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Methodist West Houston Hospital compassionately cares for every generation in your family. We offer the most technologically-advanced, personalized health care available to the West Houston and Katy areas, with the same high quality The Methodist Hospital System has exemplified for nearly a century. Methodist West Houston is patient-oriented, offering continuous visitation and providing family-friendly private rooms. From our 24/7 emergency services and world-class cardiovascular capabilities to our state-of-the art birthing center and advanced sports medicine services, we offer the care you want for yourself and your family. Additional hospital specialties include a cancer center, breast center, orthopedic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, urological and gastrointestinal surgery, otolaryngology surgery and minimally invasive surgery, including robotics.


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With multiple pediatric subspecialties on-site, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus steers kids to the best care possible in West Houston. From sports medicine to oncology to pulmonary medicine, our experts work with each patient and family to provide top personalized care. Our highly trained pediatric physicians and facilities designed specifically for children are two reasons why U.S.News & World Report ranked us as the top pediatric hospital in Texas. For the best specialist care for your child, turn to us. We’re just down the road.

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LIVING THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE: The TMS Serenity Center The largest provider of depression therapy in Houston has helped thousands and gained recognition on the Dr. Oz Show and major news outlets.

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THE POWER OF COMMUNITY Your Fitness Success Depends On It

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Dr. Kimberly Cress. Photography by Nesossi Studios.

Surround yourself with an exceptional healing team. Since 2000, CHRISTUS

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St. Catherine Hospital

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has provided

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art medical treatment com-

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bined with a personalized


healing touch to Katy and

from The

surrounding communities.

Joint Commission,


Cancer Accreditation with

we do for our

Commendation from the

patients is

American College of Surgeons

inspired by our faith-

Commission on Cancer,

based mission – to extend

Sleep Center Accreditation,

the healing ministry of

as well as

Jesus Christ.

being named

Our dedication to excellence and

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service has brought us the Health Care

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World-Class Care. Hometown Heart. 701 S. Fry Road l 281.599.5700 | Physician Referral 281.599.4343 Follow us at CHRISTUS St. Catherine

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Vol. 9 No. 9 September 2012

Publisher, KIM CROSIER Whether we are ready for it or not, fall is here. The kids are already back to school and fall festivities are in full swing. This fall is especially exciting for me as I embark on a new adventure serving as publisher for absolutely! Katy. An exciting new chapter in my life, I can’t wait to get out and about in Katy and get to know the people who make our community special. Speaking of community, one of our contributors and a mainstay in the Katy community, Jason Hodge, has opened a new location. Stop by and visit Jason at MediKim Crosier cal Fitness Pros and learn about how the power of community can help you reach your fitness goals in Jason’s article on page 26. Our cover story is about a physician and a new, cutting-edge therapy that is helping people live their best lives ever. Dr. Kimberly Cress of the TMS Serenity Center has made a difference in many lives through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as an alternate, non-medication therapy for depression. This breakthrough technology has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show and is now available locally. Dr. Cress is truly changing lives. In this issue, we also celebrate the season getting our home holiday ready in our special Home Is Where The Heart Is section. Brush up on some decorating tips along with great ideas for sprucing up your home. As always, we have a variety of other great stories about people, places and happenings in this issue. Keep sending in your photos, events and story ideas. We love hearing from you, and I look forward to meeting you out and about in Katy.



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Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic is now part of Memorial Hermann. From its inception, Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic has been one of the most innovative and highly regarded orthopedic groups in Houston. Joining Memorial Hermann’s progressive culture of high-quality, safe and evidence-based medicine will ensure the best possible results-driven care for local communities for generations to come. Visit for a list of specialties, to schedule an appointment or learn more about Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic.

Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic

Memorial Hermann Medical Group benefits: • ScheduleNow provides simple and free online appointment scheduling. • Electronic Medical Records let your doctor instantly view your medical records, including test results and medications, to ensure your coordinated, optimal care. • Patient Portal gives you access to your chart information, allowing you to actively monitor your health, schedule appointments and communicate directly with your doctor.

Sugar Land 15035 SW Fwy. Richmond 1517 Thompson Rd. Katy 21222 Kingsland Blvd. 281.344.1715 l SEPTEMBER 2012



Serenity Center

COVER STORY By Claudia Richter

The largest provider in Houston and the second largest in Texas of the most technologically advanced, non-invasive, FDA approved depression therapy that has helped thousands and gained recognition on the Dr. Oz Show and major news outlets.

Photography by Nesossi Studios

Dr. Kimberly Cress

Living The

Best Life





aining almost as much attention for what it doesn’t do while providing relief from depression, as what it does do to improve the lives of people suffering from the illness, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy, is an FDA approved, non-invasive outpatient therapy that has helped thousands of depression sufferers and is able to do so without some of the undesirable side effects associated with many traditional antidepressant medications. TMS Therapy has also been successful in treating anxiety. Available locally at the TMS Serenity Center in Sugar Land, Dr. Kimberly Cress has been in private practice for over 12 years. Patients come to Dr. Cress after either not seeing the improvement they were hoping for with medication or after finding that the side effects are not much better than the symptoms. Dr. Cress believes that patients deserve more and should not settle for mediocre results when it is possible to achieve so much more. She is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio Medical School and after completing medical school, attended Psychiatry Residency at Baylor College of Medicine where she was awarded Merit Award from the Laughlin Foundation for achievement and dedication during residency.

Dr. Cress spent two years working in the Mood Disorder Center at Baylor College of Medicine where patients are treated for refractory depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and difficult to treat mental illnesses. She has been involved in clinical trials and is a co-author in several journal articles. “I consult with patients and evaluate their symptoms,” explains Dr. Cress. “Once I review their treatment history, I am able to suggest possible treatment options.” If her findings indicate that TMS Therapy is the right way to go, she can schedule sessions immediately. The way Neurostar TMS Therapy works is through a magnetic coil, the same type and strength as produced by a magnetic resonance imaging or more commonly referred to as an MRI machine. When the treatment coil is applied to the head above the prefron-


ccording to the standard diagnostic guide (DSM-IVTR) published by the American Psychiatric Association, depression is diagnosed when an individual is experiencing either a depressed mood or a loss of interest in pleasure plus four or more of the following symptoms during the same two-week period: • Significant weight loss (when not dieting) or weight gain (a change of more than five percent of body weight in a month) • Significant increase or decrease in appetite • Excessive sleepiness or insomnia • Agitation or restlessness • Fatigue or loss of energy nearly every day • Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt nearly every day • Diminished ability to think, concentrate, or make decisions • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

