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Fall/Winter Collection 2019

Welcome to Abrazo Style where contemporary fashion meets the rich artistic traditions of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Within the pages of our catalog you will find a wide selection of designs, all crafted by hand in the homes and workshops of master artisans. The very special nature of these products tells a unique story of the hand of each artist and as such, variations within a style are normal and part of its beauty. Our offerings change seasonally and include a collection of classic, customer favorites that we stock year around. Please consult our website: abrazostylewholesale.com for immediate delivery items. Abrazo Style is committed to working toward positive change in indigenous communities in the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Our products are socially responsible, fair trade certified, and contribute to the creation of vibrant communities through sustainable employment at fair wages. For more information or to place an order, contact us at service.abrazostyle@gmail.com. Please join us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Fall/Winter Collection 2019 abrazostylewholesale.com

Graciela B-10131KMC $48 S-XL



Patricia B-10186 $53 S-XL

B-10186PSK gray pinstripe/ multi-color (PSM),

gray pinstripe/black mix (PSK) B-10193RPM

Izzy B-10123WSR $42 XS-XL wide gray

Fernanda B-10193 $59 S-XL

B-10193SSM garnet (RPM) silver (SSM)

pinstripe/red B-10168PBM



Laura B-10130BBM $49 S-XXL blue/blue mix

B-10168VVM cobalt/silver mix (CSM), blackberry mix (PBM), rust/gray (RG), violet mix (VVM)

Amara B-10168 $47 S-XL



Fall/Winter Collection 2019 abrazostylewholesale.com

Sara B-10148 $44 XS-XXL

B-10148WW black/cream (BC), white/white (WW)

Nayeli W-10126CK $37 S-L cream/black (CK)

Clavel B-10152BCW $53 S-XL

Karen Plus Size B-10140BMC $49 1X-3X blue/multi-color (BMC)






Rococo Tee B-10120 XS-XL gray pinstripe/red mix (PSR) $38,

Carlota B-10165 $51 S-XL

white/white (WW) $35

purple/blue mix (PBM)

B-10165PBM raspberry/coral mix (RCM),



Collection 8/2019 abrazostylewholesale.com

D-10120KGM-19 $43

D-10120PSR $46 black/gray mix (KGM) $43, blue/multi-color (BMC) $43, gray pinstripe/red mix (PSR) $46 *Price varies by fabric cost D-10141KMC

Lilia D-10120 XS-XL

Marcela D-10132 $61 S-XL

D-10132IWSR blue/multi-color mix (BMC),

gray pinstripe/red mix (IWSR)

Little Girl Dresses

SOLD OUT Abrazo Style’s hand embroidered little girl dresses are designed for growth. Easy to fit, they can be worn as a dress or smock.

Felisa D-10141 $59 S-XL

Pati E-10114 $48 S (2-3), M (4-5) red velvet/


mix (KMC)

cream (RVC) E-10113DMC

E-10113FMC $32

E-10113PSR $32

E-10113PSR back

E-10114BMB back

Nena E-10113 $36 S (2-3), M (4-5), patch pocket, denim multi-color

Pati E-10114BMB $34 S (2-3), M (4-5)

(DMC) $36, fuchsia multi-color (FMC) $32, gray pinstripe/red mix (PSR) $32

blue/multi-color with ladybug (BMB)



Fall/Winter Collection 2019 abrazostylewholesale.com






Catalina Sarape Wrap W-10149 $39 one size black/blue (BB), black/cinnamon (BC), black/gray (BG), black/black (KK)

Luna Poncho W-10153 $32 one size

black/cream/blue (BCB), black/cream/black (BCK) W-10169BG



Martina Jacket W-10162BC $32

Silvia Poncho W-10169 $59 one size



chocolate/wine (CW), gray/beige (GB) W-10159CG


Renata Embroidered Sarape Wrap W-10159 $43 one size

Delfina Kimono W-10158WC $36 S/L

cream/gray (CG), cream/sage/camel (CS)

cream/white (CW)

W-10169CW black//white (BW),


Fall/Winter Collection 2019 abrazostylewholesale.com


Ana S-10154 $36 20” x 80”


Altos S-10165 $46 70” x 15” red mix (R), blue mix (B)

black/blue (BB),

black/gray (BG) S-10147BP





S-10147DGS S-10150BC S-10147GS

S-10147CS black/gray (BS), black/blue (BB), black/purple (BP), dark gray sand (DGS), gray sand (GS), coral sand (CS)

Cabo S-10147 $22 21” x 80”

S-10150BP black/blue (BB), black/cappucino (BC), black/gray (BG), black/purple (BP)

Lila Wrap S-10150 $29 21” x 80”






S-10133CW cream/black (CB), cream/gray (CG) cream/sage (CS), cream/white (CW)

Zapotec Wrap S-10133 $37 24” x 76”

Zarita S-10160 $2115” x70”

S-10160CK cream/black (CK), blue/navy (BN)

