2014 Annual Report

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Albuquerque Albuquerque


Here at the Albuquerque Community Foundation, the city’s diversity shines in the hundreds of donors, grantees and funds we are privileged to be a part of. We see the power of community, people who come together to build and be a part of something greater than an generations, platforms, areas of interest, politics, ideologies and cultural boundaries and frameworks. With your help, we are able to reach into people’s lives, into the things that matter most to them.


• 2014 Report

Albuquerque Foundation to the

Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque!


Albuquerque has staked its claim in history and in the future as well. We each have a vision for what we want our future to look like. We want clear air, a clean river and space to enjoy nature. We want places where art is celebrated, where we can learn to dance, learn to create. We envision for ourselves a city that has opportunity to grow a business, where jobs are diverse and the workforce is plentiful. We imagine a city with access to health care and where residents are not at risk for hunger or homelessness.


Albuquerque is known as a “melting pot” kind of town. Its early history is full of Spanish explorers, railroad workers, Native American farmers, immigrants and travelers, cowboys, entrepreneurs and city folk with a romanticized view of the Wild West.


All of us – we are Albuquerque. Thank you for your work, your giving and your investment in this community.

“We like it here because we’re on top of the WORLD , in a way; and because we are not stifled and smothered and hemmed in by buildings and trees and traffic and people. We like it because the SKY is so bright and you can see so much of it. And because out here you actually see the CLOUDS and the stars and the storms, instead of just reading about them in the newspapers.” Pyle Albuquerque?”-1942



• Together with the “Cinco Amigos” coordinated the 8th annual Concours du Soleil fundraising event netting a recordbreaking $207,000 providing funding for the “Driving to the Future” computer lab in the Epicenter @ Innovate ABQ

Snapshot 2014

• Hosted the “American Taxpayer Relief Act” seminar for Professional Advisors albuquerquefoundation.org


From its inception in 1981, the goals of the Albuquerque Community Foundation were to coordinate the receipt and investment of charitable contributions, to distribute funds for community needs in a timely and well researched manner and serve as a leader and educational resource in encouraging philanthropy. We continue to strive to make sure that every philanthropic investment returns the greatest emotional, financial and civic benefit possible. We are committed to research, conversation, community involvement and investment, and to protecting the spirit of each of our endowment funds and grants.

Our deepest gratitude to William P. Lang of the Albuquerque Journal and Starline Printing for the donation of the printing of this report.

• Awarded our 2nd annual $50,000 Impact Grant in education to “Running Start for Careers”

snapshot ALBUQUERQUE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION In 2014, the Foundation • Awarded $3.03 million in grants • Received new gifts of $3.8 million • Assets under management grew to $66.4 million • 151 Scholarships/Financial Aid awards • Awarded $70,000 through the 2nd annual Great Grant Giveaway • Served as co-organizers with the Community Foundation Coalition of New Mexico to coordinate Give Grande NM raising $873,000 during a 24-hour period7,800 gifts were made to 400 nonprofits state-wide

• Grew our young donor group, the Future Fund to 200 members Established the Economic & Workforce Development Field-of-Interest Established the 624 Champion Fund for the long-term maintenance of the historic Champion Building, our headquarters Provided investment expertise for more than 100 nonprofit organizations through Philanthropy Central

June Schutzberger Endowment Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Endowment Funds Are Forever. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Endowment Funds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-13

Peggy Cavett Walden Endowment Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14-15

Grant Story: Casa Angelica. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Ray Zimmer Heritage Society. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 In Memory of Bob Stamm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Letter from Chair. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Scholarship & Financial Aid Funds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Scholarship Recipients. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Scholarship Recipient: Brian Lopez. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Philanthropy Central. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27

Cornerstones Community Partnership Grant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Becoming a Philanthropist. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

“Hmm, I knew I should've taken that left turn at – Bugs Bunny (“Bully for Bugs,” 1953) Albuquerque.”

Grant Story: Lodestar Dog Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Future Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-33 Results. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 2014 Grant Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35-41

Donor Story: Connor O’Loughlin Mantsch Memorial Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Great Grant Giveaway. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 AwardFoundersProgramsAward. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Change Award. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Summary Financial Statement. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52-53 Concours du Soleil. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-55

Board of Trustees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56-57 Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Support the Work of the Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59

Corporate Philanthropy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Contents 3

2014 Advisory Review Committee Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Applying for a grant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Grant Story: OffCenter Community Arts Project. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Partners in Philanthropy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45-47

Donor Story: The Dozier Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Fund Types. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Donor-designated Funds Established in 2014. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27-29 Organization Funds Established Prior to 2014. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29-30

Letter from President & CEO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5


During my year as chair of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, I had the opportunity to work with great men and women who, like me, are grateful to be a part of this community. We are committed to seeing our city revive its economy and grow jobs. Each of us is invested in educating the next generation to help them reach their own goals for employment and prosperity.

As you will read on pages 35-41, the Foundation continues to fund nonprofit organizations serving our community, including groups that provide early childhood education, food for seniors, animal welfare and clean water in the Rio Grande. This year, we focused our Impact Grant on education specifically leading to employment after graduation and we continue to track the progress of the graduates to ensure the program is effective.

Message from

As many have heard me say, citizens who love this city can't sit back and wait for someone else to create change. It is up to everyone to invest in the future, to join together in the powerful momentum that is already on the horizon. After all, WE are Albuquerque.

Albuquerque. I grew up here. I am a third-generation business owner; my family has prospered and so we've invested ourselves in this city to show our appreciation for its support.

Through our annual fundraising event, Concours du Soleil, we partnered with Innovate ABQ, funding a hightech computer lab, "Driving to the Future," opening its doors in 2015 in the Epicenter @ Innovate ABQ. The lab will be available for organizations seeking technology training for those who seek a career in this fast-growing industry. More than ever before, we are collaborating with local government, businesses and individuals who believe in collective impact, the power of working together to make lasting change.

Kevin YearoutYearoutMechanical the Board Chair, Yearout


Randy PresidentRoyster&CEO

Letter from President & CEO, Randy Royster

Throughout this year’s report, you’ll see evidence of both diversity and commonality. At the Foundation, the city’s diversity shines in the hundreds of donors, grantees and funds we are privileged to be a part of. We see the power of community, people who come together to build and be a part of something greater than themselves.

For me, “We are Albuquerque” generates a sense of nostalgia and pride that resonates from deep inside. Years ago, I moved away from Albuquerque for a time, always believing I would return to raise my children and grandchildren.

• We will deliver our services through operational excellence and efficiency.

Each of us has a reason to love living here. I promise you that I, along with the Board and Staff of the Foundation, are committed to making this city a better place for all its residents.

There is no denying our community and world-at-large are changing. In our community, the population is aging, inequities in opportunity are widening and public resources available to meet our neighbors’ needs are shrinking. Social, business and political forces are also at play, requiring us to adapt our approaches to meet the needs of our community in new and innovative ways. While demographics and other indicators suggest that these changes will only accelerate, we want to assure you the work of the Foundation will remain relevant in changing times. We believe opportunities can be created from these challenges.

We are committed to using our resources and expertise to strengthen the greater Albuquerque community we serve. We also believe our work is amplified when we work in partnership with others, as we have been proud to do this year, more than ever before. We strive to build on our reputation as an excellent service organization and an action-oriented, engaged partner in the following ways:

Thank you for partnering with the Foundation,

• We will be flexible to monitor the needs of the community and find ways to work toward solutions;

• We will be active listeners and conveners looking to find solutions in the community through donors and other organizations;


works to preserve and restore historic sites, structures and churches in New Mexico, the Southwest and Mexico. Working with volunteers, local schools and organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Cornerstones aims to help local communities be the keepers of local historic treasures. Since 1986 more than 300 sites have been saved.

Cornerstones Community Partnerships


The Albuquerque Community Foundation is a way that individuals can make a long-term difference for the causes they care about. We work with individuals to support local organizations that are improving our health, education, youth programs, the arts, animal welfare, the environment and economic development. Since 1981, we’ve been helping people establish permanent funds to support our community and making grant investments to organizations that create a stronger more vibrant future for all of us. Today, we manage nearly $70 million of community assets that help support the Greater Albuquerque Area. Alone we can make a difference, but together we can transform this community. WHO LOVE ALBUQUERQUECOMMUNITY WE DO




Marian J. Bolton Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Mexico

Following is a list of the Foundation’s funds. Fund names are listed in bold type, contributors to funds are listed in light type.


Estate of June D. Schutzberger Kirschner Family Fund Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kirschner


Michael Henningsen Youth Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Clugston Kelly Jo Designs, Inc. MacKenzie Mantsch Shari O'Loughlin & Bryan Mantsch Carolyn M. Martinez Debbie & David Dozier Fund Debbie & David Dozier Footprint Fund Anonymous June D. Schutzberger Fund

Peggy Cavett-Walden & Professor Jerrold Walden Fund for Art & Music Estate of Peggy Cavett-Walden

Timothy Spurry Gayeta J. Stewart Shirley A. Talley Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Tapia Ruth & Jim Tillerson Raul Torrez Mr. & Mrs. Randy Woodcock Kim AnonymousZamarin

If you feel your name should have been listed, or is misspelled, please accept our apologies & contact us so that we have correct information for future publications.

Albuquerque Community Foundation Economic & Workforce Development Fund


Bob L. Turner Family Fund Bob Turner Connor Mantsch Memorial Fund

Every effort is made to maintain accurate records; however, mistakes may occur.


David Harris

Carl & Linda Alongi Karen & Chris Bard Beverly Bendicksen Kathryn CommercialCanfieldAssociation of Realtors New Mexico Kelli & Kevin Cooper Anita Cordova Mr. & Mrs. Randy Edwards

New Mexico Human Rights Education Coalition Fund New Mexico Human Rights Education Coalition

Ngala Memorial Endowment Fund to Assist Musicians with Medical Care

The Bright Futures Fund

Endowment Funds

Robert CynthiaSusanStephanieBretteueBrowneCarolusL.Coffman & Alfred R. Perez

Anna & Gabriel Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Ken Sapon Rae Siporin Mr. & Mrs. Jeffry E. Sterba Suzanne Strong Marilyn Strube

Every fund is different and customized to meet the donor’s philanthropic goals and the community’s needs. A few of the motivating factors donors have for establishing their fund is the intent to give anonymously, to give to multiple organizations, to pay back, to educate, a passion for a single cause, the desire to create an annual income stream for a favorite organization, to memorialize a loved one and sheer gratitude.

Mayor’s Charity Ball Anonymous

Earlene Abraham Janice Y. Atchley Catherine Avery Chris MichelleAngelaBabbBacaR.Bloodworth

Establishing an endowment fund with the Foundation allows donors to meet their charitable goals and receive tax benefits without administrative responsibilities. Funds can be established by individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

& John H. King

Amy AshleyDianneGeorgeTrudyGloriaMr.AdelineGlenTyeSuanaJenniferJoiPhilClintCarmenSallyVivianGregoryRobinMr.PaulaStevenPeterSusanMarkShylaPamelaAlisonMr.KarenMr.LeftyCathyIanMandiBlakeCurrensdePastinoS.Ebbesen&KatieEsquibelFloraFolkman&Mrs.RobertFranckowiakC.Gonzales&Mrs.WilliamS.GraceyHaxtonR.HegartyHendersonM.Henningsen&DeanaJonesHenningsenHenningsenL.KerwinT.KoffmanKoller&Mrs.PeterJ.KruseLabenLechowskiL.LilleyMayerM.McCleeryTeeMcDougalMessuriMotelyJonesMuslinClaridgeL.Nicholson&LauraPageProctorA.Purchase&DonnaJ.Gillingham&Mrs.DeemF.RahallE.SchnellerSchoepkoSchroederL.SharpM.Slezia


Endowment Funds Established in 2014

Albuquerque Community Foundation Visionary Fund, 2011 Build New Mexico Mr. & Mrs. Greg Leyendecker Michael J. Skolnick & Joyce Haden Albuquerque Monthly/Coronado Center Fund, Albuquerque1984 New Car & Truck Dealers Fund, American1986Advertising Federation-NM, 2012 American Advertising Federation New Mexico Fountain & Roberta Tubb Charitable Trust American Home Fund, 1986 Anand Fund, 2004 Anonymous Andrew Piech Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2010 Nancy E. Arnold Ann & Russell Rhoades Fund, 2006 Anne B. Little Fund for Aid to Senior Citizens, 2003 Anne B. Little Fund for Education, 2003 Anne B. Little Fund for Health, 2003 APS Fine Arts Enhancement Fund, 1989 Arthur Gardenswartz Family Fund, 2010 Arthur H. Spiegel Family Fund, 1996 Arthur J. & Naomi C. Rosenberg Charitable Fund, 1997

Just being a kid, playing goofy games and having harmless summer fun. Grant from the Future Fund to New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks (supporting kids who enter foster care and do not end up returning home and are not adopted).

