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From the editor


Quite a few years ago I produced a Magazine for Photographers focused on pregnancy and newborn imagery. Life became busy and we put the Magazine initiative aside. Flash forward to now. It is Summer of 2015 and something told me it was time to bring the Magazine back. It was a little whisper during a quiet time of the day, which is often when they come. Do you have quiet in your life? I try to find quiet time every single day. It is in those moments when I learn my next task, often doubting how I will do it. I reached out to our amazing community of over 10,000 who have been supporting my crazy efforts for years. I rallied the troops, sought out the networks and here we are. We received hundreds of images to be considered for this first issue and I wish we could have included them all!

! This first issue is more about sharing the amazing imagery that is out there. Future issues will have more content and regular features. I want to keep growing with each issue and stay focused on this amazing journey that we are all on. We all have images and stories to share. We all need support, and a team of people who believe in what we do.

! My goal is to bring this team together and make something great. Each issue will highlight the wonderful beginning stages of life. We will highlight pregnancy, newborn, and the first five years of childhood. We welcome your ideas, submissions, feedback and above all else, support.

! Ana Brandt ana@theartofpregnancyandnewborn.com



Ka ren Bagley www.signif icant moment sp hot ogr ap hy.com

IMAGE MAKERS We are so grateful to those who contributed images and articles to this Magazine. This list is of those who contributed the Images you see throughout the pages.

Mi ch ae l St i ef


TAoPaN Stands for The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn!


This company was started by Anamaria Brandt to provide a maternity clothing line, newborn clothing line, mentoring, workshops and support for Photographers.

The TAoPaN community is a great one stop shop so to speak! Not only do we have an incredible Mentor, but we have a fantastic group of photographers at all different stages of their careers coming together to help each other. The veterans help the rookies and the rookies remind the veterans how hard it was to get to where they are. Fresh perspectives on business ideas are always flowing, great advice is always at hand and a shoulder to lean on is always ready for those rough spots.


There are great workshops offered to help us brush up in our skills and to learn knew ones. I have taken a few and ALWAYS learn something new when I review material) On top of all this there is access to gorgeous dresses, beautiful wraps and so many other props and products.


I honestly am not sure if I would be where I am today without the TAoPaN community.


Hope Witt http://www.hopelynnphotography.com/

" T h e TA O PA N c o m m u n i t y i s a d a i l y i n s p i r a t i o n t o m e . Witnessing the drive and passion others have for photography, reminds me of why I love this industry so much! This community lifts each other up, and that love is what keeps me coming back!â€? RACHEL KEPSHIRE h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / r a c h e l k e p s h i r e

Sab rina D om ize ww w.mylove photograp hy.c a

A na Bra ndt ww w.b el l yb aby love.com

Stuck in a rut?! Whenever I feel blocked by creativity! I head outside. Immediately I am hit! with inspiration and a renewed spirit.! This is our debut Summer Issue and ! we couldn't think of a better way to ! kick it o with inspiring outdoor! imagery. We hope the Image Makers! featured in this issue inspire you to! step outside and renew your soul.!

! Ana Brandt!

When it comes to photographing Maternity sessions outside, there are so many questions, concerns and worries that go along with those sessions. When is the best lighting, best locations, best poses to name a few. My business has had the privilege and honor to photograph several expecting mommies. I have shared some tips to help have an amazing session, and also be able to relax and enjoy it with your client. !

! by Karen Bagley! www.significantmomentsphotography.com !


Outdoor Maternity Tips

by Ka re n Ba gl ey

w ww.s ign if ic a n tmo me n t s pho t o gr a phy.co m

1: MEET YOUR CLIENT This may not always be a possibility, but if it is possible, I encourage you to meet with your client so that it gives you a chance to get to know them. I sometimes have opportunities to meet potential clients beforehand, but more often than most I make it a point to meet my client after they have chosen to book with me. Everyone including the photographer is that much more comfortable after getting to know one another. It adds a personal touch and we know you wouldn’t be you without your clients, so give them the attention

2: DECIDE ON YOUR LOCATION When it comes to location the choices can overwhelm you. This is where it is your job to interpret which would fit your client most. A calm stream in the woods, a city with an amazing skyline, an open field, etc. Remember the focus should always be on your client. Pick an 
 atmosphere that will compliment them. Try not to pick a location that requires your expecting Mommy to walk for long distances.

