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The Science of Deliberate Creation A Quarterly Journal and Catalog Addendum

July, Aug, Sept, 1999 — VOL 9

Does It Feel Like The Next Logical Step?

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on’t try to take action about anything until you have visualized it and made it real enough that it feels like the next logical step. Tarrytown, NY — G-10/18/98

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Hello from Jerry & Esther We plan to make new plans for year 2001, but for this one year we intend to be doing more presentations in more cities, closer to more of our friends, at a lower price per presentation. You can leave your home on Friday, or on Saturday morning, and we will begin our workshops at 9:00 AM. After each hour there will be a 15 minute refreshment time, and after a 90 minute lunch break, the workshop will conclude at 4:15PM, leaving you with Saturday evening or all day Sunday to return to your home. You can plan for one day less of away from home travel expenses; Esther and I will free another day to drive to the next workshop city; and the hotel will be able to rent the meeting room for Saturday evenings and all day Sunday receptions, weddings, etc. This year 2000 promises to be another fun filled year.

A New Year, Year 2000, Workshop Scenario To enable more persons to conveniently experience an Abraham-Hicks Workshop, Esther and I have acquired an American Eagle motor coach in order to facilitate new workshop travel plans for year 2000. And the new plans for the year are: • We will present workshops in 57 cities across the USA. • We will present only one day workshops. • We will record each session on five 60 minute cassettes. • We will start earlier and close at 4:15PM. • We will intend to use Saturdays whenever practical — although there will be 17 weekday sessions.

See back cover for proposed 2000 Schedule of Events.


Highlights of Contents Hello From Jerry & Esther — Year 2000 Workshop Scenario ............................2 Abraham-Hicks Workshop Details for next 90 days ...........................................4 1999 Abraham-Hicks Workshop Schedule........................................................5 NEW ARTICLE: Does It Feel Like The Next Logical Step? (6 pages) ...................6 NEW! Love & Appreciation................................................................8-9, 14-15 NEW BOOK! Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends .......................10 Comments from readers re: Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends ..11 NEW! Group Series Tapes, Winter, 1998.......................................................12 “Sara” Receives the Award of Excellence ........................................................16 Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather — Book on Tape! ...............17 Book: A Review of Sara and the Foreverness.................................................18 Synopsis of Abraham’s Teachings...................................................................19 Special Subject Tapes, Volume I .....................................................................20 Various Services and Products........................................................................22 How To Order...............................................................................................23 Price List ........................................................................................................24 Order Form ...................................................................................................25 Guarantees and Referrals...............................................................................26 Special Subject Tapes, Volume II ....................................................................28 NEW! Quarterly Quotes ................................................................................30 Daily Planning Calendar/Course Workbook....................................................32 Book: A New Beginning I .............................................................................34 Book: A New Beginning II ............................................................................35 NEW! Abraham’s Greatest Hits ......................................................................36 Group Series Tapes, Fall, 1998 ......................................................................38 Group Series Tapes, Summer, 1998 ...............................................................39 Group Series Tapes, Spring, 1998..................................................................40 Question & Answers — Conspiracies?............................................................44 Questions & Answers — Ideal Citizen? ...........................................................45 Jerry & Esther’s Evolutionary Process ..............................................................47 Year 2000 Proposed Schedule .......................................................................48

Dear Friends, We do love receiving your messages , and reading your letters and notes that come by the thousands! We are currently set up to comfortably process workshops and orders for Free Introduction tapes, brochures, albums, books, etc., because we have been able to add other minds and hands for that. But we can't add more Jerry or Esther or hours to a day. And so, we will continue to personally respond to what we can when we can — and we will continue to read and listen to, and relish your wonderful responses to Abraham's materials...And we will continue to expect you to be aware of how very much we appreciate your delightful addition to our delicious physical experience — and to the upliftment of All-That-Is. From our hearts, Jerry & Esther


90 day event schedule details From time to time there are changes in our scheduling, so please reserve in advance with our San Antonio office at (830) 755-2299.

Prepaid reservations are required. 6/26&27/99 — Cleveland, OH — Held at The Embassy Suites Hotel, 1701 E. 12th St., Cleveland, OH 44114. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (216) 523-8000. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 7/3&4/99 — Seattle, WA — Held at Seattle Marriott SeaTac, 3201 S. 176th St.,Seattle, WA 98188. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (206) 241-2000. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 7/7/99 — Spokane, WA — Held at Courtyard Marriott, North 401 Riverpoint Blvd., Spokane, WA 99202. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (509) 456-7600. Wednesday, 10AM to 4:15PM. $115.00 per person. 7/10&11/99 — Portland, OR — Held at Portland Marriott (Downtown), 1401 SW Naito Pkwy., Portland, OR 97201. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (503) 226-7600. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 7/24&25/99 — Los Angeles, CA — Held at Courtyard Marriott, 13480 Maxella Ave., Marina del Rey, CA 90292. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (310) 822-8555. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 7/31 & 8/1/99 — San Diego, CA — Held at Embassy Suites, 4550 La Jolla Village Dr., San Diego, CA 92122. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (619) 453-0400. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 8/14&15/99 — San Rafael, CA — Held at Wyndham Garden Hotel, 1010 Northgate Dr., San Rafael, CA 94903. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (415) 479-8800. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 8/21&22/99 — San Francisco, CA — Held at Embassy Suites, 150 Anza Blvd., Burlingame, CA 94010. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (650) 342-4600. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 8/28&29/99 — Kansas City, KS — Held at The Overland Park Marriott, 10800 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66210. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (913) 451-8000. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 9/11&12/99 — Asheville, NC — Held at Quality Inn, Biltmore, 115 Hendersonville Rd., Asheville, NC 28802. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (828) 274-1800. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 9/18&19/99 — Atlanta, GA — Held at Atlanta Marriott North Central, 2000 Century Blvd., NE, Atlanta, GA 30345. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (404) 3250000. Saturday, 10AM to 4:15PM, Sunday 10AM to 12:45PM. $175.00 per person. 10/2&3/99 — Detroit, MI — Held at the Detroit Marriott Livonia, 17100 N. Laurel Park Dr., Livonia, MI 48152. For directions or to book a sleeping room call (734) 462-3100. Saturday, 9AM to 3:15PM, Sunday 9AM to 11:45AM. $175.00 per person.


1999 general workshop schedule Please reserve in advance with our San Antonio office at (830) 755-2299. Prepaid reservations are required. Following is general information for up-coming workshops. Specific location and other details will be provided when you make your reservation or you may request this information at any time. Time Format for 2 day event: 1st day 10AM to 4:15PM 2nd day 10AM to 12:45PM

1/9&10/99 . . . . . . .Orlando, FL ............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 1/16&17/99 . . . . . .Boca Raton, FL .......Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 1/30&31/99 . . . . . .Los Angeles, CA .....Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 2/6&7/99 . . . . . . . .San Diego, CA........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 2/20&21/99 . . . . . .San Francisco, CA ...Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 2/27&28/99 . . . . . .San Rafael, CA........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 3/13&14/99 . . . . . .Dallas, TX..............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 3/20&21/99 . . . . . .Phoenix, AZ ...........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 4/3&4/99 . . . . . . . .Virg. Beach, VA......Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 4/10&11/99 . . . . . .Sil. Springs, MD.....Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 4/24&25/99 . . . . . .Chicago, IL .............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 5/8&9/99 . . . . . . . .Albuquerque, NM ..Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 5/15&16/99 . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY .......Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 5/22&23/99 . . . . . .Albany, NY ............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 5/29&30/99 . . . . . .San Antonio, TX ....Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 6/5&6/99 . . . . . . . .Boulder, CO ...........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 6/12&13/99 . . . . . .Fort Collins, CO .....Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 6/26&27/99 . . . . . .Cleveland, OH........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 7/3&4/99 . . . . . . . .Seattle, WA ............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 7/7/99 . . . . . . . . . .Spokane, WA..........Wed, 1 day Event . .......$115.00 per person 7/10&11/99 . . . . . .Portland, OR..........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 7/24&25/99 . . . . . .Los Angeles, CA .....Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 7/31 & 8/1/99 . . . . .San Diego, CA........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 8/14&15/99 . . . . . .San Rafael, CA........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 8/21&22/99 . . . . . .San Francisco, CA ...Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 8/28&29/99 . . . . . .Kansas City, MO ....Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 9/11&12/99 . . . . . .Asheville, NC .........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 9/18&19/99 . . . . . .Atlanta, GA............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 10/2&3/99 . . . . . . .Detroit, MI.............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 10/9&10/99 . . . . . .Boston, MA ............Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 10/16&17/99 . . . . .Syracuse, NY ..........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 10/30&31/99 . . . . .Tarrytown, NY .......Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 11/6&7/99 . . . . . . .Philadelphia, PA.....Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. 12/11&12/99 . . . . .Maui, Hawaii..........Sat/Sun, 2 day Event.......$175.00 per person. Indicates a date change from previous announcement. See back cover This workshop begins and ends one hour earlier than usual. for 2000 events!


Does It Feel Like The Next Logical Step? GUEST: I would like a clarification on purpose, which, I understand from your tape, is coming forth and creating a joyful life for yourself. I’ve thought of purpose as destiny. You play a part in it, but then a greater force comes in and plunks you where you are going to do the greatest good. I don’t know the right words. But, is everybody kind of on a destiny path if they think they are?

The goal of life is joy. Now we know that’s hard for you to hear because you’ve been told that if it feels good it probably isn’t. And when you started to question that... When you saw those who kept the rules not thriving and those who broke the rules thriving, and you pinned somebody down to say, “Hey, what gives here? I’m keeping the rules and I’m not thriving, and they’re not keeping the rules and they are thriving.” Somebody said to you, “Well, you can’t judge it now. It’s after you die that your reward or punishment comes,” which left you in an utter state of never again being able to discern anything about anything. Because now they’re saying to you, “The way you feel means nothing. Follow me and be good or don’t follow me and be bad.” So you follow along and you follow along and you follow along, and then you say, “Where’s the purpose in life?” And we say, If you have disconnected yourself from your own Source of joy, you have no guiding light. It is that joy factor that guides you. You can acclimate to that. You can feel where you are in relationship to it. You can feel when you are not there.

The purpose of your life is joy. The goal of life is joy!

ABRAHAM: We say to our physical friends, the purpose of your life is joy. And they say, “Yeah, but for what? Toward what end? What will that get me?” And we say, really, the purpose of your life is joy. The basis of it is absolute freedom to choose. And the result of it will be growth. So then they say, “Oh, then the real purpose is growth because the joy gets us to our growth — and so the real thing we are after is growth.” And we say, well, you cannot help but have expansion. Your purpose really is joy, because if your purpose is anything other than joy, you won’t be able to find the vibration that allows the Energy which is the reason for growth. And they say, “Oh, so the real purpose is growth after all.” And we say, “The purpose is joy. The purpose is joy!” And they say, “Yeah, but for what?” And so, then there comes this belief: “There must be some price to be paid for any real growth.”

GUEST: So the only lesson that we have to learn is to go out and make ourselves joyous, and by the contrast of trying everything that we can possibly try, we


but that everything is... ABRAHAM: Everything is the opportunity for new desire which is life. Everything is about life. The only question that, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would ask Is Joy Enough For You? ourselves is, “In this moment, am I making ABRAHAM: We have one question for the best use of my life?” In other words, “As you: Is that enough for you? the idea of my mother comes, am I It is enough for you life time after choosing the most uplifting thought life time. You say, “Oh, good. More conabout her? As I focus upon my mate, am trast to give me more desire.” Because I choosing the most uplifting thought? you understand that birthing of desire is As I focus upon my physical body, am I like the plucking of the ripest fruit. choosing the most uplifting thought?” When that desire bubbles up inside of And most of you are not. Most of you are you... Ah. The beginning of something choosing the loudest thought. Most of more. The summoning of more life, The you are choosing the most present or the summoning of more Energy. The greater most obvious. reason for being. When the question is, “Am I making So is there any risk? Let’s say somethe best use of this moment, am I choosing the body comes forth. They don’t remember thought that is of the highest vibration — this. They’re born into an environment which is the same thing to say as “Am I where what they observed took them far choosing the thought that feels the best?” from their vibration. They bring some Then you cannot help but live out your expeterrible experience rience in the way that to themselves and you have intended. then they croak. Before you came When the question is, And once they are forth into this physical “Am I choosing the thought fully focused from body the intentions that feels the best?” that you held from their Nonphysical, your Nonphysical Then you cannot help they say, “That was Perspective were genfun. What now?” but live out your experience eral in nature — but They don’t say, “Oh, in the way they were joyful in I’m not going to do that you have intended. nature. From the that again. I’m really Nonphysical part of tired of climbing the you, you knew that karmic ladder. I realyou would be exposed to contrast. And ly want to get off of this merry-goyou knew that the Energy that flowed round.” They don’t say anything of the forth from within you would be so penkind, because from that broader perspecetrating and so clear that it would be tive they know the value that came forth really difficult for you not to recognize as a result of their banging around. whether you were in vibrational sync with it or not. GUEST: I’ve heard people say that And so, from the Nonphysical everything is a lesson. And Abraham Perspective there was no feeling of doesn’t say that everything is a lesson, guardedness. There was no long list. You sort out the things that we want, to make it work for us — for me — personally?

