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Editor O ver the past 7 years, our team of

writers and reviewers have searched Ibiza to discover the very best of

this magical island. Now, as we take a look back at our encounters and expeditions pre covid plus new experiences and businesses that have launched post covid, we have narrowed down this extensive list to bring you our guide to the

ultimate must-visit places for you to add to your bucket list! as we all get back to normal life we encourage you all to dream again and experience again, the world is open again, so lets get out there and start living.




biza is widely recognised as the party capital of the world, notorious for its round the clock clubbing and beach parties. From the moment you arrive at the airport, and all along the road into the city, you can see billboards for superstar DJs and nightclubs. However, as clubbers on half of the island rave in smoke and lasers and buy their way into VIP booths, there is a new set of island goers emerging. Loosely labeled as the islands “other side” Ibiza has become a hub for wellness and wellbeing, with restaurants, spas, fitness bootcamps and retreats. http://ibiza.travel/en/



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ALL NATURAL SUN SYSTEM Enjoy the benefits of broad s pectrum UV protection without harmful chemicals. Our sun system is fre e of coral & skin damaging ingredients and is b iod e gradable in aquatic systems. One dollar per product donated to coral cons ervation. Learn more at www .people4oc ean.co.uk

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he 'White Island' has a well-earned reputation for being the ultimate party destination, with hedonistic tourists and serious music lovers flocking there every summer for decades. But amongst the throng of the party people, it's easy to overlook the history and culture soaked into the fabric of the island's buildings and beaches. Ibiza has a well kept secret; it is riddled with idyllic quiet corners, and in reality, as long as you avoid staying in Ibiza Town or San Antonio, you’ll succeed in escaping the madding crowds and finding your own calm and alluring slice of the island, discover the rich tapestry that is the island’s colourful history and find your own personal paradise. Travel back in time a handful of decades and Ibiza was a true escapist paradise. Wild, natural unspoilt and full of special magic. During the swinging sixties, hippies settled on the island that had already enjoyed decades of writers, painters, bohemians and other artists working and enjoying life on Eivissa. Hollywood stars came to escape and search for privacy and this Mediterranean island that shines with creativity eventually became an important music Mecca. The 'flower power' revolution bought with it a whole plethora of rock stars, lured by the friendly, openminded, easy, laid-back vibe, unspoilt beauty and the sun which shines for 60% of the year. Ibiza was the island the place for those 'in the know'. When the tourism boom in the 1970s reached the white isle, cheaper travel came hand in hand, as well as newly built accommodation. With the influx of finance that tourism brought upon the isle, discos started to make their appearance. These define the history of recent times. Pacha quickly became the mecca of Ibiza nightlife when it opened in 1973. The end of the 70s brought Wham! to shoot 'Club Tropicana' and a whole new generation of young British holiday makers followed. To cater for all types of European taste, the soundtrack was wide and eclectic. The Balearic musical spirit was born. This wasn't missed a years later by visiting UK DJs Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker and Nicky Holloway who promptly took the attitude back to London. The early 90s saw this osmosis all come together. As European holiday makers came en masse, large clubs such as Amnesia and Ku Club easily filled to cater for this massive tourist industry. The word and reputation of these 'super clubs' quickly spread attracting the fashionable, rich and famous to experience the magic of Ibiza's amazing nightlife.

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Ibiza is a safe and accepting place. Anyone, no matter their age can come and enjoy.

Change was in the air, however. Change that would see the face of tourism change forever. Increasing prices and government regulations mounting all led to shifts in the dynamic of the island and true party clubbers started venturing to such alternative destinations as Malta and Croatia. The legendary but now closed forever super club Space most definitely represented the old days of freewheeling' clubbing. The open roof, jets flying over to a screaming dancefloor, in parallel to a relaxed yet hedonistic vibe are scribed into history. However, the wild spirit of Ibiza ever continues. It has simply evolved with time. The parties may be smaller than the superclub, but they are every bit as hedonistic as the spirit of the 'wild days'. Ibiza is a safe and accepting place. Anyone, no matter their age can come and enjoy. Party people - young and old arrive in droves over the summer and are swept up in the party culture. The beaches are plentiful and cater for all. Some are quiet, some a constant daytime party soundtracking the day, even nudists have their open places. Of course, the beaches wouldn't be an experience without the beach restaurant. Today, with climate change being undeniable, tourism in Ibiza is evolving and has become redivide. Luxury travel now isn’t just about opulence and hedonism, it is the ability to explore the world, safe in the knowledge you are doing so in a sustainable and ethical fashion. Sustainable tourism management ensures visitors are able to respect the island’s environment and support local development. Eco-tourism plays a huge role on the island, with environmental concerns shaping and pathing the way into the future. On an island of such excess, everyone from club owners to hoteliers, shopkeepers, DJs and villa owners are looking at ways of adjusting their offering to allow for a more sustainable future. There is almost a state of urgency about it all, with innovative answers being sought to protect Mother Nature, the most important lady of the White Isle. We have already witnessed a push for greener public transport, improvements on waste management, especially one-time-use plastics and an all important battle against oil explorations continues as ever. Many local environmental and tourist groups like Love Ibiza, Ibiza Limpia, and The Nature Project also sponsor beach clean-ups.

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Businesses, realising that the usual tourism spots are now bursting at the seems, have looked to set up off the beaten track, and so began the rise of Agrotourism. If we travelled back a decade, you would be pushed to find an agroturismos; an Italian word that refers to a working farm that rents out some of its rooms. Today, Ibiza has become world renowned for its huge influx of rustic yet luxurious traditional accommodation, where guests can stay in field and woodland settings and feast upon local produce, safe in the knowledge their green credentials are sustained. Don’t be fooled into thinking that off the beaten track means remote. Ibiza is a small island at 20km by 50km and so the path less trodden is only ever a hop, skip and perhaps a taxi ride away from the infamous clubs, restaurants and beaches. The ultimate pull is that visitors to the new rustic establishments get the perfect blend of nature, peace, hedonism and wild antics that are synonymous with Ibiza. With the tourist season expanding to welcome visitors much earlier in the year and holding on to them way past the time the sun sets on the average holiday season, Ibiza is now a year round destination. March and October are becoming the new must-visit dates, with tourists lured over by reduced prices, less crowding and yet a perfect average forecast of 24-27C. Ibiza and the island’s visitors are ever-evolving. What hasn’t changed is Ibiza’s magical concoction of magnetic traits that promise her visitors hypnotic sunsets, beach scenes, crystal clear waters, and of course, parties from dusk to dawn.

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Ibiza and the island’s visitors are everevolving. What hasn’t changed is Ibiza’s magical concoction of magnetic traits that promise her visitors hypnotic sunsets, beach scenes, crystal clear waters, and of course, parties from dusk to dawn.

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Stylist - Ger Valkenburg DC Models Amy van Lersel & Aïda Husaj Clothing by Revolver Ibiza / World Family / La Galeria Elefante Jewellery by Delphine Tempels (Del Tempels) Jewellery by Natasha Dahlberg www.instagram.com/dahlberg Photography by Aida (Ibiza Photo Story) Hair & Make Up by Blow Out Ibiza

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Mad e for People4Ocean by Lagaia Uned t i ed


IBIZA, Naturally.

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t is without doubt that Ibiza is one of the most famous cities in the Balearic Islands for its spectacular clubbing scene, foodie credentials and luxury accommodation. However, you will discover that there is far more to Ibiza when you journey past the white washed walls and disco lights and discover the natural world that lies beyond. Ibiza boasts two world-class nature reserves, each adorned with flora, fauna, landscapes and wildlife that will take your breath away. Here you’ll find mysterious caves, ancient monuments, folklore, almond groves and olives trees, crystal clear waters and rugged rock formations and the homes of a cornucopia of birds and beasts. The es Vedrà und es Vedranell and the rocky islands of Poniente Nature Reserve Set to the south west of the island, in the municipality Sant Josep de sa Talaia, you’ll find the nature reserve of es Vedrà und es Vedranell and the rocky islands of Poniente Nature Reserve. As one of the island’s most spectacular attractions, the reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is surrounded by unspoiled beaches, cliffs and a horizon of rocky islands that make this place unique. If the sea, nature and their surroundings are your passion, then es Vedrà und es Vedranell and the rocky islands of Poniente Nature Reserve is your go-to place to leave your cares behind, take time out and just be at one with nature on holiday. Es Vedra is a small island that reaches almost 400m high, made of limestone and set like a beacon within the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by legends and mystery, it is thought to be the tip of the sunken city of Atlantis and the home of Homer’s wailing sirens who lured sailors to their peril. Es Vedra is also the setting for one of Ibiza’s popular fables. Es Gegant des Vedrà or The Giant of Es Vedra is the story of two brothers who, set about curing their father of an incurable illness. They venture to

the Es Vedrà island together to find rock samphire and, once there, come across a huge giant living upon the island, huddled in a rugged cave. The two brothers are cunning and, together with the assistance of sea urchins, manage to debilitate the giant and succeed in collecting the samphire for the cure. Throughout the years, the island’s only habitant was a monk who took residence in the mid 19th century, in order to escape the rest of the world. Aside from reportings of UFOs and other fantastical sightings, you’ll find only animals amongst the slopes and island caves. Wild goats roam, Ibizan wall lizards dart from rock to rock and an endangered species of falcons call it their home. Part of the reserve and the highest point in Ibiza, Sa Talaiassa stands tall at 473 metres high and is rich with lush vegetation and rare animal inhabitants. The peak is reachable by foot, or for the less active enthusiast, by car. Whether by foot or wheels, once you arrive, you will thank your lucky stars you made the journey. The views are simply spectacular and when the weather allows it, you can see right over to mainland Spain and Mallorca. It’s no wonder that the name translates to ‘Watchtower’.

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IBIZA, Naturally. Natural Park of Ses Salines Take a trip to the south of the island and you’ll find Ibiza’s second natural park of Ses Salines. The Ses Salines d’Eivissa i Formentera Natural Park is located between the two islands of Ibiza and Formentera, comprising the southern area of the Ibiza, the north of Formentera and the sea that separates them. Throughout history this area has seen much salt production activity and over the years this has formed a unique landscape where countless species of birds come to nest, historical and cultural landmarks create spectacular points of interest and marine life thrives. The reserve covers 3000 hectares of land and 13,000 marine hectares and the seabeds are home to 220 different species of marine sea life. If you venture to the extreme coastlines of the park, you’ll find an idyllic setting where marine and coastal eco-systems exist in delicate harmony. Three quarters of the park is made up of marine seascapes, characterised by the existence of the oceanic Posidonia, an area of major marine ecological importance. The existence of this plant creates the supreme clarity of the area’s waters as well as serving as a protected area for a vast range of marine species. The Posidonia also plays a large part in protecting the beaches of Ibiza from wave erosion and in 1999 the site was declared well territory by UNESCO. Back on land the nature park is home to an impressive array of plant species; in fact it includes almost all of the plant species found on the Pityusic Islands. On the island of Formentera you’ll find coastal pine and juniper groves scattered throughout the park area as well as lush vegetation surrounding lagoons, cliffs and both mobile and semi mobile dunes. It is this dramatic terrain and spectacular landscapes that keep tourists flocking to witness the beauty of the park and the nature that lies within. Within the park, you’ll find over two hundred species of birds, with waterfowl and seabirds playing a major role. It’s a paradise for bird watchers, with flamingos, the common stork, the white jar, and the black-legged plover taking residence, along with seabirds such as the Audouin’s gull and the Balearic shearwater. Estany Pudent is home to one of the highest concentrations of black-necked grebes in Europe. Other famous residents include the Pityusic lizard (Podarcis pityusensis), endemic to these islands and with different subspecies on the islets, with characteristics that include the whole possible range of colours from brown to blue. The lizards of Formentera are hardy creatures and live on some of the driest and harshest environments for life. The humble garden dormouse (Eliomys quercinus) can also be found creeping amongst the wild vegetation, as well as various species of snails and beetles, also endemic to the island.

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people4ocean suncare

97% of all sunscreen is toxic to marine life, we talk to husband & wife team & founders of people4ocean suncare about this global problem.

People4Ocean (P4O) is an Australian-based company working at fighting the global coral crisis through innovative strategies and is now branching into both the UK and Europe. P4O offers sustainable consultancy services in coral reef management and expertise in coral reef rehabilitation. Their founders are a franco-australian couple – Louise Laing and Austin Laing-Herbert - who lived at Amitié (Praslin) for over two years, leading the coral restoration program for the NGO Nature Seychelles. Fighting for Seychelles’ coral reefs was their way-of-life. They believe Seychelles has a privileged chance to be a leader in the preservation of coral reefs, by focusing on mitigating impacts from climate change, and now, sunscreen pollution. With products now available in stores and hotel across the Seychelles, we talk with them about their range and their incredible global work. Why did you decide to launch People4Ocean and can you give some insight into the work you do? I co-founded People4Ocean Sun Care with my husband Austin Laing-Herbert a couple years ago. Austin and I met in 2012 on the Great Barrier Reef while studying coral reefs and tropical ecosystems at James Cook University in Townsville. In 2015 with our Master Degree in hand, we travelled to the Indian Ocean to coordinate a USAID funded, large-scale reef rehabilitation project in Seychelles with a local non-for-profit organisation. In 2016, we witnessed the devastating impacts of climate change, as our restored reef (about 24,000 corals transplanted over a football field size area) was nearly wiped out by mass coral bleaching. We dedicated the following year to “growing our reef” back to life, by propagating corals that had survived the heat wave. Already back then, we were determined to do all we could to protect these ecosystems most at risk, and raise awareness on the coral reef crisis. We made the protection of coral reefs our “way-of-life”. The idea for People4Ocean Sun Care followed scientific findings on the impacts of sunscreen ingredients on marine ecosystems and coral reefs. As sunscreen leaches off your skin – in the shower or swimming in the ocean – and washes off into rivers, lakes and oceans, the chemicals interact in insidious ways on aquatic life. Experiments performed by the University of Hawaii found that common UV-filters have lethal impacts on coral reefs, from DNA damage to increased sensitivity to bleaching. These findings revealed the toxic nature of 97% of sunscreens on the market, but they also shown the light on yet another source of stress inflicted on reef ecosystems already threatened globally by climate change, land use, predator invasions and overfishing. We were not sunscreen lovers to start with. All the sunscreens we could find were filled with toxic ingredients, unpleasant to use and harsh on the skin. In 2018, we returned to Australia, determined to raise awareness on this issue and set out on a journey to create sun care solutions genuinely good for us and harmless to ocean life.

