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14 - 20 JULY 2018


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MITUL PANIKER Things seem to just get worse for Prime Minister Theresa May as two senior ministers and one junior minister from her cabinet have resigned in a short span of two days, after the Chequers Summit. The first blow came on Sunday, when UK's Minister-in-charge of Brexit negotiations, David Davis resigned less than nine months before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union. The move came just 48 hours after May had secured approval from her cabinet to negotiate a “business friendly” deal to leave the EU. The Secretary of State for Exiting the EU said in his resignation letter that he did not want to be a reluctant conscript” and that he thought the plan approved last Friday “is certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense.” May responded to the resignation saying she was “sorry” he had

chosen to resign and argued her proposal was “consistent with the mandate of the referendum”. Junior Brexit Ministers Steve Baker resigned just shortly after Davis left. May's cabinet was hit for the worse again, when Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson quit on Monday over the

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Chequers agreement. Just a day after he confirmed a meeting for crisis talks at his official residence in central London, he decided to walk from his job. The two major resignations have left May severely hit at the top of a government unable to unite over Britain's biggest foreign and trading policy shift in almost half a century. May was quick to appoint Jeremy Hunt as the new Foreign Secretary, following Boris Johnson's resignation from the job amid deep divisions over Britain's departure from the European Union (EU) or Brexit. The reformed Cabinet met on Tuesday motning.

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PM Modi opens world's largest mobile phone factory near Delhi SEE PAGE 18

"UK’s ecosystem robust enough to survive Brexit challenges" SEE PAGE 16-17

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14-20 JULY 2018


Anirudh Ravichander Anirudh Ravichander was nineteen, when a fun song that he composed in under twenty minutes, garnered one hundred thousand hits on YouTube in the first two days and today that international rage called ‘Kolaveri’ is the first Indian song to have more than 140 million hits in YouTube making him  a ‘YouTube Gold award’ winner. The rest as they say is history. Appreciation poured in from across the world when Prime Ministers and leaders started mentioning this song in their speeches and the likes of BBC, CNN and the Wall street journal wrote about it. The first song to spawn several versions in languages across the world and popularize the concept of flash mobs from the Times Square in New York to the Westminster square in London and the streets of Melbourne. Radio stations across the world which had never before played a Tamil song started playing ‘Kolaveri’. Anirudh became one of the most sought after music composers and the music for every film that he composed debuted right at the top on itunes. He became well known for his background score and soon came to be known as a hit machine. At the age of 20, he scored for the Budapest symphony orchestra, a rare honour and at 21, he was addressing students at the prestigious Indian Institute of management at Ahmedabad. More recently, he was invited to talk at the prestigious London School of Economics.

Rashid A Khan Solicitor (Principal)

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Today with seventeen films in six years in which he has worked with all the top heroes of the industry, he has bagged multiple awards right from Film fare , IIFA awards, Vijay awards, Siima awards, Mirchi awards to the first ever Amitabh Bachhan Youth Icon award instituted by Mr. Bachhan himself. His independent music has also touched a chord with listeners. ‘Chancey illa’ an ode to his city Chennai produced for The Times of India and the love trilogy that he releases every year on Valentine’s Day have several hundred thousand hits and counting on YouTube. His concerts which have taken place across the world in London, Paris, Dubai, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore have drawn thousands of fans and have elevated him to Rock Star status. 


Which place, or city or country do you most feel at home in?

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What is the best aspect about your current role?

The love and adulation of people across the world. I had set for myself a goal that by the time I am 30, I should be a music Director of at least one film.  Now at 27, I have been here seven years and 16 films. I am living a Dream.


What are your proudest achievements?

I think I am yet to achieve anything. I have taken infant steps and have a long way to go.



What inspires you?

And the worst?

As I said, this success is also what causes fear that I should continue to be worthy of this Love from People.

The reaction from the audience to a song that I make inspires me.  I feel energized by the love that the audience shower on me during a live concert.  It instils in me a deep responsibility that I have to constantly make music that they will like.


What are your long term goals?

I take each day as it comes and thank God for all this.


What has been biggest obstacle in your career?


If you were Prime Minister, what one aspect would you change?

The fear that any album that I make should be better than the previous one.

I would make Music Compulsory across all educational Institutions. Nothing binds the world together like Music.


Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date?


If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why.

My classmate Aravind from school. He lost his Father, when we were both getting ready for our board examination. That day I said to him that he should study sound engineering and if and when I become a Music Director, he could be my audio engineer and he went on to do so. He was with me for my initial few albums but unfortunately, he succumbed to a heart

I am not sure about a historical figure, but one character that has fascinated me is Pablo Escobar from the Series Narcos. I would like to know what makes his mind tick.

Southall jewellers fined more than £30,000 for falsely selling gold as '22 carat' Owners of a Southall jewellery shop were fined more than £30,000 after trading standards officers seized gold items falsely being sold as 22 carat. Abdul Rashid Bhatti and his two sons, Suhail Rashid Bhatti and Assim Bhatti, partners of Pearl Jewellers in King Street, were slapped with a £33,581 financial penalty after pleading guilty to 14 Hallmarking Act offences and 13 under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations. The trio were prosecuted by Ealing Council after trading standard enforcement officers discovered unhallmarked gold jewellery during an inspection at their shop.

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attack at a tender age. He always believed in me more than I did. Until this day, I dedicate all my songs to him.

I am a Chennai boy. I have lived and studied here. My family has deep moorings here. In fact many a time, I am asked which place inspires me to make music. I would say the terrace of my studio in Alwarpet in Chennai.


Hallmarks are marks applied to precious metals to indicate the amount of pure metal in the piece of jewellery. Two inspections were carried out on Pearl Jewellers on March 9 and July 27 2017 by Ealing trading standards enforcement officers. Gold jewellery items inspected and

Image: Ealing Council


Unhallmarked jewellery was seized from the King Street shop

seized by the officers were being described as '22 carat gold', but, on further examination by the London Assay Office, the results showed that some gold jewellery items seized did not contain at least 916.6 parts per thousand gold, as required to be described as '22 carat'. Trading standards officers have been cracking down on jewellers who sell unhallmarked and counterfeit jewellery over the past 18 months. This is the sixth successful prosecution that has been brought by the council in the last 18 months. Councillor Jasbir Anand, cabinet member for business and community services, said: "The work that our trading standards team has been doing to crack down on hallmarking and fraud has been second to none.




GST delivers big bucks The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was a milestone in India’s taxation history. The country tax system had involved myriad multiples of taxes and tax collection from state to state. In essence, therefore, India was a country of varied markets whose entrances and exits were as complex as those of Ali Baba’s fabled cave in the Arabian Nights. The challenge confronting the government in New Delhi was to draw up a uniform tax system that would be fit for purpose for an integrated single market, cutting out the confusions of the past and contributing hugely to the ease of doing business in India. The eagerly awaited Goods and Services Tax that came into operation in the middle of 2017 was the result of much thought and practical endeavour. There were critics aplenty, naysayers who predicted glo om and doom. There were the initial glitches that required finetuning, which were taken in hand and properly addressed. A year on and the product has started to sparkle. Revenue from the Goods and Services Tax is now expected to exceed Rs 1.1 lakh crore.A buoyantly optimistic Finance Minister Piyush Goyal calculates that this indirect tax collection at the end of the financial year (ending March 31, 2019) will exceed Rs 1.3 lakh crore [a lakh is 100,000; a crore 100 million] He went on to say that there was further scope for rationalization of the tax rates if tax compliance improved. And the e-waybill system stabilized. ‘The more people get into the honest and transparent system, and with the with success of the e-waybill system, we will be in a better position to rationalize tax slabs. The different rate slabs were kept after considering social structures of the nation. Is it proper to tax luxury cars and items of common use by poor people?’ ‘I worked out a formula that petroleum products would be included in the amendment providing the GST, but the (GST) Council can decide the date from which to bring them into the GST,’ said Arun Jaitley, who piloted the GST legislation through Parliament ass Finance Minister. The previous government of Manmohan Singh

had excluded petroleum products from the GST. A survey of more than 200 businesses on the first year of the GST reveals that 83 per cent of the respondents saw the new indirect tax regime as a step in the right direction and 65 per cent were satisfied by its overall implementation despite teething problems. According to a Confederation of Ind ian Industries (CII) report on the transition to GST, its implementation had to improved efficiency for businesses by reducing transportations time across states because of the absence of toll barriers. Significantly, one-third of the respondents witnessed a decline in in wholesale prices of their products, whereas 30 per cent witnessed a fall in the retail prices of their goods, amid concerns that the t ax regime lead to a spike in inflation. GST has had a moderating impact on retail price inflation, which otherwise might have risen to higher levels without the new tax regime, according to CIII Director General Chandrajit Banerjee. Summing up, to two respected international taxation experts, Jo Bello, with inputs from Anita Rastogi, writes, ‘Inevitably India has seen more changes at the stage of GST i mplementation than in its seeding. GST was a major tax transformation and a change of this magnitude would require time for it to be aligned to the ideal principles of consumption. The good news is that India is moving in the right direction .The GST Council is considering the option of introducing simplified tax returns and, to bring in certainty, frequent clarifications are being issued to its co ntrol board…India has implemented a dual GST with states and central governments levying a tax simultaneously levying a tax on the supply of goods and services. Not only businesses but also tax authorities around the world are watching to see how the Indian system works, and whether they can do something similar in their jurisdiction. ‘ Jo Bello concludes: ‘ I am personally astounded by what India has managed to achieve, and the quickness in implementing the changes in the GST system. This has happened nowhere earlier.’ Enough said.

Trump-Putin Summit: Fallout for India US President Donald Trump is a man who loves springing surprises and wrong footing critics at home and abroad. His running war with sections of the mainstream US media shows little sign of abating anytime soon. They stand on shaky ground having, for the most part, gone along with President George W. Bush’s claim that Saddam Hussain’s Iraq was in possession of ‘weapons of mass destruction ’ – a diabolical falsehood it turned out to be. President Trump changed his bellicose script on North Korea as peacemaker; his tariff wars against Canada, the European Union and China, are hugely disruptive, as is the Administration’s repudiation of the Iran nuclear deal. The Helsinki Summit with President Putin has enraged America’s cold war Liberal consensus and elements within the British establishment. . President Trump’s accusations of fake news generated by such paladins of the free world as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN TV and their ilk have struck a chord with increasing numbers of the American public. What message does the Summit carry for India-US ties, and what can be the likely fallout, if any, on India’s ties with Russia and China? The perception of certain Indian scribes of India’s supposedly equidistant, pole position between the two military superpowers is the characteristic feature of the partially sighted.. Is India a member of NATO, has it ever been a participant in U S sponsored SEATO and CENTO pacts? Was India a member of the American-led coalition of the willing that invaded Iraq and Libya? The fanciful logic that the Trump-Putin dialogue will somehow pressurize China to

dilute its India policies is patent absurdity. The US-Russia Summit is an exploratory exercise well worth the time between the world’s two military superpowers. That said, why should Moscow trade its secure relationship with China for speculative gains from an unpredictable US administration?Recycled trash is unlikely in this instance to improve a toxic environment. American democracy has never been an impediment in fostering dictatorships around the world, including jihadi Pakistan. The US aligned actively with Pakistan and China during their standoff with India over the establishment of a sovereign Bangladesh in 1971. The US maintained a hightech sanctions regime against India until the George W. Bush presidency annulled itfor a nuclear power deal. IndoUS ties today are better than they have ever been; they cooperate on many fronts without being allies. India is not a primary American interest, as Henry Kissinger pointed out his book, Global Order. The Trump Administration was studiedly neutral during the Sino-Indian Dokhlam confrontation at the tri-junction of Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan The Soviet Union stood by India in its darkest hours, most notably in 1971 against American and Chinese heft. The Russian Federation and India bond in their ‘privileged strategic partnership’. India’s defence acquisitions from Russia, wrote strategic analyst, Brahma Chellaney, have been (continues to be) critical to India’s security. India is the fulcrum of Eurasia, Russia its heartland. Both powers are in close accord on the principal issues of international politics.

Hindi, Sanskrit scholar bids farewell to academe Philip Lutgendorf who has graced Indian cultural studies over the past three decades and more in the United States, bade farewell as Professor at the University of Iowa. He first visited India in 1971 and fell in love with the country and its culture, becoming a respected authority in Hindi and Sanskrit literature, such as the Ramayana of Tulsi Das ert al. Becoming a tea addict on his north Indian travels, he penned an acclaimed work on the subject entitled Chai. Professor Lutgendorf was no stuffy, book-

worming academic but a true scholar open to the world and what it had to offer, and hence was drawn to Hindi cinema, usually spurned at the time by the Indian middle class as trashy imitation of Hollywood. Having seen Sholay, he immediately recognized its class and quality and hailed it as a classic. Relating the story of his life to a scribe, Professor Lutgendorf recalled: “India was the most different place I had ever been to, yet I felt oddly at home.’

14-20 JULY 2018



Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

- Oscar Wilde

Alpesh Patel

Why Hinduism has to be at the Best Place in the World for Study My speech at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies 20th Anniversary Dinner. I was an undergraduate of St Anne’s College and a Visiting Fellow at Corpus Christi College. When I was an undergraduate there was no OCHS. Today as an Oxonian and a Hindu, I stand before you 100 feet tall. Oxford University is ranked the number one University in the world. There had to be a place for the serious study of Hinduism – the world’s oldest religion - at this University. When the former Ambassador of China to USA said, "India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border." – Is it not vitally important for Oxford’s relevance to the world today – to have the OCHS here. Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Author said, "In the great books of India, an empire spoke to us, nothing small or unworthy, but large, serene, consistent, the voice of an old intelligence, which in another age and climate had pondered and thus disposed of the questions that exercise us." What could be more Oxford than that – ‘the questions that exercise us.’ Mark Twain famously said: "India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only." Well they are treasured up at the Oxford Centre for Hinduism too now. So rightly, Chancellor Chris Patten put it in these words: “This development in the field of Hindu Studies at Oxford is very exciting. It is an important addition to Oxford's wealth of resources on India and Indian religious traditions. It fits in well with our goal to attract more Indian students to come and study at Oxford. The new official association provides a platform for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and Oxford University to move forward together in teaching, research and publishing.” But it goes beyond that. Consider Henry David Thoreau who said ““In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonic philosophy of the Bhagvat Geeta, and in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial.” The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies adds to the Greatness of what Oxford University seeks to accomplish as a centre for learning and excellence. This is what Oxford was made for. And I defy you to find anyone from any other faith who could have said these words ““Yes I am a Hindu, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.” – Mahatma Gandhi said that. Editor: CB Patel

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Widows of Ilford and Barking London Bridge terrorists ask for anonymity, court hears ing on the van used in the attack as well as Widows of the London Bridge terrorists “petrol bomb” bottles found inside and have asked for anonymity over fears they the knives used. could be targeted, a pre-inquest hearing An expert report was being compiled was told. on the body armour used by Pc Wayne Eight people were killed and many Marques who was injured in the attack more injured when Youssef Zaghba of Ilford and Khurum Butt and Rachid and attended court. Redouane of Barking, drove a van into Another would deal with the attackpedestrians and stabbed others in ers’ use of steroids in the run-up to the Borough Market in June 2017. killings. The inquests will examine how much Police then shot and killed the men in the three men had come to the attention eight minutes. of authorities in Britain and abroad and Two of the partners of the men made “whether their activities gave any warna request for anonymity during inquest ing signs”. preparations into the deaths in London Left to right: Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef The hearing was told that would on June 3 last year. include what MI5 knew about Butt and his Jonathan Hough QC, counsel for the Zaghba. Picture: MET POLICE much the public learns about the attackers’ associates. inquests, said all applications for anonymity lives and preparations before the killings. Mr Lucraft adjourned to a further prehad to be balanced against the principles of The courtalso heard that the police have open justice. inquest hearing in January. taken 1,800 statements as part of their invesHe said neither of the women faced a The full inquests are expected to begin tigation and seized “huge amounts” of CCTV “real and immediate risk of death of serious next April and go on for two months. footage. The attacker’s inquest will be conducted harm”, if they were named in public. Body-worn video footage from police with a jury which is common practice when Although the windows said they feared officers in the aftermath of the attack was police are involved in the killing of civilians. reprisals, neither have mentioned a specific being examined to identify the timing of It will take place after the victim’s threat and both have been identified in shots. inquest which will be lived streamed to the media reports before, the Old Bailey heard. Mr Hough said forensic work was ongofamilies of the deceased who live abroad. Mr Hough added that it could affect how

Hull man wanted Businessman enjoyed lavish lifestyle after turning old post office by police into a front for money laundering A businessman who ran a post office converted it into a front to launder massive sums of criminal money and enjoy a lavish lifestyle, a court heard. The gang, led by Choudry Yayha and his brother Shahbaz Ali, has now been jailed for more than 26 years. Police said the money service bureau, which Yahya set up after the post office in Longsight closed, was part of a organised crime group which took in hundreds of thousands of pounds of dirty money before laundering it using sophisticated methods.

Abid Hassan

Shahbaz Ali

GMP said Yahya had a ‘lavish lifestyle’ and was able to pay for members of his family to have a private education. Officers launched an undercover investigation and found that the conspiracy was based at an industrial unit on Arrow Trading Estate in Audenshaw, east Manchester. In a dramatic incident, officers had to smash the windows of Yahya’s car after he was stopped by police on Chester Road and locked the doors. They found £250,000 in cash in bin bags on the back seats of the car. Police also caught another defendant, Abid Hassan, with £300,000 in a holdall in his car. He was also seen to drive a hired car to the unit after being given a large bag from by a known criminal after a meeting at a supermarket in Hyde.

Cash recovered from the gang led by Choudry Yahya (inset)

A car linked to the gang was also found in Trafford containing £270,000. During their investigations, police found that the four members of the gang were found with about £818,000 in cash in total. A further £29,604 in cash was recovered from premises linked to the group. Police said they found significant evidence of money laundering and fraud at the unit, including a handwritten note which listed items of incriminating evidence to be disposed of. They found that SINA Exchange was set up to allow the transfer of funds via money transfers around the world. More than £490,000 was sent to Pakistan, officers discovered. At a Manchester Crown Court sentencing hearing on Friday, Yahya, 49, was jailed for 12 years after being found guilty of money laundering. Ali, 28, received a nineand-a-half year prison sentence after being found guilty of money laundering and perverting the course of justice. Boztas, 65, was jailed for two years and eight months after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice, and will be deported after serving his sentence. Hassan, 49, pleaded guilty to money laundering and was jailed for two years and 11 months.

Police are seeking information on the whereabouts of a Hull man who is wanted for breaching his bail conditions. Mahfuzur Tarafdar (pictured), 31, had been living at an address in the Harehills area of Leeds but police said he had not been seen there for some time. A Humberside Police spokesman said there have been a number of sightings of Tarafdar in Hull, with the last one being on June 17. Anyone who has seen him or who has any information about his whereabouts is urged to call the force on 101, quoting reference 16/50822/17.

Father and sons turned terrace into drugs hub A father and his twin sons turned their house into a lucrative cocaine and cannabis hub. The two-up, two-down property in Oldham appeared to be an ordinary family home. But in reality behind closed doors, cocaine was being produced for sale and large amounts of cannabis were being packaged up to be sold on the streets. Now the trio have been brought to justice. Dad Nazarit Ali, 52, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis and a prohibited weapon. Assam Ali (pictured), 25, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cannabis and producing cocaine and his twin brother Qasim Iddbux, 25, admitted conspiracy to supply cannabis.

in brief AIRPORT TAXI DRIVERS PROTEST AGAINST NEW RANK SITE Black cab drivers have been protesting outside Manchester Airport over claims a new taxi rank has moved too far from a terminal. About 200 gathered outside Terminal 3 over fears the new site inconveniences elderly and disabled people. Ali Qureshi, secretary of the Airport Taxi Association (ATA), said the new rank is "10 minutes walk" away. An airport spokesman said passengers were unaffected and a review of the new system would be held in six weeks.


Two hundred Gurkhas have run alongside 5,000 competitors in the 10th annual Great North 10k. The soldiers from Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire take part in the Gateshead race every year as part of their armed forces training. Chris Steele and Gemma Steel won the men's and women's races with times of 33:16 and 35:22 respectively. More than half of the runners plan to take part in the Great North Run in September. The 10k started in Sunderland in 2009 and moved to Gateshead in 2011. Competitors now run along the Newcastle and Gateshead quayside to Gateshead International Stadium.

MAN WANTED IN ASSAULT Police are appealing to find a man who is known to frequent Ilford and Newham in connection with an assault which took place in Harpenden. Sabri Naeem, 33, whose last known address is in Old Bedford Road, Luton, is wanted in connection with an incident of GBH on Sunday, July 1. It is believed he may be in east London – as he has specifically has links to Newham and Ilford – and may be travelling in a white BMW. Anyone who sees Sabri, or has any information about his whereabouts, is asked to contact Hertfordshire Constabulary via 101 or report information online at quoting crime reference 41/12869/18. Alternatively, you can contact the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through their Anonymous Online Form at

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Flying England's flag: What does this World Cup mean to Asians? England's football victory in the quarter final, was celebrated country-wide with much pomp and gaiety. The excitement started brewing when England won in the knock-out stage against Colombia. After that came the glorious victory on Saturday against Sweden, when we came across many Asians supporting England, walking around the streets with the English (St George's) flag, some wrapped it around their back, neck, wearing matching hats, some even showing off England's jersey. Many shopkeepers had the flag flying on their

Shashikant Patel doors, residents had it hoisted on their homes, out of the windows, balcony and even on their cars. England football manager Gareth Southgate said his diverse World Cup team represents England's "modern identity", and his players have a chance to affect something "bigger than football". As the St George's flag remained hoisted across the country, Asian Voice asked the diaspora to tell us their stories about what it means to feel English, and fly the flag, ahead of England's clash with Croatia. Rishi Mariappan from

Photo courteasy: BBC


Jiwan Mangat flag on the shop for sporting Hammersmith speaking to events for 30 years. The flag the newsweekly said, “I arrived in this country in represents the Queen. You 2004. I have studied and have to respect the Queen. worked here, I am British “When I came here, I and I am proud to support had no work and no lanour team. Why not? England guage but this country gave is now home. And the team me a chance. Our children were born here and studied represents the modern here.” Britain- with soms of so many immigrants” Arun Iyenger from Harringay said, “I was born in this country. Who else will I support?” Shashikant Patel who runs 'Meet and Deep' newsagents in Twickenham has been wearing a shirt with the English flag on it, and cheering for England, shaking hands with passerbys also rooting for the country's big win. He said, “It is coming home”. His Imran Asghar a DIY sons Deepen Patel, Meeten shop owner from Wanstead Patel and wife Pallavi Patel reportedly said, "I see myself also joined him to cheer on as English - I was born in the social media. East End of London after all. Similarly Jiwan Mangat My England flag means a lot who is a Heating and to me. I'm the only retailer plumbing shop owner from on the whole high street Ilford, told the BBC, "I'm excited for the game. We that has the England flag up will watch in our shop with here. As a British Asian, I our customers and friends. think it's important for us "I was born in India and to be able to integrate and am Sikh - but I live in show we can live within the England and I am English. culture here too. We've put the St George's "I'm 35 now - go back 25 years ago and it was a different situation in terms of racism. I do feel that we are living in a more tolerant world overall now. But


The Home Office has been accused of wrongly forcing immigrants to take DNA tests in order to settle their UK status. While it has been said that these test demands were 'voluntary', letters were sent to foreign parents of British children seeking to stay in the country, despite the government’s own policy stating there is no specific requirement for DNA to be provided in immigration cases. The accusation against the Home Office comes a month after the Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes, said in answer to a parliamentary question that any DNA was submitted on an “entirely voluntary basis”. The department has issued an 'urgent' review into the letters after admitting a number had been issued which did not make it clear that individuals could refuse. This came when on June 25 the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), an independent charity that works on behalf of migrants, received a letter from one of its clients. Yvette Cooper, chair of the Commons home affairs select committee, said parliament was “too often” being given inaccurate information by the Home Office. On Tuesday as we went to press, the Migrant Voice published a research that demanded to reinstate the immigration status of students, who were wrongly deported on allegations of 'cheating' at English test and are allowed back into the country to finish their education.

we're still waiting for that complete acceptance. I would love to see a British Asian breaking through into the England team one day soon - that's the next step." But all is not glorious, many Asians faced racial slurs, after they were seen

Hasan Patel with his friend flying the English flag. Hasan Patel took the twitter to say, “Had a very unpleasant moment when a group of white men came over to me and my friend saying that we should take off our England flags since 'we are not English'. Mind you, I was born here. It's my flag as much as it is yours.” Reacting to this incident, Alpa Seth said, “Though I am British and born in London, I found every excuse not to support the English team partly because I was never allowed to be English being brown.




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Imran Asghar The way government of the day behaves, is unacceptable but the team itself is mostly children of immigrants, so now I am very enthusiastic about their success.” Rupa Sengupta said,

“You can't win against this zealots. If you dont cheer for England living here, then they say you are not integrated enough. And if you do, you are a foreigner and this is not your country.”