Continued on page 27


Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love Dear Jerry & Esther & Staff, and (of course) Abraham, Thank you so very much for being there and doing what you do. My life has been TOTALLY turned around and enriched tremendously since my Introduction to Abraham. It’s been about three years since I heard the first tape. I feel like I have a whole new glorious life now. I have spent way more than 68 seconds feeling this way, so I know it is so! Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. What a contribution you make in this world!!! LD —MA

humor brings so much clarity to the incredible diversity of issues that come up. My brother and I were delighted to attend your recent sessions in Chicago. Thank you again and again for helping me to transform my life in so many ways. With much love, KI — France

Glorious New Life

Thank you so much for the tapes I have received recently. They are exactly what I need, and Jerry’s questions are exactly those I am always asking! With love to you, GM — England

Exactly What I Need

Thank you so much for the great three tape set you sent as our weekly tape selection. This information from your tapes has changed our lives, in a positive way, more than any other materials we have come in contact with. Our love to both of you. M&LC — OR

Positive Changes

Bouquets to you for the special San Antonio hospitality I experienced at the workshop and at your gorgeous property! We had a great time! What we heard from Abraham was, in essence, the same as on the tapes but applying it to the individual questions was heaps of fun! I’m so much enjoying the comments printed in the Quarterly Journals I received — with recent Quotes from Abe. I’m sharing my tapes with my children and grandchildren and look forward for them to attend one of your workshops. Please send me the complimentary “Free at Last” story of Daniel Greenberg. Thank you again and again for the expansion I received from Abraham and friends in San Antonio. Much love, SA — AZ

Quarterly Quotes

Once again, thank you for a special Chicago weekend. The entire seminar was outstanding and so very refining for some of us, and enlightening for those who have never before attended. Many of our clients were there, and they made it a point to come to us and thank us for our suggestion that they might find the whole subject interesting and beneficial. I’m sure, not a single person could have left that room, without gaining new insight as to how to live their lives more joyously. Lovingly and in appreciation, L&G&K — IL

New Insights

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the Abraham-Hicks materials. I am a psychotherapist in Rome working in Italian and English and am able to see great results when people get “The Laws”. Many thanks, JF — Italy

Grateful In Italy

There are no words to convey my great appreciation for the wisdom and guidance of Abraham which you are so joyfully bringing forth. The loving spontaneity of Esther’s and Abraham’s

Delightful Workshop


Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love every day as I look around — I did that! I created that! It is so delightful! Thank you so much for sharing! YB — OH

A Beautiful Universe

Thank you so much!! I have been receiving your wonderful products and tapes for about 3 years now. I have changed my whole life and am amazed every day how this beautiful universe is set up. It is so PERFECT!! I know you, and all the people you touch, feel exactly the same way. I am a free flowing being and loving it. Thanks to you and your staff for allowing this wonderful, exciting, awesome energy into our lives. LOVE and LIGHT SJ — TX

Consider this note to be an absolute love letter. I was at your workshop in Chicago a few days ago and I am still floating several feet above the earth. Prior to the workshop I had listened to the tapes and read some of the books and had found this very helpful to me. Being in the presence of Abraham and watching Esther’s physical expression of this profound energy and passion has truly taken me to another level; of being able to integrate this information more deeply and easily. I love going to my visualization workshop and I think I’m getting the hang of this. I will let you know when these wonderful creations are starting to unfold. In this moment, I’m just loving thinking about it. Much love, LP — IL

Still Floating

Thank you for all that you share with the universe. Your teachings have made a huge impact on my life and those around me. I share you with everyone I know. Your willingness to step out and communicate opens up unlimited possibilities for furthering enlightenment on the planet. Sending pure love. EJ — MI

Sharing With Everyone

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the conference in Dallas. Then Thursday I received my monthly tape, and my voice was on it! After listening to Abraham tapes for two years, that was fun! I called one of my friends on the tape program, but she had already discovered me on the tape! But aside from that, the Abraham material is just a delight to me. I listen to a tape every morning as I am getting ready for my day. My life is getting better and better as a result of your wonderful, uplifting tapes. I appreciate you, NG — LA

Life Gets Better and Better

Thanks for your wonderful weekly tapes! The 4/3/99 was just perfect! I created it! I wanted to hear everything that Abraham was talking about on that day! I am rejoicing!!! Here are some dollars for past and future tapes! There will be more coming to you monthly! I am so rich now, you would be just so excited to see how my life has just blossomed like the most beautiful garden in the world! I have a job paying me more than three times what I was making when I first met you in 1997. I have a home of my own and I am just rejoicing every minute knowing I created that! It is on an acre! It has plenty-o-space for me and my dogs and my gardens and my music and my art and my creating and my living and my loving and my wonderful becoming!! Yes! I say

I Am Rejoicing

Coming Back

I’d like to participate in the Monthly Tape Program once again. I’ve enclosed a check for the first month. Continued on page 14


Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends — An Introduction It’s 4:30 in the morning, Esther is beautifully asleep as I sit on our balcony experiencing the rolling breakers, reflecting the pure spirit of Hawaii along the Kaanapali beach. It was during my first visit here, over 20 years ago, that a powerful desire welled up within me: to enable everyone that would know me to discover their own way to taste this delightful spiritual and sensual experience. Esther and I have returned to this same suite in this same hotel many times, and although these annual visits are usually for the purpose of conducting workshops, these past few days, here, have been used, primarily to prepare for the introduction of this remarkable new book — Sara & Seth (Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends). It can be extremely refreshing, in this fast paced, highly scheduled culture, to tap back into childhood memories, back into times less complex, back to when our perceptions were clearer. There is something undeniably soothing about revisiting that fresher, purer, less cluttered perspective. And I believe that Sara & Seth are about to bring you to that feeling of a fresh new beginning. They have certainly, joyously carried me there. And about my powerful desire? Well, whether or not you ever show up on these serene, uncluttered Kaanapali shores, or in Sara & Seth’s special kid’s place, their simple yet adventurous tree house — I will continue to feel this strong desire for you to experience all of the good that you are willing to imagine and allow. It has appeared to me that the longer most people remain upon this earth, the less free and joyful they begin to feel. As they pass through time, and as they gather experiences, possessions, relationships, responsibilities and beliefs in vulnerability — most slip further and further from their true, natural joyous state of being. Sara & Seth, like most of us, occasionally step into a downward slide from their natural state of joy into a serious perspective of life and of its perceived injustices — but they don’t stay there long. For their wise, loving mentor, their dear friend, Solomon, remains close by, observing their every experience — willing, eager and able to guide them (and the reader) back to their natural joyful balance. As our first Sara book: Sara, and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather, was honored by the Body Mind Spirit — Books to Live By — award of excellence, this new book, Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends, promises to be another valued lifetime companion to a 4 year old Hanna or to her great-great-great grandparents. It thrills me to note how often I have an experience that causes me to clearly recall a scenario from this dear book — which instantly puts me in a place of re-evaluating and re-aligning my perspective. Each of us can, by applying the simple techniques that Solomon offers to Sara & Seth, sustain or reclaim, our joyful perspective of this magnificent opportunity here upon this earth. As I first read these materials, I was surprised at how often I heard myself laughing right out loud as I related, so easily, to what Sara & Seth were experiencing. Many issues, that I was unaware of not being completely resolved, were being soothed within me as they were being soothed by Solomon within Sara & Seth. We are so pleased to offer you these simple keys, the only keys you will ever need, to achieving the joyful, satisfying life you have come to earth to experience: Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends.


A Brief Excerpt from Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends ...It was a warm and sunny afternoon in Sara’s mountain town. In fact, Sara had decided, earlier that day, that this was the prettiest day, so far, this year. And to celebrate this extra pretty day, Sara had decided to go to her favorite place in the whole town, her leaning perch. Sara called it her leaning perch because no one else in town even seemed to notice that it existed. Sara could not come to this spot without remembering how it came to be. How the metal railing atop the Main Street Bridge had been bent way out over the river when a local farmer had lost control of his truck while trying to avoid running over Harvey, a friendly and always roving dog, who weaved his way in and out of traffic every day, always expecting everyone to stop or swerve to make way for him. And so far, it had always worked out that way. Sara was relieved that no one was hurt that day, not even Harvey, who many thought deserved to get run over. I’ve heard of cats having nine lives, Sara smiled to herself, as she remembered that day, but not dogs. Sara lay there lazily watching the river flow by beneath her. She breathed deeply and enjoyed the wonderful smell of this delicious river. She could not remember ever feeling better. “I love my life!” Sara said right out loud, feeling a fresh exuberance for life and an eagerness for more. “Well, better get going,” Sara said to herself, climbing back out of her perch and gathering up her book bag and jacket that she had piled in a heap on the bridge. She was still standing on the bridge when the Morris family’s rattling, sagging, overloaded truck drove across it. It was not the loud clanging of an out-of-tune engine, or the crates of chickens tied to the roof, or the old goat teetering in the back of the truck, that caught Sara’s eye. But the intense, interested gaze of a boy riding in the back. His eyes locked with Sara’s, and, for a moment, they each felt as if they had met an old friend. Then the truck sputtered on down the road. Sara threw her bag over her shoulder and ran down the road to the intersection, looking to see where the truck pulled in. It looks like it pulled into the old Thacker place, Sara thought. Hmmm... Order: SARA II Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends! $15 plus S/H ISBN 0-9621219-7-5


! W E N G-SERIES TAPES — WINTER, 1998 Does This Feel Like The Next Logical Step? Feel the power of the desire that pulses within you and just leave aside the frustration that the desire hasn’t manifested — and hear us when we say it was never about the manifestation. It was always about this eager feeling here and now. All those things you think you want are for only one reason: To give birth to this fresh eager now desire. You were born for this desire. You said, “I’ll explore the contrast and the desire, the desire will keep me alive. It will keep me young. It will keep me fulfilled. It will give me eternal life.” You are living out that which you have intended — as you wade through the contrast that you knew would serve you so very well. It is serving you well because it is giving birth to the desire — and the desire is the summoning of the life. Next time you feel negative emotion, bless it because it means your Guidance System is alive and well and giving you an indication of your vibration. And then ask yourself, “Is there a better choice for me, here? Could I choose something that feels a little different? Is there a thought that would give me relief here? I’m not asking for ecstasy from my agony. Just relief. Once I find relief — then I’ll shoot for ecstasy.” Nothing is more important than that I reclaim my connection — and once I’ve reclaimed my connection, then I will focus again and let the Energy that creates worlds flow through my vortex through my creative endeavor. Why? Because it feels good. Abraham-Hicks — G-10/18/98

G-10/18/98 — Is a joyous life, purpose enough for you? Expand your time by leveraging your Energy. What does she attract to her babies? Next logical step to a life partner. Wants to speak for her Spiritual Guide. About “year 2000 fourth dimensional” concern. Is “being wowed” the next logical step? G-11/14/98 — Anything you give your attention to, expands. When hurt feelings are most familiar vibration. What clothes would a natural being wear? There is enough Well-being for everyone. You have your own direct connection. Does her deceased grandfather participate on stage? When persecutors die, are they then persecuted?