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We created People4Ocean Sun Care with a simple intention: to end sunscreen pollution in our oceans and within our bodies. Most of all, we wanted to bring pleasure back in applying sunscreen! In Australia, a country where rates of skin cancer and coral bleaching are at record high, we took the challenge of addressing skin and oceanic wellness hand-inhand. We joined forces with skincare brand LaGaia Unedited to create a one-of-a-kind sun system ecoconsciously formulated to protect the most sensitive skin and while preserving natural ecosystems. The P4O range offers a true skin & ocean-conscious experience, by combining the best ingredients from the spa industry and excluding all toxins found in mainstream sunscreens. We also don’t dilute our sunscreens with water or synthetic fillers, resulting in a concentrated and long-lasting protection. Since its origins, People4Ocean has committed to its fundamental core – Protect More Than Your Skin™ - by donating a percentage of all sales towards reef conservation initiatives. We believe our sun care products - and the people that use them - can be a driving force to help preserve reefs worldwide. With P4O, applying sunscreen goes beyond personal care, it is a promise to your longterm health and to the future of our oceans. What motivated you to develop the P4O reef safe sunscreen range? How exactly do normal sunscreens adversely affect coral and marine life? We just couldn’t understand how an everyday product that is supposed to protect people could have so many health and environmental drawbacks. Ingredients in sunscreens should not be irritating or cause skin allergies, nor should they enter the bloodstream or harm coral reefs. For example, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate are common UVfilters characterized as ‘Hazardous to the aquatic environment, with long-term hazard by the United Nations Global Harmonized System (GHS). And yet, 97% of sunscreens and cosmetics on the market contain these ingredients. What if something as simple as making the switch to healthy sun protection could solve the problem? In 2018, the state of Hawaii was first in history to ban the sale of sunscreens containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate to protect its coral reefs. This statewide bill was voted following a study by Downs et al. (2015) quantifying sunscreen impacts on coral fragments and coral polyps, showing death at certain concentrations. Their testing showed that exposure to Oxybenzone can inhibit and alter the growth of baby corals, is toxic to seven coral species and is likely to induce coral bleaching in the wild, further increasing our reefs sensitivity to threats like climate change. Oxybenzone and Octinoxate may also bioaccumulate and be biomagnified in organisms. Biomagnification means they may increase in concentration in the tissues of organisms as it travels up the food chain. A number of aquatic and marine species have been discovered to be contaminated, from carp, catfish, eel, white fish, trout, barb, chub, perch and mussels to coral, mahi-mahi, dolphins, sea turtle eggs, and migratory

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Zinc oxide provides excellent broadspectrum protection and has several advantages over synthetic actives. People4Ocean sunscreens exclusively use zinc oxide as the active ingredient.

bird eggs. Finally, additional testings have revealed Oxybenzone also acts as an endocrine disruptor on marine invertebrates such as shrimps and bivalves. Other ingredients commonly found in cosmetics – such as butylparaben, octocrylene and a chemical called 4MBC – have proven highly toxic to marine life. You can find the full list at www.haereticus-lab. org. These findings show that sunscreen pollution should be addressed as an environmental hazard. Humans are not exempt from these impacts. In recent FDA testings, all non-mineral sunscreen chemicals [oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and avobenzone] absorbed into the body and could be measured in blood after just a single use. Previous studied detected several sunscreen ingredients in breast milk and urine samples. By penetrating the skin and entering our bloodstream, these chemicals trigger a cascade of reactions from increased free-radicals in the skin, endocrine disruptive properties in the body and, ironically, enhanced risk of melanoma in cases of sunscreen abuse for intentional sun exposure. What are the differences between reef safe formulations and normal sunscreens? Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that wash off our skins (or down the drain) to harm coral reefs. Using a ‘reef safe sunscreen’ means that no ingredients in that product will cause detrimental effects to marine life. There are no governmentregulated certifications for reef-safe sunscreens yet (the research is quite new) so certain brands falsely claim to be "Reef-Safe" despite containing harmful chemicals. It is up to the consumer to read sunscreen labels for toxic ingredients. A reef-safe sunscreen should not include ingredients such as Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Octocrylene, Parabens, etc. An easier way to identify reef-safe sunscreens is to choose ones that exclusively use mineral UV-blockers as their active ingredients, such as zinc oxide. People4Ocean sunscreens exclusively use zinc oxide as the active ingredient for several reasons: Zinc oxide provides excellent broad-spectrum protection and has several advantages over synthetic actives. Zinc particles are photo-stable (they don’t degrade in sunlight) and sit on top of your skin to act as a reflective barrier (exactly like a mirror), blocking both UVAs & UVBs from penetrating your skin and causing damage and ageing. It is the only FDA (Food & DrugAdministration) and TGA (Therapeutic GoodsAdministration) approved broad-spectrum sun protection ingredient, and unlike any other active ingredient, its concentration in a product has no limitation. It is also the EWG (Environmental Working Group) nº1 ingredient for sun protection. Dermatologists recommend zinc oxide sunscreens on children (6 months and over), pregnant women and people with sensitive skin. It is the only reef-safe UV filter available.

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P4O founders six-senses

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What are the immediate benefits and the longterm benefits of using reef safe formulations like P4O? There are many benefits in making the switch to reefsafe/ mineral sunscreens. Firstly, they are better for the skin. That is because reef-safe sunscreens generally exclude harsh chemicals such as benzophenones, parabens, and other skin irritants that are also environmental pollutants. It is no coincidence that baby sunscreens are mineral-based, as they are safer for sensitive skin, have cleaner formulations and offer excellent sun protection. Secondly, they are a good long-term investment in your health. Natural sunscreens offer excellent broad-spectrum protection without the side effects of chemical sunscreens. According to dermatologists, applying mineral SPF30 sunscreen daily can significantly reduce your chances of developing skin cancer (particularly if you live in Australia) and is the #1 routine you should adopt to effectively prevent premature ageing. Your skin is your largest organ, so it is important to invest on a good sunscreen to protect it. In addition to reef safe sunscreen, what can people do to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of our oceans and marine life? Making the switch to reef-safe sunscreen is a good first step towards helping our oceans and raising awareness for their protection. However, sunscreen pollution is only a very small part of the problem. Climate change is undeniably the biggest threat to our Oceans. Not many people know this, but our oceans are the true lungs of the Earth as they generate most of the oxygen we breath. They are also are great carbon sink, as they absorb CO2 through photosynthetic processes (by marine plants, such as phytoplankton, kelp and algal planktons). Since the start of the industrial age, our oceans have absorbed over a third of the anthropogenic CO2

released into the atmosphere. But there is a limit to the amount of CO2 and heat our oceans can absorb. From polar regions to kelp forests and coral reefs, the rise in atmospheric CO2 is increasing sea surface temperatures, affecting the dynamic of ocean currents and disrupting ocean chemistry (ocean acidification is one example) with consequences on food chains and more. Governments and industries are often given full responsibility to mitigate climate change, but there are many things individuals can do to make a difference in reducing their own carbon footprint in the way they consume, travel and eat. Simple lifestyle changes such as buying locally made goods, eating locally grown foods, reducing plane travels and cutting your intake of meat and dairy can contribute to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Plastic Pollution comes second on the list of threats compromising the future of marine life. According to a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish by 2050. We can all help by refusing single-use plastics such as straws, cutlery, and food containers (Styrofoam trays, coffee cups, etc.). These are in our lives for seconds, but can then spend centuries circulating in our oceans, causing significant damage to marine life. Promoting recycling and circular economies can also keep plastic from entering our oceans. Overfishing and poor fisheries management is also high on the list of threats. Almost a third of global fish stocks are overfished. Fish that were once extremely abundant, such as bluefin tuna, are now approaching extinction. Restaurants and seafood markets routinely serve endangered seafood species that are the underwater equivalent of a rhino or a panda. New apps, including Seafood Watch (US) and Goodfish (AUS), can help us steer clear of these endangered species, and select sustainable and healthy seafood choices instead. Cutting down on our consumption of seafood is an even better way to take pressure off fish stocks.

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Can you explain how the coral restoration projects you are supporting work? Over the years working for different non-for-profit organizations, we noticed most projects were starving for funding. This in turn affected their long-term feasibility. With People4Ocean Sun Care, we contribute up to a dollar of all sales towards supporting projects we know have a positive impact in preserving coral reefs. Since our launch, we have been able to support great communitybased projects in Fiji and the Seychelles. These projects practice coral gardening by propagating corals that show tolerance to temperatureinduced bleaching. This strategy aims to assist coral reefs in their adaptation to climate change. In addition to sale-based donations, Austin and I continue to provide consultancy services to NGOs and resorts who are undertaking reef conservation and restoration actions. In 2019, we travelled to Fiji and later French Polynesia to donate our time and expertise in designing a community-based restoration strategies with local non-for-profits. As People4Ocean Sun Care grows internationally, we hope to support a growing number of initiatives in Australia and around the world. People4Ocean All Natural Sun System www.people4ocean.co.uk **Winners Of The Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 – SPF30 GOLD Sunscreen Winner – SPF50 GOLD & SILVER Sunscreen & Kid Sunscreen Winner** www.australiannontoxicawards.com.au

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P4O Coralfullworld-Fiji

People4Ocean 100% Natural Sun care First launched in Australia back in 2018 and available in the UK from Jan 2021 People4Ocean Sun Care is the creation of accomplished marine biologists, husband and wife team, Louise and Austin Laing. Working in collaboration with Australian Spa label La Gaia Unedited they developed a one-of-a-kind sophisticated sun care range, eco-consciously formulated to protect sensitive skins and natural ecosystems. The entire range excludes all water polluting elements. Formulas are skin-loving, combining clean and active botanicals with mineral-rich ingredients making them ocean & skin-conscious. Using plant-based and local ingredients, the entire range is suitable for vegetarian (Australian sustainable beeswax being the only animal by-product to its formulas) and offers 100% plant-based products. There is overwhelming evidence, shown now through many studies, that mainstream sunscreens are polluting our waterways, entering our oceans and affecting aquatic life. Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and Octocrylene are just some of the most commonly used UV-filters in chemical base sunscreens ingredients which are toxic to ocean life, acting as hormones disruptors on marine species and impacting coral reefs even from very small concentrations are unnecessarily damaging our oceans. It is for this reason that all People4Ocean Sun Care formulations exclude water-polluting elements. Many people are unaware that 97% of sunscreens out there contain toxic ingredients harmful to marine life. In-fact, there is also research that the same ingredients can also be detrimental to human health following long term use. In a global society and growing culture where consumers are more aware of their impact on the planet, and the role they have in preserving our ecosystems, People4Ocean is offering an alternative to the conscientious consumers looking at minimize their global footprint. People4Ocean Pillars in Sustainability • Free of water polluting ingredients. Biodegradable & reef-friendly formulas. • Low carbon packaging made from 100% recyclable sugarcane PE bioplastic. No single-use packaging. • 100% manufactured in Australia with solar power, sustainable & ethical practices. • Offering carbon neutral domestic shipping. All products are 100% Australian-made, including their packaging. Using solar energy and sustainable manufacturing practices the brand commits to its ground breaking sustainability ethos within the luxury skincare market with bio-plastic packaging, carbon neutral shipping methods and pro-actively working with Reef Conservation projects globally, as well as supporting local initiatives in the regions they are distributed in (ex. Seychelles sales contribute back to local reef conservation initiatives). £1 For The Reef - Coral reefs around the world need our help. In the past 50 years, global warming, overfishing and land use have killed over 50% of reefs worldwide, compromising marine biodiversity and millions of human livelihoods. Today, sunscreen pollution is part of the problem. For this reason, for every product you purchase, People4Ocean donates $1 to reef conservation initiatives worldwide in an effort to reverse the damages done to these ecosystems. #ProtectMoreThanYourSkin shop people4ocean on Ibiza at www.ibiza-runners.com/en/ibiza/shops/people4oceanibiza

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Dalt Vila Introducing Ibiza Old Town


biza is known globally for its hedonistic nightclubs, the summer parties that stir all the senses and the world-class DJs that descend on the island every season. There is no place quite like it on earth. It is a clubbers paradise, with every night guaranteed to be an adventure you write down in your personal memoirs. There is no place on earth where going out is such an adventure like it is on Ibiza. However, if you take a look beyond the dance floors and disco lights, you’ll find what gives Ibiza its true charm and character: the relaxed beach bars where you can spend hours lying in a hammock sipping Sangria while watching the pretty beach boys and girls coming and going. Or the laid back bohemian vegan and organic restaurants that inspire places all around the world with their healthy and super-stylish concepts. Or the charming Spanish Tapas bars where the locals sit to meet and eat, drink, and simply enjoy life. There are fantastic restaurants on every corner of the island, but what visitors and even locals tend to neglect - is Ibiza’s Old Town. The difficult parking situation that most historical cities face doesn’t help, especially in high season when all the cruise ship passengers are shoving their way through the tiny cobbled streets, fighting for the best tables. However, visiting Dalt Vila - the ancient “Upper town” - is an absolute must when you visit Ibiza. Let travel writer Judith Heede tell you why...

“My adventure started quite harmlessly in the famous Croissant Show. The French bakery does what it says on the tin – it’s breakfast with a bit of a ‘show’. Andres, the owner with his Dali-esque moustache, seems to know everybody who passes by on this sunny April afternoon. It’s not crowded yet at this time of the year and most of the guests sitting at the little bistro tables outside are locals. Here it seems like there is no hardand-fast rule what constitutes breakfast time, and while I am enjoying my café con leche the tables around me are filled with deliciously looking butter croissants and pain au chocolats. But it’s not only the proper French food that impresses me, it is the unique view of the Portal de Ses Taules. The dramatic main entrance to the old castle is up a slope, crossing a drawbridge through the arch, flanked by mighty statues in Roman stone. I have climbed my way up to the ancient castle before, but the panoramic views from this UNESCO World Heritage site are so magnificent that I decide to leave the bistro to explore the area behind these old walls once again. The colourful gift shops and art galleries on the walk up to the cathedral are treasure troves of unusual and unique works by talented local crafts people. Many residents live in these tiny houses, and the balconies are filled with geraniums and colourfully draped clothes lines. But since my mission is to eat and drink my way through town today, I can’t stop to shop and am heading straight to the next spot right at the top of the stairs: S’Escalinata. Mellow Reggae beats are coming out of the opened wooden doors. The message written on them with big white letters matches the music: ‘Don’t worry be happy’, or ‘Eat, Drink & Love’. Sounds inviting, and there is one seat free on the terrace at the top of the wide steps. People sit on neon pink or green sandbag cushions and colourful canvas benches enjoying a stunning view over the city.

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The pretty young waitress can’t speak English, but the jugs of Sangria she carries from the kitchen, speak for themselves. Very tempting, but I have a long night ahead of me, and opt for a green detox smoothie and home made guacamole. As the sun goes down, it quickly becomes cold and windy, so I leave this green Hipster home behind me to slowly make my way back down. Plaza del Sol is just around the corner and all set for summer: colourful filled fruit baskets are lined up to the entrance and the potted yukka palms give the “Plaza” a Mexican touch. The smell of the lemons and oranges and the promising handprinted Cocktail and Tapas signs make me want to sit down in the cosy corner with the handmade quirky furniture. But I want something less hippiesc now so I just make a note to myself about this little gem, enthroned here on the hills of Dalt Vila overlooking the entire port and city. I am heading towards La Oliva for the second round of tapas before meeting a friend for dinner. Usually, a plan like that ends with me not remembering much the next day. But I am a writer, that’s what I get paid for. Not that it would need that much work experience in that field, but I have learned that a solid foundation can work miracles when things are getting serious. La Oliva is considered a classic on the island, and although its been here for almost 30 years,I’ve never managed to visit. But now I understand why locals and tourists keep coming back to this Mediterranean food temple: this is one of the most romantic setups I have ever seen. Situated in the main square, surrounded by the legendary walls of Dalt Vila, guests sit on white chairs at simple but nicely decorated tables right on the pavement terrace. Red roses grow all over the old bright white building with its pink arched doors and windows. While I’m enjoying a glass of white wine and a bowl of light zucchini noodles with Parmesan cheese and roasted almonds, Razvan tells me he’s been a waiter here here for five seasons; the spaghetti Lobster flambéed in whiskey definitely sounds like a winner, but I need to keep my appetite high and the expenses low, so I stick to the starter while listening to Razvan’s story. He moved here from Romania after university to meet people and gain some experience, but like so many others, the island became his summer home. “Now, it is still an easy job” he says but when the season is in full swing from May onwards he wouldn’t have time to sit with me at the table and talk. I know how busy the streets become later in the year, and I have no doubt that the tips he’ll make then will be higher than his hourly rate. He worked his first season in one of the big beach clubs, but prefers the quieter atmosphere here, where the clients are older and also more generous, especially the Americans. Being half American I feel obliged now, and leave him a good tip on my way out.