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Man gunned down in a hail of bullets from a sub-machine gun and killers still to be caught The family of a shop worker who was gunned down in a car park nine years ago have offered a £10,000 reward to catch his killers. Junaid Khan, 21, died in a hail of bullets near a doctor’s surgery in Oldham in July, 2009. Speaking on the anniversary of his death, Junaid’s sister Raheela Durrani said their father’s health was failing and he wanted to see justice served. She named her son, now aged four, after her brother Junaid and spoke movingly of the family’s ongoing anguish over his brutal murder. A gunman fired 17 bullets from a submachine gun at him as he walked back to his car near the Block Lane surgery in Chadderton shortly after he met up with friends and his then girlfriend. New family-album photographs have been released to mark the anniversary, including a picture of four-year-old Junaid

The crime scene and (inset) Junaid Khan

stood at the grave of his uncle. Raheela said: “We chose the name to keep Junaid’s memory alive. We know anyone would only say good things about their deceased sibling, but Junaid truly was a diamond, a father figure for his nephews and someone his friends and family could rely

Mother ran drug hotline from home while gangster boyfriend was behind bars

Katie Baldwin with boyfriend Adheel Ashgar

A mum ran a dial-a-drug hotline from her home while her gangster boyfriend was behind bars. Katie Baldwin, 27, took calls from addicts wanting to buy cocaine and heroin after Adheel Ashgar, 29 was sent to jail. The mother-of-three would then link the user with one of a number of street deal-

ers operating in Cheetham Hill. She handed drugs to the dealers herself - sometimes meeting them on her bike to keep their supplies topped up. Baldwin was arrested and admitted drugs offences after an undercover detective bought drugs from the phone line she ran, known to addicts as the ‘Snickers Line’. In one of a string of 2013 raids, police searched her family home in Cheetham Hill, and found £2,061 in cash. She has now been sentenced at Manchester Crown Court, where a judge was told police launched a crackdown after drugs gangs turned streets into ‘no-go’ zones for the law-abiding. Baldwin admitted being concerned in the supply of class A drugs and possession of criminal property. Asgar who is being held at Berwyn jail near Wrexham, North Wales, was jailed for five years at an earlier hearing after he pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of drugs. Baldwin wept as she was ordered to serve three years in prison.

Imam to cycle 500 miles to support the British Red Cross An imam is to cycle 500 miles to raise money for the British Red Cross. Attaur-Rahman Khalid, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Slough and South Bucks, will be joining members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association in their ‘Ride4Peace’ challenge in July. The ride is part of the youth association’s annual ‘Mercy for Mankind’ challenges, which see members take part in fundraising events such has walks and cycling. This year, the organisation’s target is to raise £500,000 for UK charities. Imam Khalid said: “My motivation for taking part in this 500-mile charity Atta-ur-Rahman Khalid with his bike Ride4Peace is the founder of Islam, the Snowdonia, North Wales, and finally the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Peak District over the seven-day journey. who even when he was the chief of Arabia Mr Khalid said: “During this year’s Eid and had thousands of followers, slept on a sermon, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza hard bed and ate very little so he could sacMasroor Ahmad, the head of the rifice his wealth to help the poor and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, remindneedy in society. ed us about the state of poverty in the “Islam lays great emphasis on human world and that we must not forget those empathy and service to mankind just as it who are suffering whilst we were celebratpromotes the discharging of duties ing Eid. towards God.” “His Holiness reminded us that we Mr Khalid’s trek will see the cyclists must ensure we do our utmost to look depart from London and travel through after those people who are less fortunate Bath, the Cotswolds, the Brecon Beacons, than ourselves.”

on in times of need. Sadly he never got to meet his nephew. Raheela said the family were so haunted by his murder they have left Oldham for Bury. But she said her mother, Taj Mahal, and father, Mumtaz Khan, still cling on to the hope that the case would be solved. Three men stood trial in 2011 for the killing but were cleared by a jury. The prosecution alleged the killing was the climax of a ‘long-standing’ feud and a court heard Junaid had told a friend just days before the shooting that he feared ‘something bad was going to happen’. A stolen Mitsubishi Shogun 4X4 was found burnt out later. Junaid, one of five siblings, would have turned 30 last month and Reheela said the family would have thrown a huge party. A £50,000 reward offered by police for information leading to convictions also remains on the table.

Police name 41year-old suspect wanted in police officer attack Police have named a suspect wanted in connection with an attack on a police officer. The West Midlands force named Addnan Rahim (pictured) and said he was also wanted for drugs offences. The officer was hurt when a car twice rammed into his unmarked police vehicle in April. Rahim is aged 41 and from Selly Oak . No other details of the incident were available. Police tweeted: "Have you seen Addnan Rahim anywhere? “The 41-year-old from Selly Oak is wanted for an assault on a police officer in April this year when he allegedly reversed into an unmarked police car twice. “He is also wanted for drug offences."

Seniors take part in yoga event

Slough seniors tried out yoga, with Slough Mayor Paul Sohal (centre)

SENIORS have proved you are never too old to try new things, by undertaking a class in yoga. Members of Slough Seniors attended an event held on International Yoga Day at the Chalvey Community Centre. Caroline Chatterson, who teaches yoga out of the Harmony Studio in Windsor, got the attendees involved in an hour of chair yoga and relaxation techniques. This was followed by Twinkle Patel from Specsavers, Slough, who gave a talk on eye health and care. Afterwards, a buffet lunch was put on

for all those that attended. The event was attended and supported by the mayor of Slough, Paul Sohal. A Slough Seniors volunteer, Dominic Hatcher, said: “It went really well, we had 65 people there in total. It was all about bringing together the older Asian community in Slough, and get them relaxed ad exercising. “They all got eye-care goodie bags, and they all enjoyed themselves and had a good time.” Anyone interested in joining the seniors group can find out more at:

BITC’s Diversity in Business Awards DHIREN KATWA HM Revenue & Customs has been crowned Responsible Business for Gender Equality. Its triumph was announced at the Business in the Community (BITC) awards ceremony last Tuesday. Held at London’s Royal Albert Hall, the prestigious blacktie ceremony brought together hundreds of guests from across all professional sectors and from up and down the country. The host was Sir Lenny Henry CBE described by Amanda Mackenzie OBE, BITC’s CEO, as “a champion for the Windrush citizens, for justice for Stephen Lawrence and the funniest man in England.” Sir Henry opened the evening with some sizzlers, perhaps uncomfortable for some, but his choice of words prompted laughter and applause at short intervals. In her address, Ms Mackenzie said: “We’re being asked to do more, the public trust us less, we want to help communities but the national stakeholders seem harder to engage than ever and even, dare I say, some politicians

seem to have turned their back on business though clearly not the wonderful ones with us this evening.” MP Alok Sharma was on the guest list, but absent. Ms Mackenzie pointed out that respon-

sible business was about making the right choices and not about “covering up bad practice or just getting good PR”. Nor is it, she said, about “putting lipstick on a bulldog.” Lloyds Banking Group won Responsible Business of the Year award; Salary Finance won Responsible Small Business of the Year. Commenting on their award, Narmada de Silva, HMRC’s Deputy Director for Tax Strategy & Professionalism, donning a sari, paid tribute to the team (pictured) for their commitment and dedication to an important theme, gender equality.



14-20 JULY 2018

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Asian-origin dentist visits No 10 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of NHS advisory role since September 2017, looking at how the NHS dental contract will be delivered in the future. She has also completed work on a national clinical dental fellow scheme, which led Sara to nominate her for the Downing Street visit. Nishma was accompanied

An Asian-origin dental surgeon was invited to 10 Downing Street to a special event marking the NHS' 70th anniversary. Nishma Patel, originally from Leicester, has worked at The Dentist, South Street in Bishop Stortford for six years. She attended the reception for NHS workers hosted by Prime Minister Theresa May last Wednesday and spoke to Mrs May as well as Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens. Nishma has been working for Chief Dental Officer (CDO) Sara Hurley two days a week in a national policy

US PRESIDENT TO VISIT UK AMONG PROTESTS US President Donald Trump is coming to the UK on Friday 13 July, a day after attending a NATO summit in Brussels. The first lady, Melania Trump is also expected to join him on the three-day “working visit." He will meet the Queen in Windsor Castle and the Coldstream Guards, the oldest regiment in the British Army, are rumoured to be in place to honour the Trumps. A meeting with the Prime Minister, Theresa May, is also expected at the prime minister’s country house over a welcome breakfast, Chequers, to ensure the success of their “special relationship”. Demonstrations will commence at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire on the evening of Thursday 12 July and in Regent’s Park in London and later at the US ambassador’s residence where they believe the Trumps will be staying. Further protests will then take place at Chequers on Friday morning, before the main event outside of the BBC’s headquarters in central London at 2pm. A spokesman for Mayor Sadiq Khan reportedly told The Independent that he ”supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms”.

by four members of the CDO team, including two fellow dentists. Nishma, who moved to Bishop Stortford from Dulwich six years ago, also does performance management work for NHS England. After her informative and educating article in the Mail on Sunday about

child oral health, she was also given the chance to take over the NHS Twitter account for a week, to advice and give information to its 33k followers. Her husband, Raj Sharma, works at The Dentist and their children, Jai-Sai, 8, and Cassie-Riva, 5, attend the Manor Fields

Primary School. 38-year old Nishma reportedly told the Bishop Stortford Independent, “It was brilliant, it was such a nice reception. “I got to meet Theresa May and shook her hand. I told her she’s an inspiration to women in leadership roles. I don’t necessarily

agree or disagree with her views, but I think having a woman as Prime Minister is inspirational. “It was really good to be championing dentistry and oral health. The NHS 70 needs to be celebrated and I was being such a cheerleader for dentistry at Downing Street as well.”

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14-20 JULY 2018

As I See It

CB Patel

Tory turmoil: A way ahead Our country is at a very important crossroad. We need a logical, pragmatic path for prosperity and peace. Sadly, emotions and false pride appear to be the main motivating force. In a mature democracy people’s verdict is paramount no doubt. Can we really claim, that referendum of 23 June 2016 was free of fear and focussed on fair and reasonable issues? Immigration was one of the main argument of the 'leave' campaign. Two years and one month have proved that it was a bogus issue. Savings of huge sums of Money payable to EU was excreted beyond any limit. Leave campaigners had no valid calculation or compunction to claim that this so called ‘savings’ of £350mn per week would be available for national health service. Over optimism or lack of realism made leave campaigners look back at history in the totally inappropriate, incorrect manner. Since 1870 Crimean war, Great Britain had been on the winning side of the First and Second world wars. The fact is that in all these wars Britain was immensely helped with money and man power by USA, India, Australia, New Zealand and other former colonies. But for their help, in the middle of the Second World War, Nazi Germany was almost on the verge of victory. Indian contribution was the largest and most vital. 4.2mn people joined the war effort from British India of whom 2.5mn where in the fighting forces. And 1.7mn were in manufacturing, supply of armaments and other services. 72000 Indians laid their life to fight for freedom of a country which had actually enslaved them. Australia, New Zealand and many other countries of the British empire contributed far beyond their fair share for the ‘mother country’. I am proud to be a British Indian. Long before I arrived here for further studies, I opted for British citizenship. I consider that to be the wisest decision I made at that time. Recently there was a journalist from a national media who asked me if am English or British. My answer was straight and consistent. I am British, British Indian. I rather elaborate on this. With due respect to my residence in England for over 50 years, I do not subscribe to the mentality of littleEnglandness. I acknowledge the contribution of Scottish, Welsh and Irish people in the evolution, growth and values of “being British”. In my opinion, the advocates hard

Brexit in the Conservative party after all are not more than 15-20% of the MPs in the Commons. This so called “Euro-sceptics” have not yet been able to face the reality of the modern world. Britain was at one stage a world power. Britain after all, even today, though not a world super power is a country one can be proud of. It may not be the richest or mightiest nation in the world but it is as good as any and better than many in terms of fundamental values of civic liberty, compassion, tolerance, law and order, judiciary, free press and many other virtues. Mahatma Gandhi during his peaceful and non violent struggle for Indian independence used to express a term, “unBritish” whenever the action of the colonial power was so abhorrently below the standard of the British nation. In the referendum the leave won, won they did, with whatever is called a thin majority. One must acknowledge that people’s verdict is final. Was it a free and fair referendum? In my opinion respectfully no. It was emotional intoxication. What is the way ahead? In the aftermath of the Chequers Cabinet Summit and the follow up, perhaps sooner rather than later, this government may not survive. There is no alternative government with viable programme available for the country. This prime minister or any other patch up leader will be far weaker in negotiation with EU the terms of Brexit. For a moment let us leave aside hard Brexit or soft Brexit. The British historically have never feared to retreat when the odds are insurmountable against them. British do not subscribe to 'Harakiri'. A step back is not a defeat. It is a common sense. Why to risk everything for false pride and unrealistic hopes. Britain is not called a nation of shopkeepers for nothing. We trade far more than many a nation. Our economic prosperity and subsequent delicate issues of defence, security, Irish and Scottish matter as well as international profile are at stake. Better bite the bullet before embarking on a course which has no alternative and convincing plans for fundamental aspects of life, for this or future generations. This may be a call in the wilderness, but, Asian Voice clearly feels that pause is needed, to look back and learn. If we don’t, let alone the next generation, this generation will undergo tremendous pain and hardships. They will not forgive us.

Why Hinduism has to be at the Best Place in the World for Study Continued from page 3

Just how important and relevant is OCHS today is highlighted by another Ganahi quote ““If I were asked to define the Hindu creed, I should simply say: Search after truth through non-violent means. A man may not believe in God and still call himself a Hindu. Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after truth... Hinduism is the religion of truth. Truth is God. Denial of God we have known. Denial of truth we have not known.” What could be more Oxford than that? One final quote, which shocked me was this from Dr Ambedkar, the man who gave India – and so one in six of humanity the constitution under which they live and it an important reminder why the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies is so so important. He said:

“The Hindus criticise the Mahomedans for having spread their religion by the use of the sword. They also ridicule Christianity on the score of the Inquisition. But really speaking, who is better and more worthy of our respect-the Mahomedans and Christians who attempted to thrust down the throats of unwilling persons what they regarded as necessary for their salvation, or the Hindu who would not spread the light, who would endeavour to keep others in darkness, who would not consent to share his intellectual and social inheritance with those who are ready and willing to make it a part of their own makeup? I have no hesitation in saying that if the Mahomedan has been cruel, the Hindu has been mean; and meanness is worse than cruelty.”


MPs ask Britain to protect minority Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan

Tan Dhesi MP

Tan Dhesi MP for Slough put in a series of Parliamentary Questions to the Foreign and Home Office, asking the UK Government what steps they were taking to ensure the protection of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan. Mr Dhesi also asked if the British Government would offer asylum and refugee status to Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan so that they can escape from religious persecution. In a statement he told the Asian Voice, “Last week a suicide bombing in the Afghan city of #Jalalabad at killed 19 people, most of them from the country's minority Sikh and Hindu communities. Among those killed was the only Sikh Member of Parliament elect, Mr Awtar Singh Khalsa. Reports suggest that it was a deliberate and planned attack and specifically intended to eliminate the entire leadership of Afghan minority communities. "On Monday, I wrote to the Foreign Office and the Home Office to ask what steps they were taking to ensure the safety of the minority communities in Afghanistan and provide refuge and asylum to those facing persecution back home. I have now received (on Friday) the replies to my

Parliamentary questions and will continue to raise these concerns at the highest level.” This came after 19 people died after a suicide attack in Jalalabad. The MP also wrote to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, asking if he would make representations to his Afghan counterpart on the assassination of MP elect Awtar Singh Khalsa and also on the safety of political candidates from minority communities in Afghanistan. Mark Field, the Minister of State said, “The British government regularly raises human rights issues with the Government of Afghanistan, including the need to protect the rights of all ethnic and religious groups in line with the constitution.” Caroline Nokes, The Minister for Immigration said, “we have a proud history of providing protection for those who need it, in accordance with our obligations under the Refugee Convention. All asylum claims lodged in the UK are carefully considered on their individual merits and where someone establishes a well-founded fear of persecution or serious harm in their country, they are normally granted protection and are not expected to return there.” In a letter to the Foreign Secretary, six MPs have also sought an urgent update on what action the UK Government is taking to support an investigation into terror bombing of Sikh Delegation in Jalalabad. It has been signed by Seema Malhotra MP, Preet Gill MP, Virendra Sharma MP, Rupa Huq MP, Ruth Cadbury MP and Tan Dhesi MP. The letter also called for a meeting between the Sikh community and th e Foreign Secretary to discuss what actions are being undertaken with the Afghan Government to guarantee the safety of minority communities. Seema Malhotra MP raised the issue with Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions on last Wednesday.

Kishan Devani appointed VicePresident of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality Kishan Devani FRSA has been appointed the Vice-President of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality at the Houses of Parliament. The Liberal Democrat Campaign for Race Equality embraces the Liberal Democrats' aim to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, seeking to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity, upholding values of individual and social justice, rejecting all prejudice and discrimination based upon race, colour, religion, age, disability, sex or sexual orientation, and opposing all forms of entrenched privilege and inequality. In particular we are dedicated to the elimination of racial inequality. Chairman of LDCRE, Roderick Lynch said, “After our Executive meeting at the House of Lords on Tuesday 3rd June. I am pleased to announce that Kishan Devani was appointed Vice President of LDCRE. I look forward to working with Kishan & our President Baroness Hussein-Ece, who make up our presidential dream team in what will be an exciting future for the organisation.” Kishan after his appointment as VicePresident of LDCRE said, “I am truly honoured to be appointed Vice-President of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality. I look forward to working along-

side passionate & dedicated Chairman Roderick Lynch & President Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece who is also the Liberal Democrat Party Spokesperson on Equalities. Promoting Equality and Diversity is something I have always felt passionate about, it shall be an immense pleasure to be able to serve as Vice-President.”




Ganguly says Test cricket needs to be reinvented to stay relevant

14-20 JULY 2018





Is there someone you know who has broken boundaries and deserves recognition for their unique contribution to the Asian Community or the Nation ?

Nominate them for the 18th Asian Achievers Awards

Sourav Ganguly, Mike Gatting, Michael Atherton, Kumar Sangakkara and Lord Jeffrey Archer

RUPANJANA DUTTA Among debates if Twenty-Twenty has ruined the true essence of cricket, a legendary cricketer and the former captain of Indian cricket team, Sourav Ganguly launched his book ‘A Century Is Not Enough’ at the Lord’s Cricket Ground on Monday evening. It was the same ground where ‘Dada’, took his shirt off and waved it from the balcony, following India’s memorable victory in the Natwest Trophy final against England in 2002, which has remained etched in the memories of fans to date. Ganguly’s latest book that was launched among 150 people on Monday, is not a biography, but a book on events, incidents, experiences and stories in Ganguly’s journey as a cricketer, as he remembers them. “This is not an autobiography,” said Ganguly. “I don’t know if an autobiography will ever happen. But this book is about challenges, what goes behind, even when you are doing well. “I never wrote when I played. So I did not make any written records. Hence, I had to write this book from my thoughts and it took me a year.” The event was compered in his ‘own style’ by Harsha Bhogle, the Indian commentator, which included an hour of panel discussion about the future of cricket in England and India, and how the two worlds of Test and T20 are converging in modern age.

The panelists included Michael Atherton, the former England captain and cricketer, Kumar Sangakkara, the former Sri Lanka team captain, Sourav Ganguly, Mike Gatting OBE, former England captain and cricketer and Lord Jeffrey Archer. Speaking about the beauty of Test cricket Kumar Sangakkara said he believed, there is still great love for Test cricket among cricketers and emphasised that cricket and its popularity is an example of what sports should be. Adding that Test cricket should be reinvented, Ganguly said, “People today can rarely spend days watching a cricket match. So I understand why a Day-Night match may be more popular than Test.” He explained how the change in trend is not just because of a generation’s choice but due to the need to stay relevant. According to a recent book by Abhirup Bhattacharya, it was mentioned how Sourav Ganguly's decision to give chances to talented youngsters waiting for the opportunity, helped India from losing one of its greatest cricketers of all times, M S Dhoni. Ganguly is also credited for nurturing players such as Yuvraj Singh, Mohammed Kaif, Zaheer Khan, Virender Sewag, Harbhajan Singh and creating the concept of 'Team India' and 'Men in Blue'. The legend who completed 46 years on Sunday, cut a cake to celebrate his birthday among the guests at Lord’s, which was organised by Satadru Datta, in association with London Sharad Utsav.

Poultry tycoon Ranjit Boparan clashes with lenders over pizza brand sale The poultry tycoon known as the Chicken King is set for a clash with his lenders and pension trustees over the use of proceeds from a £200m sale of the Goodfella’s pizza brand. Ranjit Boparan, whose 2 Sisters food processing business supplies a range of supermarkets is believed to be struggling to pay its debts Ranjit Boparan after an buying spree which has left his empire financially stretched. In the past few years, 2 Sisters has also been squeezed by the big grocers’ pricecutting and subjected to a Food Standards Agency inspection after an undercover newspaper investigation found evidence of unhygienic practices. Boparan Holdings, 2 Sisters’ parent company, agreed to sell Goodfella’s to Nomad Foods, the owner of Birds Eye and Findus, in January. Following the sale, Boparan Holdings

told its lenders it wanted to use £125m to repay half of a £250m tranche of bonds due for refinancing next year. The plan has angered holders of almost £600m worth of bonds that are due for repayment in 2021. Boparan Holdings’ pension trustees are also understood to be concerned by the use of some of the Goodfella’s proceeds to reduce debt. The company’s defined-benefit pension funds had a deficit of £328.2m last year. Boparan Holdings made deficit payments of £19.4m. The dispute with the bondholders and trustees hints at the financial strain on 2 Sisters. Boparan set up the business in 1993 as a supplier of own-label chicken to Tesco. It grew as Tesco expanded and in 2000 it made its first aggressive move with the purchase of the chicken processing operations of Hillsdown, a quoted company. Many more deals followed.

The prestigious Asian Achievers Awards is hosted every year by UK’s leading news weeklies Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar to honour British Asians par excellence.

Deadline for nomination 31st July, 2018 Please  tick the appropriate category Achievement in Community Service In recognition for an individuals service to community.

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Lifetime Achievement Award To honour those individuals, who during their lifetime, have made immense contributions in any given field. This remarkable individual can be marked as an example for the younger generation.

Uniformed and Civil Services For outstanding achievements in uniformed and civil services or contribution to the community through any of the above services.

Entrepreneur of the Year Awarded to an entrepreneur with a proven track record of operating a successful business enterprise.

Professional of the Year Professionals in the field of medicine, law, education, banking, finance and others, who have scaled the heights of their chosen profession.

Achievement in Media, Arts and Culture Someone who has made a mark in media including print and broadcast media; cinema, art and culture.