G-series tapes WINTER, 1998 G-1/10/99 — Can a truly happy person get poison ivy? When her legs move correctly: “Good job!” Abnormal blood pressure led to weight-loss motivation. Different physical healing strokes for different folks. Disturbed by spending $40,000 on walk-in closet. YK2000 millennium fear threatens her Well-being. Pottery maker feels limited by his selfness. G-1/16/99 — She believed her purpose was to right wrongs. Wealthy and healthy but fearing death and poverty. When Eastern masters deny their natural desires? A mother’s greatest gift to her children. When choosing “dangerous” adventure over boredom. Can we change thoughts in our dreams? Payment received in Energy flow of project. G-1/17/99 — Having it to want is what matters most. How can one’s lack of health not matter? Mother wants a baby that doesn’t scream. Wants trim body without giving up anything. What makes a woman most beautiful? Psychologist concerned about adopting child. A magnificent closing statement of Well-being. G-1/30/99 — Her fears become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Negative declarative statements aren’t serving you well. Words for infant daughter’s christening celebration. Spending 17 seconds focused upon new work. To participate as an ideal citizen. Should he seek balance as job nears? He’s considering inventing an energy detection gadget. G-1/31/99 — Why does he get opposite of wanted? Keeping the essence of our identity forever. Gynecologist questions the limits of self-healing. Rage over Hitler’s injustice serves you not. Does abortion deny a soul an opportunity? To help her sister get more sleep? Can this doctor dissolve her bodily dichotomy? G-2/7/99 — Can one release clinical depression without drugs? Do the dolphins change to please you? To not match her children’s uncomfortable vibrations? Dessert, and your slender, energetic, beautiful body. Asking for ways to fan our desires. Their tithing envelope is getting quite full. Questioning pre-birth agreements to physical restrictions.Å G-2/27/99 — Have you a desire for perpetual youth? Her influence regarding suicidal brother-inlaw? Wants enough dollars to give much away. Dad has been diagnosed with “terminal illness”. Professional is overwhelmed by career details. Unsatisfactory grades on her doctoral program. Independent pre-teen has discovered political talk radio. G-3/13/99 — Y2K headlines, and the value of greed. About rumored secret government health conspiracies? Resolving his fundamental conflict re: “good and evil”? Allow and uplift his family of ministers? Wants to preserve diverse regional worldwide cultures. Whining little child is disobeying family rules. Lessons learned through President Clinton’s perjury trials? ORDER: WINTER, 1998 CASSETTE ALBUM — $77.50 + S/H


Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love Continued from page 9

It’s fascinating how I keep coming back to the Abraham-Hicks material — it’s the only spiritual information that helps me understand myself and my universe! The wonderful manner that Abraham delivers this material gives me a safe place to go to whenever I’m ready learn more. And, more than anything else, as I feel safe, I apply the techniques to my life and watch with wonder as I understand more and more and achieve results with my creations! SS — NY I’m appreciating all of you!!!! For working together and bringing the ancient, yet cutting edge, wisdom out. It has opened me up, to levels that I had not conceived. And I know that as I reach those levels, that there will be another one just above it. It never ends. The most gracious of thanks, AL — IL

Ancient Wisdom

Thank you for this gift you bring to the world. The truths you have brought forth are providing me with a whole new way to view my vocation. It is a wonderful challenge to bring this kind of thinking to the practice of medicine. I know that as I express the principles around our power to create health, I reinforce them in myself and increase the expression of my power as well. I enjoy getting better and better at joyfully expressing Universal Truths In my office we have created The WellBeing Bookstore. I am very interested in having your books and tapes for sale there. Please send information regarding your policies on retailing your publications. With Love & Appreciation, RC — IN

Medical Practice

Doors Are Opening

Thanks for your expression of love and hope to us who are seeking. I was passed a tape of Intro to


Abraham and found doors opening I’ve been knocking on for a long time. Thanks to both you two and to Abraham. Love to you, BH — HI I am a long time listener of Abraham and feel grateful to have their teachings as part of my human life. Receiving my weekly tape is like getting a visit from a good friend. I look forward to my mail each Saturday as I know my special package will be there for me containing inspiring messages for my heart and soul. Several years ago I received “Free at Last” from you. It was the book that changed my life and the direction of my daughter’s education. I am now on staff and she is a student at Cascade Valley School, Portland’s Sudbury Model School. What a beautiful, loving, exciting and very real (contrast and all) place to spend our time! I am fulfilled as I experience the true living that takes place at CVS. There is nothing better than to witness young people in their power, moving forward on their terms, engaging in life because it feels good and because they want to. They know what’s best for them and our school fully embraces their individuality. My heart expands as I watch my happy, connected and loving eight year old doing what she feels is right for her all day, every day. The things that she and her friends put together are precious and exciting. The little kids hold strong to their eagerness. The older kids who come to CVS have a chance to reconnect if they need to. I appreciate the both of you and your contribution through your books and tapes. l love to hear the stories about your personal creating. It really is fun to get into the feeling of how all of this works and let it unfold. I look forward to seeing you and Abe here in the summer! Very truly yours, SI — OR

Sudbury School

Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love P.S. Thank you for sharing your home, property, tree house and dreams with us. We appreciate your willingness to teach and help us find and maintain our connection to Source.

I just visited your web site for the first time. I wanted to tell you that I think you’ve done a marvelous job of organizing it. It is great that one can unlock the transcripts on line and read them immediately. I particularly like the graphics you are using and the layout of your pages. Great job! SV — WI

Marvelous Web Site

We’re Baaack

Hi! I received one of your tapes about a year ago from an acquaintance when I lived in Kentucky. I listened to it, it made a big impact on me, then time passed and I “forgot” some of the inspiration I received (you know how we revert back to our old ways sometimes...) Then, a month ago, I was in a used bookstore here in Texas (I have moved to Arlington) and saw an album of your cassettes. Boy, I pounced on those things and have been listening to them almost daily since!! Man oh man, was it just what the doctor (within) ordered! Thank you for distilling into simple, easy-to-understand terms the processes of co-creating. I have been feeling for months that I was on the verge of a great breakthrough, and these tapes were the missing pieces that I needed to complete the inner puzzle. God bless y’all. LH — TX

Something Was Missing

I would like to thank you for your web site, it’s absolutely wonderful ! In everything I’ve read, it’s the first time that I find such information that fits me like that. It’s so simple, so joyous, so true. I’ve read a lot of books, but there was always something missing for me, and I was wondering “What is it ?”, and here.. on your site... that’s it ! It is the fact that you cannot exclude excluding, a “no” means “yes”. Well it’s not just that, everything is fascinating anyway, but that one is a big point ! I was wondering... Is there any of Abraham information that has ever been translate in French ? Excuse my English... I am French Canadian ! Thank you again, I send you a lot of joy. B — Canada

After the fantastic San Antonio Abraham Seminar — being in your beautiful home, lounging in your tree house and touring your almostcompleted new offices, made Sunday one of the most perfect days we’ve ever experienced! Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. Your generosity of Spirit is always an inspiration. We adore you, R&GK — TX

Tree House Touring

Loved Sara & Seth

I just finished reading Seth & Sara, and I loved its clear examples of how to deal with life’s seeming obstacles. It was uplifting and inspiring. Thank you for the reminder that there is no injustice, and for the advice that it is never too late to appreciate and thereby influence what is coming your way. Love, MP — TX


Sara receives the Award of Excellence Body Mind Spirit Magazine, one of the widest known publishers of New Thought materials, has recently informed us that our beloved Sara has received their Award of Excellence as one of last year’s outstanding books in print. And, as such, has been included as one of the forty-six books recognized in their magazine’s Books to Live By selection. Esther and I were pleased to learn that the recognition was also awarded to our friend Alan Cohen’s book, A Deep Breath of Life. (Published, by another friend, Louise Hay’s Hay House publications.)

“Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hicks: It is my pleasure to inform you that Sara, and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather has received a 1997 Body Mind Spirit Award of Excellence as one of 1996’s outstanding books in print... “Chosen from hundreds of excellent books in print in the areas of spirituality, natural healing, relationships and creativity...each book makes a valuable contribution to our selfknowledge and self-transformation...We commend the authors for these outstanding works...” And Esther and I feel both appreciative of and blessed by the recognition of our Sara.

IT GETS BETTER & BETTER I finished the audio book of “Sara” and wanted you to know how GREAT it was. I especially like Jerry’s voice and hope that he is considering reading the “A New Beginning” books, too. I listen to Abraham every day as I’m walking my dogs, driving in my car, or working in my garden. And it’s the only way to be stuck in traffic, do laundry or sit in waiting rooms. Each Abraham tape just gets better and better and seems to be made for me personally. Thank you so very much for all the wonderful changes you have made possible in my life. I am looking forward to attending my first workshop, in Detroit. Also, the people who take the phone orders there at Abraham-Hicks are delightful and such a pleasure to talk to. Thanks again, L.P. — @worldnet


In response to your many requests!

Sara is on tape!


ara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather is now available as an unabridged book on tape. Containing three audio-cassettes, this album offers over three hours of inspiring, uplifting and entertaining listening. Here is the opportunity to feel as though you are living side-by-side with Sara and Solomon as they evoke from each other questions and answers regarding the most valuable perspectives of this physical life experience. At the wheel of your vehicle or doing mundane chores or relaxing with closed eyes, you can now comfortably absorb the pleasure of this extraordinary relationship between young Sara and her ethereal old feathered friend, Solomon. As you listen to Jerry’s reading of this delightful book onto the recordings, you will be able to hear the tones that Esther was “hearing” as she received this delicious material. You will deeply feel the fun, the drama, the pathos ... and the unconditional love of Solomon as chapter after chapter of Sara’s childhood experiences lead to Sara’s universal questions that, in turn, evoke provocative perspectives from Solomon of what makes our lives work in joy. If you have read Sara, and have found it to be of value to you, you can expect a paradigm shift in your level of experiential knowing as you hear Sara. and the foreverness of Friends of a Feather Prepare to bask in another level of knowingness. Prepare for an underBy Jerry & Esther Hicks standing of the Power of Pure The book Appreciation, the Stream of Pure on audio Positive Energy and of the deeper meaning of “Birds of a Feather Flock cassette Together” as you have never understood them before. As you begin to incorporate Solomon’s 4 Step Process of breaking the Chain-of-Pain ... (or for creating and manifesting whatever is important to you) you can expect to begin taking giant steps toward the joyously successful life that you have come here to experience.


Order: S-3 — on tape $30 plus S/H — ISBN 0-9621219-6-7


A Review of Sara

and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather, My whole family read this book and we haven’t been the same since. My husband, perhaps, was the most moved by it. He actually said that it had such a tremendous impact on him that he looks at life with new eyes. It’s like being nearsighted your whole life and then finally getting glasses. Everything becomes crystal clear. I cannot say enough good things about this life-transforming book. You will share in Sara’s ups and downs on the way to greater heights of fulfillment and know that there is a Sara in all of us. If there is only one book you ever buy, make sure it is this one. You won’t regret it! (all ages) by Denise Tarsitano in

the “Rising Star Series, Excerpted from phenomeNEWS “Mixed Reviews” 9/9/98 Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather is a novel about a young girl, Sara, who learns the simple lessons about life through a wise owl named Solomon. This is the book you can give to friends who are questioning the meaning of life. Sara serves as a touchstone to seasoned travelers on the spiritual path, also. Readers will understand how they, too, can become the magnificent creators they were born to be and that all really is in divine order ... all really is well. When Sara comes to this knowing, she asks her wise mentor, “Solomon, how ever will I ever explain this to anybody? How will I ever make them understand?” And Solomon speaks to all of us as he answers, “Sara that is not your work. It is enough, Sweet Girl, that you understand.” Sara is also available on audio cassette tapes. Jerry Hicks brings his show business background to a delightfully orchestrated version of the book as he breathes joy and vitality into each character. This album is for children of all ages, from 5 to 105. Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather is a wonderful gift to give yourself or anyone who wants a greater understanding of life. We highly recommend the book, and the book on tape — and all of the Abraham-Hicks material. Reviewed by Cindy Saul (and I helped, too! — Gerri Magee) Softcover. $15.00 ISBN 0-9621219-4-0


A Synopsis of Abraham-Hicks’ Teachings • • • • • • • • • • • •

You are a Physical Extension of that which is Non-physical. You are here in this body because you chose to be here. The basis of your life is Freedom; the purpose of your life is Joy. You are a creator; you create with your every thought. Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have. You are choosing your creations as you are choosing your thoughts. The Universe adores you; for it knows your broadest intentions. Relax into your natural Well-being. All is well. (Really it is!) You are a creator of thoughtways on your unique path of joy. Actions to be taken and money to be exchanged are by-products of your focus on joy. You may appropriately depart your body without illness or pain. You can not die; you are Everlasting Life.

