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British Asians Inspiring the Aspirants


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Fifosys would like to congratulate Mitesh for being recognised under the AAA category for Young Entrepreneur of the year. Tel: +44 (0)20 7644 2610 7 Hampstead West, 224 Iverson Road, London NW6 2HL

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Chief Guest AAA As a Business Secretary, it is my duty to promote Indians and other Asian communities. The biggest manufacturer in Britain today is Indian and they are most welcome here. I have seen the Asian entrepreneurs in East Africa- Gujarati, Punjabis, Ismailis contributing to that country. Africa's loss was Britain's gain. They came with little money and built up so much. British economy like the rest of the western world has been struggling; these are difficult times. Businesses and investments will lift us from the situations. My job is to create an investment friendly environment. I can assure you that I will do my best to provide so. I attach immense importance to the contribution that Asians make. - Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

British Asians- Inspiring the Aspirants In the 11th Year, Asian Achievers Awards (AAA), has reached a further level in terms of numbers, quality and variety of the nominees. May I congratulate them, and thank the nominators, recognising also the achievers who have remained anonymous for whatever reasons. We Asians came to this country to establish ourselves. Some came with almost nothing, refugees from oppression seeking to establish themselves and make it make big. Today they are an 'inspiration' for every section of British society.. It has been my privilege over the past decade to honour such achievers and nominees, who have been the torch bearers of our community and laid the platform of its success. Alpesh Patel, the Chair of Judges Panel, a young British Indian himself, said in his speech as well as in his foreword (see pre-event magazine), that it was very difficult for the judging panel to decide the winners from the nomination list. The judging panel itself comprised people from various walks of life, ethnicity and faiths. I am especially thankful to them for the great job they have done. I might as well venture into borrowing a much quoted phrase here. In the history of Great Britain, perhaps never before have a relatively small number of people faced with so many impediments achieved so much for the greatness of their adopted country in such a short time. This magazine is our modest effort to salute their unremitting endeavours. They toiled in their 'Karmabhumi' (place of work) and 'Janmabhumi' (place of birth). The Chief Guest at the 11th AAA was none other than the Rt Hon Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He rightfully acknowledged the contribution of the British Asians by establishing industries, jobs and adding values to British economy in this most difficult of times. It highlights the credibility of our contribution, small and big, in various fields. We were also honoured by the presence of a galaxy of eminent personalities, sponsors, advertisers, supporters and our readers. The charity of the year was Silver Star and over ÂŁ25,000 was raised and much more pledged there after. My special thanks to my ABPL team, who have worked very hard to make this event such a stupendous success! See you next year.... CB Patel Publisher/Editor Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


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Asian Achievers Awards 2010 winner leader in the professions with the AAA

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Celebrating the journey from Aspiration to Inspiration he prestigious Great Hall in the renowned Wembley Stadium was the venue for the 11th Asian Achievers Awards (AAA), held on 16th September 2011, attended by over 1000 people.


The glittering awards night since inception has recognised and honoured within the British Asian community, saw many highlights including guest appearances like the renowned cricketer Farokh Engineer, Navin Kundra, Sirish Kumar and Clem Alford, Shiamak Davar group, Mira Performing Arts, Bharat Patel and Sameer, Mohamed & Mohin Kassam. The Awards were presented in the presence of an impressive array of high net worth individuals, industry captains, high level decision makers, parliamentarians, community leaders and senior Showcasing the best that the Asian community has to offer, the Awards featured a perfect mix of entertainment, audience participation, interesting speeches and the award presentation. The eleventh Asian Achievers formally started with the welcome message by L George, Chief of Operations, of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, followed by introduction of the comperes- Naynesh Desai, a popular solicitor and presenter and actress Jyoti Patel. CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of the Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, commencing the ceremonies said, "It’s the only award which people nominate and the independent panel of Judges decide the short listed candidates and winners...I know everyone cannot get awards or be nominated but there are so much potential in the Asian community. Silver star, our charity tonight and Keith with his team are doing a fantastic job. Our Chief Guest today is Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, who also has Indian connections. Year after year this event is becoming a bench mark. I am very grateful to my team members who have put everything together so efficiently. We know we all are going to play our part in this venture-whether it's education, business, or profession, but the Asians also have to go in pursuit of scholarship. There was a Parsi woman, who has done so much for us. And Kusoom Vadgama has written about her and she would tell you about her later this evening." The Chair of the Judges Panel, Alpesh Patel added, "As the Chairman of the Judging Panels it was my privilege to deal not with the judges but also with nominees- an immensely inspirational bunch. Take a careful look at the nominees in the community servic-