You can also Google words like 
 Abandoned (your city), Best Architecture (your city), or Best Skyline Views (your city) to find unique and beautiful locations. they deserve. After meeting with them you will start to have vision for It’s always a good idea to have a plan B their session and understand which just in case anything for any reason stops you from using your original spot. outdoor location would suit them best!

! 3: HANDLE YOUR LIGHTING In a perfect world we could always photograph during the golden hour of the day, however we aren't in a perfect world. Sometimes we have to schedule sessions at midday where the light is straight above you. We handle these sessions with off camera flash. I use two 600EX-RT from Canon. Having off 
 camera flash gives you SO much control over lighting, which in turn will give you confidence in what your doing. If you aren’t able to make the investment quite yet make sure you have a Reflector and try to stick to times of the day where the sun isn’t directly over you.


4: PREPARATION IS KEY! I am all about PREPARATION! The more you can prepare the better off everything will go. Make sure you have all of your camera equipment charged and ready. Have extra sets of batteries ready to go. Make sure your lenses are cleaned and working properly. Will it be cold the day of your shoot? Bring a blanket and plan to pick up a warm drink. Will it be hot? Bring LOTS of water, keep everyone, including baby, hydrated. ALWAYS carry snacks!

Have your route to and from your location/locations mapped out including your plan B. Go the extra mile to think of ways to make your clients comfortable and excited on your session day.

#6: HAVE FUN! Remember why we do this! To create the most amazing images and memories for our clients.

5: KEEP IT SAFE! Always always remember safety! Don’t ever put your client in danger for a certain “shot.”

These tips have helped me so much with photographing maternity sessions outside, hopefully they will help you as well.



To get moms in the water I have them bring skid proof sandals that they don't mind getting wet. I also will have a spotter in case mom gets off balance, and to help her feel more at ease.


N ik k i Lenae Photogra phy www.nikkile nae. com

Nikki Lenae Photog r ap hy www.nikkile nae. com

D o r is M id n igh t S u n w w w. m id n igh ts un .a t

L i an a M cCo r k le www. li t t l el u ll aby p ho togr a p hy.c om


"Managing your Clients Expectations is crucial" says Caryn Scanlan. Clients are not professional photographers., they are simply people that want great photos! They are often nervous, and have few expectations of what kind of images they would like. It is best to try and prepare them as much as possible to ease their nerves. Things to discuss ahead of time: • Session length • What to wear • Gallery Image Quantity These are just a few of the items you should discuss ahead of time. The same principle applies to every single aspect of your session, from start to finish. In the end, managing your clients' expectations is simply setting them up for a fantastic customer service experience. Set some time aside to prepare a Client Prep Guide and include handy tips on your website.

Your clients will know what to expect, and things will flow smoother.


Amanda Szerencsi www.amandamariephotographypg.ca

Michael St ief www.mich aelst ie f.d e

M ich ae l St ie f w w w. m i ch a el sti ef.d e

Michael St ief www.mich aelstief.de

I'm inspired by golden light and nature so shooting outdoors allows me endless options.

! !

Christina Skinner www.christinaskinnerphotography.com

MI CHE LL E F LOWE R S www.m ich el l e f l owe r s ph o to s t ud i o. co m/


Michelle Mojica Photography Michelle Mojica http://www.michellemojicaphotography.com/

Syl wia Ok Sylwia Ok Pho to g ra phy ww w.sokp ho to.co m

This maternity session took place in one of the most magical places for me - on the Surfer's Beach in Kodiak Alaska. A couple flew from Anchorage to Kodiak for both the maternity and newborn session. I have since moved to Maryland and I run my business from Pasadena, MD.

! !