tal cortex, the part of the brain involved in mood regulation, the very small electrical currents activate cells within the brain that are thought to release neurotransmitters like serotonin, norephineprine, and dopamine. Since an imbalance of these chemicals is believed to be a cause of depression, TMS is able to balance them and relieve depression, without affecting the rest of the brain. A usual course of treatment for depression includes sessions five days a week for four to six weeks but can vary from patient to patient depending on the response. The patient is fully awake during the 37 minute treatment and can watch television or listen to music while it is taking place. Since it is non-invasive and has no systemic effects, like medications, patients are able to resume normal activities and drive themselves home after treatments. Several local patients have spoken out about how Dr. Cress and TMS Therapy has changed their lives. One local couple, Mike and Linda, found their way to Dr. Cress after 10 years of trying to find help for Mike’s debilitating symptoms caused by depression. “We really found out that all doctors are not created equally,” says Mike. “When I came to the Serenity Center and met Dr. Cress, she asked me more questions than anyone else ever had at that point, and I was so impressed by how thorough she was.

Mike in a treatment room at the TMS Serenity Center with Certified TMS Technician Roxane Zotyka. I finally felt like I had someone in my corner.” For Mike, like many depression sufferers, it had taken a toll on his work, relationship with his kids, as well as his marriage. Dr. Cress impressed upon him how important it is to include a spouse in the treatment process. When it was discovered that Mike was not taking the right medications to treat his specific symptoms, he was able to start the TMS therapy and reduce the amount of medication he needed as well as eliminate some of the side effects he had been experiencing.

“I have treated patients for over 12 years with medication,” explains Dr. Cress. “With TMS, I have been able to help people to live full lives in ways that antidepressant medications have never accomplished.” l SEPTEMBER 2012


Once the treatment started, it only took a couple of weeks to start noticing results. “We started noticing that we had a good day,” says Linda. “Then we had a good week and things just kept getting better.” The true test of Mike’s improved condition came when a terrible family accident occurred. Linda says that because “When our of Mike’s TMS treatment, son, who was 12 “We now have laughs, years-old at the jokes and smiles.” time, was hit by a car and critically injured, our lives were shattered,” says Mike. “I thought we were going to lose him.” Miraculously, their son survived and his recovery was so complete that he recently swam in a state championship swim meet. “I “We are living proof of am thankful for TMS Therapy,” says Mike. “Without it, I would have not the transformation we have survived this tragedy or been able to had with the help of the be there for my family the way they needed me.” TMS Serenity Center and Dr. Thankful that the years of isolaKimberly Cress, and we will tion and emptiness are over, Mike and Linda feel like their family is having always be grateful to her.” the life they thought they would never - Mike have. “We now have laughs, jokes and smiles,” says Linda. “TMS was able to set Mike free and achieve his full potential of what was in him but unable to come out while being overshadowed by depression.”

Dr. Kimberly Cress



tatistical Data from Patients at the TMS Serenity Center:

Depression Scores: • 43 Patients • 69.77% had no depression upon completing TMS Anxiety Scores: • 43 Patients • 72.09% had no anxiety upon completing TMS Data: • Less than 5% of patients stop TMS due to side effects compared to multiple side effects from medication, such as weight gain, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, nausea, sweating • No adverse effects on concentration or memory • FDA approved for treatment of Major Depression since October 2008

Mike adds, “For men, it is hard to admit that they are experiencing depression, but it shows more strength by admitting to it and finding help than it does by doing nothing. We are living proof of the transformation we have had with the help of the TMS Serenity Center and Dr. Kimberly Cress, and we will always be grateful to her.” The TMS Serenity Center is located at 4545 Sweetwater Blvd. in Sugar Land. For more information, contact them at 281.240.4322 or visit tmsserenitycenter. com.

At the TMS Serenity Center 74.4% of individuals responded to TMS and 69.7% remitted. Half of these individuals completed TMS more than 6 months ago, and 100% of these individuals have remained in remission. Results at the TMS Serenity Center are better than clinical studies for two reasons. First, patients went through the TMS trials completely medication free. There is a good synergy between antidepressants and TMS in the real world. The second reason is because the TMS Serenity Center has been able to incorporate techniques from Harvard University in order to optimize treatment response for patients.



Dr. Winfield Campbell, Orthopedic Surgeon, General & Sports Medicine

Dr. Pedro Cosculluela, Orthopedic Surgeon, Foot & Ankle

Dr. HoSun Hwang, Orthopedic Surgeon, Spine

Dr. Christopher Smith, Orthopedic Surgeon, General & Sports Medicine

Methodist West Houston Hospital’s team of orthopedic surgeons specializes in treating injuries and disorders of the foot, spine and joints, as well as sports or exercise-related injuries. With access to the most advanced technology available in Katy and West Houston, the team provides compassionate, personalized care for every generation in your family.

832-522-BONE (2663) |

Take back your health. Take back your life. We educate, motivate, and inspire you to overcome your obstacles and achieve the change of life you desire. Whether you need to lose weight, overcome back pain, decrease your blood pressure, or exercise with diabetes, our personal trainers will design a customized fitness and nutrition program for you to achieve your goals.

Jason Hodge, MES


Founder and Fitness Director Medical Fitness Pros l SEPTEMBER 2012



Katy’s Medical Fitness Pros Adds New Facility

Recent Ribbon Cuttings

Jason Hodge at the new location of Medical Fitness Pros.

July 10th • School of Rock - Katy 3750 S. Mason, Suite 800, Katy, TX 77450


July 31st • NewGen Dental 6725 Fry Road, Suite 600, Katy, TX 77494



Jason Hodge of Medical Fitness Pros in Katy has added a new health and fitness facility in response to an increased demand for his specialized services. The new 4,000-square-foot facility, located at 2004 South Mason near the Red Oak Grill in the Royal Montreal Plaza, will accommodate personal training, nutrition counseling, sports conditioning, medical fitness classes and many new services to fit a variety of health and fitness needs. Hodge has over 13 years of experience as a fitness professional and was named the Personal Trainer of the Year by the Katy community for 2007, 2008, and 2010. Hodge’s main focus is on improving the health of people in the Katy community, and he prides himself on the many success stories of local clients who have been able to achieve their fitness goals and attain a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle under his supervision. Many times through a partnership with a client’s personal physician, a fitness program is tailor made to fit specific conditions required. Hodge serves on several committees and has published numerous articles for local magazines as he truly loves helping people and providing educational tools for healthy choices. For more information on Hodge or Medical Fitness Pros, visit or call 281-500-6055.