P.S. It is not necessary for even one other person to understand the Laws of the Universe or the processes that we are offering here in order for you to have a wonderful, happy, productive Life Experience — for you are the attractor of your experience. Just you! Jerry & Esther Hicks — 11/95 19

SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL I Focused into our now — the only point in which we have the power to create — neither speculating into the future nor reminiscing into the historical past — ABRAHAM speaks, primarily, toward that practical information which we can personally learn to deliberately apply to our current experience and thereby gain beneficial results....From their broader perspective — unencumbered by your cultural beliefs — ABRAHAM reaches into a place, within you, of clear primal acknowledgement, from which you will repeatedly hear that enthused inner "voice" reminding you, "I knew that!" As you experience these Special Subject tapes, expect a fresh state of joyous becoming—for ABRAHAM'S words will stimulate you to a new beginning. Retain the beliefs that are of value to you, and learn to become unaffected by any acquired beliefs or influences that have been a hindrance. ABRAHAM guides us, first, to harmony with our Inner Being, and then all else falls into perfect alignment. In order to build a foundation of an understanding of Abraham’s teachings, begin with the tapes AB-1, Free Introduction To Abraham, through AB-6, Great Awakening and Blending, and then progress through the Special Subject Tapes Series—as per the order of your interest. Each tape addresses different levels of awareness, and as you repeatedly listen to them, as you are moving forward, you will continually be achieving new insights and experiences. Order a single at $9.95, 3 or more at $7.75, or order 5 or more, and receive a complimentary (while available) 12 space cassette album. Order any complete set of 10 tapes for only $77.50 (plus S/H)

AB-2 LAW OF ATTRACTION * — The most powerful Law in the universe. It affects every aspect of your daily life. A Law which is, whether you understand that it is or not. Specific processes are offered here to help you learn how to harness this Law — to get what you want. AB-3 LAW OF DELIBERATE CREATION * — Discover the ecstasy of understanding universal Laws which are absolute — no matter what the circumstances. Without an understanding of this universal Law, it is as if you are playing in a game where the rules are not understood, so it is not only impossible to know if what you are doing is appropriate, but you do not know how to win the game. The rules of the game of life are clearly offered here.


SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL I AB-4 LAW OF ALLOWING * — Of all things that you will come to understand through this physical life experience, nothing is more important than to become an allower. In becoming an allower, you are free of the negativity that binds you. Learn the joyful difference between tolerating and allowing — and experience the blissful difference in every relationship you have. AB-5 SEGMENT INTENDING — Our futures are individually paved by the steady stream of thoughts we set forth. We are literally creating our future life as we direct our thoughts of this moment into the future. Discover the magnificent power you hold in this moment — and learn how to use that power always to your advantage. AB-6 GREAT AWAKENING, BLENDING — You have deliberately and excitedly chosen this time to be physical beings upon this planet, because you knew in advance that this would be the time when many — not all — physical beings would recognize the broadness and great value of their being. Follow this step-by-step process for awakening. AB-7 RELATIONSHIPS, AGREEMENTS — We are all creators as we individually think and plan, but we are also often co-creators as we interact with others. Most relationships with others are far less than we want them to be. Find out why. Discover how to rejuvenate unhealthy relationships and attract new harmonious ones. AB-8 BODILY CONDITIONS — Nothing is more important to us than the way we feel and look, and yet so many do not look or feel as they would like to. There is not a physical apparatus, no matter what the state of disrepair, that cannot have perfect health. Discover the powerful processes to bring your body to the state of being that pleases you. AB-9 CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS — While it can be satisfying to read and remember the teachings of the great ones who have gone before us, it is ever more joyous to discover the power of that knowledge within our own being. Learn the process to go within — as Christ encouraged — to experience the blissful oneness with Christ. AB-10 ADDICTIONS — Habits, or compulsions, or addictions can range from annoying to destroying. Often, long after they are no longer wanted, they can bind and control your life. As you listen to this recording — you will for the first time understand exactly what the addiction is, and the simple process offered here will free you from it. AB-11 JOYOUS SURVIVAL — While there are seemingly earth shattering events occurring in greater frequency upon your planet, you need not be affected by them. Discover how to create and control your experience in this seemingly unstable environment.


VARIOUS SERVICES AND PRODUCTS Workshops & Weekends Discuss whatever you are wanting to more clearly understand, ie: Your state of becoming. Finances. Bodily conditions. Relationships. Business/Career. Metaphysicality. Your state of being/having/doing.... To participate in an open group conference with ABRAHAM, contact Abraham-Hicks Publications at (830) 755-2299 for dates, locations, reservations, etc. Conference fees vary with location, duration and materials. • ...My experience with ABRAHAM has provided me with hours and hours of feeling good. ABRAHAM is so patient and loving—with no hint of judgement...I feel so safe and cared about when speaking to ABRAHAM....It is a message of hope and self-empowerment...such a small cost to me for the service you have so lovingly provided.— Montana • ...Since receiving ABRAHAM’S Free Introductory Tape, I’ve listened to it 3 or 4 times. It is concise and very recreatable both in my life and in my work as a consultant...I wanted to thank you for so much value in this one small tape. I am impressed and moved...Enclosed is my first “real” order.—Texas Weekly Tape Program For those who want to learn as much as they can “to be and have and do” as fast as they can— and are not in the position to personally attend ABRAHAM’S ever evolving gatherings—we offer this Weekly Tape Program: We choose, each week, what we consider to be, the 6 hour workshop with the most stimulating, practical new ideas—or significant ideas presented from a new perspective—and we form a 90 minute composite tape and ship it to our subscribers. Four cassettes equal one month’s billing. Fill your spare moments with upliftment, flow and forward motion. Subscription fee: $41.00 per month (or $10.25 per week). • ...Enjoy your tapes and appreciate all that is coming through. I have an ABRAHAM tape playing whenever I drive in my car, and it sets a positive state of emotion for the day. Thank you. E.S. Monthly Tape Program We select and edit, from as many as 20 new Group Session Tapes that ABRAHAM produces in a month, a 90 minute cassette—of what we feel contains the most new, inspiring and thought provoking material—and we ship that 90 minute composite tape to the subscribers to the Monthly Tape Program. A gift that keeps on giving. Subscription fee: $12.00 per month. • ...I’m getting thirsty for more of ABRAHAM, so, enclosed, please find a check for a one-year subscription to the Monthly Tape Program. One of these days I hope to make it out to Texas again to re-experience the exuberance and exhilaration in person—in the meantime, I find the tapes of endless value...Every time I replay any one of those tapes I have, I realize that it has a whole new meaning for me as it offers ever changing insights. What a great way to start the day! My profound gratitude to you for sharing this wonderful way of life. — New Jersey


HOW TO ORDER ORDERING Our order forms are for your convenience, and we will send a replacement order form back to you with each shipment. In order to assist in our efficient process of your order, please: • Print all information clearly, or type. • List each item, its stock number (i.e. AB-1) and its price. • Pay with your personal check, money order, or use your MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover credit card.

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price list CASSETTE TAPES — $9.95 each. Order 3 or more at $7.75 each — or order 5 or more (in same “Set”, “Volume” or “Season”) and they will be shipped to you in a complimentary, (a limited offer) convenient 12 space cassette album. Abraham’s “AB Series” – Special Subjects 90 minutes, and their “G-Series” 90 minute group session composites are all priced the same: $77.50 for the album sets of 10, $9.95 for singles or $7.75 each when ordering 3 or more. (Plus shipping and handling.) BOOKS — $15.00 each. Pay $11.25 when ordering 3 or more. (Plus shipping and handling) Study groups, teachers or dealers, call for discount when ordering 9, or more, books. MONTHLY TAPE PROGRAM (M.T.P.) — $12 per month. One 90 minute composite, each month, that presents the most new practical and inspirational material from Abraham, is selected and mailed to a group of subscribers. WEEKLY TAPE PROGRAM (W.T.P.) — $10.25 per week. 90 minute composites of group sessions. WORKSHOPS, WEEKENDS, SEMINARS — Fees vary with times, lengths, & locations. Details are posted in our Quarterly Journal. Call for details of activities in your area. VIDEO CASSETTES — For prices and details of offerings see page 26 & 27 of our complimentary Catalog (Quarterly Journal, Volume 5) which includes all materials created from 1988 to 1998. QUARTERLY JOURNAL — “The Quarterly Journal of The Science of Deliberate Creation” — Published 4 times a year by Jerry and Esther Hicks. (Current issues are complimentary while in stock.) CATALOG — A complimentary 76 page compendium of Abraham-Hicks published teachings from 1988 to 1998. Over 300 cassettes, books and videos. BACK ISSUES OF QUARTERLY JOURNALS — Back issues can be purchased for $3.00 each while supplies last.) TRANSCRIPTIONS — As per numerous requests, twenty-two 90 minute Abraham recordings have been transcribed and are now available for $10 each (plus S/H). Identify them by the asterisk (*) next to their titles in our 1988 thru 1998 Catalog. Or order them on-line for $5.00 at DAILY PLANNING CALENDAR/STUDY GROUP WORKBOOK — A 772 page planning, envisioning, implementing and manifesting calendar to utilize for your personal creation, or use it as a Course Workbook for a 12 month Group Study. $25.00 (plus S/H). WEB SITE — Visit our new, up-dated Web Site: Please make all checks payable to: J & E Hicks


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* EDUCATORS—TEACHERS—STUDENTS * Are you involved in education and interested in an uplifting perspective? We can mail to you (at no cost) a copy of Daniel Greenberg’s Free At Last, highlights of the first 20 years of the remarkable Sudbury Valley School experience. We have a few remaining copies (not for sale) just let us know if you would like one and we’ll get it off to you as soon as it is practical.. This book will make your heart sing!

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did not make a long list and tuck it into the umbilical cord pocket that says, “Now, remember this and remember this and remember this and remember this,” because that part of you knew — knows — that eventually you will always come back to it no matter how long you do not remember it. And the best thing that could happen is that you’d bang around, find desires, focus on the desires, let the Energy flow and live happily ever after in this life time, too. The worst thing that could happen is that you would bang around in contrast, disallow the Energy from flowing through you, which would make you desire the Energy stronger — which would only bring you back to the Energy Stream eventually, anyway. That is as bad as it gets. The worst thing that could happen to you is negative emotion. The worst thing that could happen to you, in all of the Universe, is you finding a thought that deprives you of who you really are. And so, there are some who say, “Well, then, because the negative emotion only comes up when I really goose up my wanting, I’ll stop my wanting, and then I’ll always feel peaceful and contented. Every time a little desire comes up I’ll bring it back down, and if there’s no strong wanting, then there can be no strong negative emotion.” And we say, “All that does is not summon life.” It doesn’t pinch it off, but it doesn’t summon it to begin with. If you had a choice, would you choose passion or peace? If you say, “passion,” it means you’re eager and ready to expand. If you say, “peace,” it means you are focused more on what you don’t want, which means your vibration has been beating up on you, which means you need a good rest. We would encourage you to take it. And when you wake up you will feel

eager again. GUEST: When I listen to the Abraham tapes I am in a wonderful, wonderful place, and it makes me happy. Which to me means that Abraham is communicating with my higher being to know, “Yes, this is the right stuff. Just go for it!” ABRAHAM: What it means is, as you focus upon those words, it reverberates within you and causes you to be a vibrational match to who you really are. When Feeling Limited By Time GUEST: There are an unlimited number of things I want to achieve, but I’m faced with a limited number of hours to achieve them. I can’t find the time to make it all happen. ABRAHAM: Have you heard it said that time is illusive? That time is responsive? That time is perceptive, is perception? In other words, have you ever had a piece of time that was long but seemed short or a piece that was short but seemed long? Time is a very flexible commodity that is acted upon by Energy. Most of you are action oriented, which means most of you expect to perform a certain amount of activity in order to get a certain amount of results. Well, what that means is, you are very limited in that which you can create because, as you say, there’s only so much time. Or better said, there is only so much action that you can offer within the confines of so much time. Now, as you come forth into this physical environment, there are many things that you agree upon. The idea of gravity, that’s an idea that you agree upon. In other words, the physical time/space reality has within it many things that have been set into motion by many thinkers like you from a broader Nonphysical perspective. So there is this platform, or launching pad, that has Continued on page 41