Shan non Lyn n Phot ogra phy www.Shann on LynnPh otogr ap hy. com

Alyson Barrow ! www.alysonbarrowphotography.com !

Shannon Locher www.ShannonLynnPhotography.com Shannon Lynn Photography

Cry stal Billingt on Three Lit tle Fox es Photography ww w.thr eelittlefoxesp hot ogra phy.com

Cry st al B ill in g to n

Natalie McDermott www.devotedimagery.com

Helga C orre ia He lga Correia Photo gra phy

In my travels, I often swam in underground caves, went helmet diving and snorkeled to see the amazing sights that are held beneath the surface. I would dream of photographing clients in these magical locations, picture the way the dappled light would illuminate their facial features, the way a soft chiffon gown would roam freely in the gentle waters and how I could bring those pictures to life in an emotional, storytelling way. Years later, a couple hired me to photograph their wedding in Cancun, Mexico and many of my favorite Cenotes are there so I figured if ever there was a moment to make me take the plunge and turn that dream into a reality, this was it. And so I did and I haven’t looked back since.


www.PureE mot ionsPhot ography. com




2 Canon 5D MK III’s ( dry and wetland) Canon 16-35 2.8 lens Ikelite underwater housing Ikelite underwater strobes Canon 50 1.4 Canon 70-200L 2.8 lenses



Want to know what a day in the life of photographing clients underwater is like for us? !

! Lets go deeper! ! !

It all begins before the day of the shoot. ! We put on our fancy pink and purple snorkel masks and scout locations beneath the surface. An underwater location gets added to our shooting list if it meets a few satisfactory check marks!! !


1.) It has to have visual interest. ! 2.) The water must not be too cloudy. ! 3.) The current can’t be too strong or we’ll just spend our time fighting against it and capturing images of pregnant moms with their limbs flailing around which while humorous probably wont sell any large prints or wall displays! ! 4.) The location must have good light for a decent amount of time. ! 5.) There can’t be any dangerous hazards like alligators! !


We do live in Florida after all! ! Okay, we’ve found a unique location to take our next client, so what now?!


An underwater session with us is a full day time investment so the night before the shoot, we prep as much as possible to be ready for the early morning ahead of us. !


We prep a cooler of sandwiches, Gatorade and water as well as some snacks and we clean our underwater equipment and pack it up so it’s ready to go.

The extra lenses will be used for our dry shots out of the water. The specific model of Ikelite housing that you will need will be based completely on your camera and lens combination. It won’t be the same if you use a different camera or lens than we do so we recommend you do a search for “Ikelite” combined with “your camera model” to see if they support your current gear before you consider buying a different camera body or lenses. !


The morning of the shoot, we head out around 5:30am because our favorite shooting locations are about 2 hours away from where we live. Most of them can only be accessed by going into public parks which have parking lot capacities and when they are full, they don’t let anyone else in. During the summer months, they can fill up within 1/2 an hour of opening so we always want to get in line about 1/2 and hour before they open their gates. Once we get in the park, we dress our maternity clients in one of our gorgeous gowns and take some land images first. Then we put on weights to control our buoyancy and our snorkeling gear and head in to the water. We have to perform a slow 360 degree dunk test with our housing and camera assembled together to make sure that it has a water tight seal. After examining and determining that no bubbles are coming up from the equipment, we can begin our underwater session. !


My favorite gown to shoot underwater so far is a TAoPaN gown, in Peach color named “Bastante”. It’s form fitting and flesh toned and the ruffled bottom flows beautifully creating a mermaid like feel to the shoot. It hugs the belly in all the right places for pregnancy shots and helps to give wonderful shape in the water. Because of it’s light color, it really helps the client to stand out in the blue-green waters. The water we most often shoot in is very cold natural spring water so we can only shoot in short increments of time and get out so the mammas can regulate their temperature. !


We advise our clients that they should be able to hold their breath underwater without using their hands or nose plugs. We do a series of breathing techniques and I allow the clients to wear my goggles and watch me go down and pose so that they get a good idea of what I want from them for the next pose. We spend anywhere from 3-4 hours shooting hundreds of frames to try and get 20-30 that are worthy of showing to the client. The water is unforgiving yet magical.!


