treatments in a serene environment, using only organic and natural products inspired by the change of European seasons. Guests of the resort are invited to delight in an array of indulgent experiences, from classic spa treatments to luxurious therapies inspired by this unique tropical location. As winners of the World Spa Awards – Best Seychelles Resort Spa for two years running, your satisfaction is all but guaranteed. For those who are looking to do more than just recline on a sunbed while taking in exquisite views of the glittering ocean will be delighted by the facilities on offer at the watersports and recreation pavilions: an onsite PADI dive centre and complimentary snorkelling gear will assist you in exploring the Seychelles’ abundant marine landscapes, while surf lessons and stand up paddling provide exciting opportunities to experience the thrill of the Indian Ocean from above the waves. For the ultimate reef experience, guests can enjoy a guided snorkelling tour to feed the fish at Fish Cave – a popular spot with marine residents on the house reef – or hire a transparent kayak and enjoy the marvels of Seychelles’ pristine marine life without getting wet. Further facilities for those active types come in the form of a well-equipped gym and outdoor sports courts which join an Olympic-length swimming pool. A short hike through dense tropical jungle will guide you to the summit of “Mount Kempinski” – a vast granite elevation overlooking the resort and tranquil Baie Lazare and you can even begin your day from this unique vantage point, with an unforgettable hilltop Yoga or Pilates class. It’s not just the big kids that are catered for. A comprehensive Kids Club will keep the resort’s littlest residents busy from dawn to dusk with a range of supervised activities, such as giant tortoise feeding, arts and crafts, and traditional Sega dancing, while a separate children’s paddling pool ensures that no guest is left out of the aquatic fun.


With its world-class beaches and breathtaking scenery, the Seychelles has a reputation as the romance capital of the Indian Ocean that is well deserved. It should come as no surprise that countless couples flock to the islands each year to exchange vows.

With its world-class beaches and breathtaking scenery, the Seychelles has a reputation as the romance capital of the Indian Ocean that is well deserved. It should come as no surprise that countless couples flock to the islands each year to exchange vows or begin their journey as Mr and Mrs with an unforgettable honeymoon. Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare offers couples a range of exquisite wedding venues, when they choose to begin their life together in this magnificent corner of paradise. Whether you are planning an intimate ceremony for two or a festive celebration with family and friends, Kempinski Seychelles Resort and their team of dedicated event planners have a great selection of indoor and outdoor venues to suit your needs. What sets this hotel apart from other wedding venues on the island is their commitment, not only to their clients, but to each remarkable moment that makes up your special day. Whether it’s romance, reunion or rejuvenation, whether you are looking for small home comforts or spacious luxury and bespoke banqueting, Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare offers a private haven for every individual, couple, group of friends or family, making this resort an ideal location for those seeking a world-class island getaway. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit ¡


Bliss Hotel

A PARADISE HIDEAWAY Hidden within a lush cove on the northern side of Mahe, Bliss Hotel overlooks a stunning beach caressed by cascading boulders and cuddled within a lush backdrop of green forest.


liss Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Seychelles that was once called Vista Do Mar and was abandoned for some time, the owner Mr Alain Hazan renovated it and transformed it into the beautiful gem that it is today. The Suites are decorated with only natural materials found in Seychelles and as well as combining creole architecture with contemporary interior design, Bliss Hotel evokes an exotic, friendly and romantic space with 24 Suites, each with its own charm. Bliss Hotel believes in ‘real relaxing’ where the sounds and beauty of nature inspire the guest and provide them with a total escape. There are no paintings on the wall in this hotel, to promote tranquility and keep the focused attention on mother nature. Situated within the same building guests can also enjoy soothing natural massages and treatments at the Pure-Bliss Spa with Coconut Scrubs, Patchouli Sugar Scrubs and other delightful treatments on offer.   The hotel is situated in the quiet area of Glacis that’s only 10 minutes’ drive away from the famous Beau Vallon Beach, home to the Bazaar Labrin Street Market, the Baobab Pizzeria, Boat House Restaurant and water sports activities.   Travelers can enjoy varying ambience at Bliss, the Seaside and the Hillside. Both with its own unique features.   

Bliss Hotel believes in ‘real relaxing’ where the sounds and beauty of nature inspire the guest and provide them with a total escape.





Let the lapping of the waves on the shores delight you! The Suites overlook a stunning white sandy beach and the world’s most breath taking deep orange sunsets. The private beach is nestled within the cove and features a natural swimming pool, made from the cascading boulders surrounding the shoreline. One of the pearls of the Seaside is the Junior Opuni Suite with its rustic furniture

and a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean that can also be enjoyed in the outdoor bathroom. The Oceanfront Wave Suite offers a stunning view of the beach with a private terrace, and a personal sitting area ideal for socializing and relaxing. For a more inspiring blend of contemporary and creole architecture, the Suite Birgo would be the luxury escape. The white cement and polished granite plays beautifully with the setting sun creating deep shades of relaxing earthy colours. The Family Apartment, named The Shadow, provides enough space and is ideal to accommodate up to 6 adults and somehow in the various spaces, the sails and the sun are having fun; the shadows and reflections somehow merge. The natural wood used to decorate the rooms give off a natural and organic feel, providing the perfect space for a relaxing and re-energizing holiday at one with nature. The hotel also offers Zumba and Yoga classes for the active clients! Nestled up in the Secret Garden, the Suites offer beautiful views of the Indian ocean and the relaxing sounds of nature. The Suites are surrounded by green vegetation, tropical flowers and the sounds of birds singing. Perched on the hillside, the rooms are spacious and plush with wooden furniture and white walls, some with beautiful shell curtains. The Charme Superior Room is spacious with a double view of the garden and the ocean with a private terrace/garden which melts in luxuriant tropical vegetation. Set amidst the vegetation, guests can enjoy the private pool or the choice of walking down just a stone throw away to the secluded beach.   Dining at the Bliss Hotel is an unforgettable authentic experience of traditional creole cuisine using fresh ingredients from the island! 



Bliss Hotel


Barefoot Terrace Restaurant

Bliss Hotel offer their clients homemade Breakfast and Afternoon Tea, found only on the islands in the stunning Barefoot Terrace Restaurant that boasts amazing sunset views, sandy floors and wood beamed ceiling covering the comfortable sofas. Once the sun has set behind the horizon and the sky is adorned by a tapestry of exotic colours, guests can enjoy happy hour sipping a tropical cocktail in tranquility. For Dinner guests can taste the exquisite authentic creole cuisine Buffet. The restaurant also offers an a la carte lunch menu that offers a variety of local dishes as well as snacks and coffee.  Whatever time of day that you are enjoying a meal, you can do it soothing your toes in the sand, sitting back and relaxing with the amazing view and sounds of the waves.  

Rockpool Seafood Grill & Bar

Another must try is the Rockpool Restaurant that is shaded just below the terrace offering a cozy and elegant atmosphere. The friendly team offer wonderful cocktails and some of the best Italian food on the island. Rockpool is the ideal venue to experience the perfect fusion of local and Mediterranean culinary delights with a hint of creole touch, whilst enjoying a stunning panoramic view of the Indian ocean. Be sure not to miss the majestic Silhouette Island in the far distance.

At Bliss Hotel guests can experience mother nature in her truest form and marvel at the world’s most beautiful sunsets

The hotel offers a few attractive packages such as the Honeymoon Package, Wedding Package and Long Stay Package. To make your holiday to Seychelles exciting, snorkeling trips to beautiful secluded beaches can be organized on their very own boat. An opportunity not to miss to see colourful fish and corals in the alluring clear turquoise waters. As well as snorkeling, the team at Bliss Hotel can arrange for Hiking, Fishing, Island Tours, Diving and other activities to make your holiday moments memorable. At Bliss Hotel guests can experience mother nature in her truest form and marvel at the world’s most beautiful sunsets, all the while enjoying traditional creole cuisine and appreciating the rustic and creole inspired architecture.


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Eye Store

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69 Model Layla Harris / image by Darren Black

The H Resort

UNPARALLELED PARADISE Tranquil, boutique and culturally connected, the resort offers guests a chance to create memories worth sharing.


With seven eclectic dining experiences in the form of bars and restaurants to choose from – you’re spoilt for choice. The resort offers a wide selection of dining options.


ocated on Beau Vallon beach which lays northwest on the island of Mahé; a mere 30 minutes’ drive from the international airport The H Resort is a contemporary & chic property featuring 100 rooms comprising of villas and suites, an award winning spa and 7 eclectic dining experiences. As your paradise home away from home, the resort offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the modern comforts in this beautiful tropical paradise entwined with chic décor, sumptuous food & beverages and spacious luxury to relax in. Whether it’s a fun holiday with the family, a romantic escape or the start of one, or to even look back and reminisce life with a loved one - The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach is known for its turquoise ocean views, crystal white beach and lush emerald greenery where you can expect nothing but undisturbed sights, charming creole hospitality and new heights of life & style indulgence. The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach offers an unparalleled collection of opulently appointed accommodations, relaxation and recreational spaces that showcase the true heritage of their Seychellois surroundings. The 100 villas and suites redefine paradise - they simply exude stylish opulence, stylish comfort and idyllic bliss. Designed to represent a blend between creole and colonial architecture - the resort is an epitome of tropical luxury. From plush furnishings and mesmerizing backdrops, to the spacious layout and beautiful finishing’s - all overlooking the topical tropical gardens leading to the beach. The beach facing private pool-villas offer an entirely new level of luxury. A unique product available only at this resort in the Beau Vallon beach area - each one occupies a private spot on the beach with direct access to the bay as well as a private pool, pool-deck, cabana, outdoor rain showers, luxury in-room amenities and personal pampering products. Similarly the suites include a comfortable double bed and lounge area with luxurious amenities of


comparison. All suites have choice of private terrace balcony or a terrace that opens out onto the resort gardens, complete with sun loungers. Each villa or suite also features indoor and outdoor daybeds and dining areas; plush sofas, beds and seating areas; pristine bathrooms featuring oversized free-standing bathtubs and rain showers as well as all the modern technologies such as a large screen LCD and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. With seven eclectic dining experiences in the form of bars and restaurants to choose from – you’re spoilt for choice. The resort offers a wide selection  of dining options. VASCO’s is the main restaurant featuring continental cuisine, that serves breakfast & themed dinner buffets is named in honor of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama. The 1502 Lobby Bar is your haven for for eclectic cocktails that compliment your meals throughout the day. Seyshima is the Japanese teppanyaki restaurant on the lagoon that serves up an excellent show and delectable sushi and Eden is the specialty Creole inspired beach-front barbecue restaurant. Ripples Pool Bar is ideal for some amazing cocktails and light lunch and Trader Vic’s the French-Polynesian tiki bar concept restaurant features Latin-American live entertainment. Guests can also choose the resort’s ‘pièce de résistance,’ a bespoke, romantic under the moon & stars dining on the beach coupled with the ambience of the soothing ocean waves. Customised options also include privatised group reservations for beach and/or in-villa barbecues as well as a luxurious in-villa floating pool breakfast. Holidays are meant for indulgence so guests are encouraged to pamper themselves at the award winning Sesel Spa or try some customised workouts at the Beau Vallon Gym & Yoga Studio to flaunt that beach body. Sesel Spa is a true heaven within a haven - whether it’s a results orientated treatment, or just an experience of utter relaxation you’re looking for, it is a must, to make it a part of your Seychelles experience.



The H Resort


If you are looking for the ultimate honeymoon escape or just a time away with family, then look no further than The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach. Everything, from the moment you arrive, to the time you reluctantly depart, has been designed with the discerning traveler in mind.


prepare baby-food upon prior requests. Guests can also indulge in our weekly activities that includes a range of paid & complimentary options like transfers to Victoria city, drop-off for the Anse Major Hike, cocktails & conversations with the resort management, a scenic sunset cruise in a glass bottom boat, bi-weekly live-entertainment, Cinema Paradiso, sundowners and many more seasonal events – there’s always something for everyone to enjoy at the resort. This intimate, tropical island retreat is the perfect location for a destination wedding or honeymoon. When one thinks of the term ‘tropical island’, it conjures up thoughts of pristine ivory shorelines, a turquoise ocean and a backdrop of luscious greenery. This is exactly what you can expect at The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach – the perfect destination to turn the dream wedding into a beautiful reality. Couples can choose to say ‘I do’ either along the beach, in the spectacular garden gazebo or in a number of secluded venues dotted around the resort. In addition to an idyllic backdrop, a customised wedding ceremony can be organized by the team of wedding specialists. From eclectic table designs, tiered wedding cakes and bespoke menus, to entertainment, bamboo ceremony archways and a civil ceremony officer, there’s no dream that can’t be made into a reality. The H Resort offers a number of packages that can be tailored to ensure that each and every wedding is both perfect and personal. If you are looking for the ultimate honeymoon escape or just a time away with family, then look no further than The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach. Everything, from the moment you arrive, to the time you reluctantly depart, has been designed with the discerning traveler in mind. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @thehresortseychelles.


Explore the healing elements in nature and discover the true essence of being at one with yourself. Named as a tribute to its destination (Sesel is the Creole name for Seychelles), this blissful space features a total of seven treatment rooms including five single rooms and two couples suites, in addition to a Vichy Hydrotherapy room. We also have a salon for nails, hair and other beauty therapies. ‘Sesel Spa’ offers a selection of signature treatments that infuse the best of Western and Eastern techniques – all implemented by expert therapists who take a holistic approach to wellness. The luxury relaxation areas offer a tranquil setting for both pre and post massage treatments, so make sure you spend some time there to truly rediscover wellness. Open 24/7 and overlooking the lagoon, the Beau Vallon Gym & Yoga Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art Life Fitness cardio machines and free weights. The Beau Vallon Studio is perfect for syncing your body and mind with yoga. Guests can take advantage of the complimentary recreational schedule – ‘Fit Happens @ H’ which is designed for the holidaying guest’s fitness goals. In addition to our fitness and yoga programmes, recreational facilities are dotted throughout the resort with the stunning infinity pool taking centre stage. With ample sun loungers and parasols bordering it, the 24 meter long sapphire blue water invitingly tempts you to submerge. The accompanying kids’ pool is a safe 0.4 meter in depth. Also on offer is tennis, volleyball, pétanque, table tennis, a giant chessboard, masks, snorkels, paddle boards and kayaks to satisfy all your holiday recreational needs. It’s not only the grown-ups that are spoilt - a world of exploration and fun awaits the little ones at Treetops Kids’ Club. Happy kids make for happy parents and this is the main priority. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child is well cared for by a team of professional caretakers who arrange fun-filled activities. Suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years, the club is open daily from 9am – 6pm. The resort also offers baby-sitting services and can





Savoy SEYCHELLES RESORT & SPA Cradled between white sands and granite peaks, The Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa has certainly made an impact since it opened its doors in May 2014. The striking design and serene private spaces are enhanced by a world-class spa and a 700m² swimming pool – the largest in the Seychelles.


daybed and a relaxing hot tub. The Savoy Suites are light and airy with the rooms embracing modern-day luxury, including an extra-large king size bed and spacious bathroom. Each suite can sleep up to three adults, or two adults and one child. A private furnished terrace gives you plenty of space to kick-back and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Oozing aesthetic charm and featuring a private bathroom, the Junior Suites sleep three adults or two adults and one child. For the ultimate in luxury, the Junior Suites spill out onto a private furnished balcony or terrace that overlooks the beautiful clear blue sea. The Savoy King/Twin rooms comfortably accommodate up to three adults or two adults and one child. The contemporary décor promises a luxurious experience with an extensive private furnished balcony or terrace – for glorious views over the resort gardens, or the deep blue sea. For guests feeling energetic, state-ofthe-art facilities include an air-conditioned fitness centre, floodlit tennis court, dedicated kids’ club and 480m² of dedicated meeting space, should you wish to mix business with pleasure. Thinking of getting married? The hotel’s highly experienced wedding planners ensure a tropical wedding and honeymoon will live up to expectations. The world-



his 5-star, family-friendly hotel is majestically spread over 16-acres and nestles on the edge of Mahé’s most popular bay. An unmistakable seaside vibe permeates the Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa as seemingly endless white sandy beaches encourage swimming, snorkelling and looking-up-at-the-stars strolls at sunset. The 163 guest rooms boast inspiring views, private, fully furnished balconies, access to lush gardens and the sparkling Indian Ocean. From the moment you step inside, it’s all about the relaxing shades, sleek lines and natural textures and individually controlled air-conditioning to keep you cool. As you’d expect, everything is finished to perfection. Top-of-therange electrics include flatscreen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi, plus exclusive Molton Brown toiletries – just a handful of the luxuries provided to make your stay one you’ll never forget. Accommodating up to four adults or two adults and two children, the Savoy Penthouses offer sheer luxury. Including two bedrooms, a separate living area and a fully equipped kitchen, local arts and crafts create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The residential area flows seamlessly onto the private, fully furnished terrace that boasts spectacular views over the Savoy gardens, complete with a Balinese style

class Savoy Seychelles Resort Spa is a haven where east meets west, refinement meets cosmetic expertise and effective skincare meets indulgence. Nothing underlines luxury, and the laid-back nature of this resort than the 5,800m² sanctuary and the Sothys Paris skincare products. Embrace the benefits of holistic therapies and rediscover your inner peace with the personally tailored spa service that aims to achieve your total wellbeing. Enjoy the sensory journey of a lifetime and indulge in a second-to-none, unique spa experience. Located amid the lush green hillsides and just a stone’s throw from the tempting shores of Beau Vallon Beach, the luxurious spa features nine fully equipped Treatment Suites. The beautifully fitted areas include private showers, changing-room facilities, and unspoilt vistas over the gardens. How about a more intimate experience? The Couples Spa Suites treats lovers to a private whirlpool hot-tub while the adjacent gym facilities boast state-of-the-art Matrix equipment. The adjoining Pilates and Yoga Pavilion assure a calm and peaceful setting to promote a feeling of inner peace. The wet facilities include a Russian Banya and, exclusive to Savoy Spa, experience the ice fountain Hammam. The swimming pool features a cascading waterfall and a hydromassage pool. Anyone for a game of tennis?

When the sun sets, evenings of sumptuous cocktails and music are followed by contented guests enjoying relaxing sleeps, immersed in fine Egyptian cottons.

The first-class courts are game, set and match. The yoga and fitness instructors are happy to offer gentle paced sessions to accommodate beginners, or calorie-busting workouts, to challenge even the most hardened fitness buffs – programmes are designed to offer private, or couple-based sessions. Meal times are never boring at The Savoy. A smorgasbord of cuisines – including French, German, Spanish and Italian – are complemented by halal menus and a variety of speciality dishes from Russia, China and the Arabian Peninsula. The hotel’s international chefs make full use of the island’s plentiful bounty to show off their skills in three restaurants; beachside, poolside or perhaps a candlelit table overlooking a serene reflection pond? When the sun sets, evenings of sumptuous cocktails and music are followed by contented guests enjoying relaxing sleeps, immersed in fine Egyptian cottons. Just a two-minute walk away; Mahek, Ocean Deck and Island Trader restaurants are located in the sister location, the Coral Strand Hotel, where you can enjoy a 10% discount.


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Carana Beach HOTEL

Harbouring an ‘ethos and spirit of its own for every guest to discover,’ the Carana Beach Hotel captures the very essence of the island spirit of The Seychelles.


y delicately blending a respectful nod to the vibrancy and energy that is born of its past together with the here and now passion of those that currently work devotedly to create an authentic Seychellois sanctuary, Carana Beach offers an experience to waken their guests senses and to capture their imagination. Carana Beach Hotel boasts 40 chalets, all overlooking one of Mahe’s most dramatically picturesque beaches. Each has been designed to accentuate the wild nature of this unique location, with the view from every room spilling out onto striking blue seas framed by lush jungle, massive granite pillars and its white-sand beach.   Old meets new when modern twists on traditional island architecture, contemporary ocean-themed decor and a home-grown culture of genuine Seychelles hospitality, backed by decades of success in the Seychelles tourism industry, all feed into a casual yet chic ambiance for guests to dine, unwind and recharge.   The luxurious high-end standards and amenities at The Carana Beach Hotel are paired with affordable rates, making this a slice of paradise not purely reserved for the rich and famous.   The Carana Beach Hotel brings a fun, creative approach to both casual and semi-formal dining, offering an imaginative culinary experience for guests to enjoy at their own pace and leisure. Refined international cuisine mingles with frequent touches of Creole inspiration, along with a consistent focus on freshness and locality.


The luxurious high-end standards and amenities at The Carana Beach Hotel are paired with affordable rates, making this a slice of paradise not purely reserved for the rich and famous.


Named after the uninterrupted ocean panorama scene from its elevated perch, ‘Lorizon’, which means horizon in Creole, is the main restaurant and is open daily for breakfast from 7 till 10 AM and for dinner from 7:30 till 9:30 PM. An ideal setting to enjoy a spectacular view paired with equally refined cuisine for traditional, elegant dinner.   The Carana Beach Bar is where tourists and locals alike embrace a fun and informal atmosphere to eat, drink and socialise. This casual spot for all-day dining gives visitors an easy reference point to meet whilst enjoying cocktails and dining on tapas, light bites and fuss-free finger entree, all with the backdrop of light entertainment most nights. Open from 10 AM till late.   The Carana Beach Hotel makes for an ideal setting for couples to tie the knot or celebrate a special milestone, and the hotel staff are ready to cater for almost any elaborate or unusual request. The hotel also offers a series of ‘Emotions’ packages for couples to create lasting memories with refreshingly simple experiences tied to the hotel and the spirit of the islands.     For more information or to make a reservation, please visit




Bespoke Luxury Private Tours & Transfers




Carana Hilltop Villa Mahe

If your idea of the perfect holiday spot is a secluded and jungle-sequel hill top location, with breath-taking island-wide views, walled grounds and a private swimming pool, be sure to head inland to The Carana Hilltop Villa.




This impressive villa is framed by lush, multi-coloured tropical flowers in the front garden and by fruit trees facing the outside dining area where guests may enjoy meals in the total serenity of a unique setting. Offering an authentic Creole home-awayfrom-home, this charming holiday accommodation allows guests to enjoy this tropical haven at their own whim and pace, in keeping with the timeless traditions of Seychellois hospitality. The Carana Hilltop Villa presents the best of both worlds; it is positioned amongst the mountains of North East Mahé Island and is just a mere 5 minutes walk to the adventure of Carana Beach. The villa is only 20 minutes’ drive from the international airport, a mere 10-15 minutes’ drive to the capital, Victoria and Beau Vallon Beach, Mahé’s most famous beach while only a short walk from the nearest bus stop and local supermarket. Add to this ideal location delicious cuisine, fine island living and villas lavishly furnished with luxury and you have the perfect blend for the holiday of a lifetime. Accommodation varies according to budget and ranges from 90 to 125 euros a night for a single room with bed and breakfast or alternatively the whole villa can also be hired to cater for a large family or group. Each bedroom is air conditioned, with ensuite bathroom, television, mini-bar, telephone, and desk and PST rooms come complete with their own balcony. The villa also caters for guest in search of self-catering facilities as well offering sublime cuisine from their Creole kitchen which features such dishes as BBQ’d fish straight from the ocean, octopus curry prepared in coconut milk, smoked fish and mango salad.

Offering an authentic Creole home-awayfrom-home, this charming holiday accommodation allows guests to enjoy this tropical haven at their own whim and pace.

Ensuring every guest need or request is met, hairdressing, beauty therapy and in-room massage are all available on demand while car rental packages, airport transfers and a variety of excursions can easily be arranged, either when making your reservation or at any time at the villa reception. The villa also has an internet facility.


For more information or to make a reservation, please visit






Raffles SEYCHELLES For 128 years Raffles has gone out of its way to give you the warmest welcome, the richest experiences and the fondest of memories and today the legend continues all over the world. The Raffles name is synonymous with luxury, glamour and extraordinary adventure. Each hotel is an oasis of calm and charm at the crossroads of a civilization. Each is a carefully chosen destination in its own right. Each is uniquely, indefinable, sublimely Raffles.


Synonymous with romance thanks to its white sands, stunning scenery and beautiful sunsets, the Seychelles is a destination that’s ideal for couples"


ow as the brand grows and reaches new and sometimes surprising destinations, guests can rest assured that wherever in the world Raffles travel, they will remain distinctly Raffles – infused with the same spirit of adventure, luxury and sublime service. Exciting and enchanting, refreshing and invigorating, Raffles is loved by those with an adventurous spirit and a taste for the very best. In 2011, Raffles’ first ever resort in the Indian Ocean opened in one of the world’s most far flung destinations, the island of Praslin in the Seychelles. Beautifully designed upon a lush hill facing the Indian Ocean, Raffles Seychelles features 86 private villas, some of the most spacious in the archipelago. Each villa offers a private pool and outdoor pavilion to soak up the breath-taking views of the opal-hued ocean, white sandy beach and rolling green hills. An oasis of laidback luxury, Raffles Seychelles instills a sense of wellbeing and creates an atmosphere of blissful relaxation, ideal for the paradise seeker. The resort sits right on the beautiful and renowned Anse Takamaka Beach, 500 meters of pristine white sand line the resort’s beachfront, with dramatic granite formation adding to the picturesque coastline. It only gets better as you can step a few meters from the beach and enjoy two, 45 meters long infinity pool, where paradise seekers can relax, sunbathe and enjoy fresh cocktails. Another amazing attraction to Raffles Seychelles is the signature Raffles Spa, a haven of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Steps away from the coastline of Anse Takamaka, amidst stunning surroundings, it’s carefully


designed to calm the spirit and awaken the senses. This luxurious spa features 13 treatment pavilions, showcasing the spectacular view of the blue ocean, tropical gardens and dramatic granite boulders. Two spa suites, a first in the Seychelles, are fitted with steam showers, Japanese soaking tubs and observation decks where guests can enjoy stunning vistas in privacy. A tranquil spa garden makes the ideal spot for pre- and post-spa relaxation. Set among natural rock formations and high above the water, even the journey to the treatment pavilions is an intrinsic part of the Raffles Spa experience. At 1,234 square meters this is the largest spa in the archipelago, and the closest spa to the Indian Ocean. Dining at Raffles Seychelles is an absolute pleasure as you are spoilt with the world of fresh seafood before you! Beach dinners under the stars, cocktails on a rooftop overlooking the ocean, finely crafted sushi and sashimi, contemporary Creole dishes: Raffles Seychelles presents a diverse collection of culinary experiences at its four restaurants; Losean Restaurant, Curieuse Restaurant, The Sushi Room, and Pool Restaurant & Bar. Losean Restaurant - From breakfast dishes from around the world to an evening menu inspired by the Indian Ocean, Losean offers thoughtfully-prepared and contemporary food throughout the day. Come evening and Losean becomes an elegant dinner setting, with tables both inside and out in the gardens, candlelit and accompanied by the sounds of the sea. Incorporating local ingredients and freshlycaught fish, the à la carte menu is a tribute to the best of Creole and Indian Oceaninspired food; simple and delicious, with a contemporary twist.




Curieuse Restaurant - A gastronomic journey tracing through India, China and South East Asia, Curieuse, led by Chef de Cuisine Sunil Dutt, is the Seychelles’ only Asian restaurant. Infused with oriental spice and aromatic ingredients, the menu varies from Thai salads and spicy sour soup to Indian curries and traditional Chinese stirfries. With low-lit outdoor tables dotted amid the leafy Seychellois surroundings, Curieuse is an atmospheric, island-chic setting for an unforgettable dinner. The Sushi Room - In a location famed for its fresh fish, The Sushi Room at Curieuse celebrates the island’s world-class catch with an exciting menu of sushi and sashimi. The intimate, eight-table room, just off the main Curieuse restaurant, allows guests to witness the chef in action, skillfully preparing each dish moments before it arrives at their table. The evening tasting menu presents an assortment of nigiri, tataki, maki and sashimi for a well-rounded experience of Japanese cuisine, complemented by a variety of sake. Sushi can also be enjoyed à la carte at Pool Restaurant & Bar for lunch. Pool Restaurant & Bar- showcasing fresh, local products and light cuisine, the Pool Restaurant & Bar offers a casual lunch setting, perfect for refueling during a busy day of soaking up the Seychellois sun. Serving salads, sandwiches and well-loved classics from around the world, as well as sushi and sashimi, the menu's diverse options cater to every appetite. Celebrations are also done in exquisite Raffles style in Praslin. When it comes to marking your special occasion, the possibilities are endless at Raffles Seychelles: enjoy a group trip of a lifetime, complete with beach barbecues, cookery classes, excursions to neighboring


islands and fishing trips; celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with private dinners under the stars, rooftop cocktails and spa treatments.

Synonymous with romance thanks to its white sands, stunning scenery and beautiful sunsets, the Seychelles is a destination that’s ideal for couples. Allow the Raffles team to help you create the perfect proposal, picture-perfect wedding, unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary. Complete with romantic dinners, couples’ massages and aromatic baths at Raffles Spa, champagne cruises and sundowners on Anse Lazio, one of the world’s best beaches, we can guarantee an unforgettable celebration. There’s never a dull moment in paradise as this resort comes equipped with an amazing recreation team who knows the island better than anyone! Indoor or out, relaxing or inspiring, for families or couples; Raffles Seychelles has activities which help you feel at one with the natural beauty of the archipelago. With a range of water activities, from snorkeling to boat excursions, to table tennis on the resort or hiking trails for the adventurous, there is something to suit every taste. Fear not the worry of having the kids on vacation as The Sugar Palm Kids Club is a dedicated club catering to toddlers, children, and even teenagers on the resort. Lively, educational and age appropriate activities are coordinated by the Recreation team to ensure that the young ones can enjoy the idyllic paradise of Praslin, as much as adults do.

For more information or to make a

reservation, please visit



Indian Ocean Lodge Praslin Hop on a 45 minute boat trip or 10 minute flight from Mahe Island and you will arrive at the magnificent and remote Praslin Island.

