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Delhi gangrape: All four accused sentenced to death

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Deputy PM objects to Tory's £3000 cash bond and 'Go Home' campaign

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Racist tweets target first Indiaorigin Miss America

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Indian-American among Washington shooting victims

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The BJP last week named Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha election despite opposition by veteran leader L K Advani. It’s a decision that not only signals a decisive victory for Modi in the protracted power struggle in BJP but marks the end of the old order and emergence of a new one. On a day of high political drama, as Advani vacillated between attending or keeping away from the crucial meeting of the BJP parliamentary board, party president Rajnath Singh decided to take the plunge and end the suspense over Modi’s candidature even Continued on page 26


rescinding, under pressure from the public and politicians, a ban it had imposed on its students, staff and visitors for wearing anything that covered the face including veils, hoodies, caps and hats. Continued on page 6

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To Veil or Not to Veil: That's the Question!

The disputative question of whether wearing the niqab (veil) is a right or an imposition on Muslim women has re-surfaced in public debate in Britain, following a Birmingham college

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BJP names Narendra Modi as PM nominee HoLliID HO dAY aySs


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UK - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Keith Vazwith MP

Lawrence Ward

Keith Vaz MP you think you can do something, then you can”

Lawrence Ward was born in London in 1968. Lawrence has been involved in the work of the House of Commons since 2002. In November 2011, he was appointed acting Deputy Serjeant at Arms the Assistant Serjeant at Arms with the responsibility for managing the Security Contract with the Metropolitan Police. He took up the post of Serjeant at Arms, a crown appointment, on 1 May 2012. 1) Please tell me about your current position? I am the Serjeant at Arms at the House of Commons. The Serjeant at Arms is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, in a role that is 600 years old. My responsibilities focus on security and keeping order in the House of Commons. There are some ceremonial aspects to the role. The responsibilities apply to the House of Commons Chamber, Public Galleries, Committee Rooms and the Commons’ areas of the Parliamentary Estate. I wear Georgian court dress including breeches, tailcoat and carry a sword. The Serjeant at Arms’ ceremonial duties involves carrying the House of Commons mace during the Speakers’ Procession. The Serjeant, or a Deputy Serjeant, sits in the Commons Chamber and is responsible for security for the duration of the sitting. The Speaker can call upon me to escort Members out. 2) What are your proudest achievements?

6) What is the best aspect about your current role? I am given a significant amount of autonomy and feel empowered to make changes – being the Serjeant at Arms means that people tend to listen to what I have to say! The best aspects are the people I work with. I am so lucky to be surrounded by a loyal team who genuinely have a passion for their work. There are some fabulous characters in the team and it is great fun and a privilege to work with them.

I am not one to dwell on achievements and prefer to focus on opportunities to improve things going forward. But every now and then I think back to when I left school at 15 and became a postman. I wonder how on earth I ended up in such an important and historic role! 3) What inspires you? I draw inspiration from people who I know that live in difficult circumstances. Having to raise a family whilst juggling several jobs to make ends meet and with few prospects to break away from the trap of poverty. And yet, despite a seemingly depressing outlook, they somehow remain positive and ambitious. 4) What has been the biggest obstacle in your career? Although this will sound rather clichéd, I’ve always viewed ‘obstacles’ as opportunities and the bigger the setback, the more I’ve learned from the experience. An example is that I can get frustrated when I think I know how to solve a problem but have not

been listened too or taken seriously. These situations have led me to grow more resilient and I’ve had to hone my communication skills to ensure I’m better understood. 5) Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date? Two women. The first is my mum who instilled in me an inner confidence so that I am comfortable being myself and that I don’t have to pretend to be something or someone that I’m not. She also taught me to be empathetic to others. The former Serjeant, Jill Pay, instilled in me a belief that the only person holding me back was me. She would often say “if

7) And the worst? There is a high degree of rigidity that inevitably goes with the role. The formal ceremonial aspects mean that every day I am required to be in certain places at precise times so my life is ruled by watching the clock! There is no escape because Big Ben is ever present to remind me of the time and its chimes all too often mean that I’m late and have to run someone! 8) What are your long term goals? The way I’d like to answer this is by detailing the areas where I hope to have made significant progress after my time as the Serjeant: Visitors. I'd like all visitors (and we over one million each year) to leave Parliament being strong advocates of our democracy. As well as taking away a

Deputy PM objects to Tory's £3000 cash bond and 'Go Home' campaign Immigrants find hopes in Rt Hon Nick Clegg's promises to stop Theresa May

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has vowed to block Tory plans to force all visitors to the UK to pay a £3,000 bond. He promises to object to Theresa May’s push to ‘clobber’ tens of thousands of visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria before they are allowed to enter Britain. Mr Clegg dismissed the ad van campaigns as warning illegal immigrants in London to ‘go home’ and insisted they would not be rolled out across nationwide. Mr Clegg vowed to use his power to block tough immigration policies. Home Secretary Mrs May wants to make the immigration system more ‘selective’ and deter people from ‘overstaying’ once their visitor visa has expired. In the long-term, she hopes to extend an Australianstyle £3,000 bond scheme to also include foreign workers and students. Asked if he would protest against the idea, Mr Clegg told BBC1’s Andrew Marr programme: ‘Of course, of course. In a coalition I can stop things. ‘I am absolutely not interested in a bond which becomes an indiscriminate way of clobbering people who want to come to this country and in many respects bring great prosperity

Nick Clegg

and benefits to this country. Of course not. ‘But on immigration let me be clear. Clearly to create a tolerant society people need to have confidence in the way in which the immigration system is run. ‘That’s why I have been outspoken in my view, not just in this coalition government but before we were elected that we have introduce exit checks for instance. ‘But we must at the same time say that an open economy such as ours open to the world has to be welcoming to those who want to come here. ‘They are certainty not going to go ahead on the basis of an indiscriminate bond being applied to all

visitors to this country.’ The Lib Dem leader reportedly said he was willing to support a targeted bond ‘as an extra discretionary tool for customs officers so where they have doubts about whether people are going to return to their home country’. He added: ‘I think one way or another we need to give the public the confidence that if you give someone a visa and say you can be here for five years, two years, three years that is what it means. ‘Otherwise what’s the point of issuing those kind of visas?’ The Home Office has also sent vans displaying billboards warning overstaying migrants ‘Go home, or you'll be picked up and deported’ to tour six London boroughs in July. Tory ministers have made clear their desire to send the vans across the country. But Mr Clegg insisted he would also block that a nationwide campaign: ‘I thought they were a very silly idea, and I said so at the time. ‘I don’t think you inspire public confidence by aimlessly drifting around in vans in North London saying by the way can you go home please.’

positive overall perception and knowing more about Parliament as distinct from Government, to better appreciate our story, and our great history. Members. It is easy to forget why we work at Parliament as we focus on day to day work. But Members have incredibly difficult jobs and I want my team to be highly regarded for our professionalism by Members. This means being flexible and innovative in our approach so that we instinctively support rather than hinder them in their work. My staff. I want to see the Serjeant at Arms Directorate as a beacon of excellence in the House, where staff from all backgrounds feels their contribution is valued and they have every opportunity to reach their potential. 9) If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why? That’s a very difficult question to answer! Given such an opportunity, I think I would have to go for the Greek philosopher Socrates. He is known as the grandfather of philosophy and the main source of Western thought. He believed that philosophy should achieve practical results for the greater well-being of society. It would be fascinating to tell him how society had changed over the past two millennia, explained the challenges that we still face today, and to get his perspective on how we might improve society in the 21 Century.

Indian origin man among men charged for bank robbery plotting A 27-year-old Indian man is among four men who have been charged for a daring and dauntless plot to take control of Santander bank's computer systems in the UK and steal millions of pounds. The Metropolitan Police had arrested 12 men aged between 23 and 50 in London on Friday but later charged only four among them. Akash Vaghela was among the four who have been charged. The others charged were 25-year-old Lanre Mullins-Abudu, 34-yearold Dean Outram and 35-year-old Asad Ali Qureshi. They appeared in court on Saturday. The eight others have received bail to a date in mid-November pending further enquiries. Police found a device fitted to a computer in a branch of Santandar bank in London which would have enabled the suspects to download data from the desktop machine. Detective inspector Mark Raymond

of the force's cybercrime unit said, "This was a sophisticated plot that could have led to the loss of a very large amount of money from the bank and is the most significant case of this kind that we have come across."

A keyboard-videomouse device was fitted to a computer in the bank branch "allowing the transmission of the complete desktop contents of the bank computer over the network". Santander UK said a bogus maintenance engineer pretending to be from a telecoms firm had fixed the device. The police said, "The arrests are the result of a long-term, intelligenceled, proactive operation. The conspiracy was foiled before this could take place." UK suffered around 44 million cyber-attacks in 2011, compared with one billion attacks across the world. - Asian Voice 21st September 2013


Tata spreads its wings

What Tata promises, Tata delivers. This surely is the company’s message worldwide, which resonates most clearly in the UK. The group’s software arm, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), is a formidable presence in the land, but it is Tata Motors that has the longer reach. Having acquired loss-making Jaguar and Land Rover (JIR) from Ford several years ago, and assured the trade unions that jobs would not be sacrificed in the attempt to restore JLR’s fortunes, Tata management has been true to its word. Sceptics, of whom there were many, wondered whether an Indian company had what it took to prosper beyond Indian shores, expressing a doubt or two about the financial burden of the acquisition and hinting that Tata’s reach had exceeded its grasp. The proof the pudding is always in the eating; JLR now straddles the continents, conquering new markets at speed, confounding critics as it drives into the future. Now, Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it would be investing around 1.5 billion pounds to set up an allnew aluminium vehicle architecture in its forthcoming vehicles. A company statement, in support of this scheme, spoke of adding 1,700 new jobs in the UK at its advanced manufacturing facility in Solihull. The first model to use this new architecture will be a mid-sized sports sedan due for launch in 2015. The vehicle will feature the first engine to be built at JLR’s spanking new manufacturing center near Wolverhampton, where the new family petrol and diesel engines are to be built. The 1,700 jobs creat-

ed in the venture will take Tata’s overall UK workforce, over the last three years, to 11,000. Tata’s three manufacturing facilities are Solihull and Castle Bromwich in the West Midlands and in Halewood on Merseyside in north-west England. JLR CEO Ralf Seth referred to these developments as signals of intent, of “JLR’s ambition to push the boundaries and redefine premium car ownership,” adding, that “the introduction of a world-class allnew aluminium vehicle architecture means we will be more competitive, flexible and efficient delivering exciting new products for our customers around the world.” As he spoke these words, in faraway Indonesia, Tata Motors was setting out its stall with three new models for the local market: the Tata Aria, Tata Safari and Tata Vista. In addition, Tata Motors is set to launch the Nano, complete with an automatic gear system, responsive as ever to the demands of the Indonesian market. Tata is India’s first global brand. Its growing all-round presence in the UK involving steel, software, tea and cars, and its ventures in Indonesia, South East Asia generally; and nearer home, in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, not to speak of the US, Russia, China, South Korea, Africa and Latin America and other farflung corners of the globe, underlining the company’s reputation for quality, enterprise and business vision. The House of Tata has for long linked India with Britain. It is now taking Indian entrepreneurial and technical skills to other distant parts, bonding India with vibrant societies around the world.

The forthcoming visit to Cuba by Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari is long overdue. It will be an opportunity to renew an old friendship urgently in need of repair. India’s food aid decades-ago to the embattled island, struggling to weather the US economic blockade, was much appreciated in Havana by Fidel Castro. Somewhat late in the day, it would seem, India’s foreign policy mandarins are responding to the awakening of a slumbering giant grown accustomed to dance to the baton of Uncle Sam. The stirrings of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay are defining a new radical social and political architecture in South America. Brazil and India are members of the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) grouping, within which India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) have a separate alignment, each being a major player in their respective continents. The Hindu newspaper’s full-page interview with former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva was a riveting read. Born into a poor working class family, Lula became an active and militant trade unionist whose life’s ambition was to alleviate the conditions of his country’s poverty stricken millions, to open opportunities in education and employment to which they had no access. It will take more than a single lifetime to accomplish this gargantuan task, but it is a measure of Lula’s stature and achievement that when he stepped down from the presidency after the two terms permitted by his country’s Constitution, his opinion poll rating stood at an awesome 87 per cent. Still wielding influence behind the scenes,

Lula’s voice is one to be heard with respectful attention. What did he think of America’s global internet surveillance including that of the Brazilian government by Washington’s National Security Agency? His answer was robust and uncompromising: “The US President should apologise to the world for thinking that it can control global communications and violate the sovereignty of other countries. The US can’t just snoop on the activities of India, Brazil, China and other countries. …..Where is the security in the world today with the US snooping on everything? We can’t allow a country to have supremacy over others.” As President, Lula had worked hard to bring Brazil and India closer to one another, show would he view their relationship now? He answered thus: “India has been a partner of Brazil, but our trade is still small. We have created instruments to ease the negotiations. But until we have a direct flight linking Brazil and India everything will be difficult. Dilma [the current President] has an extraordinary vision to strengthen IBSA, BRICS and Brazil’s relations with India, but you have to involve entrepreneurs and politicians so that things can happen more easily. I have a deep friendship with India….” A great Brazilian politician has made his pitch for closer India-Brazil ties, suggesting ways by which this can be accomplished. It is for India to bestir itself and respond creatively to Mr Lula’s friendly proposals. The Commerce and External Affairs Ministries in Delhi should get cracking. This is no time for sleep waking; there is much work to be done. And done it must be.

The Banglashi exodus into India has been described by the United Nations “as the single largest bilateral stock of international migrants” in the eastern hemisphere and the developing world. Most belong to the country’s minority Hindu community, but joining them are considerable numbers of Muslims as well. This poses a two-fold challenge for India: the first economic and social, the second pertains to national security. The national security aspect is the most troubling of these factors, related as it is, to the long arm of Islamist terrorism, with Pakistan as its central hub. Terror groups straddling the subcontinent infiltrate through porous international borders across the subcontinent into India with the aid of sleepers, who are then activated for acts of violence targeting strategic civilian locations to cause maximum loss of innocent lives and damage to property. Bangladesh is a critical staging post for such activities. What complicates the Bangladesh dimension is militant Islamism’s ambition to take control of the country through its ongoing struggle with Bangladeshi civil society: liberal, secular and keen to strengthen ties

with India. The instability resulting from this often violent struggle has a considerably wider impact. This problem has also to be placed in the broader context of intolerance, oppression and insecurity faced by all religious minorities in Islamic societies as a whole, whether it be in Pakistan or Bangladesh, Egypt or Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, for example, the recent killing of Sushmita Banerjee, a Kolkata-born Bengali Hindu woman married to an Afghan national by suspected Taliban elements has thrown the spotlight on the precarious existence of the country’s long-settled Hindu and Sikh trading communities. They once numbered 100,000, today this figure has dropped to 3,000, with Hindus and Sikhs making for the sanctuary of India. The migrants speak of ritual abuse and harassment of their children at school from native Muslim children, behaviour, sadly, that reflects the deeply embedded culture of immunity, of hatred and menaces for the Other. This self-evident truth brooks no denial. Debate on this fraught subject should be free, fair and honest.

India reaches out to Latin America

Bangla influx underlines India’s larger problem

3 If you have zest and enthusiasm, you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind - Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993)

From the Kashmir Line of Control – Modi & the difference between Bharat and India

‘Here, in this place, they call it Hindustan, they call it Bharat’ I thought to myself as I approached the Indian border with Pakistan at the Wagha crossing to see the daily parade. Soldiers stomped their feat, Vande Mataram blasted through the loud speakers, as young girls ran with billowing Indian flags larger than themselves and the families shouted ‘Jai Hind’. I must have stood ten feet tall. Ironically it was my British Government credentials that got me a seat closest to the border, yet it was because of the then British Government that the border was here at all. Had my grandmother’s uncle not been busied bringing Hyderabad into the Union in 1947, leaving Kashmir to Nehru, there would not have been a divided Kashmir either. I’ve yet to meet an Indian who believes that that man, Sardar Patel, should not have been India’s first Prime Minister, instead of its first Deputy Prime Minister. The Sardar should have refused the Mahatma’s request to give the Premiership to Nehru. I write to you after visiting the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistani Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and the Wagha border with Pakistan in Amritsar. Thereafter I visited the offices of BJP President Rajnath Singh, days before the announcement that Narendrabhai Modi will their candidate for Prime Minister of India. For all those who fear a Modi Premiership – let me tell you what the inside of the President of the BJP’s office looks like. There are no photos with world leaders, or large swastikas or gigantic OMs. It is not painted in saffron. It is a simple sparse office with a quote on the wall from Vivekandanda and one from former PM Vajpayee. There is a small altar for doing daily puja, as I have in my office, and do millions of Hindus throughout India. Is this what frightens the secular intelligentsia of India? Let me tell you about the difference between India and Bharat. When I gave my speech in Bangkok last month to the World Economic Hindu Conference I referred only to Bharat, never to India. In Bharat there is no line of control. In Bharat we look at the Himalayas of Kashmir and know for 5000 years without dispute, they are a part of Bharat. Governments invaders imperialists come and go but Hindustan is eternal. As Kennedy said 'ich bin ein Berliner' (I am a Berliner) so we say 'I am a Kashmiri' Before all of you this land was mine. By lineage this is my land. I claim it by birthright. This is my land. To those squatting upon the land of my Fathers. I claim it. By precedence this is my land. I claim it. Shame on you to desecrate the consecrated. My Gods live on this land. For the ashes of my Fathers and the temples of my Gods I claim it. All of us everywhere in the world who have suffered at the end of an invading sword or imperial pen, we are all Hindustani Kashmiris. That is how we think in Bharat, in Hindustan. I don’t care to know how they think in India. I know that is how Narendrabhai Modi thinks too.

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Horrific House fire deaths in Leicester to be treated as Murder


Leicester: Police are questioning five people in relation to a suspected arson attack occurring on the morning of Friday 13th September in Woodhill, Leicester, that killed a mother and her three children. The family's mosque has confirmed that the mother who died was Shehnila Taufiq (late 40s), her daughter was Zainab Taufiq 19, and her sons were Jamal Taufiq 17 and Bilal Taufiq 15. All four members of the family were found dead in their upstairs bedrooms, despite firefighters desperate attempts to put the blaze out. The children's father, Dr Muhammad Taufiq Al Sattar, a neurosurgeon at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, returned home to find his house destroyed and his family no more. The case is now being treated as murder and detectives said there is a possibility that it could be linked to the death of Antoin Akpom, who died after an assault on Thursday in Kent Street, about a mile from Wood Hill. Three women and two men were arrested on Saturday over the fire but one of the men has been released. An 18-year-old man was arrested on Sunday night and still remains in police custody. Despite the fatal incident, neighbours in the local area defended the area, calling it 'safe' and 'friendly'. Many people were in complete shock something like this could have occurred in their own neighbourhood. As calls for Friday prayers were echoed over the streets, around 1000 men arrived at the mosque to pay tribute to the well-known family, while hundreds of Muslim women attended special prayers for the dead mother and her daughter, in the women's section of Jame Mosque, where the family worshipped. Dr Muhammad spoke outside the mosque on Saturday and said he "deeply missed" his "beautiful wife and children". He continued: "The people of Leicester have been very supportive. I'm also

Dr Muhammad Taufiq

thankful to the Jame Mosque. They made me feel that, despite losing my immediate entire family, the entire community in Leicester is family to me. Thank you very much." Assistant Chief Constable Roger Bannister said detectives were examining the possibility of the blaze being a revenge attack. He said the murdered man is believed to be Antoin Akpom, a coach for the youth football team Nirvana FC. He was assaulted in Kent Street, less than a mile away from the scene of the fire, at about 17:30. The man arrested on Friday night was held in London. Tributes have also been paid to Mr Akpom. The club held a minute's silence at games on Saturday and Sunday. His sister Lianne Murray said Mr Akpom had planned to train as a teacher and worked at Sparkenhoe Primary School in Leicester. "He was my baby brother, he was my best friend, and my right arm," she added. Detectives have carried out houseto-house enquires in both cases and con-

Suspect wanted after horrific attack in Birmingham city centre

Birmingham: Police are searching for a particular suspect (pictured) after a victim was kicked and stamped on in an assault near Five Ways roundabout, Birmingham. Detectives have released an image of a suspect they want to speak to after a young man was brutally beaten in Birmingham city centre. The 20-year-old man was punched in the face and then kicked and stamped on by four men as he lay on the ground. The savage attack - which happened occurred on June 7 - left his nose and cheekbone fractured and he also suffered cuts and bruises to his face. Officers launched an investigation following the assault and three men, all in their early 20s, were arrested and have been bailed while enquiries continue. Detective Constable Carmel Rees, from West Midlands Police’s CID, said violent crime was a priority for the force. - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

“ T h e man of this attack required hospital treatment for his injuries and was fortunate that they weren’t life threatening,” she said. “We have been following several lines of enquiry as part of the investigation and have already made three arrests. We are asking members of the public to come forward if they recognise the man in this image and can help us identify him.” Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101. Alternatively, contact independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

tinue to appeal for witnesses. "These are obviously both very serious incidents and investigations have begun to establish if there are any links between them," said Mr Bannister. "I understand the level of concern there may be in the city and would ask things not to escalate. I invite people, that if they have any concerns, to speak to the officers at the scene or call the police." A middle-aged man, who was woken by the sound of neighbours attempting to alert the family, said: "Most people feel this was meant for somebody else and they got the wrong house." Local shop owner Sattar Raidhan, who knew the family, said he was "hurt" by the news of the fire. Describing the blaze, he said: "The heat of the fire was so intense it could be felt on the opposite pavement. The guy opposite broke the door down but the fire was so intense they couldn't get in. They were throwing bricks at the windows at the top of the house to alert them inside but I think it was too late". Labour MP Keith Vaz called the deaths a real tragedy for the community. Labour MP Keith Vaz, who represents Leicester East, met community members near the police cordon sealing off Wood Hill. "The father is a doctor and is being comforted by members of the community - a community who are clearly in grief," Mr Vaz said. "A whole family wiped out in this way, with only the father remaining, is a big shock and a real tragedy." He added: "Putting yourself in his position, you go off to work to save lives as a doctor and you arrive home and find your wife and two sons and daughter are all dead in the most horrible of circumstances. It's absolutely terrible."

Shukla-Ambara-Dharam Vissnnum Shashi-Varnnam Catur-Bhujam | Prasanna-Vadanam Dhyaayet Sarva-Vighno[a-U]pashaantaye || Meaning: (We Meditate on Sri Ganesha) Who is Wearing White Clothes, Who is All-Pervading, Who is Bright in Appearance like the Moon and Who is Having Four Hands, Who is Having a Compassionate and Gracious Face, Let us Meditate on Him To Ward of all Obstacles.

Leicester Man risks life to be head of fire emergency services in Mogadishu, Africa

Leicester: Leicester-based Abdulahi Mohammed, 44, from Belgrave, has bid farewell to his wife and six children as he embarks on his most dangerous job ever as a fire fighter. Car and suicide bombings and protection by armed soldiers will all be a part of the daily job for Mohamed, leading the fire service in a troubled African capital. Mohamed returned to the Somalian capital, Mogadishu, last week to resume his role as director of the fire and emergency services in the city, which has seen two decades of civil strife.

"It's a tough life," he said. "It's a dangerous existence and we deal with everything from car bombs to house blazes.” Mogadishu has been a major battleground in a civil war which has ravaged Somalia since 1991. Since then, it is still the target for terror attacks. Mohamed underwent just a few weeks of training in the UK and in Nairobi, before passing on his training skills to the 53 members of the city's fire service. He said: "It's tough on my wife and kids, but they are happy that I'm there helping people, it makes sense to them because it's humanitarian work.”

Devotees celebrate life of Ramdevji

Birmingham: Scores of ardent fans of bhajans, or Indian folk songs, celebrated the life of Ramdevji, a 14th century Hindu ruler in Rajasthan, India, at an annual event in Ilford last Saturday. Held at Shree Vishwa Hindu Parishad Mandir, the programme, which marked the 608th anniversary of Ramdevji, who is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna, was organised by East London Bhakta Mandal. Worshippers were welcomed by Jayantibhai N Vadher, who also welcomed our senior news editor Dhiren Katwa, and the evening was led by Pravinbhai Nagla. Veteran devotee of Ramdevji, Santdas (Sant Bapu) Ramdas Meswania explained in detail the meaning of “bhajan” and paid tribute to over 70 Late devotees, A5 framed photographs of each mounted on large nomads behind the stage. The names of all pioneers were announced as

Sant Bapu

part of a bhajan written by Sant Bapu. Among them were the five Makwana brothers who were role model bhajan singers and musicians, Odhavjibhai Rach, Keshavjibhai Gohil, Dhirubhai Jethwa, Amarshibhai Vara, Purshottambhai Solanki, Premjibhai Gadhvana – to list just a handful. A similar programme will take place in Birmingham this Saturday (21 Sept) from 6pm onwards at Shri Lakshminarayan Temple in


Manufacturers of Potato Crisps & Snacks


308-310 Elveden Road, Park Royal, London NW10 7ST (UK). T: +44 20 8965 5331 F: +44 20 8961 9313 E:


Tyseley (B11 2JP). The annual event, which will feature youth bhajans singer Arpan Hasmukhbhai Fatania, has been organised by the Jansari Gnati and other community groups, under the guidance and blessings of octogenarian Birmingham-based Malambhai (Premjibhai) Masani, who selflessly and tirelessly, in spite of his fluctuating health, has organised and wholeheartedly supported such functions for the last 35 years. To find out more - Asian Voice 21st September 2013




Honeymoon murder: Shrien may be cleared, says report

Honeymoon murder accused Shrien Dewani could be cleared after experts claimed his wife Anni was shot by accident, several daily newspapers have revealed. Dewani from the start has maintained that he was forced from a taxi with the driver by carjackers who drove off with his wife. Swedish national Anni’s body was found in the abandoned car in Cape Town the next day. South African police have alleged that millionaire Dewani hired hitmen to murder his new wife in 2010. But the bullet that killed the 28-year-old hit her left hand, went into her chest and through her body causing fatal neck injuries. A Panorama programme, The Honeymoon Who Killed Murder: Anni?, claims to expose holes in the evidence of star prosecution witness Zola Tongo. The BBC says it has obtained ‘secret police files’ that will ‘expose fundamental mistakes both in the police investigation and the interpretation of forensic evidence’. Anni’s uncle Ashok Hindocha slammed the BBC probe, saying: “The trial should not be conducted in a TV studio it should be in the courts.” However it has also been revealed that Anni reportedly sent a series of text messages detailing how unhappy she was in her relationship with honeymoon murder suspect

Shrien in the months before her death. The texts, sent to her cousin Sneha, are the first pieces of evidence to publicly emerge from the South African police files regarding Dewani's murder. According to a Daily Mail report, in a text sent five weeks before her wedding, Anni tells Sneha: "I don’t want to marry him . I’m going to be unhappy for the rest of my life . one cannot even hug him . we have nothing in common." In other messages, she said she "hated" her husband to be, while three days before her tragic death, she wrote: "I don't feel happy at all." The texts were made public as disturbing surveillance camera images from the couple's hotel in Cape Town were released by the BBC. The family of Anni Dewani have slammed the Panorama investigation which claims to have uncovered evidence that

could clear her husband. They say they were not made aware of the fresh probe by the BBC TV team and were denied the right of reply to its findings. The programme will be broadcast on Thursday, 9pm. A BBC spokesman on Monday said: “Panorama has obtained the secret police files which make up the prosecution case against Shrien Dewani and has commissioned leading forensic experts to review all the evidence. Their findings expose fundamental failings in the police investigation. Panorama strongly believes it is in the public interest for these matters to be aired. “We understand that the programme may be difficult viewing for Anni’s family and have approached it sensitively. “Should the Hindocha family wish to issue a statement then we would reflect their position in the programme.”