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Private, upscale individual exercise suites 22756 Westheimer Pkwy., Ste 160, Katy • 281-395-0827 Convenient location in the Villagio Shopping Center • l SEPTEMBER 2012


The Foundation By Henry Dibrell

“Non-profit organizations, like churches, foundations, ministries, and other charities, are at the foundation of our great nation.”


t the July 2012 board meeting, we took a tremendous step forward for education here in Katy ISD. While the bulk of our community was vacationing, getting ready for school, and counting down the days until the beginning of football season, your Katy ISD Board of Trustees approved the Katy ISD Educational Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to work with individuals and companies to help fund programs that KISD does not have the resources to fund, like robotics and other S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) type programs. This organization has a 501 C 3 status and exists to support the students of Katy ISD. Their mission statement is: The Katy ISD Educational Foundation will provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for all students enrolled in the Katy Independent School district.

Throughout this debate, many questions arose from members of our community. I would like to take this opportunity to address some of those questions and concerns. Why have a foundation in Katy ISD? Many of you know me as member of the Katy Board of Trustees. This is not a paid position which means I have a day job. My day job is Executive Director of the Amobi Okoye Foundation, a 501 C 3 organization based in Katy doing work across the U.S. and in Africa. I have worked in the nonprofit arena for the past 20 years. Nonprofit organizations, like churches, foundations, ministries, and other charities, are at the “foundation” of our great nation. The freedom for one to give of their hard earned resources, to give of their limited


time and God given talents to help those in need is one of the things that makes America great and unique. I believe that we should keep government small and efficient, allowing people to keep more of their hard earned money that they can use if they choose to support a charity of their choice; that’s my America. Now, those in this great community can choose to give or not give to the Katy ISD Educational Foundation. They can choose to direct their funds to the programs they see fit. They can choose to support robotics or athletics, supplies for teachers, or some other innovative program that is new to our district. The foundation can solicit corporate dollars and grant funding that will enhance the educational experience of all the students in Katy ISD.


Some might question the transparency of this foundation. Every non-church 501 C 3 must file an IRS form 990 or 990T yearly disclosing its donations and expenditures. This form 990 is public record and can be found on the IRS website. All of the records of any 501 C 3 organization are public. Furthermore, an organization that wishes to obtain grant funding is subject to yearly financial audits from an outside accounting firm. I want to thank every member of the Board of Directors for the Katy ISD Educational Foundation for their voluntary service to benefit the children of Katy. I pray for your success and growth. Here is a link to their website: foundation/Pages/AboutUs.aspx. Please take a look at this wonderful organization, and please support it and its mission. Also, I would like to say welcome back to school. I’m looking forward to a great year. Students, work hard; do your parents and our district proud. Parents, I will say to you what I tell myself at the beginning of each school year: enjoy this time because it passes by very quickly. This year, our oldest daughter is a senior at Katy High School. It seems like just yesterday she was running around the house in diapers. Time does fly, so enjoy every minute. Again welcome back! Now, let’s play some football! See y’all at Rhodes Stadium.



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IS ALL AROUND. Obstetric and Gynecological Services Preconception Counseling Annual Exams Pre-natal Care High Risk Obstetrics Adolescent Gynecology Personalized, Private & Professional Care at Your Convenience

HOUSTON (WEST) • 281-596-0300 KATY • 281-392-1912 INFANT • TODDLER • PRESCHOOL PRE-K • AFTER-SCHOOL Goddard Systems, Inc. program is AdvancED accredited. The Goddard Schools® are operated by independent franchisees under a license agreement with Goddard Systems, Inc. Programs and ages may vary. © Goddard Systems Inc. 2009


Torri-Ja’Net Pierce

Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Methodist West Houston Location 18400 Katy Fwy., Ste. 400, Houston, TX 77094 l SEPTEMBER 2012



The talented members of the Cinco Ranch High School Bravo Show Choir will present The World Goes Round – a revue of the music of John Kander and Fred Ebb. The energetic, entertaining performance will include songs such as All That Jazz, Mr. Cellophane, New York, New York, and Maybe This Time just to name a few. Performance dates are September 20th, 21st and 22nd at 7:30 pm in the Performing Arts Center at Cinco Ranch High School. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for students, and $5 for Gold Card members. Tickets are available by contacting, or by calling 281-2375204. Pictured are: Eubie Pabilona, Eric Morgan, and Austin Crosby; Miles Ellis, Reid Akers, Victoria Sweitzer, Jesse DeFranco, Kimberly Coolidge, Hannah Ballard, Matthew Hubble, Carlos Torres, Scotty Lewis, Rachel Treistman, Ryan Pierson, Madison Rice, and Connor Ughetta; Eric Ander, Meredith Taylor, David Tait, Jessica Melancon, Maria Dean, Morgan Manley, Allie Kane and Ashley Shipp.

Connolly Dance Arts Performing Company placed first in their category and first overall in their age group in the Finals at the Stage One Nationals 2012. Pictured are Kiki Fernandez, Kristy Vogelsang, Erin Horne, Libby Smith, Skylar Devers and Kathryn Fuller. Pictured at the Korean Armistice Day Remembrance are VFW Post 9182 members Joe Reynolds, Pat Adams, Charles White, Louis Mehr, and Todd Spiller. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9182 remembered the 59th Anniversary of the Signing of the Korean War Armistice Agreement - Cease Fire - at the VFW Veterans Memorial Museum. The newly renovated museum is located at 6206 George Bush Drive in Katy. Pictured from VFW Post 9182 are members Charlie White, Pat Adams, Louis Mehr, David Nixon, John Webster, E.C. King and Todd Spiller. For information about VFW Post 9182, contact Commander Dave Brasell, VFW at 281-391-8387.



General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Compassionate & Professional Dental Care for Your Family Serving Katy Since 2004

• State-of-the-art Technology Babaloo Art Gallery showcased the provocative works of abstract artist Nubia Gala with her Rhythms in Red Solo Exhibit in celebration of the opening of the gallery. Babaloo Gallery is the only contemporary art gallery in Katy. Specializing in American and Latin American art, the gallery is a member of the Katy Culture and Arts Alliance and the Fort Bend Culture and Arts Alliance, and serves as their headquarters. Twenty-five percent of sale proceeds are donated to both the KatyARTfund and the FtBendARTfund. Pictured at the exhibit are Catherine Noyes, Terri Bieber, Anne Davis Campbell, Nicole Johnson, William Roman-Ros, and gallery curator Ana Villaronga-Roman.