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Committee, CB Patel, Publisher/Editor ABPL, Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

es uniform and civil services. These are people are not nominated not just for doing their day job. We try to pick unsung heroes, ones who have gone beyond the call of duty. Why do we have these award ceremonies? When you read those biographies you will realise- this is the standard in our community, that's what our children need to aspire to become. The achievements these nominees have made are gob smacking. Thank you CB without whom we will not have such an award function." The Chief Guest for the evening was Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He spoke about his connection with India and his years there in early 60s. He said, "As a business secretary it is my duty to promote Indian and other Asian communities. I am thankful for the contribution made by the British Asians. Thank you CB, Lyca mobile and other Asian businesses who contributing immensely to Britain's economy. The Indian subcontinent in the 1960s was difficult. It was a time when the state controlled finances and business. Now India is an economic super power. The biggest manufacturer in Britain today is Indian and they are most welcome in Britain. I was in East africa, working. I have seen the Asian entrepreneurs there- Gujarati, Punjabis, Ismailis contributing to that country. Then came Idi Amin's expulsion. Africa's loss was Britain's gain. They came with little money and built up so much. British economy like the rest of the western world has been struggling, these are difficult times. What will lift us from such a situation? It is businesses and investments. My job is to create an investment friendly environment. I can assure you that I will do my best to provide so. I attach immense importance to the contribution you make." Milind Kangle, CEO, Lyca mobile, the Chief Sponsor for AAA said, “I am absolutely delighted to be Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


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here. Thank you CB Patel and his team for organising this fantastic event. AAA is a premiere event to celebrate political, cultural, social achievements of every British Asian. 3mn Asians contribute 1bn pound to the British economy. Lyca mobile is proud to recognise achievements by such Asians. You have helped Lyca to grow so big and be so popular. So we look forward to developing even a stronger relation with you." Amongst the winners on the evening was Ruby McGregor-Smith, CEO of Mitie, the first female Asian FTSE-250 CEO. She received the 'Women of the Year' award for her contribution and inspiration as a woman in our community. And of course there is no doubt, that under her guidance, Mitie is a recession success story! Dr Rami Ranger, OBE received the Business Person of the Year award at the 11th AAA, for his success in every sense of the word and for demonstrating genuine passion for social issues. Managing Director of Sun Mark Ltd, he is also the founder member of the Hindu Forum Britain and the Chairman of the British Sikh Association. While the Metropolitan Police new head Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe is trying to have a firm policy and more imaginative approach to crime, Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar are already ahead of the race, acknowledging the efforts made by their community representatives in the police services, to control crimes. Shindo Barquer, the Police Chief Inspector of West Midlands police has had 24 years of outstanding achievements and been a ideal and mentor to officers and community members and was the winner for the category of Uniformed and Civil Services. Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP said, “The Asian achievers awards demonstrate the fact that we need to recognise the talent of all the communities. CB Patel and Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice do it in such an outstanding way.” Asian Achievers Awards is unique, in that readers and members of the public nominate candidates and an independent panel of judges selects the winner after much deliberation. Every year we receive a record number of nominations and the calibre of the candidates are very impressive. The charity of the evening was Silver Star. It raised £25,000 on that evening and much more was pledged thereafter. Last year's Chief Guest was Lord McNally and the charity of the year 2010 was Oxfam. Other winners of the Asian Achievers Awards 2011 were: Prof Bhupendra Jasani - Professional of the year, Mitesh Patel-Young Entrepreneur of the year, Major Tikendra dal Dewan-Achievement in Community Services, Rajiv Ouseph - Sports personality of the year, Bobby Singh Bansal-Achievement in Media, Art & Culture and Shernaz Engineer-Business in Community. The Editor's Award for Vision and Enterprise was given to Dinesh Patel from Co-fresh and Editor's Award for Research and Compilation was awarded to Dr Kusoom Vadgama.


Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Entertainers Navin Kundra: Navin Kundra is a British Indian singersongwriter, who writes, composes and performs songs in Hindi, Punjabi and English. Navin has also collaborated with Rishi Rich and Jay Sean on a track called 'Fade Away' which was going to be a special feature for his new album. However, he chose to use it as a tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Sirish Kumar & Clem Alford: Sirishkumar Manji (Tabla maestro) and Clem Alford (Sitar maestro) improvised together in a brief performance that stayed true to the classical tradition of India, both subtle and breathtakingly virtuosic. Shiamak Davar's dance troupe: Shiamak Davar is an Indian Contemporary Dance choreographer and is well known for changing the choreography of Hindi cinema. He was also the Director of Choreography for the Commonwealth Games Melbourne, and Commonwealth Games, Delhi (India) in 2010. Mira Performing Arts: is a performing arts company that specialises in Indian classical and Bollywood dancing. The company founded by Mira Salat, a rising choreographer and dancer always brings something unique and creative to the stage keeping the Indian Culture and heritage intact. Mohamed Kassam started playing the harmonium at the young of 3, and later took up violin. He came to England in 1964 and worked regularly for BBC Television from 1965 to 1984 for the Asian Programme called Nayi Zindagi, Naya Jivan. He also accompanied Lata Mangeshkar playing the harmonium with her as a main artist in Milton Keynes with an audience of 80,000. Sameer Kassam was born as a gifted musician, and has a honours degree in music. He started to play the piano at a young age of 8, and accompanied his father on numerous concerts. He has performed at the Royal festival Hall and Albert Hall. Mohin Kassam, younger son of Mohamed Kassam, is a gifted born musician, and like Sameer he started playing the piano at a young age of 7. He also studied music and Music Technology at the University of Hatfield, and now regularly plays with Sameer and his father. Bharat Patel, a well know magician, has won nine gold medals for his extraordinary performance of general, psychological and stage magic. He has made numerous appearances on channel 4, BBC1, BBC2, Zee TV and Channel East, performed for both adult and children. He has performed in Germany, Holland, France, America, Central Africa, and has had in-flight performances as well.