To Veil or Not to Veil: That's the Question!

Continued from page 1 The recent decision by Judge Peter Murphy, to allow a Muslim woman to retain her niqab during court proceedings, only having to uncover her face if she chose to give evidence, at Blackfriars Crown Court on Monday, added to the series of 'victories' gained by Muslim women over the last week. The battle over 22year-old Rebekah Dawson's right to wear a niqab in the courtroom raised questions, whether her claim that the niqab was her human right (under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights), amounted to dictating to the court how it should conduct proceedings. Miss Dawson, who is facing trial for allegedly intimidating a witness, claimed her religion prevented her removing the veil in the presence of men. Judge Peter Murphy said it was of “cardinal importance” to the judiciary system that a jury could see the defendant’s face while giving evidence. Initially, Judge Murphy

had refused to hear her plea unless she showed her face but last week, he changed his mind and accepted her not guilty plea after she was seen to by a policewoman. Today, he has confirmed that though she would have to remove her veil when giving evidence, she could do so from behind a screen to shield her from public view. Speaking about his decision, he said: “Given the ever-increasing diversity of society in England and Wales, this is a question which may be expected to arise more and more frequently and to which an answer must be provided” This controversial debate was ignited by a recent decision by Birmingham Metropolitan College to order all students, staff and visitors to remove any face coverings so individuals are “easily identifiable at all times”, on Tuesday 10th September. The college has since been forced to rescind the ban after a petition gained 8000 signatures in 48 hours and the policy received signifi-

cant criticism from the public and politicians alike. The college claimed their decision to revert the ban was because the recent media attention was “detracting from our core mission of providing high quality learning” but Islamic leaders have accused it of religious discrimination. Though the ban has been revoked in Birmingham, the Prime Minister David Cameron still remains in support of banning Muslim veils if a school decided it was needed. The Prime Minister's spokesman said: “I've explained the Prime Minister's view around supporting schools' rights to set their uniform policies and that would apply to every school – every single one – including the ones that his children may attend.” This has placed the PM at odds with Deputy PM, Nick Clegg who felt “uneasy” about the ban. Britain is, of course, a liberal country which prides itself on its multicultural society. Continued on page 30 - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Malala Yousafzai receives top Amnesty Award

Pakistani schoolgirl and education rights campaigner Malala Yousafzai and American singer, human rights and social justice activist Harry Belafonte were jointly announced as the recipients of Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience Award for 2013 on Tuesday. The Award was presented at a ceremony at the Mansion House, Dublin, Ireland. A m n e s t y International Secretary General Salil Shetty said, “Harry and Malala are truly Ambassadors of Conscience, speaking up for universal rights, justice and human dignity and inspiring others to follow their example. “Our two new Ambassadors of Conscience are different from each other in many ways, but they share a dedication to the fight for human rights everywhere and for all.” Malala Yousafzai, 16, is an advocate for equal access to education. Her 2009 diary for the BBC detailed her frustrations with the Taliban’s edict

to shut down all girls’ schools in her native Pakistan. In 2012 she was shot and severely wounded in an attack claimed by the Pakistani Taliban. Malala will be presented with the Award by Bono accompanied by Azar Nafisi, author of ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’. On receiving the accolade Malala Yousafzai said: “I am truly honoured to receive this award and would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that there are many millions of children like me across the world who fight every single day for their right to go to school. I hope that by working together we will one day realise our dream of education for every child, in every corner of the world.” Harry Belafonte has dedicated his life to humanitarian causes, spanning the civil rights movement to the plight of children caught in Syria’s armed conflict. An Emmy- and Tony Award-winning musician and entertainer, Harry

Malala Yousafzai

Belafonte commented: “Since its birth, I have been devoted to the principles for which Amnesty International stands. It is an honour to receive the recognition being bestowed. Amnesty International’s stand on any universal abuse to human rights has been courageous and is our moral compass. “I am especially honoured to receive the Ambassador of Conscience Award because I am having the distinction of sharing this with Malala Yousafzai, a true hero of our time. My admiration for her is unending. She has awakened many in the global family to a commitment in struggle against tyranny. For all this I remain eternally grateful.”

Rt Hon Keith Vaz named as the highest performing Labour politician

The latest instalment of Ipsos MORI’s long-running survey of MPs finds William Hague topping the charts as the most impressive British politician. While PM David Cameron is right behind Mr Hague, Rt Hon Keith Vaz is not far behind Hague and Cameron on the list. He is the highest performing Labour politician, coming third this year. Each year, Ipsos MORI

asks MPs to name both the parliamentarian and the minister/shadow minister they find most impressive. This year, it is Mr Hague takes both prizes, with David Cameron rising up the charts for “most impressive politician”, in 2nd place, with 23%. This compares with his 4th place last year (with 12%). Ed Miliband, on the other hand, falls from 3rd place to 10th.

Theresa May and Chris Grayling are new entries to the “most impressive politician” Top 10. Simon Atkinson, Assistant Chief Executive at Ipsos MORI, said “This survey confirms the political rehabilitation of William Hague, with the Foreign Secretary receiving recognition across the House for his performance both in parliament and in his ministerial role”.

Asians warned about gold gangs in festive season The rising value of gold and the increasing ease in which it can be exchanged for cash is said to be behind the rise of gold-related offences. Asian households account for 24% of all burglaries whereby jewellery was taken and account for 16% of all repeat burglary victims. One of the ways the specialist team hopes to bring down such crime is by making better use of SmartWater marking which can be read under an ultra violet light. It is intended to be applied to valuable items, so if they are stolen and later seized by police, their original owner can be determined. The Met has launched a new operation to target the gold gangs. The operation is timed to encourage

Londoners to be extra vigilant against burglaries as the nights draw in and the season of Asian religious festivals begin. Gangs behind a rising tide of gold thefts in London are using bleach and cleaning fluid to erase their fingerprints and DNA and evade identification, Scotland Yard has revealed on Monday. The fluids are being used to cover tracks around windows and doors where the raiders have broken in. This time of the year traditionally sees a spike in the theft of Asian jew-

ellery, especially gold, as well as cash and other property. Over the next few weeks Asian communities across London will start making preparations for the popular festivals such as Eid, Diwali and Navratri. These typically involve families across London and beyond coming together to celebrate and means more gold and jewellery is worn and more accessible at home leading to an increase in robberies and burglaries. In recent years thefts from homes have increased between October and January leaving many families' celebrations ruined with treasured items - often handed down through generations - being taken away forever.


Amitabh Bachchan receives Global Diversity Award at House of Commons - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

On Wednesday 11th September, Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan was presented with the Global Diversity Award 2013 by Rt Hon John Bercow MP, at the State Room of the House of Commons. Mr Bercow, the Speaker of the House, presented the beautifully sculpted Award to the renowned actor, describing him as the 'most famous Indian film star of all time'. British actor Hugh Grant was also present at the award ceremony as well as Musician Navin Kundra and soap star Shobna Gulati. The event, which was hosted by Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP, Chairman, Home Affairs Select Committee, honoured Mr Bachchan's achievements in both the film industry and his inspirational charity work, particularly for the charity Silver Star. Launched in 2007, Silver Star is a charity that campaigns to raise awareness of diabetes. The charity has four Mobile Diabetes Units, one of which is named 'Amitabh', that carry out important diabetes testing and provide lifestyle and dietary advice. The Units travel to local community centres, schools, embassies, work places and other organisations. Silver Star has so far tested over 35,000 people in the UK and India, literally saving lives and limbs. A day before, Mr


Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP, Amitabh Bachchan and Prime Minister David Cameron

Amitabh Bachchan being presented with the Global Diversity Award by Rt Hon John Bercow MP

Bachchan was also guest of honour at a reception hosted by Samantha Cameron, the wife of the Prime Minister, at 10 Downing Street marking the sixth anniversary of the Leicester-based charity. The charity announced plans for a 5th mobile unit for Birmingham in the West Midlands and a 6th for Delhi, to be named after Amitabh’s father and launched in 2014. Notable supporters of

the charity present at the reception included the American civil rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson who was in London to mark the 50th Anniversary of the ‘I have a dream’ Martin Luther King speech. Speaking about Mr Bachchan at the House of Commons, Mr Bercow said: 'Amitabh first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the 'angry young man' of Hindi cinema, and

has since appeared in over 180 Indian films in a career spanning more than four decades. Bachchan is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema.' Receiving the award, Mr Bachchan said he was overwhelmed to receive the 'extremely historic award' and thanked his parents and family for their support in achieving what he did.

Milind Kangle, CEO and Subaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of Lycamobile

Speaking about the Diabetes awareness campaign, he said, 'it has been a great privilege and honour to visit various cities in helping people to tackle diabetes.' Keith Vaz MP, Founder Patron of Silver Star said:

“The charity is truly privileged to be supported by the legend Amitabh Bachchan. We are honoured that he has taken time out of his busy schedule to come to Downing Street and the House of Commons.'

First time Indian Independence Day Celebrations by Westminster IBAPPG Parliamentarians

Rani Singh

12 September 2013, Britain and India celebrated its bi-lateral relationship in the Houses of Parliament. The Indo-British All Party Parliamentary Group invited Members of Parliament and professionals . The event was organised by MPs Preeti Patel and Virendra Sharma. The keynote speech came from the UK Minister for Business Engagement with India, Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP. In an indication of India’s importance to Britain, India is the only country in the world for which Britain has a dedicated Minister for Business Engagement. Virendra Sharma spoke to me exclusively to say that the occasion was the first time that the Indo-British All Party Parliamentary Group was celebrating India’s Independence Day in Parliament – an initiative he originated. “It took me around three months to set up, asking the Government to send speakers from India as well as from here. Next year will be the 400th anniversary of the first

ably present. He was joined on stage by Dr Abhishek Mishra MLA of the Samajwadi Party. Abhishek told me one on one that he and his party are trying to establish democracy in UP. “We have various programmes running; unemployment benefit for instance, it’s one of a kind in India and is aimed at the youth and young mothers. We are encouraging parents to put their daughters into school and keep them there, and we have the biggest programme for Vijay Darda MP, Priti Patel MP, Rajeev Shukla MP and Praful Patel MP laptop distribution in the world.” responsibility for India, and Mr official interaction between the Rajeev Shukla MP is the two countries; when on behalf Praful Patel MP of the Indian Minister of State for of the king, the first British Government’s Nationalist Parliamentary Affairs and ambassador went to present to Congress Party, who currently Planning in the Government of the Mughal Emperor. I will be serves as the Cabinet Minister India and secretary of the All celebrating this in my confor Heavy Industries and Public India Congress Committe. He is stituency and here at Enterprises, and who previously sometimes reticent and hard to Westminster.” served as Minister of State for get an interview with. Mr Other speakers included Civil Aviation . Vijay Darda MP Shukla told me that he was Kerry McCarthy MP, the of the Indian Nationalist delighted to attend the celebraShadow Foreign Minister with Congress Party was also amition as it was significant for

relations between Britain and India. He said, “The relationship has always been good but in recent decades it has taken a new turn. The relationship has to be strengthened, not just people to people, but in trade and between parliamentarians too.”

Rajeev Shukla MP; “The relationship has always been good but in recent decades it has taken a new turn.”

The Rt Hon Praful Patel MP paid particular tribute to the bilateral rapport, stating, “What India is today owes much to our past ties with your nation,” and added that economics will drive the relationship. Priti Patel, the vice chair of the hosting Group, said: “I was delighted to join my colleagues and politicians from across the spectrum to recognise and celebrate how far our two countries have come since the partition of India in 1947.”


UK - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

NAMO remains NOT OUT As I See It

Today is the 63rd birthday of NAMO – for some unfamiliar friends, NAMO stands for Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, who has been proclaimed as the Prime Ministerial candidate by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Previously, over the last 25 years, I used to wish NAMO Happy Birthday on the phone and later, by email. I need not do it now. Millions, many millions are celebrating his birthday. NAMO is a one man team. In cricket parlance, he is the baller, the batsman and the fielder and remains NOT OUT so far because of his own mindset, values, determination and dedication. In Britain, we have got a class ceiling. In India, there is also an additional ceiling called 'caste'. NAMO belongs to OBC (other backward classes). Though he has never claimed or received any preferential treatment for this 'qualification'. He is also a chai-walla's (tea vendor's) child. He qualified from Gujarat University with an MA in Political Science. Till then, he used to work at the tea vendor's cafeteria near his College. In his childhood, he used to be at his father's tea stall and run to the nearby school when the bell rang in Vadnagar. Academic qualifications or his life long devotion to the RSS are not the only avenues for his education or character building. He is a poet, a writer as well as an exceptionally brilliant orator. His education through his ups and downs, perhaps has qualified him with several PhDs for resilience, resurrection, above all for his nationalism, selflessness, total lack of nepotism and completely refraining from corrupt practices – My God, this is not easy when every Tom, Dick and Harry is knee-deep under the evil of cash or other temptations. On Monday, the BJP party decided, as an exception, that Narendra will remain Chief Minister of his State while running the general election campaign. It is the first time ever in Independent India that a State Chief Minister, without being in central government, has been inducted to take helm of affairs of the nation after the 2014 election. One hopes he wins for India's sake and also because there is no other better alternative. Will he succeed? We cannot be too sure. But let us look briefly at what happened since 26th January 2001 in Gujarat. On that dreadful day, a devastating earthquake hit Kutch and other parts of Gujarat. Some 30,000 people lost their lives and many more became homeless. The relief, restoration and responsibilities were enormous. It started in the usual manner. The Congress opposition in Gujarat were very critical of the efforts. Almost at the same time in some bi-elections, the BJP lost out. The party headquarters sent Narendra Modi to take charge of Gujarat from Keshubhai Patel. With his usual disciplined approach and enthusiasm in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Kutch as well as reorganizing his party, Narendra took all the major festivities to various parts of Gujarat. Things were becoming more organised when all of a sudden, the 27th February 2002 incident happened. 59 Hindu pilgrims, mainly women and children, were burnt alive in a railway carriage just outside Godhara station by local Muslims, as it was reported in the Courts and the Parliament. Riots broke out in the next few days and nearly 800 people were killed (approximately 2/3 Muslims and 1/3 Hindus – mainly resulting from police firing). Such ghastly inhumane bloodshed brought shame on Gujarat. “Narendra Modi's government failed

a Dutta


Narendra Modi

to take immediate steps to restore law and order” - is the main allegation against him. Perhaps a detached study of some 2000-old communal riots since 1947 could illustrate what and how much it takes to control the riots. The fact is, since early March 2002, Gujarat has remained totally free of communal violence – perhaps the longest period in its history since Independence. All these years, Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister. Gujarat has developed industrially and its administration is not an issue anymore. To win 3 elections in a row in spite of the stiff opposition from the Congress party with its power at the Centre, is not an easy walk over. Good governance, communal harmony and development are some of the main planks of Narendra Modi. What he achieved in Gujarat cannot be easily transplanted on the national canvas of India. At the same time, the first few bold initiatives, taken by Narendra Modi in Gujarat have some hope indeed. As soon as he was installed in Gandhinagar, he ensured that law and order, economic management and some other priorities have to be focused. 1) He demolished those 20-odd independent Boards whose Chairman had Cabinet-rank with all the perks of the job, which allegedly were main vehicles for corruption and nepotism. 2) Gujarat was experiencing severe electricity shortages. NAMO employed up to 1000 former servicemen, who went up and down the state, stopping those stealing electricity from the pylons. New generating capacity was installed in various parts of Gujarat, primarily in the private sector. Today Gujarat is a surplus State and willing to sell some 2000 kilowatts to Pakistan. 3) NAMO organized kite festivals, Navratri festivals, Vibrant Gujarat festivals and created a buzz of activity and positiveness. 4) Nobody has ever accused Narendra Modi of nepotism or corruption 5) Hundreds of religious structures (predominantly of Hinduism) encroaching on the roadside were removed. Ashok Singhal, the Chairman of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, once claimed that Narendra Modi had destroyed more temples than Mohamad Ghazni. He was able to achieve so much in Gujarat because he had a clear majority in the State Assembly. He needs a strong support in the Indian Parliament no doubt. But the way he is harnessing the various sectors, ignored up until now, has a bright future for him, especially his focus on the educated youth. The farmers, women, the ex-servicemen as well as investors and entrepreneurs are, by all accounts, making a bee-line to support NAMO. To run India democratically is a huge challenge, but it is a gigantic opportunity as well. Today on his birthday, for the sake of India and Indians as well, let me wish him a very bright future. - CB (Tuesday 17th September 2013)

Navruz is the home of the finest Central Asian cuisine in London. The food is a mixture of exotic cultures, ingredients and flavours of the great silk road from East through Samarkand and Bukhara and onto Istanbul. Since the days of Marco Polo and before, travellers, traders and adventurers have enjoyed their delicious and fresh ingredients including aromatic spices and succulent fruits of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The chefs at Navruz has established those flavours perfectly through their cookings. The restaurant which is based in Cricklewood Broadway with a spacious interior is very family friendly including their alcohol free menu. The decor is simple and neat, and is a perfect venue to hold events Ratings

Taste: Ambience: Decor: Service: Value for money:


Navruz such as parties, anniversaries and family get togethers. There is room for both vegetarian and non vegetarian options, and their foods have a very uncommon and particular flavour. Some names or explanations that appear very familiar on the menu for someone from British Indian or Indian background, will be totally surprised to eat something completely exquisite and distinct, when their ordered dish arrives. While their website is under construction, their facebook page explains why the food at Navruz is so rare. Uzbek dishes are inspired by the many cultures and cuisines that were brought by travellers and traders on the Great Silk Road from East to the Mediterranean. With rice and spices from Southern Asia, steaming

and stir-frying from East, curries from the Indian South Asia, slow-cooked stews from Central Asia and delicious vegetables from the ancient Samarkand gardens of the central Asia, Uzbekistan has a cuisine that is brimming over with flavour and delicious dishes from all of these culture. What I loved about Navruz? The essence of its food, flavour and the richness. The list of starters or drinks or main course may not be extensive but they definitely are unique. The ambience is friendly, though the waiters could do with a little more of people's skills and training. Overall a good experience, definitely worth visiting. Navruz, 82-84 Cricklewood Broadway, London, NW2 3EL Tel: 020 8208 4300

COMPETITION Win a meal for two at the restaurant. Question: Wh at con tinent is Uzbe kist an in? A. Africa B.Europe C. Asia Send your correct answer by 30th September to The winner will be chosen from correct answers on a lottery basis.

Family of B'ham two years old appeals for Asian bone marrow donors The family of two year old Guarav Bains is appealing for donors to step forward after being told that he needs a bone marrow transplant. Guarav from Tipton was diagnosed with blood disorder Monosomy 7 in June and is likely to develop an aggressive form of childhood leukaemia. Doctors have told his family that his chances of survival will be increased if he has a bone marrow transplant before he develops leukaemia. Sunny, Guarav’s dad, says, ‘On the day we found out that our son would need a bone marrow transplant to prevent him from developing leukaemia, we just couldn’t believe it – we were completely knocked for six. It’s something you just never think will happen to your child.’ Guarav’s parents, Sunny and Gurprit, and sister Kiran are currently being tested to see if they are a match for him. If none of them is a match, the family will turn to blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan to search for an unrelated donor. Sunny said, ‘Hopefully

Guarav with mum Gurprit

one of the family will be a match for my son but if we’re not, we’ll be calling on a complete stranger to step forward and help him. We just hope that someone out there is a match for Guarav. It would be amazing to find a matching donor for my son, but it’s not just about him. You could be a match for anyone out there in need of a bone marrow transplant so we’re trying to encourage everyone eligible to join Anthony Nolan’s bone marrow register.’ Sunny is particularly encouraging Asian donors to come forward as there is currently a shortage of bone marrow donors from Asian backgrounds on Anthony Nolan’s register.

Sunny added, ‘When we read that there was only around a 40% chance of finding a matching donor if you’re Asian, it really struck us. So many people don’t know how simple bone marrow donation is and how much it affects the Asian community. Without Asian donors, we might not be able to find a match for my son and for so many other people out there with blood disorders.’ Bhaveshree Chandegra, Anthony Nolan’s Asian Campaign Recruitment Manager, says, ‘Guarav’s story shows just how important it is that more people sign up as bone marrow donors. Many people don’t realise how easy it is to join the bone marrow register and how simple it is to donate – in most cases, the procedure is similar to giving blood. We urgently need more people from Asian backgrounds to become bone marrow donors as they are underrepresented on the register which makes it more difficult to find matching donors for Asian patients with blood cancer.’

UK - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Leading Lights

Rani Singh, Special Assignments Editor

Two Cutting Edge Lawyers Taking India by Storm Laurence Lieberman and Vinod Bange are Partners at Taylor Wessing, a company that was crowned the Law Firm of the Year at the 2013 Lawyers Awards. They are two of the TW India Group co-chairs. Laurence is a dispute resolution specialist, focussed on the banking and finance and technology sectors, as well as being Head of Disputes for the India Group. He has particular expertise in mis-selling claims by wealthy individuals against their private bank or wealth manager, and advises financial institutions on regulatory enforcement by the FSA (now FCA) in this area. Vinod Bange is in the IT, Telecoms and Competition group. With unique data protection experience across sectors such as financial services, life sciences and healthcare, Vinod advises on specific data matters and from a strategic perspective. They are a thoroughly

Laurence Lieberman

charming, pleasant and formidable duo. Sitting together on the tenth floor of their spectacular City offices by the river, they told me why Taylor Wessing is different. Laurence said that India has been a key Taylor Wessing focus for the last five years. “We have UK and international lawyers that develop deep relationships with Indian companies, high net worth families, and professional services firms. We travel to India regularly and focus on growth sectors in

Vinod Bange

India including life sciences, consumer and luxury goods, technology, financial services and natural resources.” As well as advising Indian clients, they also advise European clients, with Vinod adding, “Our clients trust us and ask us how they can expand into India. We provide a holistic service beyond legal advice, connecting our clients with people and organisations on the ground in India. With the right planning and ground support, the challenges of

entering the Indian market are made easier. Having a strong international network of offices also helps.” So what trends does Taylor Wessing observe? Vinod told me that India is crucial for capturing the growth in spend from middle and high net worth individuals on luxury brands. That segment of its population is growing and has an appetite for luxuries like clothing, electronics or cars. Laurence said that they look after for a number of very wealthy Indians. "We act for over 20 families or individuals worth US$1bn or more, and over 150 families or individuals worth US$100m or more. We help with items like structuring personal wealth, purchasing prime UK assets such as residential property, and succession planning to avoid family fallouts. We understand Indian culture and the needs and concerns of wealthy Indian families.” Vinod commented that Indian technology companies see London as a hub for increasing their international sales in European and US markets. “As these companies grow they look to invest in standalone established

entities. US and UK technology companies globalise their businesses by launching from London. As a lawyer with over ten years’ experience in data protection and technology, I advise our international clients when they have legal matters in India, which is playing catch-up with longstanding European laws.”

We have UK and international lawyers that develop deep relationships with Indian companies, high net worth families, and professional services firms. Laurence finds that a key boardroom and government priority is improving corporate governance and compliance among Indian companies. “Foreign investors and international capital markets want to see Indian companies demonstrate proper corporate structures, a reduction of power in a few dominant shareholders, and a rooting out of unsavoury business practices. We help Indian clients get their house in order.” Laurence also made an observation about a trend in the ownership of Indian conglomerates.


He explained that the first, and even second, generation of ownership was concentrated in a very small number of individuals who held the power and wealth. “This structure has been restrictive, causing impotency among senior management. As the next generation comes through, often with the benefit of a western education, it accepts wider ownership, a more collective process around strategy and a willingness to delegate.” Laurence went on to explain why English lawyers and English courts are still strongly favoured by Indian clients. “I act for Indian banks, technology, energy and other companies, helping resolve their disputes before the English courts or by arbitration in England. England remains popular for this due to its neutrality, speed and quality of decision making, and the international commercial experience of the English judiciary and English arbitrators. Many Indian companies specify English courts or English arbitration in their contracts, particularly when trading with a non-Indian company, knowing they will receive fair treatment, and have their judgements or awards enforced more easily.”