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What happens on Ibiza, stays on Ibiza.”

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Dalt Vila

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The dishes look mouthwatering and with all that rosé rushing through my blood I feel like eating them all My friend is waiting for me now at the Rebel Ibiza clothes shop, which is not far away. He designed the logo for the shop and has been invited for an aperitif to celebrate the opening. The two German owners, René and René, welcome us into their old townhouse boutique designed to look like a funky living room - with its little bar corner behind the counter, glimmering disco dresses on the hanging rails, and a huge metallic globe on the accessories table. I want to try a black see-through dress with leather details just to get a glimpse of that shady night creature feeling. But I fear that tiny tight thing won’t fit anyways and René no.1 is already pouring round two. People are popping in from the Michelin Restaurant next door to wish them good luck for the new season, and René no. 2 is telling some anecdotes about the parties in the store last season after hours (which I should not repeat here). Since we don’t want to spoil their first after hours celebration of this year, and feel like it’s overly due to line our stomachs, we make our way to La Bodega. The Ibicencan tapas restaurant is well known in town, and obdurate smokers sit on the terrace despite the still chilly spring temperatures at night. But the view from the outside tables towards the castle is outstanding. So is the inside of the former storehouse: the ancient walls are beautifully decorated with paintings from local artists, and objets from all five continents are placed in many corners. A colourful painting of an old Ibicenco playing the sitar while riding a tiger into the moonlight covers one of the walls. A mirror gallery hangs on the other side, reflecting the colourful table set ups like kaleidoscopes, and the atmosphere on this Friday night is buzzing. The tables are full and trays are flying in and out of the kitchen - one crashing on the floor leaving a lake of alcohol behind. It doesn’t matter, the Spanish waitress has it cleaned up before the applause has stopped . Then she sees us, and thanks to my friend’s Spanish skills we get the tiny table next to a bachelorette party. The night is still young, and the women are just warming up - no pink plastic penises or veils around, just some decent Tapas plates on the table and carafes of wine. The dishes look mouth-watering and with all that rosé rushing through my blood I feel like eating them all. Remembering my Granny’s words not to let my eyes grow bigger than the stomach, we choose to share sweet potato and aubergine hummus with vegetable sticks, the obligatory Spanish olives and burrata - a delicious creamy kind of Mozzarella. With this perfect foundation laid, and some nightspots to cross off my list, we decide that it’s time to move on.

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Dalt Vila

We just drift through the narrow streets close to the sea, trusting the magical energy on this island to lead us to the right place.”

With many bars like the popular Zoo Bar or Paradise Lost still being closed until May, we just drift through the narrow streets close to the sea, trusting the magical energy on this island to lead us to the right place. And guess what? We found a bright diamond among all the other gems: Boodiou. This very stylish rural place run by two French guys, only opened a week ago, and they hadn’t even had time yet to put a sign up, or do any kind of advertising. Looking at it, they won’t need to. They did an impressive job renovating, and doing everything themselves. And when I say everything, I mean from the hanging lamps made of old keyrings to the wooden swinging bench to fermenting the alcohol itself! The French family has their own distillery named Bowls, close to Montpellier, where they produce rum, gin, whiskey and vodka. Tony and Hadrien both worked in gastronomy all their lives - Hadrien as a chef in the south of France, Tony as a bartender all over the world - previously in Hong Kong. With Boodiou - which means the multi-purpose f-word in old French - they made their dream of a shared place on Ibiza come true. It is a dream, indeed. All ingredients come from local farmers, and the menu varies daily. I try the organic pea soup with goat’s cheese, while my friend has clams in a lemongrass-curry vinaigrette with coconut foam, a sauce just blows us away! The cocktails are made with organic products, and we can’t help ourselves but try a few different ones. Hard to say (or remember) my favourite, but the ‘Twisted Sister’ certainly is a palate conqueror. Made from aged gin, two different kind of chantreuse, fresh pomegranate juice and some honey from a local beekeeper - or should I say beedoctor? Tony tells me that he will try the doctor’s beespike-acupuncture himself after the season, when he’ll need a treatment to recover from hard work. Some might find this slightly dubious, but this is Ibiza, and dubious cases are on the daily agenda. If it got dubious in our case later on that night I will keep you guessing: what happens on Ibiza, stays on Ibiza…” Judith Heede

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The dynamic new lifestyle brand OKU hotels has opened a second understated, luxury hideaway hotel for the traveller in search of a soulful experience on the island of Ibiza


he hotel’s minimalist design is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabisabi and features signature use of earthy tones and natural materials to fashion warm and welcoming spaces. Among this new hotel’s standout features are Ibiza’s largest swimming pools (one of four); an enticing spa; 140 sq m signature suite; private, four-bedroom villa complete with private pool and the OKU restaurant. Nestled in verdant hillsides on the fringe of Cala Gracio Bay, OKU Ibiza focuses on living life at a slower than ‘normal’ pace while providing a rich variety of experiences for the inquisitive traveller. Accommodation comes in the form of 184 boho-chic guestrooms and suites; the 140 sq m OKU signature suite; standalone four-bedroom villa with private pool; and ocean-view penthouses. Hotel facilities include two hotel pools (with a further semi-private pool serving the six swim-up rooms); two fine restaurants and a spa. The overarching philosophy of OKU is inspired by the Japanese spiritual concept of ‘Inner Space’ that pervades the architecture of its hotels to offer understated luxury in captivating destinations accompanied by a suite of energising wellbeing practices as well as culinary and musical experiences to stimulate the senses. Here, eye-catching architecture and thoughtful design join forces in the overall plan of the in-house design team to reflect the innate, unplugged nature of the island beach scene as a definitive invitation to enjoy authentic barefoot living. OKU principles are brought to life through the hotel’s inspired, soulful use of space and further emphasised by the delicate play between natural light and shadows, echoing beautifully the wabi-sabi ethos of connecting to the earth and making maximum use of natural materials.

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The overarching philosophy of OKU is inspired by the Japanese spiritual concept of ‘Inner Space’

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Above all, OKU Ibiza is not simply a hotel but a way of life that proposes a different way of enjoying the renowned party island

The alchemist of the OKU architectural philosophy is the award-winning father and son team of MG&AG who have combined to work their magic on over 60 residential and hospitality projects worldwide. OKU Ibiza also showcases the work of acclaimed modern artists such as the bespoke commissions by LAbased painter and sculptor Steve Tepas and Belgian artist Tom Van Puyvelde. The resulting ambiance of elegant simplicity ensures that wherever guests are staying – in one of the swim up pool guest rooms, ocean view penthouses, epic OKU Signature Suite or the four bedroom villa – they are sure to feel relaxed as they pick up on the distinctive vibe of this unique Balearic Island retreat. Above all, OKU Ibiza is not simply a hotel but a way of life that proposes a different way of enjoying the renowned party island by championing a slower pace of life and encouraging guests to take the time to focus on themselves. This is achieved by offering daily, complementary yoga sessions held in the rooftop yoga shala and by the hotel’s unforgettable spa experience in five treatment rooms offering a carefully-curated menu of treatments that combine ancient traditions with modern techniques using all-natural products. The hotel also has a fitness studio with state-of-the-art equipment by NOHrd & Casall with personal trainers available for those wishing to engage with a more personalised programme. The signature Sunday brunch is certainly something not to be missed as a rotating programme of some of the island’s finest DJs and live acts perform while guests enjoy and all-day brunch by the main pool accompanied by a tempting array of fresh juices and mouth-watering cocktails. OKU’s amazing dining scene is to be found in the two main restaurants where destination dining is available at the OKU restaurant, with more relaxed fare available at the poolside TO Kima. The menus of both venues have been carefully drawn up by executive chef Mark Vaessen, formerly of Sushisamba, and well-known and respected for his wizardry in fusion Japanese cuisine. His deft touch ensures that guests embark on a delicious culinary adventure employing only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

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Diners can look forward to a more refined dining experience at the OKU restaurant that is open for dinner with its adventurous range of international fusion cuisine characterised

Diners can look forward to a more refined dining experience at the OKU restaurant that is open for dinner with its adventurous range of international fusion cuisine characterised by a strong Asian influence and tantalising choice of Asian-inspired tapas; grilled meats; fish; menu of raw Asian delicacies of sashimi and nigiri as well as extensive vegetarian and vegan options. The hotel’s impressive bar, located next to the restaurant and the 50m pool serves a selection of cocktails all day long and is also the ideal venue for that aperitif or after dinner night-cap, all enjoyed to the sounds of DJ beats till late. Meanwhile, To Kima provides a more relaxed backdrop for breakfasts and all-day lunches showcasing the finest Mediterranean cuisine with sharing-style platters and light bites, à la carte and poolside snacks. OKU Ibiza even has a juice bar where guests can enjoy fresh-pressed juices and smoothies all day long. www.okuhotels.com/oku-ibiza/

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SIX SENSES The new kid on the block in Ibiza this summer is most definitely Six Senses Ibiza


a pioneer brand of world-class wellness and sustainability that looks set to catapult the Balearic party island to a new level with its offering of an islandstyle way of life that embraces music, art, spirituality, fashion, wellness and sustainability. As the first sustainable, BREEAM certified resort on the island, Six Senses Ibiza has partners with a team of prominent tastemakers to fashion a bespoke environment including world-renowned Israeli chef, Eyal Shani and Elaine Groenestein responsible for curating an evolving exhibition of Magnum Photography. Ideally situated on Ibiza’s tranquil northern tip and a 35-minute private transfer from the airport, this 20-acre, village-like resort captures the authentic spirit of the island complete with unrivalled sea views and direct access to Cala Xarraca, one of Ibiza’s most iconic bays. A constantly evolving programme of experiences will celebrate the island’s music, art, sustainable fashion, spirituality, wellness, culinary adventure and culture, all within a resort offering 116 guest accommodations, villas, suites, beachfront caves and village residences with intimate terraces, lush gardens and pools to suit the requirements of those discerning travellers in search of the perfect Mediterranean hideaway. Inspired by the Ibizan culture of community, spirituality and celebration, in the hot season that prevails from May to October, the community celebrates as they soak up the island vibe poolside, meet up with an extended family of islanders or gather at night to embark together on culinary adventures, festival pop-up events and full moon dinners. During the cool season, from November to April, is when the community participates together in deep, spiritual experiences via a series of teaser weekends and longer stay retreats featuring yoga, cleansing and fitness.

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SIX SENSES Six Senses Ibiza epitomises the light, splendour and natural rhythms of the island so attractive to its visitors.

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SIX SENSES Immersed in the bucolic ambiance provided by unspoiled caves and groves, Six Senses Ibiza epitomises the light, splendour and natural rhythms of the island

Immersed in the bucolic ambiance provided by unspoiled caves and groves, Six Senses Ibiza epitomises the light, splendour and natural rhythms of the island so attractive to its visitors. Defined by the tactile, Finca-style aesthetic with its modern, sophisticated design and finish, the resort’s architecture is inspired by locally-sourced materials. The Farm at Six Senses Ibiza is a 400-year old agricultural estate and olive press where guests can participate in cultivating the abundance of organic produce supplying the resort’s restaurants, café and bars. Six Senses Ibiza has become the first European showcase for celebrity chef Eyal Shani, his sublime culinary creations in line with the Eat with Six Senses guiding principles of organic, seasonal, nutritious and delicious and enjoyed on the long tables of the Farmers’ market as well as at other signature venues such as The Orchard; The Piazza; Farmacy Bar and Live Cave, complemented by Grow-your-own-veg; chef’s table and even cooking lessons at The Farm. Echoing the natural, mellow, restorative tempo of the island, the Six Senses Spa houses both single and couple’s treatment room, steam room, hammam, and state-of-theart fitness area, café and juice bar. The RoseBar offers an opportunity to roll back the years through a raft of healing and preventative longevity programmes that combines diagnostics, biohacking, nutrition and beauty treatments. In addition, there is an impressive, outdoor yoga deck and rooftop boxing ring. There also exists a programme of immersive retreats at the resort facilitated by Friends of Six Senses, visiting practitioners and partners. Six Senses Ibiza provides an exciting new venue for the iconic Ibizan music scene at the shorefront, Live Cave music hotspot at the heart of the resort. Here is where to enjoy live shows, events, emerging artist sessions, and an expansive vinyl collection. Notably, the Live Cave features avant-garde technology from McIntosh and Sonus faber through a partnership with McIntosh Group. There is also a Cave Royale guestroom with a secret door leading to the Recording Studio for when creativity strikes in the middle of the night. Fashion is celebrated at Six Senses Ibiza at the Agora, an innovative concept in retail that is part entertainment, part education and part shopping experience. Curated by famous fashion editors Daniella Agnelli and Tiffanie Darke, it strives to tell a story in a series of chapters: Reduce, Recycle, Rent and Restore. Highlights of the store will be a “Live Magazine” experience, a “Cinderella Room” for dress-up nights as well as an intention tree for customers to remember the change. An essential component of the Six Senses experience is Arts & Culture that allows guests to browse the resort’s galleries and the displays of Magnum photographers especially curated by Elaine Groenestein to reflect Ibiza’s quintessential themes. In addition to photography events and workshops, there is also a wide selection of fine prints available through the Magnum Gallery and an impressive library for guests to enjoy. www.sixsenses.com

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Sir Joan Hotel

Situated prominently in the very centre of Ibiza you will find a private paradise, overlooking the port and Old Town; Sir Joan.


herever we may roam, so many of us crave being immersed fully in the country’s culture, being exposed to the real life goings on of that destination, and feeling like a local. Where we stay needs to be one-of-a-kind, breathtaking and something we haven’t experienced yet. We want our minds opened, broadened and inspired. Sir Hotels is a boutique hotel collection that was designed for exactly that purpose, aimed at those seeking authentic experiences in unique locations. The collection was created by the award-winning Amsterdam-based hotel development and management company Europe Hotels Private Collection (EHPC). It launched in Amsterdam back in 2013 with the opening of Sir Albert, located in a former diamond factory in the city’s vibrant De Pijp district. Sir Savigny then opened in the heart of Berlin’s Charlottenburg district in 2016, quickly followed by Amsterdam's Sir Adam, located in the iconic A’DAM Tower. 2017 saw the openings of Hamburg's charming Sir Nikolai and Ibiza's heavenly Sir Joan and Barcelona's Sir Victor opened its doors in early 2019. No matter which country you visit, each hotel combines historical architecture, impeccable interior design and extraordinary events that embrace the local community. Situated prominently in the very centre of Ibiza you will find a private paradise, overlooking the port and Old Town; Sir Joan. This intimate retreat reflects the island’s vibrant culture and sensuality. It is a freespirited yet modern hotel that embraces any and all—from party hoppers to bohemian recluses. Clubbers will find themselves just moments away from the iconic Pacha club and those seeking a luxury escape can wander down to Puerto de Ibiza with its fabulous bars, waterside dining and world-class entertainment. If it’s the beach life you seek, Talamanca beach is just a stones throw away and for those who are born to shop, you can take a stroll and find the city centre with its exclusive boutiques and bohemian markets just around a few corners. Whilst you’re very much in the centre of it all, we guarantee you, you won't hear a thing. Sir Joan’s 38 rooms and suites are all sound proofed and designed by the award-winning architects and interior designers Baranowitz + Kronenberg. Keeping to the Sir ethos of embracing local features, they integrate the island’s nautical elements, including stripped wood yacht floors and highly polished stainless-steel wall panels that visually emulate the sunlit waves. Every room has one or two private balconies, curated local art and books by Spanish writers. The bathrooms are impeccably designed with Carrara marble and wood details and equipped with his and her sinks, a rain shower, luxurious bath products and local Ayurvedic oils.

