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“L east amount of work to move” WORN BY NYJAH







Luc Boimond, bs grab transfer. Geneve, Switzerland. Photo Sebastiano Bartoloni.

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THE SKATE SHOE FOR ANY PERSONALITY To introduce our newest model the 255, JORDAN TAYLOR chose the not-so-subtle palette of Clear Sky and Laser Blue, with highlights of Solar Flare Orange, to reflect the unique set of characters that inhabit the far corners of his mind. Jordan finds the 255 is a go-to skate shoe that’s ready to roll right out of the box,wherever the day may take him.Featuring an updated heel fit, tongue construction and redesigned foxing tape, the 255 retains the same dependable support, durability and grip from its predecessors. The 255 is reassuringly utilitarian for whichever role you want to assume.



asphalt vs urethane



a brief glance’s BOOK Vol. 001

224 pages. Hard cover. 24 x 17 cm. Quality print.


TO ORDER YOUR COPY WE LOVE GOOD NEWS is the first book from a brief glance skateboardmag. The best photos, articles, interviews and special features we have released during the first six months of 2017 on the web editions of our magazine.


Burnt Board _ Jerome Chevallier / Photo_DVL

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Fragments Cross Eyed Glamping in the Landscape Waiting for the sun_Antiz in Germany A Silent man_Efrem Sapienza The Harsh Winter

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a brief glance | year VII _n° 47

EDITOR and CONCEPT_ Davide Biondani. {davide@abriefglance.com} ASSOCIATE EDITOR_ Guido Bendotti. {guido@abriefglance.com} ASSISTANT EDITOR_ Andrew Zolin. TRANSLATIONS_ Jonathan Levin. PHOTOGRAPHERS_ Leo Sharp, Jonathan Mehring, DVL, Craig Dodds, Brian Gaberman, Marcello Guardigli, Davide Biondani, Giulia Romano, Kirill Korobkov, Loic Benoit, Cameron Markin, Clément Le Gall, Reece Leung, Marcel Velmdan, Freidjof Feye, Sebastiano Bartoloni, Ale Martoriati, Sergio Pontillo, Fred Mortagne, Joel Peck, Henry Kingsford. CONTRIBUTORS_ Francesco Paolo Chielli, Mario Torre, Giulio Repetto Mark Baines, Giorgio Zattoni. DESIGN_ M. Bod Ciceri {Question Mark, ink!#?}

GET ALL THE INFO at: info@abriefglance.com a brief glance skateboard mag is a bulletin published by Fake Donkey Skateboard asd. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the publisher. All right reserved.

Thanks to Canon Italia for the support. a brief glance

Ale Benedetti - Ollie / Photo_Davide Biondani / Canon

Levi Brown. Portrait Davide Biondani.

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Pietro BontĂ Wallride ollie out Milano, Italy Photo Davide Biondani / Canon

Chris Pfanner Fs 180 Paris, France Photo Loic Benoit

Felipe BartolomĂŠ 180 switch 5-0 Lecce, Italy Photo Davide Biondani / Canon

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Jacopo Carozzi Smith grind Marseille, France Photo DVL

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Photography_Reece Leung - Words_Jonathan Levin.

Conor Charleson // Tree Wallie.

I have been cross-eyed ever since I was born. I have always seen things double when my eyes are tired or when I’m feeling too emotional. It’s like you try to focus your vision on one object and you see two of them, exactly the same but from two slighty different angles. It’s a problem I’ve always tried to hide from my peers and especially from women. With a chick, at times it’s like the more I like her, the more my eyes cross when I look at her. Basically, the more I try to hide it and the more it actually shows. It used to be a big problem until I realized that by seeing double I was actually seeing two women and it was like going out with two women at the same time instead of just one! How cool is that?!

Vaughan Jones / Fifty Drop Down Fifty.

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Jerome Campbell // 360 flip - Kickflip.

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Not only do I see double, but my eyes see in two slightly different shades of color too! When I was small, I would play around with my eyes, crossing and uncrossing them at will, playing with shapes and colors and objects. Watching skate videos and films has always been problematic though, as not being able to focus on just “one” screen makes it hard for me to follow what’s happening at times, so I’ve devised a method where I can close one eye and keep the other one open, kind of like how cats sleep with only one eye closed!