YOUR VOICE - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Evolution of the British Legal System (part one)

Modi selection as Prime minister candidate

It is highly respected in the UK as well as in many parts of the world. It is enshrined in the British Constitution which has two constitutional functions: a description of how we are governed and a prescriptive account of how we ought to be governed. It started with the Magna Carta, now coming up for its 800th anniversary and due for another appraisal. The 1689 Bill of Rights established the Crown-inParliament as the supreme authority of the state. On the other hand, the 1653 Instrument of Government installed the Crown as the lord protector or head of state who could not however alter, suspend, abrogate or repeal laws or introduce or raise taxes without the approval if parliament. The Crown was supposed to delegate his judicial authority to the judges and devolve his administrative authority to parliamentary ministers, subordinate to parliament. In return, the state undertook all the three core functions in the monarch’s name. Blackstone in the 18th century assured three institutions: Parliament for the redress of grievances; jury trial for the protection of the innocent; and habeas corpus for the restriction of state power. Dicey in the 19th century encapsulated the entire system as “rule of law”, derived from the rights of individuals, guaranteeing those rights by equal application of the same law to everyone from the Prime Minister to the postman. By the end of the 20th century, the tripartite system of powers: legislature, judiciary and and executive was not working well.

Selecting Narendra Modi candidate for Prime Minister’s office is giant leap forward for party, Hindus and nation. More so as all his opponents, at home and abroad, who had relegated him into pariah oblivion, have performed a U turn and are now supporting him. All out support by RSS also turned big-wigs at Delhi in favour of Modi. He showed survival capacity all through 2002 blot, and being chased by Muslims and vote catchers and appeasers. It is no wonder that senior veteran, and mentor of Modiji, Shri L. K. Advani is displeased. But he had his best cloakdager moments when he ousted B. Madhok and M. M. Joshi. His rath yatra for Ram-mandir was a success. But like Modiji’s 2002 blot, Advaniji smeared his career by praising Jinna as secular. He failed to read party mood who ignored his opposition to Modiji’s selection as chief of election campaign. Thus Advaniji’s supporters like Sushma Swaraj, Varun Gandhi, Shatrghan Sinha, Yashvant Sinha, Jaswant Singh, Akali dal, Shiv Sena etc turned in favour of Modiji. UK, EU countries who had shunned Modiji for last 10 years are now turning to him; USA/more countries may follow the suit. Advani failed to see this national and international pro-Modi trend that has been on going for last one year. We have to wait and watch whether Modiji / BJP can get enough votes to form majority or even a coalition government. It is also to be seen if octogenarian Advaniji retires or fights back.

Nagindas Khajuria Via Email

Are other AV and GS readers being plagued and pestered by phone calls, emails and texts we receive at any odd times from people trying to sell their goods and services or companies asking you to participate in their surveys? Many of these cold calls are in relation to misssold PPIs and have the habit of taking you by surprise at inopportune moments while you are having dinner or are in company or watching your favorite TV programmes. Thinking that it may be an important call which you may be waiting for, you rush to answer it only to find that somebody is wasting your time asking you to take part in their lifestyle survey! What can one do in these circumstances? It has recently been reported that 32 million people have received such calls. That is, 98% of people have been plagued with them. I have also received phone calls and when I answer them, music is being played. Trying to find out who phoned by ringing the 1471 number, I am taken aback to find out that the call was made from my own number! There are a few ways to stop them. Tell the caller that it is a criminal offense under the 1948 Communications Act (or any other made up legal term) and you will be fined £500,000 if I report you. Or one can register with the telephone preference service.

Lucky guys and gals

You are a very lucky guy, somebody once told a billionaire. “I know,” he replied, “and the harder I work the luckier I get!” Lucky guys and gals who worked their socks and stockings off took a bow at the 13th Asian Achievers Awards ceremony staged in London by Asian Voice and its sister paper Gujarat Samachar. The two papers also produced an excellent souvenir magazine recording the winners’ achievements in everything from media, arts and culture to community services, including the uniformed and civil services and various other categories. The magazine also represented a journalistic triumph for Asian Voice’s talented Associate Editor Rupanjana Dutta and her crack team, and I suggest copies should be made available in public libraries all over the country to show how Asians are helping to keep Britain Great.

Ramesh Jhalla Via Email

Unsolicited or Cold Calls

Subscribe Today Rudy Otter Via Email

Hinduism & Caste system

Asian Voice in UK for only £25 for one year


Recently I was involved in a debate with friends about the caste system in Hinduism, sadly so little knowledge on this issue amongst Hindus. Whilst I am still a student of Vedanta, and still have a lot to learn but the following is what I have learnt so far: l There should be no distinction on the basis of caste, race, ethnicity when learning Vedanta. l In reality, one is limitless Brahman, a Hindu is taught that he is not a Hindu, but limitless consciousness. l Originally, it was a division of labour in a society structured on the Hindu goal of life, but the politicians and “some” of the dharma gurus have hijacked this for their benefit, which has harmed India. l Hindus look at the concept of caste in form of gunas with the most noble characterising a person as a “Brahmin”, so it is not by birth but by your own personal growth. l So everyone starts their life at the lowest level, and through personal development and knowledge they will move to the upper level. l Caste system has no purpose and is slowly losing grip and there is much more to be done, all human beings are equal. The Lord is one and the same for all beings and any prayer. Once the mind is ready, it is the knowledge of the self that liberates a human being. Due to this caste system, many people have converted to Islam and Christianity. These religions have aggressive missionary tactics and to them it is a numbers game, whereas in Vedanta conversion is a form of violence if the intention is to destroy one’s religion. Jayendra Lakhani Via Email

Cashless on buses

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Diwali is two months away. The New Year is knocking at the door waiting to bring in colours and light to our lives with fervour of joy and ever lasting happiness. Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar as every year will be publishing the ‘Diwali Special’ Magazine for our fabulous and supportive readers like yourself. This year in the English section, we are doing something special for our young readers. -If you are between 10-25 years of age, write an article in English on 'how you celebrate your Diwali every year' or 'your most memorable Diwali' in no more than 700 words, along with a suitable photo. Or - if you an organisation, which has a youth wing or support youth activities, tell us how your young members or youth wing celebrates Diwali in 500600 words with 2 pictures (in no less than 300dpi). Last date of entry is Sunday 6th October 2013. Please email your article to with your full name, age and contact number. - Asian Voice

Transport for London (TfL) is proposing to go cashless on its bus services in 2014. The only way of paying would be by Oyster or contactless payment card. TfL claims that the change would save £24m a year by 2020 that would be reinvested into the transport network for the benefit of everyone. With just 1% of journeys being paid for with cash, TfL feels that the time may be right to introduce this change, but is asking passengers if it is a good idea. You can have your say by logging on before 10 October to the TfL survey at shless. Or let me know your views at Syed Kamall Conservative MEP for London Similar thing applies to junk mail. How do you stop unwanted post? Just return to sender in the stamped and addressed envelopes usually provided thereby costing them postal chargers.

Rape case judgement Thanks to Indian Judiciary that they have given the verdict which a common man was expecting ;in such a rarest of rare rape case. This is not merely a rape case, it is very sickening what they done to talented young girl. They gang raped her and then seriously injured and tortured her, that led to her death. None of the convict felt sorry at that time of gang rape, none of them stop other colleague and all were part of this unbelievable rape. None of the convict need any less punishment. It is a perfect judgement. Public would have lost faith in judicial system if the convicts were awarded a lighter punishment. I hope people in India with sick mind (few) may learn some lesson and think twice before committing crime. Sunil Chopra General Secretary Indian Overseas Congress( London) UK

Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

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High Commissioner of India gives an iconic speech at the Asian Achievers Awards 2013 - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Winners of the coveted Asian Achievers Awards 2013 were announced at the esteemed award ceremony on Friday 6th September amid the fitting grandeur of Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane. The awards recognise the outstanding work of individuals from across all businesses and professions, and acknowledge the accomplishments of the finest of the UK’s Asian community. This year’s event paid particular homage to the achievements of women from Asian communities and across all spheres of professional life. Hosted by Asian Business Publications Ltd (ABPL), publishers of respected newspapers, Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, Asian Achievers Awards 2013 welcomed a who’s who of high profile dignitaries, cross party politicians, celebrities and high achievers from the Asian community. Among them were Chief Guest, Cherie Blair CBE, QC; Special Guest, American civil rights leader, Rev Jesse Jackson; and Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP. This year’s panel of judges was chaired by Rt Hon, Lord Dholakia OBE DL, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Also in attendance was the High Commissioner, Dr Jaimini Bhagwati and his wife Rita, who graced our awards for the first time. Dr Bhagwati, is a noted economist and veteran diplomat and is returning to India from London later this month, after a very active one and a half years in Britain. Both the

ing on foreign policy issues related to Central Asia, Europe, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Cuba. On the evening of Dr AAA, Bhagwati gave an iconic speech, talking about the charity Lily Foundation and its mission and also elaborated on the status of women in today's world. He said, "Today's function is also meant to help Dr Jaimini Bhagwati and support the Indian High Commission foundation called the Lily and the Indian Journalists' Foundation. And I would Association have organlike to link that to this ised a farewell for him this word 'achievement', which month. is often recognised as that Before coming to of men. It is still a male Britain, Dr Bhagwati has dominated world in many been India's Ambassador ways, although different to Belgium, Luxembourg societies have evolved to and the EU. He has served different stages and levels. in various capacities in Even in this country, there the Ministry of External is a disproportionate Affairs, Ministry of amount of a burden that Finance in the women have to bare in Government of India and terms of atrocities and in the World Bank in lack of recognition of their Washington DC. He has achievements. As far as also served as the joint I'm concerned, the level of secretary (Capital development of society is Markets, External not necessarily linked to Commercial Borrowings economical progress or and Pension Reforms) in financial income or even the Department of for education, it is more to Economic Affairs in the be engaged and the status Government of India. Dr of women. Bhagwati has led The Lily foundation is Financial Technical working with girls who Assistance teams to have been trafficked. I Turkey, Iran, China and think an appeal has Egypt. He also has considalready gone out. We superable experience of workport this foundation, I

know personally that this foundation is doing fantastic work, not just because I know Lady Mohini Noon but also because my wife is associated with this. I know their work and what their plans for the future are. I'd like to speak on a personal note about the three most important women in my life, my mother, my wife and my daughter. I've learnt a lot from them and I'm sure many of you have too. In a more serious vein, there is a slightly macho attitude that men have. If it is not tempered by women with their sympathy and will, or if not sympathy, empathy, we wouldn't be as successful. I personally find it difficult to sense or feel empathy. Both are around to teach me how to have empathy because empathy is a very difficult emotion. How can you feel how other people are feeling? Thanks to all the women in the world. Women are able to be sensitized, to have a little more empathy and to that extent, we generate sympathy and from there, to some actions. We have lots of problems in India. When I look at India, I feel a great sense of pride but also sometimes a sense of embarrassment. We are frustrated with India. It is a large country with lots of problems. Despite having many ups and downs, if you visualise it on a graph, on the x axis is time and y axis is the development of India, there is an upward sloping curve at least at a 45 degree angle. I'm quite sure that the time for the idea of India has come."

The recent case of a man who stole nearly £1 million from children's cancer charities, as well as one he set up to help his own son, is, shockingly, one of many charity frauds that have taken place this year. Sad as it may sound, people do line their pockets in the name of charity, something which melts the hearts and minds of people, particularly the gullible and vulnerable. 50-year-old Kevin Wright was convicted of 10 counts of theft and two of fraud by false representation after the money he raised was spent on covering charity overheads and reportedly funding Wright's 'interests, investments and personal lifestyle.' Wright stole a total of £171,500 from the Bobby Wright Cancer

Fighting Fund and took more than £749, 340.79 from three other appeals. Charity fraud costs charities over £1 billion a year, according to Charity Fraud Line, a branch of Crimestoppers. You can help stop charity fraudsters from undoing your hard work. You can protect your charity by providing information or well grounded suspicions that someone you work with, or know, is acting dishonestly and committing fraud. You can speak to Crimestoppers anonymously. You can help reveal their true colours without blowing your cover. Can you? To find out more contact Crimestoppers free on 08000 232 101 or .uk

Kids TV character Mike the Knight, pictured, is coming to Warwick Castle. The young knight in training will meet his fans this, and next weekend (21, 22, 28, 29 September). With the hero’s return, young visitors can try out their archery skills at Mike’s Target Test, jump on Mike’s trusty steed and cast a spell

at Evie’s Wizard workshop. Geoff Spooner, General Manager at Warwick Castle, said “young fans will find plenty to explore and discover as the Castle has been part of battles and sieges, adventures and intrigues for over one thousand years”. To find out more visit

You can help stop Charity Fraud

Mike the Knight returns to Castle

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Mohammad Taj becomes next TUC President Bradford: Mohammad Taj, pictured, a bus driver from Bradford and the TUC’s first Muslim President was elected as the next TUC President on Wednesday 11th September. Taj – who is a member of Unite – was elected at this morning’s General Council on the final morning of the 145th Congress and takes over from Lesley Mercer. Taj has worked in public transport since 1974 when he started working for Bradford City Transport as a bus conductor. He first got involved with the Transport and General Workers Union when he began to investigate complaints that Asian workers had to pay a bribe to corrupt union officials and managers before they could get work on the buses. As a result of his work into unjust practices throughout the company, there was a court case and several people went to prison. In 1982 Taj was elected as the T&G’s shop steward at the company, and ten years later became a

worker director for the whole of West Yorkshire and sat on the company board. He has also been on the TUC’s General Council since 2001. Commenting on his election as TUC President, Mohammed Taj said: “I am proud to be the first Muslim and the first Asian President of the TUC. During my year as President I’m keen to reach out to trade unionists in the Arab world, where people are living and working in extremely dangerous and unstable situations, and help them build, strong, independent and democratic unions.'

Media Advertising Sales Representative %$)! $5%13)2).' !,%2 %01%2%.3!3)5% 0/2)3)/.2 !1% !5!),!",% 6)3( 2)!. 42).%22 4",)#!3)/.2 3$ 04",)2(%12 /& 2)!. /)#% !.$ 4*!1!3 !-!#(!1 3(% ,%!$%12 ). %3(.)# -%$)! /1+).' 42).' ! -)7341% /& &!#% 3/ &!#% !.$ 3%,%0(/.% #/.3!#3 3(% 0/2)3)/. 6),, %.3!), 2%,,).' !$5%13)2).' 20!#% &/1 "/3( 2)!. /)#% !.$ 4*!1!3 !-!#(!1 20/.2/12()02 &/1 5!1)/42 %5%.32 6% #/.$4#3 3(1/4'( /43 3(% 8%!1 % !1% 2%%+).' !22%13)5% %.%1'%3)# !.$ '/!, /1)%.3%$ ).$)5)$4!, 6)3( /1 6)3(/43 01%5)/42 %70%1)%.#% ). 2!,%2 /2)3)/. )2 1%20/.2)",% &/1 "4),$).' %&&%#3)5% #/.24,3!3)5% "42).%22 #/.5%12!3)/.2 6)3( $%#)2)/. -!+%12 !.$ 6). "42).%22 6()#( 6),, "% 3(%. &/,,/6%$ "8 #423/-%1 2%15)#% !.$ -!.!').' #423/-%1 1%,!3)/.2()02 . !$$)3)/. 3/ 2!-% 2%,%#3%$ #!.$)$!3% 6),, 1%#%)5% ! #/-0%3)3)5% 2!,!18 !.$ #/--)22)/.2 /1 #/.2)$%1!3)/. 0,%!2% %-!), 1%24-% 6)3( 1%&%1%.#%2

2)!. /)#% 4*!1!3 !-!#(!1 !1% 3(% ,!1'%23 2%,,).' 2)!. .%62 6%%+,)%2 ./6 ). 3(%)1 23 8%!1 6)3( 0!)$ 24"2#1)03)/. /& !,-/23 !.$ !$$)3)/.!, #/0)%2 2/,$ 3(1/4'( 1%3!), /43,%32 (%#+ 42 /.,).% 666 !"0,'1/40 #/-

%.$ 8/41

6)3( ! #/5%1).' ,%33%1 3/

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MEDIA WATCH - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur were given death sentences by Delhi Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna for the gang-rape and murder of 23 year-old Delhi student Nibhaya last December. Announcing his verdict on Friday 2.30pm, September 12, the judge said the “ghastly acts of the convicts puts this case in the rarest of rare categories….the inhuman acts of torture before her death had not only shocked the collective conscience but calls for withdrawal of the protective arm of the community around the convicts.” The huge crowd outside the court clapped and cheered as they learnt of the death sentence passed by the bench. The fifth accused, being a juvenile, cannot be named and is in custody at a detention, from where he watched the court proceedings in silence.

Parents’ reactions

Nirbhaya’s father said: “I am finally relieved that my daughter has got justice. In fact, the whole of society has won today.” Nirbhaya’s mother hugged Anil Sharma, the police officer who led the investigation in this harrowing case. “Thank you, God bless you”, she said, weeping.

received also a telephone call from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, but complacency led to the slowness of the response. It took the Army and paramilitary forces time and much effort to douse the flames and quell the bloodletting. Some 975 people were arrested, among them four BJP Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) for incite-

Scene outside court after death sentence on gang-rape perpetrators

Judge Khosla complimented the police for their expert handling of the investigation, in which advance scientific methods were brought into play. The fast-track court also played its part in meting out swift justice. But, however severe the sentencing and its deterrence in reducing numbers, rape and the molestation of women generally will remain a scourge until and unless attitudes bred by a patriarchy culture are tackled at source and eliminated. This will be a long haul. The recent rape of a 23 year-old photojournalist in Mumbai and a life sentence, with no remission, given to six men in Bangalore for raping a 21 year-old foreign student in the city, is evidence of how far India has to go to control this evil. (Times of India, Hindu, Telegraph September 14)

UP communal carnage

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, much like the Roman emperor Nero, fiddled while the city of Muzaffarnagar burned, as did its rural environs, and towns, cities and villages near and far in the state. The primeval Hindu-Muslim violence claimed 45 lives and displaced over 10,000 inhabitants at the last count as they fled for their lives. Families abandoned their homes for whatever sanctuary they could find, no matter where. Mr Yadav had been warned by Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde of the dangerous situation developing under his nose; he

ment. Criminal cases have been lodged against BJP’s Hukum Singh, Suresh Rana, Bhartendu, Sangeet Som, and former Congress party MP Harendra Malik. Among the myriad allegations made on the causes of the violence, one was the distribution of inflammatory images put out on Facebook, including one of a riot in the Pakistani city of Sialkot in 2010. Amid the grim tales of slaughter and flight, were uplifting stories of compassion and courage of Hindu and Muslim households alike, sheltering scores of their fellow citizens irrespective of faith or ethnicity

BJP, BSP call for President’s Rule

BJP Rajnath Singh and Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati called for the dismissal of the Yadav government by UP Governor B. Joshi and the imposition of President’s Rule from Delhi. Akhilesh Yadav, wet behind the ears, detected a “political conspiracy” to oust his regime, but there can be no hiding his ineptitude. Meanwhile his absurdist father, Mulayam Singh, schemes for a Third Front grouping to oppose the ruling Congress and opposition BJP. Mulayam as prime minister is the stuff of dreams. Bad ones, mostly.

Modi gets BJP nod

Gujarat Narendra

Chief Modi

Minister has been

BJP President Rajnath Singh greets Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi after declaring him the party's Prime Ministerial candidate

ensconced as his party’s candidate for India’s next prime minister come the general election in June 2014. His coronation as the party’s top election campaign director led to exuberant celebrations. The Modi bandwagon is on a roll, notwithstanding the sulks of octogenarian L.K. Advani unwilling to accept gracefully Mr Modi’s rise to national eminence. Now a ripe 87, Mr Advani as India’s Prime Minister would be fit only for the Guinness Book of Records, there being little else to talk about. Better, surely, to retire with a winning smile and a warm handshake. Love’s labours are rarely lost. The Times of India and its stable-mate, The Economic Times (September 14) went into raptures at the Modi epiphany: BJP unity at last, they crowed. Only in the fullness of time will we learn the answer. (Reports also in Hindu, Telegraph, Mint September 14)

Green shoots of recovery

Two days running, and the numbers, finally, look good for India. Exports up 13 per cent, imports down and so was India’s trade deficit by $10 billion, the Sensex soared to near the 20000-mark and the rupee gained 140 paise at 63.84 to the US dollar: all complemented by 2.6 per cent industrial growth. With a buoyant Monsoon readying for departure, the abundant rainfall it has left behind promises a bountiful harvest and agricultural growth figures to match.

Parekh got it right

Deepak Parekh, Chairman of the Housing Development Finance Corporation, the country’s largest mortgage lender predicted the arrival of these green shoots when it was far from fashionable to do so. We were on the brink of the abyss, cried the doomsayers, of whom there has never been a dearth in India, but their loud lamentations, aired usually on TV and sections of the print media, left Mr Parekh unmoved. He had a mind of his own and was prepared to use it, doing so without fear or favour. In an in-depth interview with Mint (September 9), when the good news had yet to be confirmed, he explained the reasons

behind his optimism. The worst was over, he said, the economic reforms were back on track. He detected a change in the investment climate brought on perhaps by the government’s perceived determination to control the country’s fiscal deficit. The housing market, his special field, was buoyant and that, for him, was the tell-tale sign of the recovery in sight.

mit in Bishkek. Addressing the conference, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said: “Any external military intervention in Syria’s affairs should be excluded. We are encouraged by the current proposal, steered by Russia that is aimed at bringing the Syrian conflict under international control.” Mr Khurshid argued that, “This proposal is in alignment with India’s own consistent stance of supporting the complete destruction and elimination of chemical weapons worldwide. India sees any move in this direction within the framework of the UN as a positive development.” Mr Khurshid hoped the Geneva 2 talks between Russia and the US would pave the way for a broader participatory dialogue on a lasting peace.

Leander Paes, 40

Indian tennis star, Leander Paes and Czech ace Radek Stepenac won the doubles title at the US Open in Flushing Meadows, New York. It was Paes’s 14th Grand Slam triumph in the doubles and mixed doubles, a trib-

Rajan watching

Neil Irwin, author of “The Alchemists: Inside the Secret World of Central Bankers” told the Economic Leander Paes (right) of India and Radek Stepanek T i m e s of the Czech won the US Open men's doubles final (September 8), during an extensive interview, ute surely to his mental and that the world was watching the physical stamina and his will to performance of Raghuram Rajan win. Age is simply a number to in his new role as Governor of him, determination and fitness the Reserve Bank of India. are all. Two other 40 year olds, Chicago University’s John Sachin Tendulkar and Cochraine was no doubter, writViswanath Anand, have someing thus of Mr Rajan: “Central thing to ponder. banks are all scrambling to understand banking and finanAgni V test-fired cial markets, regulating the financial system, avoiding criAgni V, India’s 5,000 km longsis….This is their central task…. range ballistic missile, designed You can’t ask for a person on the to carry a nuclear warhead, was planet who has thought more successfully test-fired for the clearly and productively about second time, after April 19, these issues.” 2012 on Sunday at 8.40 am,

India, China

Returning to Neill Irwin, apropos of India and China, he said: “The economic rise of India and China are the most important longer term global economic stories, and the fact that both economies managed the downturn of the crisis quite well is one of the most important reasons that there has not been a global economic collapse. In fact the emerging markets were a buffer, helping create the backdrop of growth, that helped the Western powers get back to growth sooner. That’s the marvellous thing.”

India backs Russia over Syria

India voiced support for Russia over Syria at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization sum-

Test-firing of Agni V

September 15. The mission was “flawless,” said Associate Project Director Tessy Thomas. (More next week.)


Leading British Trade Associations join Lord Green and UKIBC for the first UK India Business Centre launch in India - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Rupanjana Dutta

On Thursday 19 September 2013, the UKIBC will open the first Business Centre in Gurgaon, India and a business Centre in Connaught Place, New Delhi in the presence of Lord Green, Patricia Hewitt and other delegates. The Centres in India have strong support from the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and British Business Groups (BBG) in India. The Centre is a base for the UKIBC's new team of India-based specialists and would also provide a world class 'home from home' for UK businesses, especially SMEs, seeking to enter or expand in India. Towards the end of last year, PM David Cameron made an announcement that the Government wanted to transform the way in which the UK government supports British businesses to trade overseas and they identified 25 priority markets, amongst which India is the largest. UKIBC has come forward to create a programme for what will become 6 business centres in India backed by whole network of services for British business people, either working or who are living in India, or are interested to do business with Indian or British companies or are of British Indian origin working for British companies in India. A 'puja' was held in June to formally inaugurate the Gurgaon centre and open-

Naina lal Kidwai, Head of HSBC, India, Anand Sharma, Indian Commerce Minister, UK Trade Minister Lord Green and Patricia Hewitt, Chair, UKIBC

ing of this centre will be followed by business centres in Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai (not in the exact order) followed by centres in places like Pune and Ahmedabad (if demand arises). The business centres will include: Office Space, Meeting Space, Hot Desking, Event Space and also Training Space. It will provide launch pads for companies or businesses, before they set up their own individual offices, including networking facilities. The sectors interested in doing business in India include education, health care and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, retail, agribusinesses, infrastructure, brands (consumers large and small), digimedia and IT to name a few. Patricia Hewitt, Chair, UKIBC, in an exclusive

one to one told the Asian Voice, "We are first and foremost a network of businesses and entrepreneurs. And a large part of the value we can give to our clients, comes from that network. We've got significant and growing memberships in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, we can draw on members as well as to strengthen the network, particularly for new businesses coming in. We will have policy forums of British and Indian business of trading between both countries, really working on opportunities and the barriers, whether those exist in India or UK, so we can build a stronger voice for businesses in the government eye. Amongst several sectors, there is a lot of interest in advanced manufacturing and engineering

nounced dead at the scene. A post-mortem examination at East Ham Mortuary on Saturday 14 September gave cause of death as multiple stab wounds. Neighbour Jamal Omar, 39, told Evening Standrad how he was alerted by her elder son and entered the property with him. “The boy came out banging on my door and shouting and screaming for me to help her,” said Mr Omar. “I opened my door and asked, ‘What’s going on?’ He said, ‘Help my mum, help my mum. I don’t

know what’s wrong with her.’ “Then I went into the flat and saw her. There was so much blood and I didn’t know where it was coming from, but she was face down. “I called an ambulance but she was finished. The paramedics told me what to do to try to revive her but it was too late.” Mr Omar added: “She was a lovely girl, a lovely mum- very caring. We never had a complaint with our neighbours. It is a real shock for everyone.” Detectives from Homicide and Major Crime Command have launched a murder investigation, under Detective Chief Inspector David Whellams. Anyone with information should call the incident room at Barking on 020 8345 3775, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Two held over stabbing of mother in East London

Neighbours described in a national daily, how a boy, 11, cried out “Help my mum!” after discovering Amina Bibi, pictured, in her flat in Forest Gate last Friday. He had returned home from school in the morning to pick up a folder he had forgotten. On Tuesday two suspects were arrested. A man aged 64 and a man in his forties were being held at an east London police station. Detectives renewed their appeal for witnesses to come forward. The body of Mrs Bibi, 43, who has another son aged five, was found in her flat at about 8.50am last Friday. Police were called by London Ambulance Service at 08:52hrs on Friday, 13 September, to reports of a stabbing at a ground floor flat in George Carver House, Station Road, E7. Officers attended and Mrs Bibi was pro-

where both countries have great strengths and needs and for forming partnerships that will then lead into more innovation and potentially joint ventures and selling into third country markets. Retail business and logistics have been our long term focus. We're also working with road infrastructure,

and urban development. We're working closely with national skills development corporation. There is great scope to work in India, and the more we see British colleges building their presence in India, the more they find generating demand for students who want to come over here as well. Part of our job is to be a strong voice for business and to make sure business voice is heard in government. We mobilise the businesses in different sectors. We do that kind of lobbying but we do it more through our very close links with both the governments, independent ministers, rather than through press-releases. We receive a lot of interest in Education and training – great deal of interest from universities as well as private companies. Companies in the consumer place, manufacturing, companies in all the sectors. For expansion into India, the UK government is now putting up most of


setup costs and will support initial operating costs. And that will move from majority government funded to majority private funding. We provide what businesses want and are willing to pay for. Market response is yes this is what people want and need." Leading British trade associations that will join the UK Trade Minister Lord Green include senior representatives, from the Aerospace Defence & Security Group (ADS), the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI), the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), British Expertise, the Engineering Industries Association (EIA), the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), the Institute of Directors (IOD), the Institute of Export (IoE), the International Visual Communications Association (IVCA), the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).