• Digital X-ray •Teeth Whitening • Emergencies • Adults & Children • Root Canals, Crowns, Bridges, Fillings & Extractions • Most Insurance & Credit Cards • Financing Available Care Credit & Unicorn Financial Kim-Huong Tran, D.D.S.

24210 Westheimer Parkway, Suite 800, Katy, TX 281.3923022 Pictured at the Babaloo Gallery are Ana Villaronga-Roman and Nubia Gala.

artisanchocolate Enjoy our French macarons with a nice cup of Italian espresso or hot chocolate

Lesa’s DanceSations in Cinco Ranch won 1st and 2nd place in the Duet/Trio category at the StarBound National Competition in San Antonio in July. As winners, the girls were invited to dance at the Winners Showcase on the final day of the competition. Pictured are Madisen Acevedo, Caitlin Johnson and Elise Wyatt.

More than 30 chocolate flavors to satisfy every palate 1575 W Grand Parkway South, #1000, Katy 2013 W Gray St., Houston T. (832) 967-7935

Proudly made in Katy,TX l SEPTEMBER 2012


H O M E F E ATURE By Claudia Ric h t e r



Hill Country


he homeowners of this Fulbrook neighborhood home describe the style as modified

Texas Hill Country. It’s not something that jumps right out at you, but there are special touches and furnishings throughout that give it that look and feel. Situated on a two-acre lot with a creek

Dining Room

lifestyle quiet and peaceful. The homeown-

The dining room boasts a 10-foot table that makes room for large family gatherings. The buffet and hutch was purchased with the table, and the room is a special place for the homeowners.

ers teamed up with homebuilder Steve Epps


and natural setting behind, the native landscaping and trees make the country living

of Epps Custom Homes and have lived in the home for six years after previously living inside the loop and Cypress. They love their Fulbrook community and the great people who live in the area. 16


The corbels with Texas stars are faux painted. The homeowners wanted to incorporate them without too much fanfare but just enough to show their love of Texas. They have about 60 stars throughout the home including drawer pulls.

Pool Table The game room has large cathedral ceilings over a pool table and spacious area to relax. The chairs came from the homeowner’s mother-in-law, and they have been recovered in cowhides, an idea that came from the homeowner herself.

Wet Bar The homeowners found the sink in a little store and ordered the granite from a custom dealer in Pattison.

Master Bathroom Not big on Jacuzzi tubs, the homeowner opted for an oldfashioned claw foot tub that her grandchildren love to bathe in.

Star This star, situated in the entry way, was a special feature designed by the flooring company.

Family Room and Kitchen The heart of the home for a family of cooks, the spacious kitchen and family room is perfect for entertaining.

Kitchen People typically gather around the appetizers placed on the bar or can opt to pitch in and help, as often happens in this beautifully appointed kitchen.

Back Yard With a requisite pool and covered porch, the one-acre back yard has a full vegetable garden, herb garden and outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles.

Home Front With a Texas flagstone walkway and a stone façade, this beautiful Fulbrook neighborhood home sits on a beautifully landscaped lot and has friendly neighbors. l SEPTEMBER 2012


Home is where the heart is


Home for the Holidays! Transform your surroundings with a visit to Cornelius Nursery Cornelius Nursery will soon transform into a winter wonderland that will have you singing: “There’s no place like home for the holidays!” Get inspired by their selection of unique and festive décor – it’s sure to delight! Their “elves” have been hard at work creating holiday themes you’ll find nowhere else. Dear Santa celebrates yesteryear with traditional colors and a vintage feel. Western Slope pays homage to the rugged beauty of the West, and features décor with brown, ivory and soft turquoise tones. Peppermint with a Twist will dazzle guests with red, white and lime-green accents. Party at the North Pole is all about fun and whimsy with festive décor and eye-popping colors. It’s Christmas Time says “tick-tock!” We’re counting down the hours until Christmas morning with this lighthearted clock theme. A Star in the East offers up elegant jewel tones and a joyful Nativity theme befitting the season. Heaven and Nature Sing commemorates nature’s tranquil winter slumber with garden statuary, beautiful birds and décor in soft green, brown and ivory. Visit Cornelius Nursery soon at 2233 South Voss Road, (713) 292-0898, 1200 North Dairy Ashford, (281) 493-0550 or online at Revel in the holiday spirit because life should be beautiful!

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Home is where the heart is



© 2012 Calloway’s Nursery, Inc.

Cooling breezes skip through our gardens.

0107-12 FA Sept

Free ve s t Fall Har y Kids’ Da

Vibrant Fall colors magically appear, prompting a flurry of fresh decorating ideas. Once again, it’s time for casual gatherings, dining on the patio and lively conversations with friends (as time seems meaningless)! As you plan changes in your décor for Autumn, take a look at the surprises found at Cornelius. You’ll discover fresh table settings, floral arrangements and a cache of rare collectibles to embellish each room of your home. You’ll also find beautiful plants and the blooms that make garden and home inspiring! Stop by, Today. OPEN DAILY 9 am - 7 pm

6, 2012 October e

Fun for th family!

1200 N. Dairy Ashford 281-493-0550

2233 South Voss Rd. 713-292-0898



Breast Cancer Awareness Show your support!


Holiday Entertaining & Dining and

Holiday Gift Guide To advertise, call 281.690.4242. l SEPTEMBER 2012


g n i t a r o c e d e R m o o aR H O M E F E ATURE By Kelly N o l a n


efore you start to redecorate a room in your home, you should ask yourself a few questions. Getting a plan together is very important with a goal in mind so you do not

waste time or money.

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Our goal is to provide you an elegant, comfortable, and economical living space that is unique to your personality and style. A rendering will map out a space and allow you to visualize the finished room.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you get started:

• Residential • Commercial • Furniture & Accessories • New Construction • Staging • Holiday Decorating

How will I use this room? Is this a main room that will get a lot of use, or is it a secondary room that may be used just occasionally? If it will get a lot of use day in and day out, you want to think of seating and the layout of the furniture. You may have a big family or maybe you will entertain frequently and need more seating. If it isn’t a main room in your house, maybe you want to design it without the television being a focal point. What would the focal point in your room be? Maybe a great bookcase for reading material or a room that could center around a hobby of yours.