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Alex Appleby // Pop Shove-it Crooks. a brief glance

Dan West // Fs Crooks To Spanish Grind.

When shooting skaters, photographers inevitably look for the perfect moment to capture a trick. Is there only one perfect moment as a skater is moving through space? What determines what that perfect moment is and what is the criteria? Is it the angle it’s shot from, or the position of the skater perhaps? What would happen if you were to be cross-eyed and suddenly realized that what you thought had been the perfect moment now had two distinct possibilities from two slightly different angles? Could this be proof that there is no single perfect moment, and that any moment can be perfect if captured from the right angle? Multiple still moments that are able to create that magic inspiring you to imagine what happens before and after the shutter opens and closes.

SS-EYED OSS-EYED SS-EYED Jason Lewer // Fs Ollie - Bs Nosegrind.

Blinky // Gap Boardslide To Feeble.

land scape Glamping in the

Photography _Leo Sharp / Words_Joe Gavin.

The thing I always wanted to do when Fos asked me to be Team Manager was make a full length video to get the team stoked and work on something together as a whole, but Landscape at the time was always involved in quick internet parts so things never got kept. So the first thing I wanted to do was just get everybody filming in their home towns and after a while, as we don’t have any riders in Bristol, I thought, why not go there and try and film some stuff, Bristol has some classic skate spots and I really want to give it that old UK skate video vibe. Also, we decided to do it on the cheap and go camping, so we jumped in cars, trains and coaches and hit up the crustafari capital of the UK. This was mainly a filming trip so I was hyped that Leo wanted to come, I honestly thought he was just coming to hang out and skate as he’s a good friend and it’s been a while, but obviously when I witnessed his tent and camera bag I knew he wasn’t playing around. Leo brought everything you could possibly need, including his unbelievable thirst for skate photos and generally bringing the hype. If Leo hadn’t been on this trip we probably would have just chilled all morning at our Walking Dead style hippy campsite enclosure (Ennywevers - check it out) and skated Lloyds for a bit each day, so thanks to Leo Sharp and my impeccable time-keeping and militant-style organisation we made it happen each day, hitting up a bunch of Bristolian treats. Big thanks to all the Bristol locals that were proper sound, Leo, Sean Lomax, Colin at Nike SB for helping, all the boys for making it happen, and camping when it was pretty cold! Editor’s note: I forgot this trip was also basically a test to make sure Dunder was safe. He passed with honour! SCAPEFEST!

ASH HALL // bs tailslide_ We probably should have left this spot sooner to go film tiring ledge lines or huck at road gaps, but sometimes you just gotta chill and have some fun and fun we had, for about 5 hours. Time trials, full team laps, and also actual skate tricks including Ash with this back tail around the corner.

a brief glance

a brief glance

KEANU ROBSON // fs grind_ The sunshine met up with us at this spot and ended up hanging out all day, it was really good to see him actually. Keanu was especially hyped on this weird bank that was super hard to get to, so he and his new friend worked together with Leo’s brain and some camera equipment to bring you this sick frontside 5.0 photo.

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SCOTT ANDERSON // fs wallride_ As everyone was done in and people were ready to head home we caught wind of this beauty of a wall ride, Scott skates full speed and after a few warm ups on the bank to wall he took it over the hip with power.

a brief glance

JEREMY JONES // crooks pop over. Fair play to Jeremy, Leo and Sean on this one as I was back at the camp securing the walls from lurking walkers. We had all gotten back to the campsite and set to chill when Leo took Jezza for one more spot as it is hard to skate during the day due to dreadlocks and street art traffic.

JOE GAVIN // Switch bs 180_

This was a fun little sesh after a good old skate at Lloyd’s. Sid and the boys showed us this gem of a kicker set up just before the sun went down. As I landed it I thought I’d gotten away with not hurting myself just when the big cannon thing in the background decided to take out my hip. I quite often injure myself on the make these days.

