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Celebrating our 48th Commencement

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COMMENCEMENT: JUNE 13, 2015 Sandy Lockwood ’15 joins the alumni ranks by ringing the Lockwood Bell on the last day of school. For more Commencement coverage, see pages 20-23.



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MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD 2014–2015 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mary Halpin Carter Head of School Paul J. Leyden Chair Brad Benson ’78 Vice Chair Pamela Grich Secretary Everett G. Bishop Treasurer John R. Allard ’83 John L. Arnold ’00 John A. Bryan Christine Cikacz Sabrina E. Dunlap ’00 (Alumni Council) Gary L. Goudreau Anne L. Greer Audrey J. Hammer J. Preston Hunter ’98 Barbara Labonte Richard Lombardozzi, Jr Shannon McGinley Lisa McGrath Daniel S. Muskat ’82 Emily R. Newick ’97 Vadim Plotsker Lucy S. Potter Janice Romanowsky E. Charles Sanborn James K. Steiner Margaret A. Tatro (PFA) David A. Thirkill William V.A. Zorn

LEADERSHIP Mary Halpin Carter Head of School Jennifer Melkonian Associate Head of School Susan Grodman Assistant Head for External Affairs

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D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Head of School, Dr. Mary Halpin Carter, with her family: Martin ’18, Polly ’16, Lulu ’13, and husband, Chris.


ear Friends,

Happy Birthday to us! This year has been one of celebration and accomplishment. We commemorated Derryfield’s 50th anniversary in fine style, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and grandparents. The celebration included phenomenal events like the Gala, which was attended by over 550 friends; a presentation on passion and entrepreneurship, co-led by classmates David Snow ’72 and Gary Hirshberg ’72; and a smashing Head’s Holiday on the 50th day of school. Art exhibits and student programs marked the year as well, like Fifty Acts of Kindness which enabled our students to spread the spirit of anniversary gratitude through local and global good deeds, and culminated in the senior class gift to Candy Chaplin’s Nepal Children’s Health and Education Foundation. Accomplishment distinguished this year as well, as the community worked to implement the first year of our new strategic plan. These pages will provide glimpses of the remarkable headway made by our strategic plan teams, which were composed of trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, students, and friends. Progress was made in program development in the areas

of leadership; STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math); internships; academic support and enrichment; and the Middle School skills initiative, the Mosaic program. A master facilities plan was completed, and has already started guiding our efforts to improve the campus so that it suits 21st century teaching and learning needs. A year of looking backward and working forward simutaneously, such a feat! Thank you to all of you who helped make it a success. Best,

Mary Halpin Carter, Ph.D. Head of School

DSMASH : ALL THINGS SOCIAL @ DERRYFIELD In tandem with my parents, the Derryfield faculty members have taught me to apply ambition, passion, charisma, and articulation to all facets of my life.


Patrick Finochiaro ’15 | Commencement Farewell Address



@derryfieldlife highlights

Perhaps the greatest lesson that I’ve learned from my six years at Derryfield is that only by trusting in my own strength can I overcome obstacles. I’ve also come to realize that, for me, true happiness comes from personal growth and pride in my accomplishments. Franky Barradale ’15 | Peter S. Freedman Founders’ Scholar Address


campus notes DERRYFIELD BUILDS UP STEAM Using online tutorials, students “learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming.” The goal of the program is to “demystify” computer science, and set students on a path of STEM success. This was an early step to a more purposeful approach to STEAM (STEAM adds arts to the science, technology, engineering, and math mix) at Derryfield. While Derryfield’s offerings in specific subjects—especially science, art, and math—are already strong, the expanded goal is twofold. The first is to introduce STEAM learning earlier in a student’s career through a combination of academic and club activities. The second is to expand and improve existing offerings, and work on integration across disciplines.


ast December, Derryfield middle schoolers celebrated Computer Science Education Week by participating in the “Hour of Code,” a worldwide project that introduces students to computer programming.

Middle school students are taking time in their math classes to work on programming, and a Lego Robotics Club is planned for the Middle School. A Science Bowl team is planned for the Upper School, adding to the Robotics

Club and Math Teams already in existence. Upper school students will have two new art courses to explore, Graphic Design and Digital Art. One day soon, every student may have the chance to create cross-discipline STEAM projects in their classes, which they can then present or display to the rest of the school. New faculty member and STEAM teacher Marco Masoni is especially excited about the crosscurricular idea. He comes to Derryfield from the Milken Community Schools in California, where he launched the Milken Innovators Xpo (MIX), which he describes as the “next generation science fair.” MIX gave middle school students the opportunity to showcase projects they had been working on throughout the year, in which they used skills and knowledge gained in different STEM courses. He sees this same potential in Derryfield’s focus on STEAM, not just learning the subjects, but using them to build an “innovator’s mindset,” using a student’s own interests and identity. Stay tuned, as our STEAM engine gets going!



ne of Derryfield’s unique and special programs, Independent Senior Projects (ISP) give seniors the opportunity to create their own curriculum and do something personally meaningful with their spring term. Whether it’s interning at a Fortune 500 company or the local public radio station, or pursuing an artistic vision, an ISP is all about exploration and discovery. David “Sandy” Lockwood worked at The Hotel Portsmouth, a new boutique hotel on the seacoast. He saw an independent, entrepreneurial business in its first year of operation, and experienced the hospitality industry firsthand. Grant Glosner interned in the human resources group at Fidelity Investments in Merrimack. He 4

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

focused on corporate technology, helping out with systems configurations and diagnostics.

worked on incorporating “mindfulness” into the Middle School’s “World of Difference” program.

Tess Regan created art on campus, including a wooden silhouette of a skier decoupaged with area ski maps. She also painted a triptych reflecting her experience in Nepal in March.

Stephanie Tonneson dove into music, from composing, to production, to performance. She wrote a number of her own pieces, then produced them with help from Brian Coombes at Rocking Horse Studios in Pittsfield, NH and performed them at venues around the area. To hear them for yourself, look for her music on iTunes!

Elizabeth Ludwig pursued her interest in architecture with the firm of Lavallee Brensinger. Her main project was researching and designing a daycare facility for the children of staff members at the Presidential Oaks Retirement Community. Brittany Northrup divided her time, first acting as a marketing intern for a start-up yoga studio in Bedford, where, with a “budget of zero,” she helped the owner gain new customers. She also

Aspiring doctor Katelyn Mullikin shadowed three different types of surgeons. She was able to see a number of procedures, and was appreciative that she got to do “something that I probably won’t have the opportunity to do again until medical school.”



attended my senior prom as half of a same-sex couple. At first, it seemed just like anybody’s dream prom should be. In true teen movie fashion, my girlfriend formally asked me to be her date with a mix tape—a questionable yet charming lineup featuring Van Halen, Deep Purple, and Slayer, which is just truly the heart of romance. I helped her pick out her dress (a stunning Adrianna Papell number, thank you very much), and we bought our Midnight in Paristhemed tickets from the class president during lunchtime, just like everybody else.

“You can’t do that!” our peers protested. “You two are going as a couple? No way!” Why not, we asked, our rainbow hopes seemingly fizzling on the launch pad. “Because you’ll look so much hotter than everyone else! It’s not fair!”

But there was an element to our experience that was unlike that of many.

And there you have it, folks: The Derryfield/ LGBT experience in a vignette. Honestly, nobody cares how not-straight you are. All of our friends love us both individually and as a couple. They’re just concerned that we’re going to upstage them in photos (which, can I just say, we totally did). Fear not, however; Derryfield does feature a lovely support organization for those who are in need.

Most couples’ announcements of their prom plans are heralded with choruses of approval and awww-ing, and we had naively hoped that our case, at a place as open and accepting as Derryfield, would be the same. Of course, it wasn’t. When the word got out, we were met with looks of horror and cries of anguish.

GLOW (formerly known as the Gay-Straight Alliance, standing for Gay, Lesbian, Or Whatever) is a student-based organization, run out of the guidance counselor’s office, that hosts dances and bake sales as well as discusses important current LGBT events and works with the administration on policies

doing research and arranging interviews for others. She also researched and wrote a piece of her own for NHPR’s “Foodstuffs” blog on the dilemma faced by locally sourced restaurants in the state during the off-season.

Stephanie Tonneson ’15, performing “Home” at Commencement.

Samantha Fogel spent her time as an intern at New Hampshire Public Radio, shadowing reporter Sam Evans-Brown on stories, and

Alexandra Campbell-Diehl gave clients of New Hampshire’s Small Business Development Center advice on the best use of social media, not only in one-on-one meetings with the entrepreneurs, but also through the creation of a Social Media Guidebook, published on the Center’s site.

to make Derryfield an even safer and more comfortable place for students of all sexualities and gender identities. For example, we recently installed an all-gender single bathroom in the Upper School. GLOW provides an important resource for all students and faculty, assisting in improving the Derryfield community overall. And yes, we wound up having an absolutely wonderful prom, rainbows, Slayer, and all. Noelani Stevenson ’15

Perhaps a DS Record? Congratulations to Franky Barradale ’15 for scoring SEVEN 5’s on her AP exams! Is this a Derryfield record? Email Dennis Holland if you know otherwise at

with family friends and studying Chinese manufacturing practices of high end products. ISPs are not always about success. Some projects don’t turn out the way students hoped, like Tess Regan’s “Smile Collage” (“great in theory… but when I compiled all of them…it just looked kind of creepy”), and others discovered that a field that had always sounded appealing was perhaps not what they wanted after all, as Elizabeth Ludwig discovered with architecture. Whatever the outcome, though, every student got to explore, express, and challenge themselves; and in the end, found the experience memorable and valuable.

Nicole Anthony had the longest ISP commute ever. She spent three weeks in China, living W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G

ART NO INSTR’UMENTS NECESSARY the Beelzebubs (the ’Bubs). Besides opening the show, Derryfield’s groups also attended a pre-show workshop, where, Ms. Acker said, the ’Bubs “coached [them], sang with them, talked about different aspects of the style, gave specific feedback, got them encouraged and psyched about what they are doing.” It was amazing, she said, “for the students to work closely with such an accomplished college group. Our kids got A LOT out of it.” Encore, too, has added more a cappella pieces to their repertoire, including “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, which they performed to an enthusiastic crowd at the Spring Concert in May. They also made a splash in the Manchester community, singing the national anthem at a Monarchs game and serenading Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 at her Manchester Citizen of the Year celebration in April.


risten Acker, Derryfield’s Director of Choral Music, has done exciting things with Derryfield’s young singers in one short year. Not just one, but two new a cappella choruses, the AcaFellas (all-male) and Polyphony (all-female) have joined the existing Encore (coed) group to delight audiences at school and in the community. Being new, the groups spent much of the year building their repertoires. Their first real outing came in March, when they got a chance to sing alongside Tufts University’s nationally-known a capella group,

Besides giving Derryfield’s singers another musical outlet, the new groups do much more. Ms. Acker commended students Katelyn Mullikin ’15, Eliza Kissick ’16, Zach Speigel ’15, and Matt Alfano ’15 for taking on leadership roles in their respective groups, helping to organize, recruit members, and run rehearsals. Also, with no accompaniment to fall back on, it’s helped the singers gain confidence and work as a team. Finally, she loves how it has added to the “musical atmosphere on campus”—a cappella singers make music wherever and whenever, and the School comes alive with song.


Fifty years is a lot of time to devote to the creation of art; at Derryfield it has been an integral part of the community. For the past fifty years, there have been many who created art while at the School and then went forth into the world to “create out there.” It was no surprise, therefore, that as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration many of these alumni artists were called back to show their work at the place their artistic journey began. Derryfield’s Lyceum Gallery and Sculpture Garden devoted its 2014-2015 shows to highlighting alumni successes in the world of art. 6

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Photographers Ira Chaplain ’71 and Michael Swartz ’08 were the first artists in the early fall. The late fall show, Medley, featured talent from the first graduating class of 1968 to recent college graduates. This show presented the work of Mary Jane Peabody ’68, Linn Krikorian ’72, MJ Blanchette ’82, Brady Bonus ’90, and Chandra Taylor ’10. The winter show, The Journey: Three Paths of Creative Discovery, featured a range of work from three very different professional artists: Jeffrey Frederick ’87, Erica Felicella ’96, and Victoria Brenner ’99. The spring show, Natural



ach spring, art teacher and Derryfield icon Andy Moerlein takes his studio art class to New York City to experience some of the art that the Big Apple has to offer. The 2015 trip was bittersweet, as it was Mr. Moerlein’s last trip as a Derryfield faculty member, so we thought we’d let him tell you a bit about the last of these special experiences, in his own words. “It was a brisk but promising 6:00 a.m. meet up: nine Derryfield arts enthusiasts and me, Andy Moerlein, complete with weekend bags, great snacks, and optimistic plans. By 10:25 a.m. we were at Dia Art Foundation: Beacon for a behind-the-scenes tour of Michael Hiezer’s North, East, South, West. Our early arrival allowed us unrestricted access to the huge negatives Heizer has designed for Dia: Beacon’s spacious gallery. We were allowed to the edge where we could fully sense the depth and shape of the vast 25 foot deep forms. All surely woke up after that morning experience. Next we drove to the iconic Storm King Art Center. Frolicking in the full sun we enjoyed our first real taste of spring so far this year! The art is spread over 200 acres of groomed lawns and shaped forests. We saw some of the largest sculptures in the world; such scale in the open landscape inspired real gasps. The art was bold and the artists were often recognizable to our well-studied students.

reminiscent of Isabella Stewart Gardner’s home and museum, was a great opportunity for a pause as we filled our eyes with so many rich and varied sights. Despite our long walks and many discussions, every student seemed focused and happy to be so fully engaged. After The Cloisters closed, we hiked through Central Park to see the Plains Indians Exhibition [at the Met]. This exceptional show of fine Native American art is some of the earliest art preserved by western collectors. Mostly owned in Europe, the Met has done a huge service of bringing this work back to American audiences. Sunday morning, we strolled to Broadway to see the Avian Avatars. These monumental sculptures were made by the Myth Makers, Donna Dodson and her husband, ME! The students asked great questions and got a very personal tour of these five sculptures. From Manhattan we took the subway to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see Kahinde Wiley’s huge show. His massive canvasses, stained glass, and bronze sculptures exalt women and men from the African Diaspora. Our final subway ride back to Manhattan ended at the Japan Society. The Lives of Cats was on display there—a vast collection of cat imagery that spanned the earliest introduction of domestic cats in the sixteenth century, to more contemporary images from anime and manga.

From the Hudson River, we drove to The Cloisters. Sacred carvings, gold leaf, and fine decorative objects were all a delightful contrast to our mostly contemporary art viewing thus far. The lovely garden,

This is what art study is all about; well informed friends sharing many experiences and discussing/comparing our individual reactions to what we saw.”

Attention, featured pieces by Emma LeBlanc ’05, Sara Crisp ’76, and Jeffrey Cooper ’69. The final art show of the year brought back some of the best works by the alumni artists who had been shown in the gallery over the year, with new works by other alumni artists: Arden Barlow ’08, Colette Chretien ’09, Marguerite Congoran ’01, Matt Connolly ’03, Matt Dinsmore ’12, Olivia Donahue ’11, Patrick Johnson ’97, Jim Larson ’13, Becca Maglathlin ’00, Lindsay Matheos ’14, Zoe Morgan ’13, Gerard Murphy ’98, Heather Koerber

Nunes ’86, Shireen Patel ’09, Liza Richardson ’09, Kim Allard Socha ’85, Lily Steiner ’14, and Amanda Fiedler Wastrom ’97. A total of 25 alumni artists were represented in this show, with media ranging from photography, to wood, to hooked woolen rugs; exhibiting the exemplary scope and mastery of Derryfield alumni artists.


ART PETER PAN This year’s middle school musical was Peter Pan—an apt choice for Derryfield’s 50th year. It was first staged as a middle school play in the spring of 1971, and has been produced once every decade since then. The show was a musical romp for actors and audience alike, and thanks to Flying By Foy, the company that manages the flying and special effects for numerous Broadway shows, Derryfield’s student actors took flight in style.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST This year’s upper school musical was another crowd favorite, Beauty and the Beast. Although Mother Nature threw the players a curve with a massive snowstorm, the show did go on, and to more than just Derryfield students and their families. The players put on a special Friday morning show, to which a number of local schools were invited. About 300 students, in grades 1–6, were entranced by the show, after which the cast made themselves available to talk and sign autographs.

a year in the spotlight 8

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

LEND ME A TENOR Though not the musical, the upper school play, Lend Me a Tenor, kept a musical theme going. Written in 1987, and a winner of multiple critical awards, it featured all the elements of a classic “bedroom farce:” slamming doors, mistaken identities, jealous spouses and a show that “must go on.”




erryfield’s fall teams posted exciting results. Both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams won their state championships, with the boys winning despite having graduated some key players last year. The excellent recent performance of two of our teams, field hockey and golf, merited their move up a division, to D-II and D-III, respectively. Casey Hecox ’15 continued her winning ways in cross country, taking first place at the D-III State Championships, while the boys’ team came in second overall at their championship meet. Our middle school athletes even got in on the action, with the field hockey team winning their first Tri-County Championship ever!

Field Hockey (8-7) CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Catherine Green ’15 Crew CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Dylan Muise ’15 Golf (17-2) CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Patrick McGinley ’15 Patrick McGinley ’15: BOYS’ D-III STATE INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION Boys’ Soccer (15-4): D-IV State Champions CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Joseph Costa ’16 Girls’ Soccer (17–3): D-IV State Champions CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Emma Garfield ’15 Gabrielle Brummett ’17: 2015 GATORADE NH GIRLS’ SOCCER PLAYER OF THE YEAR CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Given to a Derryfield student athlete on each varsity squad who has been a member of that squad for two or more seasons and has shown, through enthusiasm, endeavor, and selfless interest, to have made the most of natural ability to improve play and performance. 10

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Cross Country: D-III State Runner Up (Boys) CLASS OF 1970 AWARDS: Patrick Finocchiaro ’15, Michael Roffo ’15 Casey Hecox ’15: D-IV CHAMPIONSHIPS, 1ST PLACE



he snow may have been waist-deep at times, but that didn’t prevent Derryfield’s winter athletes from making their presence known. The skiers loved all the white stuff and Derryfield’s first-ever varsitylevel hockey team took to the ice in a co-op program with Hollis Brookline High School. The boys’ varsity basketball team and our swimmers and divers provided some extra excitement indoors. Finally, congratulations to boys’ varsity basketball coach, Rob Bradley, who was named the NHIAA D-IV Basketball Coach of the Year.

Boys’ Basketball (19-2): D-IV State Runner Up CLASS OF 1970 AWARDS: Patrick McGinley ’15, Rob Rizos ’15 Rob Bradley: NHIAA D-IV COACH OF THE YEAR Girls’ Basketball (1-17) CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Alexandra Campbell-Diehl ’15 Alpine Skiing: NH D-IV State Runner Up (Boys’) CLASS OF 1970 AWARDS: Cameron Huftalen ’15, Elijah Gorton ’15 Nordic Skiing CLASS OF 1970 AWARDS: Emma Garfield ’15, Gavin Faulkner ’16 Swimming CLASS OF 1970 AWARDS: Emma Wagner ’17, Jonathan Furlong ’17 Jonathan Furlong ’17: ONE METER DIVING D-II STATE CHAMPION Ice Hockey (5-13) INAUGURAL SEASON: No Class of 1970 award given Awards for participation and leadership to seniors Allen Mello ’15, Nikolete Mina ’15, and Maxwell Hatheway ’15 W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G



t took a while, but the snow finally melted, and our spring athletes were able to get back on the grass. Two of our teams moved up a division: boys’ varsity tennis played in D-I, and the boys’ varsity lacrosse team played at D-II. But we are especially proud of the softball team, that not only posted their first winning record in many years, but also won their first-round tournament playoff game.

Boys’ Tennis (13-2): BOYS’ D-I STATE SEMI-FINALISTS CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: John Cissel ’15 Girls’ Tennis (6-8) CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Kristiana Boucher ’15 Boys’ Lacrosse (17-2): D-II State Runner Up CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Allen Mello ’15 James O’Brien ’15: D-II OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR, ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICAN Girls’ Lacrosse (16-1): D-III State Runner Up CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Catherine Green ’15 Crew CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Alexander Kaufman ’16 Softball (10-8) CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Nikolete Mina ’15 Baseball (9–8) CLASS OF 1970 AWARD: Robert Rizos ’15


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5



ot every Derryfield athlete wears a maroon and white uniform. Some of our students pursue athletic interests outside of school, and many have accomplished impressive things this year. Here are some highlights...

Hannah Kelsey ’16 competed at the U.S. Amateur Ski Nationals in Colorado, an invitation-only competition of the top boys and girls in each age group. She snowboarded in three competition types: slopestyle, rail jam, and border cross.

Jakob Murray ’19, a level 9 gymnast, competed at the Junior Olympic Nationals the last two years. Jakob competes as an All Around gymnast on the Floor, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, and High Bar. In the spring of 2015, he placed 11th All Around at the J.O. Nationals in Daytona, FL.

Timothy Philbin ’15 was named the 2015 recipient of the Craig P. Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship, granted by the Independent Karate School Scholarship Foundation. The grant is awarded to a graduating high school senior who has earned a first-degree black belt and demonstrates strong character, academic achievement, and community involvement.