A. David Sandoval Fund for Music Education, 2002 Aetna Life & Casualty Fund, 1984 Albuquerque Community Foundation Arts & Culture Fund, 1984 Fay RobertAbramsB.Anderson & Susan Nelson Anderson, in memory of Joan Allen

Bank of Albuquerque Charitable Fund, Bank2000 of the West Advised Fund, 2010 Barnes W. Rose Jr. & Eva Rose Nickol Scholarship Fund, 2003 Becky & Rudy Diaz Fund, 2006 BeNicePlayFair.com Fund, 2004 Beresford & Margaret Menagh Fund for Animals, 2013 Estate of Margaret Menagh Beresford & Margaret Menagh Fund for Educational Opportunities for Navajo Children, 2013 Estate of Margaret Menagh Beresford & Margaret Menagh Fund for the Environment, 2013 Estate of Margaret Menagh Betty & Luke Vortman Fund, 2003 Blaine Ryan Kindler Memorial Education Fund, 1999 Funds Established Prior to January 1, 2014 9FUNDS

Albuquerque Community Foundation Health & Human Services Fund, 2001 Becket Family Foundation Dr. Judith C. Brillman & Barton Wohl Peter & Francine Cogen Maureen & Steven Martnick Anonymous Albuquerque Community Foundation Impact Fund, 1984 Albuquerque Community Foundation Now & Forever Fund, 2007 Albuquerque Community Foundation Preservation Fund of New Mexico, 1984 Nancy E. Arnold Linda & Richard Avery

Albuquerque Community Foundation Children & Youth Fund, 2002 Emily & Mark Benak Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cogen Albuquerque Community Foundation Education Fund, 1984 Faye LindaAbrams&Richard Avery Dr. Judith C. Brillman & Barton Wohl Peter & Francine Cogen Kathryn Linn Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Rossillon


David Maccini Memorial Fund, 1996 Michael Maccini & Barbara Koenig

David R. Woodling Memorial Fund, 2008 Dazzo Family Fund for Children & Youth, 2000 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Dazzo Jr. Don Blaugrund LGBT Fund, 2006 Donald E. Carnicom & Mina L. Koym Carnicom Fund, 2011 Donald E. Carnicom & Mina L. Koym Carnicom Doyel Family Fund, 2005


La Mesa Neighborhood Garden Park Volunteers Grant from the Sandia Foundation to East Central Ministries

Carl F. Scott Scholarship Fund for Tucumcari Lodge #27 A.F. & A.M., 2005 Carolyn Dooley Martinez Fund, 2006 Cathy E. Harman "Light from Darkness" Fund, Cavanaugh2009 Young At Heart Fund, 2009 Drs. James L. & Stephanie Von Ammon MaureenCavanaughO'Leary & Mike Buck

Funds Established Prior to January 1, 2014


Charles D. Ryan Memorial Fund for Education, 2003 Mrs. Susan Ryan Charlie & Kathy Barnhart & Ken Haynes, Jr. Manufactured Housing Association Scholarship Fund, 1996 Kenneth Haynes J & B Mobile Homes Sharon Mann R. Dean Stalcup

Bob & Gwen Cameron Charitable Fund, 2006 Estate of Gwen Cameron Bridge Fund, 2004 Bryan Cline Memorial Soccer Scholarship Fund, 1987 Carl David Bedford Fund for People in Need, 2003

Crazy Granny's Cookie Jar, 2000 Cumulus Media to Expand Music Education in APS Schools, 2001 Daniel & Marian Frances Smith Hooks Memorial Fund, 2001 Daulton Family Foundation Fund, 2008 Dave & Mary Colton Fund for Arts & Culture, 2009 Dave & Mary Colton Fund for Children & Youth, 2009 David & Martha Cooper Fund, 1984

Chester French Stewart Fund, 2005 Cinco Amigos Fund, 2007 Concours du Soleil Mark KevinJerrySteveJasonGorhamHarringtonMaestasRoehlYearout Cindy & Ken Johns Family Fund, 1996 Classical Music Fund, 2013 Conscience of Society Fund, 1986 Cramer Family Fund, 2006 Jim & Geri Cramer

Holocaust Memorial Fund, 1988 Hopkins Campbell Family Fund, 2012 @Pay LLC Karen Hopkins & Richard Campbell

Funds Established Prior to January 1, 2014

Jackie A. Fallis Fund, 2007 James Ledwith Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2011 Ona Mr.NanciJenniferKimberlyAlbertAyresBallBeckes&Mrs.Richard

Howard W. & Zona Ehret Henry Fund for the Performing Arts, 2010 Hueter Bass Family Fund, 2000 In memory of Patricia Hueter Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hannett Estelle H. Rosenblum Jack & Donna Rust Family Fund, 1996 Jack Grevey Memorial Fund, 2005

Jeanne M. Trauger Memorial Homecare Fund, 2009 Jim & Ann Nelson Student Aid Fund for Foster Youth, 2007 JoAnn & Steve Ruppert Fund, 1998 Joe & Christine Di Gregorio Fund, 2006 Joe & Christine Di Gregorio John & Marie Marshall Fund, 2004

Edith Kubie Family Human Services Fund, 2013 Kurt & Edith Kubie Family Impact Fund, Lanting2007 Shibuya Fund, 2012 Lawrence Monte, Sr. Memorial Fund, Lee2008Blaugrund Fund, 2005 Levy Family Fund, 2008 Lewis O. & Leona R. Kohlhaas Fund, 2000 Linda K. Estes Giraffe Award Fund, 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fieger In memory of Lou Wellborn Gale Williams Doyel & Gary K. Moore

Johnnie Mae Tate Memorial Fund, 2006 Jolly Family Foundation, 2011 David Jolly Jorgensen Family Fund, 2007 Joseph & Anna Santangelo Fund, 2007 Joseph & Anna Santagelo Junior League of Albuquerque Charitable Fund, 1984 Junior League of Albuquerque Kate Nanlohy in Memory of Charles Marko, 2009 Kelli & Kevin Cooper Family Fund, 2006 Kelli & Kevin Cooper Mrs. Anne E. Schiffer Kevin & Lian Yearout Family Fund, 2009 Killin Fund, 2002 Kim & Steve Nunley Acorn Fund, 2008 Kim & Steve Nunley Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque Scholarship Fund, 1996 Kubie Family Fund for Classical Music, Kurt2002&

Carol Finger María Griego-Raby & Randy Royster Long Leash on Life Fund, 2010 Lucy Ann Warner Fund, 2002 Lynn Rosner Memorial Fund, 1997


John F. & Mae M. Lark Fund in Honor of Franklin & Bernice Jones, 1994 John P. & Terri Salazar Fund, 2013 John & Terri Salazar

J. Bek Audra Clemens Del Norte High School Class of 1994 Mr. & Mrs. John Ledwith Kevin AnonymousMr.GabrielFeliciaLedwithMcCabe-O'HaraNosseir&Mrs.FrankD.Tarantino Jane & Doug Swift Fund for Art & Education, 1997 Sharon BarbaraLeslieSwift & Clyde Burke Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Swift Jane P. Sandoval Fund for Fossil Preparation, 2002

Dr. & Mrs. Sterling Edwards Family Education Fund, 1994 Dr. Barry & Roberta Cooper Ramo Fund, 2001 Dr. Barry & Roberta Cooper Ramo Arts Fund, 1984 E. Blaugrund Family Fund, 1994 Ebel Family Fund for Children & Youth, 1985 Lauri Ebel Mr. & Mrs. William E. Ebel Effective Families Fund, 2003 Anonymous Eye Associates Gerald & Alice Rubin Memorial Foundation Fund, 2005 Mr. & Mrs. William N. Hagler First Things First Fund, 2008 Anonymous Florence & Bob Stamm Fund, 1986 Nancy Johnson in memory of Bob Stamm Floyd & Patricia Wilson Fund, 2001 Frank & Dolores Hines Family Fund, 1997 Frank & Mickey Peloso Fund, 2006 Sheilah & Ole Peloso Frank & Mickey Peloso Memorial Fund, Frank2007 D. & Marie K. Gorham for Classical Music, 2008 Frank D. & Marie K. Gorham Fund, 2001

Frederic Nathan, Jr. Philanthropic Fund, Future1994 Fund of Albuquerque Community Foundation, 1997 Concours du Soleil Future Fund Members (see pages 32 - 33) Galles Chevrolet Friends of Youth Fund, Garcia1988 Automotive Group Fund, 1999 Carlos & Ashley Garcia Ed RoseSheilahGarciaPurcell-GarciaGibson George & Jenean Stanfield Fund, 2010 Bank of the West George & Jenean Stanfield George Clayton Pearl Family Fund, 1993 Goodman Family Fund, 2003 Gordon Church Fund, 2007 Gorvetzian Croker Family Fund, 2010 Greg & Diane Harrison Ogawa Family Fund, 2003 Maureen O'Leary & Mike Buck Dr. Greg Ogawa & Diane Harrison Ogawa PNM Resources Foundation Hanna/Woodford Family Fund, 2013 Harvey Yates Education Fund, 1984 HB Construction Fund, 2011 HB Construction Hearst Music Education Fund, 2001 HENMAR Fund, 1998 Himalayan Progressive Education Fund, 2009 Lisa Alfieri Mrs. E. Blaugrund Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Blaugrund Jane JeffersonGunnInvestments LLC Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kelly Radhika Malhotra Chris AnonymousVerizonStevenMr.JosephBeverlyVenkatDr.LesleyRaviLeaOrderMarianettiofSaintBenedictPellettReddyRobinsonRamaSawhneySrinivasanStraubeStromberg&Mrs.RobertM.ThomasVanRooyFoundation


Maisel/Goodman Charitable Fund, 2002 Lindalee & Norman M. Maisel Manuel Lujan Excellence in Education Scholarship Fund, 1991 Margaret & Ted Jorgensen Advised Fund, Margarita2007 Martinez Fund for Theater Arts, Marie1988Kelly

Wineberg for Senior Centers, Nellita2006 E. Walker Fund, 1997 New England Fund, 1990 New Mexico Heart Institute Foundation Fund, Nicholas2001C.

Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Custer Mr. & Mrs. Herb Denish Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Dexter Larry & Donna Diller Andrew Eales Lauri Ebel Ann Edenfield Jan Everhart & Paul Phelan Mr. & Mrs. George N. Nellos Mrs. Mary Fanning Cathy Dr.ShirleyRoxannaArthurTamaraMatinaMr.Mr.AllenAnnDr.Mr.ValsalaDemetraMr.Mr.Mr.Mr.Mr.Mr.KurstinMr.Mr.JJKRaymondMartinRobertMr.EvyeniaMr.CarolLeeberthaMichaelFernandez&JaneFlaxJ.FloresFlynn&Mrs.ChrisGianopoulos&KaterinaGianopoulos&Mrs.CharlesGilman&BarbaraGorhamGrummer&MarilynKellyHamiltonGroup,Inc.&Mrs.ThomasF.Johns&Mrs.CharlesS.JohnsonJohnson&Mrs.RichardJohnson&Mrs.MichaelL.Keleher&Mrs.ChrisKempter&Mrs.DaleKempter&Mrs.PatrickKil&Mrs.MichaelKirikosT.Klenck&CristieS.SteinKoshy&KoshyKochukoshy&Mrs.JimKubie&Mrs.HareendraKulasingheLernerLewis&CarlaAragon&Mrs.PeterF.MacFarlane&Mrs.GaryMalloryMallory&ShirleyArellanoMaloofR.Martinez&EllenP.ArgyresMeyers&StanleyMountMorrison&Dr.CornelisKlein&Mrs.JohnO.Mossman

Nellos Memorial Fund for At-Risk Children, 2002 Alpha Assessment Associates LLC Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Alwin Jane A. Alwin Mr. & Mrs. Michael Apodaca Mr. & Mrs. Robert Arellano Mr. & Mrs. Albert Arrigoni Annette I. Arrigoni Regina Arrigoni Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Arvas James Asperger Drs. Edward Atler & Leslie Atler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Barrow Linda S. Barth Mrs. Charles Berger Jordan Berger Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Berger Gaucho Imports LLC Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Blech John D. Bond Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Brown Carol & Greg Brown Randi & Bucky Buck Maren L. Calvert Mrs. Helen Chiordi Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Chronis Patricia B. Cohen & Bill Kimbrough Julia M. Cohen-Brach Jean Colaianni Mr. & Mrs. Brian Colvin Dr. & Mrs. Richard Conn Mary Mr.Mr.DeniseConnellD.Cordero&Mrs.BillyCrews&Mrs.JohnM.Crowley

continued ENDOWMENT

Juanita Nellos Beverly Nomberg Dr. & Mrs. Scott Obenshain Mr. & Mrs. Pavlos Panagopoulos Brian Panella Mr. & Mrs. George Pappas Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Pavlakos Marina Pavlakos Jennie Pavlantos Mr. & Mrs. Carter Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Phelan Mr. & Mrs. Diamantis D. Preonas Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rainosek Dr. & Mrs. Armin Rembe Dr. & Mrs. James Renken Joanna Nellos Rhodes & Jeff Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Robbins María Griego-Raby & Randy Royster S&J Investments LLC Sylvia Sarmiento Kloer Scott Miltenberger, D.M.D., P.C. Claudia & Ron Short Mr. & Mrs. David Simmons Mr. & Mrs. David Sinton Donald Smith & Lucy Crane Jeanne M. Smith Bernard L. St Germain Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stahl Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Strach Evyenia Triandafilidis Mr. & Mrs. James Tricoglou Mr. & Mrs. George Trujeque Up B4 the Son Ministries Albert Viggiano & Janet Popp Chuck & J.D. Wellborn Mr. & Mrs. John E. Whisenand Laura R. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Hess Yntema Meir Zatoune Mr. & Mrs. Steven Zenos Mr. & Mrs. Gregory T. Zeter Notah Begay III Charitable Fund, 2001 Notah Begay III Scholarship Fund, 1999 Novak MPGJ Family Fund, 2008 Tom & Debra Novak Pamela B. Gordon Fund, 2011 Para los Niños Fund, 1989 Anonymous Paul A. & Patti A. Marianetti Fund, 2005 Paul Noble Vosburgh & Jane Berry Vosburgh Fund, 2007 Peggy Pick Bacon Memorial Fund for Education, 1995 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bacon Performing Arts Fund, 1988 Rae Lee Siporin Scholarship for Women Endowment, 2012 Richard & Linda Eitzen Fund, 2000 Robby Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2003 Alexandra Kiska Robert & Ann Clark Arts & Culture Fund, 1986 FUNDS

12 Maggie's Giving Circle, 2006 Beverly Abraham Cindy KathleenJenTerriBobbiShelleyNancyNancyChico'sBonafairHerringKlion&BenMarkhamKayNelsonPachelliParkerRaskob

Gorham Fund for Women's Issues, 2006 Martin S. Morrison Fund, 2006 Mary Stephenson Utsinger Fund for Children, 2011 Mary Stephenson Utsinger Fund for Preservation, 1987 Mayor's Fund for Children, 1987 Mediation Fund, 1989 Mesa Del Sol Education Fund, 2008 Mesa Del Sol Employment Center

Minnie Gooch Hall Charitable Fund, 2007 Molly R. Huber Fund, 2007 Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Galles, Jr. Arts & Culture Fund, 1985 Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Galles, Jr. Fund, 1986 Mrs. Clinton P. Anderson Fund, 1994 Mrs. Clinton P. Anderson Health Fund, Nancy1994 Anderson Roberts Arts & Culture Fund, Nancy1983Anderson Roberts Fund, 1983 Nancy Thompson Harris Memorial Fund, Nathan1997

P. Marshall, Sr. Memorial Fund, Robert2007 W. Kaufmann Fund, 2001 Roy Lee Cain Fund, 2011 Sandia Foundation & Estate of Hugh & Helen Woodward Fund, 2006 Sean Hopkins Fund, 2013 Mary K. Hopkins Dr. & Mrs. Paul Hopkins Donna Stumpf Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Programs Fund, 1996 Shelly & Rafael Colón Memorial Fund, 2006 Aleli & Brian Colón Stephen J.E. Sprague Memorial Fund, Stephen2007


Margaret Simms, in honor of Nancy Johnson Bruce & Lorna Wiggins, in honor of Kathleen Mr.Raskob&Mrs. Greg Burdett, in memory of Mrs. Terri L. Scruggs Albuquerque Community Foundation

Albuquerque Cristo Rey High School Fund

Boverie Marilyn Braun Barbie Brennan LLC Ann C' De Baca Alyson


Fritz Mr. & Ms. David Lohkamp Roberta Lowe Barbara Maddox Don Martindell Sue NusendaMillspaughCredit Union Annie O'Connell Mr. & Mrs. Reginald L. Olson Linda Panebouef-Lucero Mark D. Parker Peter GreaterParneggAlbuquerque Association of Mr.MaryShirleySandiRealtorsReederR.RichRomero&Mrs.James