Fall/Winter Collection 2019 abrazostylewholesale.com

J-10108 Carmela

J-10110 Felipe

J-10122 Sto. Domingo

J-10130 Amor

J-10131-09 Lucia

J-10131-12R Santa Ana

J-10131-13 Magdalena

J-10143 Maria

J-10137 Marita

J-10144 Juquila

J-10147 Juliana

J-10136-E Felipe

J-10136-J Santos

J-10136-K Magdalena

J-10136-N Agatha

J-10136-O Cristina

J-10136-Q Francis

J-10141 Maria

J-10142-R Santa Fe

Seasonal Decor Z-10145-6

Highlands Christmas Stocking Z-10153 Tin Angels Z-10178-2 hand cut and embossed Tin Trees Z-10177-3 $79 hand cut and embossed. Set of 3, 13”, 15” ,17” removable star $21 hand spun wool with acrylic tassels and hand small pair (SM) 7” & 8.5” $36, large pair (LXL) embroidery. multi-color (NMC), white (NW)

12.5” & 13.5” $44


Table Runner Z-10190RP $32 Hand woven, hand embroidered acrylic 58” x 16”

Winter Animal Collection 6 pack Z-10150-6 $84 neutral tones 5-12” height, embroidered wool/felt (includes 2 sheep)


Abrazo is committed to positive change in indigenous communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Our products are socially responsible and our goal is to contribute to the development of vibrant communities through sustainable employment at fair wages. Reindeer 6 pack (assorted) Z-10151-6 $84 neutral tones (-6N) or colorful tones (-6C) 11-12” height, embroidered wool/felt, wrapped wire antlers

White Sheep 6 pack Z-10152-6N $84 5-6” ht, embroidered wool, felt, acrylic thread

Tree Decorating Z-10145-6

5 Point Tin Star 6 pack (assorted) Z-10175-6 small approx. 2.5” (-6S) $19.50, large 3” (-6L) $28.50 silver ribbon cord included Z-10148

Pompom Garland Z-10147 set of 3 80” assorted colorful (-3C) $18, white (-3W) $18

Tin Stars 6 pack Z-10174-6 sml 3.5” (-6S) $21, large 5.5” (-6L) $33 silver ribbon cord included

Tin Doves 6 pack Z-10176-6 sml 4” width (-6S) $21, lg 5.5” width (-6L) $33 silver ribbon cord included


Stars of Chiapas 6 pack (assorted) Hand Embroiderd Felt Globes Z-101044-6 Z-10145-6 $28.50 3.5” width. Embroidered on 6 pack (assorted), small 2.5”(-6S) $21, large both sides

3.5” (-6L) $25.50

Each of these delightful handmade treasures is made in the home of an indigenous artisan of Oaxaca or Chiapas, Mexico. Generations of families have carried on these craft traditions, preserving cultural pride and sustainability.

Pompom Ornaments 6 pack Z-10156-6 sml 3.5” (-6S) $13.50, large 5.5” (-6L) $28.50 Handmade, acrylic red (R), or white (W)


Message Hearts 6 pack (assorted) Z-10154-6 sml 2.5” (-6S) $18, med 3.5” (-6M)

Rococo Red Message Hearts 6 pack Z-10155-6 $30 4” width, message pocket

Ceramic Insects 6 pack (assorted) Z-10134-6 $61.50 3-5” length, painted

$24 , lg 4.5” (-6L) $27 Message pocket in back

in back.

ceramic and wire

Animals 6 pack (assorted) Z-10133-6 $84 6-12” height, embroidered wool/felt

Multi-color Sheep 6 pack Z-10133-6MC $84


Wool Cactus Z-10148 yellow top 7.5” (LY) $17, multi-yellow 11” (GY), multi-fuchsia 11” (GF), pink 13” (PO) $22, Tall $15”(GRL) $29 Basket included

5-6” ht, embroidered wool, felt, acrylic thread

Crafted by hand. Refined over generations. Instagram Facebook Pinterest abrazostylewholesale.com servcie.abrazostyle@gmail.com

Embroidered Butterflies 6 pack (assorted) Z-10138-6 $37.50 6” width, loop for hanging, small message pocket in back.

Etla Tote Fall/Winter Collection 2019 abrazostylewholesale.com

Sizes: A-10100 clutch A-10101 small A-10102 medium A-10103 large

$16: 8.5” x 6.5” x 1” $25: 10.5” x 9.5” x 4.5” $29: 13” x 12.5” x 5” $33: 16” x 13” x 6”

Handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico by indigenous artisan weavers with locally-sourced recycled plastic, these totes are delightfully versatile and practically indestructible. Featuring an ever-changing range of seasonal designs and styles in four sizes. Zippered Clutch A-10100 8.5” x 6.5” x 1” $16

BC Bleecker

BWM Montreal

NTWT Rockport

Etla Handbag A-10101 10.5” x 9.5” x 4.5” $25

BWT Montecito

NWMM Montauk

BC Bleecker

Zipper Pulls/Tote Tassels Add a zipper pull tassel to a clutch, or a tassel to a tote handle. $2.50 ea.: fiesta (F), blue mix (N), or black (K). Crafted with synthetic silk, 7” length with braided loop.




Etla Totes cont. Fall/Winter Collection 2019 abrazostylewholesale.com

Medium Tote A-10102 13” x 12.5” x 5” $29

BCYDT Georgia

BSE Taxco

MTMM Dallas

MTX Lexington

MRX Moab

BWDW Brooklyn

BD Providence

MBX Tulum

Large Tote A-10103 16” x 13” x 6” $33

BWD Newbury

BD Providence

For additional design and color choices visit our website: abrazostylewholesale.com

Profile for Abrazo Style

Abrazo Style Fall 2019 Collection  

Hand embroidered, fair trade apparel and accessories from Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.

Abrazo Style Fall 2019 Collection  

Hand embroidered, fair trade apparel and accessories from Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.