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14-20 JULY 2018

Red itchy eyes

I am grateful to Rudy Otter for sharing with us his remedy for red itchy eyes of hay fever sufferers during these summer months. I too have been plagued with this curse of summer for a couple of months now. My eyes were bloodshot and itchy ever since I was away on my holiday to the sunny climes of Ibitha. My over zealous doctor has prescribed my tablets together with a couple of bottles of eye drops. But even these drops and tablets were not proving much effective. So I took heed of Mr Otter’s advice and started splashing cold water into my eyes at every available opportunity. Whether it was a coincidence or whether the problem had taken its course, but now the redness and itchiness have gone. I am sure that we are not the only people who succumb to this scourge of summer hence I would corroborate the advice and ask other hay fever sufferers to do the same. It certainly provides temporary, if not permanent, relief. It is refreshing to know that I belong to this club of letter writers who write in this column to share good practices and ideas with the interest of their readers at heart. This is unlike some others who do not miss a single opportunity to bash their fellow writers. The letters in this column should be informative and interesting and helpful to others. Long letters without much of substance in them need to be cut down to size. Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

Wiser to be a miser

Short letters to newspapers are read by thousands of people, Long letters are not. Oscar Wilde, the Irish literary wit, once apologised to a friend: “Sorry about this long letter but I didn’t have time to write a short one.” Be a miser with words and communicate with more people than you ever dreamed of. Rudy Otter By email

Writing competition

Are you 16 or 17 or do you have memories of life at this often challenging age? If so, you may be interested in entering a creative writing competition being run by The Children’s Society as part of our charity’s Seriously Awkward campaign. The campaign aims to improve life for vulnerable 16 and 17-year-olds by securing more sustained help for them as they move into adulthood with issues like mental health, housing and access to employment. For the competition - run in partnership with Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House - we are looking for fictional stories by unpublished writers of up to 2,000 words about this awkward age, with categories for both young people aged 16-25 and adults aged 26 and over. Whether you are an aspiring writer or have never before written, why not think about what life can be like for 16 and 17-year-olds and craft your own story? The prospect of adulthood and greater independence can be both exciting and terrifying. For the most vulnerable young people this emotional rollercoaster can come with significant risks including child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health problems. Writing experts including international best-selling author Emma Healey, who has just published her second novel, Whistle in the Dark, will judge the competition, and the winners will be offered expert advice and feedback by top literary agencies Darley Anderson and David Higham Associates. Your story can highlight the ups and downs of this age, be in any fiction genre and be written from any perspective. Could it be about a 16-year-old making daunting decisions about their future, or falling in love and making new friends at 17? A parent terrified about their child leaving home? Or a social worker trying to protect a young person from harm? So if you’re feeling inspired, please visit to find out more and enter by 31 August 2018. Good luck! Matthew Reed Chief Executive The Children’s Society


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India geared to become third largest tourist economy

India is geared to become the third largest tourist economy in the world by the year 2028, as predicted by “The World Trade and Tourism Council” after studying the trend, GDP and other factors associated with the growth of tourism world-wide. During the next ten years, India will make tremendous progress in attracting Western tourists who now flock other great tourist attractions like Thailand, Philippines, China and Dubai, a few among many destinations in Asia we cannot resist. India is not even in the top 10 nations, led by France, USA and Spain. India already has wonderful beach resorts in Goa and Kerala, with its backwaters, unique in the world, which could be supplemented by Gujarat with Dieve, Daman, Somnath and Mandvi attracting beach lovers and the lion sanctuary in Gir Hills, near the city of Gunagadh, the only place in the world where Asiatic lions could be found roaming freely in the wild. Besides Gir, Gujarat has many reserves and wild-life sanctuaries where wild ass in Kutch desert, spotted deer in Saurastra and more than ten bird sanctuaries where some 100 types of birds, both the permanent residents and seasonal migrating birds provide joy and satisfaction to bird watchers. This type of tourism is on the rise where tourists come with their cameras, where during colonial time, Maharajas and British VIPs used to descend with their riffles and nearly wipe-out Gir lions. Thanks to Narendra Modi who created so many reserves and introduced laws to protect Gujarat’s forests and wild-life when he was the CM of Gujarat, the State has become one the top nature friendly green belt in Asia, with Gandhinagar the greenest city in Asia. The whole of India is like a museum with historical places, natural beauties, Himalayas and Western Ghat Mountains with wonderful hill stations, palaces and religious attractions no other country could match. Rajasthan, Bhutan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, the Venice of the East, Delhi and Agra with Red Fort and Taj Mahal are great attractions we should visit on our seasonal holidays to India, to escape our harsh and bitterly cold winter months, from November to March. Bhupendra M. Gandhi By email

City Read 2018

Few years back whilst reading the reviews of the books by some journalists in a leading publication, I found the story of fiction - MINIACHARIST very appealing. A debut novel, written by the author Jessica Burton won her the recognition of a distinguished writer and `book of the year award by Waterstones and Specsavers National book award. The book sold a million copies in 37 countries and has been adapted for TV series. She is an English writer and actress, as of 2017 has published two novels. Born in 1982, she studied English Literature at Oxford and resides at forest Hill, London. Her second book `the muse` is selected by the `City Read`, a giant group of the capital London and is being read and explored in many libraries and groups. The main character Odelle, arrived from Trinidad with an aspiration to be a writer but she writes only when told to, just to please others. Her self-analysis, nudged by `Quik` results in her writing a story, which gets published. Here, the author displays her remarkable observation of human nature which seems prevalent. Though, I myself wished, I started writing when someone told me and my second story I wrote won second prize in the competition held by California based Gujarati Sahitya group(the entries were many countries including India, some from established known writers). The intricate double plot story in `The Muse` is woven exceedingly well, around the painter, paintings, and a writer. Her expertise, creating the suspense keeps the reader`s curiosity throughout with twists, romance and art. The main theme of the novel is the lack of respect for women`s creativity. Olive has a great talent for painting. Her father holds contempt for her talent, so she hides her paintings and allows her father an art dealer to sell them, making him believe a male friend had painted them!! Odelle suffers disparaged as a black woman writer. Burton has succeeded exceedingly well, in describing Spanish war on the door step, turning humans to callous beings, it is heart wrenching. A fascinating book with unanticipated end. Ila Kapadia By email What do you think? We want to know your views on any issue. Write to: Asian Voice, 12 Hoxton Market, London N1 6HW or e-mail:

The achievements of the NHS It has been a great achievement of National Health Service for the people of United Kingdom. The National Health Service turned 70 on 5 July 2018. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most loved institutions, to appreciate the vital role the service plays in our lives, and to recognise and thank the extraordinary NHS staff – the everyday heroes – who are there to guide, support and care for us, day in, day out. Here's a list of just a few things that have been achieved in public health in recent decades: - Increases in life expectancy since 1981, life expectancy for men in England has increased from 70.9 years to 79.4 years and life expectancy for women has increased from 76.9 years to 83.3 years - Reported use of drugs, smoking and alcohol in 11-15 year-olds has roughly halved between 2003 and 2013 - Reduction in numbers of people smoking eg the ban on smoking in public places is estimated to save the NHS over £380 million a year - Putting fluoride into drinking water eg the fluoridation of drinking water has resulted in reduced tooth decay and tooth loss - Safer working conditions eg wearing of protective equipment and development of policies and methods has promoted safer working practices and reduced workplace accidents - Fewer infectious diseases eg typhoid, cholera and tuberculosis (TB) increased access to family planning services, so reducing unwanted pregnancies and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases To be proud of the NHS is "not to be blind to its imperfections", chief executive Simon Stevens said as he addressed a special service at Westminster Abbey to celebrate its 70 years. The NHS has won an admiring audience the world over, and its endurance over 70 years of reform and challenge should be celebrated. Baldev Sharma Rayners Lane, Harrow

Is NHS treatment becoming a lottery?

Our underfunded and over-used NHS is desperate to save money at any cost. The latest dictate to emerge is to stop what it calls minor surgeries that includes 17 procedures deemed unnecessary, of no real health benefits and perhaps do more harm than good, as any surgery, no matter how minor it may be, always carries some risk and it includes infection caught in hospital and mistakes by junior doctors working under pressure. These unnecessary or risky procedures that may come under blanket ban, include surgeries for snoring, back pain, tonsillitis, minor hernias, keyhole surgeries for many painful ailments but mainly arthritis. As so many decisions are driven by need to save money, not many believe the dictate put out by NHS. While most people feel, rightly or wrongly that some of the procedures available under NHS, such as plastic surgeries to boost one’s ego, sex change, lips and breast reduction and enlargement, as well as treatment for obesity and fertility should not be available or at least rationed when people with life threatening illnesses such as heart problems, cancers, dementia, chronic arthritis and many more have to wait a long time before they are treated. This is especially confusing to patients, as there is no standard rule; some NHS Trusts providing such treatment routinely while others ban it altogether. It is estimated that this will save NHS £200 million, a petty cash considering NHS’s overall budget while others feel that some of the vast and ever bulging Overseas Aid Budget should be diverted to NHS. Our people should come first when queuing for cash from the Treasury! When NHS was introduced in 1948, the annual budget was just £500 million, as people used NHS wisely and it was the last call, not the first call, as it is today. Moreover our life-span was much shorter, obesity; dementia and such other health problems were unheard of at the time. Let us wish NHS and every one working in NHS, the world’s largest employer, a happy 70th birthday. They richly deserve any praise and affection we have for our beloved NHS. Kumudini Valambia By email

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Ofsted chief accuses minority groups of 'entitlement' in hijab row The head of Ofsted has again stepped into the debate over the wearing of the hijab by primary school pupils, accusing minority groups with a “sense of religious or cultural entitlement” of attempting to exert an outsize influence on school policy. In a speech on Monday evening, Amanda Spielman urged school leaders to resist pressure on issues such as what children should wear or what is taught to pupils. She highlighted a “worrying” trend in schools where headteachers were being lobbied by groups seeking to influence school policy “whether or not members of that group constitute the majority of a school’s intake”. The importance of teaching British values in schools has become a familiar theme in the 18 months since Spielman became Ofsted chief inspector. In her latest intervention, she urged headteachers to step up their efforts so children learn about democracy and civil society, rather than leaving a vacuum that can be filled by extremist groups. Spielman has previously attracted criticism for her comments about the wearing of the headscarf by Muslim girls as young as five. Last year, she announced Ofsted inspectors had been told to question Muslim primary school pupils wearing a hijab, warning that expecting pupils to wear the headscarf “could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls”. She also came under fire for her intervention in the case of St Stephen’s, a state primary school in east London, where the headteacher withdrew plans to ban pupils from wearing the hijab in class after an outcry from parents and others. Spielman vociferously argued it was up to headteachers to set uniform rules. In her speech to the Policy Exchange thinktank in London, she said for some children “school may be the only time in their

lives that they spend time every day with people from outside their immediate ethnic or religious group, or at least where the values of people outside their own group can be explained and openly discussed”. Earlier this year, teachers at the annual conference of the National Education Union accused Spielman of promoting an “Islamophobic” approach to girls wearing the hijab and said her remarks had gone beyond the remit of the schools’ watchdog. In her latest foray, the chief inspector of schools in England took a defiant stance, insisting that Ofsted had a vital role in making sure that schools promote British values and vowing to continue to call out poor practice. She said too many pupils were being taught British values such as tolerance and democracy in a “piecemeal” fashion, with wall displays and assemblies. Instead they should be taught as part of a strong academic curriculum that would help pupils identify “fake news and siren voices”. She denied that Ofsted was biased against faith schools and said Muslim state schools were almost three times as likely to be judged outstanding by Ofsted than the national average, and Jewish and Christian state schools were more likely to be good or outstanding than their secular counterparts.

14-20 JULY 2018

One in five grammar schools prepare expansion bids in wake of £50m funding, analysis finds More than a fifth of existing grammar schools are preparing bids to expand in the wake of £50m funding. At least 35 selective schools - of which there are 163 in England - are considering a share of the expansion funding announced by the government to help create thousands of new places. Analysis from campaign group Comprehensive Future calculates that an additional thousand pupils could attend grammar schools a year - if all proposals for expansion are approved. Campaigners have criticised that spending is going on academic selection during a school funding crisis - and they argue that expanding grammar places causes “serious problems” for nearby secondary schools. Grammar schools have under a month to submit bids for the £50m fund - which schools minister Nick Gibb has said could fund up to 4,000 places a year. Schools will be able to access cash from September. As part of the bids to government, existing grammar schools have to set out what action they will take to boost the number of disadvantaged pupils they admit following criticism of a lack of diversity. Comprehensive Future found consultations for expansions on the websites of 35 selective schools across England - from Kent, London and Essex, to Devon, Manchester, and the West Midlands. It is possible that other grammar schools are seeking funding but have not put their consultations - which are supposed to run for four weeks - online ahead of the August deadline. Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said they had “deep concerns” about the further expansion of grammar schools.



Readers’ Voice

Women in today’s society

India is a developing nation. Here, the women have been enjoying a better position in society than in any other countries of the world. Their presence can be felt in every walk of life. From topmost constitutional position of Prime Minister and President to constables and air hostesses, they have marked their presence. Now women are police officers, judges, bank managers, army officers and pilots too. They have infiltrated into the traditionally exclusively men’s domain. They are efficiently handling banking operations, share markets, space research, etc. They are holding positions of responsibility in various fields of life. They are successful in the field of business and commerce as well. More and more women are coming out of the four walls of their houses into the open. Literacy rates in women have witnessed a sharp rise during the post-independence era. But there is a dark side of the story too. The rise in social and economic status of women has added to their burdens and responsibilities. They are still slaves as they have to do double duty — as employed women and as working house wives. Despite all achievements and progress, women still have to depend on the male members of their family for protection. At times, they have to depend on their father, husband and sons too. They can’t take decisions on their own. In our male-dominated society, women are still regarded as inferior to men. Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai, India

University of Reading tells refugee plan critics to 'jog on' A university has told people unhappy with its plans to offer scholarships to refugees to "jog on" on Twitter. The tweet from the official account of the University of Reading explained that they had received negative feedback since announcing the scheme. It added: "To these people, we would like to say: Tough." The university is standing by the post, despite complaints about the language, saying it is "proud and unapologetic to offer these scholarships". Some people criticised the university for the tweet, including a woman who said she was a mother of a current student.

However, others praised the university and said they were "proud" of the scholarship. The plans, developed in partnership with Reading Refugee Support Group (RRSG) and Reading University Students' Union, are set to provide up to 14 university scholarships for refugees in the Reading area. Pro Vice-Chancellor at the university, Professor Robert Van de Noort, said the scholarships are "another practical step to welcome and integrate all people into our communities". He said it was "a welcome addition to our existing range of scholarships available for a variety of students".

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14-20 JULY 2018

SCRUTATOR’S Adolf Hitler, it would appear, is in vogue in India and, not to be outdone in Sri Lanka, too. Arun Jaitley likened Indira Gandhi’s Emergency to Hitler’s abrogation of German democracy, the bizarre comparison perhaps is that contemporary Indian politicians have barely a nodding acquaintance with books, reading in their opinion perceived as subversion of the existing order. Arun Jaitley If you think this is depressing in itself, consider the case of a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka, Endaruwe Upali, of Kandy’s Asgiriya Chapter, whose birthday blessing to the country’s former Defence Minister, reads: ‘Let Gotabaya Rajapakse prove his critics right by becoming a real Hitler.’ A devotee of Gautama Buddha, also a worshipper of the Hitler cult is surely a headlong descent into insanity. Thankfully, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Srisena was quick to condemn the monk’s remark, with Prime Minister Rahil Wickremesingha issuing an even more robust rebuttal:: ‘There is no way Buddhism and Hitler’s brutality can be reconciled…Buddhists cannot tell someone to be like Idi Amin or Hitler or Pol Pot. It goes against the Buddha’s teachings.’ So it does. The erring monk, clearly abashed, said his words were not made ‘in a harmful sense’. (Hindu July 1) The cocktail of religion and politics diminishes and destroys humanity. Hindu Rohingyas in Bangladesh Around 100 Hindu Rohingya families fleeing persecution and violence in Buddhist Myanmar, have been given refuge in a camp in Bangladesh, a few miles from the large settlement of Muslim Rohingyas numbering 1.3 million (Hindu July 1). Injured Yemeni troops for Indian medicare In conjunction with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India will be providing medical care for injured Yemeni troops and civilians and those suffering post-traumatic shock. The civil war in the country involves direct Saudi Arabian intervention, backed by the US and UK arms supplies to the Saudi kingdom. India, UAE Initiative A source in New Delhi said: ‘This is an initiative to India’s medical diplomacy and humanitarian work of the UAE and the Red Crescent. This service was made possible by the coordination of India and UAE.’ Swift move to clinch Russia missile deal India is moving swiftly to clinch the multi-billion dollar deal with

Russia for five advanced S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems, spurred on perhaps by threats of US sanctions against Russia, and by extension, against India as well. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has affixed her signature to the deal, the relevant papers to be forwarded the

first entry into Australia’s burgeoning space market. The Adelaide-based Fleet Space Technologies plans to put up a constellation of an stated number of tiny satellites, all of which will need a suitable launch vehicles to these into space (Hindu July 1). India backs FATF’s watchlist on Pak terror India’s Ministry of External Affairs has welcomed the grey-listing of Pakistan by the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force, hoped that the Islamabad government would take positive steps to counter jihadi terrorism breeding on its territory. Being on the greylist requires Pakistan to enhance guarantees when borrowing money from international donors such as the International Monetary Fund. (Hindu July 1). Four jihadis killed in Kashmir operations Four jihadi terrorists were killed in Kashmir district of Pulwara in

segment with sales growth of 44 per cent spurred by the popularity of its Baleno, Brezza and Swift models. That said, there were other foreign achievers such as South Korea’s Hyundai, which registered sales growth of 21 per cent. Other leading players, India’s Tata, Japan’s Honda and Toyota,

India has saved some Rs 5,000 crore worth of foreign exchange through domestic production of high-end steel, said Steel Minister Choudhary Birendra Singh, The increased production of high-end steel had been of great benefit to the country’s shipping, defence, medical equipment, automobiles and various infrastructure sectors. He said the Steel Authority of India was collaborating with Arcelor Mittal in the production of high-end steel. The Steel Ministry had set Maruti Suzuki’s model, Swift passenger car up a Steel Research and Technology Mission to this end. India is projected to produce were also up and running with 300 million metric tonnes of steel creditable sales figures. by 2030 from the present 100 million and more tonnes. (Business Tata Motor excels Line June 30).

Girish Wagh, President, Commercial Vehicles at Tata Motors, said that sales in this sector had risen by 50 per cent on the back of buoyant industrial activity, driven by increased private consumption and higher government infrastructure investment. (Economic Times July 2). Increase in India’s foreign tourism

Nirmala Sitharaman Cabinet Committee for Defence chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The approval of the Finance Ministry will duly follow. Features The S-400 can destroy hostile aircraft, stealth fighters, missiles and drones at 400km range at an altitude of 30km. Radars can track hundreds of targets simultaneously. Rader can lock, shoot down Fifth Generation Stealth aircraft e.g. US F-35. Can intercept ballistic missiles with a velocity of 4,800 metres per second (Times of India July 1). Tata Steel, Thyssenkrupp In joint venture deal Tata Steel and Germany’s Thyssenkrupp have signed a joint venture agreement that will make them Europe’s second-largest steel company. It will have estimated sales worth $$17 billion and a combined workforce of 48,000. The Tata stake is 46 per cent, Thyssenkrupp 54 per cent. The plsant will be based in the Netherlands. Trade unions have endorsed the deal with noticeable enthusiasm (Times of India, Hindu July 1; BBC International TV channel July 1). PSLV to launch Australian satellite India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) has been contracted to launch an Australian satellite into near earth orbit, making this

two operations conducted by Indian security forces, said Director General of Police Shesh Paul Ved in Srinagar last week. The terrorists were run to ground in a house, which was encircled and the men shot dead in an exchange of fire (Hindu June 30). Monsoon covers Indian landmass The Monsoon which has been active in western India, from Mumbai down the weast coast to Kerala, across the Peninsula, thence to OOdisha, West Bengal and the North Eastern states including Assam, Meghalaya and farther east, has reached the North West, with Rajasthan lashed by rain and high winds, a fortnight ahead of schedule. Plentiful rain at the right time and right places are a guarantee of a bountiful harvest and high rural growth (Hindu July 30). Car sales surge India’s auto industry continued its double digit growth in June with higher demand for new models, while the increased volume of transported goods drove up the demand for commercial vehicles. Five of the leading car makers posted around 20 per cent growth. The segment overall rose by 30 per cent, while the combined commercial sales rose by 43 per cent. Maruti leads Market leader Maruti Suzuki continued its drive the passenger car

High-end steel saves India vast expense

Time was when Indians wishing to embark on foreign tours were as scarce as gold dust, such being the scarcity of the country’s foreign exchange reserves. In the new, unfettered India of licences and permits, there are living experiences to savour, and hence travel companies say that the average expenditure of outbound tourists over the past three years had doubled to $80, 000. Higher incomes, planned holidays, more international flights from Tier II cities, greater professionalism in the tourist, off-season tours et al are the principal factors responsible for this emergent reality.

12 Sikhs killed in Afghan suicide blast Twelve Sikhs were killed in an overall death toll of 19, in a suicide bomb blast in a marketplace in the southern Afghan city of Jalalabad. Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was in a government office nearby meeting local officials. The continuing violence in the country highlights its precarious security situation. Afghan Sikhs are considering emigrating to India (Hindu July 2). Pakistanis joyride on Kolkata trams When 73 Pakistani students in Kolkata boarded a tram on a sightseeing tour of the city, it was a dream come true. Karachi born and bred, they had heard of trams that generations ago plied the city before turning into scrap for sale. In Kolkata they saw the real thing, still visible on restricted routes. The youthful visitors revelled in the experience (Times of India of India June 12).

IISc science boost

Indian Institute of Science campus, Bangalore The Indian Institute of Science, founded in 1909 by Jamsetji Tata and then Maharaja of Mysore Krishnaraja Wadyar IV in Bangalore, has a three-year plan to establish a research park at its present facility in the city in a bid to incubate science-technology companies. Professor G.K. Ananthasuresh, Chairman of the Centre of Biosystems Science and Engineering, explained: ‘We want to scale it up ten times and the tenders for setting up the facility have already been issued.’ Collaboration The institute, spread over 400 acres, is home to 400 departments. It has collaborative ventures with well established companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Volvo, Google, General Motors, Microsoft Research, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, the Indian Space Research Organization, the (Indian) Aeronautical Development Agency and the (Indian) Centre for Advance Computing. (Hindu June 30).



Teenager guilty of murdering shopkeeper A 16-year-old boy from Brent who attacked and killed a family man outside his shop after he refused to sell him cigarette papers has been found guilty of his murder. Vijaykumar Patel, 49, was working at his shop on The Broadway, in Mill Hill, when three teenage boys came in and tried to buy some items, including cigarette papers, on Saturday, January 6. He had concerns about their age and refused to serve them because they could not provide suitable identification. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the trio were unhappy about the decision and became aggressive, threatening to vandalise the shop. Mr Patel, who was from the Colindale area, and a colleague went outside after them to ensure no damage was caused but the teenager continued to be aggressive challenging the pair to a fight and being abusive.

The youngster then struck Mr Patel with force across the neck, causing him to fall to the ground and suffer catastrophic head injuries. The colleague was also punched by the teenagers. He suffered minor injuries, but did not require hospital treatment. London Ambulance Service (LAS) paramedics were called to the shop and they then contacted Met Police colleagues who attended at 11.45pm. Mr Patel was taken to a central London hospital for treatment but died during the evening of Monday, January 8. A post-mortem examination held at Northwick Park Hospital Mortuary gave the provisional cause of Mr Patel's death as head injuries. Detective chief inspector Luke Marks, from the Met's Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: "It beggars belief that a family man with two kids has lost his life over an argument

Southall Paedophile jailed A paedophile from Southall who made and distributed more than 60,000 indecent images of children has been jailed. Even while on bail, having admitted to police that he downloaded and kept the indecent images, he continued to use the internet to find child pornography. Regnoricus Shanmugam was first arrested by police who were acting on intelligence that an unknown suspect was using the internet at an address in Hayes to download indecent images of children, Metropolitan Police said. Shanmugam was at the address when police arrived on December 20, 2016, and confessed that he had been downloading the illegal pictures at a south London police station. He was released on bail and ordered to come back in October 2017. While on bail he was not allowed to have any unsupervised contact with anyone below the age of 18. He also had to report to a police station once a week. The 28-year-old's bail was extended to March 2018 but Metropolitan Police became aware of new evidence that he has been distributing indecent images of children. Shanmugam was charged that day with three counts of distributing indecent images of children and three counts of making indecent photographs of a child. He was remanded into custody the following day at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court before appearing at Isleworth Crown Court on June 11, where he pleaded guilty to all counts. He was sentenced to three years in prison on Tuesday (July 2), the Met said.

Vijaykumar Patel

about cigarette papers that got out of hand. "This was an unprovoked spontaneous incident sparked entirely by the refusal to let the suspects buy what they wanted. A man has lost his life for no reason other than trying to uphold the law, which is there to protect everyone including young people. "I would like to praise the work of the team who built a strong case, and the victim's family and friends who have conducted themselves with the utmost dignity. "Vijaykumar was a loving son, brother, father and

husband, and his family are left mourning his death, wondering how someone could use such abhorrent and casual violence. The Met's Homicide and Major Crime Command launched an investigation, with forensic analysis completed at the scene and CCTV footage gained from inside and outside the shop. The teenager was arrested on January 8 but refused to cooperate with police and answered "no comment" to even the most basic questions put to him. He was convicted of murdering Mr Patel on Monday, July 9. Two other boys - aged 16 and 15 - were arrested after they attended a central London police station on January 10. The 16-year-old was given a youth caution for a Section 4 Public Order Act in relation to his actions towards the shop owner and witness. The 15-year-old was released with no further action taken.

14-20 JULY 2018



Family Pay Tribute To A34 Crash Victim The family of a man from Reading, who died in a crash on the A34, have described him as an ‘excellent dad and loving husband.’ 43 year old Vipin Kumar was killed in the collision between a lorry, van and a car on the southbound carriageway at Bullington Cross six days ago. Emergency services were called to the scene following the three vehicle incident involving a lorry, a Peugeot van and a Toyota Auris being driven by Mr Kumar. He was pronounced dead at the scene. In a statement Vipin's family said: “Vipin was an excellent dad that no one could compete with. He was a loving husband and was a mischievous son. He had a plethora of friends and he had a very special quality that made every

friend feel that they were his best friend. “He was always jolly and his sarcastic comments used to win hearts in no time. He is and always will be greatly missed and he will remain in our hearts for years to come."

A 40 year old lorry driver arrested in connection with the crash has been released under investigation. Police are asking anyone with information to call 101, quoting 44180248886, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Man denies attempting to murder baby and woman at home in Feltham A man has pleaded not guilty to attempting to murder a baby and a woman. Rehan Khan, 26, is accused of stabbing the boy and 32-year-old woman at a home in Feltham on June 4. The baby, who cannot be named for legal reasons,



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was seriously injured and nearly three weeks after being attacked was still in a critical condition in hospital. Police revealed that the boy was just 11 months old at the time of the attack on the Oriel estate. The female victim suffered minor and non-

life changing injuries. Police and paramedics were called at about 7.10pm on June 4 after neighbours heard “blood curdling” screams coming from inside the family home. Khan, from Feltham, appeared before the Old Bailey by video link from

Wormwood Scrubs. He spoke to confirm his age and Pakistani nationality and enter not guilty pleas to two charges of attempted murder. Judge Anthony Leonard QC fixed a five-day trial for November 26 and remanded the defendant into custody.



14-20 JULY 2018

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Chequers Summit: More misses than hits In what has been touted as Prime Minister May's most dramatic face-off with her senior team, at least since the last one, the Chequers Summit saw May push for a Brexit so soft, you could practically see her red lines bend to the point of breaking. Two years after a majority vote to leave the European Union, May confronted Brexiters, and their self-cooked fantasies, unveiling a compromise plan with an outcome that will minimise damage to the British Economy. The government confirmed it would end free movement of people, albeit with the possibility of a new generous labour scheme with Europe. The proposals affirmed at the PM's country residence are inferior to the UK's current relationship with the EU. However, they allow Brexit to proceed while protecting some vital economic interests. The initial document however, fudges important policy issues. The government published its Chequers agreement detailing its latest Brexit negotiating stance, supposedly with the entire Cabinet's support. The proposal involved staying aligned with the EU on goods, however, allowing for more wriggle-room on services. May's government has proposed a “free trade area for goods” which has the benefit of avoiding friction at the Irish border. This would be based on a “common rulebook for all goods including agri-food, with the UK making an upfront choice to commit by treaty to ongoing harmonisation with EU rules”. However, it would only cover “those necessary to provide for frictionless trade at the border.” The UK wants to retain the right to diverge from EU rules “recognising that this would have consequences”. The government plans to strike a separate deal with “regulatory flexibility” where required. However, the proposal admits this means the “UK and the EU will not have current levels of access to each other's markets.” Also, under current proposals, the UK will commit to putting together a common rulebook on state aid and establish “cooperative arrangements between regulators on competition.” Both sides would also agree to maintain high regulatory standards for the environment, climate change, social and employment, and consumer rights.