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The floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views of Old Town and the port make this space exceptional.

Sir Joan Hotel

Guests can choose from a whole plethora of luxury room options, all varying in size and budgets but all guaranteeing the ultimate night’s sleep, especially when each bed is adorned with the Sir Bedding Collection featuring 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets. Sir Boutique rooms are approximately 24 square meters and fitted with all the standard luxurious amenities and impeccable design, whilst the Sir Deluxe room has a little more space and sun flooding in all day long. All Deluxe rooms feature a king-size bed as well as a spacious private balcony and a tropical palm tree view. Spread out in the 40-square-meter Sir Supreme room you’ll find extra-special extras including an in-room lounge and a balcony. The king-size beds and the bathroom’s highpower rain shower will bliss you out! Or how about soaking up the magnificent views in the 50-square-meter Sir Grand? Each suite features a lounge and two private balconies with outdoor seating areas. The floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning views of Old Town and the port make this space exceptional. In addition to the luxurious bath products, local Ayurvedic oils and plush bedding, every Sir Grand room boasts a high-power rain shower and a king-size (sometimes round!) bed. If you’re part of a gaggle of friends travelling together, then the Sir Sun Deck is for you, combining two Sir Deluxes and one Sir Supreme via a large terrace overlooking the pool and Ibiza’s Old Town.

For the ultimate extravagance, Sir Joan plays host to a duet of glorious Penthouses that can act as your own luxurious hideaway, overlooking the whole island. You can either book one, measuring at 65 square meters or go loco and book both, known as the Grand Penthouse. Each of the two Penthouses include two private bedrooms and lounges (with the ultimate cocktail bar setup). The 80-square-meter terrace encircling the Penthouses has outdoor seating areas, an open-air kitchen and private cabanas. Aside from jaw-dropping bedrooms, exquisite design and an unrivalled location, Sir Joan Hotel has world-class foodie credentials to boot. Highlighting that Ibiza offers more than paella and tapas, the ground of the hotel features the Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar and The Butcher burger restaurant. Izakaya is without doubt a culinary hot spot and absolute authority on Asian gastronomy. The restaurant has taken the traditional Japanese dining experience to a higher level with extravagant Japanese cuisine with a South American twist and high-quality cocktails. Serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner, Izakaya is a must-visit whether you are staying at the hotel or further afield. The Butcher is a high-end yet casual burger bar that connects Ibiza’s nighthawks and early birds, satisfying each craving with inventive, delicious burgers.

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Sir Joan Hotel Away from the restaurants and bedrooms, the Sir Joan Hotel communal areas have an exclusive membership club feel to them. Peaceful during the day and alive after the sun goes down, The Bar is where locals and guests connect over exceptional cocktails, whilst the tranquil saltwater plunge pool is the perfect complement to the Ibiza sun. As well as sun loungers running the length of the pool, you’ll find café style tables and chairs allowing you to sip, eat and lounge poolside and let your worries float away. Designed as a new service connecting their guests with friends of the hotel, Sir Explore is a concept whereby the hotel hooks you up with an experienced host who can provide you with a fresh perspective on the island. Your host will show you a unique side of Ibiza, helping you learn something new and, of course, making sure you have a ton of fun. The hosts are people they trust, that they’ve met out on the town and hang out with on weekends. They have that special magic that turns a trip into an adventure and makes a stranger feel like a longlost friend. The team at Sir Joan have handpicked​​some​​of​​ the​ ​most​ ​epic​ ​and​ u ​ nforgettable​ ​experiences​ ​you can have on the White Isle and offer them to guests, arranging all the details for you. How do you fancy an Es Portixol Hike and Snorkel with Paolo, a nature expert and Ibiza native? He’ll take you out for a day of adventure, starting with an 8 kilometre hike and ending with a dive into the sea. Perhaps you would rather explore the more mystical side of Ibiza with local yogi Oihana? The day begins with a flowing yoga practice to wake up the body and mind to the magnetic magic of the northern shores. From there, you will be guided on a hike through rocky cliffs to discover hidden coves, take in breathtaking views and even harvest some Ibizan sea salt, all while Oihana explains the legends of the healing island. If you’re more content on sea than land, then classic boating with Alba, a local pro sea woman might just be on the agenda. Join Alba for a local sailing trip on her stunning, traditional llaüt, or even take control and be your own captain. Speaking of all thing nautical, the Sir Hotel Collection have their very own seafaring vessel. Hop aboard for a magical outing on the Mediterranean Sea. The Sir Boat features a sleek, modern design and the captain and crew members will take the utmost care of you. This 60-foot dayboat with a captain and crew member is docked in Ibiza or Barcelona and can accommodate up to 10 guests and reach up to 40 knots. Relax and enjoy the sea and sun whilst the team handle the drinks and bites. You will be provided with complimentary drinks, coffee and snacks and when it’s time to eat, you can be hooked up with Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar for delicious Japanese food. Each Sir Hotel is a product of its environment, distinctly inspired by its respective community in both design and ethos. To give thanks, all Sir Hotels support local organisations that are making great strides for their cities by donating one euro for each night of your stay. Sir Joan is partners with The Ibiza Preservation Foundation (IPF), an organisation that seeks to preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s exceptional natural beauty as well as promote sustainable initiatives. www.sirhotels.com/en/joan

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84 / www.chiringuitoblueibiza.com

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pikes hotel Listed as one of the ‘Top 100 Hotels in the world’ by Sunday Times Travel and winner of ‘Best Boutique Hotel’ by the prestigious White Ibiza Awards for three years running, Pikes hotel is set around sprawling fairytale gardens with a famous aquamarine pool.


ovingly restored in 2011 by Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle founders of the world-famous Ibiza Rocks brand, Pikes is a cultural hub and one of the few places worldwide that is genuinely steeped in a unique pedigree of authentic rock n roll history. Dawn Hindle and Andy McKay are founders of music brand Ibiza Rocks and owners of Pikes Hotel in Ibiza. They were also the co-founders of Manumission, the biggest and most famous club night in the world that launched in 1993 with over 1.5 million visitors over 15 years that gained global notoriety and redefined nightclubbing. In 2005 they recognised the shift in youth culture and launched Ibiza Rocks that pioneered the social rejuvenation of the island. Dawn Hindle is also co-founder of True Rocks jewellery. A rock ’n'roll meets kitsch designer jewellery label famous for their collaborations with Brit artists Gavin Turk and Polly Morgan available at Liberty in London and onlinetruerocks.com Pikes was originally created in the late 1970’s by the legendary Tony Pike. For the last few decades Pikes has been a playground for the music and film elite with regular guests including artists such as Grace Jones, Tony Curtis, Spandau Ballet, George Michael (who filmed ‘Club Tropicana’ in the pool) and Freddie Mercury who held his 41st birthday party there. Primal Scream held their after-party at Pikes (attended by Kate Moss and Jade Jagger) and highlights included a photographic exhibition by fashion and celebrity and portrait photographer Diana Gomez, where illuminated images of icons such as Courtney Love and Jaime Winstone were dotted around the grounds and even sunk into the swimming pool.

One of the few places worldwide that is genuinely steeped in a unique pedigree of authentic rock n roll history.

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pikes hotel

If you’re feeling sporty, there is a neon pink tennis court, whirlpool tub, and a variety of massages, fitness and yoga classes offered in the 'Rockovery' tent day to night. There are 25 comfortable and spacious rooms and junior suites as well as a gorgeous vast apartment ‘La Residencia’, with walls hung with stunning photographic images by Victor Spinelli, Jerome Ferriere and other artists. Each room has a whimsical character and sexy Balearic feel, with décor that gives a nod to the hotel’s rock’n' roll roots with added extras such as one room with a vintage record player or a sunken bathtub inside another. Pikes Hotel represents the original creative, Balearic energy of the island and for 2022 Pikes will be hosting a raft of the best cutting-edge art, literary, food, music and popup events throughout the season. Pikes is celebrating over 40 years since octogenarian founder Tony Pike landed on the White Isle way back in the late 1970’s. To mark the occasion a beautifully designed coffee table book about Tony’s life has been put together by author Matt Trollope packed full of glossy images that span the last few decades featuring a raft of iconic Pikes guests including Grace Jones and Freddie Mercury. The book will be available to purchase this summer from the Pikes website.

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pikes hotel

On the arts and culture front, in 2018, Pikes raised the bar with a very special charity exhibition to raise funds and awareness for the The Hepatitis C Trust. Curated by long-time friend of Pikes, Gemma Peppe, Ibiza On A Postcard was a huge collection of unique postcards of Ibiza photographs displayed in a giant Dome in Pikes’ famous neon pink tennis court. A fabulous mixture of vintage club shots, famous faces and interesting Ibiza moments that have rarely been seen from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. The foodie credentials at Pikes act as yet another magnet to the discerning traveller and has recently been hailed as ‘Five-Star Delicious’ by ES Magazine. ‘Pikes Kitchen,’ Head Chef Lee Milne’s team is stronger than ever for the new season with a number of passionate new Chefs with a wealth of culinary experience to add to Pikes kitchen. New this season are Sous Chef Kevin Brown (formerly from the Michelin starred ‘The Angler’ in Moorgate) as well as Pastry Chef Will Miles who will be baking some delicious

new artisan desserts & breads. In terms of menu choices highly recommended this year is the Pressed Lamb Belly served with Roasted Sprouts, Fennel Flower & Black Garlic emulsion for the meat lovers or pescatarians, the ragout of cuttlefish with squid ink Linguini & lemon basil. Vegetarians will love last years winner the 11 spiced Cauliflower with toasted seeds, smoked Aioli & pickled grapes. Pikes will be continuing to promote above all Spanish wines. Red recommendations include the Hacienda Monestario Reserva from the Ribera del Duero. With a luscious, opulent palate & a velvety texture, it’s an experience from start to finish. In white, surprisingly good is ‘Forlong’, a Pedro Jimenez/ Palomino blend from Cadiz. Floral, perfumed & fresh with a lovely acidity that works really well with fish. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit www.pikesibiza.com

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The Hacienda Na Xamen The Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, is a haven of serenity to live out your dream holiday in Ibiza.


ocated in a unique and magical frame, this classic white washed Ibiza style property is suspended on the coastal frontline, 180m high over the sea level and in the heart of a preserved natural park. Here you can enjoy perfect tranquility at your leisure but on the flip side, you are only a 30 minutes’ drive from Ibiza’s frenetic life, where everything can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. The resort has 77 rooms and suites, several meeting and banquet rooms to celebrate your event in Ibiza, two restaurants, an indoor and outdoor bar, a Spa with outdoor and indoor facilities, three fresh-water swimming pools (two outdoors and one indoor), sun terraces with towels and sun-beds service, and a whole host of sporting and leisure facilities. At the Hacienda Na Xamena, everything is created with harmony between the outside and the inside: patios, arches, galleries, plants, white architecture and the spectacular entrance of a great Ibiza´s style country estate. From each room and suite, guests can admire and immerse themselves with nature: the turquoise blue sea, the dazzling sky, the wild cliffs and unforgettable sunsets that have always enchanted. The team’s goal is to offer guests an unforgettable experience which stands out from the other classic five star resorts. The architecture, the design, the discreet but elegant team and the services and activities, all ensure guests discover the magnificence of living magical experiences. The aim here is to ensure a short stay at the Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza resort offers better relaxation than longer holidays anywhere else. The connection with nature allows guests to get back to the natural rhythm of life and fully enjoy the day, experiencing its four special moments – sunrise, noon, sunset and the starlight sky. This luxury resort and freedom on the white island has, without any doubt, a revitalising and invigorating effect not easily rivalled anywhere else.

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You can enjoy perfect tranquility at your leisure but on the flip side, you are only a 30 minutes’ drive from Ibiza’s frenetic life

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Hacienda Na Xamena idea was born back in the late sixties when Ibiza was very different to what guests can see and experience today. Hacienda Na Xamena idea was born back in the late sixties when Ibiza was very different to what guests can see and experience today. The local residents lived isolated from the world, with only one ferry to join the mainland per week. Then, the artists and hippies, looking for an enlightened lifestyle, closer to nature, grew interested in the “Jewel of the Balearic islands”. It was during this time that Belgian architect Daniel Lipszyc and his wife fell in love with this authentic and unspoilt version of Ibiza. In 1969 they started the construction of the Hotel Hacienda (as it was named at the time), a hotel of quality and great comfort, perfectly integrated into the landscape, protecting the surrounding nature. It was a job for a real pioneer as there were no roads, water, electricity or telephone lines at the time. Taking advantage of the infrastructure implemented for the hotel, the housing estate of Na Xamena was created nearby. The Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, officially opened in 1971, and in 1988, the hotel was awarded with its fifth star, becoming the most quoted hotel on the island, characterised by its discreet luxury, it´s distinguished but familiar atmosphere and its attentive service. The Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, also acquired its name and fame through its clientele, photo shoots, and filmed movies and series. The 77 rooms and suites each have their own private balcony or patio as well as a jacuzzi and bath tub facing the window with views to the glistening Mediterranean Sea. In addition the Eden room, Suite Junior Eden, and Na Xamena Suite offer the guests a pleasant moment of exclusivity from their private mini pool. All rooms are equipped with minibar, air-conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, safe, cosmetic mirror, hairdryer and all other five-star standard services and amenities that ensure your every creature comfort is met. When it comes to gastronomy, Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza has set a high standard offering the best cuisine in Ibiza for many decades. Today, the chef Fran López brings to Ibiza two Michelin Stars, and culinary knowledge and experience, to continue the tradition and offer clients luxury dining experiencies in Ibiza. The Edén Restaurant & Lounge has a unique atmosphere and considered by many as the best sunset place in Ibiza. This onsite restaurant is an incredible location to live a unique dining experience. Embedded within the Hacienda Na Xamena incredible location, the Eden Restaurant and Lounge has an outdoor dining terrace suspended on the coastal frontline, 180m high over the sea level, in the heart of a preserved natural park.

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The Hacienda Na Xamen

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The Hacienda Na Xamen At the Eden Restaurant, every dish is the result of our passion for cooking: the team search for the best ingredients and study the local cuisine, to elaborate and create new delicious meals. They love food but they know it’s not all: for a perfect experience visitors need a special place and a special team to serve them. That is why they have chosen a great and styled place to serve our cuisine: in the North of the island our diners can admire the best side of nature: the turquoise blue sea, the dazzling sky, the wild cliffs and the unforgettable Ibiza sunsets. The objective is to offer visitors a memorable experience which stands out from the other restaurants and eating propositions. The decor, the staff careful service and the dishes are all made to ensure guests discover the magnificence of living high-quality moments. On special occasions and especially on weekends, you can enjoy live music at the Edén Restaurant, along with the best sunset vibes of the island and a delicious cocktail. For those looking for a more casual dining experience, ‘By the Pool’ is a pool snack and cocktail bar open from midday to 22:30 and exclusively reserved for the resident guests. The menu is simple and tasty with classics such as avocado salads, hamburgers or club sandwiches, but also lighter vegetarian options, such as delicate tapas. For some ultimate relaxation, the resort spa, La Posidonia is named after the colony of seaweed that lives in the underwater world of Ibiza and Formentera. A team of professionals make hotel and external guests relax and forget the stress of everyday life. Skincare brand SkinCeuticals and La Posidonia Spa have teamed up to bring the knowledge of science to a range or facial and corporal treatments. The spa offers a world of sensations for the body and mind, with six treatment rooms, relaxation, Hammam and the SkinCeuticals SkinScope. For those looking for adventure, the resort are able to offer activities both onsite and excursions further afield. The resort has two outdoor pools and one indoor, with the main outdoor pool being sustainably lightly heated via Solar Panels installed on the roof. You’ll also find a games room which welcomes kids and big kids alike and is equipped with a Play Station 4, a cinema, various table and children games, a foosball table, Ping-Pong table, giant chess, and billiards. The synthetic outdoor pitch will delight the sporting types and is versatile to accommodate Football, Volleyball, and Tennis. You’ll also find a boules area, mountain bikes, pool accessories, and more, all complementary for guests. The onsite gym is small but very complete. You can stay healthy and keep up the shape during your holidays and if you like to jog, the surrounding area of the resort is a perfect playground. www.haciendanaxamena-ibiza.com

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Ibizas Best Delivery Service You Need It - We Bring It

Room 39 A T



Room 39 at Pikes has become ‘the’ place to go on the island for a sublime dining experience after winning the prestigious Best Restaurant Award in White Ibiza’s Best Of Ibiza Readers’ Choice Awards. Our destination restaurant, headed up by Gordan Ramsey trained Head Chef Lee Milne, has a distinctly British stance on cuisine that mixes classic dishes with modern cooking methods.

reservations essential. visit pikesibiza.com for more details.