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India's Tragic Heroine â– Anne Hoose

usoom Vadgama, winner of the Editor's Award for Research and Compilation at this year's Asian Achievers Awards, recovers in her book of Cornelia Sorabji's writings a woman who should never have been forgotten. 'An Indian Portia: Selected Writings of Cornelia Sorabji 1866 to 1954', edited by Kusoom Vadgama and published by Blacker Limited at ÂŁ30 in hardback.


This is an important book, not least for those concerned with Indo-British relations and the history of both countries during that seminal period from the 19th century to the 20th. The 'Portia' of the title is Cornelia Sorabji, a brave and gifted Indian woman born in 1866 to a Parsi father and a mother of Hindu origin - both Christian converts of integrity - and brought up in Poona, where her mother ran a much respected multifaith school. A woman of extraordinary qualities emerges from these pages, which tell in her own words her remarkable story from childhood to her eighth decade in a beautiful, evocatively illustrated and substantial 700-page volume. No less notably is it a labour of devotion by Kusoom Vadgama, who combines her busy London practice as an optometrist with an ardent passion for documenting the 'special relationship' that persists between India and Britain. In the course of her researches, Kusoom stumbled with increasing excitement on the 233-volume archive of Cornelia's writings in the British Library and subsequently spent several years transcribing her extremely fluent but often somewhat impenetrable script and making the hard choice of what to include. The result is a triumph for which future readers will be in her debt. This is also a book whose time has come. If the early current of the independence narrative has so far overwhelmed Cornelia's contribution, this is surely the moment to reclaim her as an international figure whose legacy deserves the respect of a serious hearing in our more nuanced political waters. Contrary to later claims, she demonstrates unrivalled knowledge of the religious and familial customs, and indeed of the landscape and lifestyle of an older India that was (unbeknownst most of all perhaps to Cornelia) about to be swept away so completely that few today are even aware that it so recently existed. A pioneer no less than a chronicler, Cornelia was the first Indian woman at Oxford, first woman to take Oxford's law degree and the first woman in the Raj to plead in court, achieve a lawyer's

Cornelia Sorabji: a woman of extraordinary qualities

post and work with the often vulnerable secluded women known as purdahnashins. She once declared that she only made allowances for her inferiors and, even where controversial, her work never allows her people to be patronized. The poet Jon Stallworthy called Cornelia 'the tragic heroine' of Indian independence to Gandhi's tragic hero: she wore her sari when he was still in western dress and dared challenge the almost godlike Mahatma on the violence his mass agitation unleashed; fasting would not bring back the dead. In a masterly historical introduction, Dr Premen Addy highlights how settled British government brought new educational and legal institutions to a 'broken and exhausted' subcontinent; while the study of philology and Indology helped recover 'the glories of India's classical Hindu-Buddhist past' and 'seed subsequent Indian nationalism', with English as 'the transmission belt of modern ideas' and literature. 'Rabindranath Tagore famously remarked that without the British, India would have remained incomplete', referring in part to the country's unification and the adoption of parliamentary democracy. As India ineluctably approached freedom, Dr Addy notes that Cornelia was 'working alone, favouring the India Acts of 1919 and 1935 for Dominion status... with eventual full independence'. The wounds are yet unhealed of the 'communal Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


7-8-Kusoom_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 15:15 Page 8

riots that ushered in' India and Pakistan and Dr Addy ponders whether the outcome could have been different 'if independence had not been hurried'. He evokes the historian, Sir Jadunath Sarkar's view that 'if free India survived... Indian people and the world at large would grow to appreciate the part played by Britain in the modernisation of the country, all passion spent'. Cornelia, who sincerely believed a peaceful transition with unity preserved was on offer, would have been heartbroken that it has taken so long. At nearly 70, Cornelia wrote that she had known two hearthstones, in England and India, but always it was India that 'called' to her 'with most insistence'. She hymns its beauties of 'gold mohur trees trailing bloom' and 'blue woodsmoke' in the villages; she preserves the teachings of the beloved sadhu Bawaji and the aged sadhuin, Mathaji; and asks what wonders 'might ensue if... Eastern impulses were swept into the religious consciousness of the West'. Against the 'age-old' railway carriage incident oft cited by the campaigning theosophist Annie Besant - so 'unlike a Mahatma' to look at - Cornelia sets her own 'entirely Indian version' in which an 'England-returned' Bengali summons the guard to remove a 'Hindustani (old-fashion)' in a loincloth from his carriage, but the guard refuses as the man unties a first-class ticket 'from a knot in his waistcloth'. Recognizing our fear of difference, Cornelia describes how she herself saw 'a holy man of my acquaintance, a Hindu... literally kicked out of a carriage by some person masquerading as an English gentle-