The unique positioning between the green scenery inland and the turquoise vistas of Grand Andea Beach makes the Indian Ocean Lodge a secluded slice of paradise from every angle.



here, hidden away amongst the islands lush greenery is the Indian Ocean Lodge, a tranquil and authentic Creole hotel renowned for its faultless customer service and surprisingly reasonable rates.  The unique positioning between the green scenery inland and the turquoise vistas of Grand Andea Beach makes the Indian Ocean Lodge a secluded slice of paradise from every angle.    Grand Anse is just on the outskirts of the tiny village by the same name and is one of the longest beaches on the island, with shallow flats that extend far out to the reef, and water barely lapping along the shore. This makes it ideal for family activities or simply strolling up and down the coastline.   The hotel is just a 5-minute drive from the Praslin airport, 15 minutes from the Baie Ste Anne Jetty, about 20 minutes from Cote D’Or beach (a hotspot for diving and island excursions), and 35 minutes away from the world famous beach of Anse Lazio.   Designed to relax and embrace its guests, the Lodge and its 32 rooms offers all the creature comforts of home with added opulent luxurious touches. The interiors have been designed to uniquely identify with Praslin in every way, with pastel and earth tones, along with fixtures and made out of traditional materials like palm leaves and coconut husks and shells. The white-washed furniture, built by local carpenters, lends a soothing, rustic finish to the room.   All rooms have been conveniently designed to easily convert into ideal accommodation for families. Standard


The pool bar offers a selection of bistro favourites, such as homemade burgers, sandwiches, pastas and fresh fish selections, all available from our a la carte menu. The bar is also open through the evening for you to enjoy any number of cocktails creations and drink specials. For those who want to explore all that Praslin Island offers, a free shuttle bus is provided by the hotel to transport guests through the majesty of the island, arriving at the exquisite beach of Anse Volbert.  The Indian Ocean Lodge can cater for every aspect of a dream wedding in paradise, promising a uniquely romantic experience for couples. The exquisite gazebo by the beach, or the beach itself, are ideal venues for exchanging or renewing vows.  Special honeymoon packages are also available together with a range of different add-ons to make your paradise getaway even more memorable.   For more information or to make a reservation, please visit


rooms are equipped with king-size beds, but two adjacent built-in couches are easily converted into twin beds, allowing a family of 4 to be comfortably accommodated. Each room is also inter-connected to its adjacent room, which offers plenty of space for families of even up to 8 individuals. The spacious bathrooms were created with guests’ day schedules in mind. The double shower means you can freshen up and get rid of the sand you have accumulated from the beach without waiting around for your partner, and clothes-lines ensure those wet bathing suits dry out in good time.   Guests are spoilt for choice at the hotel’s Blue Marlin Bar & Restaurant, which presents the very finest and freshest of local seafood, all prepared with flare and flavour to satisfy the most discerning of foodies.  The restaurant offers two distinct areas for you to dine – inside the main building, or out on the covered veranda. Breakfasts are served from 7:30 to 10:00AM, and dinner from 19:30PM, with an a la carte pool bar and bistro open throughout the day.




Along the northern coastlines of the picturesque Praslin island lays Pirogue Lodge. This charming, family owned small hotel consists of 6 standard rooms, each facing the sea. The small hotel started operating in 2013.

Anse Lazio Beach, where the hotel is situated, is one of the world’s most stunning beaches in the world. Anse Lazio’s azure sea water and fine white sandy beach is ideal for a relaxing treat on your holiday.


eautifully decorated with simple wooden furniture and paintings from local artists, each room radiates the creole serenity and calm. A private little verandah furnished with traditional, relaxing chairs is there to capture the azure ocean view. The warmth of the Seychellois smile and the amicable staff is the perfect way to enjoy a home away from home, with the white, sandy Cote D’or Beach located merely seconds from you. Praslin, the second main island of the Seychelles Archipelago has a population of approximately 7000 inhabitants. The island enjoys a laid back, slow-paced lifestyle filled with joie-de-vivre. The locals are all friendly and welcoming, fitted to serve the islands’ main economic activity which is tourism. Praslin is also the home of the Vallee de Mai, a lush green garden which is the natural habitat of the world’s largest nut, the Coco de Mer, as well as the endemic black parrot and various other endemics palms, plants and insects. This world heritage site is surely not to be missed.

Anse Lazio Beach, where the hotel is situated, is one of the world’s most stunning beaches in the world. Anse Lazio’s azure sea water and fine white sandy beach is ideal for a relaxing treat on your holiday.



Renowned for being a fishing village in the olden days, the Cote D’or, also known as the golden coast was the nesting place for many

Pirogues (small wooden boats used for fishing). Though time has worn away the Pirogues, Cote D’or coastlines remains an ideal mooring spot for small boats as well as an easy access to neighbouring islands and snorkeling spots, such as Curieuse Island, Aride Island and St Pierre Island. Each room at the Pirogue Lodge is approximately 50m2 and equipped with a private furnished balcony, air conditioning, a king size bed, a shower and cleansing cosmetics, mini bar, personal safe and wifi facilities.

Pirogue Restaurant and Bar is located on the same property and offers a wide choice of both local and international dishes as well as cocktails and other beverages. Open from 8.00am to 11pm, it daily serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. During your stay, there are a whole host of activities that can be seen aged for you to enjoy by the Pirogue Lodge team. From simple taxi, car rental and private transfer services, to world-class snorkelling and a cube diving, island tours, boat excursions and big game fishing, you can be as active or as restful as you desire. The ever efficient team are at their guest' disposal to facilitate any special activities, should they be available on the island. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit




Let yovr nexu island be Bird Island... A private nature reserve and bird sanctuary on the northern tip of the Seychelles archipelago. Home to thousands of tropical birds, giant land tortoises, and breathtaking marine life. Not only is Bird Island a heaven for nature lovers, but a true Robinson Crusoe getaway, boasting an eco-lodge with only 24 cottages. For the authentic Seychelles experience in a natural, comfortable and simple setting, and at an affordable rate, join us on Bird Island Seychelles.

Bird Island Lodge, Seychelles | P.O. Box 1419, Victoria, MahĂŠ, Seychelles T:+248 4224925 | F:+248 4225074 | E: 95

Alphonse Island

As the world becomes more accessible, people are shunning commercialised hotels, resorts and destinations and seeking remote, privately owned, unique properties in unspoiled locations.

Children love the conservation walks with the island environmentalists and discovering ghost crabs on the beach, as well as seeing shoals of brightly coloured fish swim in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean.



lphonse Island is unlike any other island in the Seychelles. In an era where we are digitally connected more than ever and in many cases, beholden to a technological device, Alphonse Island has purposefully created a tranquil paradise where interconnectivity is replaced with the connectivity to the pristine, unspoiled, environment and friends, family and loved ones. The ancient art of conversation is rediscovered and listening to one another becomes a joy and is undisrupted. The sounds of email notifications are replaced with laughter, the sound of the ocean as the waves gently break on the shoreline and the birdsong in the trees. Located 400km from the mainland of Mahé and 7 °South of the equator, Alphonse Island is accessible only by plane. Accommodation is 21 Beach Bungalows and five Beach Suites, all with direct beach access and panoramic, uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, with each decorated in hues and colours that reflect the natural environment of the island. Unlike many hotels and resorts, Alphonse Island encourages its guests to spend as much of their time as possible out of their room and discovering all the island offers. All Beach Bungalows and Beach Suites come with their own bicycles and with no cars on the island, a bike is the preferred mode of island transportation. Alphonse Island provides bike seats for babies and toddlers as well as smaller bikes for children. Keen for guests to absorb themselves in the island lifestyle, Alphonse Island has its own vegetable garden.


Plump figs, crunchy cucumbers, golden ears of corn, fragrant melons, and firm tomatoes are all grown from scratch. Guests can visit the garden and choose from a wide range of fresh produce and make their own delicious smoothie. Dining on Alphonse is an experience. Beach BBQ’s, flats lunches, plated dinners and exquisite buffets are available.  Freshly caught fish features on the menu. Cuisine is influenced by the Creole culture of the Seychelles and is delicious, healthy and wholesome. Private picnics, breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be arranged upon request.   The malaria free environment is perfect for families and the balmy year-round temperature of 27° makes Alphonse the ideal island escape at any time! Children love the conservation walks with the island environmentalists and discovering ghost crabs on the beach, as well as seeing shoals of brightly coloured fish swim in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean that fringe the beaches of Alphonse. Children, teens and adults all adore exploring the waters along the shoreline in a glass-bottomed kayak and marveling at the varied array of aquatic life. The waters surrounding Alphonse Island are outstanding for both diving and snorkeling. The PADI certified dive centre caters for children, who can experience their first foray into the underwater world from 9 years old by completing a Bubble Maker course. Alphonse Island’s PADI dive centre has an experienced team of PADI-certified professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety of divers and protecting the underwater environment while providing exciting diving adventures.

For those who prefer to relax, Azure Spa is a small, yet perfect tranquil haven in paradise. Azure Spa uses Yi-King organic products originating from the Seychelles, each essential oil blend is tailored to your needs and determined by your date of birth. Inspired by the island, many treatments including massages, facials and scrubs using moisturizing coconut oil, warming vanilla oil, relaxing lavender oil, soothing chamomile and invigorating grapefruit oil. Each oil benefits the body in a variety of ways, be it to relax, revive or rejuvenate the body. Manicures, pedicures and waxing treatments are also available. Toys can be purchased, material gifts given, but what makes a lasting impact is experiences, which last a lifetime. Alphonse Island is a sanctuary for the senses, a discovery for the mind, food for the soul. It is a place where guests are at one with the environment, where peace and tranquility reign. It is a destination like no other, it is paradise perfected and this enchanting island is just waiting to be explored!

For further information or to make a reservation, please visit


There are 24 dives sites that surround Alphonse Island, all of which are easily reached in under 30 minutes on comfortable purpose-built dive boats. Diving into the warm tropical waters of Alphonse Island reveals a vibrant array of coral and fish as far as the eye can see. Forests of giant gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and black corals can be viewed along the precipitous drop-off and the incredible hard coral formations on the plateau are a magnificent sight to behold! The large numbers and sizes of fishes are what make diving at Alphonse Island particularly special. For those who do not wish to dive the depths of the Indian Ocean, Alphonse Island offers guests the opportunity to view the magnificent array of aquatic life with daily snorkeling boat trips. The unique experiences that cannot be encountered anywhere else in the Seychelles, is what positions Alphonse Island in a league of their own! Sail across the sparkling Indian Ocean in a catamaran to the St Francois Flats, beyond the uninhabited island of St Francois and encounter one of the most magical and extraordinary lunch venues. Dazzling white sand, surrounded by sapphire blue waters and the expanse of the sky above is simply breathtaking. Feast on a selection of grilled meats, fish and delicious salads. On land, discover the flora and fauna that inhabit Alphonse on a guided bike tour with an expert conservationist, feed the giant tortoises that freely roam the island, wade out onto the surrounding flats and see the array of wildlife that exist in this ecosystem.



Private Island Denis may be one of Seychelles’ smallest islands, but its impact on tourism is gigantic. This is an island where sustainability is not a check-the-box exercise to be carried out for an annual report, sustainability is the exercise on which its business depends.

We wanted to bring Denis into a preserved state for future generations, as a selfsustainable island that would be impacted as little as possible by the outside world.”



issecting one of the immaculately presented dishes to come out of the kitchen on Denis Island can be a maddening game of curiosity. Which components of the dish come from the island itself, and which had to be shipped in from abroad? Considering that the Seychelles and its 115 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean have to import 99 percent of its goods, you might be surprised to find out that on Denis, more often than not, it’s the former and not the latter. The Masons, a Seychellois family that is largely credited with helping to kick-start the country’s tourism industry in 1972 as the islands’ first inbound tour operator, purchased Denis in the 1990s. The island already had a small hotel on it that was opened by its previous owner, a French businessman, but Mickey and Kathy Mason had a different vision for what they were buying. It was less about going in to change the accommodation and much more about how they were going to transform the island. “We wanted to bring Denis into a preserved state for future generations, as a self-sustainable island that would be impacted as little as possible by the outside world,” Mr Mason says. Like many of Seychelles’ satellite islands that lie beyond the main cluster of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, Denis had been converted into a coconut plantation during colonial times, its natural habitat stripped bare. So the Masons took a conscious decision to restore the make-up of the original endemic forest for much of the island. It’s been a slow, methodical process that continues through today, but it was needed to trigger a cascade


effect of other developments along the island’s path toward sustainability. The destruction of natural forest habitats in favour of coconut plantations did no favours for the endemic land birds that were unique to Seychelles. Factor in the invasive populations of rats that tagged along on ships and made homes for themselves on the islands, and Seychelles’ endemic birds had suddenly run out of suitable nesting spots. Many remain on the IUCN’s red list of threatened species as a result. So apart from removing invasive flora, a bit of ruthlessness toward some of nature’s most persistently successful species also formed part of the restoration plan. Completely eradicating the rat population on the island remains one of the biggest conservation investments Denis has made over the years. The eradication of invasive Mynah birds, which competed with endemics for nesting locations, followed suit in 2015. The eradication programmes quickly paid dividends, and the newly restored habitats have allowed endemic birds to thrive again. Denis has even successfully translocated birds not previously on the island, such as the paradise flycatcher, which had previously only been endemic to the island of La Digue, as well as the Seychelles warbler. Tagging and monitoring endemic birds comprise just one component of the work carried out by the Green Islands Foundation, a conservation NGO with a permanent outpost on Denis to oversee a broad spectrum of activities. These include monitoring programmes for nesting Hawksbill and green turtles and research into the ecosystem of the reef flats surrounding the island, among others.

Although here, too, there is a certain novelty that comes from the island’s principled approach to cuisine. Surrounded by an expanse of rich tropical waters, it’s not hard to imagine that fresh fish features heavily on the island’s menus, which change daily. However, the Masons have also invested heavily in the rearing of livestock, and what began with chicken and pigs now provides the chefs on Denis an incredible palette with which to create, from duck to turkey to guinea fowl. Meanwhile, cattle provide all of the island’s dairy, with homemade yogurt a daily staple, along with a steady stream of locally grown fruits and vegetables. There are island-specific challenges, of course, but as much as possible, Mr Mason approaches them with islandspecific solutions. The lack of wide open grazing spaces for the cattle, for instance, is addressed by way of the island’s old nemesis – the coconut palm. “The cows have really developed a liking for palm leaves,” Mr Mason says, “and milk production has increased significantly since we introduced that as part of their diet.” Being able to substitute an import with what the island grows naturally in abundance is a common theme on Denis. And in some ways, it mirrors what many of the clients feel in their bones after spending enough time on the island: Denis Private Island is like an organic, sustainable substitute for today’s modern holiday package.


Outreach to the island’s guests, who can involve themselves as much or as little as they like in the foundation’s conservation activities, is also an important aspect of sustainability that’s not lost on the Masons. Because without the clients, the whole plan falls apart. If rarity is what makes something luxurious, then Denis can certainly be considered a luxury retreat, but luxury is not a term the Masons throw around haphazardly. The hotel’s main concourse and the 25 cottages discreetly tucked behind the beach are refreshingly simple, lending a refined elegance with contrasts of stone and wood against nature’s colourful backdrop. But no one would describe the hotel as lavish or opulent. “In some ways, the luxuriousness of it all comes from the insider knowledge of how the place came to be,” Mr Mason says. A small lumber mill and carpentry workshop on the island converts the fast-growing casuarina trees that have been used for all of the hotel’s furniture and floorings. There is no spa on the island, but that doesn’t mean the guests on Denis are deprived of relaxing scrubs and massage treatments. The island’s spa therapists simply come to the guest chalets, or designate a private spot on the beachfront under the trees, depending on client preference. All of the spa products used on Denis are local, from a base of cold-pressed coconut oil and a variety of other island grown ingredients. “Our style of hospitality should mostly reflect what the island is prepared to give,” Mr Mason says. “It’s not a decision we want to make on our own.” The one place where you might be able to use a word like “opulence” on Denis, however, is in the kitchen.


Bird Island Lodge Seychelles The Seychelles is known as one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world, but it’s not all about the big expensive hotels.

“ The most phenomenal is

the sooty tern colony when at its peak. Visitors come from the world over just to witness this spectacle.”



hilst island hopping around this extraordinary archipelago, you’ll discover that the Seychelles is rich in history, in culture, is abundant in nature and offers visitors some of the best beaches in the world. Each and every island has it’s own charm but one of the most compelling is Bird Island. Even as the plane comes in to land, guests are greeted by incredible viewsamazing hues of the blue ocean and the whitest sandy beaches, leaving one with a sensation of excitement and also a state of wonder. This northern-most island of the Seychelles archipelago is only 101 hectares; a small island but the experiences guests take from here are far from this. Simplicity is key on Bird Island. Its 24 bungalows are spacious, each with a sitting area, a large bathroom and a verandah overlooking the natural gardens. The wooden louvered windows allow the cool breeze to flow through the bungalows, ideal for those who prefer to relax inside. A stone’s throw away is the magnificent West Beach, perfect for sunbathing or for a refreshing swim. The main lodge houses the reception, the restaurant, the bar and the lounge areas. Here, guests will also find the island’s quaint little boutique and library. The lodge’s look is typically island style, from its buildings to its furnishings, giving off a relaxed atmosphere encouraging you to feel at home. Bird Island is an eco-lodge and safeguarding the island’s natural heritage is priority. The owners have been working hard to ensure this since the lodge’s opening some 40 years ago. Formerly a coconut plantation, the proprietors turned it into the first eco-lodge in the


Flight Times: Depart Mahé at 10:30am (check-in 9:30am), Depart Bird at 11:20am (check-in 10:50am) with arrival into Mahé at 11:55am. 15KG Luggage allowance.  Other Suitcases can be stored at the airport (for a fee).

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit


Seychelles and is to this day the only one of its kind. With an awareness of man’s impact on the environment, the family-run lodge has been determinedly educating its visitors on its philosophy through its green practices; from the solar heated water, to its fresh locally sourced creole dishes and the fact that offshore sport fishing by boat is no longer offered. Exploring the island with the conservation officer, Roby Bresson, will open your eyes to all the natural wonders of the Island and all the conservation work undertaken by its custodians. As you kayak or snorkel in the surrounding waters you may come across the juvenile sea turtles feeding off the sea grass in the shallows or as you go for an afternoon walk, you may stumble upon the intriguing giant tortoises on their own exploits. The most phenomenal of all however, is the sooty tern colony when at its peak. Visitors come from the world over just to witness this spectacle. The northerly location of Bird Island also makes it an ideal ‘port of call’ for many passing birds, a sunny spot away from the winter weather of their homes, much like the human visitors. This allows Bird Island to become a sort of ‘summer home’ for a variety of interesting birds for a period of the year. Bird Island offers guests a place to get away from the busy, fast paced, modern world of today and without phone signals and T.V. connections, they can do just that. Visitors come to immerse themselves into the island, into nature and into the people who live and work here. The wildlife is astonishing, from the birds in their thousands to the sea turtles nesting around the island daily; a humble reminder of just how precious such places are. On Bird Island, guests live, eat and sleep like true islanders. The island is accessible by daily flights booked directly with Bird Island.


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Yachting E

In our company we do not just charter yachts or take people fishing…’, says Mr. Parekh, ‘we tailor their very unique Seychelles memories and we assure their dream catch comes true.’


legant Yachting was established in 2005 by Mr. Sindu Parekh. As the person of extraordinary charisma and unparalleled knowledge of destination “fishing” that he is, Mr. Sindu has travelled a great adventurous path, creating not only a successful business, but authentic memories for his clientele. ‘In our company we do not just charter yachts or take people fishing…’, says Mr. Parekh, ‘we tailor their very unique Seychelles memories and we assure their dream catch comes true.’ Great service and expertise are two major founding elements in Elegant Yachting. Team members and partners are carefully selected in order to sustain the company’s philosophy. ‘We may not offer all charter possibilities, but we most certainly offer the best.’   Elegant Yachting team is all for tailoring exclusive charter experiences, as they recognise that every traveller has certain preferences and aspirations, and is likely to be seeking a perfect tool to help in their pursuit of real adventure.   As of one the world’s leading destinations for fishing, Seychelles annually attracts sport fishing fanatics from all around the globe and Elegant Yachting prides itself for being


one of the leading Outer Island Charter operators. From September to May, they run extreme sport fishing expeditions ranging from 140 Nmiles to 380 - 500 Nmiles in distance from the main island of Mahe. ‘The Grander’ - their flagship, plays the role of a mothership, - “a home away from home” as their guests like to say.  Ile Platte, Amirantes Group, Providence & Cosmoledo are the major destinations for extreme monster fishing. Extensive fishing grounds, untouched, unexplored routes, wider variety of species and significant chances of landing “monster fish”- every fisherman’s dream - that is what Outer Islands are about.  Jigging for dogtooth tunas, countless kinds of groupers, casting for large Yellow fin tunas, sailfish and Giant Trevally and many more species that sport fisherman from every corner of the world crusade to Seychelles for.    The Seychelles actually holds a number of International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records for fish species caught in and around the Outer Islands, including  records for bonefish, the dogtooth tuna, big-eye trevally and the moustache grouper.   In an attempt to protect such diversity and the health of the Seychelles’ marine life, the practice of ‘catch and release’ has become increasingly popular in the Seychelles. 

Elegant Yachting is widely known for its support towards such practice, particularly for the species like Marlins, Sailfish, Giant Trevallies, Tunas. ‘We invest every effort in making it global: we educate our crew and clientele, we inspire them to “create tomorrow”, so to have the ecosystem protected for future generations of anglers. We believe that in time Seychelles will remain №1 Destination for sport fishing in the world’ says Mr. Sindu.    Seychelles really do verge on near perfection: waters that glisten under an equatorial sun, sweeping white bays, swaying palms, stunning hotels, unparalleled biodiversity, living things one can only see in the Seychelles, one of its kind ambiance and culture.   What lies beyond coastlines is Elegant Yachting’s expertise. Seychelles Archipelago is a perfect canvas and the team will help every charterer to paint it any colour each guest’s wish. Their charter portfolio consists of more than a dozen yachts to explore the Seychelles waters on and expert crew will add the heart to it and guide you around the world’s most beautiful sugar-like beaches, crystal clear waters, and will delight you with local cuisine and exceed your every expectation. Whether it’s a family vacation and you would like to explore the jewels of Inner Islands, or you are a fanatical angler who wishes to go beyond - there is a charter itinerary that will thrill and excite you.    With over 20 years of the yacht ownership experience, Mr. Sindu has developed an additional direction of the business, by including the purchase and ownership of boats in Seychelles into the company’s service profile. ‘Now exotic, postcard-like sceneries could be explored on board your very own yacht. With our team of professional advisors it just got easier.’ ABSOLUTE



Moorings For more than 45 years, The Moorings has been providing travellers and adventure-seekers from all walks of life with second to none yacht charter experiences in some of the most idyllic destinations across the globe.


From the moment you begin planning an awe-inspiring Seychelles escape to the moment you disembark from the dock, the chartering process is made as seamless and stress-free as possible


ake a moment to imagine travelling aboard a private yacht, surrounded by postcard-worthy scenery, in one of the world’s most magnificent cruising destinations. You wake up in a deluxe cabin, walk up to the main deck and look out to a breathtaking vista of bright blue sea and sandy white shores, the likes of which you’ve never laid eyes on before. The morning beckons with endless opportunities for adventure as you savour the moment and think, “What am I in the mood for today?”. With The Moorings, transforming this daydream into a real life memory is easier than you think. For more than 45 years, The Moorings has been providing travellers and adventureseekers from all walks of life with second to none yacht charter experiences in some of the most idyllic destinations across the globe. Originally founded by Navy veteran Charlie Cary in 1969, the company was built based on a genuine passion for sailing, strong values, and longstanding customer loyalty. A steadfast commitment to Cary’s vision for success has allowed The Moorings to set the standard for premier yacht charters in over 20 of the world’s top-rated travel destinations, thus creating the ultimate Five-


Star experience on the water – consistently described by guests as their “best holiday ever”. Choose your high quality cruising platform from a cutting-edge fleet of more than 400 state-of-the-art Sail and Power yachts and select from an array of charter options to best suit your group. Whether you are a party of 2 or 20, The Moorings can accommodate all your “time off” needs with no detail spared. Classically refined and contemporarily equipped, The Moorings monohulls set the standard for performance and comfort. Backed by the boat-building heritage of Beneteau, these vessels are some of the most sought-after charter yachts available. The Moorings is also proud to partner with renowned builder Robertson & Caine to offer award-winning Sail and Power catamarans that deliver impeccable style and spacious layouts. Fuel-efficient Powercats let you go faster and farther on a fully-equipped charter platform that makes cruising feel effortless. From the moment you begin planning an awe-inspiring Seychelles escape to the moment you disembark from the dock, the chartering process is made as seamless and stress-free as possible, so you can enjoy more time on the water with the ones you

cherish most. Break free from ordinary holidays and discover unlimited offshore freedom, on your own clock and compass. Step aboard your private Sail, Power, Skippered, or all-inclusive Crewed yacht and discover your own piece of unspoiled paradise nestled neatly in the crystalline Indian Ocean. Apply your seasoned seafaring skills at the helm of one of the featured Seychelles charter yachts – a sleek and spacious Moorings 4800 Sail catamaran or a high-performance Moorings 514 Power catamaran. Or, hire a Moorings Skipper to safely navigate the pristine Seychelles cruising grounds for you. If you’re looking for the ultimate first-rate charter experience, all-inclusive Crewed yachts satisfy those with the finest taste in upscale travel. Indulge your senses like never before with the best onboard accommodations and unmatched service in a world-class destination. With an expert captain and personal gourmet chef catering to every charter need, The Moorings Crewed charters allow you and your favourite travel companions to cast all cares to the wind and enjoy more unforgettable moments on the water while basking in the natural beauty that abounds in the Seychelles.


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Water World LUXURY YACHT CHARTER SERVICES Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, with more than 100 islands spread out over a million square kilometers of the ocean, it is clear that the best way to explore the Seychelles is by sea.


Enjoy a close-up encounter with Seychelles’ giant land tortoises on Curieuse Island or discover one of the world’s most colourful natural aquariums just outside Coco and Félicité Island.”



ater World specialises in long distance, day and overnight charters catering to individuals, groups or families looking for the ultimate sailing and fishing experience in Seychelles’ beautiful waters. Known for their exceptional service and VIP treatment, Water World offers a fleet of luxury cruising yachts, sailing catamarans and top class sports fishing boats ranging from 26 to 74 feet, meticulously maintained by a friendly multi-lingual crew that have received awards for their service and accolades as proven fishing tournament winners. The tours and charters are 100% customised to suit their guests’ needs. From private chauffeur services to tailored itineraries, to personalised menus to suit all dietary requirements, the team ensure that their guests are offered first class service in every aspect. Water World share with you a unique insight into the Seychelles’ beautiful marine life and islands, giving you the freedom to explore the paradise at your own pace in private. Water World’s latest additions include the luxurious Riviera 60’ Flybridge cruiser equipped with state-of-the-art fixtures and a fully air-conditioned flybridge, as well as the sleek Leopard Sailing Catamaran 58’ with 4 double cabins, a spacious living area and outdoor kitchen and grill. Fifty Shades is their largest vessel. Voted one of the top five best designed super yachts in the world, the Sunseeker Manhattan 74’ is luxuriously equipped and exceptionally spacious. With advanced drive systems, she

is capable of impressive speeds of up to 35 knots, as well as offering a wide cruising range. Fifty Shades’ key features include 2 luxurious staterooms, an upper level dining area overlooking the water and a comprehensively equipped galley and bar. The crew bring a new experience of Seychelles and the sea - set out for a day of fun and take advantage of their full range of specialist fishing equipment, snorkelling gear and toys. The jet skis and sea bobs will keep even the most adrenaline-seeking junkies entertained. A good day’s fishing is always guaranteed either through ‘tag and release,’ the preferred Seychelles style with a line and hook, or even a little leisurely trawling for the odd wahoo and bonito. Water World specialises in Big Game Fishing for those looking for bigger thrills and a deep sea excursion. You might be lucky enough to catch Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish, Dorado or Tuna. Combine a day out at sea with a visit to one of the inner islands. The charter sailings offer clients the freedom to hop on and off at leisure to explore the islands’ sights and attractions. The adventures that await you are endless. Praslin has become one of the most popular islands to visit in the Seychelles. It is home to one of Seychelles’ two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Vallée de Mai which was long considered to be the original Garden of Eden and is the birthplace of the famous Coco de Mer. A visit to Anse Lazio beach which has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world on several occasions is a must - enjoy lunch on board or let the crew make you a reservation at

Bonbon Plume Restaurant. Situated on the water’s edge at Anse Lazio beach, Bonbon Plumes serves an array of authentic Creole dishes while offering a unique feet-in-the-sand experience. Just across the pond lies La Digue Island, where the main mode of transport is by bicycle. Have lunch at Fish Trap Restaurant followed by a tour of L’Union Estate, a former coconut and vanilla plantation that offers an insight into La Digue’s colonial history. Running alongside the estate is the famed Anse Source d’Argent - a beach that is so beautiful it may well ruin all other beaches for you. Enjoy a close-up encounter with Seychelles’ giant land tortoises on Curieuse Island or discover one of the world’s most colourful natural aquariums just outside Coco and Félicité Island. The choice is yours and the possibilities are immense with Water World Luxury Yacht Charter Services.


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Summer Rain


A Million Miles Away from Mass Tourism


he beautiful islands of the Seychelles deserve to be explored with the people who know it best, Summer Rain Tour & Travels. The team at Summer Rain offer a wide range of services to make your holiday to the stunning islands a personalized luxury adventure a million miles away from mass tourism. The owner of the local boutique destination management company, Mr Mervyn Esparon brings his own love of luxury adventure travel and exploration to the Company by offering clients uniquely tailored tours, transportation services, hotel reservations and ground handling. Established in 2017, the company is run by highly qualified professionals with more than ten years of experience in the tourism and aviation industry. The company caters to everyone, from the adventure enthusiasts who may have a thrilling interest in Island Hopping, Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Nature Trails and Zip lining, to the more laidback holidaymaker who might prefer Sightseeing, Private Yachting and Helicopter Tours. Whatever your choice of the type of holiday you’d like to have, the team at Summer Rain will be personally involved in making sure that it’s the best one yet. Tours & Excursions

The team at Summer Rain offer an exploration of paradise in comfort giving travellers the opportunity to discover the soul of the islands at their own pace.

spots for the most amazing views of the fantastic panoramic blanket of green forest that leads down to the finest white sandy beaches. The newest concept on the local tourism market; the Private Beach Picnic Tour of Mahe focuses on the exquisite culinary and rich cultural side of Seychelles which includes a visit to the Botanical Gardens, main attractions of the town of Victoria with local delicacies such as samousa, chilli cakes and banana cakes. Upon reaching the Mission Lodge, a chilled coconut water and a fruit platter to re-energise will be available to be served. A luxury plus to the package, the personal butler will set a picnic on a private beach that includes a gourmet lunch accompanied wine, beer and soft drinks right on the sand. After the delicious lunch, the guests are free to enjoy the beach until it’s time to visit the Jardin Du Roi with a final stop at the Takamaka Rum Distillery for some local cocktails. Based


The Main Island of Mahe The main island of Mahé hides many secret natural sites that can take ones breath away. With discovery and adventure at heart, Summer Rain can offer tours that explore the South Side of Mahe where the hidden gem of one of the islands’ most historical sites still remains today; the Mission Lodge, the ruins of the once upon a time home of liberated slaves and also one of the best

Summer Rain offer an exploration of paradise in comfort giving travellers the opportunity to discover the soul of the islands at their own pace.


on the preferences of the clients, the beach picnic can include a selection of wines and cheeses, as well as high tea services.

