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Enjoy an early morning workout. London City to Ibiza Europe’s more local when you can check in 20 minutes before you fly.

Flights between London City Airport and Ibiza operate year round and are subject to BA General Conditions of Carriage (see time for any unexpected delays that you may encounter.

Travellers departing London City Airport can check in up to 20 minutes before scheduled departure time, but it is recommended to allow extra

6:10 PM Praslin “There are times you share − and there are times you don’t share with anyone, except each other.”

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hen it came to expanding our international collection of titles, where else could we look but to the White Isle of Ibiza. For the past few decades it has been a mecca for the

world’s most stylish travellers, hailed as not just a clubbing hotspot but now a globally recognised true eco and luxury destination.

We decided that there was no better a place to launch our 2nd international guide to explore and promote this new side of the island, after travelling

to the islands in 2016 and 2017 to research and hunt out the true hidden gems. Having shot our front cover and fashion editorial, we were finally ready to release our findings.

What we have sought to do is highlight selected businesses on the island

that we feel are offering something truly special and unique; all leaders in luxury and style. We have cherry picked for you the best in fashion, food, relaxation and wellbeing to provide you with new experiences and ideas for your holiday or short break to this magical island, along with

some very special interviews with people that have grown and shaped the islands with their work and lives over the years. Enjoy.





Ibiza Journey From Ego to Eco


clubs such as Amnesia and Ku Club easily filled to cater for this massive tourist industry. The word and reputation of these 'super clubs' quickly spread attracting the fashionable, rich and famous to experience the magic of Ibiza's fantastic nightlife.

biza has been well documented. It's been the number one destination for clubbers, partygoers and serious music lovers for decades. It's easy to overlook the history and culture soaked into the fabric of the island's buildings and beaches.

Changes loom, however, that could see the face of tourism change. Increasing prices and government regulations mounting will all lead to shifts in the dynamic of the island. It's no secret that true party clubbers are now venturing to such alternative destinations as Malta and Croatia. The legendary but now closed super club Space forever most definitely represented the old days of freewheeling' clubbing. The open roof, jets flying over to a screaming dancefloor, in parallel to a relaxed yet hedonistic vibe are scribed into history. As we said goodbye to such a symbolic venue, what will the future hold? The new regime will be a higher priced, VIP affair. But then doesn't this reflect the new Ibiza? Time will tell. Where does it go from here?

As close as 40 or so years ago, Ibiza was a true escapist paradise. Wild, natural unspoilt and full of special magic. Before the 70s, hippies settled on the island that had already enjoyed decades of writers, painters, bohemians and other artists working and enjoying life on Eivissa. Hollywood stars came to escape and search for privacy, including Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier. One may wonder how this Mediterranean island eventually became such an important music Mecca? Rewind to the hedonistic 60s. The 'flower power' revolution and 'Summer of Love' saw travelling hippies descend on the Balearic island as well as a plethora of rock stars. Attracted by the friendly, open-minded, easy, laid-back vibe, unspoilt beauty and the sun which shines for 60% of the year, the island became the place for those 'in the know'. Some claim the island lies in the middle of an energised 'ley line', but that's a different story.

Enter the 70s. The tourist boom began with cheaper travel and newly built accommodation. To meet the new money being spent, discos made their appearance. These define the history of recent times. Pacha quickly became the mecca of Ibiza nightlife when it opened in 1973. The end of the 70s brought Wham! to shoot 'Club Tropicana' This ushered in a new generation of young British holidaymakers. To cater for all types of European taste, the soundtrack was wide and eclectic. The Balearic musical spirit was born. This wasn't missed a years later by visiting UK Djs Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker and Nicky Holloway who promptly took the attitude back to London. The early 90s saw this osmosis all come together. As European holidaymakers came en masse, large


The wild spirit of Ibiza ever continues. The parties may be smaller than the superclub, but they are every bit as hedonistic as the spirit of the 'wild days'.


The open roof, jets flying over to a screaming dancefloor, in parallel to a relaxed yet hedonistic vibe are scribed into history.�




Ibiza Journey


the new rustic establishments get the perfect blend of nature, peace, hedonism and wild antics that are synonymous with Ibiza.

Ibiza is a safe and accepting place. Anyone, no matter their age can come and enjoy. Party people - young and old arrive in droves over the summer and are swept up in the party culture. The beaches are plentiful and cater for all. Some are quiet, some a constant daytime party soundtracking the day, even nudists have their open places. Of course, the beaches wouldn't be an experience without the beach restaurant.

Ibiza is now a year round destination, with the tourist season expanding to welcome visitors much earlier in the year and holding on to them way past the time the sun sets on the average holiday season. It’s predicted by business owners that March and October will become the new must-visit dates, with tourists lured over by reduced prices, less crowding and yet a perfect average forecast of 24-27C.

Today, the big word on the island is ‘Eco,’ with environmental concerns shaping and pathing the way into the future. On an island of such excess, everyone from club owners to hoteliers, shopkeepers, DJs and villa owners are looking at ways of adjusting their offering to allow for a more sustainable future. There is almost a state of urgency about it all, with innovative answers being sought to protect Mother Nature, the most important lady of the White Isle. We have already witnessed a push for greener public transport, improvements on waste management, especially one-time-use plastics and an all important battle against oil explorations continues as ever. With Ibiza’s usual tourist spots bursting at the seams, businesses have looked to set up off the beaten track, and so began the rise of Agrotourism. If we travelled back a decade, you would be pushed to find an agroturismos; an Italian word that refers to a working farm that rents out some of its rooms. Today, Ibiza has become world renowned for its huge influx of rustic yet luxurious traditional accommodation, where guests can stay in field and woodland settings and feast upon local produce, safe in the knowledge their green credentials are sustained.

It is often the case that off the beaten track means remote, however with Ibiza being such a small island at 20km by 50km, the path less trodden is only ever a hop, skip and perhaps a taxi ride away from the infamous clubs, restaurants and beaches. The ultimate pull is that visitors to

Ibiza is ever-evolving and continues to prove a heavy weight in attracting the crowds year upon year. So too are the crowds themselves. However, what hasn’t changed is Ibiza’s most famous concoction of magnetic traits that promise her visitors hypnotic sunsets, beach scenes, crystal clear waters, and of course, endless parties.

The ultimate pull is that visitors to the new rustic establishments get the perfect blend of nature, peace, hedonism and wild antics that are synonymous with Ibiza.” ABSOLUTE











Port de Sant Miquel


PM-804 SN-1

San Miguel


Sant Lloren de Balafia


Cala Saladeta




Cala Gracio


San Antonio Cueva Acuario



C-731 E-30



San Rafael Cala Conteta PM-303

E-10 C-731


San Jose

Cap Martinet E-20 Port d’Eivissa

Ibiza T


Playa Den Bossa

PM-801 PMV-303-1

y Aguamar Water Park


Es Cubells


Cala Jondel

q Cavallet Beach Salinas Beach y



Cala de Sant Vicent

Sant Juan PM-811

Platja es Figueral


nc a

Cala Mastella


EI-200 PMV-810-1



Santa Eulalia

Cala Longa

Es Canรก


1 pikes | mustang adventures 2 charo ruiz clothing - old town centre 3 revolver clothing - old town centre 4 la galleria elfante store 5 passion cafe 6 la granja hotel 7 nagai bar | restaurant 8 atzaro hotel 9 polo club 10 ibiza zen hotel 11 Los Enamorados hotel 12 wild beets cafe 13 la paloma restaurant 14 Samahra Ibiza store 15 sir joan hotel 16 the butcher restaurant 17 izakaya restaurant 18 la olivia restaurant 19 la bodega bar | restaurant 20 bambuddha bar | restaurant 21 elements ibiza bar | restaurant 22 atzaro beach club 23 abuergine restauarant 24 giri cafe and hotel 25 smart charter 26 heart ibiza club 27 grand casino ibiza 28 project social cafe 29 las dalias market 30 nobu restaurant 31 Trattoria del Mar 32 lamuella bar | restaurant 33 portside bars and cocktail bars 34 los dos launas restaurant 35 pacha 36 jockey club 37 gauana restaurant 38 el chiringuito 39 hotel es vive 40 ibiza code store 41 km5 club | restaurant 42 ibizkus wine 42 paradise lost 43 secret garden bar 44 pura vida beach club 45 cala bassa beach club












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Ibiza regular Russell Small is one of the very few DJs to have had multiple top ten hits and several chart-dominating remixes across two decades; first of all with Phats & Small, and his second with the Freemasons who became one of the hottest dance acts in the world. Their own tracks ‘Rain Down Love’ and ‘Uninvited’ dominated the clubs, and remixes of songs by Beyonce, Whitney Houston and Kelly Rowland were picked as the lead radio edits across Europe.  The success of their productions led to bookings all over the world, headlining Mardi Gras twice,  playing everywhere from Rio to Seoul and headlining every major Pride festival in the UK and North America. Russell has now teamed up with Dino Psaras (DNO P) in a new venture that is already making waves.  Absolute’s Pete Hayward caught up with Russell and talked all things club, dance, Ibiza and chillin’.

What was your first Ibiza experience? My first Ibiza visit was in 1986 as a holidaymaker, staying in Es Cana with my girlfriend. It was just as the Balearic scene was starting I think. I had heard about a club called Ku on the island, but I wasn’t really aware of what was going on and what it was all about back then.

What was your first Ibiza booking? My first Ibiza booking was with Phat’s and Small in the summer of 1999. It was for a BBC Radio 1 weekender doing a live PA at Bar M, now known as the Ibiza Rocks Bar. My first DJ gig was not until the following year at El Divino for Miss Moneypennies I think, but I can't be sure. It was all a bit of haze back then. Our track “Turnaround” blew up out of nowhere, becoming a world wide hit. We went from playing at a small bar in our home town of Brighton called Greens to playing parties all around the world. It was madness, travelling and doing 3/4/5 gigs a week sometimes, then back in to the studio and all the partying, - hence the reason I call those ‘the lost years’. I'm glad things have now slowed down a bit from those days. I enjoy it a lot more and most of all I remember the things I’ve done - well most of them! You hit big with The Freemasons. What were your most memorable moments in Ibiza during that early period? I had played most Ibiza clubs by the time James and I started the Freemasons in 2005, but what has got to be the most memorable was playing the new Space terrace for Carl Cox and Friends in 2008; probably the most nervous I have ever been as a DJ. Carl had been a good friend for quite a few years, so to be asked to play for him was an honour. It also made me realise how far we had come, a very proud moment. The chance to play the new terrace was also a wish come true – I would think it would have been for most DJs. That huge DJ booth, great monitors, the


sound system - one of the best I had played on, such an amazing space and great production. It was an amazing experience as a clubber, an even better one as a DJ and a night I will always remember…..

What's your favourite club to play? Space was, without hesitation, from my early times in Ibiza, always my favourite club. I even held my stag weekend there. We started there on a Friday and finished off there on the Sunday/Monday at ‘We Love'. I had the honour of playing the old outdoor terrace with Jason as ‘Phat’s and Small’ which was amazing. My experience on the new terrace with James as ‘Freemasons’ was even more incredible and an even more memorable experience. It really was an incredible club. ‘Hi’ is now the new club on my wish list. I’ve already had some great experiences as a clubber, so fingers crossed I will get the chance to have a spin in the toilet sometime.   Are you an Ibiza resident these days? I tried it out a couple of years ago, but I'm back in the UK now. It's better for me to be based in the UK at the moment for studio work. I’m working with a friend from Brighton on a new project and we are in there most weeks, so traveling backwards and forwards was a bit of a nightmare. It also has a lot less flights in the winter, so it’s not easy to get in and out of when gigging and London City was the only direct flight for getting back to Brighton.

What kind of productions are you working on for this year? I've been really productive over the last couple of years and everything seems to be coming together again this year. I’m back on the disco and house tip, which I've always been known for and what I’m best at I think. James and I stopped producing together as the Freemasons a few years ago as we both wanted to do different things; I wanted to carry on DJing and

producing dance tracks and James was interested in creating a site selling sample packs and sounds, doing tutorials, passing on his vast knowledge to up and coming producers and the next generation. He’s called it 'F9 Audio’, please check it out, there's some great stuff there if you are into making music.

The new project Russell Small, DNO P started a couple of years ago. It’s a production team with fellow Brightonian 'Dino Psaras’ who is probably better known for his trance productions. We’ve been friends for years and after going into the studio for the first time, we really hit it off on a production level too. We've released a couple of tracks on ‘Freemasons' Label ‘Freemaison’ and in April of this year we released a cover of ‘Freemasons' hit ‘Love On My Mind’ (nothing like covering one of your own tracks) on Spinnin offshoot Source Records. We had the original vocalist Amanda Wilson on vocals, we replayed the sample from  'Jackie Moores - This Time Baby'  used in the original backing and added our own musical moments. It sounds a lot cleaner, definitely more up to date, it’s still discotastic and very uplifting. We now have quite a few tracks that are nearly ready to go, but just waiting on songs and a couple we are waiting on publishing clearance; ‘When Somebody,’ a track which uses a verse from Randy Crawford’s ‘You Might Need Somebody’ which is very soulful as you would expect using a vocal like this and 'It Is What It Is (BadAssDisco)’. This track is built around a string-line from TV’s 80’s Series 'Hart to Hart’ and features up and coming singer ‘Reigns’. She has such an amazing mature voice for someone of 20 years of age and the vocal melody just sticks in your head. It’s definitely Vocal Disco House at its finest for me and I’m very proud of how it’s turned out. Hopefully clearance should come through on both of these soon and we will be releasing them across this summer.

Change is inevitable and the fact is I've changed, I’ve grown with Ibiza, I like looking back, but I love looking forward.




If I'm in Ibiza on a Friday night, I always head down to ‘Glitterbox’ at ‘Hi’. It’s the one night on the island that I really enjoy.

OK, life on the magic Isle - where do you like to hang out and socialise? Which place should anyone visit? A place that was never in any guides was The Villa Of Joy. It was tucked up in the hills outside San Ann and frequented by DJ types and media bods. This was my favourite place to hang out. It always had an amazing vibe, great food, wine flowed all day and their after parties were legendary. Sadly it closed down a couple of years ago. The guy that ran it, Carl, is now putting on a few one-off parties at different clubs - they are definitely worth checking out. One of my favourite restaurants is Bambuddaha Grove in Santa Gertrudis, I first went there over 20 years ago. It has a very exotic decor with great Asian Cuisine, great cocktails, cool music and a lively bar. It’s the place I would always recommend that friends should visit for food and a good night out, it never disappoints, it’s not cheap, but hey, it’s Ibiza. Definitely, check it out if you get the chance. Do you have a favourite restaurant daytime? One I always visit (it’s more my mum’s favourite to be honest, but I love taking her there) is La Paloma Cafe in San Lorenzo. You eat outside amongst the orange and lemon groves and it has a very simple Moroccan style menu with lots of tasty salads, homemade pizzas, stuffed focaccia; really delicious simple food. And it's really quaint.

Freemasons, Russell with James Wiltshire


And what rocks your boat in the evening? My evenings are a lot different from what they used to be, I’ve slowed down quite a bit. I hang out a lot at my apartment, eating, drinking and listening to music on my balcony with friends, or I sit down on a beach in the early evening relaxing with a few beers and watch the sunset. I head to Ibiza Town for a drink sometimes, or out to dinner. My hedonistic days are definitely over it seems, although If I'm in Ibiza on a Friday night, I always head down to ‘Glitterbox' at ‘Hi’. It’s the one night on the island that I really enjoy. There’s always lots of people I know there, so it’s a great place to catch up, the venue is amazing and the music is great, which is the main thing for me.

Favourite beach? My favourite is Cala Olivera. It’s not far from my apartment, it has a small beach in a cove and has a little shack where you can get a beer and fish dinner for around £15, bargain...

If you have to reside at a hotel, where would you choose? There are some great hotels on the island, with more popping up all the time, but my favourite will alway be Pikes. It’s probably the most infamous place on the island. It’s an ‘if walls had ears kind of place’ and I’ve had some great times there over the years. It’s definitely the place if you like your days and nights a bit lively. I really like the individually designed rooms and they have really upped their game in the last few years with the events that they put on. There have been many changes on the island over the recent years. What do you really miss from the older times? I miss the parties on Bora Bora beach, Space outside terrace, Space itself, El Divino, the old roads, less traffic, the music back then and the friends I’ve met but no longer see. I’m just being nostalgic really. Change is inevitable and the fact is I've changed, I’ve grown with Ibiza, I like looking back, but I love looking forward.

Do you think there will be a music genre trend this season as there has been historically, or is it a genuine mix up these days? Tech house seems to be the trend at the moment with most DJs, but I do feel that Disco could be making a bit of a comeback. I’ve heard it creeping into a few big producer’s productions, which is great for me and everyone else that likes a bit of fluffiness in their music.

Phats & Small, Russell with Jason Hayward

What was the first record you bought? The first record I ever bought was Night Flight To Venus by Boney M. It’s still a great album.

Your magic dance anthem? I have so many favourites, but Pennies From Heaven (Kevins tunnel mix) by Inner City is probably my all time. It just makes me smile, it’s so uplifting and I still play it out when I can.

And rounding off ...Your chillout fave? Sabres Of Paradise - Smokebelch ii (beatless mix). It’s a timeless piece of music that brings so many great memories back to me from the days when I used to attend the legendary ‘Full Circle’ Sunday afternoon club in the early nineties. Pete Hayward Facebook/russellsmalldnopmusic Twitter/ russellsmalldnopmusic Management/



The Ulitmate way To Explore Ibiza.



ibiza 37



With a mixture of talent, taste and a celebrity-filled address book, Dawn Hindle has created a thriving enterprise. Her hotel and jewellery business is a hit with the A-listers, and her passion and eye for design coalescence the cutting edge bohemia. Absolute’s Kasia talks to this maverick female entrepreneur.

Ibiza is a vibe and a trend in itself, imitated and copied worldwide. The interiors, the colours the relaxed boho vibe.”


awn, tell us a bit about the early explosive days of your Manumission events. What were the people like? How did it impact on your future creativity? We started the Manumission parties in 1994 when I was in my very early twenties, and Ibiza was still very underexposed and quite a heaven of bohemian freedom. It felt quite isolated from what else was going on in the world back then and was a real eye-opener for me and a great contrast from life as an architecture student from Manchester. It literally meant freedom from slavery and that’s what we attempted to do; give a freedom from everyday life and offer an alternative manumission universe full of loud music, heavy spectacle, sex, opulent surroundings and a laissez faire attitude. It was wild and wonderful and a giant melting pot of people from all over the world, and a sort of non-democracy of backgrounds.

businesses to earn a living from. It actually is taking your passions and creating a business from them. I feel very blessed with that. I love making people find the freedom to express themselves and manipulating environments to achieve that. I loved learning from working with great people like Gavin Turk, Mark Fisher, Fischerspooner and countless bands and designers. I think I see in a very 3D way that helps and leads to countless webs that flow into new projects daily.

With the Ibiza population ever-changing, how do the vibe and trends on the Island differ year by year? What’s the definition of ‘edgy’ now? You were the original pioneers of cool & edgy. Ibiza is a vibe and a trend in itself, imitated and copied worldwide. The interiors, the colours the relaxed boho vibe. A mix of Spanish, North African, the island of pines or the White Island- it has many names and faces. But its landscape is constant. The Mediterranean sunlight that inspired many great artists such as Picasso and architects like Le Corbusier and helped define the modernist movement. The designers, the artists, still flock here. They change over time, some stay but they all take something away with them – a little bit of Ibiza. As do the tourists, whether it’s a drunken night in San Antonio or a world-class nightclub or from the hot summer sun and magical beaches.

Anything goes, and it usually did it at least three days later! It took the rest of the week to recover then it was back round to Monday. On the dance floor, you could find a plumber from Birmingham rubbing shoulders with transvestites for NYC, John Paul Gaultier to Norman Cook and everything in between. The idea of VIP was nonsensical as it didn’t matter who you were. As long as the attitude was maximum enjoyment and love of life, you were in the party. As the Guardian famously said, Manumission was clubbing for the previously disenchanted and it didn’t disappoint. I had studied art and architecture and had always had a creative outlook, but I think it made me very aware of people, spaces and how to manipulate that. Use of the unexpected and out of context has always been key for me as well as working with or out of scale. I’m sure that came from the Manumission days; the 360 vision, the sound, smell and action that goes with space and how people use it. The soundtrack to everything, the soundtrack to life. The entertainment industry also has to be one of the most enjoyable


Top right, Dawn & Andy

The island is a must-see for upcoming trends both musically and visually. It has a very diverse market and clientele. The edgiest thing you seem to be able to do right now is going against the bling tastic monied power struggle and opulent displays of cash and go back to basics! Get a small fishing boat and take that to sea, sit around a fire pit and look up at the stars, actually feel the spirit of the island and dance barefoot. Even great venues such as DC10 are just too packed now. Understated opulent is way more edgy, not giving a damn and not following the crowd. Being an individual in this time rocks. Where have all the freaks gone? Be one.



How did the idea of the Ibiza Rocks brand evolve? Ibiza Rocks was a two finger salute to the business machine that clubbing in Ibiza was becoming. The repetition, the loss of vibrancy and youth. It had punk attitude and stood out as different not just for the sake of being different but to make a difference, both musically and aesthetically. It created a new soundtrack to the island and very much continues to do so. This year it has acts like Rudimentary, Stormzy, Craig David and Mk. It came from working too long in the nightclub industry and wanting to discover something new. Showcase live music. Dance to a different beat. It grew into a whole brand with hotels, bars, restaurants, merchandise and more into a lifestyle. It’s very much a lifestyle brand. It keeps evolving because it’s a platform that showcases and promotes great new and established talent.