man'. He deprecated her apologies: "Huh! that? That... could not hurt me, since I did not resent it... It is not". All-important is attitude of mind and knowledge enough to build understanding and 'we shall surely know, if we love enough'. Cornelia's sweetest summation she 'heard... stated in orthodox Hindu zenanas in beautiful language: "If you love enough, you can conquer all barriers. There is no caste in love".'

Editor's Award for Research and Compilation Dr Kusoom Vadgama was born in Kenya in 1932, and studied optometry in London and the Illinois College of Optometry. Kusoom also attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. In 1961 she set up her optometry practice in London. Kusoom is also an authority on the history of the Indian people in the British Empire and has published three wellreceived books. India in Britain 1852-1947 with forewords by Prince Charles and The Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, British-Indian campaigns in Britain for Indian reforms, justice and freedom 1831-1947. Her latest book is on Cornelia Sorabji, “An Indian Portia: Selected Writings of Cornelia Sorabji (1866-1954)."

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Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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11th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2011


Subashkaran Alirajah, CEO, Lyca Mobile and Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Chief Guest for the evening with Dr Rami Ranger, OBE, winner of the Business Person of the Year category.

Ken Popat, Director of Finance House and Rt Hon Virendra Sharma with Prof Bhupendra Jasani, winner of the Professional of the Year category

Jitendra Kumar, First Secretary (Consular and Community Affairs), IHC and Alpesh Patel, Founding Principal of Praefinium, with Lord Raj Loomba, receiving the award on behalf of Rajiv Ouseph, winner of the Sports Personality of the Year category

Dr Merul Patel, Director of Asian Business Publications Ltd, Rt Hon Keith Vaz with Bobby Singh, winner of Achievements in Media, Arts and Culture

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable and Sunny Ahuja, Head of Operation, Sun Mark LTD with Mitesh Patel, Founder, Fifosys Ltd winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year award

Baroness Sandip Verma and Rajesh Agrawal, Chiarman & CEO of RationalFX, with Major Tikendra dal Dewan, winner of Achievements in Community Service

Hemang Shah, Star Tours Ltd and Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable with Alpesh Patel, Founding Principal of Praefinium receiving the award on behalf of Ruby McGregor-Smith, winner of Woman of the Year category

Cllr Navin Shah, AM and Rt Hon Vince Cable with Shindo Barquer, Winner of the Uniformed and Civil services category

Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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11th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2011 Testimonial Thanks for inviting us to a grand function. Myself and my wife Daxa had a great time. It was worth for us to travel all the way from Leicester for the function. Jagdish and Daxa Ghelani Indigo Restaurant Leicester.

Vijay Goel, Singhania & Co and Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, with Shernaz Engineer, MD of Verity Education, winner of Business in the Community award

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP, CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable with Dr Kusoom Vadgama, winner of the Editor's Award for Reseach and Compilation

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP, CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable with Dineshbhai & Savitaben Patel of Cofresh Ltd Editor/Publisher: CB Patel Associate Editor: Rupanjana Dutta Managing Editor: Kokila Patel Consulting Editor: Jyotsna Shah News Editor: Kamal Rao Chief of Operations ABPL: L George Chief Financial Officer: Surendra Patel Accounts Executive: Akshay Desai Advertising Managers: Alka Shah & Kishor Parmar Business Development Managers: Urja Patel, & Nikhil Gor Media Consultant: Rovin J. George, Nihir Shah Graphic Designer: Harish Dahya & Ajay Kumar Customer Service: Ragini Nayak Asian Business Publications Ltd Karma Yoga Houes, 12 Hoxton Market, London N1 6HW Tel: 020 7749 4085 Fax: 020 7749 4081 ©Asian Business Publications Ltd

First of all my sincere thanks to you for the invitation We all really enjoy the awards ceremony and the programme of the evening. I am sure the hard work put in by the committee for the organising of the event was seen in this successful event. Kishore Pattni Signity Signs & Trophies I have attended AAA Event since last 8 years on regular basis and have seen this Award Event being improved and managed professionally each year. Event on Friday 17th September 2011 in my view was the best ever I have attended and my compliments to entire team of Asian Voice. I was impressed to see the awards going to deserving candidates who were chosen by an independent jury consisting of eminent individuals not restricted to Asian Community only. Words said at the award ceremony still echoes in my ears – “Without CB there would be no Asian Voice, no Gujarati Paper of high esteem and above all there would have been no AAA Ceremony." How true is this statement as we accept such events without much though not realising that such mega – events are perception of an individual assisted by aspiring work force who are dedicated to the cause to serve the readership and community it works for. Words are not enough to express my appreciations. Sincerely CJ Rabheru