SPECIAL SUBJECTS TAPES — VOL II AB-12 PIVOTING & POSITIVE ASPECTS * — If I am the "Creator of my own experience", why don't I have more of what I want? Fostered by an action oriented world, most of you do not understand your true nature of attraction, thus the confusion in why you are getting what you are getting. These processes of pivoting and the book of positive aspects will assist you in the self-discovery of what is important to you, and will put you in the strong, clear place of well-being, so that you can allow what you want into your experience. AB-13 SEXUALITY — Love, sensuality and the perfect sexual experience — pleasure vs. shame. This misunderstood issue lies at the heart of more disruption in the lives of physical beings than any other issue. Discover the true nature of your being, and release yourself from the negative turmoil that surrounds the subject of sexuality. AB-14 DEATH — Aging, deterioration and the perfect death experience — choices vs. chances. The gathering of years is a natural experience. However, deterioration of your physical body is neither natural nor necessary. Be healthy and productive and active and happy until the very day of your chosen re-emergence into the nonphysical. AB-15 DOLLARS — Abundance, in perfect flow — gaining the freedom that dollars can bring vs. losing your freedom while gaining your dollars. As there is an abundance of the air you breathe, so there is an abundance of the dollars you seek. Listen and learn how to relax and breathe in the fresh air of freedom offered to you through the abundant flow of dollars. AB-16 HEALTH, WEIGHT & MIND — The perfect states of weight, health and mind — how can I get there and stay there? Diet plans abound and research continues and yet the number of those unsuccessful at maintenance of satisfactory bodily and mental conditions increases steadily. Understand how your body functions and why you are as you are — and then begin your swift and steady progress toward that which you desire. AB-17 MATING — The perfect mate: getting one, being one, evoking one — Attracting vs. attacking. While it is your natural endeavor to cocreate with others, there are few who have discovered the bliss of magnificent relationships. Find out how you can experience the joy of a perfect union. AB-18 PARENTING — Perfect harmony between my children and me — and me and my parents. Harmonizing vs. traumatizing. While often disconnected from parents, either by death or by distance, your parent/child relationships often have great influence in your experience with your children or with your current life experience. Learn how to perceive what has been in a way that is beneficial to your now rather than destructive. Let that which you have lived be of value.


SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL II AB-19 CAREER — The perfect career. What, where and when is it — and what can I do about it now? With so many exterior standards or rules regarding the appropriateness of your behavior or choices — in most cases more confusion than clarity abounds. Use this process to discover and attract that which is perfect for you. Stop the futile backwards approach — and begin creating from the inside out. AB-20 SELF APPRECIATION — If I am so "Perfect as I am" — then why don't I feel better about me than I do? Selfishness vs. selflessness. Your awareness of your perfection was intact as you emerged into this physical body, but it was soon sabotaged by the critical, comparing, judgmental world that surrounded you. Rediscover your true sense of value and wellbeing and perfection. AB-21 INNER GUIDANCE — Tell me more about my Inner Voice? Because you have thought in terms of being dead or alive, you forget that you are, simultaneously, physically focused while another part of you remains focused from nonphysical perspective. Once remembering that the inner you exists, you may begin to listen to what your Inner Voice is offering. Here is the process for re-establishing that important conscious connection.

Free 90 Minute Introduction To Abraham Tape A stimulating overview of Abraham’s basic message: How to consciously harmonize and interact with your pure, positive Inner Being...How to realize who you are and why you have chosen to be physical in this time...How to joyously and deliberately utilize the Laws of the Universe to Attract all that you are wanting to be or have or do....Also, Jerry & Esther summarize the process of their introduction to Abraham. This cassette is a comfortable means to share Abraham with those who seek a new way of realizing a successful life experience. (Order AB-1. * Include $3.45 S/H) ...I am a medical doctor and have not, before, run across material that has this much potential to create health...Have enjoyed Abraham’s books and tapes beyond any expectations I had when my mother originally sent them. I would like to subscribe to your “Weekly Tape Program”. Thank You. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, MD. — MAINE


Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks



hat we would do for yourself — for your next physical experience (and you can do this) we would begin, right now, by infusing this physical time/space reality with as much understanding of the Law of Attraction as you can, so that you add to this vortex of knowing. That makes it more likely that as you and others participate within it — you will have easy access to this understanding that all is well.

hat better way could anyone spend money than back into the economy which gives more people work? What you call your economy is the exchange of human Energy. And so, think back a few hundred years about what your economy was in this nation. And what has changed? Have more resources been trucked in from other planets? Or have more people, over more time, just identified more things that they desire — and the Nonphysical Energy that is endless and infinite supplies that? We never hear any of you say, “Well, I have been well for so many years, that I’ve decided that I’m going to be sick for a while to allow some other people to be well.” Because you know that whether you’re well or not doesn’t have anything to do with them not getting enough wellness. You’re not using up the wellness and depriving them of it. And it is the same thing with the abundance. People that have managed to find vibrational harmony with abundance, so that it is flowing to them and through them — are not depriving anyone else of that abundance.

Los Angeles, CA — 1/31/99


onphysical is not asking you to ascribe to some specific label or stand in specific corners or in specific synagogues or churches with specific words. You are beings who are blessed and who are deserving of Well-being, and you will find your Well-being in many different ways — and the labels simply do not matter. Dallas, TX — 3/13/99


e are all one Energy Stream, but what makes the separations or distinguishes the differences is perspective. You are a unique and individual perspective. Los Angeles, CA — 1/31/99


ou are perceptual beings with different vantage points and — it does not matter how much information is given — you cannot see beyond the vibrational limits of where you are standing. You cannot live or see or experience outside of your own individual beliefs.

Orlando, FL — 1/10/99


ollars aren’t the root of happiness but they are not the root of evil either. They are the result of how somebody lines up Energy. If you don’t want dollars, don’t attract dollars. But we say to you, your criticism of others who have dollars, holds you in a place where things you do want, like wellness and clarity and Wellbeing, can’t come to you either.

Dallas, TX — 3/13/99


verything that is today could not be if it were not for that which was before. El Paso, TX — 11/14/98


our hands are tied in action, but your hands are not tied in imagination — and everything springs forth from the imagination. Everything.

Orlando, FL — 1/10/99

San Rafael, CA — 2/27/99


eel appreciation for those who provide examples of Well-being. How would you know that prosperity was possible if there wasn’t some evidence of prosperity around you? It’s all part of this contrast that helps you to sharpen your desire.


f man understood that “what I create has nothing to do with what anybody else is creating” then he wouldn’t be so afraid of what others are doing. El Paso, TX — 11/14/98

Orlando, FL — 1/10/99


Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks



hese beings, that are acting out in those ways that you find so awful, are tormented and suffering in ways that you will not understand. Their horrible acts are extensions of that pain. We also have to say to you — no one who is not a vibrational match to that could be their victim.

he greatest gift that you could give to anyone you love is the gift of positive expectation. But you can’t give someone positive expectation until you know the Laws and have practiced them yourself enough so that they are very familiar. Boca Raton, FL — 1/16/99

Los Angeles, CA — 1/31/99


s Abraham saying that you could reach what you consider to be a prime human physical condition and that you could maintain it for as long as you remain physically focused in this body? The answer is, absolutely yes. And it doesn’t mean reach your prime and then jump off a cliff the same day, either. It means, reach your prime and bask in the deliciousness of that. Now, why is other than that the more consistent experience? Because most everybody is looking around and vibrating in response to what they are seeing. So, what is the solution? Look around less. Imagine more. Look around less. Imagine more. Until your imagery is the most familiar vibration that you have.


e are not pointing any fingers, because there is no blame or judgment from where we are standing. But we have to say to you that we are all part of all that occurs. Los Angeles, CA — 1/31/99


arents don’t want their children to make the wrong decisions, so they don’t allow them to make the decision. And then the child becomes dependent, and then the parent resents that, and it gets off into a blameful thing early on. If you are encouraging children to do all that they can do — and not squelching the natural eagerness that is within them, so that they can shine and thrive and show you and themselves how good they are at adapting to physical experience — then everyone wins. Dallas, TX — 3/13/99

San Rafael, CA — 2/27/99


hildren coming forth today have a greater capacity to deal with the greater variety of information that is coming forward than you did. They deliberately are coming forth into this environment where there is more to contemplate. This generation gap that you are talking about, it has ever been thus. Each new generation, every new individual, that comes forth, is coming with you having prepared a different platform for them to proceed from. There is this thing that gets in the way of that that says, “I’m the parent. I got here first. I know more than you do.” From the children’s perspective, and from the purity of their Nonphysical Perspective, what they are saying is, “You’re the parent. You got here first. You prepared a platform that I am leaping off from — and my leap will be beyond anything that you have ever known.”


o you have to think specific positive thoughts about your body in order for your body to be the way you want it to be? No. But you have to not think the specific negative thoughts. If you could never again think about your body and, instead, just think pleasant thoughts — your body would reclaim its place of Well-being. Orlando, FL — 1/10/99


omeone asked us recently, “Is there any limitation to the body’s ability to heal?” And we said, “None other than the belief that you hold.” And he said, “Then why aren’t people growing new limbs?” And we said, “Because no one believes that they can.” San Rafael, CA — 2/27/99

San Rafael, CA — 2/27/99


PRESENTING A POWERFUL 365 DAY COURSE IN SPIRITUAL PRACTICALITY A DELICIOUS, NEW ADVENTURE INTO A STUDY OF SPIRITUAL PRACTICALITY. This is a one year experiential study of twelve evolving segments, of increasing intensity, of imagining and planning and manifesting. Instead of 52 weeks some Study Groups may prefer to experience these materials in as little as a twelve week period — those decisions are for each individual or group facilitator to make relative to their cocreational desires. Habits are usually created slowly. And since a major aspect of the value to you of using this material will be the changing — often slowly — from unwanted habits of thought to habits of thought that are more appropriate to your current conscious desires — the most common use of this calendar will be as a joyous 365 day journey into a new world of leading edge thought and experience. Begin experiencing the power of this calendar at any time. You don’t have to wait until the first of next year. However, in order to get into time sequence with the calendar — it is best to start at the beginning of any month. Let the first day of your first month be day one (page three) of this calendar. After over 30 years of studying, teaching and enjoying the art of personal fulfillment, I have long understood the power of clarifying and writing out my decisions in appointment books, journals, organizers, etc. But as the years passed, I became aware that at the most joyous and highly productive segments of my life — I simply carried, daily, a fresh, updated sheet of paper in my pocket. This works! The first sides of the pages are compilations from the best of the Abraham teachings. The second sides of the pages are designed to accommodate your daily list of things to do — but as the course progresses, you will discover that they will be offering processes and techniques to fit the advancing stages of your progression within these materials. Your only power to create your life is in this moment, and the Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar is designed to focus the purest of your intentions to your todays, the time in which you have your power. • The Abraham-Hicks Calendar/Workbook is a tool to teach others to create, the perfect (by your ever changing standards) adventure in living. • Use it as a medium of exchange: Exchange any habits of thought, word or action that no longer serve your best interests. Exchange them for bright fresh habits that are more appropriate to who you are in the current moment. • Exchange any patterns of interaction that are not allowing of each individual’s freedom, growth and joy — for continually changing cocreational interactions that allow the very best from every life you touch. • Exchange any restrictions to your flow of health, relationships, abundance...Exchange them for an open flow — to and through you — of all that you will come to see as your perfect state of Well-being. One day at a time you will give your attention to that which feels best to you, and you will, thereby, create the most progressively wonderful life that you can imagine. From our hearts, Jerry and Esther