Emily van Duren ’16 (pictured in back row, far left) was a member of the Five-Gaited U.S. Team that secured gold at the U.S. Saddle Seat Invitational in New Orleans, LA this spring. [Photo credit: Erin DesNoyers, USEF Communications Department]


COACHES’ AWARD Patrick McGinley ’15, Catherine Green ’15

ATHLETES OF THE YEAR Patrick McGinley ’15, Catherine Green ’15 W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G







D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5




y the time you read this, Breakthrough Manchester (formerly Summerbridge) will have wrapped up its summer session at The Derryfield School and will be in the midst of planning to celebrate its 25 th Anniversary in 2016. Several events are planned, including: a dinner to honor former Executive Director Kate Erskine and her 14-year tenure; the second annual Back to Summer Breakfast; and a 25 th Anniversary reunion party next summer—on Friday, July 15, 2016. Since the program’s founding in 1991, nearly 850 high school and college students, many of them from Derryfield, have taught in this awardwinning program to close the educational opportunity gap for underserved middle school students in Manchester. Teaching in the school year program offers an exploratory dabble working with bright students with limited opportunities, while the intensive summer session provides a full immersion

into what it means to be an educator. The experience can be life-changing, often instilling or solidifying a passion for teaching and a commitment to educational equity. More importantly, the college aspirations and future educational trajectories of 1,000 bright students from underserved Manchester middle schools have been influenced over the years. In fact, Breakthrough Manchester students attend college at nearly four times the rate of students with similar demographics who do not attend Breakthrough. The 25 th anniversary provides an opportunity not only to celebrate past accomplishments but also to contemplate the future. Founded as Summerbridge in 1991, the program currently operates essentially at the same scale as it did then, serving roughly the same number of Manchester middle school students each year on The Derryfield School campus.

Looking forward, Breakthrough’s challenges include expanding the number of public middle school students served each year, increasing financial support from the broader community, and developing a stronger network of external partnerships. Several local colleges, universities, and high schools have expressed interest in partnering with Breakthrough to host the program or open sites to serve more students, specifically in the Manchester and Nashua areas. As we contemplate these challenges and opportunities, a subcommittee of the Derryfield Board of Trustees will begin to examine the historical relationship between the School and Breakthrough while also considering its future. It is an exciting time to be at Breakthrough, and I am grateful for Derryfield’s past vision and current support and for the increasing statewide interest in Breakthrough’s inspirational and successful dual mission. Becky Berk, Executive Director, Breakthrough Manchester


The dual mission of Breakthrough Manchester is to launch promising Manchester middle school students, particularly those with limited opportunities, on the path to college while inspiring high school and college students to pursue careers in education.

72% are minority students

qualify for free or reduced lunch



would be the first in their families to graduate from college

OUTCOMES: Breakthrough Manchester students are successfully matriculating to college. In 2013, Breakthrough alumni were accepted to a wide range of schools. Bates College College of the Holy Cross Connecticut College Harvard University Keene State College Manchester Community College New Hampshire Institute of Art New York Conservatory for Performing Arts Oxford College at Emory University St. Anselm College University of La Verne University of New Hampshire Wellesley College

HERE’S HOW WE DO IT: • Recruiting and selectively admitting high-potential sixth graders with limited opportunities from Manchester middle schools for a tuition-free, three-year program; • Providing rigorous, joyful academic summers and school year support to admitted students; • Recruiting, training, mentoring, and supporting college students—and some local high-achieving high school students— as excellent teachers; • Connecting with similar programs serving Manchester high schools to create a pipeline of opportunity for Breakthrough students as they enter ninth grade; • Engaging a broad array of stakeholders in understanding, promoting, funding, and championing both missions of Breakthrough. W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G


it should be. The Trustees focus on the strategic vision, but they really had no impact on my day-to-day life here. One thing I will say; obviously they did a good job, because we’re still here! ALICE In your first Board term (1993–2011), what were some of the more exciting initiatives the Board undertook? BRAD In that time, we built the Middle School, the Turf Field, the Gateway Building, and the Benson Building. They all contributed to school life differently, but when we put the Turf Field up, Derryfield became one of those schools that everyone started talking about. You drive by, and it has the logo in the middle, the maroon around the outside, and the way it’s positioned below the road—it really makes a statement. I don’t know that it was intentional, but it immediately became a talking point; everywhere I went, everyone wanted to talk about the Turf Field. ALICE What are you looking forward to in your term as Chair? Brad with wife, Linda, and sons, Christopher ’17 and Andrew ’15, at Andrew’s Derryfield graduation in June.

A conversation with new Board Chair Brad Benson ’78


erryfield is excited to welcome Brad Benson ’78 as the new Chair of our Board of Trustees. While he’s the 18 th Board Chair, he’s actually the first Derryfield alumnus to hold the position. The president of Benson’s Lumber Company in Derry and Londonderry, Brad is a Derryfield parent as well, with two sons, Andrew ’15 and Chris ’17. We were curious about the changes he’s seen at Derryfield since he was a student, and how his different perspectives, as alumnus, parent, and Trustee, will shape his tenure. Here’s what Alice Handwerk, Director of Alumni Development, found out. ALICE When you were a student, how much did you know about the Board of Trustees? BRAD Honestly, I didn’t know a thing about the Board. To me the School was about the Head of School, Ralph Scozzafava. The School now is about Dr. Carter, and that really is the way


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

BRAD Well, most obviously, I’d like us to be successful in our first major capital campaign in twenty years. I’d like to see a better community—one of the things that Derryfield struggles with (this is my personal experience now, as a parent) is that we pull from a very big geographic area, and because of the world today, with technology and the way children live, there’s not as much community in all cases as I think there should be. I’m hoping that what we’re building will be a campus that works for more of our school population—students, faculty and alums. That’s ultimately the goal—to make the School stronger to build the sense of community. ALICE What advice would you give to other Derryfield alumni about getting involved in the School? BRAD Reach out, get involved. Try one thing. It can be little things, it can be regional events. But it’s nice to engage again; it’s nice to talk to your old friends, and to people you didn’t really know—everyone’s changed so much. You’ll feel really good about it—it’s a great place to allocate some time. ALICE Any words of wisdom that you shared with Andrew ’15 on his graduation day when he became an alumnus? BRAD Linda and I talk to the boys about this all the time. We say, you need to make a difference in the world you live in, you need to contribute. Each individual can make his/her mark. For some it means writing a big check, for others it involves cleaning up trash on the side of the highway. The importance is not the grandeur of the act, but rather the intent of contributing to the greater community. I want to make a difference, I want to be involved, I want to see the results. I am grateful to Derryfield for helping instill these values in me at a young age.



he Parent Faculty Association volunteers help to build a vibrant community of students, parents, and faculty at Derryfield. From the annual Back- to-School Picnic in September through the Spring Gala in May, many volunteers give countless hours to bring our community together. Baking treats for the Country Fair, helping students check books out of the Milne Library, organizing or hosting events, and helping our fabulous

theater productions come to life are just a few of the ways our PFA volunteers enrich our community. We would like to thank each and every volunteer who gave time to Derryfield during the 2014-2015 school year. Whether you gave a minute or an hour, your contributions are invaluable. A special thank you goes out to those members of the PFA listed to the right. We sincerely appreciate all that you do!

Insert photo caption

2014-2015 PFA Executives Julie Taub: President Brenda Lombardozzi: Vice President Meg Tatro: Treasurer Lisa Muskat: Secretary Committee Heads and Class Parents Jan Baumgardner: Class Parent, Country Fair Bake Sale Linda Benson: Faculty Holiday Breakfast Logan Bullitt: Online Auction Denise Cascio Bolduc: Back to School Picnic Linda Collins: Class Parent Jenni Devine: Back to School Picnic Renee Dudley: Class Parent Anne Gagnon: Class Parent, Library Volunteer Program, Staff Appreciation Luncheon Patricia Imbriano: Class Parent, Theater Liaison Jen Johnson: Class Parent, Admission Ambassadors, Country Fair Bake Sale Lea Kelsey, Class Parent, Faculty Holiday Breakfast Lauren Leyden: Theater Liaison Jeff Marshall: Grandparents’ and Special Guests’ Day, Country Fair Grill, Online Auction Katherine McDonnell: Class Parent Pam Moll: Class Parent, Theater Liaison Dan Muskat: Country Fair Grill Rachel Nolan: Class Parent Rhenea Regan: Class Parent Linda Rizos: Grandparents’ and Special Guests’ Day Lisl Sanford: Class Parent Lara Shilling: Class Parent, Staff Appreciation Luncheon Duffy Smiley: Art Gallery Openings Michelle Stagg: Class Parent Lisa Strong: Class Parent Lisa Thorne: Derryfield Merchandise Tom Thorne: Derryfield Merchandise Ann Tierno: Connecting Families Program Jennifer Wagner: Derryfield Merchandise Marti Wolf: Art Gallery Openings, Country Fair Book Sale




he Derryfield School’s 2015-2016 Board of Trustees will be led by Brad Benson ’78 as Chair, Christine Cikacz as Vice Chair, Lisa McGrath as Secretary, and Everett Bishop as Treasurer. The School is also pleased to welcome some new members to the Board.

Lori (Evans) Alderin ’00

Sally Green

Lou Imbriano

Philip Taub 18

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Lori Evans Alderin ’00 After graduating from Derryfield in 2000, Lori went on to Trinity College, graduating in 2004 with a B.A. in Anthropology. Since then, she has worked extensively with various non-profits in the New York/New England area, including time as Derryfield’s Director of Annual Giving. She recently transitioned to the for-profit world, and is now an agent with Third Generation Real Estate and Development in Londonderry. In the interest of maintaining her connection with the non-profit world, she’s taken a role on Derryfield’s Board. She’s looking forward to putting her past fundraising experience to work on Derryfield’s behalf and helping out with the School’s upcoming capital campaign. Sally Green Sally is a veteran Derryfield parent, with two of her three children having attended, Mitch ’13 and Cat ’15. She is also a veteran supporter, having been a team parent to many of her children’s teams both at and outside Derryfield, and helping out with Admission Open Houses and Accepted Student days. Although she has a degree in Accounting, and works currently in the finance industry at Chase Paymentech, she’s most excited, she says, about putting her people skills to work on Derryfield’s behalf. In starting this new chapter with Derryfield, she plans to work on the “Belonging” goal of the Strategic Plan. “When we came to Derryfield four years ago,” she says, “we were welcomed so warmly and completely—I want to be part of the group that makes sure that everyone feels that way at Derryfield.”

Lou Imbriano The father of Antonio ’19 and Victoria ’17, Lou is the Managing Partner of the Imbriano Group, and President and CEO of TrinityOne, which provide marketing and management consulting services to professional sports organizations and other for-profit and non-profit enterprises. He’s looking forward to using his marketing and business development skills in his role as Trustee, and is very excited about the potential he sees in the proposed new facilities. “Derryfield is an amazing place,” he says, “one of the most welcoming private schools” he’s ever encountered. “Students don’t feel any apprehension about engaging” in life at the School. That’s an important message, he feels, and one he is happy to help Derryfield share. Philip Taub Phil is a corporate transactional partner at the law firm of Nixon Peabody in Manchester and Boston, where he’s practiced for twenty years and currently leads their national Private Equity practice. He is also the father of Ben ’15 and Dani ’20, and husband of past PFA president Julie, so Derryfield involvement runs in the family. Phil serves or has served on the boards of many youth-related nonprofits, including the Granite State Children’s Alliance, the Greater Manchester YMCA, and Junior Achievement. He is looking forward to contributing to the continued success of Derryfield and its students. “Our family has had a great experience so far at Derryfield. We are grateful for the hard work of so many faculty, staff, and volunteers. This is a special place for our children to learn and grow.”



nne Allard’s dream was realized ... 32 years later.

Let us explain. Her son, John Allard, long-time Derryfield friend and trustee, chose to finish his high school career at Trinity High School to play football. He has been, however, one of Derryfield’s most steadfast alumni.

John Allard ’83 and his mom, Anne, celebrate his honorary diploma at Sophia ’15’s graduation celebration.



esides welcoming our new Board members, we’d also like to thank the members whose terms ended this year. Past Board Chair Paul J. Leyden expressed his appreciation of each of them, as he reflected on their service.

Pam Grich came on the board with a strong understanding of the School, having watched her two daughters, Allison ’08 and Kaitlin ’11, prosper and succeed at Derryfield. She served both as Vice Chair and Secretary for the Board, and her advice was thoughtful and direct.

Preston Hunter ’98 served on, then led, the Building and Grounds committee. He worked closely with Gary Harper to help plan several on-campus projects, including the roof replacement on the auditorium, the new entrance, the ravine boardwalk, and many other projects. Preston was always thoroughly prepared for board meetings and his presentations were organized and articulate. His Derryfield teachers would be proud to see him in action.

Anne Greer has a way of finding solutions and articulating paths to achieve them. She was extraordinarily helpful on the Governance committee, allowing us to take advantage of her scholarly legal mind. Anne helped professionalize the Head of School evaluation process; her work will serve the Board for years to come.

Audrey Hammer understood the core values of the School and helped steer the Board toward those values. It was always clear by Audrey’s words and actions her biggest concerns were the students and the faculty, and she was an advocate for both.

John Allard ’83 was the Dean of the Board. With the longest tenure, he’d seen the most phases the School had gone through, and he was generous with his time and wisdom. He helped every Chair think through complex issues and helped the board focus its energy on important issues of the moment, and his business acumen guided many of the decisions we made over the last decade.

The Allard family has a strong humanitarian and philanthropic presence in the Manchester and the Derryfield communities. John followed his parents’ footsteps to the Board of Trustees, and is finishing his eighteenth and final year on the Board—the third longest term in the School’s history following founder Barbara Stahl and incoming chair, Brad Benson. In John’s words, an important part of his role has been maintaining Derryfield’s traditions. John and his wife, Karen, have opened their home and hearts to Derryfield in numerous ways, from hosting admission coffees to volunteering at Country Fair to serving on the search committee for Head of School. Last year, John was presented with the alumni service award by his daughter Sophia ’15. In her remarks, Sophia noted that, “It is crystal clear The Derryfield School holds a very special place in his heart.”


class of 2015



hunderstorms were originally forecasted for June 13, but as the class of 2015 gathered the skies were a brilliant blue and a light breeze carried the sounds of laughter and joy through the air. Graduates were welcomed by Head of School Dr. Mary Halpin Carter and commended for their intellect, talent, athletic prowess, and—most importantly—their kindness. She challenged the Class of 2015 to, “take your gifts of scholarship and intelligence, of


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

humor and amiability, of sensitivity and compassion and be dynamic members of the community.” James Speigel, drama and English teacher, gave the Faculty Address. True to character, Mr. Speigel’s delivery was comical, heartfelt, and inspiring. He encouraged the class of 2015 to relish in their successes, as well as embrace their failures until they found their passion. He delighted the students with his candid reflections of his own less-thanstellar moments before finding drama in 1973 while cast in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Mr. Speigel ended with, “you’ve been rehearsing for this moment your whole life and I’m very proud to tell you that you all got the part. You’ve made it, no pun intended, to the most important stage of your life. As you begin to discover your life beyond Derryfield, don’t ever forget this moment. Especially since the curtain to your amazing journey is wide open.”

Stephanie Tonneson ’15 performed her original song, “Home,” written for her classmates as part of her Independent Senior Project, and arranged by Katelyn Mullikin ’15. Francesa Barradale ’15 delivered the Commencement Address. She challenged her classmates to stay present, in the moment, and to avoid succumbing to the monotony that adulthood often brings. When the “world is in your way,” remember to “take off the visor of adulthood, so that you may feel yourself melding into the mosaic of life, as you open your eyes and recognize your own vitality.” The Class of 2015 gift was presented by Elisha Shah ’15, class vice president. In response to the recent devastation in Nepal, the class chose to donate the funds in the their treasury to the Nepal Children’s Health and Education Foundation, founded by retired faculty member, Candy Chaplin. Dr. Carter followed with a presentation of an honorary

degree to Trustee John Allard ’83 and thanked him for his eighteen years of service and commitment to Derryfield. It was a special day for the Allard family, as John’s daughter, Sophia, is a member of the class of 2015. Patrick Finocchiaro ’15 delivered the Farewell Address. Patrick, a Derryfield “lifer,” reflected on the quick passage of time and his gratitude for all those who have influenced his growth, “In tandem with my parents, the Derryfield faculty have taught me to apply ambition, passion, charisma, and articulation to all facets of my life.” He praised his peers for their amazing talent, frankness, and compassion and challenged each to come home to Derryfield often. “Mark your calendars for May 2020—our fifth reunion.” Derryfield wishes each member of the Class of 2015 success and happiness for the journey that lies ahead.




Katelyn Mullikin

Noelani Stevenson

Nathan Hillsgrove ’16

D.A.R Good Citizen Award


Rensselaer Medal

David “Sandy” Lockwood

Francesca Barradale Dylan Muise

Francesca DeIeso-Frechette ’16

Dennis F. Holland Mathematics Award

Carolyn Adie ’16

Alumni Award

Zachary Speigel Mayor's Award

Francesca Barradale

Katelyn Mullikin

Barbara J. Stahl, Ph.D. Life Science Award

Class of 1994 Award


Joshua Campbell Dylan Muise

Nicole Anthony Grant Glosner Connor Jackson Maryelisabeth MacKay Elisha Shah Marissa Wolf

Kaitlin Cintorino

The Matthew L. Young '88 Scholarship


Patrick Finocchiaro

Zachary Speigel

The Clifford R. Nyquist Memorial Award


Kelly Collins ’17

Timothy Philbin Zachary Speigel

ATHLETIC Alexandra Campbell-Diehl Emma Garfield The Lamplighter Athletic Award

Joseph Holden Cameron Huftalen The Scholar-Athlete Awards

The Dartmouth Book Award

Samantha Carbery

Joseph Costa

Richard Crafts Memorial Music Award

Jessey Bryan ’16



Isaias De Los Santos ’17

The Harvard Book Award

Physical Science

The Ken Piatt Memorial Award

Henrietta Mesches Memorial Award

The Wellesley Book Award


Rebecca Teevan Latin

Anthony Esielionis Spanish

Joshua Campbell  Chinese

HEAD OF SCHOOL AWARDS Catherine Green The R. Philip Hugny Award

Patrick McGinley The Ralph J. Scozzafava Award

Elisha Shah The William B. Pfeifer Award

Brittany Northrup The Marcus D. Hurlbut Award

* All class of 2015, unless otherwise noted.


CLASS OF 2015 COLLEGE DECISIONS AND MATRICULATION Matthew Alfano Berklee College of Music

Kaitlin Cintorino Colorado College

Benjamin Groves Miami University, Oxford

Brittany Northrup University of North Carolina at Asheville

Sophia Allard Providence College

John Cissel Connecticut College

Maxwell Hatheway Merrimack College

James O’Brien Colby College

Nicole Anthony Bowdoin College

Haley Cohen Quinnipiac University

Casey Hecox Smith College

Grace Patten Goucher College

Paul Antuono Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Patrick Critz Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Joseph Holden Lafayette College

Timothy Philbin College of the Holy Cross

Isabella Arend Providence College

Christina Doan Colgate University

Cameron Huftalen Bates College

Tess Regan Pitzer College

Jeffrey Baron Virginia Tech

Natalie Duncan University of Puget Sound

Connor Jackson Syracuse University

Zane Richer Liberty University

Franscesca Barradale Williams College

Natalie Esielionis Brown University

Meghan Johnson Sewanee: The University of the South

Samuel Richmond Macalester College

Andrew Benson Union College

Patrick Finocchiaro Endicott College

Lucy Karlin Ithaca College

Robert Rizos Union College

Damian Bossarte St. Lawrence University

Emma Flynn University of Hartford

Kevin Kim Tufts University

Michael Roffo Belmont University

Kristiana Boucher University of Vermont

Samantha Fogel Hamilton College

Griffin Lamp Union College

Elisha Shah MA College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Mason Brummett College of the Holy Cross

Emma Garfield Colby College

David “Sandy” Lockwood Babson College

George Siodis, Jr. Northeastern University

Joshua Campbell Amherst College

Grant Glosner Carnegie Mellon University

Elizabeth Ludwig Savannah College of Art and Design

Zachary Speigel University of New Hampshire

Alexandra Campbell-Diehl Cornell University

Elijah Gorton Clarkson University

Maryelisabeth MacKay Ithaca College

Noelani Stevenson Hamilton College

Samantha Carbery New York University

Catherine Green University of Vermont

Patrick McGinley Lafayette College

John Sullivan University of New England

Allen Mello, Jr. Providence College

Benjamin Taub Syracuse University

Nikolete Mina Mount Allison University

Rebecca Teevan University of San Francisco

Dylan Muise University of Colorado at Boulder

Peter Thompson University of Utah

Katelyn Mullikin Tufts University

Stephanie Tonneson Marist College

Alexandra Muskat Goucher College

Marissa Wolf Emerson College

George Nicolopoulos Regis College

Jilan Zhang Pennsylvania State University


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5


Kevin Kim

Manchester, NH

Tufts University

“From the beginning, Mr. Berk was there to answer any question I had, and it was he who I looked to when I did not know what to do. Mrs. Josephson and Mr. Cousineau were more than willing to write my college recommendations, and I think that stems from the caring relationship between teacher and student that Derryfield fosters. My advisor, Mrs. Melkonian, was always so cheerful, and her presence alone alleviated much of the college stress. Through their guidance, support, and love, they not only helped me attend a college, but changed my and my family’s lives for the better.”

Franky Barradale Bedford, NH

Williams College “Mr. Barnard taught me to ‘go deep,’ committing myself to my activities at Derryfield—and pursuing my interests in summer programs. For three solid years he gave me important insight on the college process, and his advice was critical in helping me take advantage of the opportunities I had at Derryfield.”

Jimmy O’Brien Amherst, NH

Colby College “I chose Colby because I wanted a liberal arts school where I could hone in on what it is I want to learn about and major in. Next, I knew I wanted an extremely challenging one because I want to push myself hard. Finally, Maine has always been one of my favorite states. I camp there every year and it’s beautiful. They also have excellent math, science, and economic programs.”