What furniture do I need, and what should the layout be? It is very important to have a furniture layout scaled to your room. Check the measurements of pieces before purchasing them to insure they will fit your space nicely. Mistakes are made when you see a piece you love, buy it, and bring it home and it doesn’t fit! It may be too big and take over the room, or it

may be too small and get lost. Make sure you have a focal point to center around: a view, a bed or the entertainment unit when you start to place the furniture. Also, don’t forget about the walkway and flow. You want to easily move around the room without getting blocked by a piece of furniture.

What should my color scheme be? This may depend largely on where the room is located in your house. Is it a space open to other rooms? Then I would have them flow with the colors that you already have going on in the other spaces. If you want it to be a little different, maybe the secondary color in your other room becomes your main color. Is your room off separate and open to a new color palate? Ask yourself what is your favorite color? Do you want a calm room or a bold bright room? This is your chance for something different! Remember, when redesigning a room, a good game plan is important. It can save you a lot of headaches and even save you time. Happy decorating!

22758 Westheimer Pkwy. Ste. 240 Villagio Town Center 832.437.3288 l SEPTEMBER 2012


H O M E F E ATURE By Sophia Vas s i l i o u

Collect Yourself

Sophia’s Tips: Showcase & Edit


ncorporating collections of favorite or unusual things in your home décor scheme not only makes for interesting displays, as an added bonus, they will also free up storage space. When starting a collection, it is great to find something that really speaks to you aesthetically and organically. This is about what interests you – your favorite things. I have worked with clients who have everything from American vintage pottery to Murano glass pieces scattered throughout their home. One client had a fabulous hat collection stored away and another had natural skin, handmade boots hidden. When items are grouped together and displayed well, you have a wonderful, but more importantly, an unexpected collection. Personally, I like chairs. Naturally they’re important in my design work, but I appreciate the history, craftsmanship, function and beauty of them. A

client gave me a small Shaker Chair lapel pin after we had successfully found the life-size ones needed for her kitchen. That led to my small chair collection exhibited on a wall with others ones I have restored and painted. Collecting is an easy, affordable project that grows as you find new treasures and serves as a wonderful design addition to your space. And, they can be great conversation pieces in your home. For more information on collecting or other design projects, contact Sophia Designs at

Find an area that is easily seen like a bookshelf or wall area. Install or hang pieces depending on what they are. The area should be well lit for a pleasing arrangement.

Adding On

You may run across collectables where you’d least expect while traveling, shopping at antique or hardware stores, garage or estate sales.


Does your friend love scarves? Find unique ones along the way to add to her collection. Keep in mind gifts for special occasions – graduation, home, baby, holiday – may serve as the beginning of a new collection for others. 22


October 6th-21st

Tour 11 Brand New Model Homes There is a community that re-defines tranquility, where a natural landscape is filled with native trees and lush grasslands swaying in the breeze. Welcome to Cross Creek Ranch, a peaceful retreat where active lifestyles and homes from award-winning builders come together to create an unmatched quality of life—


Naturally. . 281.344.9882

from $180s-Millions

Ashton Woods . highlAnd . KicKerillo . neWmArK Perry homes . PlAntAtion . trendmAKer . VillAge Builders



Grand Parkway

KATY Katy Freeway

k Westpar



Tollway 99



& QA

Pediatric Surgery

Texas Children’s West Campus Experts Answering Your Most Common Pediatric Surgery Questions

F Dr. Ruben Rodriguez.

rom repairing hernias, taking out an appendix or conducting circumcisions, most pediatric surgeries are relatively standard but differ vastly from adult surgeries. While parents realize that these types of surgeries are necessary to ensure their child’s health and development, the idea of surgery can still be frightening for both parents and children. Dr. Ruben Rodriguez from Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus answers some of the most common pediatric surgery questions. Located at I-10 and Barker Cypress, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus houses the only 24/7 pediatric emergency room in the Greater West Houston area, four surgical suites and a minor procedure room, inpatient services and advanced imaging services including MRI and CT scans. Expert: Dr. Ruben Rodriguez, pediatric surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus.


WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON TYPES OF PEDIATRIC SURGERIES? Appendectomies are by far the most common emergency pediatric abdominal operations performed. Texas Children’s performs more than 1,000 appendectomies a year. Other common emergency pediatric surgeries are procedures to drain abscesses and pyloromyotomies, an operation to relieve the overgrowth of the stomach muscle commonly found in infants 3-to 6-weeks old. Common elective surgeries include circumcisions and hernia repairs.


WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP MY CHILD PREPARE FOR THEIR SURGERY? It’s important to ask questions and work with your medical team to ensure you feel confident and reassured about the surgery your child will undergo as children take most of their cues on how to react to tense situations from their parents. You should also take



advantage of any services offered that will help your child better prepare for and understand what they will be going through. For example, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus has dedicated child life specialists who form a bond with pediatric patients while preparing them for surgery. Our child life specialists take children into a mock operating room where we can simulate what they will see, hear and smell in the room. The child life team tries to make the process as predictable for your child as possible on the day of their actual surgery so the team not only talks to your child at an age appropriate level and explains what will happen before and after their surgery, but also how they will feel when they wake up. Child life specialists also help parents talk to their children about surgery since parents may struggle with knowing what to say and what not to say. These specialists can help you choose the most appropriate words to describe the surgery and hospital visit.



WHAT IF MY CHILD NEEDS A MAJOR SURGERY? Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus is equipped and staffed to handle a myriad of medical needs; however, for those patients requiring highly specialized care or intensive critical care, such as organ transplantation, they will be referred to Texas Children’s medical center campus for treatment. Texas Children’s Department of Surgery is nationally recognized and our board-certified surgeons are pioneers in the field of pediatric surgery and continue to change the lives of countless children and families. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a surgery consult, please call the pediatric surgery clinic at 832-227-2250 or visit

Wellness Exams & Contraception Evaluation & Treatment of Pelvic Pain Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms Preconception & Infertility Counseling Ann Bertles, MD Board Certified Ob/Gyn

Second Opinions Welcome

832.437.9690 (p) | 832.437.9694 (f) 23232 Kingsland Blvd., Ste. E, Katy, TX 77494


FREE EXAM with coupon. Not Valid with any other offer. One coupon per family.

25% OFF

Dental Cleaning with coupon. Not Valid with any other offer. Expires 9/30/2012.

