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LAMPLIGHTER April 25, 2012

Earth Week: Behind the Scenes Maggie Cochrane


Earth Day has been a significant event on the Derryfield calendar since 2001. This year, Conservation Club members continued the tradition of celebrating our globe and reached out to Lamplighter, supplying the newspaper with behind-the-scenes information. The Derryfield School used to celebrate the earth for a single day, says Ms. Moyer, advisor for Conservation Club. However, she said that it was a “huge task to fill a whole day” with various events, so over time they expand-

ed the activities to over a week. This way, they can include various activities, from a WalkBike-Carpool to school day to a potluck lunch, to even a clothing swap, a new event for this year. Carla Nyquist ’12 reports that Cassie Bryan ’12 came up with the idea. “It was originally going to be like a yard sale,” says Nyquist, and the profits would be donated to an environmental charity. However, what with all of the fundraisers in the spring, Conservation Club was encouraged to make it a swap: no money involved, simp-

ly clothes for clothes. This event will take place on Wednesday. Dick Henry, who works at the Jordan Institute, spoke at Monday’s AllSchool Assembly. The goal of the Jordan Institute is to build more efficient buildings throughout the state of New Hampshire, including homes, schools, and office buildings. According to Ms. Moyer, Dick Henry spoke here a few years ago during a comparable Earth Day Assembly. Mr. Henry’s children attended Derryfield, and his son actucont pg 2

The Derryfield School Presents: Our Town Jessa Fogel Don’t miss the latest production put on by Derryfield’s talented thespians! Set in a small New Hampshire town in the early 1900’s, the show provides the audience with a window into the everyday lives of two ordinary citizens—Emily Webb and George

Gibbs—and their families. Carolyn Kegel (’13), plays the Stage Manager (not to be confused with the actual stage manager of the show—senior Cait Gillet), who serves as a narrator for the play. “One of the big messages of the show,” she cont pg 3

Inside this issue: Bouton con’t








Senior Moment






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Bouton Announces Resignation for 2012-2013 By Jesse Fortier Students were shocked to hear that the beloved Interim Head of Upper School John Bouton will not be returning to the Derryfield School next year, as he announced his resignation Monday, April 9 during all-school assembly. He will be making the move to the Pennington School—a private school just outside of Princeton, NJ that runs from grades six through twelve—next year. He will continue to satiate his love for literature and golf, as he serves as the English department head and varsity golf coach there. Bouton has been a committed member of the

Derryfield faculty since 1996, tirelessly bringing forth energy and passion in the English classroom and on the golf course. Although he is truly dismayed to be leaving the community he has come

to love so much, the decision was made due to largely “personal reasons.” In making the move to Pennington, Bouton will be in closer touch with his extended family

in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and will be afforded the “opportunity to live and grow in a new community.” In addition to those of practical import, Bouton has found many other aspects of the Pennington School inviting. “I look forward to growing as a teacher in a school new to me,” he claims. Bouton is eager to experience a new life on campus, as he, his wife, and two daughters will all be living in an apartment that abuts a girls’ dormitory on the Pennington grounds. He cont pg 4

Oh. My. Gosh. PROM! Molly Provencher


Here are a few things to look forward to at prom this year: First, the venue. The Radisson is not a newcomer when it comes to hosting a prom. Many of the surrounding high schools chose the hotel because of its rave reviews and affordable prices. It is located in downtown Manchester, conveniently only about a 5 minute drive from Derryfield. The hotel will be catering the dinner; how-

ever, a menu hasn’t been set in stone quite yet. Second, an end of the world theme inspired by the 2012 date. During the process of creating decorations, seniors had to allow the room to feel classic and fun while keeping away from a zombie-Halloween- graveyard look. Becca Manson, the woman in charge, says that decorators endeavored for decorations to have a wilted flower appearance rather than a

dead look, because it is a party after all, not a funeral. Lastly, the best DJ yet. Prom budget is usually tight; but the seniors this year were willing to splurge and purchase a well-renowned DJ. Becca says out of all the prom hype, she is definitely most excited about the DJ. So, whether it’s the venue, theme, or music you’re looking forward to, be sure to stay safe and have fun!