Patrick McGinley Bedford, NH

Lafayette College “I ultimately chose Lafayette College because it felt like the best fit for me once all factors were considered. I was seeking a school with a strong liberal arts curriculum and Lafayette certainly fit that criteria. The academics combined with a strong sense of community and an opportunity to play Division I golf were what eventually set Lafayette apart from the other schools on my list. Derryfield has prepared me well for college by challenging me to get involved in every opportunity and reach outside my comfort zone. Knowing this made the college process stress-free because I am prepared to succeed.”



service around the world 24

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5


here in the world could you spot Derryfield students last year? Ninety five students participated in our global programs and exchanges during the 2014–2015 school year. Middle school students were seen

visiting the cultural and historic highlights of New York City and teaching English to elementary school children in a rural village in the Dominican Republic. In March, upper school students participated in the School’s tenth Habitat for Humanity program in North Carolina. Sixteen adventurous travelers trekked in Nepal, accompanied by two Derryfield physician parents who set up medical clinics in two rural villlages. Another group spent a week in Romania at an orphanage, also visiting local Gypsy/Roma villages, providing supplies, and teaching in the schools. In June, a group ventured out West, rafting, camping, and participating in a service project on a Navajo reservation.



my global journey



sat in my chair, with Christopher McNeil, Upper School Dean of Student Life, at the front of the classroom telling us it was time to learn Latin verb conjugations. To my surprise, he started to sing the tune of the Mickey Mouse song, but with different letters. “O-S-T-MUS-TIS-NT,” we chanted over and over. This lesson plan made me giddy because a teacher had permitted, nay encouraged, me to sing, all in the pursuit of language learning. Fourteen years later, and I can still remember how those verb endings go as clear as day. By high school, I realized that language learning served as a metaphorical entry visa into societies that otherwise might not open their doors with simply an American passport in hand. After six years of Spanish lessons at Derryfield, I ended up in Madrid teaching Business English to KPMG executives for my gap year. Having a modest utility of the language allowed me to handle issues of high diplomacy, such as befriending the lady who sold me chocolate con churros and bargaining with the T-shirt seller at the market. I was hooked. Fast forward a few years, and I’m on a plane once more, about to embark on another journey, this time to China. I’d just wrapped up my NYU degree in Broadcast Journalism 26

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

and Chinese (a slightly odd pairing, I know), and had landed a fellowship with NYU Shanghai. NYU was in the process of creating a global network of universities with degreegranting hubs in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, and I was there to start work a month before the Shanghai location opened its doors to the inaugural class of students. If you were to read my resume, you would see that I provided academic support to students in writing, conducted research, and created and managed a program that took our students across Asia doing service. What is missing from that page is all the other “stuff” that comes with moving to China. Anyone who has lived abroad can tell you that it is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It’s natural to feel the most profound love and deepest hatred for a place, and a lifestyle, within a span of twenty minutes. There were moments—like the time I was careening on a motorcycle through the mountainous, jungle roads of a deserted island off the coast of Bali on my way to an empty beach, off which rested coral reefs that could have been used as models for the Finding Nemo movie—where it was pure bliss. There were other moments— such as the time I embraced the Pepto Bismol

bottle like it was my dearest friend, after I endured an evening of what the Chinese call “spicy stomach”—where I would have been content to never eat another dumpling again. Life in China was full of hiccups. There were the nights spent in airports after missed flights, the time my friends volunteered me to fight a Mongolian wrestler in a yurt village in the grasslands of Xilamuren, and tales of the moments I accidentally, and unknowingly, blurted out phrases in Mandarin that are far too inappropriate to be re-uttered in the pages of a Derryfield Today publication. But along with these hiccups were some amazing experiences—traveling to 23 countries, having a tremendous network of global friends, and eating most of my lunches for under two bucks being at the top of the list. At work, I was constantly questioning my own assumptions. One afternoon on a service trip in Cambodia, I was sitting at a table with students from Pakistan, Thailand, China, Poland, and the U.S., and the conversation drifted to the impact the Khmer Rouge had on the community we were serving. While some students were profoundly upset by the poverty they had seen as it was their first encounter with this sort of issue (a comment I had anticipated),

others said they felt oddly at home as it reminded them of where they had come from (a perspective that knocked me off guard). Each day was different, and unexpected, and unique, and I was thirsty for more.



ith a view to sparking high school students’ interest and familiarity with current foreign affairs, Derryfield was a sponsor and a major participant in the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire’s (WACNH) inaugural “Think Global” conference last winter.

As the fellowship came to a close, I had time to reflect on my experiences so far. When I tracked back most of my thoughts to where they began, I could pinpoint moments from my time at Derryfield. Whether it was Mr. McNeil’s Latin class that sparked my love of languages or the junior year Habitat for Humanity trip that prompted my passion for servicelearning, Derryfield shaped who I am today. One of the challenges of international living is the amplified uncertainty surrounding the question of “What comes next?” At the time of writing, my answer to that question is, “Still working on it.” It is a bizarre feeling to not know which latitude and longitude I will call home in six months’ time, but in a way, that’s all part of the adventure. In all seriousness, I hope that those reading this will see international living as a completely attainable option for themselves as well. If you had told “nerd supreme Charlotte” as a ninth grader that she would have lived in China for two years by 2015, she would have laughed in your face and strutted away in her Mathlete sweatpants. But here I am,

telling the tale. So Derryfield Family - I hope that one day we can meet up for coffee somewhere around the world to reminisce about the good old days at Derryfield and plot out the next grand adventure together. Update By the time you read this...I’ll have moved to Singapore to work for Yale NUS! I will be there as a Program Manager for the Centre for International & Professional Experience, working specifically under the Leadership & Global Citizenship pillar. I hope to see some of you in my new home once I’ve settled in!

The daylong event was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning featured a keynote address and various panel discussions. Derryfield was represented by two alumni, Evelyn Brensinger Aissa ’99 and Aseeb Niazi ’11, who were part of a panel called “Use Your Passport,” encouraging attendees to explore the world. Things got competitive in the afternoon with the Academic WorldQuest. The contest, in which teams of high school students answer questions on various global topics, is held each year by World Affairs Councils nationwide. Two teams of Derryfield students competed, history teacher Bruce Berk was the quizmaster, former teacher Kathy Muirhead and alumni parent and former trustee Charlie Bickford (Andrew ’88, Shayne ’91, and Ann ’95) were both judges, and alumni parent Carolyn Richmond (Davis ’86 and Cynthia ’89) was the timekeeper. Emcee extraordinaire Bruce Berk said it was a fun conference, and having Derryfield sponsor it “felt like a really natural connection because of the international cultural awareness” that Derryfield has always stressed. He also saw a win because, “it got a roomful of kids together to compete on current events of global importance.”


50 years


y now, the story is well known: in 1964, a group of 39 visionary Manchester families each contributed $1,000 toward the establishment of a new independent day school. We know now, of course, what they couldn’t possibly have known then: fifty years later, their leap of faith has borne fruit, perhaps even beyond their imaginings. Derryfield has grown in size and stature, yet has managed to retain the focus on a personalized education for every student, with family playing a crucial role in the life of the School. The School celebrated this Golden Anniversary year joyfully and creatively, all year long. This year’s Head’s Holiday was held on the 50th day of school. Assemblies featured alumni speakers. The community was encouraged to perform fifty distinct acts of kindness before the end of the year. A book “The Derryfield School: 50 Years of Passion and Purpose” was published and distributed to the entire school community with thoughtful words from former heads and some of our favorite faculty members. If you weren’t able to join the celebration, the following pages will give you a taste of the journey we experienced, both in this, the fiftieth year, and for the past fifty.


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

honoring our past embracing our future




fter a year of anticipation, the first weekend in May saw the formal celebration of Derryfield’s 50th birthday, and it was a joyous occasion. Anniversary co-chairs Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 and Jennifer Melkonian worked hard all year long, and their efforts truly paid off.

Francesca Barradale ’15, this year’s Peter S. Freedman Founders’ Scholar gave a moving and graceful speech about how her own story came to be written as she took her personal journey through Derryfield, and then presented the award to next year’s Scholar, Elizabeth Krogman ’16.

After that, there were alumni gatherings both on and off campus. The main reception was held in the Gateway Building, which was attended by over 100 alumni. Altogether, alumni were present from 45 of the 47 graduating classes. (One being the class of 2011 who were graduating college!)

The weekend began in style and ceremony with the annual celebration of Founders’ Day on Friday, May 1. Eight of our Founders were represented, either in person or by a family member. To honor the 50th, six former Heads of School attended as well; Craig Sellers, Nancy Boettiger Stearns, Marcus Hurlbut, and William Pfeifer, as well as interim heads Chuck Sanborn and Jennifer Melkonian, were all present to celebrate. Each former Head addressed the assembly, speaking, sometimes emotionally, about what made the School such a special place for them.

A second day of celebration followed on Saturday, with athletic contests, music, and parties. Even Mother Nature seemed to be in a festive mood, as the weather, after a long, snowy winter, reflected all the beauty of a New Hampshire spring.

Finally, on Saturday evening, came the culminating event we’d been waiting for all year long—the 50th Anniversary Gala. The school put on its festive best for the 550 attendees, with beribboned paper lanterns and streamers in the colors of spring hanging all over the campus, indoors and out, and the gym completely transformed to evoke the New Hampshire woodlands that surround us. Attendees ate, drank, and danced, spoke with current and former faculty, toured the alumni art exhibit in the Lyceum Gallery, and reconnected with old and dear friends.

Reunion festivities began in the afternoon, when Director of Choral Music Kristen Acker organized a “Reunion Sing,” at which alumni performed some classic pieces from their time at Derryfield and got a taste of what our current talented students are singing.

Pictured from left to right: Charles Sanborn, Nancy Boettiger Stearns, Craig Sellers, Dr. Mary Halpin Carter, Marc Hurlburt, Bill Pfeifer, and Jennifer Melkonian. 30

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5


50 years 50 ACTS OF KINDNESS Service projects were an integral part of the 50th celebrations, as well. Every member of the community was challenged— as a member of an advisory, an athletic team, a club, or individually—to perform some act of kindness. In the end, virtually every person on campus participated at least once.

Derryfield Accounting Manager Deb Allen with the 50 blankets she crocheted for animals at the Upper Valley Humane Society.

The MS girls’ soccer and field hockey teams joined forces to collect nonperishable goods that were donated to the New Horizons Food Pantry.

The varsity boys’ crew team (Sawyer Strong pictured) went to Common Earth Farms in Bedford, NH to help a refugee farmer from Bhutan with fall harvesting. 32

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

reunion classes





Class of 1980 W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G




e encourage you to visit campus to view the timelines in their entirety.

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5





D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

2015 W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G



Dear Friends and Supporters of The Derryfield School, It is my distinct pleasure to share the philanthropic successes of the 2014-2015 school year on behalf of the Advancement Committee and the Board of Trustees. Our amazing community of Trustees, Parents, Alumni, Founders, Parents of Alumni, Grandparents, and Friends rallied together to celebrate the School’s fiftieth anniversary with a record-breaking year of generous support. Annual Fund dollars and participation rates reflect the tremendous efforts of our volunteers and the capable support of the Advancement staff.


The Annual Fund is the driving force behind crucial initiatives at The Derryfield School. Annual Fund dollars allow the School to provide students with access to financial aid, to attract and retain talented faculty, and to provide teachers and students with the tools they need to create the best possible Derryfield experience. This year, the Annual Fund totaled an impressive $642,759, falling just shy of the Board’s proposed $650,000 goal. Annual Fund participation was especially strong from all constituencies. Incredibly, 93% of current parents supported the School! The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) reports that the average current parent Annual Fund participation rate at independent day schools for the 2014–2015 school year was 71%. That statistic in particular makes me proud to report the commitment Derryfield families demonstrated this year. Alumni participation was equally impressive, increasing from 13% to 20%. This significant increase is due in part to a very funny alum who put forth a generous giving challenge in June and raised the bar for alumni support. I am also pleased to report that there are now 51 members of the 1964 Legacy Society. Members of the 1964 Legacy Society have made The Derryfield School part of their estate plans. I am honored to be the Advancement Committee Chair of this amazing School with a strong philanthropic foundation. Moving forward, The Derryfield School will continue to rely on all donors to support the School as generously as possible, through the Annual Fund, and also through capital initiatives that will help us improve our facilities, strengthen our financial foundation, and help us achieve our long term goals. Next year’s Annual Fund goal is equally ambitious, as determined by the Board. The dollars raised year after year through the Annual Fund directly impact current students and make the Derryfield experience extraordinary. Thank you again for your important support of Derryfield. Shannon McGinley, Trustee, Mom of Patrick ’15, Corey ’17, and Brady ’20 Advancement Committee Chair for the Board of Trustees 38

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

6.4% 5.1% 3.5% 6.4%

Tuition Annual Fund Other Income Endowment Income Other Gifts/Grants




6.4% 4%

Compensation Program Administration Facilities

GIVING CLUBS The foundation of Derryfield’s fund-raising efforts is the Annual Fund. Gifts to the Annual Fund enable The Derryfield School to offer students the best possible overall experience. Annual Fund dollars support essential initiatives, including the development of academic and extracurricular programs, faculty salaries, and financial aid. Listed below are generous donors who have made gifts to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. Challengers’ Circle $10,000 or more

Anonymous (7) Michael and Chris Cikacz ▪ Louis Fink and Pamela Grich ▪ Chris Hopey and Cheryl Lucas Paul and Barbara Labonte Jim and Laurie Lamp▪ Paul J. and Lauren Leyden▪ David and Rosamond Lockwood ▪ Doug and Shannon McGinley ▪ Brian Miron and Monica Vegelj Irwin and Margery* Muskat Lynette and David Snow ’72 ▪ David Thirkill and Olga Yurovskaya The Zorn Family ▪

Stewards’ Circle $7,500-$9,999

Rich and Brenda Lombardozzi

Founders’ Circle $5,000-$7,499

Mike and Deb Anthony Brad ’78 and Linda Benson Everett and Donna Bishop ▪ Barry and Carolyn Brensinger ▪ John and Isabelle Bryan ▪ Christopher H. M. Carter and Mary Halpin Carter ▪ Susi and Dwight Churchill The VanArsdale/Dewey Family ▪ David and Norene Farr Matt Girard ’97 David and Audrey Hammer ▪ Bill and Lea Kelsey Tim and Lisa McGrath Lee and Kasey Ormiston Jamie and Jamie Pagliocco Daniel C. and Lucy S. Potter ▪ Brent and Wendy Powell Jim Steiner and Audrey Augun ▪ Phil and Meg Tatro ▪ Phil and Julie Taub ▪ Garvin Warner and Margaret Wheeler ▪ Sherry Wilding-White

Benefactors’ Circle $2,500-$4,999

Garrett and Christine Adie ▪

John ’83 and Karen Allard ▪ Lynn Bollengier Jason Boyer ’83 Franco and Gina Castagliuolo Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 and David Cochran ▪ Barry and Caryl Brensinger ▪ Andy and Melissa Crews Joe and Sheila DeWitt Howard and Patty Dresner Bill and Kathy Gillett Rob and Julie Glosner Scott and Helle Goodrich Joe and Ann Harrington ▪ Lou and Patricia Imbriano Donna K. Lencki ▪ Brian and Anne Mikol Doug Moll and Pam Powers-Moll Daniel ’82 and Lisa Muskat ▪ Rick and Lisa Patten ▪ Tom and Siobhan Quinn ▪ Murali and Barthy Ravel ▪ E. Charles and Wendy Sanborn ▪ Brian and Beth Stevens ▪ Bill and Michele Voss ▪ Jack Wentz and Marty Nagy-Wentz ▪ Richard and Frances Winneg ▪ Erik and Karen Young

Lamplighters’ Circle $1,500-$2,499

Anonymous Ann V. Allard Steve and Rose-Lynn Armstrong David Brady Steve and Katie Burke ▪ Toy and Joe Cobbe Richard Critz and Kristina Isakovich Mitch and Anne Gagnon Gary and Brenda Goudreau ▪ Rodney and Sharon Hansen Susan Stahl Hardy ’70 ▪ Gregory J. and Jennifer D. Melkonian ▪ Allen and Linda Mello ▪ Chris and Eleanor Owen Sam and Manisha Patel Michael and Jan Romanowsky ▪ James Goldenberg and Gay Shanahan ’76 Cameron Shilling ▪ Lara Shilling ▪

David and Debbie Smith Jeff and Genie Smith ▪ Tim Socha and Kim Allard Socha ’85 ▪ Arthur Sullivan Nancy Tarpley Tom and Lisa Thorne John and Mary Valvano John O. Van Hooser ’85 ▪ Douglas and September Voss ▪ King Warburton and Kathryn Lemmon ▪ Nancy Stahl Wilsker ’73 ▪ Eric and Wendy Wright

Daniel and Rhenea Regan ▪ Steve Reichheld and Deb De Beradinis ▪ Tom Shanahan ’78 Daniel Sterling and Esthia Giakovis-Sterling XiaoLong Teng and Jingjing Lu Bud Van Arsdale ▪ Neal ’78 and Clea Winneg ▪ Shidong Zhang and Fenghua Guo

Cougar Circle (Young Alumni)

Anonymous (2) Kirk and Barbara Abbott ▪ Paul and Debra Alfano ▪ Tony and Samantha Baldini Bruce and Becky Berk ▪ Fred and Rebecca Briccetti ▪ Michael Broad ’69 ▪ Boyd Brown ’90 Alyson Carpenter Chris Carpenter Andy and Lesley Carr Norman and Deirdre Carr Bob and Chris Chin ▪ Helen L. Curran Robert and Dorothea Daniel Bob and Jenny Davis John and Jenni Devine Gerard Dillon and Cathy Yi Scott and Renee Dudley Charles and Charlotte Faulkner Bill and Scottie Ferry Erin and Jeff Fogel ▪ Steve Frechette and Deb DeIeso Scott Freedman ’70 Jim and Tara Furlong ▪ John and Kelley Gage Louis and Frieda Georgopoulos Bill and Hansi Glahn ▪ Sanye Guo and Sufang Yi George Henrich Eric Hinton and Stacy Kutzelman Dennis F. Holland ▪ Preston Hunter ’98 and Kathryn Van Der Beken Hunter ▪ Brian and Jen Johnson Richard and Jackie Keller ▪ Tom and Liz Kelsey Tony Lapadula and Kathleen Herold Paul LeBlanc and Patricia Findlen ▪ John and Nicola Leonard Winnie Loeffler Lerner ’87 Dan Li and Wei Wu Ned and Tricia Lucas ▪ David Ludwig Salman and Romana Malik Joe and Tracy Matarese Chris and AnnMarie Mayer

John Arnold ’00▪ Paul Barney ’00 Whitney Lockwood Berdy ’00 ▪ Andrew Cochran ‘01 and Kristen Geiger Cochran ’02 ▪ Brinie Dunlap ’00 and Rob Childs▪ Chris Garos ’00 and Katie Albert Garos ’01 Helen Gemmill ’96 ▪ Lindsay Matheos ’14 Marty McCormick ’11 Brett McLarnon ’05 ▪ Morgan Melkonian ’00 and Matt Jerome▪ Emily Newick ’97 and Steve Gaughan Lindsay Pollock ’13 Lily Steiner ’14

Maroon and White $1,000-$1,499

Anonymous (2) Jon and Carman Grotton Alenson ’83 ▪ Mark and Christine Anderson ▪ Samuel and Sandra Banis Ray and Lori Boelig ▪ Ashley Stearns Burr ’94 and Andrew Burr Matthew Butterick ’88 ▪ Roz and Dave Carlson James and Karin Chen Tom and Nancy Cintorino ▪ Charles and Kerry Desfosses ▪ Nigel and Celia Donovan ▪ Nathan Faulkner and Julia Burdick The Felicella Family Terry and Bonnie Flahive ▪ Matthew Galvin ’85 Charles and Jaye Goodwin ▪ Gary ’72 and Meg Hirshberg Dave and Becky Husak ▪ Linguo Jiang and Hong Huo Gary Jones and Mary-Sue Tuuri Arthur and Monica Kingsbury ▪ Bill Kissick David ’84 and Norma Jean Larrivee Gaide and Carol Miller Fritz and Deb Morgan Kirk and Stephanie Rawson

Patron $500-$999


ANNUAL REPORT GIVING CLUBS David and Denise McAdoo David and Stephanie Solms McCusker ’84 ▪ Cathy McGrath Doug and Nancy McIninch Allen Merriman and Lori Mix Peter and Robin Milnes John and Francoise Morison ▪ John Mullikin and Anu Mathur Mullikin ’84 ▪ Jay and Jenny Carlson Mullins ’86 Mason and Catharine Newick ▪ Ed and Andrea O’Brien ▪ Jay and Kunal Patel John and Rachel Polgrean▪ Asim and Renee Razvi Travis J. Reed ’89 Randy Reis ▪ Tom and Sharon Rohlfs Steve and Marlene Rotering Phil and Judy Ryan ▪ Matt Schmitz and Melissa Hinebauch Mark Schwartzberg and Sasha Kuftinec ▪ Rich ’82 and Dot Sherman ▪ William Skladony ’75 ▪ Michael Spector ’93 ▪ Shelley and Joel Spierer ▪ Paul and Michelle Stagg Bill and Sheila Steele Bruce and Betsy Stefany David and Andrea Stevenson ▪ Stew and Lisa Strong David and Anita Swann Target Jeff and Ruth Templeton ▪ Mark and Jean Thompson David and Jennifer Wagner ▪ Craig and Kelly Weimer Paul and Karen Whitmore ▪


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Keith Wilding and Heather Wilding-White Wilding ’89 Devon Payson Wilson ’97 Michael Witt and Karin Loscocco Witt ’91 ▪ Louise E. Yates Paul and Beverly Young Sarah Stebbins Zepeda ’75

