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Vol 44 | Issue 20

19th to 25th September 2015 FINANCIAL VOICE P18



On Saturday 12th September 2015, the most awaited result for the new leadership of the Labour Party was finally announced, astonishing many people; some pleasantly surprised while others shocked in dismay. Jeremy Corbyn (66), who has been a Member of Parliament for Islington North since 1983, has triumphantly become the new leader of the Labour Party, filling in the shoes of the former leader, Ed Miliband.

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, born on 26th May 1949, was someone whom not many people had any expectations from. He was never considered a scholar nor did he have grades to boast about. Even his headteacher had stated, “you will never make anything of yourself”, as he left school with two grade E Alevels; a statement Corbyn never forgot. During the leadership election campaign, Corbyn had started off as the underdog;

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Modi assures Lanka of India's unwavering support

Jeremy Corbyn

There are two female shadow members who are of South Asian heritage in Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet; Seema Malhotra and Lisa Nandy. Seema Malhotra- Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury.

Lisa Nandy- Shadow energy secretary.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Sri Lankan counterpart

Ranil Wickremesinghe held extensive talks on Continued on page 26




Sadiq Khan becomes Labour's choice for London Mayor

Sadiq Khan has been selected as Labour's candidate for London Mayor. In the final round of voting, Sadiq Khan received 48,152 votes (58.9%) compared to Tessa Jowell at 33,573 votes (41.1%). Continued on page 17

Following the death of Alan Keen, in a by-election in 2011, Seema Malhotra became the MP for Feltham and Heston. In 2014, she was given the role of shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls by the former Labour leader, Ed Miliband.

Ranil Wickremesinghe and Narendra Modi




Reshma Trilochun

Let noble thoughts come to us from every side

In 2010, Lisa Nandy was elected as the MP for Wigan. She had previously served as a Shadow minister for Civil Society during Ed Miliband's leadership. She was also considered as a “rising star” of the left of the Labour Party.

Community organisations come forward to welcome PM Narendra Modi's UK visit Rupanjana Dutta

Over 400 community organisations have been confirmed as Welcome Partners for the grand reception being planned for Prime Minister Modi at Wembley Stadium, London on 13 November. The Europe India Forum (EIF) has published the list of organisations on its event website A spokesman for EIF said "The response from the community has been over-

whelming. It is unprecedented for such a large and diverse group of Indian community organisations to unify under one platform; such is the appeal of P r i m e Minister Modi".

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ONE ONE with Keith Vaz, MP

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015


Suella Fernandes

Suella Fernandes is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Fareham, and a member of the Education Select Committee. Born in Harrow, to parents from Mauritius and Kenya, she read Law at Cambridge University, the Sorbonne and is admitted to the New York Bar. Prior to her election in May 2015, she practised as a Barrister for 10years in London, specialising in planning law and judicial review and was a member of the Attorney General’s Panel of Treasury Counsel, regularly defending government departments in court. She helped to set up a Free School, Michaela Community School in Wembley and she set up Africa Justice Foundation, a community justice charity working in some of the poorest parts of the world. 1) What is your current position? Conservative Member of Parliament for Fareham 2) What are your proudest achievements? Co-founding a new Free School, Michaela Community School, in my home town of Wembley. 3) What inspires you? Social justice and fairness, self-

biased, obviously), I was lucky to learn from some of the best lawyers around and I enjoyed a stimulating, varied and stable career. However, it involves A LOT of hard work, huge amounts of reading,


rigorous technical knowledge, a very thick skin, shockingly early starts, late nights and the tension that comes from selfemployment. The biggest challenge for me has been to balance work and “life”, with work winning most of the time. 5) Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date? I have enjoyed campaigning in the Conservative Party since I was a teenager and made lifelong friends on the way. My interest in politics was gently sparked by my parents: my mother was a local Conservative Councillor for 16 years and my father an activist. The seeds were sown when, as an argumentative teenager, family dinner time invariably involved debate, discussing campaigns and politics.

empowerment, taking part in community, truth and beauty 4) What has been the biggest obstacle in your career? I practised as a selfemployed Barrister for 10 year before entering Parliament. The Bar is one of the best professions in England (I’m

6) What is the best aspect about your current role? As a new Member of Parliament, I love meeting constituents who live in Fareham and hearing about


their lives as well as soaking up the atmosphere in the Chamber of Commons, learning from my colleagues and speaking in debates. 7) And the worst? Not identified any so far, but get back to me in 12 months. 8) What are your long term goals? To serve the people of Fareham with integrity, humility and warmth. And play my part in the economic recovery of the country. 9) If you were Prime Minister, what one aspect would you change? I’m a fan of David Cameron’s Big Society and I’d like to see even more community spirit, optimism and service engendered in our national psyche, regardless of age, class or ability. 10) If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why? One of my favourite poets, Rumi, to sustain my inspiration and morale.

Better flight connections Cabbie gifts the Queen £50 for her long reign between UK and India

In August 2015, Virgin Atlantic and Jet Airways airlines expanded their code share agreement. They will now be offering new travel options from four Indian citiesBengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. Customers can now purchase tickets from these four Indian cities, connecting to Virgin Atlantic's Delhi- London Heathrow service and vice-versa. Customers will have the convenience of having their boarding passes issued to them at the originating airport on these routes, regardless of whether the traveller started their journey in India or the UK. During his third leg of a three-city visit to India

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, became the longest serving monarch on 9th September 2015. If one would consider gifting something to the Queen, what would one consider? David Vaz, wrote a letter and sent £50 to Her Majesty to “treat herself to her favourite cup of tea”. David Vaz (43), who works as a controller at A1 minicabs, in Romford, was delighted to receive a letter from one of the Queen's ladies in waiting, however, they had returned the £50 note back to him, as the Queen is not allowed to

on 10th September, Rt. Hon Lord Francis Maude of Horsham, the UK's Minister of State for Trade and Investment, welcomed a code-share agreement between the two airlines. Lord Maude said, “This partnership between prominent British and Indian airlines will help ease air travel for thousands of passengers, improving connectivity between the UK and four major Indian cities. It is an excellent example of strengthening ties between our two countries and embodies the spirit of out 'GREAT for Collaboration' campaign, which celebrates great British and Indian companies working together for mutual benefit.”

accept cash gifts. Vaz, has previously written to the Queen in the

past. He said, “I see her [Queen Elizabeth II] as a second mum. I went

Sad departure of a modest man Mohanbhai Bhimji Ladwa passed away on 6 September 2015 in Birmingham UK, after prolonged illness. Born on 28 September 1932, at Porbandar, India, he came to UK from Dar Es Salam, where his elder son Mukesh was born. A prayer was organised on 6th September at Shri Laxmi Narayan Temple. The funeral took

)% %'" +! /() ** ',)" ) / ** , ) " !+ )-" *

David Vaz, with the £50 note which was returned back to him, along with a letter from HM's lady-in-waiting

through a really rough time a few years ago and I wrote to the Queen and told her about my life. I told her that at the time I was on benefits and trying to contribute by volunteering. She wrote back then as well and that really moved me.” The letter from the Queen's lady-in-waiting mentioned that the Queen was touched by David Vaz's gesture. The letter read, “The Queen has been deeply moved by the affection and support shown to her throughout Her Majesty's long reign and letters such as yours give The Queen much pleasure.”

$ %' %""


place on Saturday 12 September at the Birmingham Parry Crematorium, followed by a lunch at the Laxmi Narayan temple. Shri Ladwa was a modest family man who believed in strong values. He is survived by wife Hemlataben, sons Mukesh, Manoj and Vipul, daughter in laws Nisha,


Dina and Jaspreet and grandchildren Vishal, Avni and Anjali. During the funeral, little Avni gave a speech speaking about how wise and knowledgable her grandfather was, though he was very ill. She said, “His favourite food was Bhajia...Bapa was a very generous man who always gave lovely presents and even knew more English than Anjali. My Bapa was the funniest...”

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COMMENTS AsianVoiceNews


Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Queen Elizabeth II, a remarkable monarch Queen Elizabeth II has become Britain’s longest reigning monarch, exceeding by a week the record previously held by her great great grandmother Queen Victoria. The Great Queen, as she is known, lent her name to one of the greatest eras in British history. The Industrial Revolution, an emergent middle class transformed politics and society; economic and military power gave the United Kingdom the largest empire on earth. Great writers took English literature to new heights, iconic scientists and engineers bestowed on the country unique pre-eminence, as did a galaxy of outstanding political leaders. Public memory of that period was starting to fade when Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne on the death of her father George VI in 1952. Her coronation followed in the summer of 1953. Winston Churchill, her first prime minister, had entered parliament when Queen Victoria was still alive, hence was a bridge between generations. Britain was a declining power in the aftermath of the Second World War; the Queen, a rock, performed her constitutional duties with impeccable rectitude and true regal dignity. She saw through many a subsequent national crisis, and bore with fortitude those within the royal family. With Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh at her side, she travelled to all corners of the land keeping in touch with her subjects, feeling the common pulse. Her stamina was as remark-

able as her wisdom and counsel. Among the institutions dear to her heart was the Commonwealth, whose diversity from an exclusive white man’s club to that of a multicultural family of nations straddling the continents, was dear to her heart. It was the old empire turned into an association of willing friends. She was always in her element meeting Commonwealth heads of state and government during their summits. Her rapport with India can be likened to Queen Victoria’s. During the Royal tour of the Commonwealth in 1980, the Queen’s final stop was in India; and one could feel from her body language as she strolled through the gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi, in the company of then Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi, her ease in the informality of her conversation with someone she knew well over many years. The Queen’s uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten – Victoria’s grandson - was the last British Viceroy when the imperial curtain came down in August 1947. British governments and the British political class, as a whole, have never viewed the Commonwealth with the same kindly eye or shared the Queen’s enthusiasm for it, or believed in its potential. The Queen’s vision and understanding transcended theirs by many a mile. Her present popularity contrasts with the low public esteem for the country’s mainstream politicians. Queen Elizabeth II personifies stability and continuity. Congratulations and many many thanks, Your Majesty.

Time for Muslim bodies to take pause The trial of 13 jihadis accused of the bombings of a Mumbai commuter train during the evening rush hour in July 2006 was completed, with 12 of the accused found guilty as charged, and one acquitted. Several others, including the mastermind, are at large. The casualty figures included 188 dead and hundreds injured, was surely the curtain-raiser to the more traumatic experience Mumbai heroically endured on 26/11/ 2008. Feelings were running high outside the special court as the verdicts were announced. The Jamaat Islamic Board, against this landscape, described yoga – practiced by 27 million Americans, and Surya Namaskar which druids perform ritually at Stonehenge in southern England – as offence to Islam. The singing of Vande Mataram, composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, among the icons of Bengali literature, was denounced as unIslamic. There are so many don’ts on the board’s list, that leaves little room for the do’s. Job reservation for Muslims comes readily to mind as a do. So what is there left in India, save complaints of injustices, real and imaginary. Another ruckus has been caused by the renaming of Aurangzeb Road in Delhi, which is now Dr Abdul Kalam Road to honour a scientist and president much loved and deeply respected throughout India. The Mughal emperor was loathed during his tenure on the throne as a bigoted tyrant (hence his deeds and memory are cherished in the Pakistani canon). At the end of his 50 year-old reign, the Mughal dominion, torn apart by myriad rebellions, ended ingloriously. Professor Jagdish Bhagwati, the eminent economist writes of Kalam as one with giant engineering achievements, but was more remarkable as a human being. Born into a poor Muslim family, Dr Kalam, like the Emperor Akbar, was syncretic

in his outlook on religion, as was Akbar’s great grandson Dara Shikoh, who was executed as an apostate by his younger sibling, Aurangzeb, all of which Dr Bhagwati relates with characterristic lucidity. Should present-day Italians ask for roads to be named after Mussolini? There have been creative despots in history who are remembered with a measure of respect in their countries with monuments and buildings, named after them. Napoleon and Frederick the Great were two such men. Aurangzeb was not of that genre. In India, we are much given to cock-ups. H,S. Suhrawardy, the Muslim League Chief Minister of Bengal before Partition, has a prominent Kolkata thoroughfare named after him, when he more than any other individual, was responsible for the ‘Great Calcutta Killings’ of August 1946. Yet, James Prinsep, the great English scholar, who deciphered the Kharosthi script in 1840, enabling subsequent generations to read the inscriptions of the Buddhist Emperor Asoka, this same Prinsep had his name removed from a street, replaced by that of a nonentity noted only for his service to the local Communist party, now happily in an advanced state of decomposition. A postscript rounds off the circuitous argument. The RSS, mentors of the ruling BJP, has called for ‘Akhand Bharat’(the reconstruction of the old undivided India)at its recent mentoring session with its numerous affiliates [See Hindu front-page September 6]. Scarcely credible, one would have thought. With jihadis infiltrating the country to destroy ‘Hindu’ Bharat and build a new caliphate on the ruins, aligned to one greater caliphate in the Middle East, better sense, even in such quarters, one imagined might prevail. Common sense, apparently, is a scarce commodity.

India’s Saudi Arabian connection A Saudi diplomat in Gurgaon, on the outskirts of Delhi, kept two young Nepalese women in his house as sex slaves for himself and his friends. Hearing of this, the Nepalese Ambassador to India requested the help of the Indian government for their release. Police raided the diplomat’s home and rescued the two women, who were taken to a top hospital to medically verify the authenticity of their story of rape and torture. Medical tests proved conclusively that their accusations were true, the diplomat’s charge that the women’s stories were fabrications were false. The Saudi Arabian Embassy has claimed diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention. The standard practice relating to diplomats in foreign countries accused of criminal conduct such as rape and murder involves a formal request to the related embassy to waive the person’s diplomatic immunity so that he/she can be brought to trial. India has followed these procedures to the letter. This has clearly not satisfied the Indian journalist, Suhasini Haider, who in a cringing report underscored the importance of Saudi Arabia as India’s principal oil supplier, implying that the case essentially involved Saudi Arabia and Nepal. New Delhi would be best advised to take a median position between

two warring embassies viz those of Saudi Arabia and Nepal. Rape, dear lady, is not a peccadillo, it is a major crime, notwithstanding that the perpetrator belongs to an oil producing country, whose product is paid for in hard currency. Secondly, India’s ties with Nepal have a historical and contemporary dimension based on a shared experience of faith and culture. Weighing these on the scales of oil and money is shaming and pusillanimous. If the rape case wasn’t enough, Saudi Arabian aerial bombardment of Yemen has left six Indian citizens dead. The unbridled Saudi Arabian military assault on neighbouring Yemen has led to the wanton destruction of property, the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and brought the country to the abyss of a devastating famine. True to type, the Saudi monarchy is being aided and abetted with American and British weaponry by Nobel Peace laureate Barack Obama and sidekick David Cameron. Nothing clearly has been learned from the swelling exodus of refugees entering Europe. The live reports of BBC Correspondent, Gabriel Gatehouse, from Yemen are exemplary for their integrity and humanity the true calling the good joiurnalist.


The bridges you cross before you come to them are over rivers that aren't there - Gene Brown

The Temples of Our Gods I write to you from on board a flight to Amman, Jordan. I always wanted to see the great temple built into the wall at the ancient city of Petra. You will have seen it in the Indiana Jones film. I have also just come from visiting the grand Akshardham Temple in New Delhi. I can tell you having seen Akshardham that Petra will be a disappointment. The Taj Mahal is not as magnificent as this modern wonder with its carvings. Whilst the Taj Mahal is of romantic love, and mausoleum for a dead woman, Akshardham is of the greater devotional love of mankind for their creator – of the humility that comes from devotion, the necessary selflessness that devotion requires. The love of which the Gita, the Torah, the Bible and the Koran speak is of devotional not romantic love. Man serves society out of devotional love, not the selfishness between a couple that is romantic love. So, in what it symbolises, not just in its beauty, the Taj Mahal has been eclipsed by this new wonder of the world. But does India need another temple? I was told of the workforce, that they were paid, and fed, and housed within the complex. Their children now schooled as a result of the fees they earnt. Those workers, some previously with addictions to drink and drugs, overcoming their weaknesses within the purity of their lodgings. So what is the point of such a temple? Is it not ego? Does it create pride in ones heritage that leads to self-destructive egotism? Not so. Of stone and marble and gold it is made for sure. But it serves other purposes so sorely needed in India, and in the world. It reminds Indians the greatness of their heritage, but more importantly, it is for them to lead the world in the highest ideals. They cannot sit back whilst others step forward. If there is not to be a destruction of the world, then the wisdom and knowledge to be found in our ancient culture will have to be the saviour of all mankind and it will have to be down to Indians to do it. For surely temples such as this teach us – it has always been us who have been the most advanced. It is us who must step up. Too often are we too afraid to say who and what we are, what we know; happy are we to stand in the shadows. And now look at the state of the world. Too happy to bow to the louder, the brasher, those who claim to know more. A temple, as well as reminding us to have faith in ourselves, also provides a focus. A focus for a community of workers to serve at the time of crisis, to come together as an army of helpers, and volunteers, to be an organised nation in service to others. Surely, India needs toilets, but they alone cannot lift a nation. The values that our temples teach, and remind us to be our greatest possible self, comes from such feats. And of values the world needs, where else but in a Hindu temple could I have spoken at length with a Hindu priest about the greatness of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed and the Koran. Yes the world needs temples, only because it needs the values such temples bring. One day, there will be no need for temples.

Asian Voice is published by ASIAN BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS LTD Karma Yoga House, 12 Hoxton Market, (Off Coronet Street) London N1 6HW. Tel: 020 7749 4080 • Fax: 020 7749 4081 Email: Website: © Asian Business Publications



Paul Sabapathy calls it quits, says Pakistanis need to be taught courtesy Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

The Queen's personal representative in Birmingham, Paul Sabapathy (72), has resigned after making suggestions that the British Pakistanis needed to be taught “basic common courtesy and civility.” After an email that he wrote regarding the topic, Sabapathy CBE, HM LordLieutenant of West Midlands, quit the post he held since 2007. The email read, “Pakistanis are lovely people individually. But there is a lot of work to do to teach them basic common courtesy and civility.” It further said, “They talk to themselves and do not engage with the wider community. They are living in the UK not Pakistan. Whilst being rightly proud of their Pakistani culture and heritage, they need to explain better and engage with their

non-Pakistani brothers and sisters if they want their children to succeed as British Pakistani citizens.” Paul Sabapathy, pictured, the first non-white person chosen to be LordLieutenant, later regretted the mail and expressed his rue when approached by the media. He said, “I wish to apologise unreservedly and wholeheartedly for the offence I have caused to the Pakistani community and others, by the contents of my private email. I have today written to all those who received my original email to express my sincere sorrow and regret. I have asked for their forgiveness in the hope that my comments do not damage relationships between the many communities of the West Midlands.” “There is not one iota of

prejudice on my part and I am deeply sorry for the upset I have caused and I offer my sincere and heartfelt apologies. It has been a privilege to be the representative of Her Majesty the Queen and to serve the communities of the West Midlands for the last eight years. Having given the matter deep consideration and in the light of my wife’s ill health I have decided to

stand down as LordLieutenant of West Midlands to spend more time with my wife.” His comments are understood to be prompted by a group of 20 Pakistani men who were talking during his Pakistani Independence Day speech. Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying, “We understand that Paul Sabapathy has informed the Cabinet Office of his decision to step down from his role as Lord-Lieutenant in the West Midlands. The Royal household would like to acknowledge the tremendous work done by Mr Sabapathy since his appointment in 2007 to support the work of the royal family and to bring together and work with the communities in the West Midlands.”

Man from Bolton among those killed in Mecca crane crash A father of four from Bolton fell victim to the Saudi crane crash, mere hours after arriving in the city for his first pilgrimage to Mecca. A private hire driver, Qasim Akram (32), was killed when a construction crane fell through the Grand Mosque in the Saudi city of Mecca. He had arrived with his parents who were believed to not be near him during the incident and escaped without injury. A local councillor and friend, Akhtar Zaman rendered his condolences, saying he had met with Akram

Qasim Akram

only days before his death. “He and his parents were in the same vicinity, the same area but he was maybe 50 yards ahead of his parents

and that's when the accident happened. They lost contact with him and they couldn't find him. They found out [on Saturday night] and the authorities identified him.” Zaman said he had been on the pilgrimage for around three to four weeks. Akram was an active member of the Masjid Al Aqsa mosque in Gilnow Road, Halliwell, where his father was secretary. The mosque's Facebook page shared a picture of Akram with a message that read, “We share not only the picture but also the pain and

grief of his departure from this world to the eternal abode of bliss.” Calling him a hard-working man, Zaman said, “I knew Qasim personally, he was the most pleasant, hard-working, smiling and helpful young man you could ever meet. He's from quite a big family and they are devastated to the core. He is married and has four kids. I think the youngest may be oneand-a-half or two years old. People are praying at the mosques.” “It is a huge loss to the family and a big loss for the wider community.”

Dog-walker who foiled sex assault honoured by police A man who helped to stop a serious sexual assault while he was out walking his dog has been honoured by police. Robin Bamra heard the terrified woman screaming in Braunstone, in December. Mr Bamra, 55, who was walking his shih-tzu, Peaches, realised the person was in distress. He followed her voice until he found her and saw her pinned to the ground by 19-year-old Warren Laight. He had told her he was going to rape her. However, Mr Bamra and a woman who was also

passing by tackled Laight. When the woman pulled Laight off the victim he told her he was going to rape her, too. While the woman dialled 999, Mr Bamra calmly kept Laight talking, even learning his name and where he was living at the time. Mr Bamra, who lives in Braunstone, received a commendation from Chief Constable Simon Cole at the force's annual awards ceremony at force HQ, in Enderby, on last Thursday. He said: "I heard the screams and followed the sound and saw a young lady on the ground and she

was shouting 'please help me'. Her face was bleeding from where he had hit her and she said 'he is trying to rape me'. He was drunk and completely out of his head and was trying to be pally with me, saying things like 'it's her fault, I haven't done anything'. "The other lady had

called the police, so I decided I should try to keep him there by talking to him. I asked him where he was from and he even told me his name. He ran away as soon as he saw the police had arrived, but we told them everything he'd said and they were able to find and arrest him. To be honest, I don't think I did anything particularly heroic. I just thought the best thing to do was to keep him talking and find out as much as I could about him to tell the police. If the woman and I hadn't passed by that night I am scared to think what he might have done."

New Hindu free school for Leicester turned down A Hindu group has failed in its bid to open a new free school in Leicester. The Avanti Schools Trust had applied to the Department for Education (DfE) to create a new school to educate pupils from four to 16. But the trust says that the application has been turned down by the department on the basis that the shortage of school places in the city is not severe enough to warrant another school. The trust, which

already runs the Krishna Avanti Primary, in Evington, Leicester, which opened in 2011, says it is "extremely disappointed" by the news. The proposed school would have opened next September under the

name Avanti Farm. However, a spokesman for the trust has confirmed that it will reapply to the DfE. Trust spokesman Pradip Gajjar, said: "Naturally we are extremely disappointed but we believe we have a strong educational ethos and offer. We bring choice to the provision of children's education in the city and that choice is already highly regarded by our parents. We know there's a

need for more school places as the years go on and our bid brought a very positive approach to that. Therefore, the decision has surprised us in many ways. Because we think we have a strong educational case, we will be re-applying." Along with many other local authorities, Leicester, has a predicted shortfall of primary school places and has already begun work to create more, including the expansion of some primaries to alleviate pressure.

In Brief AsianVoiceNews


PC charged with conspiracy

West Midlands: It has been alleged that police officer, PC Amar Hussain (29), as well as two other men have been charged with conspiracy offences over “false and malicious” claims in 2014, that a police officer was was to be kidnapped in a terrorist plot. It is said that PC Hussain was charged by West Midlands police with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office. PC Hussain has been granted bail.

CCTV images released in appeal over parking altercation outside gym

Leicester: Police have released CCTV images of men they want to trace in relation to an altercation outside a gym. The incident happened in Temple Road, in the North Evington area of Leicester. It occurred on Thursday, Mary 25, however, officers have only now been able to retrieve CCTV footage and pinpoint certain individuals. A police spokesman said: "A number of people were involved in the incident and two people sustained minor injuries that didn't require hospital treatment." Officers said a 62-year-old man has been spoken to in connection with the incident and is assisting police with their inquiries.

Men who delivered aid to refugees in Calais say conditions were 'disgusting'

Leicester: Three Leicester men who delivered humanitarian aid to Calais at the weekend said they were disgusted by the conditions the refugees had to endure. The team lead by Naeem Brisco, of Evington, drove a van to Naeem Brisco and Mohammed Omar France packed with food, clothes, medical kits, and sanitary items. The aid was supplied within two days of an appeal posted on Facebook asking people to donate. When they arrived at The Jungle refugee camp they found people walking around barefoot, hungry and cold. Naeem, 35, set off for the Calais camp with his brother-in-law Mohammed Omar, 18, and his friend, Kris Isa, 43.