UK - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Three BYST Entrepreneurs win Awards at Prestigious Youth Business International Awards 2013

Asian sauces stir interest in top London fair

Rudy Otter

The myth that Asian food sets one's mouth on fire was effectively doused at this year's Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London's Olympia earlier this month. The three-day show, featuring more than 600 British and foreign exhibitors, had a fair sprinkling of Asian sauces

"tikka masala" He opened a restaurant there, then moved back to Glasgow, specialising in Indian flatbread pizzas that are easy on the tongue. He caters for social functions and also gives cookery lessons. The Curry Sauce Company of Chichester, Sussex, run by Nick Burdock, produces 14 sauces including Thai,

and spices to tease people's appetites, mirroring the theme promoted by celebrity chefs Cyrus Todiwala and Tony Singh in their hit BBC2 series, The Incredible Spice Men, that spices can enhance even the best of British dishes without inflaming one's tongue. I met Ranjani Ganesh, development director of Flavours of India which produces 2.5 million pouches of mild ready-tocook sauces at her purpose-built factory in Witney, Oxfordshire. Set up earlier this year, the firm she says has attracted "phenomenal feedback" from show visitors. "We use the best ingredients and freshly ground spices to make sauces such as makhani, kadhai, masala, jalafrezi and madras," she said." Homecooking fans can buy her sauces from independent retailers within the M25 radius. Scottish chef Dave Gannon found a niche market for Indian food when he holidayed at a French ski resort used by Britishers who longed for

Malaysian and Moroccan flavours. He learned the trade from his mother who made a "stunning curry". He also produces naan breads and sells to independent retailers and community shops, among others. The idea of setting up Tea Nation of the City of London came to four friends while drinking in a pub earlier this year. "Tea is definitely coming back in fashion," said co-director Narinder Pangli. They are producing such "bold and unique" flavours as Mexican chilli chocolate and lime tea which won a gold star in the Great Taste Awards. Shahid Mehdi, director of The Real Basmati Rice Company of Oxshot, Surrey, was keen to introduce pure rice from a Punjab farm, "full of flavour with a beautiful aroma". He set up earlier this year and is already selling to Harrods as well as independent retailers. Others taking part included Samosaco, Little Turban, Spice Entice and Karimix.

Mohan Singh, Sharad Tandale, Godavari Satpute, Nimali Gunawardana On the evening of Thursday 12th September, a select few of the world's most smartest and innovative young entrepreneurs all congregated under one roof, to attend the prestigious global 2013 Young Entrepreneur Awards ceremony in London. Hosted by Youth Business International and sponsored by Barclays, the Awards aim to promote youth entrepreneurship, celebrate the achievements of young entrepreneurs around the world, and show how they can contribute to local communities. Youth Business International as an organisation works to provide support for under-served, aspiring young entrepreneurs. The network of independent organisations combines global expertise with local experience to turn job-seekers into job-creators. Members exist in almost 40 countries providing young entrepreneurs (1835 year olds) with technical training, access to finance and mentoring. This year, three out of the five categories were dominated by entrepreneurs from Bharatiya Shakti Trust in India. Inspired by HRH, the Prince of Wales, the Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) is the first organisation to replicate the Prince's Trust Youth Business Trust. It is a notfor-profit organisation that primarily assists disadvantaged Indian youth to develop business ideas into viable enterprises under the guidance of a mentor. The programs include supporting young entrepreneurs from underprivileged sections of society by supplementing financing based on the requirement assessment done by the mentor

selectors. The finalists of each of the categories had the honour to meet His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, who is President of YBI, this week as part of the YBI Global Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, which culminated in the YBI Awards. YBI is one of the Prince’s Charities, which have helped create more than 125,000 entrepreneurs in the UK and overseas and given business support to 395,000 people The Winners from BYST this year were: Godavari Satpute Women Entrepreneur of the Year, Nimali Gunawardana - Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year, and Mohan Singh Mentor of the Year. The prestigious Young Entrepreneur of the year went to Sharad Tandale. Sharad Tandale (32), who comes from the Vanjari, an economically marginalised community of farmers in India was forced to break down barriers in his tribal community and overcome his family’s opposition to his entrepreneurial ideas when he founded his engineering start-up, Innovation Engineers & Contractors. In 2010, BYST, noticed his passion and determination and thus awarded him a loan of $20,000 for materials and equipment. In just three years, Sharad has built a successful company - growing it by 2,500% so that it now employs 175 people and provides a range of services not normally offered by small businesses to meet the needs of underserved small towns and rural areas in India. He was selected as the overall winner from a tough field of over 80 entrants from countries around the world. The judging panel who select-

ed the winner – following a rigorous interview process and review of comprehensive evidence included Karen Lynch, CEO of Belu Water, and Justin Shinebourne from Awards supporter, Barclays. Newly-crowned YBI Entrepreneur of the Year, Sharad, said: "I want to

including YBI and Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust." Andrew Devenport, Youth Business International Chief Executive, said: “The calibre of all the finalists was superb but Sharad had the edge across the board, particularly due to the employment opportuni-

Prince Charles praises Indian entrepreneurs

Prince Charles praised young Indian entrepreneurs for their work in poverty eradication and jobs creation as he hosted them at a special reception at his official residence in London. "I am very proud of the work you are doing in India," Prince Charles said during his interaction with the entrepreneurs supported by his charity network Youth Business International (YBI). "All of you have overcome huge obstacles in your lives to not only find work for yourselves but also to create jobs for others," he added during a special reception at the state apartments of his official residence on Monday. The Prince of Wales has focused on helping young budding entrepreneurs for years and established the Prince’s Trust in 1976. It was however in the aftermath of the 1981 riots in Brixton and Toxteth that the trust first began to help disadvantaged young people into selfemployment in the UK. The Prince's Trust went on to set up a 'Youth Business Initiative', now called its 'Enterprise Programme'. Since then, the heir to Britain's throne has established a number of other charities aimed at creating entrepreneurs and providing business support, mentoring and training to an estimated 395,000 people. boost the spirit and the belief of the local community that nothing is impossible in the world if you try hard. Life is tough for everyone where we live. My employees have helped me reach and touch success not just for me but for everyone! Thank you to everyone who has supported me,

ties he has created. Laying the foundations of his business with integrity and ensuring his workforce is happy are central to his success going forward. He is exactly the kind of role model other young people in India, and indeed around the world, need to see recognised.”

Bradford wins at English Curry Awards Bradford: The city of Bradford was presented four awards at the English Curry Awards 2013, including the best restaurant in the country. Visit Bradford was crowned Curry Lover of the Year, maintaining the title they were awarded in 2012. Patricia Tillotson, Visitor Economy Manager at Visit Bradford accepted the award on the night and said; “We’re very proud to keep our title as Curry Lover on the Year, it’s a fantastic accolade for us to win. Bradford has so much to offer in terms of fantastic Asian restaurants, with some of the best chefs and

restaurants in England right here on our doorstep.” Shimla Spice in Keighley not only won the Best Restaurant title for the Yorkshire category, but was also awarded Best Restaurant of the Year Overall, beating serious competition from across the country. Azhar Mahmood of Aakash won Maitre D’ of the Year and Akbars in Bradford was awarded Best Marketing Campaign. This comes just weeks ahead of Bradford’s bid to retain its title as the Britain’s Curry Capital of the Year, which it has held for the past two years.


Anand Mela Entertainment - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Asian Voice are proud to be hosting its second Anand Mela after last year's success. Organised to commemorate 40 years of community service through our publications Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, the event celebrates the most important events on our Hindu calenders: Navratri and Diwali. This year's mela promises to display the diverse colours of South Asian culture especially Gujarat by bringing people together in a festial atmosphere where everyone can enjoy, food, dance and shopping for Diwali gifts for your loved ones. The mela will include stalls from food & drink , education and entertainment , Health & Medical , Travel & Tourism , Property & Investment , Banking & Finance , Fashion & Wedding and many more. Visitors will have the opportunity to do a lot of shopping along with enjoying the fantastic entertainment. The event will attract over 5000 visitors over the 2 day period. The event will be taking place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2013 at Kingsbury High School from 11am-6pm. Here are details about some of the noted performers that will be entertaining at the Mela plus many more:

Avina Shah

Naturally gifted Avina has been performing since she was just three years old, has written many original songs and has since made numerous recordings as a commercial and independent artist. Avina performs in both English and Hindi and has recorded both here and in India to equal acclaim. She was featured as part of an OHM Media 'Diwali Special' broadcast in Europe, where she shot a music video to her own devotional song, the result of which has been an overwhelming interest from the general public.

As a professional singer, Avina has been regularly performing worldwide with the group Eastern Illusion in locations such as Africa, America, The Middle East, and various countries within Europe. Besides her musical talent, she is an extremely hardworking, dedicated and motivated individual who has an eye for detail and strives for perfection when it comes to performing. Having shared the stage with numerous international artists, Avina is set to be a hit with the music industry.


Hemina Shah is a talented singer and performing artist originally from the UK, specialising in a range of different styles of Indian music including Hindi Bollywood, Hindi pop remixes, Bhangra, Garba, Fusion etc. Inspired by many top B o l l y w o o d singers and artists, such as Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, her music and voice caters for people of all ages and backgrounds. Some of her achievements throughout her music career include: Singing for a Coca Cola television music advertisement, which has been playing in all Spanish speaking countries across the world.

Kishan is an up and coming vocalist who has been singing for over 15 years. Training in Indian classical music since the age of 5, he performs in various different styles ranging mainstream Bollywood and Bhangra to ghazals and other classical forms of Indian music. Kishan has previously performed at numerous prestigious venues including Her Majesty's Theatre, London Palladium and the Barbican Centre. He has also provided playback recordings for various albums and productions.

Honey Kalaria

Honey Kalaria is an award winning actress, choreographer and one of the top 3 Asian business women in the UK, with 18 Bollywood schools, an Honorary Doctorate of Arts and a No 1 B o l l y w o o d Workout video. Featured in Bollywood and Bride and Prejudice, with TV appearances on Bollywood Star, Ruby Wax, This Morning, Top of the Pops, Bump and Grind, Blue Peter, Jamie Oliver and MTV’s Bust a Move. She has worked alongside Gareth Gates, Beyonce, Craig David, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. Honey choreographed for Gurinder

Tanveer Mann


Aruna Seth

Only four years ago, luxury shoe designer Aruna Seth set out to create shoes that would be fit for a princess from scratch. Four years late, Aruna Seth has exploded in to the fashion world, with her luxurious brand becoming synonymous with exquisitely designed but comfortable shoes. With celebrity fans including Pippa Middleton, her exceptional designs and attention to detail has made Aruna Seth a success story. She is now living out her lifelong dream of creating uniquely glamorous shoes which are designed to elongate the legs whilst giving a

Kishan Amin

woman the luxury gift of comfort. The butterfly has become her trademark as it symbolises freedom. Aruna Seth shoes give women the confidence to go out and be noticed. Aruna Seth believed that too many women pick the dress and then try to match the shoes, whereas she believes in dressing from the feet up.

Did you know..?

Caligynephobia is a fear of beautiful women

Word of the Week:

bludgeon - (n.) a short club used as a weapon; (v.) to strike with a heavy club; to use force or strong argument to gain some point


Chada’s latest film “It’s a wonderful afterlife”, BBC Bollywood Proms at The Royal Albert Hall, BBC 1’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and is now a Guinness Book of World Record holder. Honey's Dance Academy was launched in September 1997 by Honey Kalaria and boasts an exciting range of courses ranging from fashionable Bollywood to up beat Bhangra. It’s considered to be UK’s leading Bollywood Performing Arts Training Institution, set up to train, manage and promote the future stars of tomorrow and to anyone interested to learn or keep fit with Bollywood dance.

Navin Kundra

Navin Kundra is a British singer/songwriter, who writes, composes and performs songs in Hindi, Punjabi and English. With a strong fan based reach of over 3 million people and growing, Navin has achieved six number one singles in the Asian Charts, and won the 2013 ‘Entertainer of the Year’ Award in the Houses Of Parliament. In 2011, he became an ambassador for the British Asian Trust, founded by HRH The Prince Of Wales and used his music to break a Guinness World Record raising £10,000 for the Trust. [1] In 2012, Navin was appointed ambassador of the diabetes charity, Silver Star, founded by Keith Vaz MP whose patrons include Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Shilpa Shetty. As a popular youth icon, Navin also uses his position as a role model to inspire the youth and delivers a number of talks at youth conferences across the UK.

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On Saturday 28thand Sunday 29thSeptember, Watermans will be hosting the UK Premiere of, Where Did I leave myPurdah, a new show, by Primetime Theatre Company, one of India’s best known companies working in English language theatre, and a regular at the venue. Written by Mahesh Dattani, this comic drama is set against the backdrop of the famed company theatres that toured India from the 1940s performing classical and epic drama. The play explores the of a famous stage diva, Nazia Sahiba, and her complex relationships with those closest to her. Against the backdrop of the Indian Partition the story moves between the past and the present, revealing hidden resentments, passions, and long suppressed rivalries, as Nazia decides to direct the classic story of Kalidas's Shakuntala. Matinee will be on Saturday 28 September at 4pm & evening show on Sunday 29 September at 7.30pm Tickets: £15 (£12.50) Box Office: 020 8232 1010 Address: 40 High Street, Brentford, TW8 0DS

16 - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Ajay Devgn turns 'Action Jackson' in Prabhudeva's next

ollywood actor Ajay Devgn's upcoming film to B be directed by Prabhudeva

will be titled 'Action Jackson'. Devgn has borrowed the first two initials of his name AJ, to form the title of the film. This is the first collaboration between Devgn and the choreographer-turned-director. The film will have three actresses. Although the names of Sonakshi Sinha and Yaami Gautam have been confirmed so far, the name of the third one is kept under the wraps.

Anil Kapoor to act in Nayak again?

he “Nayak” proved to be a milestone in Anil Kapoor's T career after it was released in

2001. The film was directed by S Shankar and produced by A M Rathnam. And now, aiming to revive the popularity of the film, yet another instalment of the film is being planned. Jayantilal Gada of Pen India revealed that they are all set to make “Nayak Returns” with Anil Kapoor being roped in. However, Gada claimed that the film would have a new subject that throws some light on social issues but would not be a prequel or sequel to its first instalment. The character that Anil will play, however, will be similar to his previous role as Shivaji Rao.

Danny Denzongpa plans to return to direction

eteran actor Danny Denzongpa, who has been V part of many Hindi films in the

past, plans to direct a film once again. A source close to the actor reveals, "He has directed films in the past and now he has lot of scripts ready with him and he wants to direct. He is busy choosing the right script and when he is convinced, he may direct soon." Danny had earlier directed the 1980 film “Phir Woh Raat.” As of now, the 65-year-old actor is looking forward to the release of “Boss,” which stars Akshay Kumar in the lead, and the Hrithik Roshan-starrer “Bang Bang.”

Esha Gupta to star in Sajid Khan's 'Humshakals'

laiming it to be a hilarious roller coaster ride, Sajid Khan's C ambitious venture 'Humshakals'

will have three male and female leads. While the two female leads Bipasha Basu and Tamannaah Bhatia were finalized recently, the news is that Esha Gupta will be the third lead. The film is supposed to be a comedy starring Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh and Ram Kapoor in triple roles and will be extensively shot in UK. “Humshakals' is produced by Puja Entertainment and Films Ltd and Fox Star Studios and is slated to release on June 6, 2014.

'Kochadaiiyaan' to release on Rajinikanth's birthday?

If all goes as planned, then Rajinikanth-starrer Tamil period-drama 'Kochadaiiyaan' will most likely release on his birthday on Dec 12 worldwide, says a source close to the film's unit. "The makers want it to be Rajini sir's birthday gift and in turn a treat for his fans. The idea is to release it on his birthday provided everything goes as smoothly as planned. We are currently busy with the post-production work," the source said. The first teaser of 'Kochadaiiyaan', which is directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin, was released online Monday. It has received mixed response from fans so far.

Aishwar starts sh second fi

Aishwarya Dhanush, daughte superstar Rajinikanth, started her second Tamil directorial t Raja Vai.' Her directorial debu Tamil romantic-drama '3' featu husband Dhanush. "A new da film (and) new beginning. (I'm the sets of 'Vai Raja Vai'! Wish the luck and your best my twe family. (I) need it all," posted Aishwarya on her Twitter pag Raja Vai' features Gautham K and Priya Anand in lead roles Comedian Satish will also fea an important role, while the r the cast will be soon finalised

'Paradesi' nominated for eight awards at London film fest

Critically acclaimed Tamil perioddrama “Paradesi” has been nominated for eight awards, including best film, at the London International Filmmaker Festival (LIFF). LIFF is scheduled to take place between Oct 12 and 18 in Ealing, London. The English title of 'Paradesi', directed by Bala Pazhanisaamy, is 'Vagabond'. Released earlier this year, the film featured Atharva Murali, Vedhika Kumar and Dhansika in lead roles. 'Paradesi' is nominated for best film, best foreign language feature film, best director of a foreign film and best director of a foreign language feature film. It is also nominated for best music (G.V. Prakash Kumar), best cinematography (R. Chezhiyan) and best lead actor (Atharva Murali) and best costume (Poornima Ramaswamy).

I'm jobless right now: Irrfan Khan

Versatile actor Irrfan Khan, who has received acclaim and praise galore film after film, says he is currently jobless, and busy reading scripts. "I am jobless, and I don't have any projects... I'm just reading scripts right now," Irrfan said. The actor, who has worked with directors of all kinds says he doesn't enjoy Bollywood's camp business. "I am fortunate that I could carry myself on my own. I didn't need anybody's help. Sometimes you have to do things which don't want to with these 'campgiris'. I don't enjoy that and this is my limitation actually," he added. Irrfan is currently busy promoting “The Lunchbox, directed by debutant Ritesh Batra.

Parineeti takes 'Shuddh Desi Romance' to Toronto The film may have opened to mix response but Parineeti Chopra was loved by one and all in “Shuddh Desi Romance.” The actress walked the red carpet at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival where the film was showcased to the audience. The film's writer Jaideep Sahni and director Manish Sharma were also present at the festival. Parineeti interacted with fans and media on two days. On the first day she chose a Gauri and Nainika blue lace dress and for the film's premiere Parineeti chose a creation by designer duo Pankaj and Nidhi. - Asian Voice 21st September 2013


rya Dhanush hooting for her Deepika Padukone ilm beats Katrina Kaif

r of d filming itled 'Vai ut was uring her ay, new m) off to h me all eeple

ge. 'Vai arthik s. ature in rest of d.

eepika Padukone is a hot favourite in Bollywood these days. Her recent films D have been blockbusters at the box office

with “Chennai Express” breaking all records. It is learnt from insiders in the advertising world that Deepika has upped her endorsement fee and is apparently charging Rs 60 million for a beauty soap ad which was allegedly offered to Katrina Kaif. Apparently, Katrina was the face of the brand earlier where she charged Rs 40 million for representing the brand. Insiders reveal that the deal fell in place with Deepika and the brand agreed to pay Rs 60 million considering her recent success! Interestingly, Sonam Kapoor and her “Raanjhanaa” co star Dhanush also shot an ad for the same brand apparently with Sonam said to be charging Rs 2o million for the deal.

Raveena Tandon stars in new PETA India campaign

fter recently adopting two dogs who were found struggling in the A recent monsoon rains, Raveena

My fight with SRK will be at boxoffice: Salman

One of Bollywood's biggest superstars Salman Khan has in the past ruled out all possibilities of his patch up with friend turned foe Shah Rukh Khan. However, he recently took everyone by surprise when he decided to hug SRK at an Iftar party. Salman for the first time spoke about his much talked about hug with Shah Rukh Khan and said his fight with SRK will be at box-office. Salman appreciated the super success of “Chennai Express.” "Like Shah Rukh Khan recently did with his film Chennai Express, I will also try to do it with my film,” said Salman.

Tandon Thadani is teaming up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India for a brandnew ad campaign that encourages everyone to follow her example. In the ad Raveena appears with her beloved dogs Chotu, a "community dog" whom she brought home off the streets, and Cuddles, who was adopted from an animal shelter, next to the words "Puppy Love: Adopt, Don't Buy!" In a video interview with PETA India, Raveena explains why she was inspired to adopt all five of the dogs with whom she shares her life. "I would rather help an animal in dis-

tress rather than just go and buy another dog", she says. "These strays deserve a chance, and they need our help, our love and our compassion." Every time someone buys a dog from a breeder or a pet shop, a dog in a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a good home. In addition, pedigree dogs, who have been bred for certain exaggerated physical traits, are susceptible to hip dysplasia, heart defects, epilepsy, eye and ear infections and a host of other ailments. This is not Raveena's first campaign for PETA India. She previously wore a "bloody" snake-print gown in an ad that pointed out how "wearing exotic skins kills".

Ranbir Kapoor taken for a ride by co-star t is a known fact that shooting in the by-lanes of Delhi has Itraditionally been a challenge.

For Ranbir Kapoor and his newbie heroine Pallavi Sharada, it was all the more difficult to do when they had to drive through the busy streets in old Delhi on a scooty. Even more exciting was the fact that it wasn't Ranbir but Pallavi who was in charge of driving. "No wonder, it was one of the toughest rides for Pallavi," informs a source, "First and foremost she hadn't driven a scooty before in her life. Worse, the scene required Ranbir to ride pillion. Thirdly, since it was difficult to control crowds, she had to get it all right rather quickly." Since the scene was written

in such a way that role reversal was impossible, Pallavi had no other choice but to take a deep breath and gear up for the drill. Nervous as hell, she first took a couple of rounds all by herself. However, she soon realised that rehearsals and real shoot are two different matters. That's because just when she thought that all was set for her and Ranbir was placed behind her, she got a taste of the real shooting atmosphere. "The moment Ranbir came on scene; there were hundreds of people who gathered out of nowhere. He had to come to Pallavi's rescue and help her not just go through the shot but also navigate the constantly building crowd.

18 - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Financial Voice

With the quiet and kind of dull summer period behind us markets are picking up momentum as the coming period, especially September, is packed with significant financial developments that will have substantial impact on global markets. Early in September we have the Federal Reserve's decision on whether they will initiate tapering its efforts to provide stimulus to the US economy by cutting back on its asset purchase program. Consensus is high amongst the Fed's board members that the American economic climate is improving during the past months and Ben Bernanke feels that he might not find more suitable timing to implement his plans on tapering. Recent economic data however have shed doubts on whether this is an appropriate time to start cutting back on stimulus efforts as receding consumer demand and a weakening in job data have led many analysts to suggest that the Fed might think it twice before going forward and the Dollar keeps falling hard every time the discussion turns to tapering or not. My view is that tapering is here to stay, the US economy is doing a good job recovering and pretty soon investors will realize it and drive Dollar higher. I treat every dip as an excellent opportunity to buy equities. On the other side of the pond the focus is on German elections during September and I don't expect any surprises there. Merkel will have an easy job keeping its electoral audience convinced that she's doing her best for Germany and Europe on the same time and I expect that Germany's efforts to protect the single European currency will stay in line with expectations. Recent decline in the EUR/GBP led some analysts to imply that the situation in Europe might be worse than recognized but I think that it's actually the rising Pound that is dragging the currency down. In fact I think that the British currency will rise even more since UK's economic prospects are better than feared and financial data keep beating expectations time after time. Emerging markets have fallen off with poorer than expected growth and also a fear that US tapering would mean even lower emerging market growth. Look it’s simple for India and China and South East Asia – you either hold for 3-5 years or you get in an out on a weekly basis. But a month to 12 month holding is asking for trouble as things turn around too quickly there, no trends really form. I don’t like gold predictions. You have Dollar weakness suggesting a rise in the price of gold, then war doesn’t break out in Syria so you have a fall in Gold. I don’t like guessing the minds of politicians and that’s what gold is presently – pass.