The Ties Fund, 2011 Todd Tibbals & Andrea Escher Theodore R. Brown Fund, 1983 Three Hearts Fund, 2006 Kim & Robert Federici Trythall Family Fund for Excellence in Continuing Education, 1988 Duane & Barb Trythall Vagh/Zavery Fund, 2006 Vernon's Steakhouse Walter White Fund, Walter2013 & Allene Kleweno Fund, 2003 Wells Fargo Bank for Classical Music, Wells1998 Fargo Bank Fund, 1998 Wilfred "Coach" Tull Fund Ken & Hazel Tull-Leach Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for Health & Human Services, Wilhelmina1999 Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for Victim Assistance, 1999 William "Bill" Cooper Memorial Fund, Woodcock2006 Family Education Scholarship Fund, Albuquerque1993 Community Foundation

Robert C. & Mary D. Poole Family Fund, Robert1996

Robert & Ann Clark Preservation Fund, Robert1986 & Celeste Loughridge Fund, 2001 Robert & Zane Taichert Fund, 1984

Matt & Janine Rivera Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rivera Suzanne Rivera Jeff & Peggy Roberts

Justice for America Gifts to NonEndowed Funds

Funds Established Prior to January 1, 2014 continued ENDOWMENT FUNDS

C. Salazar Scot & Carol Sauder Ashley B. Shaffer Signature Southwest Properties Southwest Multiple Listing Service Deanna K. Talbot Matt MitziMr.LoriDavidTegoAlessandraAliceTempletonA.TozerValenzaVenturiWengerWhitener&Mrs.PaulWilsonZeri

Tina AnonymousRomero The FUNd, 1988 THE REALTOR® FUND of the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®, 2011 Cathy Mr.NancePaulBillBillCarolMerissaAndersenAshcraftBernsteinHallettRealtyNelsonLLCBillinghamBouchier&Ms.Robert

Emergency Action Fund Lauri Ebel Albuquerque Community Foundation Competitive Grant Program Maureen & Steve Martinick

L. Moody Memorial Fund for Children with Special Needs, 1995 Strosnider Family Fund, 2004 Sussman-Miller Educational Assistance Fund, 1994 Patrick V. Apodaca & Leslie McCarthy Apodaca Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bregman Anna K. Hacker Mrs. Ina Miller Julie K. Perich Drs. Stephen & Rae Perls PNM Resources Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Victor V. Vigil T.J. Sivley & Mary Ray Sivley Education Fund, 1997 T.J. Sivley & Mary Ray Sivley Environmental & Historic Preservation Fund, 2000 T.J. Sivley & Mary Ray Sivley Fund for Public Television, 1997 T.J. Sivley & Mary Ray Sivley Perpetual Fund, Taylor1995&Joan Bowen Charitable for Preservation of Public Trees & Gardens, Taylor2006 & Joan Bowen Charitable for Wildlife Protection & Control, 2006 Team Tio Fund, 2011 Olivia

Peggy Cavett Walden was an artist, an architect, a volunteer and a teacher. She was also a philanthropist, whose estate was meant to ensure that future generations have access to art. When Peggy passed away, the Foundation became home to her vision for the future.

Peggy’s mind was always working, creating, planning and retooling. She saw art and potential in everything – from old milk jugs to the people she encountered. She believed that all anyone or anything needed was opportunity. Peggy tried her hand at just about every type of art and design: weaving, fabric painting, tie-dye, batik, paper crafts, origami, ceramics, jewelry, interior design, architecture and exhibit and display. She loved it all and wanted to master everything.

Peggy Cavett-Walden & Professor Jerrold Walden Fund for Art & Music

“She loved children and felt that design and art had a transformational effect, because it had this kind of effect on her”, said one friend.

Some of Peggy’s artwork and belongings are on permanent display at the Foundation in a tribute to her incredible life. “She had total tenacity and a tremendous spirit,” said Geraldine Forbes Isais, dean of UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning, who had become friends with Peggy in the last ten years. “I feel like we owe her this. We owe her a little bit of respect for everything she did for all of us.”

Born in 1925, Peggy graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1953 with a degree in architecture, and she later became a licensed architect in the states of Texas and New Mexico. She considered herself a modernist and her aesthetic was similar to Frank Lloyd Wright’s. She earned her master’s degree in art from the University of New Mexico in 1967, and she later taught art at the University of Albuquerque, as well as at Mercer University and Wesleyan College in SheGeorgia.was married to Jerrold Walden, who became a beloved law professor at UNM. Theirs was a loving and tender marriage until Jerrold’s death in 1976. He called her Pegsie and she called him Honey. He supported her every artistic endeavor, cheering her on when she had exhibitions at Santa Fe’s Museum of International Folk Art, the Museum of Albuquerque, and across the country, including North Dakota and Texas.

Retirement Account

Life Insurance

Naming the Albuquerque Community Foundation as a beneficiary of your insurance policy enables you to create a charitable legacy without using cash and other assets designated for your heirs. Purchase a policy, make the Foundation the owner and beneficiary, and then make a gift to the Foundation in the amount of the annual premium. Take that amount as an annual tax deduction.

The simplest types of charitable gifts may be the easiest to give.

Charitable Lead Trust Place cash or property into a trust that pays a fixed amount to the Foundation for the number of years you select. Once the period ends, the assets held by the trust are transferred to the beneficiaries you name. In some cases, you receive substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

Real Estate

Charitable Bequest

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds result in a charitable deduction for the full market value of the donated asset, even if you bought it for far less, and help you avoid capital gains tax.

You may name the Albuquerque Community Foundation as sole beneficiary of your policy, transfer ownership and receive a tax deduction for the policy’s cash value.

For 33 years, the Foundation has served as a trusted philanthropic advisor for individuals, families and businesses. We assist you whenever you need us, providing solutions and services tailored to your objectives. Additionally, we work with our community partners, grantees and other interested partners to discover how we can make the most impact with each dollar donated.

Charitable Remainder Trust Place cash or property in a trust that pays annual income to you (or another named beneficiary) for life. After your death, the remainder of the trust transfers to the Foundation and is placed into the charitable fund you have selected. You receive income tax benefits for the year in which you establish your trust.

When we delve into the makeup of our city, we see that visions for the future are personal and that giving is often connected with individual values and goals. The Foundation will work with you to establish a charitable giving experience that will address your concerns while making it easy to give so you can enjoy the benefits of your philanthropy. We will help you give in a way that is both deeply meaningful and effective.

Life Insurance

A variety of fund types allow your gift to benefit the programs, individuals, focus areas or organizations you care about. Funds can be created in as little as one meeting, with a short fund agreement and a single gift, or grown over a two - to five-year period. Additional gifts can be made to your fund at any time. Cash, check or credit card

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

We can help you turn a home, a business or land into a charitable gift.

The simplest gift is a bequest in your will or trust that directs specific assets or a percentage of your estate to be used to establish a fund or to be added to an existing fund. A bequest will reduce estate taxes while growing your charitable legacy.

Give Today Give Tomorrow

Double taxation on retirement plan withdrawals decreases their value for your heirs. Consider providing other assets to heirs and naming the Albuquerque Community Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement accounts. You can avoid taxes and preserve your assets for the good of your community.

Becoming a Philanthropist 16 Getting Started

The Dozier Family Fund will benefit the arts, a homage to David’s parents, Vi and Forrest Dozier of Carlsbad, NM, who were both artists and understood the benefits the arts provide to a community. In addition, the couple plans to grow the fund to include programs that are near to their hearts. Their son, who struggles with Asperger’s, inspired them as he broke through barriers with the help of great teachers and organizations that understood the need for different teaching techniques based on an individual child’s needs. In the future, they would like to include funding for programs for children with similar special needs. Today, their son has found his place, his own passion for life and is living and working on his own.


“Do things for your community that have lasting impact,” she would say. And she led by example so that her son grew to value the life-changing effect of small contributions. It is this ripple effect that David and Debbie Dozier have worked toward since their early days with the Foundation, as members of its young donors group, the Future Fund. The Doziers believe that everybody has the opportunity to give, to create change, and to help shape communities. David says his parents taught him how to live modestly while putting money toward something with lasting value. David and Debbie knew that they wanted to establish an endowment fund at some point, and this was their year.

The Doziers and their fund are proof of what investment in community means and can be. They are proof that humble beginnings can build larger-than-life generosity. They have a vision for their city that is bigger than they are, bigger than circumstance. And that’s no small thing. The Dozier Fund

When David Dozier was growing up, his mom gave him advice that had a profound and lasting impact.

Now & Forever Fund

A group contributes to a single fund focused on a shared cause, with grants recommended by a representative advisory committee.

18 vision

For those who want to see their philanthropic dollars make both an immediate and a perpetual impact, this is the perfect vehicle. Half of the annual contributions are available to fund grants each year, the other half are added to the forever fund.

Fund Types Administrative Fund

You can select one of the Foundation’s interest areas—Arts & Culture, Economic & Workforce Development, Education, Environmental & Historic Preservation, Health or Human Services. Through the competitive grant program, the Foundation awards grants to effective organizations and programs in your selected field.

Endow your partnership with the Foundation by creating an administrative fund that will support the work of the Foundation forever. Impact Fund

Assist students pursuing their education through scholarship or financial aid awards. You suggest eligibility criteria based on high school, college, merit, need, field of study, or other interests.

Field-of-Interest Fund

Donor-Advised Fund

Becoming a Philanthropist

This option is ideal for those who wish to play an active role in supporting multiple organizations and programs throughout the year. Our staff can help identify organizations and programs, ensure their charitable status, and provide grantmaking and administrative support.

Grants from these funds provide a reliable annual income stream to one or more of your favorite organizations, forever.

Collaborative Fund

Donor-Designated Fund; Organization Fund

Student Aid Fund

You may contribute to the collective giving effort of the Impact Fund, joining with other donors to achieve the greatest possible impact or you can establish your own Impact Fund. These gifts allow the Foundation to invest in the most effective organizations in a specific impact area selected each year.

June shrugged off those who told her she “couldn’t” do something. A lifelong heart problem prevented her from achieving her goal of joining the U.S. Army – for a time. In the end, June got her wish and served along with America’s bravest during World War II. She later became a teacher and helped scores of people throughout her career, including helping to establish New Mexico’s first gifted program for students.

June Schutzberger Endowment Fund

One of the nonprofits June elected to support, Doctors Without Borders, is pictured here.

June Schutzberger was a teacher, not only by trade but by nature. And her legacy proves that for June, teaching others to give was a way of life – and beyond. June died Jan. 24, 2014, leaving behind waves of generosity that will continue to spread throughout our community, forever.

The Foundation is honored that June chose us to be a part of her legacy. We know that her life of generosity will continue to benefit our community for generations to come.


Casa Angelica

meets the needs of medically fragile and profoundly disabled children and young adults. Sixteen children live there full-time, receiving occupational therapy, physical therapy, specialized language therapy, as well as spiritual guidance and life skills. Although each have an extreme level of disability and need total daily care, their quality of life is paramount and each is able to communicate in their own way. With “hand on hand” assistance, students participate in “Art from the Heart” as shown here.

The Ray Zimmer Heritage Society, named in honor of one of our founders and first board president, is designed for the future of our city. It is Albuquerque, both present and not yet. The Society recognizes donors whose far-sighted generosity will benefit future generations through deferred gifts and estate plans. These individuals have made a commitment to the future of our community by naming the Albuquerque Community Foundation in their wills, qualified retirement plans, life insurance policies, trusts or other instruments. We appreciate our Society members’ generosity and thoughtfulness in creatively caring about the future of this city. When Heritage Society donors create a gift of this kind, they are doing so because they believe in Albuquerque and in the power of its people. The Society is our simple way of acknowledging future benevolence. We also appreciate the gifts of those who wish to remain anonymous.


John & Kim Ackerman JoAnne Albrecht Rex & Barbara Allender Shelly & Rick Andes • Josephine Atkins C. David Bedford Perry & Beverly Bendicksen Nancy M. Berg Dale & Fran Berglund • Ralph Berkowitz • Don GarySarahMrs.RichardNancyHoward•NadaIanDavidLinda•LauriBillGale••••WarrenMr.Kelli•••••••Don••SusanneMrs.•JimClaudiaBlaugrundBloom-Darby&DianeBonnellRobertC.BouleJoanBowenB.BrownRoyLeeCainGwenCameron&MinaCarnicomPeggyCavett-WaldenGordonChurchJackClemRobert&BarbaraClemmensenWalter&ShelleyCohenMinnieCondeyGoochHallDavidCooper&KevinCooper&Mrs.JoeCotruzzolaB.&Dr.SueForster-CoxFrancesJoyDazzoHenryC.&SarahB.DennisSallyDenzerWilliam&LillianDoldeWilliamsDoyel&GaryK.Moore&SuzanneEbelEbelDr.Sterling&AnnEdwards&RichardEitzen&ShirleyEminEsquibelFahnestockGoldinaMoiseFine&DebraFriedmanFurbushE.GaultMildredGaunttHallM.Geiger&TerriGiron-Gordon Don & Diane Goldfarb Jeanne Grealish Mrs. Ginger Grossetete Howard W. Henry Kreg Hill • Daniel & Marian Frances Smith Hooks • Mrs. Keziah S. Hoyt • Mrs. Molly Huber Mrs. Alice P. Irvin • Robert W. Kaufman Walter & Allene Kleweno • Leona Kohlhaas • Edith & Kurt Kubie • John F. & Mae Lark • Anne B. Little Robert Loughridge Dr. Gloria Mallory William F. Mann Jean M. Marshall • John & Marie Marshall • Margaret & Beresford Menagh • Maynard Miller Gary & Ellie Miller Marion Lee Miller Steven K. & Beth M. Moise Drs. Frank & Dianna Montoya Mrs. Mary W. Nuñez Kathy Oakley & Doug Edgar David Oberg • George Clayton Pearl Laree E. Perez Mrs. Mary Poole Mrs. Nancy Anderson Roberts JoAnn & Steve Ruppert • Betty Virginia Rynd • Jane P. Sandoval • June D. Schutzberger T.J. & Mary Ray Sivley Myrna Smyer & Carlton Canady • Carl F. Scott Bill & Patty Snead Robert J. Stamm Andrea Sterling Sally Storrs Mrs. Marilyn Strauss Drs. David & Cynthia Stuart • Shirley Sussman Spiewak • Rev. A.W. Tarbell Jim Templeton • Frederick D. & Jeanne M. Trauger Valerie Trujillo Karin Urban • Mrs. Mary S. Utsinger Mrs. Betty Vortman Jane & Paul Vosburgh • Nellita Walker • Lucy Ann Warner • Nathan Wineberg • Clifton Elbert “Woody” & Dixie Woodcock Ray & Barbara Zimmer Anonymous (9) • Remembered Heritage Society

Over the 30 years of Bob’s commitment to the Foundation, he lived up to every word. In memory of a friend, Bob Stamm

In April of 1984, Bob Stamm wrote a letter to the Foundation accepting his election to the Board of Trustees. He wrote, “the Foundation’s concept appealed to me the first time I knew of it and I am most pleased to become a Trustee. Albuquerque will certainly benefit from the Foundation in many ways and I can assure you I will do my best to help it…Albuquerque is indebted to those of you who started this Foundation. I am most pleased to be a part of it”.