£4 million drugs gang handed 36 years in prison after massive bust

Birmingham: Three men have been jailed for a total of more than 36 years after they were discovered with more than £4 million worth of heroin. The gang hid the drugs in pallets of car batteries but an undercover police investigation saw through the ‘ingenious’ scam. In March 2015, as part of a drugs supply investigation, police officers saw a man loading a VW Polo onto a recovery Zahid Mahmood vehicle. Later that day officers saw the same man – 43 year-old Zahid Mahmood from Hansworth - in Dover Road in Gravesend, meeting with Dutch national Bas Van Der Weijden. He was seen to unload a suitcase from the boot of a Skoda Fabia into the boot of the Polo that was on the recovery truck. The recovery truck was intercepted in Springhead Road in Gravesend and searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act. In the suitcase officers uncovered approximately 10 kilos of heroin and both men were arrested.

Solihull curry boss jailed for groping women jobhunters

Solihull: A curry house boss with “wandering hands” has been jailed for groping young jobhunters. Prashant Sengar carried out a string of sex attacks on terrified young women who applied for jobs at his diner – called Spicy Affair. The “arrogant” businessman claimed all six victims were lying – and shook his head as a judge jailed him for 22 months. Lee Marklew, prosecuting, earlier told the jury: “Prashant Sengar is a man with wandering hands. He’s an arrogant man. He abused his position of authority with these ladies.” Warwick Crown Court heard the businessman was twice questioned by police over the initial allegations before he was finally prosecuted. Sengar was convicted of seven charges of sexual assault and ordered to register as a sex offender for ten years.

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

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Hourglass founder accused of race discrimination Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

made this comment in the presence of Three “beauty consultants”, Darshana Patel, Semone Ballin and Leena Leena Chaudhary (34), who is a Chaudhary, are suing the company Muslim. Janes has also been accused of that runs the cosmetics counters at referring to Ballin, whose grandparLiberty, for race discrimination. The ents are Jamaican, as the “coloured three women worked on the cosmetlady”. Clarisa Janes has denied all of ics counter, for Hourglass, at Regent these allegations. Street store and have taken their case Semone Ballin to an employment tribunal. was dismissed It is said that Darshana Patel from in August (30), has accused the company 2014, while of not wanting to be “associatL e e n a ed with people of colour”. She Chaudhary recalls the discrimination was disfaced. “In September 2013, I missed in wanted to write a beauty September blog. I was told I could 2014, after only do this as a ‘ghost h a v i n g writer’. I then found out Josh Collier worked that their for 4 [Caucasian] was able to do months, this freely.” after Founder and chief the executive of Hourglass, Clarisa Janes has been accused of questioning why Muslim women wear makeup under their veiled faces. It is claimed that she stated, “I don't understand why Muslim women wear so much makeup when their faces are covered up. I just don't get it”, while allegedly shaking her head “in disgust”. Semone Hourglass founder and CEO, Clarisa Janes, accused of race and religious discrimination Ballin (34) claimed that Janes

company claimed she had failed to hand in sick notes. At the tribunal, Chaudhary informed how she was told about Janes' plan of sacking Ballin. “Daniela [Saenz] mentioned that she needed to talk… She then went on to tell me that ‘you’re not going to believe this — Carisa is going to fire Semone because she did not like the look of her’.” Clarisa Janes has denied all of the allegations made towards her and the company. She said, “I have never criticised or denigrated any religion and I have never said any cultural tradition is stupid.” She mentioned that the warehouse staff in the US is 70% nonwhite and the “UK workforce is also diverse and has the same friendly, family atmosphere. In regards to Ballin's termination at work, Janes's said that Ballin's “contract was terminated because of her poor attitude on the counter, which was not doing well, and as we were moving from freelancers to employees, so it seemed the right time for us to part ways”. Between the three, the women are said to be claiming £38,000 for sex discrimination, breach of contract, race and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal. The tribunal hearing continues.

Local residents and shopkeepers take on armed robbers in Kingsbury Local residents and shopkeepers took on nearly a dozen armed robbers as they ransacked a jewellery store in Kingsbury, north London. A video footage showed locals, who are speaking in Arabic, shouting for police as a six to ten bikers are looting the shop. The men arrived at the store armed with an axe and a sledgehammer and began smashing windows and snatching jewellery from the shop’s display area on last Monday, police said. Sami and his son Mohammed Said, 20, tried to fight them off with baseball bats but were outnumbered until locals got together and confronted the robbers. Mohammed Madhi Said reportedly said: “In 90 seconds they took everything, 90 seconds, they pretty much took everything. “They smashed both doors and got in and as soon as they did one of the guys with a hammer attacked us, I couldn’t see what was in his other hand, it could have been a knife or a gun.” The residents then took law into their own hands, arming themselves with nearby objects and chased the robbers. As the gang attempted to make their getaway on AsianVoiceNews


Community organisations come forward to welcome PM Narendra Modi's UK visit Continued from page 1 Bhavesh Sangrajka, President of Art of Living Foundation said "We have Indian and non-Indian members from across the British Isles all eager to hear Prime Minister Modi. He is a captivating speaker. We are proud to be one of the many organisations coming together on a common platform." Sanjay Kara, Trustee of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London (Neasden Temple), said "We are delighted to be confirmed as a Welcome Partner to receive Prime Minister Modi later this year. To manage the registration requests from devotees, we have set up a special help desk to cater for the demand." Shamsuddin Agha, President of the Indian Muslim Federation said, “I am delighted that Shri Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister, will be visiting the UK shortly. I have no doubt that it will strengthen the ties between our great nations. It will bring people closer than ever before. It will bolster trade and economic cooperation. The visit will demolish the walls of hatred and extremism. It will work towards the development of all people irrespective of caste, creed or religion and create a pluralistic, multicultural society in India.” Vinay Tanna, communications director of ISKCON UK said "It is a proud and historic moment for all British Indians. Wembley Stadium will be the place to be on 13 November". Lalubhai Parekh,

President of Overseas Friends of BJP (UK) said "The huge community response from across the UK is an illustration of Prime Minister Modi's vision 'Sab ka Saath, Sabka Vikas'. The Wembley Stadium event is truly for the community, by the community." The event themed "Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future", UKWelcomesModi will be a celebration of UK-India relations, the contribution of the UK's 1.6 million Indian diaspora, India's drive to fast track economic development, and India's globalisation and emergence as a global leader. Over 60,000 people will participate live at the iconic Wembley Stadium. Over 350 diverse community partner organisations have already registered. The event will be televised live to over 1 billion people globally. A cultural programme will be featured, showcasing the very best of British Indian talent organised by some of UK’s and India's top directors. The event will also include a grand fireworks display. Registration via Welcome Partners can be accessed on the official website up until 23:59 on Friday 18th September. General registration for members of the public will open at 10:00 on Saturday 19th September. Full list of the organisations registered as Welcome partners is also published in

Religious leaders to sign national register

scooters, the crowd managed to catch up to one of the five vehicles and pin down a suspect, who is arrested by the police after they quickly arrive on the scene. Police were called to the scene at about 2.12pm and took the captured man to a north London police station for questioning. A 24-year-old man was arrested later on suspicion of armed robbery. DI Scott Hartley said: “This was a brazen robbery carried out in the middle of the day. “I would like to praise the bravery of those

in the local community who intervened in dangerous circumstances.” Sami Said, 48, manager of The Jeweller on Kingsbury Road, threw a feast to thank the passersby

for their help. Police are urging anyone who saw the incident to call them on 0208 785 8655 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

According to reports, Tahir Alam, the former chairman of the education trust who is at the centre of the alleged “Trojan Horse” in Birmingham, has been banned from being involved, in any form, with schools. The Department for Education (DfE), had

accused Alam of “undermining the fundamental British values”. Tahir Alam had resigned from his post as chairman of governors at the Park View Educational Trust amid the scandal revolving around him. However, he stated that he intends to appeal the decision.

"Trojan Horse" chairman banned from schools

According to leaked counter-extremism documents, religious leaders who speak at public events, such as priests, imams and rabbis, will be have to sign a national register, as well as undergo training approved by the government. According to a draft of the document, the proposals will “require all faiths to maintain a national register of faith leaders” for clerics who work for institutions that receive money from the public, or who speak at publicly funded events. The leaked document was reported by The Sunday Telegraph and it provoked infuriation. Maulana Shah Raza, an imam and founding member of the Mosques and Imams National

Advisory Board, has warned Whitehall “not to meddle in religious affairs or to expand the state's involvement in deciding on religious and theological issues”. On the other hand, chairman of the Conservative Muslim Mohammed Forum, Amin said that as the public sector was “a purchaser of religious preachers' services”, it was “entitled to keep a register of acceptable providers”. The leak document had described extremism as “the vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and the tolerance of different faiths and beliefs”.

Poacher cooks injured deer for Christmas meal AsianVoiceNews


Mian Shahid (32), was jailed for 4 months, suspended for two years and given 200 hours community service, after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and taking a deer without consent. The poacher is alleged to have dragged an injured deer into his car and filmed himself killing it, then eating it for Christmas dinner. The court was told how he posted pictures of the dead animal on Facebook

and boasted that it had “made a good meal for ten�. The police were informed by a woman who had witnessed Shahid dragging the deer from a field into his car, on 23rd December 2014. The police raided his property in Kenley, south London, and found a video of the deer recorded on his iPad. Mian Shahid's defence, Ovais Kadri said that Shahid “enjoys the company of animals� and how he

Mian Shahid

had no intention of doing anything similar again.

Women lured to join Isil

Schoolgirls Shamima Begum, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana fled to Syria from Bethnal Green, in February 2015

join the terror group in Syria as either jihadi brides or assisting others to join the group. It has become a growing trend for young girls and women, as well as mothers and their young children who want to become part of Isil and this has alarmed the police and community leaders in Britain.

Britain: It is said that Britain is now facing a record number of suspected women terrorists who have been lured by the idea of possibly joining the terrorist group, Isil. About 35 women were arrested under terrorism laws after figures almost doubled in only two years. Most of were said to be suspected of attempting to

Study suggests Alzheimer's could be passed on by humans LONDON: According to a study, scientists suggest that the trigger for Alzheimer's could be passed on by humans, through contaminated tools. Up until now, scientists had believed that Alzheimer's was mostly caused as a consequence of ageing and partly due to the influence of genes. However, the new findings from the study has raised the prospect that patients could develop dementia as a result of a blood transfusion, a hospital operation or dental work, such as root canal treatment.

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Saraswati Sanman Asian Voice | 19th September 2015


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A Levels- Best achievers awards

Article 13 of the United Nations' 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights recognizes the right of everyone to an education. Education began in prehistory, as adults trained the young in the knowledge and skills deemed necessary in their society It has been argued that high rates of education are essential for countries to be able to achieve high levels of economic growth. Empirical analyses tend to support the theoretical prediction that poor countries should grow faster than rich countries because they can adopt cutting edge technologies already tried and tested by rich countries. In the Indian culture Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts, represents the free flow of wisdom and consciousness. Saraswati is the daughter of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. It is believed that goddess Saraswati endows human beings with the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. She has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness and ego. A level Examination results have been declared and almost 400,000 students have received their grades.

Karma Yoga Foundation would like to honour and award a token of appreciation to the best achievers, irrespective of religion, caste or culture to students from the Indian sub-continent (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) settled in the UK.

The following cash awards would be given: ÂŁ2500.00 to the best achiever (Total ÂŁ2500.00) ÂŁ1001.00 each to 3 achievers (Total ÂŁ3003.00) and ÂŁ501.00 each to 5 achievers (Total ÂŁ2505.00) Together with Mr. Kanti Nagda, one of the Trustees of Karma Yoga Foundation, three eminent independent Judges will be appointed and their decision would be final. You are requested to send in your nominations by 25.09.2015 to:Mr. Kanti Nagda Karma Yoga Foundation 12 Hoxton Market London N1 6HW

Private health company allegedly charges kids for work experience The Chartwell Trust, a private health company which runs a hospital at Leigh-onSea, Essex and care homes is alleged to be charging ÂŁ500 for a week's work experience

for children. It is alleged that the Chartwell Trust had sent a brochure to local schools mentioning that they were offering “good supervision from staff� and

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(Educational Awards)

“interview training carried out by our qualified doctors�. The charity, MyBigCareer stated that the fee charged was “completely unfair� and “distasteful�.




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UK AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015


Change the anomalies in the 'Reservation-Quota' As I See It

A public meeting as announced previously over 2 weeks in Asian voice, which was conveyed to a large number of organisations and individuals, took place on Sunday 13 September at the Patidar House in London Road, Wembley Central. On 28 August I wrote to various organisations here and leaders of PAAS as well as to the Chief Minister of Gujarat and other media organisations. The Commissioner for Information of Gujarat Government, as instructed by the CM, replied in detail in Gujarati and the entire correspondence was distributed to all the people present on 13th September. Mr Dinesh Patel, President of the Federation of Patidar Associations welcomed all the participants as the Chairman of the meeting. Some 34 prominent leaders of various Indian organisations (mainly Gujarati) were able to attend the meeting inspite of a very short notice, and problems related to traffic in that area etc. Mr Dinesh Patel in his welcoming address set the agenda by saying that we have gathered together today to deliberate for a very important and a serious matter affecting a large number of people both in the 'reserved' and 'non-reserved' category in the admission in government institutions of higher learning as well as government jobs.” He appealed for all the participants to articulate their views, calmly and constructively to reach a meaningful decision which will be conveyed to all the stake holders in Gujarat as well as India. The chairman then asked me to explain the historical background and update the meeting with the latest news in this matter. I thanked the Chairman for a warm and inspiring welcoming address as well as express grateful thanks on behalf of all the participants to the Federation for providing the facilities for this meeting as well as previous plannary meeting on 10 September. Reservation was not in the public domain till 1920. The British Government sent a delegation at the end of the First World War to recommend the future of India as a Dominion in the British Empire. The visit by Mr Morley and Mr Minto published the report, “Morley-Minto Reform” and made several

suggestions among which one referred to the future elections. A very subtle suggestion in the report was about some sort of separation of the electorates on the basis of religion and caste. In 1930 a Round Table Conference was arranged in London where representative of various groups attended. Mahatma Gandhi was the sole representative of the Indian National Congress. Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Kolkata, action day called by Mr M Surhawardi, the Chief Minister of Bengal where thousands were murdered, mainly Hindus. Ultimately India was divided on religious lines and Pakistan was given independence on 14 August and India on 15 August. By that time a Constitution Assembly was formed for independent India and one of the main architect was Dr Ambedkar. When the Constitution was first introduced on 26

lence of 25-26 August was mentioned by several speakers. It was expressed that when India has to develop its economy as the priority, such violence discourage foreign and internal investment and in the case of Patel community, it brings them undeserved bad reputation. Speakers also expressed their desire to pass a resolution to reflect the views of this public meeting. After almost one and a half hours discusMr Hasmukh sions

Dinesh Patel, CB Patel and Hasmukh Vasava

led the delegation of the Dr Muslim League. Babasaheb Ambedkar represented the Dalits and similarly there were representatives of Sikhs, Anglo Indians, and some other groups. The Round Table Conference was a failure mainly because Gandhiji was not agreeable to divide the Indian electorates (thereby people) on religion or caste lines. On his return to India, Gandhi was arrested for his Civil Disobedience movement and sent to Aga Khan palace (or Yerwada prison) near Pune. Subsequently Gandhiji went on fast about the Imperial Power spearheading the Dalit and other divisive dimensions. Situation was very tense. To his credit Dr Ambedkar met Gandhiji and a verbal agreement was reached to resolve this problem constructively and amicably at the appropriate time ie on independence of India. In 1937 provincial elections took place all over India. Subject of religion and caste was one of the serious issues but Congress was able to win outright most of the provinces of British India. After the Second World War, the Atlee government was determined to give India full independence and after many discussions, deliberations and especially the massacre in August 1946 in

November 1949, article 334 titled "reservation of seats and special representation to cease after 20 years". This was mainly referring to Anglo Indian community, Dalits, Tribals in the House of the People. I briefly reported on various amendments to the Constitution in 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000. I also briefly explained the Mandal commission report and the large scale inter-caste violence. The 95th amendment extending 'reservation' till 2020 proposed by Mr Ram Jethmalani. That means that 22% 'reservation' and 'quota' for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and subsequently added by 27% for Other Backward Classes (OBC) is the law of the land as per the Constitution amendment which will remain effective till 2020. I also briefly dwelt on the Supreme Court decision of putting a ceiling of 50% to the 'reservation quota' all over India. The 69% 'reservation' in Tamil Nadu was also mentioned. After my submission, several leaders present expressed their views, in a very dignified manner. They spoke about the present agitation by PAAS (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti) which comprises many other high caste communities besides Patels. Shock, sadness and embarrassment and the subsequent vio-

Vasava presented draft resolution previously agreed upon in the plannery meeting. The eight point resolution was displayed on a large screen and also read over loudly to the audience. The resolution includes:

1) The meeting expressed the deep sadness and has appealed to all those concerned with Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti, to ensure that verbal violence which leads to other extreme violence should never again happen. 2) The public meeting denounced the police atrocities on 25th and 26th August, and has called on the Gujarat Government to bring to book all those police officers and men who took the law into their own hands. 3) The meeting resolved to urge both the protestors and the government to sit across the table and discuss calmly and constructively the issues related to the reservation policy, enshrined in the constitution of India and subsequently, upheld by the Supreme Court of India. 4) The meeting discussed the background and the history of the reservation policy and the common consensus was clear that however noble the intention may have been, the caste based reservation policy has become untenable in the

present day about admission to educational institutions and government jobs. 5) It was decided that in the changing social structure of India of tomorrow, primacy must be given to merit although some sort of support may be desired for those at the bottom, but it should be more on economic and other criteria. But the caste based reservation policy is not only untenable, for it is also embarrassing and insulting to the people whom it aspires to help. 6) Some members expressed the views that with the passage of time backed by the constitutional safeguards for the backward classes, the founding fathers had hoped that an egalitarian and just society would be created and that discrimination and atrocities against Dalits and tribal would cease. This has not completely happened, the prejudice still exists and there are cases where even when reserved category candidates are selected on their own merit they are being looked down and that attitude of the society needs to change. 7) The members discussed that those who have been benefited by reservation for example directly recruited IAS, IFS,IPS, IRS, and politicians like Chief Ministers, Governors and cabinet minister at centre, their children should be excluded from the reservation benefit so that less privileged members from their community get the opportunity. Also those communities which are adequately represented in the govt services should also be excluded. For example the ‘Meena’ community from Rajasthan who fall under ST category are already more than adequately represented and therefore they should be excluded .These changes do not require constitutional amendment. 8) The members unanimously decided to accord grand welcome to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi when he visits UK in November: The Indian diaspora in UK & Europe are eagerly awaiting the visit of Indian Prime Minister to UK. The historical connection between two countries needs no reiteration and members felt that visit would lead to further strengthening of ties between UK and India. Mr Vasava, himself a member of ST is an experienced banker who previously took part as a co-

author on this delicate subject and addressed large number of meetings all over India. His own experience as a senior manager of HR was itself of enormous assistance during the discussions. Mr Vasava, answered several questions from the audience and when the 8 point resolution was presented a question was raised about the reaction of Patels in USA about Modi's visit to San Francisco on 27 September. I said that some Patels have announced that they are going to show black flags to PM Modi. Immediately several members present denounced such behaviour and I asked for what should be our stand when Shri Narendra Modi addresses a huge gathering on 13 November at the Wembley Stadium in Britain when he is here on a State Visit at the invitation of the British Prime Minister David Cameron and his government. In the original draft the section 8, the word overwhelming was used and several representatives said it should be 'unanimous'. The resolution was approved except one gentleman expressing his reservation. Others opposed to that objection and the entire resolution was passed. I personally believe, and I spoke on those lines at the meeting, that India and UK have an excellent relationship and PM Modi's visit is a very important step for further cooperation. David Cameron and his government have been very active to expand our economic and other relationship with India to even greater heights and more investment and trade will be to the advantage to both countries, in the present circumstances. I also explained that this campaign by PAAS is untimely and unfortunate. Virtually it is impossible to change anything in this matter without two-third of majority in both Houses of Indian Parliament and State Assemblies. However painful the present reservation-quota regime is, the protest leading to violence is not the option preferable. I also developed themes which were briefly mentioned in my articles in Asian Voice. The meeting which began formerly at about 2:30pm ended just after 5pm amicably and the resolution has been conveyed to the authorities and individuals both here and in India. - CB


Leading Lights



Rani Singh, Special Assignments Editor

The Three Star Indian General With Strong British Links

Lt. Gen. Ashok Vasudeva, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd) has had a glittering career but still looks forward to more challenging work. He’s a stalwart of the Indian army, but with his Infosys Associate Vice President son Amit married and living in Britain, he spends several months here each year embedding in his local area near Maidenhead, infusing his two grandchildren with his brand of derring-do. During his current stay, he was invited by some companies to visit the Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition, being held in London this week. Still fit and active, with an insatiable curiosity and zest for life, Ashok is one of India’s most talented generals. He is a rare military Leading Light and demonstrates how defence service skills transfer easily to civilian work. Together with his wife

Neena, he is an apt guest at this year’s Asian Achievers Awards with its military theme. From 2005- 2006 Ashok was Chief of Staff, HQ Central Command, Lucknow. This covered seven large states of India. Before that, he was a

Headquarters. He headed the Joint Training Committee of the three Services for Integrated Training. During this time he conceived and planned two successful Indian Missions to Mt. Everest and Mt. Everest Massif. In answer to the question of inter-

Lt. Gen. Ashok Vasudeva

Senior Professor at the National Defence College, New Delhi. Prior to that post, Ashok was Director General of Military Training at Army

esting and fun achievements in the army, Ashok said “I conceived and executed a Mission Olympics in the Army, including creating the Army Sports Institute, Pune, the only

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015 one of its kind in the country. I also conceived and co-ordinated the first ever National Geographical programme on ‘Mission Everest’ for the citizens of India.” Ashok has been a Brigadier in charge of administration for two years at the highest battlefield in the world, Leh (that includes the Siachen glacier). He also was a Sub Area Commander. What was that about? “I was responsible for managing major logistic bases and providing effective administrative support to field formations of the Army in the East,” he replied. Ashok was, in 1996, Brigadier Operations and Logistics of the Eastern Army. He explains; “I handled the operational logistics of the entire Eastern theatre, including air m a i n t e n a n c e . Commanding an Artillery Brigade in the Strike Corps in 1996, he was selected because of exceptional performance for the prestigious National Defence College. Asked about special moments in his career, Ashok said “only four officers are elected to be on the Advisory Board of the Director of Complaints for the Chief of Army Staff’s Office, and I was one of them.” In the early ‘90s, Ashok


rent work? Why do firms attended a Higher like hiring former military Command Course at the officers? Army War College and General Vasudeva says, before that was an “We can work across Instructor at the Defence functions and industries, Services Staff College in and can create capital actiWellington. vation. We are experts in He says of a posting in solving intractable probthe late ‘80s; “I was the lems. I have managed and Commanding Officer of headed strategic, opera255 Field Regiment on the tional and logistics Line of Control. It was a requirements of the Army challenging assignment in including the Human the face of the enemy .The Resource Management of regiment excelled in all Personnel from different spheres and was declared areas, skills and backthe Best Regiment in the grounds. Formation.” We have significant Companies like to hire intellectual capacity and former army generals for the ability to be cresenior management ative. We have and executive posiFrom expertise in tions so Ashok is always being 2005 - 2006 conceptualish e a d - h u n t e d . Ashok was Chief ing and organi s i n g Since leaving the of Staff, HQ resources at army in 2006, he the multihas been; Central dimensional A consultant Command, level. I have to various compaLucknow headed complex nies from 2008-11. multifaceted organHe was Additional isations and led from the Director General, front. I have created and Commonwealth Games managed large budgets. Delhi 2010. He was In our work, I have had responsible for co-ordinatto conceive and manage ing and managing 23 Subthe logistics, mechanics of Committees. He has also men and material. I have been an honorary adviser also managed human to the Government of Goa resources, including welon Disaster Management, fare and other aspects.” and for two years was the He will surely stay Managing Director, Casa working, but the UK is cerBoutique Hotels, Goa. tain to keep seeing Lt. Gen. So what are the Vasudeva each year strengths that Ashok nonetheless. Vasudeva brings to his cur-

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Nurturing Excellence

Open Day Saturday 3 October 2015 1–4pm Booked tours available through the year

An outstanding independent day school for boys aged between 5 and 18. registered charity no: 313996

Butterfly Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3AF Tel: 020 8266 1700 Headmaster Peter B Hamilton MA



Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Why Corbyn ?