Ibiza Rocks pioneered the way for outdoor, evening parties. With the local laws changing and the importance of having roofs, how may the atmosphere change? We all remember Space with just a bamboo covering ;)… Ibiza was quite groundbreaking, by bringing the idea of hotel events to Ibiza, giving people a chance to party and listen to music under the stars. That was something a UK audience especially may not have experienced unless under a gloomy UK sky at a festival. The hot steamy nights gave part of the atmosphere, the uniqueness improved the vibe. Unfortunately, it became almost impossible to continue with the concerts in a night time slot due to local politics, and so we have shifted the effects into daytime pool parties much more MC and DJ lead. It is challenging to tell an international artist there is a very low sound monitor on events- they just won’t do it! Ibiza is changing, and so are the laws. It’s all about working with and in the law, and working with the local residents. I can partly understand the panic to stop take over of what is a unique and tiny island. It’s when general laws affect all that the problems kick in. Space was a product of its time. I for one had the time of my life but would never want to repeat it, we are all grown up a little, and the island is doing so too. It’s now about working within the enforced laws; it used to be a very free mentality. Ibiza Rocks works with local charities and is very much part of the island community. What do you support? Ibiza Rocks have always supported not only up and coming talent but charities such as The Teenage Cancer Trust and the Hepatatis C Trust. This year we are supporting War Child but it’s non-exclusive. In Pikes every August we annually host a Freddie Rocks event donating to his charity, Aids Foundation and The Freddie Mercury Trust. With the Hepatatis C Trust, we will be doing an art on a postcard exhibition of Ibiza images and the artist Ben Eine has not only painted a wall of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, but a one-off giant plectrum that is available with a donation to win. Collaborative charity work is something we love to do and champion the fantastic work of these charities and hopefully give more than just cash but exposure and understanding to a new audience.


You have three children. How does being a parent change the way you perceive the youth culture? Is catering for millennials, the ‘social media generation’ different to the original Manumission crowd? My three kids have grown up on the island and are very much Ibiza kids. They all come from the world, not a specific location and have an air of confidence that comes from being equal and interacting with grown-ups at an early age. They are also bilingual, which I think is priceless, being brought up in the north of England. It is as far removed from my childhood experience. Being a parent helps you stay connected and understand youth. There are four years between each of the 3 kids, so I have a lot of understanding to be had in all ways! When we came to the island no one had home phones, let alone mobiles. Now everything is accessed and recorded and researched and it’s exciting times with unlimited potential but I would never take back a time of no social media pressure, having to speak out information and underexposure for anything. The most important thing is to live in the moment and experience it. It’s hard to do that when you are constantly thinking about the next selfies or how many like you are getting. I think it brings a lot of pressure and I’m not sure it’s easy to opt out.

As a Creative Director of Pikes Hotel, tell us about its decor and interiors. What are your favourite rooms? Does your architecture background come into play at times? Whenever anyone comes to my home, they say your house is like Pikes, and I say no Pikes is an extension of my home. It’s like my personal pet project and chance to experiment. Anything goes and it’s a house of maximalism. No one could ever say less is more about Pikes. It’s more and then some. I think it’s quite whimsical, eccentric, English in part then flies off around the world. I took off where Tony left it. The art has been to make the new bits seem like they have always been there, to tie them together to create a magical world seamlessly. An authentic corner of the island. It’s a bit rock n roll, a bit nonconformist, a little bit Alice in Wonderland, filled with characters and objects I have found along the way. If I like it and it feels right, I find a place for it. There are no steadfast rules. A bit like the way I live my life. It’s a piece in progress. Evolving, expanding but never

Dawn & Andy with Tony Pike

boring. I use the architecture training daily. I may be biased but it’s the greatest design training you can have, not only because it takes seven years but because it’s just so all encompassing. There is nothing on a design front you haven’t covered from minute detail to city planning. What are the most quirky items displayed at the hotel? My personal favourite items include a giant left concrete foot, right foot forward and all that. The clown’s circus head from the 1950s American circus that has a mechanical fly that swirls around the nose, and it fits on your head. The life-size giant red crocodile, every house should have one, great for photo shoots. The Fluor pink tennis court, basically what’s not to love and cheer up your day. I once found pink tennis balls and giant oversized rackets and that took playing tennis to a whole new level - you could hardly see the balls. This year the garden shed is being decorated as a homage to Wes Anderson because he deserves to be celebrated in impeccable style. I actually could go on and on because each object has a story and a history and that’s what makes a difference - the levels you can unveil. This year I will be making room 39 into a curiosity shop and mescal bar. Now that will be something special even for Pikes.

You have also established a jewellery brand with Emily Bradbury. Who wears True Rocks? What is the True Rocks signature style? True Rocks is my amazing jewellery design company with Emily Bradbury. We met when her husband, the late John Bradbury’s band the Specials played at rocks and have been inseparable ever since. She said, ‘Here, you sit next to me!’ We started with a safety pin, and the rest is history. Creating iconic unisex pieces such as pills, pins, globes, and beyond and artist collaborations with people such as Gavin Turk, Rachel Howard, and Polly Morgan. They are solid silver and gold plated pieces, fresh, modern takes on

everyday items. We create jewellery we want to wear with a ‘layer it up more is more’ attitude which basically reflects my outlook on life. It’s been worn by everyone from Kate Moss and Lilly Allen to Idris Elba and Mark Ronson. We have a great celeb and artist following.

What are the key collaborations we should expect from your brands this season? Music, fashion, design and such? We love a collaboration! We have worked on the merchandise with John Spade to create some exclusive Ibiza Rocks designs. Ben Eine has produced some amazing giant graphic walls within the hotel and we have a brand new party room for 2018 and have redesigned the main event space and stage. At Pikes we have a literary festival launching in early September with Irvine Welsh, John Niven and Neil Forsyth . We also have a new art exhibition dome that will open with Ibiza On a Postcard our charity exhibition in collaboration with the Hepatitis C Trust. Diana Gomez has also produced an incredible set of in-room fashion images for the hotel. We’re launching a new Pikes and Rockett St George collaboration of products that will be for sale online this summer plus our iconic collectable in-house Pikes magazine will be published by the amazing Josh Jones and Dan Whitten. Thats just to name a few. Let’s come back to music - Ibiza Rocks in San Antonio; Pikes on the outskirts, both have very different entertaining values. What artists & events will this season bring? At Ibiza Rocks we welcome back Craig David for his third summer, who will host his pool parties every Tuesday for twelve weeks, as well as brand new residencies from house music legend MK who takes over five Monday’s in July and August. Long-term friends of the brand Rudimental will host nine weeks on Thursdays, plus shows with J his, Kept and Koran, Garage Nation and lovely Laura. We also go into the second year of our deep disco house and tech party Cuckoo Land. Stormzy is also back for his annual #merky festival on the 2nd and 3rd July which sold out in record time.



NATASHA DAHLBERG From her formative years growing up in Ibiza, Natasha Dahlberg’s designs epitomise the essence of Bohemian luxury. Absolute’s Kasia discovers more about this talented jewellery designer and her sublime hand-made pieces.


Your beautiful creations genuinely epitomise the bohemian Ibiza essence. Tell us about growing up on the White Island? I was lucky enough to grow up in Ibiza in the late 70’s, and 80’s when it was at its wildest, most unspoilt and enchanting. It was full of colourful trailblazers from all over the world who chanced upon the island and tapped into its magic. It felt to me like my parents, and their friends were like the original cast and crew of Ibiza. They set the template for the wild full moon parties, the glamorous discos, the bohemian hippie markets. All of this against the backdrop of the intense physical beauty of the place has made me feel extremely privileged to have grown up there. How do you compare the current lifestyle on the island with your childhood days? The incredible thing about Ibiza is its resilience. One would imagine with the huge amount of traffic coming through that it would lose some of its magic but you only have to turn up on one of the beaches early in the morning or stand in a field full of almond blossom and nothing’s changed. Sadly the days of not needing much money to live on the island are over, and that makes it tough as a permanent home for many people. It’s a rich man’s game now.

How did you start and develop your jewellery business? I was working as an actress and needed another string to my bow to support myself. Luckily my parents were collectors of beautiful gems and beads, so it seemed natural to me to use these in my designs. Initially, I sold jewellery to my friends, and it sort of grew from there. I began selling in small boutiques like The Cross, then Harvey Nichols and Liberty. I did a small collection for Matthew Williamson and was lucky enough to get a loyal client base in New York, London and Ibiza


What materials do you like to use? The natural world produces such a beautiful array of precious and semi-precious material that it’s almost impossible to choose. For me it depends on the mood of a collection; for example, I designed one recently called ‘Sunken Treasures’ where I used natural Tahitian and South sea pearls combined with antique gold charms to create a story. I enjoy taking materials like diamonds and emeralds which are often handled in a traditional way in jewellery design and making them more approachable and mixing them in unexpected ways.

The incredible thing about Ibiza is its resilience.”




Who is your typical client? I’m thrilled to say I don’t have a typical client; my jewellery seems to attract people of all ages and walks of life, and I feel very proud that it appeals to such a cross-section of people. To me, that feels like I’m getting something right. I will say a trait all my customers share is an eye for something a little bit different.

Your collections evoke both a bohemian and glamorous style. How do you define luxury? I like the idea of making luxury something accessible; wearing black diamonds with a bikini on the beach, combing serious pearls with funky charms and flip-flops. Luxury to me has to be something that awakens your senses but at the same time makes you feel comfortable. Gold is a great example of luxury; it always enhances and warms its wearer.

Tell us about your most exclusive jewellery piece to date? I made a necklace called “The Galaxy” in which I used hundreds of champagne coloured diamonds and gold beads to create a piece which reminded me of a milky way of stars and planets. How do you occupy yourself during the winter months? My winter months are spent in Ovingdean, just outside Brighton. I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful Arts and Crafts era house with a gorgeous view of both the South Downs and the sea. Designing jewellery collections, writing screenplays and bringing up three children takes up all my time and my life is very busy. What is your favourite Ibiza place everyone should visit and why? Not an easy question to answer as I have so many places I adore, but I have to say sitting on Benirras beach in the early morning sun with a cafe con leche after a swim to the rock is pretty much as good as it gets. Kasia Kash


Top right, Natasha Dahlberg


Luxury to me has to be something that awakens your senses but at the same time makes you feel comfortable.�





Fin DAC Inspiration Is a Gift from the Universe: Fin DAC on Street Art and Powerful Women.


espite beginning his artistic career a bit later than most, artist Fin DAC has blossomed into a highly skilled craftsman that has consistently turned heads in the urban art scene. After a nasty break-up pushed him to explore new facets of himself and his creative potential, he sought out to understand passion and freedom on a deeper level and used them to find fulfillment.

He classifies his style as Urban Aesthetics (a contemporary exploration of older artistic movements) and uses this methodology to create stunning murals and canvases. Fin’s goal was to spark conversation about female roles in art and subvert the narrative that ethnic women were submissive beings to be ogled and objectified. He takes great care to ensure that his muses are depicted as both striking and powerful but devoid of the tacit sexuality that can accompany this kind of artwork.

“When I started down this road I set out to try and ensure that my muses were not objectified or sexualised. Of course you don’t have 100% control over how the work is viewed but for certain I could take steps to limit the possibility of getting that ‘phwoarr’ reaction from viewers.” Fin DAC

The pieces showcase a kind of regality that is predicated upon by culturally relevant standards of beauty, as opposed to what the western world may define as attractive. By adopting a progressive credo that seeks to eliminate the casual sexualization of women, he has fostered some interesting dialogue over the years. Even though the landscape is constantly shifting, it is still fairly uncommon to see women presented as commanding and influential. Absolute was able to ask him a few questions about his creations and motivations as an artist.

In an era where everyone wants things to happen so quickly, did beginning your artistic career a bit later than others teach you anything about patience and timing? How did that extra maturity help your art? I would love to say that I was mature when I started my life as a street artist, but it would be a lie. I was the typical man who had grown old and yet, not really grown-up. My artistic journey was what kick-started a healthier and happier life and the maturity was simply a by-product of both. Ironically I have a complete lack of patience but I’m the complete opposite when it comes to my art… that’s one of the reasons I knew instantly it was the life for me. Painting always was and is a meditation for me. As for timing, I think that just comes automatically when you are consumed by something… like you make your own destiny by the sheer force of your determination.

Pain and transitioning into a new phase of your life really helped you sink into your work. Did you develop a new outlook on hardships and loss? What can pain do for an artist that happiness can not? What my art did was simply help me stop thinking, worrying and caring about stuff so much that it becomes debilitating. It helped me to understand that, if you’re on the right path, the world or the universe or whatever you believe in will assist you in that goal. Equate it to the power of ‘positive thinking’ but with the addition of ‘positive doing’. For certain it was pain that drove me to paint but I didn’t necessarily want that pain to be obvious in my work because that would have been way too cliché. Knowing now that I never want to go back to being the person I was before I became an artist… that’s all the inspiration I need to carry on.

How does non-conformity spill over into your creations? How does it impact your mission as an artist? My non-conformity was always more about the fact that I didn’t and don’t fit in and the mindset that I’ve never wanted to. When I started painting 10 years ago I was painting ‘pretty women portraits’ with little or no aesthetic reference point to the various thematics that were prevalent at the time. The attitude I got from other artists was that this was a bad thing but I thought the opposite. My mantra was that no one ever stood out by fitting in. That’s still how I feel today: I don’t want my work to look like anyone else’s. Quite often the accusations of similarities to other artists irritate me because I know that they have to come from very different places that maybe the layman just simply doesn’t see. It seems like we’re shifting towards a more female oriented world, but it’s still surprising for some to see big murals of powerful women. Why is this so shocking when the woman has been an artistic muse for centuries now? In my opinion, its because throughout history and even to this day the typical female muse is painted passively or submissively. When I started down this road I set out to try and ensure that my muses were not objectified or sexualised. Of course you don’t have 100% control over how the work is viewed but for certain I could take steps to limit the possibility of getting that ‘phwoarr’ reaction from viewers. Generally, I get the ‘she’s badass’ comments which, given the context of the work and the current times, is not that far removed from a sexual reaction but subtle enough to tell me that my work is not viewed as mere titillation. Great for unwinding after a long day at work, or helping erase occasional daily stresses. New MOOD is like a deep breath and a smile in a bottle.

Painting always was and is a meditation for me. As for timing, I think that just comes automatically when you are consumed by something… like you make your own destiny by the sheer force of your determination.”




Do you work with a different philosophy when you create smaller pieces? What does the extra space provided by murals allow you to say on a symbolic level? No, I create designs that can and should work in all contexts…. and hopefully the implementation of them proves that. If anything the large scale murals are easier because you don’t have to be such a perfectionist with the paint application. As for the symbology: I never talk about that stuff as it limits the viewer’s ability to read into the art whatever they want. Definitions and descriptions are like a hydraulic damper for an open mind and viewpoint.

For those who may not understand you, what does Fin DAC stand for as an artist? Is there anything that you feel you bring to the culture that is missing at the moment? Whatever I am as an artist, as a person, I am first and foremost a pretty shy and retiring person so, shouting about myself and how important I am to anyone or anything, is something I would never do. I don’t think it’s up to me to say where my work fits in the culture. I’m happy to let others do that for me whether those opinions are positive or negative. I’m an artist because I have to be… it’s the only thing I’ve done that has meant anything to me deep down. When you connect to ‘that thing’ and realise that the majority of people never have the fortune to do that in their lives, then everything else becomes spectacularly unimportant. I downplay my work deliberately under the moniker of it being ‘simply about beautification’ but the very fact that there are so few strong depictions of women in modern society should highlight that there’s much more going on in my thought processes and approach.


Any new artists, books, music, or movies/ shows you’d like to recommend? My latest book purchases were one from Inti – a Chilean street artist of extraordinary talent and a book on Drew Struzan – the pre-eminent ‘movie poster’ artist. Exhibitions I’ve been to recently include Inti at Itinerance Gallery in Paris, Logan Hicks at Openspace in Paris, Evoca1 at Stolen Space in London and my good friend Astro at Square23 in Turin. Blade Runner 2049 was the movie highlight of the decade for me so that would have to be my recommendation. Would you like to share some information on any upcoming releases you have on the horizon? I have a new limited edition screen print coming at the end of the month with GraffitiPrints in England and I’ll be exhibiting a few pieces at the Urban Art Fair Paris and Moniker Art Fair, New York in April and May respectively.

Final Thoughts? Inspiration is a gift from the universe, talent is an ability to bring it to fruition and humility is what you should achieve when you share it.

The very fact that there are so few strong depictions of women in modern society should highlight that there’s much more going on in my thought processes and approach.”



T ra di tion & I nn ovatio n R


Je w e l r y IBIZA

w w w. de l te mpe l m

52 FlagshippStoreeCharooRuiz PaseooVaraadellReyynยบ4 Phone::97111922335





an avid leader and follower of fashion.”



DC Models

@ I B I Z A

28 years ago, Dyon Hagenaars founded the company DC Models in Holland. Today, the company has a branch in Ibiza and not only has an elite portfolio of top internationally-acclaimed models, but it is also the industry’s first stop for the whole fashion show package. Ger Valkenburg, having been in the spotlights as a model joined the DC Models team, bringing with him his immense knowledge in fashion and sales in the international market. With this inside knowhow, he supports all his customers with his years of experience and vision, with his mission to ensure every projected is unique and customised by him. With a slogan of ‘Don’t Whine. Just Do.’ Absolute were keen to meet this fashion mogul and get the low down on DC.

Take us right back to the start. How did the brand’s story begin? Nearly thirty years ago, Dyon Hagenaars founded DC Models in Holland. The core-business of the company was and is fashion and shows. The complete picture. We provide everything that is needed to do a fashion show; models, backstage coordination, presenters, technique, stage, decors etc. Everything that is needed to have a great show can be provided by DC Models. We try to offer our customer a total concept. The customer can do his or her own job and we do ours. This way everybody can do the things they do best.

3 Years ago DC Models @ Ibiza was added to the company. In Ibiza we work with models from Holland, Belgium and Germany. All of these are professionals and very serious in what they do. In our team we have ‘Hollands Next Top Model’, ‘BeNeLux next Top Model’, ‘Mister Universe’, and ‘Dutch Catwalk model of the Year.’ This is how we try to make a difference on the island. If there is a booking, we fly in our team and after the show is done the team flys back home. We set a very high standard on the Island. Besides that we do quite a big deal of photography, both in Holland and Ibiza. We try to have our Dutch customers shoot in Ibiza and our Spanish customers in Holland. In both countries we have a lot of contacts who can be of use for that. How has the business grown to be where it is now? What has contributed to your success? Part of our success is in believing in ourselves. We don’t make any promises we can’t keep, because we know our strengths. We don’t sell air. Besides that we work with a very experienced team. All of them have worked as models on stage or in front of the camera, so each and every one of our team knows exactly what they are talking about. We only work with people we know personally. We know their pluses and minuses, so we know exactly who to send to the right job. This way we never get


Clockwise top left, Daan for World Family Ibiza shoot. Dyon & Ger. Diesel shoot by Anro Lippert. Stage show. Diesel shoot by Anro Lippert. Diesel shoot by Tamás.

to have unpleasant surprises. We coach and train our people every few months and attend the job as well in order to react directly in case of any issues. Besides that we have really chosen to grow step by step. No big peaks! Taking it step by step. This way we have built a stable base for our company, both in the Netherlands and in Ibiza. At what point did you recognise the success of your business and the love in the international industry people have for the DC name? After we had established a huge market share on the Dutch market, a few years back we started getting requests from abroad asking for our models. Our name as a serious, respectable and trustworthy company had passed the borders. This wasn’t something that happened at once. Photographers and fashion brands found our models and company step by step over the years.

Being a recognised brand in the industry, have you worked with any top fashion brands you can share with us? We work with a wide range of customers. The most well known in this list are Ronald Kolk Couture, a classic Dutch couture designer who is very well known in Holland and the surrounding countries. Besides that we have worked with the Dutch designer Addy van de Krommenacker for years. He’s more Italian in style. Addy also dresses a lot of Dutch, Belgium and Italian Royals.

Last year we did a shoot for World Family Ibiza. This was great opportunity for our company to expand over the borders as this brand is huge all over Europe. Last but not least, we are very proud to worked on the big Pam Hogg fashion Show on Atzaró Ibiza last year. Pam is very well known, with her most famous client being Lady GaGa. With this opportunity we had the chance to show ourselves in a totally different league.

We provide everything that is needed to do a fashion show; models, backstage coordination, presenters, technique, stage, decors etc. Everything that is needed to have a great show can be provided by DC Models.”

Part of our success is in believing in ourselves. We don’t make any promises we can’t keep.”



DC Models



Part of our strength is our communication, both to our clients and to our models. We listen very carefully to what our clients want.” In Holland DC Models is the biggest partner in Bridal shows. We do the shows for TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and we were the first agency to show the Randy Fenoli collection in Europe!

How has the advent of social media impacted on you? I can see from your online presence you seem to embrace this. Starting our Ibiza company has boosted this tremendously. Before we started our Ibiza office, although we did quite a lot on social media, we found that it was only after doing a few shows in Ibiza that our amount of followers started growing enormously. For instance, after we did a Nikki Beach show our total Instagram followers grew by 20,000 in a month, with followers from all over the world. After that explosion, we started to work on our social media even more. We have even extended our team with some one to do this for us and write a monthly blog on our company and its events. The team must be pretty large these days. How many people are now part of the DC machine? We work with six full time people in our offices and two part-timers. Each one of them have their own tasks; one doing social media, one doing administration, two doing bookings, I’m doing sales in Holland and running DC Models in Ibiza and my partner Dyon (our founder) is running the Netherlands as well as doing planning and the creative projects. We have one full-timer working in Ibiza for us who is Spanish and used to work as a stylist for Spanish magazines such as Vogue and Elle. Also we have people working in our warehouse, on technical and transport. And last but not least we have a huge amount of models in our database.