Robby Baker Memorial Scholarship

For graduating seniors with strong community service experience and strong academic records

To provide scholarship awards to New Mexico high school graduates residing in manufactured homes

For individuals who are employed a minimum of 20 hours per week while attending college James Ledwith Memorial Scholarship

Manuel Lujan Excellence in Education Scholarship

To provide financial assistance to address the ‘gap’ in financial aid packages for both students graduating from high school and those continuing their education


Scholarship Funds Established in 2014 Funds contributing to the 2014 student aid awards:

During 2014, $141,789 was awarded to new and renewing students.

Andrew Piech Memorial Scholarship

Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque Scholarship Program

For students who plan to enter the advertising profession in New Mexico. The scholarship is intended to provide monetary support for students in their junior or senior year of college

For Native American high school graduates demonstrating strong academic achievement and participation in any varsity-level team sport

Youth in Foster Care Scholarship Program

Barnes W. Rose, Jr. & Eva Rose Nichol Scholarship Program

For a La Cueva High School senior who has a language or reading/learning disability Sussman-Miller Educational Assistance Award Program

Bryan Cline Memorial Soccer Scholarship Program

To recognize a student pursuing his or her “life dream” in spite of facing extraordinary life challenges

Scholarships & Financial Aid Funds • Creating Opportunities for the Future

Trythall Family Scholarships for Excellence in Continuing Education

Sarah K. Caplan Scholarship Fund Anonymous American Advertising Federation-NM Scholarship

For students from 24 designated high schools to attend a New Mexico 4-year college/university New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association Scholarship Program

To provide scholarships to support students of exceptional promise in attending a college or university in pursuit of a STEM-related degree

David R. Woodling Memorial Scholarship To support students in pursuit of a certificate or degree in Metals Technology

Perhaps no one exemplifies our city’s potential and present achievements more than do Albuquerque students. Scholarship and financial aid donors give because they believe in the power of education to transform lives. They see a city and its students, both brimming with possibility. They give to honor the memory of a loved one or to promote a particular field of study, a career or an attribute that has a special meaning to them. When you create a scholarship or financial aid fund at the Foundation, you create an opportunity to improve a student’s life and also the lives of their family members for generations to come.

For young adults who have been in foster care in the New Mexico to continue their education at a post-secondary school and develop a marketable skill

The Foundation offers flexible options for establishing a scholarship or financial aid fund based on your desired level of involvement. You are Albuquerque, and we can help you build a fund to ensure your community’s educational success.

Carl F. Scott Scholarship Fund for Tucumcari Lodge No. 27 AF&AM - Quay County

Scholarship and financial aid donors value their roles in providing education and career development opportunities for graduating high school students, those already attending college and students returning to college after many years for a career change.

To recognize Eldorado High School graduating senior varsity soccer players

Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program

To support students pursuing an education and a career in the automotive and/or related technical vocational fields

For Quay County residents working toward a 2- or 4-year undergraduate degree or a masters or doctoral degree

Notah Begay III Scholarship Program

For Albuquerque High School graduates pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics


Students who received aid from the Foundation in 2014: Kenyon


HeatherAubreyLeighanneEricMaryJenniferJohnMoniqueCarlosShelbeeLarisaRaymondMariahGrisellDeniseValerieNathanielAbou-NicaShelbyCassandraMinaJamesBrittanyPatrickDesireeAlexiaJuliaDavidTrystynNathanMelanieAlexisRobertBriannaArthurJulianitaBarretTimothyAlexisCoreyLaShawnaPatrickKathrynCarrieRyanBlayneAmeliaMarthaSaraAlyssaAdamOmarViridianaAguilarAnayaArballoAzarBacaBallardBaltazarBarriosBeglauBerrymanBomarBowenBurkhardByrdCarabajalCareyCarlton-McQueenCarrCasausChaconChavezChenCornidezCosperCowanCrenshawDanielsonDeBlassieDeLaraDesvigneDolceDrakeEgertonFaltasFloresFlores-ThorpeFomukongFreemanGallegosGarciaGarciaGarciaGattiGearhartGeyerGonzalezGrilloGueterslohGutierrezLeeGutierrezHaochengLiHerreraHerringHiggins Cristian LunaChristopherGabrielChadwickLeslieZacharyNamTranElizabethJoshuaKennethaKeannetteKatiaDanielleNuriaBrandyConnerCaileeAwaMuhammadAnaisDianaJennaMichaelBlakeShelbyCorinaMasoodMirandaKarenHeidiMarleyMariaCarlosJacquelineKallyeAnthonyMarkJanetteMarieDominiqueAngeloKellyKimberlySophiaBrendenDylanNathanJustinChloeBryanSarahKeresaLeonardHinojosaHoranIIIHowardHydeJaramilloJarviesJonesJopekLarsonLeeLiLopezLuceroLujanLujanMadrid-MadridMaresMarquezMarquz-OrnelasMartinMartinezMartinez-HernandezMateoMaxJ.McEwenMedinaVazquezMillarMirzaMontiel-MarquezMontoyaMoonMooneyMorrisMunizMunozMuslehNdiayeNelsonO'HeaOlivasOrtizPenaPerez-FuentesPerkinsPerkinsPeshlakaiPfliegerPhamPottsRasconReinickeReyesRobertsRodriquez


Tristan Romero Eric

Pamela B. Gordon Scholarship for Medical Students

Brian Lopez received the Pamela B. Gordon Scholarship for Medical Students and will graduate from the UNM School of Medicine. Brian was raised in Tucumcari, New Mexico and moved to Albuquerque in 2007 to attend the University of New Mexico BA/MD program. After residency in Missoula, Montana, Brian and his wife Cassie, (also a doctor) intend to practice rural family medicine in eastern New Mexico.

Sally Denzer Endowed Fund for

The following have entrusted their endowment(s) to us. Fund names are listed in bold type. Donors to the fund are listed in light type.

Central Joseph Saavedra's Pennies for the Homeless o Dr. & Mrs. Dale Alverson o Charlie Cochran Senior Citizens Law Office Fund

o Senior Citizens Law Office

Watermelon Mountain Ranch o Estate of Sally Denzer United Way of Central New Mexico Endowment Funds: Joseph E. & Virginia Lee Wright Memorial Fund o Mr. & Mrs. Keith Coleman Talbot Women's Fund

• Anne B. Little Fund for the Botanic Garden at New Mexico BioPark, 2003

• Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Mexico Fund, 1995

• Dean & Alice Irvin Fund for the UNM Cancer Center, 1986 o Mrs. Alice Irvin

• Indicates organization elected to take the available distribution as a grant. Total distributed was $579,224. This symbol o indicates contributors to the fund.

o Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Talbot

The Foundation considers effective management of organization endowment funds an important contribution to maintaining the strength of our community’s nonprofit organizations. It is a privilege to help ensure that Albuquerque remains a city of generous visionaries.

• Constance Zandstra Fund for Good Shepherd Center, 1998

philanthropy Philanthropy

The Foundation has been entrusted to help organizations continue to achieve their goals and meet needs of our community. Albuquerque is fortunate to be served by so many generous nonprofits and philanthropists who are invested in improving our city and preserving it for future generations. Organization Endowment Funds (established by an organization) and donor-designated Endowment Funds (established by an individual for an organization) serve nonprofit organizations. Many of these organizations depend upon the annual distributions from their endowment(s) to help them meet the needs of our community. Other organizations choose to reinvest their annual distribution into their fund for faster growth.

• Carl F. Scott Scholarship Fund for New Mexico Military Institute, 2005

• Agnes Faggart Bussiere Memorial Fund for Menaul School, 2007 Albert W. Tarbell Fund for the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John, 2013 • Albuquerque New Car & Truck Dealers Fund for Crime Stoppers, 1985 • Alfred A. Abbott Charitable for ARCA, Inc., Alfred2006A.Abbott Charitable Fund for the Good Shepherd Center for the Homeless, 2007 Ann Simms Clark Fund for Planned Parenthood, 2005

• Constance Zandstra Fund for MANA de Albuquerque, 1998 Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School, 2008

• Dismas House at St. Martin's Fund, 2003 Philanthropy Central Endowment Funds established in 2014 Donor-Designated Beneficiary Funds, Established prior to 2014 27

o Kim Pipes o John C. Pullin o R.G. Munn Auction LLC o The Rainbow Man, Inc. o Ranchfolks Navajo Rug Co. o Rituals, Inc. o Rita Robbins o John Ruddy o Karen Long & Dr. Rolando Santos o Juanita Sue Sauer o Mary Schmitt o Jules Peter Segall o Shiprock Gallery of Santa Fe o Barbara B. Sill o Robert S. Smith o Rosemary T. Snider o Sparrow Antiques LLC o The Standard Art & Antiques Co. o Jeremy Steenblik o Steve Elmore Photography o Gerald G. Stiebel o Nicholas Stoetzer o Stevens Fine Art LLC o Sundancer Buyers Group o Travis Mac Swain o Jo Taulbee o Henry A. Thiessen o Toby Herbst Antiques o Treasures Within o Darlene Tyra o Mexicana Nirvana o Mary Lou Walbergh o Bettie Ward o Robert Watts o Leonard A. Weakley Jr. o Joan E. Wenger o Territorial Designs, Inc. o William R. Talbot Fine Art o Bradley K. Windell o Madeleine Wright PhD o Tambaran Art Inc. o Nancy Zelenack KNME-TV Fund, 1987

• New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation Fund, 1986 New Mexico Voices for Children Future Fund, 2002

• Jeanne M. & Fred Trauger Genealogical Society Fund, 1991

Donor-Designated Beneficiary Funds, Established prior to 2014 continued

Kubie Family Fund for B'nai Israel, 2005 Kurt & Edith Kubie Family for Planned Parenthood, 2007 Lordic Fund for Futures for Children, 1984 Betty & Luke Vortman Fund for Planned Parenthood, 2013 o Robert P.Anderson & Susan Nelson Anderson María Griego-Raby Fund for San Felipe de Neri Church Capital Projects, 2003 • Moise Memorial Library Fund, 2005 Nellita E. Walker Fund for KNME-TV, 1999

Dr. Jane Ann Blumenfeld Fund for the Southwest Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, 2004 Eric Youngberg Memorial Fund for A Child's Garden, 2013 Frank Csepregi & Alice Marosi Csepregi, Futures2007 for Children Fund, 1984 Heights Healthcare Foundation Fund for Osteopathic Education, 1984

• Ralph Berkowitz Fund for Albuquerque Youth Symphony, 2011

• Ida May Cowan Fund for the Homeless at Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd, 1992

• Jeanne M. & Fred Trauger New Mexico Geological Society, 1991 Janet Youngberg Fund for Roadrunner Food Bank Food for Kids Program, 2013 Karen Ortiz Fund for the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program at Challenge New Mexico, 2004 KNME New Mexico PBS Great Southwestern Arts & Education Fund, 2013 o Walter T. Anderson o Antique Indian Art Gallery o Darryl Atchison o Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Avery o Kelley Avery o Bryce & Elaine Bannatyne o Kathy Barkley o Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Bartlett o Carolyn Blackburn o Mark A. Blackburn o Blackman Cruz o Bob Breen o Julee Brooke o Andrew Brown o Suzanne J. Chartrand o Leslie Clark o Gertrude Clawson o Jack N. Clift o Diana L. Coles o Ronald M. Costell, M.D. o Steven K. Curtis o Curtright & Son, Inc. o Donna Damon o Tom Delach o B.C. Dentan o American Indian Art o Merrill B. Domas o Kevin Downs o Curtiss L. Eckhardt o El Potrero Trading Post o Mary Emmerling o Arthur Erickson o Michael J. Ettema o Nancy B. Fawcett o Mr. & Mrs. John T. Feldman o Gary & Patricia Ferguson o Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Finger o Leslie Flynt o Mark Foeshe o Four Winds Gallery o Fred Cesana LLC o Friedman Gallery, Inc. o Galen Lowe Art & Antiques o Sara J. Garmon o Madeleine Gearig o Pamela E. George o Susan B. Golden o Jane Grant o Paul E. Gray o Great Western Antique Show o Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hannaher o Mr. Marc R. Hapke o Paul Harbaugh o Callahan & Blaine o Scott A. Heffley o Alice Helsteom o Diane G. Hill & Karen L. Huff o House of Ancestors Antiques o Cynthia Hoyt o Robert L. Hull & Myra Barker Hull o Wray Humphrey o Indian Summer o Mr. & Mrs. David Irving o Peter Johnson o Kania-Ferrin Gallery o Spider Kedelsky o James P. Kemp o Khyber Pass Company o Kimosabe o Mr. & Mrs. Timothy King o Frank Kinsel o La Boheme o Jason Lenox o Rue Michelle Interior Design o Blake Lewis o Donna & Paul Ley o Joe Loux o Mr. & Mrs. Rex A. Lucke o Blink Antiques o Neil MacDonald o Carol Ann Mackay o Ranee L. Malanga o Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Maras o Karen Marchand o Joseph W. Marchiani o Judith Margolis o Ellen Marshall o Martha Hopkins Struever LLC o Peggy & Jerry Martin o Christine Mather o Christine Mayrina o Macon McCrossen o Lew Meekins o R.E. & C.D. Merrill o Robert D. Morris o Native Jackets, Etc. o Mr. Gregory W. Nelson o Arthur & Patty Newman o Donna J. Norman o Linda O'Leary o Ramon Osuna o Michael Ouellette o Whitney Overocker o James W. Owens o Ilona Pachler o John F. Parks o Charles H. Patterson o Sandra R. Pemberton o Emilee Peters o Pamela Peters o Peyote Bird Designs


o Sally Liang o Mr. & Mrs. John Steenson

•2005Albuquerque High School Alumni Association Fund, 2004 Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Fund, 2011 o Mr. & Mrs. Ernie C’deBaca o Jerry Schalow Albuquerque Little Theatre Fund, 2008

• Dale E. Kempter Legacy Fund for the Albuquerque Youth Symphony, 1996 o Bill C. Rothanbargar • de Profundis Organization Fund, 2007 Dual Language Education New Mexico, Easter2012

• Walter E. & Shelley Cohen Fund for Congregation B'Nai Israel Fund, 2013

Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center Fund, 2000 o Walter & Allene Kleweno, in honor of Les Hawkins Ginger Grossetete Fund for Silver Horizons, 1984 o Mrs. Ginger Grossetete in memory of Bob Stamm

• Reyer Fund in Support of Tribal Community Development, 1986

• Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for Health Care for the Homeless,


•2005Congregation Albert Fund, 1994 Corrales Future Fund, 2009 o J William Vega o Mr. & Mrs. Stan Betzer o Dallas Renner o M. & Mrs. Gary Miller o Robert B. & Susan Nelson Anderson

• Animal Protection of New Mexico Fund, Arc1996of New Mexico Fund, 1983

• Albuquerque Chapter of the Military Officers Association, 2012 • Albuquerque Crime Stoppers, Inc. Fund,