Paramedic GPs

As widely reported in national papers, some 800 senior paramedics are destined to takeover some of GPs’ work, home visit, prescribing drugs and act as GP all but in name. Not only this “Quick Fix” plan is dangerous to patients but there is as much shortage of paramedics as GPs. So robbing Paul to pay Peter is not the right solution. This unthought plan envisaged in haste by NHS England is designed to reduce pressure on GPs who are leaving NHS in droves, due to age, migration, staff shortages and work overload. Many in medical profession have deep reservation at elevating paramedics to “Junior Doctors” status fearing lower standard of care that could result in misdiagnosis, putting patients’ lives in danger. Although these experienced paramedics will undergo four months’ training, sit exams, it takes eleven years to attain GP status, through hard work on hospital corridors and under practicing GPs before they could see patients independently. An advanced nation like ours should be able to train our own doctors through more places, encouraging bright students to take up medicine, as being doctor is already prestigious profession that carries prestige and is indeed professionally, socially and financially rewarding beyond realm of reality.

Long live the Queen

Kumudini Valambia By email

Last week, on 9 September 2015, HM the Queen made history by becoming the longest serving monarch of the country. She passed the record set by her great, great grandmother, the Queen Victoria. She has now ruled the country for over 63 years and 7 months. After witnessing many tragedies in her personal life during her reign, what with the untimely death of her daughter-inlaw and her sister, she had some comfort when she participated in the wedding of her grandson and celebrated her diamond jubilee on the throne few years ago. We, Asians from the East African countries, should be particularly grateful to her, for it was during her rule that we found shelter in this country after being expelled by the ruthless ruler like Idi Amin from Uganda. On this special occasion let us wish her well. Having spoken with Her Majesty a couple of times at Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace which I had the privilege to attend at the invitation of the Lord Chamberlain, I must say that I was struck by the grace and dignity with which she carried herself. I also had the privilege of speaking with Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, when she made a whistle stop visit to my place of work at the then Department of Education and Science accompanied by Margaret Thatcher, who was at the time Education Secretary, and she too oozed charm and dignity. Our heartiest congratulations to you ma’am! Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

PM’s response to migrants The destitute migrants scenes were heart wrenching. However, many migrants of age group between 25 yrs and 40 years with their modern gears and mobiles did not look refugees but seemed they grabbed the opportunity for economic reason. They all wanted to go to Germany. Angela Merkel's unscrupulous statement that Germany would take 800,000

Patidar Reservation- the campaign goes on

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party has been a shock to many people especially to some political analysts and commentators. Their view about Corbyn is he is not a serious politician, serious enough to be Prime Minister of the UK. After his emphatic victory his life, nature, character and policy are being analysed and scrutinised in every possible way and the process is likely to continue for quite a while. Considering the direction of debate there is no certainty that the right conclusion for the overall benefit for Britain can be achieved. Jeremy Corbyn is a simple politician for a better and more equal society and for a better world. When his candidature for leadership was confirmed over quarter million people joined the Labour Party either as supporter member or affiliated member with the sole intention of voting for him. It is an obvious indication that they were longing for such a change. Attempts are being made in a very subtle way to brandish greed and selfishness as economic success and positive social change while food banks are increasing in number and more and more people have been seeking help of them to sustain their daily life. Could Corbyn be able to reverse this situation against the prevailing political trend? Only time can tell.

I congratulate Shree CB Patel with a details explanation in his columns "As I See It" in AV as well as in "Jivant Panth of GS” over this burning issue in the state of Gujarat. Hardik Patel, the young man, picked up a wrong end of the stick, causing a substantial damage for government's properties in Gujarat. What a shame! when this state has a reputation of the 'Nanadanvan' of Bharat and in international term, 'the California of India'. The prosperity of the state is mainly due to hard working Patels, whether it be Kachhi Patels, Kanbis from Saurastra and Maheshana, Charotaria from middle Gujarat, and Matias, Lauvas, Kadvas, Talapda kolis and Kachhia Patels from South Gujarat. By comparison, they are well off than those less privileged people living on daily incomes of less than couple of dollars. Those who are in BC are mainly Halpatis, Harijans and Bhangis, where as EBC and OBC is for lower income people, like Luhars, Suthars, Darjis, Mochis, Vanands etc. been regarded, rigidly as "Vaswayas"What a shamble for a modern society! Obviously, the current reservation system, adopted for more than sixty years is now confusing with exhausted maximum quota of 49% which is also lowering the standard of education in process. It needs to be reformed to make it more effective, if not to measure everyone with a same rod.

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Lallubhai Patel Gloucester

Reservation": A Catch 22

C. B. Patel has clearly explained, how good intentioned reservation has grown into monster and its relation to campaign by PAAS. Please read carefully to understand ramifications affecting Patels/allies, Gujarat and nation. Patels are not selfish, as they have included more than 7 other castes in PAAS campaign. Writer has praised historically provable courage/fortitude of the whole community by citing Bardoli incident. He has urged leader to be peaceful /reasonable. C.B.Patel has distanced himself from the leader's inflammatory statements. Hardik correctly used Hindi to attract national attention, but giving minimum coverage to reservation issue and wanton attack on Chief Minister/ BJP/Modi is undesirable. It is evident that reservation deprives Patels/allies from school/ college education and government jobs, I suggest that those deprived of opportunities from government sector to create private sector in education and non-governmental jobs for Patidars and allies only. Such private sector free from vote bank and appeasement politics can be a role model similar to some communities. Ramesh Jhalla By email

Rivers of Blood

I am surprised and sad to read Dineshbhai's above article of the 29th August! Instead he should feel insulted to know what Enoch Powell said when Kenyan Asians came here from Africa. It was discriminatory against all immigrants including him and not praiseworthy and that's why Powell was sacked as a shadow Defence Secretary by Mr Heath. Now he is settled, happy and writing like Enoch Powell about present African and Middle-east Migrants, 'How safe would be walking in the street and who would want them for neighbours?!' These are desperate people with small babies and children walking hundreds of miles without food and water with a hope for their future, struck by war, poverty and unemployment! My Gujarati neighbours have moved to their children's home and are now renting out their house. We have new neighbours, Kuwaitis, English, Gujarati or Mix as Singles. They keep changing but no problems, occasionally we do help if they need. PM David Cameron is right in saying Britain will accept only Genuine 20,000 Syria Children Refugees! Upendra Kapadia By email

Jatindra Saha By email

refugees, created crises not just for the destitute rushing to escape, but also for the EU countries, only the traffickers benefited. One journalist stated that Germany was trying to get over the guilt of atrocities to Jewish people. But Saturday’s Times reported that she embraces this people for economic reason as present German population is aging (obviously needs replacing by

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young). The paper also reported that the father of Aylan whose body was found on the beach was working for smugglers and was driving the flimsy boat, panicked, sped when a big wave hit the boat and it capsized. Mr Cameron's response (on humanitarian grounds) was well considered. U.K. will take 20,000 from Syrian borders camps (not from exodus to Europe), giving priority to children elderly and sick


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over next 4.5 years. Perhaps smaller number would have been more appropriate for small country like Britain. Though other countries have taken large numbers, resettling the refugees in the border camps nearer home, under the umbrella of U.N. would ease the pain for all concerned. Ila Kapadia By email

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Asian Voice |19th September 2015


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10 British universities feature in world's top 50 Ten of the world's top 50 universities are in Britain, a new ranking has published. Britain maintained its position as second only to the US. The new ranking also found that London is the only city with four universities in the world's top 50. University College London, Imperial and King's College London were ranked among the top 20, while London School of Economics significantly improved its position, reaching 35 in

table. This put London behind Boston and New York. Cambridge dipped from joint second last year to joint third with Stanford. Oxford and UCL are in sixth and seventh place respectively, while Imperial to eighth. In another list published by FT, under the top 25 masters in management in 2015 London Business School has been featured on 7th, Imperial College on 19th, Warwick on 23rd and City University: Cass at 24th

place. Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and Kolkata have been featured in 15th and 16th place respectively. Giving an idea of the salary earned by these management graduates, it was revealed that LBS graduates earn roughly $77,006, while IIM (Ahd) graduates earn $99,544, IIM (Kol) earn ($92,964), Imperial College Business School graduates earn ($56,864), Warwick ($55,556) and Cass ($59,665).

Immigration law has been immensely amended towards students and colleges. Until June 2014 more than 1,600 visits have been made to the Colleges and more than 600 students have been served removal notices and detained. The statistics provide the visits and detention of the migrants. However, hardly any comments were made for the amount paid by the migrants for such bogus colleges and how badly it affected not only their future but also made them vulnerable in the UK. The students arriving in the UK to seek education is mostly to complement their profession in future. Whether they return back to the country of origin or stay here to establish their career or settle here in the UK. The cause of distress among these students starts from the very starting point when these students research and approach these colleges which are already able to advertise and run an institute validated by the Home Office and the Government. The students trusted these colleges because they were running the institute in the UK relying on a reasonable presumption that these institutes are duly watched and supervised by the UK Government. Whereas, they have paid sometimes unbelievably big amount as a fee deposit to the colleges and never received refund. In many cases the students have borrowed money from their friends and family in their home country to complete their studies and return the borrowings


once they have sought a job either in the UK or in their country of origin. The whole point is that most of the students become vulnerable and left in no return point. They are left with a scenario where they are accountable for the borrowings or they have already lost the fee they have paid to the colleges. The Home Office provides 60 days time to seek another CAS in a new college. The question is that is it a real solution for this distress. In this situation the student is expected to pay twice as a college fee. TOIEC CERTIFICATES

Most of the students have been labelled on generic basis without considering it on an individual basis. The student/s are not either interviewed or given an appropriate opportunity to enquire whether or not the student is capable to qualify for English language capability. Recently, our firm has lodged an appeal in Court of Appeal to request a stay in these TOIEC matters. The students should seek legal advice if they are refused on the basis of TOIEC. There is a possibility that they are refused on wrong basis and can be challenged in the court. Fehmina Farani Farani Javed Taylor Solicitors Verulam House, 60 Grays Inn Road London WC1X 8LU Mob.: 07773 706 866

Cllr Unmesh Desai to run for London Assembly seat The London Labour Party has announced its candidates for a number of important London assembly seats being contested in May 2016. The selections include Cllr Unmesh Desai, who will stand in the City and East constituency, which covers the boroughs of Newham, Barking and Dagenham, Tower Hamlets and the City of London, while Marina Ahmad will stand for Croydon and Sutton. Cllr Desai, who is also

the cabinet member for crime and anti-social behaviour, won 53.3% per cent of the vote, defeating

Barking and Dagenham’s Cllr Rocky Gill in the final stage. The election process featured six candidates, with the person receiving the lowest percentage of votes eliminated and next preference votes transferred until one candidate passed the 50% threshold. The seat has been held by Labour’s John Biggs since 2000, but the Tower Hamlets Mayor has chosen not to run for City Hall again. The election is set to take place on May 5, 2016.

Sajid Javid insists Indian students welcome in Britain British Secretary of State for Business, innovation and skills, Sajid Javid has dismissed perceptions that Indian students are not welcome in the UK. Speaking at the India-UK Business Convention in Delhi, during his official tour, Javid said, the "perception is absolutely not the reality". "There is absolutely no limit on the number of foreign students including India. Indian students can apply and come to the UK and study...

"We hugely welcome the foreign students into the UK particularly from India because that goes back to the special relationship between the two countries. I can guarantee that any Indian students (who) comes to Britain will get a very very warm welcome.” The UK is one of the most sought after foreign education destinations for Indian students. Number of students going to the country has come down by almost 50% because of stricter visa norms.

He added, "There is absolutely no cap at all, no restrictions on the number of Indians that can come and study in Britain...we have clear rules that once you graduate from the UK, you can stay and work in the UK as long as their is a graduate level job and there is no cap, no restriction.” He said UK universities and colleges are in fact inviting Indian students and unless Britain provides a proper visa regime, it would not be possible to attract them.



Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

The One Rank One Pension (OROP) agitation came to a peaceful end with the government and the leaders of the movement in agreement on the final deal. Veterans of India’s defence forces were broadly satisfied at the outcome, which will include a review of the financial package every five years. The element of sensible compromise was clearly evident – a mark surely of maturity that hopefully will spread to MPs in Parliament. The logjam in negotiation was resolved by the welcome intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi; and the negotiators deserve a warm round of thanks for a job well done. The Indian people owe much to the soldiers, sailors and airmen, who keep a strict vigil on the nation’s borders, sometimes at the cost of their lives. The courage and dedication of these men and women are frequently taken for granted.

Military pensioners following the government decision on OROP

In a moving gesture, Flight Lieutenant Tyrone Alfred Tyrone Cooke (retd) of the Indian Air Force returned to Lucknow from his home in Australia to present his Vir Chakra medal he won in the 1965 war against Pakistan to his old squadron at the IAF station. It’s in keeping with spirit of selflessness that has driven the country’s armed forces to achieve their high professional standards in every field. (Hindu, Times of India, September 8,9)

Parliament unable to debate GST

The government, in the face of Congress party obduracy, has decided to close the Monsoon session of Parliament without the vital legislation on the passage of the critically important Goods and Services Tax bill being passed. Its postponement will cost the country dear economically, but in the present state of fractious politics the national interest is made hostage to party parochialism. Congress had a point when they reminded the public of the BJP opposition-led obstructionism that kept the GST on ice. In power, the BJP has come round to the essential wisdom of the measure, just as they have on the Indo-US civilian nuclear accord.

Diminished Congress

Congress would have gained a cubit or two in stature, if having made their protest they had cooperated in getting the bill through. But Congress is much diminished, having been routed at the last general election and is in a prolonged sulk at the defeat. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, illquipped to lead the party out of the political wilderness, are unelectable. Congress, bereft of ideas, are irrelevant. (Hindu, Times of India September 10)

Appeal to Indian investors

Prime Minister Modi urged the leaders of Indian business to take the opportunity presented by the current turbulence in international financial markets and increase their investments in India instead of looking abroad for salvation. The meeting, a closed door affair, was also addressed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The current President of the Confederation of Indian Industry, Sumit Mazumdar said it was important that India should not be clubbed with the emerging economies, as its economic fundamentals were superior (Business Line September 9)

Relief for FIIs

Foreign portfolio investors and foreign institutional investors have been exempted from paying minimum alternative tax prior to 1 April 2015. The government seeks to energize the stock markets, currently in after-shock from the financial crisis in China and a declining Chinese economy. The announcement comes when markets are experiencing extreme volatility. (Telegraph September 2)

Andhra Pradesh to build metros

Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has roped in the legendary E. Sreedhran, the mastermind behind the iconic Delhi Metro. Naidu has selected Sreedharan to be his adviser on similar projects in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, to be up and running by 2018. Both projects are to be financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Further to these projects, the Chief Minister has pinned hopes of a metro for the upcoming state capital Amaravati (Business Line September 5)


Telangana woos Chinese firms Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao met representatives of the Leo Group of companies for investing in the manufacture of heavy pumps in the new state. They evinced interest in the project. The Chief was on a 10 day visit to China for the World Economic Forum’ where he spoke eloquently on India’s economic prospects in the light of the global slowdown (Business Line September 5)

Rajasthan on the march

Rajasthan is territorially India’s largest state. It was considered backward not so long ago. Now it’s undergoing wholesale transformation as it industrializes with giant strides. The State government under Chief Minister Vasundara Raje has instituted fundamental administrative reforms, including changes in the Labour laws and a modified Trade Union Act and has done away with much of the legal baggage of the past, in order to make Rajasthan business friendly and an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors. Institutions for skills development are creating an educated workforce with the necessary technical knowledge to tackle the challenges of the workplace.

Japanese zone

The Japanese zone at Neenrana includes 45 companies from Japan , the majority in the auto manufacturing sector. During a visit to Japan as part of a global road-show, Chief Minister Raje sanctioned a second Japanese zone, across a 500 acre site, for ceramics and electronics systems designs (Business Line September 5)

Communications leap forward

The extension of the Delhi Metro to Faridabad is a milestone in the capital’s urban transport network and is destined to make an even greater impact as it expands into the neighbouring states. Urban transport is engaging the attention of Chief Ministers looking to build smart cities in their respective states.

Tamil Nadu buzz

The Global Investors Meet 2015 in Chennai has created a buzz in Tamil Nadu, which is one of India’s leading industrial hubs and growing fast. Addressing the gathering of top global and Indian company heads and foreign diplomats, 5,000 in all, with 1,000 from abroad, Chief Minister Jayalalitha assured them that her government would do its utmost to make the State more business-friendly with the promise, for a start, to clear projects with 30 days. Investment in the State had already yielded a massive Rs 2 lakh crore. She said 84 of the 217 projects listed in the Vision 2023 statement were on course for delivery of the indus-

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa (3rd from left) meets investors at the Global Investors Meet 2015 in Chennai

trialization programme initiated after India’s economic reforms of 1991. The State’s unique assets in human capital and the applications of science and technology to economic development is like to make Tamil Nadu India’s power house in the coming years. (Hindu September 10,11)

Research and Development

Capability to design in India is a key factor in the ‘Make in India’ goal and Tamil Nadu’s strong presence in research and development should be well utilized, said Kumud Srinivasan, President Intel India. Tamil Nadu has a holistic economic system consisting high-end skills, start-ups, system integrators etc. This makes the State an R&D hub. The good economic system is an aid to opportunities for IT hardware and electronics products in Tamil Nadu, said Ms Srinavasan. (Business Line September 10)

Bengal non-starter for UK FDI

The Confederation of British Industry and the UK- India Business Council have released data that highlights the reluctance of the British companies to invest in West Bengal. The political turbulence in the State, frequent disturbances, bureaucratic inertia and corruption have been cited as impediments. British investments in India flourish principally in the States of South India, Gujarat, Maharshtra, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi (Times of India September 4)

Woman heads DRDO facility

Electronics scientist J. Manjula has been appointed Director General of Defence Research &

Development Organization’s Electronics and Communications cluster. It’s a very responsible position and a great opportunity that DRDO has provided me. I hope this inspires more women to take up science,’ she said. An alumni of Osmania University, she was earlier Director of DRDO’s Avionics Research Establishment (Times of India September 10)

Godavri water for Krishna

Water from the Godavri river has been diverted from the Tatapudi reservoir into the Krishna river to facilitate its supply to the delta region, making it the first step in the project to link the two south Indian rivers. Commenting on this landmark development Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, said: ‘The government will create history by linking the Godavri river to the Krishna delta and drought-proofing the water stressed Rayalaseema.’ Meanwhile reservoirs in the State are filling up rapidly following abundant rain in the region (Business Line September 10)

Self-defeating lunacy

Maharashtra Chief Minister must have taken leave of his senses, by banning the sale of meat on days considered holy by Jains. His partner in government, the Shiv Sena, in an act of defiance, set up stalls in the city selling chicken curry. Meanwhile leaders of the Jain community have appealed for respect for their faith and not its politicization. The Bombay High Court has questioned the logic of this controversial measure. Twitter messages, generally, have been very critical. Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh have emulated Maharashtra. It’s worthy of Alice in Wonderland. (Hindu September 11).

A defendant, one of the 13 accused in the 2006 Mumbai train bombings case leaves for the prison after the court verdict, in Mumbai See comment page 3


Neo-nazi serves life for trying to kill Sikh youth AsianVoiceNews

A neo-nazi who was caught attempting to behead a Sikh man shopping in Tesco in Janurary, has been jailed for life. Zack Davies (26), slashed Dr Sarandev Bhambhra (24), across his back and head, almost severing his left hand. Witnesses saw a white man chasing an Asian man down the store with a machete and a claw hammer in his hands. It is believed that Bhambhra was singled out due to his race. Davies was stopped by a former soldier Peter Fuller who was present at scene. Davies admitted to wounding with intent but later found guilty of attempted murder in a trial in June. Mold Crown Judge Rhys Rowlands just recently served justice by sentencing the man to life with a minimum of 14 years in jail before he can apply for parole. Gareth Preston, Senior


Zack Davies was sentenced to life imprisonment for attacking Dr Sarandev Bhambhra

Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Cymru-Wales, said, “This was a vicious, racist attack upon Dr Bhambra which has left him with life changing injuries. When the prosecution team reviewed the evidence from a number of witness accounts and from CCTV

of the incident, Zack Davies's intention to cause extremely serious or even fatal injuries to Dr Bhambra was abundantly clear. It was also clear from the evidence that the heroic actions of Peter Fuller may well have prevented this horrific attack from having a fatal outcome.” “I would like to thank all those who helped the prosecution team build a strong case against Davies, especially all those who provided statements to the police or appeared as witnesses during the trial.” Davies is said to be obsessed with Nazi ideology as the police found associated literature in his home. Also found were posters relating to the 2013 murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby by two Islamic extremists along with photos and videos of him posing before a Nazi swastika and the flag of far-right group National Action.

Faith "healer" killed in Whitechapel 46-year-old Islamic faith “healer”, Zakariyya Islam, was stabbed to death at Ruqya Therapy Centre's base, a spiritual centre in Whitechapel, East London, on Monday 14th September 2015. It is said that he was killed for treating black magic and demonic possession. The attack took place at 6:30pm. The police and paramedics had rushed to the scene to save the father-of-three, however, after several attempts to

Zakariyya Islam murdered in Whitechapel

save him, he was pronounced dead. At the scene, a 43-yearold man was arrested in suspicion of murder. He was taken to hospital for

hand injuries and was questioned by detectives on the following day. Zakariyya Islam was the co-founder of the Ruqya Centre, and had been treated people who believed they were possessed by black magic, “jinns” or spirits, for more than 10 years. Scotland Yard has said that they are not searching for anyone else in connection to this killing. They have also stated that a post mortem will be taking place soon.

Women exploited by IVF clinics A leading fertility expert has warned that women who are freezing their eggs in hope of having children at a later stage in life are being exploited by clinics as they do not disclose that the chances of pregnancy are “scarily” small. Many professional women opt to delay have

Benefit cheat scams over £180,000 LONDON: 39-year-old Zeyad El-Kaissi, of West Kensington, London, has been jailed for seven years due to benefit scams, costing the taxpayer more than £180,000 over 12 years. He had also used an ill-fitted wig in his photographs to support his fraudulent claims and used the alias, Sam Casey to claim a series of benefits. He was found guilty at Isleworth Crown Court of 18 charges of fraud.

Government figures reveal less than 2% of procedures result in successful birth

children and give birth later in life. The number of women who choose to have their eggs frozen is constantly on the rise, however, government figures reveal that under 2% of

procedures which involve frozen eggs result in a successful birth. An investigation conducted by The Times, showed that some clinics were charging up to £12,000 for the freezing and thawing treatment, before the extra costs which are later included. There are many other clinics where they offer the service for as little as £4,200, a vast difference from 12 grand. There are hidden charges for consultation, drugs and tests which can add thousands of pounds more to the final bill.


Alliance sought for UK citizen, cultured Hindu vegetarian Gujarati Brahmin Doctor (MBBS, MRCP) 31 years old girl from Hindu Doctor, Dentist or a Professionl Boy. Email :

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015


Mother hands son in to the police What would you do if you were aware that your child had murdered someone? Would you brush the information under the carpet, or would you report your child to the police? Margaret Anderson (53), chose to do the latter after watching a murder reconstruction on Crimewatch, where the description of the murderer was of her son, Lee Anderson (33). Margaret Anderson, from Paisley, Scotland, informed the police via email after struggling “between her instinct as a mother and her duty to uphold the law”. Lee Anderson had fatally stabbed a local shopkeeper, Javaid Ali (48), after a robbery in 2012. Customers had found the shopkeeper on the floor of his shop with a severed artery in his neck. Ali later died in hospital from brain damage. Up to sixty officers were investigating the death and had placed a reward of £50,000 for those who came forward with information. However, officers turned to Crimewatch to appeal for witnesses, after a series of inconclusive investigations. Ms Anderson said, “I watched the episode and as soon as I saw the recon-

And he started laughing. And I said, 'That's not funny.' He never said, 'Mum, I killed him'." The police arrived a few weeks later and Margaret Anderson & Lee Anderson spoke about her email. struction I froze. I recogShe broke down and mennised the clothing. It was tioned about the confesthe kind of thing Lee sion that he made in the would wear and the man kitchen. had the same kind of physHer son denied murder ical features. I wondered at Glasgow High Court, was it the right thing to do however, he was found or not? But in the end I guilty of culpable homicide decided, yes, this is the and was sentenced to 15 right thing to do. years imprisonment, in Afterwards different September 2013. thoughts were going Despite her son serving through my head. What a long prison sentence, will people think of me? they have reconciled. They Lee will probably hate me. speak regularly on the I never spoke to anyone phone. She said, “'Just last about it. I just sat in the night on the phone he said house for a couple of days. to me, 'We don't play the I never told anyone, not blame game'. It seems like even my fiance. Then, we're more loving now he's when I heard nothing in jail. It's like we're talkback, I thought that was ing more about things.” it." Ms Anderson knew she She also mentioned did the right thing, but as a how a day later, her son mother, she felt torn from made a “joke” confession to within. “I was shocked. I her. “We were in the know I did the right thing kitchen. I had gone in to within the law, but my own put the kettle on to make a conscience is torn. That cup of tea. I was at the shopkeeper was an innowashing machine, taking cent man though, and he the clothes out. And he deserved justice. I just said, 'It was me.' I got a wish it hadn't been my son fright. I was, like, what? who was the perpetrator.”