How do you stay relevant and current, where do you get your inspiration from? We keep getting inspired by what we see around us - both in the Netherlands and in Ibiza. Social media is also now a big part of our inspiration. Colours, emotions, etc. We also work with a lot of youngsters on our team that give us a fresh view on things. We truly learn from the young!

Don’t forget our customers in this matter. All of these people are creative minds, each and every one of them with a different view and style. For us as a team, these people are also very important and inspiring.


Clockwise top left, Dyon & Ger at work. Pam Hogg Show Atzaró 2 by Daan. Stage show. Pam Hogg Show Atzaró 2 by Daan. World Family Ibiza shoot by Tamás.

Which projects are you really excited about for 2018? Are there any future plans you can share with us? We are very proud to be the agency to do the Claes Iversen shows starting this year. Claes is a Danish designer working in Holland. He dresses the Dutch Queen Maxima and his work is very high level couture. As you can imagine, we are very excited and mega proud to start working with him. We will also be doing the big Atzaró Fashion festival in Ibiza for the third year in a row. And last but not least, DC Models @ Ibiza has been chosen to do the big Adlib shows in June on Ibiza. Why are you different to other businesses within the model and fashion industry? Explain what DC clients get? Our team is honest, straight to the point, respectful and punctual. Part of our strength is our communication, both to our clients and to our models. We listen very carefully to what our clients want and try to step into their shoes. Besides that we work with a very strict planning. We do what we promise and we can be reached 24/7.

How has the new office in Ibiza helped your business? Do you feel the country’s high creativity levels have contributed to your further success? Yes, definitely! Ibiza is a small island with a lot of creative people, designers and brands visiting every year. In the past few years we have found that good contacts can be made there behind the scenes. This has resulted in our models doing the London and Paris fashion week last year and international shoots for brands we have met on the Island. It has also given us a lot of exposure in Holland for our Dutch company. The ‘Ibiza’ name has a high level of magic all over Europe. No amount of adverts could have done this for the DC name. There a some things money can’t buy, for everything else there is the Ibiza experience.



Beautiful�Hand�Made� Jewellery Her current collections include champagne, black and green diamonds on 18 carat gold, lustrous Tahitian and freshwater pearls combined with gold charms and beautiful precious stones such as emeralds, watermelon tourmalines and coloured sapphires. for private consultation please email #natashadahlberg

Available in Ibiza exclusively at


Blue Marlin Ibiza Cala Jondal Calle Bisbe Azara, 1 Ibiza Old Town 971 318 939

V I C T O R I A' S


La Galeria Elefante La Galeria Elefante, based 2km southeast of Santa Gertrudis, is a concept store that marries treasures from around the world with all things Ibiza. A wild and wonderful collection awaits you, brought to you with love, passion, flair and creativity.


hese pieces have been lovingly brought together from all corners of the globe, for you to adorn your home, body and soul. Enjoy a journey of vibrant colours, delicious scents, textures and artistry all lovingly designed to lift up our senses and spin you around with joy.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer? ‘I was always interested in fabrics and was very inspired by my grandmother's love of all handmade crafts, especially lace and her own embroidery and needlework which in turn gave me the roots of my own desire to eventually design and work with textiles.’

‘We’re all about living life, loving laughter and creating the energy of beauty wherever we go. Every piece is collected with love. Every piece tells a story. Behind these gems there is a collective of global citizens who have crafted, woven, sewn and created their unique treasures.’ Owner, Victoria Durrer Gasse

How did the La Galeria Elefante journey begin? ‘I was invited to join the owner in setting up a concept store together with her and although we are very good friends I now rent the building from her and run it with my team of angels!’

The inventive soul behind this trove is Victoria Durrer Gasse, a self-labelled Global Designer and, in our opinion, a creative wonder who sources handmade clothes and homeware from the countries she visits and excels them with a vibrant and modern twist. Unmistakable in their appearance and unique in their design, these once traditional items become colourful one-of-a-kinds, all displayed in their glory upon the hallowed walls of La Galeria Elefante. Creativity and nature is woven into every part of Victoria’s life, from her work to her family life. Absolute were given an opportunity to chat with Victoria in person, and so with such an inspiring story, we started at the very beginning…

What first brought you to glorious Ibiza? ‘I came to Ibiza initially in 1970 with my mother and step father and thereafter every school holiday and including all summers. Then in 1997 my husband and I bought our old rambling finca (farmhouse) which was built around 1640 and, together with our young son, moved in and started a continuing and ongoing renovation project. We had wanted a more country healthy outdoor style living and also to bring up our son in the sunshine and with more opportunity to enjoy nature and the sea.’


Who are the other creatives involved? ‘I am the owner but oversee other creatives also locally on the island, such as our beautiful hand made macrame chair, lamps, signs etc..’

The store itself is like walking into a rainbow coloured haven of crafts. This eclectic and exotic space, like Victoria’s home itself, is set within a white-washed 300 year old finca. Steeped in history, the store is often described as almost like a colour-drenched museum, with much to gaze upon, admire, learn from and inspire. As you wind your way through the maze of arches, boho and distinctly Ibiza-style dresses, beach wear, gifts, wraps, furniture, soft furnishings and intricate crafts adorn the walls.

I was always interested in fabrics and was very inspired by my grandmother's love of all handmade crafts.”



V I C T O R I A' S


La Galeria Elefante

Victoria, oozing with style, has translated her unique vibe to the collection. Traditional saris sourced from her travels to India, full petticoats, Geisha gowns and all manner of traditional dress are given a modern edge with ribbons, buttons, intricate needlework, hand dying, glass beads, appliqué, trims and craftsmanship that is painstakingly precise. If it’s your home you want to spice up, you’ll find a myriad of exotic carpets, hand embroidered cushions, wooden carved furniture, throws, mirrors, lighting and more, all ready to be discovered. Victoria is clearly inspired by discovering new craftspeople and certainly promotes these creatives, offering them a platform by way of her collection. In this way, every single item available to be purchased has a story behind it, and so it is fair to say that customers are not just purchasing a material item. They are investing in a master craftsperson, they are becoming part of the tale and they become an ambassador for that art.

La Galeria Elefante is hailed as as business with an ethical conscience. Tell us about your aims in this respect. ‘As much as possible we work in collaboration with various NGOs - India and Nepal particularly - but also buy wherever possible supporting women and also often buy dying crafts that could otherwise be soon lost.’

When asked how she would describe her collections, Victoria say she tries to ‘Strike a balance between a unique feminine aesthetic comfortable, easy and boho chic’. This isn’t fashion to follow the masses. It is relaxed, comfortable, free-flowing and non-conformist.

A majority of the collection are handmade by female crafters from these countries, as well as Indonesia, Africa and beyond. With each purchase, Victoria ensures you are, in turn, helping and supporting these communities and individuals.

With each piece so different to the next, we asked Victoria how the 2018 collection. What can we expect?

As such a well-known, admired, well-loved and colourful character in the Ibiza boho scene, we asked Victoria her thoughts on Ibiza, why she personally loves the white isle and why our readers will too…

‘There is continuity and change each season. Hot ibiza summers are a time of hand blocked printed floaty thin cottons and silks......Colourful and dreamy.’

It’s fair to say that Victoria literally does put her heart and soul into her work, fiercely passionate about supporting her band of worldly craftsmen. So much so that La Galeria Elefante aims to give back to these astonishing people around the world and is involved in supporting charities and NGO´s from many of the places that these pieces are sourced from.

‘In a day and age where people spend their day looking at their computer screens ibiza provides a necessary alternative to re-set, connecting to the beautiful nature and each other. The softness of ibiza gives a timeless feel that is very grounding and restorative. Being a swimmer the sea offers an unmatched connection to the natural world!’

It’s fair to say that Victoria literally does put her heart and soul into her work fiercely passionate about supporting her band of worldly craftsmen.”





reVOLVER Ibiza brings you reVOLVER Sunglasses

reVOLVER Ibiza, the ultimate reference point for cutting-edge fashion and style on the White Island, launched back in 2008 to rave reviews.


Following the huge success of reVOLVER Ibiza, and hot on the heels of the store’s reputation for the über-cool, reVOLVER Sunglasses launched in 2015 as the island’s premier store for shades. Designed more like a stylish art gallery than your average sunglasses shop, reVOLVER Sunglasses boasts a collection of the best luxury sunglasses brands in the world including Victoria Beckham, Chrome Hearts, Linda Farrow, Dita, Thom Browne and Matsuda along with trend-setting styles by the likes of Mykita, Kuboraum, AM Eyewear and Vava.

et right in the very heart of Ibiza Town, its cult status is built on offering an eclectic and carefully curated fashion collection from around the world – a welcome diversion from the tacky ‘I heart Ibiza’ tees you seem to find in every other store! Each piece is personally selected by husband and wife team, Jean-Paul and Catherine Sanchez, with labels selected to offer an alternative to the traditional luxury brands locals and tourists find on offer in the usual upmarket local boutiques.

Although the reVOLVER boutiques are synonymous with exclusive brands, the owners adopt an ‘inclusiveexclusive’ ethos which means although you can leave the store with the ultimate high-end statement party piece, you are as likely to be able to pick up a cool t-shirt or pair of leggings at a reasonable price. Whatever you are on the market for, these are the go-to stores on the island. Loyal customers include the Ibiza party crowd, fashion-conscious locals, as well a host of international DJ’s, the clubbing jet-set and island trend-setters. Visit them; you never know who you’ll bump into!

Having become hooked on Ibiza after a visit in 1995, followed by bucket loads of subsequent partying, the husband and wife team saw an opportunity to escape their lives in ‘rainy London.’ Instead of their original plan of just investing in property in Ibiza, they would move over to their favourite hotspot to set up reVOLVER. A business plan was drawn up and no sooner was it suggested, the business was up, running and incredibly popular. reVOLVER Ibiza’s store interior is the perfect reflection of the products within. It is stylishly cool, with a minimal white interior, juxtaposed against the beautiful historic building exterior, with original stone walls and Sabena beams. Understanding that trips to Ibiza are usually jampacked as visitors try to fit in all the must-visits, reVOLVER now do the leg work and come to you! Pop-up stores have now been set up in Blue Marlin Cala Jondal and Uhsuaia Beach Hotel, ensuring you never have to miss out.

reVOLVER is a haven for anyone interested in fashion for the individual, not the crowd. The store’s edits for men and women feature a mix of international and alternative designers including Comme des Garçons (Wallet & Parfums), Kenzo, Helmut Lang, McQ Alexander McQueen, Thom Krom and Y-3, all of which are unavailable anywhere else on the island.


reVOLVER´s collections and sunglasses are also available online at reVOLVER Ibiza, Calle Bisbe Azara 1, Ibiza 07800, SPAIN (+34 971 318 939) reVOLVER Sunglasses, Calle Bisbe Cardona 6, Ibiza 07800, SPAIN (+34 871 514 606)

reVOLVER is a haven for anyone interested in fashion for the individual, not the crowd.”



Open all year round. Email us at any time: Carretera San Miguel, Km 3.2, Santa Gertrudis, 07814 Ibiza, Spain Tel: +34 971 197 017

Charo Ruiz


Nestled in the heart of Ibiza, Charo Ruiz is a brand that may be an icon of Ibiza fashion, with its boho chic vibes, but is renowned as a fashion brand much further afield than Ibiza; available in the biggest fashion houses in the world such as Net-a-Porter and Revolve, which just goes to show how far they’ve come since their humble beginnings 30 years ago.


haro Ruiz hasn’t left its small town roots behind after it started making clothes as a family run business back in 1989. The brand’s iconic Ibiza fashion is available in stores and boutiques across the Middle East, Russia, The Cote d’ Azur and the Caribbean, with the flagship store, of course, being in Ibiza.

if there’s a chill in the air (unlikely in the peak of Summer in Ibiza, but we like to be prepared). You can turn it into an instantly glamorous night time look, with a pleated metallic skirt and wedges.

After a career in modelling in Barcelona in the 1970s, Charo came to Ibiza, where she began to set up her workshop and showroom, spiralling on from the idea of Fashion Made In Ibiza. The business, although clearly flourishing and stocked by online retailers that most businesses (especially ones beginning as small, family run enterprises) can only dream of, is still run solely by Charo’s family. However, they now enlist the help of her daughter and son, Paloma and Pablo, who run the show.

With bikinis in mind, my absolute favourite beachwear piece from the entire ‘’Slow Ride’’ collection has to be Kaftan Kayla. Black with lace and crochet detailing and a plunging neckline, it’s the perfect piece to throw on to go and grab lunch, but it’s also a piece you wouldn’t feel out of place in if lunch turned into sunset cocktails and a walk around Ibiza Port.

Want to add some glam to a daytime look, perhaps for an event or pool party? Kimono Akila, a calf length beauty in its own right, white with cut out crochet panels. With a plain bikini underneath and statement jewellery, it’s an iconic Charo Ruiz look that will be sure to catch the eyes and attention of the fellow fashion conscious.

Named after the founder herself, Charo’s mother and grandmother were dressmakers where she grew up in Seville, taking a keen interest in all things fabrics, patterns and craftsmanship.

The focus on natural fabrics and embroidery is prevalent throughout the Charo Ruiz lookbooks and stock, past, present and future; they are a brand big on femininity and freedom - two words I feel go hand in hand with Ibiza.

Lace, cotton, and embroidery are a key part of the iconic Charo Ruiz essence; after taking a walk around one of their stores, scrolling through their online stock, or perusing a lookbook, you will come to be able to identify a Charo Ruiz look because they encapsulate exactly what it means to be in Ibiza. With the beautiful, winding stone steps of the Old Town that lead you all the way up to panoramic views looking out onto Ibiza Port, and stretching even further out over the coastline, you can envisage the sheer fabrics, florals, lace, and flowing cuts and hemlines. It’s Ibiza, or Eivissa, embodied. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection, aptly named ‘’Slow Ride’’, is made up of kaftans, bodysuits, shorts, tops, blouses, long dresses, and so much more. It contains garments for every type of female in Ibiza; whether you’re there for the culture, the nightlife, or you’re a local resident who wants lightweight, easy-to-wear, but on trend pieces. The key pieces I’m loving for SS18? Body Ulanova, a black, sheer panelled bodysuit with lime green patterns intertwined. It can be made into a casual daytime look, paired with black ripped denim shorts and gladiator sandals, with a sheer black shirt like the Bomber Legat thrown over the top


Charo Ruiz’s pieces are simple in terms of what they give; they are statement pieces that don’t need much added to them in terms of accessorising or additions. They speak for themselves, however the intricacy of the designs means that you notice something new about a piece each and every time you look at it. The blouse you are wearing for dinner, you won’t have realised it had crochet detailing on the back; you wouldn’t have seen the tassel fringing of the kimono, or the up close specifics of the floral pattern on the flowing dress you’re wearing. Each and every item is well thought out and executed, and it harmonises perfectly with what Ibiza life is all about - slow or fast paced as you want it to be, natural, and flowing. Slow Ride is a collection that will be seen throughout Ibiza, and the world, this Spring and Summer. The iconic Charo Ruiz brand will be lending its hand to helping create a whole host of new memories for the floods of people descending on Ibiza this Summer; because a new dress really can play a part in helping shape a holiday.

Each and every item is well thought out and executed, and it harmonises perfectly with what Ibiza life is all about.”



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a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.”






Ibiza is widely recognised as the party capital of the world, notorious for its round the clock clubbing and beach parties. From the moment you arrive at the airport, and all along the road into the city, you can see billboards for superstar DJs and nightclubs. However, as clubbers on half of the island rave in smoke and lasers and buy their way into VIP booths, there is a new set of island goers emerging. Loosely labeled as the island's “other side” Ibiza has become a hub for wellness and wellbeing, with restaurants, spas, fitness bootcamps and retreats.

Passion Café

“Home for health and happiness”. With 6 juice and superfood smoothie cafes and restaurants around the island, Passion Cafe is a must-visit for any healthy food lover. Their philosophy is to create good, natural, wholesome food using the very best quality ingredients they can find. Their food is unadulterated and unadorned sourcing locally grown and organic produce wherever. With a menu focused on vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, local and raw dishes, Passion Cafe is our top foodie destination for any raver or yogi seeking a delicious and nutritious plant based meal to compliment their healthy holiday.

La Granja

Nestled in the middle of the island, this is more than just a hotel. It is a rustic, luxurious hideaway for those who seek a simpler, quieter way of life. Surrounded by rolling hills, pine forests and traditional farmland, it’s a place to relax and enjoy good food and company. Think 16th-century farmhouse with private-retreat vibes. The hotel has an impressive roster of wellness centered activities, from guided group meditations to mescal rituals to lectures on diverse topics, such as the future of mobile societies. As a guest, you'll also learn all about biodynamic farming through a series of workshops and community-based projects— and by dining at the hotel's farm-totable restaurant, where everything is made with biodynamic homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and other small batch products. It has 10 main guestrooms decorated in a traditional Ibizan style; an open, communal dining area with reclaimed wood furniture; and a luxurious pool that overlooks acres of terraced farmland. A traditional Bedouin tent on the property hosts parties, meditations and gatherings of like-minded people.


The island is catering for the yogi crowd, those wanting to rejuvenate, relax and soak in the island’s beauty and enjoy it’s magic healing power. Amante Yoga

Positioned on the top of a cliff overlooking the bay, for those looking to do yoga surrounded by Ibiza’s stunning scenery, Amante Yoga at Sol Den Serra bay is perfect for you. The stunning natural setting makes an ideal location for early morning yoga practice.

The guided practice is every Monday and Thursday from 9:00am to 10:30am the sessions are open to people of all levels and experience. The yoga is followed by a healthy buffet breakfast on the Amante terrace, a great way to start fulfilling day. The menu includes raw juices, shakes and freshly baked patisserie.

Ibiza built its reputation in the 70s for its boho, free-spirited crowds and hippies. It was a rave culture that made it big in the 80s, and the Balearic house movement in the 90s. Since then it has steadily grown to a mecca for disco fiends, party hungry revellers and not to mention super yachts, celebrities and an expensive VIP night culture. However, the traces of Ibiza’s hippy days and bohemian roots are beginning to shine again. The island is catering for the yogi crowd, those wanting to rejuvenate, relax and soak in the island’s beauty and enjoy it’s magic healing power. Gradually and excitingly, we are now seeing signs of both the sides of the island merging.

The pressures of the clubbing and electronic music scene are forcing those in the industry to seek healthier habits. DJ Producer, Stuart Sandeman has been coming to the island since 2002. Having played Sankeys, Space and other events on the island he knows the scene and pressures only too well. Following the loss of his girlfriend to cancer he took a shift, trained to be a coach and breath facilitator to help those in the industry find more balance. This summer he will be bringing these skills to Ibiza to support physical, mental and emiotnal health. “Having toured internationally as a DJ/Producer I know too well the industry pressures, highs and lows. It’s so easy to develop unhealthy habits in this industry with nocturnal hours, crazy schedules, job insecurity, a culture of drink and drugs and all those solitary hours spent in front of a computer or on the road. This can take a huge toll on your physical and mental health, we have seen this with a number of artists now. Adopting a conscious approach to wellness in the dance music industry has been a huge game changer for my wellbeing and the artists I work with. I use coaching and breath work as tools to support mindset, maintain balance and connect to deeper states of creativity. Something I wish I had adopted earlier in my career. They are amazing tools to help increase energy, focus, productivity, confidence and alleviate stress, performance anxiety and fatigue. I have also found that they can provide a deep connection to creativity and flow states in the studio. I have been coming to Ibiza for over 15 years. The island has shifted a lot, the intensity and the demands of the industry. Things need a bit of a correction”



THE IBIZA SHIFT This year in Ibiza we see the Launch of IMS Remedy State, a wellness retreat taking place as a precursor at the International Music Summit

Studies have shown that musicians are three times more susceptible to mental illness compared to the general public. This is again in the limelight with the recent death of Superstar DJ – Avicii. In interviews he shared the stresses of life on the road, and how he was hospitalised multiple times due to inflammation of his pancreas linked to his excessive drinking habits. “I need to figure my life out. The whole music thing was for the sake of success. I wasn’t getting any happiness anymore.” Avicii to Rolling Stone Magazine

This pattern of behavior is characteristic of many artists within the musical sphere. The topic's come to the surface with Benga, Midland, Scuba, Motor City Drum ensemble and Ben Pearce among those to have shared their troubles. When the pressure is on, and fatigue sets in from over-work then one’s own mental health can begin to suffer. Ill mental health can result in low studio output, poor performances, low self-esteem, show cancellations, reduced fees and even early retirement. The pressures in the music industry have huge physical, mental, emotional and financial impact on not only the artists but also on the teams that support them including managers, booking agents and promoters and clubbers. In reaction, this year in Ibiza we see the Launch of IMS Remedy State, a wellness retreat taking place as a precursor at the International Music Summit, advocating self-care within the arts and entertainment industry. This is a 3-day holistic retreat in May curated by and for dance music professionals and the public, aiming to help those who have suffered from physical, mental and emotional demands that come with the industry. Attendees will have the chance to have one-toone consultations with nutritionists, dieticians and doctors who specialize in holistic practices. The retreat will also include a daily yoga practice, meditation, breathing workshops and offer plant based meals along with keynote lectures and motivational talks.


