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S h e r r i D U S K E Y R i n k e r a n d T o m L i c h t e n h e ld

Through the darkness, clickity clack . . . Coming closer, down the track . . . Hold your breath, so you can hear, A huffing, chuffing . . . drawing near . . .

The smoke stack puffs, the wheel sets grind.

The trusty tender’s close behind.

A whistle blares out in the night: A mighty engine— wondrous sight!

Cling! Clang! The bell rings out on top.

Hissing steam. Brakes squeal. Then STOP!

The driver signals to the crew, Each worker knows just what to do. Quick! Before it gets too late, Start to load up all the freight Awesome stuff will soon be stowed, a train car matched to every load.

The crew slides back the boxcar doors

ck o r at h t

And tumbles in to start their chores.

All are juggled safely in.


Thi ng s

But cargo’s stowed without a bump.

pin ds an

They whirl, twirl, cartwheel, jump,

and roll

Steam train, dream train . . . Chhhhhh . . . Goodnight.

Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker  

“Rocking, rolling, clickety-clack, coming closer down the track . . . “ The dream train pulls into the station, and one by one the train car...

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