Parliament celebrates Raksha Bandhan Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Reshma Trilochun

On Thursday 9th September, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for British Hindus, led by its Chair, Bob Blackman MP (Harrow East), organised a Raksha Bandhan celebration at the British Parliament. The event was attended by members of the Hindu community, as well as activists, Councillors and Parliamentary, who took the opportunity to utilise the Raksha Bandhan celebration to educate the public about their duty and responsibility in campaigning for important issues that affect them. Many dignitaries attended this event, including the Deputy High Commissioner of India, Dr Virendra Paul; Virendra Sharma MP; Rt Hon Shailesh Vara MP; and Gavin Barwell MP. While welcoming the guests who attended the event, Bob Blackman said, “The APPG was set up to support and promote the interests of British Hindus to Parliament; to encourage political parties in the UK to actively engage with the British Hindu community to ensure proper Hindu representation at all

levels of politics; to consider related international issues on behalf of British Hindus; to press for more government engagement with the Hindu community; to highlight and acknowledge the exception and significant contribution of the British Hindu community in all walks of life.” Blackman also encouraged people to raise issues which they are concerned

about with their local MPs. He said, “The most effective way of building awareness in the parliament is for individuals to engage with their local MPs. Another way of using the APPG for British Hindus is to urge your local MPs to join it.” Traditionally, in the festival of Raksha Bandhan, a sister would tie a decorated thread (rakhi) around her brother's wrist.

However, at the Raksha Bandhan celebration at the parliament, not only did women tie a rakhi around the men attendees, the men also reciprocated by tying a rakhi around women's wrists, showing their support and signifying equality. A community activist, Manju Khajuria, quoted the Vedas to explain the purpose of Raksha Bandhan. “Yatra naryestu pujyante ramante tatra devtaah – there is divinity where women are respected. A society which does not respect its women is spiralling towards its end. A festival with such a powerful message should not be restricted to our respective families but must become a social and global phenomenon.” Pictures courtesy: Amit Patel, Count Photography

Recognising talent and achievement in Indian Arts in Britain In its 30th Anniversary year, Milapfest announces a new initiative to recognise and celebrate the remarkable work of British arts professionals who have rendered truly distinguished service for promoting and strengthening the provision of Indian Arts and Education in Britain. In addition to arts professionals, Milapfest recognizes the importance of supporting the youth of Britain and congratulating their hard work, dedication and passion in the practice, performance and propagation of Indian classical arts in this country.

An unprecedented awards ceremony South Asians who migrated to England over the past 70 years, have always aspired to ensure that their children, as well as the local communities have good opportunities to learn about their arts and heritage through teaching and performances. Over the decades several dedicated professionals have worked tirelessly for making this possible. Up and down the British Isles there are schools, classes and art

organisations working tirelessly for this cause. But while there are numerous ways of recognizing the sterling contribution of people in Business, Finance, Medicine and other professional categories, there has never been any national award that recognizes and celebrates such dedicated work in the Arts. It is very important that the contribution of such professionals is recognized and honoured. The establishment of these awards will create a better understanding of how such selfless work empowers and enriches the younger generation, and how it helps build bridges between communities and people. The list of the distinguished arts professionals and young musicians and dancers to whom the awards will be presented on 8th October evening at the Nehru Centre in London are as follows: Life time Achievement Award for sterling Service to Indian Arts & Education: Dr M N Nandakumara, Executive Director, The Bhavan Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Acharya Ratna (Sangeet) -Distinguished Teacher Award in Music: Mrs Sivasakthi Sivanesan, Distinguished Carnatic Music Guru Acharya Ratna (Nritya) -Distinguished Teacher Award in Dance: Ms Pushkala Gopal, D i s t i n g u i s h e d Bharatanatyam Guru Yuva Nritya RatnaYoung dancer of the Year: Parbati Chaudhary (Kathak) Yuva Sangeet Ratna-

Young Musician of the Y e a r : YarlinieThanabalasingha m (Carnatic Vocalist) Tarang Musician of the Jasdeep Singh Year: Degun Samyo Musician of the Sanjuran Year: Keerthikumar The Award Ceremony will take place at the Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Asian Voice has been chosen as the media partner.

To commemorate Gandhiji's birthday on Friday 2 October 2015, a walk has been organised, dedicated to his philosophy of non-violence by Gita Foundation and National Association of Patidar Samaj in association with various community and faith organisations. The Walk supported by the Indian High Commission, will be from Tavistock Square Gardens to Parliament Square in central London and is a special event organised along the principles folMahatma lowed by Gandhi, to promote world

peace to end terrorism. The walk will commence at 11.30 at Tavistock Square after the annual garlanding of the statue at 11.00am by the Indian High Commissioner in association with India League and end at the newly placed Gandhi's statue at the Parliament Square with speeches by dignitaries. The intended route is: Tavistock Square Gardens, (11.30 to 11.45am), Woburn Place (past Holborn Underground Station), Kingsway, Aldwych, Strand, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Parliament

Diaspora organises Gandhi Peace Walk on 2nd October AsianVoiceNews


CHN hosts Summer Soiree in the heart of the City The City Hindus Network (CHN) hosted its latest event at The Happenstance in the heart of the City of London on 10 September. The sell-out networking event, presented in an innovative new format, attracted over 80 Hindus from an array of professional backgrounds and aimed to provide a platform for the capital’s Hindu community to form stronger professional net-

sional success. Nishma’s address was followed by some inspiring words from Pratik Dattani, ex-President of CHN and successful entrepreneur. Pratik, in his signature witty and concise manner, stressed the importance of Hindu values and the significance of maintaining these in environments such as the City. The Summer Soirée also aimed to support the

works in an informal and w e l c o m i n g environment. The evening opened with a few words by the Chairman of CHN, Prinal Nathwani, who introduced the organisation and its focus on 3 core pillars, namely; charity/selfless service; religion/spirituality; and education/knowledge-sharing and networking. This was followed by a networking game masterfully facilitated by Tejas CHN member, Kotecha, which created an opportunity for the attendees to break the ice and engage in conversation with individuals outside of their immediate groups. As the evening progressed, Nishma Gosrani, Director at Deloitte Consulting, was invited to be quizzed by the event Patani. host, Neel Questions posed to Nishma included 'What is your smartest business idea?', 'Who has been your biggest influence?', and 'How would your personal assistant describe you?', after which questions were opened up to event attendees. Nishma candidly responded to all the questions posed, captivating the audience’s attention as she described her experiences, challenges and views to being a successful female Hindu professional in the City of London. She particularly emphasised the significance of networking, at work and through organisations such as CHN, as a key ingredient for profes-

Joshua Playing Project (Registered Charity No.1163297) by running a raffle. Neel Patani introduced the raffle and explained the charity’s core activity of nurturing and providing an education to less-advantaged children in Pushkar, India. Raffle prizes were generously donated by local businesses and multi-national corporates, and included; a cycling jersey signed by Chris Froome and the Tour de France cycling team, donated by SKY; a washand-blow dry voucher from BLOW Ltd; a House of Parliament tour b y A m e e t Jogia, Conservative Co uncillor for Harrow and a world map mat donated by Treat Republic. The raffle was a huge success raising over £300 for the Joshua Playing Project. Further information about the Joshua Playing Project can be found at CHN’s Summer Soirée was well-attended by Hindus from a wide range of professional backgrounds, who thoroughly enjoyed the evening which included networking with like-minded professionals, inspiring speakers and exciting raffle prizes. Further information about CHN and its forthcoming events, including its Diwali Banquet at the Houses of Parliament on 20 November, can be found at

Street, Parliament Square (1.00pm). The route is mostly over fairly wide footways, across signalled pedestrian crossings and along bus routes. Those unable to cover the whole route can take a bus from midway and re-join at Parliament Square, The organising com-

mittee is seeking permission for people to carry maximum A3 size placards which should promote peace and can include your organisation’s name. No banners will be allowed at this year’s event. For more information contact Pravin Amin at

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Solomon Akhtar:


Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Merchant of Vembley opens doors to Londoners

Ubmljoh!Ufdi 'I never thought a year ago that I would be on ‘The Apprentice’'

Sunetra Senior

The UK premiere of Shishir Kurup’s socially topical and politically provocative Merchant of Vembley opens at the Cockpit Theatre. Created by the Rented Space Theatre Company, the show runs from 6 October until 25th October. The play funded by Arts Council England features around ethnically diverse suburbs of North West London where, instead of Christians and Jews, Hindus and Muslims are grappling for power and revealing their prejudices, this wickedly funny and inventive re-write (in iambic pentameter!) of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice fuses music, blank verse, video and pop-references. The play explores forbidden love in multi-cultural societies and how majority groups marginalise the minority – issues that have existed from time immemorial, and are even more relevant and pertinent in today’s political climate. Fallen Bollywood star Jeetendra comes to London to try his luck with Pushpa, a young Gujarati heiress. In a bid to win her heart (and her late film-director father’s vast fortune – enough to bankroll his return to the silver screen), Jeetendra uses his best friend, Devendra as a conduit to borrow money from Muslim money-lender, Sharuk. When Devender defaults, Sharuk claims a dangling ounce of flesh, a penalty that is just too much to bear. In a suitably Bolly-Shakespearean side plot involving arranged marriage, Pushpa must hope Jitendra chooses correctly from answers to a filminspired test willed by her father on his deathbed. Director, Ajay Chowdhury said: “I read the play a few years ago and was immediately bowled over by its ambi-

tion, wit and topicality as well as prep aredness to deal with some pretty tough issues about the inter-personal relationships and prejudices within the South Asian community. Our last transposition of Shakespeare into India with Cymbeline was a huge hit and I’m very excited about doing the same for Merchant.” (‘Chowdhury’s decision to relocate the perennially perplexingCymbeline from Roman Britain to the tense potency of India under the British Raj shed new light on what can be a difficult play to interpret.’ What’s On, London). Writer Shishir Kurup, explains “I always had a love hate relationship with Merchant of Venice. It is one of Shakespeare’s really flawed yet really beautiful plays yet within the darkness it offers up an interesting look at humanity. I wanted to deconstruct it and bring it into the modern era, so I pulled out all the language, kept the story line and then used the events – to tell story from modern and very particular point of view.” A cast of eleven actors include Emilio Doorgasingh as Sharuk (Dara, National Theatre; Eastenders), Aria Prasad as Pushpa (The Great Game, Tricycle) and Ishwar Maharaj as Tooranpoi (Rigoletto, Royal Opera House). The creative team includes Ajay Chowdhury, Director (Cymbeline, Etcetera; Half Way House, Tricy cle), Sean Cavanagh, Designer (Tempest, Wyndham’s; Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, New London), Ben Cracknell, Lighting Design (Beautiful Thing, West End; Saturday Night Fever, Theatre Royal) and Louise Rhoades Brown, Video Design (Aida, Royal Albert Hall).

It seems a little sterile to say that Akhtar is a product of his time, but in this case it is a real testament to his productivity. Founder and Creator of social media agency ‘Instabear’, and one of a handful of semi-finalists on reality show ‘The Apprentice’ in 2014, he crests the latest waves of the digital revolution where the rest of us are, let’s face it, just paddling. His company’s innovative services include the use of ‘Social Media screens’ and instant photo-booth style print-outs at launch events ‘to blur the gap between social media and physical experiences’, and liven up the atmosphere by, well, living it up. Colourful and fresh, 24 year-old Akhtar has not just earned credibility in the business world, but from the adoring eyes of the public: Tell us about your experience on ‘The Apprentice’? It was amazing. Obviously it was a hard and grilling process, especially for me as one of the youngest on the show, but it was great working with different people, and I was proud to have represented the Asian community. This is where the show has helped me too: I’ve appreciated being able to be a role model for Asians, who are very entrepreneurial-minded community. I’m glad I can give advice and encouragement about launching a business from scratch. You have also been on TV Show Desi Rascals. What’s been the most enjoyable part? Well, I loved all of it. It showed our lives in a way that was natural, and it was truly lovely to meet everyone- I really get on with Adam in real life. It was different from ‘The Apprentice’, where obviously it was a lot more stressful.

What are your current projects? I’ve got a new show airing on Sky 1, and I will be a panellist on Celebrity Big Brother’s Little Brother on Channel 5. How do you find combining a media career with entrepreneurship? Sometimes I get faced with questions such as ‘what do you really want to do?’, but a media career offshoots from my interest

in business. It’s good to make appearances, knowing that you are inspiring people. My company always comes first, but an equally important part of Instabear is that you know how to reach people in a fun and interesting way.

Tell us a bit more about Instabear? Having started it up during my time at Exeter University, it is my biggest achievement. We are now doing so much: managing live Twitter feeds, social media campaigns as well as boosting the visibility of different events, among other things.

Do you get a lot of attention from our Silicon Valley? (Laughs) Well I’ve had a lot more financial backing from experienced people so it’s good to have that guidance boosting my natural energy. What do you feel is your niche in the world of technology? Instabear is very creative and embraces the thinking that nothing is impossible as long as there is a plat-

'You may be a small voice but you can reach millions of people' form. We grew up with smartphones and social media so we have more of a connection with the contemporary demand. In that sense we really hit the ground running after university.

Were you always drawn to new media and business as a child? Yes, I loved it! I had this VTech laptop where you could code on it, and I always jumped on anything electronic. I actually got one of the top 5 IT GCSE results in the country so it’s something that comes naturally to me. Entrepreneurship too actually- I would

be out there selling conkers…

You need guts to survive The Apprentice. What attitude kept you going in the more heated moments? (laughs)I thought of it like the Hunger Games where I just wanted to get to the end. I wanted to prove myself to my family and on behalf of my university; I wanted to give something back. In terms of staying out of the arguments and drama, my tactic was just to be friendly and not be too hard on myself. People may have underestimated me but I showed my abilities in action.

What is the most interesting area of technological development between the 2000s and now? The immediacy of social media: before you had to run a TV or print campaign, but nowadays you can just create a video which can go viral in 24 hours. You may be a small voice but you can reach millions of people. Have you ever felt any racial barriers in the industry? The wider community have been really embracing. Any criticism has actually come from within the Pakistani community, in terms of being the ‘right’ type. I drink occasionally and am only halfPakistani so that it is a little frustrating. I think it is important to be considered as an individual.

What do you do to unwind? Going for late night walks in London- places that might be busy during the day, but are quieter at night. That’s quite relaxing.

Finally, what is your advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs? Follow your passion and keep goingyou ever know what’s around the corner. I never thought a year ago that I would be on ‘The Apprentice’, or that my business was going to take off. Keep working as hard as you can and take every day as it comes.




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Armed Forces commemorate Sikh services on the anniversary of battle of Saragarhi Rupanjana Dutta The 21 Sikh soldiers who fought in the Battle of Saragarhi were commemorated this weekend by Armed Forces at Armoury House, London. A significant event for Sikh personnel, this event also offered the opportunity to celebrate present heroes within the Armed Forces; Regulars, Reservists and Cadets. The Battle of Saragarhi There are countless tales of the bravery of Sikhs in battle but perhaps none is as inspiring as that of Saragarhi on 12th September 1897. In an ultimate test of devotion to duty, 21 British Indian Army Sepoys (Sikh soldiers) defended the Saragarhi outpost in the hills of the North West Frontier Province, now Pakistan but then part of British India, against 10,000 Afghan tribesmen. Rather than surrender, the soldiers fought to the death for nearly 10 hours with ammunition and bayonets. Although the outpost was lost, the Afghans later admitted to having lost around 180 of their soldiers and many more wounded, demonstrating the expertise of the Sikh soldiers. To honour the selfless commitment and courage of these Sikh warriors they were posthumously awarded the Indian Order of Merit, the highest gallantry award of the time.

Reserves Minister Julian Brazier addressing the audience

Rifleman playing the bugle

Sikh Chaplin to HM Armed Forces, Mrs Mandeep Kaur, delivering an Ardas during the memorial service

medics to HR administration, and the integral contribution and success of Sikh personnel in the Armed Forces is undoubtedly due to the values that are shared between Sikhism and the Armed Forces: Courage, Discipline, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty, and Commitment. During the course of the morning, the First World

War Sikh Heritage Platoon recalled stories of their great grandfathers and Jay SinghSohal explained movingly about the selfless commitment and bravery of Sikhs from their unflinching loyalty in 1897 to operations today. Serving soldiers and cadets enthused about the benefits they currently enjoy from serving, and the opportunities Army life offers for future careers beyond the military. Adding colour and pageantry to the commemorative event, the Band of Rifles marched and played traditional music. One of their number Rifleman Mandeep Singh, 25, from Birmingham is himself a proud Sikh. Lance Corporal Ian Chave played the last post and a solemn silence was held in memory of all those who had fallen in service of the Crown, before a dramatic "War Cry" was performed by Captain Makand Singh. Then the guests were treated to a Punjabi lunch with

spiced tea in the Honourable Artillery Company's historic Prince Consort Rooms. Reserves Minister Julian Brazier said: "We're determined to make sure that any Sikh joining up will feel at home in the Armed Forces of today. That's why we have the British Armed Forces Sikh Association providing personnel with a practical support network, complemented by the spiritual guid- 25 years old Lieutenant Daljinder Virdee ance offered by our Sikh and 23 years old Private Chamandeep Singh taking a selfie Chaplain. We have prayer rooms in every unit, vegetariForces Sikh Association he often an ration packs for every operaget asked about the challenges tion, and a flexible dress code so facing Sikhs thinking of joining that these days a Sikh in a turban the Army. "When I signed up I can stand guard outside was a clean shaven, short haired Buckingham Palace." bloke. And surprisingly it was the He concluded: "Today is a Army that has helped me to grow unique opportunity to come spiritually and supported my together, not simply to commemdecision to become a fully practisorate an extraordinary event, but ing Sikh, wearing my Dastar (turto strengthen our great bonds ban)." and, inspired by the recollection Lieutenant Daljinder Virdee, of our shared past, we want to 25, from Iver Buckinghamshire is encourage even greater Sikh para pharmacist officer in 256 Field ticipation in the future force of Hospital Royal Army Medical tomorrow, so together we can Corps (RAMC) in London. He write a proud new chapter in the said he takes inspiration from the history of Britain." 21 Saragarhi Warriors every day: "The RAMC motto is strength in adversity and in tough times when odds are stacked against you these soldiers stood their ground and did not give an inch. They were my forefathers and their strength is in all of us". The Army is keen to commemorate such events Squadron Leader, Manjeet Ghataora, RAF, part of to keep the memory a panel answering questions on life as a Sikh in of Empire and HM Armed Forces Commonwealth soldiers' contributions to our history Major Sartaj Singh Gogna, alive and inspire others to follow 37, from Brentwood is a senior their example: this is the second instructor at the School of Royal year that they have commemoratElectrical and Mechanical ed the Battle of Saragarhi, with Engineering in Arborfield. He last year’s commemoration also joined the Army 15 years ago and coinciding with the launch of the as Chairman of the British Armed Armed Forces’ Sikh Association.

A dramatic 'War Cry' performed by captain Makand Singh

The Commonwealth contribution to the First World War is starting to fade from public consciousness, and as such the Army is keen to commemorate such events to keep the memory alive: this is the second year that they have commemorated the Battle of Saragarhi, with last year’s commemoration also coinciding with the launch of the Armed Forces’ Sikh Association. Today’s personnel The bravery, skill and loyalty to duty demonstrated in the battle serve as an example to all military personnel today. There are currently 180 Sikhs in the British Army performing a range of roles, from infantry soldiers to

Band of Rifles marching and playing traditional music

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Corbyn begins challenging journey as the Opposition leader

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he was considered a 200- 1 outsider during the initial stage of the threemonth contest. However, he progressed to become a popular choice with the masses, especially with his message about anti-austerity which led to a wave of enthusiasm, as well as his pledge to demolish Britain's nuclear weapons, renationalise the railways and major utilities has driven him to victory.

Labour leadership race. The declaration of his new designation caused an uproar among several shadow cabinet members. Many existing shadow cabinet members have ruled themselves out of serving on the front bench in Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet; these members include, Rachel reeves, Yvette Cooper and Tristram Hunt. Following the announcement of Corbyn becoming the face of

Corbyn's cabinet Deputy leader, party chairman and shadow minster for the Cabinet Office: Tom Watson Shadow Chancellor: John McDonnell Shadow home secretary: Hilary Benn Shadow health secretary: Heidi Alexander Chief whip: Rosie Winterton Lords chief whip: Lord Bassam of Brighton Shadow leader of the House of Lords: Baroness Smith of Basildon Shadow leader of the House of Commons: Chris Bryant Shadow attorney general: Catherine McKinnell Shadow chief secretary of the Treasury: Seema Malhotra Shadow business secretary and first secretary of state: Angela Eagle Shadow justice secretary: Lord Falconer Shadow education secretary: Lucy Powell Shadow secretary for international development: Diane Abbott Shadow secretary for Northern Ireland: Vernon Coaker Shadow secretary for Wales: Nia Griffith Shadow secretary for Scotland: Ian Muray Shadow defence secretary: Maria Eagle Shadow work and pensions secretary: Owen Smith Shadow energy secretary: Lisa Nandy Shadow secretary for environment: Kerry McCarthy Shadow communities secretary: Jon Trickett Shadow culture secretary: Michael Dugher Shadow secretary for transport: Lilian Greenwood Shadow secretary for women and equalities: Kate Greenwood Shadow minister for young people and voter registration: Gloria De Piero Shadow minister for mental health: Luciana Berger Shadow minister without portfolio: Jonathan Ashworth Shadow minister for housing: John Healey

Jeremy Corbyn with Nitin Mehta, addressing a vegetarian rally organised by the Young Indian Vegetarians, in Hyde Park, 1991. As a young person he saw the distress of animals going for slaughter and stopped eating meat

Described as a teetotaller and strict vegetarian, the left-wing veteran was declared the winner after receiving almost 60% of more than 400,000 votes cast, beating his rivals, Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper in the

Labour, David Cameron used Twitter to state his displeasure regarding the result and his concern for Britain's future. He tweeted, “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family's security.” It is said that this is a strategy by the Conservatives to delineate the newly appointed Labour leader with their own terms early on. Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, had criticised Corbyn's foreign policy, stressing his pledge to nuclear disarmament. Michael Fallon said, “Labour are now a serious risk to our nation's security, our economy's security and your family's security. Whether it's weakening our defences, raising taxes on jobs and earnings, racking up more debt and welfare or driving up the cost of living by printing money – Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party will hurt working people.” He continued, “This is

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Sadiq Khan becomes Labour's choice for London Mayor Continued from page 1 On winning the election Sadiq Khan said: "I am deeply humbled to have received the support of tens of thousands of Londoners. "I am determined to repay that trust by winning the Mayoral election next May, and making a real difference to Londoners lives. "London gave me and my family huge opportunities. A council house so we could save for a deposit to buy our own home. A secure job for my dad as a bus driver. A great education for me and my siblings, affordable university places and good quality apprenticeships. "As Mayor I will provide more opportunities for all Londoners. My priorities for Londoners are clear. An affordable and secure home to rent or buy. More jobs with higher wages for the lowest paid. Making it easier to set up and run a successful business. Reducing the cost of commuting and making London's environment safer, healthier and less polluted." From a humble background, Sadiq Khan grew up on a council estate in Tooting with his parents and seven siblings. His dad drove the 44 bus between Tooting and Victoria, and his mum sewed clothes to make ends meet. He was still sleeping in a bunk-bed at home at 24, while he was a trainee lawyer, to save a deposit for a house. He attended his local state school and went on to study law at university in London. Khan worked as a human rights lawyer for more than a decade, representing people who were discriminated against at work, employees wrongfully sacked, deaths in custody and victims of injustice. He helped run a business with more than 50 employees. After 12 years as a Councillor in Wandsworth, Sadiq became MP for his home area of Tooting in 2005. In Gordon Brown's Government, he became the first ever Asian and person of Islamic faith to attend Cabinet as Minister for Transport, having prea very serious moment for our country – the Conservatives will continue to deliver stability, security and opportunity for working people.” Amid the negativity and scrutiny that Jeremy Corbyn has been facing since his appointment as the leader, he received further flack for having a “male and pale” cabinet team. It is said that Corbyn later appointed Angela Eagle as shadow first secretary of state, a role which is usually filled by the shadow chancellor, to stop criticism and allegations of gender-bias, regarding top

viously served as Minister for Communities and Local Government. He served as Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow London Minister during the last Parliament. One of Khan’s greatest strengths is his back story. He still lives in Tooting with his lawyer wife Saadiya and their two teenage daughters and attends the local mosque. He says he is “very proud” of being Muslim but that like most Londoners, he has multiple identities. There are no doubts where his sights are now Zac concentrated on Goldsmith, the Tory MP, millionaire environmentalist, who is favourite to win the Conservative candidacy. Key Advisors Rajesh Agrawal, Fintech Entrepreneur and Business Adviser to Sadiq Khan told Asian Voice, "I have known Sadiq Khan for many years and I am delighted that he has been selected as Labour’s Mayoral candidate. Sadiq is a true London success story. "He grew up on a council estate but through his own hard work rose to become a top human rights lawyer and Britain’s first ever Muslim Cabinet Minister. Sadiq’s background now inspires his political vision for London. He wants all Londoners to have the opportunities he had, but knows this is increasingly unlikely as a result of Tory cuts. "His clear priorities are building affordable homes, creating jobs with higher wages for the lowest paid, making London the best city in the world to start and run a business, reducing the cost of commuting and improving our city’s environment. Sadiq is a formidable campaigner who will relate to all Londoners and I am confident that he can beat Zac Goldsmith next May." Manoj Ladwa, who served as the Communications director on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's election jobs were distributed among white men. However, Corbyn pointed out that 16 women have been given senior roles, while there are 15 men in his cabinet. Jeremy Corbyn said, “I am delighted that we have established a shadow cabinet position for mental health, which is a matter I have long been interested in. Angela Eagle’s appointment as the shadow first secretary of state means she will deputise for me when David Cameron is not available for Prime Minister’s Questions. The shadow cabinet is a strong

Sadiq with wife Saadiya

campaign an year ago, was appointed earlier this year, as the senior adviser to Sadiq Khan for the Mayor of London election. Lawyer by profession, Ladwa in 2014 headed the campaign’s Research, Analysis, and Messaging team in New Delhi working closely with the top BJP leadership and spokespeople to coordinate the national communications strategy. LSE graduate Manoj is the founder and chief executive of the MLS Chase Group. In 2003 he established the London office of FICCI and has served on various trade promotion committees, including those of UKTI and London Chamber of Commerce. He is the chairman of the Labour Community Engagement Forum and campaigns actively within the Labour Party and outside on various community issues and strives for better political representation for people of Indian origin in the UK.