Stuart Sandeman will be leading the Breath workshops through his company Breathpod. “We breathe on average 20,000 times a day, yet most of us are unaware of its remarkable ability to transform the way we feel. Our lives depend on breathing, the constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Some may assume the autonomic action of everyday breathing is sufficient, however, the truth is many people breathe in shallow and constricted patterns. 1 in 10 have symptoms of dysfunctional breathing and we ALL have experiences in life that affect our breathing mechanism. When we limit the effectiveness of our breathing process we limit the amount of oxygen that are delivered to our cells. This can lead to illness, general lack of energy, feeling emotionally drained, fatigue, and can trigger stress, anxiety and depression.” The great thing about IMS Remedy state is that the concept aims to start a dialogue that will lead to a more sustained, positive health choices on the island. It is different to your usual retreat, where unhealthy habits can reappear shortly after 3 days of bliss. It’s about making conversation, creating awareness and finding conscious balance between the Ibiza the party capital and Ibiza the wellness hub.

Remedy State will take place May 21-23 2018 at SA TALAIA IBIZA. An intimate and serene boutique resort nestled in the Es Puig area of Ibiza and surrounded by pine woods and beautiful gardens.The resort features a full-size swimming pool with jacuzzi and lush greenery as well as a gourmet restaurant. All guest rooms are beautifully appointed in a contemporary mood and include Balinese beds and luxury linens to help you get a deep restful sleep each night.

A very limited number of on-site hotel packages are available with your badge and can be purchased as a bolt-on during checkout. Attendance starts at the introductory rate of €300 and includes the entire program outlined below. There are no hidden costs.   7 organic vegetarian meals curated by Catherine Arnold 1 x 30-minute holistic wellness consult w/  Dr. Ahmed Ali 1 x 15-minute nutritional consult w/  Catherine Arnold 5 keynote lectures 4 yoga and meditation sessions led by Dr. Ahmed Ali 2 breathing workshops led by Breathpod 2 nature walks led by Walking Ibiza Optional in-depth evaluations or therapy   Arrival is from 8am Monday May 21st with main activities beginning midday. Departure is midday on Wednesday the 23rd. For more information, or to book search for Remedy State IMS Ibiza on Eventbrite.








SILENCE The White Island is renowned for having some of the best nightclubs in the world. In summer the cream of the world's DJs (David Guetta, Sven Väth, Armin van Buuren and many more) descend on the island, making it the ultimate destination for clubbers. But there is also a unique side to the island which cannot be described in words, but must be experienced: the feeling of love and light that surrounds you the moment you set foot on this little Spanish isle. It’s the very reason why Ibiza is a favourite hideaway where expats from all over the world choose to start a new life.


ven during the dark days of the Spanish Civil War Ibiza was a haven for pioneering travelers, a place where in the 1930s, 1940s & 1950s freethinkers, writers, painters and other artists gathered to work and enjoy life on the 'White Island’. There are many theories about the ‘White Island’ nickname. Some people believe it comes from all the white houses, other theories say it’s because many decades ago, salt became the powerhouse of the Ibizan economy. Nowadays, this nickname has come to represent the Ibiza lifestyle, and you can find white everywhere: in architecture, fashion, interior and the world-famous white parties.

In the 1960s it was the 'flower power' revolution which brought hippies from across Europe to the Balearic island, attracted by its laid back attitude, unspoilt natural beauty and gentle climate. But it was in the 70s that the real tourist


boom began. Ibiza was a haven of peace, the destination that many in those years wanted to reach. Many stars of the decade made it home for a time: Bob Marley, Thin Lizzy and Eric Clapton organised concerts in Ibiza’s bullring and the legend of Ibiza as an island of music began. Pachá, Es Paradis and Glory‘s nightclubs were appearing on the nightclub map, creating the real tourism peak in that decade. These clubs added an extra element to the natural charms of the island while retaining that special community atmosphere essential to its charm. Today you can still feel that charm in so many places: from the bohemian boutiques that sell handmade arts and crafts and the traditional white cotton and linen clothes to the all organic restaurants and stylish countryside fincas now turned into luxurious hotels. Here is a guide to the hidden gems of the island where you can still experience the relaxed side of Ibiza.

Today you can still feel that charm in so many places: from the bohemian boutiques that sell handmade arts and crafts and the traditional white cotton and linen clothes to the all organic restaurants and stylish countryside fincas now turned into luxurious hotels.







Where to stay Atzaro

One of Ibiza’s most popular hang-out places lies in the north east of the island, near San Lorenzo and Santa Eulalia. Atzaro is more than simply a hotel, this super-luxe agriturismo hotel is more like a chic cultural community, with interesting events and a restaurant that attracts people from all over Ibiza. The family-run hotel has evolved from a 300-year-old farmhouse to become the very epitome of rustic chic. Vibrant bougainvillea grows everywhere and palms, grapevines and olive trees provide shade while the scents of herbs and flowers mingle in the air. Open all year, there is a livelier atmosphere than you might expect, as the restaurant and spa are popular with non-guests and there is always something going on. Come here to unwind in style and indulge in the top-notch spa which combines picturesque tranquility with indulgent, detoxifying and relaxing treatments, from massages to hammams. Or stay the night and enjoy the beautifully appointed, Ibiza-Asia inspired rooms with terraces; some even have their own fountains. The rooms are divided between the farmhouse and grounds, with the main pool located in the beautiful garden and surrounded by cosy daybeds.  There is usually a DJ to provide a laid back vibe too. Different indoor and outdoor areas are used for dining and drinking depending on the season, but you can also sit in the Veranda restaurant where you choose between super healthy home grown organic veg dishes and not-so-healthybut-you’re-on-holiday meals. We recommend you stay long enough to try both, since everything else would mean missing out on food heaven!


Atzaro is more than simply a hotel, this superluxe agriturismo hotel is more like a chic cultural community, with interesting events and a restaurant that attracts people from all over Ibiza.

Los Enamorados

Perched on the rocks, the tiny Hotel is a dream project by Pierre Traversier

Close the island’s most secluded beaches, coves and cliffs, the north of Ibiza is home to a seaside scene-stealer called Los Enamorados (the lovers in Spanish). Perched on the rocks, the tiny Hotel is a dream project by Pierre Traversier, an exbasketball player and his Dutch wife Rozemarijn de Witte. Together they transformed a tired hostel into a creative boutique hotel in an unbeatable location. The sunset is stunning, plus the sea is translucent here making it a favourite place for snorkelers and scuba divers, and on a clear day you can see all the way to Mallorca. Since 2016 this little gem has offered attractive accommodation, a bar and restaurant that won’t disappoint and a boho boutique bazaar for treasure seekers. The hotel is filled with beautiful rugs, lamps, chairs brought back from the owners’ travels and quirky designer pieces such as the fish net sculptures made by Thai artist Karakot or a vase of famous US-potter Jonathan Adler. And, if you fall in love with something - you can buy it! Stylish all the way and bursting with good taste, Los Enamorados’ very ‘instagrammable’ interior is a daring hodgepodge of bold colours, unique textures from bamboo to velvet, quirky and eclectic furniture and artfully considered touches. Upstairs all nine rooms are slightly different, but each is styled with a personal stamp and global influences. Don’t expect minibars or TV’s, it’s all about simple luxury here. But, the Italian bedsheets are ultrasoft and the three double Coco-mat mattresses are heavenly. This is truly an idyllic place to live, laugh, love and soak up the true vibe of the island.

A heavenly haven on the island’s east coast. Ibiza Zen

Home away from home - this is how you feel the moment you walk through the doors of Ibizazen Hotel in Santa Eulalia del Rio. The name of the island is combined with ‘Zazen’, which is a state of mind and means ‘just sitting’. Originally Ibizazen was a small farmhouse owned by the Bufi family, built on a spacious terraced garden of 8000m2 in the middle of its orange and lemon trees. The hotel is the creation of soulmates and entrepreneurs Jerry and Sophie Jean-Marius, and has an airy, homey feel thanks to lush landscaped gardens, authentic Ibiza stone terraces, palm-tree shaded areas, bamboo gazebos, stylish teak sun beds and a secluded Zen Garden. Inside, recycled art decorates the elegant lobby in a style that is minimalistic with splashes of play – east meets west with warm colourful touches. The Zazen Boutique is stocked full of goodies hand-picked and designed by the owners on their worldly travels throughout winter – with everything you need to encapsulate true Ibiza style. Peaceful mornings by the pool are aided by efficiently pre-ordered a la carte breakfasts including healthy fruit and veg smoothies and luxe deli items like ‘Dutch old-cheese’, marinated salmon, carpaccio and countless other mouth watering goodness. By night the restaurant offers a romantic, candlelit degustation menu. A heavenly haven on the island’s east coast.






SILENCE Where to eat

Welcome to Vegan Paradise!

Wild Beets

Welcome to Vegan Paradise! Everything on the menu is vegan but all dishes are also gluten-free, plant-based and organic: from the Vietnamese pho, an infused vegetable broth with young coconut ribbons, zucchini noodles, topped with crushed cashews and coriander to the Chilli with tempeh and polenta to the Walnut Banana Pancakes layered with fresh fruit, drizzled with maple syrup and cashew yogurt. Grab a good book or your laptop and enjoy a healthy meal or a cold pressed detox juice by the fire place or sit on the little veranda overlooking the streets of Santa Gertrudis Village.

La Paloma

The little mountain village San Lorenzo in the heart of Ibiza is home to one of the most romantic restaurants of the island - La Paloma. Founded in 2004 by an Italian expat family who renovated an old run-down finca, today the charming all blue and white building is one of the most popular places to eat and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. In summer you can sit outside in the fairytale garden surrounded by olive, lemon and orange trees while the beautifully decorated indoor dining room lit by the fire place has the perfect cosy countryside vibe for colder days. The menu is mainly Italian with fresh often organic ingredients from the garden and influences from the middle east. You’ll find tasty snacks and appetisers like hummus and pita bread, Tuscan antipasti with charcuterie and cheeses flown in specially from a small farm in Italy. Chef Daniela Prasuna Coppini changes the menu every week and serves a range of main courses from home made pasta to creamy risottos and a yummy choice of meat and fish dishes. Places like La Paloma are what makes Ibiza: the combination of laid back vibe, with real quality, style and great people.


Located on the restaurant road from the capital to San Juan, Nagai is an outdoor foodie temple serving contemporary sushi and Japanese fusion cuisine. The multi-cultural team of four has run the restaurant since 2011, and created an unpretentious gypsy-style hideaway with the intimate atmosphere of your own courtyard. However the set up doesn’t lack island style: the rustic farmhouse boasts a cool boutique and Art Space and often DJs and life musicians meet up to play some super smooth shaman house tunes together. With all the cool and pretty people hanging out to chill to good sounds enjoying a perfectly balanced Spiced Pear Cocktail it might be hard to focus on the plates. But the first bite of the salmon avocado tartare or the Nagai prawns with coconut salad and chilli will take over your mind in an instant. Hold tight though as the treat has only just began! Think Japanese curry, hosomaki, sushi, sashimi for main courses and ginger terracotta with orange juice for a proper happy ending…

Places like La Paloma are what makes Ibiza...laid back vibe, with real quality, style and great people. Nagai is an outdoor foodie temple serving contemporary sushi and Japanese fusion cuisine.

Watch how this calm beach side spot slowly turns into a breezy afterhours stomping ground Experimental Beach

Located in the middle of Ses Salinas, Experimental Beach features one of the rare beach clubs that has managed to stay kind of a secret hotspot over the years. In 2013 the renowned ECC group (Experimental Cocktail Club spanning Paris, London and New York) opened this relaxed barefoot restaurant on the rocks of Cap des Falco, a peninsula in the south of the island. Expect white luxurious sun beds from which you can watch the legendary sunset while sipping on a rum-infused Pineapple Èxpress. The clean beach house chic designed by Dorothée Meilichzon in combination with chilled Ibiza beats and a view that stretches across the Mediterranean to the very tip of Es Vedra have proved a winning combination here. All this and we have not even talked about the food… Fresh seafood stars include raw langoustine carpaccio with lemon or seabass in salt crust and octopus a la plancha. Vegetarian food lovers will be more than pleased with the quinoa avocado salad with goji seeds and greek yogurt. Come in the late afternoon to get a day bed and watch how this calm beach side spot slowly turns into a breezy afterhours stomping ground throughout the night.

Samahra offers a wide range of creative and innovative home accessories and gifts.

Favourite Shop Samahra Ibiza

The wide wooden doors of Samahra are painted in the turquoise shades of the Mediterranean sea and lead into a little bohemian shopping heaven. Hand-painted colourful door signs with peaceful messages like Namaste, Viva La Vida and Welcome greet the visitors right at the door step together with a mint coloured Buddha Statue that guards the entrance. Samahra offers a wide range of creative and innovative home accessories and gifts. If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir go for the wooden photo box from Seaflower Ibiza which contains a range of stunning pictures from around the island, each one endowed with a quote and the story behind the picture. How about getting one of the comfy sweaters made of recycled cotton and “Made in Ibiza not in China” embroidery?! In this charming fair trade boutique everything has been selected with love and care from the scented candles to the organic tea selection and precious minerals. You surely won’t leave without having bought a souvenir from the island of love and light… Judith Heede


ibiza 87


d e

IBIZA SAL de IBIZA produces and markets the highest-quality, gourmet sea salt sourced directly from Ibiza.


ounded in April 2004 by Daniel C. Witte, the product line today comprises a total of 37 different products, each of which differs in composition, taste, desired application, package-size and design. The company pays great attention to its iconic packaging, designed to emphasise the product line's exclusiveness and its use of natural packaging materials, such as ceramic, real cork and refined cardboard. All of SAL de IBIZA’s sea salt is harvested in the nature reserve “Parc Natural de ses Salines d’Eivissa”, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. The salt is obtained solely by the natural evaporation of seawater and preserves more than 80 vital minerals and trace elements (such as magnesium, fluoride, selenium and iodine) detectable in seawater, all of which are essential for the human organism.

After crystallization the salt is simply raked together and placed on the side of the basins to dry off. The resulting dice-sized crystals are then ground – in the case of SAL de IBIZA – inside ancient stone-mills, to the point of desired granulation. This is the way salt has been obtained for several thousand years – after all, the Salinas salt flats of Ibiza are more than 2,700 years old. The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship, plentiful sun and light winds, creates this wholly natural seasalt. There is nothing added nor taken away, because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires only sun, sea, and an ocean breeze - truly Cristal de la Vida!


SAL de IBIZA “THE STOREs” are based in Sta. Eulalia and San José, offering the most select choice of genuine products from Ibiza. Everything ranging from fashion, interior design, jewellery, “beachstuff”, “Balearic” sound – and of course fine food – all guaranteed to be top-quality selected exclusively by SAL de IBIZA. The company believes in iconic local brands such as “Bloomers & Bikinis” by Ibicenco top-model Laura Sánchez, groovy swimwear from Formentera-based brand “Dossae” and lovely detailed accessories by “Marta Anastasia” - also from Formentera. Added to this there is “Agua Dulce”; nicely washed espadrilles by “Suyute”, refined pieces by jewellery designers “OCO Ibiza” and many other locals. (Skin) charming Pareos by “Lamu Kikoy”; beach-towels by “OBABA”; happy kids stuff by “A Peace of Ibiza”; sexy Bikinis from a range of designers, as well as internationally renowned brands of luxurious “Hippie Glam” tunics such as “Melé Beach” from Barcelona; beautiful shawls and scarves by “Ese o Ese”, and funky BoHochic casuals by “Uno piu Uno”, “Be Different” and the likes… Perfect for those who want to connect with the real spirit of Ibiza!

For more information, please visit

The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship, plentiful sun and light winds, creates this wholly natural sea-salt.





a connoisseur of fine food and drink.”




A taste of the White Island with Sid Shanti, an acclaimed private chef, celebrity caterer and a charismatic food entrepreneur. Absolute’s Kasia speaks to Sid about authentic Ibiza, his Sid Shanti & Co. ventures and The Ibiza Chili Co gastronomic creations. Bursting with Balearic flavours, he certainly turns on the Mediterranean heat.

Ibiza still holds great magic . . . and this will never change.”


ome might say - you are an Ibiza legend. The original Goa DJ, the King of Manumission, Ibiza’s celebrated private chef... what was the breakthrough point for each of your career ‘big moments’? Well, Ibiza legend I would say is a bit much even though flattering! I’d say I have a great passion for what I do, what I create and I love the challenges that Ibiza presents on a daily basis, even though you can end up tearing your hair out. Luckily I have very little hair! The big moments that stick in my mind are building the Shanti town and kitchen on the roof of the Manumission Motel back in 1999, where we cooked for hundreds of clubbers and socialites every Monday before the big party at Privilege. The open-air Mulletover parties we threw with Rob Star in, if I remember correctly 2007. The completion and publishing of my book Glorious Ibiza Food (&Music) in 2013 and more recently last year the release of my new range of hot sauce from Ibiza Chili Co.

You once said that ‘the heartbeat of the Island remains the same’ - and that the Island wasn’t segregated. What did you like about Ibiza back before the digital, VIP age and now? Before clubs had roofs ;)… Life has changed a lot in the last two decades not just on Ibiza but all over the world, and sadly I can’t see these golden years ever returning. Only 20 years ago people had time for actual real-time experiences, instead of living vicariously through a mobile phone which of course most now do in this modern technological age. Ibiza still holds great magic not just for all the local people and international residents but also for many of the visitors that come each year and then return the next, and this will never change.

Your real name is Lawrence Seidner? Does anyone still call you that? Yes! My mother, family and relatives. Most people, however, know me as Sid. Sid was my nickname at school from a very young age, taken from my Surname. Shanti came later as a DJ name after spending many years in Goa. You were a professional DJ from the early 90s to 2001. What are you most memorable memories from behind the decks? Being invited to play as the first western DJ to the Cherry Blossom festival in Yoyogi park in central Tokyo back in oh around 1994 probably. Oh and the after party of total solar Eclipse of the sun in Venezuela in 1998 was pretty surreal. Manumission was a blast and closing the Space terrace back to back with DJ Alfredo was another highlight, there have been many over the years.


Top right, Sid Shanti

Opposite lower pic, early 90’s, Sid working the decks

Now let’s talk FOOD! With 15 years of experience cooking for various food connoisseurs, what is a typical Balearic cuisine? My most enjoyable plate would be grilled Ibizan squid straight from the sea, triple fried Red Ibiza potatoes and a simple green, tomato and onion salad. But I would say a typical dish from the Balearic islands is the classic fish stew. Bullit de Peix.

Your Ibiza Chili Co Hot Sauces look incredibly flavoursome. What ingredients do you include, where do you source them, and what is the process behind it all? We’ve had a fantastic response to our sauces from far and wide. Even gaining an endorsement from Ferran Adrià (El Bulli) when he requested our sauces to sell in his Ibiza restaurant. We only use natural ingredients in our sauces, we don’t add any sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives and all our vegetables, fruits and chilis are from fresh. We grow all our own chilis in our two farms in the North of Ibiza and many of the vegetables we use grow alongside them. Things like tomatoes and green peppers.

We have the local community pick fruit all from the island some from foraged trees,lemons and Nisperos for instance, and buy through an Ibiza Cooperative. Aiming to support both agriculture and the economy of the island. We work closely with the Ibiza Ayuntamiento and can prove that up to 76% of our ingredients are from Ibiza. This is why we are permitted to put Ibiza on our bottles. The sauces are made by hand in our Professional kitchen in Ibiza town, creating, bottling, labeling and then distributing them. All our recipes are unique and our own and were created in the winter of 2016.




Crush two avocados, add one chopped shallot, one diced tomato, one crushed clove of garlic, a pinch of sal de Ibiza, dessert spoon of extra virgin olive oil and two tablespoons of Ibiza Chili Co Lave Verde hot sauce.” How many sauces are there in the range and what food do you serve them with? We have three sauces at present:

Oh Carolina! “Reaper 18” Our hottest sauce of the three with a heat rating of 5/5 A tomato based sauce with smoked pimienton. Like a classy sweet chili sauce but with more kick. Goes well on anything! Lava Verde “Citrus Explosion” This is a lemon and Italian (Grown on Ibiza) green pepper sauce. It has a 4/5 chili rating and is Citrus on the front of the palate with a healthy kick behind. Unbelievable on eggs or with avocado. It’s Guacamole’s best friend! Magnificent 7 “Fruit and Fire” This sauce is loaded with Nisperos of the island. These fruits originated in Asia and are the first trees to bare fruit in the spring. In Japan they are given as token of respect or greeting! This sauce is our signature flavour and is incredible and as comfortable on Spaghetti Bolognese as it is on Paella. It really makes food shine! It has fruity notes on the front giving way to a rounded heat 3/5 on the palate.


Sid’s book, Glorious Ibiza Food

You pride yourself on creating a bespoke culinary experience? How do you go about such tailored process? Through consultations with a varied clientele and drawing on experiences, I have had the pleasure of enjoying over the years helps in this process. Having an understanding of the local ways to do things and a phone book with varied contacts also helps immensely. Overall, even though a cliché, doing things with conviction, love and integrity are the basic principles.

What has been the most extravagant, ‘outrageous’ project to date? Organising food and event production for Puff Daddy and his entourage. That was wild. As they say though, what goes on in Puff Daddy’s house stays in Puff Daddy’s house. You share some of your food secrets in your acclaimed book - Glorious Ibiza Food (& Music!). It’s a great mix of recipes and tips. How did you decide on what to write about? Shall we expect a follow-up? I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge gained on and about the island to other people who may be thinking of moving to and working or living on Ibiza. The idea just came to me one day while I was cooking and thankfully I managed to succeed with the project with some great professionals around me. I have a follow up in the pipeline but my time at the moment is taken with the Ibiza Chili Co, and so there is no release date for this project yet.