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Our Town Continued explains, “ is how important it is to value every moment of life, yet at the same time, how impossible that is to do”. Kegel has appeared in numerous Derryfield productions, such as The Secret Garden. However, for other cast members, being in the play is a totally new experience. Anna Aboody (’13), who had not participated in any high school produc-

tions before Our Town, spoke about her positive experience as a member of the cast: “Well, I usually do softball, but I really wanted to try something new. So, I took the risk, and I really like it. Because I have a small part, I don’t have to be at rehearsal every day, which gives me time to eat ice cream!” Even if you don’t identify yourself as a thespian, consider auditioning for next year’s school

play if you’re looking to try a new spring activity, like Aboody. Bottom line: there are places for veterans and newbies alike on the Derryfield stage; all experience and comfort levels are welcomed. Come watch your favorite local actors and actresses perform on May 4th and 5th. Good luck to all who are involved in Our Town; it is sure to be an incredible production!

time to highlight the importance of preserving the parts of the earth that remain. Although this event only lasts for a week, we do not have to give merely a week to eco-friendly efforts. For example, Conservation Club plans to keep lobbying for a dishwasher in the

cafeteria, and Camerino reminds everyone to keep checking the club’s board near the senior hallway. In the words of Ms. Moyer, “Earth Day should be every day!”

Earth Week Continued -ually founded the Derryfield Conservation Club. These qualities contributed to Alex Camerino’s ’12 decision to select Dick Henry as a speaker. Earth Week is meant to be a time to celebrate and appreciate what our world has given us, as well as a

A Garden at Derryfield Meg Huckaby There has been casual conversation ringing in the hallways of Derryfield about the creation of a garden for years now. After a few failed attempts at the creation of Derryfield’s own little “Eden”, I have taken it upon myself to get the ball rolling again. My proposition for a garden at Derryfield was met with enthusiasm

from the administration and many students, but passion does not itself a garden make. After months of careful planning and consideration, we are prepared to move forward into the next stage of this process and hope to break ground within the next few weeks. We have worked hard to ensure

that the garden will not just be the work of one impassioned generation of Derryfield students, but will exist as an integral part of the school— something that can not only be enjoyed by all of our community, cont pg 4

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Bouton continued also finds the deeply Methodist-rooted “spiritual component to weekly chapel services [appealing].” In spite of the Pennington School’s potential, Bouton will undeniably miss the Derryfield community. He cites one of Derryfield’s latest “senior moments” to communicate his appreciation for the school: “watching Mat Mina and Andrew Palacios on stage last Monday, I saw a snapshot of how wonderful our school is. Here were these cool guys willing to take risks, artistically and personally.

The balance among academics, the arts and athletics, combined with relationships between students and adults, feels distinctive to Derryfield.” Bouton admits that he has felt loved here and will miss the deep connections that he has forged. Upon being asked what his “Derryfield legacy” was, Bouton desires that all-school meetings continue to be meaningful, with respect to the school’s core values, “offering a blend of thoughtful words, demonstrations of artistic talent,

and audience investment.” Even more significant, however, is the maintenance of a school identity. Bouton believes: “I have always said that we people form the school, and that it's important for our student leaders to remember Gandhi's idea that we need to become the change we wish to see in the world, beginning with our own individual kindness toward others”. From his comical appellation “J-Booty,” to the true love he had for his pupils, Mr. Bouton will be sincerely missed.


Garden Continued but will continue to thrive after its initial proponents have left. In doing so, we have looked to see how some aspects of Garden exposure could be integrated into the Middle School science curriculum, Breakthrough Manchester’s summer program, and Derryfield’s lunch program. During the school year, interested high school students will be central to the garden’s maintenance. Other private high schools in New England actually include gardening as a sports credit—many of us feel that this would be an interesting avenue for Der-

ryfield to explore. The area to the right side of the tennis courts has been designated as the site for the garden. We plan to grow things that students can enjoy while they are still in school: strawberries, cherry tomatoes, sunflowers, pumpkins, cucumbers, and more. We also hope to establish a studentrun farmstand such that parents and friends can

share in the fruits of our labor. If you have any questions, or want to get involved, please see me or Ms. Moyer. We are absolutely thrilled about this newest addition to Derryfield and we hope students will be too!


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FASHION- Don’t Be Nosy. Marissa Wolf and Noelani Stevenson There is no doubt that prom is going to smell like teen spirit (sorry, Kurt). So, find a signature scent that will make your night an olfactory experience to remember. LADIES:


There is a plethora of perfumes to please your proboscis and your promenade partner. Pick a formula that you love and allows you to feel spectacular, then run it by your date for a second opinion. That fragrance will be a trademark for your big event! If you’re looking for an inexpensive, long-lasting formula, go for one of Bath and Body Works’ Triple Moisture Body Creams. Not only will they make your legs smooth and fabulous, but they come in over a dozen delicious scents! Our favorites are Secret Wonderland, a jasminestrawberry-amber blend

that seems to magically change a bit every time you smell it, and Moonlight Path, bursting with lavender and lily for a summer-evening feel. Prefer a classic spray? We love Twirl by Kate Spade. It’s unique and playful, sweet but not cloying, with hints of berry, musk, and macaroon. Other favorites are Poppy and Poppy Flower, two very different and highly appealing perfumes from Coach: Poppy is a warm, classy blend of jasmine and gardenia, while Poppy Flower is a light, bright elixir of lychee and water lily. There’s also Lancome’s Trésor Midnight Rose, a dark, sexy scent with blackcurrant and sweet rose. GENTS: Let’s just head this off by saying: NO AXE. Please. Go for an understated, classy cologne that makes you smell European. It is no secret that girls love

boys who smell European. Feeling manly? Try Villain for Men by Christian Audigier. It’s a warm, spicy scent with notes of lavender, cinnamon, bergamot, and sandalwood that’ll last through the night. If you dig a more country club vibe, go for Gucci by Gucci Sport. It’s fresh and citrusy, with a hint of juniper in the middle, and a coolly musky base (also available in an aftershave). If we look again, will you be on a horse, and will this newspaper be diamonds? You’re an Old Spice man, so purchase for this classic with heavy layers of citrus, cinnamon, pimento, carnation, vanilla, and jasmine. Or does this all befuddle you? Wander into the perfume section of Macy’s and pick the one with the prettiest bottle. That’s foolproof.

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A Senior Moment Rachel McCoy Think of this as my version of a senior moment. In the winter of my seventh grade year, around 2006 or 2007, rumors were once again circulating about a certain left fielder and whether his storied stint with the Boston Red Sox was going to end with a trade. Of course I’m talking about Manny Ramirez, and some of you may know where I’m going with this. Anyways, imagine me as a puny seventh grader (well, actually, I’m the same height now as I was then) unbearably bored in after school study hall. I’m in the computer lab with another seventh grader, equally bored. I had just received a call from my dad (a prank call, actually) telling me that the Red Sox had signed Roger Clemens (for those who are reading this and don’t know, they didn’t actually sign him). I believed my father, only to look like an idiot. So, I plotted my revenge. I decided instead of just calling my dad and doing the same thing, I would take it to the next level: a fake article. But what would it be on? Of course, it would be about Manny Ramirez. So, I am publishing this article. Some of you may have been fooled by it, and thanks to help from my friend, so were a number of lawyers. Looking back, it is probably one of the worst articles I ever wrote, but it was fun and it is still a joke in my family. Here it is, in its original form. I would also like to note the players and the state I chose to send him to. 12/06/2006 2:00 PM ET SOX TRADE RAMIREZ, ACQUIRE TWO Manny going to Padres, Gonzalez and Meredith coming to Sox By Ian Browne/ BUENA VISTA, FLA.—He has asked to be traded for the last time. Red Sox Nation has heard his complaints for the last time. It's true this time, Mr. Manny Ramirez has had his request filled, he has been traded to the Padres. In exchange for him, the Red Sox have acquired pitcher Cla Meredith and first basemen Adrian Gonzalez. Though it has not been announced, an inside source has confirmed it. Manny Ramirez, who has played with the Red Sox since 2001, has ended his Boston career and is starting again in San Diego. This past season Manny played 130 games and hit 35 homeruns. He drove in 102 runs and an average of .321, the highest of all Red Sox players. Although his 2006 season was blighted by a knee injury Manny had a great season. His 2005 season was even better, with 45 homers and 144 RBI's. His average was .292, which was lower, but overall, Manny played well. Though he complained a lot and took mental health days when he shouldn't, Manny was loved by the fans and brought energy to the clubhouse. First baseman Adrian Gonzalez played his rookie year in Texas in 2004. He played in a total of 16 games with an average of .238. In 2005 he played in 43 games with an average of .227. Last season he played as a starter in 156 games with an average of .304. He had 24 homeruns and 82 RBI's. His slugging percentage was .500 last year. In the entire year he made only 7 errors. It has not been announced if he will start over Youkilis. Our source has said they will wait until Spring Training to decide. Cla Meredith is returning to the Red Sox after a rocky 2005 season. He went to the Padres for the 2006 season where he pitched very well. Meredith pitched 45 games with an ERA of 1.07. Making only 6 errors, he came back from a rough 2005 season. He pitched 3 games with the Sox and had an ERA of 27.00, this season is best forgotten. One question about him is will Red Sox Nation accept this player, or will they ignore him. This offseason will be a time to forget about the old, Manny and Meredith's horrible season, and accept the new, Gonzalez and Meredith. We here at wish Manny the best of luck in his new home. Ian Browne is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its' clubs.