Khan's key policies include: Housing Sadiq promises to take personal charge of making it cheaper and easier to rent or buy a home in London. He wants to set up a New Homes Team in City Hall to drive the building of genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy, and create a new ‘London Living Rent’ - with rents set at a third of local income. He also wants to ensure that at least half of combination of change and continuity that will now come together to hold this government to account, starting today with this pernicious Trade Union Bill.” The left-winger could most probably be the next Prime Minister in waiting. Whether his political approach brings a new positive way of life to Britain or lead to a downfall, only time will tell. One could just hope that his new role could breathe some life into the Labour Party's ailing performance in politics. The national media,

all new homes built by developers are genuinely affordable. Low pay The living wage in London will be raised to £10 an hour next year – and only companies paying the Living Wage will be able to win big public contracts within the Mayor’s control. He promises to set up a new 'economic fairness' team in city hall to work with the public and private sector to deliver higher wages and better pay and conditions - including more apprenticeships and free childcare. Business Sadiq promises to plan and provide the infrastructure our businesses need to flourish and establish 'Skills for Londoners', work with London's businesses to provide a workforce with the skills needed for future growth and aims to work with the private sector to increase London's connectivity with super-fast broadband and town centre WiFi. Transport He promises to freeze tube and train fares until 2020, cut bus fares by introducing a new one hour ticket, and make cycling easier and safer. Environment He aims to improve London’s environment and make our air less polluted. He wants to oppose a third runway at Heathrow, ban fracking in London, pedestrianise Oxford Street and introduce a new ultra low emissions zone. especially the print media has been critical of Jeremy Corbyn and his policies for a very long time. The responsibility of the job has made a definite impact. The new Labour leader has mellowed his stand on nuclear arms, railway renationalisation and several other issues. Surprisingly for some, he has already accepted to be a member of the Privy Council; therefore, he will have to kneel to Her Majesty when he takes the oath, in spite of his earlier strong opposition to the Monarchy. Such changes are welcome indeed.



Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Consultant Editor Financial Voice

Alpesh Patel

Dear Financial Voice Reader, My trading apprentices (there is a waiting list, I’m full up, before you ask) have posted me some great questions and I thought I would share them because they must be relevant to you too. Q: If the majority of profits by professional traders and investors come from a few trades, then presumably that puts a different spin on how we should view taking a loss. A: It is true. Most people don’t realise that for professionals 80% of their profits come from just 20% of their trades. It is not a case they are right and winning all the time. It is also not the case they only ever make big wins. Only the wealthiest and best traders understand this. What they understand is that most of the time a trader makes only a little if he makes a profit. Most trades don’t make big profits. They make a small gain then turn. So the trader does not hold on, wrongly believing all trades should make big profits, so he should just hold on and on until it does. He knows from just looking at the market, that most of the time it makes small gains then reverses direction. The good trader, trades with what exists in the world, not how he wishes the world was with every trade bringing big profits. So the successful rich trader knows some of his trades will make a small profit and turn, and so he is willing to exit, and happy with his small profit. He also knows, the price to play the game and hope for that 20% of big winning trades, is that some will make a loss. Again, he does not hold on, hoping that all trades will be big wins and until they are he just holds and holds. That is not the real world. You can pretend the real trading world does not exist. So he is wise enough to know to sell at that small loss; knowing a big loss is only eating away at his big eventual win. It is this, thinking like a trader, this mindset shift which makes a big difference between the rich and poor trader. The rich trader knowing the above does not give up or get despondent when all his trades are not big wins. He knows that the best he can do and control is make sure any losses are kept small. He does not see a loss as the market out to get him, or a personal attach, or something that steals his get rich quick scheme. He sees it as part and parcel of what every billionaire hedge fund manage deals with, and if it is good enough for them, then it is good enough for him.

RBI cancels Sahara India's NBFC registration In a fresh jolt to Saharas, Reserve Bank of India has cancelled Sahara India Financial Corporation's certificate of registration as nonbanking financial institution (NBFC). "Following the cancellation of registration certificate, the above company cannot transact the business of a nonbanking financial institution as laid down under clause (a) of Section 45-I of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934," the central bank said in a statement. The registration of the Lucknow-headquartered NBFC stands cancelled with effect from September 3, it added. The NBFC was registered in December 1998.

Subrata Roy Earlier in July, market regulator Sebi had cancelled the registration of Sahara Mutual Fund saying it was no longer 'fit and proper' to carry out this business and ordered transfer of its operations to another fund house. The group is engaged in a long-running battle with Sebi in a case related to refunds totalling millions of rupees to investors.

World Bank ranks Gujarat as best state for business AsianVoiceNews


Since taking charge in May 2014, Modi has set an ambitious target of improving by 2017 India's national ranking from a woeful 142 of 189, below Pakistan and Iran, to the top 50. The World Bank in a report that ranks Indian states in an effort to encourage them to cut red tape, said that Gujarat, the state Prime Minister Narendra Modi ran for more than a decade, is India's best place for conducting business. The report, prepared with support from KPMG on the request of the Modi government, gains importance by coming before the World Bank's annual Doing Business report, which ranks nations and is expected to be released next month. Since taking charge in May 2014, Modi has set an ambitious target of improving by 2017 India's national ranking from a woeful 142 of 189, below Pakistan and Iran, to the top 50. Last year, India slipped two spots in the report, and was ranked lower than Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa mainly because of delays in approvals for starting a business, tax payments, getting bank loans and property registration. "The growth of business in India requires concerted action on several fronts infrastructure, capital markets, trade facilitation and

skills," said Onno Ruhl, the World Bank's India director. "The stark reality is that India remains a difficult place to do business." The report suggested that such steps as offering single-window clearances for administrative approvals, if followed by all states, could improve India's global ranking. It said that states - including the top five, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh - had implemented reforms in online tax payments, construction, permits, electricity connections and environmental clearances in a specified time. However, the states

should set up electronic courts, and reforms relating to labour laws, land allotment and property registrations, the report said. "This is a defining moment for Rajasthan because improving our ease of doing business directly accelerates job creation for our youth," said Vasundhara Raje, the chief minister of Rajasthan. The state was ranked sixth among 29 states. Modi's government has taken several pro-business steps, such as rolling back plans to tax foreign companies and allowing them to invest more in insurance, defence, banks and other sectors. However, India's decision to drop a plan for a

goods and service tax because it lacks political support, and to roll back business-friendly amendments in the land bill, have annoyed many domestic and foreign investors. Projected to grow at more than 7.5 per cent in the 2015/16 fiscal year, India sees an opportunity to attract more investments, especially with economic growth slowing in China. Total foreign direct investment inflows into Asia's third largest economy touched $44.3 billion in the 2014/15 fiscal year ending March, up 23 per cent compared with the previous year, data on Ministry of Commerce and Industry website showed.

Priti Patel: Recruiting people from disadvantaged groups secures future for British business Rupanjana Dutta Better recruitment policies which harness the skills of people from disadvantaged groups hold the key to a more secure future for British business, Employment Minister Priti Patel said. The minister has called upon business leaders to match their warm words with positive action, after a p o l l found that the v a s t majority said t h e y

Priti Patel

were ready and willing to take on staff from disadvantaged groups. Six out of ten companies say they would be happy to employ a homeless person and nearly seven out of ten say they would trust an exoffender’s work skills and capability, according to the findings of a YouGov survey. Yet the reality on the ground seems very different, with talents and skills available amongst these groups – as well as the long-term unemployed, people recovering from drug or alcohol dependencies, and care leavers – all too often overlooked.

Employment Minister, Priti Patel told Asian Voice, "As our economy continues to recover and grow, so will demand for skills and labour – yet our ageing society will present increasing demographic challenges. To thrive in the long term, businesses need to identify talent and potential wherever it exists. "Of course I understand the pressures businesses are under, but I want our bosses to start seeing potential instead of problems. This is about securing a better future for British business, just as much as it is about giving people a second chance." The financial benefits to employers of casting the net as far wide as possible in the search for new talent are supported by further research. Almost half of companies surveyed recently by Business in the Community said that they had

seen a direct positive financial impact by supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds back into work. The call by the Employment Minister is intended to promote debate about how businesses can do more to boost their profits, while spreading hope and opportunity to people in difficult circumstances. Ms Patel added: "If we want to become a higher wage, lower tax, lower welfare country, as the Chancellor set out in his Budget, then we need to make sure everyone is benefitting from our jobs growth. And businesses have a major role to play in this. "As a key part of our long term economic plan, the Work Programme has helped more than 400,000 people into lasting jobs, pushing long-term unemployment to its lowest level in more than five years. The number of people claiming unemployment benefits is at its lowest since 1975. The onus is now on businesses to be open minded and work to access the hidden talent across society."


Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap A Property Investment Company

Blinkered Vision


Asian Voice | 19th September 2015


It is rare when dealing in Central London property there exists situations where you can add value, in terms of extra square footage. Perhaps you can get a chance to add a basement or the odd loft space, but this is as far as it will go. The opportunity to develop wholesale is very rare. The secret to making money in property in this location is in the purchasing, you need to purchase cheap. This is done in two ways; one is to look for property cheaper than current market value, which at the lower levels is harder as there are more buyers at these levels. The market in London is little like a triangle where most of the buyers are at the lower levels and as you go up in price there is more room to breathe and deals start to become more plentiful. The other is to purchase in the right market, ideally just before it rises, when most people are still sitting on the fence. A good time to have done this was in late 2008 and 2009. It could be said if you had closed your eyes, and bought anything during this period you would have made money, due to the uplift since then in prices.

The reason why there are so many buyers circling for deals in London is because everyone else is, in other words there is so much demand that prices rise naturally. When a down turn comes this segment of the property market is least effected, and more resilient to a down turn in price. At times you become a little blinkered with working in this locality, rather like a horse. It was refreshing to meet someone who deals in property throughout the UK, apart from London in fact he hates dealing in London due to the characters involved. It is a dirty game, due to the sums involved people’s lower natures are brought to life. Seemingly ordinary folks are turned into two faced liars and scammers when it comes to property dealing, some even think this is the only way to do deals, so ingrained is their behaviour. There are many ways to deal with this, one is of course to walk away, they may have got one over you in terms of the deal, but they have lost the relationship which actually has more value on a long term basis. The other is to tackle them using legal means, however this means you must have sufficient grounds to attack. Verbal agreements are difficult to substantiate. However you may then find yourself in a situation where two people are milking you, one is the person who ripped you off and the other is now your lawyer, where invoices start to come in thick and fast. Often the illusion is created where they are acting to protect you, but often it is themselves they protect first and you second. Welcome to the property world. I met an old boy he'd been involved in various things property being one, introduced through a mutual contact I have known for several years. We met in a pub in Uxbridge, he avoids doing deals in London like the plague. He notices people in general become more honourable the further you get away from London, where you can still do things on a hand shake and a verbal agreement.

He has access to sites around the UK, where there is opportunity to add value in various ways. It was actually an eye opener for me, being stuck in the London market means you only develop the tools to help you transact in this little niche. There is a whole other world opening up. He was uniquely placed to access these sites due to his connection with the travellers or gypsies, which spanned three generations. Things were done on a hand shake and nobody goes back on their word. What I liked was the low deposits which could be put on a deal and the long completion dates which were being negotiated. For example there was a site which I got taken to the following day, which looked derelict and had commercial sheds on either side. I wouldn't know what to do with this site. However I was reliably informed this site was in high demand for car parking space, this was a symptom of the expansion of Heathrow airport. Being brownfield you could pretty much do what you want with it as long as it was commercial in nature. This was not the only angle. I was asked to look at the floor, I saw only stones and granite but my contact saw gold. Granite had a price of £85 per truck I was told, and there was estimated to be 1000 trucks on the ground, this meant £85,000 in total. This would equate to a big dent in the purchase price of the land which was quoted at around £250,000. The resale on this piece of land post planning for car parks is well in excess of £10m, of course this would be subject to planning, but given its brownfield it didn't sound like it would be an issue.

The Real Deal

Edgware Road, London, W2 Purchase Price: £740k

These days I only start the serious due diligence once I know the contract is with the lawyers, as it costs time and money to do so. It is a little back to front, but there is no point doing all the work and then finding out that the deal cannot be delivered. There is always more talk than action, therefore when the contract is received work will commence. I had a scenario where we did the deal on the basis the seller had an option agreement to purchase a freehold deal in Hatton Garden, it later transpired the agreement didn't exist. When after we got all the papers and asked for this agreement we got two different versions of the story, the so called seller said it was more of a verbal agreement, and his lawyer said it does exist but they didn't want to show it.

l A large two bedroom flat within a purpose built block in a very good location l Long lease l Lift l Close to shops and amenities on Edgware Road and minutes away from Hyde Park and Marble Arch Station l Properties in this location are being sold for around £1,250 per sq. ft. while we are getting this for around £1,070 per sq. ft. l Very good buy and hold opportunity Call us now to secure this deal!

On the basis this agreement existed we agreed a fee for the seller with the option agreement. So now we blew the deal out.

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Tips of the Week l While letting out a property you must conform to all areas of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), there are a whole raft of new legislation you must comply with as a Landlord.

l You can maximise rental yield by renting out rooms, especially in a 3 + bedroom property, but this may involved further measures having to be implemented.



Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

New strategy boosting sale of Tata vehicles

British businesses now looking at the Gulf AsianVoiceNews


“Doing business in the Gulf remains challenging, but there is also great opportunity. Saudi is the largest market by some margin, so the Kingdom is a great place to start,” says Adam Hosier, founder director of AEI Saudi, a Riyadh-based consultancy. Tata Motors is currently working on a combination of network expansion, dealer development and product repositioning to turn around its passenger vehicle sales. The new strategy put together by Mayank Pareek, president of the company, Tata Motors has already gained one per cent market share in the first five months of this year. “For the past seven-eight months, we have been outperforming industry,” said Pareek. “Part of the reason is that the company has launched new products after a hiatus of four-five years. With Zest and Bolt, we are getting the right type of customers coming to us,” he added. “Earlier, there were no new products, so we had to rely only on fleet customers. Now were are getting young executives and young families.” A repositioning of its products has also helped the sales turnaround. “Historically, Tata Motors has been known for its diesel engines. But after the launch of the Revotron

gasoline engine, both Bolt and Zest are now clocking 45-55% sales in petrol variants.” The company's older products have also been given a positioning tweak. “Our new models have grown, but re-segmenting and repositioning has also helped older models to grow in sales,” said Pareek. “We re-segmented the Indica to target smaller towns. Although it may be a bit dated for bigger towns, it's a perfect fit for smaller towns. Both the Indigo and the Indica are being repositioned for smaller markets,” he added. “To expand our presence, we're also experimenting with our retail format,” Pareek said. “We're introducing the small dealership format for smaller markets where the customer gets the same experience but the showrooms are smaller. We are also working on virtual showrooms where customers can have 3D experience of the cars. We will introduce these digital showrooms in a year,” he added.

India's wholesale inflation falls again India's wholesale prices dropped for the tenth consecutive month, while retail inflation remained at benign level, raising prospects of an interest rate cut when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reviews monetary policy later this month. The annual rate of inflation, based on wholesale price index, stood at 4.95% in August, compared to -4.05% for the previous month and 3.85% during the corresponding month of the previous year. The sharp slide in global crude oil prices and vegetable prices contributed significantly to the dip in wholesale price pressures. Separate data showed that the retail inflation in August rose an annual 3.66% compared to the previous month's 3.69%, well below RBI's comfort level. Food and beverages inflation stood at 2.9% in August, sharply below the double digit levels seen in the past. However, prices of pulses and some vegetables remain areas of concern. The continued decline in wholesale prices has triggered a debate on deflation, with the government calling

for a sharp reduction in interest rate to boost growth. While RBI said it has not yet done with rate cuts, it has preferred to urge caution due to the lurking inflationary pressures. RBI will review monetary policy on September 29 and expectations are rising that it may go for a rate cut. Finance minister Arun Jaitley said core wholesale inflation (excluding food and fuels) decelerated to 4.1% in August 2015 from 4.3% in July 2015 and thereby, continuing the momentum of decelerating core inflation. He said both categories of inflation indicate that they are moderating and under control. Economists said they expect the central bank to reduce rate against the backdrop of soft inflation. “The subdued extent of the pick-up in food inflation in August 2015 relative to the previous month despite the considerable worsening of monsoon dynamics, as well as the drop in core CPI inflation, are encouraging,” said Aditi Nayar, senior economist at ratings agency ICRA.

With the BRIC nations facing financial troubles, business has begun to wander to different and better opportunities across the world. British businesses have specifically been attracted to the Gulf, which provides great commercial chances amidst human rights crisis. Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show the UAE is number 12 in the UK's top 50 export markets. Saudi Arabia comes in 18th place, Qatar 31 and Kuwait stands at 48. While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are major hotspots, Saudi has made its mark with half its population under the age of 25 and a growing private sector. The UK Trade & Investment, Gulf's largest economy, said

its benefits include growing diversification within the Saudi economy, massive government investment in transport, infrastructure, healthcare, education and energy, and a common use of English in business. “Doing business in the Gulf remains challenging,

but there is also great opportunity. Saudi is the largest market by some margin, so the Kingdom is a great place to start,” says Adam Hosier, founder director of AEI Saudi, a Riyadh-based consultancy. “But wherever you focus, it is important to seek

sound, independent advice from people on the ground with the experience and knowledge to ensure your strategy is as low risk and low cost as possible. The key to success in the Gulf – commit don’t commute.” Peter Bishop, deputy chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “In the Gulf, we are finding there are plenty of opportunities to excite British business interest. Our next mission to Saudi, in October, will coincide with Saudi Build, an important building and construction sector exhibition. Projects that are attracting particular attention there are the new metro lines in Riyadh, Jeddah and Mecca.”

39 Indian drug making facilities facing trouble in US Kicking off a whole new batch of trouble for India's Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Israeli generics company Teva recalled 40,000 bottles of medicine manufactured for it by the unlisted company. Partly owned by US-based private equity investor Bain Capital, the company received an import alert in July this year which effectively banned the import of drugs from its Hinjwadi plant. Emcure is just one of the many Indian pharmaceuticals in trouble with US regulators. Six Indian drugmakers have had their manufacturing sites blacklisted by the FDA, this year alone. Currently, there are 39 drugmaking facilities in India, owned by 27 different companies that have lost their privileges due to regulatory problems. Indian companies make around 30 to 40 per cent of

the generic medicines taken in the States. However, they now face massive credibility crisis due to western regulators' concern over their manufacturing practices. New Delhi-based Ranbaxy Laboratories was fined $ 500 million in 2013, by the US Department of Justice after pleading guilty to charges on selling adulterated drugs, failing to report that drugs did not meet specifications, and making false statements to the US government. Japanese company Daiichi Sankyo which had bought Ranbaxy,

took a $ 3.7 billion write down on the acquisition 6 months later. “Trust has eroded so much among foreign regulators, I don’t think they take anything that’s said at face value,” warns Dinesh Thakur, the whistle blower in the Ranbaxy case, who now runs a consultancy focused on the pharmaceutical supply chain. D G Shah, secretary of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, an association of India’s top drug companies, acknowledged that the industry is struggling to

meet stringent US standards. He said this reflects the inadequate training of lab technicians and supervisors, rather than any deliberate attempt to manipulate or falsify data by the companies’ management. Murali Neelakantan, former general counsel for Cipla, agreed that the Indian laboratory practices raising concerns among regulators have deep roots, but that it is an “organisational culture issue” for companies to train and incentivise their workers to follow global best practices, including sounding the alarm when tests point to quality problems. “Indians as a rule don’t like to say no, and don’t like to give bad news and therefore test results always have to come out good,” he suggests. “You know what the test is supposed to say and you try to show that.”

State pensions: to defer or top-up? Not many people are aware about state pensions and how much one ought to contribute, as well as who will be entitled to the pension and how much the nth amount will be. There are many people who opt to contribute a minimum of £30 each month from their salary towards their pension, with a positive prospect that it would help them in their frail years, or benefit their family when they expire. On the other hand, there are people who choose not to be part of the

pension scheme, most probably those from wealthier backgrounds. The Government will be introducing the opportunity to “top-up” your state pension. It will be offered to men and women of a qualifying age; men born before before 6th April 1951 and women born before 6th April 1953. For a limited time between 12th October 2015 and 5th April 2017, they will have the chance to swap lump sum savings for an increase in their state pension for life.

If you are eligible to buy the top-up, the most you can spend is £23,900. The top-up option will buy you a small amount of extra state pension for life. However, an alternative option in which you could boost your entitlement is by deferring your state pension for many years. Deferring your state pension means that you will claim a much higher amount when you start to claim it in the future. One of Britain's top pension experts, Alan Highams stated, “The terms for defer-

ring their pensions, for people reaching state pension age before April 6 2016, are very generous. They were set many years ago when life expectancy was much lower.” He continued, “People have to live for just over nine years after they start to claim their deferred state pension to break even, compared to taking the pension when first entitled. People already drawing their state pension can suspend it and benefit from the generous increases, too.”


Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Paresh Davdra is the Dealing Director of RationalFX, Currency Specialists.