I’m sure that especially in your early career you’ve had many sleepless late nights. What’s the best hangover food? Bloody Mary with plenty of chilli sauce and a stick of celery. Add a shelled prawn if you’re feeling adventurous!

Do you create unique events? What does a VIP service entail? Anything and everything a client may want, it is down to the personal taste of an individual. Although these days we are concentrating more on product development and trying to increase the awareness of our all natural hot sauces from Ibiza Chili Co. than producing the special events that we have done in the past. We are working very hard to support the local economy and agricultural side of the island through this development. What do music and food have in common? Rhythm and the need to be created - and enjoyed with love. Who’s number 1 on your speed dial? My Fiancé Nella

Can you share any quick summer recipe with our readers? Crush two avocados, add one chopped shallot, one diced tomato, one crushed clove of garlic, a pinch of sal de Ibiza, dessert spoon of extra virgin olive oil and two tablespoons of Ibiza Chili Co Lave Verde hot sauce. Serve chilled with tacos or wedge of crusty bread together with a cold beer or glass of Provence rosé. Perfect for a lazy breakfast or lunchtime snack before hitting the beach! Kasia Kash




Nestled in the tranquil countryside on the road from Ibiza town to San Juan sits a truly remarkable restaurant. One whose story is nothing short of an amazing adventure, and is now approaching its eighth season, winning the 2017 award for best Japanese restaurant in Southern Europe. Nagai is cementing its reputation as a must visit for anyone descending on the white isle!


he restaurant is made up of a team of four globe-trotting entrepreneurs who have been brought together by sheer fate and a love of international cuisine, to create this exciting stylish restaurant which will stimulate all your senses and have you yearning for a return visit.

Nagai’s story began with owner Eleanora, travelling with her Brother Luigi from her home country of Italy around India and Thailand at a young age, and being offered a restaurant on the island of KohPangang. Coming from a family of restauranteurs, Eleanor jumped at the chance. On a fateful trip to Bangkok she embarked upon a chance meeting with Reina Nagai, who was backpacking at the time and staying with Eleanora’s friends. Eleanora, so impressed with Reina’s incredible talent for creating exquisite dishes out of the simplest ingredients, proposed a partnership that made a huge success out of the restaurant in Thailand, as well as two more in Italy, and most recently Nagai Ibiza! Nagai’s fourth member Melchior, an ex-international footballer who grew up in Ibiza, and has travelled the world, was working at the famous Blue Marlin when he met Eleanora. The couple fell in love and decided to open a restaurant together along with Luigi and Reina.

Adopting Reina’s surname, which means Longevity, as previous restaurants on this site have lasted no longer than two years, Nagai is here to stay! So much passion and imagination has been put into this venture. All completely family-run with Melchior designing the layout to be as harmonious as possible, Luigi, a plumber and builder by trade worked day and night to get the restaurant ready for the opening night, as well as being a sushi chef and accomplished musician and their resident DJ. Eleanora is as happy with a paintbrush as she is in the kitchen and front of house, and Head Chef is Reina, who I am sure had a hand in the Japanese look and feel to the place. Everything in Nagai’s is designed to stimulate the senses. Light, sound, and stunning contemporary Geisha artwork all work in harmony to excite and inspire conversation, with the majority of Nagai’s seating being outside on their boutique summer terrace surrounding a beautifully lit tree.

Nagai’s is designed to stimulate the senses. Light, sound, and stunning contemporary Geisha artwork all work in harmony to excite and inspire conversation.”





The passion and creativity so evident in the look and feel to Nagai Ibiza extends to the exceptionally well thought out, and ever evolving menu. Often described as “Japanese Fusion”, there are many classic Japanese dishes such as Sushi and Nigiri made from the finest Japanese rice and freshest fish, plus favourites such as Teriyake, Gyoza, and Karaage. The Chef’s creations also draw influences from Europe, Thailand, Korea, Europe, and all over the world, using only the best organic, most nutritious ingredients. Much care and attention to the finest detail is put into the presentation of each and every dish, and the combinations of flavours are designed to excite and rouse emotions. Everyone is catered for here, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. It’s not all about the food at Nagai’s. They do all they can to support local artists, sculptors, and jewellery makers, displaying and selling their work. Local DJ’s musicians and performance artists will entertain you while you eat or sample one of their imaginative cocktails. Melchior will even give you a Tarot card reading on request! 2018 is going to be an exciting season for Nagai Ibiza, with some thrilling things already planned for their opening and closing parties, and maybe a few in between. They have a great team ready to look after all who grace their terrace. They will continue to experiment and develop new and exhilarating

The passion and creativity so evident in the look and feel to Nagai Ibiza extends to the exceptionally well thought out, and ever evolving menu.

concepts in the dishes they produce, utilising the wealth of international experience on offer from the team. They have some exciting performance artists and musicians ready to entertain. On top of all this they will continue to support local charities such as the Ibiza Preservation Society and take part in beach cleaning. This is set to be their best season yet, so ensure you book a table! Although capable of seating many more, Nagai will book in less than 100 guests a sitting to ensure everyone has a good time and is well looked after! Tony Shattell

Nagai, Carretera a Sant Joan, 5, 07840, Islas Baleares,



tv 100


ibiza 101

The Butcher R E T U R N S



After shaking up Amsterdam and Berlin, The Butcher conquered another global hotspot in 2017: the high-end burger bar serves the best burgers of the Balearic. On the 23rd of April, The Butcher Ibiza reopens its doors for a summer of haute fast food and cool cocktails after last year’s successful season of bloody delicious burgers.

“As a creative concept developer, I envision and feel the places I design before they actually exist. I always create places that suit the locals but try to offer them something new at the same time. It’s extremely important to get to know the market; you can’t ignore a city and its people’s heritage. I love to develop something from the roots and pay attention to every tiny detail. Every aspect has to be captured by the same language. I’m not creating restaurants, I’m creating experiences.” - Yossi Eliyahoo, Founder & Co-Owner of The Entourage Group

The story of The Butcher began back in 2012, when the aim was to serve the best bloody burgers throughout Europe. He brought his ambition into practice with Albert Cuyp and its ‘K.I.Q’ (keep it quiet) secret kitchen. The success of this first high-end burger bar in Amsterdam led to the opening of The Butcher West (2014), food truck The Butcher on Wheels (2016), The Butcher Berlin (2016), The Butcher Nine Streets (2016), The ButcherSocial Club (2016), and finally The Butcher Ibiza. The burger bar, created by serial entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo of The Entourage Group, will not rest after this second European expansion with the upcoming The Butcher Milan.

Committed to serving ‘bloody delicious burgers’ throughout Europe, The Butcher found his sixth home on Ibiza. The burger bar situated in boutique hotel Sir Joan overlooks the well-loved Old Town of the island. True to its metropolitan home, The Butcher is a full-service concept offering all-day and night haute fast food. From 13.00 PM till 1.00 AM from April 23 till the 19th of May and from 13.00 PM till 7.00 AM as of the 20th. Everything is done with the greatest craftsmanship. The “butchers” in the kitchen exclusively work with the best quality Aberdeen Angus beef. From the best meat to the selection of herbs, the fresh vegetables, the special signature sauce, right down to the homemade semi-brioche bun; The Butcher constantly commits to creating the best quality burgers.

The Entourage Group is an unrivalled hospitality empire, renowned for creating internationally acclaimed food and beverage concepts across the world. Their wide range of expertise has been cultivated extensively through years of hospitality management, operations and fine dining experience. Owners and founders Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, along with the group’s managing director Stephanie Pearson, inspire the group to continually set the new standard for modern hospitality. Aside from the ever-growing Butcher empire, the currently owned portfolio includes MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Ibiza and Munich), SHIRKHAN, MR PORTER, awarded by Michelin THE DUCHESS and MAD FOX club Amsterdam. Due to the success of the group, founder Yossi Eliyahoo was awarded ‘Hospitality Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the prestigious Entrée Hospitality Awards 2015.

Ibiza’s haute fast food menu consists of all The Butcher classics: the glorious ‘The Butcher’ Angus beef burger, the notorious ‘The Ugly’, the ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘The Butcher’s Wife's Favourite’ chicken burger, ‘The Codfather’ fish and chips and ‘The Veggie Delight’. The Butcher will quench one’s thirst with a menu of homemade milkshakes.

For the design of The Butcher Ibiza, award winning architects BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG were inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics. The iconic Delft Blue tiles, which cover the story of The Butcher, have been transformed. They bring out the essence of the new home, where seamen tattoos, sails and navigation charts are the backdrop for a sizzling experience.  


For more information, please visit

Food images, Dan Perez Interior, Elly Raamsteeboers

The Butcher constantly commits to creating the best quality burgers.




IZAKAYA A s i a n

K i t c h e n


B a r

A refined Japanese cuisine returns to Ibiza as IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar reopens on the 10th of May 2018.


hile the winter cold is slowly melting and jet setters from across the world are about to find their way to the island, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar has announced its reopening in the centre of Ibiza on the 10th of May. Overlooking the Old Town and the Ibiza marina, IZAKAYA presents modern Japanese cuisine with South American influences in an outstanding shared-dining concept that suits the cosmopolitan nature of Ibiza. Behind this inspiring idea are creative hospitality entrepreneurs Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, owners and founders of Amsterdam-based ‘THE ENTOURAGE GROUP’, together with the group’s managing director Stephanie Pearson. Yossi Eliyahoo of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP says; ‘’IZAKAYA is best translated as ‘Japanese pub’ – a place deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. Dishes are served on small plates that are made for sharing. In Amsterdam, IZAKAYA shaped this authentic concept into a high-end gastronomic experience. An extravagant Japanese cuisine meets Peruvian flavours. Authentic elements are given a contemporary twist when combined with creative techniques. This is not only presented in the menu but throughout the whole concept. It’s the essence of IZAKAYA; authentic yet never traditional. IZAKAYA is ready to kick off its second summer on Ibiza.’’

Overlooking the Old Town and the Ibiza marina, IZAKAYA presents modern Japanese cuisine with South American influences

Time-honoured techniques blend with innovative signatures, with spectacular dishes as a result. Executive Chef Hariprasad Shetty composed a sophisticated menu of a variety of small, unconventional dishes and specialties of the Robata grill, always daring guests to try something new. Time after time. Like in Amsterdam, the traditional Robata grill is centred in the heart of the restaurant in Ibiza, where guests will be able to watch the chef inimitably do their work. Besides the specialities of the Robata grill, IZAKAYA has a sophisticated menu of Sakana - a variety of small dishes - and dishes created with the Hibachi fire bowl, a Japanese small hot plate. An exquisite selection of sushi and sashimi complete the menu. Along with redefining Asian culinary classics, IZAKAYA provides a cutting-edge twist to the bar with an array of house-infused tonics with the Japanese Shōchū as the base. The Shōchū is distilled from barley, buckwheat and sweet potato. Beside this Asian influenced cocktail menu, a giant wine fridge is the main feature of the central bar, offering a vast international fine wine library as well as a unique selection of Japanese sake, Shōchū and whiskeys. The iconic 360 degrees island bar is embraced by this overwhelming wine library set in state of the art fridges of crystal glass and polished steel.

In 2017, IZAKAYA travelled to the Balearic Islands and settled at the heart of SIR Joan Hotel. BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG took the initial urban DNA of IZAKAYA, which they first defined in Amsterdam, and transcended it to the realm of a summer resort of laid–back sun-seeking elite, jet setters and smart party lovers. Perceived as an inside-out venue, the pool and cabanas are part and parcel of the IZAKAYA experience. Inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics, the IZAKAYA design resonates with yacht living where walnut wood planks, polished stainless steel details and socialising are fundamental. The show kitchen at IZAKAYA stands out as a socialising spot where parties of up to 15

guests are able to watch and share an inspiring culinary performance while seated along the polished steel chef ’s table. Floating above it all is a stainless steel polished lamella ceiling that mimics water reflections. Outdoor cabanas and dining around the pool takes IZAKAYA under the sun, for which a laid back spatial experience is supported by simple bespoke design gestures. After sunset, sun loungers turn into cosy dining spaces. With DJs setting the energetic vibe throughout dinner, IZAKAYA turns the place into a music and drinking scene every night.

Hotel images, Amit Geron

For more information, please visit



The Bar Ibiza is the leading mobile bar service in Ibiza. The Bar Ibiza have your every need covered as we celebrate our 10th anniversary on the island.


THE BUTCHER Ibiza | Sir Joan | Passeig Joan Carles I, 1 | 07800, Ibiza +34 (0) 871 182 527 | |

Wild Beets I B I Z A

Not only is Wild Beets the one and only restaurant on the white isle to boast a 100% plant based menu, it is also a must visit for anyone who wants a healthy, incredibly delicious meal which is sure to nourish the mind, body and soul!


ild Beets is located in the village of Santa Gertrudis in the centre of Ibiza. This concept restaurant is the brainchild of self-proclaimed “accidental restauranteur” and vegan Cliff Grubin, a man completely dedicated to keeping his body as healthy as possible through nutrition, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience in the most ethical way he can, and whose journey to where he is now is one of the most incredible, fascinating and inspiring we have heard. Growing up in New York, Cliff decided it was time to leave when he was in his early 20’s during the Reagan presidency. Thinking things could not get any worse, Cliff sold all his worldly belongings and jetted to Paris, where he learned French, hooked up with a crowd of like-minded individuals and travelled the world, enjoying a life of hedonism, bouncing around the planet for a number of years, enjoying destinations such South East Asia, Indonesia and Africa and partying in the likes of Goa and Thailand throughout the infancy of the Acid house revolution.

Throughout this crazy period of his life Cliff always felt the need to balance out the profligacy with a healthy balanced diet and began studying and experimenting with nutrition. He discovered it is not necessarily what you put into your body that makes a difference, it is more what you leave out. Processed foods, sugar and pesticides became the enemy and a fresh organic plant based diet is the key to maintaining a healthy and happy existence. Cliff returned to Europe fifteen years ago and settled in Ibiza, as he was craving some civilization, but Ibiza still had its hedonistic edge. He made his living selling jewellery, whilst enjoying life without a care in the world, when he suddenly had a eureka moment. Missing all the delicious nutritious juices and smoothies from his travels, he realised Ibiza needed a juice bar! For twelve years this was his passion, building up to creating juice programs to suit individual’s needs, and all the way studying nutrition and learning about the benefits and healing properties of raw foods. It was only when people started to ask him what


they should eat after juice cleansing that Cliff decided to open Wild Beets, hence becoming an accidental restauranteur! Aided by his incredibly supportive wife Lillian and his daughters. Fuelled by his passion for nutrition and his hatred of “big business” pharma and food industry, which purposely and knowingly makes us ill, he opened a “non-restaurant” which is truly and undisputedly ethical, serving only healthy organic locally sourced, cruelty free, and extremely tasty food! Wild Beets is a family run restaurant, employing people from the local community, and unlike most restaurants in Ibiza, is open all year round. Incredibly talented chefs work hard to create the most nutritious and delicious dishes imaginable. “If we can pack more nutrition on a plate, we will, if it costs us a little more, so be it.”

This elegant and stylish restaurant serves breakfast (9am-midday), a main menu (served until 11pm), and a select, special dinner menu daily each menu boasts a variety of extremely well thought out raw and cooked dishes. Highlights include Faux-salmon tostada – made with carrots to have the taste and feel of smoked salmon, avocado cannellini with crème de kimchi, and beetroot ravioli with lemon cashew cream filling. Even the most fussy meat eaters will surprise themselves and be amazed by what can be done with plants, and if you are looking for something hearty, their home-cooked veggie burgers and lasagne are sure to satisfy. Everything is home-made, with the healthiest possible seasonal ingredients. Even the grains they use are considered, staying away from typical heavy and unhealthy wheat, and incorporating healthy alternatives such as Teff and Millet. When asked what the future holds for Wild Beets, Cliff states he just wants to see where the journey continues to take him. His passion for all things vegan, and his philosophy for his customers to eat with awareness, eat well, and above all enjoy, will continue to drive him, and perhaps one day he will expand and open more restaurants elsewhere. For the time being though, give your tastebuds, your body and your mind a healthy wholesome and yummy treat and make the trip to Santa Gertrudis. Wild Beets is definitely not to be missed.






Dalt Vila - or how I drank and ate my way through Old Town.


The colourful gift shops and art galleries on the walk up to the cathedral are treasure troves of unusual and unique works by talented local crafts people. Many residents live in these tiny houses, and the balconies are filled with geraniums and colourfully draped clothes lines. But since my mission is to eat and drink my way through town today, I can’t stop to shop and am heading straight to the next spot right at the top of the stairs: S’Escalinata. Mellow Reggae beats are coming out of the opened wooden doors. The message written on them with big white letters matches the music: ‘Don’t worry be happy’, or ‘Eat, Drink & Love’. Sounds inviting, and there is one seat free on the terrace at the top of the wide steps. People sit on neon pink or green sandbag cushions and colourful canvas benches enjoying a stunning view over the city. The pretty young waitress can’t speak English, but the jugs of Sangria she carries from the kitchen, speak for themselves. Very tempting, but I have a long night ahead of me, and opt for a green detox smoothie and home made guacamole. As the sun goes down, it quickly becomes cold and windy, so I leave this green Hipster home behind me to slowly make my way back down. Plaza del Sol is just around the corner and all set for summer: colourful filled fruit baskets are lined up to the entrance and the potted yukka palms give the “Plaza” a Mexican touch. The smell of the lemons and oranges and the promising handprinted Cocktail and Tapas signs make me want to sit down in the cosy corner with the handmade quirky furniture. But I want something less hippiesc now so I just make a note to myself about this little gem, enthroned here on the hills of Dalt Vila overlooking the entire port and city.

or me there is no place on earth where going out is such an adventure like it is on Ibiza. The White Island is known all over the world for its exuberant night clubs, and in the summer season the world's best DJs descend on the island, making it the ultimate destination for clubbers. But not only are the big discotheques out of this world, for me its fascination lies in the many little culinary gems you find all over the island: the relaxed beach bars where I can spend hours lying in a hammock sipping Sangria while watching the pretty beach boys and girls coming and going. Or the laid back bohemian vegan and organic restaurants that inspire places all around the world with their healthy and super-stylish concepts. Or the charming Spanish Tapas bars where the locals sit to meet and eat, drink, and simply enjoy life. Not only do I consider myself a foodie, but also as someone who loves spending hours with friends talking over a lovely meal. There are fantastic restaurants on every corner of the island, but what visitors and even locals tend to neglect is Ibiza’s old town. The difficult parking situation that most historical cities face doesn’t help, especially in high season when all the cruise ship passengers are shoving their way through the tiny cobbled streets, fighting for the best tables. However, visiting Dalt Vila - the ancient “Upper town” - is an absolute must when you visit Ibiza. I’ll tell you why . . . My adventure started quite harmlessly in the famous Croissant Show. The French bakery does what it says on the tin – it’s breakfast with a bit of a ‘show’. Andres, the owner with his Dali-esque moustache, seems to know everybody who passes by on this sunny April afternoon. It’s not crowded yet at this time of the year and most of the guests sitting at the little bistro tables outside are locals. Here it seems like there is no hard-and-fast rule what constitutes breakfast time, and while I am enjoying my café con leche the tables around me are filled with deliciously looking butter croissants and pain au chocolats. But it’s not only the proper French food that impresses me, it is the unique view of the Portal de Ses Taules. The dramatic main entrance to the old castle is up a slope, crossing a drawbridge through the arch, flanked by mighty statues in Roman stone. I have climbed my way up to the ancient castle before, but the panoramic views from this UNESCO World Heritage site are so magnificent that I decide to leave the bistro to explore the area behind these old walls once again.


There are fantastic restaurants on every corner of the island, but what visitors and even locals tend to neglect is Ibiza’s old town.”






Dalt Vila I am heading towards La Oliva for the second round of tapas before meeting a friend for dinner. Usually, a plan like that ends with me not remembering much the next day. But I am a writer, that’s what I get paid for. Not that it would need that much work experience in that field, but I have learned that a solid foundation can work miracles when things are getting serious. La Oliva is considered a classic on the island, and although it's been here for almost 30 years, I’ve never managed to visit. But now I understand why locals and tourists keep coming back to this Mediterranean food temple: this is one of the most romantic set-ups I have ever seen. Situated in the main square, surrounded by the legendary walls of Dalt Vila, guests sit on white chairs at simple but nicely decorated tables right on the pavement terrace. Red roses grow all over the old bright white building with its pink arched doors and windows. While I’m enjoying a glass of white wine and a bowl of light zucchini noodles with Parmesan cheese and roasted almonds, Razvan tells me he’s been a waiter here here for five seasons; the spaghetti Lobster flambéed in whiskey definitely sounds like a winner, but I need to keep my appetite high and the expenses low, so I stick to the starter while listening to Razvan’s story. He moved here from Romania after university to meet people and gain some experience, but like so many others, the island became his summer home. “Now, it is still an easy job” he says but when the season is in full swing from May onwards he wouldn’t have time to sit with me at the table and talk. I know how busy the streets become later in the year, and I have no doubt that the tips he’ll make then will be higher than his hourly rate. He worked his first season in one of the big beach clubs, but prefers the quieter atmosphere here, where the clients are older and also more generous, especially the Americans. Being half American I feel obliged now, and leave him a good tip on my way out.