Three Indian-origins among America's 400 richest

Washington: Three Indian-Americans figure among America's 400 richest people with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates retaining the top spot on the Forbes list for the twentieth straight year, at $72 billion. Up $6 billion from 2012, Gates is once again

the world's richest person, having passed Mexico's Carlos Slim in May. Topping the IndianAmerican list was Florida outsourcer Bharat Desai & family with a net worth of $2.2 billion in the 252nd position. He was followed California software manufacturer Romesh T Wadhwani with a net worth of 2.1 billion. California ven-

ture capitalist Vinod Khosla was ranked 352 with a net worth of $1.5 billion Investor Warren Buffett, the second richest is the biggest dollar gainer this year at $58.5 billion, up $12.5 billion from last year. Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison at number three, worth $41 billion, is the same as last year; he is the only one in the Top 10 who did not add to his fortune. FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg was the second biggest gainer at $9.6 billion. He returns to the Top 20 (number 20) at $19 billion after dropping to 36th position last year. The combined wealth of the Forbes' 2013 ranking of the richest people in America is $2 trillion, up from $1.7 trillion in 2012 and the highest ever, due in part to the strength of both the US stock and real estate markets.

India’s exports up 13%, trade deficit shrinks

India’s exports climbed 13% to $26 billion in August and imports fell marginally as gold imports stalled, helping trim the trade deficit to just under $11 billion and provide much-needed support to policymakers battling to shore up the rupee. A widening trade deficit has been a key contributor to India’s record current account deficit. In recent months, lower demand in the US and Europe pulled down export demand, while imports kept rising due to high oil and gold inflows. A spate of measures announced over the past few months have considerably slowed down shipments of the yellow metal. Trade deficit in August was the lowest since $10.3 billion in March as gold imports declined from $2.2 billion in July to $650

India’s market regulator SEBI will soon notify new rules to make it easier for foreign entities to invest in Indian markets following finalisation of the necessary regulatory changes by the government for a major overhaul of the existing regulations for overseas investments. Under the new rules, which are likely to be announced in next few days, SEBI is creating a new class of investors - to be called Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) - and would classify them in three categories as per their risk profile, senior officials said.The KYC (Know Your Client) and other regulato-

million in August, commerce & industry minister Anand Sharma said at a press conference. “The fall in gold imports is not an aberration. It is going down consistently and I expect the trend to continue,” he added. However, crude petroleum imports rose nearly 18% to $151 billion in August as the rise in prices pushed up the bill. Simultaneously, with the economic situation improving in the West, exports have started rising, prompting the govern-

ment to talk of a reversal in fortunes. After all, this was the second straight month when the value of shipments out of the country rose at double-digit rates. “All sectors, with a significant share in the export basket, have shown positive growth, barring jewellery. Our concern was engineering, which has returned to positive territory,” commerce secretary S R Rao said. Despite the recovery in exports, exporters are demanding more sops. “For the last four months garment exports are growing at 11%. To maintain the momentum of growth it is important that manufacturing sector starts picking fast. This is an employment critical sector and government intervention is must to sustain the growth momentum and reach the target set by the govern-

ment,” said A Sakthivel, who heads the Apparel Export Promotion Council. Similarly, FIEO chief M Rafeeque Ahmed demanded according priority sector status to export credit, a demand that the commerce department has already placed before the finance ministry and RBI. Sharma said the government is tracking trends on a quarterly basis and may extend a helping hand to the laggards. “We will take a considered view and make intervention to support those sectors, which are lagging behind, and that we shall do it after the review in October.” He, however, ruled out that the rupee depreciation offered significant boost to exporters, arguing that 45% of the input and raw material was imported into the country.

ry compliance requirements for the FPIs would depend on their risk category and the norms would be easier for lower-risk investors. The proposals are based on former Cabinet Secretary K. M. Chandrasekhar committee report and were approved by SEBI in its board meeting in June end. Thereafter, the regulator referred the recommendations to the Government of India for implementation. SEBI is merging different classes of investors such as FIIs, their Sub Accounts and Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs) into a new category, FPIs, to put in place a simplified

and uniform set of entry norms for them. The FPIs would be categorised into three categories – low-risk (for multilateral agencies, government and other sovereign entities), moderate risk (for banks, asset management companies, investment trusts, insurers, pension funds and university funds) and high-risk (all the FPIs not included in the first two categories). The third-category FPIs would not be allowed to issue Participatory Notes. The KYC requirements would be simplest for the first category and most stringent for the third class. The requirement for submission of personal identification documents of

designated officials of the FPIs would also be done away with for the first two categories. These measures come at a time when concerns are being raised about outflows of foreign capital and weakening of the rupee against the dollar and other foreign currencies. The new norms are expected to make it much easier for the foreign investors to enter the country and make investment decisions. The regulator had earlier sought certain changes in the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, as also in the norms for taxation responsibility under the FPI regime, to facilitate the framing of new norms.

Deutsche Bank report said. "Following incoming governor Raghuram Rajan's announcements on assuaging currency markets and particularly after the news flow over the FCNR-B swap announcements, we have

seen the rupee partially recovering its losses and FII's emerging as net buyers of close to $1 billion over the past 8 trading sessions," Deutsche Bank said. As per the report, investor sentiments were boosted following the recent announcements over the FCNR-B, supportive trade data and easing investment facilitation in debt markets. These measures have resulted in imparting "long needed and much sought after credibility over both the financing of the CAD and the actual CAD," Deutsche Bank said adding a tempering of the Syria risk

have also assuaged investors, aiding inflows. Moreover, investors are keenly expecting a fuel price hike (both one time as well as a higher monthly calibrated hike). "Convergence of political will on critical economic issues also bodes well," it said. The rupee is currently, hovering around the 62/USD level. The local currency had depreciated to an all-time low of 68.85 on August 28. Citing anecdotal evidence, HSBC said bouts of sharp currency depreciation in India have generally been followed by periods of strong FII inflows into equities.

SEBI finalises easier rules for foreign investors

FIIs bought shares worth $1 bn following Rajan's announcements

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) have bought shares worth $1 billion in the past eight trading sessions following RBI governor Raghuram Rajan's recent announcements, a Deutsche Bank report said. According to the global financial services major, FIIs have recouped around 25% of the outflows seen over the June-August period, when the country witnessed its sharpest bout of FII outflows since the global financial crisis. Between June and August 2013, India saw FII outflows of $4 billion, leading to fears of a possible capitulation by FII's, the - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap A Property Investment Company


Doing the Deal

Many clients wonder how it is that we can find deals and they cannot. So this week I thought I will show our readers some of the ways to find deals in a competitive market place. We have all seen the emails from property companies, which offer 25% to 40% off so called RICS valuation. These properties tend to be in places like Manchester, Nottingham, Sunderland... places well away from the Capital. In areas such as these you cannot be sure the prices next year will not be even lower than what you have purchased the property for. It’s rare and hard work to find deals with any decent margins in Central London or in strong locations; the reason being vendors are not struggling financially in these locations. From my observations it appears that when the market goes down for a time in Central London prices don't really come down, what happens is sellers simply do not put their properties on the market; purely because generally these aren’t the desperate seller types. Supply is reduced during these times, and the frequency of sales decrease. Only those who really have to sell put their properties on the market, for reasons such as divorce, probate etc. The owners of properties in this location are generally financially savvy and therefore have not over geared their properties. Many are also overseas business people who have put money in London to keep it in a safe place; away from the radar of their own country's authorities. Given the above how do we then find a deal? There are two ways of finding deals in the market place: one is direct and the other is indirect, by indirect I mean you employ the service of a company such as an agent, who looks out for deals for you. There are companies who offer to find deals but most focus through out the UK and not exclusively in Central Locations. In Central London you have many individual dealers who are known as runners, they hear and know about deals, which never hit the open market. Most do not have offices or a company, they simply operate with a mobile phone. Most blag their way through and hope to strike a deal. Often they tell you they have control of a deal until you come to doing it then you find there are 3 links in the chain before you get to the vendor. Some however are worth their salt and do know how to get deals and know what a deal looks like; we have used their service to secure deals in the recent past.

issued to you. We found ourselves in this position in July this year when we picked up a deal for £2.675m whilst there was a buyer already in place for £2.9m; they were dragging their feet, and therefore we snuck in and done the deal. Then there are of course auctions which traditionally were the domain of the serious property investor. But the expansion of funding and ease of access to this, as well as documentaries of people snapping up deals in the auction rooms has encouraged the novice investor to come into this hallowed room and purchase property. This has led to some strange things happening. One is properties often go for higher prices than they would otherwise sell for with Estate agents. The reason for this is many of the purchasers are end users and novice investors. The end user is more likely to purchase with emotion, the price is secondary to them. Their driving force is they may love the feel of the property and therefore they are willing to purchase at almost any cost. The novice investor may not do their homework in regards to the cost of for example a lease extension or cost of works and therefore end up over paying. You only need two of these in an auction room to drive the price up to an unreasonable level.

I ndirect deals are often offered at property seminars where they source dea ls for you. I nterestingly many of these compa nies make money not from sourcing deals themselves but by selling property s eminars , meaning they do not wa lk their talk. I heard this from the horse's mouth, actually from the accountant of one so called seminar teacher who is popular in the circuit. His income comes from selling courses not from doing the deals he talks about himself. In all fairness this is fueled by the relevant demand as many people don’t actually like biting the bullet and getting on doing deals, rather they like to talk about doing deals and 'anal-lyzing them'; simply procrastinating on the subject matter rather than actually being serious about doing the deals. Therefore it is difficult to know who to blame, the person giving the seminars or those who attend them? There are a number of direct routes one can use to identify deals. The first and most obvious is Estate agents. Some agents don’t know what a deal looks like and they have a blinkered vision in simply selling the next property, so much so that they miss deals which slip through their fingers like sand. So at times you can pick these up. These are mispriced stock; sometimes with good reason and sometimes without any reason. These to be fair are not easy to get as most Agents are very savvy and in a property market like London it is difficult to get a deal from an agent unless you have good connections. If you have a reputation of doing deals quickly when you say you will do so, and have a proven track record, this alone will attract further deal flow. For example if an agent has a couple of deals fallen through he is likely to lose the instruction from the seller totally unless he can pull a serious buyer out of the bag. Or even if the current buyer has taken too long and the agent is getting nervous you may find another contract

The consequence of thes e two types of investors entering the a uction market has been many dealers ha ve been dumping their stock in auctions to achieve higher p rices. Another consequence of this has been many traders have been dumping properties which are unsellable in the open market. These can be properties which are unmortgagable due to, for example, the type of construction, the length of lease or tenancies. If for example someone has purchased a property and tries to sell it within six months most mortgage providers will not fund this property. So rather than sell this through an agent where buyers will exchange only after they have the mortgage offer the seller dumps it in auction. This way the exchange will happen at the fall of the hammer and the mortgage will be arranged after exchange has occurred. Does this mean auctions are out completely? – not so. You need to look harder. Look for problem properties which have issues with them, e.g. ones which have unknown tenancies or cannot be readily funded. These types of properties will scare both the end users and the novice investors. Filtering these out will only leave the serious investor to do the deals. Another way is to look for deals which are not supposed to be in the auctions they are in. What I mean by this is you have some auctions which specialise in certain regions, if you find a property which is of another region within such an auction there is a chance this will go for less money than it should. I have made money for clients both by purchasing properties which have had unknown tenancies, and also exchanging on a property and simply putting it in another auction for sale! So this is not simply dry theory, which is being preached, it is practical knowledge which can and has been used. There is also the case of properties being repossessed, where the person from who it has been repossessed has not disclosed information to the receiver regarding the actual situation. It has been put on the market with unknown information. The only person who knows this information is the person from whom it has been repossessed. Therefore this person will find a way to purchase it back from the receiver. If you’re a wholesale buyer of property you will attract property deals in the same way as if you’re a bulk buyer of any commodity. If you always execute the deal and do it when you say you will, you will find deals coming your way. The reason being most people do not; they simply talk about doing it!

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Tips of the Week

l When investing in property you must forget your whims regarding investing where you may want to live or close to where you live, and instead follow the sacred property mantra Location, Location, Location!

l When renovating a property always be mindful of not just the quotation but the time period, as the delay will be costing you in interest and losing you rental income


UK - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Entrepreneurs: The latest indictment Maria Fernandes

he Coalition Government have T introduced restriction

after restriction to the immigration rules and have stated that their aim is to get the “right type” of people whilst reducing numbers. Looking at the policies there certainly have been reductions in numbers of students qualifying leading many Universities to repeatedly express concern about the drop in numbers and the attempt to reduce spouses from, let’s just say the lower salary bracket. The Courts have declared unlawful this remarkable feat of engineering particularly citing concerns about British citizens being denied their rights. And believe me the argument is not about reduction of numbers in order to protect jobs of those resident in the UK. Australians have been granted an increase in the number from 35,000 to 38,500 that can come to the UK and work without restrictions for 2 years and Hong Kong has just been added to the countries which can send its youth over to work. There is no sign of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or any of the African countries from qualifying any time soon. So much for the Commonwealth and the special relationship. And as for the investment categories, a recent inspection by the Chief Inspector uncovered the issues that continue to dog the process. For example, the Inspector stated that allegations were made about abuse in the Entrepreneur category which led to amendments to the Immigration Rules. One such change

is the introduction of proving “genuineness”, yet the Home Office were unable to tell the Inspector what the outcome of the allegations had been. Bearing in mind a major change was deemed to be necessary it is extraordinary that no justification can be provided. Perhaps there is none. As usual, the inspector found significant delays in the processing of applications. Whilst applications abroad were taking on average 7.5 days, applications in the UK were taking on average 63 days, or eight times longer. He described this as a “glaring inconsistency” representing “extremely poor customer services.” The reason for the delay which he was given is the introduction of the Entrepreneur route following the closure of the Post Study route. This Rule artificially introduced the ability for graduates to invest rather than take up employment. It is one of the most poorly and ill thought out drafted rules ever, based on the need to replace the ability of these graduates to take up employment. Applicants were able to invest £50,000 as opposed to £200,000 but were also required to be working in positions selected from the Code of Practice. It is little wonder that it has created a backlog as caseworkers applying the rules struggle to understand it and therefore apply it in any meaningful way. The latest report reiterates the same problems as before: delays, failure to learn from appeals, poor customer service. When will they ever learn?

Excessive regulation can impede financial innovation: Rangarajan

itching for a nonrestrictive regulation in P the financial sector, Prime

Minister's key economic advisor C Rangarajan said too many norms can impede financial innovations. "Too little regulation may encourage financial instability, but too much of it can impede financial innovations which are badly needed," he said at the Annual Banking Summit organised by Assocham. Financial innovation and regulations, he said, must go hand-in-hand in order to ensure growth with stability in real and financial sector. "Regulatory oversight or innovations is necessary. But the regulatory perspective on innovation must not become too restrictive. The policymakers must strike an appro-

priate balance between the need for financial innovations to sustain growth and the need for regulation to ensure stability," he said. The regulatory umbrella should be such that it should promote a competitive banking system that will deliver efficient services at minimal cost, Rangarajan added. Emphasising that scope for financial innovation remains wide in India, he said there was need to draw appropriate lessons

India’s inflation soars to 6.1% on high food prices

ndia's wholesale price inflation rose to I6.1based per cent in August,

from the current international financial crisis. On infrastructure financing, Rangarajan said there was a need to explore innovative ways for financing the sector. Banks at present have certain limitations. "They (banks) have to take care of mismatch in liability and asset management. Of course a vibrant debt market will also help investors' need for longterm funding," he said. On entry of new banks, he said, "our decision on how many new banks to be licenced must be based on what the economy will need not today but over the next several decades". The entry norms could be stringent and only well qualified entities should be encouraged in order to improve the quality of banking system and promote competition, he said.

On economy, Rangarajan said India needs to overcome the slow phase of growth and move to high growth path. He suggested removing supply side bottlenecks in key infrastructure sector, including coal and iron ore, to get back to 9 per cent growth rate. Noting that the coming decade would be crucial for India, he said "if India grows at 8-9 per cent per annum, it is estimated that the per capita GDP will increase from the current level of $ 1,600 to $ 800010000 by 2025". India would then transit from being a low income to a middle income country, he said adding, for this to happen, the banking sector must develop so as to meet the needs of this diversifying economy and assist the transition.

Mallya battles against winding up Kingfisher

ebt-ridden Kingfisher D Airlines' belea-

to 6.1 per cent in August as against 5.79 per cent in July. Inflation was recorded at 8.01 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year, according to data released by the ministry of commerce and indus-

There was a steep rise in food prices. Food inflation jumped to 18.18 per cent in August as compared to 9.34 per cent recorded in the corresponding month of last year. Prices of vegetables almost doubled. Onion price soared by 244.62 per cent year-on-year. Eggs, meat and fish became costlier by 18.86 per cent. Rice became costlier by 20.13 per cent. Wheat price jumped by 7.6 per cent and prices of cereals soared by 14.35 per cent. The headline inflation data for June was revised upward to 5.16 per cent from 4.86 per cent reported earlier. In August, there was a sharp increase in fuel and power and primary articles prices also. Primary articles inflation soared to 11.72 per cent. Fuel and power inflation jumped to 11.34 per cent.

guered chairman Vijay Mallya is battling against aircraft lessors and financiers who moved the Karnataka High Court for winding up the company for defaulting on loans by his holding company United Breweries Holdings Ltd. "As the cases are in the high court and the matter is under sub judice, I will not be able to comment. Though five winding up petitions are before the company court, we are in talks with two of them for out of court settlements," Mallya told reporters on the margins of the company's 97th annual general meeting (AGM). Asserting that the Rs 2.50 billion the holding company had deposited in the court would take care of the winding up petitions, Mallya said serious

claims were only from three of the five petitioners. "We are not in favour of windingup as we are continuing our efforts to review the airline," Mallya said. The consortium of 14 banks led by State Bank of India (SBI) moved the high court in July 13 to recover their cumulative dues from the airline and its holding firm (UBHL) to the tune of Rs.62.03 billion. UBHL is the guarantor for the defunct airline. The crisis-hit airline's permit to fly was suspended in October 2012 by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) due to safety concerns and labour problems. The airline accumulated losses to the tune of Rs 160.24 billion as of March 31, 2013 and its net worth stood at a negative Rs.129.20 billion.

wealth intelligence and prospecting company, India is home to as many as 7,850 high net worth individuals whose collective net worth is $935 billion. "Despite India's 1.6 per cent population growth, the country added more

UHNW individuals (120) than any other BRICS nations in the past 12 months," the Wealth-X report said. BRICS comprises Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Meanwhile, there was a decline in the number of billionaires (103 this year) over (109 last year). Further, this is also the weakest wealth-tier which did not increase its net worth in the past 12 months. Last year the collective wealth of India's billionaires stood at $190 billion, while this year it has got reduced by 5.3 per cent to $180 billion.

In India, the lowest tier of the UHNW group represented by those worth $30 million to $49 million is the largest group, of the total UHNW population in the country with a combined fortune of $130 billion. A city-wise analysis shows that more than 90 per cent of India's UHNW population live in top 10 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Gurgaon and Jaipur. Mumbai and Delhi, however, dominate with more than 50 per cent of the country's UHNW

population based in one of these two cities, the report said. On the global front, the world's UHNW population reached an all-time high of 1,99,235 individuals and a combined wealth of $27.8 trillion during the past 12 months. Wealth-X has identified 2,170 billionaires globally, with a total net worth of $6.5 trillion, equal to 23 per cent of the world's UHNW total wealth. The global UHNW population continues to be dominated by men as there were 175,730 men in UHNW club as compared to 23,505 women.

the sharpest pace in six months, driven by more than 18 per cent jump in food prices, government data showed. The headline inflation, measured in terms of the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), accelerated


India sees largest rise in super-rich club among BRICS nations

otwithstanding the continuing economic N gloom, India has recorded

the largest increase in its Ultra-High Networth Individual (HNIW) club among the BRICS nations in the last one year, with a total of 7,850 super rich people in the country, a report says. The study focuses solely on persons with a net worth of $30 million and above (after accounting for shares in public and private companies, residential and investment properties, art collections, planes, cash and other assets). Moreover, India has

also the highest number of female millionaires in the world as the country boasts of over 1,250 UHNW women with a combined fortune of $95 billion. According to the world ultra wealth report 2013 by Wealth-X, a global

FINANCIAL VOICE - Asian Voice 21st September 2013


Foreign Exchange

Paresh Davdra is the Dealing Director of RationalFX,

Economy turning a corner Currency Specialists.

The pound was one of the biggest gainers last week following some encouraging fundamental data as well as comments made by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. The week started well for the pound following George Osborne’s upbeat comments about the UK economy. Osborne stated that the economy was turning a corner and was in the early stages of recovery. He added that whilst risks still remain for the recovery; a continuation of the current deficitreduction plan should counter these risks to growth. Overall the news was well received by the markets, with GBPUSD initially climbing to a three month high. The pound was further boosted by better than expected unemployment figures from the UK. For the month of July we saw a significant fall in the number of people applying for benefits (the lowest levels since February 2009) and the overall unemployment rate dropped from 7.8% to 7.7%. This news was more in focus than usual as Mark Carney’s new forward guidance has linked the unem-

George Osborne

ployment rate to the interest rates in the UK. As the Bank of England had originally forecast a fall in the unemployment rate down to 7% to take 3 years, Mark Carney’s forward guidance plan credibility may well begin to be questioned. Ahead of this week’s crucial Monetary Policy statement from the Federal Reserve, the US dollar continued to weaken last week as investors seem cautious

as to the extent of how much the Fed are likely to taper quantitative easing following the recent run of disappointing data. Retail sales failed to rise as much as the market expected and the number of jobs added seems to be falling short of expectations. Expectations are for the Fed to taper quantitative easing by US$10bln, but monetary is expected to remain loose and accommodative depending on economic conditions. The US dollar was dealt another blow this week as uncertainty surrounding who will replace Ben Bernanke as the next Fed chairman intensified. News emerged that current Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who was favourite to replace Bernanke, and also in favour of tapering QE, withdrew his name from the running of chairmanship. Janet Yellen, who is more dovish on the US economy and thus believed to be more in favour of maintaining quantitative easing, is now the favourite to take over from Ben Bernanke after 31st January 2014.

Indeed Yellen’s concerns over the US economy were echoed by President Obama in a speech made on Monday 16th September. He suggested that the economy wasn’t growing as fast as it should be and that not enough jobs were being created in the current budget sequester. With regards to the debt ceiling, Obama commented that Congress must pass a budget without threatening the country’s inability to pay back its bills. The euro continues to be underpinned by the upcoming elections in Germany, with Angela Merkel touted to regain her role as a Chancellor. Despite the encouraging data from the euro zone, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi continued to talk down the euro. Draghi commented that the euro zone economy remains fragile and given the subdued inflation outlook, the headline interest rate will be more likely to remain at 0.5% or may decrease for an extended period of time. Given that the market is already well aware of Draghi’s thoughts, there has been limited impact on the euro following his speech.

Weekly Currencies

As of Tuesday 17th September 2013 @ 5.30pm GBP - INR = 100.30 USD - INR = 63.80 EUR - INR = 84.24 GBP - USD = 1.59 GBP - EUR = 1.19

EUR - USD = 1.34 GBP - AED = 5.84

GBP - CAD = 1.64

GBP - NZD = 1.93

GBP - AUD = 1.70

GBP - ZAR = 15.58

GBP - HUF = 353.64

Information provided by RationalFX. None of the information on this page constitutes, nor should be construed as financial advice. The exchange rates used are the commercial foreign exchange rates provided by RationalFX. For a live quote or to find out more about how RationalFX can help you, call us on 0207 220 8181.



In Focus

Shahbaz Bhatti's killer arrested

Islamabad: Pakistan police have arrested a Taliban militant allegedly involved in the killing of former minister for minorities' affairs Shahbaz Bhatti, who was shot dead for speaking against the blasphemy laws. Around two weeks ago, Hammad Adil was arrested in a raid, along with Muhammad Tanveer, an alleged Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan ringleader. These two were suspected of planning the attack on Bhatti with the help of another accomplice Omer Abdullah.

Zardari warns against 'appeasing' Pak militants

Islamabad: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has warned against "appeasing" the militants, saying the attack by the Pakistani Taliban that claimed the lives of two top army officers shows the futility of the policy. "If there has been any doubt about the futility of appeasing the militants, these must be removed by the incident in upper Dir on the eve of International Democracy Day," Zardari said. His comments came on a day when the Pakistani Taliban killed Maj Gen Sanaullah, Lt Col Touseef and a Lance Naik in an IED blast in Upper Dir of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Three women shot dead in Pakistan 'honour' crime

Islamabad: Relatives have shot dead three women in a lawless tribal area of northwest Pakistan after one of them left her husband, officials said. The "honour" killings happened in Jawaki village in the Darra Adam Khel district, between the cities of Peshawar and Kohat. A 22-year-old woman from Karachi who married a Jawaki shopkeeper about two years ago was accused of fleeing her husband's house and marrying another man in the northwestern Swat valley with the help of her aunt and cousin, a local administration official said. Relatives shot the three dead at their house.

Pakistan to approach UN over drone strikes

Islamabad: Pakistan said it would approach the UN over US drone strikes inside its territory as they violate the country's sovereignty. The decision to approach the UN was taken at an All Parties Conference held recently. "These attacks cause collateral damage and violate international laws, including humanitarian and human rights laws, apart from violating Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity," said foreign office spokesman Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry.

Pak to build twin capital across Margalla Hills

Islamabad: Pakistan is planning an ambitious USD 12-billion project that includes building a twin capital city across the scenic Margalla Hills and connecting it with Islamabad through a tunnel, a media report said. The project is being implemented on the directions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Capital Development Authority is working hard at it, The News daily reported. Quoting sources, the report said the construction of two ring roads between Rawalpindi-Islamabad and a new airport at Rawat, Rawalpindi, are also part of this mega project.