UK Retail sales disappointing Retail sales figures in the UK disappointed last week after being hit by the late timing of the bank holiday. Total UK sales were barely changed, up 0.1% compared with the same month last year, while like-for-like sales, which exclude new store space, fell 1.0%. Manufacturing production fell unexpectedly throughout July as did the UK’s industrial output. Manufacturing production decreased by a seasonally adjusted 0.8% in July. 0.5%. Retail sales figures in the  UK disappointed yesterday after being hit by the late timing of the bank holiday. Total UK sales were barely changed, up 0.1% compared with the same month last year, while like-for-like sales, which exclude new store space, fell 1.0%. The bank holiday was on 31 August, but both the BRC and the Office for National Statistics judge that the month officially ended on 29 August. It means September's figures will be boosted by back-to-school purchases. At this time of the year parents are busily shopping for backto-school essentials like clothes,


Foreign Exchange


footwear and stationery and those sales will peak later this year," said BRC director general Helen Dickinson. "Large-ticket item categories like furniture and household appliances also experienced a decline in sales, again likely affected by the bank holiday distortion." Also on also last week it was announced that German imports and exports had both reached record levels. Boosted by the continuing weakness of the euro, exports rose 2.4% to €103.4bn in July, the federal statistics office estimated, after adjusting for seasonal and calendar effects. Imports also rose, but not by as much, meaning the trade surplus grew to a record €25.0bn. European statistics agency Eurostat also revised growth in the first quarter, from 0.4% to 0.5%.  The upward revision to GDP for the first quarter is a result of the inclusion of Ireland, which had not been counted in earlier estimates. The Irish economy grew 1.4% in the first three months of 2015, compared with the previous quarter, making it the fastest-growing Eurozone country.

The unemployment rate, which is obtained from a separate survey of U.S. households, held steady at 5.3% in July. Average hourly earnings of private-sector workers rose 5 cents, or 0.2%, last month to $24.99. From a year earlier, wages were up 2.1%, in line with the 2.0% pace during the six-year expansion meanwhile, the share of Americans participating in the labour force was unchanged at 62.6% in July. That matches the lowest reading since 1977 suggesting there is still considerable spare capacity in the US labour market.   GBPEUR ended Friday down on the day following the weak UK CPI data announcement in the morning and a continued short squeeze in the Euro, which is where the larger institutional traders (such as hedge funds, some pension, insurance and mutual funds and large investment banks) took profit on previously held short Euro positions, a process which involved buying Euros. Following this drop in GBPEUR late afternoon London time, the currency pair has continued to trade in a tight range


over the weekend and in Monday’s Asian trading session. GBPEUR is showing signs of rising in early morning trading this morning in the London time zone, following a slightly weaker than expected release of monthly Consumer Producer Price Index (CPI) as of August, which showed that prices fell by 0.1% during the month of August, against the forecast of prices remaining unchanged. Annual Euro Area CPI data remained unchanged from the last release a month earlier at 0.2%. The UK consumer inflation expectations came out at 2.0% at 09:30 on Friday morning, both weaker than expectations and the previous release of 2.2% for the previous month, capturing the continued impact of lower oil prices and the slowdown in China. GBPUSD sold off following the data announcement, but recovered before the end of the trading day in London, ending down on the day, but not significantly so. GBP saw some strength in Monday’s Asian trading session and continues to drift higher in early morning London trading against the US Dollar. 


Weekly Currencies As of Tuesday 15th September 2015 @ 4pm

GBP - INR = 102.05 USD - INR = 66.41 EUR - INR = 74.96 GBP - USD = 1.54 GBP - EUR = 1.36

EUR - USD = 1.13 GBP - AED = 5.64

GBP - CAD = 2.04

GBP - NZD = 2.44

GBP - AUD = 2.17

GBP - ZAR = 20.73

GBP - HUF = 424.07

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In Brief

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Kenya unveils memorial to victims of torture in Mau Mau era

NAIROBI: A monument has been opened in tribute to the victims of torture and ill treatment during the emergency period of British rule in Kenya, East Africa. The ceremony was attended by several veterans of the Mau Mau rebellion which pushed the colonial rule to its end. The memorial features a statue of an armed rebel receiving a bag of supplies from a woman. British High Commissioner Christian Turner said, “This memorial is about reconciliation, allowing us to discuss together the issues arising from a difficult period in our shared history, and to move together.” “The recognition that Mau Mau fighters were victims of human rights abuses and torture is a significant step toward the recognition of our past and its impact on our future,” said former Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga. During the movement Jomo Kenyatta, former president, was in jail and his daughter was living at the house of Ambhubhai Patel. Ambhubhai treated Kenyatta's daughter as his own. Ambhubhai's own daughter is married to low caste man.

Visas for China’s super-rich fall 91%

LONDON: The British Home Office has cited a 91 per cent decrease in the number of 'investor visas' issued to Chinese nationals in 2015. Only 17 investor visas designed for 'ultra-high-net-worth' individuals were granted in the first 6 months of this year, plummeting from 187 in the same period in 2014. Also affected is the number of Russians getting visas to Britain. Economic conditions in Russia and the British government's toughened stance on 'non-doms' is believed to be the reason for the decrease in investors. Investor visas have become the fast way for the rich to apply for a permanent residency. If they invest £ 5m or more, they can apply to settle permanently in the UK after 3 years. Kamal Rahman, an immigration specialist at Mishcon De Reya, said, “The figures may be the first sign that the limitation of non-dom tax advantages is discouraging inward investment, as well as the impact of the increase in the minimum investment to £2m.”

7 Indians feature in Forbes Asia's Heroes of Philanthropy list

HOUSTON: The Forbes Asia's ninth Heroes of Philanthropy list that highlights most noteworthy contributions to philanthropy from 13 countries across Asia Pacific, features seven Indians. Four Infosys co-founders, Senapathy Gopalakrishnan, Nandan Nilekani and SD Shibulal are on the list for their individual contributions to the health and education sectors. Another Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy's son Rohan represents him on the list for donating an enormous amount of USD 5.2 million to Harvard University Press for promoting ancient Indian literary classics. Kerala-born Sunny Varkey tops the list in the region. The last two Indians are brothers Suresh Ramakrishnan and Mahesh Ramakrishnan, London-based entrepreneurs and founders of Whitcomb & Shaftesbury Tailors. They donated USD 3 million for training of more than 4,000 people in tailoring across India, benefiting 2004 tsunami victims and “ill-fated” women.

First Indian-American Woman Postmaster in California in 166 Years

NEW YORK: An Indian-American woman has become the first female to be appointed as the postmaster in Sacramento city in California in the last 166 years. Jagdeep Grewal, who earned her bachelor's degree from Punjab University, started her career in postal services in 1988 as a window clerk. She will now oversee 1,004 employees who process and deliver mail on 537 city routes and 94 rural routes. Grewal said she looked forward to working with Sacramento's Postal Service Employees. “It is only through joint effort and collaboration that we can truly meet our mission of providing extraordinary service while keeping costs down.” The US Postal Service is facing cash crunch and recently reported a net loss of $586 million earlier this year.

Thousands flee California wildfire as homes go up in flames

MIDDLETOWN (CALIFORNIA): A swiftly spreading wildfire destroyed hundreds of homes and forced thousands of residents to flee as it roared unchecked through the northern California village of Middletown and nearby communities, fire officials said. The fire, now ranked as the most destructive among scores of blazes that have ravaged the drought-stricken Western United States this summer, came amid what California fire officials described as "unheard of fire behaviour" this season. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection put the total number of fire evacuees on Sunday night at more than 19,300.

Lanka to set up truth and reconciliation commission AsianVoiceNews


South Africa, which formed a similar commission to try the apartheid-era crimes, will advise the nation on how to use the commission to provide remedy to victims and to track down missing people COLOMBO: Following mounting pressure, the Sri Lankan government has decided to set up a South Africa-style truth and reconciliation commission to look into atrocities during its civil war so that it can act against the perpetrators. South Africa, which confronted its own apartheid-era crimes through such a body, would advise the nation on how to use the commission to provide remedy to victims and to track down missing people, the foreign minister, Mangala Samaraweera, said. The minister announced plan at the UN human rights council, hours after the world body announced it would release a long-delayed report soon calling for accountability for Lankan war crimes.

Successive governments have promised to look into crimes committed by both sides during the 26-year conflict between government forces and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels. According to an earlier UN report, around 40,000 ethnic minority Tamils were killed in a final offensive ordered by former president Mahinda Rajapaksa

in 2009. But world organisations have been frustrated by a string of failed plans and a lack of criminal indictments. Samaraweera said his govdernment wanted an independent and credible commission for truth, justice, reconciliation and non-recurrence. “The reputation of the vast majority of armed forces was tar-

nished because of the system and culture created by a few people in positions of responsibility,” he said, without elaborating. Rights groups say Sri Lanka has failed to address continuing incidents of torture by the police and military against minority Tamils, whose leaders call for an international investigation. “We will judge the government by the actions they take, not the promises they make,” Fred Carver, director of the Sri Lanka Campaign, said. Human Rights Watch urged the council to set out concrete benchmarks for an effective justice and accountability mechanism, including a majority of international judges in an independent system and an independent international prosecutor.

Germany shuts its doors on refugees BERLIN: German authorities have announced that they have stretched their capacity to welcome refugees, as Europe hustled to hold emergency talks on the unprecedented crisis. Approximately 13,015 refugees have already arrived in Munich and at least 1,400 are expected next week to reach southern German city. Germany re-imposed border controls after it acknowledged that it could barely cope with thousands of asylum seekers arriving every day. Berlin had announced that the temporary measure would be first taken with Austria, where immigrant arrivals rose after

Chancellor Angela Merkel effectively opened German borders to refugees. The en masse flocking has however, gotten local authorities buckling. “Given the numbers, it is very clear that we have reached the upper limit of

our capacity,” said a Munich police spokesman. Alexander Dobrindt also weighed in, saying “effective measures are necessary now to stop the influx. That includes help for countries from where refugees are fleeing and

also includes an effective control of our own borders which also no longer works given the EU's complete failure to protect its external borders,” he said. Dobrindt was essentially referring to the border between Turkey and Greece, where many migrants have crossed. Merkel herself had called on Athens, while facing its own deep economic crisis, to make more effort to protect the EU's external borders. EU home affairs ministers will hold emergency talks as “the situation of migration phenomena outside and inside the EU has recently taken unprecedented proportions,” the Luxembourg presidency said.

Guru Nanak's missing 'chakki': Pakistan police register case AMRITSAR: Pakistan police have registered a case after a complaint was lodged against the disappearance of Guru Nanak Dev's 'Chakki' from Gurdwara Chakki Sahib, Eminabad, in Pakistan. The country's first Sikh police officer, Gulab Singh had lodged the complaint at Eminabad police station, demanding an investigation into the matter. He told the media that in his complaint, he has mentioned that he was informed by the Sikh community in Britain that the

'chakki' was in the possession of a UK-based Sikh, and “many Sikhs in UK have paid obeisance to the relic.” He has alleged that it was taken out from the Gurdwara with help from some employees.

The first Sikh master, Guru Nanak Dev, used to grind corn with the 'chakki' when he was taken prisoner. Later, Gurdwara Chakki Sahib came up at that place. Gulab said that he had sought the registration of a theft case against the person who had taken away the Guru's 'chakki'. The relic's disappearance had led to outrage among Sikhs the world over. Chater Singh, member of Bibi Nanki Trust, Pakistan, had announced the launch of a movement for tracing the 'chakki' and re-

installing it at the Gurdwara after performing sacred rituals. Former president of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee Paramjit Singh Sarna had also confirmed that the millstone was not in Gurdwara Chakki Sahib and had been taken away by a UK-based Sikh. Akal Takht jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh had also directed Sikhs to trace it and re-install it at Gurdwara in Eminabad in accordance with rehat maryada.


Sikh-American brutally assaulted in Chicago


NEW YORK: In yet another case of hate crime, an elderly Sikh-American man was brutally assaulted and injured in Chicago. Inderjit Singh Mukker was attacked when the accused allegedly pulled up to his car yelling racial slurs including, “Terrorist, go back to your country, Bin Laden.” A US citizen and father of two, was on his way to a grocery store when he was repeatedly cut off by a driver. When he pulled over to the side of the road to let him pass, the driver instead pulled in front of his car and aggressively

In Brief


Inderjit Singh Mukker approached Mukker's vehicle, according to information given by the Sikh Coalition, a communitybased organisation. The accused then allegedly

reached into the car and repeatedly punched Mukker in the face, causing him to lose consciousness, bleed profusely and suffer a fractured cheekbone and a laceration to his cheek. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received 6 stitches and treatment for lacerations, bruising and swelling. “No American should be afraid to practise their faith in our country,” Mukker said. “I'm thankful for the authorities' swift response to apprehend the individual but without this being fully investigated as a

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

30 Indian doctors land in Malawi to improve health services

hate crime, we risk ignoring the horrific pattern of intolerance, abuse and violence that Sikhs and other minority communities in this country continue to face.” The Sikh Coalition's Legal Director Harsimran Kaur said the group believes that he was “targeted and assaulted because of his Sikh religious appearance, race or national origin.” “We request an immediate investigation and call on local and federal agencies to investigate this attack as a hate crime,” Kaur said.

Mecca crane crash: 11 Indians among killed NEW DELHI: Eleven Indian pilgrims were among the 107 people killed when a crane crashed on the pilgrims in Mecca, the holiest place of Muslims. India's ministry of external affairs (MEA) confirmed the reports of the Indian pilgrims death and said that the "mission is extending all possible assistance to the families of the 11 deceased pilgrims to complete formalities in Mecca." Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed grief at the loss of lives in the incident. "My thoughts and prayers are with families of those who lost their lives in crane crash in Mecca. I wish quick recovery for injured," Prime Minister Modi said in a tweet. Saudi Arabia promises investigation: Saudi Arabia promised an inves-

tigation into the incident. The crane, one of 15 placed around the holiest site in Islam, appears to have been toppled by high winds. During a sudden storm, the crane snapped in half and smashed through the ceiling on the eastern side of the largest mosque in the world. The Masjid al-Haram, or Grand Mosque, was particularly busy at the time, as Muslims converge

on the site ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage at the end of the month. Abdel Aziz Naqoor, who said he works at the mosque, said he saw the crane fall after being hit by the storm. "If it wasn't for the Al-Tawaf bridge the injuries and deaths would have been worse," he said, referring to a covered walkway that surrounds the holy Kaaba and broke the crane's fall. General

Suleiman bin Abdullah alAmro, the head of the civil defence directorate, confirmed that strong winds caused the crane to collapse. British Prime Minister David Cameron offered his "thoughts and prayers" to the families of those killed. The Foreign Office said it was working with the Saudi authorities as they attempt to identify the victims, whose nationalities remain unknown.

JOHANNESBURG: A contingent of 30 Indian doctors has arrived in the Lilongwe, capital of Malawa, to support the government in providing health services to patients at the Kamuzu Central Hospital. The Lilongwe Rotary Club has assisted their arrival and will spend 60 million Malawi Kwacha for the exercise where the doctors will aid nearly 300 patients at the hospital for 10 days. The club president Christopher Kapenda said his organisation will help the health workers provide quality health services to the people. “ These doctors will assist a lot in lessening problems that patients ate facing at Kamuzu Central Hospital since there are some patients who have been in the hospital for long just to wait for the surgeon,” he said. Kamuzu Hospital director Jonathan Ngoma said, “On behalf of the ministry of health, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for this wonderful gesture of service above self, truly reflecting the Rotary motto.”

Indian-origin boy wins Australian spelling bee contest

MELBOURNE: A nine year old boy of Indian origin has become Australia's new spelling champion after winning the 'Great Australian Spelling Bee' competition. Anirudh Kathirvel, born to a Tamil couple in Melbourne won 50,000 dollars in education scholarship along with a whopping 10,000 dollars worth of school goods. He said he could not believe his luck and asked his fellow spellers to “pinch” him. “I need to rub my eyes and see if this is a dream,” he said. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Real. I can't describe it. It's like the best day of my life.” He said his favourite word to spell was 'euouae' as he liked the structure of the word as it was the longest word with consecutive vowels. “Some of the other words I like to spell are feuilleton, cephalalgia, ombrophobous.” Anirudh further said, “I started reading from the age of two and slowly my reading passion evolved into my love for words. My parents encouraged and helped me to build up on my spelling. My first spelling competition was when I was in grade 1. But my first year in the spelling competition was challenging.”


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Monday 21st September 2015 The Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, London W1K

New human species with tiny brain found in SA cave JOHANNESBURG: Scientists have discovered a whole new species in the human family tree, after a huge haul of fossilised bones were found in a barely accessible, pitch dark chamber of a South African cave. The species measures about 1.5 metres tall on average, weighed about 45 kg and had the brain size of a chimpanzee. While its skull and teeth were similar to the earliest known members of the Homo Genus, its shoulders were more similar to the apes. Africa's largest single collection of Hominin fossils, it is made up of 15 individuals, from infants to the elderly, priced together from 1,550 fragments. They have been named Homo Naledi, in honour of the cave where it was found. The discovery was made in the Rising star Cave in the Cradle of Humankind World

Heritage Site near Johannesburg. The finding also indicates that Naledi may have been capable of ritual behaviour, which until now was thought only to be limited to humans. Lee Berger, research professor at the University of Witwatersand said, “It was a species that we never suspected of complex behaviour. We thought of them as little more than animals. We have eliminated that this was a mass death. We have eliminated

the possibility of catastrophe. These individuals came in one at a time over a long period. They were not taken there by carnivores.” “We are also left with the idea that they did not live there. There is no archaeology. That has led us to the rather remarkable conclusions that we have just met a new species of human relative that deliberatley disposed of its dead inside of the chamber in cradle of mankind. Until this discovery we thought that ritualised behaviours directed towards the dead, things like burial, was totally unique to home sapiens. It perhaps in fact identified us. It may have been our singularly unique thing.” “We saw ourselves as different. We have now seen a species with the same capacity and that is an extraordinary thing,” he said.


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Godavari and Krishna rivers in Andhra being linked Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

HYDERABAD: In a historic moment, Andhra Pradesh government has linked the mighty Godavari and Krishna rivers. Since September 1, water from Godavari was being released from Tatipudi lift irrigation project in West Godavari district into the Polavaram project's right main canal. On September 15, the Godavari water, after flowing for 174 km, will reach Prakasam barrage. “We started releasing the water on September 1. About 450 to 500 cusecs was released intermittently as and when surplus water was available after meeting the requirements of the

Tatipudi’s ayacut. This water has reached 124 km in the Polavaram canal and has crossed into Krishna delta in Nuzvid of Krishna district. By September 14 or 15, about 26,000 cusecs will flow into the Prakasam barrage. This was a trial run to see how the newly built Polavaram canal works, speed of water flow etc,’’ Indira Sagar Polavaram project right

Congressman elected Bengaluru mayor BENGALURU: Edging out BJP's Manjunath Raju by three votes, Congressman Manjunath Narayana Reddy has become Bengaluru's new Mayor. The ruling Congress teamed up with foe JD (S) despite its bad experience of 2006, when it was ousted by the party in Karnataka. The coalition was determined to capture mayor's post and challenge the Bharatiya Janta Party's superiority in Bengaluru politics. Of the total 259 votes polled, Reddy won 131 and Raju 128 votes. The victory came as a big booster for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, as there were not many state leaders who favoured his plan to ally with JD(S). He, however, managed to con-

vince the party high command for the alliance and passed with flying colours. The chief minister was keen to keep Bengaluru in the Congress kitty as both the rapport between the government and the civic body will be good easing the path for taking up development work. Reacting to the CongressJD(S) taking over the reins of the BBMP, Siddaramaiah said, “Bengaluru has a brand name. We will ensure to enrich it in the next five years.”

Haryana sets conditions to fight civic polls CHANDIGARH: Haryana has announced the much awaited panchayat polls, merely a day after the assembly passed the Haryana Panchayati Raj Bill, making educational qualification and toilets at home mandatory for those contesting in the polls. The pre-requisites include class X certificates for general category and class VI-VII marksheets for women and SC candidates, functional toilets at home and payment of power bills. SC candidates for the post of 'Panch', should hold at least Class V marksheets. Those contesting, must also not be loan defaulters and should not have been chargesheeted by any court of law. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar said, “It's being done to improve the quality of leadership and gover-

Manohar Lal Khattar nance in panchayati raj institutions. This amendment will enable elected representatives to be more accountable, as they would no longer be able to cite illiteracy as an excuse.” The Punjab and Haryana high court's stay on Haryana Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Ordinance 2015 would not have any impact on the polls as the government has issued the election schedule according to Haryana Panchayati Raj (Amendment) Bill 2015.

main canal (ISRMC) superintending engineer Srinivas Yadav said. A trial run for the upcoming Pattiseem lift irrigation project which aims to link Godavari with Krishna basin and provide water to drought prone Rayalaseema region, this project also expects to ease the pressure on Srisailam dam. “Polavaram dam, from where water can be supplied to Krishna basin, will take another 4-5 years to be ready. What we have done in the meanwhile is using Polavaram project’s

canal we have diverted Godavari water from an existing dam into the Krishna basin. Every year about 3,000 TMC of Godavari water flows into the Bay of Bengal while there is hardly enough water in the Krishna. If we can harness even 200 to 300 TMC and divert it to Krishna basin then it can be pumped to Rayalaseema where all the reservoirs, tanks and lakes can be filled up. This interlinking through Pattiseema project will help drought-proof the state and we won’t face water shortage even if rains are not good in a particular year,’’ Parkala Prabhakar, Advisor to AP CM, said.

Indian woman, an IS 'recruiter,' held Mohiuddin, a US HYDERABAD: trained engineer Intelligence agenfrom Hyderabad, cies have arrested an minutes before he Indian woman after she was deported was to board a flight from the UAE for to Dubai with plans alleged involvement to join IS. During with the IS. The 38 interrogation, year old Afsha Afsha Jabeen Salman confessed Jabeen has been that he was indoctriposing as a British national nated by Afsha alias Nicky trying to lure young man Joseph to join her in Dubai. and woman into joining the Afsha had laid out plans for Salman's travel to Syria terror outfit. through Turkey. Afsha had Afsha was taken into told Salman that she was a custody at the city airport British national living in after nine months of surDubai and was married to veillance from India, the cardiologist Aforaly Paul. UAE and Britain. Jabeen On monitoring her online would first send literature activity and cross-verifying and other propaganda through Facebook groups details with external intellito motivate Indians to join gence agencies of UAE and the terrorist group and later UK, it was realised that coerce them. Afsha's name Nicky Joseph was none first surfaced when police other than Afsha Jabeen of arrested Salman Tolichowki.

Modi blames Cong for Parliament deadlock CHANDIGARH: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at the Congress over the deadlock in the Parliament, saying 40 MPs are “conspiring” to hamper the country's development. In a speech at a public meeting, he said, “40 MPs are conspiring to block development of the country against the wishes of the 400 MPs.” He further said that the time has come to spread awareness about democracy in the country and people needed to pressurise their representatives to do their work in Parliament. “Beyond Lok Sabha is Jan Sabha and that is why I am expressing my views here. Some people are doing this just for their arrogance. There can be nothing more unfortunate than this. The people will

Narendra Modi not forgive these parties for their conduct in the Parliament.” Modi pointed out that no previous government had paid adequate attention to the enormity of the 'One Rank, One Pension' exercise. He said the armed forces veterans should thank the poor people of the country for OROP, which amounts an expenditure of Rs £1 billion per annum.

In Brief AsianVoiceNews


Jaya woos investors, targets $250 bn infra investment

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa has set an investment target of $ 250 billion in the infrastructure sector in the coming years. During the inauguration of the 'Global Investors Meet', she promoted the state as the best place to invest, saying “Investment in Tamil Nadu is a sound investment.” Under the 'Vision 2023' initiated by the state government, she said the per capita income of the state will be raised to the levels of higher income countries. The main logo of the global investors meet was 'Pegasus', an ancient Greek winged stallion that symbolises development.

Teacher thrashes boy mercilessly

MANGALURU (KARNATAKA): A video footage of a teacher thrashing a student with a fractured arm has gone viral on social networks. Dalit Seva Samiti leader Sheshappa has lodged a complaint with police against Somasundara Shastri, the teacher who was caught beating the kid on camera. Shot on a mobile phone, the video shows the teacher beating the boy, asking him whether he was a 'Brahmin' or 'Kshatriya'. Sheshappa said the boy was punished for some mischief in class. A copy of the complaint has been sent to the Women and Children's Welfare department and the police said they were looking into the matter.

BJP warns Rajinikanth against playing Tipu Sultan

CHENNAI: The BJP and other political parties have warned Rajnikanth against accepting the proposal to act in the proposed film on Tipu Sulatan. BJP has called Tipu Sultan "anti- Tamil" and thus Rajini should not take up the project. In an interview, BJP national secretary H Raja said that Tipu Sultan was a murderer and thus making a film that glorifies him would be a distortion of history. However, a spokesperson said that Rajinikanth did not even have the time to look at the script and has not agreed to do the project.

Haryana begins search for mythical Saraswati river

CHANDIGARH: The Haryana government is searching for the mythical Saraswati river, based on a primary survey by a district officer of the panchayat department. Government officials believe that paleo-channels of the long lost river still exist despite no satellite imagery, geological survey or archaeological evidence. It is said the river used to flow around 5,000 years back, but disappeared because of earthquakes. The BJP government had started digging a 3 km stretch near Mugalwadi village in Yamunanagar. RTI activist PP Kapoor had recently sought a copy of the report on the basis of which the state government sanctioned £5 million for the Saraswati project. But the government is still in the process of preparing a report.