The clients hair can block their face in the one image where everything else was perfect and their hair can look like it belongs in a shampoo commercial in an image where it looks like they’re trying too hard to hold their breath. Patience with each other through this process is paramount to success. !


After the session is over, the clients get to leave and we stay on location 1-2 hours rinsing out our gowns, water shoes, wetsuits and letting everything air dry so that we can pack up the car and head back home. When we arrive back home, we must spot clean the gowns because they usually have a lot of dirt and stains on them from the client leaning against rocks or dragging the wet bottom on the ground when they get out of the water. We must also disassemble our gear and then clean every nook and cranny to make sure that the gear doesn’t get corroded over time. !


All in all, we’ve invested about 13 hours of our day at this point but the work has just begun. Now, we must back up our memory cards and anxiously wait for the photos to load onto the computer. Seeing them on the computer will be the first time we see them well enough to know what we actually captured. We can’t rely on the LCD screen when we’re in water because the housing makes it difficult to see clearly and you can’t take the camera out to check your shots when the housing is still wet. You have to rely on your histograms and your technical expertise to nail the shots.!


For anyone considering underwater photography as the next level in their photographic career, I highly recommend a strong knowledge of editing. Even the best underwater photographers have to bring the vibrancy and colors back to life with editing tools. Underwater photography is both rewarding and challenging. For us, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. !


If you feel like you need to learn more or want to watch us in action before you decide whether or not to take the plunge with your own gear, we offer customizable workshops to help you learn the basics or achieve more dynamic results. www.PureWorkshops.com !

Fine Art imagery is our brand and tying underwater into that is a natural extension. Our clients expect something extraordinary and come to us from far and wide to experience something transformational. They want to feel and become a more glamorous version of themselves. They want us to push their limits and make them go a step further than they thought they were capable of going.



Kat Parker! www.katparkerphoto.com

Tristine Davis Tristine Davis Photography www.tristinedavisphotography.com

Tristine Davis Tristine Davis Photography www.tristinedavisphotography.com

Lindsay Paturns Photography! www.paturnsphotography.com!

This beautiful Mama has a Husband who had stage 4 cancer. I had requested TAoPaN to expedite the dress for this shoot. The story has a happy ending as He is now cancer free and the baby is a doll! She was due three weeks from shoot date. Thank you for all you do for us! Blessings from Ohio!


Pam Johnston Photography pamjohnstonphotography.zenfolio.com/


Christina Forehand ! http://www.cf-photography.net/

Jessica Heksem - Le'Mae Photography www.lemaephotography.com

Kate Taylor! facebook.com/TopKatPhotography

Je si k k a H i gh Pho tog ra phy h ttp :// w ww.j es ik k a hi gh pho togra phy. com/

Jennifer Sirris! Storybook Portraits by Jennifer Sirris! www.mystorybookportraits.com

Nicole Hanner ! www.hannerstudios.com

Pam Johnston Photography pamjohnstonphotography.zenfolio.com/

This image was taken on a dock of a lake in Kelowna, B.C . (Canada) in March. It was a ver y windy cool day, and the little girl was not being ver y cooperative . I wanted to take images of them at the end of the dock, and when I saw them walking, I knew this would be a timeless image. This session was ver y special to the mom, who had suffered 
 multiple miscarriages, and was well into her second trimester, and felt confident in moving ahead with the session. Her relationship with her daughter is ver y special to her, so she 
 wanted to capture the moments of the two of them and the new baby to be. My Dream Series is always ethereal and whimsical. I process my images to look more like paintings, than photographs. This one 
 appealed to me, because it could be on anyone's wall. I love showing softness, 
 femininity, and beauty in 
 maternity and child 

Nikki Harrison http://www.nikkiharrison.ca/

Kristina White www.kristinawhite.com


Abbie Fox! Foxy Photography, Las Vegas, NV ! www.foxyphotographylv.com


Abbie Fox! Foxy Photography, Las Vegas, NV ! www.foxyphotographylv.com

Heather Mohr! Mohr Photography! www.heathermohrphotography.com

Lisa Boyle! Posh & Pretty Portraits! www.poshprettyportraits.com

Susan Harrison! http://www.photographybysoozie.com/

Jessica Turner Photography ! www.jessicaturnerphotography.com


Aimee Pool shares with us tips of defining your work and creating a style that is indicative of who you are.