Pakistan axes 'immoral' cell phone love chat

Islamabad: Pakistan has cracked down on " immoral" love chat services offered by mobile phone companies, stifling hopes of illicit romance in the conservative Muslim country where dating is frowned upon. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said the ban was enforced last month due to protests from parents and lawmakers, but critics warn it is the latest attempt at creeping censorship. The PTA first pulled the plug on dirt-cheap chat rates and late-night discounts in November, but operators simply started offering the services under different names. So the regulator tightened the ban late last month.

Pak keen to have serious dialogue with India: Nawaz Sharif

Islamabad: Asserting that people had given him the mandate to improve ties with neighbours, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said Pakistan was keen to have a comprehensive dialogue with India for the resolution of all issues, including Kashmir. Sharif said he was committed to a "serious sustained and constructive engagement" with India that must include the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. Describing the recent tension at the LoC as matter of concern, he said Pakistan would respond to the situation with "restraint and responsibility". In an interview, Sharif said his government was pursuing a foreign policy of forging stable and cooperative relations with all countries, especially neighbouring countries. "For the effective pursuit of our socio-economic agenda, good relations with all

Dhaka: Bangladesh's Supreme Court sentenced an Islamist leader to death for war crimes during the 1971 war of independence, overturning an earlier life sentence imposed by a tribunal and triggering violent protests by his supporters. The war crimes tribunal found Abdul Quader Mollah, assistant secretary general of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, guilty of murder, rape and torture on February 5. The life sentence imposed at the time also triggered protests by people hoping he would get the death penalty. In response, parliament amended a law to allow the state to appeal against any verdict or sentence passed by the tribunal. Bangladesh has been hit in recent months by a wave of violent protests over war crimes convictions, present- - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

our neighbours are essential and a priority for my government," Sharif, currently in Turkey on a three-day official visit, was quoted as saying. "I have always given high priority to good relations with India for the sake of durable peace in the region. We are keen to have a comprehensive dialogue with India for the resolution of all issues, including the issue of Jammu and Kashmir," Sharif added. The Prime Minister said he started this process when

the then Indian prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee visited Lahore in 1999 and the two sides were very close to finding a negotiated settlement to the Kashmir dispute. State-run Radio Pakistan quoted Sharif as saying that the recent tension along the Line of Control was a matter of concern but Pakistan would "continue to respond to the situation with restraint and responsibility". On the issue of negotiations with the Pakistani Taliban, Sharif said his government was ready to hold dialogue with those who were ready to shun extremism. Sharif said that the government has more than one option to deal with terrorists' but shall use force only as a last option to avoid further loss of innocent lives. The Prime Minister said that the menace of terrorism in the region "is the outcome of wrong policies in the past". He

said Pakistan needs the cooperation and support of international community and neighbours for controlling funding' supply of arms and training to the terror networks. Sharif said the US strategy of using drone strikes in Pakistan against terrorists not only violate the country's sovereignty and international law but were also counterproductive and causes further radicalisation in the society. He said these strikes "undermine our collective efforts to counter extremism and terrorism". He hoped that there is a rethink in the US about the utility of the drone strikes. Sharif said that peace and stability in Afghanistan was directly linked with peace and stability in Pakistan. He said that his government would continue to extend sincere support for the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

ing the government with a security and credibility challenge ahead of polls early next year. More than 100 people have been killed in protests and counter-protests since January, when the tribunal delivered its first verdict. In July, a court declared Jamaat-e-Islami illegal, effectively banning it from the election. Six party leaders have been convicted of various crimes in connection with the war. Mollah's party opposed Bangladeshi independence from Pakistan in the 1971 war but it denies accusations that its leaders committed murder, rape and torture. Jamaat activists skirmished with police in several towns, including the port city of Chittagong, and Khulna, after the sentence was revised.

Islamabad: A number of Pakistan Army officers belonging to its Medical Corps, including a Lt Colonel, have 'deserted' while on training courses abroad, a media report has said. After having graduated from the Army Medical College and commissioned in the Pakistan Army's Medical Corps, these officers when sent to countries like the US, the UK and Australia never came back, The News daily reported. The Surgeon General of the Pakistan Army has formally approached the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) with the first batch of deserter officers to de-notify their registration. The PMDC has also been asked to get the registration of these deserters cancelled

in the countries of their present residence, the report said quoting sources. "The actual number of these deserters is said to be quite high but the army authorities have so far communicated the names of 10 officers," it said. The report says the first case dates back to 1995 and that a majority of the deserters are Majors. Most of them were sent abroad for higher education or training on government expenses but they opted not to come back and started practising medicine in those countries. Some of the officers were sent on four-year courses, some had gone for two years training and a few had gone for foreign courses on their own expenses but never returned.

Commission (IEC) spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor told reporters. All potential runners must register with the IEC before October 6, and a final list of verified candidates will be published on November 16. Presidential hopefuls must be aged at least 40, have a clean record, provide 100,000 voter cards to prove they have a network of supporters and lodge a deposit of one million Afghanis ($18,000). The tough new criteria was designed "to limit the number of runners", Noor said, after around 40 candidates stood in the chaotic

2009 election that was marred by massive fraud. Karzai, a charismatic and mercurial figure, has dominated Afghan politics as the country has struggled to develop amid a fierce Taliban insurgency, and there are no obvious front-runners to succeed him. He has vowed to oversee a free and fair election and said he would not endorse any candidate, but international donor nations have expressed repeated concerns over the vote. "Credible, inclusive, and transparent presidential and provincial elections in 2014 are now the most important element of Afghanistan's transition," US ambassador James Cunningham wrote in an article. He called for "broad participation in the elections by

men and women from all segments of Afghan society" after low participation by women and Pashtuns, the country's largest ethnic group, in the 2009 vote. Many Afghans fear a surge in violence during campaigning and on polling day, but the government has said its security forces would ensure safety. Karzai recently said former warlord Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, 2009 runner-up Abdullah Abdullah and former finance minister Ashraf Ghani were possible candidates. With political manoeuvring well under way in Kabul, attention has now focused on low-profile Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul as a technocrat candidate from within Karzai's camp.

War crimes during 1971: Bangla Islamist gets death

Pak army grappling with deserting officers

Afghan election race kicks off as nominations open

Kabul: Nominations opened on Monday for Afghanistan's presidential election, with a large field expected to register in the race to succeed Hamid Karzai as the US-led war winds down. The election in April 5 next year will mark Afghanistan's first-ever democratic transfer of power as Karzai steps aside after leading the country since the hardline Taliban regime was ousted in 2001. The presidential race, from which Karzai is barred after serving two terms, is seen as the key test of the effectiveness of 13 years of bloody international military intervention and billions of dollars of aid. "Around 28 people received the information package for presidential elections," Independent Election

Racist tweets target first India-origin Miss America - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

In Focus

Past US envoys seek fair deal for India

Washington: In a significant development for lately troubled India-US relations, five past US ambassadors to India sought a fair deal for Indian companies on immigration. But their call – contained in a letter to congressional leaders Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi – goes beyond the immigration issue.It was the first show of support for India in last many months dominated by calls to press New Delhi to speed up reforms and correct allegedly discriminatory business practices.

Russian hospital fire: 37 killed

Moscow: A fire killed 37 people in a Russian psychiatric hospital, the second deadly blaze at such a facility this year and it was likely to heighten concerns about Russia’s treatment of the mentally ill and other wards of the state. There have been many deadly fires at state institutions like hospitals and schools over the past decade, raising questions about safety standards.

Obama nominates Indian-American to key position

Washington: The United States has nominated an Indian-American to a top diplomatic position as the Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs. Puneet Talwar was announced to be nominated for the position by the US President Barack Obama. Talwar, who was Obama's top advisor on the Middle East region for over four years, is the second Indian-American to be nominated as the Assistant Secretary position in the State Department.

US-Russia reach agreement on Syria weapons

Geneva: US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said they have reached an agreement on a framework for Syria to destroy all of its chemical weapons, and raised the specter of a potential UN Security Council resolution that could authorize sanctions - even military action - if President Bashar Assad's government fails to comply. The diplomats announced on the third day of intense negotiations in Geneva that some elements of the deal include a timetable and how Syria must comply.

Washington: Nina Davuluri, the first-ever Miss America of Indian origin, has been targeted with racist comments on social media hours after she was crowned. “And the Arab wins Miss America. Classic,” tweeted @Granvil Colt minutes after the usual final flourish ended in the crowning of the Indian-American, who is the current Miss New York. “Ummm wtf? Have we forgotten 9/11?” said @anthonytkr, associating Davuluri with the terrorist attack on the US. Some called her Miss al-Qaida and others dubbed her Miss Terrorist. “How the f**k does a foreigner win miss America? She is a Arab!” followed up @jakeamick5. Nina (24), for the record, is very much American but of Indian origin, just as sundry racist tweeple are of European and Caucasian extract. Daughter of immigrants from Vijayawada in AP, she was born in Syracuse, New York, and grew up in Oklahoma and Michigan. But in a flaming demonstration that an egalitarian, nondiscriminatory US, like with India, is a work in progress, bigotry and bias kept popping

Nina Davuluri

up on social media for hours after the event. “Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11,” sneered another racist, referring to the widespread ownership and management of convenience stores by people of Indian-origin. “Miss America is brought to by their sponsors PF Changs and 7-11,” jeered another. It’s another matter that the Davuluris fit the Indian-American profile of what the US Census says is the academically most-accomplished and highest-earning ethnic group in the US, “native” white Americans included. Nina’s father Davuluri Koteshwara Choudhary, who migrated to the US in 1981, is a gynecologist; Nina herself has a degree in brain behaviour and cognitive science from the University of Michigan

Indian named among most influential leaders in foreign policy

Washington: The Washington -based Diplomatic Courier and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy has recognized Sujit S Nair, cofounder/director of British South India Chamber of Commerce, as one of the most influential foreign policy leaders under the age of 33. He is the only Indian to make it to the list. The 99 Under 33 recognizes the distinctive impact each of the honorees has on his or her community and their promise of potential as a leader in the future. This list offers insight into the creativity, determination and passion of young people who are already tackling the world's critical global challenges. “As an influencer, Sujit has been playing a major role in promoting trade and investment between the UK and South India by taking the leadership role in holding regular business meets at the UK Parliament. Because of his efforts various stakeholders are aware of the opportunities between the UK and India. These achievements have given him the opportunity to network with influential people from the British

Sujit S Nair

Government and the Indian Government so as to achieve the objectives of BSICC,” said Philip Abraham, Vice Chair of British South India Chamber of Commerce. “Through British South India Chamber of Commerce, Sujit has been able to create regular dialogue between British and South Indian businesses interested in utilising British expertise in the infrastructure, waste management, education, low cost housing in urban and villages, power & energy and IT projects coming up in the South Indian states and also for Indian companies who want to tap opportunities in UK. We are pleased to welcome Sujit into the ‘99 Under 33,’ and look forward to seeing him fuel India's future growth. ” said Ana C Rold, Editor-in-Chief of the Diplomatic Courier.

and aspires to be a cardiologist, a goal for which she pledged the $ 50,000 prize money she won with her crown. Such accomplishments were lost on a bigoted minority that, as usual, raked up President Barack Obama’s background, calling both him and the new Miss America Muslims, questioning their “American-ness” and loyalty to the US. The attacks embarrassed many Americans. I’m an American first: Nina Such accomplishments were lost on a bigoted minority that, as usual, raked up President Barack Obama’s background, calling both him and the new Miss America Muslims, questioning their “American-ness” and loyalty to the US. The attacks embarrassed many Americans. “Wow, the hate that has come out since an IndianAmerican won “Miss America is sad. Guess we haven’t come that far after all,” someone tweeted apologetically.



Indian-American among Washington shooting victims

Washington: Vishnu Pandit, a person of Indian origin, was listed among seven of the 12 Washington Navy Yard shooting victims identified by the authorities. All of the victims are described as civilians or contractors. Pandit, 61, was identified Monday night along with six others: Michael Arnold, 59; Sylvia Frasier, 53; Kathy Gaarde, 62; John Roger Johnson, 73; Frank Kohler, 50; and Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46. No further details were available about the victims. The 13 dead include alleged gunman Aaron Alexis, 34, who was killed after an encounter with security in Monday morning's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, Mayor Vincent Gray told reporters. Eight other people were injured in the incident. Three of those injured were shot, including one Washington police officer, Scott Williams, who was shot in the leg, Gray said.

"The other five injuries range anywhere from stress reaction to someone who fell and had a head injury, contusion to the chest, arm abrasions and chest pain," he said. One employee who sur-

vived the morning's gunfire hid in a locker for nearly 11 hours, police saidt. A SWAT team found the worker in the locker. M e a n w h i l e , Washington police expressing confidence that only one person was involved in the shooting started lifting a shelter-in-place order for residents who live nearby, Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Monday night. Investigators have "exhausted all means available to support or discount" the lookout order issued earlier for a possible shooter in addition to suspect Alexis, she said.




Amma brand of mineral water launched Kicking off another populist scheme apparently with an eye on the general elections, chief minister and AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalithaa launched the "Amma mineral water" to be sold at state transport bus stations across Tamil Nadu. Packaged in one litre bottles, each costing Rs 10, it is cheaper than the market rate of Rs 20 per litre. The new scheme comes close on the heels of the launch of the "Amma canteens", where idlis, pongal and other food items, are available at subsidized rates.

Iskcon plans Rs 5 bn temple in Andhra

The Kondaveedu fort area in Guntur is likely to witness a brisk activity as the Andhra Pradesh government has cleared land lease for Iskcon to develop a temple. In the first phase, the state government has allotted 21 acres of land in Chenghizkhan Pet area to Iskcon on 99 years lease. Though the Iskcon authorities sought 55 acres in the area, the government allotted about 21 acres in the first phase. The Iskcon will take up construction of a Vedic school and Lord Krishna temple in 17 acres and an orphanage in the remaining four acres.

Newcomer made Karnataka JD(S) chief

Causing discontent in a section of the party, five-month-old entrant A Krishnappa was appointed the new president of the state JD(S) unit in Karnataka. A former minister in the S M Krishna government, Krishnappa quit the Congress in April this year after he was denied a ticket by the party in the assembly elections. He joined the JD(S) and was fielded from Hiriyur in Chitradurga district, but he lost.


Cops, pharmacist arrested for allowing convicts to visit home

Police in Sangrur busted a racket of jail inmates going out in the garb of getting treatment at Patiala hospital and open use of mobile phone. Four police officials and a jail pharmacist have been found helping out the inmates in the illegal act. Police arrested the four head constables, a pharmacist and three inmates and a case has been registered against them.

Man held with 20 kg opium

Police arrested a man with 20 kg of 'pure' opium worth Rs 2200,000 near Cheema Chowk in Ludhiana. Acting on a tip-off, a police team stopped an Innova near the chowk. On search, the team recovered three containers each containing 7 kg of opium. Manjeet Singh of Dashmesh Nagar of Shimlapuri who was driving the vehicle was arrested. During investigations, the accused confessed to the crime.

Supreme Court rejects Chautala's bail plea

The Supreme Court of India rejected the bail plea of former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala who along with his son was convicted in connection with the teachers' recruitment scam in the state. Brushing aside his plea that he be allowed to remain out of jail on account of his various ailments, the apex court bench of Justice H L Dattu and Justice S J Mukhopadhaya said that most of the ailments cited by Chautala were related to old age.

Three fake dentists booked

Gurgaon police booked three 'dentists', who were running clinics without licences in the city. While one of them has been arrested, the other two managed to flee. Police also sealed the clinics after a raid, which was conducted by the district drug controller, with officials of the health department and members of the Indian Dental Association of Gurgaon. The association had submitted a memorandum to the deputy commissioner some days ago on the fraudulent dentists. - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Jaya asks cadres to get ready for LS polls

earing her partymen for the general elections, G AIADMK supremo and

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Saturday exhorted them to highlight “anti-people” attitude of DMK chief M. Karunanidhi and propagate her government’s achievements to ensure a resounding win in the coming Lok Sabha polls. In her message to partymen on the eve of the 105th birth anniversary of Dravidian veteran and late Chief Minister C.N. Annadurai, she alleged Mr. Karunanidhi, considered a protege of the leader, had compromised on principles that Annadurai had adopted

to come to power. She said Anna (as he is addressed by his followers) was credited with ending the Congress rule (in 1967) by adopting principles like regional autonomy and selfrespect policies besides infusing the Tamil feeling among the youth. He had strived for

an egalitarian society and thus walked his unique path, ending the Congress rule, she said. “Karunanidhi had compromised upon those very principles that Anna used to come to power. (He) has sacrificed Tamil Nadu’s rights and has surrendered before the Congress for his own selfish measures,” Ms. Jayalalithaa charged. Karunanidhi’s “betrayals” include not ensuring notification of the final award of the Cauvery Tribunal in Central gazette, remaining “mum” on Mullaiperiyar issue and voting in favour of Congress-led UPA in FDI and Food Security Bill, both of which

Jayalalithaa insists are against the interests of Tamil Nadu. “On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Anna (falling on September 15), I urge all my supporters to highlight the anti-people attitude of Karunanidhi in every nook and corner and spread AIADMK government’s achievements in its two years (in office) and transform them into votes so that DMK is made to bite the dust in the coming Lok Sabha elections,” she said. Annadurai founded the DMK and led it to power in 1967. After his death in 1969, Mr. Karunanidhi took over as Chief Minister.

Farmers attend Modi’s meet, Andhra seeks 40% of put Karnataka CM in spo central tax devolution

goof-up by the Congress government in Karnataka A ended up as a blessing in dis-

guise for BJP's prime ministerial nominee and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to score some political brownie points. Congress leaders in New Delhi are said to be peeved at the "political blunder'' made by the Siddaramaiah government, and reportedly sought an explanation from him. It all started in July, when the Gujarat government sent an invite to Karnataka to send a delegation of 120 progressive farmers to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat-2013 Global High-Tech Agro Summit, held in Ahmedabad on September 9 and 10. Without giving it a second thought, the Karnataka government selected 120 farmers and sent the list to Gujarat. They also sent names of a dozen officials from the agriculture department to accom-

demanded 40% of tax devolution to the states as compared to the present 32%, even as it requested an adequate debt relief in view of the rupee depreciation. The demand came during a meeting with the Fourteenth Finance Commission, where chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy gave a detailed presentation on the state finances. Delivering his key note address, Kiran Reddy said, "The states have mammoth task on hand. I am sure the Finance Commission will factor in the growing responsibilities of states while recommending its transfer scheme. We request that at least 40 per cent of the divisible pool of Central taxes be devolved to states." He argued that higher devolution was necessary to

meet the increased compliance costs on account of the entitlement based legislations such as the National Food Security Act brought out by the Government of India. Noting the skewed tax devolution to the state, he said AP was being penalized for a good performance which only deserves rewards. "We are distressed that instead of being rewarded, we are being penalized for significantly improving our per capita income level such that it is now above the national level," the CM said.

Singh also expressed his displeasure towards Punjab government for not properly distributing scholarships meant for the minority community and said, he would seek a complete report from the government in this regard. Singh sought another report from the state government on allegations of land grabbing of a grave yard meant for the minority community at Amloh in Fatehgarh Sahib district.

Liberation Force (KLF) that had several Shiv Sena leaders on its radar was busted with the arrest of three people in P u n j a b ' s Gurdaspur district. Sukhjinder Singh and Narinder Pal and Surinder Singh were travelling in a car when they were nabbed by the police party. Sukhjinder and Pal are from Gurdaspur while Surinder is from Batala. An AK-47 rifle with one magazine and 20 cartridges, one 0.38 bore US-made revolver with 5 cartridges and one Brazil-made 0.45 bore Taurus pistol with 3 cartridges were recovered from them. This was the fourth such terror module busted by Punjab police in September. These revelations came within a month after Abdul Karim Tunda’s arrest. He

threw light on the association of Lashkar-e-Taiba with Babbar Khalsa International and other Sikh militant outfits for carrying out terror strikes in India. "Yograj Sharma, Surinder Billa and Harvinder Soni of Shiv Sena party were on targets in Punjab. Preliminary investigation has revealed that these terrorists were in touch with Pakistan-based ISI. They had been given a job to fan communal tension in Punjab by attacking Shiv Sena leaders. Their job was to begin with Punjab and reach Mumbai to attack several top politicians of Shiv Sena," a top Punjab police official said.

Badal has failed to protect rights of Sikh farmers: NCM

Patiala: National Commission for Minorities (NCM) member Ajaib Singh said that Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has failed to protect the rights of Sikh farmers residing in the Kutch region of Gujarat. "Badal is not serious about the cause of Sikh farmers and has failed to protect their rights. "If he has any sympathy for them, he should impress upon Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw the eviction case against Sikh farmers filed in the Apex Court," Singh told reporters in Patiala. He said, he had written letters to both Chief Ministers and urged them to show concern for farmers from Punjab. The High Court of Gujarat has ruled unanimously in favour of Sikh farmers residing in Kutch region, but the Gujarat government has appealed against the verdict in the Supreme Court, he noted.

triking an aggressive pose in staking claim to central S funds, Andhra Pradesh on

pany them. After receiving the list, Gujarat promptly sent them first-class AC railway tickets and accommodation in a three-star hotel. Just when the farmers were preparing for the tour, the Congress government, reprimanded by party leaders in New Delhi, realized the gaffe and directed the agriculture department to cancel the tour. Agriculture officials were asked to personally call the selected farmers and tell them the summit had been postponed. "We realized something was amiss. So we checked with Gujarat officials who had given their contact numbers when they sent the invite. When they told us it was on, we decided to leave,'' said Rangappa, a farmer from Ramanagaram district . Two farmers said they weren't Modi admirers per se but appreciated the way the show had been held.

Khalistan Liberation Force terror module busted sleeper cell of banned terror A outfit Khalistan

INDIA - Asian Voice 21st September 2013


Lion heart Gujarati, a battling veteran of Idi Amin purge dies

One of the oldest victims of dictator Idi Amin's expulsion of Asians from Uganda in 1972 died last Friday, 13th September, aged 99. Ramji Punjabhai Thobhani was forced to flee Uganda with his wife and eight children, leaving behind the majority of the family's business interests and belongings.The head of a thriving family textile manufacturing business in Uganda, he was forced to leave behind assets worth several million pounds at today's values – before making a fresh start in Leicester. He fought for more than 40 years for compensation for the assets he had been forced to leave behind, intending to give any money

Ramji Punja Thobhani with Sir Peter Soulsby photo courtesy: Leicester Mercury

recovered to charity. His fight continued until about two months ago, when his health started to fail, but he died without seeing his efforts fulfilled. Thobhani lived inde-

Reject nomination if criminal past not disclosed: SC

India’s Supreme Court ruled that returning officer can reject nomination papers of a candidate for non-disclosure and suppression of information, including that of assets and their criminal background. The apex court said that voters have fundamental right to know about their candidates and leaving columns blank in the nomination paper amounts to violation of their right. A bench headed by chief justice P Sathasivam said that the power of returning officer for rejecting nomination papers must be exercised. The court passed the judgment on a PIL filed in 2008 by NGO Resurgence India, a civil rights group, which detected a trend among candidates of leaving blank the columns demanding critical information about them. Earlier, advocate Prashant Bhushan, appearing for the NGO, had said leaving any column blank would mean non-compliance of an apex court judgment. The Election Commission had support-

ed the NGO's plea that no column should be allowed to be left blank which tantamount to concealing information and not filing complete affidavit. It had also taken a stand that the returning officer should be empowered to reject the nomination papers of a candidate who provides incomplete information by leaving some columns blank in the affidavit. Centre's counsel, however, had said the right to contest election is a statutory one and there is a judgment of the threejudge bench of the apex court that even for concealing the information, the nomination papers cannot be rejected. The bench was earlier told that while filing nomination papers, candidates are supposed to furnish affidavits in which there are columns in which they give their educational qualifications, financial assets and liabilities and possible criminal antecedents. However, instances are there when candidates prefer to leave the column vacant, the NGO had said.

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare said he would start a 'satyagraha' in New Delhi on the first day of winter session, for the passage of Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament. The Prime Minister had assured to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill in the last monsoon session. But the central government did not present the Bill in Rajya Sabha as assured, Hazare said at his Ralegan Siddhi village. "I will start a hunger strike at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi and the people must agitate in their tehsil,

DM's offices, till we get a strong Jan Lokpal," said the activist, who is busy making micro plans for his forthcoming nationwide agitation for the anti-corruption bill. Hazare appealed to the nation and the youth to organize a non-violent 'satyagraha' along with him, similar to the one he took up on August 16, 2011. The subsequent popular agitation had forced the government to convene a special meet of Parliament which passed a resolution, agreeing with three of his crucial demands.

pendently in a flat in the Wolsley building, in Abbey Park Road, Leicester, having lost his wife, Shantaben, in 2003, aged 86. He devoted the last decades of his life to charity, donating the pro-

ceeds from the sale of his former home to a charity for widows and orphans in Porbander, which he visited every year. Jayantilal, the eldest of five sons, aged 72, said: “My father was a man of principle and he passionately carried on his fight for compensation with solicitors and through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office until his death, but, sadly, without any success. "It was difficult for him to leave our life in Uganda together with so many assets. He never gave up fighting for compensation, the proceeds of which he planned to give to charity." “He taught us and many

other people a huge number of virtues, such as charity, compassion for people in their time of need, how to maintain relationships and how to live a balanced life with gratitude. Until the day before he passed away, which was his granddaughter Sheetal’s birthday, he would regularly say ‘I am very happy, no problem’.” Granddaughter Binita Thobhani, 21, who recently graduated with a First Class in Law LLB said: "During my final year of study, I was given the liberty to decide the topic of my 12,000-word dissertation. I had no hesitation in basing my project on the plight of my grandfather and other Asians with similar experiences.”

Author and social commentator Manzoor Moghal, a successful businessman expelled by Amin, knew Thobhani over many years. He said: "He was a regular visitor who could still climb the 38 steps to my office and we were in regular contact over several decades. "I visited him last week, he was a fine gentleman, very generous and a good person." More than 700 people at the Shree Lohana Mahajan, in Hildyard Road, Leicester, mourned his death at public prayers in his honour on Sunday evening.Thobhani's funeral service will be held at Gilroes Crematorium in Leicester on Thursday, at 4 pm.