Vaccinations & WellPet Plans Spay / Neuter / Surgery Medicine • Dental Care Heartworm / Flea & Tick Prevention Allergy Treatment Arthritis & Pain Management In-House Laboratory / Digital X-Ray

281.394.2355 6734 Westheimer Lakes N Dr. Ste #105, Katy, TX 77494 Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm | Sat 8am-12pm

La Finca WellPet Center


WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF TREATING CHILDREN? It’s important for pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists to remember that children are vastly different from adults. Everything from their anatomy to their psyche is still developing and differs from child to child. For this reason, pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists are much more accustomed to being able to adapt to the individual patient and treat them in a manner conducive with their precise size, medical history, age and tolerance. Communication is also an important element. Building trust with patients and their families is important when explaining procedures to them while anticipating and mitigating their fears. It’s important to be able to read, comprehend and respond to non-verbal cues from various age groups as well since we treat infants, toddlers and young children in addition to adolescents and teenagers.

Routine and High Risk Obstetrics

Westheimer Lakes N.


Adolescent Gynecology

FM 1463

IS IT TRUE THAT CHILDREN RECOVER FASTER THAN ADULTS? Yes. Generally speaking, children recover from surgeries better than adults because they typically are healthier before the surgery. Additionally, kids are resilient and adapt better to changes in their bodies.

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery



Comprehensive, compassionate and cutting edge care for women of all phases.

FM 359

HOW DOES ANESTHESIA WORK, AND IS IT SAFE FOR CHILDREN? General anesthesia will render a child into an unconscious state where they are pain free, unaware of their surroundings and have no recollection of what has happened during surgery. Because general anesthesia also has effects on a child’s breathing, heart and blood pressure, the board certified pediatric anesthesiologist will be there to continually monitor your child throughout their surgery. Our teams do their best to provide an “ouch-less” environment for children and most children go to sleep before starting an intravenous anesthesia. One of the unique things at Texas Children’s is that we offer patients scents in their anesthesia masks. Instead of smelling plastic or gas, children can choose to smell bubble gum, cotton candy, apples or any of the many scents offered. Our team of registered nurses, hospitalists and surgeons also focus on the management of your child’s post operative pain as well.

Cinco Ranch

FM 1093

next to La Finca Mexican Restaurant on 1093 l SEPTEMBER 2012


B y Jas on Hodge


The Power of Community

Your Fitness Success Depends On It


aty is a wonderful place to live because of the people that make up the community. We take our education system very seriously compared to other areas in the country, and it gets noticed. The community mindset has determined the importance of education, and it has pushed us to continue to improve on a consistent basis. The power of community is extremely effective in creating success for everyone. In that same sense, your fitness success is determined by the support and mindset of others in the community as well. It’s easy to think of fitness as your own personal focus and responsibility because in some ways, it is. It is up to you to take care of your health, not others, but your community (those you surround yourself with) will determine your likelihood of success. There are three primary things that you should pay attention to if you are focused on trying to lose weight or get in better shape.

Words When you are with your friends or family, what types of things do you discuss? When I sit next to groups of people, I find it so disheartening to hear the negative talk about how fat they are or how horrible they think they look. We say things about ourselves that we would never say about someone else. And if we did talk about someone else the way we are talking about our own shortcomings, how successful do you think they would be after all of the berating we had done to them? You can’t use negative reinforcement on yourself and expect to be successful. You have to realize who you are inside and what you are capable of. You have to start living who you want to be and not what you see in the mirror. It’s important that if you want to be healthy, you notice and reinforce healthy habits. Treat yourself like you would someone else. Be encouraging, motivating, and positive. When you are with your friends, build each other up, encourage each other



and be positive influences on one another. If you want to be successful, try making others successful. You will be surprised at how easily your success will come through that one act alone.

Spare Time What do you do in your spare time? Do you typically come home from a long day of sitting at the computer and sit down in front of the couch because you are tired? Or do you call up friends and family and find something active to do? Use your spare time to get rid of your spare tire. It doesn’t have to be time consuming to see change. Start small by going for a walk, or throw around a frisbee with others. It may not be perfect, traditional “exercise,” but it’s much better than sitting on the couch. What kinds of fun things can you do with others that will get you moving? As you begin to surround yourself with others who are active, you will become more active. Sometimes you will initiate it, and sometimes they will. The key is find others to do activities with. You are never too old to have fun. Take the time to do things outside of your comfort zone, and it could drastically improve your health and your life.



r a C w e AN . e m o s Awe DR AS I W

to r ned in he e l t u p I z z A . w g in r e The ste Tr A L A rgE

A n Ex



Well, we can make part of that dream come true.

Welcome to Members Choice Credit Union where we offer more than great rates on auto loans. We give you the care and advice on finding the right vehicle. We’ve been in the dream business for over 70 years, and we’re also a community credit union where you can bank. Serving Katy, Cy-Fair and West Houston with 7 convenient locations. We are Members Choice Credit Union The choice for your dreams.

LaCenterra @ Cinco Ranch, plus 6 other convenient locations 281.398.9900 |

Federally insured by NCUA

Food Being from Louisiana, I know how important food is, especially when socializing. If you go over to someone else’s house, food will often be involved in some way. When you have a get-together, what kind of food is involved? Is it healthy? Your first reaction might be, “This is for a special occasion, so it’s ok to eat bad.” But why can’t it taste good and be healthy for you too? Odds are that you eat out at a restaurant or over at someone else’s house more than once a week. When you are surrounded by others, try to choose or bring healthier options. Restaurants can often give you suggestions on healthy options, and there are numerous recipes that are available online that are healthy. I often get asked to make my delicious chili when I attend social gatherings. Don’t tell anyone this, but they have no idea that it’s a Cooking Light recipe that is healthy and easy for me to make. Our little secret.

• Holistic Pet Foods & Treats • Pet Supplies • Gifts • Full Service Grooming • Knowledgeable & Helpful Staff

grooming A N I M A L TA L E S

Call 281-395-5525 or email to schedule your appointment.