Several questions unanswered The three pages long document however, failed to answer several major questions. For example, who can cross borders and how? Neither membership of a customs union, nor a “combined customs territory” as proposed in the Chequers paper would necessarily prevent backlogs at borders. Another important question is the VAT. One of the most demanding areas for customs checks and a major source of fraud, the EU is standardising Value Added Tax (VAT) at 15pc. The Chequers paper have failed to make any mention on the topic. While Brussels regards Norway as a trustworthy when it comes to paying duties, the EU fraud watchdog stated that UK customs are so weak they are a magnet for fraudsters. Failing to finalise a deal on VAT would mean that UK firms might not be able to claim tax refunds from other EU countries via online portals and will have to pay the tax upfront at the border. Britain's key industry, financial services barely gets a mention in the plan. The document acknowledges the “UK and the EU will not have current levels of access to each other's markets” as “passporting”, allowing a bank licensed in one EU nation to access all the others, will no longer apply. The aim is to reach “arrangements on financial services that preserve the mutual benefits of integrated markets and protect financial stability”. Cross-party reactions Conservative party's Lord Jitesh Gadhia, speaking to Asian Voice said, “Delivering Brexit is massively complicated because there are many versions of how we can leave the EU - and different consequences of each option. Brexit involves untangling over 40 years of deeply integrated and intertwined structures and processes with the EU. So it is important to listen to the voice of business in achieving an outcome in the national economic interest. “I have huge sympathy for the Prime Minister in trying to navigate the best course for the country as we leave the EU. She is attempting to reconcile all the conflicting concerns and constraints from both sides of the Brexit debate. It is a near impossible task because of the trade-offs

involved. If there was an easy solution then we would have found it by now. “Whilst it is important for the topic of customs and the free and easy movement of goods to be thrashed out – let’s also remember that 80% of the UK’s GDP comes from services. It is therefore nontariff barriers and market access issues that are much more important for these sectors. “All the evidence shows that financial and professional services are at the heart of the success of the British Asian communities in UK. A staggering 32% of Indians work in professional industries compared to an average of 20% across the population. We provide the human capital engine for large parts of the economy. These sectors have also provided a powerful engine for social mobility because they are rooted in meritocracy. Any Brexit deal must therefore cover trading in services as well as goods.” Lord Navnit Dholakia, Deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat Party said, “Theresa May has had almost two years to put together a coherent proposal for the future of our country and has failed to do so. There is an internecine warfare in her Cabinet.The Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned and is followed by the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.Three other junior Ministers have also gone.This is like the proverbial bus wait.You wait ages for one and five turn up at the same time. So what has all this rumpus in the Tory Party all about. “Well, you have got to go back to the days of John Major to understand the conflict about our membership of the European Union. A live microphone picked up the comments about “bastards”who were challenging our Union with Europe.This continued during the leaderships of Michael Howard, William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith. When Cameron took charge, he promised a referendum to finally resolve the issue. That was his biggest mistake.He failed in the worst run referendum campaign and the country has paid a heavy price since then. “Well, Boris Johnson is no loss as a Foreign Secretary. Having lost his arguments he now confirms that the dream of

Brexiteers is dying. He is not wrong. I am happy that this is so. Britain cannot survive as a Little Englander in a global economy. Brexit was a dummy sold to electors at the referendum. “Theresa May’s proposals can hardly be described as a soft Brexit given the damage due to be caused to the economy by taking the UK out of the Customs Union and single market. The fudged compromise is already proving unworkable. We should hope that the Government so badly divided will go back to British people to ask them if they want an exit from this chaotic Conservative Brexit. “The worse is still to come. The Conservative fudge will satisfy nobodyleavers,remainers,business or the EU.It leaves the UK a rule taker on goods and agricultural produce,puts the UK service sector at great risk and could fall foul of the EU’s no cherry pickings and deliverability rules. The country is almost at a stand still and we are paying a heavy price to resolve the conflict in the Tory Party.” Labour party's Seema Malhotra MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury said, “This looks like sticking plaster to hold together a divided Cabinet, not the plan for jobs and the economy that Britain needs and the fall out in the Tory Party has left May weakened. The proposals stop well short of the comprehensive customs union we need. And I’m staggered that the Government still has no meaningful plan to protect our services which form 80% of our economy. We urgently need more detailed proposals brought forward. “May could have handled the last two years so differently. But it is finally a moment when she is taking a stand against the hard Brexiteers who have been caught out with no real plan of their own. There is almost universal consensus that their desired no deal would be hugely damaging for our country. “It is clear we are running out of time and that any form of Brexit is now set to leave us worse off. Theresa May’s own frontbencher admitted at the weekend that the Chequers proposals will leave us with less access to markets than we have now. We don’t know how much less, or how much people and businesses will pay the proposed new complex customs arrangement. People voted to come out, they didn’t vote to lose out and this is an admission that we will do so.”

UK's biggest private firms remain resilient among uncertainties As Brexit worries loom large, against a backdrop of global instability and domestic uncertainty, many of Britain's biggest private firms have risen to a new height. According to the 17th annual Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100, combined sales of companies that make up the list, add up to a record £205bn and profits to a record of £23.5bn. Top Track 100 ranks Britain's biggest private companies by their latest sales. The league table is produced by Fast Track, the Oxford firm that researches Britain's top-performing private companies and organises invitation-only dinners for their owners and directors to network and meet sponsors. This year six companies with Asian ownership have been featured on the list. Fuel forecourt operator Zuber and Mohsin Issa, is on number 5 with a £4516mn turnover. Both 46, EG Group owns and manages 4500 forecourts under BP, Esso and Shell fuel

Pradip Dhamecha, Manish Dhamecha and Mukesh Vithlani

Joe Hemani

Ranjit Boparan

brads across Europe and the US. On number 10 is the Bestway group with a turn over of £3,293mn. Under Chairman Anwar Pervez,

83, Bestway has grown from a single grocery stored, opened in 1963, to Britain's largest, privately owned cash-and-carry group. The group also operates 798

Bestway Group Chief Executive Zameer Choudrey

Well Pharmacy stores across the UK. On number 11 is 2 Sisters Food Group with £3,289mn turnover. This West Midlands food producer is best known for its poultry division. Which accounted for two-thirds of its £3.3bn in sales last year. The group is led by founder and president Ranjit Boparan, 51, and chief executive Ronald Kers, 49, who joined in June. On number 21 is Westcoast with £2,227mn turnover. Founded in 1984 by chairman Joe Hemani, 71, Westcoast distributes IT products and services to

Mohsin and Zuber Issa

more than 14,000 customers in the UK and Europe. Dhamecha Foods is on number 89 with a turn over of £753mn. Founded in 1976, this Wembley-based company sells more than 12,000 products from seven depots in London and two in Midlands, having opened a site in Birmingham in November. Cousins Pradip and Manish Dhamecha, 59, and Manish's brother -in-

law Mukesh Vithlani, 65, lead the business, which supplies groceries, drinks, snacks and other products to corner shops, off-licenses, pubs and pharmacies. Welcome Break with £723mn is on number 96. A familiar sight on Britain's motorways for more than 55 years, this company says 85mn people use its 27 service areas each year, visiting retailers such as Pizza Express and Starbucks.



14-20 JULY 2018



Report forecasts optimistic future of London’s economy post-Brexit Charusmita To illustrate a range of consequences of the UK’s future relationship with the European Union (EU) and to prepare London for Brexit, an Economic Committee meeting was held at the City Hall on 10th July. Earlier this year, the Mayor published findings from research he had commissioned to develop scenarios to model possible outcomes for the UK and London of the UK leaving the EU Customs Union and Single Market. The research was carried out in a short time frame of 3 months, undertaken by Cambridge Econometric. Its report titled ‘Preparing for Brexit’ modelled five scenarios – (i) A ‘close to status quo’ scenario where the UK remains part of both the single market and customs union; (ii) a scenario where the UK remains part of the single market, but not the customs union; (iii) a scenario where the UK remains a part of the customs union, but not the single market, (iv) a hard Brexit scenario in which

trade between the UK and the EU falls under World Trade Organisation rules with a two-year transition period from March 2019; and (v) as for scenario 4, but without a two-year transition period. The panel of experts present at the meeting included Ben Gardiner (Director, Cambridge Econometrics), Dr Graham Gudgin (Centre for Business Research, Judge Business School University of Cambridge), Roger Bootle (Chairman, Capital Economics) and the Rt. Hon. Lord Andrew Adonis. In the panel discussion, it was noted, in line with the research, that London is more resilient than the rest of the UK and is likely to recover more quickly, widening the imbalance between London and other regions. In London, Construction and Hospitality sectors, which tend to require less skilled labour and employ a larger proportion of EU migrants than other key sectors, were expected to see larger impacts on employment than the rest of the country.

Scenarios studied by Cambridge Econometrics

Financial & professional services, Science & Technology, Creative & Construction are among the hardest-hit sectors by Brexit. The results also show that Brexit will not only reduce the size of the UK economy (compared to what may have happened if the UK remained in the single market and customs

union), but also put it on a slower long-term growth trajectory (the economy is still expected to grow, but at a slower rate than if Brexit did not occur). Lord Adonis said, “London has a global outreach and anything that reduces London’s international competitiveness is detrimental to London’s

economy”. However, Mr Roger Bootle raised a conceptual issue: “We need to define what we mean by London’s economy. It cannot be seen in isolation. Should we be thinking about maximising the size of the economy or catering to the interests of current Londoners? We cannot bring millions of people

into the UK from the rest of the world and not expect consequences.” The panel agreed that the government has an unclear stand on immigration policy and that post-referendum, the two years could have been optimised for planning Brexit. The panel of experts largely agreed that a no-deal Brexit is a highly unlikely scenario.

The UK-India relationship is politics neutral, says Indian Minister Rupanjana Dutta India’s Minister of IT, Law & Justice, Ravi Shankar Prasad, outlined his vision for India as a land of digital opportunities for UK investment at an Indian Professionals Forum (IPF) event at Asia House on 9 July. He outlined India’s digitisation efforts, which are estimated to add $154 billion to the country’s GDP by 2021 and present a huge opportunity for UK-based investors. During his speech, Minister Prasad urged UK companies to make use of an open foreign direct investment (FDI) regime in the IT sector to engage with one of the world’s “biggest markets”. Minister Prasad’s speech, entitled ‘India: A Land of Digital Opportunities’, came in the context of the April 2018 launch of the UK-India Tech Partnership and the UK Government’s commitment to strengthening trade links between the countries in the post-Brexit period. According to a recent IDC study, commissioned by Microsoft, the digital transformation of products

and services in India will account for over 55% of the country’s GDP by the turn of the decade. Minister Prasad expanded on this incredible growth and shone a light on the landscape for foreign direct investment (FDI). Relations between the UK and India in this thriving area, and in others, are already strong with long histories of collaboration. Speaking about engaging the diaspora in India's digital journey, the Minister exclusively told the Asian Voice, “The diaspora in the UK, US (such as Silicon Valley) and elsewhere are doing remarkable job. I am very proud of their achievements. We are engaging more and more with them now, but we know we need to work together more.” After Minister Prasad’s speech at Asia House, the IPF event sponsor Pontaq launched a new UK India Innovation Fund (UIIF) in his presence with the aim of creating a sustainable economic impact in the UK-India corridor by enabling the creation of at least 2500 jobs with £50 million fund. This new fund will

HE Y K Sinha, the High Commissioner of India to UK, Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Dr Mohan Kaul and Srinivas Gotru, the acting Deputy High Commissioner of India to UK

predominantly invest in UK-centric businesses in the areas of FinTech (including RegTech and InsurTech), Smart Cities Tech (comprising technologies in energy, waste, water and transport) and Emerging Technologies (IoT, AR/VR, AI/ML and Blockchain to name a few). The UIIF will also look at innovative companies coming out of India that are looking to expand in UK and other

western markets. In his speech, Minister of IT, Law & Justice, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad said: “India's digital economy is poised for great growth. It is a land of digital opportunities and we are working towards making digital empowerment a mass movement.” “The UK-India relationship is politics neutral. It is very robust and stable, with a new ecosystem laid by the last

visit of Prime Minister Modi to the UK with the UK-India Tech Alliance.” The Minister met with the Law Society of Wales and England on Tuesday. IPF President, Dr Mohan Kaul said: “It is clear that Industry 4.0 is creating ever-more opportunities for the UK and India to partner – with the adoption of AI, robotics, blockchain, data analytics, and other digital services, providing new platforms for

collaboration between our great nations. This could not come at a better time for Britain with Brexit looming. As one door closes, another must open. “At the IPF, we try to open those doors and look at ways to harness new ideas that will benefit our societies and economies. “The IPF provides a powerful voice to our members and is a leading platform for debate. There are enormous opportunities for the diaspora to participate – and it is our job to act as a focus for their ideas, to provide feedback, and to help them forge new and successful partnerships”. Founding Partner of Pontaq, Prem Kumar Barthasarathy said: “I’m delighted, with my colleagues at the IPF, to be launching the new UKIndia Innovation Fund (UIIF). “We believe this fund, which has an initial capital round of £50 million, will engender closer collaboration and pave the way for a much stronger technology transfer between the UK and India – to the benefit of both economies.”

16 FBI


14-20 JULY 2018




14-20 JULY 2018



"UK’s ecosystem robust enough to survive Brexit challenges" 18th Finance, Banking and Insurance magazine was launched at the House of Commons on 5th July

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP

Art Halai

Paresh Raja, founder and CEO of Market Financial Solutions receiving Bridging Lender of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Ken Popat, Managing Director of Finance House Ltd receiving the Finance Broker of the Year award from Lord Gadhia

Simon Ogborn on behalf of MoneyGram receiving the Best Remittance Service Award of the Year from Lord Jitesh Gadhia

Kiran D Patel of Albury Associates receiving Accountancy Firm of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Shyam Mistry from Axiom Stone Solicitors receiving the Law firm of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Kalpesh Avasia from State Bank of India receiving the Financial Institution of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Formal launch of the 18th annual Finance, Banking and Insurance magazine by Lord Jitesh Gadhia, CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar and Mani Khiroya, Chief Financial Officer and Principal, Pivot


n the eve of the much criticised Cabinet meeting about Brexit at the Chequers, Lord Jitesh Gadhia launching the 18th Finance Banking Insurance magazine published by the Asian Voice newspaper, told a room full of audience in the House of Commons that, UK’s ecosystem is robust enough to survive the inevitable changes of Brexit. Though he is not undermining the difficulties lying ahead, Lord Gadhia is of the belief that ‘acceleration of invention’ could be an answer to Britain’s upcoming challenges, where the British Asian community’s expertise remains of great value.


CB Patel

Mani Khiroya

Lord Gadhia a British investment banker was appointed by HM Treasury to the Board of UK Financial Investments in 2014. Speaking at the launch he said, “Twice as many as dollars are traded in the U.K. than the US, same ratio applies in trading in euro currency compared to euro zones. UK based fund managers invest in over 8 trillion pounds asset, that is 5 times size of the Indian economy. “Financial and professional services recruit 2.2mn people, two-thirds of them outside of London, representing our flagship of export sector, generating a

Supported by

Photo courtesy: Raj D Bakrania, PrMediapix

Paid subscribers of Asian Voice will receive a copy of the FBI magazine 2018 with their newspaper this week.

combined trade surplus of £94bn and contribute no less than £87bn in combined tax revenues. We need to find a way to preserve these benefits. “Some jobs will be lost to the EU, and in response I think we should accelerate the process of reinvention which is been at the heart of the success of the financial services. “A key part will come from financial technology, London is rapidly becoming the fintech capital...The Indian diaspora will be of an ever great value to the UK now. “Finance, banking and insurance are key areas of the competitive advantage of the

U.K. economy. They will be essential to the success and social mobility of British Asians and we need to build upon the success stories, represented by each and one of you in this room tonight,” he added. Financial and professional services are at the heart of the British Asian community. 32% of Indians work in the professional industries compared to an average of 20% across the rest of the population. These sectors have provided a powerful engine of social mobility and they are rooted in meritocracy. The event was hosted by Rt

Hon Keith Vaz, who said, “A person of Indian origin could be the Governor of Bank of England. Just let us be on the shortlist, even if we don’t get the job. Two out of five are Asian on the list- one man and one woman.” He also said he wants the Asians to break the glass ceiling, and unless they are entirely successful, he will carry on lobbying for the community. CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of the Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar newsweeklies said, “Community will grow as long as we are competitive. The upcoming days are challenging. But our contributions to

the finance, banking and insurance sectors could actually help UK to overcome the hurdles. This magazine is our effort to highlight contributions of the community, in small and big way to keep UK’s economy afloat.” The magazine was launched formally by Lord Gadhia, CB Patel and Mani Khiroya, Chief Financial Officer and Principal, Pivot. This year's compere was Arti Halai, a tv presenter and author. 6 awards were given to recipients from different sectors of the financial world to especially highlight their outstanding contributions and success stories. State Bank of India, the largest bank in India won the Financial Institution of the

Year award. Mr Paresh Raja from Market Financial Solutions won Bridging lender of the year award and Mr Kiran D Patel of Albury Associates Limited won the Accountancy Firm of the Year award. The Best Remittance Service award was given to Moneygram. Finance House Limited received the Finance Broker of the Year and Axiom Stone Solicitors won the Law Firm of the Year award. The event was supported by Pivot, a company providing short term finance to help project objectives for property professionals, investors and developers and Propio, a crowdfunding platform that brings together investors seeking attractive returns and expert property firms seeking

funding for development. CEO, Mani Khiroya talked about fair pricing and transparency among Small and Medium Enterprises. Ken Popat from Finance House Ltd, winning the Finance Broker of the Year award said, “I am hugely honoured that Finance House Ltd has been awarded the Finance Broker of the Year Award at the recent FBI ceremony held at The House of Commons, this award means a great deal to both me and the Team in recognition of our works over the last 25 years. “The Event itself went like clockwork and it was great to meet with so many of my peers and like-minded business people out to celebrate genuine contributors to our communi-

ty and I am confident that these Awards will go from strength to strength in coming years. Kiran D Patel from Albury Associates told Asian Voice, “Receiving the award and recognition as the Accountancy Firm of the year 2018 at the recent Asian Voice Business Publications prestigious event for the launch of the 18th edition of the Finance Banking Insurance magazine has already been an overwhelming boost for my Practice. I am extremely grateful and honored to have received this recognition. I know that it will go a very long way to help me to build the Practice that I have visualized offering a forum for training excellence to budding

Accountants.” Axiom Stone Solicitors receiving the Law Firm of the Year Award said, “We are delighted to receive this award and to be recognised for the firm’s achievements as it has grown from strength to strength over the last 10 years. We are very grateful to all of the team at Axiom Stone for their dedication and commitment and of course, for the continued support of our clients. We also very much appreciate all the support we have received from the Asian Voice family. We look forward to continuing to deliver the highest standard of legal services as we embark on our next 10 years.” Paresh Raja from MFS UK receiving the Best Bridging

Lender of the Year award said, “It is a great honour and we are very grateful for this achievement. A lot of professional work and due diligence is managed in the background and we continuously strive to enhance the way we deliver our MFS Bridging Finance to provide the best support for development and growth for both Borrowers & Investors.” State Bank of India receiving the Financial Institution of the Year said, "Thank you to the Asian Business Publication (ABPL Group) for this recognition. We are extremely proud of how far the bank has come from the first time it opened its doors to UK residents in 1921. We remain committed to serving the UK market for many more years to come."

16 FBI


14-20 JULY 2018




14-20 JULY 2018



"UK’s ecosystem robust enough to survive Brexit challenges" 18th Finance, Banking and Insurance magazine was launched at the House of Commons on 5th July

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP

Art Halai

Paresh Raja, founder and CEO of Market Financial Solutions receiving Bridging Lender of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Ken Popat, Managing Director of Finance House Ltd receiving the Finance Broker of the Year award from Lord Gadhia

Simon Ogborn on behalf of MoneyGram receiving the Best Remittance Service Award of the Year from Lord Jitesh Gadhia

Kiran D Patel of Albury Associates receiving Accountancy Firm of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Shyam Mistry from Axiom Stone Solicitors receiving the Law firm of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Kalpesh Avasia from State Bank of India receiving the Financial Institution of the Year Award from Lord Gadhia

Formal launch of the 18th annual Finance, Banking and Insurance magazine by Lord Jitesh Gadhia, CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar and Mani Khiroya, Chief Financial Officer and Principal, Pivot


n the eve of the much criticised Cabinet meeting about Brexit at the Chequers, Lord Jitesh Gadhia launching the 18th Finance Banking Insurance magazine published by the Asian Voice newspaper, told a room full of audience in the House of Commons that, UK’s ecosystem is robust enough to survive the inevitable changes of Brexit. Though he is not undermining the difficulties lying ahead, Lord Gadhia is of the belief that ‘acceleration of invention’ could be an answer to Britain’s upcoming challenges, where the British Asian community’s expertise remains of great value.


CB Patel

Mani Khiroya

Lord Gadhia a British investment banker was appointed by HM Treasury to the Board of UK Financial Investments in 2014. Speaking at the launch he said, “Twice as many as dollars are traded in the U.K. than the US, same ratio applies in trading in euro currency compared to euro zones. UK based fund managers invest in over 8 trillion pounds asset, that is 5 times size of the Indian economy. “Financial and professional services recruit 2.2mn people, two-thirds of them outside of London, representing our flagship of export sector, generating a

Supported by

Photo courtesy: Raj D Bakrania, PrMediapix

Paid subscribers of Asian Voice will receive a copy of the FBI magazine 2018 with their newspaper this week.

combined trade surplus of £94bn and contribute no less than £87bn in combined tax revenues. We need to find a way to preserve these benefits. “Some jobs will be lost to the EU, and in response I think we should accelerate the process of reinvention which is been at the heart of the success of the financial services. “A key part will come from financial technology, London is rapidly becoming the fintech capital...The Indian diaspora will be of an ever great value to the UK now. “Finance, banking and insurance are key areas of the competitive advantage of the

U.K. economy. They will be essential to the success and social mobility of British Asians and we need to build upon the success stories, represented by each and one of you in this room tonight,” he added. Financial and professional services are at the heart of the British Asian community. 32% of Indians work in the professional industries compared to an average of 20% across the rest of the population. These sectors have provided a powerful engine of social mobility and they are rooted in meritocracy. The event was hosted by Rt

Hon Keith Vaz, who said, “A person of Indian origin could be the Governor of Bank of England. Just let us be on the shortlist, even if we don’t get the job. Two out of five are Asian on the list- one man and one woman.” He also said he wants the Asians to break the glass ceiling, and unless they are entirely successful, he will carry on lobbying for the community. CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of the Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar newsweeklies said, “Community will grow as long as we are competitive. The upcoming days are challenging. But our contributions to

the finance, banking and insurance sectors could actually help UK to overcome the hurdles. This magazine is our effort to highlight contributions of the community, in small and big way to keep UK’s economy afloat.” The magazine was launched formally by Lord Gadhia, CB Patel and Mani Khiroya, Chief Financial Officer and Principal, Pivot. This year's compere was Arti Halai, a tv presenter and author. 6 awards were given to recipients from different sectors of the financial world to especially highlight their outstanding contributions and success stories. State Bank of India, the largest bank in India won the Financial Institution of the

Year award. Mr Paresh Raja from Market Financial Solutions won Bridging lender of the year award and Mr Kiran D Patel of Albury Associates Limited won the Accountancy Firm of the Year award. The Best Remittance Service award was given to Moneygram. Finance House Limited received the Finance Broker of the Year and Axiom Stone Solicitors won the Law Firm of the Year award. The event was supported by Pivot, a company providing short term finance to help project objectives for property professionals, investors and developers and Propio, a crowdfunding platform that brings together investors seeking attractive returns and expert property firms seeking

funding for development. CEO, Mani Khiroya talked about fair pricing and transparency among Small and Medium Enterprises. Ken Popat from Finance House Ltd, winning the Finance Broker of the Year award said, “I am hugely honoured that Finance House Ltd has been awarded the Finance Broker of the Year Award at the recent FBI ceremony held at The House of Commons, this award means a great deal to both me and the Team in recognition of our works over the last 25 years. “The Event itself went like clockwork and it was great to meet with so many of my peers and like-minded business people out to celebrate genuine contributors to our communi-

ty and I am confident that these Awards will go from strength to strength in coming years. Kiran D Patel from Albury Associates told Asian Voice, “Receiving the award and recognition as the Accountancy Firm of the year 2018 at the recent Asian Voice Business Publications prestigious event for the launch of the 18th edition of the Finance Banking Insurance magazine has already been an overwhelming boost for my Practice. I am extremely grateful and honored to have received this recognition. I know that it will go a very long way to help me to build the Practice that I have visualized offering a forum for training excellence to budding

Accountants.” Axiom Stone Solicitors receiving the Law Firm of the Year Award said, “We are delighted to receive this award and to be recognised for the firm’s achievements as it has grown from strength to strength over the last 10 years. We are very grateful to all of the team at Axiom Stone for their dedication and commitment and of course, for the continued support of our clients. We also very much appreciate all the support we have received from the Asian Voice family. We look forward to continuing to deliver the highest standard of legal services as we embark on our next 10 years.” Paresh Raja from MFS UK receiving the Best Bridging

Lender of the Year award said, “It is a great honour and we are very grateful for this achievement. A lot of professional work and due diligence is managed in the background and we continuously strive to enhance the way we deliver our MFS Bridging Finance to provide the best support for development and growth for both Borrowers & Investors.” State Bank of India receiving the Financial Institution of the Year said, "Thank you to the Asian Business Publication (ABPL Group) for this recognition. We are extremely proud of how far the bank has come from the first time it opened its doors to UK residents in 1921. We remain committed to serving the UK market for many more years to come."