• All Faiths Fund, 2002 Amy Biehl High School, 2013

•2007Albuquerque Genealogical Society Fund,

Seals New Mexico Fund, 1987 Explora Science Center & Children's Museum of Albuquerque Fund, 2002 o Jane Flax Filipino American Foundation of New Mexico Fund, 2003 • Friends of Music Fund, 1998

Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership, Guadalupe2008 County Hospital Fund, 1998 Heading Home Fund, 2012 o Diana Kelleher Junior League of Albuquerque Administrative Fund, 1999 • Leadership New Mexico Fund, 2009 Manzano Day School Fund, 1985 Manzano Day School Kathy Rimsha Fund,

• Robert & Barbara Clemmensen Fund for Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd, 2009

• Walter E. & Shelley Cohen Fund for Animal Humane Association of New Mexico, 2013

• Manzano Day School Wings 6 Fund, 2012

• Animal Humane New Mexico, 2008

A Child's Garden Fund, 1989 • Adelante Development Center Fund, 1996

• Albuquerque Boy Choir Fund, 2010

• Chamber Music Albuquerque Fund, 2004

• B'nai Israel Fund, 1990 Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation Fund, Casa2012 Angelica Fund, 1997 Casa Esperanza Fund, 2007

• Robert & Barbara Clemmensen Fund for Crime Stoppers, 2009

• Robert & Barbara Clemmensen Fund for People Living Through Cancer, 2009 Sunset Mesa Teacher Fund Corp. Fund, 2006 o Robert Koudelka o Heather Kraemer

•2007Manzano Day School Simms WINGS Fund, 2004

Rex Ward 611 Lineman Apprentice Scholarship at SW Line Constructors, 2012

•2009Menaul School Fund, 2007 o Dr. Gloria & Mr. Robert Mallory NDI New Mexico Fund, 2012 o María Griego-Raby & Randy Royster New Mexico Academy of Science Fund, 2007 29

• Roadrunner Food Bank Fund, 1984 o Robert B. & Susan Nelson Anderson

• Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for Catholic Charities of New Mexico, 1996

Central Endowment Funds established prior to 2014

Donor-Designated Beneficiary Funds, Established prior to 2014 continued

•1998Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for MANA de Albuquerque, 1997

• Robert & Barbara Clemmensen Fund for Animal Humane, 2009

• Gloria Griffin Mallory Fund for Teacher Development, 2006 • Gorham Fund for Scouting, 2013 o Clovis Martin & Edward Jordan, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management • Great Southwest Council, Boy Scouts of America, 2011

• Albuquerque Rose Society Fund, 2007

•2008Children's Grief Center Fund, 2009

• Walter E. & Shelley Cohen Fund for United Way of Central New Mexico, 2013

Children's Cancer Fund of New Mexico,

• Manzano Day School Stewart Family Wings Fund, 2007 • Manzano Day School Wings 5 Fund, 2012

• Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for Christina Kent Day Nursery,

• Manzano Day School Wings of Brotherhood Fund, 2009 • Manzano Day School Wings of Friendship Fund, 2006 Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque Fund,

• Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for Habitat for Humanity, 1997

• ARCA Fund, 2001 • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico Fund, 1987

• Cibola County Education Foundation Fund,

•1996Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for Friends in Time, 1997

• Wilhelmina Neat Coe, Peace Foundation '57 Fund for New Mexico Conference of Churches, 1999

• Manzano Day School Peterson Learning Center Fund, 2004

• Samaritan Counseling Center Fund, 2003 Special Olympics of New Mexico Fund, 2001 St. Joseph Community Health Early Childhood Development Fund, 1997 St. Mark's in the Valley Day School Fund, 1986

• The Community Fund established by J. Alan Hunton, 2007 Thomas J. Horan & Mary Ann CampbellHoran Fund, 2007 Virginia Nelson Mayo Memorial Fund, 2013 o Mr. & Mrs. John Cochran

VSA arts of New Mexico Fund, 1998 WESST Fund, 2013 WildEarth Guardians, 2007 YMCA Fund, 1998 YWCA of the Middle Rio Grande Fund, 2000 30

• New Mexico BioPark Society Fund, 1987 New Mexico BioPark Society Fund for the Aquarium & Botanic Garden, 1988 New Mexico Coalition for Literacy Fund, 1988

• St. Martin's Hospitality Center Fund, 2008

• Presbyterian Ear Institute Fund, 2011

• 10th Anniversary Women in Philanthropy Council, 2012 o Dr. & Mrs. Michael Nelson o Janice Lucero, MVD Express o David Montgomery & Yashoda Naidoo o Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Talbot

“... Well! Well! Well! ... This is wonderful. No one told me it was like this! … It is not a country of on things. It is a country of in light.” THINGSLIGHT–Georgia O’Keeffe

• M.J. Hicks Fund for Self-Sufficiency for Women, 2012 o Mary Jane Hicks, PhD

Organization Funds established prior to 2014 continued New Mexico Art League Fund, 1992

• Think New Mexico Fund, 2004 United Way of Central New Mexico Funds:

PB&J Family Services/Angie's Legacy, 2007 • People Living Through Cancer Fund, 1998

o Elena Velkov New Mexico Engineering Foundation Fund, 2005 New Mexico Veterans' Memorial Foundation Fund, 2012 New Mexico Voices for Children Fund, 2007 Outpost Productions Fund, 2006 Parents Reaching Out Fund, 2008

• Community Fund in Honor of Jack & Frances Holmes, 1993 H. Patrick & Debra Jo Dee Alexis de Tocqueville Legacy Society, 2007 o Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Dee Herman & Marina Mauney Fund, 2007 o Herman Mauney Jennie & Shirley Wells Fund, 2013 o Clint Wells • John Merson Community Fund in Honor of Jack & Frances Holmes, 2009 o Mr. & Mrs. John Merson Kirk & Debra Benton Community Fund in Honor of Jack & Frances Holmes, 2008 • Larry & Sheriece Strickland Fund, 2010 o Larry & Sheriece Strickland

Lodestar Dog Ranch is dedicated to finding homes for abandoned and surrendered Labradors. Working with shelters throughout New Mexico, foster homes are found for Labs until a “forever home” can be found. Lodestar collaborates with Freedom Service Dogs to train dogs for individuals with autism, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and PTSD.

futureFuture Fund Mad Men Party 32 Albuquerque Meals on Wheels $3,810 for the Medical Meal Program for seniors for lowincome seniors with medical issues New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks $12,500 to provide assistance and mentorship for youth aging out of foster care 2014 Grants

This is Albuquerque: a city of potential. Nowhere do we see that as clearly as when we work with the donors of our Future Fund, a group of generous young people who are committed to making a lasting impact on their city through philanthropy.

Sixteen years ago, the Foundation established the Future Fund, composed of young people and their peers who have a desire to improve their community through philanthropy. At its inception, the fund consisted of 12 couples. Today, it includes more than 200 members with an endowment of almost a half million dollars. These individuals are examples of the future of philanthropy in New Mexico, as well as of the spirit of generosity that is alive among today’s young people. They each have their own reasons for participating. For some, it is because they want to end hunger in their community, while others are motivated by economic development and creating new opportunities for other young people. This is their Albuquerque as much as it is any of ours.

Future Fund 2014 Members Shalini & Abinash* Achrekar Jerry & Nicole Adams Dara PaulMaDonnaAmbrizAnallaArellano&Cindy Chavez Tania Armenta Jill RebeccaAtkins & Jorge Avitia Meredith Baker Bobbie Batley & Billy Stevens Jesse Benoit Chris & Danelle* Brennan Jessica Bridwell Vincent Brothers Sandy Buffett Jayne & Chris Buttner Joshua & Jessica Carothers Cathy* & Brendan Cavanaugh Kimber Chrissos Corey DarrenCooperCordova & Carla Roybal Alex Curtas & Julia Mandeville Nick and Kelsey Denissen Tam Doan & Brian Naughton Majdah al-Quhtani & Diallo Dphrepaulezz Keith & Lindsay Drennan John ClaireDuBoisDudley Chavez* & Michael Chavez Eloy H. Duran Jr. Mandy Edwards Megan Edwards Ian and Katie* Esquibel Teala & Michael Farrington Karen & Alex Flores Jennifer & Glenn Foster Colleen & Adam Frangos Jesse D. Gallegos Greg KristinGambillGarcia & Brian Ferguson Manuel Garcia & Larry Perez Matthew Garcia Colby and Ashley Geer Matthew & Marianna Geter Julia Gilroy & Nick Merski Dustin MarioJamesGabrielaBergGómezGonzales&Michelle Gonzalez Lisa & Ryan Goodman Joey Gorvetzian Billy Renee*Gupton*&Brad Gwyther Josh GidgetHale&Chris Hall Martha AmandaHargroveHarper& Brian Cone Rebecca & Jason Harrington Brian Haverly & Marguerite Haverly Lisa Henson Jeff AnnMarieTorriRandiHoehnHoffman&JesseJacobusJaramillo&Michael Otero Christopher Jaramillo & Alexandra Martinez Rachel & Andrew Johannsen Jacqlyn & Jeff Johns Webb Johnson Brad & Lisa Justice Dan Kammler & Vivian Guzman Hannah A. Kastenbaum Steve & Dawn Kettler Cristin & John Kiburz Aaron Kraft David C. Kramer John Kynor, Q Realty Seema Katiyar LaGree & Brooks LaGree Suzanne & Eric Lawson Andrés Lazo Greg Levenson Joe AntonioLiRosi&Elizabeth Lopez Dawn & Peter Lorenz Daniel Michael Lovato Christina M. Lujan Rebecca Lujan* Bethany Luke Serena Lyons Marisa D. Magallanez Patrick ErinJillStephenRamonaMartinezJ.Martinez*Martinez&KevinMcCarthyMcDermott&Garrett Fehner Jenny & Brian McMath David Mendes & Vibhati Kulkarny Rudy Menjivar & Jen Choi Katixa Mercier & William Cookson Wendy & Allen Miner Brian & Lauren Moore Erin MaureenMelissaDavidSarahJeremyDeniseRickAliceMuffoletto&JeffMyers&WindsorNaethingNava&DanielleNelsonNewman"Ben"NolteNuñezO'Leary*&Mike Buck Jillian Oaks Katie Ogawa Mitch LaurenOlson&Santosh Oommen Kenneth C. Owens Eduardo Alas & Chamiza Pacheco de LarryAlasPerez & Manuel Garcia April S. Perkins Aldis Philipbar C. Suki Pierce Colin Pryor & Meghan McCabe Cassandra Reckaway & Leroy Garley Jr. Derek & Sarah Riewe Eric Taylor*KCHeatherRiveraRoachRoehl&Christine Roehl Kendall Rogers & Shilpa Reddy Lucas Romero Ingrid L. Roosild Kristin ChristieRortvedtRoss& Matt Stratton Jaymie JonathanRoybalE.Saint Cyr & Jessica Williams Jeanette Salazar Anna & Gabriel Sanchez Roby PoojaBenEricJustinBethanneSchapiraSchiffer&JenSchroer&CynthiaSchultzShermanSingh&Maurizio Leo Chris Smith & Allison Hendricks Smith Amy Sorensen Ezra & Sherry Spitzer Sam KellieKarieStriblingTaylor&Charlie Tomlin Sonya B. Torrez Sara KrishnaTraub&Sangeetha Tripuraneni Rachel Trojahn Daniel O. Trujillo Gabrielle & Alex Uballez Kim & Cory Underwood Lori Anne & Ron Vanaman Douglas R. VanBenthuysen John Varoz* Jack Vigil & Brianne Hutson* Cindy & Jose* Viramontes Mike & Lisa Walter Shawn & Danielle Weed Clint DanilaJessicaChevaunAndrewSkyler*JenniferWellsWhittemore&BrittanyWildenstein&JustineWilliamsWilliams&SarahStryhanynWoods&MattZidovsky *Board Member Grant Recipients Report to members 33


& Donor-Designated Grants

2014 Grant Program

See page 42 for a list of this year’s advisory review committee participants. More than 80% of grants made each year are from funds restricted by donors. Donor-advised fund holders may make recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees throughout the year to award specific grants to nonprofit organizations. Foundation staff members review recommendations to verify that organizations are qualified nonprofit groups. In light of the number of unfunded competitive grants every year, the Foundation encourages those with donor-advised funds to respond to grant proposals submitted for the Competitive Grant Program. Donors with donor-designated funds may choose a specific cause or organization. Some donordesignated funds have separate guidelines and committees.


Program grants are distributed through a competitive process across six specific fields-of-interest: Arts & Culture, Economic & Workforce Development, Education, Environmental & Historic Preservation, Health and Human Services.


Competitive Grants Hugh B. and Helen K. Woodward Fund of the Sandia Foundation

program staff and volunteer advisory review committees conduct thorough reviews of the grant applicants’ proposals.


The Foundation’s grantmaking allows people and organizations to fulfill their visions for Albuquerque’s future, as well as their role in it. We invest in the ideas, passion and expertise of hundreds of nonprofits, supporting an array of programs as diverse as the people of this city. Grants are driven by results that will bring lasting benefits to our community. They are an excellent way for the Foundation and its many donors and stakeholders to make an impression on Albuquerque, a city marked by creative generosity.

Through grants to nonprofit organizations from endowment funds established specifically to accommodate the community’s changing needs, the Foundation supports projects that are innovative, meet the needs of underserved segments of the community, encourage matching funds, promote cooperation among agencies, empower the disadvantaged and disabled and improve the effectiveness of local charitable organizations. The Foundation is privileged to support nonprofits in their efforts to imagine great things for their

The Woodwards established the Sandia Foundation in 1948, to benefit Dickinson College, The University of New Mexico and Albuquerque charities. The Foundation administers a competitive grant process for the Albuquerque charities funded by the Sandia Foundation. Following each grant is an explanation of the fund type from which the grant was awarded. In each case of a grant from a competitive program, a short description of the project is included.

Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

Danforth Museum of Art $5000 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation $250 from a donor-directed fund UNM Harwood Museum of Art (Taos) $15,000 from a donor-directed fund


$10,000 (Sandia) Dancing to Excellence Program for children and youth via in-school, advanced training, pre-professional and community dance classes and healthy lifestyle instruction

Arts in Education

Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program $ 7,700 (ACF) financial aid program for beginning string players and middle students in the Prelude Program $40,000 (ACF Music Program) to assist with professional instructional faculty, the Private Lesson Program and the Chamber Ensemble Program $300 from a donor-directed fund

$1,000 from a donor-directed fund $8,514 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $500 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund

Art in the School, Inc. $7,793 (ACF) after school elementary art program and a professional development workshop for certified teachers East San Jose Elementary School/APS Education Foundation $7,189 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) for the Mariachi Program

Albuquerque Museum Foundation $34,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $280 from a donor-directed fund

Museum of Natural History Foundation $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

35 grants

National Dance Institute of New Mexico $9,125 (ACF Great Grant Giveaway)

New Mexico Jazz Workshop $7,700 (ACF) Empowerment through music in the South Valley, a dual-component program designed to serve at-risk and incarcerated youth UNM College of Fine Arts $25,000 from a donor-directed fund VSA arts of New Mexico $250 from a donor-directed fund

James Dick Foundation for the Performing Arts $1,421 from a donor-directed fund

ARTS ARTS (ACF) - Albuquerque Community Foundation (SANDIA) - Sandia Foundation, Hugh & Helen Woodward Fund through grants for after-school programs, visual arts programs, theater performances and projects at our community’s major museums, Foundation donors provide financial support to the cultural life of our community.