Praslin & La Digue Just a glimpse across the ocean from Mahé is the much smaller and eclectic home of the Valle De Mai, the island of Praslin. The team at Summer Rain can organise air/boat transfers, as well as Helicopters tours for amazing aerial views of the other neighbouring islands. In the heart of the island of Praslin, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vallee De Mai nature Reserve is home to the famous Coco De Mer that was once believed by ancient sailors to grow on an enchanted island in the deepest depths of the Indian ocean. Next door on the island of La Digue the travellers can experience the days gone by of what Seychelles was once in the past – oxcarts, bicycles and traditional food. As well as tours of the breath-taking L-Union Estate, boat rides and tours to the islands of Cousin, Curieuse, St. Pierre to name a few. Weddings

Tying the knot in paradise? The Seychelles boasts some of the world’s most stunning and secluded natural wedding venues with its untouched and breath-taking beauty. The team at Summer Rain can offer hassle free weddings with a rustic and tropical feel.

Hilltop Eco Wedding Perfect for the Eco-Conscious couple, they can say ‘I Do’ under a backdrop of endless skies and magnificent surrounding lush mountains cascading towards the shoreline with the Hilltop Eco Wedding Package. The enchanting Ceremony takes place at the Mission Lodge with a variety of services and offers such as a floral arch, exotic bouquet, tree planting to commemorate wedding nuptials and more.

The team at Summer Rain can organise air/boat transfers, as well as Helicopters tours for amazing aerial views of the other neighbouring islands.

Elegant Eco Resort Wedding The Summer Rain team are on hand to providing the perfect venue from the list of resorts and hotels available in Seychelles. By picking the resorts that suits the needs of the couple, an intimate ceremony can be organised to the finest details.

Barefoot Beach Wedding There’s nowhere more romantic for a tropical wedding then the stunning beaches in Seychelles. The exotic beachfront settings makes for the ceremony of a lifetime reflecting an ambience of islandstyle luxury. Get the personalised service for the holiday of a lifetime with the passionate team at Summer Rain Tours & Travels who are ready to create your perfect holiday in Seychelles, packed with unforgettable moments.

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The passionate Destination Management Company in the Seychelles


Guests can even have the chance to see the hawksbills turtles as they lay their eggs during the nesting seasons.” La Digue, tourists also get the chance to discover the true essence of Seychelles flora and fauna. The islands are home to many endemic species of which the local guides can lead their groups through the wonders of the islands, pointing out the enchanting plants on one of the many hikes through the lush rain forests. All of the full-day tours include transfers, a sumptuous Creole lunch, an excursion map, a professional guide, snorkelling equipment and stopovers at some of the most beautiful landmarks. Cap Lazare Nature Reserve is one of them. The enchanted private hideaway with its own secluded beach and a calm, turquoise lagoon with an astonishing array of colourful marine life is one of the places where time stands still. It also is home of the biggest reserve of giant land tortoises on the granitic islands. The property has been owned by the same local family for generations and lies hidden from the rest of the world behind lush green hills covering 75 acres with an abundance of fruit-bearing trees. Guests can even have the chance to see the ABSOLUTE

ith over 42 years of experience and over 300 creative travel professionals, Creole Travel Services is one of the leading inbound tour operators on the islands. The company was formed in 2005 from Creole Holidays and Travel Services Seychelles. The experienced Travel Services Seychelles led the way in tourism for four decades whilst the younger and innovative Creole Holidays breathed new vitality into the industry. Today the family run business is providing the perfect blend of tradition, flair, savoir-faire, dynamism, efficiency and personal services. From hotel reservations to flights, transfers, group and event management and excursions, Creole Travel Services can facilitate all aspects of a perfect holiday in the Seychelles.   For those who want the cherry on the cake there is now the revised Creole Exclusive. The elite brand offers tailor-made services for luxury travellers, offering a holiday beyond the tick box experiences: a dedicated personal reservations agent with extensive knowledge of the destination that helps planning and designing the perfect trip. Upon arrival the guests are taken care of by a personal representative, get access to a fast track service at the airport and are welcomed in the exclusive airport lounge with exotic flower garlands - the holiday mood will kick in right away! Also a good way to get right into the spirit is to hop on board of one of the company’s catamarans. Oplezir, Odezir and the recently added new art glass bottom boat Zephir are taking their passengers to the most stunning places of the archipelago: the St. Anne Marine Park with its colourful school of fish that can be explored on a snorkelling tour, or to the little rocky islands Coco and St. Pierre where one can enjoy freshly caught fish from the BBQ on board. With most of its land excursions operating on Mahé, Praslin and


hawksbills turtles as they lay their eggs during the nesting seasons or simply go for a walk on the nature trail to admire the endemic plants and stunning views from the top of the mountains. It is the most dreamy location for weddings, parties, as well as groups and incentives events which can all be organised with the help of some experienced in-house event planners. But the property can also simply be enjoyed as part of one of the excursions offered exclusively by Creole Travel Services. Other excursions lead high up the mountains with spectacular view points or right into the lively little capital Victoria with its well known market. A visit of the town wouldn’t be complete without strolling over the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke market. It’s small by African standards, but it’s a bustling, colourful place nonetheless. Alongside fresh fruit and vegetables stalls sell souvenirs such as local spices and herbs, as well as a colourful assortment of clothing and local jewellery.   No matter what adventure you have in mind, the staff of Creole Travel Services can surely find the right one for you. If it’s on a boat or in one of the modern vehicles that guarantee a high degree of comfort. The drivers are carefully trained and can tell you all about the islands and take you to secret places not many know. There is so much to discover: the calm and relaxing beaches, the rich culture and of course the delicious creole cuisine. All this makes it also an ideal destination for groups, incentives and cruises. As an expert in operating corporate groups, the company offers a collection of exciting and creative proposals whether they wish to entertain their clients, develop contact relationships, improve team communication or simply have fun in a group. Creole Travel Services caters for conferences and events, as well as special interests groups whose focus is

diving, fishing, sailing or bird watching. In 2007, the company received the ‘Best Destination Experience’ award for service excellence in cruise ship handling during the Words Sea Trade Fair in Miami, Florida. The award recognised the Destination Management Company for offering the best organised tours and outstanding services to passengers, crew and ships.   With its outstanding background Creole Travel Services remains one of the most stable and reliable companies in the tourism industry of Seychelles. It’s part of the prominent Seychellois Joseph F. Albert Group which contains eight other companies: Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie, a luxury boutique hotel on La Digue Island, its sister hotel on Praslin Le Domaine de La Reserve, the well-known Cat Cocos ferry transfer, United Boat Charter which has an extensive fleet of luxury boats, Cap Lazare Nature Reserve, Creole Air Travel, Creole Exchange and United Concrete Products Seychelles (UCPS). 


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Discover Paradise in the Unspoiled Seychelles Surrender to pure island splendour in the Indian Ocean’s Seychelles, where natural scenic wonders, lush exotic coastlines, & tranquil turquoise waters reign supreme. Come aboard with The Moorings and discover your own piece of unspoiled paradise in this dazzling destination that’s anything but ordinary. With 46 years of trusted chartering, The Moorings invites you to realise your best holiday ever on a private Sail, Power, Skippered or all-inclusive Crewed yacht in the awe-inspiring Seychelles. Come experience the Five-Star difference and capture unforgettable moments on the water with those most cherished.


on the water

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With 115 islands, each as different as the next, the Seychelles archipelago can’t be styled with tropical generalisations and one-size-fits-all descriptors. As Mason’s Travel has been revealing to visitors for nearly half a century, this is one beach destination where the beaches are only the beginning.


“ Mason’s own

evolution has also meant new opportunities for tourists to see and do as much as possible in less time than ever before.”



n 1972, Kathy Mason started a “Reef Safari” tour aboard a vessel named Conquest that brought a handful of visitors to a handful of tiny isles located just a few kilometres off the Seychelles archipelago’s main island of Mahé. A British colony back then, its international airport had opened just one year before, establishing air access for the first time to this Indian Ocean island group, situated just south of the equator. Prior to that, lengthy sea voyages had been the only alternative to getting (or leaving) there. The airport changed the game, and from its start as a one-vessel excursion operation, Mason’s Travel would eventually grow into Seychelles’ leading destination management company (DMC), with a fleet of buses, executive cars and pleasure craft, as well as offering extensive ground-handling, booking and representational services. Not coincidentally, that growth is largely due to what Mrs Mason’s original boat tour recognised, which even 45 years later still holds true today: in Seychelles, behind every corner and around every little bay or cove, there’s something ever more interesting to see. “Mahé has its beautiful beaches, dramatic mountains and lush rainforests,” Mason’s Travel PR, Branding and Communications Manager Nicole St Ange says. “But the Reef Safari took passengers out to see these amazing smaller islands in what is now the oldest marine park in the southwestern Indian Ocean. It was, and still is, one of those little extras that make Seychelles so much more than just a relaxing beach holiday.” The Reef Safari is still sold today as one of Mason’s most popular excursions, giving visitors the opportunity to snorkel along pristine reefs and enjoy a barbecue amongst the marine park’s islands. The only discernible difference between now and 1972, one could argue, is that the trip is now conducted aboard Mason’s spacious catamaran Anahita. In much the same way that the Reef Safari went just that little bit further,

the 115 islands in the archipelago have similarly opened up as visitors look to venture further and further afield, and Mason’s specialises in helping passengers see them all.

“Each island has something different to offer, whether it’s La Digue’s unique rock formations along its beaches, or the mangroves on Curieuse,” St Ange said. “Seychelles is the world’s oldest mid-ocean island group, and when a place has evolved in isolation for millions of years, it’s only natural that they’ve each established their own credentials. There are species that are found only on a single island, despite the archipelago being clustered relatively close together.” Mason’s own evolution has also meant new opportunities for tourists to see and do as much as possible in less time than ever before. The Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the secondlargest island of Praslin, for instance, is one of Seychelles’ most compelling inland attractions. Even tourists too pressed for time to spend a few nights on Praslin, can still take advantage of the full day tour offered by Mason’s to see the valley and the iconic Coco de Mer palm. “There are endless permutations to what you can do on a Seychelles holiday, and it really depends on the individual traveller in terms of what they want to do,” St Ange says. “The important thing is to build a programme around interests, whether it’s for diving, sailing, mountain hiking or something even more specialised, because our team is great at identifying the best possible match between islands and activities.” In many ways, the diversity of the different islands represents both a blessing and a curse: a blessing because there are so many beautiful spots worth seeing; and a curse on account of how confusing it can be to sift through the different options and figure out how to piece them together in a practical way.





As crucial as in-depth knowledge about the destination has been for Mason’s, so too has the need to usher in changes to adapt to an industry that’s constantly evolving. Kathy Mason’s son, Alan, who took the reins of Mason’s Travel in 1995, has been a steady hand to guide the company through the uncertainties of the information age.

“The internet has of course changed the way everyone does business, and for some it’s changed how they book their holidays,” Mason says. “However, traditional business chains are still resilient as long as what you bring to the table can inspire the kind of confidence that translates from your partners to the end consumer.” For Mason’s that has meant embarking on several modernisation processes to keep up with the times, from investments in new equipment – Mason’s is the first DMC in Seychelles to begin using hybrid vehicles in its operations – to becoming the first company in the country to achieve ISO-9001 certification.

In addition to bookings, transfers, excursions and providing valuable destination expertise to its overseas partners, Mason’s has led the way in the small but growing groups and


incentives niche. With its diverse fleet of vehicles, including VIP luxury transfers on land and at sea, the Mason’s team regularly pairs clientele with tailor-made solutions to maximise an island experience for every income bracket.

Weddings and other group functions also play an important role for Mason’s business strategy, and often the company fields requests that stretch the limits of what one might expect could be possible in a tiny island nation 1,000 miles from anywhere.

“In a country this small, it’s who you know,” Mason says. “The phonebook isn’t always going to be that helpful, because the specialist you need may not even use a phone. The institutional knowledge we bring to the table has been ingrained in our DNA since the beginning.” Indeed, much has changed in Seychelles since 1972. And Mason’s has been privy to most of it. For more information, please visit

“The important thing is to build a programme around interests, whether it’s for diving, sailing, mountain hiking or something even more specialised, because our team is great at identifying the best possible match between islands and activities.”




Revisit the Golden Age of the Seychelles In south-west Mahé there lies a bar and grill whose formula of the perfect location, outstanding cuisine and panoramic views of the bay of Anse á la Mouche, revives the Seychelles’ legendary beachside entertainment scene.

“ Tables in the main dining area

overlook the ocean over a low seawall, part of which is arranged as a secondary bar where one can also sit and catch coral sunsets or follow the antics of the marine life caught in Oscars floodlights.”


ghostly lighting. Its ingeniously-conceived wood backdrop is home to row upon row of bottles waiting to be cunningly blended into Oscars repertoire of cocktails conjured up by resident alchemist and virtuoso barman, Warren.  Oscars also offers a selection of icecold beers, including 1664 and Carlsberg on draft. Further along the veranda, tables in the main dining area overlook the ocean over a low sea-wall, part of which is arranged as a secondary bar where one can also sit and catch coral sunsets or follow the antics of the marine life caught in Oscars floodlights. On the other side, in a pretty beachside garden, waving coconut palms dapple a further array of tables in sunlight and shade by day and are etched in turn by delicate fairy lights by night, adding yet another dimension to the Oscar experience. This is a haven for families and children who will relish the space and safe access to the sea. At the end of the garden, in just one step, you are on the pristine beach and, in two, already in the balmy, shallow waters of the bay. With its capacity for 60 diners, Oscars offers an enticing combination of Milen’s nowfamous signature grilled fish and tasty Creole and Thai dishes as well as a choice of healthy salads. Oscars offers the largest selection of deep-sea and reef fish anywhere in the islands, all grilled to melt-in-your-mouth.  ABSOLUTE

eychelles in its heyday was dotted with any number of beachside bars with deliciously informal atmospheres and al fresco menus, pulling revellers and diners like magnets onto sun-kissed beaches to while away the hours enjoying good company, great food and drinks and, in particular, that relaxed, authentic island atmosphere that kept them coming back for more. There is much talk about how those days in the sun, enjoying classic, island-style leisure time, appear to have evaporated in the latter-day tropical haze but, thanks to the Oscars Bar and Grill, no more! The brainchild of entrepreneur Mark Davison and his partner Milen Velikov, who until recently ran the popular Sound Garden Bar in Baie Lazare, this exciting new venture right at the water’s edge with its breezy tropical garden, looks all set to turn that around. The philosophy of Oscars is simple and built on three pillars: amazing, multi-faceted venue; an eclectic and uncomplicated menu designed to please and fun activities to match. You feel the difference as soon as you walk into the large veranda and encounter the expansive bar, crafted in local wood and with murals inspired by local artist Alcide Libanotis to resemble a ghost ship washed ashore on a deserted island, with its shattered mast, cracked planking and


Not to be missed is Oscars fish tartare, freshly prepared in house from tuna steak. For the lucky few, Milen occasionally treats his guests to traditional culinary masterpieces from his native Bulgaria, with an island twist, of course. As if that isn’t enough to tempt diners from all over the island, Oscars host different themed evenings; special DJ parties from 2-10pm; weddings and private functions as well as movie and sports nights thanks to Oscars large screen and state-of-the-art projector. Oscars offers a full-day, all-inclusive package where you pay a set fee and then kick back and enjoy a whole day’s relaxation with drinks and food from the à la carte menu included; something unique in Seychelles. Oscars also offers a full, traditional English breakfast, complete with all the trimmings. As a small recognition of Seychelles’ long, seafaring history, any guest arriving at Oscars by boat is welcomed with a drink “on the house”. Thanks to the innovative spirit behind Oscars, any nostalgia for its Golden Age is now a thing of the past. For more information, please visit w.w.w. // OSCARSSEYCHELLES/ Tel.+2482773919




R E S TA U R A N T & B A R

Debuting in April 2010, Pirogue Restaurant & Bar is a small family business located next to one of the most exquisite beaches of Praslin – Cote D’or Beach.

We view each day as a learning experience where we can identify ways we can better serve our guests and meet their expectations and we hope to keep doing that for many more years to come."


of the Seychelles’. The restaurant offers a wide range of local specialties from Seychellois cuisine such as the famous 'Grilled Catch of the Day' (which will depend on the fisherman’s luck each day) ranging from the colorful and tasty Parrot Fish to Groupers or sometimes Job Fish fillets. The catch of the day is served with a tomato-based Creole Sauce, rice and chutney. The 'Octopus Curry', although seasonal, is also a favourite, prepared with local spices and coconut milk. The 'Creole Mixed Salad', a harmonious mixture of carrots, cabbages, mid-ripe mangoes and papaya with a tropical fruit vinaigrette also tops the charts. A range of other cuisines are also available. This includes the 'Chicken and Prawns Curry' and 'Grilled Exotic Chicken' served with a Tropical Fruit Sauce and Vegetables of the day. In the seafood corner, the 'Grilled Prawns Kebab', 'Job Fish' and 'Grilled Lobster with Lemon, Garlic and Butter Sauce' are dishes that are guaranteed to impress. The vegetarians have not been left out as a vegetarian corner offers options such as the 'Vegetable Gratin', 'Vegetable Ratatouille' and 'Tomato and Basilic Pasta'. Other non-veg pasta options include the 'Rigatoni prepared


amous for its fine white sand and azure ocean, the Cote D’or village use to be a fishing village where lots of fishermen would go out each day in their traditional wooden ‘pirogue’, a traditional boat, to fish for the local community. Although modern boats have now taken over the pirogues, the Bedier family (who originate from this village) wanted to keep the legacy of these boats alive due to the fact they have played in important role in feeding the island. With this in mind, the Pirogue Restaurant & Bar concept was born and now stands a building of a rather traditional, colonial architecture overlooking the beach. A dynamic team of 90% Praslinois is one of the greatest prides of the establishment, enabling it serve guests in a traditional friendly, welcoming atmosphere on a daily basis. Open everyday, Pirogue serves Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Various alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails from fresh local ingredients are available for a refreshing start to a lovely meal. Seasonal fresh fruit juices such as passion fruit, mango and lime are also available alongside the Seychelles' beer, 'Seybrew',which is advertised as an ‘endemic


with prawns and local spinach', 'Seafood Curried Tagliatelle' as well as a 'Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti'. An extensive selection of wines from France, South Africa, Italy and Chili are also available to partner with the mouthwatering dishes. The warm Creole ambiance is especially intensified on Friday evenings, where a local band performs both local and international music. Guests are always welcome for an exceptional time out with families and friends - qualities which make it famous amongst both tourists and locals. Pirogue Restaurant & Bar hopes to keep welcoming guests each day, offering an everimproving service in order to meet the high expectations of their guests. "We view each day as a learning experience where we can identify ways we can better serve our guests and meet their expectations and we hope to keep doing that for many more years to come," the family shared. For more information or to make a booking, please visit

A dynamic team of 90% Praslinois is one of the greatest prides of the establishment, enabling it serve guests in a traditional friendly, welcoming atmosphere.



The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach Seychelles

A world of gastronomic adventure is waiting to be discovered at The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach Seychelles. Open to both guests and now the public, this luxury resort now offers a smorgasbord of restaurants set to capture the imaginations and hearts of the most discerning of diners.

Nestled between the luscious greenery of the gardens on the property and at the foot of the beach, Eden is a hub of gastronomic experiences. Romantic yet authentic, it serves a delicious selection of Creole inspired dishes with fresh seafood and prime cuts of meat from the BBQ. The restaurant seats up to 50 people and can be hired out, upon request, for intimate wedding receptions and celebrations. The dedicated team of chefs & service staff ensure and cook the meat to your choice while the sommelier enthralls you with their excellent selection of wines.


Seyshima, derived from ‘Sey’ for Seychelles and ‘Shima’ - the Japanese term for island, is a venue that oozes Asian sophistication and is renowned for its mouthwatering selection of Teppanyaki and Sushi. The restaurant is located on the natural lagoon that flows through the resort and true to its name gives you an island dining experience. The quaint and cosy restaurant can seat up to 25 persons and is perfect for family and couples to dine in. A popular venue for Japanese cuisine on the Mahé, diners can simply enjoy some freshly rolled sushi or can dine a la carte whilst they revel in a Teppan show by the chef.

Vasco’s & 1502 Lobby Bar

The resort’s main restaurant, which is named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, is the perfect spot to enjoy your breakfast or to finish your day with a hearty dinner. Openaired, bright and contemporary in décor,


it offers both indoor and al fresco seating for up to 125 guests. The buffet and live stations feature international and Creole cuisine and offers a daily changing theme for dinner. On dedicated evenings, a variety of traditional dance and live music performances keep you entertained. 1502 was the year in which Vasco da Gama sighted the Seychelles islands. This lobby bar is a quintessential venue and the place to discover your own paradise with their concoctions of delectable cocktails, fine wines and spirits. You can enjoy some shisha on the terrace while you soak in the sunset colors or some sporty bites and beverages while you enjoy the live sports and games or a weekly screening of classic movies.

Trader Vic’s Seychelles

Trader Vic’s is an internationally renowned restaurant and bar. The founder Victor Jules Bergeron, Jr. opened his first outlet that bore his nick-name Trader Vic and ever since the French-Polynesian bar & restaurant concept has grown by leaps and bounds. Trader Vic’s Seychelles as a venue is the life and soul of the Beau Vallon and home to the famous Mai Tai® cocktail – which dates back to 1944. Years ahead of his time, this world renowned restaurant chose to offer Chinese dishes alongside the then-contemporary continental cuisine, creating the original fusion menu decades before it would become a trend. Following the culinary curiosity along the ancient spice route, the founders collected recipes to bring back to Trader Vic’s, and this eclectic cuisine reinvented fine dining.



Following in these footsteps, each venue is constantly innovating and adding to the menu while the zeal to scour the globe for new ideas and revolutionising dishes goes on. The signature restaurant in Seychelles sets a world-standard for tropical sophistication with its eclectic cuisine – enhanced by using a Chinese wood-fired oven. Trader Vic’s Chinese Ovens can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. This method of cooking differs from traditional direct fire barbecues and imparts a subtle flavor and helps create a unique dining experience. Each Trader Vic’s showcases this style of ancient cooking. You get to savor an exciting menu every month along with the authentic ‘Taste the World Cuisine’ available all through the year or just enjoy and sip the tropical cocktails curated from international & local favourites. Be it the Mai tai or the Seyhorse, you are guaranteed an amazing time as you relax & sit in the spectacular interior space, or on the terrace overlooking the lagoon while you are entertained by the resident band featuring a Latin-American influence. The restaurant has an exciting atmosphere with the exotic décor, including timeless and authentic artefacts from around the globe and can seat up to 100 guests. It’s the perfect venue for corporate parties, wedding reception or simply celebrating life! For more information, or to make a reservation at any of the restaurants, please visit

Eden Seyshima

Trader Vic’s Seychelles Vasco’s & 1502 Lobby Bar



Cafe Seychelles: a winning combination of coffee, chic and comfort

It’s a place with a strong sense of purpose: a natural place for meetings, rendezvous, hangouts, chillaxes and that special get-together


arranged to create a classy yet informal, friendly atmosphere. It’s a bit like visiting that trendy friend’s stylish digs back in the day and just kicking back and enjoying its magnetic ambiance and the constant stream of personalities who were attracted to its door. Sure, the coffee’s really good and the same goes for the vast range of cakes, prepared meals, salads and the everchanging temptations of the daily menu. The impressive choice will ensure you remain healthy throughout your busy day, from breakfast right through to dinner, cocooned in this oasis of pure island – style hospitality and soul. But somehow, you rather expect cafés to provide good coffee and snacks,(alcoholic beverages too) which is why the wonderful value add-ons at Chatterbox are what set it apart from the competition. Featuring high on the list of popular dishes come the gourmet stacks, full of gastronomical promise and a real treat but there’s also delish pizzas, grilled lamb cutlets, roasted maple-glazed chicken, juicy rib eye, sirloin and rump steaks, tuna carpaccio, fish prepared island-style and really great juices, gourmet milk shakes and a choice of truly wicked desserts, teas and coffees. Not to forget the alcoholic beverages, choice of select wines and brilliantly-crafted cocktails.    Open 365 days a year, and with friendly, attentive service, it’s all been thought through:


den Island Plaza houses what has become a buzz-word when it comes to organising rendezvous and gettogethers of all kinds: Chatterbox Café with its stylish décor, chic interior and great selection of coffee, cakes and wide selection of mouth-watering dishes from the innovative and ever-evolving menu. Manager Marsha explains, “It’s not truly accurate to call the newly-openedChatterbox a café, because the experience of being here takes you way beyond just drinking coffee. We believe this is a truly unique formula that we have here, not only with regards to just Seychelles, but internationally, because of the sheer volume of products and value-addeds on offer in Chatterbox.” She and her partner, Kirschlee, opened doors in 2016 in response to a perceived need for a place that breaks the mould and offers a crossover experience between what you might expect from a traditional coffee shop and a fine-dining, bearing in mind that the appearance of the coffee house once revolutionised European social life and, now, drinking coffee in Seychelles will never be the same again. There’s something about the Chatterbox experience which is delightfully new and fresh. It starts with the funky decor and the way the colour scheme instantly pulls you in among the warm, wooden furniture, casually


from the cozy corner with its inviting settee, ideal for meeting friends;  where they will be well entertained while you chat and even the single stations for lone wolves snacking on the run. Also, part of the Chatterbox experience is free WiFi and convenientlyplaced. What makes a difference at Chatterbox is that it’s a place with a strong sense of purpose: a natural place for meetings, rendezvous, hangouts, chillaxes and that special get-together where the need for a real sense of atmosphere tops the list. Chatterbox has it all and offers a true sense of identity as well. It’s not a place you’ll want to rush out of after a quick cup of coffee. It’s somewhere you’ll want to stay and soak up the mood, not to mention the great food, but, there again, that’s always been the difference between a coffee house and just a café. Plans for the second half of 2018 include a complete makeover including total redecoration and also an upgrading of the menu to make sure it remains one of the very best on the islands, catering to a wide demographic of client with varied tastes and preferences.  For more information, please visit









Island Jewels in an Azure Sea by Glynn Burridge


The islands finally emerged from their slumber of ages in 1972 when they became connected to the rest of the world via a new international airport which saw the birth of the islands’ tourism industry. Seychelles, straddling the western Indian Ocean between 6 and 10 degrees south of the equator, is divided into 6 island groups with the Inner Islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue together with their neighbouring isles forming the hub of the islands’ tourism industry, the economic life of the nation and its political and social infrastructure. Measuring 27km long and 8km wide, Mahé, the principal island is a mountainous, granitic island that boasts no less than 65 beaches. It is home to the capital, Victoria, and also to the international airport and to the vast majority of the 90,000, mainly Roman Catholic population. Commanding spectacular views of the surrounding ocean, Mahé contains the lion’s share of the archipelago’s hotels, tourism amenities and retail outlets. The charming capital, Victoria, has many fascinating nooks & crannies and points of historical interest including its bustling market that supplies much of the island’s fresh produce: fresh fish; vegetables; fruits; condiments and spices. Mahé also showcases a surprising variety of flora & fauna including many indigenous species, discoverable at the Botanical Gardens or on organised excursions along popular walks and trails. The fascinating underwater treasure houses of the Ste. Anne and Cap Ternay Marine National Parks, meanwhile, can be visited on snorkelling expeditions and a variety of excursions.

‘The islands’ legendary loveliness has long acted as a magnet to travellers in search of the Holy Grail of pristine tropical beauty.’


he 115 islands of the Seychelles Archipelago lie scattered across their secret corner of the western Indian Ocean like precious gemstones set in a universe of azure water – stepping stones to the east coast of Africa, some thousand miles away, and natural gateway to the many treasures of the continent. These islands were first discovered by the brave Arab mariners of the 9th century B.C. who first began to chart the unknown waters of an ocean they called the ‘bahr al zanj’’ or ‘sea of the blacks’, leaving traces of their presence in the names they gave to certain of the islands such as Aldabra which is sometimes appropriately translated from Arabic as ‘the rock.’ With nothing in the way of historical records to fall back on, we are left with little more than conjecture to fathom the precise history of these spectacularly beautiful islands which may also have received visits from the Phoenicians; from a people who once sailed from the other side of the planet to eventually settle the island of Madagascar and from the famous 1472 Chinese treasure fleet of Admiral Zheng. Whatever their past, the waves have long since washed away all trace of those early settlers and explorers. After having served as a hideout for the pirates of the 17th and 18th century, one of whom, Olivier Le Vasseur, also known as La Buse, is believed to have buried a massive and as yet undiscovered treasure hoard on the main island, Mahé, the islands were finally settled by the French in 1756. They remained a French colony until they passed to the English after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814 and it was they who administrated the islands until their independence as a sovereign republic within the Commonwealth in 1976. The islands’ legendary loveliness has long acted as a magnet to travellers in search of the Holy Grail of pristine tropical beauty and many famous travellers have beaten a path to its shores including the likes of Ian Fleming, author of James Bond, who visited the islands to receive inspiration for one of his Bond books.


Seychelles Island Jewels in an Azure Sea to two extremely rare species of terrapin. The woodlands of La Digue are especially attractive and nurture several species of delicate orchids. The island is also an ideal stepping-stone for the nearby island attractions of Grande and Petit Soeur, Félicité, Coco and Marianne. The remaining five groups of Outer Islands represent the far frontier of the Seychelles holiday experience. Here, shimmering atolls and reef islands, thread like pearls on strings of surf and unaltered since the days of their origin, offer the summit of island-style living. Currently, only three such islands offer accommodation: the islands of Denis and Bird located 100 miles to the north of Mahé and Desroches Island in the Amirantes, 140 miles to the south-east. Here the fishing, diving and sailing are superb in places where the only sail on the ocean and the only tracks on any beach will be your own. Overall, all the islands have been blessed with many natural assets and attributes including possessing a near-perfect and disease-free climate; an endless list of worldbeating beaches; a sanctuary for some of the world’s rarest species of flora & fauna and an enviable conservation record whereby almost half of the 455 landmass has been set aside as natural parks and reserves. There are also no less than two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the extraordinary Vallée de Mai where the legendary, double-lobed coconut, the Coco-de-Mer grows high on ancient palms in a setting so surreal it was once thought to be the original site of the Garden of Eden, and Aldabra atoll, the planet’s largest raised coral atoll. Nowhere else on earth will you find the mysterious Jellyfish Tree of which only 8 specimens remain; the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher; the world’s smallest frog; heaviest land tortoise; largest population of giant land tortoises (150,000) living in the wild and the Indian Ocean’s only flightless bird. Between them, the islands also boast some of the most spectacular seabird colonies on earth as well as 13 species and 17 sub-species of birdlife that occur in Seychelles and nowhere else, making the islands a true birdwatcher’s paradise.