14-20 JULY 2018


LINT GROUP Property Pioneers Over 25 years of impeccable service Lint Group began back in 1992 when founders Rizz Patel and Sam Chand set up Letting International. With no previous experience in the property market, the then 17-year-old Rizz and 25-year-old Sam, spotted the opportunity to provide landlords with a property management service that they could rely on. By 2004, Letting International were looking after over 1,600 properties and had a turnover in excess of £25 million. Letting International became pioneers in the industry when they introduced guaranteed rent, which at the time was an innovative and forward-thinking approach to property management. This allows clients to let their properties with Lint Group for a fixed period of time with the certainty of a guaranteed monthly income. Over the next five years, the business

business into property development. This led to the creation of Lint Development, with all three businesses now sitting under the umbrella company, Lint Group. “We pride ourselves on developing real relationships as well as providing a quality service to clients that always delivers,” says Rizz. “If you’re looking for peace of mind that your property will be well managed, cared for and your rents paid on time, then we are your perfect partner,” he concludes.

steadily grew, with the directors forging long-lasting partnerships with local authorities across the London boroughs, sourcing temporary and permanent accommodation for a huge number of families. Clients at the heart of business The directors learnt early on that the key to a successful letting business isn’t just looking after the landlord but also making sure that the tenants are happy. Rizz believes the core values of honesty and integrity, which underpin the business, are the reason for its resounding and continued success. He says: “We understand the emotional attachment that many people have to their properties. Property is usually a person’s single largest investment in their lives.” Lint Group have recently started to conduct seminars and events on investment management, tax and other timely topics for their clients to attend and benefit from. Looking after a huge portfolio of properties for many different landlords, the directors soon expanded their business into property maintenance with the launch of sister

The Future for Lint Group Sam is excited about their future developments. “I see Lint Group expanding our property management services into central London and Essex. Our aim is to build Lint Development’s portfolio by purchasing stock and rebuilding properties.” As the industry moves online, Lint Group will continue to develop through digital innovation and improved work practices to provide a more efficient and effective service to their clients. Rizz notes “We spend a lot of time listening to what our landlords and our clients want from us and we act upon these suggestions to ensure we are constantly progressing. At Lint Group, we are honored to support local community projects and we will continue to invest our time and work alongside charities and worthwhile causes.” To get in touch with Lint Group call: 020 8554 9999 or e-mail Social Media:Twitter: @Lintgroup_ Instagram: @Lint_Group Facebook: Letting International #LandlordsLoveLintGroup

I-T dept sells part of Cairn shares to recover tax dues The Income Tax Department has sold a chunk of Cairn Energy's shares in Vedanta Ltd in a bid to recover some of the tax dues. The company released a statement saying, “Cairn has now been notified by the IITD (Indian Income Tax Department) that it has sold par of Cairn's shareholding in VL (Vedanta Ltd), realising and seizing proceeds of $216 million. Following this sale, Cairn's retained holding in VL is now approximately 3

PM Modi opens world's largest mobile phone factory near Delhi

company, Ace Crest. “We’d go the extra mile and take the stress away from clients by offering to look after the maintenance and servicing of the properties,” explains Sam. Having conquered the letting market and built up a reputation as one of the biggest and most reliable letting agencies in London, Rizz and Sam decided to use their industry knowledge and skills to explore the

Sam Chand

Rizz Patel


per cent. It is possible that the IITD may make further sales.” A direct subsidiary of Cairn, Cairn UK Holdings LTD (CUHL) was restricted

in January 2014 from selling its shareholding of approximately 10 per cent in Cairn India Ltd, which at that time had a market value of approximately $1 billion. The Income Tax Department raised a Rs 10,247 Crore Tax demand notice in January 2014 against gains that Cairn had made in 2006, before the Intial Public Offering of Cairn India Ltd. The merger of the company with Vedanta Ltd was completed in April 2017.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of the Republic of South Korea, Moon Jae-In jointly inaugurate the world's largest mobile factory, Samsung manufacturing plant, in Noida. Also present were Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath and other dignitaries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in jointly launched the world's biggest mobile factory in Noida near Delhi on Monday. The unit will have a capacity of fabricating 130 million phones a year, ranging from low-end smartphones that cost under $100 to the company's flagship S9 model. The centre will build 10 million phones a month, 70 per cent of which will be earmarked for domestic usage. In his address at the event, PM Modi said already 40 Crore Indians own smartphones, 32 Crore use broadband. He added that 30 per cent phones for export will help place the country in the global market. “This step today would lend pace to Make in India, apart from empowering citizens... This is matter of pride for Uttar Pradesh and India,” Modi said. The PM

has been pushing foreign firms to set up plans in the country. The government has last year imposed taxes on import of key smartphone components as part of a plan to make India a electronics-manufacturing hub to boost growth and create tens of millions of new jobs. The brand new 35-acre Samsung Electronics facility at Sector 81 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, will see Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in landing together at a quickly-prepared helipad adjacent to the factory. It is one of the first electronics manufacturing facilities set up in the country in the early 1990s, and was established in 1997 when it manufactured TVs. The current mobile phone manufacturing unit was added in 2005. The South Korean giant announced a Rs 4915 Crore investment to expand the

Noida plant last June, and a year later, the new facility is ready to double production. Samsung currently makes 67 million smartphones in India and with the new plant being functional, it is expected to manufacture nearly 120 million mobile phones. Expansion of the current facility will not only double mobile production, but will also double Samsung's production capacity of consumer electronics like refrigerators and flat panel televisions. Associate Director at Counterpoint Research, Tarun Pathak said the new facility gives an advantage to the company by reducing the time to market. “This will help Samsung bring some local features to the devices powered by R&D here. Apart from this, the company can also bring in export opportunity for Samsung to SAARC and other regions,” he said.

NCLT upholds Cyrus Mistry's sacking by Tata Sons In a disappointing move for Cyrus Mistry, the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) upheld the October 24, 2016 decision of the Tata Sons Board of Directors dismissing him, the then Chairman. After the verdict, current Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran released as statement saying, “The judgement has only reaffirmed and vindicated that Tata Sons and its operating companies have always acted in a fair manner and in the best interest of its stakeholders. The Tata Group has always been committed and will continue to be committed to transparency and good corporate governance of global standards.” He added, “Tata Sons hopes that a finality will be given to the judgement of

NCLT, Mumbai.” Mistry meanwhile, has termed the decision as “disappointing”, hinting that they would approach a higher tribunal. The Office of Cyrus Mistry said, “The ruling of the National Company Law Tribunal is disappointing although not surprising. We will continue to strive for ensuring good governance and protection of interests of minority shareholders and all stakeholders in Tata Sons from the wilful brute rule of the majority.” The NCLT ruled that the Tata Sons board of directors were competent to remove the executive Chairman and that Mistry was ejected as the board members had lost confidence in him. Rejecting Mistry's plea to reinstate him on the Board of Tata Sons, the NCLT pointed

out that he (Mistry) had openly gone against the Board, and hence against the company. The muchawaited verdict of NCLT Mumbai by a Special Bench comprising BS V Prakash Kumar and V Nallasenapathy came in a petition filed by Mistry after he was abruptly ousted as the Tata Sons Chairman, creating an upheaval in the Indian corporate world. Official sources said that Mistry is likely to challenge the NCLT verdict before the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. They further contended that Mistry was sacked a Chairman as Tata Sons director as a result of “oppression by promoters who are in turn owned by Tata Trusts that owns over 68 per cent in Tata Sons.”



14-20 JULY 2018

SEPARATING THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF I had a client who visited me yesterday. He has previously purchased a couple of properties through us, one in W2 in Queensway; and the other in Wembley, through an auction. They were bought in June 2011.

Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap London Property Investment

The purchase price at the time was £153k for the one in Wembley, and £315k for the W2 one. The properties now have a combined value of £800k. This means the increase in price has been £332k in just seven years. If you allow for gearing, the cash required would be only 30% of the purchase price of the property, this would equate to £140k. This means the return on the money invested is actually about 33% per annum over the seven years. A strong return by any means. And note, this does not take into account the rental returns which are being made after paying the mortgage.

There were some issues with the tenancies at the beginning. The one in Wembley was purchased with a tenant in situ. The tenant refused to acknowledge the new landlord. Why? Probably because it suited him to do so. There was an eviction process which had to be followed in order to evict him. Surprisingly, the tenant attended court, but in the end was evicted. The judge did not buy his feeble arguments. This did mean some hassle factor was there. Also, in the case of the W2 property, it is occupied by a council tenant. At some point her benefit was cut and now there is a back log of rent due. There is about £5k of outstanding rent, which is being worked through currently. Residential property is not totally hassle free. It can be

AGONY AGENT IS HERE TO HELP! Q: I'm doing a bit of decorating in my apartment, ready for my next set of tenants. What do you recommend for the flooring, carpet or laminate? A: As a landlord, there are certainly pros and cons to each option. Carpet Pros: l

Keeps the house warm and helps with insulation l Looks attractive and feels better under bare feet


Adds value – makes the space look like it’s had more money spent on it



Make sure you look for a durable, easily cleaned carpet that will withstand a few years of wear and tear. Darker colours are best to prevent stains showing, but don’t go too dark – this could make rooms look smaller.


Wears out easily – especially in high-traffic areas, such as hallways l Can fade in places, especially when furniture has been in one place for while l Stains easily and attracts dirt l Difficult to clean – professionals may have to be contracted l Can be expensive to buy good quality and have it


Camden Town, London NW1 Purchase Price: £495,000 Specialists in Central London Property Sourcing


Laminate flooring Pros: l

Durable and can withstand much more than



on many occasions, but the point is you should be prepared for the hassle; it may come. A competent agent in between tenants and the landlord, should mitigate any hassle that may arise for the landlord, by taking much of the hassle on themselves for situations which may arise. However, you must look at the whole picture, which is that our client has made a third of a million pounds in seven years. The cost of not doing the investment would be far worse than the relatively small amount of hassle that our landlord went through. One hundred and forty thousand would be sitting and depreciating in a bank account. It would be disingenuous not to mention the client has lost money in a deal which went wobbly. £100k carpet as it’s less easily marked l Easy to clean – spills will mop straight up l Cost effective and easy to install and replace (if a section is damaged, it can be lifted out and replaced), you could even do it yourself Cons: l

While it can be installed in ‘moist’ places, such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is easily damaged by puddles of water, if they’re left to stand l Many people think it looks less attractive than carpet or wood

was lost. Still, overall the client has profited well, and is in touch with us to see which property he can invest in next, with a hope to make this loss back up and earn more profits. We have just the one which we expect will do that and more for them. It is a property worth £750£850k, yet we can procure it for only £480k. This investment will for sure

have some issues, however, none of them are insurmountable. They can all be overcome. As with any investment, there can be issues with investing in residential or any property. However, when you put it in perspective to the rewards which can be gained through investing sensibly, we believe the rewards far outweigh the hassle factor.

Tip: If you’re considering installing laminate flooring in a bathroom or kitchen, make sure it’s a specialist variety that can withstand water better. Also make sure you check the guarantee, to ensure it won’t be void if you install the flooring in these areas. Do be sure to take into account the type of tenants you’re looking for and the rent you’ll be charging.

If you would like further advice on this or any other areas of decoration, then please contact the office and ask about our assisted full refurbishment packages. Richard Bond Lettings Manager Sow & Reap

l Stunning, stylish and bright apartment with a street view l Large reception room, one double bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen l Approximately 460 sq. ft. l Minutes away from Regents Park l Expected resale value £550,000 Call us now for more information!

0207 993 0103 27 Gloucester Place, London, W1U 8HU SowandReapProperties


Turning land into cash Get in touch about our land opportunities



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Consultant Editor Financial Voice


Alpesh Patel Dear Financial Voice Reader, What do British Indians think of Brexit in terms of financial pros and cons? That was essentially the question at a Brexit Breakfast to which I was invited this past week? Do we think the same as the mainstream – ie we hold every view possible from hard line remain to hard line exit? Or do we think that fewer Poles and Romanians means more Indians in the UK? If self interest, and economic self interest best explains voting intentions then personalities and agenda items matter a lot less. So have we become mainstream? Or do we have special interests related to our Indianess? I suspect we are mainstream, but just like the mainstream, certain issues resonate more with us due to our special characteristics as British Indians. For instance, how many British Hindus feel that if Brexit means limiting access to Muslims then that would impact their vote? Some, may be not many feel this way. Just as some, not many, native population British felt this way, and UKIP played on it. As I said on the BBC recently, it was ISIS which swung the vote on June 23rd. It was a narrow vote, but ISIS saying we will send terrorists from Syria hidden in refugees to Turkey, then UKIP saying Turkey will join the EU and have free movement of Muslim refugees – that was a significant enough factor to make a difference in an election which was only about 2% between one side and the other in terms of swing. So economically, are you a British Indian better off with more Poles doing your gardening, or worse off for taking your job. As a socio economic group you are better off. And the Muslim question, economically not politically? Well it matters only politically because economically it is impossible to determine its impact if any. Politically, you may well hold racist views, or more accurately, ‘religiousist’ or Islamaphobic views. Baroness Warsi of the Conservative Party thinks you may well do if you are a Tory. Elections do no outlaw voting based on your prejudices. So what of it? Well economically the biggest UK investors include may Islamic countries. Qatar, Saudi, among them. So you are better off economically I would suggest with rich Muslim friends. And if your problem is Iranians and Pakistanis, well tough visa laws are your best bet, not a Brexit vote on a second referendum. I don’t believe in pandering to racists. So my view is – get the truth out. If there is data showing certain nationalities contribute less, then make it harder for them to come to the UK. Actually, economically we do this already. For a free online trading course visit

Conditional nod to Idea-Vodafone merger With the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) giving a nod to an impending merger between Idea Cellular and Vodafone India, dreams of creating India's largest mobile operator is inching towards a closure. Both the telecommunications company eagerly await regulatory approvals to create the country's largest telecom company with a user base of 430 million. Vodafone has been asked to furnish a bank guarantee of about Rs 6300 Crore as deferred spectrum payment liabilities, sources said. An Aditya Birla group company, Idea cellular would have to pay a bank guarantee of Rs 3322 Crore as one-time spectrum charges (OTSC) and Rs 3926 Crore in cash for the Vodafone spectrum under 4.4 MHz as acquirer. Idea

will also have to pay Rs 3926 Crore, the differential between the entry fee paid and the market determined price of 4.4 MHz spectrum assigned to Vodafone Mobile Services in the respective circles. This has to be paid on a pro-rata basis for the remaining part from the date of National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)

approval for the remaining of the licences. All demands relating to the licences of the merging companies should be settled before taking the merger on record, while all disputes and sub-judice demands has to be borne by Idea Cellular. The Aditya Birla Group will also have to give an undertaking to pay all existing

unpaid demands, while the merged entity will have to reduce its market share based on adjusted gross revenue in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Kerala circles to 50 per cent. One of the sources said this has to be done within one year following the final approval for the merger. The merged entity will also have to reduce its market share based across certain circles to about 50 per cent within 12 months of the merger, the said. The DoT had earlier sought legal opinion from Additional Solicitor-General (ASG) on the merger that included raising a fresh demand for the differential between the entry fee and the market-determined price of the 4.4 MHz of spectrum administratively allocated to Vodafone.

PNB keen to attach Nirav Modi's collection of 125 paintings After eyeing diamantaire Nirav Modi's assets, the Punjab National Bank (PNB) is now keen to attach the businessman's collection of 125 paintings too. The said collection includes a Rs 4 Crore worth Raja Ravi Verma 's masterpiece titled 'The Maharajah of Travancore and his younger brother welcoming Richard Grenville in 1880'. Other paintings in the collection include MF Hussain's Rs 53 Lakh worth 'Veena Player' and a Rs 4.6 Lakj Surendran Nair lithograph 'About Growing

PSU banks to raise over £5 billion equity capital in FY19 Public sector banks are planning to tap the markets to raise over Rs 50,000 Crore this fiscal to shore up their capital base for business growth and meet regulatory global risk norms. Capital is of prime requirement for these banks as they are saddled with non-performing (NPAs) of about Rs 10 Lakh Crore. Analysts said their first quarter results may not be very encouraging despite heavy cleaning of books as the dust has not settled on the NPA front. Data suggests that 13 out of 21 public sector banks have already taken the approval of their boards or shareholders to raise capital through the equity market. Combined value of the shares sales of the banks is over Rs 50,000 Crore. The Central Bank of India is leading the group, and already has shareholders' approval to raise Rs 8000 Crore equity capital through various means, including a follow-on public offer, rights issue or a qualified institutional placement (QIP),


to shore up its capital base. The Central Bank's latest annual report suggests the bank will allot shares to raise capital through FPO/rights issue/QIP in India or abroad up to the value of Rs 8000 Crore in such a way that the government shall at all time hold not less than 51 per cent of the paid-up equity capital. Canara Bank also proposes to raise up to Rs 7000 Crore through various means, including rights issue and QIP. The bank plans to raise about Rs 1000 Crore out of this, through an employee stock purchase scheme (ESPS), under which it will issue up to 6 Crore equity shares to its staff. Bank of Baroda aims to clean up Rs 6000 Crore, while Syndicate Bank plans to access the capital market and raise equity capital of up to Rs 5000 Crore in one or more tranches. Other banks with capital raising plans include Oriental Bank of Commerce, UCO Bank, Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, Allahabad Bank and Bank of Maharashtra.

Wings'. There are also pieces by celebrated artists like VS Gaitonde, KK Hebbar, Anjolie Ela Menon,

Vishwanath Nageshkar, Nandalal Bose and Vivan Sundaram. The paintings were mentioned in an assets

list prepared by chartered accountants Sampat & Mehta in December 2017. The list also includes other assets like flats in Dubai, Pune, Hong Kong and singapore, a motorboat, and Rs 5.5 Crore worth of jewellery. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) have both already filed chargesheets against Modi, who is the prime accused in a Rs 13,000 Crore PNB scam. The Interpol had earlier this month, issued a red corner notice against Nirav Modi.

Maruti Suzuki to expand car plant in Gujarat A car-manufacturing plant owned by Suzuki Motor Gujarat Pvt Ltd at Hansalpur has absorbed 24 per cent of the first batch of 254 students from the country's only JapanIndia Institute for Manufacturing (JIM) at Mehsana in north Gujarat. The plant in Gujarat will require 4000 more employees as it looks to expand at the same location in Ahmedabad district by commissioning two more assembly lines by early 2020. A product born out of an agreement between the governments of Japan and India to create a pool of 30,000 skilled manpower for the manufacturing sector in India, the JIM Mehsana was set up by Maruti Suzuki as the AS Patel (Pvt) ITI (Industrial Training Institute) at Ganpat University in Gujarat. A certificate ceremony for the first bench of JIM was organised where the students who joined the course after passing their 10th standard examination were awarded with “Certificate of Course Completion” for skills in Japanese Manufacturing and Processes. Kenich Ayukawa, MD and CEO of

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd who was present along with Ryoji Noda, Consul-General of Japan in Mumbai at a launch event, said, “Blessed by the Prime Ministers of India and Japan, JIM of Mehsana is a step to equip youngsters in Gujarat with skills that are directly connected with the growing manufacturing industry. My young friends, you are privileged to be the first batch of students a prestigious initiative to two Prime Ministers. You are the pride of this initiative and have the responsibility to fulfil the expectations of the two Prime Ministers for Skilled India.” 205 students from the 254 have already been placed in different automotive firms in the state. The students have been offered monthly pay-packages that range between Rs 10,000-13,000. Of the 205 placed so far, 61 has been absorbed by Suzuki Motor Gujarat Pvt Ltd at Hansalpur which has an employee workforce of 2000 at the first assembly line that is running almost full capacity at 2.5 lakh units per annum.



14-20 JULY 2018




Rescuers save all 12 boys, soccer coach from Thai cave MAE SAI (Thailand): All 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand, the Thai navy SEALs said on Tuesday, ending an 18-day ordeal that riveted people around the world. The SEALs, who were central to the rescue effort, said on their Facebook page that the remaining four boys and their 25-year-old coach were all brought out safely on Tuesday. Eight of the boys had been brought out of the cave by a team of Thai and international divers on Sunday and Monday. "We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what. All the 13 Wild Boars are now out of the cave," the SEALs said, referring to the name of the boys' soccer team. Everyone is safe They said they were waiting for a medic and three SEALs who had stayed with the boys in their dark refuge deep inside the cave complex to

Thai rescue team members walk inside a cave come out. Cheers erupted at a local government office where dozens of volunteers and journalists were awaiting news of whether the intricate and high-risk rescue mission had succeeded. Helicopters taking the boys to a hospital roared overhead. A former Thai navy SEAL died while replenishing oxygen canisters laid at regular intervals along the route out of the sprawling Tham Luang cave. The plight of the boys and their coach has riveted Thailand and much of the world -

from the heart-sinking news that they were missing to the first flickering video of the huddle of anxious yet smiling boys when they were found 10 days later by a pair of British divers. They were trapped in the cave that became flooded by monsoon rains while they were exploring it after a soccer practice on June 23. The eight boys brought out by divers on Sunday and Monday were doing well and were in good spirits, a senior health official said on Tuesday.

Indian-American not in Trump’s shortlist for SC judge's post WASHINGTON: IndianAmerican judge Amul Thapar has not made it to the shortlist of three candidates from among which President Donald Trump is likely to nominate his pick for the US Supreme Court justice, a media report said. Trump is likely to announce his nominees to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. The US President, according to the White House, has interviewed seven candidates from his master list of 25 judges. Thapar, 49, a Cincinnati-based federal appeals court judge, was among the first four candidates interviewed by Trump on July 2. The three others interviewed were justices Brett Kavanaugh, Amy

Amul Thapar Coney Barrett and Raymond Kethledge. A day later Trump interviewed three other individuals. According to National Public Radio (NPR), Trump has reduced the names of the potential nominees to three judges - Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Raymond Kethledge. The first two are

the top contenders for the position, said NPR. While final nominees will be known only when Trump makes the announcement, this would be for the second time that Thapar might not be able to make it to the final cut after being interviewed by Trump. Thapar was on the shortlist of candidates after judge Antonin Scalia died in 2016. Trump finally nominated judge Neil Gorsuch. Talking to reporters, Trump said he has interviewed some “extraordinarily talented and brilliant” people during the process. “I’m very, very happy with them and we will pick somebody who will be outstanding, hopefully for many years to come,” he said.

Imran to make Pak an Islamic welfare state ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party chief Imran Khan vowed to make a welfare state in the country as he unveiled his party's manifesto for the general election 2018. Addressing a function in the federal capital, Imran said that before revealing the manifesto he wanted to stress that whoever forms the government after July 25 will have to face biggest economic challenge ever. "The reason is obviously the debts, devaluation of rupee and failed policies,

making poor the poorer," he said. Stressing on PTI's 'mission' to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state, Imran said that his party would create a state in line with the principles that made the foundation of Medina - humanity and justice. "The manifesto we present is no 'easy-solution'. There are no easy solutions to Pakistan's problems. We have to make major changes," the PTI chief said. Imran further observed that the developed societies have

a governance system that is based on justice and accountability. "That is what we are trying to replicate with this manifesto," he said. "The capability of bureaucracy to deliver effectively has diminished over time. Our institutions have been ruined over time," Imran said. "The first challenge is unemployment and how to create jobs," Imran said. "The manifesto also discusses how we will use agriculture to generate revenue.

Indian American appointed to top post in drug enforcement agency CALIFORNIA: Indian American attorney Uttam Dhillon, who has been serving in the White House since the advent of the Trump administration, was appointed as the acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Dhillon currently serves as Deputy Counsel and Deputy Assistant at the White House. He is perhaps best known as the White House attorney who tried to stop President Donald Trump from firing former FBI Director James Comey last year; Dhillon was concerned that if Comey were fired, the Trump presidency could be imperiled, because it would force the Justice Department to open an investigation into whether Trump was trying to derail the Russia investigation. Dhillon argued that the president needed cause to fire Comey; Trump went with the advice of a junior

Uttam Dhillon attorney who said Comey was like any other employee and could be fired for any reason. Dhillon, who served in the Justice Department early in his career, worked for Comey from 2003-2006 as associate deputy attorney general. Comey was deputy attorney general from 2003-2005. “With one American dying of a drug overdose every nine minutes, there can be no doubt that we are facing the deadliest drug epidemic in our history,” US Attorney

General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “The work of the Drug Enforcement Administration is critical to fighting this crisis, and President Trump and I are committed to continuing to give it the strong leadership it deserves. That is why I am pleased to appoint Uttam Dhillon as Acting Administrator.” “Uttam is a dedicated public servant who has served with distinction in the White House, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, Congress, and as a career federal prosecutor taking on drug traffickers at the highest levels,” said Sessions in the announcement. Dhillon will replace Robert Patterson, who has served as DEA administrator for 30 years. He began serving in the new role on the same day the announcement was made.