“If you want to change what you are living, you only have to change the balance of your thought.” — Abraham

The Science of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar and Study Group Workbook A 365 Day Course in Spiritual Practicality • The material in this calendar/workbook has been specifically intended as an experiential guide to comfortably change your balance of habits of thought to that which will enrich every aspect of your experience. • Begin in any month. The pages are left to be dated by you. • This is a study to do. Not a study to simply peruse. It is a study to have fun with in every way that you can imagine. • The pages are the size of two $100 bills, side-by-side. Tear out a page a day. They are portable. Fold them into your wallet or checkbook, or simply carry them in a pocket. On one side you will find life enriching reminders of some things you may have forgotten and on the other side you can write intentions, ideas, names, numbers...Post them on your mirror, refrigerator, the sun visor of your car... • Carry a seven day segment, or a vacation segment, with you when you are away from home. — Let the Magic Begin — SELF HELP FROM YOUR TOTAL SELF

768 PAGES $25 USA

Dear Jerry and Esther, My clients (I’m a psychotherapist) love the “Calendar/Workbook.” First it was A New Beginning I, A New Beginning II, Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather, and now it’s The Science of Deliberate Creation...what a magnificent progression of learning aids to supplement the dazzling Abraham events and tapes! I was excited when I first heard about the planned calendar and study group workbook, but the completed project literally takes my breath away! This is a treasure! I appreciate the wealth of so many beautifully stated truths, the accompanying exercises ‚ and the careful and loving effort with which each excerpt was thoughtfully selected from the vast body of Abraham knowledge, to be re-presented to us on these happy pages. The compact size is easily the little folded pages slip into a wallet, or purse, or date book. This portable adventure in Spiritual Practicality is wonderfully user-friendly! The effect of this extra daily measure of Abraham Energy is truly stunning. Manifestation of creations comes faster and faster. Life feels better and better. We all thank you, Jerry and Esther and Abraham, for this latest in an amazing assortment of tools for growth! With love, A.B. — NY


book: a new beginning I This extraordinary book is powerfully offered by a group of teachers who call themselves Abraham. They express clearly and simply the laws of the universe, explaining in detail how we can deliberately flow with these laws for the joyful creation of whatever we desire. Abraham describes this as the time of awakening, explaining that each of us chose, with very deliberate intent, this specific time of great change to participate in this physical experience. An empowering, life-changing book that will assist you in seeing your personal life experience as you have never seen it before. COMMENTS: • Thank you for a delightful book—A NEW BEGINNING I—a life changing book...a joyous do-it-yourself book...I have always known this was an “inside job”, but I’ve not known, before, how to communicate well with the “inside.” — Germany • We are thrilled with the data. Everyone we have sent the book to thinks it is the best book they have ever read. — California • The feedback I’ve gotten on the many ABRAHAM books that I have distributed has been phenomenal and it has come from all over the world. — California • The first edition of A NEW BEGINNING I sold out because readers love the practical ideas of Abraham. In the tradition of Jane Roberts, this refreshing new book reveals a unique blend of new-age thought with the Western desire for “more.” An inspiring self-help classic that gets results. Softcover. $15.00. 218 pages. ISBN 0-9621219-3-2.


book: a new beginning II An uplifting book that strikes a chord with the very core of your being. Written by Abraham to assist you in understanding the absolute connection between your physical self and your inner self. Abraham puts this physical life experience into perspective as they explain and define who we really are and why we have come forth as physical beings. This book is filled with processes and examples to assist you in making a deliberate conscious connection with your own Inner Being, that you might find the awesome satisfaction with this physical life experience that can only come once this connection is made. COMMENTS: • Your book, A NEW BEGINNING II, has been my constant companion, now marked and circled on page after page...So— UP with the “Fairies of the Universe” and beautiful music and laughter! — France • ..I hugged the book; I couldn’t put it down for two days....You should see my metaphysical library—and of every book I have, this is the clearest! — Germany • Thank you so much for the book—it is the best yet. I like to open it at random and see what the good word is for the day. — California • Like the book before it, A NEW BEGINNING II is clear, practical, inspiring and empowering with more focus on how to realign with your Inner Being. The bottom line for AbrahamHicks is to choose to feel good in every moment. From that base of joy you will naturally and easily create what you want for yourself and the world. Softcover. $15.00. 258 pages. ISBN 0-9621219-1-6


ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS “...I received the 3-tape set expressed in San Francisco, and with great delight I listened to the first tape a few days ago and am still vibrating in great appreciation. I have just now been with the 2nd tape, and it is profoundly resonating within me in a kind of paradoxical I feel like a kid eating an ice-cream cone with sprinkles on it and simultaneously experiencing the profound tranquility and excitement of an adult who organically knows everything is all right as I continue to have the appetite for more. I am deeply appreciative. — R.E. — CA The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

San Francisco, CA — 2/20 & 2/21/99 (4 hrs. 30 minutes of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

You live in a flexible self-created reality. Are there better choices than world peace? Regarding: “I’m only human; I’m not perfect.” How much tennis would be too materialistic? To maintain my Tone while observing unwanted? Interact with as many people as you can. Tell us about the merry old souls?

• • • • • • •

AIDS carrying survivor considers rejoining dating pool. Birth control pills, do they affect natural selection? Abraham’s perspective of celibacy, orgasms, etc. Brief series of Abraham’s past one-liners. She really, really, really resents men. Do fathers always have to be right? To understand relationship between sex and violence?

• • • • • • •

Is child’s weight perpetuating classmate’s teasing? Teach children through clarity of your example. How much action to do or not? Total financial freedom for her family? Where is the place here for compassion? What if mate dies and I’m left alone? Focus Wheels, Meditation and a screaming kid.

Tape TWO


Order S3SF — $30.00 plus S/H


ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS This is the special Chicago, 3 Tape Album that has evoked so much praise from our Weekly Tape Program subscribers. This was a Workshop that generated much too much new and fun material for us to edit down to anything less than this 4 and 1/2 hours of Classic Abraham.

The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

Chicago, IL — 10/31 & 11/1/98 (4 hrs. 30 minutes of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

Learn to find familiarity with pure desire. Is that another Declarative Statement you’re making? Wants Soul Mate, but enjoys current variety. How does OOB experience relate to one’s Soul? Am I, indeed, on right path to wellness? Can she love her unlovable teen son? Would true friends kick a happy cat?

• • • • • • •

Their feelings about you affect only them. Every belief was once a conscious thought. Your current reality was once a pretense. Is not grief appropriate at funerals? This is how eternalness is eternally eternal. How can they get out of “work hell”? About her seven year old psychic son?

• • • • • • •

How does Abraham select the Workshop questioner? The next logical step to experiencing a “Frank”. Did time stop when he fell from the bridge? Balancing children’s educational structure with freedom. Is a “genetic” pain a genuine pain? Let’s have more clarification on “Vibrations”. Nurse wants to understand purpose of husband’s death.

Tape TWO


Order S3CH — $30.00 plus S/H


G-series tapes fall, 1998 YOU HAVE A TRUSTY VIBRATIONAL METER G-8/22/98 — All comes in response to your vibrational offering. You pay a great price for your empathy. Practitioner wants to honorably integrate Abraham’s materials. You can’t impeach your leader into connection. Wants the low-down on “Mercury in retrograde”? Abraham’s philosophy regarding cussing, swearing children. Who is responsible for the “victim’s plight? G-9/5/98 — How can we impact Nonphysical from Physical? Your fresh, powerful present rockets of desire. Evaluating others from your current ethical biases. Contrast ain’t necessarily conflict or trauma. Now, she does want to bear a baby. Law of Attraction and its influence on births. Is this co-dependency or is it co-creativity? G-9/6/98 — Receiving conscious communication from Nonphysical. When tragic deaths become next logical step. That “vengeful, angry, punishing God” never existed. About the dynamics of tithing? Yipping, clattering, eternally linking, neighbor’s dog. Yipping, clattering, eternally linking, “horrible” tenants. Wife’s religious perspective doesn’t embrace his. G-9/13/98 — Wants constant conscious connection with Inner Being. She is 38 and single and (bleeped). Caught up in children’s rage and cynicism. How about her last 3 significant relationships? Tell me about “being present in my now”? Fears she has denied physical entry to spirits. She has a recurring hair loss problem. G-9/27/98 — Creational X,Y,Zs and the variables of time. What they are addicted to, is feeling good. His lucrative, 4 days a week, profession feels unfree. Attorney loves, and dislikes, aspects of her profession. Are Pintos n’Cheese stuck in her chakras? “At your age”, what do you expect? Wants to synthesize his Rockets of Desire. G-10/11/98 — Focus Wheels, Place Mats, Creation Boxes and Dollars. Lotteries, and the exchange of human energy. A review of Abraham’s Prosperity Game Process. Student wants un-work-related dollars. 17 Second Process to having enough time. Launching of children’s program is bogging down. Do we choose when and how we die? G-10/13/98 — All creation is on the leading edge. Are we, at some point, homogenized beings? She always falls asleep after she eats. Can our prayers override another’s intentions? To deal with her ornamental bushwackers. Focus Wheeling 50 pounds weight loss worries friends. Questioning the nature of Nonphysical time. G-10/15/98 — You did not learn to smell, you smelled. When seeking the cause of her discomfort. Can this prosecutor protect victims from victimizers? Which came first: chicken or egg? Can we communicate with plants and animals? Teen is “flipping off” her angry mother. Why does this cultural pity party exist? G-10/17/98 — Inspired, or motivated, to her new job? What being fully connected feels like. The real purpose of Esther’s tree house. Is resistance natural to our physical form? No “joy in heaven” from pain on earth. Clarification of “We are all one.” A new perspective of “Families of Consciousness”. G-11/1/98, III — How does Abraham select the Workshop questioner? The next logical step to experiencing a “Frank”. Did time stop when he fell from the bridge? Balancing children’s educational structure with freedom. Is a “genetic” pain a genuine pain? Let’s have more clarification on “Vibrations”. Nurse wants to understand purpose of husband’s death.


G-series tapes summer, 1998 Monitoring your vibrational meter G-6/14/98 — Abraham’s tenth year with Unity of Fort Collins. She wants to do like Esther does. Faced with a “peanut butter” project at work. She loves their personal experience with Abraham. Allowing, accepting or resisting “Senior Citizenship”. To remove his attention from his diabetes. Let’s talk about conditional living. G-6/20/98 — Let’s talk about your infinite Vibrational Meter. Why didn’t her furiousness create worse results? How can we shift our protective stance? Rebuilding your body weight belief system. When “terrible” things happen to innocent babies? Gerontologist seeks an “ageless” life until death. Abraham’s Prosperity Process and robust “agelessness”. G-6/21/98 — Are the pendulum’s answers valid regarding others? Chiropractor questions Non-physical aspects of healing. What if your rules required bigamy? He’s got alien bones on his mind. She plummets through extremes of career contrast. Staying in a state of perpetual creative motion. Should parent protect child from a dis-empowering teacher? G-6/27/98 — You have this Vibrational Meter within you. Why does Abraham neither laugh nor cry? “Can’t worry and love children at same time?” Loves to serve, but money evokes her fear. When alien thoughts create alien thought forms. Climb aboard a butterfly, and use your imagination. “Live in the world but not of it”? G-7/11/98 — How much allowance to give to children? She gained 40 pounds in three years. Why to begin playing Abraham’s Prosperity Game. Abraham of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. To be less sensitive to influence of others? To communicate relief to her ailing grandmother. Where was Abraham before the earth evolved? G-7/25/98 — Aerial view of your Rockets of Desire. Tears, at births, weddings and funerals? Seeking inspired careers in alternative traditional healing. His patent has been infringed; now what? Is there a cosmic form of birth control? When one’s unwanted lover keeps hanging on? Son resists thanking grandfather for unwanted. G-8/1/98 — What does Abraham mean by “the Universe”? Why he buys high and sells low. Rockets of Desire, connecting to your Well-being. Retirement, as not necessarily in one’s best interest. Wanting to believe that “All is Well.” She remembers Grandmother’s teeth in a glass. Would Jesus do it differently this time? G-8/2/98 — What would Christ say to us today? Caring for this beautiful new baby girl? Why is she collecting “inappropriate jerks”. Best to ask for specifics, or in general? Magical appearance of a second career decision. How about this attorney’s unforgiving nature? My body, my PMS, my unwanted cramps? G-8/15/98 — Why you’ll never not feel negative emotion. A rocket of desire to weigh less. How does Non-physical Energy enter physical body? Get me and my Thunderbird out of this. Inner Being isn’t speaking rude words to you. Deceased mother smiles lovingly in his dreams. From regal riches to doldrums, now what? G-8/16/98 — To be an empowering, allowing “Fairy Godmother”. Bucky’s body’s buried; where is his beingness? Can a thought thought think it’s thinking? Is performing “hard work”, right or wrong? Wants to strangle her day-job co-workers. Does dirt work as well as “manna”? Looking for love in all the wrong places.