7 Pines

resort ibiza

Set on the edge of a pine forest bordering the sea on the west coast of the island, 7Pines Resort Ibiza offers the height of laid-back luxury and Ibizan flair.


n all-suite clifftop resort set in whitewashed Ibicenco-style homes that respect the island’s authentic design with contemporary touches, 7Pines fills an extraordinary area of 56,000 square meters and offers tailor-made luxury, privacy and beautiful surroundings for guests in its 185 spacious suites. The resort’s unique position between the spectacular Cala Conta and secluded Cala Codolar beaches (both within walking distance), means that 7Pines Resort Ibiza enjoys a stunning backdrop of the island of Es Vedrà and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Completing the offering, 7Pines is a convenient 25 minute’s drive from the airport and encompasses exceptional food and beverages, a comprehensive spa and wellness offering and unparalleled discreet, personalised service. The resort’s three Pershing yachts are also on hand for guest transfers and charter. The 185 expansive suites at 7Pines are set in sprawling gardens in a villagestyle resort. The open plan one- and two- bedroom accommodations enjoy an abundance of natural light, are furnished in a refreshing contemporary yet comfortable design and neutral tones with turquoise accents that ooze serenity and style. The resort is separated into three distinct areas: The Laguna, Ibicenco Village and the Cliff. Located in a quiet part of the resort is The Laguna, a collection of 42 suites each with terraces or balconies, and a central lagoon-style swimming pool with its own chiringuito-style bar. The outward-facing suites have their own swim-up pool and this area makes for an ideal location for exclusive large groups and event bookings. Spread around the resort’s fragrant gardens, the Ibicenco Village features 140 one and two-bedroom suites distributed in 37 traditional whitewashed houses. Each house consists of 3 or 4 suites varying in size and attributes and every suite offers a furnished terrace or balcony with breathtaking views to either the resort, the gardens or the utopian sea. The largest suites also feature their own pool, ideal for enjoying the Ibizan sun with a little privacy.

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For more of a relaxed vibe, the Infinity Pool Bar is located at the very heart of the resort In prime position for the sunset are four two-bedroom Cliff Suites with private gardens and panoramic views of the sea, perfect for groups of friends and families looking for space to reconnect. No matter which location you choose, each suite also comes perfectly equipped with its own House Bar with a selection of beautiful wines, premium spirits, mixers, ice and equipment (including a cocktail-making tool, recipe book, full selection of glass and ceramic-ware) as well as Illy coffee machines for guests to make their own refreshments just as they like, accompanied by a wide selection of snacks. When it comes to cuisine, 7Pines stop at nothing short of exceptional. With a focus on using the very best handpicked ingredients, the team pride themselves on using innovative cooking techniques to create light and refined dishes to match the laid-back style of the resort, the island and its sunshine-filled days. Both exquisite tasting menus and breathtaking vistas are offered at The View restaurant, which is open to both hotel guests and visitors. Its clifftop position and panoramic views over the sparkling sea beyond ensure a relaxed hazy start each morning, setting you in the perfect frame of mind for the rest of your day. With a suggestive Nordic touch and classical inspirations, chef Andrés Fernández reveals his dreamlike world via his tasting menus, thanks to his brilliant creative ability. This unique spot, under the protection of Es Vedrà, invites you to let yourself be carried away by evocative flavours and textures capable of moving you. The View also offers guests an extensive selection of fine wines from the resort’s specially-created and lovingly curated wine cellar. Ideal for relaxed drinks and comforting Mediterranean sharing plates, the laid-back Cone Club restaurant is open for dinner until the late evening hours. Big community tables create a warm, bohemian inspired atmosphere that invites guests to have a relaxed day among each other and enjoy the magnificent views. Serving smoothies, signature cocktails, chilled wine and cool beers, the Cone Club has a beach club feel and with light clifftop breeze and stunning views, is the new sunset hotspot for the island that continues beyond sun-downers to a chilled-out evening vibe during the daily Sunset Rituals. The utterly unique Pershing Yacht Terrace provides the ultimate location for another superb sunset spot. Set at the impressive backdrop of the rock island of Es Vedrà, this is a sophisticated cocktail bar and the first in the world that has been designed by the Pershing Yacht team to emulate the vessels’ clean lines. It enjoys views of the sea and glowing torches to set a chic atmosphere accompanied by a chilled-out playlist. Home to signature drinks, classic cocktails and fine wines and liquors, it is the perfect location for pre-dinner drinks or a night cap and perhaps a cigar.

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7 Pines

As the evening draws in, The View serves a modern Asian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere.

For more of a relaxed vibe, the Infinity Pool Bar is located at the very heart of the resort and serves light cuisine alongside refreshing beverages, while the Laguna Pool Bar delights with a menu of Thai favourites throughout the day. Ensuring guests’ every whim is catered for, 7Pines have launched ‘Home Delivery’, the resort’s innovative in-room dining concept which can be ordered through the resort’s own mobile app. Serving a menu of fresh soul-satisfying delights such as creative salads and international classics, the dishes are all delivered by bike and served on natural, bio-degradable tableware.

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It is of little surprise that the resort is also regarded as the ultimate fantasy wedding destination.

When it comes to a bit of well deserved R&R, Pure Seven the spa at 7Pines Resort Ibiza is a haven of wellbeing that is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and energy of Ibiza with a mission to reconnect individuals to themselves in mind and body. Open to hotel guests and visitors alike, the Pure Seven spa is a 1,500 sqm oasis that offers a series of relaxing, rebalancing and reinvigorating treatments. Seamlessly blending natural and organic elements – including local ingredients such as Ibiza salts, herbs and citrus - with the latest cosmetology, all therapies are tailored to the individual. The extensive treatment menu offers an array of treatments using pioneering techniques ranging from advanced cosmetology and ancient practices from every corner of the world; from Mayan volcanic stone massage to Indian Ayurvedic medicine and from Oriental methods to massages with European influences. ESPA and Neom products are used to create the Pure Seven spa‘s signature treatments and rituals while complementary holistic therapies, such as acupuncture, ear candling, physiotherapy, osteopathy and oxygen therapy, are also available and highly popular. Your wellbeing experience begins with the Pure Seven relaxing tour through the steam bath, sauna, cold mist shower and relaxation area with water beds and a central, double-height panorama of the captivating Mediterranean Sea and the iconic rock island of Es Vedrà. Treatments are provided in the spa’s six treatment rooms including a double suite that is complete with a private balcony and its own sauna. The first-floor gym and its terrace (perfect for sunrise stretches or TRX sessions with a view) also offer impressive sea vistas. The Pure Seven spa supports both physical and mental wellbeing with the likes of personal training sessions, Pilates, yoga, guided hiking, meditation, nutritional and life coaching with wellness programmes that are adapted to each individual to achieve relaxation, assist with stress-management, increase energy and fitness or detox depending on their personal goals. Sustainability is high on the agenda at Pure Seven, with the spa striving to be plastic-free, using only parabenfree, vegan products. For those who are looking for a slice of the action, active pursuits are a plenty at 7Pines. Heart rates are sure to get a little higher with activities such as indoor and outdoor personal training, running trails, crosscountry biking, sea swimming and stand-up paddle boarding. Should you wish to take a trip out of the resort and seek adventure, Seven Pines Resort Ibiza can create an exceptional itinerary for you.

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It is without doubt that 7Pines is a fantasy location

From diving to beach-hopping, chartered yacht excursions to restaurant reservations and club bookings, best beach recommendations to private jet arrangements, these specially designed excursions will ensure a memorable Ibizan experience. The resort’s own fleet of Yachts include 2 Pershing models available for guest charter. It is without doubt that 7Pines is a fantasy location, and it is therefore of little surprise that the resort is also regarded as the ultimate fantasy wedding destination. The team delights in ensuring an unforgettable day whether couples prefer clifftop sunset nuptials or a garden ceremony, laid-back and intimate celebrations or an elegantly decorated banquet. The resort’s dedicated and experienced team will be on-hand to take the stress out of arranging the festivities, as well as coordinating necessary paperwork for the ceremony. www.7pines-Ibiza.com

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A magnet for free-spirits, clubbers and jet setters alike; savvy, soulful and

stylish. In short, the ultimate stay and play.

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W Ibiza is a long-anticipated, off-the-beaten-track presence on the palm-fringed, sun-kissed beachfront of the island’s third-largest town, Santa Eulalia, with its cosmopolitan outlook where Hippy culture meets Club Culture in an intoxicating fusion of myth, legend and innate, island spirit exuded by the vibrant, local art galleries, trendy boutiques and amazing dining along shimmering beaches.


onveniently llocated only 15 minutes from Ibiza town, 21 km from Ibiza airport and the daily boats leaving to Formentera from Santa Eulalia marina. At the core of its boho philosophy, W Ibiza aspires to be a magnet for free-spirits, clubbers and jet setters alike, blending their contrasting lifestyles into an escape that is savvy, soulful and stylish. In short, the ultimate stay and play.. Echoing that philosophy are the hotel’s bold and playful architecture and vibrant interiors, a tribute to Ibiza’s Bohemian heritage, that cry out to guests to spark the imagination and make a connection with the soul of the place. However, guests will find that the hotel’s bohemian theme that is so synonymous with Ibiza is tempered by refined sophistication and further reflected through the spatial arrangement and selection of materials and finishes..

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W Ibiza´s great advantage is its location and the fact that it is one of only a handful of hotels in Santa Eulalia with direct access to the sea

Something that further defines the W Ibiza´s essence is its whatever/whenever culture that allows guests to enjoy the facilities of the hotel to the absolute maximum whether it’s a craving for a signature cocktail or planning that dream outing or excursion. This is complemented by the role of the W Insiders - mavens who thanks to their experience and knowledge of the very latest trends in fashion, music and design, are able to connect guests to the coolest experiences both inside and outside of the hotel, granting them privileged access to little known hotspots and the chance to really get beneath the skin of Ibiza. W Ibiza´s great advantage is its location and the fact that it is one of only a handful of hotels in Santa Eulalia with direct access to the sea, ideal for sun seekers and beach lovers, while those aficionados of water sports can always head in the direction of the Marina for a dive or a boat ride. For those wanting to stay closer to home, they may do so and still enjoy the music in two different spaces with two contrasting atmospheres: the main wet deck with a kid’s swimming pool and Glow Bar that is an adults-only area overlooking the bay and the mountains of Santa Eulalia. Meanwhile, the Wet Deck is a unique terrace enjoying direct access to the beach and combining a pool, bar, music and relaxing sunbeds – an ideal venue where to enjoy snacks, all-day food and cocktails. This is the place for chilled, theme events and weekly sessions led by renowned DJ’s. Away Spa is where the beauty bar team will pamper guests as they sip a glass of champagne. From their mantra of detox.retox.repeat, there are treatments available to dispel the cobwebs after a night out on the town or simply to help guests to relax and unwind. Away Spa has six treatment rooms as well as dedicated stations for manicures and pedicures. For those with a more active lifestyle, FIT with its state-of-the-art fitness equipment allows guests to recharge their fitness batteries.

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The W Ibiza meeting room, STUDIO, is a unique space that provides an innovative environment for any type of meeting or private event and able to host gatherings of up to 59 people in an atmosphere conducive to stimulating creativity. STUDIO comes equipped with a screen and integrated projector and allows for the adaptation of the space with different types of layouts. The facility allows for food and beverages to be ordered from any of the hotel restaurants. The hotel Games Room showcases flower power colours for kids and provides a playground, allowing the young to get those creative juices flowing. When it comes to food and beverage, W Ibiza offers a grand diversity of gastronomic experiences across its eight restaurants and bars. At the foundation of this foodie haven lies cutting-edge cuisine and the perfect combination of local products and international collaborations. Glow Bar is a singular space of W Ibiza – an adults-only retreat where sea views and mountain vistas combine to create the perfect ambiance for yoga and mindfulness guided by the best professionals on the islands. The Glow infinity pool provides an oasis of peace and the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax on one of the sunbeds, sip a delicious cocktail or snack on some sushi. In terms of accommodation, W Ibiza’s 162 rooms, including 52 suites, are designed as statements of island-style luxury with the hotel suites having terraces with commanding views of the sea or mountains – each one a perfect cocoon of comfort from where to savour the very best of the Ibizan vibe.

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Island-style luxury with the hotel suites having terraces with commanding views of the sea or mountains

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casa maca Casa Maca is a unique restaurant with ten recently redesigned rooms in a beautiful rural location that looks across to Ibiza Old Town and the sea beyond.


et in a 300 year old farmhouse, this destination venue welcomes diners and guests like a family home, offering authentic experiences. Diners are invited to go on a culinary journey whilst kicking back, sipping cocktails and relaxing to a soundtrack of DJs playing chillout music. Part of a collection of independently owned restaurants, hotels and bars, Casa Maca is owned by the Anadon family. The collection also includes Hostal La Torre, Cala Gracioneta, La Cava, and Villa Mercedes and like Casa Maca, they are all making their mark in creating authentic, experience-led dining, drinking and accommodation destinations. Casa Maca – which translates to beautiful house in the local Ibizan dialect, also boasts a bright airy terrace and open air dining space which are popular focal points of any visit, with their special atmosphere being evocative of the energy the island is so well known for. This unique al fresco space plays host to an impressive grill. Fresh meat, fish and vegetables hang over an open fire and diners relax to a soundtrack of chill out music with a world influence twist and welcoming conversation while sipping on cocktails. Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the menus fuse global gastronomy with local, organic ingredients. Breakfast is also served until 12pm, which for those sampling the island’s nightlife or just taking it very easy, is always greatly appreciated. In the winter months, the restaurant’s spacious and stylish interior becomes the heart of the hotel, with an open fire and seasonal menus making it easy to settle in for an afternoon or evening of epicurean delights.

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The menus fuse global gastronomy with local, organic ingredients

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casa maca Relax to a soundtrack of chill out music with a world influence twist and welcoming conversation while sipping on cocktails

For those guests choosing to stay at Casa Maca, there are 10 new redesigned suites peppered across the grounds including eight junior suites and two larger suites, all sharing the Old Town views - a UNESCO World Heritage site. The new design sees a neutral palette that combines natural materials - wooden beams, linen fabrics - with design touches like polished concrete floors and bespoke carpentry to create a cool, calm space in which to relax. The well-stocked minibar is worth a special mention, with fresh lime and cucumber ready for guests to make a perfect gin & tonic when they arrive. Casa Maca is in a great location to explore the island, however days can also be spent by the pool or enjoying the privacy of the suites’ gardens or terraces, where guests can choose to book massages, facials and even private yoga classes. For those who are looking for an active adventure, guided hikes in the rugged Ibizan countryside can be booked with the hotel concierge. Casa Maca can also be booked exclusively for weddings. The Englishspeaking wedding team, which has been working on the island for over 25 years, can arrange every detail of the celebration.