Find Your Style

! Finding your style as a photographer is one of the most important things you can do for your 
 growing business. It defines who you are as a photographer and connects your potential client with your vision. I can honestly state, that my business took off once I defined my style and made my brand unique and recognizable. When a potential client comes to your website they should 
 immediately be able to get a feeling about your work and what they can expect if they were to hire you. Are your images bright and bold, light and airy, warm and soft, or are they all over the place and confusing. What type of photography do you specialize in? Is it fashion, beauty, families, maternity, newborns or weddings?

! What is your style? Do you pose your clients? Are you a portrait photographer or do you like to 
 capture a more organic moment? If you do not know your style, how will your potential clients? The last thing that you want to do is to send a message of confusion. 
 The images that you post online need to sell your services and capture your potential clients attention quickly.

! Keep Your Branding Consistent

! As a photographer, having a consistent look and feel is important to selling your services. 
 Photography is the ultimate visual industry. You need to tell a customer your story and define why they would want to choose you over a competitor. This is often achieved with a consistent brand. This means that your website, blog and social media pages should all flow with a consistent look and feel.

! When I first started out I used many different actions to process my images. I had no consistent workflow and my images could go from light and airy to very contrasty. Once I had found my style and a consistent workflow I deleted all of the old images from my website and social media pages that were not a good representation of my current work.

! When a potential client lands on one of your pages, you have about two seconds to grab their 
 attention before they might click away. If you are not giving a consistent message, your prospects may feel confused and search elsewhere.

Specialize, Specialize Specialize! I know that as many photographers start out, often they want to say yes to every opportunity. While this is good for experience in shooting, is this something that will help you or hurt you? As a photographer it can be very tempting to take on every type of session that comes your way, but trying to do it all may not the best business decision.


My suggestion? It is far better to specialize in what you love and be really great at it, than trying to do anything and everything that comes your way. I know that it can be difficult to turn business away, but I would rather say no to a project that I am not passionate about than take a job and produce something that is just ok because I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. One of my favorite quotes is “Jack-of-alltrades and Master of None”. The simple fact is, it is almost impossible to be great at every style of photography. I believe that you will be far more successful creating your brand if you narrow your focus. More importantly, pick what you are going to specialize in and own it to the best of your abilities. If you follow your passion and what makes you light up you will be successful.


! Be Fearless


This is probably one of the toughest things to learn and one of the hardest to let go. You can’t please everyone, and guess what? It isn’t requirement to being successful.


If you tried to make everyone happy with your photography, how would you ever develop your own style? Remember, defining your style is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Don’t let criticism change who you are. Sure, sometimes it is good to hear what others think, and often you may learn something, but always stay true to who you are as an artist. If you clearly define your style, provide a consistent brand and specialize on what you love, you will attract your target audience, not the entire population.


It is a natural reaction to be fearful of losing clients and not being able to please everyone. When you let this fear go and you build your brand the right business will come to you. You may lose some clients but you will gain new ones.

! !

Aimee Pool Photography Pure . Organic . Natural www.aimeepoolphoto.com

Dawn Hessel www.hesselphotography.com/

Alli Peck from Glow Portraits spends some time answering the question...!


"How Do You Get Your Client Naked?!


Sounds like an interesting question I’m sure to the non-maternity ! photographer, but in reality this is a very good question.


ne of the most common questions I receive either via Facebook or during my maternity workshops is “But how do you get your client naked?!”. Sounds like an interesting question I’m sure to the outsider non-maternity photographer, but in reality this is a very good question. There are several steps that I follow to ensure that my client feels comfortable enough with me to do fully or partially nude maternity images.

