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make your cottage With multifunctional furniture solutions from Resource Furniture, every inch of your cottage can work harder – both day and night. Entertain more guests than you thought possible in style and comfort. More than 40 transforming systems available to multiply any space, large or small. Call or visit our website for more information and to make an appointment. Goliath Console/Dining Table Expands from 17” to 115” To Seat Ten For Dinner

Penelope Sofa Queen Bed System & PoppiBook Single Bed/Desk/Bookshelf System



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feel like a mansion. Even Small Rooms Can Have More Than One Function Penelope & Home Office in the Master Bedroom transforms the space into a Painting Studio, Study and Yoga Studio

LGM & Goliath in the Living Room provide space for Family Dinner plus a Guest Room For Two Cabrio & Lollisoft Bunk Beds in the Kids’ Room allow Three People To Sleep comfortably (with room for a Lego Village)


It’s not merely a pre-owned jet. It’s a high-performance platform, available now and waiting for you to make your mark. We’ve inspected it, ensuring that it meets or exceeds original manufacturer standards. Now it’s ready – complete with field service support – for you to make it yours. Take it as is. Or tailor it to your specifications. Design a new livery. Customize the interior. Upgrade the avionics. All to factory standards. Our OEM experience with first-in-type and export-import procedures is unmatched in the industry. You simply fly away in an aircraft that’s uniquely yours at a substantial savings over a new jet. • 972-960-3810


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Your’s to Enjoy... Town of Huntsville

Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

IMAGES – Conductor - Portage Flyer Train, Muskoka Chairs on Main Street, Lions Lookout, Algonquin Theatre

The unique Town of Huntsville is located two hours north of Toronto and is the gateway to Algonquin Provincial Park. Nestled among tall white pines, granite rocks and clear lakes, Huntsville offers a small town feel with all the amenities of a large centre. It is a four season destination with something for everyone! Enjoy a relaxing stroll down Main Street as you meander through the distinctive shops that offer one of a kind finds, work of local artists, souvenirs and so much more! Relax on the dock, enjoy live entertainment at the Algonquin Theatre or take a step back in time at Muskoka Heritage Place. Paddling a canoe, biking on a trail or snowshoeing along a scenic wooded path.... there truly is something for everyone in Huntsville. Lions Lookout offers breathtaking views of Huntsville and area From high above, one will see why so many have become enchanted by this town, its surrounding lakes and its warm hospitality. First class hospitality services are offered in Huntsville with a capacity to accommodate small special events to large conferences. There is a wide range of accommodations to suit all needs; resorts, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and camping. The dining in Huntsville is exceptional, whether you are savouring a light lunch, fine dining or a pub style offering, each with exquisite local flavours there is something for everyone. World class golf is found in and around Huntsville. The picturesque views and vistas, surrounded by lakes and granite rock cuts make your golf game one to be remembered. Huntsville is a community that takes great pride in honouring the past while simultaneously looking with eager anticipation towards the future. Huntsville welcomed the world with poise and conviction for the 2010 G8 World Summit and it is with that same enthusiasm that we look forward to welcoming you to Huntsville!

Portage Flyer Train

Muskoka Chairs on Main Street

Lions Lookout Point

Algonquin Theatre

Huntsville for SHOPPING or DINNING


DAN WERSTUK July 8 to July 26, 2013

“Shining Through” , Soft Pastel by Dan Werstuk.