Supporter $250-$499

Anonymous (2) Roy and Allison Aboody ▪ Virginia Alfano Deb and Nancy Allen ▪ Dave and Caroline Arend Ralph and Pat Beasley J. Ryan Bielagus ’94 Mark and Tracy Blaisdell ▪ Pete and Molly Brandt ▪ Stephen Camann Elizabeth B. Carey ’76 Tyler Charlesworth ’94 Rob and Betsy Cissel Mike and Becky Collins Mark and Bethany Constance Mario and Donna Cordova ▪ Joanne DeBold Sara Dewey ’03 Michael Doherty and McMillan West Brian and Krisha Dubreuil ▪ Lynn Durand and Jane Sullivan-Durand ▪ Michael Ekman ’69 ▪ Michael and Debby Fedder Mark Feigl and Mary Brunette Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey ’87 ▪ Sue Flagg ▪ Tom Friel

Garrett Gillespie ’89 and Leigh Lambard Gillespie ’89 Jay Godfrey and Judith Rutty Godfrey Pamela Pappas Goode ’69 ▪ April Shaw and Alex Granok ▪ Dana Green ’98 ▪ John Griffith ’82 Brian and Alice Handwerk ▪ John Hanna and Marie Ishac-Hanna Gary and Jeannette Harper ▪ Marc and Marie Hebert Don and Amy Higley ▪ Nye Hornor ’85 and Angela Calvetti Hornor ’92 ▪ Carson and Shari Hovey Marcus and Pat Hurlbut Scott G. Jensen ’81 Nancy K. Johnson ’76 ▪ Joel Kahn and Pam Kisonak David Kane ’96 ▪ Gary and Christine Kaufman ▪ Bill and Susan Rand King ’81 Dennis Kochanek Kirstin Kochanek Robert and Lucille Lemay Jon and Judy MacLean Neel Madan ’93 and Kristen Dahlmann ’93 ▪ Juliana P. Maglathlin Katherine Maglathlin ’03 Joe and Judith Maloy Neil and Patti Markwith ▪ Timothy Mattison ’69 Jim and Gina McCalmont Cameron McCusker ’13 ▪ Colin McCusker ’11 ▪ Matt Melkonian ’96 ▪ Walt Milne ’82 ▪ Andy Moerlein ▪ Nicole D’Auteuil Mutnick ’91 ▪ Rick Oas and Suzanne Corby Peg O’Brien ’83 ▪ Mark Ostergren ’70 ▪ Laura McIninch Paryl ’95 Matt and Michelle Pierson ▪ Greg Porto and Kristen Kercher Pete and Sue Powell John Pratt and Katharine Webster Jon and Peggy Richardson Stewart and Carolyn Richmond ▪ Stewart and Tanya Richmond Nick and Lynda Rizos ▪ Mike and Bobbi Roffo Jon and Kathy Ross ▪ Travis Russell ’11 Patrick ’84 and Jan Rutty ▪ Medford and Gerry Sattler Patrick and Carolyn Scholten Barry and Barbara Scotch Dave Smith ’74 Ross and Sandra Soraci

Wayne Stadelmann and Mary Carlisle-Stadelmann Nancy W. Stearns ▪ Joni Taube ’69 and Eliot Sirkin ▪ Scott and Annmaria Tierno Lisa Tourangeau Robert Valliere ’73 Mark and Agnes Vaughn Amanda Fiedler Wastrom ’97 Gordie and Kris Welch Kimberley Murphy Wilson ’80 Lisa Wolff Lei Zhu and Huiling Wang

Pillar $1-$249

Anonymous (6) Greg and Kathy Abate Joseph and Maureen Abate Zak Abbott ’12 Anna Aboody ’13 Kristen Acker Mohamed Ahmed and Igbal Mohamed Lori Evans Alderin ’00 Grace Alenson ’11 Elizabeth Aliotta ’12 Frank and Diane Allen ▪ Don Alusic Mike and Erika Alusic-Bingham Amazon Smile Foundation Peter Amons ▪ Stephen and Marcia Anderson ▪ William and Margaret Anderson Richard Anthony ▪ Den Antle and Karen Merrill-Antle ▪ Griffin Antle ’14 Diane Sanborn Arabian ’83 Marshall and Patricia Armstrong Hannah Arnold ’99 Judy Ashton ’72 Brian Lynch and Regina Assetta Edward and Ruth Atwater ▪ Dale Audet ’71 Julie Avery Betsy Bailey Everett Baker ’13 Wendy Keller Baker ’87 Ditty Steele Bannon ’99 John and Theresa Barger Brennan Barnard ▪ Susan Barnard Jonathan Baron ’86 David and Deb Barradale ▪ Chris and Julia Bartlett Liz Baseman ’08 Steve Batchelder ▪ Earl and Jan Baumgardner Jillian Beasley ’00 Michael Beasley ’04 Josh and Justine Beauregard Michael Beesley and Sarah Anderson

Mike and Anna Bemis Caroline Akeson Benabou ’80 Carolyn and Randy* Benthien Deborah and Alfred Benton Ariel Berk ’10 Jason R. Berk ’13 John and Shannon Best Peter Bielagus ’95 Lucius and Maria Biglow Tom Birch and Anne Marie Kenny ▪ Bill and Sue Birchard ▪ Darren Bishop ’01 Kevin and Shea Bishop Chris Bissonnette ▪ Jim and Mary Blaisdell ▪ Geoff Blanding ’04 Bruce and Connie Blight Matt Boelig ’02 Timothy Dining and Jenny Boesch Dan Bolduc and Denise Cascio Bolduc Drew Bonifant ’05 Laura Bossarte David and Nadine Bothwell Ryan Bouchard ’97 ▪ Robert Boucher and Lisl Sanford ▪ Roger and Violette Bournival John and Carrie Bouton Rob and Chris Bradley ▪ Deirdre Bradshaw Branch ’71 ▪ Rich and Annie Branch ▪ Stacey Breton Peter Briccetti ’14 Norman Bristol, Jr. Ron and Gloria Brotherton ▪ Brian Brunelle and Christine Yoon Cassie Bryan ’12 William Bryan Elizabeth Bullitt Logan Bullitt Suzanne Bullitt Todd and Louisa Burdette Mark Burkush ’70 Angelo and Lorraine Camberis Alexander R. Camerino ’12 A.J. Capowski ’79 ▪

Tim and Sandra Carbery Don and Jodi Carlberg Michael and Jennifer Carrobis Anne B. Carter Lulu Carter ’13 Jim and Kristin Cassidy Alexander Chan ’95 Harley Chang Jeff and Colleen Chapdelaine Hilary Chaplain ’74 Kate Hurlbut Chappell ’93 Daniel Chen ’02 Derek Chen and Daphne Chien ▪ Nicole Chenelle ’11 Ken and Sandy Chiasson Zachary Chin ’11 David and Jennifer Ciechon Molly Cikacz ’08 ▪ Kelsey Cintorino ’12 Marie Cissel Neuhauser Bill and Maryann Clark Helen Closson Marc and Colleen Cobery Katherine S. Coffen Gail Allman Cole ’86 Atlee Coler ’13 Gerry Collins and Linda Bournival ▪ Becca Connolly ’01 ▪ Dianne M. Connolly ▪ Chuck Converse ’71 Richard and Susan Conway Brian and Michelle Coombes ▪ Anthony and Donna Coriaty Chris and Michelle Coriaty Mary Elaine Corrigan Gerry and Maryellen Costa Debbie Lemay Cousineau Jeff Cousineau▪ Judy and Gerard Couture Don and Jennifer Crandlemire Jeremy Crane ’92 Cathleen Grotton Craven ’87 Neil J. Cremin ’89 Dylan Cruess ’97 Steve Cunliffe

Phil Curtin and Megan Whitehouse Carrie Blight Daigle ’90 Matt D’Alessio ’01 and Ali Geiger ’00 ▪ Bill and Ellen Davis ▪ Corey Davison ’05 Rob and Charlene DeCesare Rachael Desfosses ’11 Mike Desmarais Farrah Desrosiers ’04 Jean Devine ’76 Suzie Devine ’75 ▪ Kate Dewey ’05 ▪ Leah DeWitt ’12 Keith and Alison Dickey Brad and Kristie Dinsmore Katherine DiPastina ’09 Lan Doan ’11 Thu Doan and Anh Nguyen Caleb ’84 and Kirsten Dobbins Nell Dodge ’95 Bennett Doherty ’14 Kevin Doherty and Nan Scull Tim Doherty and Fern Seiden ▪ David and Diane Donahue Mike and Jeanne Donnelly Nancy Ekman Dorner ’69 Ben and Laura Dougherty Jon Dowst ▪ Sylvia Dowst Erik and Lisa Drake Jamie Ducharme ’11 Baker and Sally Duncan Andy Duncan and Laurel Horne Bill and Sue Dunlap Thaddeus Duprey ’04 Vince and Patty Dwyer Richard and Linda Earp John and Mary Edwards Brad and Mia Ek ▪ Gershon Ekman ’71 ▪ Peter and Suzanne Ellinwood Mohamed Elsheikh and Intisar Saeed Kathleen Emmet Wing and Sharon Eng Joshua Enos ’05 Kate Erskine ▪ Bob and Barbara Eshoo Ray and Kristen Etzo Elizabeth Evans Neil Faiman and Lynne Pentler ▪ Craig and Claire Fauth ▪ Joyia Rich Fazelat ’96 Bob ’70 and Deb Feins Joyce Ferris ▪ Mark and Dianne Fiebrink ▪ Lucy Field Valeriy Filatov ’09 ▪ Kevin Finefrock ’03 ▪ Debra Silberberg Finestone ’74 Allison Fink ’08 Kaitlin Fink ’11

Francesco Finocchiaro ’02 and Molly Zink Finocchiaro ‘02 ▪ Esther Fishman Molly Fitzpatrick ’14 David Flagg ’98 ▪ Steven Flagg ’03 ▪ Thomas Flahive ’03 ▪ Mark H. Fleisher ’75 Rob Fogg and Melissa Wallace ▪ Keith Ford Jonathan Foster ’94 Ann and Stephen Foster ▪ Sadie Fowler ’09 FreeCause, Inc. Elenore Freedman ▪ Hal Freedman ’71 Bennett Freeman ’70 ▪ Dann Freeman ’04 Heather French ’02 Jeremy Freund ’88 Bonnie Frieden ’09 Roger and Kathryn Frieden ▪ Heather MacLeod Frink ’00 Emily Fritch ’05 Brian and Jennifer Frost Mike and Kathy Garfield Michael and Mary Garfield Melinda Garrett ’00 Mike Garrity Chuck and Nicole Gates Kim Gaudreault Glenn and Nancy Geiger Charles and Mary Vic Giersch Peter Giersch and Paige Piani Ken and Leslie Goggin Carroll Goldsmith Eleanor Goldthwait Dana Gomez-Gayne ’96 ▪ Morey Goodman ’69 Gary and Gail Gordon ▪ Jeff and Sam Gorton Patrick Gosselin Kathleen Goulet Martin Goulet ’83 Patrick and Priscilla Granfield ▪ Richard Green ’72 ▪ Sally Green Matt Gresko Adam Grodman ’06 Susan Grodman ▪ Chris and Paulette Grondin Donald and Patricia Grosso Keith and April Groves Steve and Trim Hahn David and Barbara Haight ▪ Tom and Pat Halpin Richard and Patricia Hamel Keith and Dorna Hamer



Austin Hammer ’14 Pat and Kathy Hampson Patrick T. Hampson ’13 Kate Hanna Barry and Sue Hantman Roy and Jane Hasselman ▪ Jeff Hastings ▪ Susan Milne Haydock ’80 Mark and Becky Hecox ▪ Merle Hecox James Hendrix ’77 ▪ Kathy Henrich Gary and Patty Herbert Lesley Keiner Herzberg ’95 Chris and Lauren Hettler ▪ Andrew Hickok ’98 Jim and Trish Hillsgrove Ha Hoang Alan and Marilyn Hoffman Bill and Melanie Holden Benjamin and Jean Y. Horne Joseph and Susan Horton Aran Hubbell ’11 Arnie Huftalen and Doreen Connor Karen and Ken Hull Rachel Daum Humphrey ’87 Beatty and Susan Hunter Chris and Cynthia Induni Tony and Julie Introcaso ▪ Mirsad and Eneida Islamovic Dan and Colleen Ives Hans and Trish Jackson Alicia Jacobs ’10 John Jacobs ▪ Reza Jalili and Kiki Papadopoulos ▪ David H. Jensen ’00 Tom and Betty Jipson ▪ Brian and Brittany Joas Harry and Shirley Johnson Josh Johnson ’97 Nancy J. Johnson ▪ Ross and Mary Johnson 42

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Kevin Johnston ’84 Dorothy Jolin Kate Jorgensen ’11 Peter and Becky Josephson ▪ Geoffrey and Suzanne Kane Sarah B. Kane ’92 Hannah Kanik ’11 Kelsey Kanik ’09 Jeff and Mary Karlin▪ Michael Kasten Jacob Keefe ’06 Samantha Keefe ’04 Stephen and Fran Silberberg Keefe ’79 Lee Hancock and Katy Keefe-Hancock ▪ Peter Keeler ’99 Mark and Patricia Kegel ▪ David ’80 and Cheryl Keller Emilyann Keller ’11 Will Keller ’10 Kristin Kelsey ’02 Roz KennyBirch ’13 Peter Kfoury ’71 Dawn Kilcrease Chris Kiley ’05 Ro Kim and Helen Tay Jessie Kimball Steve Kimball and Christine Chickering Bob and Karla Kittler Tammy Klein ’01 John Korona ’70 Drew Kosiarski ’05 Peter E. Kosiarski ’12 Sofia Kouninis ’10 Dan Kramer Madison Kramer ’10 Mary Ellen O’Brien Kramer Linn Girolimon Krikorian ’72 Matt and Winnie Krogman ▪ Robert Kuftinec ’87 and Daneil Copertino Kuftinec ’87 ▪ Heather Newton Kyemba ’92 Paul and Pat Lamont Judy Lamont Barrett Lamp ’11 Curtis Lamp ’09 Roger Larrivee ’14 Michael Larson ’11 Derek and Erin Lautieri ▪ Cara Bishop Lavallee ’04 Maria Holland Law ’75 Carolyn Goodwin Leary ’05 Dan and Michele Leclerc ▪ Dustin Leclerc ’14 Rick and Suzan Lehmann Ed and Judy Lemire ▪ Rob Lemire ’06 Kevin and Beth Leonard Chris and Michelle Levell Simon Levenson ’14 Stewart Levenson ▪ David and Vivian LeWine ▪

Meredith Leyden ’11 Charles Li ’14 Dave Lievens ’00 Robert and Deborah Lievens ▪ Mike Litvin ’71 Olivia LoChiatto ’14 Ann R. Loeffler Megan Loosigian Nancy Lord ’70 ▪ Gordon and Kathleen Loveless Anne Lucas ’02 Joshua Lucas ’00 ▪ Melanie Ludwig ▪ Fred and Millie Lyford Jim and Donna Lynch Terri Lynch Bob Lynn and Dina Chaitowitz ▪ Sorrell MacKay Allan and Judith MacLellan Bill and Evelyn Madden ▪ Cale Magruder ’04 Robert Mandel ’68 ▪ Andrew and Emily Manns Alfred and Janice Marcouillier Kate Marcouillier Jeff and Elaine Marshall Joe and Corinne Martin Jim and Laurie Matheos ▪ Steve Mathes and Chris Doyle ▪ John McAlevey and Penelope Haskell Stacey Starner McAllister ’99 Scott McAuliffe ’95 Lenny and Sarah McCaigue ▪ Katherine McCandless Leslie Fleisher McCarthy ’73 ▪ Matt McCormick ’09 Andrea Schwartz McCullough ’01 Mike and Kat McDonnell Gayle McGinnis ’76 Terry and Kristin McGovern Ashley McKannon David and Elizabeth McKown Sidney McLean McNab ’84 Chris and Jennilee McNeil ▪ Doug and Deb Melanson ▪ Philip G. Melanson ’10 Alexander Michaud ’12 Brian and Liz Michaud Laura Michaud-Sullivan ’87 David and Cindy Migliori ▪ Kristin Migliori ’07 Renee Miller Anne D. Milne ▪ Nate Milne ’11 Judith Nelson Minzel ’69 ▪ Linda Mackey Mitchell ’91 Parker Mitchell ’07 Sara Schwartz Mohan ’99 ▪ Anna Mokas ’11 Ben Moll ’12 Hailey Moll ’14

Don Monson ’96 ▪ Amily Dunlap Moore ’93 David Moore and Jennifer Donofrio Colby Morgan Greg Morin ’01 Andrew and Elizabeth Morison Boyan and Anna Moskov Rachel Moss ’11 Jason and Cristina Muise Avery Holland Murdock ’94 Gerard Murphy ’98 Michelle Murphy Sarah Murphy ’05 Ken and Cheryl Murray Andy Myers and Emily Karmen Jean Pinckney Nelson ▪ Jeff and Lisa Neville Kate Newick ’00 ▪ Susanna Woodbury Newsom ’90 ▪ Aseeb Niazi ’11 Peter and Vanessa Nicolopoulos Dan and Rachel Nolan Breanna Northrup ’12 Brittany Northrup ’15 Ann Norton Chris Norwood ’99 ▪ Erik Noyes ’89 Rick and Dana Olivar Sean O’Reilly ’09 Erin O’Shaughnessy ’88 Bryan Otey and Shelli Gay ▪ Denis and Marsha Paiste George Papanicolaou ’99 Peter C. Paquette ’68 Bill and Karen Parker Fabian Parra and Martha Rodriguez Bill Partlan ’69 Mary Jane Peabody ’68 ▪ Justin and Mary Perkins ▪ Lois Perkins Steven and Tara Perkins

Andre Perron ’78 Thomas and Annette Peters ▪ William Pfeifer Griffin Phaneuf ’14 Margo Pierson ’14 Adam Pignatelli ’96 ▪ Ben Pignatelli ’99 Seth Pitman ’01 Kimberly Pollock ’11 Mary M. Pollock ▪ David Pook and Elizabeth Ausich ▪ Andrea Popeo Anthony V. Popeo ’08 Julie Hilliard Posternack ’01 ▪ Brittany Potter ’12 Brian and Alicia Presti Ray Provencher ▪ Matthew Purtell ’97 G. Forrest Quimby ’72 ▪ Larry and Shannon Quinlan Erica Raff ’11 Rick and Kim Raff Hobart and Barbara Rand Bill Mannion and Lisa Rappa-Mannion ’86 Alyse Reichheld ’12 Steve Reichheld ’09 ▪ Tim Reichheld ’10 Alexandra H. Reilley ’06 Kelly Steele Reis ’97 MaryBeth Blight Reis ’85 ▪ Steve and Kit Reno ▪ Susan Resnicoff ’87 ▪ Kyle and Judy Reynolds Page Fairman Rich ’92 ▪ Sarah and Jimmy Rich ’92 Mike and Lisa Richer Elizabeth Richey ’03 ▪ John and Deborah Richey Kate Richey ’06 ▪ Davis Richmond ’86 ▪ Brandan Rivard ’10 Bryan Rivard ’11 Mike and Lee Rivard ▪ Melanie Lindner Robbins ’03 Gill Roberts ’99 ▪ Marcie Roberts ▪ Kenneth and Karen Robichaud ▪ Becky Grosso Robinson ’79 Bernadette Robinson ▪ Michael and Donna Rodanas Beverly Roffo Joe and Kimberly Romo Duncan Rotch ’88 Keith Rousseau ’95 Benjamin Russell ’94 Frank Moltz and Laura Russell Stuart W. Russell, Jr. Lee Rynearson ’03 ▪ Lauren Saidel-Baker ’07 ▪ Michael Salerni ’13

Beth Ann Salzman Randy Salzman ’82 Dick and Annie Samuels ▪ Bryan Sanford ’04 and Sarah Pitman Sanford ’04 Lewis and Sharon Santosuosso Sandra Woods Sattler ’80 Tim Sattler Kathleen Sauer Otto and Grace Schaefer Patricia King Schnable ’68 Eric and Wendy Schoneberger▪ Jared Schoneberger ’14 Steve and Karen Schwab Steve Schwartz and Paula Leonard-Schwartz Daniel Schwartzberg ’13 Joel Schwelling and Joan Izen Matthew Scotch ’94 Robert and Virginia Searle Justin Shaka ’00 ▪ Elise Shattuck ’10 Jerry and Brigid Sheehan Patrick Sheehan Andrea Sheldon ’09 Tom and Liz Shepherd Michael Lynch and Lindley Shutz ▪ Steven Sideris ’00 Rich ’81 and Sarah Sigel ▪ Zachary Silversmith ’09 Jared Silverstein ’96 Everett Simon ’13 Les and Yvonne Simon Chris and Jo Ann Simpkins David J. Simpson ▪ Jerry and Dayrel Sipes Jenna Sirkin ’00 Fred and Sue Skaluba Chris Slusher and Barinder Ahluwalia David and Duffy Smiley Deb Smith Grant Smith ’14 Patrick and Kathleen Smith Wright Smith ’05 David and Edna Snow Richard Snyder Jim and Teresa Speigel ▪ Jim and JoHannah Speltz Julia Spiegelman ’04 ▪ Eric Spierer ’06 ▪ Jim and Cindy St. Jean ▪ Jack St. Jean ’14 Sarah A. Stahl ’76 ▪ Andy Stahly and Melissa Magnuson David and Anne Stanley Victoria Starr ’05 Jon ’72 and Kate Steer Liz Stefany ’98 Ryan Stevenson ’12 Phil and Donna Stone Sara Stonner ’92