Zuma's son released on bail in corruption case JOHANNESBURG: Duduzane Zuma, son of former South African president Jacob Zuma, was released on bail after appearing in court in leg irons on corruption charges, the most high profile figure to be prosecuted so far in investigations into graft under his father. Johannesburg's Specialised Commercial Crime Court ordered Duduzane Zuma, who returned to South Africa last week to attend his brother's funeral, to pay 100,000 rand ($7,440) bail. His case was postponed until January 24, 2019. His court appearance marks a dramatic turnaround from Jacob Zuma's nine years in power, when corruption allegations involving top officials were rarely investigated. Zuma's successor, President Cyril Ramaphosa, has staked his reputation on rooting out corruption since becoming head of state in February.

Duduzane Zuma Duduzane faces charges of corruption and conspiracy to commit corruption which his lawyers say he will contest. They relate to allegations that he took former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas to an October 2015 meeting with the Gupta family, friends of his father, who tried to bribe Jonas in his presence. The Guptas offered Jonas the position of finance minister in return for a bank transfer of 600 million rand and 600,000 rand in cash, if

Jonas would assist the Guptas with their business ventures, according to a provisional charge. The Guptas have denied that there was anything untoward in their relationship with former president Zuma, but their ties will be investigated as part of an influence-peddling inquiry due to start later this year. The Guptas' whereabouts are not publicly known, and an attempt to contact a legal representative for them was unsuccessful. Duduzane, who has held senior positions in several Gupta businesses, was detained briefly at Johannesburg's main airport over the allegations made by Jonas in 2016. An elite South African police investigating unit, the Hawks, launched a corruption probe into Duduzane and the Gupta family at the time, but it made little headway until Zuma left power.

Pak religious parties field 460 candidates LAHORE: Religious parties in Pakistan have fielded record number of candidates on the National Assembly seats for the first time, focusing on all the provinces and breaking all past records. Although Jamaat-e-Islami had come up with a long list of aspirants in 1970 against the then nominees of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s PPP and Sheikh Mujeeb’s Awami

League in East and West Pakistan, and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal had also fielded candidates across the country in 2002, the number stands the highest this time. More than 460 aspirants fielded separately by MMA, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, Milli Muslim League-backed Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek and other small entities might not be able to create any upset, but they would cer-

tainly play a decisive role in the victory and defeat of PML-N, PTI and PPP candidates on a number of seats. The election results would show total religious vote bank in Pakistan besides clearly narrating the number of well wishers of each party, defining its political weight and putting it at a bargaining position with mainstream political parties in next elections.



14-20 JULY 2018




Kenya MPs reject bid to set age UK, US should tell UN to withdraw limit for presidential hopefuls motion on Lanka: Lord Naseby NAIROBI: A group of Kenyan MPs has dismissed a petition seeking to set an age limit for presidential candidates. Mohamed Mohamud, a resident of Garissa County, has filed the petition in the National Assembly for the Constitution to be amended to cap the age of presidential candidates at 70 years. The petition, if successful, could lock out ODM leader Raila Odinga from the 2022 race, if he intends to run. It is based on the principle that there is a retirement age for State officers, including those in the Judiciary and independent commissions, but none for the political class. “This has led to the recycling of leaders who are unwilling to surrender power to a younger generation,” Mohamud, who questions the effectiveness of septuagenarians in discharging national duties, argues.

Uhuru Kenyatta Discrimination National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi directed the Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs to consider the petition and file a report in the House in the next 60 days. However, some MPs have criticised the petition, pointing out that it violates the non-discrimination stance enshrined in the Constitution. They argue that laws should not be made with an individual in mind but for posterity. They have also questioned

the procedure used to bring the petition to Parliament. Senate Minority Whip Mutula Kilonzo Jnr said the petition had been brought in bad faith as part of a scheme to bar Odinga from the presidential contest. “It is obvious Odinga and Musyoka are the targets. They are the only politicians in that age bracket,” Kilonzo Jnr said, describing the proposals in the petition as unconstitutional. National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi claimed the petitioner is being used by other forces. “Wisdom and experiences come with age and what I know is that age humbles leaders,” he said. Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya said Mohamud is not properly advised. “It is against the spirit of the Bomas process, which informed the writing of the new Constitution.”

Raila launches scathing attack on MPs over graft NAIROBI: Kanyan opposition leader Raila Odinga launched a scathing attack in Parliament, saying some legislators were protecting graft suspects. Raila asked MPs to remain above reproach and give Kenyans hope. “Members of Parliament must lead by example. MPs must protect the people. If they are going to be accomplices in this, then Kenyans must think twice,” said Raila. The former premier warned MPs that history would judge them harshly if they became accomplices in economic crimes currently under active investigations by various agencies. He cited the current investigations into the existence of contraband sugar recently impounded in various parts of the country, saying members of the joint committee picked to investigate the matter were involved in side shows.

Raila Odinga Saying Parliament had no investigative powers, Raila advised legislators to leave the sugar issue to investigative agencies. Parliament last week declined to endorse a report tabled by a select committee appointed to investigate the sugar scandal after Speaker Justin Muturi led MPs in rejecting it on claims it was shoddy and incomplete. Raila said institutions fighting corruption had been energised and were working, adding

that Kenyans should support them. “We need to give them power to continue fighting corruption,” said Raila. He added: “The MPs must handle corruption issues with care or they will find themselves on the wrong side of history.” He added: “Parliament has no investigative powers. Leave this to the institutions with the manpower trained to investigate. You call people and shout at them to be seen on television that you are working. You are not doing anything useful to this country. You only want to be seen that you grilled so and so.” The ODM leader said MPs must respect constitutional institutions and commissions. “Why does Parliament think that it is above the Constitution? Why should they set their salaries, which is the work of the Salaries Review Commission?” he posed.

Tanzanian oppn leaders on trial DODOMA: The head of Tanzania's main opposition party went on trial with eight other leaders on charges of holding an illegal protest in February during which a student died. Freeman Mbowe, leader of the Chadema party and his co-accused, which include several secretary generals and the head of the women's league, have been charged with holding an illicit gathering.

Mbowe is also accused of "inciting hatred" for a speech he gave during the February 16 protest in which he said President John Magufuli would not last long in his job. During the march, a 22year-old student who was not participating was shot dead by a stray round fired by police. Police fired five rounds to disperse Chadema supporters who were marching to a local electoral commission office to demand

accreditation to observe a byelection the following day. Magufuli ordered a probe However, six police officers arrested over the shooting were released in April as prosecutors argued the fault lay with the protest organisers. Defence attorney Peter Kibatala asked the court to move the case from the regional court in the economic capital Dar es Salaam, to the high court, which was rejected by the judge.

LONDON: British Baron Lord Naseby said both the UK and the US were guilty of atrocities and that the two countries should inform the UN Human Rights Commission to withdraw the resolution against Sri Lanka. Lord Naseby, the President of the All Party British Sri Lanka Parliamentary Group, said this after reading the UK Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee report published on June 28. In a statement, Lord Naseby said he was shocked and appalled that the UK should not only condone torture and extensive mistreatment of prisoners but actually in certain cases instigate it.“To me as a senior politician of 44 years in Parliament whatever the threats may be, such practices are totally unacceptable. As I read the report I reflected on the nearly 30 years of fighting in Sri Lanka between the forces of the democratically elected

British Baron Lord Naseby Government and the LTTE Tamil Tigers, the worst Terrorist Body in the World and proscribed in over 30 countries: a War that only ended on May 18, 2009 with the total defeat of the Tamil Tigers,” he said. He said now they know the truth that the UK and the US were really guilty themselves of atrocities.“In my opinion these two nations should now tell the Human Rights Commission in Geneva to withdraw the motion against Sri Lanka. After all it is already clear that good progress is being made to find out the miss-

ing persons, enact a new Prevention of Terrorism Act and create an independent Truth & Reconciliation Commission. Both the UK and the US must know their actions totally undermine the UN Charter and its Human Rights provisions,” he said. He said even now they do not know the whole truth behind 'Detainee Mistreatment & Rendition' including torture as the UK Government have refused to publish all the material they have. “One wonders why in terms of Sri Lanka the UK government refused to release the Gash Despatches in full. It is increasingly clear to me that these refusals may well hide data that in the case of Sri Lanka will exonerate the actions of Lanka's forces or they will expose some actions that the UN/ UK/USA took to undermine Lanka and their publication would in effect fully vindicate Sri Lanka,” he said.

Sri Lanka President vows to eliminate bribery, corruption COLOMBO: Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena vowed to completely eradicate bribery and corruption in state institutions as well as in other sectors and said that stern steps will be taken by the government to eliminate corruption from all sectors. Sirisena said that law will take its course without any discrimination and no one will be spared from legal actions against bribery and corruption. The President gave these assurances while addressing the International Family Health Services Day Ceremony held at Polonnaruwa Royal College. Expressing his views, the President said that the politicians and

Maithripala Sirisena state officials should never work in a way subjecting themselves to the public's hate, ridicule and disgust. The President added that the public service should always be free of bribery to build a good and righteous society. President Sirisena recalled that during his three years as President and

the years before as a minister he took measures without any discrimination to prevent bribery, fraud, corruption, theft, waste and misuse of state property. The President said that the Commission appointed to look into the frauds and corruption in the Sri Lankan Airlines would reveal many important details in future to the country as the commission on Central Bank bond issue revealed. Expressing his delight that the local health service which is recognized internationally, is a service free of bribery. The President said that every effort would be taken to strengthen and improve the free health service in the country.

Stranded Indian pilgrims evacuated KATHMANDU: All the 1,430 stranded Indian pilgrims who were stranded while returning from the Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet have been airlifted to safety with the evacuation of the last batch of 160 people from Nepal's mountainous regions on Saturday, the Indian embassy said. Those rescued from Hilsa and Simikot districts have been moved to Nepalgunj and Surkhet, the two towns with better health care and infrastructure facilities close to the Indian border. The pilgrims were stuck for the past fivesix days as continued downpour in western Nepal had blocked the transportation. The Indian embassy took initiatives to evacuate them and provide necessary medicine and other essential items as soon as they got information, an official said. Commercial flights and Nepal Army helicopters were also

deployed for the task over the past few days. "All of them have been airlifted from Hilsa and Simikot to Surkhet and Nepalgunj, border towns of Nepal. Two embassy staff were also deployed at the site for facilitating evacuation and establishing communication with the family members of the victims," embassy spokesperson Roshan Lepcha said. He said the embassy had coordinated with local tour operators and security people to carry out the rescue works. In view of the situation, the Indian embassy had issued a revised advisory for prospective pilgrims, suggesting medical examination before taking up the yatra. The pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar in Tibetan region of China is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Every year, hundreds of Indians undertake the 'yatra' which involves trekking under inhospitable conditions.




14-20 JULY 2018




Sharif, daughter to be arrested Khaleda Zia fakes illness in jail, says PM Hasina on arrival in Pakistan ISLAMABAD: Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz will be arrested on their arrival at any Pakistani airport as they have been convicted in a corruption case, a senior minister said. Maryam on Monday shared her flight details to return to Pakistan. She said she would reach Lahore airport on Friday at 6.15 pm by Etihad Airways' flight EY243. "On the announcement of the Sharif family that Nawaz and Maryam are arriving in Lahore on Friday at 6.15 pm we have written to the Punjab government to coordinate with NAB for their arrest at Lahore airport," a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) official said. He said NAB wouldn't allow Sharif to lead a rally. "We will make sure duo will be arrested," he said. Sharif jailed for 10 years, Maryam for 7 years Sharif said that he was returning to Pakistan following the 10-year prison sentence handed to him by the accountability court, saying he has been punished because he tried to turn the course of the country's 70-year history. Sharif, along with his daughter Maryam - who was also handed seven-year

Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz prison time - held a press conference in London hours after the verdict in the Avenfield corruption reference was announced. The three-time premier said that if the punishment for "demanding respect for the vote is jail, I am coming to face it", adding that he will "not be a slave to those who violate their oath and the constitution of Pakistan. I promise that I will continue this struggle until Pakistanis are not free of the chains that they are kept in for saying the truth," he said. Sharif said that the deteriorating health of his wife Kulsoom Nawaz, who is receiving cancer treatment in London, as the reason for him not being able to return immediately. He expressed his reservations over the accountability court's decision. "No pleas filed by me in court were approved, most of

them were rejected, this is unfortunate because that doesn't happen in most cases." Challenge the ruling The Sharifs’ lawyers said they would challenge the ruling in high court. Accountability Court judge Mohammed Bashir also rejected an application from the Sharifs to postpone the announcement of the verdict. Earlier, Sharif was disqualified as Prime Minister in July 2017 by the Supreme Court following a challenge to his office by Opposition leader Imran khan on the basis of publication of the Panama Papers, which alleged that the Sharif family stashed away assets in London through offshore companies Nescoll and Nelson. The companies are owned by Sharif’s son Hussain Nawaz. Assets in question are four expensive flats in London worth over £200 million.

To keep eye on India, 2 Pak spy satellites launched by China BEIJING: China has launched two satellites for Pakistan that, among other things, are meant to keep an eye on India. One of them - the PRSS-1 - is a remote sensing satellite built by China. The other PakTES-1A - is Pakistan's indigenously developed scientific experiment satellite. The two were launched on Chinese rocket Long March-2C from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China. The remote-sensing PRSS-1 satellite can carry out day and night monitoring, and it has viewing capacity even in clouded conditions. Keep watch on India The satellite would be used for land and resources

surveying, monitoring of natural disasters, agriculture research, urban construction and to provide remote sensing information for China's "Belt and Road" mega-project. Scientists said it would also help Pakistan keep watch on India. The PRSS-1 is the first optical remote sensing satellite China sold to Pakistan. The launch of the satellites marks yet another instance of Pakistan's space cooperation with China, its number one ally. In August 2011, China had launched PAKSAT-1R, a communication satellite. Pakistan, which already had five satellites in space, lacks heavy duty launchers and satellite fabrication facili-

ties. India is way ahead of Pakistan in space technology, with 43 operational satellites in space. India also has the radar imaging satellites with all-weather surveillance capability. India used images gathered from its satellites for the surgical strikes it carried out in 2016. Three years ago, Pakistan opted out of India's project for a "South Asia Satellite". Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "gift" to SAARC countries was an extension of his "Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas" ideology to India's neighbourhood, where China is extending its influence. Islamabad opted out, suggesting it had its "own space programme".

Pak govt denies placing Zardari on no-fly list ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's interior ministry denied placing Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur on a no-fly list. Rejecting reports pertaining to the siblings being placed on a “stop list”, Interior Minister Azam Khan denied

Asif Ali Zardari the existence of any such register. “There is no stop

list,” he said following the conclusion of a standing committee on interior affairs meeting. Khan, who also chairs the Exit Control List (ECL) sub-committee, also said the ministry had not received any directives barring Zardari and Talpur from travelling abroad.

DHAKA: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has accused former premier Khaleda Zia of "faking" her illness in jail to avoid appearances in court where graft cases are pending against her. The three-time former prime minister and chairperson of the main opposition party BNP is lodged in a 200-year-old prison in Dhaka for the last four months. She has not been taken to court for hearings in the Zia Charitable Trust graft case though several dates were fixed. Prime Minister Hasina, speaking at a meeting of the ruling Awami League, said that though Zia had diseases, she was not too ill to skip hearings. "She (Zia) fakes (her) illness to avoid appearances in court hearings because she knows she will get caught if she attends hearings. This is the reality," Hasina qas quoted as saying. Last month, a Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leader said that Zia was critically ill and not able to walk on her own, urging the government to let her take treatment according to her wish and

Khaleda Zia take proper measures in this regard. "She has diseases. She underwent a heart surgery and many other things. We saw her taking treatment in the US and Saudi Arabia when she was in power. But her condition is not so bad that she cannot appear in court. She is doing this because FBI agents are waiting to testify against her," Hasina said. Zia, 72, and Hasina, 70, - the country's two formidable leading women - are known as the 'Battling Begums' for their bitter rivalry that has poisoned the Bangladeshi politics for nearly three decades. Zia jailed for five years Zia was jailed for five

years in February in connection with the embezzlement of 21 million taka (about $ 250,000) in foreign donations meant for the Zia Orphanage Trust, named after her late husband Ziaur Rahman, a military ruler-turned-politician. Last week, the Supreme Court upheld its order that stayed the bail granted by the High Court to Zia in a 2015 murder case in which eight people were killed in the bomb attack during the BNPJamaat alliance's protests. The decision meant that she would have to stay in jail for at least another month, even if she secures bail in other cases. Zia's imprisonment has led to a question mark over the BNP's participation in the elections in December as the party said it would not take part in the polls without her. The BNP-led four-party alliance, with fundamentalist Jamaat-eIslami being a crucial partner, boycotted the last elections in 2014, protesting against prime minister Hasina's scrapping of the practice of having a caretaker government to oversee elections.

UN to issue new IDs to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh UNITED NATIONS: About 900,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh will soon get credit card-sized plastic IDs that will help provide them another level of protection and preserve their right to voluntarily return to Myanmar in conducive conditions, according to the UN refugee agency. As per the UN estimates, nearly 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh to escape violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State since August 25 last year when the army launched a military crackdown. Myanmar does not recognise Rohingya as an ethnic group and insists that they are Bangladeshi migrants living illegally in the country. The exercise, which began at the end of June, is expected to take up to six months to complete. IDs to give protection The new IDs "will help consolidate a unified database for the purposes of protection, identity management, documentation, provision of assistance, population statistics and ultimately solutions for an estimated 900,000 refugees who have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh in successive waves of forced displacement," Charlie Yaxley, spokesperson for

New identity card issued by UN the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in Geneva. Since August last year, more than 720,000 have fled in what was one of the world's largest and fastest growing refugee emergencies in decades. "The verification will play a key role in establishing refugees' identities and their declared places of origin in Myanmar," Yaxley said. "It will help preserve their right to voluntarily return home, if and when they decide that the conditions are right to do so," he said. The exercise will also help boost accurate refugee data supporting the government and humanitarian partners to better understand their specific needs; plan, target and deliver protection and assistance; and avoid duplicating services. "Biometric data, includ-

ing iris scans and fingerprints as well as photographs, are used in the exercise to confirm individual identities for all refugees over the age of 12," Yaxley said. The credit cardsized plastic IDs, issued jointly by the Bangladesh Government and the UNHCR, contain a number of anti-fraud features. Since the start of the exercise on June 21, some 4,200 refugees have been verified. Despite heavy monsoon rains in recent days, most refugees attended their verification appointments, aware of the significance of having an identity card. In addition to providing laptops, servers, wireless routers, biometric hardware and printing equipment, the UNHCR is also making available a special biometric registration software.



14-20 JULY 2018



AIADMK favours simultaneous polls, but after 2021 CHENNAI: The ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu was in principle agreeable to the proposal to hold simultaneous polls to Parliament and state assemblies, but wants it to be considered after 2021, when the present state assembly's term would expire. The view was conveyed through a letter to the Law Commission and it will be put forth again by AIADMK leaders during the panel's two-day deliberations on the matter being held in Delhi. Senior leader and Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar, who was speaking to reporters in Chennai, replied to a question on the consultations by the Centre on holding simultaneous polls and the government's stand. He said, “The tenure of the (present) Tamil Nadu Assembly is till 2021” and hence assembly election should not be combined with the Lok Sabha poll scheduled for next year. He added that simultaneous polls in Tamil Nadu may be

D Jayakumar considered in 2024. Jayakumar said that though the proposal to hold simultaneous polls to Parliament and state assemblies was agreeable in principle for the AIADMK which meant “toeing the line of Amma (late chief minister Jayalalithaa).” In 2015, Jayalalithaa had conveyed to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Law and Justice that her party favoured the idea of simultaneous polls in principle. She had however, flagged “some key issues” that had to be addressed before the new mechanism

could be put in place. The Law Commission is holding consultations at Delhi with all the national and state parties on the feasibility of holding simultaneous polls. Meanwhile, the Opposition DMK has rejected the idea, terming the Law Commission's proposal “a complete misadventure that will decimate the federal structure.” DMK working president MK Stalin said an earlier Law Commission during the tenure of AB Vajpayee in 1999 had reported on the issue exhaustively. “Where Parliament is sceptical whether this idea can be ever implemented this redundant exercise of producing a duplicative report that has no chances of being legislated appears questionable and if I may say, useless, both from legal and political standpoint,” Stalin said. “On the contrary, there is the real danger of diminishing the Law Commission's credibility,” he added.

TN Assembly passes Lokayukta bill CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu assembly has unanimously passed the Lokayukta Bill. The move comes after the Supreme Court set 10 July as the deadline for all States to form Lokayukta, an anticorruption ombudsman organisation. Once appointed, Lokayukta cannot be dismissed or transferred by the government, and can only be removed by passing an impeachment motion by the State Assembly. The Lokayukta, along with the Income Tax Department and the Anti Corruption Bureau, mainly helps people publicise corruption among politicians and government officials. Meanwhile, the session that began on 29 May came to a to close on Monday. Various announcements were made in this session under Rule 110, including celebrating Sivaji Ganesan's birth anniversary by the government and Rs 600,000 subsidy for Hajj pilgrims. Protest against ChennaiSalem expressway Speaking in the Assembly, DMK working president and Leader of

CM Palaniswami thanking MLAs for supporting the bill Opposition in the House M K Stalin asked why the government is trying to suppress the people who are democratically protesting the Chennai-Salem greenfield expressway. He also said the government should find an alternate route for the project. Replying to this, Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami said 98 per cent farmers are willing to give their land for the project and only a few are opposing. "'A few people are trying to stop the eight-way lane project by making false propagations. Government has not restricted the right of speech of anyone.

Appropriate compensation will be given for those who are losing their land,” he said. He added that people's opinion is being sought at a common place just to avoid law and order problem. 'Similar projects were taken up during DMK's rule as well," he said. SC notice to Speaker, OPS Meanwhile, the Supreme Court issued notices to Speaker P Dhanapal and Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam in a case filed by DMK seeking the disqualification of 11 AIADMK MLAs who voted against the government during the floor test in February 2017.



Punjab CM ready to take dope test

Large number of uncontested Bengal civic poll seats shocks SC

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has announced willingness to undergo a dope test, accepting a challenge thrown by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Aman Arora. He however, said that he would “leave it to the conscience of other elected representatives to take a decision on the same.” The CM tweeted, “Ready to take a dope test and stand for what I believe is right! However, I leave it to others conscience to make their own judgment. Though I don't think anyone should have any problem in taking such a test.” The statement came after the AAP MLA challenged him to take the test and set an instance for his ministers and party lawmakers. Arora had tweeted, “Though I'm not against this order, let's b honest @capt_amarinder ji, it has been the Politicians who had patronised Drug Mafia. Instead of these orders, as head of the State, U should have taken the first step. Nevertheless, I got my DOPE TEST done today. When are you getting it done, Sir?”

Captain Amarinder Singh Arora underwent the dope test at a government hospital in SAS Nagar a day after the Chief Minister ordered mandatory dope test for all state government employees. Meanwhile, president of Punjab Civil Secretariat Association, SK Khehra said, “We have no objection to dope test. We demand govt notification should also include the CM, ministers, MLAs, party presidents and their workers. Why should they be excluded?” Meanwhile, Amarinder said he is willing to undergo dope tests.

Mining mafia attacks MLA CHANDIGARH: Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Ropar, Punjab, Amarjit Singh Sandoa was allegedly attacked by mining mafia in Anandpur Sahib last week. He was reportedly attacked when he went with mediapersons to the site where illegal mining was being done using giant JCB machines. Sandoa is said to have been beaten up mercilessly by goons of the mining mafia. They even removed his turban and beat up a gunman accompanying him. The goons reportedly misbehaved with the reporters as well. Sandoa is currently in a local hospital and has suffered serious injuries. Senior AAP leader and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia reacted to the inci-

dent saying that he mining mafia continues to rule Punjab under the government of Captain Amarinder Singh just as it did during the tenure of the Akali government. He urged the Punjab CM to act against the culprits, pointing out that AAP MLAs were taking the mafia head on despite being in opposition. The incident came even as the state government has decided to arm its staff members following an attack on six officials. The officers were attacked by five to seven assailants with sticks and sharp-edged weapons early last week when they intercepted a tractor-trolley near Seonk village in Mohali.

KOLKATA: The Supreme Court has expressed shock over the “thousands and thousands” of seats in the recent West Bengal panchayat polls that remained uncontested. The court observed that these figures showed that at the grassroot level, democracy was not working in the state. A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra said, “Huge number of seats went uncontested during the panchayat elections in Bengal. We cannot remain oblivious to this fact. Out of 48,000 gram panchayat seats, nearly 16,000 went uncontested and this is puzzling us.” The bench added, “Similar facts were observed for the posts of

zilla parishads (districtlevel) and panchayat samitis at the villages during the panchayat polls in Bengal.” The SC has directed the West Bengal State Election Commission to file an affidavit soon, with exact statistics about the number of seats that went uncontested in the local body elections in the state. Elections were held in phases for 48,650 posts in Gram Panchayats, 825 posts in Zilal Parishads and 9,217 posts in Panchayat Samitis and it has been alleged that around 34 per cent seats were uncontested. The bench questioned the decisions of the state election body and said it had first extended the time limit for filing of nomina-

tion papers and later withdrew the decision within a day. The bench said, “It should have extended the deadline to file nomination papers. So many seats went uncontested. If no one is contesting, then there will be no litigation. But here the fact is there were litigations which means that people are aware of the fact that something amiss.” Appearing on behalf of Bengal BJP, senior advocate PS Patwalia provided a district-wise break-up of the uncontested seats and acts about violence in the runup to the elections. TMC General Secretary Partha Chatterjee said, “The matter is sub-judice and I would not like to make any comments on this issue.”

