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Tunnel Vision Metal on metal like skin on sandpaper A hangover of sounds colliding endlessly The rhythmic pull of urgency intensifies We are an overhanging lip looking into the pit Commuters’ faces are set to ‘nonchalance’ Counteracting collective rising bile of panic They will not register concern in the face Of such incontrovertible evidence of doom. I, on the other hand have seen it all unfold I have felt the crush of metal protruding From rib cages, exposed innards throbbing still I see people gingerly stepping over corpses Afraid to sully shiny Converse with others’ entrails They march towards globular shards of daylight Leaving the contorted mass of bodies at heel.

The Tremone Bar, Carrowmenagh is the only site to see the complete project Abridged 0-31: Crash between 30 June - 8 July (weekend evenings only)

The tube retracts its fangs and spits me out, unharmed Expunged from my neural segue into the great unknown. Maria Campbell

Image: Abridged 0 - 31: Crash (and Burning)

Abridged 0 31: Crash  
Abridged 0 31: Crash  

featuring Maria Finch and Abridged