My friend is waiting for me now at the Rebel Ibiza clothes shop, which is not far away. He designed the logo for the shop and has been invited for an aperitif to celebrate the opening. The two German owners, René and René, welcome us into their old townhouse boutique designed to look like a funky living room - with its little bar corner behind the counter, glimmering disco dresses on the hanging rails, and a huge metallic globe on the accessories table. I want to try a black see-through dress with leather details just to get a glimpse of that shady night creature feeling. But I fear that tiny tight thing won’t fit anyways and René no.1 is already pouring round two. People are popping in from the Michelin Restaurant next door to wish them good luck for the new season, and René no. 2 is telling some anecdotes about the parties in the store last season after hours (which I should not repeat here). Since we don’t want to spoil their first after hours celebration of this year, and feel like it’s overly due to line our stomachs, we make our way to La Bodega.


The Ibicencan tapas restaurant is well known in town, and obdurate smokers sit on the terrace despite the still chilly spring temperatures at night. But the view from the outside tables towards the castle is outstanding. So is the inside of the former storehouse: the ancient walls are beautifully decorated with paintings from local artists, and objets from all five continents are placed in many corners. A colourful painting of an old Ibicenco playing the sitar while riding a tiger into the moonlight covers one of the walls. A mirror gallery hangs on the other side, reflecting the colourful table set ups like kaleidoscopes, and the atmosphere on this Friday night is buzzing. The tables are full, trays are flying in and out of the kitchen - one crashing on the floor leaving a lake of alcohol behind. It doesn’t matter, the Spanish waitress has it cleaned up before the applause has stopped . Then she sees us, and thanks to my friend’s Spanish skills we get the tiny table next to a bachelorette party. The night is still young, and the women are just warming up - no pink plastic penises or veils around, just some decent Tapas plates on the table and carafes of wine. The dishes look mouth-watering and with all that rosé rushing through my blood I feel like eating them all. Remembering my Granny’s words not to let my eyes grow bigger than the stomach, we choose to share sweet potato and aubergine hummus with vegetable sticks, the obligatory Spanish olives and burrata - a delicious creamy kind of Mozzarella. With this perfect foundation laid, and some nightspots to cross off my list, we decide that it’s time to move on.

With many bars like the popular Zoo Bar or Paradise Lost still being closed until May, we just drift through the narrow streets close to the sea, trusting the magical energy on this island to lead us to the right place. And guess what? We found a bright diamond among all the other gems: Boodiou. This very stylish rural place run by two French guys, only opened a week ago, and they hadn’t even had time yet to put a sign up, or do any kind of advertising. Looking at it, they won’t need to. They did an impressive job renovating, and doing everything themselves. And when I say everything, I mean from the hanging lamps made of old keyrings to the wooden swinging bench to fermenting the alcohol itself! The French family has their own distillery named Bowls, close to Montpellier, where they produce rum, gin, whiskey and vodka. Tony and Hadrien both worked in gastronomy all their lives - Hadrien as a chef in the south of France, Tony as a bartender all over the world - previously in Hong Kong. With Boodiou - which means the multi-purpose f-word in old French - they made their dream of a shared place on Ibiza come true. It is a dream, indeed. All ingredients come from local farmers, and the menu varies daily. I try the organic pea soup with goat’s cheese, while my friend has clams in a lemongrasscurry vinaigrette with coconut foam, a sauce just blows us away! The cocktails are made with organic products, and we can’t help ourselves but try a few different ones. Hard to say (or remember) my favourite, but the ‘Twisted Sister’ certainly is a palate conqueror. Made from aged gin, two different kind of chantreuse, fresh pomegranate juice and some honey from a local beekeeper - or should I say beedoctor? Tony tells me that he will try the doctor’s beespike-acupuncture himself after the season, when he’ll need a treatment to recover from hard work. Some might find this slightly dubious, but this is Ibiza, and dubious cases are on the daily agenda. If it got dubious in our case later on that night I will keep you guessing: what happens on Ibiza, stays on Ibiza… Judith Heede

The dishes look mouth-watering and with all that rosé rushing through my blood I feel like eating them all.” ABSOLUTE





Bambuddha truly is a beautiful reflection of the fascinating and inspiring, yet very complicated life of her founder Jon Moon.


very detail found in the village has a story of its own and every piece has been thoughtfully selected, collected and brought to Bambuddha from the world's most distant places by Jon Moon on his endless travel adventures. The philosophy of tantra has played a major part in Jon Moons life journey and is also a big part of Bambuddha, the seductive cavelike Tantra shop is a beautiful reminder that you need to embrace & respect your sexuality to lead a spiritual life.

A visit to Bambuddha, in the heart of Ibiza, is more than a culinary experience, it is a wondrous adventure for the imagination as well as for all the senses. The setting and the amazing ambiance is what makes this a truly unique dining experience. The lovingly created venue, fusing spirituality with sexuality, is surrounded by an impressive tropical canopy of bamboo and ancient oriental stone statues. The outdoor oriental sanctuaries are perfect for balmy summer evenings and the Moonlight pagodas provide an intimate and exclusive setting for a memorable night. The bar offers incredible refreshing cocktails, made with freshly prepared ingredients and craft spirits from all over the world, to be enjoyed in plush furnishings and to the seductive sounds of resident DJ’s. The restaurant is famous for serving MediterrAsian cuisine inspired by the Ancient Spice Route from Spain, through Thailand, Vietnam to Japan.

Always pioneering, bold and forward thinking, the creatively composed menu offers a wide and colorful range of dishes, such as dim sum, baos, curries & sushi. This years menu proves that Bambuddha is acting consciously by choosing organically, locally and sustainably produced products whenever possible. The award-winning cuisine can be experienced under the starlit balearic sky or under the impressive sparkling chandelier. Last year John Moon retired, allowing him to dedicate more time on tantra and sailing, and the dynamic brother and sister team, JonJon and Sasha Moon, entered at the helm of beautiful Bambuddha. John Moon remains present as ‘Spiritual Guide’ and an ‘Elder of the Black Sheep Tribe’.

Having spent their childhood in and around the restaurant, and watched it grow and evolve over the years, both JonJon and Sasha represent the heart and soul of this most opulent venue, and both bring their own individual strengths, skills and passions to empower and enrich the growth of Bambuddha moving forward.

A visit to Bambuddha, in the heart of Ibiza, is more than a culinary experience, it is a wondrous adventure for the imagination.”







So what does 2018 and beyond hold for Bambuddha? "This is the second year since my fathers retirement, last year was a year of transition, adjustment… I feel a lot more comfortable now than last year, having kept on improving personally and ensuring that the team improved with me. We take pride in what we’ve achieved, yet we always strive for improvement. The restaurant industry is very much like fashion, so it's vital to travel the world and find new inspirations for dishes, cocktails and wines.

Another thing I take pride in are my staff and when they feel like they’re part of the business. Staff can be a tricky thing on the island, but this year we didn't need to search for any new staff for the opening as we managed to maintain them all from last year. I want my staff to want to be here and to feel part of Bambuddha, so maintaining them is a big part of the future." Jonjon Moon

Bambuddha is open everyday from 7pm - 3am and perfect for intimate private events, monumental parties and everything in between. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit


It's vital to travel the world and find new inspirations for dishes, cocktails and wines.”






Presiding over one of Ibiza’s most iconic beaches, Elements Ibiza sits in pride of place on the south side of Benirras. The expansive, stylish concept space takes over an entire corner, incorporating an Ibiza beach restaurant, juice bar, lounge bar, treatment and massage room, boutique and more.


reated with love by long-term Italian-born, Ibiza resident Kiko Malcarne, the open plan space is a unique fusion of all-white surfaces, modern furnishings and décor created from recycled materials to create a natural, organic feeling. Deep in the harmony of natural beach environment, Elements offers a modern, ecological approach to the world of restaurants and entertainment. You’ll experience a magical atmosphere of full energy with the necessary elements to enjoy from morning to night.

Take breakfast and read in front of the sea, check your emails, enjoy the fresh natural juices selection, delight over the Mediterranean menu prepared with a variety of local fresh organic products and let the team take care of every little detail. The handmade pasta is prepared everyday as is the bread and pizza, creating a totally delicious Italian taste. The concept behind Elements supports absolute respect for the environment and nature that it blends into. The free spirit of the restaurant makes it a very special spot to share with family, friends, with a loved one, your children or alone. Elements offers a modern and ecologic approach to food hospitality and entertainment. The Elements philosophy is “from farm to fork” agriculture and eco-sustainable consumption. It is a counter trend to globalisation that presupposes that agricultural products cultivated in a certain area do not travel more than 70/80 kilometers before reaching the final consumer and brings with it a series of undisputed advantages such as having extremely fresh products that do not get particular labelling, packaging or other long and complicated distribution procedures. CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum and natural agricultural methods are used that do not involve pesticides, synthetic or chemical hormones. Lastly, there is an important cultural aspect: the customer feels closer to the agricultural reality of the place, coming into direct contact with the local fauna and flora.  A commitment to safeguard local food, defend wild species’ biodiversity and convivial places often high in artistic and historical value is undertaken. All these efforts all for a more careful tourism and cohabitation that respects the surrounding environment for a better future of the most valuable asset we have: Earth.


Served from 9 am and all day long until the midnight (or more), the wide range of mediterranean delicacies offered by Elements Beach Bar and Restaurant, will provide all you need to enjoy a fantastic and complete beach day or, likewise, guarantee an elegant dinner during sunset accompanied by a menu elaborated with selected fresh and organic local product. The restaurant lives amidst other spaces: the Boutique dedicated to exclusive, trendy clothes and accessories chosen and brought from all over the world, a Cocktail Lounge Bar for time-out, a yummy outdoor Natural Juice Bar, and a Massage room with varied offers to enjoy in a neat and tidy, simple way charged with positive energy. “This place is overflowing with “good vibes” and no expectations. A “must” on the island of Ibiza” Elements Ibiza is renowned for its beach parties put on with that Spirit of Ibiza style and boast an incredible history of hosting top international guest and resident DJs, including the OpenLab team for two seasons.

This year and for second season Elements Ibiza are bringing their unique party vibes to one of the most beautiful nightclubs in Ibiza; HEART Ibiza. Every Monday from July through to September 2018, passion, love, courage, life and respect will be celebrated through artistic performance art, visuals and music, capturing the essence, spirit and flair of Elements Ibiza at HEART.

Elements Ibiza is also a wedding venue where couples and their guests can experience their special day surrounded by nature, from day in to night.

Hailed as ‘an authentic place, a living place’, Elements Ibiza captures the spirit of Benirras and blends harmony, freedom, joy and laughter. It is this spirit, inspired by the four elements, that will guarantee your entertainment and satisfaction at Elements. For more information, please visit

Hailed as ‘an authentic place, a living place’, Elements Ibiza captures the spirit of Benirras and blends harmony, freedom, joy and laughter.






Hosting a party or event? Want to make an impression? Need an experienced, personal, slick, fully equipped and bespoke bar service? Look no further than The Bar Ibiza, the island’s longest running and most successful professional mobile bar service.


ow approaching its eleventh season, this unique and thriving bar concept by James Lindley is guaranteed to transform and make a success of any event, any size, and will satisfy any requirements.

Starting its life in 2006, nightclub and bar manager James came to Ibiza with his wife working for a small catering company. Realising the gap in the market for a professional and well-run mobile bar service, James launched into action and created The Bar Ibiza. Eleven years later, The Bar is going from strength to strength, providing their unrivalled service to some of the most prestigious and exclusive events on the island. Over the years, James and his team of expert mixologists, talented waiters and bar staff have provided for the likes of P-Diddy, James Blunt, Eva Herzigova, and regularly serve at huge extravagant parties hosted by the legendary Guy Laliberte (Cirque du Soleil).

There is no event too big or too small for the Bar Ibiza. From intimate villa parties and weddings of any size and specification, to corporate events where the bars can be fully branded to suit the client. The Bar Ibiza have provided their expertise to high-profile events hosted by world leading giant brands such as Grey Goose, Bacardi, MTV and Sotheby’s! The Bar Ibiza operate at sea too! They can set up on any size yacht for a mind-blowing boat party! Every year they are providing mega yachts with an entire crew of full and part time bar-staff! The Bar Ibiza pride themselves in providing the very best locally sourced ingredients for bespoke cocktails mixed by some of the most talented mixologists on the island. Their responsibility towards the environment is number one priority. Everything they use is recycled and only corn starch straws provided. You won’t find any single-use plastic at The Bar Ibiza Parties! Another thing that makes The Bar Ibiza stand out from the rest is their equipment. Their bespoke interchangeable bar units come in all shapes and sizes and can be modified to any profile or style, they can provide for up to 2,500 people and each bar has full LED backlights. You can choose between rustic wood and contemporary black


to suit your event. There is literally no location where The Bar cannot set up. You could have a party in the centre of a volcano and The Bar Ibiza will accommodate. A variety of drinking vessels can be provided, from beautiful high-quality crystal glassware to fully recycled plastic cups. Their bar-ware is of the highest quality copper and brushed down steel. The Bar boasts top of the range ice-makers and cooling equipment.

There are three packages to choose from as a starting point, and The Bar Ibiza will entertain any budget or request. They provide a full consultation with their clients with wine and cocktail tasting for the full bespoke experience. The wine they locally source is of the finest quality, they will create cocktails to suit any taste. You can even provide your own alcohol if you so wish. The Bar Ibiza will provide the rest. The Bar Ibiza provide service that is slick, proficient and discreet, and will literally cater for any need or desire. No request is beyond their reach.

2018 is set to be The Bar Ibiza’s biggest year to date. They are providing for several exciting events around the Island and James wants to continue with the same passion that has made The Bar such a triumph. On top of this, their responsibility towards the environment remains their number one priority. When asked what he thinks made the Bar such so popular, He says the interaction with the clients is the key, and is the only way they can ensure everyone is completely satisfied with their service every time. So if you want your event to be a 100% success, why would you go anywhere else? The Bar Ibiza have it all, and will work with you to ensure your guests will enjoy a party they won’t forget. Tony Shattell

The Bar Ibiza have it all, and will work with you to ensure your guests will enjoy a party they won’t forget.”






The island of Ibiza is deliciously wild. Whether in a field, orchard, forest, or on a cliff, The Last Supper Club promise to cook exceptional food in exceptional surroundings. Let the stars be your ceiling, the sea your wallpaper and the land their kitchen. It’s time to break bread with the team at THE LAST SUPPER CLUB IBIZA.


reamt up by private Ibiza chef Mark Watkins and expertly brought together by fellow chef James Knight and event manager Lee White, as a way to cook the kind of food they love, using locally sourced ingredients and served in exceptional surroundings - The Last Supper Club is one of those Ibiza events that creates legends. From the top of a rambling and sun kissed Camino, tiny glittering lights can be seen in the field below as night slowly falls across the island. Flickering lanterns illuminate a pathway down to a recently mowed hay field. Here a long table stretches out dressed in crisp white linen strung with yellow globes, set with plates and gleaming glassware, a sprig of wild rosemary placed gently on top of the napkins. While a DJ plays antique jazz on real vinyl records, or the strumming of an acoustic guitar can be heard drifting on the summer breeze, a few friendly dogs mooch around looking for attention.

People start floating down the path and sangria is handed out, laughter wafts across the night sky as a team of four in a makeshift, outdoor kitchen prepare morsels of goodness. The boho ambience is brimming with an understated excitement, of something new, fresh, of an exceptional experience about to be shared amongst friends and strangers alike. This is The Last Supper Club and Mark Watkins tells Absolute all about the journey that led him to this point. “We like to put on a bit of a show and excite our guests - not just put a plate of food on the table. Our desert parade is something a bit special! It’s all about enjoying food together, connecting with people and the surroundings. Our beloved island is deliciously wild. James is fantastically creative and comes up with new, exciting menus, designed especially for each dining event and Lee’s expert organisational skills, guarantee a smooth, enjoyable evening for all involved.” So who exactly are the team behind this magical machine? Chef and raconteur Mark originally set up La Grande Bouffe Catering and spent years cooking for celebrities and normal people alike. He now divides his time between Ibiza and Brighton, heading up the Last Supper Club kitchen. James Knight has been cooking for twenty-three happy happy years. He has always avoided the regimented ‘Michelin’ kitchens and opted for the fun


produce-lead ones. He has been lucky enough to work with some great chefs, Jeremy Lee, Amanda Pritchett, Mark Watkins, Sam and Sam Cook, Rose Grey, Fergus Henderson, Rowley Lee, Lee Tiernen, Tim Siadatan and many others. He has also worked in restaurants around Italy, France and Spain, cooking for the great and good. You know you’re doing well when everyone around the table is referred to as a county of England rather than a name. Don’t ever ask him about brunch unless you want to lose an hour to ranting and spittle. Event Manger Lee has been working in events and catering all over the world, spending the most part of his time in Africa. He has a wonder lust and passion for people, food and creating new and unique experiences. He finally decided to settle down in Ibiza and raise a family there. “Out of all of the places I have lived and visited this is the first place that’s truly felt like home. This is a glorious and fruitful Island. I wake up privileged to be here and working alongside such talents as Mark & James”. From the offset, the lucky diners at the mystical Last Supper Club have sung the company’s praises, captivated by the hush hush locations, the theatrical food presentation, the chilled musical entertainment and the perfect blend of rustic charm and luxury gastronomy. “This was such a brilliant evening - heading off to a secret location in the countryside to find a long, beautifully laid table, fairy lights hanging from the trees, a bar, comfy chairs & a DJ! The food was delicious & the 'dessert parade' was spectacular. A unique & really fun night out - loved it!” Sarah Oliver

“Such an amazing and unique dining experience in Ibiza, with top class food. There's something quite magical about turning up to a beautifully arranged dining table in the middle of the campo sat by the full moon with lots of lovely people. It really was some of the best food I have ever tasted in Ibiza. I loved the buzz that came with the theatrical dessert." Gini Scott For more information or to make a reservation, please visit


It really was some of the best food I have tasted in Ibiza. I loved buzz that came with the theatrical dessert.�





ibiza 127


home or dwelling a place to rest and recharge”







Ibiza harbours a little secret. Although this holiday hotspot has a well-earned reputation for being the ultimate party destination, with hedonistic tourists flocking to the ‘white island’ every summer, it is also riddled with idyllic quiet corners, ideal for that low-key relaxing escape. In reality, as long as you avoid staying in Ibiza Town or San Antonio, you’re more than likely going to escape the buzzing crowds of revellers on their super club pilgrimages.

ATZARO HOTEL Roughly 25 minutes by car north of Ibiza Airport lies ‘Atzaro Ibiza’ - a secret holiday hideaway set in central Ibiza amongst rolling orange groves and centred around a centuriesold farmhouse.  This stunning agroturismo establishment is one of Ibiza’s most popular luxury hotels and 2018 sees a relaunch of Atzaro Hotel with redesign, refurbishment and beautiful a new concept. This tranquil oasis is a luxury hotel that appeals to each of the senses.  Atzaro is ripe with the scent of orange blossom and that offers an experience to enjoy the island in all its majestic glory, experiencing a different kind of nature.   Lose yourself amongst the Ibithencan architecture, the whitewashed walls, the wonderful white and red and green hues of the Ibithencan countryside and the exquisite artefacts that serve to create a unique atmosphere. Enjoy the lush and extravagant gardens, relaxation areas and hidden corners and bask in serendipitous luxury.  This is a place to visit when you want time to stop, time to reflect, reset and relax.

The redesign has sensitively returned the hotel to its authentic Ibiza heritage, whilst retaining the luxurious feel that has made it Ibiza’s best and most loved Agroturismo. The concept is ‘natural luxury’ and the look is chic, simple, harmonious and calm, one of quality and comfort with a splash of pure Ibiza glamour and romance. Inspired by the owner’s family story, the new Atzaro interiors encapsulate the true essence of ‘Authentic Ibiza.’ The redesign has been extensive and intricate with attention to every last detail. Each of the hotel’s 24 bedrooms and suites have been decorated using thick soft white traditional plaster walls, which contrast beautifully with local Sabina wood beams, olive wood ceilings and the rustic drystone exteriors. Mediterranean terracotta tiled floors and luxurious marble bathrooms and fittings are complimented with bespoke handmade furniture created by artisans. All the bedrooms have emperor size teak four-poster beds, draped with cool white cotton linens.


Commissioned paintings add a pop of colour to each room, each telling a story of the farm and orange groves. The classical whites, rich rustic woods, the gold elements all let you know you are experiencing something special. Many of the bedrooms have their own private pools, terraces, gardens with lily filled ponds and balconies with spectacular views, and are delicately scented with essence of orange blossom oil made from our own estate. Away from your room, there are many places to while away the days, discovering the nature of Atzaro.  Pools, spa, gardens and Large daybeds beds to relax in are dotted throughout the retreat, all designed to satisfy whatever your body may need.   Atzaro boasts the only open-air spa on the entire island, offering guests far more than a standard gym, with specialist training programmes taking place in the heart of nature, amongst beautiful landscaped gardens. A sauna, Hammam and gym are just a few of the factors that contribute to a space designed for connection with nature and disconnection from everything else.  The experience continues with health and well-being treatments, in the caring hands of their professional staff who are trained in oriental and western techniques, allowing you to find a place where you can forget everything but yourself.   With a clear focus on health and wellbeing, Atzaro also offers a morning sports & yoga programme which consists of yogalates, stretching, crossfit and pilates & yoga classes.  These classes are all designed to target muscle & mind work and give more effective and quicker results. 

Inspired by the owner’s family story, the new Atzaro interiors encapsulate the true essence of ‘Authentic Ibiza.’