Seychelles’ second largest island, Praslin, lies 45 kilometers (24 miles) north-east of Mahé and is accessible by Air Seychelles domestic flights in 15 minutes or by fast catamaran ferry in 45 minutes. It is home to the legendary Vallée de Mai in which grows the fabulous Coco-de-mer and possesses some of the most striking beaches of the archipelago such as Anse Lazio, widely acclaimed to be the most beautiful beach on earth. Praslin stands at the forefront of the country’s tourism industry with a rich assortment of hotels and guesthouses whose strong tradition of Seychelles’ hospitality over a period of many years has proved a favourite with visitors. The island is ideally situated for holidaymakers wishing to island hop to a handful of nearby exotic destinations such as Chauve Souris, Cousin, Curieuse, St. Pierre, La Digue and the Aride bird reserve. It is also a haven for nature lovers seeking rare endemic species such as the black parrot for which Praslin is the last habitat or wishing to explore the island’s network of footpaths. La Digue, known as ‘the island where Time stands still’, is situated forty kilometres (25 miles) from Mahé and 7 km (3.5 miles) from Praslin and is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles after Silhouette. This granite island, with its unique, languid pace of life, receives its visitors mainly by boat at the quaint jetty at La Passe and is a popular destination for holidaymakers wishing for a taste of the traditional. Here is a place where the bicycle and ox cart still hold sway on shady island pathways and where a distinct sense of antiquity pervades the island’s customs, architecture and general way of life. Anse la Source d’Argent is among the island’s most famous beaches, celebrated for its granite boulders that seem to have been sculpted by a divine hand to adorn a beach of breath-taking beauty while at the Union Estate, visitors will have the chance to view some of the traditional local industries of times past. Nature lovers will have the opportunity to seek out the rare Black Paradise Flycatcher, once thought to be extinct but now protected in the La Digue Vev Special Reserve which is also home


The surrounding waters, meanwhile, are a natural aquarium boasting a dizzying array of coral reef fish, turtle, ray, shark, dolphin, marlin and sailfish as well as colourful coral growth and a host of other marine organisms. The world’s largest fish migrates to these waters: that gentle giant of the seas, the 40 ft. whale shark - one of Seychelles’ many protected species. Also on offer is an amazing degree of diversity which takes in the contrast between 41 towering granite isles and the 74 shimmering sand cays, reef islands and atolls of the Outer Islands while the multi-ethnic roots of its relatively young society lend themselves to a varied and vibrant culture with all its people and major religions living beside one another in perfect harmony. The diversity also extends to contrasting styles of architecture and beyond to the delicious, Seychellois Creole cuisine with its magical blend of European, Indian and Chinese culinary influences. And when it comes to things to do, there is a wide choice of world-class fishing, sailing and diving as well as spa & wellness holidays, honeymoons & romance, trekking, island-hopping & golf. All of these can be enjoyed from an equally diverse array of accommodation options that includes the ultimate in pampering at exclusive 5-star resorts and island hideaways, the Creole intimacy of the smaller hotel and guesthouse and the flexibility of any number of selfcaterings. These are the stepping stones to your unique experience of Paradise, where the innate tranquility of the islands forms the ideal backdrop against which to recalibrate mind, body and soul and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. No account of Seychelles’ riches can be considered complete without mention of its reputation as ‘The Islands of Love’ and it is little wonder that that lovers are inspired to take their vows and wed in this gentle and romantic atmosphere. Sensual Seychelles creates the idyllic ambience for an unforgettable wedding day, honeymoon or anniversary upon the silver-soft sands and beneath the swaying palms of discreet island hideaways.

Transportation, both in between and around the islands, makes the visitor’s dream of island-hopping a reality and besides Air Seychelles’ domestic flights, fast ferry transfers or passages on traditional, sailassisted schooners all bring the principal islands and their satellites within easy reach. A varied choice of excursions, both land and marine, is available through local ground handlers that will introduce you to the very best that Seychelles has to offer while hire and chauffeur driven cars and taxis are also available for you to enjoy your personal voyage of discovery around the main islands of Mahé and Praslin. A wide network of bus routes on Mahé and Praslin caters for most itineraries for those who wish to sample an aspect of the typical Creole lifestyle. Further memorable experiences can be had via Seychelles’ suite of events that includes February’s increasingly popular Eco-friendly Marathon; August’s Feast of La Digue; September’s Tourism Ball and the perennial FetAfrik and Festival Kreol. The islands have been made accessible as never before thanks to the arrival on the

aviation scene of major players such as Emirates Airlines, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Condor, Sri Lankan Airline, Turkish Airways, British Airways, Air France and Etihad which is now in a dynamic partnership with the national carrier, Air Seychelles, offering daily frequencies to make Seychelles virtually one stop away from anywhere on the planet with the added advantage of zero visa requirements for any nationality. Meditation techniques invite us to close our eyes and imagine Shangrila, a mythical place of ultimate harmony where tired spirits can be refreshed and worries washed away. Somewhere with the space to breathe the purest air and ample room to stroll the trackless, powder-soft sands of breathtaking beaches. A place for the senses to feast on the endless delight of fresh experiences. Creation has blessed Seychelles with all of this and more. Against the backdrop of its unique island beauty, it is a place where harmony, tranquillity and Nature at its very best will conspire to leave you with the memories of a lifetime.


‘No account of Seychelles’ riches can be considered complete without mention of its reputation as ‘The Islands of Love’ and it is little wonder that that lovers are inspired to take their vows and wed in this gentle and romantic atmosphere.’


Carana Hilltop Villa... A Truly Exceptional Experience Carana Hilltop Villa echoes the very soul of the Seychelles Islands and their timeless promise of the ultimate, tropical shangrila and enviable, tranquil island lifestyle. The villa is framed by lush, multi-coloured tropical flowers in the front garden and by fruit trees facing the outside dining area where our guests may enjoy meals in the total serenity of a unique setting, serenaded by birdsong and by the restful gurgle of our fishpond’s waterfall. FREE WiFi available on site - Car Parking- Large Swimming Pool - Safe at Reception Laundry and Pressing - Vehicle/Car Rental can be arranged - Arrival Transfers (extra charge) - Departure Transfers (extra charge) TV Lounge - Meals on Request - Wedding can be arranged - Daily Housekeeping

BOOK NOW Prices from just 100.00EUR B&B per night



Carana Hilltop Villa’s excellent choice of accommodation proposes a total of 10 rooms from standard and superior through to family, honeymoon and luxury suites with all rooms air conditioned and with ceiling fans. Comfortable king and queen sized beds come with private bathrooms with shower and bath.

PROFESSIONAL MENS GROOMING Port Victoria, Beau Vallon, Seychelles

TEL+248 2 538 297

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MahĂŠ is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, in the Indian Ocean off East Africa. Its

terrain is defined by white-sand beaches such as those in the popular resort area of Beau Vallon, and

granite peaks including the rainforested Morne

Seychellois. The island is also home to Victoria, Seychelles' capital, known for Creole architecture

and a colorful covered market with wares like fish,


fruit and clothing.


FIZZ F& FOOD Saffron

Trader Vic’s

Adam & Eve

1| Saffron offers authentic Thai cuisine using traditional recipes and cooking methods. Unique Southeast Asian touches are incorporated into the service style and atmosphere of the restaurant. Like Thailand itself – multifaceted, exotic & intriguing, so are the flavours of Saffron; a mosaic of styles as different as the social customs and age old traditions that have shaped them. You will be attracted by the beautiful, elegant & authentic atmosphere of Saffron, where all furnishing and interior decoration have been uniquely selected piece by piece from all over Southeast Asia. Join us at Saffron for dinner amidst a delightful array of taste, colour & spices. The Peter Sellers Room, located above Saffron, is an ideal location for a private dinner or meeting. Smart casual dress code is required with no shorts or collarless t-shirts.

4| Trader Vic’s is an international branded concept restaurant and bar - home to the famous Mai Tai® cocktail, created back in 1944 and literally means “the best”. Our signature restaurant sets the world standard for tropical sophistication with its eclectic tastes of the world cuisine, using a wood-fired oven. With its exotic atmosphere and décor to match, bedecked with authentic artefacts and trappings from Polynesia. Guests are welcomed to dine indoors and on the terrace overlooking the lagoon, The only venue offering a live Cuban band; the Latin rhythm of Ambar play Sunday through Thursday from 1930hrs to 2315hrs, Friday and Saturday from 2030hrs to 0015hrs. Smart casual dress code. No beachwear or men’s sleeveless vests.

One of the distinctive features of this restaurant is the open kitchen that engages diners in the preparation of the food. Lunch revolves around a selection of large and creative Dim sum, Chinese wok cuisine, rice & noodles soup and salads. For those looking for a light lunch, the chef offers everything from noodle boxes to burgers and pizzas. Dinner is a more elegant affair with dishes including the famous Peking duck and sea scallops with signature XO sauce. On certain evenings, guests are invited to take a culinary journey to discover a wide range of dishes including Cantonese and Indo chine as well as wonderful fusion.

Les Cocotiers Restaurant

2| For the most memorable of evenings, Les Cocotiers opens for you Tuesdays to Sundays from 1930hrs to 2230hrs offering an exquisite array of the freshest seafood and finely prepared meats accompanied by a wide selection of wines which will be matched to your dinner by our Sommelier. Dine on the finest and freshest haute cuisine, served under the stars on our terrace or in the airconditioned restaurant.

Boat House

3| The Boat House is a favourite among visitors and locals alike. The evenings come alive in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with great food, at great value for money -- just steps away from the shores of Beau Vallon Beach. Enjoy a sumptuous Creole buffet dinner of over 20 local specialities such as mouth-watering grilled fish, papaya satini, fish and chicken curries, breadfruit chips and more. Barbeque lovers should not miss our barbequed fish every night. Our delightful staff is ready to serve you with a welcoming smile. Dress: smart casual.

News Café


Teppanyaki is the only Japanese restaurant in Seychelles. It is one of three speciality restaurants located at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort & Casino – a hotel set amid lush tropical gardens & pristine white beaches. The Teppanyaki counter features a traditional Japanese grill where the food is prepared and cooked in front of you. Teppanyaki, for a great experience!

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is situated next to state house in Victoria behind the clock tower and opposite the Victoria gymnasium. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, pastry, cakes, authentic Italian ice-cream, Italian coffees (illy) and we do take away as well. We have a fully equipped bar serving alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and we have an open air secret garden with a water fountain.

Le Repaire Restaurant

5| Italian chef Remo and his wife Nicoletta welcomes you to our fine dining Italian restaurant with a special touch from the Seychelles. Using local fish, octopus and smoked fish as well as other ingredients…. We can offer you many dishes to tempt your palate. You can either have a simple pizza or a four course meal, and whatever you choose we believe you will leave feeling satisfied. Whilst eating you will look across our garden and out across the sea to neighbouring Praslin Island. If you come early eveninng, there is nothing nicer than a cool apperetif on the beach whilst you watch the sunset.


Being centrally located in Victoria, the News Café offers a wide selection of sandwiches, cakes, coffees, teas, juices and a variety of salads and hot dishes. At the same time clients can watch the daily activities on Albert & Market Street. Soft drinks, wine and local beers are also served. Clients also have access to international newspapers.



Tamarind Restaurant

6| Ideally located at the edge of the beach on Barbarons Bay Tamarind can be enjoyed during the day on the deck or with your feet in the sand while gazing over the azure waters or dine in elegance under the moon with candle light. This specialty Pan Asian restaurant offers a range of authentic and traditional dishes from the Asian Rim prepared and presented with a modern twist using the finest imported ingredients and the best seafood that the Indian Ocean Has to offer. You must try our signature dishes here, the tamarind we use is grown for us in the north of the Island and picked just at its peak, these recipes will tantalize your taste buds, “seared shrimps with tamarind, papaya and roasted red onion salad”, “slow roasted duck breast with tamarind and red curry sauce”, “Takamaka flamed bananas with tamarind glaze and almond tamarind ice cream” and of course, not to forget our “tamarind & golden rum champagne cocktail!” Be pampered in style with the smiles and care that Asia is renowned for, with the gentle sounds of the waves in the background.

8 Lounge

For an unforgettable and unique culinary experience we welcome to join us in the 8 restaurant. Savour the art of fusion cuisines created and mixed by our chef to revive your flavour sensations. After a hard day’s work, unwind in the warm ambiance of chic lounge music, sublime ultra marine décor blends with a mixture of colours and lights guaranteed to whisk every inch of pressure in your body. Why not join your friends at our Chill Out Terrace and indulge in our wide range of cocktails, smoothies and frappucinos, whilst admiring the sunset draining the stress of the day. You can also enjoy our healthy tapas of your choice. 8 Lounge also opens for private functions such as weddings, birthdays, theme parties.





Cap Lazare

Helios A casual chic restaurant on the South beach, with its main feature being a large wood-burning oven. Open for lunch and based on a buffet service with influences from the South of France, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Lebanon. Tapas, Mezze and Antipasti, are followed by thin and crispy pizzas, whole fishes and dishes baked in the oven in cast iron pans. A wide range of creative pasta is also on offer. For desserts, “Helios” boasts a selection of creative ice creams and sundaes. Snacks and “lunch time favorites” are also available.

Baobab Pizzeria Restaurant 7| Baobab Pizzeria is a popular restaurant that attracts many visitors and locals alike. We serve a large variety of local and international dishes including pizza, spaghetti, fish and salads. Located on Beau Vallon Beach, Baobab is an ideal place to stop for a tasty meal and drinks, especially after a nice swim in the sea only steps away. Casual clothes or beach wear are equally appropriate.7|

Surfers Beach Restaurant 5



8| We are that wonderful, casual seaside spot where locals gather with old friends, and meet new ones. A welcoming, comfortable place for a family meal or a high-energy afternoon/evening & late night rendezvous for drinks and meals. The Surfers Beach Restaurant has fresh, familiar, absolutely crave able food, with a large seasonal open patio style decking and water views from every table. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The restaurant specialises in Creole and International cuisine and is an oasis of taste and visual beauty. Show up in a bathing suit and sandals, or drop in after work for a sundowner. Listen to the waves breaking and surf lapping the shore of the one and only Anse Parnel beach or why not go for a quick dip in the crystal clear warm Indian Ocean sea whilst we prepare your food. Open air fresh water shower facility available for guests and patrons.



Le Repaire Restaurant Italian chef Remo and his wife Nicoletta welcomes you to our fine dining Italian restaurant with a special touch from the Seychelles. Using local fish, octopus and smoked fish as well as other ingredients…. We can offer you many dishes to tempt your palate. You can either have a simple pizza or a four course meal, and whatever you choose we believe you will leave feeling satisfied. Whilst eating you will look across our garden and out across the sea to neighbouring Praslin Island. If you come early eveninng, there is nothing nicer than a cool apperetif on the beach whilst you watch the sunset. reservations@

La Plage Restaurant Right on the beach Beau Vallon . Fusion between creole and international cuisine including from lunch till 18h00 sandwiches, burgers, pastas, tapas, Nespresso, ice cream, milk shakes, etc. … In the evening fine dining under the stars and the moon reflecting on the Indian Ocean. A la carte local fish, seafood , lobster, meat assorted with fresh vegetables and all homemade delicious sauces and rice or new baby potatoes. Later in the evening enjoy our lounge atmosphere and music zipping a cocktail, a malt whisky, a rum or one of our beers from all over the world.



9| Bravo! Is a vibey, trendy, café, Restaurant and Bar situated on the prestigious Eden Island Marina development. Bravo! Has built a reputation for fast and friendly service and is known for their large portions and value for money concept. With our own private mooring you can arrive in your boat or jet-ski and enjoy your meal on the water’s edge in a lovely ambiance. We offfer live entertainment on the weekends. Bravo! Is known for the out-of-the-ordinary square shapped pizzas, proving that “They don’cut corners”. Bravo! Is a celebration of good food, wine and Friends!!!

Close your eyes for one moment and find yourself transported to a magical place where time stands still from the onset. Cap Lazare is an enchanted hideaway that many explorers would have circumnavigated the globe to find but which can now be yours for the taking for any special occasion/ event, lunch and dinner. Cap Lazare is set on a point in the south of Mahé overlooking a private, secluded beach and a calm, turquoise lagoon with an astonishing array of colourful marine life and the biggest reserve of land tortoises in the Granitic Island. The property lies concealed from the rest of the world behind lush green hills covering 75 acres with an abundance of fruit-bearing trees. Beautifully built just above the beach, a small and authentic Creole-style village has been replicated featuring lodges covered in palm leaf thatch. All amenities reflect the old Seychellois era, without sacrificing comfort and luxury - they are bound together in natural harmony featuring granite, giant clamshells, bamboo, palm leaves and wood. The food is carefully prepared according to the art of authentic Seychellois cuisine. Cap Lazare is a unique dining experience. The reserve is the ideal setting for incentives such as Creole themed evenings, and out of this world weddings. To find out more, please contact Seychelles ground operator, CREOLE TRAVEL SERVICES.


SLEEP & STAY Reef Holiday Apartments

Constance Lemuria

Surfers Beach Chalets

1| Situated on the eastern coast of Mahé Island Reef Holiday Apartments is 10 minutes drive from the International Airport, footsteps away from the beach and Mahé’s only Golf course. Reef Holiday Apartments features 14 air-conditioned studios and apartments; 8 studios of 40 to 52 square meters are located on the ground floor whereas the four 2 bedroom apartments (90 square meters) and the two 3 bedroom apartments (100 square meters) are on the first floor overlooking the ocean. www.seychelles-reefholidayapartments. com

4| Come and experience an ultimate holiday in a sanctuary which is in complete harmony with its surrounding. Live in a place where fantastic holidays and unforgettable memories are forged... Exquisite beaches, clear topaz water, lush vegetation and big boulders; choose from one of the 88 Junior Suites, 8 Senior Suites, 8 Villas or the exclusive Presidential Villa at Constance Lemuria. Enjoy elegant spacious suites and villas or unwind in swimming pools seemingly crafted by nature. Indulge in fine food at one of our four restaurants and customized spa treatments at Uspa. Fully trained coordinators at the Constance Kids Club will lead your children to wonderful island exploration trips, culinary activities, scavenger hunts and more.  For real adventure and wonderful memories, try the only 18-hole golf course in the Seychelles or explore the world famous diving sites!

One of the distinctive features of this restaurant is the open kitchen that engages diners in the preparation of the food. Lunch revolves around a selection of large and creative Dim sum, Chinese wok cuisine, rice & noodles soup and salads. For those looking for a light lunch, the chef offers everything from noodle boxes to burgers and pizzas. Dinner is a more elegant affair with dishes including the famous Peking duck and sea scallops with signature XO sauce. On certain evenings, guests are invited to take a culinary journey to discover a wide range of dishes including Cantonese and Indo chine as well as wonderful fusion.

Villa Rafia 2| Named after the raffia palm tree, Villa Rafia Guest House is home to this exotic palm which is found nowhere else on the island but in our colourful tropical and flowery garden. The guest house which is traditionally furnished has a nice communal breakfast area which opens up to the garden where a nice breakfast including tropical fruits is enjoyed every morning. Local crafted artifacts are on sale and can be viewed in our lounge, where our guests can relax after an exciting day discovering the island. Boasting six comfortable standard rooms – 3 of which have their own private verandas, each room is unique in style but they all offer the peace and tranquility that everyone is searching for whilst visiting paradise. Although being close to the little Cote D’Or town, Villa Rafia is ideally placed in a quiet atmosphere in a laid back tropical ambiance where one can truly be lost in time.

Sables d’Or Luxury Apartments

Copolia Lodge Pure Nature

Copolia Lodge is surrounded by peaceful mountains inside the national reserve and embraces an ever-inspiring ocean view of St Anne, Cerf island…Ideal situation to discover Mahé at 20 minutes from east & west cost. A nearby spring provides fresh springwater which is offered in each room also wifi, safe, air con, fan, mini bar & TV. Homemade breakfast with delicious jam, yogourt, fresh bread & tea-time. Local & organic Creole style & ingredients, made with love A well being retreat with Yi*King organic care, produce on the site. Enjoy the view with YIN YOGA courses 3 times per week. Visit the distillery of tropical wild plant, the Yi*King organic care boutique & enjoy a massage with Yi*King holistic approche...Feel at home in the cosy lounge area. Grab a book, play board games, darts or snooker. Dip your toes in the private springwater swimming pool, sip a freshly-squeezed juice on the terrace or go for a hike and meet the wilderness. emembering Creole roots with sobriety and sophistication. 

Le Triskell

5| Le Triskell is a small hotel with a mountainside location which ensures a tranquil stay in a natural, relaxing environment The establishment consists of 4 bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning as well as a separate terrace where you can experience the superb sunrise while having breakfast. Not far from Le Triskell, you can find the Anse Royale Beach and also a golf course. For your evening entertainment there is a casino and a discothèque in the vicinity. ABSOLUTE

3| Sables d’Or is considered to be amongst the most beautiful apartments in Seychelles and is located on the longest and best beach on Mahe, stunning Beau Vallon. They are just a five second wander across the Promenade to Seychelles fabled white sands and the soft, lapping waves of the azure Indian Ocean. All four apartments are superbly designed and manage to combine island style sophistication with simplicity which is the ideal feel for beach living. They have spacious fully air conditioned bedrooms, and lovely, large balconies with views of the sea. We also have a private beach garden area which is perfect to watch the stunning sunsets and may be used for meals as required.



Villas De Mer Hotel

6| Located on the beautiful 4km beach of Grand Anse, nestled quietly in a tropical environment, swathed by a cool sea-breeze, Villas De Mer is the true representation of a Creole holiday. All the elements in the environment perfectly combined to contribute to a luxurious and comfortable stay in a small hotel ‘de charme’. Not only embraced by one of the longest beach of the island, but it is a boat ride away from the famous bird sanctuary of Cousin Island. Villas De Mer Hotel is well known for its well furnished and upgraded rooms, the perfect balance between both Creole and International Cuisine, high quality service delivery; leading it to comfortably take its place amongst one of the popular smaller establishments on Praslin.

La Belle Tortue 7| La Belle Tortue is an exclusive lodge nestled in the cove of a cape on its own sandy beach, protected by the coral reef, enjoying a friendly climate all the year round. Here, a few minutes from Mahé, time stands still and nature reigns. A Garden of Eden, a lush tropical forest, pristine beaches and clear water, the Silhouette Island and the lodge offer you a lot of activities: excursion in the national park, meetings with the giant tortoise, playing Robinson Crusoe on desert beaches, relaxation at the Silhouette Spa, diving in the water of the Marine Reserve to discover incredible species, fishing and enjoying the taste of your own catch for dinner! in creole-style, with verandas open on the sea front, the rooms, suites and private villas of the lodge offer tranquility and intimacy for holidays in couple, with family or alone. The dining room offers delicious dishes facing the Ocean. The Chef will be delighted to prepare a three-course daily menu for you. Mixing techniques from here and there, he will introduce you to local products




depending on the season and on the catch of the day. During the day, the lounge will enable you to relax, connect, share moments around the library, and enjoy a game or a cocktail at the bar or on the terrace. Emmanuel and Mariannick will be delighted to receive you for unique experience. La Belle Tortue proposes transfers by boat-shuttle, private boat or helicopter from Mahé.

Baobab Pizzeria Restaurant 7| Baobab Pizzeria is a popular restaurant that attracts many visitors and locals alike. We serve a large variety of local and international dishes including pizza, spaghetti, fish and salads. Located on Beau Vallon Beach, Baobab is an ideal place to stop for a tasty meal and drinks, especially after a nice swim in the sea only steps away. Casual clothes or beach wear are equally appropriate.

Hotel La Roussette






8| This charming family-owned hotel is situated only 5-10 minutes away from the International Airport, making it the perfect base for island hopping adventures. The 10 chalet-style rooms come with free wifi, air-conditioning, satellite channels, private bathroom and veranda and either look onto the pool or garden. The hotel’s restaurant is famous for home-cooked Creole delicacies. Guests can enjoy a swimming pool, snooker table, library and free wifi around the entire property. Transfers, car hires, fishing trips, rock climbing and excursions can be organized at the reception.

Hilltop Boutique Hotel

9| We are operating a total of eleven units of which seven are apartments and four studio rooms. The apartments hold a well-equipped kitchenette. All our rooms are designed and furnished to make “home-coming”, be it from a leisure beach day or business meetings, something to look forward to. A luxurious and homely atmosphere with comfortable quality furniture and setting with state of the art technology will be awaiting our guests. We also provide the option of a served breakfast or meal upon prior order for all guests. We are in cooperation with the family owned: Marie Antoinette Restaurant & Manta Divers.

Le Relax Hotel & Restaurant

Le Relax Hotel & Restaurant , locted in the South of Mahe is spectaculary situated on a hillside overlooking the bay of Anse Royale and its tiny island of Ile Souris, which looks far and yet so near. Le Relax is just one minute walk from one of the best snorkeling beaches in Seychelles, where swimming is safe all year round. Le Relax is also within walking distance of the scenic strand of Anse Royale. The hotel is member of the “Seychelles Secret” portfolio and offers 10 sea facing

Villa Baptista Beach Bungalows

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Villa Baptista Beach Bungalows is a small, well-established hotel consisting of 4 double bungalows situated on the Takamaka beachfront overlooking the sea. The hotel offers 6 superior rooms facing the hillside and 2 standard rooms standing amid lush tropical gardens. It is within easy reach of other beautiful beaches such as Anse Soleil, Anse Marie Louise, Anse Forbans and the famous Intendance beach. With its convivial atmosphere and glorious setting, Chez Batista Rustique Restaurant is well known for its fine cuisine, speciality seafood and popular Creole Sunday buffet.

Valmer Resort

Valmer Resort, a luxury small hotel, is located on Mahé’s southern coast, surrounded by 18 acres of verdant grounds in the pristine, pastoral region of Baie Lazare, just across from the spectacular, powder-white sands of the Valmer beach. Accommodation consists of 6 standard studios with garden view, 10 new chalets of which each chalet is made up of interconnecting deluxe chalets, 2 refurbished junior suite chalets with a separate lounge and bedroom and 2 refurbished deluxe family chalets with a separate lounge and two bedrooms. All chalets have terrace/balcony, air-conditioned, ceiling fan, dining area, kitchen equipped with crockery & cutlery, IDD telephone with fax & internet connection, safe, hairdryer & shaver unit, TV with local programs & satellite television. The resort boasts a new restaurant & bar and a main swimming pool with water cascades & Jacuzzi set amongst palms and other endemic flora, with contrasting mountain and sea views. Other facilities also include a beachwear boutique, art gallery, internet & fax services, library, table tennis, and car rental.

Bliss Hotel

Set between white sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation, Bliss Hotel is located in the northern part of Mahe Island. Hide away in our secret dreamy bay and enjoy the amazing sunset views overlooking both North and Silhouette Islands. In our unique and elemental environment, you will endure effortless relaxation while experiencing personalized and discreet service from our wonderful staff. Bliss Hotel Seychelles… Simply, a feeling of paradise.



deluxe rooms, four standard rooms with mountain view and 1 day room. The ten sea facing deluxe rooms with one interconnected room ideally suitable for family, king size master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and personalized guest amentities. All rooms have LCD flat screen satellite televisions and are also furnished with all standard amentities.


SEE & SAND Trezor Labuze Guided Tour of the Famous Treasure site of the 18th Century French Pirate Olivier Le Vasseur know as la Buse.Visitors will be invited to view a portion of the site with some of the cut stones that have been removed from it,as well as several artefacts found in the Treasure Hunt. These cut stones and artefacts as well as demarcations have been left behind as clues by the pirate to lead the treasure hunter towards the carvern in which lies the Fabulous hoard which consists of the Fiery cros of Goa,religious artefacts,uncut diamonds and gold coins. The Tour is carried out by an authorized tour guide and lasts for 30-45 mins and includes a lecture on the History of the site and Pirate.

The Diamond

Works Institute 1| Named after the raffia palm tree, Villa Rafia Guest House is home to this exotic palm which is found nowhere else on the island but in our colourful tropical and flowery garden. The guest house which is traditionally furnished has a nice communal breakfast area which opens up to the garden where a nice breakfast including tropical fruits is enjoyed every morning. Local crafted artifacts are on sale and can be viewed in our lounge, where our guests can relax after an exciting day discovering the island. Boasting six comfortable standard rooms – 3 of which have their own private verandas, each room is unique in style but they all offer the peace and tranquility that everyone is searching for whilst visiting paradise. Although being close to the little Cote D’Or town, Villa Rafia is ideally placed in a quiet atmosphere in a laid back tropical ambiance where one can truly be lost in time.

La Misere Exotics Garden Center

the middle of Kennedy Road. Around 15 minutes from Mahe , the garden, which is open to the public from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm, is like a secret botanical sanctuary. Owned and run by husband and wife team.

Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market

3| A visit to Mahé’s busy and colourful market is the way to get a feel for the Seychellois and their way of life. Built in 1840 and renovated in 1999, it remains the bustling heart of the capital and definitely the best place to buy fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and spices. An attractive array of boutiques and shops selling a variety of souvenirs, clothing and local works of art further complement the lively atmosphere that is especially vibrant on Saturday mornings.

Seychelles Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum hosts exhibitions that not only illustrate the flora, fauna and geological history of Seychelles, but serve to enlighten visitors about major environmental concerns with the aim of promoting positive attitudes and actions in conserving our natural heritage. Seven prominent aspects of Seychelles’ natural heritage are showcased through exhibits and dioramas, and the museum’s documentation/resource center contains a wealth of research material in various formats.

Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

4| Located in Mont Fleuri, on the outskirts of Victoria, the Botanical Garden is one of Seychelles’ oldest National Monuments, dating back more than a century. It houses a wide collection of mature, exotic and endemic plants within five acres of landscaped and beautifully maintained tropical gardens. Apart from the palms, the garden is home to a wide variety of spice and fruit trees most of which can only be seen in this garden. An added attraction is the population of giant tortoises from Aldabra, some of which are over 150 years old. Fruit bat colonies can be found feeding or roosting in the taller trees overhead and the latest feature is an orchid house which holds a collection of brightly coloured orchids including Seychelles’ own native orchids.


2| The garden lies on a sloped piece of land that has been lovingly landscaped to include numerous pathways, staircases and winding trails, all well-signposted, which lead you around the property. With almost 300 plant varieties and a total of over 50 000 flowers and other botanicals growing on three acres of land, a visit to the gardens is one that shouldn’t be missed. If it weren’t for the bright and eye-catching billboard proudly announcing “La Misere Exotics Garden Centre” on the La Misere pass, you would never expect to find a lush tropical garden hiding in


Mahé Port Launay / Baie Ternay Marine National Park 5| Port Launay Marine National Park is famous for its whale shark sightings. In their season, these huge gentle giants of the sea can be seen swimming lazily around feeding on the rich plankton that accumulates in the park. The reefs on both sides of the bay provide a wonderful opportunity to use your mask and snorkel, while the beautiful sandy beach is quiet and inviting to both sun worshipers wanting to work on their tan or those who simply want to relax and read a book under the large shady Takamaka trees. This park can be reached by land or sea providing great comfort after a morning of trawling in blue waters or hiking off the nearby Greater Morne Seychellois National Park.

Morne Seychellois National Park

The Morne Seychellois Park is the largest in Seychelles and was created in 1979. It covers a total surface area of 3,045ha, more than 20% of the area of Mahé. It is 10km in length and between 2km and 4km wide and equipped with an extensively trail network covering more than 15km. A total of 12 different trails can be explored either by half or full day excursions. The Praslin National Park is 338ha and was also designated in 1979

Nigel Henri Acrylic Paintings

Local artist Nigel Henri produces original acrylic paintings on canvas which depict cultural life in Seychelles as well as underwater scenes. The artist’s studio will gladly courier purchased works all over the world via DHL. Nigel’s works are displayed at his studio in Beau Vallon, as well as at Kenwyn House, Hilton Seychelles Northolme Hotel & Spa, Eden Art Gallery - Eden Island, Takamaka Bay Art Gallery - La Plaine St André and Gallerie Passerose - Praslin.

Carana Beach

The small but secluded Carana beach in north eastern Mahé offers a sandy beach fringed by sculptured granite boulders . This beautiful beach is a popular spot for sunbathing. There is no reef, so seasonally the waves can be larger than some other beaches around the island, making it popular for boogie boarding and swimming with caution.







La Plaine St. Andre 6| La Plaine. St. Andre is not just a great restaurant where you can discover our chef’s contemporary take on the most popular traditional creole classics. The traditional plantation house, originally built in 1792, has been lovingly restored and now offers the perfect setting to relax, unwind and indulge yourself with our tantalising menu and cocktail list. As the new home of Takamaka Bay Rum, no visit to La Plaine St. André would be complete without visiting the Trois Freres Distillery followed by a rum-tasting. Follow the process from cane crushing to fermentation, distillation and finally sample our award-winning range. Take a tour of our grounds during which you will learn about plantation life in the 1790s, the beginnings of the creole mix which is visible today. Visit our medicinal and herb garden, play a game of petanque or simply sit undisturbed in the shade of the Bilenbi tree avenue.

La Domus

7| La Domus, the imposing residence of the Roman Catholic priesthood in Victoria, was an outstanding architectural achievement of its time. Built in 1934 to house the Swiss missionaries ministering to the Diocese of Port Victoria, the magnificent two-storey building constructed from granite rocks even contains an aqueduct that supplies it with water from a nearby artesian well. In the 1960’s it housed a dozen Capuchin missionaries. Today La Domus is occupied by only three priests with many of its rooms used as administrative offices. It stands in a quiet corner of Victoria, a poignant reminder of those days when there was no shortage of priests to disseminate the word of God among the islands.

Kreolfleurage Parfums 7


Kreolfleurage Parfums, the only perfume manufacturer in the Indian Ocean, is run by Dagmar Ehlert, who founded the laboratory in 1988. The unique range of products includes perfumes produced on a base of essential oils from the region as well as from all over the world. Located near the beach at North East Point, her small laboratory has become a popular tourist attraction on the island of Mahé.

Kot Man-Ya Exotic Flower Garden

8| Open to the public on 31st August 2008 after eight years in the making from scratch, Kot Man-Ya is part of the Anse Royale Ecotourism pilot initiative, administered under The Ecotourism Society of Seychelles (TESS), as called for by the SETS 21 – The Seychelles Ecotourism Blueprint for the 21st Century. It is among the first steps in really

Hindu Temple - Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar

9| The Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple is the only Hindu temple in the Seychelles. Built in 1992, the temple was named after Lord Vinayagar, the Hindu god of safety and prosperity.

Kenwyn House

Built in 1855, Kenwyn House, an elegant example of French colonial architecture, is one of Seychelles’ most visited monuments and a must-see for visitors exploring the Seychelles capital, Victoria. Home of JOUEL- the premier luxury retail company in Seychelles- Kenwyn House offers visitors a chance to explore an historical site while browsing through a world-class jewelry selection comprising of six JOUEL collections. The collections: Allure, Splash, Mystique, White fire, Tanzanite and Tropical, are inspired by the Seychelles Islands, made from diamonds, pearls, tanzanite, and other precious gemstones set in gold, silver and platinum. The top floor of Kenwyn House showcases a range of locally made KREOLOR jewelry and craft items made from shells, timber, seeds and 18k gold. The JOUEL branded jewelry can also be viewed at the Mahé International Airport, Eden Island, Ephelia Resort and Spa and Praslin Domestic Airport, all at duty free prices.



bringing tourism activities to the community and offers a unique and different experience of Seychelles for discerning nature lovers and local flower enthusiasts alike. With their ravishing elegance, sparkling colours, bold geometric lines and symmetrical perfection, the flower heads of exotic tropicals cater for the ultimate in floral brilliance. “Tropicals” is presently the “in” word all across the globe. It includes Heliconia, Gingers, Anthuriums and miscellaneous such as Mussa Bananas, Costus, Calatheas and fanciful jungle foliage; e.g. Caladiums and Ti leaves. Originating from the South Central American Rain Forest, South East Asia and the South Pacific Islands, today tropicals are setting the scene for celebrations, as a way to express love, to say thank you or I am sorry. But above all they are simply there to lift the spirit in their natural state where whether young and old, each will find his or her own special delight at Kot Man-Ya in peace and tranquillity, of in a local community setting. In addition to over 200 varieties of tropicals and orchids, Kot Man-Ya is also the sweet home of giant tortoises, guinea pigs, rabbits, green geckos, skinks and frogs. Other attractions include Birds such a the Seychelles Sun Bird, Barred Ground Doves, Madagascar Fody and other migratory species. Fruit trees and medicinal plants such as papaya, bread fruit, passion fruit, star fruit, yams, mangoes, bananas, bilimbi, curry leaves, lemon grass are also in abundance.


Cote Dor, Praslin, Seychelles - Tel: +248 4237766 -







Curieuse Island R R

Anse Lazio


Anse Kerlan


Anse Boudin



Anse Petit Cour

Anse Possession

Cote d'Or


Mont Plasier M A S O N'S

Praslin Museum

Praslin Airport

Grand Anse


Anse Volbert Caino des lies Grande Anse Baie Sainte Anne R

Praslin Anse Consolation

Ferry Jetty Dive Site Praslin Airport Snorkelling Ò Dive Centre Spa Restaurant Nightlife Golf course




Petie Anse

Anse Takamaka






Praslin is an island in the Seychelles, in the Indian

Ocean. It’s known for palm-fringed beaches, like

Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio, both bordered by large granite boulders. The main beach, Anse

Volbert-Côte D’Or, faces the offshore islet Chauve

Souris. Praslin’s rugged, jungle-covered interior is

home to Praslin National Park, which encompasses


Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve.


FIZZ F& FOOD Capricorn Restaurant

The Jetty Restaurant

Capricorn Restaurant is found next to the beach of Anse Kerlan, Praslin, precisely at The Islander Hotel. With its classic decors, marble flooring and colourful stained glass windows providing good ventilation and the thatched roof creating a cool and romantic ambiance. This creole and seafood restaurant offers delicately prepared authentic dishes, such as, small whole grilled fish, roasted octopus or Patrick’s style, a variety of curries simmer in fresh coconut milk, cinnamon leaves and indian species or lobsters at the best price on the island. The “A La Carte” menu offers good selection of choices blended with local ingredients which is our art of cuisine and cooked to the perfection of popular dishes amongst the creole world. Guests could enjoy the rarest speciality not normally found in other restaurant.

Renowned for its cuisine and service, the restaurant at Le Domaine de La Reserve has been in business for more than twenty years. Located right above the sea, it is appropriately called The Jetty Restaurant. Dinner is served by candle light and the illuminated rocks on the edge of the sea also add to the romantic setting. The bar is located in an old colonial house, built at the turn of the century and overlooking the ocean. Live music is provided three times a week. We strongly recommend that you make reservations. It is an experience that will linger in your memory.

Le Beach Restaurant

Situated right on the beach overlooking the turquoise ocean, the Beach Restaurant is located at the Paradise Sun Hotel. Frenchstyle Creole cuisine is a speciality and includes delicious fresh fish dishes and tropical fruits. At sunset, sip an exotic island cocktail in the Beachfront bar, with the sea sand under your feet and glorious views across the ocean. In the evening, capture the romance of this resort as you listen to traditional island music and watch the graceful sega dancers performing to their lively beat.

Bonbon Plume

Bonbon Plume is built of natural materials from the 40 hectare Anse Lazio Estate. It is situated on the water’s edge on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Anse Lazio. Come and relish our succulent Creole dishes in this unique feet-in-the-sand restaurant.

Le Dauphin

Tante Mimi Restaurant

Most memorable of all is our fine, authentic mouth watering creole cuisine served in our open air restaurant. This overlooks an orchid garden with more than 100 varieties of orchids and a lovely fish pond. Our restaurant Le Dauphin serves the best the Seychelles has to offer, such as fish carpaccio, seafood gratin, a variety of currys with coconut milk and cinnamon, smoked marlin with lemon…, simply known as the home of good food. Tempt yourself with one of our many unique cocktails or be romantic and request a candlelit dinner by the poolside.

Sea Horse Restaurant & Bar


With stunning views over the 11th green of the award-winning Lémuria 18 holes championship golf course, the Seahorse set in a garden and has a cosy feeling. This is Constance Lémuria’s top restaurant where you can enjoy casual-chic dining with attentive service. At lunchtime, Seahorse is a favorite haunt of golfers looking for simple, refreshing fare. As the sun goes down, enjoy a cocktail or a glass of champagne at the bar before indulging in the wonderful cuisine - classic Seychelles dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. The Head Sommelier, Cedric Jacob, will be delighted to help you choose from the superb selection of wines from the impressive wine card.



Experience an evening of dining in the exclusive and romantic atmosphere of Tante Mimi Restaurant situated on the upper floor of the Casino Des Iles. Dine by candlelight in the restaurant’s luxurious interior or on the terrace by moonlight. Our chef’s exotic creole dishes together with a selection of fine wine from the cellar will give even the most discerning diner an evening to remember. We also cater for special occasions and groups where pre-arranged or customised menus can be selected to suit your needs. With a setting as yet unmatched, service of the highest standard and a chef willing to prepare the à la carte menu to the client’s specifications, Tante Mimi is an experience not to be missed.

The Pond

Overlooking the eclectic water garden, “The Pond”, is Dhevatara’s à-la-carte signature restaurant. Our multi award winning local Executive Chef, Pat Monthy, delights his guests through a combination of culinary traditions interpreted with ethic savors from Mediterranean, Asian and of course Creole flavors. His fusion cuisine is bound together with the perfumes of home grown spices, local herbs and flowers all handpicked from the in-house spice garden.

Blue Marlin An imposing beachside building houses the restaurant at Indian Ocean Lodge, offering delicious local and international dishes in an informal and welcoming atmosphere. A bar is situated on the sea-side corner of the main building and serves the pool deck area. There is live evening entertainment twice a week. Indian Ocean Lodge is located on Grand Anse, Praslin’s longest beach.

Breeze Garden

For a delightful, unique experience with wide range of services, Breeze Garden is the must visit place on Praslin. Unlike everywhere else, we open from 0800hrs till late offering vast choices of unmatchable food and entertainment. Breeze Garden has a café, restaurant, bar and beer garden. We also provide other services such as take away, internet access with wifi, bureau de change, bakery, boutique and a betting shop.

Feuille d’Or

Set in a large private estate overlooking the bay of Côte d’Or, Feuille d’Or is one of the two restaurants at Hotel L’Archipel. The restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes with fixed and à la carte choices. Live music is provided twice weekly. The hotel is beautiful, sophisticated, and provides service of a very high standard -- ideal for those seeking peace and tranquillity. www.

Le Chevalier Bay Restaurant

Le Chevalier Bay Restaurant is situated on Anse Lazio Beach, the most beautiful beach on Praslin. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, our Creole cuisine consists of popular dishes such as grilled fish, garlic prawns and fish curry, to name but a few. For guests who prefer a light meal, we also serve sandwiches, salads, chips etc. We are open every day of the week. No reservations necessary.

Pirogue Restaurant & Bar


Take pleasure in tasting our fine Creole and other international Cuisines, served in a cool, relaxed atmosphere, with our renowned Seychellois charmed service backed up by occasional live music from local bands. Refresh yourself as you choose from our wide selection of cocktails, wines, spirits and liqueurs, with the sea breeze caressing your skin and the mesmerizing ocean view of the adjacent Cote D’or Beach simply carrying you away in thought. Serving all three most important meals of the day,




Pirogue Lodge

Villas De Mer Hotel

Le Relax St Joseph Guesthouse The Guesthouse is placed surrounding elegant landscaping and has a capacity to accommodate 10 people in 4 rooms - one apartment for 5 persons in two double rooms, one bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. One 25m² double standard room for two people and one 27m² double standard room for three persons, both with en-suite bathrooms. Our guest are gracefully greeted at our nearby Le Relax Beach Resort facilities for swimming or to experience uninterrupted wine/dine facilities besides spending leisure time on sea beach.

Château de Feuilles

Château de Feuilles is a hotel of charm and luxury, a member of the prestigious hotel chain Relais & Châteaux, where everything is designed to respect your privacy and your comfort, treating you as a privileged guest. Located in an intimate and exclusive area, Château de Feuilles offers a unique and stunning 180° panoramic view to enjoy the dance of the waves and get carried away by the immensity of the ocean. The hotel offers only 9 exclusive rooms and suites for a maximum number of 20 guests, encased in the absolute beauty and serenity of a preserved natural setting.

Le Relax Beach Resort

This charming 12 rooms plus two family suites hotel situated along Grand Anse beach complement its sister establishments, Le Relax Hotel & Restaurant at Anse Royale on Mahe and Le Relax Beach House/Le Relax Self Catering Apartments on La Digue. You can savor genuine Creole comfort and hospitality in settings designed to be in perfect harmony with its surroundings.


The hotel features a swimming pool, restaurant and bar. There is also a snack-bar and boutique offering local craft work, jewellery and postcards.  Guests can relax by the swimming pool, beach or on the terrace lounge areas.  Meals can be enjoyed in the poolside restaurant and bar.  Excursions and tours to Praslin’s landmarks can also be organised upon request.  Le Relax Beach Resort is located just a five minute drive from Praslin Aiport.  Vallée de Mai nature reserve is 4km away.

Les Lauriers Petit Hotel

Using the opportunity of the reconstruction, Les Lauriers Eco Hotel followed a new path and is the benchmark in the Seychelles for Green. The Eco policy incorporated technologies including: Solar PV panels generating energy, solar stratification tanks to produce hot water, Waste water recycling and Biotechnology cleaning which ensures that all toxic chemicals have been removed from the property, providing a clean and safe environment for all. In addition all Amenities are echo friendly and an intelligent room control ensure the rooms are always conditioned for guest comfort.

Le Tropique Villa

This small establishment has a reputation of being welcoming and friendly with an ideal ambience for relaxation and sunbathing. It comprises 2 bungalows with 1 spacious room situated in the garden and 4 apartments with large rooms on the beach. All the spacious beachfront rooms feature unique Seychellois architecture and offer self-catering facilities. Bed and breakfast is offered with Creole cuisine available on request. Two restaurants are also within walking distance. Various excursions can be organised.

Rosemary’s Guesthouse

This peaceful, beachfront guesthouse is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches, Côte d’Or, and offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for all its clients. The guesthouse has 3 rooms and offers bed and breakfast. The restaurant commands a scenic view of the neighbouring islands of Curieuse and Chauve Souris. Several popular restaurants close by offer Creole and Italian cuisine. Outdoor activities such as excursions to the neighbouring islands can be organized upon request.


Located on the beautiful 4km beach of Grand Anse, nestled quietly in a tropical environment, swathed by a cool sea-breeze, Villas De Mer is the true representation of a Creole holiday. All the elements in the environment perfectly combined to contribute to a luxurious and comfortable stay in a small hotel ‘de charme’. Not only embraced by one of the longest beach of the island, but it is a boat ride away from the famous bird sanctuary of Cousin Island. Villas De Mer Hotel is well known for its well furnished and upgraded rooms, the perfect balance between both Creole and International Cuisine, high quality service delivery; leading it to comfortably take its place amongst one of the popular smaller establishments on Praslin.

Along the northern coastline of the picturesque Praslin Island lies Pirogue Lodge, a charming family owned small hotel consisting of six standard rooms, each facing the sea. Nicely decorated with simple wooden furniture and paintings from our local artists, each room radiates Creole serenity and calm. A private veranda furnished with traditional, relaxing chairs is there to capture the azure ocean view. The warmth of the Seychellois smile and the amicable staff is the perfect way to enjoy a home away from home, with the white sandy Cote D’or Beach located merely seconds from you. Breakfast and meals are served at Pirogue Restaurant & Bar which also offers a wide choice of both local and international dishes as well as cocktails and other beverages.

Le Duc de Praslin

Set in an attractive tropical and orchid garden, the hotel’s 24 spacious rooms include 2 deluxe standards, 14 new superiors of 64 square metres, 4 new junior suites of 75 square metres, 2 large refurbished honeymoon suites of 100 square metres and one family suite apartment of two rooms at 135 square metres. All rooms have a veranda and a modern ensuite bathroom and will now be air-conditioned except for 4 standard rooms, while six of the superior rooms will have interconnecting doors. A room safe, mini-bar, hairdryer, tea/coffee making facilities, direct dialling telephone, 32inch LCD satellite TV, wireless internet access are all available. All suites will have all the facilities above as well as a 40inch LCD TV and DVD Player. Le Duc proposes a brand new, elegant Creole Restaurant serving authentic Creole cuisine overlooking a wonderful Koi Pond. Attached to it will be a modern bar and lounge overlooking the new swimming pool. A relaxed reception area has been created to welcome clients while Le Duc’s massage room will offer a variety of massages.

Dhevatara Beach Hotel

Our charming retreat is located on the island of Praslin, on the beautiful Grande Anse Beach where the high level of service and attention to detail in an understated way constitute our own take on barefoot luxury and natural living. Dhevatara Beach Hotel has ten uniquely designed suites, a signature gourmet restaurant: “The Pond,” a rooftop herb and spice garden, and tailor made spa programs using organically made products to inspire guests to relax and embrace body, mind, and soul. A choice of personalized mini bar and incense selection await those, who, like us, relish the beauty in the details.

Chateau Sans Souci Our luxurious four star hotel on Praslin Island is located 200 meters from the longest beach in Seychelles, Grand Anse. Chateau Sans Souci offers a four-star service with 14 spacious, air-conditioned suites equipped with mini bar, hair dryer, satellite TV and direct in suite telephone services. Indulge yourself in our fully-equipped restaurant serving delicious cuisine with freshly-sourced ingredients. Our Chateau gives you the choice of poolside or full air-conditioned wine and dine service, after which you can enjoy the sounds from the “KOKORIKO” Bar & Lounge, there to entertain you for the rest of the evening. With state-ofthe-art lighting effects, and featuring popular modern tracks and old favourites, the disco facility will make your stay a memorable one.

Chalets Côte Mer

Overlooking the beautiful sheltered Baie Ste Anne on the south coast of Praslin, half a kilometer from the jetty, Chalets Cote Mer comprises of 6 split-level self-catering apartments situated 10 metres from the sea plus 4 additional rooms of which 2 are mezzanine style higher up the hillside and provide spectacular panoramic views across the bay and beyond. A restaurant set on the water’s edge offers the skills of a French Master chef. There is also a terrace for sunbathing as well as a shady area for reading and relaxing. Snorkeling can be enjoyed within a few metres of the hotel while bicycle hire, fishing, diving and island excursions are also available.


This small, cosy family hotel located at Grand Anse prides itself on its friendly welcome and convivial ambience. This hotel which owes its name to our Islands’ colonial past, has been fully upgraded but has nonetheless retained its traditions and, in particular, its culinary skills. Offering 5 standard rooms and 7 superior rooms, the hotel features a bar while its famous restaurant serves delicious Creole and international cuisine. The superior rooms feature air-conditioning, mini-fridge and television. This is an ideal location for a holiday and a convenient starting point for biking and excursions to the neighbouring islands.


Amitié Chalets

Amitié Chalets, a bed and breakfast accommodation, comprise four beachfront accommodations in three buildings set on Grand Anse beach at Amitié, Praslin.   All our rooms have private verandas directly facing the ocean twenty meters away across a large manicured lawn that separates the chalets and provides privacy.   The two standard rooms, each spacious with over 25 square meters of floor space, feature queen sized beds.  “Cousin” sleeps three; two in a queen size double bed and one single bed.  “Aride” sleeps four in one queen size and one double bed.  A baby crib may be added to either room.  Both rooms are adjacent to a kitchen that is available for use upon request.


SEE & SAND Black Pearl (Seychelles) Ltd

Grand Anse (on Praslin)

At Black Pearl experience three attractions in one: The Giant Clam Farm, Pearl Farm and the Black Pearl shop. Enjoy the unique chance to encounter over forty thousand giant clams and to learn about their feeding and reproduction habitats at the Black Pearl Ocean Farm. Black pearls are also cultured here in the first and only pearl farm in the Indian Ocean region. Situated next to the farm is the Black Pearl Shop, selling a selection of beautiful high-class jewellery and other exotic creations made from locally cultivated pearls from the Seychelles ‘Black Lip Oyster’. You can choose from the array of matching rings, earrings, pendants or strands designed and hand crafted by Linneys the internationally awarded West Australian jewelers. Set in yellow or white 18-carat gold and with argyle diamonds, many of which are of a “One Off” design.

On the eastern side of Praslin, close to the airport, Grand Anse is the longest beach on Praslin. This large bay has several hotels overlooking the seashore. Grand Anse is a large wide beach, and the sea here is good for swimming and water sports. The beach is at its best during the north-west trade winds when the sea is calm and clear. During the south-eastern trade wind season, seaweed can occasionally drift into the bay; when this occurs many of the hotels around Grand Anse will provide free transfers to Côte d’Or or other beaches for their guests. Directions : Grand Anse beach starts immediately after you turn left from Praslin Airport. The beach runs parallel to the main road going through Grand Anse Village.

Vallée de Mai - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Seychelles’ second UNESCO World Heritage Site is the legendary Vallée de Mai, administered by the Seychelles Islands Foundation. So remarkable that it was once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden, this hauntingly beautiful primeval forest is home to some 6000 Coco-de-mer trees, considered to be among the botanical wonders of the world. The Vallée boasts six endemic palm species as well as many other indigenous trees and is also the last habitat of the endangered Black Parrot.

The Seychelles Islands Foundation has also launched the “Vallee de Mai” mobile app for IPhone which can be downloaded at:

Praslin Museum

Anse Volbert / Côte d’Or

Praslin’s main beach, with its many hotels and guesthouses lining the golden coastline is rarely crowded. Anse Volbert / Côte d’Or is a dazzlingly white stretch of beach and the crystal clear sea here is excellent for swimming and water sports. Further out in the bay, around Chauve Souris island and St Pierre islet, the snorkelling is superb. Directions : Côte d’Or Beach / Anse Volbert lies approximately 4 km from the jetty. From the Baie Ste. Anne jetty, turn right and drive to the north towards Côte d’Or. Passing Barclays Bank on your left, continue on the main road until you pass Acajou hotel and the beginning of Côte D’Or. Arriving at the junction at MCB Seychelles bank, take the road to the right. Côte d’Or continues as far as the Paradise Sun hotel.

Anse Matelot

Anse Matelot is a small sandy cove, a short walk away from the L’Archipel Hotel. Its remote location means it is often deserted. Suitable for swimming. Directions : From Praslin airport turn left onto the main road towards Grand Anse (4kms). Turn left through the Vallée de Mai to Baie Ste Anne. At Barclays Bank turn left again, and drive towards Cote d’Or for some 2km until you reach the secondary road at the sign indicating “Hotel L’Archipel” on the right. Travelling time is approximately 20 minutes. Easily accessible by boat or on foot during low tide.


Praslin Island boasts its first museum which is located on Cote D’Or roughly 50 metres from the Acajou Hotel. The museum, which showcases the traditions of Seychelles as well as its culture in general, also features a garden of endemic and medicinal plants of Seychelles where visitors can view fruit bats and also enjoy a glass of Citronelle tea or local fruit juice. Visitors are encouraged to participate in coconut dehusking, grilling breadfruit and other traditional activities which give a taste of the traditions of yesteryear.


Praslin Anse Kerlan and Petit Anse Kerlan These two stunning aquamarine bays are part of the Lémuria Resort. Both have sandy coves surrounded by picturesque granite rocks. Swimming and particularly snorkelling here is excellent. There can be strong currents pushing swimmers out to sea at certain times of the year, but the hotel will advise guests on the suitability of swimming. Directions : Non-residents of the Lémuria Hotel should obtain prior permission from the resort for access to the beach. From the Praslin airport, turn right onto the main road. You will pass Super Value supermarket along the way then come to a T-junction. Take the road on the right and follow it to the next T-junction and then take the left hand side road, and follow it to the end to Lémuria Resort.

Anse Gouvernment

On the edge of the Côte d’Or coastline, this smaller white sandy bay is situated between the Côte d’Or Lodge and the L’Archipel Hotel. It is safe for swimming and there are water sports facilities nearby. Directions : This beach is adjacent to the Acajou Hotel, approximately 1.5km from Baie Ste Anne. From the Baie Ste Anne jetty, turn right and drive north to Côte d’Or. Passing Barclays Bank on your left, continue on the main road until you see the sign for the Acajou Hotel on the right. From this point Anse Gouvernment extends as far as Hotel L’Archipel.



Cote Dor, Praslin, Seychelles - Tel: +248 4237766 ABSOLUTE - 28



The best way to discover Praslin....



Contact us for your car rental need Nadia Bedier Tel: +248 2517001

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Anse Patates Anse Severe Jetty

Anse Gaulettes Ò Ò

La Passe

Anse Grosse Roche

Anse Reunion

Anse Fourmis Anse Caima

Veuve Nature Reserve

C'Union Estate Anse Union

L'Union Reserve

Anse Source D'Argent Anse Pierrot Anse Aux Cédres Anse Bonnet Carre



Snorkelling Ò Dive Centre Spa Restaurant

La Digue

Anse Cocos

Petit Anse Grand Anse Anse L'anse



La Digue

La Digue is an island in the Seychelles, in the

Indian Ocean off East Africa. It’s known for its beaches, like Anse Source d’Argent, dotted with

granite boulders, on the west coast. To the south, isolated Anse Bonnet Carré Beach, with calm,

shallow water, is accessible only on foot, as is Anse

Cocos Beach, in a protected bay on the east coast. La Digue’s diverse wildlife can be seen in the Veuve




FIZZ F& FOOD Zerof Restaurant

Tarosa Restaurant

Situated in the heart of La Digue, Zerof Restaurant serves a unique blend of continental and Creole cuisine which is a favourite with tourists and locals alike. Our dedicated staff will exceed your expectations by providing you with a specialized service. Our speciality is no doubt our Creole cuisine in which both our take away and restaurant has excellent reputations. During evening time we take great pride in offering our guests a Creole set menu, which changes every night and reflects our multi cultural way of cooking combined with light traditional music, Zerof Restaurant is no doubt a must when visiting La Digue.

The Tarosa Restaurant, located at La Passe on La Digue Island, welcomes clients to any one of seven separate dining areas, each with a capacity for ten diners and each with a magnificent view of the ocean. Tarosa is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers an à la carte menu with Creole specialities.

Restaurant Patatran

Restaurant Patatran at Hotel L’Ocean commands a view over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean with the islands of Grande Soeur, Petite Soeur, Coco, Félicité, Ave Maria and Curieuse in the foreground. The restaurant serves an à la carte menu which consists of primarily Creole food and is sometimes accompanied by international dishes. Nature in all its beauty!!


Serves popular international fare and local Creole specialties in eclectic mix, live-cooking style and buffet featuring the “Catch of the day”. The outside deck graciously overlooks the Indian Ocean and the crystal clear waters for alfresco dining. The breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean will whet your appetite, marking an exquisite and memorable dining experience.

Le Repaire Restaurant

Italian chef Remo and his wife Nicoletta welcomes you to our fine dining Italian restaurant with a special touch from the Seychelles. Using local fish, octopus and smoked fish as well as other ingredients…. We can offer you many dishes to tempt your palate. You can either have a simple pizza or a four course meal, and whatever you choose we believe you will leave feeling satisfied. Whilst eating you will look across our garden and out across the sea to neighbouring Praslin Island. If you come early eveninng, there is nothing nicer than a cool apperetif on the beach whilst you watch the sunset.



Located on the upper deck of the all day dining area, Le Combava, which means kaffir lime, is an exquisitely designed roof terrace lounge serving à la carte food only. This epicurean delight serves up the finest meals using the freshest ingredients only, for an upbeat and sophisticated culinary experience. Choose from one of our numerous wine references from Le Domaine’s cellar to accompany the delectable meal with - a feast for the all the senses.