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Photography and words_ ClĂŠment Le Gall

PEPE TIRELLI // [ slappy 50-50 ]

Even though everyone is still listening to Black Sabbath

in the van, I feel that the new generation of Antiz riders is a little less rock ‘n’ roll than before, do you think the image of the brand is changing?

Well, maybe I’m a little less so than the OGs, but it’s a long way to the top if you wanna BE rock ‘n’ roll, hahaha. I still have to learn some stuff… I think and I hope we are keeping the right mood alive and moving forward in the right direction, guided by the smell of beers and concrete.

Knowing that you are Italian, is your favorite pasta the

one that your mother cooks or the one that you eat during Antiz trips?

I would say that during a trip, food is always a bliss, so I never complain, but “la Mamma é sempre la Mamma!” You’re almost the official Antiz tattoo artist, did you tattoo more often than you took showers during the trip?

This one in particular was pretty dirty, haha… sleeping in those trailers and having no shower for days… and I remember you, Clem, sitting on a curb in your underwear at Seconder DIY getting tattooed, that was pretty dirty too, huh?

TEEMU PIRINEN // [ kickflip footplant ]

What is the most luxurious place you have slept in during an Antiz trip?

Ha ha ha, the most luxurious was probably under the roof, concrete floor, tent, sleeping bag, 10 meters away from the crazy Hannover DIY skatepark! In the morning when you woke up, you could go straight to a little session before breakfast! What was more exotic for you, the Ruhr industrial landscapes or the rap music playing in the van?

The rap music in Murl’s van (Michel Mahringer) was exotic for sure. This time I spent most of the time in his van, which is actually really cool and cozy. It’s like a living room, you have to take your shoes off! What is the weirdest thing you ate in Germany? We ate only pasta and BBQed every night, so nothing weird! Sandwiches in the morning and daytime, haha, it’s always the same. Actually, one night Juju (the boss) made super tasty burritos.

You had the surprise of turning pro during this trip, how many years will you need to buy a car with your royalties?

Oooof... that’s a tough one... I guess it depends on what kind of car you mean! Do you feel like “man vs wild” when you create your own DIY plates and spoons with plastic bottles?

Most fucking definitely! I am a man vs wild, officially. You saw that was the case in Duisburg. We not only need to survive, but to keep the spirits up too... Even if that means spoons and plates cut out from water bottles! (Thank you Bear Grylls for the ruthless steel)

What will you remember the most about cruising through

the Ruhr? The nights spent getting wet under the rain in your tent, the beers, the beautiful industrial landscapes, the spots, or what else?

I guess it will be the bet I made with Romain, he was saying that water boils faster if you add salt to it. Salty water needs more heat bouncer, better bounce back and study more next time... Oopla! Five bucks for me, thank you, till the next one!

THANOS PANOU // [ fs 5-0 ]

PETER MOLEC // [ switch crooks ]

How would you describe the cohabitation between the old team and the young bloods?

As long as the new guy is not a princess and likes our way of life he’s part of the FAMILY. All new hobos are sooooo sick and also good fellows. Who is going to be the next pro in your opinion? Yurgen (Ury). Two essential things to bring on an Antiz trip? Black Sabbath, pillow, clean socks, vegetables, beer, toothpaste, knife, toilet paper.

HIRSCHI // [ hurricane ] You are used to going on Antiz trips, how many underpants do you take with you generally for 8 days? And how many do you really use?

For an 8-day trip I’d bring 8 pairs of underwear, always too many, cause the maximum number of chances for a shower (or river) is twice. So, in the end I use 2 pairs most of the time. Who do you think did the hammer of the trip? Mr. Thanos! The fs 5-0 and the willy grind. And who did the ugliest trick of the trip? I would pick the willy grind as the ugliest trick on this trip as well, but I can’t really say that, cause Thanos made it look so fucking good!!!!

What was more painful: the hang up you took on the Philly bump or getting tattooed by Yeelen for 2 hours?