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From The Beginning

The restaurant is famous for serving MediterrAsian cuisine inspired by the Ancient Spice Route from Spain, through Thailand,


ambuddha first opened in 1999, starting as a spiritual social centre for friends, and over the last 19 years it has continued to grow, evolving into the iconic Temple Restaurant it is today. Bambuddha truly is a beautiful reflection of the fascinating and inspiring, yet very complicated life of her founder Jon Moon. Every detail found in the village has a story of its own and every piece has been thoughtfully selected, collected and brought to Bambuddha from the world's most distant places by Jon Moon on his endless travel adventures. The philosophy of tantra has played a major part in Jon Moons life journey and is also a big part of Bambuddha, the seductive cave-like Tantra shop is a beautiful reminder that you need to embrace & respect your sexuality to lead a spiritual life. A visit to Bambuddha, in the heart of Ibiza, is more than a culinary experience, it is a wondrous adventure for the imagination as well as for all the senses. The setting and the amazing ambiance is what makes this a truly unique dining experience. The lovingly created venue, fusing spirituality with sexuality, is surrounded by an impressive tropical canopy of bamboo and ancient oriental stone statues. The outdoor oriental sanctuaries are perfect for balmy summer evenings and the Moonlight pagodas provide an intimate and exclusive setting for a memorable night. The bar offers incredible refreshing cocktails, made with freshly prepared ingredients and craft spirits from all over the world, to be enjoyed in plush furnishings and to the seductive sounds of resident DJ’s. The restaurant is famous for serving MediterrAsian cuisine inspired by the Ancient Spice Route from Spain, through Thailand, Vietnam to Japan. Always pioneering, bold and forward thinking, the creatively composed menu offers a wide and colorful range of dishes, such as dim sum, baos, curries & sushi. This years menu proves that Bambuddha is acting consciously by choosing organically, locally and sustainably produced products whenever possible. The award-winning cuisine can be experienced under the starlit balearic sky or under the impressive sparkling chandelier.

120 /

The setting and the amazing ambiance is what makes this a truly unique dining experience.

/ 121

Bambuddha is open everyday from 7pm - 3am and perfect for intimate private events, monumental parties and everything in between.

122 /


Last year John Moon retired, allowing him to dedicate more time on tantra and sailing, and the dynamic brother and sister team, JonJon and Sasha Moon, entered at the helm of beautiful Bambuddha. John Moon remains present as ‘Spiritual Guide’ and an ‘Elder of the Black Sheep Tribe’. Having spent their childhood in and around the restaurant, and watched it grow and evolve over the years, both JonJon and Sasha represent the heart and soul of this most opulent venue, and both bring their own individual strengths, skills and passions to empower and enrich the growth of Bambuddha moving forward. Jonjon replaced his father as carer and guardian of the Bambuddha Temple and her philosophy; serving the Spirit of the Entity. Having studied business at Oxford, England, JonJon is the driving force behind the logistics of the business, and his wealth of knowledge from both his studies and having spent many years at the very centre of Bambuddha is unrivalled. Therefore, he instinctively understands the needs and desires of the devoted diners, both island residents and visitors alike, and those who come simply to soak up the inimitable ambience. He tells us that his reason for finally taking

the leap to return to direct the business is to continue the legacy which his father created, and to ensure that this fabulous family affair continues to enrich the island. Blessed with beauty and an innate talent for fashion design, Sasha encapsulates the elegant yet bohemian beating heart of Bambuddha and her sensual being. She is the driving source behind the the seductive tantra shop, which also offers an exclusive collection of luxury designers and unique fashion items. Sasha is also taking care of the PR side of the business, with her natural charm and international connections making her the obvious person to enhance Bambuddha´s already glowing reputation. Having travelled the world designing and sourcing unique and eclectic clothing, she has spent many years in Bali, but again, always found herself drawn back to the island. She is delighted to be working alongside her brother and expanding the Bambuddha empire. Bambuddha is open everyday from 7pm - 3am and perfect for intimate private events, monumental parties and everything in between. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit www.bambuddha.com

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residing over one of Ibiza’s most iconic beaches, Elements Ibiza sits in pride of place on the south side of Benirras. The expansive, stylish concept space takes over an entire corner, incorporating an Ibiza beach restaurant, juice bar, lounge bar, treatment and massage room, boutique and more. Created with love by long-term Italian-born, Ibiza resident Kiko Malcarne, the open plan space is a unique fusion of all-white surfaces, modern furnishings and décor created from recycled materials to create a natural, organic feeling. Deep in the harmony of natural beach environment, Elements offers a modern, ecological approach to the world of restaurants and entertainment. You’ll experience a magical atmosphere of full energy with the necessary elements to enjoy from morning to night. Take breakfast and read in front of the sea, check your emails, enjoy the fresh natural juices selection, delight over the Mediterranean menu prepared with a variety of local fresh organic products and let the team take care of every little detail. The handmade pasta is prepared everyday as is the bread and pizza, creating a totally delicious Italian taste. The concept behind Elements supports absolute respect for the environment and nature that it blends into. The free spirit of the restaurant makes it a very special spot to share with family, friends, with a loved one, your children or alone. Elements offers a modern and ecologic approach to food hospitality and entertainment. The Elements philosophy is “from farm to fork” agriculture and eco-sustainable consumption. It is a counter trend to globalisation that presupposes that agricultural products cultivated in a certain area do not travel more than 70/80 kilometers before reaching the final consumer and brings with it a series of undisputed advantages such as having extremely fresh products that do not get particular labelling, packaging or other long and complicated distribution procedures. CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum and natural agricultural methods are used that do not involve pesticides, synthetic or chemical hormones. Lastly, there is an important cultural aspect: the customer feels closer to the agricultural reality of the place, coming into direct contact with the local fauna and flora.

124 /

The concept behind Elements supports absolute respect for the environment and nature that it blends into.

/ 125




126 /

Hailed as ‘an authentic place, a living place’, Elements Ibiza captures the spirit of Benirras and blends harmony, freedom, joy and laughter. A commitment to safeguard local food, defend wild species’ biodiversity and convivial places often high in artistic and historical value is undertaken. All these efforts all for a more careful tourism and cohabitation that respects the surrounding environment for a better future of the most valuable asset we have: Earth. Served from 9 am and all day long until the midnight (or more), the wide range of mediterranean delicacies offered by Elements Beach Bar and Restaurant, will provide all you need to enjoy a fantastic and complete beach day or, likewise, guarantee an elegant dinner during sunset accompanied by a menu elaborated with selected fresh and organic local product. The restaurant lives amidst other spaces: the Boutique dedicated to exclusive, trendy clothes and accessories chosen and brought from all over the world, a Cocktail Lounge Bar for time-out, a yummy outdoor Natural Juice Bar, and a Massage room with varied offers to enjoy in a neat and tidy, simple way charged with positive energy. “This place is overflowing with “good vibes” and no expectations. A “must” on the island of Ibiza” Elements Ibiza is renowned for its beach parties put on with that Spirit of Ibiza style and boast an incredible history of hosting top international guest and resident DJs, including the OpenLab team for two seasons. Elements Ibiza is also a wedding venue where couples and their guests can experience their special day surrounded by nature, from day in to night. Hailed as ‘an authentic place, a living place’, Elements Ibiza captures the spirit of Benirras and blends harmony, freedom, joy and laughter. It is this spirit, inspired by the four elements, that will guarantee your entertainment and satisfaction at Elements. www.elements-ibiza.com

/ 127

Chiringuito Blue Roughly a 20-minute drive from Ibiza town, 2 is located on Santa Eularia beach, a charming Mediterranean bay known for its crystal, shallow waters, lengthy promenade and spectacular views of Formentera in the distance.


ith a fortified 16th century church, Puig de Missa, on the hill overlooking the town, a river-walk and a beautiful yacht marina and excellent range of shops, Santa Eularia offers the perfect balance

between authenticity and modernity. The municipality also includes delightful inland villages such as Santa Gertrudis and Sant Carles as well as the only golf course on the island. In terms of its culinary offerings, Chiringuito Blue boasts an eclectic range of cuisines that showcases a divine fusion of exotic dishes from the East using only the most freshest high-quality local products, taking diners on a journey of flavours. It also features a select list of the finest wines and premier selection of cocktails for that ultimate experience of first class gastronomy. This season’s freshly-conceived starters include the tasteful ‘potato and pea salad with octopus carpaccio and smoked paprika’, the traditional with a twist ‘acorn-fed Iberian ‘Joselito’ jamon’ and the vegetarian ‘Grilled aubergine, matbucha and salsa verde.’ These are accompanied by a selection of starters dishes designed for sharing including the infamous ‘2 sunny-side-up eggs in slow-cooked tomato stew served with pita bread and tahini’ and ‘Yellowtail sashimi, tomato seeds, lemon, olive oil and coriander’. With a mouth-watering variety of fresh fish and select seafood, the varied menu offers something for every palate alongside a host of healthy, vegetarian and vegan options.

128 /

/ 129

130 /

Chiringuito Blue

Main dishes include such treats as a ‘charcoalgrilled, free-range whole chicken with sage and Ibizan lemons’ or ‘Mezzi paccheri pasta with calamari and Sicilian cherry tomato’ and grilled catch-of-the-day. The extensive drinks menu features an enticing wine list as well as cocktails created from choice spirits and homemade syrups. Memorable desserts are another hallmark of the restaurant with such options as ‘Tropical panna cotta’ and ‘Cappuccino ingot’ which is a dreamy almond dacquoise with coffee cream, sponge cake bathed in coffee and mascarpone mousse. Children are always welcome and are entertained by one of the island’s premier child-minding service companies every weekend at their ecoconscious kids’ corner. The Kids Menu offers a variety of tasty homemade dishes. Children are well entertained with games, face painting and crafts on the sand while the grown-ups relax on the shaded sofa. Chiringuito Blue’s overarching philosophy remains all about sustainability, placing an emphasis on organic produce from the island that is good for the soul at the same time that is of benefit to the planet. The restaurant collaborates closely with IbizaPreservation, working to preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s unique environment and cultural heritage and addressing several issues impacting the islands’ wellbeing including tourism, land use, water, energy, waste, biodiversity and transport. Furthermore, the restaurant collaborates with the fundraising initiative ‘1 Euro per Table for the Environment’ which IP launched in 2013. Chiringuito Blue is an idyllic place to enjoy a drink as an après-beach treat as the sun goes down while evening meals at the restaurant, under the stars are simply the perfect way to end the day. Throughout the summer months, every second Thursday evening brings ‘Jueves Blue’ a soirée of dinner, cocktails and musical talent featuring a different artist each week, whilst monthly Blue Moon (full moon) celebrations bring live music and specially curated zodiac-inspired cocktails. www.chiringuitoblueibiza.com

/ 131


THE BUTCHER Ibiza | Sir Joan | Passeig Joan Carles I, 1 | 07800, Ibiza +34 (0) 871 182 527 | ibiza@the-butcher.com | www.the-butcher.com/ibiza

/ 133

NAGAI Nestled in the tranquil countryside on the road from Ibiza Town to San Juan sits a truly remarkable restaurant. One whose story is nothing short of an amazing adventure, and is now in its ninth season, winning international awards the past 3 years. Nagai is cementing its reputation as a must visit for anyone descending on the white isle!


he restaurant is made up of a team of four globe-trotting entrepreneurs who have been brought together by sheer fate and a love of international cuisine, to create this exciting and stylish restaurant which will stimulate all your senses and have you yearning for a return visit. Nagai’s story began in Thailand on the island of Koh-Pangang where Eleonora and her brother Luigi took the chance to open a sushi restaurant without having ever tried Sushi... a trip to Bangkok, a chance meeting with Reina Nagai, who was backpacking at the time and staying with some friends. a spontaneous dinner with seemingly nothing in the fridge, and...the rest is history! Eleonora, so impressed with Reina’s incredible talent for creating exquisite dishes out of the simplest ingredients, proposed a partnership that made a huge success out of the restaurant in Thailand, as well as two more in Italy, and most recently Nagai Ibiza! Nagai’s fourth member Melchior, grew up in Ibiza, has travelled the world, is an accomplished linguist, quantum alchemist and treasure trove of island lore. The foursome all have clear roles and manage to work in harmony as well as create a team of young, friendly, Ibiza-style staff.

134 /

/ 135

Everything in Nagai is designed to stimulate the senses.

So much passion and imagination has been put into this venture. It is all completely family-run designing the layout to be as harmonious as possible, integrating art, music, light and nature into the decor. Everything in Nagai is designed to stimulate the senses. Light, sound, and stunning contemporary Geisha artwork all work in harmony to excite and inspire conversation, with the majority of Nagai’s seating being outside on their boutique summer terrace surrounding a beautifully lit olive tree. The passion and creativity so evident in the look and feel to Nagai Ibiza extends to the exceptionally well thought out, and ever evolving menu. Often described as “Japanese Fusion”, there are many classic Japanese dishes such as Sushi and Nigiri made from the finest Japanese organic rice and freshest fish, plus favourites such as Teriyaki, Gyoza, and Karaage. The Chef’s creations also draw influences from Europe, Thailand, Korea, Europe, and all over the world, using only the best organic, most nutritious ingredients. Much care and attention to the finest detail is put into the presentation of each and every dish, and the combinations of flavours are designed to excite and rouse emotions. Everyone is catered for here, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.

136 /


/ 137


138 /

It’s not all about the food at Nagai. They do all they can to support local artists, sculptors, and jewellery makers, displaying and selling their work. Local DJ’s, musicians and performance artists will entertain you while you eat or sample one of their imaginative cocktails. 2019 is going to be an exciting season for Nagai Ibiza, with some thrilling things already planned for their opening and closing parties, and maybe a few in between. They have a great team ready to look after all who grace their terrace. They will continue to experiment and develop new and exhilarating concepts in the dishes they produce, utilising the wealth of international experience on offer from the team. They have some exciting performance artists and musicians ready to entertain. On top of all this they will continue to support local charities such as the Ibiza Preservation Society and take part in beach cleaning. This is set to be their best season yet, so ensure you book a table! Although capable of seating many more, Nagai will book in less than 100 guests a sitting to ensure everyone has a good time and is well looked after! www.nagairestaurant.com

/ 139

The walls Las dos Lunas have seen fashions and fads come and go

140 /

Las dos Lunas A symbol of prestige and charm since 1981


as dos Lunas was created within the site of a century-old Ibizan antique shop and is one of those magical places that by virtue of its elegance and consistency, has withstood the

test of time and helped make the White Isle famous worldwide. The walls Las dos Lunas have seen fashions and fads come and go, the Ibiza tourist market evolve and businesses around it come and go. This stunning venue, however has stood firm, offering those who venture through its gates a culinary utopia of calm and tranquility away from the chaos; true Ibiza gastronomic institution that seduces all the senses.

/ 141

Everyone is treated like a King or Queen at Las dos Lunas.