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The rise of Narendra Modi.. from Vadnagar to PM aspirant

For the man who would now lead the NDA charge for the throne to Delhi, the elements of leadership and risk taking abilities was evident when he had just walked into his teens. Legend in his hometown Vadnagar in North Gujarat goes that as a 12 year old Narendra along with his friends had swam across the Sharmistha lake on a rainy day to change the saffron flag atop a temple in the middle of the lake and his daring act turned him into a hero overnight. Born to Damodardas and Heeraben Modi on 17th of September 1950, Narendra was the third of the six children. Belonging to the Ganchi community, an OBC caste, Narendra’s childhood was one of great struggle. He began his life by assisting his brother and father to sell tea at the small Vadnagar railway station. Though an average student, young Narendra was known for his persuasiveness and oratory skills. It was at the age of 17 Narendra left Vadnagar and

his family. The four years of his life from 1967 as per a biography, “The anatomy of Narendra Modi - the man and his politics," authored by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay were somewhat mysterious. But post 1971 war with Pakistan, Narendra joined the RSS formally. During his early days at the Sangh headquarters in Ahmedabad, Modi spent time catering to his senior Sangh colleagues making tea and snacks for them. But it was during the emergency days from 1975 to 77 Modi’s risky underground work - mobilising antiemergency programmesbringing out anti- emergency literature caught the fancy of seniors in the Sangh Parivar. He would travel under disguise during those days. Seniors in RSS soon realized his excellent organisational skills and analytical mind. With rapid rise in the RSS - it was just a matter of time when he switched over to the political affiliate of the Parivar, the BJP. Modi was amongst the - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

first two pracharaks who began working full time for the BJP in 1987. Modi learnt the ropes of party politics by attending BJP public meetings - quietly sitting in the back and listening to speeches and within a year he was appointed as the general secretary of the Gujarat unit of the BJP. Between 1988 and 1995 he carried out the real political groundwork for himself setting up an extensive political network across the state - a move that later helped him to checkmate all his rivals, including Sanjay Joshi, and take control of the BJP in Gujarat. It was during this period Modi was given two politically significant assignments, L K Advani's Rath Yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya and Murli Manohar Joshi's Ekta Yatra to Srinagar. Modi began growing in clout and started drawing proximity to the top brass, including his political mentor Advani. But Modi’s political career was to have its own stumbling blocks in 1995. Senior

minister in the Keshubhai Patel government, Shankersinh Vaghela revolted against the government along with 46 legislators. A stunned party leadership as a compromise appointed Suresh Mehta as a consensus candidate and as part of the compromise deal, Modi who Vaghela suspected of backroom political manoeuvring was shunted out of Gujarat and given a less significant assignment. But given his shrewd political skills, Modi utilized the years in Delhi to revive his political fortunes-reinforcing his ties with senior party leaders, including Advani. The Bhuj earthquake in 2001 and subsequent rumblings against the Keshuabhai Patel government provided Modi the chance to move back into the state political center stage. Keshbhai Patel faced flak for inept handling of the relief work also coupled with its loss of seats in byelections and corruption charges against his family members. As a result Keshubhai had to step

Modi seeks mother’s blessing on his birthday

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi sought blessings from his mother on his 64th birthday and said the good wishes that he has received from common people will not go in vain. Modi went to the house of his younger brother Pankaj Modi in Gandhinagar to seek blessings of his mother Hira Ba (94), who gifted him a book and some money. "I came for my mother's blessings, there is no bigger privilege than that," Modi said. Sources in Modi's office said that he received good wishes from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, BJP leader L K Advani and also noted singer Lata Mangeshkar, among others. "Today is a day of dignity of labour and dignity of labourers - Shrameva

Mallika Sherawat sings for Modi

Jayate. And this is the biggest prayer to Bhagwan Vishwakarma. I extend greetings to all Vishwakarma devotees," Modi said "Everyone has blessed me, and given love to me. I believe that people's blessings never go waste. That will give me strength, understanding and capability," the Gujarat chief minister said.

He also said that on this day Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel liberated Hyderabad from the Nizam's rule. Modi also went to the house of former chief minister Keshubhai Patel to seek his blessings. Patel, who parted ways with BJP and formed his own party, greeted Modi. Later, Modi went to his office and was engaged in routine work, officials said.

Actress Mallika Sherawat wished the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on his 63rd birthday on Tuesday through a video message that she shared on her Twitter handle. She also referred to him as "the most eligible bachelor". "Here is my most special birthday wish for Narendra Modi, the most eligible bachelor of India," she said in her tweet. The video is available on YouTube and is being shared on social networking sites. Predictably, some have criticized the actress for being publicity hungry.

However, later he told Rajnath Singh that he would not attend, and followed that up by shooting off a letter complaining about the party chief’s style of functioning. The show of dissidence, however, attracted indifference in the party. In the end, expectations of Modi’s opponents finding support proved wrong. Sushma Swaraj reiterated her objections in the afternoon -mainly that Modi’s projection at this time would be premature and work to Congress’s advantage - but ended by saying she would go by the party’s decision. Other leaders with reservations about Modi, like M M Joshi and

Ananth Kumar, did not demur and endorsed Rajnath Singh’s view that Modi’s nomination reflected the collective wishes of the BJP's rank and file and the Sangh parivar as a whole. Modi, who was waiting outside the room, finally entered only after the parliamentary board had decided to back his candidature. The formalization of Modi’s candidature may not spell an end to factional troubles in BJP, but it puts him clearly ahead of his peers and decisively turns the page on the VajpayeeAdvani era. Modi responded to his elevation by thanking leaders and colleagues. He even went to Advani’s residence as a

goodwill gesture. “I will spare no effort to ensure that the BJP wins in 2014 elections and I measure up to the expectations and aspirations of common citizen and workers and sympathizers of the BJP,” said Modi in his acceptance speech as he recalled his rise from an ordinary worker “of humble origin from a nondescript place.” He also unveiled his campaign plank by seeking the support of people to help BJP steer the country out of the “current crisis”, created by “mismanagement and corruption”, by ushering in good governance and development. He is set to run an intense campaign to challenge Congress, and is

down. Soon after, Narendra Modi was appointed the Chief Minister. In 2002, riding on the Godhra wave, Modi won the elections amidst allegations of a state sponsored riot unleashed by his administration. Modi’s style of politics in the last one decade for which he has ruled the state has been contrasting. But for Modi, the legal challenge still remains. A magistrate’s court is still to decide on the closure report filed by the SIT against him. Though the SC appointed SIT has found no evidence against him for his larger role behind the 2002 riots but the court will rule on it only after hearing the arguments of riot victim Zakiya Jafri. Also the chief minister faces the heat in several encounter cases like the Ishrat Jehan fake encounter case. An accused officer in the case, D G Vanzara, recently wrote an explosive letter to the state government raising questions over the role of the CM and his then MoS home Amit Shah

in the encounter. In 2007, Modi capitalized on the Sonia Gandhi’s maut ka saudagar statement... but the election campaign did mark a subtle shift from communal politics to a developmental oriented brand of politics. Modi started reinventing himself. Sensing a chance to step onto the national centre stage, his third successive victory in 2012 not only made him a powerful leader within the party but a serious stakeholder for leading the party’s 2014 campaign. It was finally in the Goa convention that the Gujarat chief minister was anointed as the chairman of the campaign committee. Though Advani, the original poster boy of Hindutva, objected had to yield space to the much younger Modi as the mascot of the aggressive Hindu face. And now with all hurdles cleared within the party, will Modi’s anointment as the prime ministerial candidate give it what the party hopes, a much needed push for its electoral campaign.

Seventeen days after the arrest of Indian Mujahideen chief Yasin Bhatkal, one of India's most wanted terrorists, another discovery has left intelligence agencies stunned. If sources are to be believed, agencies have recovered a whopping 90 IEDs (improvised explosive devices) from Zephyr Heights in Mangalore and Abdullapur in Hyderabad among other hideouts, indicating that the terrorist organization was planning a series of bomb blasts across the country. In what can be considered as further evidence of the plan, all these devices were almost ready for use at the instance of Yasin and his aide Assadullah Akhtar alias Haddi. "Only the circuitry was not connected to the IEDs otherwise

these bombs were ready to use," said a top intelligence officer. Several unattached timers, batteries, detonators and shrapnels have also been recovered from various hideouts. All the IEDs, prima facie filled with ammonium nitrate, have been sent to forensic laboratories for examination. A 'singing' Yasin Bhatkal has revealed that he jointly prepared all these IEDs over several months with Pakistani bombexpert Waqas, Tabrez (Assadullah Akhtar alias Haddi) and Tehsin Akhtar alias Monu since 2011. The IEDs were reportedly being guarded by Yasin's confidante Tehsin and Waqas. But after Yasin's arrest on August 28, they fled from their flat in a hurry, said a source.

expected to hit the ground running by bringing back rebels like B S Yeddyurappa and B Sriramulu in Karnataka, and Babulal Marandi in Jharkhand. He is also expected to initiate poll alliance talks with AGP in Assam, Om Prakash Chautala and Kuldeep Bishnoi in Haryana, besides exploring the possibility of a grand saffron alliance comprising the BJP, Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray in Maharashtra. The two NDA allies, Shiv Sena and Akali Dal, readily extended their support. Now Advani lauds Modi Meanwhile, Advani Monday showered praise on Modi - along with the

Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh chief ministers. "Modi was the first leader who has taken development into rural areas of Gujarat. He played a big role in developing Gujarat from where I have been elected an MP," Advani said to wild clapping. Advani was speaking after dedicating a 500 MW thermal power plant in the Bharatiya Janata Partyruled state. Advani said Gujarat Chief Minister Modi as well as Shivraj Singh of Madhya Pradesh and Raman Singh of Chhattisgarh had taken economic development into their rural hinterland. He said he was proud "to see their achievement and success".

90 ‘ready-to-use’ IEDs found at Indian Mujahideen hideouts

BJP names Narendra Modi as PM nominee

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as the veteran finally decided to stay away. Modi’s ascension is expected to set the stage for a presidential-style Lok Sabha election with him being pitted against Rahul Gandhi. Although the latter hasn’t yet been projected as the Congress candidate, PM Manmohan Singh recently said that the Gandhi scion was ready for the top job. While sticking to his stance that Modi’s projection at this stage would polarize the electorate, Advani had indicated to Rajnath and Nitin Gadkari that he would attend the meeting, though only to submit his note of dissent.

Ambalal Kosti: The man who brought Narendra Modi in politics - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Way back in 1965 as an RSS Pracharak and active worker of Jan Sangh Ambalal Kosti was given the responsibility of Kankaria ward as general secretary as well as president of Baherampura ward in Ahmedabad. At that time, Jan Sangh was looking for talented youngsters and recruiting them as fulltime party workers along with other office-bearers. In that process, Ambalal found Narendra Modi, who went on to become Gujarat Chief Minister and now, India’s Prime Minister in waiting.


By Mayuri Dave

hen BJP president Rajnath Singh was making the announcement of Narendra Modi’s name as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, one man was religiously sitting in front of television set kept at Media Room of Gujarat BJP’s headquarters in Ahmedabad. As soon as Singh announced Gujarat Chief Minister’s new role, he couldn’t control his emotions and started shouting slogans. For regular visitors at Gujarat BJP’s headquarters, 66-year-old Ambalal Kosti is a familiar face. However, very few people know that the simple looking veteran BJP worker spotted Narendra Modi’s potential when he was running a canteen at Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) office near Central Bus Station in Ahmedabad. Way back in 1965 as an RSS Pracharak and active worker of Jan Sangh, Ambalal was given responsibility of Kankaria ward as general secretary as well as president of Baherampura ward in Ahmedabad. At that time, Jan Sangh was looking for talented youngsters and recruiting them as fulltime party workers along with other office-bearers and Ambalal was given the task of recruiting youngsters. Ambalal found great energy in teenager Modi and invited him to join the party. "The spark in him was visible from day one," he said and added, it took few days to convince Modi but ultimately he decided to join the party. “Though I was also in early twenties in those days, I could found a great potential in Narendrabhai. Instantly we gave him responsibility of Kankaria ward,” Ambalal said. Co-inci-

dentally Modi is being elected to the Gujarat Assembly from that area only. After few months, Modi expressed his desire to become fulltime Pracharak of Rashtriya Swayamsevek Sangh (RSS). He never looked back and climbed new heights; Ambalal said and added that like any other BJP worker, it was also a proud moment for him to watch Modi nominated as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. “I am confident that under Narendrabhai’s leadership, BJP would get absolute majority just like in Gujarat,” said an emotional Ambalal. Ambalal hails from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and settled in Ahmedabad since two generations. Though, BJP’s most powerful leader has gone a long way, but Ambalal still leads a simple and peaceful life and roams around on bicycle. Remembering an incident after Modi’s name was announced as Gujarat’s Chief Minister in 2001, nostalgic Ambalal said, “Narendrabhai came to BJP office and then BJP state president Rajendrasinh Rana introduced me along with the other workers. At that time Modi said that Ambalal did not require introduction and he was my ‘Boss’. Generally Modi did not attend social functions but he attended my daughter’s marriage too.”



Delhi gangrape: All four accused sentenced to death

our convicts in the December 16 gangrape-cum-murder case were on Friday awarded death penalty by a Delhi court which said the gravity of the offence cannot be tolerated. “Death to all,” Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna said while delivering the verdict in the case that had evoked nationwide outrage and led the government to bring in a stringent antirape law. “Besides discussing others offences, I straightaway come to section 302 (murder) of IPC. This falls under inhuman nature of the convicts and the gravity of offence they committed cannot be tolerated. Death sentence is given to all the four convicts,” he said. The offence committed by Mukesh (26), Akshay Thakur (28), Pawan Gupta (19) and Vinay Sharma (20) falls under the rarest of rare category warranting capital punishment, the judge said. The four were convicted by the court on September 10 for the gangrape and murder of a 23-year-old paramedic student. “Court cannot turn a blind eye to such a gruesome act,” the judge said, while handing down the maximum punishment. He said, “When crime against women is rising on day-to-day basis, so, at this point in time court cannot keep its eye shut.” “There should be exemplary punishment in view of the unparallelled brutality with which the victim was gangraped and murdered, as the case falls under the rarest of rare

category. All be given death,” the court said while reading out a portion of the order. “This is a time when serious crime against a woman has come to the fore and now its judiciary’s responsibility to instill confidence among the women,” it said. Besides murder, the four have been also convicted for offences including gangrape, unnatural offences, attempt to murder, dacoity, destruction of evidence, conspiracy, kidnapping or abducting in order to murder, while acquitting them of the charge of murder in dacoity. Immediately after pronouncement of sentence, the victim’s mother expressed satisfaction over the verdict.

“’Halak mein saans atki thi, jo ab bahar nikli hai. Mein dhanywaad karti hu desh ke logon ka aur media ka’ (We were waiting with bated breath, now we are relieved. I thank the people of my country and the media),” she said. Besides her, the victim’s father and two brothers were also present in the jam-packed court room when the sentence was pronounced. Hearing that he will face the gallows, Vinay started crying in court while the other three convicts -- Mukesh, Pawan, Akshay -- started shouting for pardon, with one of the defence lawyers A.P. Singh also joining them in seeking mercy. Advocate V K Anand, who appeared for Mukesh, said he has regard for the

Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust has announced the forthcoming visit by World renowned Spiritual Leader & Yoga Guru from India ~ His Holiness Swami Ramdevji (also known as Baba Ramdevji). Sanjay Jagatia, (Organiser of the UK Visit of Swami Ramdevji) said, “Over 85 million people follow Swami Ramdevji’s yoga camps via TV Channels, Internet, Books, YouTube and Videos. His yoga teaching sessions have revolutionised the practice of yoga by making it accessible to everybody. Swami Ramdevji has dedicated his life for the betterment of humanity and the society. We honour his work and integrity, his embrace of cultural differences, contribution to social inclusion, community regeneration and cohesion, interfaith relations and race relations

throughout the World. Swami Ramdevji promotes harmony and understanding, and empowering others to follow in their pursuit of worthwhile endeavours. His efforts in improving human welfare for people of all faiths and religions have inspired millions. Swami Ramdevji is an inspiration to us all”. Swami Ramdevji is extremely well known in India as well as in USA, Canada, UK and parts of Africa. He has revolutionised Yoga, leading to millions of people incorporating it in their daily routines with businesses taking yoga breaks and schools making it a part of their daily assemblies. Under his guidance, a large number people have claimed to have improved health and found relief from stress and persistent ailment by practicing yoga on a daily basis. By furthering the benefits of

Yoga, Swami Ramdevji believes that we can aim to build bridges between communities by establishing a healthy environment that creates greater understanding towards diverse cultures, social environments and religious beliefs. Health includes not only the physical body but also spiritual, mental, and self-discipline “Good Health is Humanity’s Birthright”. Muna Chauhan (Organiser of the UK Visit of Swami Ramdevji) added, “In the short period since its inception, Swami Ramdevji’s UK organisation – Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust has been recognised for its outstanding contribution, dedication and service in improving interfaith harmony, equality and brotherhood for people of all faiths. The Trust has become one of the largest Indian Charitable Institutions in the UK,


verdict and he will file an appeal in the Delhi High Court. Special public prosecutor Dayan Krishnan said, “I have done my job and we (prosecution) are happy with the verdict.” Soon after the verdict was delivered, people waiting outside the courtroom started clapping. The exultation over speedy justice after a trial court here sentenced the four convicts in Dec 16, 2012 gang-rape to death may turn out to be shortlived as the journey of the case through the higher judiciary may, even if speeded up, take at least an year, jurists and legal experts say. Even if the Delhi High Court, taking into account the public interest this case has generated, decides to expedite it when the death reference comes before it for reconfirmation, it would take about three to four months before it decides either way. The high court, says the former Patna High Court chief justice Nagendra Rai, "has to examine the entire case de novo, go through every material on record and independently apply its mind before coming to a conclusion whether it was a fit case for confirming the death reference." The consideration of death reference will get "primacy" over all other cases and it is a duty cast upon the high court to visit the case in its entirety, he said, adding that the court had to take into account the seriousness of the crime.

Baba Ramdev to visit UK

with the core mission being the human welfare at all level. It has become a ray of hope to many bringing health, wealth and happiness to people. Those who had lost all hope in life have regained their hope to live. Started as one man's mission, today the institute is spreading globally. The little seed that was sowed by His Holiness Swami Ramdevji has transformed into a huge banyan tree; a tree that has become a sense of hope to many people”.


TARVEL - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Hutheesing Temple the marvel of Jainism in Ahmedabad


the city of Maharajas since 1459

odhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan and home to JMaharajas since 1459. The city

witnesses beautiful queens handsome Maharajas, fierce battles and bejeweled royal palaces. Colourful cityscape The silky sand dunes of the Thar Desert dotted with camels basking in the sun, towering forts and palaces glistening in red sandstone and the narrow lanes leading to shops that open into an alluring world of handicrafts are some of the welcoming sights here. The Royal quarters of Mehrangarh Fort The mighty walls of the Mehrangarh Fort have many secrets buried inside. Maintained

by the present generation of Marwar Kings, Maharaja Gaj Singh II, the expansive courtyards, exquisite palatial spaces like the Moti Mahal (Pearl Palace), Phool Mahal (Flower Palace), Sheesha Mahal (Mirror Palace), and hidden balconies for women to listen to court proceedings, chambers and galleries enrich the fort's heritage. This is the only fort where you will find the provision of an elevator allowing people to not worry about any physical barriers during their tour. There is yet another purpose of the elevator; it leads you to the Mehran Terrace, a roof-top restaurant where people take delight in indulging in the traditional Rajasthani thali. And what better way to admire the beauty of a world-class historical monument than sitting on the terrace beneath the twinkling stars and dim-lit candles on the dining table? Jaswant Thada: Located half way up the road that climbs onwards to the Mehrangarh fort is Jaswant Thada. Immaculate in white marble, this mausoleum was

built in the year 1899 in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II.. The grandeur of Umaid Bhavan This palace was born out of a crisis. When consecutive seasons went without rain, a famine-like situation arose that threatened the economic lives of people. Maharaja Umaid Singh decided to construct a palace that would not only relieve employment worries but also remain a monument of symbolic value for years. As you look through the paintings (essentially inspired by the episodes of Ramayana), gaze at the artefacts ranging from antique clocks to ornate ceilings; you would be quick to notice a harmonious

mirror work and bold colours almost blinding you at first sight. Mandore Garden is more than flower-beds Mandore Garden was once a prominent entry point to the Mehrangarh Fort, but today stands like an ordinary gateway. Its walls embossed in palm prints continue to speak of the cruel ritual of sati (burning of wives in the funeral pyre of their dead husbands) rampant during the time. Osian Village and the Great Indian Desert If Jaisalmer prides in its Golden Fort (fondly known as 'Sonar Kella' after Satyajit Ray's film by the same name), Jodhpur too flaunts the 'Khajuraho of

"blend of occidental symmetry and oriental texture." Umaid Bhavan has been divided into three sections- one portion is dedicated to the museum and exhibition area, the other is converted into a hotel and the third segment is owned by the current family of the royals headed by Maharaja Gaj Singh II. Clock Tower and marketplace Rajasthan is a land that celebrates colour and what better way to explore it than doing the rounds of the market area on the Nayi Sadak with the huge Clock Tower in the backdrop. Once you take a left from the Nayi Sadak, you reach the inviting world of lac bangles sparkling in embedded

Rajasthan', i.e. Osian Village. It is one of the ancient villages and pilgrimage centres of the Oswal Jain community that is home to ruins of Brahmanical and Jain temples dating back to the 8th Century. Almost a two-hour drive from the main city, Osian is an oasis in The Thar Desert. Other attractions Bishnoi Villages: The Chipko Movement can be traced back to the origin of the Bishnois (a community of nature and wildlife lovers) that revolted against the Maharaja's decision to fell trees in order to build the Mehrangarh Fort. Since the feudal power dismissed the protests by the Bishnois who hugged the trees as an act of resistance, many of them were hacked with the trees. Since then, there is a day that commemorates the sacrifice of the Bishnois in Khejerli Village. Village tours and safaris are conducted in Khejerli and Guda Bishnoi Villages; they are home to chinkaras and blackbucks that roam the countryside throughout the day but return to their native village as the sun sets.

he construction of Hutheesing Temple T was planned by Sheth

Hutheesing Kesrising, a wealthy Ahmedabad trader who unfortunately passed way at 49. The construction was supervised and completed by his wife Shethani Harkunvar. The total cost was approximately Rs 800,000, a major sum at that time. The temple is dedicated to Dharmanatha, the fifteenth Jain Tirthankar. The temple was built during a severe famine in Gujarat. Building the temple employed hundreds of skilled artisans which supported them for a period of two years. The temple is managed by a Hutheesing family trust. The temple architect was Premchand Salat. The temple, built in white marble, is a double storied construction with elaborate porches on three sides and a front porch crowned by a large dome. The other sides of the temple have galleries decorated with carved ornaments. A flight of stairs leads to the pillared hall, which again leads to the sanctum sanctorum. The Hutheesing Temple is one of the most beautiful Jain temples in Gujarat and follows the

Sol Kadhi

typical Jain temple architecture, commonly seen in the temples of Dilwara and Ranakpur in the neighboring state of Rajasthan. The main building is double-storied. The mulanayaka is marble image of the 15th Tirthankara, Lord Dharamnath. The main temple houses 11 deities, six in basement and five in three bay sanctuary. The main shrine lies on the east and temple is covered with a big dome supported by twelve ornate pillars. In addition there are 52 shrines (devakulikas), each adorned with an image of a Tirthankara. The secondary shrines form a long gallery on its three sides. The front is exquisitely ornamented by a 'dome' shaped structure. The temple has a unique Manastambha or column of honour inspired by the Jain Manastambha and the Kirtistambha at Chittore in Rajasthan. The temple is located outside Delhi Gate and has a paved courtyard surrounded by an imposing row of cloisters containing 52 shrines, each with an image of a Tirthankara, adorned with rich delicate carvings.

Sol Kadhi is a Maharashtrian special.

Ingredients: 1/2 Coconut grated 2 Green chillies 1 small piece of Ginger 1 tsp Cumin seeds 2 cups of Water Little salt 5-6 Kokum soaked in water for 10 minutes Chopped mint leaves and/or coriander leaves for garnishing

Method : Put all the items mentioned under A in the mixer and grind to a smooth paste. Strain it to get the coconut milk. Squeeze the kokum in the water and strain it..

Add little by little to the coconut milk. Kokum is sour and is used instead of tamarind in many recipes. Hence check the sourness of the kadhi and add according to your taste.. Garnish with chopped pudina (mint leaves) or coriander leaves. Serve chilled or in normal room temperature as per your wish. Health benefits: Coconut is good for hair and possess healing properties.

HEALTH WATCH - Asian Voice 21st September 2013


Finger’s pulse key to healthy heart

University of Iowa physiologist has a new technique to measure the stiffness of the aorta, a common risk factor for heart disease. And it can be as simple as measuring the pulse in your finger. The new procedure developed by Gary Pierce, assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Physiology at the university, works by placing an instrument called a transducer on the finger or over the brachial artery, located inside the arm just beneath the elbow. The readout, combined with a person’s age and body mass index, lets physicians know whether the aorta has stiffened. Currently, physicians see whether a patient has a hardened aorta by recording a pulse from the carotid artery, located in the neck, and the femoral artery, which is located in the groin. Taking a pulse from the finger or on the arm is easier to record and nearly as accurate, Pierce says. It also works better with obese patients, whose femoral pulse can be difficult to obtain reliably, he adds.