Working Classroom, Inc. $10,000 (Sandia) support for artistic and academic ambitions of low-income middle & high school students in this street conservatory $15,000 from a donor-directed fund

Creativity abounds with artists, musicians and both professional and volunteer actors .

The Vortex Theatre $5,000 (ACF) collaboration with Theatre-in-theMaking, an intensive program for middle and elementary students $5,000 from a donor-directed fund

Morris Animal Foundation $5,000 from a donor-directed fund $6,000 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Philharmonic, Inc. $85,745 (ACF Music Program) to assist in building programming and expand innovative music education programs for K-12 students $ 8,000 (Sandia) for Young Musician Initiative music education program at Dolores Gonzales & Reginald Chavez Elementary Schools $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Animal Protection of New Mexico, Inc. $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Doberman Rescue of New Mexico, Inc. $275 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Jazz Workshop $20,000 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) for performing and visual arts programming at Bear Canyon & Highland Senior Centers

League of Women Voters Education Fund $250 from a donor-directed fund

Think New Mexico $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $5,000 from a donor-directed fund $500 from a donor-directed fund Animal Center, Inc. $500 from a donor-directed fund

Lodestar Dog Ranch, Inc. $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Foundation for Open Government $500 from a donor-directed fund

The Horse Shelter $3,000 from a donor-directed fund

Performing Arts Visual DomesticAdvocacyArtsAnimalsCOMMUNITY

New Mexicans have many philanthropic interests from advocating for community involvement to the welfare of domestic animals. Foundation donors support their religious institutions, sports for children and youth and organizations that assist our community members in times of disaster.

Watermelon Mountain Ranch, Inc. $2,000 from a donor-directed fund


New Israel Fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

OFFCenter Community Arts Project $12,500 from a donor-directed fund

Basement Films, Inc. $5,000 from a donor-directed fund de Profundis $2,500 from a donor-directed fund Guilds of the Santa Fe Opera $ 250 from a donor-directed fund Keshet Dance Company $7,700 (ACF) Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis Program for incarcerated and paroling youth Landmark Musicals, Inc. $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Music Guild of New Mexico $250 from a donor-directed fund National Institute of Flamenco $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Animal Humane New Mexico $3,100 (ACF) Senior Pet Owner Veterinary Fund allowing pets to stay with their 60+ owners $200 from a donor-directed fund $10,000 from a donor-directed fund $2,000 from a donor-directed fund $15,000 from a donor-directed fund $10,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund $6,500 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Symphonic Chorus $2,300 from a donor-directed fund $410 from a donor-directed fund Opera Southwest $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $35,000 from a donor-directed fund $500 from a donor-directed fund $250 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Albuquerque Chamber Soloists, Inc. $5,000 from a donor-directed fund

516 Arts $2,000 from a donor-directed fund $5,000 from a donor-directed fund $5,000 from a donor-directed fund $40,000 from a donor-directed fund

UNM College of Fine Arts $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $20,000 from a donor-directed fund

Harwood Art Center, Escuela del Sol Montessori $20,000 from a donor-directed fund Littleglobe, Inc. $15,000 from a donor-directed fund

Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary $275 from a donor-directed fund


Albuquerque Philharmonic Orchestra $5,000 (ACF) for an all-volunteer musician community orchestra with live concerts

Anti-Defamation League New Mexico $1,500 from a donor-directed fund


Latir Volunteer Fire Department $4,000 from a donor-directed fund

National Christian Foundation New Mexico $20,000 from a donor-directed fund Sacred Heart Cathedral $2,500 from a donor-directed fund St. Bernard of Clairvanux Roman Catholic Church $1,000 from a donor-directed fund St. Charles Catholic School $250 from a donor-directed fund Temple Shir Tikva $500 from a donor-directed fund

Colorado International Soccer Academy $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

First Serve NM, Inc. $2,500 from a donor-directed fund New Mexico Soccer Foundation $500 from a donor-directed fund

Chabad Jewish Center $5,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,800 from a donor-directed fund


Share New Mexico/Santa Fe Community Foundation $10,000 (ACF)

Little Sisters of the Poor Villa Guadalupe $500 from a donor-directed fund

Santa Fe Acquatic Club/New Mexico Community Foundation $2,000 from a donor-directed fund

Cathedral Church of St. John $5,000 from a donor-directed fund

United Way of Central New Mexico $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $10,000 from a donor-directed fund $3,000 from a donor-directed fund $50,000 from a donor-directed fund $10,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $15,000 from a donor-directed fund American Red Cross $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

General Education life-long learning is the underlying thread of Foundation grants which provide literacy and career development for youth, English-AsA-Second Language (ESL) classes to immigrants and public television for all. Whether a small, all-volunteer organization or a major educational institution, Foundation donors have a love of all forms of education for children, youth and adults. EDUCATION

Friends of Public Radio $150 from a donor-directed fund Gallup Public Radio $500 from a donor-directed fund KUNM Public Radio $2,000 from a donor-directed fund L'Alliance Francaise D'Albuquerque $1,000 from a donor-directed fund


Albuquerque Public Library Foundation $3,000 from a donor-directed fund

APS Title I, Homeless Projects/UNM Education Foundation $10,000 (ACF) Career Kids program for homeless students in five elementary schools $10,000 (Sandia) Homeless Project Career Fair to provide means, motivation and encouragement for homeless students $2,000 from a donor-directed fund $24,400 from a donor-directed fund

American General Media Foundation $150 from a donor-directed fund Center for Nonprofit Excellence/United Way of Central New Mexico $2,500 (ACF) Give Grande/Santa Fe Community Foundation $5,000 (ACF)

CNM Foundation $10,000 (Sandia) to assist students to succeed in their academic and career goals Explora! $8,300 (ACF) monthly science club at community sites with youth intern facilitators $10,000 (Sandia) Youth Intern Program prepares high-achieving, low-income high school students to teach elementary children $250 from a donor-directed fund

Congregation Smearith Israel $1,800 from a donor-directed fund Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Jewish Community Center $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History $200 from a donor-directed fund New Mexico PBS $3,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund Reading Works, Inc. $8,400 (ACF) ESL instruction for 120 immigrant parents of school children Running Start for Careers/APS Education Foundation $50,000 (ACF) match for AmeriCorps grant providing "success coaches" in Albuquerque high schools School for Advanced Research on the Human Experience $7,500 from a donor-directed fund Shri Bhuvaneshwari Mahila Ashram $16,500 from a donor-directed fund

Armand Hammer United World College $20,000 from a donor-directed fund $2,000 from a donor-directed fund


New Mexico Appleseed $500 from a donor-directed fund Noon Day Ministries $500 from a donor-directed fund $500 from a donor-directed fund $5,000 from a donor-directed fund

Albuquerque Meals on Wheels $3,810 (ACF and Future Fund) Low Income Medical Meal Program for seniors with medical issues, living in poverty $9,000 (Sandia) to purchase essential kitchen equipment for Low Income Medical Meal Program $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

South Valley Academy Charter School $10,000 (Sandia) to assist eligible students with work permits and permanent residency in the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals UNM Alumni Association $250 from a donor-directed fund

UNM Anderson School of Management $5,000 from a donor-directed fund UNM Foundation $500 from a donor-directed fund $3,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $864 from a donor-directed fund $16,600 from a donor-directed fund $2,150 from a donor-directed fund UNM School of Engineering $13,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Public/Private Schools

New Mexicans are generous supporters of organizations who serve impoverished citizens by providing meals or food boxes which aid a basic human necessity. Additionally donor contributions assist programs to improve access to healthcare ranging from direct service dental and medical to educational opportunities.

Sandia Preparatory School $6,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $5,000 from a donor-directed fund

Cristo Rey High School $500 from a donor-directed fund Menaul School $10,000 (Sandia) financial aid program for qualified students with minimal financial resources

Bosque School $2,680 (ACF and Maggie's Giving Circle) for Horizons Albuquerque, a tuition free six-week summer and year-round academic program for 50 low income public school students $250 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Brown University $1,500 from a donor-directed fund CNM Foundation $1,700 from a donor-directed fund

Metrowest Jewish Day School $750 from a donor-directed fund

Seattle University $500 from a donor-directed fund

Project Share, Inc. $10,000 (Sandia) “No Dining Request Left Unmet” dinner program in the Southeast Heights for the homeless, working poor and those on fixed incomes Rio Grande Food Project $7,500 (Sandia) to provide one week of emergency food, once a month Roadrunner Food Bank $500 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $5000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $400 from a donor-directed fund

Basic Needs




Assistance League of Albuquerque $10,000 (ACF) Operation School Bell, new clothing and books for children in need $6,000 (Sandia) Operation School Bell for uniforms/clothing for elementary & middle school students in need $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Farm to Table, Inc. $75,000 from a donor-directed fund $75,000 from a donor-directed fund

Albuquerque Academy $5,000 from a donor-directed fund $250 from a donor-directed fund

Salvation Army $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $999 from a donor-directed fund

UNM School of Law $25,000 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund

The Storehouse, Inc. $10,000 (ACF) for assistance in recovering nearly two million pounds of food annually for distribution $10,000 (Sandia) meals for hungry New Mexicans who are the "working poor" or seniors $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation $5,000 from a donor-directed fund

Casa Angelica $10,000 from a donor-directed fund $200 from a donor-directed fund

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Inc. $5,000 (Sandia) Albuquerque Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program to reduce unintended teen pregnancies $2,000 from a donor-directed fund $10,500 from a donor-directed fund

Mandy's Special Farm $500 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Juliette RP Vision Foundation $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

Foster Care Services for basic emergency and specialized fostercare, advocacy and assistance to families and their children with disabilities $5,000 (Sandia) Wellness Institute, a health promotion program for adults with developmental disabilities $2,000 from a donor-directed fund Basket of Hope $2,000 from a donor-directed fund Camp Rising Sun/UNM Foundation $150 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Foundation for Dental Health $10,000 (ACF) to increase donated dental services for the disabled and elderly $9,000 (Sandia) donated dental services provides access for major dental care to low-income elderly and disabled people New Mexico Lions Sight Conservation Foundation, Inc. $450 from a donor-directed fund

Jubilee Foundation, Inc. $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

Health Care Access HEALTH 39

American Diabetes Association $450 from a donor-directed fund

Missionaries of the Poor USA, Inc. $10,000 from a donor-directed fund

La Familia Medical Center $10,000 from a donor-directed fund Las Campanas Compadres $2,500 from a donor-directed fund

Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation $500 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund Project HOPE $999 from a donor-directed fund

Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico $10,000 (Sandia) program for health and wellness classes, cooking/nutrition classes for very low income and formerly homeless individuals

UNM Cancer Research & Treatment Center $10,000 from a donor-directed fund

American Heart and Stroke Association $450 from a donor-directed fund

Muscular Dystrophy Association $500 from a donor-directed fund

Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. $450 from a donor-directed fund $200 from a donor-directed fund

American Lung Association of the Southwest $450 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Center on Law & Poverty, Inc. $10,000 (Sandia) to assist clients who have lost benefits for SNAP, Medicaid and/or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families

National Jewish Health $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund

Angel Flight West, Inc. $10,000 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) to provide support to pilots and service providers ARCA, Inc. $15,694 (ACF)

Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless $7,000 (ACF) integrated primary and behavioral healthcare for homeless individuals $25,000 from a donor-directed fund $4,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

Doctors Without Borders USA $200 from a donor-directed fund $100,000 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

Partners in Health $2,000 from a donor-directed fund

Senior Citizens' Law Office $5,000 (Sandia) to ensure enrollment in Medicare Savings Programs, Medicaid and LowIncome Prescription Drug subsidy programs for low income seniors St. Vincent Hospital Foundation $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

UNM Children's Hospital $100 from a donor-directed fund UNM School of Medicine $6,000 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) to support the UNM B.A./M.D. Degree Program

First Nations Community HealthSource $7,800 (ACF) urban Indian health center for medical, dental and behavioral health services Hadassah Medical Organization $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Healing the Children $5,000 (ACF and a donor-advised fund) for medical and dental care for children in need Heroin Awareness Committee $4,000 from a donor-directed fund

El Ranchito de los Niños, Inc. $4,200 from a donor-directed fund

Jewish Family Service of Metrowest, Inc. $3,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Boys & Girls Ranches, Inc. $200 from a donor-directed fund $999 from a donor-directed fund

Children's Grief Center of New Mexico $12,000 (Sandia) free peer bereavement support groups for children, teens, young adults and caregivers $3,000 from a donor-directed fund $3,500 from a donor-directed fund

Friends of Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly $1,800 from a donor-directed fund $4,000 from a donor-directed fund

Barrett Foundation $10,000 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) support services for women and/or women with children seeking shelter $10,000 (Sandia) providing the necessities and case management services $25,000 from a donor-directed fund $200 from a donor-directed fund

St. Martin's Hospitality Center $10,000 (Sandia) Dismas House – a residential transitional housing program for former inmates

Children-Youth-Families Shelter - Housing SERVICESHUMAN 40

Heading Home $16,250 (ACF Great Grant Giveaway) $10,000 (Sandia) services for the homeless for males 18 and older Saranam, LLC $8,300 (ACF) for adults who are formerly homeless to receive a GED or attend college $10,000 (Sandia) a six-month program for homeless families to achieve sustainable independent living $400 from a donor-directed fund

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Mexico $7,000 (Sandia) support for Club Tech Technology Centers at the Heights Branch and Emerson Elementary School

Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity $4,000 (Sandia) to improve and restore accessibility for people with disabilities $300 from a donor-directed fund

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central New Mexico $9.650 (ACF Great Grant Giveaway) $5,000 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Boy Scouts of America $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Child Advocacy Networks $12,500 (ACF and the Future Fund) assisting and mentoring youth aging out of foster care New Mexico Legal Aid Society $10,000 (Sandia) to increase legal representation of low income families facing unlawful eviction PB&J Family Services, Inc. $12,000 (ACF) home visitation program for families with a poor environment for child development $2,000 from a donor-directed fund Pegasus Legal Services for Children $12,500 (Sandia) Kinship Guardianship Program helps grandparents obtain legal guardianship of grandchildren in their care Samaritan Counseling Center $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Wings Ministry $10,000 from a donor-directed fund YAI Young Adult Institute $5,000 from a donor-directed fund YMCA Central New Mexico $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

Family Promise of Albuquerque $2,680 (ACF and Maggie’s Giving Circle) provide shelter, educational or job assistance and skills training for homeless families