What other Media have to say With the theme centred at 'From Aspiration to Inspiration', the awards vividly demonstrated the range and extent of the contribution of the Asian community to the society. - Times of India The Awards were presented in the presence of an impressive array of high net worth individuals, industry captains, high level decision makers, parliamentarians, community leaders and senior professionals. - CVB News Indian origin MP Keith Vaz said, “The Asian achievers awards demonstrate the fact that we need to recognise the talent of all the communities and CB Patel and Gujarat Samachar do it in such an outstanding way.” - CIHAN Media Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


12-14-Winners_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 14:09 Page 12

11th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2011

Gold Award for Professional of the Year Prof Bhupendra Jasani Prof Bhupendra Jasani MSc PhD (Nuclear Physics) has worked for the British Medical Research Council (1958-1972), Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (1972-1987) and the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies (1987-1990). He has been a consultant, for a number of outer space and nuclear weapons related UN studies. His work on behalf of the UK and German Governments for the UN International Atomic Energy Agency resulted in the Agency adopting the use of satellites for monitoring nuclear activities of Member States. He is on the Editorial board of the Space Policy journal. He lectures each year at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France as well as at the India Space Research Organisation, Bangalore. Testimonial I would like to thank the Asian Voice and the judges for selecting me for the AAA Professional of the Year award and honouring my work in international affairs, focused particularly on nuclear disarmament and on avoiding “star wars”. I am humbled and hope that this award will highlight the value of the work in science and international affairs and encourage young scientists to take up the challenge and move forward with human values in their minds.

Gold Award for Achievement in Media, Arts & Culture Bobby Singh By profession a successful importer who was born and studied in England. His interest is in Sikh Heritage and Indian History and the political affairs of India. However his conservation, restoration & preservation work of dilapidated monuments in India through his foundation remains his paramount passion and has travelled extensively all over the world. He enjoys socialising and attending events promoting Punjabi/Sikh & Indian culture but maintains an open approach to life. Since the launch of his publication 'The Lion's Firanghis: Europeans at the Court of Lahore' he has received 5 major awards in the United States, India, England & France. He now spends much of his time doing charity work, writing for newspaper columns, as well as attending conferences and giving lectures all over the world.

Gold Award for Achievement in Community Service Major Tikendra Dal Dewan Majors Tikendra Dal Dewan (retired) served in the British Army’s Brigade of Gurkhas for 31 years in Hong Kong, Brunei, Cyprus, Belize, Nepal and the United Kingdom, rising to the highest rank for a Gurkha officer. Now retired from the Armed Forces, Tikendra is the Chairman of the British Gurkha Welfare Society and the President of the Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community. Among various roles within his local community, Tikendra is a governor of two schools, and serves on the Non-Resident Nepali UK Chapter’s Advisory Board, the 3 OCU Independent Advisory Group, the Hampshire Constabulary Fairness and Equality Action Group, and as the Nepali representative for the PCT Trade Union. He is also the CEO of Gurkha Resources Pvt Ltd. Testimonial I am absolutely delighted to receive this award, which is very much a reward for the efforts of everyone at the British Gurkha Welfare Society in supporting the needs of serving and retired Gurkhas in the UK and Nepal. This presentation will energise and inspire the entire BGWS team to re-double our efforts as we continue to support the community and campaign on important issues such as rectifying the pensions inequality facing many veterans.


Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

12-14-Winners_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 14:09 Page 13

11th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2011

Gold Award for Sports Personality of the Year Rajiv Ouseph Rajiv is currently ranked no.1 in England and has won the Senior National Singles title four times in a row at the English National Badminton Championships in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2009 he won the Canadian Open, Le Volant d'Or de Toulouse, Scottish Open, Irish Open and went on to win the 2009 European Circuit Finals. He has won a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in men's singles. His other notable achievements are winning the European Junior Championship in 2005, the first Englishman to win the title in twenty years. In the European arena he has won the under 19 Danish titles in singles. He also represented England in the Sudirman Cup where he was the youngest player in the English team.