DISCOVER THE MUSKOKA LAKES LIKE NEVER BEFORE U-Boat Worx was founded in The Netherlands in 2005 with the objective of creating subs with unprecedented “value for money”. Our subs are the most advanced private submarines and have set the standards for 21st century underwater exploration. These personal subs are built in small series at the company`s headquarters in Breda, where hundreds of parts are meticulously put together to provide clients with the safest, most innovative and most luxurious submersibles on the market. U-Boat Worx’ submersibles stand out in terms of their agility, reliability, their spacious and luxurious interior, powerful air conditioning system, relatively compact size, low weight and low lead times. Our highly skilled team is fully dedicated to the task of building these state-of-the-art diving machines and provides full support to its client during the acquisition and construction stages right up to the ownership of their submersible, and comprehensive after-sales service. U-Boat Worx takes great pride in creating these very versatile underwater crafts, which can be used for various purposes. The submersibles can be operated from yachts, at tourist ventures, used for research missions and for private recreation. All models are classed by the esteemed Germanischer Lloyd Classification Society, an authority which oversees the design, construction and stringent testing of every craft in order to achieve the highest possible safety standards for these extraordinary submersibles. The C-Questers are based on the double-hull concept and are available in 2- and 3-person configurations, the C-Quester 2 and the C-Quester 3. The C-Questers are very robust, reliable and efficient designs, affording excellent views and a maximum diving depth of 100 metres. The C-Explorers represent a large family of high-performance subs for 1 to 5 passengers and can be manufactured for various depths ranging from 100 metres up to a staggering 1,000 metres below the ocean`s surface The C-Explorer 5, which is described as “the world’s first subsea limousine”. Can accommodate four passengers, plus a pilot. Its pressurized acrylic-and-steel hull allows it to descend to a maximum depth of 300 meters (1,000 feet), where it can manage a top speed of 3 knots. The C-Explorer 5 can maintain operational autonomy for a claimed eight hours, with the option of upgrading to 16. It can maintain life support for 96 hours. Some optional extras include an external manipulator arm, imaging sonar, LED lights, an HD video camera, and even a tethered remote-operated vehicle for checking out areas that the CE5 itself can’t squeeze into. U-Boat Worx recently received orders for the first C-Explorer 3 submersibles. Works have started on these superyacht toys that can dive up to depths of 300 meters and are characterized by their fully transparent pressure hull that permits the best underwater view possible. C-Explorer 3 represents a unique combination of the reliability and experience of the C-Quester submersible with an economic, modular, and versatile work-platform for research, exploration, scientific and offshore applications. It represents the ultimate submersible in oceanographic activities. With its practical configuration and full 360-degree acrylic pressure hull, this exceptional submersible cruises at 3 knots below the surface offering unparalleled performance. The C-Explorers are easily equipped with additional tools.



All key rooms take advantage of the lake view with services and washrooms being relegated to the road side of the home. The plan is anchored around a double height living space that is full of natural day-lighting and encourages natural ventilation of the home. The master suite maintains its privacy as well as significant glazing towards the lake by being pulled away from the rest of the program and by using a buffer zone of a cozy reading room.

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New Interactive 360-degree Virtual Tours t has never been easier to experience how it is to be inside one of our submersibles. To put yourself in the pilot seat, we now have 360-degree virtual tours available that allow you to look around inside our submersibles with a touch of your mouse.

Pauline says “ Stop by to see the The Monterey Super Sports At Gordon Bay Marine .” and you will enjoy the Best all around runabout for the MUSKOKA LAKES this Season of 2013

244 FS

224 F XS

A Day Tripper delight for short runs and all other Daily Boating activities....

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The rock whisperer My work is about conscious intent manipulating physical reality. Like Keanu Reeves’ character Neo in The Matrix, I had to defy the belief that it was impossible to single-handedly move a 300+ lb. tabletop candidate through the rocky, hilly bush to the nearest road without scratching the edges or harming the moss on it (It is currently gracing a table in front of the Algonquin Theatre). Or that I could go into the forest and begin searching for a very specific size and shape of stone (such as 19 3/4” long, 2” thick, and about 6” wide - and square - at one end like the left rear armrest support I needed to finish the Muskoka chair), and find it in 20 minutes. Or that I could lift,slice, dice, carve, and drill holes through solid granite, the world’s toughest stone, as if it were Styrofoam, like the ancients did on a grand scale.

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For The Compoun

nd or The Coarse

Little Custom Wood Signs

Elegant posts for signs, plants, bird feeders, solar lights & much more in colours to match your home, business or cottage Visit us at Email - phone # 905 688 0111








BOATHOUSE NO Concrete N O E x c av a t i o n NO Weather Delays NO Landscape Repairs NO Footing Inspections Ready to Build on Instantly Every Installation Engineered


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Muskoka summer edition 2013  

Your regional Showcase to the Best of Muskoka The latest on interiors, design, architecture, cottages, homes and travel in this dedicated lu...

Muskoka summer edition 2013  

Your regional Showcase to the Best of Muskoka The latest on interiors, design, architecture, cottages, homes and travel in this dedicated lu...