1. My style This is the most important step – show only the images that you want your clients to see on your website/facebook/blog. Social media is often the first sight any client or potential client will see of your style, so flaunt it. When they call you, the are doing so because your style speaks to them. My maternity photography is about the expecting Mama so I have mostly images of the Mama, with only a few showing with spouses and children. My style isn’t conservative, so I showcase the images of fully or partially nude clients on media so that potential clients are aware of what I offer and choose me for my style. 79

2. Communication Either through initial inquires or phone calls, I ensure that the client is aware of my specific maternity photography style. These interactions prior to sessions set up a rapport and help build trust. I answer questions about clothing options and how the session flows in studio. I ensure that the interested client has seen my work and is familiar with the colors, clothing, posing and (if any) props that will be used. 3. Chatting with the client at the session I 
 always seek to immediately set a tone of comfort and ease with the client upon meeting them at the studio for their session. Asking them if they know the gender of baby, any baby names, date due etc - basically the small talk allows your client to talk about how exciting this time is for them.

4. Take control This is paramount – you must take control of the session from the minute your client walks into your studio. With clients I trust my system and don't try to be avant garde. This gives me complete confidence in the outcomes. Directing and controlling the studio space affords my clients trust in my ability to pose, dress and light them to showcase their beauty. I will be very upfront with my client if they are looking for a pose or a clothing item that does not suit their figure, although tactfully said – I will offer them an alternative. 5. Be interactive Telling your client to put her hands on her belly and smile isn't the best way to get the results from a pose that you are hoping for. By showing your client the pose yourself, allows her to understand what your words mean. 6. Compliment your Client I truly find all expecting mothers beautiful. I felt beautiful during my pregnancies, despite the weight gain, stretch marks and rapidly changing body. This is a wonderful opportunity to allow your client to feel beautiful and confident by vocalizing compliments to her during the shooting. 7. Share At the end of the session I tell my client how well the session went and how they will adore their images. Within 24 hours I will post my favorite image on my Facebook business page and tag them. Just remember that you as their chosen photographer must show confidence and control in the session or your client will not feel comfortable or at ease. 81

Of course this takes time and experience. If you’re just beginning this journey into maternity photography. I must stress the importance of practicing. Practice your lighting, your posing work flow and your OWN confidence in your work. Good luck and ENJOY this wonderful job we are blessed to have! Xo


Alli Peck http://www.glowportraitsbyalli.com/




Is it time to take the plunge, take a risk and just go for it? Or should you keep a home studio…I mean who doesn’t love a 1-minute commute? Only you can answer these questions! I can tell you how I knew a studio was for me and how I knew I was ready. Like most of you my journey began when my daughter was born. I knew that I had a talent and I knew I wanted to pursue it. I decided I was going to learn everything I could to make this a 
 profession. So where did I start? I practiced, failed, and took a lot of technically bad images until I 
 discovered YouTube videos. I kept finding that photographers were so secretive about techniques until I came across Ana Brandt. She had more videos than I had time to watch, I mean I had a new baby!!! After maxing out YouTube and talking about Ana all day at home, my husband booked my first in person workshop. The First one was Boston and I was hooked. Then I went to NYC and Western Massachusetts - that was three Workshops in one summer! I felt motivated, my work improved and I gained a huge amount of confidence in such a short time. This was all between May 2014 and September 2014. 86

Fast Forward to January 2015 I opened up a 900 sq ft Studio and I am now busier than I could have imagined in such a short time.! ! I knew I wanted a studio because I outgrew my space at home. I was a natural light photographer and after workshops I bought studio lights and more professional equipment.!


I also wanted to separate my private life from my professional life. It was okay when all of my clients in the beginning were a close referral. Once I expanded my network and didn’t know my clients anymore I knew I wanted a different location. My home is sacred to me and I wanted to keep it that way.!