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23930 Westheimer Pkwy. #115 • Katy, Texas 77494 281.395.5525 • l SEPTEMBER 2012



Texas School Food Allergy Guidelines Set to Make an Impact Thanks to Efforts of Student and Family Advocates Texas becomes 15th state to adopt statewide guidelines for management of food allergies in a school setting School food allergy guidelines in TexPublished research has shown that 1 as were published in May – the result of in 13 children in the U.S. – roughly two in a dedicated effort by children, parents, every classroom – has food allergies. Eveducators, healthcare professionals, and ery three minutes, a food allergy reaction policymakers to ensure that schools are sends someone to the emergency room for prepared to care for kids with potentially treatment. life-threatening food allergies. Mike Lade, a food allergy parent from Last year, children from across Texas Houston, Vice Chair of FAAN’s Board gathered on the steps of the capitol in Ausof Directors and a member of the ad-hoc tin for a rally to call attention for the need committee noted, “The guidelines provide for statewide food allergy management all Texas school districts with the knowlguidelines. Together with their parents, edge they need to understand and manage and supported by numerous organizations food allergies and the risk of anaphylaxis including the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxin the school environment. Importantly, is Network (FAAN) and the Food Allergy the guidelines address the steps that evInitiative (FAI), they reached their goal to ery Texas school can take to prevent reachelp make schools safer for kids like them. tions from occurring on school campuses, “We have so many kids with food alto recognize the symptoms of a reaction, to Michael Lade with son Andrew during the lergies in Texas. Our schools need help in administer lifesaving epinephrine, and to 2009 Houston Food Allergy Walk. The 2012 understanding the risks we face every day enact emergency protocols when needed.” walk will tale place on September 8th. and how to better manage them. I was Laurie Combe, school health issues proud to be among the students who succhair for the Texas School Nurses Organicessfully advocated for this law,” said Madeleine Sides, age zation said, “The guidelines encourage collaboration among 14, who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. all stakeholders and provide a set of proven practices that The guidelines are the result of SB 27, a bill that was auwill make the entire school staff more efficient and effective thored by Senator Judith Zaffirini and sponsored by Reprein keeping food-allergic students safe at school. All schools sentative Dan Branch. “Schools should be safe havens for all in Texas will benefit from the new guidelines.” children, including those with food allergies,” Zaffirini said. “Studies have shown that 16-18 percent of food allergy “These guidelines will help save lives and are a testament to reactions happen in schools, and that children are at risk the dedication of the children with food allergies and their for having their first allergic reaction in school,” said Mary parents who were among our most persuasive advocates for Jane Marchisotto, Executive Director, FAI. “We applaud this important legislation.” Texas for taking a leadership role in establishing these Public school districts and open-enrollment charter guidelines.” schools must adopt and administer policies for the care of The Texas guidelines provide a comprehensive overview students with food allergies at risk for anaphylaxis, based on of food allergy and anaphylaxis, signs and symptoms of a rethe published guidelines, by August 1, 2012. action, treatment of anaphylaxis, how to develop and impleThe guidelines were developed by the Texas Department ment emergency care plans, training for school staff, and of State Health Services along with an ad-hoc committee more. They also call for a focus on environmental controls in of experts that included representatives from FAAN; FAI; the school setting and provide guidance for school districts the Texas School Nurses Organization; the Texas Pediatric to consider obtaining non-student specific epinephrine as alSociety; the Texas Medical Association; the Texas Allergy, lowed by Texas law. Asthma and Immunology Society; school staff and school adFor more information about food allergy, visit www.foodministrators. and



Looking for absolutely! Katy? Find a copy at businesses throughout Katy including the following establishments: 7-7 Cleaners 1634 S. Mason Rd.

Fancy Nails and Facial 2944 S. Mason at Cinco Ranch Blvd.

Katy Urgent Care 21700 Kingsland Blvd.

Pump It Up 923 S. Mason Rd.

Ace Hardware 1720 S. Mason Rd.

Fort Bend Library 2620 Commercial Center Blvd.

Luxury Nails 6856 S. Mason Rd.

Schlotzsky’s 502 S. Mason Rd.

Amegy Bank 919 Ave. C in Old Katy

Fuzzy’s Pizza 613 S. Mason Rd.

Marini’s 2501 S. Mason Rd.

Skeeters 1553 Mason Rd.

BH Hair Studio 23701 Cinco Ranch Blvd.

Golden Nails 1634 S. Mason Rd.

Memorial Hermann Katy 21720 Kingsland Blvd. Suite 102

Sky Nails Spa 2001 Katy Mills Blvd.

Bluebonnet Nails 22167 Westheimer Pkwy.

Hana Nails 5504 S. Peek Rd.

Nutrition Depot 1548 S Mason Rd.

Soft Touch Nails 1450 Grand Pkwy.

Bolli Brothers Pizza 2944 S. Mason Rd.

Hasta La Pasta 1450 Grand Pkwy.

Ooh La La 23920 Westheimer Pkwy.

Sweet & Salty Bakery 22764 Westheimer Pkwy.

Cazadores Mexican Restaurant 1344 Pin Oak Rd.

Holiday Cleaners 1315 W. Grand Pkwy.

Opi Nails and Tan 1316 Pin Oak Rd.

Taco Grill 2004 S. Mason Rd.

Chamber of Commerce 445 Commerce Green Blvd.

Katy Chamber of Commerce 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.

Palio’s Pizza Café 1450 Grand Pkwy.

YMCA 22807 Westheimer Pkwy.

China Wall 23730 Westheimer Pkwy.

Katy Library 5414 Franz Rd.

Postal Center Plus 1450 Grand Pkwy.

CHRISTUS St. Catherine 701 S. Fry Rd.

Katy Mills Mall 5000 Katy Mills Circle

Postal Web Plus 2910 Commerical Center Blvd.

9810 S Mason Rd. 7102 FM 1464 at Bellaire Blvd. 411 South Mason Rd. 22202 Westheimer Pkwy. l SEPTEMBER 2012


EVENTS All Month

Wednesdays, 1 – 3 pm Knitting and Crochet Club

September 20, 2012

6:00 - 9:00pm

The Harris County Public Library Katy Branch Knitting and Crochet Club is the place for crafters! Gather each Wednesday afternoon to learn new techniques, teach someone else your expertise, or simply spend time with other crafters. Come and join the club! The class is located in the library’s Meeting Room at 5414 Franz Road in Katy. For more information, call 281-391-3509.

September 6th 9:30 am

Nottingham Country Garden Club The Nottingham Country Garden Club (NCGC) will feature Linda B. Gay, the former Director of the Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in Humble. Linda will present Plant Scents (Sense) for Summer Shade Gardens. Meet and greet time begins at 9:30 am, and the program will start at 10 am followed by the NCGC Meeting. For more information, visit or call 281-492-2175. Everyone interested in gardening and gardeningrelated areas from West Houston and the Katy area are welcome. You do not have to live in Nottingham Country to belong to the group.

