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Fall edition 2013

Southern Georgian Bay & Simcoe


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Showcasing The Fine Art of BARB TENEYCKE

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Southern Georgian Bay as viewed by Barb TenEycke an ORIGINAL Landscape Artist

Barb TenEycke creates original landscape paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. Her principle residence is in Oakville Ontario, but she spends a great deal of time at her family cottage near Algonquin Park. Traveling between the GTA and cottage country on rural roads, provides her with endless inspiration. Old barns, rolling fields, coming storms, and foggy sunsets are the stuff of dreams for TenEycke. Her landscapes have a unique blend of realism and abstraction. Lighting, atmosphere, and depth, are key elements that she attempts to convey in her work.

“MEMORY OF GEORGIAN BAY” Perched on the stunning pink, glacier carved rocks of Georgian Bay.

“The first and foremost step in my

I spend time hiking, driving, and photographing. My main interests are elemental; water, rocks, trees, skies. I am particularly dra long shadows and golden light. Movement is another aspect that I strive to convey in a painting. R

“Painting from the heart, I try to express my

y work is deciding on my subject. “

awn to the way light interacts with these elements. My favorite time of the day is during the evening sunset, when I can catch the Rushing water, gentle currents in a forest stream, a tree swaying in the wind, are all favorite subjects.

appreciation for the landscape with my art. �

“DARKENING SKIES” An approaching storm, the late afternoon sun, an old barn…check. Since painting this Oakville barn, it has been torn down. I feel grateful to have been able to catch a few good shots with my camera.

Gallery of Work ENJOY...

“UPSTREAM” Hiking through the woods at Tasso Lake. A magical place in the fall.

“BETWEEN A ROCK AND A GREEN SPACE” The rugged beauty of Muskoka. These particular rocks are along the side of Hwy 169 near Gravenhurst.

“ROCK OF AGES” The Canadian Shield captivates me with its rugged textures and timelessness. It’s humbling to realize how temporary our lives are by comparison. I remember childhood road trips to Muskoka, passing the same rocky outcrops on the side of Hwy 11, still the same today after decades



“MUSKOKA MARSH� This scene is inspired by the wetlands in Gravenhurst. We often take for granted the natural beauty in our daily lives.

“SUMMER SILENCE” One of my favorite places to be, listening to the lapping of the water against the rocks.

“TRANQUIL MOMENT” Trying to catch the beauty of the colours, textures and light in the watery reflections.

“FORGOTTEN” Old wooden barns have a certain charm, and are gradually disappearing from the landscape. Sad to think they may only be around another generation or two…


“OCTOBER MIST” Warm tones of autumn.

“FIXIN’ FOR A STORM” Late one August afternoon, when the skies turned ominous.

Originals available at:

Auburn Gallery of Fine Art- Gravenhurst, Ontario Edge Gallery- Barrie, Ontario TWG Gallery- Rosseau, Ontario

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Southern georgian bay fall edition 2013  
Southern georgian bay fall edition 2013  

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