142 /

This iconic restaurant is a must on any connoisseur's list, having been run by the Lucarini family since its doors first opened in 1981

Oblivious to the hidden oasis that lies within, passers by bare witness to the high protective stone walls, filled with a delightful rhythm. In this magical place you can live the authentic bohemian essence of the island. Follow your senses up the charmingly tiled winding path as you venture amongst an array of dazzling flowers and lush foliage, surrounding a magical al fresco dining space. The perfect spot for both an intimate dinner under the stars with your love or a celebratory dinner with friends and family, Las dos Lunas will meet your every desire. This iconic restaurant is a must on any connoisseur's list, having been run by the Lucarini family since its doors first opened in 1981. The unique Mediterranean garden embodies the spirit that has made Ibiza world renown. Countless stories and anecdotes have taken place under the grape vines and bougainvilleas. The palpable heritage and harmonic beauty in the terrace has made Las dos Lunas the favourite of many of its loyal international and local clientele.

/ 143

144 /

The perfect spot for both an intimate dinner under the stars with your love or a celebratory dinner with friends and family, Las dos Lunas will meet your every desire. One half of the extremely talented couple who founded Las Dos Lunas, Massino Lucariniis the gifted designer whocreated the mesmerising garden. Entwined around the building, historic ornaments, works of art from around the world and graffiti, the botanical splendour symbolically embraces history, with a nod to every era. As does the soundtrack, with music spanning decades, with each track united with a nostalgic feel-good theme. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from - everyone is treated like a King or Queen at Las dos Lunas. That's why when supermodels, rockstars or royalty arrive, there is no need for the exceptional team to change protocol. Irresistible flavours of the unmistakeable traditional cuisine range from homemade pastas and desserts to succulent meats, fresh fish and salads. Crafted with the finest ingredients, many of which come from the venue’s very own eco garden, ensuring there's plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options available. Las Dos Lunas offer the finest wines, spumosi and champagne from around the world, including Spain, Italy and France. Also on offer are a whole host of premium spirits, top shelf international brands and an assortment of locally brewed spirits such as hierbas ibicencas. A whole plethora of world re-known cocktails grace this extensive drinks menu, including their own creations like the Rossiniand as well as their own bread and focaccia that's baked daily in the beautiful wood fired oven. Glamorous and iconic, Las dos Lunas is the most fascinating setting to celebrate unique moments while enjoying an unforgettable experience on the island. It can provide for those special events or wedding receptions when you want a long table for over 20 guests, all preserving their intimacy and space. Catering options are also available so you can enjoy the quality of service and gastronomy at the location of your choice. www.lasdoslunas.com

/ 145

146 /

Available in Ibiza exclusively at


Blue Marlin Ibiza Cala Jondal Calle Bisbe Azara, 1 Ibiza Old Town 971 318 939 / 147 www.revolveribiza.com

Ve CAFé Ve Café, situated on the promenade of W Ibiza Hotel in the most up-andcoming area of the island popular for its tranquil, authentic island vibe and glorious beaches and only a 20-minute drive from Ibiza town, is a venue that offers mindful nutrition as part of a holistic way of life.


Ve Café proudly presents a whole new approach to healthy cuisine via a new range of cuisine and beverages designed to keep diners healthy and energised. Ve Café is a community hub, a place to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the Ibizan sunshine, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. The café offers an enticing range of plant-based breakfasts and lunches complete with a host of vegan options that clients will find not only to be ultra-nutritious but also delightfully delicious. Every single dish on offer features gorgeous aromas and arrive at your table packed with goodness thanks to its sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from the local farms of Ibiza and specialist suppliers who care deeply about how those ingredients are grown and soulfully prepared. Ve café is the place to go for the ultimate ‘green’ experience, transporting diners back to the very origins of food in a simple, natural and wholesome way that will keep them coming back for more. Commandingly situated in a location that enjoys not only proximity to the beach but also with stunning vistas of the sea, Ve café proposes a chic, urban terraced space and a stylish, light-filled interior complete with showcase chef’s kitchen that is an ideal venue for a casual rendezvous with friends within an upbeat ambience of uplifting beats and positive vibes. With clients’ wellness as the team’s strict priority, an inspiring menu encourages health and wellbeing with multi-coloured power dishes, cleansing juices, artisan beers and biodynamic wines. Beachnics, an exciting creation of Ve Café for active people on the go, is the ultimate way to savour a picnic on a beach, boat or terrace with their special range of takeaway picnics providing a wholesome, healthy and colourful feast to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

148 /

/ 149

150 /


Ve café is the place to go for the ultimate ‘green’ experience, transporting diners back to the very origins of food in a simple, natural and wholesome way

To further compliment a healthy lifestyle, Ve café also fulfils the purpose of being a cultural and community hub and a venue for resting, learning or working, attracting tourists and Ibiza residents alike to participate in a new cultural movement and enjoy especially-organised events such as Green Mondays, Breakfast club and Family Days. This sense of community can also be found on the Ve café website, where the Ve Life Blog brings visitors healthy living inspiration from recipes, to yoga practises, workouts, product recommendations and ingredient insights. Inspired cuisine of the highest quality and innovation is ensured by the culinary team whose passion and enthusiasm provides the flair behind choice vegetarian dishes created with consciousness, creativity and a great emphasis on seasonal, local legumes. The team is of the belief that a plant-based diet helps maintain a balance on the planet and at Ve Café this translates to the delicious selection of unique and wholesome recipes. www.vecafeibiza.com

/ 151

One of the standout restaurants of W Ibiza


situated in the increasingly in vogue area of Santa Eularia, famous for its authentic, calming, island vibes and stunning beaches, is La Llama that opened its doors in June 2021. Boasting a fortified 16th century church, Puig de Missa, on the hill overlooking the town, a river-walk and a beautiful yacht marina and excellent choice of shops, Santa Eularia offers the perfect balance between authenticity and modernity. The municipality also includes delightful inland villages such as Santa Gertrudis and Sant Carles as well as the only golf course on the island. A mere 20-minute drive from Ibiza town, La Llama is a place of contrasts where light and darkness interact in tantalising ways and where, in particular, sunrise is celebrated with a refreshing and invigorating breakfast - the ideal start to any new day. The evening dining experience follows in the same vein as guests are invited to eat, drink and relax to uplifting beats in a truly captivating atmosphere. Entry via ‘The Bridge’ bar gives diners the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail or two prior to being seated all with the stunning backdrop of beach and bay. The timeless allure and potency of fire inspires cooking techniques that are a blend of old and new, whether the dishes concerned are prepared in a traditional Taboon oven or roasted on a modern, open-flame grill. Whatever the culinary method, it unfailingly gives way to a wonderful and flavourful experience designed for sharing or for keeping to oneself to the accompaniment of the beat of the DJ’s vibrant sounds.

152 /

W ibiza

La Llama Restaurant

The timeless allure and potency of fire inspires cooking techniques that are a blend of old and new

/ 153

154 /

La Llama W ibiza Restaurant

The La Llama chooses only the very finest cuts of meat available on the planet

The La Llama choose only the very finest cuts of meat and the freshest seafood available on the planet, selected by a discerning team of culinary experts. Each dish is lovingly prepared to please the diner’s palate over flames in the open kitchen. Here is where to indulge your foodie side and is the perfect venue for that special evening with friends, or for the ultimate dining experience ask about the chefs table options. La Llama is particularly proud of its wine cellar, one of the largest on the island and housing an eclectic selection of carefully-chosen international wines. Similarly, our list of mouth-watering cocktails is sure to please and make all the difference to the quality of your evening in this temple of flavour where a truly hypnotic ambiance is sure to seduce guests from table to dance floor. www.lallamaibiza.com

/ 155

BEACHHOUSE This is a genuine, foody heaven guaranteed to please the most discriminating palate via its range of refreshing breakfasts, delightful lunches and memorable dinners by moonlight.


igh on your list of attractions for your next break in the Balearic Islands should be a day or evening well-spent at the Beachouse Ibiza located on the palm-lined Playa dén Bossa boulevard. This popular beach club and restaurant is now open to travellers and features a recrafted, sensory experience and epitome of the classic Balearic lifestyle through its sumptuous, locally-sourced Mediterranean cuisine and the immersive experience of its kid’s club that help to make the ultimate day out for guests of every age. Balmy temperatures conspire with shimmering strands of ivory sand lapped by sparkling blue waters to make this relaxed but luxuriously-appointed retreat a refreshingly new and vibrant experience of this iconic island hideaway, while seducing you to reconnect with the primal rhythms of nature and, above all, with yourself as you absorb the unique island-style vibe, the glorious Ibiza sunshine, complimentary yoga sessions and, of course, the divine gastronomy on offer from dawn to dusk. At the throbbing heart of Beachouse Ibiza is an exciting new trend in Mediterranean cuisine that makes ample and discerning use of local produce and ingredients. This is a genuine, foody heaven guaranteed to please the most discriminating palate via its range of refreshing breakfasts, delightful lunches and memorable dinners by moonlight. At the helm of Beachouse gastronomy stands executive chef Gennaro Vitto with his talented local team - Victor Rodriguez and Sergio Cardenosa - together championing the cause of using locally-sourced produce from both land and sea. This internationallyacclaimed, outstanding culinary team never fails to breathe life into foody souls and their dreams of experiencing the very best fare that Ibiza has to offer with such signature dishes as Zucchini burrata and fresh mint; watermelon tomato salad accompanied by preserved lemon; charcoal grilled beetroot served with Greek yoghurt and toasted pistachio; whole wild seabass served with picked kumquat and green tomato and grilled carabineros, pluma iberica, spring onion and chimichurri.

156 /

This popular beach club and restaurant is now open to travellers and features a re-crafted, sensory experience and epitome of the classic Balearic lifestyle

/ 157


158 /

A sublime epicurean adventure for those seeking the ultimate Ibizan foodie experience is to dine beneath the star-spangled heavens as a part of Beachouse’s new Moonlit Dinner Series. This is a particularly soulful dining extravaganza combining food, art and music where guests are able to book their place in this magical weekly event lasting from dawn to midnight featuring seating at elegant, long tables and savouring select dishes from the á la carte menu while being serenaded by headline musicians and immersive, live performances. But Beachouse is about far more than this and is a place where aficionados of an active lifestyle can take their holistic well-being to an entirely new level thanks to the club’s daily beach yoga sessions. Here, guided by master instructors, guests are invited to surrender to the soulful Ibizan way of life and to the restorative benefits of exhilarating yoga sessions followed by breakfast at the open air restaurant. Embracing the natural elements of the island, Beachouse Ibiza’s ‘Nourish Menu’ boasts food for the soul, including breakfast bowls and other fine specialities. A signature feature of the Beachouse experience is the all-uniting spirit of its music where guests can escape and unwind to an eclectic blend of diverse talent and

carefully-selected, quality musicians sure to bring the Balearic soul to life. Beachouse welcomes guests of all ages and particularly invites its younger visitors to enjoy its complimentary kid’s space known as the Little Beachouse that opens daily and with no prior booking required. Here, parents can lay back and enjoy some quality ‘me time’, sure in the knowledge that the needs of their little ones will be fully catered to by way of an inspired and highly-entertaining programme of arts and crafts, kiddies’ yoga, face painting, music classes with the in-house DJs and so much more besides. Beachouse’s catering for its younger clients also extends to their dining as the restaurant caters for the appetites of visitors of all ages with its varied and nutritious children’s menu. Beachouse Ibiza offers a singular experience of the Ibizan way of life and an unforgettable taste of its fiery soul via a suite of experiences designed to introduce its guests to the very best that the island has to offer by way of excellent cuisine, an effervescent ambiance and memories of great times that will have you coming back for more. www.beachouseibiza.com

/ 159

/ 161

the butcher Ever since exploding onto the foodie scene and serving up its first burger in Amsterdam in 2012, the butcher brand has reached legendary status.


ext followed several successful openings around Europe and in 2017, The Butcher conquered another global hotspot; Ibiza. The high-end burger bar serves the best burgers of the Balearic and now its ready for another sizzling summer of haute fast food and cool cocktails in 2019. “As a creative concept developer, I envision and feel the places I design before they actually exist. I always create places that suit the locals but try to offer them something new at the same time. It’s extremely important to get to know the market; you can’t ignore a city and its people’s heritage. I love to develop something from the roots and pay attention to every tiny detail. Every aspect has to be captured by the same language. I’m not creating restaurants, I’m creating experiences.” - Yossi Eliyahoo, Founder & Co-Owner of The Entourage Group. Committed to serving ‘bloody delicious burgers’ throughout Europe, The Butcher found his sixth home on Ibiza. The burger bar situated in boutique hotel Sir Joan overlooks the well-loved Old Town of the island. True to its metropolitan home, The Butcher is a full-service concept offering all-day and night haute fast food. From 13.00 PM till 1.00 AM from April 23 till the 19th of May and from 13.00 PM till 7.00 AM as of the 20th. Everything is done with the greatest craftsmanship. The “butchers” in the kitchen exclusively work with the best quality Aberdeen Angus beef. From the best meat to the selection of herbs, the fresh vegetables, the special signature sauce, right down to the homemade semi-brioche bun; The Butcher constantly commits to creating the best quality burgers. Ibiza’s haute fast food menu consists of all The Butcher classics: the glorious ‘The Butcher’ Angus beef burger, the notorious ‘The Ugly’, the ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘The Butcher’s Wife's Favourite’ chicken burger, ‘The Codfather’ fish and chips and ‘The Veggie Delight’. The drinks menu is equally as indulgent, with The Butcher vowing to ‘quench one’s thirst’ with a menu of homemade milkshakes.

I’m not creating restaurants, I’m creating experiences.”

162 /

/ 163

164 /

The aim was to serve the best bloody burgers throughout Europe. For the design of The Butcher Ibiza, award winning architects BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG were inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics. The iconic Delft Blue tiles, which cover the story of The Butcher, have been transformed. They bring out the essence of the new home, where seamen tattoos, sails and navigation charts are the backdrop for a sizzling experience. The story of The Butcher began back in 2012, when the aim was to serve the best bloody burgers throughout Europe. He brought his ambition into practice with Albert Cuyp and its ‘K.I.Q’ (keep it quiet) secret kitchen. The success of this first high-end burger bar in Amsterdam led to the opening of The Butcher West (2014), food truck The Butcher on Wheels (2016), The Butcher Berlin (2016), The Butcher Nine Streets (2016), The ButcherSocial Club (2016), and finally The Butcher Ibiza. The burger bar, created by serial entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo of The Entourage Group, will not rest after this second European expansion with the upcoming The Butcher Milan.