Wine Sampling Stations

Villagio Town Center

Food / Restaurant Sampling

Peek Rd @ Westheimer Pkwy

Live Music

Katy, Texas

Craft Beer Garden

$35 General Admission

Charity Silent & Live Auctions

$65 V.I.P Admission +$15 Bubbles at Villagio PreParty Must be 21 to participate Attendance: 1,200

September 22nd 8 am

Just Run for a Just Cause Enjoy a family-friendly 1 mile walk or 5k or 10k run to support local initiatives to fight for the rights of the oppressed. Cost for the 1 mile run / walk is $25 or $35 for the 5k or 10k run. The race is located at Kingsland Baptist Church, 20555 Kingsland Boulevard in Katy. Register by September 20th at and receive a 5k or 10k training schedule.

September 29th

9:00 am – 4:00 pm Mayde Creek Martinette Craft Show

Proud Media Sponsor:

The craft show, located at 19202 Groschke Road in Houston, will feature unique and wonderful gifts. There will also be face painting and a bounce house for the kids, and admission is free. For vendor information, contact Diana Scudder at or 832-449-3068.




E-mail Include the event date, time, location and a short description of the event.

Maureen’s Gourmet


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absolutely! focus media Animal Tales Araya Artisan Chocolate CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital Cornelius Nursery Cross Creek Ranch Craniofacial & Dental Sleep Medicine, The Center for Elite Women’s Care Center ESN Health Family Kare Dental Far Pavilions Goddard School, The Heritage Texas Properties Katy Sip N Stroll Lawera Medicine and Wellness Maureen’s Gourmet Bakery Medical Fitness Pros Members Choice Credit Union Methodist West Houston Hospital Methodist West Houston Hospital Nesossi Studios Progressive Women’s Care Richmond Bone and Joint Clinic - Memorial Hermann Medical Group Simply Divine Interiors Texas Children’s Hospital Texas Community Referral Network Texas Custom Patios Well Pet Center, The Woodlands Church

A B S O L U T E LY ! DINING GUIDE BAKERIES MAUREEN’S GOURMET BAKERY 5530 W. Grand Parkway Richmond, TX 77406 281.239.6847

Since 2001, Maureen’s Maureen’s Gourmet Gourmet Bakery Bakery has been delighting customers Cakes & Pastries with beautiful made-from-scratch cakes and pastries. With 20 + cake flavors to choose from and fillings and butter cream icings made from only the finest ingredients, visit Maureen’s for a large selection of wedding, bridal shower, birthday, anniversary or special event custom designed cakes to coordinate with a concept or theme party. Maureen’s has been an important part of the Sugar Land area for 10 years and looks forward to creating more happy customers in the Katy/Richmond area.


Cakes & Pastries



Mon. - Sat.: 9AM - 6PM Sun.: Closed

Mon. - Sat.: 7AM - 6PM Sun.: Closed

5530 W. Grand Parkway S Richmond, TX 77406

3227 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478

Want to be a Preferred Customer? It’s Free! Pick up a free TCRN Preferred Customer Card today at any of the businesses found in the TCRN Online Business Directory and start saving immediately at different businesses around town! Current Preferred Customer Card Special

Pizza Appetizer FREE with the purchase of two adult entrees (dine-in only) when you use your TCRN Preferred Customer Card!

search for more savings online at: l SEPTEMBER 2012


absolutely! AUTO REVIEW By Steve Kursar



The Chevy Traverse is the future of large SUVs.


nless you live on a ranch or own an oil well, there’s no need to own a giant SUV like a Chevy Suburban. Instead, take a look at a large crossover vehicle (CUV) like the Chevrolet Traverse. It can still haul a gaggle of teenagers or a horde of middle schoolers but gets better gas mileage than the SUVs of yore. And, as the driver, you’ll appreciate its more refined driving characteristics. Back in 2006, General Motors introduced the Buick Enclave, their first large CUV built on the Lambda platform. The following year brought the GMC Acadia and a year later, the Chevrolet Traverse, both based on the Lambda. All three are great vehicles and yet all three offer something different, but I call the Traverse the large CUV for everyone. The 2012 Chevrolet Traverse is a great replacement for folks who own a Suburban or a Tahoe but hate the lousy gas mileage they get with those traditional SUVs. The Traverse carries the same people and cargo load as a Tahoe and does it without killing you at the gas pump. The only engine option in the Traverse is a 281 hp, 3.6-liter V6 that gets EPA estimated fuel economy numbers of 17 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. In contrast, the Chevy Tahoe gets 15 mpg city/ 21 mpg highway. The Tahoe is also more expensive with expected higher maintenance costs. The base Traverse has an MSRP $29,660. But, if you want all the good stuff, it’ll cost you. When you move up from the base trim, you get larger wheels, rear parking sensors, heated mirrors, an eight-way power driver seat, Bluetooth and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Move up to the next level and add an auto-dimming driver-side mirror, a power lift gate, tri-zone automatic climate control, remote ignition, seven-passenger seating, a rearview camera and a 10-speaker Bose sound system with a USB/iPod interface and rear audio system controls. The full-on luxed out version comes with 20-inch wheels, power-folding mirrors, leather upholstery with heated and cooled front seats, a navigation system, dual sunroofs and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system, but expect that to kick up the MSRP another $10k. The Chevy Traverse is the future of large SUVs. They will continue to make them, but they will engineer them to be more efficient both in terms of space and fuel economy. It’s a good thing for all of us.


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We’re absolutely enthusiastic over community magazines. They allow us to come into your homes and focus on what’s important to you – your community. So what’s the power of community magazines? They’re absolutely free, they’re absolutely timely, and they’re absolutely available 24/7 when you want to read them. And best of all, they are delivered right to your door.

Whether you live in greater Memorial, Katy, Fort Bend or Pearland, absolutely! focus media brings you the power of print – absolutely free, focused on people, places and happenings – focused on where you live. Reading your community magazine – it’s easier than a click.

absolutely! focus media 281.690.4242 |


h e r i ta g e e x pa n d s t o k at y








23123 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Suite 200 Katy, Texas 77494






LIZ LEGROS 281.582.3909



CLARANN MCCOY 281.582.3907







14340 Memorial Drive • 281.493.3880

23123 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Suite 200


September-2012- Absolutely Katy Magazine  

Community magazine absolutely highlighting the people, events, happenings, businesses and town of Katy Area Texas.

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