CLN Kids $10,000 (Sandia) parent support, education and parenting skills $2,000 from a donor-directed fund Enlace Comunitario $12,000 (ACF) parenting classes for Spanish speaking survivors of domestic violence and their children $10,000 (Sandia) to serve an increasing number of immigrant victims of domestic violence

HUMAN SERVICES Foundation donors provide funding for families in need of housing, foster youth in need of legal assistance and life skills training for atrisk youth. Other grants support the needs of people with disabilities, seniors on fixed income and women and children surviving domestic violence. Abrazos Family Support Services $15,694 (ACF) after school program at Rio Rancho Public Schools for a bully-free safe zone for children with autism Adoption Exchange, New Mexico Chapter $5,000 (Sandia) for Family Recruitment Program in collaboration with CYFD for children in fostercare. Albuquerque CASA, Inc. $3,000 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) to assist CASA volunteers in the protection of children in foster care

Catholic Charities $10,000 from a donor-directed fund

All Faiths $3,000 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) to support Family Wellness Program to provide services to at-risk families $450 from a donor-directed fund $2,000 from a donor-directed fund $500 from a donor-directed fund $1,500 from a donor-directed fund

Global Opportunities Unlimited, Inc. $10,040 (ACF Great Grant Giveaway) Happy Hill Farm Children's Home $275 from a donor-directed fund

Community Homeworks $12,000 from a donor-directed fund

Youth Development, Inc. $2,000 (ACF) Vista volunteer led mobile food pantry at Jimmy Carter Middle School A New Day Youth & Family Services $14,700 (ACF) Life Skills Academy program assisting homeless, run-away and at-risk youth $10,000 (Sandia) Life Skills Academy for homeless, near-homeless and disconnected youth ages 15-21 $17,000 from a donor-directed fund $5,600 from a donor-directed fund $3,000 from a donor-directed fund Albuquerque Rescue Mission $1,800 from a donor-directed fund $500 from a donor-directed fund

Crossroads for Women $12,000 (ACF) assisting women with parenting skills, physical and emotional health and goal setting $100 from a donor-directed fund

Silver Horizons New Mexico, Inc. $5,182 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) for the emergency utility assistance program

Jewish Community Center $1,500 (ACF) Camp Green for children ages 8-13 to explore solutions to environmental challenges Open Space Alliance $4,000 (ACF) volunteer workshops in erosion control and revegetation techniques

Fort Stanton, Inc. $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Hubbell House Alliance $250 from a donor-directed fund

Earthworks $1,000 from a donor-directed fund Nature Conservancy New Mexico $400 from a donor-directed fund $1,000 from a donor-directed fund

Archaeological Conservancy $500 from a donor-directed fund

Talking Talons Youth Leadership $6,853 (ACF) program at A. Montoya Elementary School with hands-on activities for students with live non-releaseable wildlife

Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center $2,700 (ACF) nature-related preschool classes and outdoor experiences for 20+ homeless 3-5 year old children from CLN Kids Garden's Edge, Inc. $250 from a donor-directed fund Hawks Aloft $8,447 (ACF) Living with the Landscape program for students and teachers at low-income schools

New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation $200 from a donor-directed fund $2,500 from a donor-directed fund $7,018 (ACF and a donor-directed fund) to support fossil preparation of Triassic vertebrates, Permian vertebrates, and Triassic and Permian invertebrates $1,000 from a donor-directed fund $250 from a donor-directed fund $6,000 from a donor-directed fund

Southwest Research and Information Center $500 from a donor-directed fund Bosque School $9,500 (ACF) bus transportation for 2,000 public and charter school students for the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program

Cornerstones Community Partnership $500 from a donor-directed fund

The grants listed above with a description of the project are made through the Foundation’s Competitive Grant Program. All others are directed by donors to the programs they choose to support. both the natural and built environments are important to our community. Foundation donors support opportunities for children and youth to experience nature along the Rio Grande or through classroom presentations. Grants assist community groups to preserve historic buildings, protect our state’s wildlife, and promote the study of prehistoric fossils.

Wildlife Center, Inc. $200 from a donor-directed fund Wolf Conservation Center $5,000 from a donor-directed fund


New Mexico BioPark Society $10,550 (ACF Great Grant Giveaway) $400 from a donor-directed fund $6,000 from a donor-directed fund

Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge $250 from a donor-directed fund New Mexico Wildlife Association/Wildlife Nature Pak $400 from a donor-directed fund $37,000 from a donor-directed fund

New Mexico Environmental Law Center $5,000 from a donor-directed fund New Mexico Wilderness Alliance $5,000 from a donor-directed fund Rio Grande Community Farm $10,000 (ACF) to maintain a sustainable wildlife habitat and a high quality working farm



Preservation - Natural Environment Preservation - Historic Preservation - Education Preservation - Historic

Kristin Garcia Leroy

Kathy Nunn Katie Ogawa Dave SusanLaurieJoseKarinGabrielleHazelRachelSaraPeterEddieCarolynTimWalterAndreaRaeMaggieDavePennyJoanneJeanetteJaymieChristieKathleenMikePeterJanChristineJosephAldisCarleneJenLannettOrnerOrtizParkerPattersonPhilipbarPopplewellRancierRandallRinnRodriguezRoskobRossRoybalSalazarScheuchShannenSchindeSimmsSiporinSterlingSternTennantThomasThomasToucheTraubTrojahnTull-LeachUballezUrbanViramontesVolinWalton

Todd White Linda ChevaunBrittanySkylerWeilWildensteinWildensteinWilliams

42 2014 Advisory Review Committee Members Abinash Achrekar Kathy Altman Dara TrevorGlennSueIanJanSuzanneLauriMarkJohnLindsayJimKelseyRodMaryRobertaRonKimberKathieCindyJodiMichaelDanelleCindyRandyGayBeverlyAmyJanKarenRichardNancyMaDonnaAmbrizAnallaArnoldAveryBakerBadrofchakBazanBendicksenBernitskyBlockBonafairBrennanBuckButlerChavezChavezChrissosChristophersonClarkColtonDanielDenissenDowDrennanDuBoisDuranEbelEbelEnglishandKatieEsquibelEubankFellowsFetz


For Grant Programs, Student Aid and Individual Achievement Award Programs 2014 Advisory Review Committee Members

Volunteers assisted in the competitive grant and student aid programs in 2014. They contributed time, thought and knowledge to the process of reviewing requests from nonprofit organizations and from students. These volunteers, listed below, represent all segments of the community and wrestled with the challenge of many more requests for support than could be funded and excellent nominations for our Award Programs. The Foundation convened many separate volunteer advisory committees to review requests for funding and make recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for final approval.

Application Review Process Who Qualifies How to Apply Other Grants

Applying for a Grant

The Foundation uses an extensive grant review process to assure donors and grantees that their interests are represented. Requests for funding are reviewed by committees consisting of members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and volunteers broadly representative of the community. Committee members use their individual expertise to contribute to a committee’s overall assessment of each proposal, including the degree to which a proposal fits the Foundation’s priorities. Committee recommendations are sent to the Board of Trustees, which is responsible for final grant decisions.

Many donors establish endowment funds to respond to the community’s ever-changing needs. Grants from these funds are made through the Competitive Grant Program, which allows organizations to request funding for current needs in the community through an application process.

The Foundation has grouped these endowment funds into six general fields-of-interest: Arts & Culture, Economic & Workforce Development, Education, Environmental & Historic Preservation, Health and Human Services. Within these fields, the Foundation also has funds addressing specific issues including art education in public schools, direct services for the elderly, mediation, domestic violence and programs that encourage the discussion and study of ideas.


Foundation grants are made to support, strengthen, and sustain an organization and its programs. In order to make the best use of available funds, organizations that address needs of underserved populations and are innovative, collaborative, strongly communityoriented and responsive to changing and emerging community needs receive the highest priority.

Throughout the year, the Foundation also makes grants from other types of funds that are not part of the Competitive Grant Program. Funds may be designated for a specific organization or program within a large nonprofit. Others are donor-advised funds with donors actively supporting the organizations and charitable projects of their choice. Donor advisors may rely on the Foundation’s knowledge to identify particular agencies and programs they wish to support with their philanthropic dollars. With our ever-growing donor community, you never know just how or when the right funding connection might be made.

To be eligible for the Competitive Grant Program, an organization must serve the greater Albuquerque community and be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization in good standing or a public educational institution. Grants are not made: to individuals for political or religious purposes; to retire indebtedness; for the payment of interest or taxes; to annual campaigns, endowments, or as emergency funding; to influence legislation or elections; to private foundations and other grant-making organizations; or to organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation.

In 2013, the Competitive Grant Program changed the application process to include an initial submission of a Letter of Intent. Complete application criteria and guidelines are available on the Foundation’s website: albuquerquefoundation.org. Letters of Intent are reviewed and organizations are notified if they are invited to submit a full grant proposal. Criteria, guidelines and deadlines are posted on the Foundation’s website in January of each year.

Many organizations meet the basic requirements to apply for a grant, which makes applying for a grant a highly competitive process.

provides open studio space and materials for artists of all ages and abilities at no cost to participants. Writing, knitting, note card making, poetry, drawing, painting and music workgroups are offered weekly. Gallery Exhibits throughout the year offer an opportunity for anyone to display their work. OffCenter Community Arts Project

Albuquerque Community Foundation Administrative Fund, 2005 Christopher Rustay Bank of America Fund, 1994 Bradbury Stamm Administrative Fund, 2002 Doug & Sarah Brown Administrative Fund, 2004 Frank Gorham, Jr. Fund, 1989 Laura & Zack Clem, Jr. Fund, 2007 Laura Hueter Bass Fund for Administrative Excellence, 2006 Moise Family Administrative Fund, 1997 In honor of Steve Moise Mr. & Mrs. Barry Beller Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cronin Mrs. Susan C. Feil Steven K. & Beth M. Moise

Honorable Harris L. Hartz Sharon Gross Falba Dr.CarolynHannettMartinezGreg&Diane Harrison Ogawa María Griego-Raby & Randy Royster Mr. & Mrs. Randel Shadid Southwest Glass & Glazing, Inc.



The following endowment funds have been established by donors wishing to support the Foundation’s operation in perpetuity.

Jeff & Janet Sterba Partners in Philanthropy Fund 624 Champion Building Fund Robert J. Stamm & Mrs. Mary Herring Stamm Mr. & Mrs. Jeffry E. Sterba Jane & Douglas Swift Gifts to the 624 Champion Building Fund in Memory of Bob Stamm

Mrs. Clinton P. Anderson Administrative Fund, 1989 Nancy Anderson Roberts Administrative Fund, 1983 Peltier, Gustafson & Miller PA Fund, 1996 Ray & Barbara Zimmer Fund, 1989 Robert & Ann Clark Administrative Fund, 1991 Susanne B. Brown Administrative Fund, 1989 Theodore R. Brown Administrative Fund, 1983 Walter E. & Shelley Cohen Fund for Albuquerque Community Foundation, 2013 Wells Fargo Bank Administrative Fund, 1994

Partners in Philanthropy

Administrative Funds Established in 2014 Administrative Endowment Funds Established Prior to 2014

Community Support is precious to the Foundation. Our work would not be possible without our Partners in Philanthropy. These generous donors support the Foundation’s operations so that we can devote our attention to our community and our grantees. They invest in us, so that we can invest in others. These donors are an embodiment of community support; they are Albuquerque, and they lift up your Foundation. Please join us in thanking the following donors, who help us achieve our goal of supporting our community through philanthropy.

Anthony Anella Cliff & Nancy Blaugrund Kelli & Kevin Cooper Dorothy Crist Gale Williams Doyel & Gary K. Moore

Bernitsky* Mr.

46 PARTNER Partners in Philanthropy Annual Fund Gifts received January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014 Community Builder - $2,500 + Mr. Rudolfo Anaya** Louisa SteveMrs.BobTomMr.Mr.Mr.YvonneBarkalow&JimBeckley*C.DavidBedford**&Mrs.JamesS.Bier**&Mrs.CliffBlaugrund**&FrancescaBlueher**&YvonneBovinette**LouiseCampbell-Tolber&Dr.StevenTolber&JudyChreist** Hilma & Jim Chynoweth Leo Harris & Ann Simms Dorothy C. Crist** Billie Jo Crouse** Mr. & Mrs. Philip Custer** Linley & Mike Daly Mr. Barton Darrow** Mr. & Mrs. Irv F. Diamond* John & Judie Dwyer* Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Espat** Sharon Gross** Dr. & Mrs. Roger Hagengruber Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hartnett Connie & Doug Henry Dr. & Mrs. James R. Hutchison** Mrs. Alice P. Irvin** Greta & Tom Keleher** Mr. & Mrs. Frank Love** Dr. Gloria & Mr. Robert Mallory* Ms. Jean Marshall Ms. Carolyn M. Martinez Benefactor $1,000-$2,499 *Five–nine years as a Partner in Philanthropy **Ten or more years as a Partner in Philanthropy Partner - $500-$999 continued COMMUNITY BUILDER BENEFACTOR Carl & Linda Alongi* Karen & Chris Bard* Perry & Beverly Bendicksen** Mr. & Mrs. G. Dana Brabson Will & Elaine Chapman** Bill & Suzanne Ebel** Glenn Fellows & Patricia Hancock Gary & Terri Giron-Gordon** Ingrid & Mark Gorham** Julie & Alberto A. Gutiérrez Pam Hurd-Knief & Dr. Ron Knief Ted & Margaret Jorgensen Steve & Janice Keene Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kinsella** Bill & Elizabeth Lang** Ken Leach & Hazel Tull-Leach Steve & Debbie Maestas Bev & Lennard McMillan* Marcus Mims Mr. & Mrs. Martin Mondlick** Dr. Greg Ogawa & Ms. Diane Harrison Ogawa** Deborah A. Peacock & Nathan Korn Kathleen & Will Raskob Ron & Adrienne Rivera** Jerry & Nancy Roehl** Stephen Royce Esq. Walter & Mimi Stern Jennifer & David Thomas** Peter & Alicia Touche Kevin & Lian Yearout*

Mr. & Mrs. & Gay & Mrs.