Gold Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Mitesh Patel Mitesh Patel founded one of the UKs leading IT Outsourcing firms, Fifosys Ltd at the age of just 22. Now celebrating its 10th birthday un-phased by the recent recession, Fifosys continues to move from strength to strength - with 50 employees and a turnover for this year at 5 million.Fifosys adopted the Cloud based technology in 2005 and currently support 120 clients in 7 countries. Having built a successful business, Mitesh is now focussed on supporting others in doing the same. Committed to mentoring students and aspiring entrepreneurs, Mitesh offers his knowledge to guide them to achieving their goals. Testimonial It is great to be acknowledged and win the category of Young Entrepreneur 2011 for me personally and for Fifosys. I am glad that I was able to make my family, friends, work colleagues and the Asian community proud of being part of this achievement. Starting any business is tough and challenging in the beginning and one may think this gets easier, but the reality is to stay ahead in business you need to constantly adapt and change to the circumstances you face. Look forward to another 10 successful years and would like to thank the AAA for a well organised event and the judges for making the right choice.

Gold Award for Woman of the Year Ruby McGregor - Smith Ruby McGregor-Smith was appointed the CEO MITIE Group PLC, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing and energy services company in 2007 after being with the compant for 5 years. Being the first Asian woman to be appointed in such a role within that group of companies, Ruby has seen MITIE grow its revenue from £0.5bn to £1.9bn, continuing its unbroken track record of profit and revenue growth. She has also embedded into the business, her strong belief that responsible business practice should sit at the heart of corporate strategy and forms a key component of success. Her passion for promoting opportunities, entrepreneurialism and equality, have been recognised with a number of awards, media profiles and speaking events throughout the UK. Testimonial I am delighted and honoured to have been named ‘Woman of the Year’ at the 2011 Asian Achievers Awards. In my role as CEO of MITIE, a FTSE250 outsourcing and energy services business, I have always had huge aspirations for our group and am a true believer in the enormous benefits that diversity brings to organisations like ours. To be recognised in this way by the AAA is a huge credit to not just me, but the thousands of individuals that support our company every day. Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


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11th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2011

Gold Award for Uniformed and Civil Services Shindo Barquer Shindo Barquer is the Police Chief Inspector of West midlands police. She has had 24 years of outstanding achievement in the Police service and is the first Sikh Female officer within the west Midlands Police. She has contributed immensely to the communities at local, national and international levels. She has been the role model/mentor to officers and community members. Shindo was awarded as the diversity champion in 2009 for her long service in police. She was also awarded the good conduct medal by WMP-2010 by the Lloyds banking group.

Gold Award for Business in Community Shernaz Engineer Shernaz, MD of Verity Education, has always encouraged her staff to take part in the ‘Big Society’. The company supports ‘Learning for life a charity’ which assists in educating very poor children in remote regions of South Asia. Her staff also work with the Lady Taverners helping Special Needs Children and give their time annually for The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and Terence Higgins Trust. Shernaz is on the board of charities including, Asian Women’s Resource Centre, Vice-Chair of Governors of Charlotte Sharman School, she implemented a training scheme to educate long-term unemployed women to become Legal Secretaries. She supports Tamasha Theatre and Chair of the Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce and will soon visit projects in Bangladesh and Nepal for her charity ‘Learning for Life’.

Platinum Award for Business Person of the year Dr Rami Ranger Rami Ranger , MBE, FRSA is a businessman and also a Member of the British Empire who has been honoured five times by Her Majesty the Queen. Setting up his first business in 1987 , Rami now runs two of Britain's fastest growing companies with an annual turnover in excess of 120 million pounds. His company Sun Mark Ltd received the Queens Award for Enterprise in 2009, 2010 and 2011. This year the company was added to the Sunday Times most profitable 100 companies in Britain. He is the founder member of not only the British Asian Conservative Link but also the Hindu Forum Britain and Rami set up the Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum soon after the 7/7 bombings. He is the Chairman of the British Sikh Association aswell as the Vice President of the International Punjabi Society of British Isles.

Editor’s Award for Vision and Enterprise Dinesh Patel, Cofresh Founded by Dinesh Patel, Cofresh is a second generation run business with a 32 years tradition of manufacturing quality, innovative and customer focused products in England. Dinesh was joined in the business by his brothers and in 1997 Dinesh's sons also joined the family business. The Cofresh family opened their new multimillion pound 85,000 sq ft manufacturing plant in Leicester on the November 9th 2006 and it was inaugurated by The Duke of York, His Royal Highness Prince Andrew. To compliment the new premises, the company has successfully introduced a comprehensive new variety of snacks. A new company Worldfoods frozen and Chilled was established couple of years back and today has over 100 frozen products in its portfolio servicing the Independent trade and major supermarkets.


Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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UK's favourite newsweeklies delivered to your doorstep RO IN EU " E E K LY & % & %( . " ' (" $ AT I W U JAR ' % # ! & . " ST G " R E M Oevery side " ' & FO from F I R S Tthoughts come to us

Are you a subscriber of Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice? If not, here are a few compelling reasons why you should:

PE " '

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● 72 pages of the most comprehensive, in-depth and unique coverage across the UK, India, Asia and the rest of the world. ● We take great care to cater to a wide target audience male, female, young and old. There is something for the entire family. ● Our popular periodic theme based special issues are unmatched by any other title in the market. And you will receive them free of charge! ● We are committed to a number of unique community events which receive wide publicity in our titles. If you are not a subscriber chances are you will miss out on such events.