Mamata hints at TMC-Cong alliance KOLKATA: With calls for a united Opposition against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) increasing, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has stated that she isn't averse to working with Congress towards a common goal. She expressed confidence that a grand alliance of opposition parties is possible. The Trinamool Congress supremo said, “It's better to

work with the Congress to oust the BJP government at the Centre which is behaving like “a hundred Hitlers”. Speaking to a magazine, Banerjee said, “They are committing atrocities, inflicting torture. Even some BJP men are not supporting them. They are behaving like a hundred Hitlers.” Banerjee expressed confidence that a grand alliance

of opposition parties is possible. She added that she shares a good rapport with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi but has never worked with Congress President Rahul Gandhi, whom she described as “much junior”. The TMC chief, however, dismissed questions on prime ministerial ambitions but spoke on all parties working together.


14-20 JULY 2018



AsianVoiceNewsweekly Dr. Hari Desai

Understanding Misconceptions of Indian History • •

Panini, the Pathan scholar, wrote the grammar of Sanskrit Pandit Nehru performed ‘Sandhya’ and washed his ‘Janoi’

ometimes people are made to believe the descriptions in the historical novels as the real history. Even the Courtier historians who present the history as per the convenience of the rulers find the way to the textbooks polluting the minds of the young generations. The Pervert history is being taught to the students by the rulers till historians dare correct or present before the rulers to get it corrected. Normally one would find the Heroes in a democratic India painted as the Villians in the neighbouring Pakistan which boasts to have a 5000-year old common civilization. And the villains in India like Mahmud Ghazni are considered Heroes in Pakistan !


The Postal stamp in memory of the great scholar, Panini

The Pathan scholar, Panini, born nearly 10 centuries before the birth of Islam in the 7th century, on the border of present-day Afghanistan wrote the grammar of Sanskrit, may not be considered as Pathan today since the terms Pathans and Arabs are commonly used for Muslims only. One would be shocked even to listen the scholars in TV debates branding Chinggis Khan (also known as Genghis Khan), the 13th century Mongol Ruler as “Muslim” where as he called the Jews and Muslims as “slaves” and forbad Islamic traditions of slaughtering the animals. The first person to embrace Islam in his family was his grandson, Berke Khan at Bukhara! Qutlug Nigar Khanum, the mother of the founder of Mughal Empire, Babur, was the descendent of the founder of Mongol Empire, Chinggis Khan. Jawaharlal Nehru, born at Allahabad and educated in England at Harrow and Cambridge, a visionary and idealist, scholar and statesman of international stature, was Prime Minister of independent India for seventeen years. In his scholarly book, “The Discovery of India”, written in Ahmednagar Fort prison during the five months, April to September 1944, Pandit Nehru writes: “ Unlike the Greeks , and unlike the Chinese and the Arabs, Indians in the past were not historians. This was very unfortunate and it has made it difficult for us now to fix dates or make up an accurate chronology. Events run into each other, overlap and produce an

enormous confusion. Only very gradually are patient scholars today discovering the clues to the maze of Indian history.” One would be surprised to read Prof. Shanta Pandey, a historian of Delhi University, presenting Sanskrit as the official Durbar language of Mahmud Ghazni who was responsible for loot and demolition of the Somnath Temple way-back in 1026 AD. Mahmud was son of Sabatgin who was a Hindu or Buddhist who had embraced Islam and ruled over Ghazni having a large population of Hindus including his own Chief of the Army, Tilak, according to a historian, Shambhuprasad Harprasad Deshai, IAS (Retd.), who wrote “Prabhas ane Somnath” (1965) published by Shree Somnath Trust. Late Deshai describes how the King of Gujarat, Bhimdev I, ran away leaving his subjects at the mercy of the invader, Mahmud, instead of challenging him. When the King of Gujarat had no guts to face the army of Ghazni at Anahilwad Patan, the capital of Gujarat, at least 20,000 Rajput warriors laid down their life to defend the motherland at Modhera! There is a misconception about PM Nehru refusing to grant government funding for the reconstruction of Somnath

Chinggis Khan, the founder of Mongol Empire

Temple in 1947 when his deputy, Vallabhbhai Patel, took vow to get the historical Temple of Somnath reconstructed at Government cost. Some Courtier historians try to malign Nehru presenting their all time favorite argument of rift between Nehru and Sardar. Despite such efforts, one comes across K. M. Munshi writing in his book “Pilgrimage to Freedom Vol. I”: “When Junagadh fell, Sardar Patel, as Deputy Prime Minister, pledged the Government of India to the reconstruction of the historical Temple of Somnath. The Cabinet, Jawaharlal presiding, decided to reconstruct the Temple at Government cost. But Gandhiji advised Sardar not to have the Temple reconstructed at Government

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Nehru, Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad and K. M. Munshi

cost and suggested that sufficient money should be collected from the people for this purpose. Sardar accepted his advice.” The Nehru Cabinet took the decision after Gandhiji expressed his views twice publicly in the prayer meetings. Patel died on 15 December 1950. PM Nehru criticized Munshi, his Cabinet member, “for working for the reconstruction of the Temple” and even advised Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the President, to abstain from attending the ceremony of installation of the deity. Dr. Prasad went to Somnath on 11 May 1951 and performed the ceremony. Of course, the Government of India did not find it worth to even issue a press-note! Nehru always tried to project his secular image and to some extent an image of an atheist. One would be surprised to know that the President of All India Hindu Mahasabha, Barrister V. D. Savarkar, was an atheist! In fact Nehru was not an atheist as Munshi records in one of his Commentary letters (Kulapatina Patro ) dated 8 January 1967. As one of the founder of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Munshi expressed happiness about a change he gathered in the religious attitude of Nehru after the Somnath episode. Nehru participated in the religious ceremony at Sanchi and approved generous grant for reconstruction of Sarnath.

Next Column: The Last Nizam who was nominated the Caliph Even in 1954 when UP Governor Munshi had accompanied PM Nehru to Allahabad to take stock of the arrangements of the Kumbha Mela, Nehru got

Janoi (a sacred thread)! Munshi quotes the “will of Nehru” and his approach of “Scientific Temperament” where his love and devotion for the people, the Ganga and the Jamuna rivers can be seen. In the historic document dated 21 June 1954 (a decade prior to his death), Nehru expressed his desire that “I do not want any religious ceremony performed for me after my death”, “my body to be cremated…my

Rajendrababu performing a tilak on Nehru's forehead

ashes (be ) sent to Allahabad.. A small handful of these ashes should be thrown into the Ganga…The Ganga, especially, is the river of India, beloved of her people, round which are intertwined her racial memories, her hopes and fears, her songs of triumph, her victories and her defeats. She has been a symbol of India’s age long culture and civilization, ever changing, ever-flowing, and yet ever the same Ganga…The Ganga has been to me a symbol and a memory of the past of India, running into the present and flowing on to the great ocean of the future…a handful of my ashes be thrown into the Ganga at Allahabad to be carried to the great ocean that washes India’s shore.” (The writer is a Socio-political Historian. E-mail: )

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down from the jeep and washed his face with the pious water of the Ganga. One of the newspaper correspondent who followed them reported that Nehru performed Sandhya (evening prayer) and washed his

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Rain halts mega city Mumbai

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has announced that the state government has activated all disaster management systems in Palghar district and its adjoining areas, called in the Navy, Coast Guard, and the National Disaster Rescue Force, for rescue operations after steady rainfall crippled Mumbai and other cities over the weekend. Palghar is situated in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and boasts a large tribal population. Fadnavis told the State Assembly that he was also reviewing the rainfall situation in Mumbai. The city

has been struggling with non-stop rain that has stalled trains and slowed traffic and life itself to a crawl in places that have been flooded. With tracks waterlogged after heavy overnight rain, some rains have been cancelled while others are running late by 10 to 15 minutes. Schools in neighbouring districts of Thane and Palghar are close, and even the iconic 'Dabbawallas' or lunch box carriers of Mumbai have cancelled services. The region received five times the average rainfall for the season. The Met Department has unfortunately predicted heavy to very heavy rain till

Thursday. Meanwhile, the National Disaster Response Force, police and fire brigade personnel have rescued all 2000 passengers who from stranded in the Mumbai-bound Shatabdi Express and Vadodara Express. The Bombay High Court, while hearing a PIL seeking direction to the Railways to make stations and platforms disabledfriendly, said, “Every year during monsoon tracks get submerged in water in lowlying areas. Why can not the Railways identify such spots and elevate the tracks? If the Railways were not able to manage this, it should consider privatisation.”

Mallya shrugs off threat of British asset seizures Embattled Indian tycoon Vijay mallya could not care less about court enforcement officers seeking to seize his British assets, and said he will comply fully. He however added that there was not much for them to take as his family's lavish residences were not in his name. The 62 year old former liquor baron said he would hand over British assets held in his name. But a luxury country residence belonged to his children and a house in London belonged to his mother, making them virtually untouchable. “I have given the UK court on affidavit a statement of my UK assets. Which, pursuant to the freezing order, they are entitled to take and hand over to the banks. There's a few cars, a few items of jewellery and I said, 'OK, fine. You don't have to bother to come to my house to seize them. I'll physically hand them over. Tell me the time, date, and place. There's no question of being homeless because at the end of the day, they are entitled to take my assets in


Manubhai Patel bids his final adieu It is with utter shock and sadness that we announce the demise of Manubhai Rambhai Patel of Karamsad. His passing away was completely unforeseen, however, the family finds solace in the fact that he lived a full and significant life for 84 years. Born in a large family of nine- seven brothers and two sisters, Manubhai was the fourth eldest sibling. He spent his early childhood in Dar-esSalaam, Tanzania and Mumbai, later marrying Kanakben on June 14, 1957. Together, they had a daughter Varsha, and two sons Kaushik and Hemant. He is survived by his children and daughter in law Alka, and grandchildren Shail, Nishil, and Roshan. A beautiful blend of hard work and God's grace, Manubhai found success in any and every venture he took up. From Tanzania to the UK, he was a versatile businessman who prospered with his bookshop and printing business in Iringa, and car spares and accessory shop in London. Over the years, as Kanakben's health failed to keep up with her, Manubhai took an early retirement to be at her disposal 24*7. A strong believer of contributing and giving back to the society, he was very much active in the Hindu Mandir and Lions Club in Tanzania. He was Charter President of Greenford Lions Club and was involved in several worthy causes. He participated in eye camps in India and East Africa, was an active member of Polio Children UK, and was a bridge between UK and SKSN school for children suffering from Polio in India. Also an active sportsman, Cricket was not only his favourite sport, but also one he excelled at. Manubhai was an all-rounder and captain of his team back in Tanzania. The father of three devoted the last few years of his life looking after his wife. Those who know him, remember him as a gentle, caring man who has made a difference in people's lives. “Manubhai was a people person and was totally dedicated to community service and above all to his wife.” - CB Patel, PublisherEditor, Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar “I first met Manubhai in 1986. He was so humble, down to earth, always ready to help any one and every one, always ready to assist the needy and always ready to guide the club since its inception. He would regularly come to Sangat Centre with people who would have problems with benefits, immigration, social justice etc. and always insisted in making a donation from his own pocket. Manoobhai we all love you and will miss you. OM Shanti Shanti Shanti” - Kanti Nagda “We were so very sorry to hear about

your loss. This sad news still hasn't sunk in, and won't do for a very long time to come. Manu Dada was one of the kindest, caring souls, that we have had the privilege and honour of having in our lives. And he was one of only a handful people who knew how to give unconditionally. We held a jagran for Manu Dada on July 7. Words can't describe how much we are already missing him.” - Dr Bhati and Sneh Gupta, SKSN School in India “May God give you all the strength you need. What a tremendous legacy of selfless service to humanity, Manubhai leaves behind. Manubhai was the founding President of Polio Children in the UK and took the office on July 1986. Manubhai ont only knew lion members but their family too.” - Arun and Mayur Patel, Polio Children in the UK “Members of Greenford Lions Club have been in shock since the news of Lion Manoobhai’s passing away came through to all the Lion members via Lion Vijay Amin late last Saturday evening. We will greatly miss totally dedicated lion.” - Dr Manek Patel, Lion President Manubhai will forever live in the memories of all those who love him. LIONS: Kanti Nagda, Salil Patenkar, Dr Manek Patel, Jayantibhai Patel,Pamela Patel, Dr. Kalpana Patel, Prabhulal Shah, Mahendra Pattni, Nila Sheth, Harisukh Dave, Indira Desai,Vinod Doshi, Viral Doshi, Madhukant Shah, Manorama Chauhan, Sumant Desai,Vijay Amin, Mukund Shah, Dr. Prakash Patel, Bhasker C Patel, Dinu Shah, Dilip Sheth, Ketan Patel, and Rajnikant Sheth.

UK launches new visas open to Indian scientists, academics my name declared on oath to the court. They can't go one step beyond,” Mallya said. India wants to extradite the businessman who faces charges of fraud as a group of Indian banks seek to recover over $1 billion of loans granted to his defunct Kingfisher Airlines. A verdicted is expected by early September. July 31 is the final date for closing oral submissions and appeals likely whatever the outcome. Mallya said a superyacht he used to entertain at races in Monaco and Abu Dhabi, which was recently sold at auction in Malta, was not his problem either. “I have not owned the

Indian Express boat for more then seven years now,” he said. The beleaguered businessman has been in Britain since he left India in March 2016, unable to travel after his passport was revoked, so the annual British Grand Prix is the only race he has been able to attend since then. The Enforcement Directorate seeks to declare him a “fugitive economic offender” and to confiscate Rs 125 billion worth of his assets. Mallya has already denied all charges, decried “political witchhunt” and said he is seeking to sell assets worth Rs 139 billion to repay creditors.

The United Kingdom has launched new visas that will be open to overseas scientists and researchers, including Indians, to encourage the growth of the country's research sector. The new UKRI Science, Research and Academia scheme, which is being added to the already existing Tier 5 (Temporary Worker Government Authorised Exchange) visa route, opened for researchers, scientists and academics from outside the European Union (EU) to come to the UK for up to two years. "The UK is a world leader in research and innovation and these changes will make it easier for interna-

tional researchers to work and train in the UK," said UK immigration minister Caroline Nokes. "We must have an immigration system that makes sure we can attract leading international talent and benefit from their knowledge and expertise.” The scheme will be operated by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), which brings together the country's seven research councils, Innovate UK and Research England. It will mean that UKRI, along with 12 approved research organisations such as the Natural History Museum, will now be able to directly sponsor highly skilled individuals, such as specialist techni-

cians, to work and train in the UK. The sponsor organisations will be monitored by UKRI as the scheme owner and they will also require individual Tier 5 sponsor licences. "Research and innovation is inherently international, as are the unprecedented 21st century challenges we must address," said UKRI chief executive Professor Mark Walport. "Global collaboration through the movement of talented people plays an essential role in meeting these challenges and this new scheme will provide further support for international researchers to work and train in the UK," Walport said.


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Study uncovers direct link between shift work and cell changes A new study has revealed exactly why working a night shift drives up your risk of obesity, stroke and heart disease. Researchers say working a job when most are sleeping disrupts the chemical processes in our body's metabolism, which follow 24-hour rhythms, and shift our internal clocks. Previous studies suggested that the master clock in the brain, which uses light cues to tell to our body whether it's day or night, was disrupted by working an irregular shift. However, this study, conducted by Washington State University and the University of Surrey, is the first to show that several clocks in the body rather than just one are thrown out of sync, which causes the disruption. It is also the first to propose what the mechanism is that drives up the risk between night shift work and chronic kidney disease. First author Dr Debra

Skene, a professor of neuroendocrinology at the University of Surrey, told Daily Mail Online that the clocks responsible for this disruption are peripheral clocks, found in various body tissues including the liver, pancreas and digestive tract. Past studies have shown that shift workers have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease and skin cancer. Dr Skene says the team is insure if the metabolites rhythms have changed because the patterns have changed for your shift-wake cycle, your foot intake, or the amount of time you perform activity. Dr Skene said some suggestions depending on the findings could be not eating in evening or sleep more in evening than in daytime.


14-20 JULY 2018



Benefits Of Blackberries: From Weight Loss To Boosting Immunity And More Summer is synonymous to tarty berries, especially blackberries. The sour cum sweet and juicy blackberries make for a tasty snack and are generally available from June to November. They are not typically berries, but aggregate fruits that belong to the Rosacea family. Deep purple in colour, these fruits have a smooth and fragile skin. These berries comprise several tiny drupes or drupelets that are filled with juice. Moreover, its leaves are said to be used in teas to treat an upset stomach and boost oral health. This low-calorie fruit is super versatile and can be added to smoothies, jams, salads, fruit bowls and puddings or can be enjoyed as is. Blackberries are generally available in supermarkets and can be used to provide several health and beauty benefits. According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing, "blackberries are high in antioxidants, of which anthocyanins are responsible for their deep purple colour. Anthocyanins also help fight free radical damage in the body and address a range of modern conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, vision loss, poor liver function, and

declining mental faculties. The berries also have detoxifying properties and promote gut health." 1. Blackberries Are Known To Boost Brain Power: According to the study published in the Nutritional Neuroscience Journal, including blackberries in your diet improves both motor and cognitive function. Thanks to their rich polyphenol content, they have a protective effect on the brain. 2. Help Boost Digestion: Blackberries are a rich source of soluble and insoluble fibre that is important for better functioning of the digestive system. Insoluble fibre is responsible for promoting better absorption of water in the large intestine and helps

adding bulk to the stools, which further treats constipation and other digestive problems. 3. May Help Lose Weight: The presence of fibre promotes effective bowel movement, which further

helps in getting rid of problems like constipation and other digestive issues. Moreover, the fibre present helps in keeping your tummy fuller for longer, thereby, preventing you from binge-eating or indulging in junk. Blackberries are also low in calories, making them a great snack when you are hungry. All these factors are key to lose weight in a healthy way. 4. Help Boost Immunity: The presence of various antioxidants and vitamins make blackberries one of the best fruits that help boost immunity. Regular consumption of these tarty delights may help fight various pathogens and further protect the body from infections and other health problems. 5. Improve Vision: The presence of vitamin C content in blackberries helps protect the vision from weakening. Lutein in blackberries protect them from

the harmful ultra-violet rays as it forms a pigment called macula in the area behind the retina, and prevents it from the damage caused by oxidative stress. The antioxidants present in them can also delay age-related macular degeneration and cataract. 6. Are Heart Healthy: It is due to the presence of flavanols that make blackberries heart-friendly. Moreover, other useful components like magnesium and fibre present in them can help prevent the arteries from getting blocked and further help stimulate a smooth blood flow. This reduces the risk of developing heart diseases and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. 7. May Support Your Oral Health: Berries have been attributed to great oral health and blackberries do not lag behind. Their antiinflammatory and anti-bacterial properties fight against harmful bacteria that cause oral diseases.

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Jurm Huff! It's Too Much Pyar Ki Kahani Main Khiladi Tu Anari Indra-The Tiger Jayantabhai ki Luv Story Phir Hera Pheri Jahan Tum Le Chalo

Thursday July 19, 2018 01:38 Film : Tere Mere Phere 05:00 Film : 18.11...A code of secrecy 07:21 Film : Jheel Ke Us Paar 10:10 Film : The Silent Heroes 12:50 Film : Jashnn 15:25 Film : The Shaukeens 18:00 Film : Star Stop Lifestyle 19:00 Film : It's Entertainment 21:54 Film : Saaya Friday July 20, 2018 00:33 Film : Naya Atish 05:00 Film : Future To Bright Hai Ji 07:10 Film : Banaras 09:45 Film : Login 12:00 Film : Chaalbaaz 15:17 Film : Phir Hera Pheri 18:25 Film : Star Stop Lifestyle 19:00 Film : Awarapan 21:25 Film : Deewane Huye Pagal Saturday July 21, 2018 00:35 Film : Alone 05:00 Film : Chal Bhaag 07:05 Film : Kaash 09:51 Film : Blackmail 12:31 Film : Wake Up India 15:02 Film : It's Entertainment 18:00 Film : Star Stop Lifestyle 19:00 Film : Fitoor 21:43 Film : Utthaan

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Arya joins KV Anand's Aishwarya 'Suriya 37' Rajessh The latest hop on the bandwagon for KV Anand's 'Suriya 37', actor Arya has joined a cast comprising of Suriya, Mohanlal, Boman Irani, Allu Sirish, Samuthirakani, and Sayyeshaa Saigal. Anand confirmed the report saying, “Finally. Thank u so much sir. It's gonna be fun @Suriya_offl sir whom I admire love and respect a lot.” The filmmaker also uploaded a photo from the sets with a caption that said, “Thank u @boman_irani sir for this great pic. The photographer in you is still at its best.” It is reported that Arya could be playing the antagonist in the movie. Tentatively titled 'Suriya 37', the film is Anand's third collaboration with Suriya. The director has unbelievably pulled in one of the best actors in the industries. The team is currently shooting for a month-long schedule in London, after which they would return to shoot in Chennai. Produced by Lyca Productions, 'Suriya 37' will be shot in New York, Brazil, New Delhi, and Hyderabad among other locations. The movie will also see KV Anand collaborating with Pattukotai Prabhakar for the first time.

Renji Panicker regrets writing gender insensitive dialogues In a recent interview, Malayalam director and writer Renji Panicker revealed he regrets every gender or caste insensitive line he has written for films yet. When asked about his film 'The King', where a central character is seen being insensitive towards a woman, Renji said, “I feel I shouldn't have written it. When I wrote it, I never thought of belittling women or even degrading the gender, it was just contextual for the film. Those who clapped for those films have later found it disturbing.” He added, “If I knew what I was writing based on a situation will have a dif-

ferent interpretation in the future, I wouldn't have written it. Definitely, I regret it.” The honest interview has roped in a lot of praises from all areas, with Rima Kallingal applauding Renji's statement. In the forefront of patriarchy and sexism in cinema, Rima reacted to the interview saying, “This is the beginning of a new wave. It takes immense courage to unlearn what you have been told all along and to bring about a new perspective. Kudos and cheers to Renji Panicker. And yes, like he said, all art will be scrutinised again and again in history. All art reflects the times we live in. Let's make at that stands the test of time. Let's make art that will be revered by generations to come.”

s ' m a r k i V in ' 2 y m a a 'S

In a surprise addition to 'Saamy 2', makers of the film have announced Aishwarya Rajessh as the latest addition to their team. Latest set of posters from the movie show the actress and Vikram as husband and wife. A tweet from the film's Twitter handle said, “Happy to announce that the most performing, promising, and the busiest actress @aishu_dil joining #SaamySquare and shoot on progress #ChiyaanVikram #DirectorHari @ThisIsDSP @ShibuThameens #BobbySimha @SonyMusicSouth”. It seems that Aishwarya will replace Trisha, who played Vikram's wife in the first instalment of the movie. Trish had exited the project citing creative differences. She had also wished the team the best in a social media post. “I haven't had proper commercial release yet in my career. Being a part of Hari sir's film got me really excited. This will be a proper commercial action film,” Aishwarya said. She has already begun shooting for her parts in the film. The film will also see Keerthy Suresh in a leading role and Bobby Simhaa as the villain. Directed by Hari and produced by Shibu Thameens, the movie is expected to release later this year.

Murugadoss' 'Sarkar' in trouble for ‘promoting’ cigarettes

WCC asks why no committee for sexual harassment in Malayalam cinema The Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) has issued a strong statement, a day after a Malayalam serial actor accused her director of mental and sexual harassment. In a Facebook post, the group vowed to ensure that the industry soon has an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as per Indian law. “Today, in Kerala, if any woman reports the difficulties faced by her in the film industry, immediately a question is asked: What has the WCC done about it? This has become a norm. But we view this as a sort of acceptance of the organisation- WCC- by the people,” WCC said in the post. “However, we cannot accept such questions to WCC as innocent, or curious, when you haven't asked the same question to the police, that is getting paid to enforce the

law, or to the administration, or to the huge organisations in the film industry that have survived over the years by taking lakhs of rupees as membership fees.” They said that the people asking the questions were also those who stood with the accused in the actor assault case. “We will not be able to progress even one step further without consulting the ICC. We also will not take a step back until it has been set up.” The post came after prominent female television actor Nisha Sarangh, 'Neelu' of show 'Uppum Mulagum' alleged that director of the show R Unnikrishnan was taking revenge for her ignoring his advances and for having complained against him to Channel head Sreekantan Nair. She accused him of misbehaving with her and sending her inappropriate messages.

The first look of Vijay starring AR Murugadoss' 'Sarkar' was launched amid much fanfare on Thalapathy's birthday. A major day of celebration for Vijay fans, the first poster unfortunately saw a dapper Vijay brandishing a black cigarette with a skyscraper backdrop. The look immediately received criticism for “promoting” smoking. Former health minister Anbumani Ramadoss tweeted, “You'll look more stylish without that cigarette. #SmokingKills #SmokingCausesCancer”. In another tweet he wrote, “Shame on Actor Vijay for promoting Smoking in this first look of his next movie. #ActResponsibly #DoNotPromoteSmoking.”