La Digue

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SLEEP & STAY Lakaz Safran

Pension Michel

Zerof Guesthouse

La Kaz Safran is situated at the quaint village of La Passe, the hub of the idyllic and relaxed La Digue, and is only a stones throw away from the harbour and ferry landing. The guesthouse has a beautiful and sheltered beach out front and a large, lush tropical garden out back with fruit trees in abundance. Come relax in the stylish comfort of La Kaz Safran, and live your dream stay on La Digue,

Pension Michel is a small family-run guesthouse conveniently located near to the beach and shops and in an ideal position for exploring the many charms of La Digue. Seven well-equipped rooms, a restaurant and bar make an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable holiday. Bicycle hire is readily available.

Located 1.5km (or 15 minutes walk) from the La Digue jetty, Zerof Guesthouse is in close proximity to the unique Paradise Flycatcher Reserve and also the stunning beach at Anse Source D’Argent. The guesthouse offers four rooms, each equipped with mini bar, mosquito nets, air conditioning units, ceiling fan, hot and cold water supply and en suite shower and toilet facilities. Other facilities include a security safe and television. We are also able to arrange bicycle rental and other transport facilities.

Le Relax Beach House

An ideal location on the white sandy beach of Anse Reunion, on the western coast of La Digue. There is four comfortable double bedrooms aseptically decorated with an integrated restaurant at ground level with sea front view. Electric cars transfers from Jetty to the Hotel can be arranged on request to make your stay on La Digue a memorable holiday experience.

Château St Cloud

A former vanilla plantation house, this unique small hotel offers Creole hospitality and old world charm. Conveniently located at Anse Réunion from where it is easy to explore the island of La Digue, its recently refurbished rooms are situated in modern annexes and individual chalets in the hotel gardens. Traditional Creole fare is served in the château’s renowned restaurant in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Villa Authentique For authentic Creole hospitality try Villa Authentique at the village and harbour of La Passe. This guesthouse has 10 fully air-conditioned rooms and is located just 200 metres from the beach. Daily fishing excursions (big game fishing, à la palangrotte and trolling) are organised by the hotel. Bicycle hire can be arranged nearby.

Rising Sun

Moonlight Beach Villa Moonlight Beach Villa is located at La Passe, La Digue. Five minutes distance from jetty to the north of the island, Moonlight Beach villa hotel overlooks the beautiful island of Praslin and the glorious clear Indian Ocean. The hotel is ideally situated as it is close to all the island’s facilities. The hotel offers a restaurant and bar for all outside guests and in house guests.

Le Repaire Boutique Hotel

Le Repaire is a small beach front hotel overlooking the island of Praslin,and situated near the centre of the main village on La Digue. It is adjacent to the La Digue Island Lodge Hotel and within easy walking distance of the jetty, shops, banks, and bicycle hire. This new Boutique Hotel opened on the 1 November 2012. Le Repaire has 9 delightfully furnished rooms, each a minimum size of 32 square meters. All rooms have en-suite shower, air conditioning, fan, mini-fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, safe, television, hair dryer and telephone AND FREE WIFI.

Hotel L’Ocean

The Hotel L’Ocean is a small hotel full of charm located on the north point of La Digue in a commanding position overlooking the ocean. Close by are the breathtaking beaches of Anse Severe and Anse Patates. The hotel has 8 air-conditioned bedrooms, each with a private veranda with sea view. The hotel’s popular Patatran Restaurant offers Creole buffet every evening served to the accompaniment of traditional Creole musicians. Situated at the base of Eagle’s Nest mountain, the highest point on the island, it is also an ideal venue for walkers. Day excursions and diving can also be arranged.


Just steps away from the beautiful beach of Anse Réunion, close to the jetty and shops at La Passe and next door to a diving centre, is the small, family-run Rising Sun Guesthouse. Five air-conditioned rooms are on offer, with a special emphasis on catering for families. Each room has a private veranda and a set Creole dinner can be provided as well as a cooked breakfast.


La Digue

La Diguoise

La Diguoise guesthouse, ideally located only 5 minutes walk from the nearest beach and 5 minutes bicycle ride to legendary Anse Source D’Argent, borders the Veuve Reserve - home of the unique Black Paradise Flycatcher. The establishment’s two rooms are each equipped with fans, air-conditioning, mini fridges, personal safe and T.V. and the bathrooms feature both showers and toilets. You may breakfast on our special platter of juicy fruits on a terrace overlooking a charming flower garden and sweet water pond. The facility of a garden Jacuzzi and shower is also available. We are pleased to make and confirm flight reservations and also to organize certain services through the guesthouse to make your stay a memorable one.

Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie

The island of La Digue, a world apart like a shining gem at the heart of the Seychelles archipelago. It is in this haven of peace and serenity that Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie harbors a cozy and private getaway. The tropical setting, local architecture and the warmth of wood in a pure zen style combine harmoniously to celebrate the home’ away from home’ unique experience, for couples and families. 45 villas are nestled in an idyllic setting amidst a ballet of birds at the heart of a luxuriant tropical garden. Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie is the perfect retreat to capture the true essence of exotic lifestyle on La Digue. Here, every moment of day and night will enchant and entice desire to inspire you. An elegant fusion of hospitality, nature and heritage in a boutique hotel. The perfect alliance for an ultimate destination of peace and rejuvenation, in one of the most authentic islands of Seychelles. Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet local fragrances. Welcome to Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie.

Etoile Labrine Etoile Labrine is situated on La Digue near the famous Anse Source d’argent beach and a mere 5 mins walk from the helipad. All our rooms are deluxe and air conditioned + ceiling fan if you prefer. We have king size beds or twin beds with en-suite bathroom and large shower and also private patio with arm chairs. We have our own boat for excursions, fishing trips and sunset cruises.

Chez Marston If you are looking for a Creole welcome and the informal atmosphere of a family-run guesthouse, then Chez Marston is the ideal venue. Run by a well known Creole character, Marston Saint Ange and his family, this guesthouse offers 5 rooms close to the jetty at La Passe and just a short walk from the most picturesque beaches on the island.

Bernique Guesthouse Founded 35 years ago, the Bernique Guesthouse was the first guest house on La Digue. Its traditional character has been caringly maintained to this day.The Bernique is located in a quiet neighbourhood; all of its rooms are equipped with shower/toilet and air conditioning. A tasty breakfast with freshly squeezed juice and local fruits is included in the prize! If you need help in organizing an excursion don’t hesitate to contact us - we are happy to assist you.

Le Calou


This small German-run guesthouse is some 700 metres from the sea, set in the midst of a large tropical garden. Clients are mainly from Germany and the hosts offer an international menu, including Creole delicacies. Five large bungalow/chalets nestle between ancient granite rocks where Klaus, Wilvina and their staff say they offer an exclusive 120 square metres of Gemütlichkeit ! Other amenities on offer include a small covered fresh water swimming pool.


SEE & SAND Petit Anse (on La Digue)

Anse Pierrot

Anse Cocos

A large beach for one named petit! This is the sister beach to Grand Anse and can be reached by walking across the rocks from Grand Anse, following the footpath. Swimming here is also as dangerous, but it is a secluded beach for sunbathing or picnicking. Directions : From the jetty at La Passe, turn right and follow the main road until you reach the junction opposite the school. Then turn left passing Zerof restaurant on your left. Further ahead turn right and follow the road until you reach Grand Anse beach. From the beach follow the footpath to the left and it will lead to Petit Anse.

When walking along the famous Anse Source d’Argent, continue across the small river until you reach Anse Pierrot. This beach is slightly narrower than Source D’Argent and its rocks are less photogenic, but it has the same shallow warm waters and the advantage of privacy. Directions : No trail available, unless clients try to find their own way by climbing over rocks or through bushes. It can also be reached by walking in the water when it is low tide.

This pretty bay on the eastern coast of La Digue is only accessible by foot, either by taking a path from Grand Anse or in the other direction from Anse Fourmis. Because of its more sheltered aspect, this beach, unlike its neighbouring bays of Grand and Petit Anse, is safe for swimmers, but there are still some strong currents, so care does need to be taken. Directions : From the jetty at La Passe, turn right and follow the main road until you reach the junction opposite the school. Turn left and you will pass Zerof restaurant on your left. Further ahead turn right and follow the road until you reach Grand Anse beach. From the beach follow the footpath to the left and it will lead to Petit Anse then Anse Cocos.

Grand Anse (on La Digue) A picturesque beach with huge waves and surrounded by large granite rocks, the sea is unfortunately not for swimming, and there are signs on the seashore warning of the dangers of swimming here. Although the sea may look inviting there is an extremely strong undertow, so do not be tempted. Directions : From the jetty at La Passe, turn right and follow the main road until you reach the junction opposite the school. Turn left and you will pass Zerof restaurant on your left. Further ahead turn right and follow the road until you reach Grand Anse beach.

Anse La Reunion

Anse Patates

When walking along the famous Anse Source d’Argent, continue across the small river until you reach Anse Pierrot. This beach is slightly narrower than Source D’Argent and its rocks are less photogenic, but it has the same shallow warm waters and the advantage of privacy. Directions : No trail available, unless clients try to find their own way by climbing over rocks or through bushes. It can also be reached by walking in the water when it is low tide.

Anse Source d’Argent

Anse Source d’Argent is reputed to be the most photographed beach in the world. With its soft white sand, clear turquoise water and huge granite boulders sculptured by the elements and time itself, it is not difficult to see why photographers and film makers still love to come here. The sea is sheltered by the reef, and is very calm and shallow, with only sand underfoot which makes it safe for children. Access to the beach via L’Union Estate requires an entrance fee of SCR100 for non-residents. Directions : From the jetty at La Passe, turn right and follow the main road until you reach the junction opposite the school. Take the road to your right and follow it until you reach the entrance of L’Union Estate. Then follow the small road ahead until you reach the boat yard. From there take the footpath to your right and it will lead you to Anse Source d’Argent.


La Digue Island Lodge lies along its shore. Anse la Reunion is an attractive long, curving sun-soaked beach offering fine views of the neighbouring island of Praslin. Directions : From the jetty at La Passe, turn right and follow the main road until you reach the junction opposite the school. Turn right and Anse La Reunion extends along the southwest coast up to the point opposite Paradise Flycatcher’s Lodge. The distance from the jetty is approximately 1 km.


La Duige

Anse Bonnet Carré

Many visitors to La Digue walk or cycle to the famous Anse Source d’Argent, but few take the trouble to explore further along the coastline.

Anse Bonnet Carré’s reward for those that do; a beach that can only be accessed by foot and so, is often deserted. It has the same white sand as its famous neighbour, with fewer rocks and the same shallow warm waters, more suitable for a relaxing wallow than an energetic swim. Directions : No trail is available, unless clients try to find their own way by climbing over rocks or through bushes. It can also be done by walking in the water when it is low tide.

Horse Riding (at L’Union Estate)

If you want to enjoy horse riding in the sun in paradise, then the place to be is at L’Union Estate on the enchanting island of La Digue. You can either ride inside the large fenced area of the estate or along Anse Source d’Argent, one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

Azzurra Pro-Dive Centre Azzurra Pro-Dive Centre If you wish to discover underwater La Digue and its neighbouring islands, this is the place to come! Our certified Padi instructors will introduce you to the wonderful underwater environment that our island has to offer: enjoy the breathtaking granitic slopes, experience the thrill of diving among a school of reef sharks, discover the thriving underwater life in all its shapes, sizes and incredible colours!

Anse Severe Anse Severe is a quiet spot, well suited for sunbathing and swimming. It is the first beach that you will come to along the road if you turn left from the jetty. There are two small hotels along its shore, but the beach is never busy. Directions : From the jetty at La Passe, turn left and follow the main road. You will pass the cemetery on your right and the first beach on the left is Anse Severe.

Lone Wolf Charters


Lone Wolf Charters operates e xcursions from La Digue aboard an 8-metre twin-engine catamaran with capacity for 20 persons, with a canopy for shade from the sun. All excursions include snorkelling, fishing and barbeques on the unique and unspoiled islands neighbouring La Digue. Lone Wolf excursions provide a backdrop to experience the stunning views of Seychelles islands both above and beneath the surface.



Cote Dor, Praslin, Seychelles - Tel: +248 4236677 Email: - Website:


Bird Island

Denis Island Curieuse

Sisters Islands Félicité

Cousin Cousine

15 mins

North 60




Silhouette Ste. Anne Moyenne Round Long Island


Cerf Eden Island

Conception Thérése





KM a 4 30 35 55








KM a 45 10 44 44 15 52 50


KM 50 55 55 105 95

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35 min













Islands Fregate Island Private

Set on a 2.19 square kilometre private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Fregate Island Private is a jewel of conservation unique on the planet. This secluded sanctuary hosts 16 luxurious residences, nestled into the coastline and overlooking turquoise waters so that privacy is guaranteed - plus the Banyan Hill Estate, on a secluded peninsula. Fregate Island Private is also home to hundreds of exotic birds, 2,200 free-roaming Giant Aldabra tortoises and lush vegetation. Part of Fregate's ecological philosophy is the culinary concept, inspired by fresh products organically grown on the island that is circled by seven idyllic beaches.

Enchanted Island Resort

Enchanted Island Resort is a secluded island hideaway in the Seychelles, featuring just ten Private beautifully decorated Creole-style villas with own plunge pools, beach access, king size beds, French bathtubs and outdoor rain showers. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean’s blue waters and vibrant marine life, guests can enjoy contemporary international and Creole cuisine at our Bounty Restaurant, while the Castaway Bar offers cocktails and aperitifs. The Serena Spa overlooks the sea and features a yoga pavilion, couple treatment suite, and two individual treatment pavilions with their own private steam rooms, showers and terraces. Guests may also snorkel, go kayaking, or relax at the resort’s infinity pool. Enchanted Island Resort is member of the JA Resorts & Hotels. EnchantedIsland/overview.aspx

Bird Island Lodge

Bird Island is Seychelles’ most northerly island, fringed by untouched beaches and turquoise clear waters. The lodge boasts 24 individual bungalows offering comfortable and spacious accommodation, whilst preserving the informal atmosphere of island life. From May to October, part of the island is home to millions of nesting sooty terns and with a year-round population of at least 20 other bird species it is an ornithologist’s heaven. Bird Island is also an important nesting site for turtles and boasts one of the world’s largest known land tortoises, Esmeralda. Activities on Bird Island include nature tours, bird watching, tortoise feeding, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, whale watching(October to November) and shore fishing. Alphonse Island Seychelles


The Alphonse Group of Islands

Comprised of the uninhabited islands of St Francois and Bijoutier as well as the inhabited island of Alphonse are considered to the most remote, pristine and unspoilt group of islands in the Seychelles. Alphonse Island has taken significant steps to transform the island to appeal to the lucrative luxury travel market. All twenty-one Beach Bungalows and five spacious Beach Suites have been extensively refurbished, along with the beach bar and restaurant, in a style and colour palate that reflects the ambience and atmosphere of the island. Positioning itself as an 'experience for all the senses', Alphonse Island will be primarily focusing on the wide range of truly magical and wonderful encounters that are exclusive to the island itself.

Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island is perched on the northern edge of the Seychelles bank, 95 km north of the main island Mahé in the Seychelles archipelago. A Private coral island of 375 acres with 25 elegant cottages, where simplicity, comfort, pleasure and relaxation co-exist equally and in perfect harmony. Beach Cottage – 3 units Deluxe Beach Cottage – 10 units Beachfront Spa Cottage – 10 units Family Villa – 1 unit Beach Villa – 1 unit No keys, no phones - no worries. Leave the outside world behind on this tranquil private island swathed in lush vegetation and with pristine beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters. A visit to the beautiful Denis Private Island promises an authentic and intimate island experience.

Cerf Island Resort

Boutique hotel situated at the entrance of the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, Cerf Island Resort offers 24 exclusive and luxurious villas, within a naturally elegant setting. The resort boasts of two fine dining restaurants with a delight of Creole, Asian and international cuisines, 2 infinity swimming pools with pool bars, beach side dining, secluded full service beach as well as an open beach, two relaxing lounges, 'Le Spa Latanier' with 3 treatment rooms, an outdoor tennis court and a helipad. All the villas offer beautiful views of the tropical vegetation and some with patches of the Indian Ocean. Almost seems to have been created for that indescribable 'quiet togetherness'.

Cousine Island Resort

Cousine Island is a private nature reserve in the Seychelles, a wildlife sanctuary that offers you the chance to not only see nature but to live amongst it and to have a true island experience. The Pavillion offers fine dining where the two Seychellois chefs prepare mouthwatering cuisine to order. The Beach House Spa and Wellness Center offers you the opportunity to relax and unwind while being pampered from top to toe – the gym is available should you wish to sneak in a work out or two and 2 dedicated conservation officers can take you on guided walks and snorkeling trips or should you wish you can try your hand at shore fishing. For the more adventurous they offer scuba diving, deep sea fishing, water sports and excursions to other islands. Voluntary participation in conservation projects can be arranged or just chill on the beach with a tropical cocktail - on Cousine Island you will have the rare experience of life’s perfection!



Round Island Luxury Villas

Occupying tiny Round Island, the lush granite isle just 10 minutes from Praslin by boat, this exclusive property comprises three luxurious and private two-bedroom villas as well as a spacious, traditional threebedroom island mansion set apart in its own private grounds. An all-inclusive concept features an array of personalised and flexible services, discreetly provided to maintain the islands’ offerings of seclusion and escapism. A fine-dining restaurant overlooking the swimming pool and the beachside bistro provide contemporary fusion cuisine with a Seychellois kick, a fitness centre and a range of water sports and land activities are also available. Desroches Island Resort


forms part of the exquisite Amirantes group of Indian Ocean islands, 230km south-west of Seychelle’s largest island Mahé, and is the only resort situated within the entire atoll. Located at only 4 degrees south of the equator, Desroches is blessed with one of the world's healthiest, malaria free, endless year-round summer climates. With an expanse of white soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that stretch over 14km, privacy on Desroches Island is to be expected. For those who like to tackle activities, Desroches offers everything from spectacular fishing and diving, to indulgent spa treatments, a game of tennis, exploratory island cycle rides and more. Twenty junior suites and twenty-eight four bedroom villas (available by November 2011) are situated just metres from the waters edge and make up this luxurious getaway. Set amongst tropical gardens, palm trees and green lawns, each of the junior suites includes a private veranda and lounge area, and is built 25 metres from the water leading directly onto the beach. In addition to the plush services found in the junior suites, each villa will be complemented with further indulgences such as private rim flow pool, central living and entertainment area, a fully equipped culinary kitchen, and personalised butler service. Villa décor will be that of a modern and luxurious feel, blending in with the sensuous remote island atmosphere, and rates are inclusive of all meals which can be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s villa or at the island restaurant. Sizes will start at 440m², and suit those who seek to escape with family or friends on a private retreat.

Islands Feel like a true castaway as you explore this pristine tropical sanctuary edged by 14 kilometres of soft white beaches.

Discover an intimate, family-friendly hideaway with just 71 accommodations, including bungalows, villas, suites and residences – all with private pool and beach access.Fill your days with your own custom blend of excitement and relaxation - from world-class diving and fishing to luxurious indulgence at the Spa. Relax into the casual, carefree lifestyle of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island. All of our accommodations offer direct beach access, inviting you to live barefoot and feel the sand between your toes. Choose the layout that’s right for you, whether a guest-room-style bungalow, a villa or a multi-bedroom suite or residence. The style is simple, natural luxury. Vintage touches echo the era of 19th-century explorers, yet every modern convenience is incorporated. Our indoor-outdoor bathrooms go beyond spectacular, letting you shower and soak as the Indian Ocean breeze caresses your skin. seychellesdesroches/

North Island

Set foot on your own private island in the Seychelles. Infinite, exclusive space where the embrace of lush tropical palms and giant granite peaks dwarf your presence with their drama. With just 11 villas, your footprints will be the only evidence on the Island’s vast, untouched beaches. North Island epitomises the freedom that complete privacy allows, extraordinary experiences, perfectly personally appropriate, and service that is generously big-hearted. The Island’s abundance naturally extends to the luxury of choice that a peerless allinclusive offering provides. Experience a true barefoot-luxury escape. Located amongst the inner granitic islands of Seychelles, North Island is a fertile paradise – the perfect setting for our Noah’s Ark conservation and island rehabilitation programme. The natural beauty of North Island will touch and inspire you at the deepest level. Islands have been referred to as the “laboratories of evolution” and North Island biodiversity is living proof of this. Spending time with the Environmental Team or simply exploring the island at your own pace will allow you to appreciate the results of the effort that has gone into rehabilitating this natural idyll. The setting and natural beauty of Seychelles has inspired all the island conservation practices and philosophies, and has also influenced the design of the guest spaces.

Four Seasons Desroches Island Escape to the five-star Seychelles resort in the Amirante Islands - remote and secluded, but just a 35-minute flight from the main island of Mahé. Feel like a true castaway as you explore this pristine tropical sanctuary edged by 14 kilometres (9 miles) of soft white beaches.


Learn more about Seychelles and North Island, the diverse ecosystem, as well as our media recognition and curated content.


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Seychelles Tourist Board SeyVillas SeyExclusive


Audley Travel



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The best way to

Island hop

Experience paradise from the sky, with an unforgettable bird’s eye view of the Seychelles inner islands. Air Seychelles offers the true inter-island travel experience, with over 20 daily flights.

For more information, visit your preferred travel agency, or book online on

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Eden Island Seychelles Creating The Perfect Island Destination


Explore the beautiful Seychelles and have the Eden Island Luxury Accommodation team look after your every need. available; spacious Apartments, deluxe Maisons and top of the range Villas which are the epitome of luxury and sophistication – all with ocean frontage in superb surroundings and all available either to buy or to rent long term or for a self- catering holiday. Each home on Eden Island is sold on freehold title and offers owners the option to apply for Seychelles residency. Some 500 homes have been sold to date and close to 50% of these have been placed in the Eden Island Luxury Accommodation portfolio of properties. This portfolio offers a selection of homes for rental either on a long term basis or as holiday accommodation. Each home comes with its own mooring for a boat, allowing you the opportunity to leisurely spend your days exploring the neighboring islands. Because motor vehicles aren’t allowed in the residential area on Eden Island, buggies come standard with every


oday, Eden Island is the perfect holiday destination with its four secluded beaches, swimming pools, a tennis court, a jogging track that circles the entire island and a gymnasium all set in lush green landscaped gardens. However, this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, it is only in the last decade that Eden island has been constructed and raised to opulent perfection. Eden Island graces the east coast shoreline of Mahé and was once merely a dead coral reef. That is, until Seychelles officials recognised an opportunity to create both a new place for many people to call home and a community and lifestyle in itself. They approached South African property developer, Craig Heeger and after meticulous planning, construction of the foundations of Eden Island began just prior to 2000 and ran up until 2006. The luxury villas, maisons and apartments that you see today soon began to be created and by 2006, the international market was invited to purchase - and purchase they did. By less than 10 year later, around 500 units had been snapped up and developers and officials were quick to see the impact the development had made. Today, an enticing array of luxurious homes are available for sale and for rental in this prestigious island location. Eden Island has three product offerings


home, with a private bay for parking. There is a separate, secure parking garage for residents who have cars. Eden Island has become an all-in-one destination within the Indian Ocean island destination of Seychelles. The Eden Plaza shopping centre offers a broad range of shops and services from a supermarket to banks to restaurants and there is even a small brewery on Eden Island, medical services and a Spa so there is no need to travel far. You’ll find almost everything you need on Eden Island itself.  The commercial marina boasts an array of charter offerings.  If it’s diving, snorkelling, fishing, sailing or day tripping you are after, there are people just waiting to whisk you away out into the Indian Ocean. Now is the time to visit Eden Island for what will be a memorable holiday for the family. With all that Eden Island has to offer, it is the perfect place to base yourself to explore the beautiful Seychelles and have the Eden Island Luxury Accommodation team look after your every need.  You can book or make enquiries online and one of the team will give you all the detail you need to plan an unforgettable holiday.  So whether it’s a lifestyle or investment that you are looking for, or you’re just planning your next holiday destination, Eden Island definitely ticks all the boxes. Join the many different nationalities who have already visited Eden Island and enjoyed their holiday in paradise or become a homeowner and own your piece of paradise.



Eden Island Seychelles Eden Island –

Owning the Seychelles dream A personal account by Glynn Burridge

My residence for the weekend is a spacious 3-bedroom maison complete with swimming pool, close to the water’s edge with private garden and BBQ area. All Eden homes come with their own mooring and in the fully air-conditioned interior, the stylishly-furnished living room flows into a fully-equipped Miele kitchen. Again, I am impressed by the tidiness of the design and the maison’s unassuming ambiance of comfort which quickly has me settling in and feeling at home. My brief tells me that Eden Island boasts a full range of freehold title homes: 3-6 bedroom villas;$1300000 to $1800000 3-4 bedroom, duplex maisons and $500,000 to $995 000, 1-3 bedroom apartments to accommodate all tastes, with the one-bedroom units specifically targeting the rental market. Neatly avoiding the hassle of buying furniture and decorating, Eden even gives you a choice of different styles for furniture and interior decor. All you need to do is turn the door key and step into your new island life. An additional advantage is that as an owner, you and your family can apply for Seychelles residency and you can also place your home in the Eden Island Luxury Accommodation portfolio and rent it out on short or long term. Buyers also have access to the attractive resale market which has already shown some impressive capital growth.


Descending the lower reaches of the La Misère road as it meanders towards the capital, Victoria, the narrow view through the roadside trees suddenly swells to the horizon and, soon, the shimmering red roofs, turquoise lagoons and pastel hues of Eden Island ghost into my field of vision like a tropical daydream. The development of Eden Island as a residential and commercial marina dates back to 2005, with the first homes completed in 2008, the year when the marina also welcomed its first vessels. Since that time, it has become Mahé island’s most dominant landmark and ground-breaking development, showing the way forward to an exciting new business model and fresh concept of island living. Eden Island occupies 56 hectares of reclaimed land just off Mahé’s east coast. Connected to the mainland by bridge, today this prestigious development features a total of 501 residences divided between apartments, maisons and villas, out of a final target of 576 and with a mere 45 units unsold. All nestle within an island cocoon of tidy gardens with hotel, gym, clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis court, four private beaches, 300-berth marina and commercial centre containing Seychelles’ only shopping mall, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and myriad retail outlets. Surrendering my car to the multistorey car park in favour of an electric buggy which every resident of the island is given, I pass through one of the 24hour security stations and into the web of pathways that circle and traverse the island. Navigating these takes a bit of getting used to, especially at night, but my overall impression is one of tidiness and order with the odd roadside map positioned to guide you to the beaches and various island amenities. I pass a family strolling the path, heading towards the beach at Anse Bernik, a glorious, shimmering strand fringing a protected bay and offering the perfect venue for a family picnic, afternoon’s relaxation or even a spot of kite-surfing. It is here that I catch my first sight of one of Eden’s majestic $3,500,000 villas,crowning the entrance to an azure waterway in splendid solitude as the undisputed master of all it surveys. The crisp, flowing lines of its Creole vernacular architecture are arresting, its proportions voluptuous.


Eden has attracted a lot of attention for the ambitious nature and scale of its development, earning accolades at the International Property Awards, Arabia and Africa 2013/14 and 2015/2016 events but perhaps the most eloquent statement of confidence comes from customers themselves, over 25% of the homes on Eden Island are owned by people who have two or more homes on the island. Nothing, after all, succeeds like success. I decide to take my buggy for an evening spin just as the sun is setting against Eden’s spectacular mountain backdrop in a riotous splash of colour, the island deeply tranquil as its inhabitants prepare for their evening. A lone fishing boat drifts languidly back into its mooring after a day’s fishing out on the banks, the occupants jubilantly planning the evening’s BBQ as they drag off the day’s catch. A French-speaking couple set off to explore Eden Plaza and, on the tennis court, a couple contest final, heated points in the encroaching twilight. One thing that’s particularly noticeable is the number of different languages I am hearing spoken. When I ask about this, I learn that no less than 43 nationalities have already bought property on Eden Island which is totally in keeping with Seychelles’ age-old tradition of being a melting pot for nationalities from all across the globe. I can’t help but smile to myself as I recall a friend’s mantra:

An oasis of calm in a world of turmoil - and it’s heart-warming to see Eden maintaining the tradition of this welcoming, gentle way of island living.”

overlooks the Eden marina, where a vast flotilla of yachts and pleasure craft, some local, others visiting, take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities. That, and the fact that the Seychelles seascape with its many islands, all within easy sailing distance, is not only visually stunning, but also safe. From here, it’s only a short walk to the Eden Plaza with its many boutiques, services, SPAR supermarket, coffee shops, bars and rich choice of restaurants. I find myself considering what else a resident of Eden Island might need by way of amenities and sheer convenience. After another night spent in the cool vibe of my maison and a poolside BBQ with friends, it’s time to leave. When I think back on my stay, several impressions linger: one is that Eden, and the various

experiences it offers, comes across as being well-integrated. Secondly, as a foreigner looking to set down roots in Seychelles, it’s hard to beat Eden for the security and the convenience of living it provides. Last, but by no means least, is the breadth of vision of the Eden Island project which definitely builds on the uniqueness of the Seychelles brand to bring the dream of refined island living with all its trappings within reach of a fortunate few.    For more information, please visit


“What Seychelles is today, the world will become tomorrow.” Over the years, it is precisely this grand diversity which has bestowed on our islands their unique sense of social and political harmony – an oasis of calm in a world of turmoil - and it’s heart-warming to see Eden maintaining the tradition of this welcoming, gentle way of island living. The phone rings and I’m off to join friends for a drink at the Eden Bleu hotel, one of the recent additions to Eden’s expanding portfolio. Ideally located, just minutes from both the airport and the capital, Victoria, this chic hotel offers a comprehensive suite of facilities to the discerning vacationer or business traveller including a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and even conference facilities. Its deck


Infinite Love at

PANGIA BEACH Pangia Beach is much more than just a luxury boutique development. It’s also a story of love, legacy and homecoming, epitomising a daughter’s devotion to her father and her birthplace.


Pangia Beach is best described as a luxury boutique residence where the ultimate in style meets impeccable design.


lways a great admirer of the natural beauty of the Seychelles, Panos Papakokkinos purchased a parcel of beachfront property on Mahé, with the vision that one day it would be the site of a beautiful residential complex and marina. Sadly, Panos passed away before his plans came to fruition. However, the spirit and vision of the late Panos remains, as his daughter Georgia and her husband, Vincent, have moved back from London to the Seychelles to take the lead in crafting his legacy. The name Pangia is derived from the first three letters of Panos’ name and the last three letters of Georgia’s name, further symbolising that the project was begun by a father and will be completed by his daughter. In order to represent Pangia Beach’s story of eternal love, sacrifice, passion and homecoming, the developer chose the cutaway of a nautilus shell as their logo. The nautilus is one of the most beautiful water creatures and features the best natural example of a logarithmic spiral, which represents the golden mean, a number that goes on until infinity. As such, the Pangia Beach logo further symbolises infinite love and an eternal family bond.