G-series tapes spring, 1998 freshness of your eternal now G-3/4/98 — After the Place Mat, then do what? Will vibration of joy bring only good? Which of these thoughts feels best? Focus Wheeling creations of a slender body. Addressing the concept of wasted natural resources. But, what if everyone wasted resources? My abundance does not deprive anyone else. G-4/4/98 — Learn to consciously feel your Creative Tension. Can he harness and utilize his Energy? Are you driven by inspiration or by motivation? To enjoy the process of becoming organized. Focus Wheeling preparing her taxes in joy. Is “poormouthing” kin out prospering prosperity student? How many dollars could you spend tomorrow? G-4/5/98 — Dream contact with essence of dead friend. Medicate child or beat him down? Balancing “I’m not safe” with “All is well”. Resolving the enigma of her migraine headache. Concerning depending on an undependable relationship. Positive language question about “Wanting to try”. Wants quantum leap in other aspects of life. G-4/11/98 — Insight into the Non-physical part of you. Chances of achieving a lawsuit victory? Jerry and Esther’s gate-crashing landscaper. What is life like without physical bodies? Seeking the easiest way to appreciate self. Why Abraham doesn’t see that “all’s not well.” The thing that will serve you best. G-4/14/98 — Feel the Freshness of Your Eternal Now. The healing power of your connected thought. Does your illness allow another’s wellness? Will group think world into peace? Can Inner Being’s desire conflict with ours? Questioning the source of communicative Thought Forms. If it feels good, it is good. G-4/25/98 — Make more eager decisions in every day. Was rusty skyscraper in Jerry and Esther’s destiny? How decision resolves relationship discomfort. Can she have time and dollars too? Focusing one’s thoughts on pleasing prosperity binge. Can new environment alleviate nurse’s health issue? Significance of recovering alcoholic’s recurring dreams? G-5/10/98 — Why is her new secure money evoking fear? Can we learn channeling from a book? Understanding specific versus general attracting scenario. When the children ask about suicide. Act much less and imagine much more. Abraham discusses her child’s “learning disabilities” label. G-5/16/98 — How about that June 18th asteroid crash? Can dream career replace her realistic job? Considering a focus on diverse religious icons. Tears of overjoyment or of overwhelment? What isn’t Abraham yet telling us? Her suicidal, school loathing, teacher hating child. Wants an overall view of his direction. G-5/18/98 — Discover the freshness of your powerful now. Magical points of intersection of our thoughts. Focus Wheeling his career hampering fears. Conflicting emotions regarding their joyous divorce. What pre-birth choices are made from Non-physical? Seeking a dividing line between Source and selves. Prosperity game for practicing the flow of Energy. G-5/23/98 — When the manifestation spark goes “pop”. Can a child be spoiled by wellbeing? She specifically desires a specific lover. Wanting a slender body in two months. Scripting an appropriate body of 120 years. My body will always match my intentions. She feels resistant to her teacher’s criticism.


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much that you agree upon. And that is the reason for the passage of time. You wanted a focal point, where when AllThat-Is is focused into a specific time/space reality, it gives you a sort of agreement or platform from which to launch your Creation. When you visualize, or when you get in that imaginary place, when you vibrate on purpose, when you take the time to set your Tone — what you set into motion is so much more powerful and so much more productive than anything that you could do with your action. When you’ve taken the time to set your Tone, and from that vibrational place you are called to action — now that action is not what actually creates. It’s just the way you enjoy or pluck the fruit that you have created through thought. You, like almost every other physical human, are under the misunderstanding that it’s through your action that you are getting things done. And so, you work many hours a week, usually, in action or behavior, to try to make things happen — and you spend 15 minutes a day, maybe, if you’re really hard after it, in your visualization. And we’re not suggesting that you flip-flop those completely because it would upset your orientation to this time/space reality. We certainly would envision more and act less. We would make a decision that our action would always come on the heels of our visualization. We would make a decision that the action that we are offering would always be action that is inspired rather than action that is motivated. (Inspired meaning, “I’ve visual-

ized it. I’ve imagined it. I have made it familiar...”) These are important words for you to receive: “I have practiced my imagery so often that the vibration of this success is so familiar, even more familiar than the reality.” Now you haven’t allowed that to be, relative to this subject. You keep saying, “There’s not enough time. There’s not enough time.” Where if you would get into a visualization state and imagine that there is plenty of time — you would begin to offer a different vibration. You are trying to justify your value through your hard work or through your action. And what we’re wanting you to hear is that you need not justify. You don’t have anything to justify. Think about it. If the Universe is responding to your vibration, do you think it makes any difference whether the vibration is in response to what you are observing or in response to what you are imagining? So you can image plenty of time, you can image all kinds of help, you can image... And so, the answer to time is, there isn’t any. But that’s hard for you to find any belief in when you are here with clocks and calendars and others that are in agreement about it. And so, change and modify it by saying, “time is perceptual.”

Envision more and act less. Let action always come on the heels of visualization. Make a decision that your action is action that is inspired rather than action that is motivated.

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Let’s say you are in a canoe and you have 30 minutes to go a half a mile and you can go upstream or downstream. It’s your choice. What’s logical? Let the current carry you. You see. But when you have created a current that’s going that way and you say, “I want to go that other way,” then there is not enough time in the world to ever get you there. It’s like saying, “I want some hot tea.” So you turn on the fire under your tea kettle, and just before the water boils, you turn it off. Then you turn it on again, and just before it boils, you turn it off. And then you turn it on again, and just before it boils, you turn it off, and then you complain, “For ten years, all I’ve wanted is a cup of hot tea.” And we say, “Just leave it on.”

Most of you have convinced yourselves that you prove your worthiness through your effort or action. Well, what we are wanting you to do — if you’re wanting to prove something — is prove your connection to the Energy Stream. Is This The Next Logical Step? Don’t try to take action about anything until you have visualized it and made it real enough that it feels like the next logical step. A friend said about her daughter, “My daughter has found something that she really, really, really wants, and she said to me, ‘If this happens... If this really happens like I want it to, then this joyous thing will make up for all of the things that have gone wrong in my life. All of the things that I haven’t been able to make happen, it will make up for all of them if this just goes the way I want it to.’” And we said, when your desire feels that big, you’re not really on the brink of it. You know when you’re on the brink of it when it feels like the next logical step. So if we were to say to you, “Does it feel logical to you that all of a sudden time will open up, that you’ll have time on your hands, that you’ll have leisure, that money will be flowing to you effortlessly, that your action will not be really a part of the magnificent things that come?” And you say, “No. Right now that feels like a pipe dream that I want to believe, and if I believed, Abraham, that you could take your magic wand and zap me with that, for this moment, I would be thrilled beyond description.” But it doesn’t feel like the next logical step. Does it? And the reason it doesn’t feel like the next logical step is because you have not practiced that imagery. That imagery doesn’t feel familiar. That vibration is not familiar. Therefore, it’s not the next logical step for you. So how would one go about expanding time? By acknowledging leverage. Imagine a big heavy box. You want to pick it up.

To Make Time Expand For You The way you make time expand for you... The way you get greater productivity from any moment in time is by flowing with the current — and the way you flow with the current is by finding thoughts that feel good when you think them. One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. There is not enough action in the world to compensate for a misalignment of Energy. Most people who are acting to create, can create, at best, only mediocrity. It isn’t until you step into the vibrational realm of visionary that any big things happen. It is a really rare one of you who has ever allowed yourself the benefit of focusing upon something long enough that the Energy began to move with you. When you do that, it is effortless. Doors open. It’s as if the entire Universe is conspiring — and it is — to assist you in what you are wanting. But most of you spend your actions rather than aligning your Energy, and then you feel overwhelmed because there is not enough action or you can’t muster enough effort.


Haven’t you been mystified when you see people who seem to not work very hard at all that have so much wonderful stuff coming to them? And then, you see those that are working the hardest — and they seem to be getting the least. Haven’t you ever wondered what was wrong with that? They just haven’t learned the leverage of aligning Energy. They are going about it the hard way. They are trying to use their action to create — rather than their alignment of Energy.

So instead of trying to pick it up, you take a pole and a fulcrum and you stick it under and then you push on the other end of the pole. Leverage. Use the leverage of the Energy that creates worlds... When you get into the flow with the Energy that creates worlds, you will have leverage beyond your wildest dreams. Seventeen seconds of focus that is not contradicted is equivalent to over 2,000 action hours. Only twice that — 34 seconds of non contradicted thought — is equivalent to 20,000 action hours. Add another 17 seconds to it and you can multiply by ten again. 68 seconds of non contradicted thought is equivalent to more action hours than you could work in ten life times. Esther said, “Why don’t I know that? If I have access to this kind of leverage, why don’t I know that?” And we said: You rarely hold yourselves on a subject for 17 seconds, long enough to allow that thought to combust into a more specific, and therefore more powerful, thought. “You are like most people,” we said to Esther. “You are so caught up in the reality of what you are living, that the vibration that you offer is mostly only about what you are living.” So whenever you say, “I don’t have enough time,” that’s the vibration that you offer, and you don’t have access to exercises or thoughts or ideas or people that you could delegate to. You don’t have access to the way the world works without so much action.

Earth Wasn’t Created by Action So now, is it starting to make sense when we say to you, “Seek joy”? Joy is the purpose, because in your joy, you connect to the Energy that makes things happen. Aren’t you knocked over by this Earth? Isn’t it awesome this massive space? This big chunk of matter? Don’t you find it remarkable? Now try to find action in any of that. Who built it? Who scooped up that much dirt? Who used physical action to scoop it up and make it be? This is not the nature of Creation. Creation is not and has never been about action. It has always been about alignment of Energy. So when you focus upon alignment of Energy time becomes irrelevant. And when time is irrelevant, it will be so expansive that you will wonder where it always was.

Haven’t you been mystified when you see people who seem to not work very hard at all that have so much coming to them? While those that are working the hardest — seem to be getting the least. Haven’t you ever wondered what was wrong with that?

Excerpted from Workshop at Tarrytown, NY — G-10/18/98



This free will, that means so much to you when you are getting your way — you would like to take away from those who are getting their way if their way does not agree with your way. Fortunately, you can never orchestrate that from your position. Many of you try. You get together and you say, “This is true evil. This absolutely a wrong thing. Let’s get enough of us together that we can push against that.” And all you do as you get a bunch of you together to push against it is create more of it and make sure that you are more likely to be in vibrational harmony with it. We will put your mind at ease just a little bit by offering you one very clear statement. Your government is not that clever. You are giving them way too much credit. Every feeling of victim, every feeling of paranoia, every feeling of vulnerability, that has been projected from the beginning of man’s experience here on this planet, is running like a river. And every now and again someone will tap into that stream and speak it as truth — and what they are speaking is their truth. What they are speaking is what they are finding vibrational harmony with. What they are speaking is an option that is certainly available to all of you. Most of you are not aware of what the vibrations, that you are offering, are attracting back to you.” So, if you mean well, if you want well, but you are not getting well, and you don’t understand because nobody’s explained to you the correlation between what you are thinking and feeling and what you are getting — that’s a breeding ground for paranoia. Because then you say, “Well, I’m certainly not doing it to myself. Somebody else must be doing it to me.” And as it shows up everywhere you go, it must be somebody really, really good, somebody who has spies and networks and satellites. “How could I keep having these same negative experiences everywhere I go? I know I’m not doing it to me. So somebody else must be doing it. And if they’re this good, they must be really good. It must be government or other galaxies. It’s a huge conspiracy.”