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Girls Varsity Tennis Yana Holden Girls Varsity Tennis, captained by Taylor Shomo ’12 and Brittany Potter ’12, is off to a positive start this spring with a record of 3-1-0. Potter won her singles match against Exeter on April 12th as well as her doubles match with Colbi Vaillancourt ’14. Other members of the team had impressive showings in that match as well! Margo Pierson ’14 beat her opponent by a difference of 8 and Berklee Vaillancourt ’14 won 8-3 for a final score for the team of 6-3. Upcoming games include Salem High School and

Manchester Memorial, where the girls will be tested in hopes of a championship run. Berklee Vaillancourt says, “We can definitely win states. We just have to go match by match and hopefully we will end the season with a win!” In the past, the tennis team has done well with one State Championship and a handful of semi-finalist runs. This year, however, the team will be competing in cutthroat Division One, the highest in the state. When asked what the team does to show school spirit, Berklee replied, “We like to show team spirit by

dressing up in fun outfits on game day.” As the season progresses we will surely see the tennis team sporting homemade tshirts or something of that sort. The girls are like a “mini-family,” Berklee says, and they are very accepting of all the new members of the team. With only a few games under their belt, the Girls Varsity Tennis team has a long season ahead of them before the State Championships, but with their team spirit and a killer serve, we can expect to see them make a serious run in the playoffs.

Derryfield Baseball: Prepared to Play


Arthur Krogman Derryfield’s varsity baseball team has had an arduous beginning to their season with a 0-5 record. Although they haven’t won a game yet, the juniors who make up the core of the team believe they have great potential. As first baseman Lucas McCabe points out, “We tend to play our best in the opening innings and trail off later in games.” The Wilton game at Southern New Hampshire University on Friday, April 20th seems to represent how Derryfield baseball has been performing lately. During the

second inning, Derryfield was up 2-0 over a strong Wilton team and “playing their best ball”, but by the sixth Wilton had established a convincing 14-3 lead. A few factors that the team believes to be compromising their endurance during games is the age dynamic of the team and their errors. Juniors’ Patrick Hampson, Noah Goldstein, and Chris Rizos agree, “We’re a fairly young team with only two seniors, but considering that we are so young, we’re doing well and looking better and better every game. If we put a little more effort in

during practice and reduce our mental errors we could be poised to make a good run in the second part of the season.” Rizos went on to say he was confident he could speak for the team by saying that Derryfield baseball could play with any team in their league. Even though thus far the season has not been one of their better ones, Lamplighter and the rest of Derryfield will continue to support the baseball program for the rest of the season. Can you hear it, can you hear the comeback train?

April Horoscopes Hannah Spierer Aries (March 21 – April 19): You may feel inclined to cease completing your schoolwork for the rest of the year, but keep working hard! Your perseverance will pay off in the end. Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Trying to stick to a set schedule today may be your ultimate goal; however, follow your intuition and you may surprise yourself. Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Sticky situations lie ahead for you, so enjoy yourself now while you get the chance. Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Your mood this week may feel irreversible, but don’t be a Debbie Downer. Surround yourself with your friends and family, and that can help lighten your mood. Leo (July 23 – August 22): Choices of the past may be governing your thoughts this week, but don’t let them overcome your decisions. Weigh the pros and cons, and then make your decision. Virgo (August 23 – September 22): You may be unclear on the guidelines on an assignment or your next project, but use this uncertainty to jump into the project. It may have a positive ending. Libra (September 23 – October 22): Trying to be creative this week may not be a great idea. Stick to what you know feels right, and save those creative juices for another time. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): This week, you may feel the need to take control of situations that are getting out of hand. Unless you are directly involved in the situation, stay out of it. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Take a risk this week and use your imagination to spice up your life. Happy endings are coming your way. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Recently, you’ve been feeling as though you own the world. Unfortunately, the people around you are not happy. Fly under the radar for a couple of days and everyone will forget about the situation. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Lately, you’ve been emotionally detached from many of your friends and family. This may be confusing to those closest to you, but don’t fret. It’s just a phase. Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Work at being extra productive this week. You can score extra brownie points with your peers and teachers!

Thanks to our Contributors! Editor in Chief: Roz Kennybirch Managing Editor: Jessa Fogel News Editor: Lindsay Pollock Human Interest Editor: Hannah Spierer Layout Editor: Lily Karlin Photography Editor: Raabia Malik Senior Staff: Jesse Fortier, Adam Gray, Meg Huckaby Staff: Maggie Cochrane, Molly Provencher, Noelani Stevenson, Marissa Wolf, Rachel McCoy, Yana Holden, Arthur Krogman

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