I knew I had no choice but to get a studio fast when our friends came to visit and stay with us for a few months. This was the exact push I needed. I got out of my comfort zone and did it! I found a great 
 location through word of mouth and reasonable rent. I did not run a crazy calculation of numbers to see what my profit margins and all that jazz would be, I just did it. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t smart about it. I just knew I had to take a risk and this risk wouldn’t have put our family in a huge hole so why not? I had support from my husband and we made sure with rent and bills it was manageable.! ! January 1st I got the keys and the studio opened after a lot of sweat and moments of panic, I photographed my first in studio newborn session on January 9th.!


The studio has forced me to market harder and get out there. Now 6 months later I am busy and 
 making a profit!!


I am still a stay at home mom and because I love what I do so much I find ways to get it all done, I don’t stress about the future and I really live in the moment. ! !

Unique Handmade Newborn Photography Props - Felted Nest of Curls Blankets Felted Layers - Dream Blankets - Loose Curls – Handmade Bonnets

Images by Ana Brandt

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Shop: https://www.AbabaBaby.bigcartel.com https://www.facebook.com/AbabaBabyProps



Newborns with Nature


ISO 125 Shutter 1/2500 f/2.8


Mark ll EF 24-70mm f/2.8 ll USM lens

Cathy Murai www.cathymurai.com

A collection of imagery and tips designed to inspire you to work with newborns in a ! natural environment. Safety and care are always first.

Photograph baby in shade or have someon e hold an umbrella o v e r t h e b a b y o r u s e a d i f f u s e r. U s e A l l N a t u r a l B u g R e p e l l e n t fo r t h e 
 surrounding area. Use a spotter at all times. A hot water bottles helps to warm the area 
 b e fo r e p l a c i n g t h e b a b y i n s i d e a n y p r o p . H a v e w h i t e n o i s e h a n d y. W r a p b a b y b e fo r e g o i n g o u t s i d e.

Holly Couchie Lovely Creations Photography www.lovelycreationsphotography.com

A 52� diffuser is held over the baby to block the sun. Ana brandt w w w. b e l l y b a b y l ov e . c o m

I use a large white sheet to create shade over the baby if I am photographing in an area where there isn't alread y shade. I have an assist ant (someon e other t h a n m y s p o t t e r, s o 
 usually Dads since they love to help!) st and directly n ext to baby in the prop to diffuse the light, which also usually helps to block the wind if there's a slight breeze outside.


My other tip when photographing n ewborns outdoors is to keep baby covered with a soft blanket (not over the head of course!) until you are completely ready to t ake your photo, this will help keep baby warm and ensure that any draft/breeze doesn't startle them and wake them up!


Also, if you live in an area with mosquitoes and bugs, placing unused dr yer sheets in and around your prop can act as added insect repellent.


Kaley Brooks Believe in Dreams Photography w w w . b n d - p h o t o g r a p h y. c o m

1-Newborn Skin is ver y sensitive. Never place baby in direct sunlight.


2 - A l w a y s h a v e e x t r a a s s i s t a n c e s u c h a s a s p o t t e r. Yo u n e e d s o m e o n e w i t h i n a r m s r e a c h o f t h e b a b y a n d s o m e o n e t o w a t c h t h e s u r r o u n d i n g . Yo u n e v e r k n o w i f t h e r e i s a a n t c r a w l i n g a r o u n d o r a b u g f l y i n g n e a r.


S e l i n a Fr a n c i s w w w. S e l i n a f r a n c i s . c o m

Mary Ramirez Photography w w w. m a r y r a m i r e z p h o t o g r a p h y. c o m Canon 6d 35mm Sigma ART 1/160 1.8


Also known as BTS {Behind the Scenes} Photographers crave the real raw images and delight in the result of hard work and creativity. Each Issue we will show some BTS images and we begin with this amazing image by Rikki.

Rikki -Lee Wrightson Pregnant Memories www.facebook.com/pregnantmemories

The elements above allowed Rikki to create the co mpo sted imag e . The sa f e t y of t he baby is al ways first and foremost the most important item on the list. Once that is complete, all you need is an imagination!