Stan Betzer Mr. Lee Blaugrund** David & Mary Colton Dr. Jan & Norm Corzine Debbie & David Dozier* Van & Sandra Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. Lowell A. Hare* The Honorable Harris L. Hartz Nancy Herring & Matthew Segura* Junior League of Albuquerque** Mr. & Mrs. Mark Humphrey Mrs. Wilson Hurley** Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kelly Tom & Susie MacLean Mrs. Joan McDougall* Mr. & Mrs. John T. McMahon** Ms. Roxanna Meyers & Mr. Stanley Dr.LeslieMount*E.Neal**Robert&Kathleen Reidy* Jeff & Peggy Roberts* Mrs. Ellen Ann Ryan* Robert J. Stamm & Mrs. Mary Herring** Jean Ann & Duffy Swan Jim Templeton Mr. Tony Trujillo E.H. & Helen Uhlenhuth** Mr. & Mrs. David E. Weymouth**

Steve Benoit** David

If you feel your name should have been listed, or is misspelled, please accept our apologies & contact us so that we have correct information for future publications. from previous page

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Trujillo Michael Walker & Gari Fails Andrew T. & Carol H. Watson Peter & Judy Basen Weinreb** Bruce & Lorna Wiggins* Judy Zanotti & David Davis Emmanuel Zupko Mr. & Mrs. Fred Zutavern* Anonymous**

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Mason* Matrix Medical - Emil & Lori Ashe Andrew & Kathleen Metzger Jim Mills & Peggy Sanchez Mills Shirley Morrison & Dr. Cornelis Klein** Mark & Marsha Napolin* Albert & Shanna Narath* Hon. & Mrs. James Parker* Leslie MaríaMr.EstelleBeverlyPhinneyAnnRogoff**H.RosenblumBillC.RothanbargarGriego-Raby&Randy

Julie Anonymous**KarlaChuckCarolRobertCorinneSilverman*Thevenet**P.TinninJr.**TuckerTrelease**&J.D.Wellborn**Wilkinson



Mr. & Mrs. Hank Kelly** Stephen & Renee Klein Sarah B. Kotchian & Robert O. Nellums Mr. & Mrs. Steve Martinick Abigail MichaelMaxwellNutkiewicz & Joan Weissman April M. Padilla Calla Ann Pepmueller David N. & Ruthie Horn Robbins Jonathan D. Roepcke Thomas C. Schwab & Pamela B. Donegan Margaret Simms

47 Partner - $500-$999 Friend – up to $499

Royster** Claudia & Ron Short*

Every effort is made to maintain accurate records; however, mistakes may occur.

Mr. & Mrs. Rex Allender** Paul Augustine Dr. David Bernstein & Erika Rimson** Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Bickes Jr.** Alan & Bronnie Blaugrund James & Diane Bonnell** Mr. & Ms. Greg Burdett Wesley A. Burghardt Mary Ellen S. Capek Dr. & Mrs. Lance Chilton** Mr. & Mrs. Gary Eyster Franklin Fine & Leslee Richards Fine** Melissa Freeman David & Stephanie Kauffman**

From the time that Connor Mantsch was a toddler, his family knew he’d change the world. He just saw things in a way that mesmerized adults. He saw the way buildings fit together to make a community. Throughout his childhood, music marked his soul, and his mind was full of compositions and historical facts and deep questions about life. He was joyful and loving, curious and hopeful. And his vision for his future was as meaningful to him as his love for antiquity and history. When Connor died in a plane crash in 2012, his legacy of hope continued. His parents and sisters say that they continue to experience Connor’s peace and love and see him in gifts of butterflies, rainbows and feathers. He was 14 and already had lived more fully than most adults. His interests were many –gardening, soccer, basketball, sledding, learning, the Green Bay Packers and coin collecting, to name a few – but his devotion to each was unwavering and complete. It is this legacy that Connor’s parents, Bryan Mantsch and Shari O'Loughlin hope to pass on to others through the Connor O'Loughlin Mantsch Memorial Fund. Connor lives on in something even more powerful than memory; he lives on in hope, love and generosity. This remarkable young man has already touched so many lives and hearts. His parents hope that the depth of his kindness and character will continue to inspire many more in the community to make the world a better, more beautiful place, just as Connor did.

Connor O'Loughlin Mantsch Memorial Fund

Great Grant Giveaway Everyone leaves with a smile. The Foundation’s annual meeting, the Great Grant Giveaway highlights six nonprofit organizations-one from each of our six fields-of-interest. After watching a video depicting the work of each organization, every table is given a $500 grant check to award to their favorite one. Attendees can purchase additional grants if they would like to make a personal contribution. Featured organizations: Arts & Culture - NDI $9,125 Economic & Workforce DevelopmentAlbuquerque Economic Development Foundation $10,525 Education - Big Brothers/Big Sisters $9,650 Environment - Albuquerque BioPark $10,550 Health - Global Opportunities $13,940 Human Services - Heading Home $16,150


Past recipients of this award: This award honors individuals who have been major supporters of the Foundation and have made significant differences in the community through their charitable work and monetary contriThisbutions.year’s award is given to Connie and Jan Nellos. Friends and family of Nicholas Constantine Nellos established a memorial fund when Nick's young life was tragically ended in July, 2002 due to the random act of violence of two itinerant gang members. The mission of the fund is to foster positive change in the lives of children and adolescents at risk for violent behavior. Grants support educational and direct services for at-risk youth, their families and the community to prevent the tragedy and loss of life caused by violent acts. The Nellos family hopes "that no child at risk for committing violent acts fails to understand the alternatives to this behavior and the impact of the loss of life." In honor of Connie and Jan, a grant of $1,000 has been awarded to the recipient of their choice, Make a Wish Foundation. Programs

Barbara Allender The Clinton P. Anderson Family The Emanuel Blaugrund Family Lee CalvinJackSusanneDouglasBlaugrundM.BrownB.BrownHolmesHorn The Junior League of Albuquerque William P. Lang Gloria Griffin Mallory Paul and Patti Marianetti Ina StevenMillerK. Moise George Pearl Mary Poole Roberta Cooper Ramo John L. (Jack) Rust Bob RayLarryStammWillardZimmer Founders Award Connie & Jan Nellos Award





Jahaan Martin of Breast Cancer Resource Center

Katrina Owensby of New Life Homes

Lydia Vandiver of Albuquerque SANE Collaborative Andy Najar, Catholic Charities

For 30 years Randi has worked tirelessly to develop programs which improve and provide access to early intervention services for infants and toddlers with developmental challenges. Through her work at Abrazos Family Support Services she has spearheaded a collaboration, B4-3, with five Early Intervention agencies which serve Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia counties. Randi has also organized the foundation of Education of Parents of Indian Children with Special Needs (EPICS Program) which provides early intervention services to Pueblo communities. In her honor, a grant of $1,000 is awarded to the grant recipient of her choice: Abrazos Family Support Services.

51 Change Award

In 2008, the Foundation introduced the “Change Award” to recognize a nonprofit employee who is always willing to jump in and do whatever needs to be done for the organization at which he or she is employed. This award was created to reward “background” workers, those hidden gems of nonprofits who don’t typically make the news and yet provide extraordinary service to the community. This year, the Change Award is given to Randi Malach of Abrazos Family Support Services.

Past recipients of this award:

Karen Navarro of St. Martin's Hospitality Center

Chandler Smith-Stetson, Albuquerque Heading Home THE .” Gandhi

Financial Summary & Highlights

52 For the Twelve Months Ended December 31, 2014 BALANCE SHEET ASSETS 12/31/1412/31/13 Cash and cash equivalents Receivables,Investments net Remainder trusts Bequest receivable Prepaid Propertyexpensesandequipment, net Other assets TOTAL ASSETS 64,049,13355,018,4642,336,706166,2884,030,560280,00015,8922,069,331131,89267,673,71358,364,4742,892,48265,0713,265,1941,004,19718,2181,946,861117,216

This financial information is a condensed version of the calendar year 2014’s audited financial statements. A complete set with accompanying notes and report from an independent auditor is available on our website at albuquerquefoundation.org. The Finance Committee oversees the accounting process and system of internal controls. The Finance Committee is also responsible for overseeing the audit process. The Investment Committee oversees all aspects of the investment program to ensure assets are well-diversified with an asset allocation designed to meet the Foundation’s objectives.

The Foundation’s mission is to build, invest, and manage endowment funds to enhance the quality of our community through informed, strategic grantmaking.

Albuquerque Community Foundation

* Totals include Agency Fund contributions and grants.

* These numbers include Agency Fund contributions and grants.

The objective of the Foundation’s investment program is to produce growth and income sufficient to support both donor goals and Foundation objectives and to maintain the purchasing power of the fund for future beneficiaries.


The long-term total return need of the Foundation’s portfolio is CPI plus the current spending policy rate, plus the Foundation’s average administrative fee.

We all hope that when we attend a fundraising event, the organizers are able to accomplish something meaningful with the proceeds. This could not be more true than with our annual event, Concours du Soleil. This year's event netted $207,000! Grants were awarded to the following nonprofit organizations: A New Day, $17,000; Future Fund of the Albuquerque Community Foundation, $8,000; UNM Foundation for the Formula SAE Race Team, $13,000 and UNM Foundation for the Law School, $25,000.

Concours du Soleil "A Toast to the Coasts"


This year, organizers of Concours du Soleil adopted a signature project, the "Driving to the Future" tech lab in the Epicenter @ Innovate ABQ. A public-private-philanthropic partnership between the City of Albuquerque, the University of New Mexico, Nusenda Credit Union, CNM and the Cinco Amigos Fund of the Albuquerque Community Foundation. Our role is to furnish the technology classroom in which on-going computer classes, workshops and camps will be taught for underserved communities interested in a career in this fast growing field.

55 Sponsors

56 Albuquerque is a city of great vision, passion and leadership. These qualities are hallmarks of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, a group of dedicated individuals who invest in our community with their talent, treasure and time. Each trustee serves a three year term contributing a minimum gift of $5,000 per year toward the Foundation’s operating expenses. Beverly R. Bendickson, Southwest Brands Julia B. Bowdich, Cinco Bisco LLC Carl REDWAlongi,LLC William E. MutualNorthwesternEbel, Terri GenQuest,Giron-Gordon,Inc. Mark L. Gorham, Lorelei Investments Pam PhilanthropicHurd-Kneif,Advisor Albert T. SystemsSoundTitan,Jorgensen,(Ted)Inc.&&SignalofNew Mexico Steve Keene, Moss Adams LLP William P. AlbuquerqueLang,Journal Kenneth C. Leach, Kenneth C. Leach & Associates P.C. Julie Weaks Gutiérrez, Geolex,TreasurerInc. Glenn SMPCSecretaryFellows,Architects Karen Bard, Merrill Lynch Kevin Yearout, YearoutChair Mechanical, Inc. BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2014 Board of Trustees


The Foundation is grateful for this remarkable team of volunteers who demonstrate a lasting commitment to Albuquerque through productive conversation, passionate support and philanthropic investment. They are Albuquerque, diverse and visionary, invested and boldly leading the way forward.

RobertVictorDouglasCurtisRobertBlaugrundBovinetteBrewerM.BrownJ.ChavezM.Goodman María Griego-Raby Karl GloriaShirleyCindyGustafsonJohnsLeslieMallory Steven K. Moise Mary Poole Barry W. Ramo Roberta Cooper Ramo John L. (Jack) Rust John Salazar Robert J. Stamm Jeffry E. Sterba Larry RayMichaelWillardWalkerZimmer Jennifer AlbuquerqueBankChair-ElectThomas,of Steve Maestas, NAI Maestas & Ward Kathleen Raskob, Junior League of Albuquerque Bev REDWPastRonAllianceMcMillan,DataJ.Rivera,ChairLLC Jerrald J. Roehl, The Roehl Law Firm P.C. Walter E. Stern, Modrall Sperling Roehl Harris & Sisk P.A. Peter SandiaTouche,MediaLLC Marcus CliftonLarsonAllenMims, LLP Diane Harrison Ogawa, Past FoundationPNMChairResources Deborah Peacock, Peacock & Myers P.C. BOARD OF TRUSTEES

The Emeritus Board of the Foundation is comprised of former trustees who have demonstrated long and distinguished service and contributed significant and ongoing financial support to the Foundation. Lee

community's foundation, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in all things we do. Member of: The Council on Foundations CF CommunityLeads Foundation Coalition of New Mexico New Mexico Estate Planning Council Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Albuquerque Economic Development Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Albuquerque Economic Forum Confirmed in Compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations ALBUQUERQUE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Kelli DirectorPhilanthropicCooper,Services Randy PresidentRoyster,&CEO Gabriela PhilanthropicGómezServicesDonors - Grants Nancy PhilanthropicJohnson,ServicesGrant Director Denise PhilanthropicNava,ServicesScholarships Sandy PhilanthropicMwei,ServicesDonor Relations Andy PhilanthropicWilliams,Services -


58 AlbuquerqueFoundationCommunityStaff

provide responsible assurance that transactions are properly executed and recorded

respects, assets

internal accounting controls designed

safeguarded and established policies and procedures are carefully

The Foundation maintains a system of to in all material are followed. As the


Every effort is made to maintain accurate records; however, mistakes may occur. If you feel your name should have been listed or is misspelled in this please accept our apologies and contact us so that we have correct information for future

Maureen AccountantMartinick,

Annual Report,

59 Foundation.theofworkthesupporttolikeI’d ofdonationmyisEnclosed $____________________. law.byallowedmaximumthetodeductibletaxaregiftsAll Payment: MasterCardCheck ExpressAmericanVisa albuquerquefoundation.orgatOnline to:payablecheckyourMake FoundationCommunityAlbuquerque publications:inlistedbeshoulditasName anonymousremaintopreferI _________________________________________ #____________________________________Card ______________________________cardonName___________________________________Address _____________________________dateExpiration______________________State________ZipCity ______________________________CodeSecurityEmail:____________________________________ _________________________________Signature)______________________________(____Phone $1,000ClubGivingSocial programdonoryoungFundFutureFor more)or$200ofgift(a EndowmentBuildingChampion624 Fund throughcomewillcontributionMy Way.UnitedFoundationCommunityAlbuquerqueto:formcompletedthismailPlease 87125-5266NMAlbuquerque,25266BoxP.O. ininterestedamIme,contactPlease orgiftplannedaaboutmorelearning fund.donor-advised Name:___________________________ )_____________________(____Phone is:GiftMy Unrestricted pressingmostthemeettogiftmy(Use needs) :thetoaddedbeTo PhilanthropyinPartner $2,500+BuilderCommunity $2,499-$1,000Benefactor $999-$500Partner $499toupgiftanyFriend $1,000RooftheRaise FundEndowmentCulture&Arts FundEndowmentAdministrative FundDevelopmentWorkforce&Economic FundEndowmentEducation (EnvironmentalMexicoNewofFundPreservation Preservation)Historic& FundServicesHuman&Health FundImpact FundActionEmergencythe Foundation appreciates GIFTS of all sizes. We have an for anyone wanting to support the long term needs of the Please contact our office for more details, ALBUQUERQUEOPPORTUNITYCOMMUNITY.505.883.6240

60 Corporate Philanthropy Bradbury Stamm Contract Associates, Inc. First National Rio Grande LoPour & Associates DDS REA Real Estate Advisors Partner • $2,500 Ambassador • $10,000 Benefactor • $5,000 Champion • $25,000 Today’s customers and clients want to do business with companies that help make the community in which they operate a better place to live and raise a family. Supporting the Foundation sends a visible message to your current and prospective employees and customers that you care about your community and want to be a part of positive change. When you invest in the Albuquerque Community Foundation, you create a win-win partnership that benefits your company, the Foundation and the Greater Albuquerque Area. You help improve the community where your employees and customers live, play and work. THANK YOU! Lorelei Investments

Albuquerque Community Foundation P.O. Box Albuquerque,25266NM 87125-5266 • . •• •

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