The Entourage Group is an unrivalled hospitality empire, renowned for creating internationally acclaimed food and beverage concepts across the world. Their wide range of expertise has been cultivated extensively through years of hospitality management, operations and fine dining experience. Owners and founders Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, along with the group’s managing director Stephanie Pearson, inspire the group to continually set the new standard for modern hospitality. Aside from the ever-growing Butcher empire, the currently owned portfolio includes MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Ibiza and Munich), SHIRKHAN, MR PORTER, awarded by Michelin THE DUCHESS and MAD FOX club Amsterdam. Due to the success of the group, founder Yossi Eliyahoo was awarded ‘Hospitality Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the prestigious Entrée Hospitality Awards 2015. www.thebutcher.com

/ 165




Here is a guide to the hidden gems of the island where you can still experience the relaxed side of Ibiza.


he White Island is renowned for having some of the best nightclubs in the world. In summer the cream of the world's DJs (David Guetta, Sven Väth, Armin van Buuren and many more) descend on the island, making it the ultimate destination for clubbers. But there is also a unique side to the island which cannot be described in words, but must be experienced: the feeling of love and light that surrounds you the moment you set foot on this little Spanish isle. It’s the very reason why Ibiza is a favourite hideaway where expats from all over the world choose to start a new life. Even during the dark days of the Spanish Civil War Ibiza was a haven for pioneering travelers, a place where in the 1930s, 1940s & 1950s freethinkers, writers, painters and other artists gathered to work and enjoy life on the 'White Island’. There are many theories about the ‘White Island’ nickname. Some people believe it comes from all the white houses, other theories say it’s because many decades ago, salt became the powerhouse of the Ibizan economy. Nowadays, this nickname has come to represent the Ibiza lifestyle, and you can find white everywhere: in architecture, fashion, interior and the world-famous white parties. In the 1960s it was the 'flower power' revolution which brought hippies from across Europe to the Balearic island, attracted by its laid back attitude, unspoilt natural beauty and gentle climate. But it was in the 70s that the real tourist boom began. Ibiza was a haven of peace, the destination that many in those years wanted to reach. Many stars of the decade made it home for a time: Bob Marley, Thin Lizzy and Eric Clapton organised concerts in Ibiza’s bullring and the legend of Ibiza as an island of music began. Pachá, Es Paradis and Glory‘s nightclubs were appearing on the nightclub map, creating the real tourism peak in that decade. These clubs added an extra element to the natural charms of the island while retaining that special community atmosphere essential to its charm. Today you can still feel that charm in so many places: from the bohemian boutiques that sell hand made arts and crafts and the traditional white cotton and linen clothes to the all organic restaurants and stylish countryside fincas now turned into luxurious hotels. Here is a guide to the hidden gems of the island where you can still experience the relaxed side of Ibiza.

166 /



One of Ibiza’s most popular hang-out places lies in the north east of the island, near San Lorenzo and Santa Eulalia. Atzaro is more than simply a hotel, this super-luxe agriturismo hotel is more like a chic cultural community, with interesting events and a restaurant that attracts people from all over Ibiza. The family-run hotel has evolved from a 300-yearold farmhouse to become the very epitome of rustic chic. Vibrant bougainvillea grows everywhere and palms, grapevines and olive trees provide shade while the scents of herbs and flowers mingle in the air. Open all year, there is a livelier atmosphere than you might expect, as the restaurant and spa are popular with non-guests and there is always something going on. Come here to unwind in style and indulge in the top-notch spa which combines picturesque

tranquility with indulgent, detoxifying and relaxing treatments, from massages to hammams. Or stay the night and enjoy the beautifully appointed, Ibiza-Asia inspired rooms with terraces; some even have their own fountains. The rooms are divided between the farmhouse and grounds, with the main pool located in the beautiful garden and surrounded by cosy daybeds. There is usually a DJ to provide a laid back vibe too. Different indoor and outdoor areas are used for dining and drinking depending on the season, but you can also sit in the Veranda restaurant where you choose between super healthy home grown organic veg dishes and not-so-healthy-but-you’re-on-holiday meals. We recommend you stay long enough to try both, since everything else would mean missing out on food heaven!

/ 167

Home away from home - this is how you feel the moment you walk through the doors of Ibizazen Hotel in Santa Eulalia del Rio.

This is truly an idyllic place to live, laugh, love and soak up the true vibe of the island.

168 /




Ibiza Zen

Home away from home - this is how you feel the moment you walk through the doors of Ibizazen Hotel in Santa Eulalia del Rio. The name of the island is combined with ‘Zazen’, which is a state of mind and means ‘just sitting’. Originally Ibizazen was a small farmhouse owned by the Bufi family, built on a spacious terraced garden of 8000m2 in the middle of its orange and lemon trees. The hotel is the creation of soulmates and entrepreneurs Jerry and Sophie Jean-Marius, and has an airy, homey feel thanks to lush landscaped gardens, authentic Ibiza stone terraces, palm-tree shaded areas, bamboo gazebos, stylish teak sun beds and a secluded Zen Garden. Inside, recycled art decorates the elegant lobby in a style that is minimalistic with splashes of play – east meets west with warm colourful touches. The Zazen Boutique is stocked full of goodies hand-picked and designed by the owners on their worldly travels throughout winter – with everything you need to encapsulate true Ibiza style. Peaceful mornings by the pool are aided by efficiently pre-ordered a la carte breakfasts including healthy fruit and veg smoothies and luxe deli items like ‘Dutch old-cheese’, marinated salmon, carpaccio and countless other mouth watering goodness. By night the restaurant offers a romantic, candlelit degustation menu. A heavenly haven on the island’s east coast.

Los Enamorados

Close the island’s most secluded beaches, coves and cliffs, the north of Ibiza is home to a seaside scenestealer called Los Enamorados (the lovers in Spanish). Perched on the rocks, the tiny Hotel is a dream project by Pierre Traversier, an ex-basketball player and his Dutch wife Rozemarijn de Witte. Together they transformed a tired hostel into a creative boutique hotel in an unbeatable location. The sunset is stunning, plus the sea is translucent here making it a favourite place for snorkelers and scuba divers, and on a clear day you can see all the way to Mallorca. Since 2016 this little gem has offered attractive accommodation, a bar and restaurant that won’t disappoint and a boho boutique bazaar for treasure seekers. The hotel is filled with beautiful rugs, lamps, chairs brought back from the owners’ travels and quirky designer pieces such as the fish net sculptures made by Thai artist Karakot or a vase of famous US-potter Jonathan Adler. And, if you fall in love with something - you can buy it! Stylish all the way and bursting with good taste, Los Enamorados’ very ‘instagrammable’ interior is a daring hodgepodge of bold colours, unique textures from bamboo to velvet, quirky and eclectic furniture and artfully considered touches. Upstairs all nine rooms are slightly different, but each is styled with a personal stamp and global influences. Don’t expect minibars or TV’s, it’s all about simple luxury here. But, the Italian bedsheets are ultra-soft and the three double Coco-mat mattresses are heavenly. This is truly an idyllic place to live, laugh, love and soak up the true vibe of the island.

/ 169


Wild Beets

Welcome to Vegan Paradise! Everything on the menu is vegan but all dishes are also gluten-free, plant-based and organic: from the Vietnamese pho, an infused vegetable broth with young coconut ribbons, zucchini noodles, topped with crushed cashews and coriander to the Chilli with tempeh and polenta to the Walnut Banana Pancakes layered with fresh fruit, drizzled with maple syrup and cashew yogurt. Grab a good book or your laptop and enjoy a healthy meal or a cold pressed detox juice by the fire place or sit on the little veranda overlooking the streets of Santa Gertrudis Village.

La Paloma

The little mountain village San Lorenzo in the heart of Ibiza is home to one of the most romantic restaurants of the island - La Paloma. Founded in 2004 by an Italian expat family who renovated an old run-down finca, today the charming all blue and white building is one of the most popular places to eat and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. In summer you can sit outside in the fairytale garden surrounded by olive, lemon and orange trees while the beautifully decorated indoor dining room lit by the fire place has the perfect cosy countryside vibe for colder days. The menu is mainly Italian with fresh often organic ingredients from the garden and influences from the middle east. You’ll find tasty snacks and appetisers like hummus and pita bread, Tuscan antipasti with charcuterie and cheeses flown in specially from a small farm in Italy. Chef Daniela Prasuna Coppini changes the menu every week and serves a range of main courses from home made pasta to creamy risottos and a yummy choice of meat and fish dishes. Places like La Paloma are what makes Ibiza: the combination of laid back vibe, with real quality, style and great people.


Located on the restaurant road from the capital to San Juan, Nagai is an outdoor foodie temple serving contemporary sushi and Japanese fusion cuisine. The multi-cultural team of four has run the restaurant since 2011, and created an unpretentious gypsy-style hideaway with the intimate atmosphere of your own courtyard. However the set up doesn’t lack island style: the rustic farmhouse boasts a cool boutique and Art Space and often DJs and life musicians meet up to play some super smooth shaman house tunes together. With all the cool and pretty people hanging out to chill to good sounds enjoying a perfectly balanced Spiced Pear Cocktail it might be hard to focus on the plates. But the first bite of the salmon avocado tartare or the Nagai prawns with coconut salad and chilli will take over your mind in an instant. Hold tight though as the treat has only just began! Think Japanese curry, hosomaki, sushi, sashimi for main courses and ginger terracotta with orange juice for a proper happy ending…

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Come in the late afternoon to get a day bed and watch how this calm beach side spot slowly turns into a breezy after-hours stomping ground...



Experimental Beach

Located in the middle of Ses Salinas, Experimental Beach features one of the rare beach clubs that has managed to stay kind of a secret hotspot over the years. In 2013 the renowned ECC group (Experimental Cocktail Club spanning Paris, London and New York) opened this relaxed barefoot restaurant on the rocks of Cap des Falco, a peninsula in the south of the island. Expect white luxurious sun beds from which you can watch the legendary sunset while sipping on a ruminfused Pineapple Èxpress. The clean beach house chic designed by Dorothée Meilichzon in combination with chilled Ibiza beats and a view that stretches across the Mediterranean to the very tip of Es Vedra have proved a winning combination here. All this and we have not even talked about the food… Fresh seafood stars include raw langoustine carpaccio with lemon or seabass in salt crust and octopus a la plancha. Vegetarian food lovers will be more than pleased with the quinoa avocado salad with goji seeds and greek yogurt. Come in the late afternoon to get a day bed and watch how this calm beach side spot slowly turns into a breezy after-hours stomping ground throughout the night.

Favourite Shop

Samahra Ibiza

The wide wooden doors of Samahra are painted in the turquoise shades of the Mediterranean sea and lead into a little bohemian shopping heaven. Hand-painted colourful door signs with peaceful messages like Namaste, Viva La Vida and Welcome greet the visitors right at the door step together with a mint coloured Buddha Statue that guards the entrance. Samahra offers a wide range of creative and innovative home accessories and gifts. If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir go for the wooden photo box from Seaflower Ibiza which contains a range of stunning pictures from around the island, each one endowed with a quote and the story behind the picture. How about getting one of the comfy sweaters made of recycled cotton and “Made in Ibiza not in China” embroidery?! In this charming fair trade boutique everything has been selected with love and care from the scented candles to the organic tea selection and precious minerals. You surely won’t leave without having bought a souvenir from the island of love and light…

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biza is one of the most famous places in world to charter a luxury boat and enjoy the stunning vistas the island has to offer from the sea. If it’s just for a day cruise to the small island of Formentera to have a swim in the crystal clear waters or a week long trip to explore the many hidden beaches

around Ibiza - Smart Charter Ibiza is the largest boat charter company on the spot and they provide their clients with all they need for the perfect experience onboard. Eight years ago Charlie Veale, a long time residents, started the company by buying an old boat which he restored and rented out afterwards. The foundation was laid. Today Smart Charter Ibiza still consists of these two parts: maintenance and charter. Both are linked and one wouldn’t work without the other and it wouldn’t work without the team behind both parts either; from Veale who grew up on the island and developed a passion for boats from a very young age to Alessandra Grisoni who was drawn into this dream of building a charter company when they’ve met. Six years ago they merged with another company that already owned a few boats even though they didn’t offer refitting or painting but they now had a proper little fleet that constantly grew. Today they have over 50 speedboats and yachts available for charter, Most of them are based in the city’s port but since there is not enough space for such a big fleet they are some also based around the island with more than a hundred staff looking after them in summer season. From Cristina, who works in the Sales department and moved from Miami to the island to Ugne who left from her home country Lithuania to seek a new life on Ibiza to Fidi and Dazzla who all put their hearts into the company and make it what is is today: a great success.

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The biggest boat charter company in the Balearic Islands

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Most of the holidayers go on a day cruise to escape the hustle and bustle of Ibiza in high season and to sail in and out of some of the most beautiful and bohemian beaches. Most of the team members are residents and know the island like the back of their hands. The company is very proud to provide this personal service with all crew members speaking both English and Spanish and many also French and German. No matter what requests a client has, this is the place to get customised service, a great choice of boats and insider knowledge about the best spots to discover. There are so many beautiful sailing routes around the island that are blissfully traffic free even in peak season. Exposing a coastline where the water is shimmering in all shades of blue and the beaches are unspoilt, with some of Ibiza’s best kept secret dining destinations tucked away in hidden coves and secret bays. Most of the holidayers go on a day cruise to escape the hustle and bustle of Ibiza in high season and to sail in and out of some of the most beautiful and bohemian beaches. The island’s north remains one of the last undiscovered bastions of Ibiza with Cala Xarraca, Cala Xuclar, or Cala d’en Serra. There are also a few tiny but stunning beaches that are only accessible by boat where there is a good chance of being completely alone. Whether you prefer to sunbathe on the deck of your yacht, to stretch out and bask on dry land or to swim and snorkel amongst the abundant marine life, there’s something very special about having all this beauty just for yourself. If you’re in a big group a full day out on a power boat will cost much the same as supper in a smart restaurant. Of course you can also invest into a bigger boat to take some more time to explore all the beautiful spots around the magic White Island. Many clients stay onboard for a week and putter about the quiet coves aboard a sleek yacht. With overnight charters continuing to grow in popularity, Smart Charter Ibiza has added some spectacular super yachts of 90 feet and over to its fleet to meet demand, including a sleek and elegant Mangusta 92 and a Bilgin Fly 110, a luxurious floating palace! Set off from the port beside Ibiza’s old town around Cap de Falco and Las Salinas towards the bay of Es Torrent. The same-named restaurant is the perfect place to disembark and go for a lovely lunch. Drop anchor beside nearby Es Vedra, the little rocky island which is Ibiza's unofficial totem – it’s the third most magnetic place in the world. There is also a natural diving platform close by chiselled into the rock face of even tinier neighbouring island Es Vedranell. Smart Charter Ibiza boats all come equipped with snorkel equipment and towels, drinks and snacks, and catering can be arranged.

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SMART CHARTER Take on some exhilarating coastal sailing in the sparkling Balearic Sea.

Since 2018, they decided to actually take things even further and partnered up with Boatsetter, the biggest online platform for boat charter in the world. Based in Miami, Boatsetter is a three-party marketplace where private boat owners and professional charter companies, captains and renters meet. Like an Air BnB for boats, users can pick nearby ones, rent it with a captain attached or pick a separate crew, and quickly get out on the water at an affordable price. Since the private owners are just trying to make back some of the non-stop expenses of keeping a boat afloat, Boatsetter is easy and affordable and now also available on Ibiza. With this expansion the US-company made a big step into becoming more global while for the Spanish company on Ibiza it is a great success to be linked with the big player in Florida. It is the perfect merger in a world where a materialistic culture is slowly shifting into a more experiential one. People don’t want to spend a ton of money or learn the boating skills to get out on the water. They want to do amazing things they can capture on their camera phones and share on their social networks. They want memories. And it’s hard to top gliding over the waves with friends on your own private boat… even if it’s just for the afternoon. Expanding at an impressive pace, this year the Smart Charter brand has expanded into two new locations in Spain. Taking both the Smart Charter concept and its sister company, the Smart Yachting brokerage and management service, to Puerto Portals on the neighbouring island of Mallorca, as well as Puerto Banús in Marbella on the Costa del Sol, this passionate and dedicated team is set to make a splash in 2022! www.smartcharteribiza.com www.smartyachting.com www.boatsetter.com

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Bazuinlaan 4 4876 AE Etten-Leur The Nederlands +31-76-5038803 info@dcmodels.eu

6, Carrer del Comté del Roselló 07800 Ibiza +31-6-24933727 www.dcmodels.eu


MaLdired infuLL colour An enchanting, unique and friendly resort with a beautiful reef, white sandy beaches surrounded by swaying palms and crystal clear waters, with convenient access to Velana International Airport for a smooth and seamless arrival and departure experience. Perfect for couples and families seeking an idyllic tropical paradise escape, with endless possibilities of dining, activities and celebrations. reservations@kurumba.com • www.kurumba.com

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