Terry Sturke Kim Sullivan Sarah Fogal Sweatlock ’99 Christopher L. Sweeney ’84 and Christine B. Crabb ▪ Bill and Jean Tallman ▪ Rick and Renee Tarpey Saul and Bernyce Taube ▪ Darla Taylor Peter and Martha Taylor Kelly Teevan ▪ Brenna McCandliss Thomas ’96 John Tonneson Megan Tsai ’07 Ryan Tuttle ’93 Eileen Cremin Urquart ’86 Anuj Vadalia ’11 Berklee Vaillancourt ’14 Colbi Vaillancourt ’14 Jefferson VanderWolk ’74 and Naomi Turner VanderWolk ’74 Alex and Mary Ann Vazquez Mindy Nenopoulos Verenis ’75 ▪ Joanna Blanding Vides ’96 Samantha Foster Villegas ’88 Helen Villemaire Elizabeth Vining Brad and Jane Vogl Derek and Lynne Wagner ▪ Regis Wakefield ’03 Glen and Diane Wall ▪ Michael Wall ’94 John Wallin ’96 Barbara Kaegi Walls ’91 Kelly Tillotson Walter ’84 Chloe Warner ’14 Ted and Arlene Weimer Jess Oas Welch ’95 Jack Welch ’71▪

Virginia Weldon ▪ Finn Westbrook ’09 Tucker Westbrook ’11 Bill and Shelley Westenberg ▪ Chris Wheeler Alex and Tina White ▪ Bert Whittemore Ayn B. Whytemare-Donovan ’84 Scott and Sue Wickett Eric and Suzanne Will ▪ Hannah Will ’08 Ian Will ’11 Christina Williams ’13 Tom and Fran Wills ▪ Dave and Tammi Wilson Richard Wirth ’84 Marti and Michael Wolf Candy and David Woodbury Larry and Florence Woods Griffin Woolley ’11 Keith and Jacqui Woolley Ralph Wunderl ’07 Kristen Pearson Wydom ’96 ▪ Jack Yang and Shelley Song Ellen Yoffa ’69 Meredith Zackey Juan Zamudio ’14 Rick and Lucyann Zeller ▪ Suzanne Zeller ▪ Tim and Tammy Zinck Hannah Zinn ’13 Tyler Zorn ’14 ▪ indicates five or more years of consecutive giving * indicates deceased



A.J. Capowski ’79 Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 and David Cochran Bennett Freeman ’70 Richard and Jackie Keller Anne D. Milne Stewart and Carolyn Richmond Jon and Kathy Ross William Skladony ’75 Jack Welch ’71 Nancy Stahl Wilsker ’73

25 Years

Stephen and Marcia Anderson Barry and Caryl Brensinger Michael Ekman ’69 Elenore Freedman Pamela Pappas Goode ’69 Susan Stahl Hardy ’70 James Hendrix ’77 Nancy K. Johnson ’76 Nancy Lord ’70 David and Stephanie Solms McCusker ’84 Gregory J. and Jennifer D. Melkonian Susan Resnicoff ’87 Rich ’81 and Sarah Sigel Christopher L. Sweeney ’84 and Christine B. Crabb Bill and Jean Tallman Neal ’78 and Clea Winneg

20 Years

John ’83 and Karen Allard Deb and Nancy Allen Peter Amons Bruce and Becky Berk Everett and Donna Bishop Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey ’87


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

20 Years (cont.)

Sue Flagg Terry and Bonnie Flahive Bill and Hansi Glahn David and Barbara Haight Dennis F. Holland David Kane ’96 Robert and Deborah Lievens David and Rosamond Lockwood Ned and Tricia Lucas Robert Mandel ’68 Neil and Patti Markwith Steve Mathes and Chris Doyle Matt Melkonian ’96 Mason and Catharine Newick G. Forrest Quimby ’72 Page Fairman Rich ’92 Davis Richmond ’86 E. Charles and Wendy Sanborn Jim and Teresa Speigel Sarah A. Stahl ’76 Nancy W. Stearns Mindy Nenopoulos Verenis ’75 Glen and Diane Wall Richard and Frances Winneg Rick and Lucyann Zeller

15 Years

Ray and Lori Boelig Rob and Chris Bradley Steve and Katie Burke Dianne M. Connolly Brian and Michelle Coombes Jeff Cousineau Charles and Kerry Desfosses The VanArsdale/Dewey Family Kate Erskine Neil Faiman and Lynne Pentler David Flagg ’98 Roger and Kathryn Frieden

15 Years (cont.)

Helen Gemmill ’96 Charles and Jaye Goodwin Joe and Ann Harrington Tom and Betty Jipson Ed and Judy Lemire Lenny and Sarah McCaigue Morgan Melkonian ’00 and Matt Jerome Walt Milne ’82 Judith Nelson Minzel ’69 Andy Moerlein Jean Pinckney Nelson Randy Reis Kenneth and Karen Robichaud Dick and Annie Samuels Robert Spiegelman and Truda Bloom Saul and Bernyce Taube Bud Van Arsdale King Warburton and Kathryn Lemmon

10 Years

Anonymous Bill and Sue Birchard Chris Bissonnette Mark and Tracy Blaisdell Jim and Mary Blaisdell Deirdre Bradshaw Branch ’71 Rich and Annie Branch Ron and Gloria Brotherton John and Isabelle Bryan Matthew Butterick ’88 Christopher H. M. Carter and Mary Halpin Carter Bob and Chris Chin Michael and Chris Cikacz Molly Cikacz ’08 Bill and Ellen Davis Kate Dewey ’05

10 Years (cont.)

Nigel and Celia Donovan Brinie Dunlap ’00 and Rob Childs Gershon Ekman ’71 Joyce Ferris Kevin Finefrock ’03 Louis Fink and Pamela Grich Steven Flagg ’03 Rob Fogg and Melissa Wallace Ann and Stephen Foster Gary and Gail Gordon Gary and Brenda Goudreau Dana Green ’98 Anne Greer Susan Grodman Brian and Alice Handwerk Roy and Jane Hasselman Jeff Hastings Chris and Lauren Hettler John Jacobs Lee Hancock and Katy Keefe-Hancock Jim and Laurie Lamp Derek and Erin Lautieri Paul LeBlanc and Patricia Findlen Dan and Michele Leclerc Donna K. Lencki Bill and Evelyn Madden Leslie Fleisher McCarthy ’73 Doug and Deb Melanson Don Monson ’96 Chris Norwood ’99 Bryan Otey and Shelli Gay Justin and Mary Perkins Adam Pignatelli ’96 Mary M. Pollock Daniel C. and Lucy S. Potter Ray Provencher Steve Reichheld and Deb De Beradinis Elizabeth Richey ’03 Bernadette Robinson Michael and Jan Romanowsky Patrick ’84 and Jan Rutty Lee Rynearson ’03 Rich ’82 and Dot Sherman David J. Simpson Shelley and Joel Spierer David and Andrea Stevenson Target Joni Taube ’69 and Eliot Sirkin Kelly Teevan Douglas and September Voss Bill and Michele Voss Alex and Tina White Kristen Pearson Wydom ’96 Suzanne Zeller The Zorn Family

ALUMNI GIVING Class of 1968

Robert Mandel Peter Paquette Mary Jane Peabody Patricia King Schnable

Class of 1969

Michael Broad Ellie Goodwin Cochran Nancy Ekman Dorner Michael Ekman Pamela Pappas Goode Morey Goodman Timothy Mattison Judith Nelson Minzel Bill Partlan Joni Taube Ellen Yoffa

Class of 1970

Mark Burkush Bob Feins Scott Freedman Bennett Freeman Susan Stahl Hardy John Korona Nancy Lord Mark Ostergren

Class of 1971

Dale Audet Deirdre Bradshaw Branch Chuck Converse Gershon Ekman Hal Freedman Peter Kfoury Mike Litvin Jack Welch

Class of 1972

Judy Ashton Richard Green Gary Hirshberg Linn Girolimon Krikorian G. Forrest Quimby David Snow Jon Steer

Class of 1973

Leslie Fleisher McCarthy Robert Valliere Nancy Stahl Wilsker

Class of 1974

Hilary Chaplain Debra Silberberg Finestone Dave Smith Jefferson VanderWolk Naomi Turner VanderWolk

Class of 1975

Suzie Devine Mark Fleisher Maria Holland Law William Skladony Mindy Nenopoulos Verenis Sarah Stebbins Zepeda

Class of 1976 Elizabeth Carey Jean Devine Nancy Johnson Gayle McGinnis Gay Shanahan Sarah Stahl

Class of 1977 James Hendrix

Class of 1978 Brad Benson Andre Perron Tom Shanahan Neal Winneg

Class of 1979

A.J. Capowski Fran Silberberg Keefe Becky Grosso Robinson

Class of 1980

Caroline Akeson Benabou Susan Milne Haydock David Keller Sandra Woods Sattler Kimberley Murphy Wilson

Class of 1981

Scott Jensen Susan Rand King Rich Sigel

Class of 1984 (cont.)

Patrick Rutty Christopher Sweeney Kelly Tillotson Walter Ayn Whytemare-Donovan Richard Wirth

Class of 1985

Matthew Galvin Nye Hornor MaryBeth Blight Reis Kim Allard Socha John Van Hooser

Class of 1986

Jonathan Baron Gail Allman Cole Jenny Carlson Mullins Lisa Rappa-Mannion Davis Richmond Eileen Cremin Urquart

Class of 1987

Wendy Keller Baker Cathleen Grotton Craven Rachel Daum Humphrey Daneil Copertino Kuftinec Robert Kuftinec Winnie Loeffler Lerner Laura Michaud-Sullivan Susan Resnicoff Kathleen Rutty-Fey

Class of 1988

Matthew Butterick Jeremy Freund Erin O’Shaughnessy Duncan Rotch Samantha Foster Villegas

Class of 1989

Class of 1982

Neil Cremin Garrett Gillespie Leigh Lambard Gillespie Erik Noyes Travis Reed Sarah Silverman Heather Wilding-White Wilding

Class of 1983

Class of 1990

John Griffith Walt Milne Daniel Muskat Randy Salzman Rich Sherman Carman Grotton Alenson John Allard Diane Sanborn Arabian Jason Boyer Martin Goulet Peg O’Brien

Class of 1984

Caleb Dobbins Kevin Johnston David Larrivee Stephanie Solms McCusker Sidney McLean McNab Anu Mathur Mullikin

Boyd Brown Carrie Blight Daigle Susanna Woodbury Newsom

Class of 1991

Anonymous Linda Mackey Mitchell Nicole D’Auteuil Mutnick Barbara Kaegi Walls Karin Loscocco Witt

Class of 1992

Jeremy Crane Angela Calvetti Hornor Sarah Kane Heather Newton Kyemba Page Fairman Rich Jimmy Rich Sara Stonner

Class of 1993

Kate Hurlbut Chappell Kristen Dahlmann Neel Madan Amily Dunlap Moore Michael Spector Ryan Tuttle

Class of 1994

J. Ryan Bielagus Ashley Stearns Burr Tyler Charlesworth Jonathan Foster Avery Holland Murdock Benjamin Russell Matthew Scotch Michael Wall

Class of 1995

Peter Bielagus Alexander Chan Nell Dodge Lesley Keiner Herzberg Scott McAuliffe Laura McIninch Paryl Keith Rousseau Jess Oas Welch

Class of 1996

Joyia Rich Fazelat Helen Gemmill Dana Gomez-Gayne David Kane Matt Melkonian Don Monson Adam Pignatelli Jared Silverstein Brenna McCandliss Thomas Joanna Blanding Vides John Wallin Kristen Pearson Wydom

Class of 1997

Ryan Bouchard Dylan Cruess Matt Girard Josh Johnson Emily Newick Matthew Purtell Kelly Steele Reis Amanda Fiedler Wastrom Devon Payson Wilson


ANNUAL REPORT ALUMNI GIVING Class of 1998 David Flagg Dana Green Andrew Hickok Preston Hunter Gerard Murphy Liz Stefany

Class of 1999

Hannah Arnold Ditty Steele Bannon Peter Keeler Stacey Starner McAllister Sara Schwartz Mohan Chris Norwood George Papanicolaou Ben Pignatelli Gill Roberts Sarah Fogal Sweatlock

Class of 2000

Lori Evans Alderin John Arnold Paul Barney Jillian Beasley Whitney Lockwood Berdy Brinie Dunlap Heather MacLeod Frink

Chris Garos Melinda Garrett Ali Geiger David H. Jensen Dave Lievens Joshua Lucas Morgan Melkonian Kate Newick Justin Shaka Steven Sideris Jenna Sirkin

Class of 2001

Darren Bishop Andrew Cochran Becca Connolly Matt D’Alessio Katie Albert Garos Tammy Klein Andrea Schwartz McCullough Greg Morin Seth Pitman Julie Hilliard Posternack

Class of 2002

Matt Boelig Daniel Chen Kristen Geiger Cochran

Francesco Finocchiaro Molly Zink Finocchiaro Heather French Kristin Kelsey Anne Lucas

Class of 2003

Sara Dewey Kevin Finefrock Steven Flagg Thomas Flahive Katherine Maglathlin Elizabeth Richey Melanie Lindner Robbins Lee Rynearson Regis Wakefield

Class of 2004

Michael Beasley Geoff Blanding Farrah Desrosiers Thaddeus Duprey Dann Freeman Samantha Keefe Cara Bishop Lavallee Cale Magruder Bryan Sanford Sarah Pitman Sanford Julia Spiegelman

Class of 2005

Drew Bonifant Corey Davison Kate Dewey Joshua Enos Emily Fritch Chris Kiley Drew Kosiarski Carolyn Goodwin Leary Brett McLarnon Sarah Murphy Wright Smith Victoria Starr

Class of 2006

Adam Grodman Jacob Keefe Rob Lemire Alexandra H. Reilley Kate Richey Eric Spierer

Class of 2007

Kristin Migliori Parker Mitchell Lauren Saidel-Baker Megan Tsai Ralph Wunderl

Class of 2008

Anonymous Liz Baseman Molly Cikacz Allison Fink Anthony V. Popeo Hannah Will

Class of 2009

Katherine DiPastina Valeriy Filatov Sadie Fowler Bonnie Frieden Kelsey Kanik Curtis Lamp Matt McCormick Sean O’Reilly Steve Reichheld Andrea Sheldon Zachary Silversmith Finn Westbrook

Class of 2010

Ariel Berk Alicia Jacobs Will Keller Sofia Kouninis Madison Kramer Philip G. Melanson Tim Reichheld Brandan Rivard Elise Shattuck


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Class of 2011

Grace Alenson Nicole Chenelle Zachary Chin Rachael Desfosses Lan Doan Jamie Ducharme Kaitlin Fink Aran Hubbell Kate Jorgensen Hannah Kanik Emilyann Keller Barrett Lamp Michael Larson Meredith Leyden Marty McCormick Colin McCusker Nate Milne Anna Mokas Rachel Moss Aseeb Niazi Kimberly Pollock Erica Raff Bryan Rivard Travis Russell

Anuj Vadalia Tucker Westbrook Ian Will Griffin Woolley

Class of 2012

Zak Abbott Elizabeth Aliotta Cassie Bryan Alexander R. Camerino Kelsey Cintorino Leah DeWitt Peter E. Kosiarski Alexander Michaud Ben Moll Breanna Northrup Brittany Potter Alyse Reichheld Ryan Stevenson

Class of 2013 Anna Aboody Everett Baker Jason R. Berk Lulu Carter

Atlee Coler Patrick T. Hampson Roz KennyBirch Cameron McCusker Lindsay Pollock Michael Salerni Daniel Schwartzberg Everett Simon Christina Williams Hannah Zinn

Class of 2014

Griffin Antle Peter Briccetti Bennett Doherty Molly Fitzpatrick Austin Hammer Roger Larrivee Dustin Leclerc Simon Levenson Charles Li Olivia LoChiatto Lindsay Matheos Hailey Moll Griffin Phaneuf

2015 GIVING BY ALUMNI TOP FIVE CLASSES Participation Level 2011 44% 1969 42% 2014 34% 1975 33% 2000 32% Margo Pierson Jared Schoneberger Grant Smith Jack St. Jean Lily Steiner Berklee Vaillancourt Colbi Vaillancourt Chloe Warner Juan Zamudio Tyler Zorn

PARENT GIVING Class of 2015

78% Participation Paul and Debra Alfano John ’83 and Karen Allard Mike and Deb Anthony Dave and Caroline Arend Mike and Lynne Baron David and Deb Barradale Brad ’78 and Linda Benson Laura Bossarte Robert Boucher and Lisl Sanford Tim and Sandra Carbery Tom and Nancy Cintorino Rob and Betsy Cissel Richard Critz and Kristina Isakovich Thu Doan and Anh Nguyen Andy Duncan and Laurel Horne Erin and Jeff Fogel Mike and Kathy Garfield Rob and Julie Glosner Jeff and Sam Gorton Sally Green Keith and April Groves Mark and Becky Hecox Bill and Melanie Holden Arnie Huftalen and Doreen Connor Hans and Trish Jackson Jeff and Mary Karlin Ro Kim and Helen Tay Jim and Laurie Lamp David and Rosamond Lockwood David Ludwig Melanie Ludwig Sorrell MacKay Doug and Shannon McGinley

Allen and Linda Mello Jason and Cristina Muise John Mullikin and Anu Mathur Mullikin ’84 Daniel ’82 and Lisa Muskat Peter and Vanessa Nicolopoulos Charlie Northrup and Camille Triola-Northrup Ann Norton Ed and Andrea O’Brien Rick and Lisa Patten Daniel and Rhenea Regan Mike and Lisa Richer Stewart and Tanya Richmond Nick and Lynda Rizos Mike and Bobbi Roffo Jim and Teresa Speigel David and Andrea Stevenson Phil and Julie Taub Kelly Teevan Mark and Jean Thompson John Tonneson Marti and Michael Wolf

Class of 2016

98% Participation Garrett and Christine Adie Mike and Deb Anthony Earl and Jan Baumgardner Mike and Anna Bemis Mark and Tracy Blaisdell David Brady John and Isabelle Bryan Christopher H. M. Carter and Mary Halpin Carter

Jeff and Colleen Chapdelaine Ken and Sandy Chiasson Bill and Maryann Clark Mario and Donna Cordova Gerry and Maryellen Costa John and Jenni Devine Tim Doherty and Fern Seiden Brian and Krisha Dubreuil David and Norene Farr Nathan Faulkner and Julia Burdick Steve Frechette and Deb DeIeso Kim Gaudreault Ken and Leslie Goggin Barry and Sue Hantman Don and Amy Higley Jim and Trish Hillsgrove Dan and Colleen Ives Reza Jalili and Kiki Papadopoulos Linguo Jiang and Hong Huo Brian and Jen Johnson Gary and Christine Kaufman Mark and Patricia Kegel Bill and Lea Kelsey Bill Kissick Matt and Winnie Krogman Rick and Suzan Lehmann John and Nicola Leonard Chris and Michelle Levell Paul J. and Lauren Leyden Bob Lynn and Dina Chaitowitz Cathy McGrath Jason and Cristina Muise Chris and Eleanor Owen Matt and Michelle Pierson John and Rachel Polgrean

Tom and Siobhan Quinn Bill Mannion and Lisa Rappa-Mannion ’86 Murali and Barthy Ravel Rich ’82 and Dot Sherman David and Debbie Smith Jim and Cindy St. Jean Paul and Michelle Stagg Phil and Meg Tatro XiaoLong Teng and Jingjing Lu Johannes and Betsy van Duren Dave and Tammi Wilson Shidong Zhang and Fenghua Guo

Class of 2017

95% Participation Anonymous Paul and Debra Alfano Mark and Christine Anderson Dave and Caroline Arend John and Theresa Barger Mike and Lynne Baron Brad ’78 and Linda Benson James and Karin Chen Rob and Betsy Cissel Gerry Collins and Linda Bournival Andy and Melissa Crews Phil Curtin and Megan Whitehouse Brad and Kristie Dinsmore Howard and Patty Dresner Lynn Durand and Jane Sullivan-Durand Wing and Sharon Eng


ANNUAL REPORT PARENT GIVING (CONT.) Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey ‘’87 Keith Ford Jim and Tara Furlong Mike and Kathy Garfield April Shaw and Alex Granok Chris and Paulette Grondin Keith and April Groves Sanye Guo and Sufang Yi Jim and Trish Hillsgrove Chris Hopey and Cheryl Lucas Arnie Huftalen and Doreen Connor Dave and Becky Husak Lou and Patricia Imbriano Tony and Julie Introcaso Michael Kasten David ’80 and Cheryl Keller Bob and Karla Kittler Dennis Kochanek Kirstin Kochanek Paul and Barbara Labonte Dan and Michele Leclerc Dan Li and Wei Wu Chris and AnnMarie Mayer Doug and Shannon McGinley Allen and Linda Mello Brian Miron and Monica Vegelj Michelle Murphy Daniel ’82 and Lisa Muskat Jeff and Lisa Neville Charlie Northrup and Camille Triola-Northrup Lee and Kasey Ormiston Sam and Manisha Patel Justin and Mary Perkins Larry and Shannon Quinlan Asim and Renee Razvi Tom and Sharon Rohlfs Cameron Shilling Lara Shilling Jerry and Dayrel Sipes Fred and Sue Skaluba David and Duffy Smiley Jeff and Genie Smith Patrick and Kathleen Smith Tim Socha and Kim Allard Socha ’85 Wayne Stadelmann and Mary Carlisle-Stadelmann Jim Steiner and Audrey Augun Brian and Beth Stevens Rick and Renee Tarpey Jeff and Ruth Templeton Douglas and September Voss David and Jennifer Wagner Jack Wentz and Marty Nagy-Wentz Keith and Jacqui Woolley