Definitely getting a tattoo from Yeelen, a.k.a. the Butcher of Antwerp! According to you, who should get MVP on this trip? Choko! That dog understood everything‌ If you had to choose, would you prefer to be deprived of

skateboarding all your life and live wherever you want, or to live and skate in Dusseldorf all your life?

Neither one, but to play the game, I would say to be deprived of skateboarding and to live wherever I want. At least there is still surfing!

URYANN RAUDET // [ bs 180 ]

a brief glance

For those who do not know, you are more or less the official driver for Antiz but you’re not even on the team.

How can you drive the van and land 3 times as many tricks as the others at the same time?

It’s true that I skate for Rekiem Skateboards and that I drive the Antiz team through mountains and valleys of our Old Continent, and it’s also true that I bring back a lot of footage on each trip!! Why? A single explanation: they are all afraid that I will never bring them home!! It’s the ultimate power of the driver and key master. Otherwise, we could say that it’s because I’m just so happy to skate with friends somewhere other than my home, where spots are rare and tough to skate alone. Considering that you’re not gonna get kicked off the team, who was the laziest one on the trip?

For skating? For the dishes? For the cooking? Are you talking about Choko, my dog? It’s a trick question! I can’t blame the guys, especially afterwards, but now I remember that you were the laziest when it came to putting away your blanket every day! What was the hardest thing to endure on this trip: driving 3000 km in one week or having drunk guys snoring in your van every night?

Sorry buddy, but except for Choko, you were the only one I heard snoring during the whole trip, but it did not disturb me much. I think the hardest was when it was time to say goodbye to the boys and go home.

JEROME CHEVALLIER // [ fs ollie one foot ]

YEELEN MOENS// [ slappy fs crooks ]

This tour was kind of a trial period for you, could you say today that you are officially on the team?

Yes, it was, haha… I think so, but it was just generally very rad for me. I had good times over there with cool people that interest me so it all went pretty naturally. Is the hobo style something new for you or is it just in your DNA?

Haha, actually, that’s how I’ve always done it. Low budget life… so it’s in my DNA, I guess. By the way, do you know how many riders are on the team?

Ohhh, I’m guessing… around 20?

A SILENT MANEFREM SAPIENZA Interview Mario Torre Photography Davide Biondani

I couldn’t pinpoint exactly when my first encounter with Efrem took place, I had seen him a few times during the first few months after the Catania skatepark opened in 2008, but we hadn’t had a chance to actually introduce ourselves. Then he disappeared for a couple of years. Some classmates of mine told me that there was another skater in the high school I was attending, but nobody could tell me who he was. I remember that one day, as I was walking into the locker room after the same old boring physical education class, I found Efrem standing in front of me, and immediately understood that he was the one they were talking about. I approached him to ask if he still skated. His answer was that he had had to leave skateboarding, but that he intended to start skating again. I never would have thought that a few years down the road, he and I would end up sharing the same house in Turin. Efrem is a proactive person and has always demonstrated a great desire to do things and put himself out there. Every time he came back to Catania from Turin for the summer holidays, he would leave me speechless because of how good and especially how consistent he had become. And now I’m writing this intro for his check out on a brief glance. Crazy, isn’t it? Good job homie. ( Adriano La Greca ).

No comply to bluntslide. a brief glance

You are originally from Catania, Sicily, how long

have you been in Turin for and why did you move

The influencer part isn’t true... our tm, Mario Torre, likes to take the piss out of us. I think it’s important


to just have fun, whatever it is you’re doing, whether

This is my fifth year in Turin, I moved over to attend

you’re filming a trick at a crazy spot or just filming for

university, which I’m trying to finish as soon as I can

IG. Filming a videopart is not a must for every skater;

to get out of here.

you have to really want it and both you and the

What are you studying and why? What do you like about it?

I’m studying Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, it’s a Master’s degree in architecture here in Turin. I chose this course because Italy is full of

filmer have to have patience. If you don’t have these prerequisites it’s a torture, just give up! (Instagram has ruined skateboarding and our lives. We are all victims).

architecture that nobody cares about that has an

Do you think that Catania is a city where a

incredible architectural value, and I would really like

skateboarder can feel integrated?

to discover and classify it.