Atzaro’s unique restaurant ‘La Veranda’ is more than a food establishment. It is healthy, light and exquisite, completed through the use of fresh seasonal products and ingredients from the hotel’s own gardens. Surrounded with the scents of orange blossom, rosemary and views of Mediterranean beauty, La Veranda has a clear commitment to Km 0 and healthy cooking.  The menu includes fresh salads with ingredients straight from the garden, flavoursome creamy soups and juices, fresh fish and prime quality meat.   Breakfast is served until midday and includes a variety of fresh fruit, cereals, fruit juices, cheese, local cured meats and home-made pies all meticulously prepared. The restaurant also offers its ‘Healthy Veranda Menu’, a perfect culinary experience for you to delve into a vegetarian menu, with healthy food which, as well as maximising flavours, aid wellbeing.  A ‘Tasting Menu’ is also available with aperitif, entrée, fish, meat and dessert for guests to enjoy the menu's most representative dishes. Both menus are perfect for exploring the essence of its culinary offering amongst this breathtaking setting. To soak in the nature that adorns Atzaró, you need to explore every nook and cranny. The team believe that it is only in this way that you can truly understand the natural spaces that are sure to leave you breathless if only for a moment. Have a cocktail or a natural juice, a glass of wine or an appetiser while enjoying nature in its purest possible form. There is an abundance of bars and terraces in which to sip upon a soothing beverage and while away the sun-flooded days and the moonlit nights. The Bubbles Bar is located in the SPA area where you can enjoy natural juices, teas and a selection of the healthiest and freshest products from La Veranda menu. Atzaro are well-regarded for their detoxing, enriching and invigorating Juices, served throughout the hotel. Fresh raw veggies are used in all the fresh juices, including carrots, apples, oranges, ginger, cucumber and more from the organic garden, all helping the body eliminate toxins, strengthen and energise. Natural juices can help the cardiovascular system, augment physical performance, lower blood pressure, maintain skin health, hair health, freshen breath and staves off tiredness till night time, on top of general health regulation.

If you are looking for something a little stronger, it’s an Atzaro Sommelier that you should turn to. The maitre can provide you with more than 130 connections with the best national and international wineries. Nothing worth drinking escapes their rigorous search for amazing wines. Atzaro guarantee that can experience a trip to any corner of the wine producing world and sample its delicacies. This is a place that all wine lovers should visit once in their life. With the help of the sommelier, you will be paired with the perfect wine for your specific tastes or meal.   Atzaro Hotel Ibiza is renowned for hosting some of the island’s most desirable, creative and exciting events, with a summer time schedule oozing with must-attend parties. From live music, to live paintings, fashion shows and internationallyacclaimed DJs , this is a piece of Ibiza that is alive with creativity, passion and heaps of soul. ABSOLUTE






ATZARO BEACH Atzaro Ibiza offers the very best of both worlds; secluded inland escapes and coastal hotspots to be to seen at. Overlooking the sea in Cala Nova, a short drive from inland Ibiza, lies Atzaro Beach Restaurant.   Enjoy spectacular views of the Mediterranean at this breathtaking venue that offers a wide range of Mediterranean dishes. Specialising in local beach fish like “Rotja”the “Gallo San Pedro”, fresh squid and  typical rice as “Fideuá” or  “Paella Mixta”, every dish sits with flavour in this Cala Nova restaurant.     Open all year round, this is a space designed to the last detail where you can gaze at the sunrise, admire the sea, feel the breeze and bask in the light of the north of the island.    Atzaro Beach Restaurant also offers a space for the children known as “Kids Corner” where they have everything the mini guests need for enjoyment and learning, including games, painting and much more. To ensure both youngsters and grown ups enjoy the experience, the Atzaro team host workshops and themed activities onsite, helping families feel like they are at home.   Synonymous with Atzaro Ibiza venues, the beach restaurant plays host to many an event throughout the year, with live music performances, promising the very finest in soul, jazz, and rock.   For those looking for a more relaxed setting to perch by the sea, Atzaro Ibiza brings you the laid-back, young and fun beach bar Atzaro Chiringuito - Cala Nova. Set right on the sand by the sea, this is a space to enjoy light, fresh and healthy food and chill out with cocktails and juices while listening to live music.  Whilst front of house screams the epitome of chilled out Ibiza vibes, behind the scenes the Atzaro team ensure there is nothing but detail-conscious presentation and excellent customer service that will ensure you have a great day at the beach.   At the Atzaro Chiringuito, you’ll have a menu bursting with perfect dishes for a day at the beach including fresh, seasonal food with home-grown Ibizan products. What’s more, what better way is there to enjoy a day by the sea than tucking into barbecued food? The combination of fresh, grilled fish and the sea breeze is second to none.


The cocktail list is a true delight; a vast array of blends prepared using top brands and natural juices by the expert hands of our bartenders. With the beach, food, drinks and attentive, friendly and professional service, this is the place to have it all. AUBERGINE    Located between Santa Gertrudis and San Miguel km 9.9, Atzaro Ibiza brings you a slice of gastronomic heaven, known as Aubergine.  Set upon a vine adorned terrace that is nestled upon a dreamy garden, itself set in Ibiza’s lush countryside, Aubergine offers fresh and local Mediterranean cuisine.  Picked straight from the garden, the menu sings with healthy organic dishes and a delicious juice menu.  Complete with a boutique shop and an art gallery featuring an ever-changing exhibition of the island’s most exciting artists, this is a chic and rural environment that provides both a family friendly atmosphere and a hideout to those who want to enjoy the quiet and slow pace of the north of the island.   The menu is ever-changing with the seasons and is served all day every day, with produce arriving fresh from ‘farm to table’.  What doesn’t change is the sheer consistency of the the quality of the salads, sharing plates and mains.  The kids in your group are also catered for, with delicious but parentpleasing super healthy options.  The wine is organic and water is purified there at Aubergine, using an impressive osmosis system. 

Whilst front of house screams the epitome of chilled out Ibiza vibes, behind the scenes the Atzaro team ensure there is nothing but detail-conscious presentation and excellent customer service

The wine is organic and water is purified there at Aubergine, using an impressive osmosis system.    In order to satisfy diners the whole year through, Aubergine boasts an additional snug and cosy internal restaurant space, featuring warm hues and a traditional fireplace, ready for when the sunshine months end and winter sets in.    All spaces can be hired for private celebrations, business dinners and lunches , including the outside terrace, the main house and internal dining rooms, catering for up to 120 guests.   For more information or to make a reservation, please visit






Listed as one of the ‘Top 100 Hotels in the world’ by Sunday Times Travel and winner of ‘Best Boutique Hotel’ by the prestigious White Ibiza Awards for three years running, Pikes hotel is set around sprawling fairytale gardens with a famous aquamarine pool. 


ovingly restored in 2011 by Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle founders of the worldfamous Ibiza Rocks brand, Pikes is a cultural hub and one of the few places worldwide that is genuinely steeped in a unique pedigree of authentic rock n roll history. Dawn Hindle and Andy McKay are founders of music brand Ibiza Rocks and owners of Pikes Hotel in Ibiza. They were also the co-founders of Manumission, the biggest and most famous club night in the world that launched in 1993 with over 1.5 million visitors over 15 years that gained global notoriety and redefined nightclubbing. In 2005 they recognised the shift in youth culture and launched Ibiza Rocks that pioneered the social rejuvenation of the island. Dawn Hindle is also co-founder of True Rocks jewellery. A rock ’n'roll meets kitsch designer jewellery label famous for their collaborations with Brit artists Gavin Turk and Polly Morgan available at Liberty in London and Pikes was originally created in the late 1970’s by the legendary Tony Pike. For the last few decades Pikes has been a playground for the music and film elite with regular guests including artists such as Grace Jones, Tony Curtis, Spandau Ballet, George Michael (who filmed ‘Club Tropicana’ in the pool) and Freddie Mercury who held his 41st birthday party there.  Last year Primal Scream held their after-party at Pikes (attended by Kate Moss and Jade Jagger) and highlights included a photographic exhibition by fashion and celebrity and portrait photographer Diana Gomez, where illuminated images of icons such as Courtney Love and Jaime Winstone were dotted around the grounds and even sunk into the swimming pool. 

If you’re feeling sporty, there is a neon pink tennis court, whirlpool tub, and a variety of massages, fitness and yoga classes offered in the 'Rockovery' tent day to night. There are 25 comfortable and spacious rooms and junior suites as well as a gorgeous vast apartment ‘La Residencia’, with walls hung with stunning photographic images by Victor Spinelli, Jerome Ferriere and other artists. Each room has a whimsical character and sexy Balearic feel, with décor that gives a nod to the hotel’s rock’n'


roll roots with added extras such as one room with a vintage record player or a sunken bathtub inside another.

Pikes Hotel represents the original creative, Balearic energy of the island and for 2018 Pikes will be hosting a raft of the best cutting-edge art, literary, food, music and popup events throughout the season. This year Pikes are celebrating 40 years since octogenarian founder Tony Pike landed on the White Isle way back in the late 1970’s.  To mark the occasion a beautifully designed coffee table book about Tony’s life has been put together by author Matt Trollope packed full of glossy images that span the last few decades featuring a raft of iconic Pikes guests including Grace Jones and Freddie Mercury.  The book will be available to purchase this summer from the Pikes website.

On the arts and culture front for 2018, Pikes are raising the bar with a very special charity exhibition in September to raise funds and awareness for the The Hepatitis C Trust. Curated by long-time friend of Pikes, Gemma Peppe,  Ibiza On A Postcard will be a huge collection of unique postcards of Ibiza photographs displayed in a giant Dome in Pikes’ famous neon pink tennis court. Expect a fabulous mixture of vintage club shots, famous faces and interesting Ibiza moments that have rarely been seen from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day.

This year Pikes are celebrating 40 years since octogenarian founder Tony Pike landed on the White Isle way back in the late 1970’s.

The foodie credentials at Pikes act as yet another magnet to the discerning traveller and has recently been hailed as ‘Five-Star Delicious’ by ES Magazine. ‘Pikes Kitchen,’ Head Chef Lee Milne’s team is stronger than ever for the 2018 season with a number of passionate new Chefs with a wealth of culinary experience to add to Pikes kitchen. New this season are Sous Chef Kevin Brown (formerly from the Michelin starred ‘The Angler’ in Moorgate) as well as Pastry Chef Will Miles who will be baking some delicious new artisan desserts & breads. In terms of menu choices highly recommended this year is the Pressed Lamb Belly served with Roasted Sprouts, Fennel Flower & Black Garlic emulsion for the meat lovers or pescatarians, the ragout of cuttlefish with squid ink Linguini & lemon basil. Vegetarians will love last years winner the 11 spiced Cauliflower with toasted seeds, smoked Aioli & pickled grapes.   Pikes will be continuing to promote above all Spanish wines. Red recommendations include the Hacienda Monestario Reserva from the Ribera del Duero. With a luscious, opulent palate & a velvety texture, it’s an experience from start to finish. In white, surprisingly good is ‘Forlong’, a Pedro Jimenez/ Palomino blend from Cadiz. Floral, perfumed & fresh with a lovely acidity that works really well with fish.

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit





PRIVADIA It was a sunny afternoon in Brighton back in 2016 when we received our first call from Harvey Mason, the commercial director at Privadia. The timing couldn't have been better as we were already quite deep in thought about how and when we were going to launch ‘Absolute Ibiza’, the magazine we are proud to be placed in your hands as you read this today.


itting it off from the very outset, we quickly identified a partnership opportunity and we are now happy to introduce Privadia as one of our main on-island collaborators who have helped us to put a great foundation in place for the magazine to launch, flourish and grow in 2018. Since the conception of Privadia less than 3 years ago in March 2016, the partnership between Absolute and Privadia has allowed us to keep a close eye on how they’ve progressed and in the short time we’ve known these guys, it’s quite clear that their ambitious team aren’t stopping until they meet their long-term vision of becoming Europe's leading business to business supplier of high end luxury villas.

If you were lucky enough to grab a copy of our 2017 August issue, which included our Ibiza supplement, then you’ll already know a little bit about Privadia. For those that didn’t, Privadia’s main operation is based in Ibiza and the company has quickly positioned itself as one of the island’s leading luxury villa rentals companies. As the supplier of over 200 licensed and individually inspected properties to partners listed all over the globe, they have managed to carve a unique approach to renting villas to the high flyers of the world.

An ever evolving market

Rewind only 10-15 years and renting a villa over and above booking a hotel or a self catering apartment for your holiday was most definitely out of the ordinary. It was only seen as an option for the rich, famous and those ‘in the know’ about how to even book such a thing. Even if you were lucky enough to experience a villa holiday, there was certainly no way of picking up your mobile phone, searching through your options and then punching in your credit card details to make it happen. In actual fact, in those days you had to trust an agency to pick you something (in some cases without even seeing any pictures), then send a cheque in the post to make payment, and then remain completely in the dark about whether the villa even existed. You kept your fingers crossed that everything would be ok right up until the moment you landed in a foreign country (along with your whole family, including kids, suitcases and the hire car you’ve just queued up for 3 hours to collect), only to rely on a printed map (photo copied with a few arrows and circles added with a highlighter pen provided by the villa owner) to try guide you to your destination... And this was supposed to be a holiday!


Fast forward to 2018 and things are very different. Ibiza aside, the villa rental market has exploded over recent years and we now have billion dollar companies like AirBnB, Onefinestay and Luxury Retreats to name a few competing for market share. Booking a €100,000 per week villa via your mobile phone has also become a reality and the customer service that follows is now second to none. To put this in perspective, competing hotel companies are now deciding to enter the market, proven by the recent acquisition of the leading villa rental agency Onefinestay by Accor Hotels, one of the largest hotel companies in the world. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em comes to mind here!

Bringing this back to Privadia and our beautiful little island, Ibiza, you only need to spend a few hours here to realise that the villa rental market has evolved to new heights. At the super high end, where the rich and famous have now progressed to, you have the option to rent many €100,000 per week luxury properties, but more importantly, it’s the more ‘affordable’ villas that have made the biggest impact on the tourism industry. Groups and families have quickly caught on and have realised that although a villa at €20,000 per week can still sound crazy expensive, if the property sleeps 12 people for example, that’s just over €1600 per person. All of a sudden, that’s not out of the realms of your young professional or middle aged group, meaning Luxury Villas have now become totally obtainable by average folks like you and I…

You only need to spend a few hours here to realise that the villa rental market has evolved to new heights.”

Couple this with the ever growing demand in Ibiza, driven by its spiritual energy, uncomparable nightlife and growing popularity amongst families and the none-raver, it’s no surprise that even though there are literally 1000’s of villas available for rent here, availability is sparse for those that leave it until last minute. There is a huge range of what have to be some of the most impressive properties in the world here in Ibiza. Take Villa Titanium as an example - this place takes debautary to a whole new level. There is literally nothing that this place doesn’t have from a boxing ring, through to an in-house beauty salon, nightclub, gym, spa, industrial level kitchens, you name it… At the other end of the spectrum, quaint little two bedroom fincas in the middle of nowhere with their own orchid and orange trees provide the ultimate retreat for relaxation and zen like holidays. Ibiza really does offer it all. As we’ve been working with Privadia since the planning stages of Absolute Ibiza and taking all the above into consideration, we couldn’t wait to sit down with them to discuss the past, present and future of their growing business, and boy are they going for it. We caught up with Managing Director Stuart Glen for the full lowdown…




So, Stuart. Exactly who are Privadia and what do you guys do? Co founded with Nick Thompson under the brand name ‘Stay Ibiza’ back in February 2013, we rebranded the company as Privadia when Harvey joined in August 2015 and we’re now very lucky to have 10 additional and fantastic staff members in the team. Underpinned by our technology, we’re a business to business focused service that supplies over 200 Ibiza based Luxury Villas to over 300 agency partners all over the world.

Business to business? Can you elaborate? Sure… so as Ibiza has become more and more popular with new tourists from all over the world, more and more travel agents are keen to start listing the amazing range of luxury villas that the island has for offer. We act as a one stop shop for such travel agents by standardising the supply of over 200 luxury villas. We take care of the properties, they take care of the client, creating the perfect marriage. We also offer other services like branded check-ins, welcome packs and concierge.

We’ve seen some of your villas which are truly amazing. What’s the most expensive property you have on offer? If I had a euro for every time I get asked this question I would be semi-retired, haha! No, it’s always interesting to find out how far the rich and famous are willing to go when deciding their holiday budget. We have some properties that rent for over €100,000 per week, but our average rental is usually around €20,000. Ibiza has most definitely become a destination for high net worths and some of the villa prices here certainly reflect that. You’ve mentioned the rich and the ‘famous’. Can you divulge some of the famous people you have rented to? Due to our commitments to their confidentiality, unfortunately not. However, you only need to read the national press to see who’s visited. Last year Conor McGregor was very open about his visit and it’s pretty common knowledge that Ibiza sees regular visits from the likes of Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue, Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kate Moss to name a few.


Ibiza has most definitely become a destination for high net worths and some of the villa prices here certainly reflect that.”


We noticed that you recently ventured into real estate as well as rentals. How has that gone for you? Correct, we started to look into different real estate opportunities from September 2016 onwards and have since sold over twenty million euros worth of properties, Es Vive Hotel being our biggest claim to fame. Mix that in with a few apartment sales and a handful of villas and considering it’s not our core business, we haven’t done too badly. However, we have recently made a new announcement which will redefine how we continue with real estate and you can read more about this later in this article. It sounds like you’ve pretty much mastered Ibiza. What’s next for Privadia? We are most certainly making good progress here in Ibiza, but there’s still a way to go before I would say we’ve mastered it. Although we are proud of what we’ve achieved in such a short period of time (and I think most of that success is down to our unique business model), going forward we have ambitious plans to roll our model out in other destinations. At first we will be keeping it pretty local but eventually we plan to cover most luxury destinations in Europe. In any event, home is where the heart is and Ibiza will always remain our base and homeland.

We heard that you’re moving? Tell us more! Well, rather than ‘moving’, we’re expanding with a second office. We have grown out of our current home in Cala Llonga which we’ve been working from since 2013 and are now moving most of our operations to a shared office with the real estate company, Lucas Fox. The new space is in Santa Eulalia, situated on the port, so will provide a much more pleasant backdrop for our team members to enjoy each day while they’re hard at work. Not only that, with Santa Eulalia becoming even more of an Ibiza hot spot, we feel it’s the perfect next step for Privadia’s expansion. Couple that with our recent partnership announcement with Lucas Fox and everything seems to have slotted into place nicely.




Realistic about real estate… As Stuart has subtly touched on in his interview on previous page, Privadia embarked on a plan back in September 2016 to expand its brand into real estate. But as its core business is in luxury villa rentals, an executive decision has been made to re-think this strategy and as part of this feature the guys wanted to make an official announcement about their new partnership with the ever expanding real estate company, Lucas Fox. So, why the change in strategy? As already touched on above, although we’ve seen significant success in real estate, there’s no doubts that villa rentals and villas sales are two completely different businesses. Yes, there is lots of synergy between the two, but in our opinion, the same team cannot successfully master both. We started as a rental agency, that’s what we’re experts in and that’s the industry we plan to expand in, and as we have such a clear strategy and plan to do just that, we felt it would be much more sensible to put 100% of our focus in doing so. With that in mind, we needed to rethink our approach to real estate. Ok, so what’s the plan? We have now signed an official partnership with the Barcelona based real estate agency Lucas Fox. They have been present in Ibiza for over 10 years now and are about to push forward with a heavyweight campaign which will see the brand become more and more predominant in Ibiza.

Quite simply, any opportunities presented to Privadia that relate to real estate will be pursued and managed by Lucas Fox. We feel that both of our brands reflect each other extremely well and rather than Privadia trying to undertake what is fundamentally a second business, we would rather leave our clients in the capable hand of a 150 staff strong, super experienced and credible company that is dedicated to the job in hand. It’s the perfect marriage.


We have now signed an official partnership with the Barcelona based real estate agency Lucas Fox.”


When will all this be in place? Everything is already tied up and in place now, as we speak. From only a few days ago, the partnership has been agreed and all forthcoming real estate opportunities will be managed through Lucas Fox. We already have a number of projects in the wings which we’re very excited to see come to fruition.

What about the Open House events you guys do, last year’s was amazing. Do you have any planned in 2018? Oh yes, we had an absolute ball last year in the Palacio and we received amazing feedback on the event. This type of thing worked so well here in Ibiza and we will most certainly being doing more events this year, only this year they will be in association with Lucas Fox, of which we’re very excited about. Visit to see the video and pictures from last years Open House event with IU Mag and DJ Todd Terry. So as the interview came to an extremely chilled, relaxed yet excitable end, it was quite clear that the Privadia team are taking significant steps to move forward with their growing business in Ibiza. It will be very interesting to see how their overseas expansion and new strategic partnerships take shape over the next 12 months. No doubt we’ll be sitting down again in the sun over another Caña or three to see how things unfolded… Good luck guys! Absolute



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being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”




IBIZA POLO CLUB Ibiza is well known as a glamorous travel destination for people and celebrities from all over the world. However, it’s not just the beaches, the bars, the restaurants and the clubs that are attracting the masses. IBIZA POLO CLUB is the meeting point of all international polo players.


he polo club in Ibiza was founded 7 years ago and it is now one of the most vibrant, lively and popular polo clubs in Europe. For several years now, Ibiza has gained a shining reputation amongst polo players and polo lovers. Ibiza and polo are without any doubt the perfect combination of sport and an elegant lifestyle. The island gives the opportunity to play polo almost all year round and offers the visitor so much more than polo, pristine beaches, nature, ocean sports, amazing food and wine and the best music and parties on the planet.