Class of 2018

93% Participation Anonymous Mike and Erika Alusic-Bingham 48

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Lucius and Maria Biglow Fred and Rebecca Briccetti Michael and Jennifer Carrobis Christopher H. M. Carter and Mary Halpin Carter Jim and Kristin Cassidy Jeff and Colleen Chapdelaine Gerry Collins and Linda Bournival Mike and Becky Collins Rob and Charlene DeCesare Gerard Dillon and Cathy Yi Caleb ’84 and Kirsten Dobbins Jon Dowst Brian and Krisha Dubreuil Vince and Patty Dwyer Peter and Suzanne Ellinwood David and Norene Farr Mark Feigl and Mary Brunette Brian and Jennifer Frost Bill and Kathy Gillett Rob and Julie Glosner Scott and Helle Goodrich George Henrich Kathy Henrich Eric Hinton and Stacy Kutzelman Ha Hoang Carson and Shari Hovey Brian and Jen Johnson Bill and Lea Kelsey Judy Lamont Tony Lapadula and Kathleen Herold Rich and Brenda Lombardozzi Salman and Romana Malik Joe and Judith Maloy Kate Marcouillier Chris and AnnMarie Mayer Brian and Anne Mikol Doug Moll and Pam Powers-Moll Andrew and Elizabeth Morison Jason and Cristina Muise Peter and Vanessa Nicolopoulos Steven and Tara Perkins Vadim and Colleen Plotsker Brent and Wendy Powell John Pratt and Katharine Webster Larry and Shannon Quinlan Kirk and Stephanie Rawson Stewart and Tanya Richmond Lewis and Sharon Santosuosso Sandra Woods Sattler ’80 Tim Sattler Matt Schmitz and Melissa Hinebauch Steve and Karen Schwab Mark Schwartzberg and Sasha Kuftinec Patrick Sheehan Tom and Liz Shepherd Michael Lynch and Lindley Shutz Les and Yvonne Simon Patrick and Kathleen Smith Stew and Lisa Strong

Gordie and Kris Welch Scott and Sue Wickett Jack Yang and Shelley Song Lei Zhu and Huiling Wang

Class of 2019

100% Participation Anonymous Garrett and Christine Adie Mohamed Ahmed and Igbal Mohamed Kevin and Shea Bishop Dan Bolduc and Denise Cascio Bolduc Logan Bullitt Suzanne Bullitt Andy and Lesley Carr David and Jennifer Ciechon Thu Doan and Anh Nguyen Tim Doherty and Fern Seiden Tom Friel Mitch and Anne Gagnon Chuck and Nicole Gates John Hanna and Marie Ishac-Hanna Lou and Patricia Imbriano Mirsad and Eneida Islamovic Brian and Brittany Joas Dennis Kochanek Kirstin Kochanek Kevin and Beth Leonard Dan Li and Wei Wu Jon and Judy MacLean Jeff and Elaine Marshall David and Denise McAdoo Tim and Lisa McGrath Brian and Liz Michaud Jay and Jenny Carlson Mullins ’86 Ken and Cheryl Murray Jeff and Lisa Neville Dan and Rachel Nolan Lee and Kasey Ormiston Bill and Karen Parker Steven and Tara Perkins Brent and Wendy Powell Mike and Lisa Richer Tom and Sharon Rohlfs Steve and Marlene Rotering Cameron Shilling Lara Shilling Jerry and Dayrel Sipes Tim Socha and Kim Allard Socha ’85 Arthur Sullivan Kim Sullivan David Thirkill and Olga Yurovskaya Tom and Lisa Thorne Scott and Annmaria Tierno Johannes and Betsy van Duren David and Jennifer Wagner John and Amy Watson Keith Wilding and Heather Wilding-White Wilding ’89

Class of 2020

91% Participation Greg and Kathy Abate Dave and Caroline Arend John and Shannon Best Lynn Bollengier Pete and Molly Brandt Jeff and Colleen Chapdelaine James and Karin Chen Chris and Michelle Coriaty Debbie Lemay Cousineau Jeff Cousineau Don and Jennifer Crandlemire Richard Critz and Kristina Isakovich Robert and Dorothea Daniel Mike Desmarais and Terri Lynch Michael Doherty and McMillan West Mohamed Elsheikh and Intisar Saeed Nelson and Julia Howe Bill and Susan Rand King ’81 Dan Kramer Mary Ellen O’Brien Kramer Terri Lynch Joe and Tracy Matarese Lenny and Sarah McCaigue Katherine McCandless Mike and Kat McDonnell Doug and Shannon McGinley David Moore and Jennifer Donofrio Fabian Parra and Martha Rodriguez Jay and Kunal Patel Vadim and Colleen Plotsker Greg Porto and Kristen Kercher Brian and Alicia Presti Patrick and Carolyn Scholten Paul and Michelle Stagg Andy Stahly and Melissa Magnuson Daniel Sterling and Esthia Giakovis-Sterling Stew and Lisa Strong Phil and Julie Taub Jeff and Ruth Templeton John and Mary Valvano Craig and Kelly Weimer Chris Wheeler Michael Witt and Karin Loscocco Witt ’91 Erik and Karen Young

Class of 2021

100% Participation Anonymous Steve and Rose-Lynn Armstrong Tony and Samantha Baldini Kevin and Shea Bishop Pete and Molly Brandt Todd and Louisa Burdette Don and Jodi Carlberg Alyson Carpenter Chris Carpenter Franco and Gina Castagliuolo

PARENT GIVING (CONT.) Marc and Colleen Cobery Bob and Jenny Davis Erik and Lisa Drake Scott and Renee Dudley Ray and Kristen Etzo Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey ’87 John and Kelley Gage

Mitch and Anne Gagnon Peter Giersch and Paige Piani Carson and Shari Hovey Chris and Cynthia Induni Bill and Lea Kelsey Kevin and Beth Leonard Michael Lynch and Lindley Shutz

Joe and Corinne Martin Allen Merriman and Lori Mix Fritz and Deb Morgan Dan and Rachel Nolan Jamie and Jamie Pagliocco David and Debbie Smith Jim and JoHannah Speltz

Andy Stahly and Melissa Magnuson Derek and Lynne Wagner

Betty Jipson Becky Josephson Mary Karlin Katy Keefe-Hancock Dawn Kilcrease Jessie Kimball Derek Lautieri Michele Leclerc Ed Lemire David LeWine Megan Loosigian Steve Mathes Denise McAdoo Lenny McCaigue Terry McGovern Ashley McKannon Chris McNeil Jennifer Melkonian Andy Moerlein Colby Morgan Anna Moskov Andy Myers Rick Olivar

Mary Perkins Annette Peters David Pook Brent Powell Ray Provencher Judy Reynolds Gill Roberts ’99 Marcie Roberts Karen Robichaud Laura Russell Kathleen Rutty-Fey ’87 Lindley Shutz David Simpson Duffy Smiley Ross Soraci Jim Speigel Andrea Stevenson Lisa Tourangeau Alex Vazquez Lynne Wagner Diane Wall Bill Westenberg

FACULTY & STAFF GIVING–100% PARTICIPATION Kristen Acker Deb Allen Richard Anthony Regina Assetta Julie Avery Brennan Barnard Steve Batchelder Justine Beauregard Michael Beesley Becky Berk Bruce Berk Chris Bissonnette Mark Blaisdell Tracy Blaisdell Jenny Boesch Rob Bradley Annie Branch Pete Brandt Stacey Breton Ron Brotherton Brian Brunelle Louisa Burdette Angelo Camberis

Mary Carter Harley Chang Mimi Coombes Jeff Cousineau Ben Dougherty Mia Ek Claire Fauth Debby Fedder Sue Flagg Rob Fogg Mike Garrity Jay Godfrey Gail Gordon Matt Gresko Susan Grodman Alice Handwerk Gary Harper Jeff Hastings Patty Herbert Chris Hettler Dennis Holland Karen Hull Chris Induni

THE 1964 LEGACY SOCIETY Lori Evans Alderin ’00 Ditty Steele Bannon ’99 Annie Branch Caryl and Barry Brensinger Steve and Katie Burke Mary Halpin Carter Danielle Chandonnet Michael and Christine Cikacz Molly Cikacz ’08 David and Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 Pam VanArsdale and Bob Dewey Michael B. Ekman ’69 Hilda W. Fleisher* Elenore Freedman Mary-Ellen Goodspeed ’72 Alice J. Handwerk James D. Hendrix ’77 Dennis Holland Nancy G. Kane David and Rosamond Lockwood David J. and Stephanie Solms McCusker ’84 Jennifer D. Melkonian

Don Monson ’96 Alexandra Muskat ’15 Daniel Muskat ’82 Samantha Muskat ’17 James F. Richardson ’90 Janice Romanowsky E. Charles Sanborn Virginia P. Searle Craig and Cary Sellers Robert Spiegelman and Truda Bloom Drs. Barbara J. and David G. Stahl* Nancy W. Stearns Sheila Steele Jean and Bill Tallman Charles Van Arsdale Marjorie Van Arsdale* Richard and Frances Winneg *indicates deceased



Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey ’87 Benjamin and Jean Y. Horne Chris Kiley ’05 Patrick and Sheryl Kiley Anne D. Milne William Pfeifer David and Andrea Stevenson Noelani M. Stevenson ’15 Ryan Stevenson ’12 Phil and Julie Taub Eric and Wendy Wright

Peter S. Freedman Founders’ Scholar Fund Hal Freedman ’71

The Global Citizen Award In Honor of Blake Marston ’01

Alpha Chi Omega sisters of Nancy Marston: Nancy Hench, Nancy “Hayley” Gillum, Fran Kambour, Kate Callahan, Linda Bertelli, Kendra Pratt, Pat Sabasteanski, Marti Garrich, Lynda Hazen, and Sue Culver Bruce and Becky Berk Ray and Lori Boelig

Elenore Freedman George and Paula Golberg Joy and Jeff Hendrickson Marie Hilliard ’03 Holen Katz Hirsh ’01 Bill and Nancy Marston The Melkonian Family Ross Prossner, Jr. E. Charles and Wendy Sanborn Steve Schwartz and Paula Leonard-Schwartz Barry and Barbara Scotch Joni Taube ’69 and Eliot Sirkin Stephanie Wallace Turner ’01 Mary C. Vallier-Kaplan

Henrietta Mesches Memorial Fund Susan Resnicoff ’87

Summit Packaging Systems Endowed Scholarship Fund Summit Packaging Systems

Matthew Lawrence Young ’88 Memorial Fund Louis and Martha Young


Balance as of 6.30.15

General Endowment Financial Aid Endowment Bailey Milne Endowment Fund Faculty Enrichment Fund The Peter S. Freedman Founders’ Scholar Fund Global Citizenship Award Simeon Kass Award for Writing & Humanistic Inquiry The Malone Scholars Program The Clifford R. Nyquist Memorial Scholarship The E. Charles Sanborn Visiting Fellow Fund David G. and Barbara J. Stahl Fund Summit Packaging Endowment for Financial Aid Visiting Writer Literary Fund Matthew Lawrence Young ’88 Memorial Scholarhship Funds in Support of Breakthrough Manchester General Endowment Elkin Teaching Fellowship Fund Joel Vargas Achievement Fund Endowment Total

434,280 1,392,753 184,085 377,224 25,343 8,620 42,783 2,301,301 30,893 254,076 213,179 427,658 17,960 82,734 $5,792,889 1,624,671 509,873 111,264 $2,245,807 $8,038,696

RESTRICTED GIFTING Donors listed below have made gifts to Derryfield in support of additional initiatives. 95.7 WZID Garrett and Christine Adie John ’83 and Karen Allard Allegra Marketing Mark and Christine Anderson Brad ’78 and Linda Benson Benson Lumber & Hardware BK Systems, Inc. The Black Forest Cafe Blue Ribbon Property Improvements, LLC Dan Bolduc and Denise Cascio Bolduc Jennifer A. Borislow Insurance Agency, Inc. Brady Sullivan Properties, LLC Peter Breu Michael Broad ’69 Marc and Laurie Brown John and Isabelle Bryan John Bryant and Julia Cotter Logan Bullitt Steve and Katie Burke C.R. Sparks Kitchen Benjamin S. B. Calegari ’10 Steven Camerino 50

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Elizabeth B. Carey ’76 Roz and Dave Carlson Christopher H. M. Carter and Mary Halpin Carter Jeff and Colleen Chapdelaine David and Jane Charlesworth Checkmate Workforce Solutions Zachary Chin ’11 David and Jennifer Ciechon Michael and Chris Cikacz Citizens Financial Group Class of 2014 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of NNE (Manchester) Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 and David Cochran Cogswell Benevolent Trust Mike and Becky Collins Collins Tree Service, Inc. Andy and Melissa Crews Richard Critz and Kristina Isakovich Dylan Cruess ’97 The Derryfield School Parent/Faculty Association The VanArsdale/Dewey Family Joe and Sheila DeWitt Dixon Golf, Inc. Tim Doherty and Fern Seiden

Howard and Patty Dresner Eldridge Investment Advisors Stephen and Susan Eldridge Heather MacLeod Frink ’00 Mitch and Anne Gagnon Chuck and Nicole Gates GeoInsight, Inc. Bill and Hansi Glahn Rob and Julie Glosner Carroll Goldsmith Pamela Pappas Goode ’69 Gary and Gail Gordon Gary and Brenda Goudreau David and Barbara Haight David and Audrey Hammer Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Mark and Becky Hecox Hession & Pare, P.C. Highland Nursery Nelson and Julia Howe Dan and Kathleen Wall Hughey ’91 Hussey Seating Company Lou and Patricia Imbriano J. Hilburn Jacques Flower Shop Jerome’s Delicatessen & Catering Co. Brian and Brittany Joas Brian and Laurie Johnson

Linda Johnson Mark and Patricia Kegel Bill and Lea Kelsey The Kitchen Kustom Clubs Fitting Center Jim and Laurie Lamp Tony Lapadula and Kathleen Herold Paul J. and Lauren Leyden Dan Li and Wei Wu Lockhart Vaughan Foundation, Inc. David and Rosamond Lockwood Longchamps Electric Inc. Jeff and Elaine Marshall Martignetti Companies of NH MB Tractor and Equipment David and Denise McAdoo McGill’s, Inc. Doug and Shannon McGinley Cathy McGrath Tim and Lisa McGrath McLane Law Firm Gregory J. and Jennifer D. Melkonian Matt Melkonian ’96 Morgan Melkonian ’00 Merchants Fleet Management Brian and Liz Michaud Brian and Anne Mikol Millican Nurseries, Inc.

RESTRICTED GIFTING (CONT.) Brian Miron and Monica Vegelj Monarchs Care Foundation Morin Contracting Services, Inc. Jay and Jenny Carlson Mullins ’86 Ken and Cheryl Murray Jeff and Lisa Neville Charlie Northrup and Camille Triola-Northrup Notifier by Honeywell Jamie and Jamie Pagliocco Matt and Michelle Pierson Pioneer Athletics Vadim and Colleen Plotsker Daniel C. and Lucy S. Potter Brent and Wendy Powell

Pete and Sue Powell Mike and Deanna Powell Puritan Backroom Restaurant Asim and Renee Razvi RedBlack Software, LLC Sarah and Jimmy Rich ’92 Stewart and Tanya Richmond Rist-Frost-Shumway Engineering, P.C. Tom and Sharon Rohlfs Dick and Annie Samuels SBT Partners, LLC School Furnishings, Inc. Mark Schwartzberg and Sasha Kuftinec James Goldenberg and Gay Shanahan ’76

Jerry and Brigid Sheehan Cameron Shilling Lara Shilling Smart Tuition Spectrum Marketing Jim and Teresa Speigel STA, Inc. Arthur Sullivan Swenson Granite Works Phil and Meg Tatro Phil and Julie Taub Joni Taube ’69 and Eliot Sirkin Tom and Lisa Thorne Tidewater Catering Group Lisa Tourangeau

Sam and Cherie Travis Dick and Kim Vaillancourt Johannes and Betsy van Duren W.B. Mason Co., Inc. David and Jennifer Wagner John and Amy Watson Porter Weeks ’99 Lisa Wolff Workplace Benefit Solutions Louis and Martha Young The Zorn Family

Barclays Education Gift Matching Program Cubist Pharmaceuticals Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program GE Foundation Google Gift Matching Program

IBM Corporation JPMorgan Chase Foundation Microsoft Giving Campaign NetScout Systems Inc. Oracle Corporation Raytheon Company RBC Foundation - USA

RBS Citizens Financial Group RiverStone Resources, LLC Sapient TRUiST Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Anonymous Adobe Aetna Foundation, Inc. Alliance Holdings, Inc. AmazonSmile Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation

TRIBUTED GIFTING In Honor of Cam ’19 and Cali ’21 Bishop Rodney and Sharon Hansen

Gary Jones and Mary-Sue Tuuri Sofia Kouninis ’10 Amanda Fiedler Wastrom ’97

In Honor of Ellie Cochran ’69

In Honor of Laurel Devino Chris Kiley ’05 Patrick and Sheryl Kiley Noelani M. Stevenson ’15 Ryan Stevenson ’12

Carolyn and Randy* Benthien Eleanor Goldthwait Richard and Frances Winneg

In Honor of Carl Crafts ’07

In Memory of George Dirth ’04

Lisa Wolff

Farrah Desrosiers ’04

In Memory of Richard A. Crafts Lisa Wolff

In Honor of Natalie Duncan ’15

In Honor of Patrick ’15 and Tyler ’20 Critz

In Memory of Suzanne Ekman

Benjamin and Jean Y. Horne

Gershon Ekman ’71

Toy and Joe Cobbe

In Honor of Derryfield’s 50th Anniversary

In Honor of Ryan Goggin ’16 Ken and Leslie Goggin

Jim and Gina McCalmont Phil and Julie Taub

In Memory of Rick Harding

In Honor of Derryfield Faculty and Staff

In Honor Paul J. Leyden

John and Carrie Bouton Erik Fey and Kathleen Rutty-Fey ’87 Carson and Shari Hovey

Brad and Jane Vogl

David and Rosamond Lockwood

In Honor of Blake Marston ’01

Alpha Chi Omega Sisters of Nancy Marston: Nancy Hench, Nancy “Hayley” Gillum, Fran Kambour, Kate Callahan, Linda Bertelli, Kendra Pratt, Pat Sabasteanski, Marti Garrich, Lynda Hazen, and Sue Culver Bruce and Becky Berk Ray and Lori Boelig Andrew Cochran ’01 and Kristen Geiger Cochran ’02 Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 and David Cochran Elenore Freedman George and Paula Goldberg Joy and Jeff Hendrickson Marie Hilliard ’03 Holen Katz Hirsh ’01 Bill and Nancy Marston Andrea Schwartz McCullough ’01 The Melkonian Family Seth Pitman ’01 Ross Prossner, Jr. E. Charles and Wendy Sanborn Steve Schwartz and Paula Leonard-Schwartz Barry and Barbara Scotch Joni Taube ’69 and Eliot Sirkin Stephanie Wallace Turner ’01 Mary C. Vallier-Kaplan

In Honor of Sydney Porto ’20 Samuel and Sandra Banis

In Memory of Selma Deitch Sigel Esther Fishman

In Memory of Jason Treisman Ann V. Allard

In Honor of Dillon Wright ’14 Eric and Wendy Wright

In Memory of Matthew Lawrence Young ’88 Louis and Martha Young


alumni news 1973

Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69 with her family, son Andrew ’01, husband David, daughter Sarah, and daughter-in-law, Kristen Geiger Cochran ’02.


Nancy Ekman Dorner and her husband, Bruce, welcomed their first grandchild in February. ▪ Ellie Goodwin Cochran was honored as the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Citizen of the Year.


Bennett Freeman reports, “On May 2, the Class of ’70 celebrated our 45 th post-Derryfield year, starting with the alumni cocktail party at Derryfield, and transitioning to dinner, Chez Bennett. A number of us toured the School, and were amazed by and impressed with the changes. John Hanlon came in from Florida, taking a break from his work on the upcoming Neil Young release. Mike Theo has “retired” to Florida, while others, like Scott Freedman, are loving work and have no particular desire to stop. Champ Allard holds the middle ground —he accepts work when he wants to. Adair O’Reilly reports that she and Jim continue to work to get their hydroelectric generators up and running. Bette Podles Keegan did not attend, because she and Gary ’69 were away celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. Those in attendance agreed that five years is too long to wait, so we will try to get together in 2017, when (most of) the Class of ’70 turns 65.”


Dr. Peter Kfoury continues his successful practice as a holistic primary care chiropractic internist and will also release a CD this year of music on the oud (Middle Eastern lute). 52

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Tom Sadler won first place in the 2015 Outdoor Writers Association of America Excellence in Craft Contests fishing category for “Back to the Basics,” Fly, Rod & Reel, Summer 2014. Tom is the executive director of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, the Voice of the Outdoors. In his spare time, he is a guide and instructor for Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, specializing in the tenkara style of fly-fishing, and an award-winning freelance outdoor writer. Tom and his wife, Beth, live with their black lab Lily in the Shenandoah Valley town of Verona, VA.


David Smith reports, “I retired from Lebanon High School in June. Thirty years of working in various New Hampshire public schools seemed enough. Heidi told me I had to stay busy so I signed up for three classes at the Community College of Vermont. I’m also continuing to serve as the treasurer for the New Hampshire Association of School Psychologists.”


Bill Skladony threw a Derryfield party last fall. There was a sprinkling of classes from the 1970s!

Left to Right are: Floor: Robin (Potter) Nickerson ’78, Suzie Devine ’75, Jeannie Devine ’76, Gina Chaplain ’76, Craig Potter ’75, Gay Shanahan ’76. Standing: Jim Hendrix ’77 leaning on Jim Shanahan’s ’74 chair, Jonathan Cohen ’75, Bess Carey ’76, Gayle McGinnis ’76, Buddy Pope ’77, Maria Holland Law ’75, Jeff VanderWolk ’74, Mark Fleisher ’75, Bill Skladony ’75, and Damian Turner ’75.


Sue Milne Haydock started working at Binnie Media in Central and Southern New Hampshire in February as a Marketing Representative. Binnie Media includes 105.5 JYY, 93.3/95.3/107.1 The Wolf, 106.3 and 99.1 Frank FM, WLNH, and WEMJ as well as NH1 News and news website.