Movie on Gen Vaidya's killers likely to be banned

AMRITSAR: A controversial film that glorifies former Army chief General A S Vaidya's assassins as heroes is most likely to be re-examined by the Censor Board after several concerns were raised by security agencies. 'The Mastermind Jinda Sukha' which was based on the lives of Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha who killed Vaidya in 1986, after he led Operation Blue Star, has been banned by the Centre. “The CBFC has received fresh inputs from security agencies regarding the possibility of unrest that could be caused by the flagrant content of the film. The film has already received certification for public screening but this is being reconsidered,” Censor Board sources said. The film is not shy in its praise for the two assassins and is based on the duo's letters that were published as a book.

Punjab doubles allowance of Blue Star deserters

AMRITSAR: The Punjab government has decided to double the monthly allowance of Sikh soldiers who had deserted the Army following Operation Blue Star. The cabinet approved the proposal to enhance the monthly maintenance grant of “Operation Blue Star-affected soldiers”, referred to as “dharmi faujis”, from £30 to 60. It cleared increase in allowance for their widows and dependants from £50 to 100. Also approved were proposals for £100 a year as fee for their children and grandchildren in classes up to Class 12 and £200 a year for students pursuing MBBS/BDS. Fees already paid will be reimbursed by District Sainik Welfare Officers after verification.



Stalemate continues as Patidar leaders meet Gujarat CM AsianVoiceNews


Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

The Patel Anamat Andolan Samiti announced that they would continue their agitation, including an “Ekta Yatra” on September 19.

The Patel community representatives headed by Hardik Patel met with a Gujarat state government team, including chief minister Anandiben Patel, in a meeting that lasted 5 hours but resulted in a failure of compromise. The Patel Anamat Andolan Samiti following the meeting, announced that they would continue their agitation, including an “Ekta Yatra” on September 19. He said, the community will also hold “maha sabhas' at five different locations. Hardik Patel spoke to the media, insisting that the meeting “could not be called a flop show” even though the government did not agree to their demands. Health Minister Nitin Patel spoke to reporters and said the PAAS had agreed for yet another round of talks. “They have asked government to look into their issues in 10 days and also said they would not intensify their protest.” He said the CID would investigate the issue “as per the High Court order” and see if “innocents have been framed.” He assured that the meeting was satisfactory and held in a peaceful environment. The Patidars demanded suspension of

African businessman adopts Gujarat village Rizwan Adatia, a Mozambique national of Gujarati origin, has adopted Maliya Hatina village in the district of Junagadh. In the announcement that he made in the presence of local MP Rajesh Chudasma and MLA Babu Vaja, Adatia said that the programme would include construction of school and hostel facilities, LPG connection, and employment opportunities for women. Chairman of £200 million company COGEF Group that is spread across 10 African countries, Adatia's foundation - Rizwan Adatia Foundation (RAF) - will also tie up with a Rajasthan-based NGO and ensure the employment of 1,000 women on an immediate basis. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Aadarsh Gram Yojana was the primary inspiration that motivated me to adopt Maliya Hatina with due support and blessings of the villagers,” Adatia said. Born in Porbandar, Adatia's foundation is active is both, India and Mozambique. It primarily works to set up schools and children's development centres.

officers who ordered lathicharge on August 25, imposition of murder charges on officers under whose jurisdictions Patels died, release of the members of the community caught for attempted murder and rioting and, free treatment of all those injured. Hardik said as per decision taken by 144 conveners of the commyunty, reservation issue was not discussed. The key agenda was to demand action against cops for atrocities including registration of murder charge against cops in areas where Patel youth were killed. Before the meeting, Hardik Patel met with for-

mer chief minister Keshubhai Patel at his residence to ask for their blessings. Rival groups PAAS and SPG leaders, Hardik Patel and Lalji Patel called truce and buried their difference to unify and fight together for reservation. Both the leaders jointly insisted that chief minister Anandiben Patel meet with all 144 of their conveners in the meeting. However, a 14 member delegation was finalised, who met with the government which was represented by ministers Saurabh Patel, Bhupendrasinh Chudasma, Vijay Rupani, Rajnikant Patel and Nitin

Awareness on marriage with expats

K H Patel, Dr. Bhavna Joshipura, S R Chaudhari, Rohit Patel The Gujarat State NonResident Gujaratis Foundation along with Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently held a seminar at the Chaudhari Technical Institute in Gandhinagar on the issue of marriage with expatriates. Conducted to familiarise females with the rising issues of marrying Gujaratis settled in overseas countries, Dr Bhavanaben Joshipura, former first lady Mayor of Rajkot and Rohit Patel, senior advocate in Gujarat High Court shared their insights and experiences on dealing with women who found themselves in unhappy marriages. Mr K H Patel, Chairman of the GCCI NRG Centre, started off

the seminar addressing a hall full of young female students. Patel gave a brief talk on the necessary precautions that could be taken to forestall oneself from marrying the wrong person. Bhavanaben gave an enlightening speech on how to differentiate between frauds and people genuinely interested in settling down. She provided information on different constitutional acts that work in the favour of women, constantly mentioning the practicalities of being selfreliant and self-sufficient. Advocate Rohit ended the seminar on a lighter note, making jibes at the girls and insisting on thorough background check-ups on anyone they wish to settle down with.

Patel. State finance minister Saurabh Patel played an important role in convincing the community to postpone their reservation rally from Dandi, dubbed the 'Ekta Yatra'. PAAS convenor from Surat, Alpesh Kathiriya said, “Saurabh Patel had contacted us and talked with us on phone. We now have decided to postpone the march from Dandi to Sabarmati Ashram.” He further said, “New dates will be announced after a meeting between Hardik Patel and chief minister Anandiben Patel at her residence in Gandhinagar on Monday.” Confirming the decision, Saurabh Patel said, “I

spoke to Hardik over phone and following this they have postponed the march. They will also meet CM on Monday.” Meanwhile, all the hullabaloo over the reservation rights for Patel has mirrored across the seas in the US where the Patidars have unified to support their community in Gujarat. To be reflected highly during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit that begins on September 23, Patels settled in the United States have joined under the Overseas Patidar Andolan Samiti, chalking out detailed plans of protest which will commence when Modi lands on American soil. Tejas Patel, convener of OPAS said, “We have got permission from US authorities for the 3.5 km march from United Nation headquarters to the Indian Consulate office in New York.” The Patels also plan to register their protest by wearing black clothes and showing black flags to Modi. Baldev Patel, leader of the 42-Gam Kadva Patidar Samaj, US chapter, said, “Last time we rolled a red carpet for the PM, but this time he would face protest from the community .”

Satish Patel, OPAS leader, said, “We had collected funds for Modi's last visit. This money we have demanded back from Bharat Barai, a close confidant of Modi and a leader of the Global Indians for Bharat Vikas' association.” Parallely, women of the community have raised their voices against BJP leaders, not allowing them to speak in social or government organised events. Gujarat Minister of State Rajni Patel bore the brunt of several angry women who clanked spoons or rolling pins against plate in protest, not allowing him to speak in a district panchayat organised event. Also targeted were Minister Ramanlal Vors when the Patel community boycotted his event and prominent BJP leader Purushottam Rupala, who was booed by hundreds of women, forcing him to leave event venues in Unjha and Patan towns. “The government has to give us reservation benefits otherwise the protest will continue. This has become a mass movement as people are fed up with the politicians who take them for granted,” said Rakesh Patel from Unjha town.

Obama likely to meet Modi on Sept 28 in New York

Visa troubles may haunt booked Patidar youths

United States President B a r a c k Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden and other cabinet members are all set for a high-level engagement with Indian leaders, in a series of meetings schedNarendra Modi and Barack Obama uled later this meeting with Obama, month. Anticipated to be sources said. Notably in the the highest level of talks January joint statement, between both, India and the two leaders had comthe US, since Obama's visit mitted themselves for a to New Delhi in January, more regular meeting. both the leaders will meet Modi-Obama meeting in in New York on September New York would cap more 28. While no official than a week of high level announcements have been India-US engagement, made yet, the proposal most of which would be itself comes as a reflection held in Washington DC, of the commitment put in the sources said. by Obama and Modi Vice President Biden is towards the bilateral relahimself keen to be part of tionship. the India-US engagement. Modi, would be taking It was he who, during his an overnight flight from visit to India a few years Silicon Valley on ago, had set the ambitious September 27 after goal of increasing the bilataddressing the Indianeral trade from the current Americans at the SAP USD 100 billion to USD Center in San Jose to the 500 billion per annum. Big Apple for his likely

The Patel community of Gujarat is spread across the globe, shining through in different sectors. Mostly known for their financial prosperity and social influence, Patidars account for the major part of the US motel industry. They also have deep roots in the UK and several countries in the African continent. With the recent reservation agitation that spread violence in several parts of the state, police arrested many youths in Ahmedabad and Surat, on charges of rioting. This event has alerted the United States as they have now began to thoroughly scrutinise the visa applications from the community people. This news is unwelcome with Patel families aspiring to send their sons abroad. Over 125 youths were arrested alone in Surat. All the young men who were rejected bail from courts have been moved to Lajpore jail in Surat. In this circumstance, their troubles would only increase if the police charges them on rioting offence.



7/11 Mumbai train blasts: 12 convicted, 1 exempted

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Varanasi on display in London What do you get when four artists get together to capture the beauty of the holy city of Varanasi? A stunning compilation that gives you a peek into the eccentricity of one of the most fascinating cities of India. Travelling in a group with their paints and easels, Ken Howard, Patrick Cullen, Peter Brown and Neale Worley worked exclusively in Varanasi. Their works will be up on display from October 14th to November 7th, at the Indar Pasricha Gallery at 22 Connaught St, London. Price of the paintings range from £700 to £20,000.

A special court has convicted 12 of the 15 accused in one of the deadliest terror attacks on India, the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts, that killed 188 and injured 817 first-class commuters. All 12 convicts face a maximum punishment of death and a minimum of life in jail. Special public prosecutor Raja Thakare said he would research various judgements and try not being spiteful even though people felt such offences need not be shown mercy. Investigators of the case said the bombings were plotted by Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba, which used banned Indian outfit SIMI to carry out

their idea. Police said, 10 members of the LeT brought around 15-20 kilograms of RDX with them from Pakistan and made bombs, using Indian youths to execute the plot. The seven blasts occurred in a span of eight minutes, starting 6.23pm, on trains at or near Khar, Bandra, Jogeshwari, Mahim, Borivli, Matunga and Mira Road stations. Special Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) court judge Yatin Shinde read out sections of the Indian Penal Code, MCOCA and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act before pronouncing the verdict. The

accused were convicted on a total of 32 counts. Other sections under which they are convicted come under the Explosives Act, Explosive Substances Act, Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, and Railways Act. Abdul Sheikh, the only one to be acquitted, had been charged with harbouring a Pakistani national at his Mumbra house. Thakare said that one of the prosecution witnesses who was to depose on his role turned hostile. “There wasn't much evidence against him. I will have to peruse the judgement copy before deciding on an appeal against his acquittal,” he said.

He thanked the Sri Lankan Prime Minister for choosing India for his first trip overseas, saying he hoped the country would achieve “genuine reconciliation” so that all Tamils in Lanka can live a “life full of equality, justice, peace and dignity.” “Sri Lanka has voted twice this year for change, reforms, reconciliation and progress. There can be no

stronger statement of Sri Lanka’s democratic tradition. There can be no clearer sign of Sri Lanka’s march towards a peaceful, inclusive, and prosperous future. As a close neighbour and friend, we wish Sri Lanka every success; rejoice in your progress; and, assure you of India’s unwavering support. So, we are pleased that the Government of Sri Lanka

has taken a number of significant steps in recent times. The leadership has shown remarkable political unity, at a time of great hope,” he stressed. Speaking on the fishermen issue, Modi revealed that he discussed the matter with Wickremesinghe and they both agreed that fishermen’s associations on both sides should continue their efforts to find a solution. “I conveyed to him that this should be seen as a humanitarian issue that affects livelihoods. I informed him of the steps we are taking to encourage Indian fishermen to take up deep sea fishing,” he said. Wickremesinghe said peace and stability in the region was key to the success of both countries. “Whenever there is stability in the Indian Ocean, India and Sri Lanka prosper,” he said. “The new parliament in Sri Lanka is unique and historic. We have a government formed by the two leading parties in Sri Lanka who have so far contested for power at least from 1956 onwards. We are together for two years to see how we can work out a policy framework, an agreement on unity and reconciliation,” he explained. He also thanked Modi for the help given by the Indian government in resettling and reconstruction in the Northern and Eastern provinces. The Lankan Prime Minister began his three day visit of India on the formal invitation of Prime Minister Modi. Wickremesinghe is also expected to hold talks with President Pranab Mukherjee and also seek support of India at the UN Human Rights Council for a proposed domestic mechanism on an independent investigation to Sri Lankan war crimes.

Modi assures Lanka of India's unwavering support CONTINUED FROM P1

fishermen issues, ways to deepen trade and defence engagements and securing the maritime neighbourhood. Both the leaders, after their delegation level talks, spoke at a joint media briefing at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, where Modi called 2015 a “historic year” for India-Sri Lanka relations.

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Taliban militants storm Afghan jail, free 350 inmates

GHAZNI (AFGHANISTAN): Taliban militants stormed a prison in Afghanistan's Ghazni and released more than 350 inmates, including nearly 150 dreaded ones, officials said. The prison raid, on the outskirts of the central city of Ghazni, comes after setbacks for the government in different parts of the country and deadly attacks in Kabul which have dashed hopes for peace talks. A journalist outside the prison in Ghazni, 120 km southwest of Kabul, saw the bodies of two men who appeared to be suicide bombers and a blown-up car that had apparently been used to destroy the main entrance. Clusters of bullet casings were scattered across the road. The interior ministry said that 350 of the 436 prisoners had escaped. Of those who got away, 148 were a “threat to national security and 207 were criminals,” the ministry said, adding that four Taliban and four members of the security forces were killed.

Nepal rejects Hindu nation proposal, to stay secular

KATHMANDU: Nepal's Constituent Assembly has rejected calls to remove the key term secularism from the new Constitution and revert the Himalayan nation to a Hindu state, triggering protests by Hindu activists. As the Constituent Assembly resumed voting on individual articles of the Constitution draft, more than two-thirds of the lawmakers rejected the amendment proposal to make Nepal a Hindu state and reaffirmed that it will remain a secular nation. The proposal was made by Rastirya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Nepal or National Democratic Party Nepal, a pro-Hindu group, which demanded that secularism be removed from the Constitution in the Article 4 and Hindu state be mentioned instead. RPP's Kamal Thapa demanded split voting and his call received the support of only 21 lawmakers in the 601-seat Assembly.

Turnbull sworn in Australian PM

CANBERRA: Malcolm Turnbull, an urbane former investment banker who supports marriage equality and action on climate change, was sworn in as Australia's 29th Prime Minister on Tuesday, a day after ousting longtime rival Tony Abbott in a party room coup. Turnbull, a Rhodes Scholar who previously led the Australian Republican Movement, was sworn in by Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove, the representative of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, Australia's head of state. Turnbull's Liberal Party and its junior coalition partner the National Party won a landslide election in 2013 but Abbott was jettisoned by his party after a series of perceived policy missteps and destabilising infighting.

15 militants killed in Pakistan airstrike

ISLAMABAD: A statement issued by the Pakistani army has reported that at least 15 militants were killed in an airstrike launched by the army in the country's tribal area of North Waziristan. Troops backed by fighter jets pounded seven militant hideouts in Shawal area of North Waziristan, as per the Inter-Service Public Relations. Identities of the killed militants have not been revealed yet, but the targeted areas are home to militants linked with outlawed outfits Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Lashkar-i-Islam (LI). Sunday's airstrike came as part of the ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan, which has so far killed over 3,000 militants. A previous statement by the Director General of the ISPR said the operation in Shawal town is the last push against militants as the 15 month offensive has entered final phase. Most of the areas in North Waziristan is rendered clear of militants.

7/11 train blasts accused believed to be in the UK and UAE

MUMBAI: Raheel Shaikh and Rizwan Dawrey, two accused in the 2006 Mumbai train blasts case, believed to be in the UK and UAE respectively, are yet to be caught after the Interpol issued red-corner notices against them. The notices came after specific information was revealed about their residential addresses in Thane and Pune, their role in the event and their current locations. Chargesheet showed more than seven financial transactions between both of them. Shaikh is believed to have brought the money from Dubai to Mumbai through hawala. Both Dawrey and Shaikh are accused of “aiding and abetting” the serial blasts. Interpol had issued red-corner notices against only the two Indians from the 15 accused; Raheel Shaikh is currently in Birmingham and Rizwan Dawrey works as a chartered accountant based in Dubai.






AsianVoiceNewsweekly | Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

New guidelines on how to wash your hands



Eat chillies to lose weight R

esearchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered that eating hot chillies might help people to lose weight and fight obesity. Lead author Amanda Page said that our stomach stretches when it is full, which acti-

vates nerves in the stomach to tell the body that it has had enough food. Page found that this activation is regulated through hot chilli pepper or TRPV1 receptors. Page


added that it was known from previous studies that capsaicin, found in hot chillies, reduces food intake in humans, adding that they discovered that dele-

tion of TRPV1 receptors dampens the response of gastric nerves to stretch, which results in a delayed feeling of fullness and the consumption of more food. She further found that TRPV1 receptors can be disrupted in high fat diet induced obesity.

is a super pill


indings of the Max Bupa survey says, “If sitting is the new smoking of the current generation then walking is the super pill prescribed by doctors across categories. But the survey found that the patients are not always following the right dosage of the pill for the desired effects.” In a first of is kind conducted among doctors, The Max Bupa Walk for Health Survey 2014 noted that the aim of the project was also to decode the benefit of walking

for patients suffering from various ailments. For the study, general physicians, specialists in respiratory diseases, orthopaedics and cardiologists were interviewed along with 1,000 patients in Delhi and Mumbai. The study noted that walking is the most prescribed exercise for obese patients (84 per cent), followed by diabetics (76 per cent) and patients suffering from blood pressure (72 per cent), cholesterol (65 per cent) and cardiovascular diseases (56 per cent).

Some interesting facts about saffron

Saffron is valued for its varied uses - from being a gourmet ingredient to being an aphrodisiac. Here are some interesting facts about saffron. • Saffronbased pigments have been found in 50,000year-old depictions of prehistoric places in northwest Iran. Later,

To Our Readers

We are publishing these items in good faith, kindly consult your Doctor before you try to implement it. We do not hold any responsibility for its efficacy...


Sumerians used wildgrowing saffron in their remedies and magical potions. • In ancient Persia saffron threads were woven into textiles, ritually offered to divinities and

used in dyes, perfumes, medicines and body baths. Saffron threads were scattered across beds on the wedding night of the newly-wed, who were also offered saffron powder in hot milk as an aphrodisiac. • During his Asian campaigns, Alexander the Great used Persian saffron in his infusions as a curative for bat-

tle wounds • Damp and hot conditions damage saffron crop which can tolerate extreme low temperatures (even less than minus 10 degree Celsius). • Saffron has also been

used as a fabric dye and in perfumery, particularly in China and India. • It is also used as an insecticide or pesticide! • Modern medicine has discovered saffron as an active anti-mutagenic, immune modulator, antidepressant, antioxidant and sex-stimulant. • It is believed to help in ailments like indigestion, high blood pressure, menopausal problems, gastro intestine and scabies. • Deep saffron is the colour of t h e upper band of t h e Indian National Flag, representing courage, sacrifice, patriotism and renunciation. • Kesar is also referred for lions, as the standard complexion of lions is saffron.

he health chiefs at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence think that Britons do not know how to wash their hands properly and have to be taught better hygiene practices to combat infection and antibiotic resistance. In draft guidance, the institute calls for information campaigns on hand washing, food hygiene and the need for vaccinations. The watchdog said it wanted to change behaviour to stop resistant microbes spreading. Critics said it was “ridiculous” that Britons needed to be taught simple principles of hygiene. The guidance states that videos and apps, as well as leaflets and posters, should be developed, telling people why it is important to wash their hands, when they should wash their hands and how to wash their hands. It adds that in “public and private childcare settings” it is particularly important to “train staff in hand-washing and how to clean furniture, floors, toys, toilets and door handles” and “provide soap and hand sanitisers.” Roger Goss, of Patient Concern, said: “If people have to be told this, there is something seriously wrong with our education system. What do people think they have bathrooms for? It is ridiculous. These guidelines are a statement of the glaringly obvious.” He warned that the guidelines could even be “counterproductive” by “turning people off who think they are being treated like idiots.” In England, infectious diseases

accounted for 8 per cent of hospital bed days in 2010/11. In the UK as a whole they are thought to account for more than a fifth of all days off work. The guidelines state that the public should be encouraged to treat themselves at home for things such as colds and flu, rather than demanding antibiotics. Universities should help first-year students who are learning to handle infections on their own for the first time, while schools should offer lessons to children on antibiotic resistance and how to combat it. Goss was equally critical of that portion of the guidelines. He said: “How do we know a cold is a cold and not life-threatening pneumonia? If we knew ourselves what was a selflimiting condition then we wouldn’t need doctors.” Professor Gillian Leng, deputy chief executive at Nice, said: “The overuse of antibiotics in the last 30 years has led to microbial resistance, and with so few new antibiotics being developed, this could result in once-treatable infections becoming fatal in years to come. “This new draft guideline focuses on interventions to help change people’s behaviour and reduce antimicrobial resistance.”

Moderate drinking could increase risk of cancer


ccording to researchers, even light and moderate drinking could increase the risk of cancer. Up to one drink a day for women, and two drinks a day for men could still increase their chances of having cancer. Dr Jurgen Rehm at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, said that people with a family history of cancer “should consider reducing their intake to below rec-

ommended limits or even abstaining altogether, given the now well-established link between moderate drinking and alcoholrelated cancers.” Cancer Research UK's health information manager, Sarah Williams said, “Cutting down on alcohol helps reduce the risk of cancer, so try having more alcohol-free days each week or swapping every other drink for something soft on a night out.”


Kabir Duhan Singh ‘busiest’ baddie in Kollywood AsianVoiceNews

Shriya Saran is the most loved actress down south!

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015


ctor Kabir Duhan S i n g h who has 8 southern projects to his kitty currently, and 3 more piled up in line, is one of the most loved baddie in south films. With projects that also feature actors like Ajith Kumar, Pawan Kalyan and Balakrishna, he sure has his cup filled up to the brim. “I have eight projects some ready to release, while the rest are on the floors. I'm extremely happy with how things have panned out.” Juggling


rom her first onscreen appearance in Renoo Nathan's music video 'Thirakti Kyun Hawa', actress Shriya Saran has sure come a long way in the last 15 years. She has found exemplary success in the South film industry with her vibrant face and her natural knack for acting. Shriya has shared screen space with many stars, including vetarans like Rajnikanth, Vijay and Bala Krishna, and younger actors like Prabhas, Dhanush and others. All her characters, disregards who she was paired with, sizzled as she oozes impeccable chemistry opposite each one of them. One of her remarkable qualities is her acceptance towards change. Once known for her glamorous roles, Shriya recently earned a lot of respect and praise for her films like 'Manam' and 'Drishyam'. Looks like the perfect formula to a raging film career is to mix talent with looks, vivaciousness and flawless fashion sense.

Prakash Raj adopts a Telangana village


ulti-lingual actor Prakash Raj has decided to adopt a village in Telangana, following the footsteps of 'Srimanthudu' star Mahesh Babu. He called on Panchayat Raj and Information Technology Minister K Tarakarama Rao and expressed his desire to adopt Kondareddipalle village in Mahabubnagar. He plans to undertake various programmes for the development of the village. The actor conveyed his plans to the minister, telling him how he intends to promote agriculture in the village with modern technology. His Prakash Raj Foundation is currently surveying the village and he will announce his plans once it is completed. Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu had last month announced that he will adopt a village in the same district.

'Katti Batti'

An anti-love story featuring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut, 'Katti Batti' is the story of Maddy who falls in love with Payal for her outspoken a t t i t u d e towards life. The film

r e v o l v e s around their live-in relationship for 5 years which takes a sudden twist when Payal leaves Maddy. The movie is already in the news for its Lip to Lip song.

