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Waves ’Sorrow comes in great waves.’ - Henry James In memory of Anne Maguire 1963-1992

At the Old Chapel of Ease we took our time. Tomorrow would last forever. The cold brow is absolute now but I still want to see the fire in your eyes. Also what it was like at that precise moment to pass through.

The Tremone Bar, Carrowmenagh is the only site to see the complete project Abridged 0-31: Crash between 30 June - 8 July (weekend evenings only)

The glum heads of Boa gape in a clearing beyond us as the heavens opened. Gerald Dawe

Image: John Beattie: ‘Howard Roark would do this same’ (Traynor O’Toole Architects model for The Anglo Irish Bank Building), 35mm Slide Film, 2012

Abridged 0 - 31: Crash  
Abridged 0 - 31: Crash  

Featuring John Beattie and Gerald Dawe