Scott Jensen still lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Cyndie Jensen, and their two boys, Aksel and Marshall Jensen, (ages 3 years and 8 weeks as of June 1st). He is hard at work now building an organic veggie and fruit snack company called Rhythm Superfoods and still an active owner/board member of Stubb’s Bar-B-Q companies. All fun businesses to be involved in and he can’t wait to start another!


Edward Haletky moved back to Austin, TX with his wife of ten years, where he continues to run his two businesses: AstroArch Consulting, Inc. and The Virtualization Practice, LLC. Edward is currently working on books, ideas, and products within the Virtualization & Cloud space. ▪ Stephanie Solms McCusker reports, “We are still at Cardigan Mountain School, where Dave is head of school and I do a little bit of a variety of things (communications, admissions, etc.)—and we will be here for one more year (2015–16) in these roles. Our older son, Colin, is in his last year at St. Michael’s College (VT) and younger son, Cam, has begun his sophomore year at Wesleyan University (CT).” ▪ Anu Mathur Mullikin’s daughter, Katelyn ’15, graduated from Derryfield in June and will be attending Tufts. ▪ Patrick Rutty has been laying the groundwork for an oil and gas exploration company start-up since January. His sons are currently earning more money at minimum wage grocery and thrift store jobs than he is—but he is having way more fun! If all goes well, the new company, Alcova Resources, will be up and running by early August and will embark upon drilling and production programs in northeast Wyoming. Yes: he will be fracking. No: it won’t ruin anybody’s water supply!

at AAHOA (the Asian American Hotel Owners Association), a wonderful non-profit hospitality association with which I have been involved for many years. I am really excited for a complete change in career. I am also navigating the dangerous waters of having a daughter entering high school and one entering fifth grade. It makes me think of Derryfield often. Life in Atlanta is great.”


Two generations of alumni from the class of 2015 Commencement. From left to right: Sophia Allard ’15, Anu Mathur Mullikin ’84, Katelyn Mullikin ’15, Andrew Benson ’15, Brad Benson ’78, Sam Muskat ’15, and Dan Muskat ’82. (John Allard ’83 is missing from this photograph.)

(He is more than happy to discuss this topic objectively with anybody who wishes to call him at 303-877-6608.)


Nye Hornor reports, “Last fall John Van Hooser was visiting Derryfield and Alice Handwerk, Director of Alumni Development, contacted me to have lunch with John. I was surprised to have lunch with Mr. Holland, Mr. Sanborn, Head of School Mary Halpin Carter, John, and Alice. It was a great lunch, catching up on John’s adventures, family, and work over the past 30 years. We rehashed stories from our Derryfield days and talked about all the changes that have happened at Derryfield. Then at our 30th year class reunion in May, I got to see Patrick Timmins. We talked about our old Spanish teacher Sr. Gomez, fun stories of our younger days at Derryfield and were able to catch up with each other. I was glad to not be the only representative from the class of 1985. I did see a lot of other friends from reunion years 25 and 35. My wife, Angela Calvetti Hornor ’92 joined me for the Derryfield 50th Gala. It was a great night seeing old headmasters, Mr.

Pfeifer and Mr. Hurlbut, and many of our old teachers. The School was amazingly decorated to celebrate the 50th and the food and friends made it a great night. Funny how it has gone by so quickly. I hope the best for all of my classmates!” The Hornors live in Amherst with a son and two daughters, who all lead active lives. He is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Amherst Label. ▪ John Van Hooser and Nye partnered to chair their reunion, but with John’s baseball coaching commitments and success he was unable to make it back. John is living in Tiburon, CA with his wife, two sons, and a daughter, where he is Managing Partner of a private credit company called Fountain Partners, headquartered in San Francisco.


Nicholas Sapankevych received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of South Florida in Tampa.


Rachel Humphrey shares, “After 20 years in the courtroom, I have started working as the VP and Managing Attorney for Franchise Relations

Lisa Newman reports, “I’m living in Northampton, MA with my husband and daughters Rachel (8) and Hannah (5). I’m working as a software engineer at Wellesley College, and am thankful for the Basic and Pascal programming classes taught by Ed Lemire and Mr. Holland, as this set me on a career path that I’ve really enjoyed. A highlight from the past year is visiting Mr. Sanborn and his wife with my daughters, and of course getting into a great history discussion. I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar, and was happy to have my daughter Rachel teach me some chords this past year.” ▪ Alexandra Terninko reports, “My latest and greatest is that I changed positions to work close to home in Richmond, CA. While coworkers tell me I shouldn’t expect to feel comfortable and confident for another five years, the feeling of ignorance and uncertainty is totally worth it. I now have a 15-minute commute and get to experience life outside of work during the week as well as on weekends. Start early. Home at 4:00. (Hee, hee). I see my family. Take walks. Read on occasion. I’ve even cleaned out a couple thousand unread messages from my home email. Now that’s progress.”


Brenda Silva Gonzalez reports, “Mario and I are very excited that our son Noah will be a new member of the Derryfield class of 2019 in the fall. Our oldest, Nate, will be a senior at Bishop Guertin. Other than managing apartments in Milford, I spend a lot of my free time running, and ran my first marathon in Montreal in September 2014. I also ran on team ‘See Jane Run’ in the Reach the W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G


Kristine Girard Benson and her husband, Jerrod, their son Chase (4) and daughter Cali (1) welcomed Cade Anthony Benson on May 8 weighing in at 9 lbs., 10 oz. and 21 inches.


Brenda Silva Gonzalez ’89 with her son, Noah ’19.

Beach race this September.” ▪ Erik Noyes is an Entrepreneurship Professor at Babson College, where he recently earned tenure. He teaches for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative, which aims to grow small businesses in distressed U.S. companies.


Kate Schmitt is a creative writing professor at Florida Atlantic University and just published her first book, Singing Bones: A Memoir.


Hilary Hornor Boynton published a cookbook this past September titled Heal Your Gut. ▪ Geoff Fiedler and his wife, Jessica, welcomed their second daughter Francesca Mae born on July 4, 2014. ▪ Tyler Merrill married Dr. Suzanne Stewart on August 2, 2014.

Helen Gemmill and her husband, Dan, welcomed baby number two, John William Yechout, on November 6, 2014, named after Helen’s dad. ▪ Brenna McCandliss Thomas reports, “ Still at home with the boys. Zander is in first grade and Hartley is in preschool. Both boys have lots of energy and I love it. Shane is working in the health care industry and we are lucky he has a flexible schedule—we get lots of family time. Helen Gemmill has an amazing little farm in Boulder so a group of us invaded and brought our children. Needless to say, we took a long trip down memory lane. It reminded us that 20 years is next year and us moms like to plan ahead. I said I would get info on how reunions are planned and what Derryfield needs from us. Next, I plan to rally the ’96’ers!” [Reunion will be held April 30, 2016.] ▪ Dana Gomez-Gayne reports, “On July 19, 2014, I married Greg Gayne in Santa Monica, CA. We had a great Derryfield turnout! (see photo on next page) ▪ Tim Foster made Derryfield his second stop in New Hampshire after a trip to The Puritan for tenders. He stopped by with his family to show them his school. Tim and his brother, Jon Foster ’94 are running Red

Brenna McCandliss Thomas and a few other ’96ers had a mini-reunion earlier this year, and brought the kids!

Smith Foods, Inc., a pickled snack food company in southern Florida. ▪ Sarah Lievens’ mother reports that Sarah is engaged after living with her beau for several years. ▪ Matt Melkonian and Lauren Schlichter were married on August 22 at Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH. The bridal party included Derryfield alums sister Morgan Melkonian ’00 and Dan Oas ’96.


Devon Payson, now Devon Wilson, married Randy Wilson in Laguna Beach, CA on May 24, 2014. She also reports on an addition to the family! “My husband Randy and I had our sweet little baby boy three weeks early, but he was healthy, strong and ready to greet the world! Ryder Jacob Wilson was born on January 28, 2015, just under 7 lbs. and such a happy baby. We feel so blessed and love our little family so much!” (see page 60)


Matthew Scotch is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Arizona State University. He lives with his wife, Allison, who is graduating from medical school at the University of Arizona. ▪ Michael Wall and his wife, Autumn, had a son, Connor, born on March 19, 2015. (see page 60) Derryfield inspired him to get involved in a local charter school in the area and has become not just a classroom substitute, but the JV basketball coach thanks to Rob Bradley’s influence. 54

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Pictured left to right: Ray Campanile ’92, Jeff Reed ’92, Jenn Hall ’92, Tyler Merrill ’92, Jason Donnelly ’92 (who officiated) and Jeremy Crane ’92 at Tyler’s wedding.


Sabine Wissam Aissa was born December 31. Evelyn Brensinger and her husband, Ahmad, are the proud parents. ▪ Chris Norwood’s family doubled in size on New Year’s Day when he and Meg welcomed twin girls, Madeline Elizabeth born 3 lbs., 14 oz. and Rileigh Acadia born 4 lbs., 9 oz. Both were 17.5 inches long. (see page 60) Celebrating the nuptials of Dana GomezGayne ’96. Back row: Bryon Scott (Carver’s husband), Carver Woodbury Scott, Rebecca Jones Martin, Helen Gemmill, Julie Davis Michelsen, Nate Michelsen (Julie’s husband). Front row: Brenna McCandliss Thomas, Greg and Dana, and Kristin Pearson Wydom.

Tim Foster ’96’s family seated from left to right: His parents, Steve and Anne Foster, his wife, Caralyn with their children Finn and Albie.


Lori Evans married Adam Alderin in October 2014. She was blessed with “a beautiful day and thrilled to have so many classmates there.” ▪ John Arnold married Cyrena Briede on June 13, 2015 at John’s childhood home in Francestown.

An abundance of alums attended Lori Evans ’00’s wedding including Heather Frink ’00, Pike Severance ’99, Katie Griffin ’00, Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69, Ali Gieger ’00, Matt D’Alessio ’01, Brinie Dunlap ’00, Meredith Johnson ’00, Jake Prunier ’00, Justin Shaka ’00, John Arnold ’00, and Steve Sideris ’00.


Liz Bolduc Boswell came home to Derryfield (just for a little while)! She was the MS girls’ basketball assistant coach. She and her daughters stayed with her mom and dad waiting for on-base housing in Hawaii. Her husband, Kevin, is already located on base. ▪ Gerard Murphy, Elizabeth, Caroline (4), and James (2) welcomed William Dennis Murphy to the family, born December 12 at 4:37 PM. He is an 8 lbs., 15 oz. bundle of awesomeness! (see page 60)

▪ It’s been a busy year for Graham Duck and

his wife, Jenny! They made the move back to the 603 after living in California for the past 14 years, and also welcomed a new little Duckling! Raleigh Michael was born April 28 and big sis, Isla Elaine, is now two years old! (see page 60) ▪ Ali Geiger started working at the law firm of Mclane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton in 2015 in both the Manchester and Woburn offices, focusing on commercial and employment litigation. ▪ Laura Hunter just moved from San Francisco, CA to Bedford, NH to co-found a new tech startup. TestNotice specializes in sending push notifications via text message and phone call to alert DUI offenders of their random court ordered drug and alcohol testing. The company’s motto is “never miss a random drug testing appointment because you weren’t notified.” TestNotice was a finalist in the MYPN NH StartUp Challenge competition. ▪ Becca Maglathlin reports, “So, here’s a quick update. 2014 has been a busy year! I finished my Ph.D. in Chemical Biology at UCSF in the beginning of January and started as a senior scientist for L’Oreal at a new, small, startup-style research center they opened in an incubator in San Francisco. My husband Peter and I bought our first house, out by Ocean Beach in San Francisco so we can surf as much as possible! I installed a large sculptural installation with a group of artists I’ve been working with since 2008, the Flaming Lotus Girls. We installed Soma on the Embarcadero, and it’ll be there until June 2015. And finally, saving the best for last, Mila Petrovna Malkina was born on October 11. Obviously the best part of a busy year!”


Joining John Arnold ’00 to celebrate his nuptials were alums Justin Shaka ’00, Hannah Arnold ’99, John, Cyrena, Steve Sideris ’00, Jake Prunier ’00, and Lori Evans Alderin ’00.

Fred Coolbroth was chosen for The New Hampshire Union Leader’s 40 under 40 class of 2015. As an attorney at Rath, Young, and Pignatelli, P.C., Fred enjoys the challenge of solving problems. He also serves as Vice Chair of the board of the New Hampshire American Red Cross. ▪ Craving falafel? Visit one of Matt D’Alessio’s Amsterdam Falafel Shops in Boston or Somerville! (see photo on following page) ▪ A faculty visit to Chicago by history teacher W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G


Matt D’Alessio ’01 in front of his new falafel shop in Davis Square.

David Pook led to a serious case of serendipity when—that of all the restaurants in all of Chicago—he and the Derryfield alums he was visiting with were randomly seated next to Tammy Klein, who was in town from Boston where she’s a lawyer. She fessed up to being a ringleader of the senior prank that year (certainly older faculty members will recall the smell of manure being tracked into the school?), and promised to atone for her crimes by coming back to see Ed Lemire and play in the Thanksgiving Alumni Basketball game. ▪ Anna Marciniak reports, “I live in Oahu, HI, overlooking Honolulu on the summit of Tantalus Mountain. I work as a designer: interior, landscape, jewelry, and furniture. I also buy and sell art, jewelry, sculpture, and mid-century modern furniture. I’m currently working to restore the sculpture garden at Spalding House (Honolulu Museum of Art’s Contemporary Museum). My husband is ex-military and works as a contractor for the Pentagon. He is on assignment in the Pacific, so we get to live here for a few years.” ▪ Derryfield alumni gathered for a photo shoot at the wedding of Lorelei Westbrook to Benjamin Lepesqueur on July 10 at Sheady Acres in Montgomery, VT.


Maureen Harrington Aydin and her husband, Tarek, welcomed baby Lilah, who joins big sister Alina (3). (see page 60) ▪ Molly Zink Finocchiaro and Francesco Finocchiaro 56

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

welcomed their first baby, Santino Francesco, on November 7, 2014. (see page 60) ▪ Rob Buchholz is practicing law at Mintz Levin in Boston. His practice involves public finance, which involves helping public entities, states and municipalities, 501(c)(3)s, schools and universities, and certain other private businesses borrow money for infrastructure and capital projects. He and his wife, Lindsey, also have two-year-old Claire Ryan Buchholz at home! ▪ After meeting in a study-abroad in Spain in 2004, and reuniting several years later, Matt Reno and Hope Huynh were married in Maine in August with two Derryfield groomsmen, Matt Boelig and Rob Buchholz.


Sara Dewey was married last summer in a backyard wedding and is studying environmental law at Harvard. (see page 57) ▪ Steve Flagg’s Charlotte turned one on January 26—hard to believe a year has already gone by! ▪ Dee Dupuis Hammarsten and her husband, Carl, welcomed their first baby on November 14, 2014. Anders James Hammarsten weighed in at 7 lbs., 11 oz. and 21 inches. (see page 60) ▪ Mike McCormick is living in

Claire Byan Buchholz, age 2, daughter of Rob ’02.

Bedford, NH with his wife, Kelly, and their two children, Ava and Parker. Mike works for Liberty Mutual as a Manager of Data Visualization in Global Specialty IT. Mike’s brothers Mark ’05, Matt ’09, Marty ’ 11, and brother-in-law, Ryan Audley ’05 come over to spend time with their niece and nephew whenever they can. He and family spend a lot of time at Lake Winnipesaukee during the summer months, where they enjoy boating and swimming with the kids. ▪ Hanna Melnick and her husband,

Many alums gathered to celebrate Lorelei Westbrook ’01’s nuptials this July. Pictured from left to right: Front: Chubby Westbrook ’13, Finn Westbrook ’09, Tucker Westbrook ’11. Back: Ali Gieger ’00, Matt D’Alessio ’01, Brian Horton ’01, Zach Bioteau ’01, Lorelei, Moira Delahanty ’02, Ashley Westbrook ’04, and Meredith Leyden ’11.


Nicolas Couraud is now the IT Manager for Xamarin, a San Francisco based company. ▪ Tim Mastrogiacomo and his wife, Elizabeth, were married on July 5, 2014.Tim is now serving as a Captain in the Army National Guard in Kuwait. ▪ Sarah Sanford is back at it! She has recently started playing indoor field hockey in Boston. ▪ Drew Moerlein married Adrienne Farr October 24, 2014 in Marble Falls, TX. (see page 58) ▪ Robby and Sarah Zeller welcomed their first child, Gabrielle Rose, on June 4, 2015. Gabrielle weighed in at 8 lbs., 12 oz. (see page 60)

Sara Dewey ’03 enjoying her backyard wedding with Derryfield crew. From left to right: Charlie Goodwin, Kate Hanna, Jaye Goodwin, Hale Melnick ’06, Scott Migliori ’03, Hanna Melnick ’03, Molly Scotch ’03, Sara and Noah, David Henry ’01, Cathy Green, Pam VanArsdale, Jim Starr, Candy Chaplin, Kate Dewey ’05, Shep Melnick, Joanne Linden, and Terri Moyer.

Prior to becoming a mom, I was teaching first grade at an independent school called The Little Red School House in Greenwich Village.”


Derek Boelig got engaged to Cristina Cannella on November 1. He proposed on a rainy day under a Patriots canopy in Hoboken on the Hudson River overlooking The Big Apple. Brother Matt Boelig ’02 and both the Boelig and Cannella families were there to enjoy a weekend-long celebration. ▪ Cooper Cunliffe is living in Buenos Aires, where he is tutoring and bartending. ▪ Emily Fritch is working for

Mike McCormick ’03 and his growing family.

George McLean, are living in the Bay Area, and welcomed a daughter, Evelyn Hanna, on July 18, 2015. (see page 60) ▪ Scott Migliori and Jill Libby were married on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the Blue Point Congregational Church in Scarborough, ME. Their reception followed at Grace Restaurant in Portland. Scott and Jill are both CPA’s, employed as Tax Directors at PwC in Boston, where they first met. They currently reside in South Boston. ▪ Melanie Lindner Robbins reports,” I am loving motherhood! I still live in New York, NY. My son’s name is Noah Philip Robbins. He was born on October 3, 2014.

A big Derryfield showing at the wedding of Scott Migliori ’03. From left to right: Hannah Melnick ’03, Elizabeth Richey ’03, Mackenzie Logan ’11, Sara Dewey ’03, Steve Flagg ’03, Ben Loveless ’03, Liza Townsend ’04, Regis Wakefield ’03, Duke Logan ’07, Scott and Jill, Jose Maldonado ’03, Kyle Ruston ’03, Mike McCormick ’03, Natalie Coviello ’07, Kristie Migliori ’07, and Dane Benton ’03. W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G


(Brown grad with a master’s from Oxford) on September 20, 2014 in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard. They honeymooned in Peru, and are living in Newport, RI. ▪ Alix Reilley reports, “I am a residence counselor at Nashua Children’s Home.” ▪ Stacie Foote Umperovitch married Zach Umperovitch on October 25, 2014. (see page 59)


Drew Moerlein ’04 and his bride, Adrienne.

a non-profit, Education Pioneers, that links grad students with K-12 schools where they can bring their real world expertise to the good of education. She was married on June 13 in Beverly, MA. ▪ Kim Cohen Neil reports, “I married my Colby sweetheart (Christopher Neil) in Maine in 2013—fellow Derryfield alums Amanda Kutz, Heather Schofield, and Christina Nyquist were in attendance. A little over a year later (November 2014), we welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby boy Griffin Dyer Neil. We’re currently located in Rhode Island, where I’m a graduate student at Brown University working on my Ph.D. in biology.” ▪ Alan Raff graduated from Suffolk Law and passed the Massachusetts Bar. ▪ Leslie Stonebraker has become the social media guru for an internet startup in New York City.


Samantha Mastrogiacomo is engaged! She is getting married in October 2015 to Steven Rolecek (who attended Derryfield through ninth grade!). ▪ Congratulations to Nicole Nijhuis Tourtellot and her husband, Will, whose first baby, Madison Grace, was born on June 22. ▪ Rachel Romanowsky (Trinity grad) married Colin Keogh of Greenwich, CT,— 58

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Natalie Coviello reports, “I graduated from BU with my Doctor of Physical Therapy. I’m currently living in Boston and working at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Woburn with stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. Strange to be in the real world after so many years of school, but I love my job.” ▪ Nguyen Doan is working at Northeastern University and just finished NU’s MBA program. ▪ Patrick Gaffney is working as an Account Development Manager at Forrester Research in Cambridge within their Premiere Accounts division. ▪ Taylor Krause is working at Rue La La in Boston. ▪ Dakyung Lee reports, “I am currently living in Korea, got married in 2013, and my husband and I are expecting our first child this September.” ▪ Duke Logan is working at Motus in Product Management. ▪ Jackson MacKenzie is living in Boston and recently published a book. ▪ Kristie Migliori is working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Child Health Services in Manchester, NH.


Molly Cikacz is a fourth grade teacher at the Hosmer School in Watertown, MA. ▪ After receiving his master’s of science in physician assistant studies, Than Moore has been teaching for the Bay Path University Physician Assistant Program in Longmeadow, MA. He recently accepted a new position to begin work as a Physician Assistant in the emergency department at the University of Vermont Medical Center and will be moving up to Burlington, VT soon! ▪ Audrey Morgan attended the Culinary Institute of America, and is now living in Chicago where she helps run a dinner prep company. ▪ Danielle Potter reports, “I recently received my Doctorate in physical therapy from Quinnipiac University! I

am currently working at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, NH as an outpatient physical therapist. I am working with a variety of patients with different diagnoses ranging from stroke, back pain, total joint replacements, and sports injuries. So far, it has been an amazing experience, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn and become a better physical therapist.”