Charlyne Lees www.charlyneleesphoto.com

Rikki -Lee Wrightson Pregnant Memories www.facebook.com/pregnantmemories

I love the amazing support and growth that comes from a group of photographers who encourage and critique with no holds barred. They share their wisdom, techniques, and tips rather than "keep their secrets", which has led to a large group of people with passion becoming true photographers.!

! Alexa Andrews - http://www.aandrewsphotography.com/! ! Join our Facebook Group - search for us TA o P a N - T h e A r t o f P r e g n a n c y a n d N e w b o r n

! !

By Lindsay Paturns Photography www.paturnsphotography.com www.facebook.com/paturnsphotography

Things aren't always what they seem. Most newborn images are often composites. Safety is always number one and we do not suggest trying composites without help and training.


Most newborns are photographed just days after being born and Newborn Photographers should always be Insured and protected.


[safety before baby]


! Social Media Madness and the monster that was created. Tracy Joy


http://tracyjoy.com http://propinsanity.com


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it… Social media is a love-hate relationship for small business owners around the globe. I would like to alert you to a HUGE lesson, learned recently by myself through my site PropInsanity.... and this same "love-hate" relationship with my own social media madness.

We, as business owners, have funneled all of our energy into social networking, and the obsession with building it up. From our businesses, marketing, reaching new potential clients, you name it. Building up our Facebook pages, gaining fans, and using our FB pages as we would regular blog, has become the new ideal for small business owners. Beware... what seems ideal, can actually turn into a living nightmare.

This past spring, in the midst of merging an old FB business page with the new page, I lost all of my 80,000 insanity fans... as well as every article, image, note of encouragement to my fans. DELETED & gone... everything was lost. Being this was my Facebook page, and not a blog that I would own ... regaining what was lost was now completely out of my control and nothing that I could handle on my own. Numerous contacts to Facebook admins, emails messages you name it… went ignored.

This… Was a huge lesson for me. Time to get back to my roots, as a small business owner, and take back control of what is MINE. By using our websites, our blogs, and other such sites that we OWN… That gives us and our fans, more control. Facebook is it's own entity, and we have no say or ownership over our page being deleted, banned, or any other such things. You can lose the page overnight by someone reporting you for a circumstance, or like me by merging incorrect pages. Losing everything overnight.

Of course a blog can crash, websites can go down… But that information can almost always be regained. Facebook… We own none of it. As many of you know the images you even put up onto Facebook are not even owned by us anymore.

So take that control back, grab your small business back into your own hands… And get back to roots. Start using your blog again... revive it. Use your website as originally intended.

Two months later, I have now regained my 80,000 fans (by a CORRECT merge), but still all my 
 information was lost. Even worse... now, in the aftermath of it… I am still trying to bring my fans back, and regain their interest. Our weekly image competition went from 2,000+ submissions… To just a few dozen, maybe 100 at best. So even with the fans returned to my page, I am still trying to slowly 
 regaining what was killed off by my trust in social networks, especially Facebook.


Trust in me, my blog will be a number one from now on… I will not rely on social networks to care or help me make my business thrive, I will put all that responsibility on my own… thus taking back control.

I am not saying to give up social networks, or delete your page. They are useful and needed in this "networked" world.... I am just advising everyone to take back a little bit control, while still using social networks… Do not rely on them for your soul business reach. Instead of paying to promote on Facebook… Put your money towards a SEO, and other things to build up your 
 actual REAL website.

We created the social network monster, it's time to reign it back in.... Before it eats us alive.

! Tracy Joy



http://propinsanity.com 110


W W W . TA O P A N O N L I N E . C O M

I l o v e t h e TA o P a N co m m u n i t y be ca u s e o f a l l t h e w o n de r f u l e d ucational resources, inspiration from others and helpful attitude of all my fellow photographers who love the Pregnancy/ N e w b o r n s t a g e a s m u c h a s I I l o v e t h e TA o P a N c o m m u n i t y b e cause of all the wonderful educational resources, inspiration from others and helpful attitude of all my fellow photographers who love the Pregnancy/Newborn stage as much as I do... and the gowns are simply gorgeous too! do... and the gowns are simply gorgeous too!

! Erin Cross

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