“The technique is more effective in that it is easy to obtain just one pulse waveform in the finger or the brachial artery, and it’s less intrusive than obtaining a femoral waveform in patients,” says Pierce, first author on the paper, published in the American Journal of Physiology, Heart and Circulatory Physiology. “It also can be easily obtained in the clinic during routine exams similar to blood pressure tests.” Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, killing about 6,00,000 people every year, according to

Dogs can sniff out cancer

esearchers have trained dogs to sniff R out the signature chemical

compound that indicates the presence of ovarian cancer with 100 per cent accuracy. Ohlin Frank, a trained chocolate Labrador has been able to detect ovarian cancer tissue 100 per cent of the time, researchers said. Frank and its fellow trainee, McBaine Chamberlain, a spunky springer spaniel, are a part of an interdisciplinary research project at the University of Pennsylvania to help scientists discover a chemical footprint that might lead to earlier diagnostic tests to save human lives. They are among 15 carefully bred detection dogs learning to sniff out explosives, drugs and missing people. Using the keen sense of smell of the dogs to identify the earliest odour of ovarian cancer, a silent killer often diagnosed too late. Cancer cells leave a detectable bio-marker, just as asparagus can affect the smell of urine when eaten. Dogs can be trained to narrow down a specific odour within two years, so

scientists can design an inexpensive and less-invasive blood test to catch ovarian cancer while it's still treatable. "All dogs are really good at sniffing, but part of what gives them a huge advantage over us is the surface area of the olfactory receptors," Otto said. The dogs have already been introduced to the cancer tissue smell and were taught to sit when they found it. Otto's work builds on a 2010 Swedish study, which used pet giant schnauzers to detect ovarian cancer. Tissue tests showed sensitivity of 100 per cent and specificity of 95 per cent; blood tests showed sensitivity of 100 per cent and specificity of 98 per cent, the report said. Dogs with long noses have the largest surface areas of olfactory receptors, said researchers.

To Our Readers

We are publishing these items in good faith, kindly consult your Doctor before you try to implement it. We do not hold any responsibility for its efficacy...

the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One key to a healthy heart is a healthy aorta. A person’s heart has to work harder when the aorta, the large artery that leaves the heart and delivers blood to the body’s tissues, stiffens due to aging and an inactive lifestyle. The harder a person’s heart needs to work, the higher risk he or she has for developing high blood pressure, stroke and a heart attack. Since people can live for years without any knowledge of existing cardiovascular problems, this new measurement tool is especially important.

Cinnamon may help fight diabetes

innamon, a common kitchen spice, may C improve blood sugar lev-

It can provide useful diagnostic information for middle-aged and older patients, who are most susceptible to having hardened arteries that can lead to heart disease. Regular assessments of the aorta may help reduce those risks. Pierce’s instrument measures notes the speed, called aortic pulse wave velocity, at which the pulse moves between two points. The team validated the new instrument’s performance against the carotidfemoral-artery pulse wave velocity tests, considered the gold standard for determining aortic stiffness. By measuring the pulse in a finger researchers have discovered an easy way to check for stiffness of the aorta – a common risk factor for heart conditions “Finding simple noninvasive methods to measure aortic pulse wave velocity in the clinic may help physicians to better inform middle-aged and older adults about their level of cardiovascular risk,” Pierce says, noting that past studies have shown that regular exercise protects the aorta from hardening in those age groups.

els for patients with type 2 diabetes, new research has found. In a review study, researchers looked at data collected from 10 randomised control led trials involving 543 patients with type 2 diabetes. These studies compared people who took cinnamon in a pill form, in doses ranging from 120 milligrammes to 6 grams a day, for a period of four to 18 weeks, to people who did not take cinnamon. They found that people with type 2 diabetes who took cinnamon supplements had lower fasting plasma glucose levels compared with people who didn't take them. The most popular form of the supplement, which was used in six out of 10 trials, was Cinnamomum cassia, which participants were advised to take before, during or after their meals. The review also found that cinnamon benefited several important measures of heart health: It reduced total cholesterol, LDL "bad" cholesterol

els of insulin, glucose, and triglycerides throughout the day, translating into a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz and her fellow researchers conducted a study in which 93 obese

women were randomly assigned to one of two isocaloric groups. Each consumed a moderate-carbohydrate, moderate-fat diet totalling 1,400 calories daily for a period of 12 weeks. The first group consumed 700 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch,

Big breakfasts, not dinners help lose weight

eople who eat their largest daily meal at P breakfast time are far more

likely to lose weight and have a lesser waist line circumference than those who eat a large dinner, a new study has revealed. The research conducted by Tel Aviv University has found that proper meal timing can make an important contribution towards managing obesity and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. Participants who ate a larger breakfast- which included a dessert item such as a piece of chocolate cake or a cookie - also had significantly lower lev-



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and triglyceride levels, and increased HDL "good" cholesterol. "When we combined the results of all the trials, we found that in patients with type 2 diabetes, there was a benefit on blood glucose and cholesterol levels," said study researcher Olivia Phung, an assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. Preliminary studies have suggested that the compound, cinnamaldehydein, is responsible for cinnamon's health effects. Researchers suspect this substance may stimulate the release and effect of insulin, providing cinnamon its power to improve blood sugar. "By enhancing insulin activity, it's assumed there'd be better control of blood glucose," Phung said. The researchers have not yet determined the exact dose of cinnamon that may be helpful for people with type 2 diabetes or the length of time or frequency the supplement should be taken.

and 200 at dinner, while the second group ate a 200 calorie breakfast, 500 calorie lunch, and 700 calorie dinner. The 700 calorie breakfast and dinner included the same foods. By the end of the study, participants in the "big breakfast" group had lost an average of 17.8 pounds each and three inches off their waist line, compared to a 7.3 pound and 1.4 inch loss for participants in the "big dinner" group. According to Prof. Jakubowicz, those in the big breakfast group were found to have significantly lower levels of the hungerregulating hormone ghrelin, and showed a more significant decrease in insulin, glucose, and triglyceride levels than those in the big dinner group.



To Veil or Not to Veil.....

Continued from page 6 Yet, the line between rights and freedoms and the law has increasingly become more blurred, particularly over the last week. The right to wear a niqab (full face-covered veil) is an individual right which all Muslim women have in the UK, just as all Jewish, Sikh, Hindus etc. can freely wear religious garments or symbols. Yet it is equally important that one's right to wear the niqab does not compromise their security or livelihood. Those who choose to wear the niqab may see it as a simple display of their dedication to their faith but for others, it signifies a separation from society and can make people feel uneasy. Indeed, tensions were high in 2006, when former home secretary Jack Straw was criticised for displaying his discomfort at meeting constituents wearing the veil in Blackburn where he is MP. Most recently, Philip Hollobone, the Conservative MP for Kettering, has controversially tabled a private member's Bill that would make it an offence to wear clothing obscuring the face in public , describing the veil as “uncivil” and “medieval”. He said: “We are not a muslim country. There are plenty of countries around the world where those who would like to wear the veil would feel more comfortable”. In response to this, writer and feminist Talat Yaqoob said: “Muslim women have to be at the forefront of any conversation that takes place. That can mean Muslim women who are against it, it can be Muslim women who are for it, but it has to be those who it actually impacts, because otherwise we're just reinforcing another

form of patriarchy ... I come from a Muslim background, and I'm a very liberal woman, I don't wear the veil, but it's not for me to interpret Islam for somebody else. It's as simple as that. When a society dictates what a woman should wear, that's a reinforcement of patriarchy. A woman can wear as little as she likes, or as much as she likes, and it's not for society to assume she is being manipulated." However, the former Bishop of Rochester has highlighted the necessity for a ban on full-face veils in the classroom. He said that the Government should strengthen guidance on veils, warning that schools should not be left to make decisions on religious clothing themselves. He believes that people should be “permitted to wear it for their own private lives” but that the veils can cause problems with security as well as “professional interaction in education”. Teachers have also highlighted the importance of seeing their pupils' faces. The Department of Education said: “teachers may not be able to judge their pupil's engagement with learning, and to secure their participation in discussions and practical activities” On Tuesday, the Prime Minister announced that he would support authorities, NHS trusts and branches of the civil service that want to ban staff from covering their faces, his spokesman said today. However, Nick Clegg was more hesitant and said he would definitely resist a “French-style ban” on veils for people “going about their business” but said there are circumstances where “the full veil might not be as appropriate”.

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ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20

As the Sun transits your seventh house, you have a greater need than usual to be in a relationship. The emphasis is on "us" rather than "me". Social interactions of a personal nature are highlighted. This is likely to be an extremely busy time for most of you. Use tact and diplomacy in your dealing, otherwise you are likely to come across as over confident and egotistical.

TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21

The Sun transits your solar sixth house and highlights your health and also makes you take pride in your day to day work. Hence, you should enhance your skills, get organized and take up a health regime for your wellbeing. This transit highlights the need for efficiency and as such you should bring in the new and get rid of the old ideas that do not work.

GEMINI May 22 - June 22

After a period of relative inactivity, you are coming out of your shell, ready to perform and to express yourself creatively. This is a very progressive period of the year, when you are inspired emotionally. You take more pride in your your love affairs, your children, and your hobbies and are generally very sociable and make friends easily.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22

With the Sun transiting your solar fourth house of family and home, these areas are highlighted during this period. Buying or selling of property or even renovating it will be uppermost in your mind as you will be trying to put your roots down permanently. It is also a time when family life will be charged with emotions so be diplomatic and respect other people's views.

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23

You are exploring and searching now, making connections, and paying attention to your immediate environment. Socially you are very popular and your communications strengthen your connections. You will be busy with errands, paperwork, phone calls, and light socializing. Siblings, neighbours, close relatives, friends, and co-workers may play a more important role than usual in your life during this period.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

The Sun highlights your second house of finance, and your focus is on material affairs and comfort issues. This is a good time to plan your future investments carefully to maximise your profits. If travelling make sure you keep your documents safe as there is a possibility of misplacing them. Some of you might change your travel itinerary which could create upheavals at the last minute.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

The Sun transits your first house and this affects your personal identity, appearance, outward behavior, and self-expression. This marks the peak of your physical solar cycle, and you are in the position to make an impression on others, and to assert your personal influence. Increased energy and a renewed feeling of confidence is with you now, so take advantage of your charisma to achieve your goals.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

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The Sun travels through your twelfth house now, marking a time of retreat and regeneration. This also heralds a time for research and unfinished behindthe-scene activities. Matters which have dragged on for a while should now be re-assessed and put to rest. Some of you will be looking to spiritual enlightenment and take up yoga and meditation.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

The Sun illuminates your sector of friends, social gatherings and group activities. You will be in constant demand and will be in a position to network with new-found friends who will promote your cause. Personal relationships are also to the fore and some of you might even find true love. This is a time to follow your dreams and ideals, and to plant a seed in the form of a wish for the future.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

More than any other time of the year, your focus is drawn to your career and standing in the society. This is the time when you are more interested in, and focused on, accomplishing something important. Contact with authority figures is more likely during this period. Recognition will come your way whether you ask for it or not, and the responsibility that goes with it.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

You are feeling most adventurous and willing to achieve higher knowledge and spiritual growth. This is a good time to broaden your horizons through travel and higher learning. This may take you to far off lands in pursuit of your new-found goals. You must distance yourself from the mundane grind of life and take on something which is more meaningful for your inner growth.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20

The Sun energizes your sector of change, transformation and regeneration. On a more practical level, you may be dealing with joint finances and shared resources now more than usual. You should also make sure that your tax affairs are in order along with your investments. You are more willing than usual to explore and delve deeper into life's secrets and arrive at meaningful conclusions.

India A inflict 3-0 whitewash on New Zealand - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Ashok Menaria and Kedar Jadhav cracked half centuries to enable India A inflict a 3-0 whitewash on New Zealand A with a thrilling two-wicket victory in the third and final unofficial ODI match. India completed the task with four balls to spare with Mandeep Singh playing a 27ball unbeaten 37-run cameo towards the end. He hit three boundaries and a six during the all-important knock. Chasing a stiff 291-run target, the Indians suffered a top-order collapse before allrounder Menaria scored a quickfire 69 off 52 balls that included two fours and eight sixes. He was involved in a brilliant 128-run fifth wicket stand off just 107 balls with Jadhav (57), which denied the Black Caps a consolation win. A late counter-attack by Mandeep then made sure that the hosts won the match comfortably. Having sealed the threematch ODI series already, India tested their bench strength by giving a chance to spinner Jalaj Saxena and batsman Sanju Samson. Earlier, opener Anton Devcich top-scored for New Zealand A with a 85-ball 66,

studded with eight boundaries, while Corey J Anderson (59) and skipper Tom Latham (53) also hit half centuries each to contribute to the team's total after India A asked them to bat. The Indians were sloppy on the field as they dropped two catches, including that of Anderson's to allow the New Zealand post a huge total of 290 for nine. Basant Mohanty (2/39), Menaria (2/45) and Jalaj Saxena (2/60) picked up two wickets each for India A. In reply, India lost four wickets for just 79 runs on the board in 19.2 overs, despite opener Robin Uthappa scoring a fine 50ball 46 with the help of six

fours and a six. Skipper Chand, who led by example in the series, scoring 94 and 59 in the first two ODIs, failed, getting out for just 11. Menaria walked into the middle after Uthappa and Sachin Baby (16) were dismissed in successive overs. The left-handed batsman fired from the word go and accelerated the run-rate by hitting three sixes off Todd Astle's first over before punishing him again for two consecutive maximums one over long on and another over long off - in his very next over. From 79 for four in 19.2 overs, Menaria, in the able company of Jadhav, helped

his team score 100 more runs in the next 12 overs. Firing on all cylinders, Menaria hit a four off Devcich to bring up his halfcentury in just 26 balls with the help of two fours and six sixes. Jadhav, meanwhile, got a life when he was dropped on 30 off Ish Sodhi's over. He capitalised on the advantage to hit a solid 57 off 61 balls (5X4, 2X6). But just when it seemed as if India A would have a cakewalk, the hosts suddenly lost two wickets in one over with Jadhav getting run out and Scott Kuggeleijn picking the prized wicket of Menaria off the fourth ball of the over with the scorecard reading 207 for six, still needing 84 runs for victory. Mandeep then played with a lot of responsibility and was well-supported by Jalaj Saxena (19) and Rahul Sharma (20). He shared a solid 35-run stand with Saxena for the seventh wicket, before putting on another valuable 47run partnership with Rahul for the eighth wicket. Mark Gillespie was the pick of the bowlers for New Zealand 'A' with figures of three for 43.

Spot-fixing: BCCI imposes life ban on Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan

The Board of Control for Cricket in India has imposed a life ban on tainted cricketers S Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan. Rajasthan Royals players Sreesanth and Chavan were found guilty of spot-fixing during sixth season of the Indian Premier League. Meanwhile fellow Rajasthan Royals player Siddharth Trivedi has been handed a one-year ban while Amit Singh has been banned for five years. The case against India's under-19 world cup winner Harmeet Singh, who also represents the Royals, was closed due to lack of evidence. The ban was imposed by


the disciplinary committee of the BCCI after their meeting in New Delhi. The committee, which includes Board vice-presidents Niranjan Shah and Arun Jaitley, imposed the sanctions on the players as per the recommendations of BCCI's Anti-Corruption Unit chief Ravi Sawani, who comprised the one-man probe panel. The disciplinary com-

mittee met with Sreesanth, Chavan, Amit Singh, Harmeet Singh and Siddharth Trivedi at the meeting. In statement after the meeting the BCCI said: S. Sreesanth is banned for life from playing any representative Cricket, or in any way being associated with the activities of the BCCI or its affiliates. Chavan was also handed the same punishment. Fellow Rajasthan Royals player Siddharth Trivedi has been handed a one-year ban while Amit Singh has been banned for five years. Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan were found guilty on multiple


accounts, including conceding a "pre-determined number of runs per over in exchange for bribes", the paper quoted the leaked report as saying. The fourth player, Amit Singh, who played in the IPL till last year, was seen as the conduit between the cricketers and bookies, and described by Sawani as "the bad fish that spoils the entire pond". Siddharth Trivedi and 21-year-old Harmeet Singh were absolved of spot-fixing, but were found guilty of the lesser charge of not informing officials about approaches made by bookmakers, the newspaper said.


Afghanistan shock India to win SAFF football crown

Revenge-seeking Afghanistan broke India’s stranglehold on the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) title with an impressive 2-0 win over the two-time defending champions in Kathmandu. The sturdy Afghans never looked back after Mustafa Azadzoy put them ahead in the ninth minute of the fast-paced final, with Sandjar Ahmadi extending the lead in the 62nd minute. An estimated 5,000 fans at the Dasarath Rangashala stadium in the Nepalese capital were treated to attacking football in a repeat of the previous final in 2011 in New Delhi between the same teams. The Afghans had publicly spoken about their intention to seek revenge for the humiliating 4-0 loss to India in that final, which they blamed on poor supervision by the referee. Mission accomplished, the Afghan squad led by coach Yousef Kargar danced on the field with their nation’s flag held aloft, before doing a lap of honour in front of an appreciative crowd. Afghanistan have never played at the World Cup, or even at the Asian Cup. They began playing football about 90 years ago, and the country’s national federation was founded in 1922. Afghanistan joined FIFA in 1948. The country has been getting better in recent years in improving its FIFA ranking to 139. Afghanistan, facing 145th-ranked India, were rewarded for an early assault on the Indian goal when Azadzoy scored following a swift move from the right flank.

Pietersen a 'great example', says England coach Giles

Kevin Pietersen is setting a "great example" to the novice players in England's one-day squad, according to limited-overs coach Ashley Giles. Just over a year ago, world-class batsman Pietersen was briefly exiled from the national side after being accused of sending derogatory text messages regarding then England captain Andrew Strauss to South Africa players. But following Strauss's retirement, former skipper Pietersen has been "reintegrated" into the England set-up. He is now the one star name left in the squad for the ongoing one-day series against Australia, with England resting regular captain Alastair Cook, batsman Ian Bell and bowlers James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann ahead of their Ashes defence 'Down Under' starting in November. Former England spinner Giles knows Pietersen well, having been alongside him for much of the South Africa-born shot maker's maiden Test hundred, a superb 158 against Australia at The Oval that secured a draw which saw the Ashes regained in 2005.

Realtor overcomes personal tragedy to win bodybuilding competition

Shreyansh Pandya saw Sylvester Stallone movie “Rambo: First Blood” as a 16 year old. It changed his life. “I was hooked. I always wanted to look like Rambo,” said Pandya, 33, a Maryland realtor, who two weeks ago won first place in the novice weight class in the International Federation of Physique Athletes’ natural bodybuilding contest for the North East region. Natural bodybuilders cannot use steroids or chemicals. They have to pass a polygraph test and after winning the contest undergo a dope test. “It is different from other types of bodybuilding contests, where they can use steroids or chemicals as they like,” Pandya said. After watching Rambo, he started reading more about fitness “than my studies at that time, I used to travel to Mumbai from my hometown Vadodara (in Gujarat) to buy second –hand Iron

Man magazines.” In 2001, he contested for Mr Gujarat and was the second runner-up in his weight class. After earning an MBA in the United Kingdom, he migrated to the United States seven years ago and joined the family real estate business. “I take my hobbies seriously,” Pandya said. I sing and write my own songs as well and plan to release an album in a year.” Last December a truck hit the car his wife was driving and she died. “I was very depressed and stopped training for four months and gained a lot of weight during that period. Later I realized there are things in life you cannot control, but what you can control is yourself. I have made a list of things I want to achieve in life and competing the bodybuilding competition in the US was one of them,” said Pandya. His strict diet includes no wheat or

rice or added salt and sugar. He does an hour of weight training and two hours of cardio-workout five days a week. His immediate goal is to get a Pro Card from the IFPA, defeating all contestants in the weight class. Pro Card owners get sponsorships and other benefits. Pandya’s two-and-half –year-old daughter is being looked after by his family. “There is very little awareness about natural bodybuilding,” he said. “My family and friends are very proud that I am the first Indian to compete from Maryland in natural bodybuilding.” As for real estate, he said prices in Maryland have gone up 13 per cent. “The interest rate is going up. But consumer confidence is also growing,” he said. There are ups and downs in the housing market every 10 years, he said and added that now it is time for ups.

SPORT - Asian Voice 21st September 2013

Samit Patel hits out at England selectors for ignoring him

Samit Patel hit out at the England selectors for overlooking him in all forms of cricket this summer after he had revived Nottinghamshire’s hopes of a morale-boosting win with his third championship century of the season. Patel expected his consistent county form, which has taken him past 1,000 runs in first-class cricket and 500 in the YB40 competition, to win him an England recall for the oneday international series against Australia that starts on Friday. But Patel said the national selectors had not spoken to him since he was overlooked for the Test and one-day series against New Zealand earlier in the sum-

mer. “I am very disappointed that England have not been in contact in any format of the game. Very shocked and surprised, but I think that’s the way it goes and my stats at the end of the year should get me back in that team,” Patel said.

“I was just told I wasn’t consistent enough which I thought was very wrong and very harsh. I wasn’t happy about it, I think it’s unfair but I have just got to get on with it. I think my stats in white-ball cricket this year have been outstanding. I

whose last match on the ground saw him score a Twenty20 world record 156 against England last month. But Australia had more than enough runs as they enjoyed a win over England ahead of the return Ashes series 'Down Under' starting in November. "I'm extremely happy to win the series," said Clarke. "To a lot of people this ODI series does not mean much,

but to the Australia players it means a lot. I don't know whether it will have much impact on the Ashes back home but we get the flight back home t o m o r r o w (Tuesday) a lot happier as a oneday side certainly," the man-oft h e - s e r i e s explained. "The Ashes is still a way away but everyone is excited about that and the players are thinking about it already, but our focus has to be on the seven ODIs in India first." Man-of-the-match Watson added: "Things have changed for the better in a big way. We are playing the brand of cricket we enjoy and everyone is very excited about what lies ahead." Meanwhile stand-in England captain Eoin Morgan, leading a side missing five rested Ashes-winners

including regular skipper Alastair Cook, remained upbeat. "We prioritise Test cricket and with back-to-back Ashes series we have to be picky and choosy. But the next best guys here have done really well." England's reply got off to a disastrous start when Kevin Pietersen was run out for nought after being slow to answer Michael Carberry's call. Carberry, on his home ground, made 30 before he was lbw to left-arm seamer James Faulkner (three for 38). And it wasn't long before 50 for two became 68 for four as Joe Root (13) and Luke Wright (nought) came and went. Morgan fell for 30 when stumped by Matthew Wade off spinner Adam Voges. England's hopes now rested with Ravi Bopara and Jos Buttler, whose 65 not out saw them to a series-levelling three-wicket win in Cardiff on Saturday. Buttler scored at better than a run-a-ball but Faulkner, cleverly changing to around the wicket, bowled him for 42 to end a stand of 92 with Bopara.

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Indian weightlifters bag 25 medals in N Korea

Indian weightlifters bagged a rich haul of 25 medals so far in the ongoing Asian Inter-Club Championships and Asian Cup being held at Pyongyang, North Korea. In the Asian Inter-Club Championships, the Indians have won 12 medals (3 silver and 9 bronze) while they have bagged 13 (9 silver and 4 bronze) in the Asian Cup being held simultaneously. The Indians though are yet to win a gold so far in September 11-18 events, according to a release from the Indian Weightlifting Federation. Medal winners: Asian Cup: Manalisha Sonowal (Jr Women 48kg): silver in snatch and bronze in total lift; Kopparthi Shireesha (Jr Women 58kg): a silver each in snatch, clean and jerk and total lift; Apurba Chetia (Jr Men 56kg): silver in snatch and a bronze each in clean and jerk and total lift; Achyutananda Sahoo (Jr Men 62kg): a silver each in clean and jerk and total lift; R V Rahul (Jr Men 77kg): a silver in snatch and total lift and a bronze in clean and jerk. Asian Inter-Club Championships: Manalisha Sonowal (Jr Women 48kg): silver in snatch and a bronze each in clean and jerk and total lift; Kopparthi Shireesha (Jr Women 58kg): a bronze each in snatch and total lift; Apurba Chetia (Jr Men 56kg): a bronze each in snatch, clean and jerk and total lift; Achyutananda Sahoo (Jr Men 62kg): a silver in clean and jerk and bronze in total lift; R V Rahul (Jr Men 77kg): a silver in snatch and bronze in total lift.

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Amazing Kerala Backwaters of Kerala

India is among the five nations, who have placed their bids before the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to host the 2018 Hockey World Cup. The FIH said that it had received seven high quality bids from five nations who are all vying for the chance to host men's and women's showpiece events to be held simultaneously. According to a FIH statement, four official proposals to host the men's World Cup have been made, with a further three submissions being made for the women's tournament. The National Associations of Australia, England, India, Malaysia, and New Zealand have all put extremely strong cases forward in an attempt to lure the sport's top properties to their territory, the statement added. The FIH requested that official bid questionnaires were submitted before the August 31 deadline. The FIH received official submissions from five of the original six nations that initially expressed interest earlier in the year. Now the process of detailed evaluation of each bid which will be followed by further discussions and clarifications with NAs will begin. The final decision will rest with the FIH Executive Board in Lausanne, Switzerland, with the winning bids being announced on November 7.

don’t think they can ignore that for too much longer. “I think I need another crack at playing one-day cricket for England and Twenty20, but I want to get back in the team.” In the short term, the 18th first-class century of his career has put Notts on course for their first championship win. “I will be very determined to show that I am capable of scoring runs at the top of the order. I’ve not even had a sniff of batting in the top four for England in one-day cricket,” he said. Patel struck 18 fours in his 162-ball century and shared a sixth-wicket stand of 101 with Riki Wessels, who topped 50 for the first time this season.

Watson leads Australia to series win over England

Shane Watson's century saw Australia to a 49-run win over England in the fifth one-day international at Southampton on Monday as their lengthy tour ended with a 2-1 series victory. Watson, involved throughout in a trip that saw Australia arrive in Britain in May before their early Champions Trophy exit was followed by a 3-0 Ashes series loss, made 143 in a total of 298 all out. Together with Australia captain Michael Clarke (75), he shared a fourth-wicket partnership of 163, on a ground where they'd both played for Hampshire, after their side had slumped to 48 for three in this day/night clash. Durham all-rounder Ben Stokes led England's attack with an ODI best five wickets for 61 runs, the 22-year-old all-rounder starring as Australia fell just short of 300. England debutant Chris Jordan, in for fast bowler Steven Finn (side strain), took three for 47 after his first ball in international cricket was hit for four by Finch,

India in fray to host ’18 hockey World Cup

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