Mickey Cunliffe is living in Tianjin, China and teaching. ▪ Kat DiPastina is starting her rounds at the Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine. ▪ Lydia MacKenzie works in New York City as an event planner for a financial company. ▪ Sean O’Reilly has moved to Rhinelander, WI, where he works at Regal Beloit as an Application Engineer. ▪ In 2014, Gavin Slusher completed a 2,660 mile, 5 month thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. ▪ Sandra Stonebraker is enlightening the minds of Boston area high school students as a math teacher. ▪ After graduating from UVM, Finn Westbrook set a course to expand his horizons, see some sights, and meet new people. He biked from Bar Harbor, ME to the Bronx to meet up with brother Tucker Westbrook ’10. He was joined by Drew Mokas and Eli Mokas ’11 for one of the wettest days of the trip. His next venture was a fund raising drive for the ALS Family Charitable Foundation in honor of his grandmother. He rode an 8,000 mile solo cross country ride (NH-FL-CA-WA) and raised close to $10k. He now is working in a mountain side ski shop in Alta, UT. In between his adventures, Finn works for S & W Sports shop in Concord, NH.


Brandan Rivard is now working in the Big Apple! ▪ Jesse Stephens was asked to speak and present her research at the Issues in Political Economy conference for Campaign Contributions in the 2012 Congressional Elections in New York City! This was on her original research that she did for statistics and economics. ▪ Brandon Wilson recently began teaching physics at the Trinity-Pawling School in Pawling, NY.

blog for Barnard at barnardadmiss.wordpress. com/author/hannahspierer! ▪ Mike Stone made sure to stop by to visit Derryfield, having just returned from three months in Austria for a semester away with two Bates professors! ▪ Christina Williams is loving BC and missing everyone at Derryfield!


Stacie Foote Umperovitch ’06 with her husband, Zach, and Derryfield’s own Ed Lemire.


Harry Burnham is teaching math at Hillside School in Marlborough, MA. ▪ Nicole Chenelle graduated from Georgetown University this past May and will be starting at Georgetown Law this fall. ▪ Hunter Holbrook graduated from Syracuse in May and is on to the next adventure! He’s now working on jobs in New York City in advertising/media planning. ▪ Alex Jenney has a new job! He’s now working for Dassault Systems. ▪ Erica Raff has been inducted into the Mortar Board Honor Society and is a touring member of the Bryce Dance Company. ▪ Aseeb Niazi is excited to share that he is working for World Affairs Council of NH, a non-profit, non-partisan organization devoted solely to fostering learning, discussion, and citizen involvement in world affairs. “I believe in the work that is getting done and I am happy to be a part of it.” ▪ Surprise! Meredith Leyden is back at Derryfield, working as the Assistant Director of Admission! She is thrilled to be working alongside her teenage mentors and enjoying the New England lifestyle, once again.


Everett Baker earned his EMT certification and is a member of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute EMS squad. ▪ Jim Larson received a grant from The Steven Daniel Smallem Memorial Fund at Hamilton College. Jim will use the award to assist in his project, “Power from the Air we Breathe,” a large scale mechanical sculpture that invokes environmental themes and explores human innovation. ▪ Hannah Spierer is currently in the class of 2017 at Barnard College in New York City. Check out her

marriages Tyler Merrill ’92 to Suzanne Stewart on August 2, 2014. Dana Gomez ’96 to Greg Gayne on July 19, 2014. Matt Melkonian ’96 to Lauren Schlichter on August 22, 2015.

Livi LoChiatto is doing great stuff as a first year anthropology student! Looking at how photography and politics determine what we see and show as the “science” of human condition. ▪ Regina Salmons rowed in the Head of the Charles in the Women’s Championship Fours for the University of Pennsylvania! Pretty cool for a first year college rower! ▪ Juan Zamudio is an Advisory Board member for Jayme’s Fund for Social Justice, a fund created in memory of Jayme Anne Lipkin-Moore ’02 to promote initiatives that support the human rights of all children, and to inspire and educate people of all ages on the importance of these issues.

Devon Payson ’97 to Randy Wilson on May 24, 2014.


Drew Moerlein ’04 to Adrienne Farr on October 24, 2014.

Emma Garfield was excited to let us know that she was playing in the Lions Cup annual soccer game New Hampshire vs. Vermont for high school seniors. The teams are comprised of seniors from New Hampshire and Vermont across all divisions. Colby College will be lucky to have her this year!

Lori Evans ’00 to Adam Alderin in October 2014. John Arnold ’00 to Cyrena Briede on June 13, 2015. Lorelei Westbrook ’01 to Benjamin Lepesqueur on July 10, 2015. Matt Reno ’02 to Hope Huynh in August 2015. Sara Dewey ’03 to Noah Walker June 14, 2014. Scott Migliori ’03 to Jill Libby on October 18, 2014. Tim Mastrogiacomo ’04 to Elizabeth in July 2014.

Emily Fritch ’05 to Brett Cochran on June 13, 2015. Kim Cohen ’05 to Christopher Neil in 2013. Rachel Romanowsky ’06 to Colin Keogh on September 20, 2014. Stacie Foote ’06 to Zach Umperovitch on October 25, 2014.

Alumni Council We are pleased to welcome Gayle McGinnis from the class of 1976 as our new Alumni Council president. Gayle has been an engaged alumna and is looking for a way to give back to Derryfield. It is an exciting time for Alumni and the Council as we focus on Goal #1 of the Strategic Plan, Belonging. We are looking for more alumni to “belong” to the council. If you are interested, please contact Alice Handwerk, Director of Alumni Development, ahandwerk@ 603.669.4524, ext. 6104.

Sally Crisp ’76, Gayle McGinnis ’76, and Jeannie Devine ’76, at a 50th art gallery reception. W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G


Baby Santino Francesco born November 7, 2014, son of Francesco and Molly Zink Finocchiaro ’02.

Chris Norwood ’99 rang in the New Year with the birth of his twin girls!

Michael Wall ’94 and his wife, Autumn, welcomed Connor on March 19, 2015.

Dee Dupuis Hammarsten ’03 and her husband, Carl, welcomed baby Anders James.

Proud parents, Robby ’04 and Sarah Zeller, cuddling with Gabrielle Rose.

Baby Lilah, daughter of Maureen Harrington Aydin ’02.

Hannah Melnick ’03 and her husband, George McLean, with daughter, Evelyn Hanna.

Gerard Murphy’s ’98 growing family. Welcome, baby William Dennis!

Alex Moerlein ’01’s son, Theo, snuggling with his dog, Gatsby. 60

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

Baby Ryder Jacob Wilson, son of Devon Payson Wilson ’97 and Randy Wilson.

The newest “Duckling,” Raleigh Michael, son of Graham Duck ’00.

births Geoff Fiedler ’92 and his wife, Jessica, welcomed their second daughter, Francesca Mae, born on July 4, 2014.

Dee Dupuis Hammarsten ’03 and her husband, Carl, had a son, Anders James, on November 14, 2014.

Michael Wall ’94 and his wife, Autumn, had a son, Connor, born on March 19, 2015.

Melanie Lindner Robbins ’03 and her husband welcomed a son, Noah Philip, on October 3, 2014.

Kim Cohen Neil ’05 and her husband, Christopher, welcomed a son, Griffin Dyer, in November 2014.

Kristine Girard Benson ’95 and her husband, Jerrod, had a son, Cade Anthony, on May 8, 2014.

Hanna Melnick ’03 and her husband, George McLean, welcomed a daughter, Evelyn Hanna, on July 18, 2015.Evelyn Hanna, on July 18, 2015

Nicole Nijhuis Tourtellot ’06 and her husband, Will, had a daughter, Madison Grace, on June 22, 2015.

Helen Gemmill ’96 and her husband, Dan, had a son, John William Yechout, on November 6, 2014. Devon Payson Wilson ’97 and her husband, Randy, had a son, Ryder Jacob, on January 28, 2015.

Robby Zeller ’04 and his wife, Sarah, welcomed their first child, Gabrielle Rose, on June 4, 2015.


Gerard Murphy ’98 and his wife, Elizabeth, welcomed a son, William Dennis, on December 12, 2014. Evelyn Brensinger ’99 and her husband, Ahmad, had a daughter, Sabine Wissam Aissa, on December 31, 2014.


Chris Norwood ’99 and his wife, Meg, welcomed twin girls, Madeline Elizabeth and Rileigh Acadia, on January 1, 2013. Graham Duck ’00 and his wife, Jenny, had a son, Raleigh Michael, on April 28, 2015. Becca Maglathlin ’00 and her husband, Peter, welcomed a daughter, Mila Petrovna Malkina, on October 11, 2014. Alex Moerlein ’01 and his wife, Dorothy, welcomed Theodore Douglas on April 20, 2104. Maureen Harrington Aydin ’02 and her husband, Tarek, welcomed daughter, Lilah, to their family. Molly Zink Finocchiaro ’02 and Francesco Finocchiaro ’02 welcomed their first baby, Santino, on November 7, 2014. W W W. D E R RY F I E L D.O R G


Peter D. Carlson ’83 of Hopkinton, died February 11, 2015, after suffering a brief illness. An educator in Manchester and Goffstown for over 15 years, he was a devoted teacher who enjoyed working with adolescents 1983 Yearbook and teens throughout his career. After graduating from Derryfield in 1983, he went on to earn both his bachelor’s degree (in 1988) as well as his master’s in education (in 2011) from Plymouth State University.

Terry B. Goodman ’68 died peacefully on November 20, 2014. A member of Derryfield’s very first graduating class in 1968, he went on to graduate Phi Beta Kappa from the University of New Hampshire in 1972. After a 1968 Yearbook two-year hiatus in Ohio where he worked as a musician and also met his future wife, Elda Cordero, Terry returned to New England and earned his Doctorate of Optometry in 1978 from the New England College of Optometry in Boston.

Peter’s greatest joys were capturing his son’s athletic accomplishments on film and cheering from the water’s edge, watching the sunset with Amy in Bermuda, skiing with his father at Big Sky, and talking to friends new and old. His easy laugh and ability to sit quietly and listen were his greatest gifts. Everyone who knew him will miss his compassionate and caring nature as well as his capable, can-do attitude.

Terry returned to New Hampshire and had his own practice in Milford for thirteen years, after which he was a founder of the Bellows, Goodman, Shaker, Siegal Medical Eye Center in Manchester. In the community, Terry was a long-time member of the Milford Lions Club, holding many offices including District Governor and Council Chair, and was a speaker for Lions Club International.

Peter leaves behind his devoted life companion, Amy Moskwa; a son, Christopher Carlson, of Bedford; step-daughters, Zo Moskwa, of Goffstown and Sayre Moskwa of Boston; parents, Dave and Roz Carlson, of Bridgewater; two sisters, Amy Carlson of Amherst, MA and Jenny Mullins of Hopkinton; along with their spouses and children and many dear cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, and colleagues.

One of Terry’s passions was haunted houses. For 27 years, he created and ran haunted houses for the Lions Club, including their statewide houses. Over the years, his “haunts” raised over $150,000 for the NH Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. He was the “Grand Poobah” of charity haunting in New Hampshire, and he will be deeply missed by generations of haunters and patrons alike.

We at Derryfield gratefully acknowledge the anonymous donor who established a fund in Peter’s memory. The fund will be used to cover four years of tuition for one Derryfield student from the Manchester school district.

Terry is survived by his loving wife of over 41 years, Elda “Hilda” Cordero-Goodman; his daughter, Aleeza; a brother, Malcolm Goodman and his wife, Paula; a niece, Rachel Goodman, and her husband, Robert Duffey; and a grandnephew, Max Duffey.


D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

William “Blake” Marston ’01, died in January 2015, in a military parachutetraining accident. Blake was a Special Warfare Operator 1st Class in the US Navy’s SEAL special operations force, and had served in the Navy for six years. Courtesy “Union Leader”

Blake’s friends and teachers at Derryfield remember him as an outgoing, down-to-earth person, with a wonderful sense of humor. A gifted athlete, his passion was baseball, and he played for four years on Derryfield’s varsity team. Coach Jeff Hastings remembers him as a “friendly, engaging person” who was also “focused and extremely competitive.” He was a three-time NHIAA All Star, the 2001 Division IV Player of the Year, and won the Class of 1970 award for athletic leadership and excellence in both baseball and skiing. Blake also had a strong sense of ethics and a commitment to the community, both locally and globally. He was a member of Derryfield’s Key Club, helped to organize the School’s annual Thanksgiving basket distribution to families in need, and was an active volunteer for Special Olympics. Outside of school, he testified against the death penalty at a New Hampshire Legislative Committee meeting, and went to Washington, DC, for Jubilee 2000, calling for the cancellation of third-world debt. After graduating from Stonehill College in Easton, MA, in 2007, Blake joined the Navy and completed his SEAL training in 2009. He leaves his parents, Nancy and Bill, and his sister, Emily ’05.


catching up with Anthony Popeo ’08 became what was really my second major (formally a minor). I took 30 credits of art class where I would not have considered myself creative or an artist prior. I ended up majoring in economics, which was very analytical, very strategic, extremely theoretical, but then I had the much more practical design side to figure out how to put things together.

Anthony Popeo ’08 performing in Thoroughly Modern Millie with Rose King ’09.

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING SINCE YOU LEFT DERRYFIELD? When I first graduated, I was set on going to Bentley [College] for four years, and then going into finance, and that’ll be it, very cookie cutter, like one and done. In the course of being [there], I realized that ... Bentley was not the right fit. This isn’t to say that Bentley wasn’t a good school, but it’s very much geared for doing one thing and doing [it] very well. So I transferred to Washington University, and my sophomore, junior and senior year I was in St. Louis, MO, which was a huge change of pace from growing up in New England. There was no one from Derryfield there at the time, so it was pretty incredible being in a different part of the country for the first time and not knowing anyone. In a way, [Washington Univeristy] was a lot like being back at Derryfield in that I was surrounded by a bunch of people who were very passionate, incredibly bright, very caring, and supportive. Wash U is much more prepared to take a student and say “we’re going to give you the entire campus; see what you can make of it over the course of your time here.” Having that opportunity was fantastic—I took a graphic design class my sophomore year that then

[Summer jobs at Cantor Fitzgerald and Bloomberg in New York led to a job] with a management consulting company in San Francisco called SY Partners, doing a lot of high level leadership and change management work—a lot of it was how do you better manage interpersonal relationships in a company—and then I had 8 or 9 months of being on my own. I consciously made the choice not to be fully employed; I was very lucky where I had a job offer every month leading up to Google, just looking for a better fit really—I was very fortunate to be in a situation where I could do that. At Google, I’m on the Operations and Business side, where I am the strategy and operations point-person for a team of experienced marketing and creative consultants. We help major brands deliver better and more engaging content across YouTube. HOW DID YOUR DERRYFIELD EXPERIENCE HELP YOU WITH ALL OF THAT? One of the big ones is the willingness to prod people and ask questions. One of the biggest benefits of Derryfield is being able to sit in a class with no more than 14 or 15 people— to work in an environment like that where everyone can just sit in a circle and discuss definitely changes how you present yourself, but also how you listen to what’s going on around you. It was a certain skill that I couldn’t

have caught on to in a different environment because it forces you to learn how to talk on a whim, but also how to participate in a conversation, to have a debate about something. On a daily basis I’m more often than not sitting in a meeting having to be the bad guy that says no, just given the work I’m currently doing, and it’s interesting seeing how certain people converse. A lot of times I realize the way I’m listening and what I’m paying attention to is very much a function of having had discussions as a [teenager] in a Derryfield classroom where we had to be kind and respectful, basically come to the table with maturity about what you’re talking about. I think another interesting parallel is that it made public speaking incredibly easy because we’re always in front of our peers and the entire community; it was very hard to ever feel nervous about getting up in front of a crowd. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE CURRENT STUDENTS? Students have such an incredible opportunity to test out the person they want to be in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment. Being a teenager is tough; I completely remember how critical of myself I was, how much judgment I thought was there. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter—it’s all so formative and influential in what will happen in the years that follow, it would be crazy not to take advantage of the community that’s at your disposal to try things out and see what you like. It’s an incredible playground for a teenager to have.

Alice Handwerk, Director of Alumni Development



2015 saw the passing of two of Derryfield’s Founders. While we mourn their passing, we celebrate their lives and accomplishments. Rhoda Rudnick, 86, passed away on March 24, 2015, after a period of failing health. She was born in Lawrence, MA, daughter of Joseph and Ada Cohen. Rhoda was a homemaker who graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in social work, but her true vocation was painting, which she studied at the Manchester Institute of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, and the deCordova Museum. She specialized in Impressionistic works, which conveyed power through bold lines and bright colors. Her winning paintings were featured in a number of individual and group shows, and included in the Samuel Gruber Foundation Collection. Rhoda believed strongly in education and public service. Besides being one of Derryfield’s Founders, she was one of the longest-standing members of the NH Art Association, and participated for many years in Hadassah, the Jewish Community Center, Temple Adath Yeshurun, and the Manchester Country Club. She honored family and friendship and is remembered for her many acts of

Rhoda and Ralph Rudnick at home. 64

D E R RY F I E L D T O DAY 2 0 1 5

kindness, her sympathy, and generosity. Rhoda is survived by her husband of 66 years, Ralph Rudnick; daughter, Susan Goodman ’69, and her husband, Carl Dawson; and son, Michael Rudnick; along with many nieces and nephews. Howard Z. Hirshberg (aka Honey) of Melbourne, FL, previously of Rye and Manchester, NH died May 27, 2015. Born in Haverhill, MA on March 29, 1926 to Samuel and Bessie (Maistrosky) Hirshberg, he was the second of three children who was known for a quick wit, extraordinary memory, natural athletic abilities across a range of sports, charming his way out of trouble, and his love of music and of people. In order to join the Navy Air Corps at 17, he lied about his age and trained during World War II. Following the war, he went on the GI Bill to Dartmouth College, graduating in 1949 with a degree in mechanical engineering. He joined his father’s shoe business, married Louise (Ginzberg) in 1952 and moved to Manchester to establish the family’s Pittsfield Shoe Corp in Pittsfield. Eventually, as company president he added a factory in Newmarket

and stitching room in Laconia. He had a long career in the shoe business working in the USA; Brazil; as an early “expert” living in China from 1980 to 1985, helping the country establish and set up their shoe industry; and in Hong Kong from 1985 to 1993. He retired to Melbourne, FL with his beloved wife Mara, but continued to work regularly until months before his death, keeping him mobile, busy, and doing what he loved best: interacting with people. Howard will be remembered as a charming and caring guy with an engaging smile, who would stop at nothing to help others; a lover of fun; and a man with the most amazing capacity to think big and follow his dreams. He is survived by his wife, Mara; son, Gary ’72, and his wife, Meg, of Concord; daughters, Susan ’74 and her husband, John Wall, of Washington, DC and Wolfeboro, and Nancy, also of Wolfeboro; five adored grandchildren, Alexander ’06, Ethan ’08, Danielle, Zea, and Emily; and former wives Louise Hirshberg and Anne Cullity. He was predeceased by his twin sons, James and William.

Howard “Honey” Hirshberg with his wife, Mara, and children Gary, Susan, and Nancy.



rwin Muskat and his late wife Margie have had a long affiliation with The Derryfield School. It began, as son Dan ’82 jokingly recalls, when his mom decided he and his sisters, Sue ’84 and Lisa ’85, should go because then they could walk to school and she wouldn’t have to drive them! Kidding aside, Dan’s glad that his mother did send them to Derryfield, so glad, in fact, that Derryfield is now host to a second generation of Muskat children, the daughters of Dan and his wife Lisa, Alex ’15 and Sam ’17. As loyal attendees of Derryfield’s annual Grandparents’ Day, Irwin recalls, “Where I went to school, there was a lock on every locker, every locker was smashed in, and every locker had graffiti on it. I looked at the lockers [at Derryfield] and asked, “do they use these?!?” It still amazes me that you don’t have locks on your lockers. I don’t think that’s typical.” Along with the delights of the day, Irwin is amazed and impressed at the work his granddaughters are doing. He recalls a time when he was able to help them with their school work several years ago, but both Dan and Irwin now agree that, for example, the level of math Alex and Sam study has surpassed both of their classroom memories.

irwin & margie muskat The Muskats traveled to Israel with their extended family for Sam’s bat mitzvah. From left to right: Irwin, Dan ’82, Margie, Sam ’17, Sue Ellen Knoll ’84, Lanna Knoll, Lisa, Alex ’15, Sheila Kaminsky, and Phil Knoll.

The Muskats support Derryfield for one reason: “We give out of an appreciation for what the School has been able to do for both our children and grandchildren and in hopes that other kids will have the same opportunity,” says Irwin. “Our grandchildren are getting an unbelievable education and at the same time, and more importantly, the enthusiasm that the School generates in the grandkids; it was so totally opposite of what both of us, Margie and I, experienced when we went to school. All in all life has been very good to all of us,” Irwin reflects. “We have managed very nicely and Margie had a very nice life too. We have just been very blessed and very lucky.” Derryfield has been blessed by the Muskats’ generosity and volunteerism. We missed Margie at Grandparents’ Day this fall, but her generous spirit lives on in her husband, children, and grandchildren, and we are proud that they continue to value and support the School.

The Derryfield School 2108 River Road, Manchester, NH 03104-1302


50 TH ANNIVERSARY: RELIVING THE FIRST “FIRST DAY.” Michael Broad ’69, Ellie Goodwin Cochran ’69, Brad Benson ’78, Mary Halpin Carter, Michael Litvin ’71, Susan Stahl Hardy ’70, and Alex Hardy after the opening assembly celebrating the 50 th Anniversary of the first day of school at Derryfield.

Derryfield Today 2015  

The magazine of The Derryfield School in Manchester, NH

Derryfield Today 2015  

The magazine of The Derryfield School in Manchester, NH