Pangia Beach is best described as a luxury boutique residence where the ultimate in style meets impeccable design. This island-style development pairs curved roofs with light-coloured stone, textured concrete walls, graniteclad detailing and white-washed, wooden decorative elements, all framed by the beauty of nature. This award-winning project, consisting of 33 apartments sold on a freehold basis, has proven very popular with international buyers and Seychellois alike with 80% of the units already sold. Split over four buildings, Pangia Beach offers a variety of property sizes from one to four bedroom freehold apartments, to spectacular three or four bedroom penthouses with direct lift access and their own infinity pools, making them unique in the Seychelles. In addition, Pangia Beach comes with all the amenities one would expect from a sophisticated secure complex. With its own direct beach access, private marina, club house with pool and gym, Pangia Beach offers homeowners the ideal gateway to island life. The first block of apartments together with clubhouse, infinity pool and gym is already complete and the entire development, including the marina, will be finished in September 2018.




Carefully chosen materials from high-end European suppliers create a tranquil and relaxing interior, whilst the neutral colour palette allows the natural beauty of the Seychelles to shine.

For more information, visit


Developed by family-owned Panosco Properties and designed by the talented South African architectural firm, SAOTA, these contemporary island style apartments boast stunning views of the neighbouring islands of Sainte Anne and Cerf. The open-plan kitchens and stylish living areas allow homeowners ample space to entertain. This elegance carries through into the bedrooms and bathrooms with custom-designed joinery in white-washed oak. In addition to the flawless interiors, large aluminium sliding windows open out onto a spacious terrace, offering a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living and one of Pangia Beach’s hallmark contributions to the perfect island lifestyle. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled dedication to the finest design aesthetic, the developers behind Pangia Beach have created apartments that blend in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Carefully chosen materials from high-end European suppliers create a tranquil and relaxing interior, whilst the neutral colour palette allows the natural beauty of the Seychelles to shine. Proceeding through an elegant, palmframed entrance, one can visit the show


apartment, which has been designed and styled by Georgia Van Heyste, the talented interior designer behind Pangia Beach. After travelling the world to thoughtfully source each individual piece of furniture, decorative item, and accompanying artwork, Georgia has successfully brought to life her vision of creating a modern take on barefoot luxury. The final result is a stunning beach apartment that is both stylish and timeless, as well as being an effortlessly comfortable place to call home. Attention to detail is everywhere apparent, even down to providing adequate ventilation for clothing cupboards and the use of energyefficient technologies by way of LEDs, low-emissivity glass and the latest VRF air-conditioning. Not surprisingly, such an eye for perfection has earned Pangia Beach two of the highest accolades in the property industry, including Best Residential Development in Africa at the International Property Awards in London. With its location 5 minutes away from both the airport and Victoria town, covered carports directly in front of each apartment block, lifts to all floors, and moorings spots in the private marina, Pangia Beach offers home owners true convenience. Pangia Beach also ensures complete security with its 24-hour security, CCTV cameras, single-road access to its fullygated complex, a security alarm system in each apartment and automated, lock-up garages. Pangia Beach is an excellent option as a permanent residence, holiday home or investment property in Seychelles. Undoubtedly contributing to the strong level of interest from buyers is the developers’ meticulousness and personal touch in communicating their tremendous enthusiasm for their project during the personal tours they conduct for each potential buyer. In addition, buyers also take great comfort from the fact that the Van Heyste family themselves live at Pangia Beach, which would explain their uncompromising standards and determination to build the finest beach apartments in Seychelles.Â


The Van Heyste family themselves live at Pangia Beach, which would explain their uncompromising standards and determination to build the finest beach apartments in Seychelles.


OSCARS Relax Refresh Remember

THE BAR & GRILL SEYCHELLES Creole / Thai Fusion Dining Cocktail lounge / DJ / LIVE music open for breakfast most days

Tel.+2482773919 location


South-West Mahe bay of Anse รก la Mouche


Seychelles’ most desirable venue for live e n t e r t a i n m e n t. Fire & Ice is the perfect pl ace for a nightlife e xperience of m u s i c , e n t e rta i n m e n t a n d fa shion. l o c at e d k e y s i d e at t h e e n t e r a n c e t o E d e n i s l a n d marina mahe, seychelles


w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / f i r e a n d i c e s e y c h e l l e s


Two Men, Two Continents, ONE VISION DRIVEN THROUGH PASSION The story of how two men came together through their shared passion to see their vision of unique originality through.


Above: Designer Brand Etnia Barcelona. Exclusively available at Beyond The Sea and Vision care outlets in Seychelles.

When asked why Hermann went for such an unusual design, his response, “Well who wants to be normal?! After all, we are special - just like our customers, our eyewear and our service. Everyone would want to come an look at this “funny” shop.”


Hermann Holst, a globe-trotter master optometrist from Hamburg resides in the Seychelles. The place he calls home, where his world is encircled by the sea, in the tropics, next to the beautiful reefs where he can indulge in his passion for water-sports, kite-surfing, diving and fishing. Markus Temming is an international eyewear designer from Gütersloh, who always wanted to live by the water, far away from Steinhagen, the place where he grew up. His path led him to Osthus-Hof where he designs his exquisite eyewear. Designs that unite everything that Markus T Designs label stand for: Technical finesse, functionality, comfort and simple elegance.    Both these men love to tread new, unique and curiously adventurous paths which led them to the exceptional and first ever International Designer Concept Store in the Seychelles Islands.    Holst, the globe-trotter optometrist, fondly known as “Hermann the German”, already had 3 shops, but felt that his interior

design lacked an extraordinary concept. That is, until he met up with long-time friend, Markus T, at the Silmo in Paris in 2011. With Markus T’s glasses having been developing at such a pace, his previous exhibition stand simply couldn’t transport them all. It was a shame as the booths design was incredibly eye-catching and futuristic, great concept nestled in. That’s when the optical duo came up with their idea that Herman (the German) would use the booth, as the interior for his new shop. And BEYOND THE SEA was born. Beyond The Sea is a concept store that incites the feeling of futuristic vision, encapsulating the fine art of exquisitely designed functional pieces of eyewear. A design that gives the customer the impression as though they’re in a gallery of fine, functional art. With pieces from internationally recognized designers such as Markus T, Tom Ford, and Jimmy Choo, Mykita, BlackFin and Morel, there is something for every style and taste. 

Markus T Designs won the German Designer Award 2018 for his TITAN design.

“ This unique location is really fascinating. We do export worldwide, but to have a Markus T POS in the Seychelles is something really special. Add a bit of Markus T design, I love it.” Markus T

Each piece is carefully selected by Hermann and his team, ensuring only the finest, most exquisite and artistic-inspired designed pieces are picked to be displayed and sold at Beyond the Sea. This ensures it is an outlet of true original concept and that “Joie de vivre” style and “avant-craft” craftsmanship.   Since the official opening in 2012 on the luxurious island of Eden Island, Beyond The Sea continues to operate as the only International Designer Concept Store in the Seychelles, expanding its services to optical service as well. Not only can customers browse the elegantly displayed collection of eyewear over a cup of tea or coffee, but they can have their eyes tested too. Unparalleled professional service with utmost care for each individual customer is what one will experience at Beyond The Sea - a motto that is carried throughout all five of the Vision Care outlets in the Seychelles. 



Kreolor An Ode to the Islands A unique Island luxury brand that looks to nature for its richly decorated collection, Kreolor fuses traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Stand out from the crowd wearing decadent jewellery from the paradisiac islands of the Seychelles.



he Kreolor craftsmen are hand-making jewellery and artefacts that are brought to life by using materials from the Indian Ocean - exotic woods, endemic palm seeds, pieces of coconut shell, brightly coloured seashells, oyster shell and rostrums of swordfish, all combined with 18 carat gold are what makes the jewellery collection truly original.     The culturally rich islands of the Seychelles make for the perfect environment to create meaningful and eco-conscious jewellery and at the birth of this brand the founders of Kreolor worked alongside local master goldsmiths to create the first island luxury brand boasting the extraordinary paradisiac emblems of the islands. Founded in 1990 and the first to introduce local manufacturing of gold jewellery on a large scale, Kreolor is unique to Seychelles and tells the story of a diverse joint venture between local and foreign investors. With Claudio Izzi as its Creative Director, Kreolor offers travellers the feeling of taking home true locally made intricate jewellery and crafts that keep alive the memories of their visit to the idyllic holiday destination. Having discovered Seychelles at the age of 15, the founder of Kreolor, Claudio Izzi hails from Valenza Po, one of the worlds capitals of jewellery where he learned the craft of jewellery making in a small workshop and later went on to study at a Goldsmiths Art School. Coining the journey of creating


Kreolor as an adventure he’d always dreamed of, Mr Izzi talks about the brave encounters back in the early days proposing the project to the Government of Seychelles that has today become an original jewellery luxury brand depicting the beauty of the queen that is Mother Nature. There are two different collections to choose from; Gold and Craft, both boasting a rich variation of charming souvenirs for travellers and a proud symbol of home for locals. The gold jewellery collection offers a stunning range of eye-catching brightly coloured pieces including rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings skilfully sorted, cleaned, cut and polished. With fabulous creations such as Pendants with tropical motifs, stunning mother of pearl and 18 carat gold set of earrings, necklaces and bracelets there are plenty of pieces to choose from that bring a touch of brightness to the day. Beautiful earrings that shimmer in the light with the creative pairing of colourful shells and 18 carat gold to the sunset orange red helmet shell, oyster set of bracelets make the jewellery a must-have.   One of the bestselling and luxurious designs offered is the iconic double sided 18 carat gold Coco De Mer Pendant. A rare nut native only to Seychelles that has for centuries been the stuff of legends – the love nut that ancient sailors believed to have grown from a mystifying island under the ocean. The iconic Coco De Mer features on many designs of the Kreolor pendant, necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet pieces of which are also very popular.   

Mahe: Camion Hall, Albert Street, Victoria, tel: 4322268 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, tel: 4346600 Seychelles Int. Airport, Departure Lounge, tel: 4373344 Praslin: Grand Anse, tel: 4237373 Valle de Mai tel. 4236220 La Digue: La Passe, tel: 4234400  (currently under renovation, re-opening in 2019)   Some Jouel boutiques also sell a limited collection of the Kreolor products at Constance Lemuria, Praslin and the Domestic Airport, Praslin.


The Craft Collection is distinctively unique, authentic and has been in existence since 1998, a range that’s locally sourced using natural raw materials. The Collection has more of an earthy design, with materials like coconut palm and Takamaka, coconut shells and seeds from local palms widely used to make innovative gift ideas such as fun wooden combs, ethnic bracelets, boxes, photo frames, letter openers, trays and more. A wide array of bracelets and necklaces made from palm seeds, coconut timber and coconut shells, cream coloured with speckled chocolate brown spots can be chosen from. With such variety of crafts and original designs that can add a touch of classical paradise to your home, you’ll find it hard to choose between the fun and practical combs in wood with inlays of shell, photo frames with slivers of various timber, coconut shell or the multi-purpose boxes in swordfish bill, timber and palm seed. Kreolor is not only a luxury brand, but an array of charming designs and a craftsmanship that is a rare reminder of the days gone by when people were happy to use natural products found in mother nature to create rudimentary jewellery and craft items.    Kreolor have various outlets in Seychelles where one can discover the handmade magic. The items can be viewed and bought at the following shops:


Jouel of the Seychelles Based in the Seychelles, JOUEL is a company rich in African heritage dating back 35 years where, as a successful family-run business, it continues to invest in exquisite diamond polishing, gemstone cutting, unique jewellery design and manufacture and the purchase of uncut diamonds at source.



his, combined with the fact that Diamond SA is one of the few companies in the Indian Ocean to trade in Tanzanite, perhaps the most exciting blue stone ever to be discovered (only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania) and reputed to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds, provides the company with matchless pedigree and expertise in the domain of precious stones. Starting with its first two jewellery boutiques in the departure lounges of the Seychelles’ International & Praslin Domestic airports in 2004, the company then restored the historic national monument Kenwyn House, a standout example of colonial architecture in the heart of the Seychelles’ capital Victoria, where it opened its flagship luxury store the following year in 2005. Since that time, JOUEL has become synonymous with providing the ultimate experience in acquiring high-end jewellery, earning an enviable reputation for sophistication, elegance and consummate professionalism here in Seychelles. Today, JOUEL is a proud, well-respected Seychellois company with deep roots in the local community and with a dedicated workforce that is 90% local, some of who have been with the company since its inception, benefiting from a full-time, in-house trainer to ensure that JOUEL’s exemplary standards and hallmark customer care are faithfully maintained. At the heart of JOUEL are its seven curated collections


of exquisite jewellery, each of which combine glamour in elegant designs embodying the vibrant colours of the exquisite forms and spirit of freedom of the paradise they originate from - the Seychelles. From its White Fire collection of masterfully cut and angled diamonds to the distinctiveness of the Royal Blue Collection’s uber-rare Tanzanite and the Mystique Collection with its mesmerising emeralds, sapphires, lustrous black diamonds and fiery rubies, through theAllure Collection of sumptuous, cultured salt water pearls and the Tropical Collection that captures the quintessence of Seychelles through inspired combinations of scintillating richly-hued gemstones, sublime design is unfailingly and passionately translated into masterpieces of astonishing detail.   Completing the collections are the Nautilus with its divine representations of Seychelles’ beauty beneath the waves: mother of pearl, coco-de-mer, turtles and starfish cast in silver and, finally, the Fantasia with its tantalising rose quartz, opulent amethyst, enthralling amazonite and glittering blue sandstone, all immortalised in rhodiumplated sterling silver. JOUEL is also home to a number of powerful subbrands, including Splash Jewellery combining silver and semi-precious gemstones, enamel and fresh-water pearls to echo the subtleties of Seychelles’ famed natural beauty; Ardmore Ceramics, hailed by Christie’s Auction House as modern day collectables with significant investment value and, recently, in collaboration with

unique gold ‘trophy’ pendants in the form of marlin, sailfish, tuna and red snapper as prizes for fishing tournaments hosted by the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club, which the company now partners in the promotion of sustainable fishing methods in Seychelles. JOUEL’s new flagship store is located at The Quadrant in central Victoria where an exquisite array of fine jewellery, gold coins and ceramic and bronze sculptures are on display and where the company offers clients a dedicated, private parking facility on request. JOUEL Eden Plaza is appropriately located overlooking the Indian Ocean’s largest yacht marina and where a selection of fine jewellery and Tag Heuer watches may be found. Other outlets are located at the Mahé International Airport, Praslin Domestic Airport, Four Seasons Seychelles Resort, Constance Ephelia Seychelles, Constance Lémuria Seychelles, Alphonse island Resort, North Island, Frégate Island Private, Avani Seychelles Barbarons resort, Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa & Six Senses Zil Pasyon.

For further information, JOUEL may be contacted on 422 44; and can also be found on Facebook: @JOUEL.Seychelles and via Instagram: jouel_seychelles.


luxury French brand, Hermes and Chris Bladen, widely recognised as one of the planet’s finest wild fish sculptors for whom JOUEL is an exclusive agent. JOUEL also hosts Mint, a unique collection of specially designed, limited edition legal tender gold coins, the first inspired by Seychelles’ landscapes and paying special tribute to such avian treasures as the Seychelles kestrel, bare-legged Scops owl and the paradise flycatcher.  JOUEL is the official retailer of Tag Heuer timepieces in Seychelles. JOUEL also offers the additional benefit of an easy instalment payment facility for Seychelles’ residents, allowing payments over three monthly instalments. Now very much forming an established part of the fabric of Seychelles’ society, JOUEL initiated the CSR project of Autism Advocacy. In 2012, in collaboration with the Children’s Home, the company was able to raise awareness of autism in the country, assisting in the creation of an association, Pearl Seychelles, led by parents of autistic children, which took over the advocacy work in 2013. In 2006 JOUEL was also commissioned by the Seychelles Tourism Board as the official sponsor of the crown of Miss Seychelles...another world, and manufactured the bespoke gold and diamond crown for Miss Seychelles and her two princesses, which are still being worn today by the country’s national beauty queens. From 2013 to the present day, JOUEL has also sponsored



Kankan “ As soon as I see a fabric

Stylish yet relaxed elegance

I can visualise the garment in my head.”


‘I always knew that my path in life was in fashion design. It is what I am, my whole being. As a teenager I struggled at school; no subjects would interest me, and I found it difficult to focus on anything else. I didn’t listen, would doodle on my note pad all day, getting me into constant trouble. My art class was the only breath of fresh air, and I, of course, excelled in it. It was my art teacher Mr Kennedy, who told me about the first steps of how to pursue a career in fashion. That was when I struck a deal, I would make all my grades, and I would go to the best fashion college in the world. It was my destiny’. Kankan a Creole word for ‘spreading the word’, is by far the leading fashion label in Seychelles, with its stylish yet relaxed elegance, that is reflective of the country’s beautiful but powerful female persona. The mind behind the designs, Karine Dupouy, an ambitious young lady that started the brand with a few t-shirts back in 2011. ‘I want to take my designs and Seychelles fashion to an international level, and that is why I strictly add Seychelles to my branding guidelines. I couldn’t think of anywhere else to live; my heart belongs here’. At the wee age of 6, Karine told her parents that she wanted to become a fashion designer. They watched her go through her auntie’s and grandmother’s wardrobes styling and re-working numbers on herself. ‘While other kids were laughing at the Disney’s storylines, I was fascinated with the costumes and replayed them over and over to capture the styles and cuts’. She then started to train herself in fashion drawings using Barbie computer software and even went on to sew new outfits for each doll, chopping and styling their hair to match the outfit. After graduating from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, after some other designers such as John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Zac Possen, Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen, Karine took placements in Franck Sorbier’s, Paris Haute Couture fashion house, the Italian textile manufacturer, Ratti supplying for Haute Couture fashion houses around the world, as well as London based Brazilian designer Lena Santana. ‘Each work experience has made me what I am today the most favourite being my work in Como, at Ratti. I had the chance to learn how everything is printed on fabric in the factory. I saw the most amazing designs created right in front of my eyes alongside the biggest designers in the industry. I spent two months in the design department where I created my own designs. They were so pleased


by them they even kept three. At Frank Sorbier’s couture atelier in Paris, Karine learned the art of lace making and the time, care and detail it takes for each creation. At Santana, she perfected her sewing skills with expert mentoring guidance. Karine’s creative eye is present in everything she does and is clearly her foundation, blessed with multiple talents from painting, photography and free drawing to mention a few, and so she cannot help but see inspiration from everywhere and everything. ‘I start off with a theme board, that stems from my ideas, thoughts and visualisations, this then develops into garments. I love beautiful things so I try to inspire myself with a mindset of Hollywood stars going onto the red carpet’. Karine travels to fashion shows and trade fairs around the world collecting the latest ideas for future collections. ‘I pick out colours I liked during my travels and further develop them when I get back home’. Her stardom design vision is apparent in the collections, which seemingly have two main categories; ready to wear and Haute Couture. The ready to wear collection contains summer dresses and tops in subtly printed cotton, perfect for the warm summer season and the elegant, classic evening wear jumps out at you as you marvel at the attention to detail and romance in every stitch. So how does Karine stay motivated, living so far away from the fashion world? ‘I follow a lot of designer blogs to keep up with the trends, but my on-going inspirations would have to be Ellie Saab, Marchesa and Matthew Williamson. I love the gowns they create, and I am a big fan of sequins and sparkles. I have always loved creating, and so Matthew Williamson has to be my biggest inspiration when it comes to print design. It is even more exciting to know that we went to the same university’. Karine’s passion shines through as she makes a point of wearing the first samples to really engage and connect to her creations, highlighting that she must know how it feels moves and falls on a figure before it gets released in store. Carefully selecting all her beautiful silk fabrics from India and Turkey, to ensure the best quality, you can see her heart and soul lies in every piece from fabric purchase to hanger. ‘As soon as I see a fabric I can visualise the garment in my head. I used to favour black fabrics but am moving away from this shade recently’. Karine’s recent collection is called ‘Tropical Romance’,

the brand’. On her days off Karine spends a lot of time cooking, creating a new dish every week, mostly with local produce. She also never ceases to try and learn new things in photography, web designing or anything to do with market branding to keep Kankan on the marks. So how does a fashion designer charge her creative batteries? Karine and her beau take one month each year to go on an adventure. Planned out months in advance to maximise the time, experiences and distances she looks forward to this break to fully rejuvenate. The next escape is to Burma, Nepal and Tibet. Karine wants to one day spread her Kankan wings from the Indian Ocean and has her sights set on retail outlets in Dubai and South Africa to start with. ‘I want to have my fashion house here in Seychelles, and would love to have the resources to produce all of the clothes locally instead of outsourcing manufacturers overseas. With no plans for a family yet, well not before she ticks off all the ‘before 30 bucket list’ she would also like to have a Kankan Kids line too. Her parting line: ‘It is so important not to dress for other people, or someone you are trying to impress. You must dress to impress yourself, to feel pretty, happy and confident and this will put a smile on your face every day’. For more information, please visit


a resort collection made of light weight fabrics perfect for those sunny days. It stemmed from a trio sketch board of the related themes, the Tropical Romance, Cast Away and Sun & Sea, and contains unique raffia hats, jewellery and bags all perfectly matching accessories for that ultimate James Bond island ensemble. With only fifteen items per collection, they really are unique pieces of art. Kankan only partners with semi-precious manufacturers from Italy for all the jewellery pieces. ‘Just like the clothing we wear on our backs, the accessories we pair with them to define our personal style. It’s an extension of Self, because what you wear, in their own special way, give you a glimpse of who you are. Style is saying who you are without having to speak a word’. Karine has been busy working on her very own printed fabric collection; spending months locked up sketching and painting to perfect the designs. ‘I am not completely satisfied with them yet but will get there’. She slipped out that these personal prints will include a beachwear collection of Kaftans with semi-precious stones. ‘I try to create something different for each collection to challenge myself and going to trade fairs helps a lot in knowing what is new in the market’. The Kankan team is very family orientated, with Karine’s Mum in partnership to work on the more marketing/administrative aspects of the business to allow Karine more time to channel her extraordinary into hopefully next season’s masterpieces. Like many artists, Karine likes her own space and quiet time. ‘I am a shy person and try and avoid socialising with large groups or too many interviews, but it is now a part of my job. People need to know the person behind




Jayne, the hallowed Eden Island fashion boutique, offers a unique touch point for high fashion, refined style and superior taste in Seychelles.


eychelles’ Eden Island Mall is home to an elegant boutique ‘Jayne’ that is redefining the way fashion is presented in Seychelles and fast becoming a Mecca for aficionados seeking variety in fashion. Jayne, which is located in a prime location on the main thoroughfare of the prestigious Eden Plaza, is owned and run by Seychelloise Jennifer Isnard who left her island home at the tender age of 10 for school in Switzerland and a life travelling the world that included 20 years in the fashion business (acquisitions, sales and managment) before returning to the islands to do her own thing and run her own successful business.    Jayne is a wonderfully aesethic space in Eden Plaza, easily recognisable by its, bright art décor interior – and chic retail space cast about with intriguin gobjects, highend accessories: bags, jewellery, sunglasses and perfumes and of, course, the latest en vogue offerings from the fashion houses of New York, London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and, most recently, Australia. Jennifer, who has been the inspiration behind Jayne for five years now, and who is visibly passionate about her career in fashion, constantly treads the familiar path between the fashion capitals that were once her home, to unearth a steady stream of tasteful treasures, bringing only the very best back to Seychelles in line with her personal philosophy of introducing novel, quality fashion items to her island home.


Using my passion, knowledge and experience of the international fashion scene to create a unique space for fashion in Seychelles.”


Gazing about her boutique, which is a pleasure in itself, your eyes fall on divine, fashion eye-candy in the form of exquisite cottons, silks and cashmires and the tags of exclusive brands: Golden Goose; Forte_forte; Raquel Allegra; Bassike; Mykita; Yasmine Eslami; Humanoid; Ancient Greek sandals; Crista Seya; among other select offerings. One has to be in her boutique for only a few minutes to realise that, for Jennifer, only the very best will do and that she is prepared to travel the world to find it.   The delicate perfumes on offer are all niche brands, articulating once again Jennifer’s ambition to include items that are new, fresh and exciting in an inventory which is constantly rotated to keep it enticing and supremely seductive for her discerning clientèle.     So far, the Jayne philosopy been a winning one, testified to by the steady stream of fashionistas beating a path to her door to enjoy the range and sophistication of her collections as well as the bespoke accessory ‘gems’ that have become an integral part of the Jayne brand. Despite the high-end garments on display, the boutique is down-to-earth, relaxed and welcoming, with calming hues and knowledgable and helpful staff, all clearly proud of their role in this retail success story.   “What I have tried to do with Jayne,” explains Jennifer,“ is to use my passion, knowledge and experience of the fashion world to create a unique space for fashion in Seychelles, a place that differentiates itself by way of its refined tastes and providing accessibility to world-class style.” Jennifer is certainly bringing a world of fashion to her home islands, setting the bar sky high for retailers and attracting island visitors, all keen to invest in a slice of the elegance she has created.







Takamaka RUM

La Plaine St. Andre: Iconic fusion of restored plantation mansion, Takamaka rum distillery and acclaimed fine-dining restaurant.



n the south of Mahé, overlooking the ocean from the grand site of a once- famous plantation is where two brothers, Richard and Bernard D’offay operate a multi-layered venue featuring a host of attractions, including the fully-functioning rum distillery of the famous Takamaka rum brand, meticulously refurbished plantation mansion and famous fine dining restaurant. Takamaka, the local name for the Alexandrian laurel tree which graces the shoreline of so many of Seychelles’ gorgeous beaches, has become a real buzzword throughout the islands in recent years on account of the spectacular success of this home-grown brand that distils and bottles the most popular rums in Seychelles and which are now securing increasing international recognition. Started in 2002, it is an enterprise that today employs 40 people, all occupied with the many tasks associated with making, marketing and moving the island’s most iconic brand of rum in the domestic and, increasingly now, international markets. Richard and Bernard are proud of the ‘cool family feel’ they have cultivated and that prevails at their headquarters in south Mahé where most of the staff are still working after a decade in the unique setting of one of the island’s most gorgeous period buildings – La Plaine St. Andre, a captivating, multi-faced attraction definitely not to be missed when touring the island. A landmark of authentic pedigree, ‘La Plaine’ positively oozes history from every pore as can well be imagined with a property dating way back to 1792 and its first owner Jean-Francois Marie Jorre de St. Jorre who traced his roots back to Saint Andre de La Reunion and gave the name to a piece of land stretching from its current


position at Au Cap all the way to the southern town of Anse Royale. At a time when Seychelles was still a French colony, La Plaine St. Andre was one of the grand, signature plantations of its day and a veritable breadbasket of the southern portion of the island. Today, that sense of olde worlde grandeur is still very much apparent and palpable thanks to a spectacular renovation that took place between 2008 and 2011, dedicated to preserving the original spirit of the property at all costs. This was achieved by refurbishing rather than rebuilding the existing buildings and by keeping all the surrounding trees, including moving one of the buildings two metres forward to preserve its neighbouring Rose of Venezuela tree. This deep sensitivity towards the historical significance of the site is everywhere apparent thanks to a partnership with the Seychelles’ Heritage Foundation and CHAM, a French historical society, and where much of the refurbishmentof the historical ruins was done by hand using original coral blocks rescued from the site. La Plaine also features a stunning network of gardens, similarly nurtured and preserved to provide a distinctly ‘period’ look and feel. Their symmetrical layout includes a magnificent avenue of over-arching bilenbi trees and an entrance to the main house framed by 200-year-old guardian breadfruits. Further validating the historical significance of La Plaine are its historical ruins which conspire with the olde-worlde charm of the plantation mansion and the elegance of the surrounding gardens to conjure a compelling ambiance of bygone times in which visitors find themselves transported back to that era when grand plantations formed the backbone of Seychelles’ social and economic life.


Takamaka, the local name for the Alexandrian laurel tree which graces the shoreline of so many of Seychelles’ gorgeous beaches, has become a real buzz-word throughout the islands in recent years.


Takamaka Rum


It is from within this remarkable setting that Takamaka has weaved its magic over the islands, as is proven by the constant stream of visitors arriving to taste the various rums on offer.

For more information, please visit


It is from within this remarkable setting that Takamaka has weaved its magic over the islands, as is proven by the constant stream of visitors arriving to taste the various rums on offer, indulge in some shopping for Takamaka-branded goodies or enjoy the hugely- popular guided tour of La Plaine’s many fascinating faces. Daily tours take place from Monday to Friday at 1130 hrs and 1330 hrs although groups and private VIP requests can be accommodated outside of these hours, especially where larger groups are concerned. Cruise ships, daily DMC excursions, VIP hotel groups and the MICE markets are all welcome and are increasingly making use of all that La Plaine St. Andre offers and the fact that the site is particularly well-suited for events requiring a sophisticated backdrop par excellence. La Plaine has indeed hosted countless prestigious events, cultural happenings and diplomatic evenings over the years, winning the venue a reputation for slick entertainment within an atmosphere of unparalleled class. And then, just when you thought that you had exhausted all that La Plaine has to offer – it houses arguably

the best fine-dining restaurant in Seychelles run by chef Christelle Verheyden, who after more than a decade living in Seychelles has recently joined La Plaine’s family, extending its special brand of magic into the realm of unforgettable island cuisine. Superfresh produce provides the baseline for the steady stream of her culinary creations which feature classic dishes as well as island favourites, all served in a garden setting of fairy-tale beauty. Favourites include freshly cut palm heart salad with truffles and curry leaves; red snapper fillet with green mousseline, basil and combats and tuna and foie gras, all complemented by a selection of fine rums and choice imported wines such as the rare red Alicante Suori Mondo ‘Z’acco’ from Tuscany. Whatever your preference, the dining experience provided by this charming old plantation mansion in such exquisite surrounds is not something soon forgotten. Meanwhile, the Takamaka Rum brand is not just excelling on the ground. The company is also flying high with partner Air Seychelles, where its rum is available on all flights and specially crafted cocktails can be found in business class. Often collaborating in the promotion of Seychelles, Takamaka has partnered the airline in music concerts, on inaugural Air Seychelles flights and has even designed a special dish for business class travellers straight from the restaurant’s inspired menu. There can be few such splendid marriages between the ancient and the contemporary as you will find at La Plaine St. Andre, where an all-pervading sense of history cocoons a dynamic and highly successful, modern commercial enterprise to their great and enduring mutual benefit. The result is a powerful, influential brand well-rooted in history and sense of community which is surely destined to remain an iconic landmark for many years to come; one that you simply cannot afford to miss if you want to savour an authentic experience of true historical, gastronomic and sheer entertainment value.