No. In Catania normal people have no idea

How was moving to a completely different reality from the one you were used to?

It wasn’t easy to leave the arancini (fried rice balls), the sun, and everything else. In Turin I was lucky enough to meet lots of nice people that helped

whatsoever what skateboarding is. Over the past few years the boys have done a lot to change this situation, but the problem is that those working in the city council are a bunch of ignorant people. Things are moving, but very slowly.

me to not feel the change. Life in Southern Italy is different. We’re calmer and take nearly everything

It seems that lately you’ve been spending time

in stride, while life here is chaotic, people are

in the family vineyard, can you tell us something

constantly running left and right. Let’s say that after

more about this experience?

4 years in Turin I’m slowly getting used to it, hehe. Valdo Fusi seems to have become Turin’s main

We have always produced wine at home with my grandfather, we used to make about 100 liters per

spot. What do you think of the fact that such a

year that we divided among the family. When my

to go skate new spots?

continue this tradition with poor results at first; this

Valdo Fusi is cool, but skating around, finding a new

year things have been going slightly better, at least

spot and maybe even landing a new trick is even

according to my grandma. I hope to continue this

cooler, haha. But it’s also true that I’m always the first

family tradition, also because it is one of the only

complete spot has completely killed the desire

one who wants to change spots and even the first one to get stuck trying a trick in Valdo Fusi. The main problem is also that many of us go skate a couple of hours before going to university or to work, so Valdo Fusi is a good solution as it’s in the city center and quickly reachable.

grandfather passed away, my brother and I tried to

moments when we are really all united for a common goal: to make our grandmother happy! Is there anything that you would give to Catania that Turin has and viceversa? I would definitely give Catania the Valdo Fusi plaza

I know that apart from being a model student

you are also an Instagram influencer. How do you relate to this era, where every trick goes online without taking into consideration the possibility of doing a full video part?

and Skateboarding’s Finest shop. I would give Turin the sea, the vending kiosks, and the fucking sandwich shops open all night long. It seems like in Turin that people don’t eat at night.

Noseblunt bomb drop.

a brief glance

a brief glance

the har



Words & Photography_Sebastiano Bartoloni.

Summers always fly by... while winters take forever to pass! Your board calls out to you and the pungent cold gives you doubts. Your friends are waiting for you at the spot and you’re determined, with only one thing on your mind. The sweet satisfaction of landing a trick is a feeling that makes you forget the humid asphalt and the pain in your ankle you’ve had for some time. You know that the cold that is biting your face will block your muscles but your determination is at its peak. A Quartersnacks sweatshirt and your fav skate shoes, there’s nothing better to tackle the ledge, but you soon realize that they aren’t too ideal to deal with the bitter cold, but style is important, and your mind protects you. You’re at the spot, your friends are hyped. A photographer and a filmer are already there to give you the power. Some of your bros are covered in mud, or rather a mixture of pollution and humidity. The session is already on fire. On the first try the cold has the better of your body, the board doesn’t even pop and you fly onto the filthy ground. Your only thought is to land the trick. You’re super concentrated and just as if you were in an arena, the excitement of your friends and your goal provide you with wings. You can feel your heart beating through your scars and bloody shinbone, which the icy cold helps you to forget. You’ve been out for an hour already and you can’t even remember what season it is, the struggle between you and the ledge is at a climax. Remembering that sweet feeling of landing a trick keeps you on your feet, so you continue going until, bam! The “crowd” goes wild! Your body is completely relaxed, you give 3 high fives to your friends and make sure that the photo and footy are good. Skateboarding is paradise! You ask a friend for a cigarette and sit comfortably on the gelid ground. The session is now over. Your mission against the cold was successful once again.

lillian ceccon / KICKFLIP - Geneve

gab zuffrey / FS NOSESLIDE - Geneve

lucien genand / OLLIE MELON - Geneve

kevin deschamps / BS TAILSLIDE - Geneve

lucien genand FS BLUNTSLIDE - Geneve

a brief glance’s BOOK Vol. 001

224 pages. Hard cover. 24 x 17 cm. Quality print.


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