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breed list RagaMuffin Maine Coon Cornish Rex Tuxedo Mix Birman Oriental Bengal Tonkinese Exotic Longhair Sphynx Black Mix Napoleon Ocicat American Curl Selkirk Rex Burmese Siberian Siamese Tortoiseshell Mix Himalayan Persian American Shorthair Devon Rex Tabby Mix Bombay Persian p r e v i o u s : k h a n ab ov e : b e ar &  s i s sy

Kittenhood_mechs[int]021413.indd 6-7

2/18/13 9:03 AM


Kittenhood_mechs[int]021413.indd 30-31

Birman: 11 weeks, 3 lbs

2/18/13 9:05 AM

ab ov e &  o p p o s i te : b e l l a

Kittenhood_mechs[int]021413.indd 48-49

2/18/13 9:07 AM

o p p o s i te : t i l l i e ab ov e : e m m e t t &  t i l l i e

Kittenhood_mechs[int]021413.indd 60-61

2/18/13 9:08 AM

ab ov e : h ar p e r t i ar a , s i l ly , g u m by &  pl at i n u m sk y

Kittenhood_mechs[int]021413.indd 68-69

2/18/13 9:09 AM

ab ov e : t i m b e r o p p o s i te : p e ta l , t i m b e r &  sk y

Kittenhood_mechs[int]021413.indd 80-81

2/18/13 9:10 AM

ab ov e : t i g g e r &  ruby o p p o s i te : ruby

Kittenhood_mechs[int]021413.indd 112-113

2/18/13 9:14 AM

Kittenhood - Life-size Portraits of Kittens in Their First 12 Weeks By Sarah Beth Ernhart  

Following in the pawprints of Puppyhood, Kittenhood captures twenty-five pure- and mixed-breed kittens during their adorable early weeks, as...