Meanwhile, the Takamaka Rum brand is not just excelling on the ground. The company is also flying high with partner Air Seychelles, where its rum is available on all flights and specially crafted cocktails can be found in business class.




Shop 32 Eden Plaza Victoria, Seychelles +248 4 346 136





‘Art in Seychelles Then & Now’

Martin Kennedy

Martin Kennedy, the author of the recently published and hardback ‘Art in Seychelles: Then and Now’ speaks to Absolute Seychelles about the story behind his highly-acclaimed book and we take an in depth look at the artists within that have shaped the island’s art scene throughout the years.

artists; the deceased, the transient and the lapsed. The ‘now’ section is significantly more substantial, taking up almost 85% of the publication. Kennedy explains: “This was to establish the book as primarily a contemporary project. Each of the artists featured is currently producing art in Seychelles and every one of them is present in their own words as well as through the images of their work. There is my own critical contribution in each case but for me the more interesting aspect of this book is hearing the individual voices of the artists as they speak about their work and their lives.”   With almost 80 artists featured across the two sections of the book, it is hard to single out individuals for particular attention, however Absolute took special note of the work of brother and sister Alyssa and Tristan Adams, both successful and prolific artists and, interestingly, the children of Michael and Heather Adams. Michael is recognised as the ‘father’ of contemporary art in Seychelles and his unique figurative paintings and prints represent to many residents and visitors the essential visual iconography of the country.   Alyssa and Tristan have followed in Michael’s footsteps insofar as their art is a passionate, lyrical response to the natural environment of Seychelles. The styles of the two artists are very different, not only one from the other but also when compared to the work of their father. Alyssa’s paintings are intensely busy; her (often) limited palette compositions respond to the insane congestion of the tropical forest, where growth is a fight for survival and light is the ABSOLUTE

“People were talking about the need to produce a book about art in Seychelles when I first arrived here in 1997 and I was told that this idea had been discussed for at least twenty years before that.” However, despite all the talk the project remained unrealised until Arterial Network Seychelles, under the direction of artist George Camille, decided to publish the first definitive volume on the history, development and current state of the visual arts in the Seychelles. Arterial canvassed its members, many of whom are working artists, and placed ‘calls to action’ in the national press, inviting artists to contact the organisation and express an interest in being included in the book. Martin Kennedy was asked to write it, based on his prior experience of writing catalogues and features on many Seychellois artists, as well as his international experience, mainly gleaned in the areas of UK gallery and school art education programmes.   A core team was quickly assembled. Design and layout was undertaken by local company Silkwater Graphics and principal photography by French/Seychellois Laurent Levy. Finally the Seychelles Pension Fund came on board with the financial assistance required to realise the project.   The template for the book is simple. The ‘then’ section explores the development of visual art through sketches of the principal protagonists, commencing with the work of the emancipated slave Billy King and moving on to chart the topography of (mainly) painting and drawing through three categories of


ultimate objective. The artist gets in close to her subjects, working directly en plein air, getting to know their gnarled and tangled beauty; “I superimpose decorative motifs onto what are essentially representational landscapes” the artist says, “Although I paint directly from nature I get lost in whimsy. I am a brush seamstress.”   Tristan prefers to work at a greater distance from his subjects. We see fantastic and surreal islands comprised of piles of smooth granitic forms; churning and gurning oceans, and skies full of bruised clouds teeming with interest. The artist’s compositions often allow the sky full prominence. “The main difference” he says “between painting the sky and the ocean is that the ocean is so fast moving in fluid motion – whereas the sky seems to me to be retreating in slow motion.”   Absolute were also struck by the powerful paintings of Zsaklin Miklos, originally from Budapest but now happily settled in the Seychelles, whose work also frequently responds to the local environment. Her sharp and tight technicolour interpretations can be labelled ‘stylised realism’. They are sensual yet graphic – a hard synergy to pull off – and there is tranquility and excitement, harmony and conflict. Miklos transcends the reality she is depicting, at times simplifying its forms and exaggerating its natural palette.   “My intention is to open up my thoughts on the complexity of how our environment affects the personal development of those who interact with it. ”   Miklos also creates vivid (and accurate) portraits, mostly of her Seychelles

Egbert Marday

Zsaklin Miklos

“We are not and have never been simply a talking shop. We make things happen. This publication is but one example.”  

Alyssa Adams

Marc Luc

Tristian Adams

Leon Radegonde

contemporaries. These are Fauvist in essence, with non naturalistic colours deployed with careful abandon. The subjects – all instantly and effortlessly recognisable regardless of the liberties taken with skin tones – are both with us and apart from us. They appear alien, their faces comprised of intuitively rendered building blocks of matt colour. The artist refers to a quest to accentuate the effect of light on form, in this case the human face, with the outcome presenting “the consequence of an intensified subject.” All three artists represent a fresh and open approach to figurative painting in Seychelles; they push the boundaries of representation, constantly working out within a gymnasium of paint.    This desire to move forwards and explore new forms of expression is present throughout the contemporary section of the book. Leon Radegonde’s work is at the forefront of a redefinition of how and why art is made in Seychelles. Radegonde, a coexhibitor at the last two Venice Biennales, creates archival fusions of found objects and unconventional mark-making processes.   “I age, sew, tease, rust, tear, stain, burn, glue, mend and paste. I use burnt engine oil, shoe polish, hot iron, charcoal and red earth colouring as my essential working tools.”   Radegonde’s creations range from tiny assemblages on board to huge swaying tapestries. The palette is invariably sombre, with the artist having described too much colour as ‘parasitic’.   Much is made of the so-called ‘tourist trap’, whereby artists create compromised

representational work (think palm trees skirting a beach) in order to put food on the family table. Back to the author: “Secondary aims for this book include improving the lot of our working artists. The book provides contact details for each one of them so that a reader, having identified work that he or she likes, can pick up the ‘phone and talk to the artist about purchasing art directly. Additionally Arterial Network hopes to devote some of the money generated through book sales to provide small grants for artists; to say in effect – look, take three months from your market-oriented work and make art from your soul. We will take care of your expenses and at the end we will stage an exhibition of the work you have made in the Eden gallery.”   This symbiotic relationship between the book, the gallery and related projects (a selling virtual gallery is planned for later this year) is core to the work of Arterial Network Seychelles.   “Everything that we do should be mutually complementary” Kennedy concludes, “and should reflect the fact that we exist to support the arts in Seychelles. We are not and have never been simply a talking shop. We make things happen. This publication is but one example.”  

To purchase your book go to Eden Island Art Gallery


George Camille



Art Space Eden Art Space exists principally to promote the work of local, mostly Seychellois artists. Inspired by the diversity and feeling of community that surrounds the gallery, Absolute Seychelles met with the key figures behind this success story.



anaged by Arterial Network Seychelles, a not-for-profit NGO, the overall direction of the gallery (including the exhibitions programme) is decided by an elected committee, whilst the day-to-day running of the space is the responsibility of Michaella Marzocchi, Gallery Manager. “As Eden Art Space Manager, I see myself as a supporter and friend to the artists. I like the fact that art is accessible, the gallery is a welcoming space where locals and visitors to Seychelles can appreciate works by well established artists and newcomers to the art scene.”   The gallery’s programme includes one and two person shows as well as thematic and genrebased group exhibitions. There are plans to feature the work of two international artists in the next 18 months. A more permanent display of work constantly complements the temporary shows, so visitors to the gallery are assured of an eclectic aesthetic mix whenever they enter the exhibition space.   The success of the gallery reflects the powerful momentum discernible in both the creation and consumption of fine art in Seychelles. There is a small but expanding group of residents who collect local art and tourism establishments are increasingly realising that their guests value having original Seychelles art in their room rather than some tired and irrelevant offering from Indonesia.   Prices in the gallery are realistic and the collection of work at any time includes pieces which are affordable to most visitors. European collectors are often pleasantly surprised by the uncommon (in the art world) synergy of high quality and modest price.


Most of the artists featured in the ‘Art in Seychelles; Then and Now’ book show at Eden Art Space and there is a developing camaraderie across the artistic community, perhaps not yet a clear cut ‘movement’, but common ground which surpasses the stylistic adhesive common as little as ten years ago, where most work was landscape in form and almost always sold to tourists. This market precluded the creation of larger scale works, indeed anything too large to fit into a suitcase, and discouraged artists from the production of 3D work. Today things have changed and the gallery displays sculpture alongside large canvases. Subject matter continues to accurately reflect the environment of Seychelles at times but increasingly there is more non-figurative work as well as pieces which explore some of the ‘grand themes’ of being alive - love, death, beauty and hope.   The recent Seychelles Biennale confirmed this paradigm shift, with all Seychellois artists exhibiting installations inspired by the theme; ‘In a world of crisis what does art do?’. Prior to this the Seychelles pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale featured the sculptures of ‘Group Sez’, a loose collaboration between 15 Seychellois artists and the prominent and prolific Georges Camille.   The gallery is located at the heart of Mahe’s most impressive retail and dining mall which itself is located on the waterfront of the Eden Island marina. Arterial Network Seychelles is based in the gallery, illustrating that this is not just a depository for fine art but also a cultural hub. As well as administration the space hosts special events designed to bring the public into the gallery – these are typically workshops and exhibition-related activities.  “Many people are still reticent when it comes to walking into an art gallery” Martin Kennedy, the Arterial Chairman told us. “Art can be a little scary,

European collectors are often pleasantly surprised by the uncommon synergy of high quality and modest price.

tone and ambience of his adopted home dominates his creative output. The artist states; “The landscape is almost incidental, my main objectives are to try and capture the atmosphere and ‘spirit’ of a place. Ultimately it is the mood and light within the painting which becomes the central theme. As an artist I paint subjects that inspire me, and which bring me, and hopefully others, pleasure.”    Harry Brioche’s often small and delicate paintings are both evocative and beautiful. They transmit a distinctive aura and, even in a gallery where they are invariably surrounded by larger and more colourful works, they command attention and respect.   Eden Art Space Eden Plaza Eden Island Mahe Seychelles   Open Mon - Fri 10.00 - 18.30


especially contemporary art as it has a reputation for being difficult to understand; many people feel that it’s not for them because they see themselves as lacking the intellectual tools to respond to the work. They don’t want to appear ignorant or foolish. To neutralise this trepidation we encourage an open door policy and believe that it is not necessary to have an understanding of art theory to enjoy what the gallery has to offer. Everyone will hopefully take something positive from the experience of visiting our space and this forms part of our policy of encouraging a democracy of interaction between the work and visitors.” So currently who are the most prominent artists showing and selling at the Eden Art Space? Michaella answers:   “This changes from month to month. Personally I can say that Leon Radegonde’s work fascinates me: the often discarded materials that he uses to create his textured artworks show exceptional sensitivity. Artists such as Egbert Marday and Marc Luc capture a specific Seychelles  energy, and the intricacies of Alyssa Adams and Sophie Standing’s creations capture the attention of many visitors.”   George Camille, until recently the Chairman of Arterial Network Seychelles, is one of the gallery’s most dedicated and successful exhibitors. “George sells strongly because his work has developed to a point where he presents the Seychelles through a personal and powerful visual language. Figurative compositions are embellished with a lexicon of symbolic forms which appear across the artist’s entire output.” Camille’s recent work is rooted in social investigations – he won the first prize at the 2017 Seychelles Biennale for an installation representing the plight of drug addicts and his installation at the 2015 Venice Biennale was a powerful criticism of deficiencies in environmental management in the Seychelles.   Camille also explores his chosen themes through an exceptionally wide range of processes and media, from traditional painting and etching to the adaptation of found objects (most famously discarded wooden window shutters) into which the artist embeds embossed metal and upon which he terrorises the painted surfaces with fire.   “The works produced which utilise the shutters are both archival and aesthetic. The history and memory of the carpenters who made the pieces and the occupants of the homes who touched and were protected by the shutters are an integral part of the work.” Camille explains.   The work of Harry Brioche, a Seychellois now living in the UK, is instantly recognisable as ‘quality’. His delicate and confident brushwork recalls the confidence of Turner, and his subject matter – atmosphere – is similarly aligned with that of the great master of the evocative landscape.   Brioche has, from a young age, been captivated by the beauty and drama of the British landscape and its rapidly and constantly reforming skies. He recognised and enjoyed the contrast with the Seychelles, yet he painted what he saw where he saw it and thus the


Tropik Collections Norris Jumeau is an artist, born and bred in Seychelles. He was only 29 years old when he crafted his first tortoise out of wood in 1989. At the time, he was living and working on Denis Island with his family, when it was suggested he should try and craft during his free time. Who knew he would be so passionate about it 29 years later.


the time comes for carving, the shape and the size of the log play a role in forming the shape and size of each piece. Whether a tortoise or a turtle, no two pieces are rarely ever the same. Each is given a unique identity of their own. Colours, patterns, styles, poses, depictions of landscapes or seascapes, fish, birds, clouds, stars, many designs are used to adorn each piece all coming together in the end to form a one of a kind masterpiece.  The variety does not stop there.; some are carved others not, some are painted, others just left in their natural state. There is always one piece that will attract a specific individual. Norris diversifies in every little way possible, the sky is the limit. He even tailor makes to clients tastes and specifications. Each piece is lovingly hand-carved by Norris, but everyone in his family helps in a way. His wife and children help by cleaning the wood or smoothing each carving with sand paper. Of course once the base colour is on, everyone tries to give an idea of what should be painted on there. Suddenly everybody is an artist, but Daddy is the only one left holding the brush. After the paint has dried, the final step is lacquering, the coat that seals everything in. They then have to pass quality control before they get the seal of approval - the lady of the house’ job, Norris’ greatest admirer and harshest critic. “At the end of the day, it’s the look on the clients’ face that makes it all worth it. It is always better than they ever imagined it could be.” Norris Jumeau


orris Jumeau is an artist, born and bred in Seychelles. He was only 29 years old when he crafted his first tortoise out of wood in 1989. At the time, he was living and working on Denis Island with his family, when it was suggested he should try and craft during his free time. Who knew he would be so passionate about it 29 years later. Norris Jumeau studied at the Seychelles College and continued on to further studies in Kenya and the UK where he briefly studied art, not knowing his future would depend on it. On many occasions, he ventured into other careers and fields, a skipper, a chauffeur, a foreman, but in the end he always came back to the arts. So how does Norris create these perfect exquisite creatures? Where does one even start? The usual question is ‘Is this wood?’ with a look of confusion and perplexion, followed by ‘But it looks like ceramic or porcelain!’ with another look of shock and awe. The simple answer is yes, each piece of art is made of wood. Mostly any wood can be used, only one was ever made using the wood from a coconut tree, we don’t know where in the world it is today, but the wood from the Calice du Pape tree is the ideal wood to work with and most readily available. The process from start to finish for each given piece can take anywhere from a few weeks to almost 1 year to complete. The artist receives the wood in different sized cut pieces and each one has to be cleaned of the bark to prevent burrowing insects. The logs are then left to dry for about 3 months. When


Making ones mark amongst so many other talented artists is a challenge but I have found my speciality, a work of art that is genuine and original only to me.”

These works of art are not mass-produced – it is what makes each work truly unique; that they are limited and almost hard to find. But anyone who has ever wanted one always manages to get one. Norris produces just enough to supply existing demand. Each piece goes at a price that he know will keep every client happy and it is the perfect way to remember their holiday. So what does the future hold for Norris Jumeau? Growing up, Norris tells us that this is never what I would have imagined himself doing for the rest of his life, but now he cannot imagine anything better. “The life of an artist is not an easy one. Making ones mark amongst so many other talented artists is a challenge but I have found my speciality, a work of art that is genuine and original only to me. I could paint on canvas if I wanted to; make sculptures or small souvenirs if I wanted to, but what for! So many others are doing this already, copying or following the trend, doing and redoing what has already been done before. I respect them each individually for what they do as I believe that each has his own. Everybody needs to work to survive. Copying is how you not only destroy a quality product but also ruin ones name and reputation. Today I am a little known artist and I am somewhat happy that way. I get by on enough and I have my wife and children by my side. If I had a chance to start my life all over again from scratch, I wouldn’t change anything, I am where I am now for a reason and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.


Available to purchase at Kempinski Hotel, Mahe




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Fire and Ice A brand new entertainment formula


One of the chief characteristics of Fire and Ice is its innate spirit of flexibility and adaptability and its preparedness to embrace the theme of the moment and take it to the next level.


deally located at the entrance to Eden Island with its stunning mountain backdrop and commanding views of the marina, Fire and Ice is the new kid on the block when it comes to islandstyle entertainment. This exciting new venue is the brainchild of Chatterbox owner Kirschlee Naidoo and partner Marsha Parcou who have become familiar with this unique entertainment formula from their travels in South Africa and see the potential in importing it to Seychelles. The Fire and Ice philosophy is to make it a one-stop-shop for all of Seychelles’ entertainment needs and, above all, a lifestyle brand for locals and visitors alike who are in search of a supremely comfortable, stylish and safe place to enjoy the impressive suite of amenities on offer such as Room 12B, a luxurious, 6-seater VIP space. On the horizon also is a super VVIP 12-seater lounge complete with internet, WiFi and Apple TV. An interior lounge and bar as well as an outside lounge, bar and pool complete a total capacity for approaching 1000 guests. One of the chief characteristics of Fire and Ice is its innate spirit of flexibility and adaptability and its preparedness to embrace the theme of the moment and


take it to the next level. It is proud to offer an intelligently-layered entertainment experience and the ultimate, value-added platform for entertainers as well, both local and international, all cocooned within refined and elegant surrounds. No establishment in Seychelles has ever attempted creating a kind of entertainment platform so capable of adjusting seamlessly to the hosting of pulsating salsa nights, televised sports events, dancehall, R&B and Creole evenings complete with buffet, sushi evenings with all the trappings and afterparty extravaganzas such as was recently held for the visit of Major Lazer. The unique combination of the facilities on offer at Fire and Ice, its great ambiance and skill at hosting a wide range of different events has coaxed even Four Seasons Seychelles into holding their staff party at Seychelles’ newest entertainment venue, and for the very first time at any venue other than a hotel. The uniqueness of the Fire and Ice brand is that it is greater than the sum of its parts, promoting an aspirational lifestyle with access to a wide spectrum of entertainment options complete with WiFi and special projectors, and soon, a restaurant modelled on an up-market steak house capable of

Capable of adjusting seamlessly to the hosting of pulsating salsa nights, televised sports events, dancehall, R&B and Creole evenings complete with buffet, sushi evenings with all the trappings and after-party extravaganzas

Fire and Ice regularly re-examines its VIP policy to ensure that it continues to attract the right class of clientele and outside of private functions, an age limit of 21 years is in force. Asked about what lies in store for Fire and Ice during 2018, Kirschlee explains, “we will continue to break the mould when it comes to offering fresh and exciting entertainment options to Seychellois and visitors alike, and even now we are working on attracting thrilling new entertainers for 2018, details of which I can’t go into at the moment. Rest assured, we will continue to fill an important gap in Seychelles’ entertainment scene with stylish, quality products and our trademark determination to delight our customers.” Fire and Ice opens every day of the week except Monday and Tuesday (which are also available for private parties). On Wednesday and Thursday the venue opens from the early evening until 01h00; on Friday and Saturday, until 04h00 and on Sunday from 11h00 to 23h00. For more information, or to make a reservation, please visit


conveniently transforming itself into a lounge. With an outside bar catering for speedy orders, Fire and Ice also boasts a cigar and shisha lounge while its chameleonlike ability to embrace vastly different opportunities and challenges is what sets Fire and Ice apart, making it an exciting and truly versatile venue for just about any occasion. On any evening, an enticing range of conveniently-sized ‘light bites’ is available while the inside 5-star cocktail bar is an attraction in itself never ceasing to add that extra local dimension to its dizzying range of cocktails and home to specially selected barmen whose top drawer flairing and mixing techniques promise a rare, visual treat and the ultimate ‘school of cool’ experience. Meanwhile, its catering team is always seeking to please different nationalities with a specific choice of both national and seasonal treats and delicacies. This same powerful spirit of innovation pervades the entire venue, from the intelligent, programmable lighting that can transform its ambiance at the flick of a switch to a focused music system that bathes only the dance floor in sound but not peripheral areas, leaving clients free to indulge in conversation.



The Seychelles Islands are the kind of dream destinations people want to visit at least once in their life. Known for their purest white beaches, crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature, tourists come from all over the world to enjoy and explore this romantic raw gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean. However, the islands are not necessarily known for their dynamic nightlife or cutting-edge restaurant scene. The Seychelles has never positioned itself as a party or jet-set destination but more as an exclusive tranquil hideaway far from the international hipster crowd. Their real luxury lies in privacy and simplicity; a deliciously spiced grilled fish enjoyed with your toes buried in the warm sand, a fresh coconut in the shadow of a palm tree or an exotic octopus curry from the vendor on the street. Seychelles has its own way to dine and wine. Let us tell you all about it . . .

MAHE Black Pearl The ‘Black Pearl’ scores high on atmosphere, with an eye-catching nautical theme scattered around the dining room and terrace. The food gets good reviews from the many repeat visitors and with its perfect location in the heart of Beau Vallon, we recommend you book a table in advance to make sure you can enjoy your Spaghetti Lobster on the romantic veranda. The Italian brothers Marco and Dino who founded the restaurant more than 20 years ago have some more aces up their sleeves: try the famous beef fillet with Roquefort sauce or whole grouper fish with a smooth white wine garlic sauce, or perhaps sample the spicy tuna carpaccio with roquette and truffle - the menu never disappoints!

La Scala


Another Italian classic lies not far away at the end of the coast road near Danzil. Named for the white steps leading up to the open air restaurant built on massive granite boulders overlooking the ocean, La Scala is an old favourite for visitors and locals alike.  Apart from the perfect location, it’s the owners who gave this place its heart and soul. Silvana has been the lady of the house for more than three decades now, charming her guests in five different languages, while her husband Giani wields the wooden spoon in the kitchen, making sure that each dish on the menu tastes as delicious as it did 30 years ago. The palmist gratin is one of the specials one shouldn’t miss and obviously it’s a must to stop at the fresh fish counter on the way in to choose your main course. Whether it’s the grilled red snapper a la créole (with tomato and onion chutney), the whole grouper with garlic and ginger or the fresh slipper lobster, you’ll leave by those famous stairs with no regrets.


A gorgeous view of the sea towards the dramatic island of Silhouette. Treasure Cove The charming Treasure Cove Boutique Hotel and its Restaurant Olivier le Vasseur are just a stone’s throw from the quaint fishing village of Bel Ombre. This area is home to the famous La Buse Treasure and popular for its cosy atmosphere. The covered outdoor restaurant is perched high above the water and has a gorgeous view of the sea towards the dramatic island of Silhouette. The restaurant specialises in Creole cuisine with a focus on seafood and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best time to go is around 6 pm to enjoy the Baya bar with an amazing sunset over the bay and live music.

Boathouse This long-standing venture is famous for its lively Friday nights when tourists and locals hang out together sipping on colourful cocktails whilst watching the most spectacular sunsets. It’s also a great place for a slap-up meal with its authentic Creole-themed buffet dinner with about 20 different dishes on offer, including juicy mango and papaya salads, creamy pumpkin chutney, barbecued fish and different local curries. Boathouse also has a tasty selection of fish dishes at lunchtime and you can always pop in casually after a swim in the ocean just meters away…

La Plage With waterside tables overlooking the bay of Beau Vallon, La Plage lives up to its name. Like most of the places on Beau Vallon beach you get a great view of the sunset, but nowhere else in the area is so close by the water. Cocktails are beautifully presented and taste like mini-holidays. Obviously you get some excellent seafood dishes here - try the Linguine mixed platter if you’re a lover!


Like most of the places on Beau Vallon beach you get a great view of the sunset 177

Arrive early to have a cocktail by the bar and to take some stunning sunset pictures. Coral Asia On an open-sided elevated platform above the beach at the Coral Strand Hotel, Coral Asia does excellent sushi that the whole island raves about. It’s one of the few places on Mahé serving fresh salmon, and the contemporary preparation is a delight for the eyes: the Waguy Beef rolls are grilled with a torch and the seaweed salad bowl with fried tofu topping pleases every vegetarian foodie. Arrive early to have a cocktail by the bar and to take some stunning sunset pictures.

A great choice for those who want to try a great authentic Seychellois dish.

It adds up to one of the best west-coast venues. Del Place

La Grande Maison


If you’re out for something special, La Grande Maison on Mahe’s East coast is the place to go. Two and a half years ago Belgian chef Christelle Verheyen opened her top notch restaurant inside the old plantation house of the Takamaka rum distillery. The old colonial “Grann Kaz” (Creole for big house) has been decorated with a lot of love for detail and you can even browse around the adjoining shop for interesting souvenirs like artist’s books, locally made soaps and oils or paintings. The dining area on the veranda has a view over a small sugar cane field and the exotic garden. The Millionaire’s Salad is a must-try starter: she uses different textures of a coconut tree to prepare the palmist salad and tops that with fresh truffle flakes. The creamy octopus curry is probably not for the faint-hearted who shy away from spice, but a great choice for those who want to try a great authentic Seychellois dish.


This romantic beach restaurant lies on the wild west coast of Mahé at Port Glaud. This delightful spot sits right on the beach and weds cafe-cool to excellent cooking. The centrepiece is local seafood: octopus straight from the lagoon, baked red snapper in banana leaf, seafood platters and Creole curries, including the rarely seen crab curry. Throw in local tapas, wickedly cool cocktails and beautiful sea views and it adds up to one of the best west-coast venues.

Besides the fun party nights, the Polynesian themed restaurant has some special treats on the menu. Trader Vic’s The only international restaurant brand in the country is just as lively as its international siblings. The Cuban band provides a cheerful Latino atmosphere every night but on Fridays the salsa class attendants twirl over the wooden parquet floor - sometimes until the early morning hours. Besides the fun party nights, the Polynesian themed restaurant has some special treats on the menu. Typical Asian dishes like the “5 Spice Shredded Duck” or the Indonesian Rack of Lamb please every Trader Vic’s fan, while the monthly changing dinner themes are very popular among the regular local guests.

Rockpool As the name suggests, the trendy Rockpool restaurant sits high on the rocks in Mahés’ north at Glacis, overlooking the blue ocean. The charming beach setting pairs perfectly with the menu, which is a well-balanced fusion of Asian and Creole tastes and flavours. Fresh seafood together with classic and contemporary meat and vegetable dishes ensures the Rockpool is sure to have something to tantalise all palettes.

A well-balanced fusion of Asian and Creole tastes and flavours

The Rum Shag The little shag at the Angel Fish Jetty just before the Bridge of Eden Island is probably the best kept secret on the Island. The cosy hangout place is just big enough to squeeze in a few people and serves some great homemade rum with different flavours such as thyme, passionfruit or coconut. Zack, the owner brews and distills his strong potions in the back of the bar following the recipes of his Russian ancestors.


Serves some great homemade rum with different flavours


Wine & Dine


MAHE Boardwalk After a hard day’s work it’s always nice to pop in at Eden Island marina’s very own watering hole. Located on the boardwalk, a mere 100 metres from the super-yacht pontoon, the bar and lounge plays host to live bands and DJs. You can watch international sports on one of the 2 “Big Screens” or taste some of the local cocktails poured by the experts. Friday is the most popular night at Boardwalk and the place turns into Mahé’s only proper night club where locals and tourists dance and party until the sun rises over the ocean.

The place turns into Mahé’s only proper night club where locals and tourists dance and party

Club Liberté The Club Liberté Casino is the right choice for an exclusive night out, located adjacent to the Four Seasons property. The casino offers 12 tables and 31 slots for the players and an intimate food and beverage offering including a sushi bar for those who would rather just enjoy the elegant atmosphere and a nibble. Live music plays on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as well as live sport events being screened on wide screen TVs.

The right choice for an exclusive night out

Avani TGA club The recently opened Nightclub at the Avani Resort & Spa on Mahé’s west coast attracts the young and hip crowd on the island with its stylish interior and international DJ music. Low bar tables complete with sparkling champagne bottles and inviting seat cushions are drenched in a striking violet light. The club’s slogan  “Sorry I am a VIP” kicks in the minute you arrive.


Attracts the young and hip crowd on the island with its stylish interior 180

LA DIGUE Fishtrap In a great location on the water’s edge, this snazzy restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat on the little island of La Digue. The menu runs the gamut from seafood to international meat dishes and salads to Creole staples. It’s also a great place to linger over a fruity cocktail as the sun sinks low on the horizon.

A great place to linger over a fruity cocktail

PRASLIN Cafe des Arts Praslin’s most stylish restaurant is in the Le Duc de Praslin hotel. Flickering candles, colourful paintings, swaying palms, a breezy terrace and the sound of waves washing onto the beach will rekindle the faintest romantic flame. The food is suitably refined; flavourful Seychellois favourites are whipped into eye-pleasing dishes like red-snapper fillet in passionfruit sauce or marinated chicken with tropical fruits. At weekends the place turns into a fancy discotheque and is well known all the way to the main island as a cool going out spot.

Fruita Cabana Bar The most photographed beach in the world is obviously not an empty hangout place but has become quite a commercial beach area for tourists. However, the beauty of the granite rock formations and the crystal clear water is still a stunning sight that you should enjoy with a freshly squeezed fruit juice or some cold coconut water from the Cabana Beach Bar.

The most photographed beach in the world

Bonbon Plume Tarosa

This is clearly a front-row seat for paradise but it comes at a price. With such a location (the palm-thatched canopy is right on the beach at gorgeous Anse Lazio) tables are in high demand: ring ahead if you want to try the crab curry in coconut milk or the grilled catch of the day - it’s worth it! You’ll pay a premium for the location but there’s no denying you are sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. ABSOLUTE

Nobody really visits La Digue with great party plans, but the atmosphere at Tarosa Restaurant & Bar right at the jetty is a must for everyone who spends a weekend on this little island. The Creole cuisine is always authentic and fresh and it’s great fun to extend the sundowner into an all-nighter, shaking your bootie on the dance floor with the locals.



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Absolute Seychelles 2018 Edition  
Absolute Seychelles 2018 Edition