In the heart of Ibiza you will find IBIZA POLO CLUB, which is the only Royal Spanish Federation’s delegate in the Balearics and the first polo club in the region where you can play the sport of kings. The club opened in 2011 and today it is one of the most unique places in the world to play. It is situated in the heart of Ibiza, just 15 minutes from the Old Town, Marina and Port in San Lorenzo which belongs to the town hall of San Joan de Labritja. The atmosphere on this part of the island is amazing. You are surrounded by nature with it’s famous Ibizan almond, orange and lemon trees orchards, the main factor that attracted so many great restaurants and boutique hotels to establish in this part of the island.

What makes the IBIZA POLO CLUB so special? For starters, it is the only facility to play polo on the Balearic island. Even more unique is the fact that it is the place where all polo players of all levels are welcome and they have that home feeling when they are visiting the club. For beginners, the Club is ideal to start polo in a relaxed, fun, and comfortable way. Children, teenagers and adults are introduced to the sport with the care and guidance of the highly professional teachers. For the more experienced player, the Club allows chukkas to be played in a friendly atmosphere or players can participate in one of the regular tournaments. Finally, for professionals, Ibiza is the ideal spot to take a break and release the tension of the European tournaments while still keeping fit and fine tuned. While in Ibiza, players can enjoy a relaxed game and then wind down at a beach bar afterwards. This is why IBIZA POLO CLUB attracts some of the best players in the world. It’s a magical place; a place where tournaments are held in the club almost every week during the summer season, and these tournaments were created especially for the fans, passionately in love with polo.

From the very beginning, Gabriel Iglesias the founder and owner of the club has been the driving force behind polo in Ibiza. In July 2010, when the 1st Ibiza Beach Polo Cup was launched, he brought together the highest handicap players from all over the world. In the following years, the world’s best player, Adolfo Cambiaso, visited twice, and he also inaugurated the outdoor arena of the IBIZA POLO CLUB while participating in the 3rd Ibiza Beach Polo Cup.

Even more unique is the fact that it is the place where all polo players of all levels are welcome and they have that home feeling when they are visiting the club. For beginners, the Club is ideal to start polo in a relaxed, fun, and comfortable way.” ABSOLUTE



The Ibiza Polo Club is famous for its hospitality parties – and what is Ibiza without parties? Gabriel and his beautiful wife, Eva arrange fun to the fullest and always find new places: beautiful restaurants, rooftop parties by the sea, the famous Argentinian asados (barbeque). The guests and polo friends of the club are warmly welcomed to enjoy the games sitting on couches in the shade of the bar. Watching a polo game as the summer sun is preparing to set down in Ibiza is one of the most exciting views that you can experience. The entire experience can be perfectly described in only a few words: endless fun, laughter and friendship. Plus you might also bump into some celebrities like Gypsy Kings, Paris Hilton, Bjorn Borg, Virginia Da Cunha. Throughout the years the tournaments have been attended by some of the top personalities in polo, including illustrious names such as the successive presidents of the Royal Spanish Federation of Polo, Nicolás Álvarez and Jaime Espinosa de los Monteros, as well as a selection of famous players such as Nick Roldan, Adolfo Cambiaso, Alejandro Novillo Estrada and Andrea Vianini.

One of the most loved polo tournaments in Ibiza is the Father and Son Polo Cup. This year will be the third edition. This competition is the perfect opportunity to show that polo is a family activity where tradition is deeply rooted as if the passion for this sport was passes on genetically. At the same time, it is worth pointing out that every year the club organises two dedicated Ladies Polo Cups and one Mixed Polo Cup where every team is formed

One of the most loved polo tournaments in Ibiza is the Father and Son Polo Cup. This year will be the third edition. This competition is the perfect opportunity to show that polo is a family activity 150

by two ladies and two men. In recent years the Ladies Polo Cup has become very popular, with players from Singapore, China, England, Germany, France, Andorra, Argentina, Sweden, Peru, Rusia participating. Riding a horse is an excellent sport for women because muscles get toned fast. Polo requires two very feminine qualities which are agility and precision, so women are without a doubt instinctive polo players. The IBIZA POLO CLUB gives special attention to women who are interested in this sport. Therefore, they are all welcome, aspiring or professional, to visit the club, join the polo school and participate in tournaments. Let us also not forget about the famous Ibiza Beach Polo Cup that occurs every year in August, with the 9th year this summer. This is one of the most highly anticipated polo tournaments. Every year more than 8 teams compete in the sand arena and fight for the the cup that just few years ago was won by Adolfo Cambiaso.




IBIZA POLO CLUB This is without doubt quite a young polo club. Although it doesn’t have a long tradition behind it, it does have an amazing amount of energy and willingness to stand out and to offer amazing experiences for its members and visitors. Over the last three seasons the club was very active with a great tournaments agenda, with more than 12 tournaments every year. Not only does the club has offer a great opportunity to the polo players from all over the world to enjoy this field and the great Ibiza atmosphere but also the Ibiza Polo Club Polo Team has traveled the world and connected the Ibiza Polo Club with other major polo clubs from Mexico, Thailand, Dubai, USA, Bangkok, Monte Carlo. The Club has its horses classified by categories (currently the Club owns 40 horses): special horses for beginners, which are docile and easy to ride and for intermediate level, faster horses are available for experienced riders. Finally there are the top horses which are suitable for the expert polo players. With all these assets combined, it is no wonder that the most prestigious Polo Schools in the world, such as Cambridge University Polo Club and Oxford University Polo Club travel every year in March to Ibiza Polo Club for a week of polo training in preparation for the UK grass season and some of the most important fixtures including La Martina Varsity Match and the Atlantic Cup. As their captains explained, the teams are very excited to be training in Ibiza, as the UK at this time of year is not known for its bright sunshine and rain free days. The chance to train on grass before the UK season begins is invaluable for the important fixtures at the start of the UK season. It’s not only the world renown polo schools that are excited to travel to Ibiza to play polo. Ibiza Polo Club School welcomes beginners, including children from 7 years old and up.

IBIZA POLO CLUB offers businesses a fascinating experience to develop strategy and collective team consciousness. It unites colleagues while they learn to play polo as a team, and is more accessible than many people believe. It is exhilarating and provides many individual challenges that develops confidence in ability. Each team has 4 players playing on the grass field or 3 players playing in the sand arena. It’s crucial that each player works together with his colleagues to win. This develops communication and enhances the team mindset. In polo, the talent of each player relies on their teammates developing communication skills. On the field, they have to respond quickly to every situation. The collective strategy is as important as the individual skill of

each player. This creates a need and willingness to develop a common solution to problems. The game is an exciting challenge that tests the physical and mental ability of each player. It is a truly unique experience that the team will remember. Safety comes first. Insurance is mandatory for all the players and world-class instructors conduct every lesson. The horses are all highly trained and your teams safety and comfort is their primary concern.

IBIZA POLO CLUB itself offers a whole host of facilities. The Reception is open all week for information about registrations, sponsorship opportunities, polo school, private lessons, tournaments and practices.  The club offers excellent facilities, a player’s dressing room, bathrooms, showers and a massage room.

The club boasts 60 stables that are spacious, comfortable and perfectly ventilated. They have automatic watering, and the horses are bedded on a hypo-allergenic natural bedding.

A 300 square meter roofed deck shelters the spectators and VIP guests so they can comfortably enjoy a polo game . There is a fully stocked bar and catering is available on pre-request. The size of the sand arena is 80 x 40 meters. This is the alternative field to the grass field when it rains and it is the ideal place to practice beach polo or fine tune your field techniques. 

There are three fenced paddocks, each one of 60 x 60 meters for the horses to relax and graze in. The club also provide smaller paddocks for individual strings and have a sand exercise track of 450 meters to keep the horses fit and ready to play. The Polo Field itself is a 250 x 140 meters, grass field.  The IBIZA POLO CLUB has its own clothing brand which is available at the exclusive club shop. Known as a one-stop shop for all things polo, the shop also stocks an extensive range of polo whites, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, boots, helmets, knee pads and polo goggles. You can also find quality reins, bridles, saddles and other equipment from trusted international suppliers to ensure your equine partner is fully kitted out. For more information, please visit

IBIZA POLO CLUB offers businesses a fascinating experience to develop strategy and collective team consciousness. It unites colleagues while they learn to play polo as a team ABSOLUTE



Luxury Villa Rentals, Ibiza | | +34 871 150 430

Privadia Puerto Deportivo Santa Eulària, Local 5 Zona IV 07840 Santa Eulària del Río, Spain

Proud of our official Real Estate partnership with Lucas Fox





BOHEMIAN BOAT CHARTERS Take to the magical Mediterranean Sea in true, relaxed Spanish style for an adventure you’ll remember forever with Bohemian Boat Charters.


f you think the white isle of Ibiza is just for party-goers, think again. Over the last few years, authentic Ibizan charm, crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches have enticed holiday-makers looking for respite, recuperation and relaxation. And what better way to experience this than by taking to the sun-kissed waters to privately explore the breathtaking coastline’s rock formations, snorkel, or find your own slice of secluded beach – all in a traditional Spanish llaut?

Bohemian Boat Charters is owned by Zander Combe, a former London insurance company underwriter turned adventure tour operator. After living in India and operating motorcycle tours all across Asia for over a decade, Zander moved to Ibiza a year ago, to enjoy a slower pace of life and to create Bohemian Boat Charters. “Ibiza is a very special place,” he tells us. “I love the island as a whole and the people who live here. The climate is also amazing.”

“I set up Bohemian Boat Charters as it’s very hard to find self-drive boat rentals in Ibiza and I found no-one was renting out something authentic to the Balearics. It’s all yachts and speed boats!” Instead of swanky super-yachts, the rustic fleet of Spanish llauts make for a beautiful, slow day (or sunset cruise) at sea – and instead of being about speed, it’s more about leisurely exploring at your very own pace.

The three locally made llauts are carefully converted traditional Spanish boats and are perfect for beginners through to seasoned boaters to navigate. Available for hire by day, they are well-maintained and equipped so that all you have to do is jump on-board and enjoy Ibiza’s coastline. To make sure that your experience is even more relaxing, Bohemian Boat Charters provide you with a luxurious picnic hamper and a built-in music system. All that’s left to do is just lie back and enjoy your day at sea. The boats have been fitted with state-of-the-art GPS to guide you effortlessly on your trip, as you become your very own captain. This pre-set route gives peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your time – without worry about your safety or getting lost.


All that’s left to do is just lie back and enjoy your day at sea.” Each boat is powered by a 12hp horsepower outboard engine, and a deep "V" hull, giving it the feel of a much larger boat, so that when you potter around the coastline or picnic on your deserted beach you can enjoy the day with complete confidence. “Our llauts have been modernised and upgraded,” Zander explains. “They are very comfortable, slow-paced and perfect for a chilled-out day at sea discovering the coastline in the north the island.”

The charter company’s most popular hire is the stunning Mirapeix, a boat big enough for four. However, as Zander tells us, it’s not just family and friend foursomes who love to enjoy this beautiful boat. “We have three boats including a bigger five person boat,” he says, “but lots of couples going on a romantic outing seem to like Mirapeix, with its pretty woodwork, best.”

Of course, it’s not just loved-up couples sailing out for a lazy day with the rugged coastline and dreamy blue sea as the backdrop, but families and groups of friends too – it seems especially popular with girls wanting to get-together to treat themselves to a day of bohemian luxury. “We have couples and families booking our boats, but mostly we have groups of girls. I think the ladies like our services because they can get away from the men and have a great day out without too much speed and adrenaline!” Zander laughs.

Whether you drift out for a romantic cruise, a family float or a relaxed day with friends, there’s plenty to see and do. Claim your very own beach, marvel at the amazing coastline, explore the hidden caves and seek your own peace, as you gently lap amongst the waves.

“One of my most favourite things to do when hiring a llaut for the day is to head to a quiet cove, snorkel, relax and have an amazing picnic in a deserted spot with no-one else there,” Zander tells us. “We also have sound systems on the boats so listening to music while on-board is up there for me too!” It’s this taking time out, with your nearest and dearest, that Zander – and his customers – enjoy so much about getting on a gorgeous boat and sailing off for the day. “Life is very fast and stressful,” he says. “Take a slow boat for a day by yourself and really get a chance to relax properly. It’s not that often we get an opportunity to do this and that’s precisely what Bohemian Boat Charters offers. Slow paces and a safe and fun day out at sea with no interference from a captain telling you what you can and can’t do!” Discover more about Bohemian Boat Charters at and




The reactions from people and the joy they bring is second to none.”


’ve been coming to Ibiza for years and I have a special bond with the place. I’ve seen so many sides to the island and I’m still not sure why I love it so much. All I know is that I’ve travelled the world and I keep getting drawn back to this feeling of home and excitement, more so than anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s similar to Bali for me in that if you give yourself to the island and you are open as a person it makes you open up to others in a way that few places and situations do. Ibiza is a time machine for me. Ibiza changes people and it certainly changed me.

I met my wife Caroline on a mountain top skiing. Although it sounds like a cliché, the moment I saw her I decided I was going to marry her. It took me several months to get her to go on a date with me, but once she did, one of the first places I took her to was Ibiza, where she had not previously been. I knew the island would deliver for me and I knew she would love it. Fast forward a few years and Ibiza was the place where we got married and now we run the Mustang business in Ibiza together. The island presented me with an opportunity that was so unique and special. I had been coveting a 1968 fastback Mustang for years after watching my neighbour park his in our street in London, making my modern car seem like an alien. A friend of mine had started to import some classic cars from the US and finally I thought to myself “let’s buy some Mustangs and enjoy them on the amazing drives in Ibiza!” So I called him and said “let’s do this!!!” I flew down to Ibiza and drove a classic Mustang around the country roads and my feeling was confirmed: that this was the place to drive classic Mustangs! With the help and support of my beautiful wife we decided to throw everything at it and make our dreams and the dreams of our future customers come true.

The more we started to realise our dream of offering classic Mustangs in Ibiza, the more we wanted it and we brought more Mustangs to the island. The latest two cars we’ve added to the fleet are a 1965 289 V8 convertible in red and a 1967 302 V8 convertible in baby blue. We purchased the cars in Somerset in England from a man who had about 50 exotic cars, all kept in a purpose built garage. The red convertible is a prize-winning show car, so we are super excited about this one! Instead of shipping them to Ibiza, such is the confidence we have in our cars, we decided to do a road trip through Europe and drive them all the way to Ibiza ourselves! The trip was a huge success and a proper Mustang Adventure! The reactions from people and the joy they bring is second to none. Driving the cars is like being a curator in a museum but an interactive one! We had to fix some bits and pieces on the way but that just got us to understand the vehicles more and appreciate each of their unique characteristics. Once we got to Ibiza we put the cars into our pony stables. Our extremely skilled mechanic has given them the love and care that they require on a regular basis and they are both running like a dream. 

I flew down to Ibiza and drove a classic Mustang around the country roads and my feeling was confirmed: that this was the place to drive classic Mustangs!”


The thing with these cars is they get under your skin. They look gorgeous and the noise is like nothing else. Especially one of the red convertibles in our fleet, it sounds like pure hell fire due to an after market exhaust system Even the standard cars we have with v8 engines sound incredible. Interestingly, they all sound slightly different. And they all feel slightly different too. That is the beauty of classic cars: each car is different from the next. Our Mustangs have all lived full lives (50+ yrs!), they have all developed their own unique characters and their own personalities, to match ours. Some of the boys who look after the cars for us have even given them their own names! We encourage everyone to try these cars out! Everyone loves Mustangs because they are the peoples car, the original pony, born from a time when such a muscle car really was attainable, not just exclusively for people with money but for the people. They are an event, a pantomime of the automotive world, a time machine and Ibiza is their playground. And Ibiza is so much more than just going from the hotel pool to the beach and on to the restaurants and clubs. It is a truly stunning island with so much variation, in spite of its fairly small size: rolling hills, farm land and olive groves, dramatic mountains, coastline with crystal clear water, picturesque little villages, and much more.




Experience all the beauty the island has to offer in a car to match it! With the high suspension these cars they can go down most small country roads, so you can really have a Mustang adventure! A match made in heaven...for me and I hope for you too. Cars Mustang Adventures in Ibiza gives you the ultimate form of travel, the most bold statement on four wheels and the ultimate party escape, available in a range of colours. Introducing the 1960’s Ford Mustang!

Blue with white stripes: Who said go faster stripes were for teenagers? Embrace your inner eighteen year old because this Mustang is writing cheques it certainly can cash! With a 289 cubic inch V8 at the front, an automatic transmission in the middle, and noise coming from the back, this pony has just come out our purpose built workshop and is ready to gallop!

Blue with black stripes: It has the hardcore look, it has the hardcore engine and this 289 v8 'black stripe' is a weapon on the road! Linked up to an original 3 speed auto means you can enjoy every rev of the powerful engine. It is one of the fastest cars in the fleet, and with it being a hard top, one of the best handling too. The unusual colour combination means it gets just as many looks as the drop tops.

Red automatic convertible: Want the original feel? Just like how it was in 1965? Then feast your eyes, and certainly in this case, your ears too, with our 1965 Mustang 289 Convertible. Candy red on cream leather, original set up as far as breaks and steering to give an authentic feel. Don't, however, think this pony is all talk and no trot, because under the hood is a fully reworked 289 cubic inch (or 4.7 litres) v8 motor, pumping around 270 bhp to the wheels and what sounds like the ultimate in automotive orchestras to the exhaust. 4 speed automatic lets you sit back and relax. Baby blue convertible: Moody blue, called as such because the only thing she likes is open road! Despite the very clean baby blue exterior, this car has the biggest and most powerful engine in the fleet; a 302 cubic inch V8, linked up to a sequential style racing 4 speed gear box. The big engine makes a smooth ride at whatever speeds, but should the mood take you, you can leave most other cars on the island in your dust!

Black Straight Six: For those who want to look as good as it gets, here is our black beauty with a gorgeous contrasting red pony leather interior. Under the hood lies a straight six engine which provides a lovely purr. If you want to cruise the country roads of Ibiza in a smooth and stylish fashion, look no where else.

Moody blue, called as such because the only thing she likes is open road!”


Red manual convertible: For our involved drivers, we have our 4 speed manual, 289 v8. Drop the hood, put it in gear, and leave bystanders sick with envy. Candy red with a beautiful cream and red interior means you get to enjoy the inside just as much as the out. This is one of our most prized cars, fully kitted, including power assisted steering. Whether you want to hit some mountain roads, or just cruise around town, this is the car for you! Silver Mercedes: Mustang Adventures has a very special car in the fleet, bringing you Mercedes Adventures with a 1970's 280S. With power brakes and hydraulic steering, this car was top of the range back in the day. Just to throw a little originality into the big comfy cruiser, it actually has a factory manual gear box, so you can actually have some fun while looking like you own the island.



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SMART CHARTER I B I Z A Young and ambitious, Smart Charter Ibiza is the largest boat-charter company in Ibiza. Beginning life as just a small charter business with a single boat, the business started 2018 with a grand total of forty within the company and have now been acquired by a global leader in luxury boat rental - Boatsetter.


Dynamic, ambitious and innovative, yet still remaining both fun and professional, Smart Charter Ibiza’s focus on customer experience is what set it aside from many other charter services on Ibiza. A personalised and stress free experience propelled by the fact that the company owned all of its boats, which offers maximum flexibility, reliability and peace of mind for clients.

o-founded in 2013 by islanders Charlie Veale and Alessandra Grisoni, Smart Charter Ibiza’s growth is simply unparalleled. Both business partners and friends, Charlie and Alessandra’s story of success is one fuelled by the immense energy they instilled throughout the company from the bottom up.

“We started off as a boat charter company with one boat and now have a fleet of 40,” says Charlie;“then there is the sales side of the business where we buy, sell and rent, as well as acting as a broker.” An avid lover of boats from a young age and a former boat-captain himself, Charlie looked for a way to build on his passion and knowledge of the industry in its beginning; “I have always loved boats and after working as a captain, I thought, ‘this is great fun’ and began to look at ways I could build on it. In our second year we bought another boat and were introduced to our investor who brought with him two more.This meant great financial support, which has allowed us to expand rapidly over a very short space of time.”


“We moved from offering boats of around seven metres long to twenty- five metres, offering a wide range of boats for people of all budgets” says co-founder Alessandra. “We’d get rentals from local islanders from March and this is a great source of repeat business. It’s always nice to see the familiar faces each year.”

Smart Charter Ibiza’s focus on customer experience is what set it aside from many other charter services on Ibiza.”




Smart Charter Ibiza’s rapid rise to the top is testament to the fact that with quality comes reward.

Now in 2018, Boatsetter, the world’s number 1 Boat-Rental Community, has acquired Smart Charter Ibiza. This acquisition is the first international acquisition of Boatsetter and reinforces Boatsetter's positioning in international markets by providing them with the Smart Charter team’s first-rate talent, including: sales, business development and yacht management; a handpicked group of boating and sailing experts who are also Ibiza and Mallorca residents, offering Boatsetter customers local insight into the island. Boatsetter now offers the highest quality day charters with exclusive partnerships with the top hotels and concierges in the Balearic islands, such as Nobu Ibiza Bay, Hard Rock Ibiza and the Pacha Hotel.

“Our vision of making boating accessible to everyone, everywhere is being executed with this acquisition. Boatsetter, the #1 boat rental community, brings a world-class experience now to our customers in the Mediterranean, and this will begin our expansion in this region”, said Pablo Vidal, Managing Director of Boatsetter Europe.


“Boatsetter gives us the chance to scale our business, use world-class technology and use our experience to accelerate growth and expansion in the Med”, mentioned Charlie Vale, now former managing director of Smart Charters and appointed as Head of Sales at Boatsetter.

Boatsetter now offers the highest quality day charters with exclusive partnerships with the top hotels and concierges in the Balearic islands.”









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