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Lu Robitaille

Shares M E M O R I E S of Cherished Paintings over the Years...

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1922 Duesenberg Model A

Landscape artist

Lu Robitaille Shares M E M O R I E S of Cherished Paintings over the Years...


Winterfalls in Go Home Bay is the great divide between upper Go Home Bay and Georgian Bay, bringing back memories of our family winter picnics.

Heavenly Dance...

Tadenac Bay the heavenly place we raised our children in the remoteness of Georgian Bay.

Hole in the Wall Pointe au Baril...

Early morning kayaking can unveil a sense of peace so seldom found in the busy world we live in.

Hidden Cove...

Wreck Island is a part of the Massassauga Parks near Sans Souci. Hidden Cove is a little tricky to find but well worth discovering.

Rhythmic Dance.....

It’s mesmerizing to watch water splash the rocky shores. Like a snowflake, each splash creates a new shape size and colour.

Spinning Pine..

Evening light casts incredibly warm tones on the rocks that make up the Canadian Sheild.

Spring Flow.....

The majestic falls at Moon River at high flow in early spring.

Back in a Moment.....

Capturing that moment in time brings with it a sense of peace.

Lu Robitaille

Artist Statement: I’ve walked and swam its waters; lived on its shores, islands, surrounding farmland; written and sung about its rich culture and beauty; cooked and shared its bounty of wild and domestic foods. None of the above have been as dramatic a tell all, like the art I create. Taking the vastness of the Georgian Bay, showcasing its diversity and telling the story of its profound beauty motivates me to paint. The fieldwork I do is an intense but necessary leg of my journey to create. It takes me to areas hard to get to, virgin lands undiscovered. Minute by minute the light changes giving a fresh and new look at a tree, the water and rocks. I like to capture the moment with my camera, savour its colours, while making a mental note of the caricature I wish to highlight. My grass roots approach to painting comes naturally as I utilize the water colour pigments on my palette. Unlike many, I do not omit the titanium white and payne’s grey used to highlight the permanent colours I choose. A flood of memories evoke the emotion I wish to create from my fieldwork, quiet thought and then the study of many photographs. The rich and true colours of Georgian Bay transform the once blank paper with the truest possible image of that magical moment in time I wish to relay to my audience. The artist statement itself is only complete after time spent in field, then studio, then making the final brush strokes of Gods majestic land and finally paying it forward to you the public eye. Bio: Lu was born and raised in the historic town of Penetanguishene, summered and was inspired to create on Sawlog Bay across from the infamous Giants Tomb, on the south tip of Georgian Bay. Married for over 40 years she and her husband raised their two sons in the remoteness of the bay and later settled in the country near Victoria Harbour. In the spring they will be pulling up stakes after 26 years at their beloved Cedar Brook Farm to walk another path; this time, to Coldwater where they hope to live out their years. Lu specializes in commissions creating everlasting memories for her clients.

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Silenced... “Inspired by the pure silence of the first snowfall of the season.�


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Southern georgian bay christmas edition 2013  
Southern georgian bay christmas edition 2013  

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