'MSG-2 The Messenger'

A sequel to the 2015 film 'MSG: The Messenger,' MSG 2 is an upcoming action film

with a social message. The film is directed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Jeetu Arora.

different projects, the actor said, “It's just been over a year since I made my acting debut with Telugu film Jil.” Most excited for his yet untitled Tamil film with Ajith, Kabir said, “It's going to be a very special film. It will be introducing me to Tamil film audiences and I'm sure they're going to love me. It's a powerful role and I'm pitted against the most loved and worshipped actor of the industry. It can't get bigger than this.”

‘Thani Oruvan’ is ‘biggest hit’ in Jayam Ravi’s career


ctor Jayam Ravi is basking in the success of his latest Kollywood venture, 'Thani Oruvan', which grossed £5 million in just 10 days of its releasing. “I can’t express my happiness in words. This s u c c e s s means a lot to me and my brother. The film h a s turned out to b e the

Anurag Kashyap gets a kiss on his birthday

he 'Bombay Velvet' Director Anurag Kashyap got the best gift on his birthday, September 10, from his beautiful daughter Aaliyah. He shared a cute picture on Instagram of his daughter kissing him on his cheek, captioning it, “The best gift for my birthday from the most beautiful girl I know @aaliyahk9.”

biggest hit of my career,” Jayam Ravi said. Directed by Ravi’s brother M Raja, the film also features Arvind Swami and Nayanthara in important roles. The film has been raved critically as well as commercially. The movie is a cat-andmouse thriller between the hero and the antagonist.

Food, fun and films at 'Garam Dharam'



nlimited food. Unlimited fun. And unlimited Dharam paaji. Veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra recently inaugurated a new restaurant Dharam GaramDhaba Te Theka at Connaught Place, Delhi. A venture of Umang Tewari with his contemporary take on Dhaba inspired by the actor, the eatery is co-partnered by Dharmendra and Mickey Mehta. “Bollywood’s veteran Dharmendra has been ruling hearts since his young days. His movies, dialogues and songs are everyone’s favourite. Keeping this in mind, I thought to give the capital its first restaurant inspired by the veteran actor,” Tewari said. “The place has many quirky points that will make you fall in love with it. Posters of Dharmendra's popular movies to famous dialogues of his movies scattered over Dharam Garam’s wall; his graffiti to contemporary dhabathemed interiors - the place has it all.”

29 AsianVoiceNews


My upbringing doesn't allow fat headedness: Katrina



n his 4 8 t h birthday, Khiladi Akshay Kumar gave his fans the ultimate gift by announcing his new romantic thriller, 'Rustom' in collaboration with Neeraj Pandey. He tweeted, “Thrilled to announce Neeraj Pandey and I are collaborating for a romantic thriller #Rustom releasing on Aug 12, 2016! Hoping to be third time lucky :).” Inspired by real life incidents, the project is co-produced by Zee Studios, KriArj Entertainment and Friday Filmworks. “Having worked with Neeraj on two fabulous projects, I am excited to start work on our new film. I'm happy that Zee Studios is putting its might behind this film along with KriArj Entertainment and Friday Filmworks. It gives me and the entire team confidence of this launched worldwide using the global might of Zee,” Akshay said in a statement.

Priyanka Chopra to play the lead in a Hollywood flick?


eteran ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas, whose soulful crooning and lyrics have influenced generations who swayed in rhythm to his intoxicating songs will be performing in London soon. A performer and a vocalist, after establishing himself as a ghazal singer, Udhas rose to fame with 'Chitthi Aayi Hai' in the 1986 movie 'Naam'. The Padma Shri awardee soon became a common household name, dominating charts with his playback singing and independent albums. With his upcoming tour of the UK, the legend assures ghazals and songs from his repertoire, along with newer melodies, all woven together into a soul-stirring evening. Organised by Perfect Harmony Productions & Rock on Music, Udhas is scheduled to perform on 18th September 2015 at De Montfort Hall, Leicester; 19th September 2015 at Indigo at the O2, London; 20th September 2015 at O2 Apollo, Manchester.

ollywood actress Katrina Kaif recently appeared on the cover of Hello! India magazine, along with Tina Ambani. Akshay Kumar and AR Rahman, under the headline 'The World's Most Powerful Come Together For a Common Cause'. Talking about her childhood at an interview, Katrina stated that she was born to a globetrotter mother who was involved with NGOs and helped rehabilitate people who were struck by natural disasters. Talking about what she and her sisters were taught during their upbringing, she said, “It was not a life of luxury for sure. We had less and even at that age, we were made aware that we still had so much more than so many others. We were brought up to be grateful for what we had, to be responsible to each other and to others, to believe in humanity and the larger good. It sounds very idealistic and preachy when put that way, but it is difficult to put in words so many experiences. Biggest lesson learnt - there is no substitute for honesty and hard work.” Talking about how she takes success, “I think success is just a garb. You wear it for some time and you take it off when it is time for someone else to wear it. Allowing success to get to your head means you are taking a momentary and transitionary phase for granted. I don't think my upbringing allows fat headedness! And fortunately, I am surrounded by people who help me in staying very grounded; be it my mother, my siblings or my team.”

Akshay Kumar announces new film 'Rustom'

Pankaj Udhas to perform in UK

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Parineeti shells out a million for two shirts


ctors are quite known for splurging into their wardrobes, but Parineeti Chopra took the extravagance to a whole new level as she bought two shirts for over a million and posted a picture on Instagram captioned, “I paid one million for two tshirts. #CrazyCurrency #Jakarta” Considering the actress has triple honours in business, finance and economics, her indulgence came as quite a surprise to the media. Now now! Given that she was in Indonesia, currency conversion suggests 1 million in Indian Rupees amounts to approximately Rs 4,700. Parineeti, you sure got us there with that one.


he sky is the limit for our b e l o v e d PeeCee who made us proud when she signed ABC Studio's American telly series, 'Quantico'. The 'Dostana' actress not only made her Indian fans proud, but had the west go gaga over her with the trailers and promos of the series. A recent addition to her list of admirers is American actor-producer Wesley Snipes, who has so smitten with Priyanka Chopra, that he is contemplating her as a lead in his next Hollywood film. During an interview with a tabloid, when asked what he thinks of Priyanka as Alex Parrish, Wesley said, “I’ve seen her on the hoardings and have watched the promo of the show. She is beautiful.” He added saying, “One of the projects (from the 2 TV shows and 4 films) I’m producing this year is an action flick with interesting content. I’m looking for an actress to play the lead part, an Indian actress… So you never know!” Well, we just hope she gets the part!

Sonakshi Sinha credits her success to Salman!

Zoa Morani is a big fan of Deepika Padukone

ur very own ' R a j j o ' Sonakshi Sinha, who launched herself into the industry with super hit 'Dabangg' opposite Salman Khan, recently thanked the star and his brother Arbaaz Khan for her successful 5 years with the movies. She tweeted, “10 sept - 5 yrs since Dabangg... Which means 5 years of Sonakshi! I am because of u, thank u for sharing this amazing journey with me.” She has been quite in the news recently for her social media hassles with troll twitteratis. When asked her about wearing a bikini, she admitted she won't be comfortable doing some things like wearing a bikini, but the condition never stopped her from venturing into films and emerging a star.

ctress Zoa Morani who is currently high on promotions of her upcoming film 'Bhaag Johnny' expressed her sincere admiration for 'Ram Leela' actress Deepika Padukone in one of her media interactions. “Deepika is my favourite, I love everything about her. She is getting better and better with each film and that's amazing! She is a real hard worker. I like Karisma Kapoor too. But recently I read Waheeda Rehman's autobiography and I learnt a lot from her experiences that she penned down in her book.” Talking about her role in her new movie, she said, “My role Taniya is very interesting, I did a lot of intense scenes as well as action too, it's a mature role and I must say my director Shivam Nair and co-star Kunal Khemu helped me a lot.”





Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Gandhi Jayanti at Tavistock Square The Indian High Commission and India League are organising Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October at Tavistock Square, London, from 11am onwards. The event that is open to all will be graced by the acting Indian High Commissioner HE Ranjan Mathai, Deputy High Commissioner Dr Virander Paul, Minister for Coordination S S Sidhu, Asian Lords and MPs,

Welcoming young readers to write in our Diwali issue Dear Readers,

Mayor of Camden, India League Chairman CB Patel. Indian Journalists' Association Chairman Aditi Khanna and other dignitaries.

Coming Events

l Bhadran Bandhu Samaj UK- 33rd Annual General Meeting 2015. Sunday 20th September, 2pm onwards. Oakington Manor School, Oakington Manor Drive, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6NF. Contact Arti Patel: 07715 995 393. l Rhythm Kings O.P. Nayyar & R.D. Burman (Musical Performance), Music Arrangement by Sunil Jadhav. Sunday 20th September, 5:30pm. The Beck Theatre, Grange Road, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 2UE. For tickets and info, contact the Beck Theatre: 020 8561 8371. l Lohana & All Hindu Gujarati Youth Samelan. Sunday 4th October, 3:30pm- 9:30pm. Harrow High School & Sport College, London Borough of Harrow, Gayton Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2JG. Contact Jethalal: 07534 026 865. l Lions International in Association with Pranasha, in Aid of Cancer Research Present: Mehfil Evening. Saturday 19th September, 7pm. Masefield Hall (First Floor), Harrow Leisure Centre, Christchurch Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 5BD. For tickets and info, contact Vinod Kotecha: 07956 847 764. l Gujjubhai Gotaale Chadhya. Wednesday 23rd September, 5:30pm. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 4A Castletown Road, West Kensington, London W14 9HQ. Contact Surendra Patel: 07941 070 217. Friday 25th September, 7:30pm. Peepul Enterprise, Orchardson Avenue, Leicester LE4 6DP. Contact Vasant Bhakta (MRB): 07860 280 655. l Ek Shaam Lataji Ke Naam. Sunday 20th September, 5:30pm. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 4A Castletown Road, West Kensington, London W14 9HQ. Contact Surendra patel: 07941 975 311. l The Bhagavad Gita: Its Contemporary RelevanceConference. Thursday 24th September- Friday 25th September. The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1k 1HF. For free registration, email: Editor: CB Patel Associate Editor: Rupanjana Dutta Tel: 020 7749 4098 - Email: Editorial Executive: Reshma Trilochun Tel: 020 7749 4010 - Email: Senior News Editor: Dhiren Katwa Chief Operating Officer: Liji George Tel: 020 7749 4013 Email: Account Executive: Arjun Chokshi Tel: 020 7749 4087 Email: arjun.chokshi@abplgroup. Advertising Manager: Kishor Parmar Tel: 020 7749 4095 - Mobile: 07875 229 088 Email: Business Development Managers: Rovin J George - Email: Tel: 020 7749 4097 - Mobile: 07875 229 219 Urja Patel - Email: Graphic Designers: Harish Dahya & Ajay Kumar Tel: 020 7749 4086 Email: Customer Service: Ragini Nayak Tel: 020 7749 4080 - Email: Leicester Distributors: Shabde Magazine, Shobhan Mehta Mob: 07846480220 (BPO) AB Publication (India) Pvt. Ltd. 207 Shalibhadra Complex, Opp. Jain Derasar, Nr. Nehru Nagar Circle, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad. Tel. +91 79 2646 5960 Bureau Chief: Nilesh Parmar (M) +91 94266 36912 Email: Consulting Editor: Bhupatbhai Parekh, Ahmedabad,

Diwali is now three months away. The New Year is knocking at the door waiting to bring in colours and light to our lives with fervour of joy and ever lasting happiness. Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar as every year will be publishing the ‘Diwali Special’ Magazine for our fabulous and supportive readers like yourself. This year in the English section, we are doing something special for our young readers. 1. If you are between 5-25 years of age, write an article in English on either of the following topics in no more than 350 words, along with a suitable photo: l how do you celebrate your Diwali every year OR l Your most memorable Diwali with friends and family OR l how do you celebrate Diwali in your school'. 2. If you are 2-25 years of age, you can also draw/paint a picture of what Diwali means to you or your memorable Diwali, with a suitable photo caption, your full name, age; scan and send the picture to the the below address, by the mentioned deadline. 3. If you are within 9-25 years of age, you can also write a short story within 350 words or a poem within 150 words for our Diwali special. 4. If you are a part of an organisation, which has a youth wing or support youth activities, please tell us how your young members or youth wing celebrates Diwali in 300 words with 2 pictures (in no less than 300dpi). Send your articles/stories/poem with your photo and/or painting/picture to Last date of entry: 18 October 2015. - Asian Voice



ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20 Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects practical applications of your personal philosophies. TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects transformations, shared resources, wills, legacies and taxes. GEMINI May 22 - June 22 Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects partnerships and personal relationships.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22

Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your everyday routine, work and health matters.

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23 Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your love affairs, creativity and children. VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your home life and anything to do with property matters. Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects short travel and your communications with your siblings and neighbours.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22 Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your finances and material possessions. Gujarat Tel: +91 79 2630 4142 Urvashi Jagadeesan (India) Mumbai: Kanti Bhatt, Hemraj Shah (Jumbo Advertiser) Horizon Advertising & Marketing: 2012, Shalibhadra Complex, Opp. Jain Derasar, Nr. Nehru Nagar Circle, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad. Tel +91 79 2646 5960 Email: Business Manager: Hardik Shah (M) +91 99250 42936 Email: Advertising Manager: Neeta Patel (Vadodara) M: +91 98255 11702 Email: Business Co-ordinator: Shrijit Rajan M: +91 98798 82312 Email: International Advertisement Representative: Jain Group (South India) Tel: +91 44 42041122/3/4 Fax: +91 44 25362973 Mumbai: +91 022 2471 4122 Email: Delhi Office: Tel: +91 9311581597

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SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your personality and how you interact with people. Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your bedroom affairs, innermost fears and secrets.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your friendships, co-operative ventures and gains in general.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

Saturn returns to the sign of Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn transits teach us to take responsibility for ourselves and reminds us of reality and the need for greater self-discipline. In your case, Saturn’s transit affects your career, achievements and standing in society.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20




Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Vijender Singh's professional debut in October

The 29-year-old boxing sensation from India, Vijender Singh, who made India proud with his performances at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, will be making his much awaited debut as a professional this October, at

The racing sensation Reshma Trilochun It takes a lot of courage, passion and determination to take a big leap in order to fulfil your dreams. That is exactly what Advait Deodhar did; a racing champion from Mumbai, who aims to become an international name to reckon with. Born and bred in Mumbai, India, Advait was always fascinated with fast cars and speed. It didn't come as a surprise to his family and friends that he had finally decided to choose racing as a career. He said, “I'm very lucky in many respects that my parents were supportive and they said, 'the fact that you're going to go into it 110%, we'll support you'.” It was during his time as a student in Italy, studying Automobile Design which proved to be instrumental in Advait becoming more determined to go down this path. And that was it- there was no looking back for him. “It is something innate, I wanted to do this all my life... but I never actually pursued it. In Italy, growing up and being exposed to this sport, I said, 'I think this is what I'm good at and I think this is what I want to do. It's a big risk that I'm actually going to go down this path.' But I didn't want to be 50 years old and look back on life and say, 'What if?'” He started his career as a racer in 2012 and what seems even more astonishing is the fact that he had no prior karting career behind him, making him a late bloomer in this field. Nevertheless, with each race, he showed potential and improved massively,

taking each race as an opportunity to learn, as well as showcase his talent. “I started at the back and I struggled. As the season progressed, I started to build up and got towards the front.” After reaching the pinnacle in the sport in India, his career now moves to Europe. Advait will be competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain in 2016. Speaking about his aim for the future, he said, “I will be the only Indian competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB, and I am also the only Indian competing and going down this journey. The ultimate aim is to become the first Indian to win at Le Mans... the most iconic race in the entire world... I also want to be the only Indian to compete and win the Porsche Carrera cup GB 2016 and I shall make it happen!” Advait's passion for the sport resonates through his words, as well as his confidence and optimism in succeeding in his future goals. For those who aim to go down the racing career path, his advice is that dedication, hard work and

Manchester Arena. Vijender Singh is looking forward to be making his professional debut. He said, “I'm so excited to be making my professional debut at the Manchester Arena on Saturday 10th October and to show that India is the new force in professional boxing... This means so much to me personally and to all my fans back home in India who have supported me all this way and will now follow me on my journey to become the first boxer in India to won a world professional title.”

Kishen Velani signs 2-year deal with Essex

Advait Deodhar work that goes on behind commitment is key. “If you the scene to even get seriously want to make a behind the wheel is career in this sport, you tremendous. So my advice need to commit yourself to anyone is if you want to 110%. I don't think you can do it, you've got to commit do anything else apart from yourself 100%. It's a very this... People just think of physically demanding motorsports as glitz, glamsport and also a very our, fun, fast cars and expensive one. It’s more champagne- but I think work outside the car than that's just a percent of what inside a car. Talent alone the sport is. The amount of does not cut it; drivers need to bring in large sponsors to compete. It's extremely demanding on track and off track. If you're not going to give it 110%- don't [choose this profession]. Join Advait on his journey in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB and support him for this venture. This young man is passionate, hard working, hungry to succeed and relentless. Advait is definitely going places.

Dhawan to lead India A against Bangladesh A Shikhar Dhawan and Unmukt Chand will skipper the India A squad in the three-day match and One-Day matches respectively against Bangladesh A later this month. Bangladesh had named a strong squad for the tour and now the BCCI has followed suit naming the squads which also include internationals like Varun Aaron, Suresh Raina, and Ravindra Jadeja. The series will provide an opportunity for Dhawan to gain some match practice after he missed the last two Tests against Sri Lanka in the series which India won 21. Dhawan scored a brilliant century in the opening Test at the Galle only to end up on the losing side as the visitors suffered a dramatic batting

Shikhar Dhawan collapse at the hands of the Sri Lankan spinners. Harbhajan Singh, who failed to impress during the Galle Test could find his chances for the senior team hard to come by now with promising spinners like Kuldeep Yadav and Jayant Yadav included in the squad along with Jadeja and leg-


spinner Karn Sharma. Jayant has been included in both squads and the only other player to share that distinction is Karnataka batsman Karun Nair. Naman Ojha, who made his Test debut in the third Test match against Sri Lanka has been named in the threeday squad while Sanju Samson was named in the one-day squad. Bangladesh A kick-off their tour with the three one-dayers to be played on September 16, 18 and 20 before taking on India’s domestic treble champions Karnataka in a three-day game from September 22. The tour closes off with the threeday match against India A from September 27 to 29. The match between

Karnataka and Bangladesh A will be played at Mysore while all the other matches will be played at Bangalore. Three-day squad: Shikhar Dhawan (capt), Abhinav Mukund, Karun Nair, Shreyas Iyer, Baba Aparajith, Naman Ojha, Jayant Yadav, Vijay Shankar, Ravindra Jadeja, Shreyas Gopal, Abhimanyu Mithun, Varun Aaron, Ishwar Pandey, Sheldon Jackson One-day squad: Unmukt Chand (capt), Mayank Agarwal, Manish Pandey, Suresh Raina, Kedar Jadhav, Sanju Samson, Karun Nair, Kuldeep Yadav, Jayant Yadav, Karn Sharma, Rishi Dhawan, S Aravind, Dhawal Kulkarni, Rush Kalaria, Gurkeerat Singh Mann

The 21-year-old Wanstead batsman Kishen Velani has signed a new two-year deal with Essex. He will remain with the county side until the end of the 2017 season, having made good progress this summer. Velani has played nine first-class matches so far and featured for the Eagles in limited-overs competition. Known for his elegant batting, Velani also bowls off spin and was delighted to extend his stay at the County Ground. He was very happy to sign the deal. “It’s an exciting time with a number of younger players coming through, along with the current experienced members of the squad we have at Essex. “I’m looking forward to getting a lot more runs next season to push my opportunities in the first team across all formats.” Velani has been lining up alongside Wanstead old boy James Foster, beneficiary Ravi Bopara (Hainault & Clayhall), Nick Browne (South Woodford), Jamie Porter (Fives & Heronians) and Aron Nijjar (Ilford) this season, as the county continue to blood local talent. Chairman of Essex’s cricket committee Ronnie Irani said: “It’s fabulous news that Kishen has signed a contract for a further two years at Essex. He has shown over the last couple of seasons that he has the attributes to be a really exciting talent for our club in all forms of the game and he can now look to continue his hard work and development through to 2017.”

Commemorating 120 years of Rugby League in Bradford

Bradford’s Deputy Lord Mayor Coun Abid Hussain will unveil a special blue plaque to celebrate 120 years of Rugby League. Bradford has been chosen as one of the special sites to commemorate key events in the 120 year history of rugby league, as it was the home of the first Northern Union champions, Manningham. Blue plaques are being unveiled as part of the Rugby Football League’s (RFL) celebration of 120 years since the founding of rugby league in 1895. Nigel Wood, RFL Chief Executive said: “Bradford has played a significant role in the history and development of Rugby League. It is fitting that this contribution should be recognised with a commemorative blue plaque in this special year for our sport.” The unveiling ceremony will take place before Bradford City’s home game against Sheffield United on Sunday, September 20, at Bradford City Football Club’s Coral Windows Stadium, at 10 am. The plaque will be unveiled by Abid Hussain on behalf of the RFL, with other representatives from the club and community in attendance. Fans are welcome to attend. On August 29, 1895 at a historic meeting at the George Hotel in Huddersfield, 22 clubs broke away from the RFU to form the Northern Union which became Rugby League. Anyone travelling to any of the events is asked to check the Council’s website for details of parking facilities and road closures and take heed of additional road signage that will be in place on the day.



Record year for Indian tennis

Asian Voice | 19th September 2015

Leander Paes and Sania Mirza enjoy a remarkable year by winning both Wimbledon and US Open doubles titles

It was a record year for Indian tennis with Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis winning the women's doubles title, Leander Paes also teaming up with Hingis to win the mixed doubles and teenager Summit Nagal winning the boys doubles, India enjoyed a memorable Wimbledon earlier in this summer. The US Open extended that Indian summer and took the country's tally to a record five Grand Slams in 2015 – better than the haul of four in 1999. On Saturday last Paes scripted history by sealing US Open mixed doubles title with Hingis to become the most successful male player in the Open era and 24 hours later, Hingis and Sania won the women's double title. Paes-Hingis win mixed doubles: Paes created history by winning the US Open mixed doubles title with Hingis and surpassed compatriot and former partner

with Bhupathi when they won 2006 Australian Open. Sania-Hingis coast to victory in style: Sania and Hingis

Mahesh Bhupathi’s record. The 42-year-old Paes now has won nine Grand Slam mixed doubles titles, against Bhupathi’s eight. The fourth seeded India-Swiss pair, edged past unseeded Americans Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Sam Querrey 6-4, 3-6, 10-7 in a tricky final to win their third major title together this season. Paes is now only behind legendary Martina Navratilova, who won 10 mixed doubles trophies. Of those 10, two came with Paes, when they won

Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2003. With this win, Paes and Hingis, who also won Australian Open and Wimbledon titles early this season, have become the first mixed doubles team since 1969 to win three Grand Slam mixed doubles titles in the same year. It was Paes’ 17th Grand Slam title overall and Hingis’ 19th. Hingis has won four Grand Slam titles and all of them have come with Indians. She won her first mixed doubles trophy

combined power with some sharp play, to clean out the Kazakh-Aussie combine of Yaroslava Shvedova and Casey Dellacqua and clinch their maiden US Open women's doubles title on Sunday. The top-seeds from India and Switzerland, claimed their second successive Grand Slam crown, after triumphing in Wimbledon in July, winning 6-3, 6-3 in 70 minutes against the fourth seeds. The champions, the world no.1 pairing pocketed $570,000 for their effort. The runners-up settled for $275,000.

Djokovic beats Federer: Novak Djokovic clinched his third Grand Slam title of

2015 and 10th career major with a 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 triumph over favourite Roger Federer in the US Open final on Sunday. Shrugging off a three-hour rain delay and the overwhelming hostility of the Arthur Ashe Stadium crowd, the 28year-old world number one captured his second title in New York to add to his 2011 triumph. The defeat shattered 34year-old Federer's bid to become the oldest US Open champion in 45 years and left him marooned on 17 Grand Slam titles, the last of which came at Wimbledon in 2012.

Pennetta retires after winning title: Flavia Pennetta became the second Italian woman to win a Grand Slam

title, edging Fed Cup teammate Roberta Vinci 7-6 (4), 6-2 on Saturday in the US Open final. After a long embrace with Vinci at the net, Pennetta sprinted to her box, thanked her coaches and kissed fiancée Fabio Fognini, who flew back from Italy to be at the match. At the trophy presentation, Pennetta floored the sellout crowd by announcing she plans to retire at the end of the year. "Before I started this tournament one month ago, I took a big decision in my life. This is the way I would like to say goodbye to tennis," she said.

AV 19th September 2015  

Asian Voice weekly news paper (Issue 20)

AV 19th September 2015  

Asian Voice weekly news paper (Issue 20)