GUEST: I’ve heard about the secret government in health conspiracies and very powerful men that want to control resources and create a lot of evil for the human race. I’m a naturopath. I work with health, and I’m frustrated by the health cover-ups that this so-called secret government has caused. And I’m wanting good for my clients. I’m wanting a way for them to have health. ABRAHAM: You raise a very good question. And we want to give you an answer that will leave you in a place of feeling relief. Let’s say, just for the sake of this discussion, that it’s not just paranoid people picking up on a stream of thought and magnifying it. Let’s pretend that everything you heard is true. As you project thought, that thought exists eternally, which means that every thought that you’ve ever thought exists. It also means that every thought that everyone else has ever thought exists — and by Law of Attraction those thoughts are coalescing. So there are literally rivers of thoughts that you can tap into by focusing upon something long enough that you find vibrational harmony with it. You cannot protect yourself from something that you do not want because as you addressing this thing that you do not want — you are finding vibrational harmony with this thing that you do not want. And now that you have found vibrational harmony with it, it comes to you. And then you say, “See, they were right. That terrible reality that they talked about is accurate and I have proof of it.” And we say, “All you’ve proved is that you have the ability to find vibrational harmony with something you don’t want.” Every thought that has ever been thought still exists. And so, as an individual, what you are really wanting to do is appreciate that it exists, so that from it you can get a basis of your own desire. And then, as you individually align with your basis of desire — then that’s the life that you live.


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS And we say, It’s a self-perpetuated conspiracy. It’s you hooking into victimhood or into the vulnerability and holding yourself apart from Well-being, and then blaming somebody else because the Well-being doesn’t come to you. Law of Attraction says Wellbeing can’t come to you when you’re so aware that you are standing over here where you don’t want to be. So you blame your plight on your mother or on the government or on some evil conspiracy, and we say, All you need to do is just relax and lighten up and let your Energy raise, and Well-being will come back to you. And then, who do you give that credit to? When Well-being happens, why aren’t there any “giant conspiracies of Well-being” out there? You never hear it, do you? “The government has secret things that are happening that are making things go well for me. Traffic lights are turning green and friends are calling me and dollars are flowing. There’s a conspiracy of health in our neighborhood. I look around and almost everyone I see is up and alive and well. Children are smiling and going to school. The traffic, for the most part, is going very well. Only a fraction of our traffic ever goes wrong. A conspiracy. A conspiracy.” Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop Dallas, TX — G-3/13/99

Ideal Citizen? GUEST: My question, how to participate as a citizen in a country in a way that would be positive rather than negative. During the war in Viet Nam, I was in silent vigils that some people and I started. And I felt good about that. But I also realize that it’s very easy to get caught up in resisting and being negative. So, I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on that? ABRAHAM: The ideal citizen — one who contributes enormously to the Well-being of the whole — is one who focuses so specifically on life giving projects that you act as a vortex that summons life into this dimension through you. Some would say, “Well, you mean she shouldn’t get


involved in bigger issues?” And we say, “She can choose any issue she wants to be one of those life giving issues.” It’s about choosing something and focusing upon it with the sheer intent of letting it summon to itself through you. GUEST: I don’t want to see society become like those countries where women would be kept at home and not allowed to leave. I would like to operate in my society in a way where I see to it that more freedoms in that way are preserved or enhanced. ABRAHAM: What do you see as you look around you in this society? You see mostly freedom. And so, as you focus here, you can feel, as you observe, an environment that is a vibrational match to your desire. You feel better. As you observe another society that is not a vibrational match to your desire, you don’t feel so good. Your role, as a productive citizen, is to choose from those two perspectives the one that you can feel the Energy flowing the strongest — and it’s not hard to figure out which one that is, is it? You can tell by the way you feel. Many people believe that if there are not protests, that nothing ever gets better. And we say, well, there is accuracy to a degree. If you don’t know what you don’t want, you could not know what you do want. And so, it is the contrast or the diversity that helps you to formulate your decision. And often the strongest decisions come out of the worst situations. It’s those unbearable or deplorable things that often give the rocket of desire the greatest thrust. But what goes wrong with so many people is, once the desire is born, then they keep looking back and trying to justify the desire by pointing out how bad things are — and when they look back, they just include that vibration which makes them a muted, clutter filter. They are not a vortex that is doing any summoning toward what they want. If you let a negative situation build that rocket of desire within you, and you focus upon the way you want it to be, and then you imagine that. You

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS dream that. You amplify that. You look for evidence of that. You talk about that. You script that. You find the feeling place of that. You imagine that. You dream that. You hold yourself in that vibration and you create that. You open the vortex, single-handedly, that hundreds of thousands, millions, then benefit from, because of your attention to the subject. Most of you do not believe that you have that kind of power of focus. So you gather all over the place, and then you feel crabby because you know, from your Nonphysical Perspective, the extraordinary power and value and reason that you have come here to focus. You did not say, “I’ll come forth, but clean up everything that might bother me and then I’ll come.” Instead, you said, “I’ll go forth into this contrast, and out of it I’ll feel new desire born in me.” When we tell you that you are on the leading edge of thought, we are not kidding you. Here is the way it works: So, you examine the contrast. We are not talking about conflict. But contrast might be conflict. You examine the stuff — all the stuff. You observe it, and out of it is born a desire, and when that desire comes within you, you feel it. And as you feel that desire, then you talk about it and you think about it and you think about it and you imagine it and you offer a vibration about it, and then the Universe responds — and now you stand in a new place with a whole different set of contrasting experiences giving birth to another desire that you then focus upon and think about and find a feeling place of until you are standing in a different place with a whole different set of contrasting experiences. Sometimes we think you think that the work is to get it done. You think the work is to get it all cleaned up. And we say, you did not ever intend to come forth and get everything checked off the list. You came forth to get more things on the list. You never get it done. Now you’re beginning to understand why we want you to enjoy the journey. Because there is no end to this journey. You could desire and it could be painful to you

and you could stop desiring and you could croak. But we promise you, that won’t be the end of you. In your physical withdrawal from this experience, all you get is a whole new lease on life from which you want to come forth into another physically focused environment so that you can begin the process again. It is so satisfying once you begin to understand the rhythm of all of this and you begin to understand that the contrast is a good thing because the contrast gives you a new desire, and then, as you fantasize and find the feeling place of it, then everything in the Universe begins to respond to your vibrational output — and then, from that new vantage point, new contrasting experiences give birth to more desire. And so, the fun of it is not getting to the place where the Universe yields it to you. Although that can be fun. But the fun of it is the birth of the desire to begin with and the then the bringing yourself into an alignment with the desire. There is nothing more delicious than the Creative endeavor. Friends, you have in your hands the Energy that creates worlds, and you said, “I would like to take that powerful Energy, and I would like to focus it through my specific physical human vortex. So I will be a citizen in this environment and I will conclude as best I can from my vantage point, and when that conclusion builds within me as that rocket of desire and I feel it, I will revel in what this contrasting experience has produced, because I’m on the leading edge again. I’ve just given birth to a new desire. I am going to focus on the desire. I’m going to find the feeling of the desire. I’m going to explain the desire. I’m going to become familiar with the desire. I’m going to become desire. I am going to become the embodiment — the vibrational embodiment — of this desire. I am going to radiate that desire. It’s going to express through me so that anyone that comes into contact will feel a piece of that desire. And, sure, Law of Attraction will manifest the heck out of it all around me, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here for the experience of the Energy flowing through. Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop Los Angeles, CA — G1/30/99


ABOUT THE AUTHORS Excited about the clarity and practicality of the translated word from ABRAHAM, Jerry and Esther Hicks began, in 1986, disclosing their ABRAHAM experience to a handful of close business associates. Then, recognizing the practical results being received by those persons who began plying ABRAHAM with meaningful personal questions regarding their finances, bodily conditions, and relationships...the Hickses made a conscious decision to allow ABRAHAM’S teachings to become Esther & Jerry Hicks available to an ever widening circle of seekers. And that circle continues to expand — even as you read this page. Jerry and Esther have now published more than 300 Abraham-Hicks books, cassettes and videos, and have been presenting open group interactive workshops in about 40 cities a year to those who gather to participate in this progressive stream of thought. Although worldwide attention has been given by leading edge thinkers to this Science of Deliberate Creation who, in turn, incorporate many of ABRAHAM’S concepts into their books, lectures, sermons, screenplays, scripts...the primary spread of this material has been from person to person — as individuals begin to discover the value of these materials in their practical, personal experience. ABRAHAM, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader Non-physical perspective through the physical apparatus of Esther. Speaking to our level of comprehension, from their present moment to our now, through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant yet comprehensively simple, recordings in print and in sound — they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being — they guide us to self-upliftment from our total self. COMMENTS FROM READERS & LISTENERS: ...It’s hard to believe that life could be so simple and so joyous and that it could take me so many years to find out how to do it...So, thank you, so much, for making an already good life even better! (With lots of good feelings) SC — PA ...I’ve been a “searcher,” “seeker,” “sharer” since I was a teen. My middle name was purported to be “Why?” The information from Abraham is so down-to-earth, useful, compelling, exciting, sensible, practical, empowering, clear, usable. I’m a marvelous deliberate creator now. Thanks for putting the “fun” back into physical life. JS — AZ ...Am so delighted to be reading your books, listening to your tapes, attending your seminars and talking to each of you on the phone. I am so happy and getting happier and clearer every day. My life has been leading to this point, and it feels like the icing on the cake. I know everything will just get better, although it’s hard to know how. What a powerful gift you’ve given us — the recognition of our ability to create the life we want, and the tools to carry out the plan. Thank you for sharing. — CA


A New Year — A New Plan Year 2000, Workshop Scenario 1/8/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Houston, TX 1/11/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . .Baton Rouge, LA 1/15/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . .Tallahassee, FL 1/18/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . .Tampa, FL 1/22/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . .Boca Raton, FL 1/25/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . .Melbourne, FL 1/29/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Orlando, FL 2/12/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .El Paso, TX 2/15/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . .Tucson, AZ 2/19/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Phoenix, AZ 2/26/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .San Diego, CA 3/4/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . .Los Angeles, CA 3/7/00. . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . .North LA, CA 3/11/00. . . . . Saturday . . . .San Francisco, CA 3/14/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . .Monterey, CA 3/18/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . .San Rafael, CA 4/1/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Chicago, IL 4/15/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . .San Antonio, TX 4/29/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Albany, NY 5/6/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY 5/13/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . .Sacramento, CA 5/16/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . .Ashland, OR 5/20/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Portland, OR 5/27/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Seattle, WA 5/30/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . .Spokane, WA 6/3/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Boise, ID 6/10/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . .Fort Collins, CO 6/17/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Boulder, CO

7/1/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Omaha, NE 7/5/00. . . . . . Wednesday . . . .Milwaukee, WI 7/8/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Detroit, MI 7/11/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . .Cleveland, OH 7/15/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . .Cincinnati, OH 7/18/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . .St. Louis, MO 7/22/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . .Kansas City, MO 8/1/00. . . . . . Tuesday . . . . .Albuquerque, NM 8/5/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Sedona, AZ 8/12/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .San Diego, CA 8/19/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . .Los Angeles, CA 8/26/00. . . . . Saturday . . . .San Francisco, CA 9/2/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . . . .San Rafael, CA 9/5/00. . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . .Reno, NV 9/9/00. . . . . . Saturday . . . .Salt Lake City, UT 9/23/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Chicago, IL 9/27/00. . . . . Wednesday . . . . . . .Buffalo, NY 9/30/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Syracuse, NY 10/3/00. . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . .Albany, NY 10/7/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Boston, MA 10/14/00. . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY 10/17/00. . . . Tuesday . . . . .Philadelphia, PA 10/21/00. . . . Saturday . . . .Silver Spring, MD 10/24/00. . . . Tuesday . . . .Virginia Beach, VA 10/28/00. . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Asheville, NC 11/4/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Atlanta, GA 11/11/00. . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Dallas, TX 12/9/00. . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Kona, Hawaii 12/16/00. . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Maui, Hawaii

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