In a development on the report, it is said that the Tamil Nadu Health Department has sent notices to Vijay and AR Murugadoss. Media reports said makers have been warned that legal action will be taken if the images are not taken down. Following the lashing, the first look image has been taken down from the official handle of Sun Pictures, producers of the film. Even Vijay's Twitter handle now has the first look with a statutory smoking warning added to the bottom of the poster. Apart from Vijay, 'Sarkar stars Keerthy Suresh, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, and Yogi Babu among others. AR Rahman will render music to the film.



14-20 JULY 2018



India's surprise link to the Sonali Bendre all woman-cast ‘Ocean’s 8’ diagnosed

with cancer

(L) The necklace in the movie (R) The original that was made for Jam Saheb Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja

The recently released 'Ocean's 8' that features an ensemble cast dominated by women, was a much-anticipated film that fared really well worldwide. A heist comedy, the film revolves around a $150 million worth necklace designed by French luxury brand Cartier. As unique as the movie itself is, not many know India's connection with the film. The neckpiece is named Jeanne Toussaint, named after a former Cartier creative director. The designer, who died in 1976, was very inspired by Indian jewellery and many of her creations vouch for it. Design for the Toussaint is actually inspired by a necklace created for Jam Saheb Shri Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji Jadeja, ruler of the princely state of Nawanagar from 1907 to 1933. The original was a magnificent piece of creation that also

featured a blue-white 136.25 carat diamond called the Queen of Holland. It is said the original was so beautiful, that its designer Jacques Cartier describes it as a “superb realisation of a connoisseur’s dream.” However, when the king was reportedly exiled, the precious necklace was lost too. It were sketches and photographs of the piece that helped Toussaint design the necklace. It is said that recreation of the necklace took over 4200 hours and around 10 to 15 artisans. Official jewellery partner of the film, Cartier featured the beautiful necklace in an exhibition as part of their promotions. Ranjisinhji was a fascinating part of Indian history. A brilliant test cricketer during his time, first-class cricket tournament Ranji Trophy is named in his honour.

Aryan is a doting big brother to AbRam Shah Rukh Khan's children, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam are without a doubt the best kids on Bollywood block. A bunch of wellbrought up siblings, they are budding stars in their own rights. While AbRam definitely ranks up on the cuteness meter, Suhana boasts of a strong fan following and Aryan already has filmmakers fighting over his debut. Currently in Europe, Aryan surprised us this week when he instagrammed a photo with AbRam. A rare happening, he can be seen posing with his brother, with hand resting on the youngest Khan's head. He captioned the photo saying, “Nobody lays a hand on my brother.” The post reminded us of another picture Aryan posted last year, where he is holding a younger AbRam upside down and wrote a caption saying, “Hanging out with the brother.” The boy's got his sense of humour from his father.

While the caption had us swooning, we can't get over the facts that Aryan's jawline could cut glass. The 20 year old is currently studying films in California, while Suhana, 18, has completed her final term at Ardingly in England.

In this week's quota of shocking news, actress Sonali Bendra took to her social media handles to announce that she has been diagnosed with highgrade cancer. Currently taking treatment at Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York. She has her family and relatives around her during the trying times. Her sisterin-law Srishti Arya talked to the media confirming the news. She said, “Yes, it happened suddenly. Sonali is a fighter. She will definitely prevail. She has a lot of positive energy. She will be back. We are all very grateful for the outpouring of love.” On her social media post, Sonali wrote, “Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. I have recently been diagnosed with a high grade cancer that has metastised, which we frankly did not see coming. A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and close friends have rallied around me, providing the best support system that anyone can ask for. I am very blessed and thankful for each of them. There is no better way to tackle this, than to take swift and immediate action. And so, as advised by my doctors, I am currently undergoing a course of treatment in New York. We remain optimistic and I am determined to fight every step of the way.” She added, “What has helped has been the immense outpouring of love and support I've received over the past few days, for which I am very grateful. I'm taking this battle head on, knowing I have the strength of my family and friends behind me.”

Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal honoured at Parliament The UK Parliament hosted two of India's finest playback singers, Anuradha Paudwal and Kumar Sanu, who were honoured for their outstanding contribution in the field of music, social and charitable service by Members of Parliament from the Indo-British All Party Parliamentary Group. Virendra Sharma MP, Chair of the IndoBritish All Party Parliamentary Group hosted the special event inside the Parliament to celebrate the extraordinary musical achievements of both the celebrated singers. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal are best known and popular for rendering heir voice in Bollywood movies of the 1990s and 200s and are considered the leading playback singers in the Indian Film industry. Today, we are proud to be able to celebrate their historic contribution to the Indian music industry and these awards establish them among the highest class of performers.” Organiser of the event, Sanjay Jagatia highlighted that Kumar Sanu received the Filmfare Best Male Playback

Singer Award for five consecutive years, and is also the recipient of the Padma Shri. “Both artists will be performing to packed audiences during their UK tour of Leicester, London and Birmingham, and we are so privileged that we have been given a tremendous opportunity to have an intimate gathering here at the UK Parliament where we can listen to the life story of both these wonderful musical artists.” Also present at the event was leading UK singer Navin Kundra. He said, “Both are role models to every aspiring singer and heroes to millions of people worldwide. I became involved in singing Indian music as a direct result of the songs that Kumar Sanu and Anuradha Paudwal sang together in the 1990s. They have both been an inspiration to me and played an enormous part in my own musical journey. I hope one day I can achieve even a little of what they have achieved for the Indian music industry.

30 UK


14-20 JULY 2018


Councillor hopes Tesco scheme Four-year-old set to fly to America for pioneering vaccine treatment will aid Harrow service road A councillor is appealing for support over a campaign to clean up a service road blighted by fly-tipping. Cllr Krishna Suresh, who sits on Harrow Council, has entered Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’ scheme hoping to transform the road behind Alexandra Avenue in Rayners Lane. The service road has struggled with an ongoing fly-tipping problem, and despite efforts to alleviate the issue, rubbish continues to pile up. Cllr Suresh explained that he hopes to secure the necessary third-party funding as the council does not have responsibility for private land. “I was really pleased that Tesco decided to accept my project and I hope we will get the chance to help local

Cllr Krishna Suresh casts his vote at a Tesco in Harrow

people,” he said. “For too long, residents have had to put up with flytipping in this alleyway. It has welcomed rats and flies, and something needs to change. “We want to see a cleaner and healthier environment in Harrow and I urge people to go out and support this scheme.”

Coming Events

Brahma Kumaris present:

l 'Benevolent Boundaries', a talk by Gopi Patel on July 12, 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm, at Global Co-operation House, 65-69 Pound Lane, London NW10 2HH. >> The Janki Foundation presents 'Shining Light on Death', an event supporting healthcare professionals, on July 14, 10.00 am to 4.30 pm, at Global Co-operation House, 65-69 Pound Lane, London NW10 2HH. >>Shree Swaminarayan Temple-Stanmore to hold Rath Yatra on July 15, 11.00 am to 12.00 pmJaganath Palki Yatra, 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm- Funday and BBQ. Bochasanwasi Shree Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha's head Param Pujya Mahant Swami is currently in Sarangpur. He reached Sarangpur on June 16. Mahant Swami has been holding sabha for his devotees and a large number of people have flocked in only for a glimpse of him. He celebrated Youth Day on July 8, and several youths participated in the programme. In his aashirvachan, Mahant Swami urged his believers to maintain peace and be kind to every one. He will continue his vicharan till July 15.

Sneh Joshi

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20

Reuben Virdee with mum Jess

wish I could go around and take everyone to the pub.” Reuben will board a plane to New York with Jess, his dad Kulwant and his little brother Hari after it was confirmed last week that he was cancer free. Neuroblastoma has an 80 per cent relapse rate and the experimental treatment he will receive is intended to vaccinate him against the

Boy becomes 'Editor-in-Chief' for local children's newspaper An 11-year-old boy was given the opportunity to see his winning story appear on his own page in a national children’s newspaper. Sohan Desai (pictured) from St Martin’s School in Northwood was made Editor-in-Chief of his own article in the children’s title, First News, when he won the Guild of Food Writers Write It competition. The Year Six pupil found out the news during half-term. He was first in the 11-14-years category for his piece about “Food and Celebration”. Sohan edited his own First News page before seeing his article in print on June 29. On July 2, he attended a lunch at London’s Borough Market Cook House hosted by the Guild of Food Writers,

where he and other shortlisted writers met the judges, including tv presenter Stefan gates and food columnist Martha Collinson. A chef prepared food from the market and while they were eating they spoke to judges about their decision-making process. Karen Brown, head judge and editor of Delicious magazine, said the winning entries made her feel they were “talking to her personally”. Sohan was presented with a gold star achievement badge in a school assembly. He said: “I was really surprised and pleased when I found out that I had been shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers Write It competition in the 11-14-year-old category during half term, but it was even more

exciting when Ms Flynn told me I had won. “As soon as we talked about writing a descriptive piece around the theme of Food and Celebration in our English lesson I knew I would write about Diwali. “The colours, smells and tastes are all so vivid and interesting to describe. My family celebrates Diwali every year and food, family and fireworks are all an important part of the day.”

cancer’s return. Reuben will be in New York for three-and-a-half weeks for the initial treatment and will return another four times in the next year. His mother said that, while he is not quite old enough to understand the significance of the trip, her son is excited about it. She said: “We have spoken to him about going to New York, and going on a big adventure to where Peter Parker and Spider-Man are from.” Jess admitted that, while the news is positive, she has been doing her best to stay grounded.

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The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This highlights your home and family sector. You are likely to find much joy and pleasure in your family connections and experiences during this period. Opportunities to buy or sell real estate for financial gain may present themselves. Home improvements and renovations are also favored.

TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This gives you a great boost in your third house of communications. A great time for mental pursuits and literary opportunities present themselves. During this period, neighbours or relatives could be especially helpful in your life. You express your ideas with more enthusiasm and they are received well. GEMINI May 22 - June 22

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This boosts your financial sector. You are likely to enjoy success in your various monetary ventures.You will be more confident and enthusiastic about your earning ability. Money problems from the past may clear up during this period and there will be many opportunities to accumulate wealth. Opportunities abound !

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22

The ‘Bags of Help’ programme gives customers the chance to vote for various community projects by dropping blue tokens – handed out by cashiers – into clear boxes by shop entrances. This round of voting runs until August 31, with boxes dotted around Tesco stores throughout Harrow.

A young boy who has been fighting a rare form of cancer is set to go to America for pioneering treatment after £250,000 was raised by his family and supporters. Reuben Virdee, 4, will travel to New York in as little as a week to receive vaccination treatment against neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer of the nervous system. Reuben’s mother Jess thanked the Maidenhead public and media for their ‘overwhelming’ support and help to raise the money they needed to pay for the treatment. She said: “It’s just lovely the amount of support we have had from the community; it was overwhelming. None of it has gone unnoticed. I

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This occurs in your sign, giving you an energy boost and is particularly beneficial and significant for you. This heightens your optimism and confidence. You are greeting life with a fresh and positive attitude. You have an altogether different perspective on life now, and are not fazed by anything. Furthering yourself comes easy during this time.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This benefits activities that take place "behind the scenes". This is a cycle in which you become more compassionate, sensitive and get in deeper touch with these traits. This phase in the twelfth house is said to give us spiritual protection. Meditation and retreats may be particularly helpful to you now.

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This lights up your solar eleventh house. This phase brings benefits and fresh energy to networking activities, long-term goals and organizations in your life. Achieving your goals tends to come more easily. Income from your business or career is likely to increase. You can rely on your friends for their help and support.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This rejuvenates your solar tenth house. This phase will bring increased public recognition and professional success. This can be a time of career advancement, and success in business. Your worldly or public status may change for the better. Integrity, directness, and honesty will get you everywhere now.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This reinforces and energizes your need to broaden your horizons and stimulate your mind. Jupiter in your sign continues to aspect your partnership sector for some time to come. Although there are very intense amorous energies indicated in your chart, the trouble is that these are likely to be marred by feelings of jealousy. Do not therefore dabble in anything that can cause family rifts.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

020 8518 5500

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This activates your eighth house of joint finances, loans, taxes, sexuality, and psychological matters. This is a time of increased accumulation of wealth if you manage your resources well. In some cases, a significant tax refund, inheritance, or other such benefit might arrive during this period. A good time to start self improvement programs.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This stimulates your relationship sector. You may enjoy benefits through marriage, business partnerships, negotiations, and/or contractual agreements. Financial benefits could possibly come through partnerships. The need for freedom in your social relationships is stronger than ever.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This strengthens your work and health sector. You are likely to see growth in these areas, as well as daily routines. Benefits may come through work itself, co-workers, or employees during this cycle. You might be especially interested in the healing arts such as massage or aromatherapy.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on Thursday, July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. This gives a great boost to your creative fifth house. Your willingness to enjoy yourself and explore your creativity now brings new opportunities.. Love and romance may come into your life or an existing romance is enhanced with good humor and warmth. Pregnancy or childbirth may occur during this time.



14-20 JULY 2018



Rupinder, Akash back India win T20 series against England in India hockey squad

India defeated England by seven wickets in Bristol to clinch the three-match T20 series 2-1.

PR Sreejesh is set to lead India’s 18-member men’s hockey team for the Asian Games, announced by Hockey India on Monday. The senior goalkeeper will be leading the defending champions for the tournament, scheduled to be hosted in Jakarta and Palembang starting 18 August. Midfielder Chinglensana Singh Kangujam has been named Vice Captain for the tournament, and will be joined by the experienced Sardar Singh, Manpreet Singh, Simranjeet Singh and Vivek Sagar Prasad in the midfield. Sreejesh was recently awarded the Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament at the FIH Hockey Men's Champions Trophy in Breda where India returned home with their second straight silver. India's forwardline will see Akashdeep Singh return to the squad. Experienced SV Sunil, Mandeep Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay and

Dilpreet Singh have been named in the squad. The team's defence will be strengthened with the return of experienced dragflicker Rupinder Pal Singh who was rested for the Champions Trophy. The backline will also see three other dragflickers Harmanpreet Singh, Varun Kumar and Amit Rohidas apart from the experienced Surender Kumar and Birendra Lakra. Speaking about the team composition, Chief Coach Harendra Singh said, "We have a great mix of players who have shown their abilities in the recent tournaments. Though it is unfortunate we will be missing out on Ramandeep Singh's experience as he is ruled out of the Asian Games due to a recent knee surgery he underwent. But it is good to have Akashdeep Singh back in the mix. Both Rupinder and Akashdeep have remained in camp when the team was away in Breda and have had good match practice

against Bangladesh over the past week and are raring to go." The 18 members who returned from Breda have joined the rest of the core group at ongoing National Camp in Sports Authority of India, Bengaluru after a short five-day break. The next three weeks in camp will see a mix of players take on the Korean National Team in five practice matches and the New Zealand national team in three matches ahead of the all-important Asian Games. India Squad Goalkeepers: PR Sreejesh (Captain), Krishan B Pathak Defenders: Harmanpreet Singh, Varun Kumar, Birendra Lakra, Surender Kumar, Rupinder Pal Singh, Amit Rohidas Midfielders: Manpreet Singh, Chinglensana Singh Kangujam (Vice-Captain), Simranjeet Singh, Sardar Singh, Vivek Sagar Prasad Forwards: SV Sunil, Mandeep Singh, Akashdeep Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Dilpreet Singh

Kolkata wears colourless look after Brazil's exit Brazil's shock 1-2 defeat to Belgium has all but ended Kolkata's FIFA World Cup euphoria with Argentina also bowing out of the football competition earlier. Streets of football-mad Kolkata wore a despondent look as clutter of Brazil and Argentina flags looked colourless in the torrential downpour that lashed the eastern metropolis. Much like the end of the Durga Puja festival, the buzz in tea stalls, local sweet shops and fast food joints went missing. Brazil revellers, who until Friday's reversal were happy at the fact that Argentina had lost

to France in the round of 16, disappeared from the streets while jersey sellers at Maidan market were counting their losses. "Like every four years, we had ordered Brazil and Argentina jerseys the most. Yes, there was demand for Portugal as well with Ronaldo jerseys being sold a lot. But since their exit and Germany's too, Brazil shirts were in huge demand after their win over Mexico (in the pre-quarters). With Brazil gone, we fear a downturn in jersey sales," a Maidan market shopkeeper said. Argentina supporters rubbed salt in Brazil coun-

terparts' wounds by bursting crackers the moment referee Mazic Milorad of Serbia blew the final whistle. Social media groups were awash with taunts between supporters of both parties. "We are not exactly happy but there is a sense of satisfaction as they were celebrating Argentina's exit like Brazil have won the World Cup. Belgium showed them their place," said Sandip Misra, an Argentina supporter. "You can say that the World Cup for Bengalis is over," current India full-back Pritam Kotal said.

India opener Rohit Sharma struck an unbeaten century to power his team to a seven-wicket victory against England in the 3rd T20I at Bristol on Sunday. India lost Shikhar Dhawan (5) early in 199 chase but Rohit Sharma along with KL Rahul steadied the Indian ship with a 41-run partnership. However, KL Rahul (19) perished in search of quick runs. India captain Virat Kohli, who departed for 43 runs, kept the scoreboard ticking from one side and Rohit blasted the bowlers from the other end. Chris Jordan broke the

89-run partnership between Rohit and Kohli but it was too late as Rohit had done enough damage. India reached the target with eight balls to spare. Earlier, Jason Roy and Jos Buttler stitched a solid 94-run opening stand as England posted 198/9. Roy scored 67 runs off 31 balls, while Buttler smashed a 21ball 34 to give England a solid start. Apart from Roy and Buttler, Alex Hales (30 off 24 balls) and Jonny Bairstow (25 off 14 balls) chipped in with valuable runs. For India, Hardik Pandya was the wrecker-in-

chief with figures of 4 for 38 in his allotted 4 overs. Siddarth Kaul claimed two wickets, while Umesh Yadav and Deepak Chahar, who made his international debut on Sunday, took one wicket apiece. Mahendra Singh Dhoni added another feather to his hat as he became the first wicketkeeper to take 50 catches in T20Is. With five catches in the third T20I, Dhoni also became the first wicketkeeper to take five catches in a T20I match. Brief scores: England 198/9 (20), India 201/3 (18.4)

AB de Villiers wants to play IPL for few more years Former South African cricketer AB de Villiers has expressed his wish to continue playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for a few more years, having retired from international cricket earlier this year. His shock retirement after his last Test series against Australia meant de Villiers would go down in the annals of cricket history among those players who deserved to win a World Cup, but failed to achieve it. From 2007 till his retirement earlier in 2018, de Villiers played in three World Cup tournaments but South Africa’s wait for the ultimate glory has only prolonged. “I will keep on playing IPL for a few years, and I would like to play for the Titans, and help some of the youngsters. But there are no set plans. I haven’t been able to say that for a long time,” de Villiers was quoted as saying. He added, “Bangalore is a special place, a second home, really. I played my 100th Test there, and obviously RCB is a massive part of my life. India as a country has taken me in, and it’s hard to explain what that feels like. I just play cricket.” De Villiers says that he has arrived at a point where he does not feel failing to win a World Cup should be the benchmark for any assessment. “For a long

time, the World Cup was a massive goal. But, in the last few years, I have realised that it isn’t realistic to measure yourself purely on what you achieve in that tournament. That will not be the be-all and end-all of my career,” de Villiers said. “Yes, I would have loved to win it, but I have great memories from World Cups. The 2007 tournament - my first - was very special. We fell short against Australia, when we tried to play too much cricket too soon, but that shift in mentality probably helped us to go over there and win the Test series we then won over there. “Personally, I scored my first ODI century in that 2007 tournament, and I loved the whole experience of being in the Caribbean. “The same goes for the others, in 2011 and in 2015. India has always been close

to my heart, because of the passion for cricket, and then obviously 2015 was an amazing game. We fell on the wrong side of it, but we gave it everything,” he explained. The 34-year-old said that the timing of his retirement was absolutely right. “It was time. It was nothing against anyone, but I just felt the time was right. I have been playing for over 14 years, and I was tired,” he said. De Villiers said he does not need to measure his career in terms of World Cup success. “I guess that once I acknowledged to myself that I didn’t have to measure my career on one tournament, place so much emphasis on it, it became easier to make my decision. I also didn’t want to be picking and choosing my way through fixtures from now until then. It wouldn’t be fair,” he said.

Sport 32 NEWS

14-20 JULY 2018



Rahul climbs to career high 3 in T20I rankings

India's K L Rahul has jumped nine spots to a career best number three in the latest ICC rankings for T20 batsmen. Rahul’s scores of 70, 101 not out, 6 and 19 in his last four T20 internationals against Ireland and England have meant he is just behind Australian captain Aaron Finch and Pakistan opener Fakhar Zaman in the rankings. Rohit Sharma in 11th (up by two places) and captain Virat Kohli in 12th (down by four places) are the next highest-ranked India batsmen. "This (ton in Manchester) is a very satisfying time for me. I have a few international hundreds but this means the world to me. It is very special to me because the last interna-

tional ton I got was about two years ago," said Rahul. "I have been getting fifties in the IPL and even in the Test matches… have been in an out of the ODI team. It’s been a rough one and half years… with injuries. I haven’t chased anything with so much heart and passion so this means the world to me. I have not been someone who chases numbers but when I was not getting the three-digit mark then I realised how important it is," he added. Finch also became the first batsman in T20Is to break the 900-point mark but ended with a final tally of 891 points after the triseries against Pakistan and Zimbabwe. The 31-year-old was in sensational form,

finishing with 306 runs in five games at a strike-rate of over 200. His stellar run also included a recordbreaking 172 off 76 balls – now the highest score in T20 internationals. Zaman, who scored a career-best of 91 to help Pakistan clinch the triseries final against Australia, bumped up 44 places on the table on the back of a stellar tournament where he also had scores of 61, 6, 47 and 73. Leg-spinners Rashid Khan and Shadab Khan remained No. 1 and No. 2 in the bowlers’ rankings. Australian pacer Andrew Tye climbed up 41 spots to finish at No. 7 and England’s Adil Rashid moved up four places to ninth.

Ronaldo signs for Juventus Five-times world player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo has signed for Italian champions Juventus from Real Madrid, the La Liga club said in a statement. Ronaldo, who joined Real from Manchester United in 2008 for a then world record 80 million pounds ($106.27 million), is the Spanish club's all-time top scorer with 451 goals in all competitions and won two La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies with them. “For Real Madrid,

Cristiano Ronaldo will always be one of its greatest symbols and a unique reference for the generations to come,” European champions Real said, adding that Ronaldo had asked to be transferred. “Real Madrid will always be his home”.

The transfer fee was not disclosed but Spanish media said Ronaldo had signed a four-year deal and had cost Juventus 105 million euros ($123.24 million). The Portugal international scored two goals against Juventus in Real's 4-1 win in the 2017 Champions League final and earlier this season struck a jaw-dropping bicycle kick against the Italians in a 3-0 win in a quarter-final first-leg game in Turin which prompted Juve supporters to give him a standing ovation.

w w w . d u b a i h o lida y s .c o

India bag four medals at Asia Cup Archery

India Archery contingent

The Indian contingent finished third after bagging three silver medals and a bronze at the Third Stage of the Archery Asia Cup. The event concluded in two days to avoid the incoming super typhoon Maria, and on the final day, the recurve men's team added a second silver before Divya Dhayal clinched a third silver in the compound individual category. The women's recurve team defeated Japan 6-2 in the evening session to win the bronze playoff, with India ending their cam-

paign behind Korea and hosts Chinese Taipei. Korea topped the tally with eight golds, three silvers and three bronze medals, followed by hosts Taipei, who won five medals. In a battle between the two top seeded recurve mixed pairs, Korea maintained their supremacy to defeat the Indian duo of Shukmani Babrekar and Ridhi for the gold. The recurve men's team of Shukmani Babrekar, Dhiraj Bommadevara and Gora Ho were no match for their Korean counterparts

Jaehyeon Bae, Taeyeong Jeong and Kyu-Chan Kim, who led 4-0 before clinching the match-up 5-1 after a tied third end. Making best use of the small draw of eight, Divya, who got a sixth seeding, pipped Korean third seed Yun Soon Song in the shoot-off. In the second round, she had it easy against Thailand's Kanyavee Maneesombatkul winning 144-141. Divya however fell at the final hurdle with local favourite Wu Ting-Ting prevailing 144-141.

Para archers clinch historic gold Rakesh Kumar, Shyam Sundar Swami and Tarif created history by bagging the first-ever gold medal for India in a para archery event by finishing on top in the European Para Archery Cup Stage II at Nove Mesto Nad Metuji in Czech Republic on Friday. The compound team, which qualified second behind Iran, defeated Romania 224-207 in the final to make the country proud. Their achievement augurs well for the country ahead of the Para Asian Games scheduled in Jakarta in October and Para Olympics to be held in Tokyo in two years’ time. The team selection trials for the Para Asian

Rakesh Kumar, Shyam Sundar Swami and Tarif

Games will be held at Rohtak on July 18 and 19. The trio overcame their physical disabilities with their indomitable spirit. Rakesh, who hails from Katra in Jammu, is paralysed from below his waist after meeting with an acci-

dent, while Rajasthan’s Shyam Sundar Swami uses the teeth to pull the bow string as one of his limbs is paralysed. Haryana lad Tarif finds it difficult to position himself while shooting with a disability in one of his legs.

AV 14th July 2018  

Asian Voice Weekly Newspaper (Issue No. : 11)

AV 14th July 2018  

Asian Voice Weekly Newspaper (Issue No. : 11)