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Events involving Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar l AAA 2010 – September 2010 l Diwali at London Assembly – November 2010 l Launch of British Tamils – January 2011 l Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards – February 2011 l Swarnim Gujarat celebration (Video conference with Shri Narendra Modi and five British MPs in presence of nearly 100 selected guests and a gala event at Kadwa Patidar Centre, attended by more than 500 people)- April 2011 l Launch event of Love Gujarat Coffee table book by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shree Narendra Modi - May 2011- Gandhinagar l Fundraising for Akashayapatra – June 2011 l Lunch Reception for the Padmajaji, First Secretary, Press & Information, India house, June 2011. l Leicester Women's Conference and Karma Yogi Sanman– July 2011 l Evening reception for Gujarat Assembly Speaker, Mr Vasava – July 2011 l British Goan Festival – July 2011 l Asian Voice Youth Conference – August 2011 l Launch of British Punjabis II– August 2011 l Meghani Mahotsav – August 2011 l Dr. Nilesh Patel – Heart Surgeon's Seminar – August 2011 l Gujarati Bhasha Gyan – September 2011 l AAA 2011 – September 2011 l Launch of Medical Tourism Magazine - October 2011 l Launch of Home & Decor Magazine- October 2011 l Seminar & Special honor for Elderly People – October 2011. And many more in UK and India........


We are committed to certain values and standards Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar have consistently refused to take adverts from alcohol, tobacco companies or advertise about non veg or meat, being strict supporter of vegetarianism. We ensure that all adverts are properly vetted. Off late several publications and television channels are making money through magic healing adverts. Having learnt how vulnerable people are being exploited in the name of superstitions, we have refused to take such adverts. Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar have certain values, principles and standards which we are committed to honour both in letter and spirit.

About Asian Business Publications Ltd Asian Business Publications Ltd (established 1972), are the publishers of Asian Voice (English) and Gujarat Samachar (Gujarati), the premier newsweeklies for British Asians – one of the UK’s most progressive and enterprising ethnic groups. Our total paid subscribers of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar are over 26,000. In addition, around 5000 copies are sold through retail outlets every week. These circulation figures are unsurpassed in the British Asian Press and all our advertisers are entitled to verify our claim with our print run and royal mail posting certificates.Based on surveys showing that each copy is read by 7-8 people, our readership is 200,000 per week if not more. The content of our news weeklies is also second to none, as you will doubtless agree after a quick glance at Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar. We also publish theme based magazines such as Asian Achievers Awards (AAA), Diwali, Careers in Accountancy, Pharmacy, Health, Property, Finance Banking & Insurance, Medical Tourism, British Punjabis, British Tamils, British Asian Women and many more. Complimentary copies of these special issues and our calendar are sent to all our paid subscribers. We have embarked with several initiatives to improve the content further and engage with the community on various other projects.


Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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Lycamobile at the Prestigious Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Lycamobile is the UK’s favourite Pay As You Go SIM card providing low-cost, highquality international and national calls and texts direct from your mobile phone. Lycamobile is the world’s leading provider in the international mobile calling market and is distributed throughout a European network of more than 500,000 retail outlets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Albert Heijn, Interdiscount and Carrerfour. The Lycamobile brand is present in fourteen markets, including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and the UK. It is already Europe’s largest pre-pay international MVNO with over 6.5 million customers across its global footprint.

Lycamobile is now poised to expand their global footprint thanks to an investment of over £200 million made in people, process, brand and state of the art technology that has lead to the launch of unique, innovative product features such as international conference calling, call waiting, missed call notification and multilingual voice capabilities. Subaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of Lycamobile has over fifteen years of experience leading the prepaid telecommunications market where he has a proven track record of realising key opportunities to grow the Lycatel and Lycamobile brands. Under Subaskaran Allirajah’s leadership, Lycamobile is on target to achieve its mission of acquiring 20 million mobile subscribers by 2012. Lycamobile works hard to make it easier and more affordable for people to stay in touch for longer. Our current promotions include:

l ½ p per minute calls to over 40 countries across the globe including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA & Europe landlines l 2000 FREE minutes and texts on Lycamobile to Lycamobile when you top-up with £30 l Extra FREE credit of £1 on a £5 voucher, £2 on a £10 voucher & £5 on every £20 voucher when purchased online at Lycamobile is also expanding its product range into the financial market with the recent launch of ‘Lycamoney’ - a prepaid MasterCard® as part of the initiative to expand their prepaid product range and increase the synergy between mobile and money. There are currently two versions of the Lycamoney Card available which can be purchased online and at thousands of retailers nationwide. The Lycamoney card will help people to manage their cash flow without the worry of overspending or overdraft charges. More people are now using mobile phones to manage their money due to the convenience of modern technology and flexibility. Therefore by linking credit updates to mobile phones, Lycamoney provides people with better control of their spending habits. As the alignment between mobile phones and payment technology moves closer the Lycamoney card provides the perfect solution for today’s budget conscious customer. The key feature of the Lycamoney Card is cash management - ideal for anyone who needs to balance their disposable spending with their essential outgoings such as rent, mortgage and monthly bills. Consumers can load the card online or at thousands of retailers nationwide and can then be used in the same way as a normal debit card with the added benefit of mobile updates of your balance after every transaction. The Lycamoney card can also be used to transfer money globally which is perfect for people who need to send money abroad either for business or personal reasons.

Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


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The 11th AAA Celebration

Alpesh Patel, Founding Principal, Praefinium

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, CB Patel Publisher/Editor Secretary of State for of Asian Voice & Business, Innovation & Skills Gujarat Samachar

Farokh Engineer, the former cricketer with Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP during the auction for the charity Silver Star

Milind Kangle, CEO of Lycamobile

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable being garlanded by Rekha Popat

Chak89 Group, official caterer for Ashmi Parekh, Anita Arora, Dhvanii Thaker, Mira the AAA event at Wembley stadium Salat - Mira performing Arts with Navin Kundra


Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

L George Chief of Oparations ABPL Group

Naynesh Desai and Joti Patel, comperes of the evening

Sirish Kumar and Clem Alford performing at the AAA event

18-22-Celebrations_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 15:47 Page 19

The 11th AAA Celebrations

Milind Kangle, CEO of Lycamobile, Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Subaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of Lycamobile

Hiren Patel, Flawless Feet, Reena Patel, Goo Goo Gourmet, Minal Patel, Sanjeiv Patel, DeVere Properties, Mitesh Patel, Fifosys, Shetal Patel, Nital Patel, Nishit Patel, City Clean

Vasanti Patel, Sheen Lane Motors Ltd, Misha Patel, KPMG, Kaushik Patel, Sheen Lane Motors Ltd, Sheena Patel, Chelsea & Westminister Hospital

Lady Loomba, Roma Loomba - Loomba Foundation and Mr Taha Islam Kutay

Adil Maladwalla, Karamjith Nandha, Alvin Kadi from XLN Telecom

Rahul Dixit and Dharmesh Doshi of Asset India Ltd

Tanuja Joshi and Rakesh Joshi MNLP - The Learning Hub

Dalip Puri - Head of Multicultural Commercial Banking, HSBC with his colleagues

Rajesh Agarwal and Paresh Davdra of Rational FX with Hemang Shah of Star Tours Ltd

Cllr Rabi Martin having a chat with Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable and wife Rachel Smith Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


18-22-Celebrations_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 15:47 Page 20

The 11th AAA Celebrations

standing:- Alka Shah, Gujarat Samachar/ Asian Voice, Harshad Kothari, SAS Consultancy seating:- Varshaben Kothari, Nikunjben Patel & Dr Dak Patel, London SAM

Jaspal Singh Minhas, President LABA, Sukjit Kaur Minhas, Savitaben Patel, Cofresh, Dinesh Bhai Patel Managing Director Cofresh, Sharon Jandu, Santander Bank, Bhauvana Desai, Santander Bank, Priyesh Patel, Marketing Director Cofresh, Rani Mahal, Chair LABAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Network, Raja Mahal, LABA

Rani, Nasreen, Solicitor (human rights), Kuldeep Shekhawat, MATV, Jitendra Kumar, First Secretary-Community Affairs, Amitabh Sharma, BD Officer Lyca

Vijay Vaidyanathan, Tilda, with his wife Rohini Vijaygopal


Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Deepak Nangla & R S Nangla, Director of Brightsun Travel

Milind Kangle, CEO Lyca Mobile, Mrs Sharula Milind, Mrs Gnanam Allirajah, Honourable Vince Cable, Mrs Rachel Cable, Subaskaran Allirajah chairman Lyca Mobile, Mrs Prema Subaskaran

Shahnaz Husain, Mukesh Mamtora & Chandraben Mamtora, Forum Insurance, Ami and Samir Mehta, Kohinoor foods

Vikas Gupta, Chetan Radia ,Pankaj Sodha, Anil Bhagi

Alka Shah, ABPL, Ami Kadakia, Abhijit Sen, DI5, Sharadbhai Mistry, Bhagwanjibhai Chohan, Co-operative Funeralcare

18-22-Celebrations_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 15:48 Page 21

The 11th AAA Celebrations

Manoj Ladwa, CEO MLS Chase Group, Bhupinder Singh, MD Punjab National Bank M.S. Nayak, ED PNB Bank, Vishal Ladwa, India Inc.

Jay Vadher of Jay Vadher & Co Solicitors, Shiela Vadher, Manjula Chudasama & Maganlal Chudasama

Sadhana Patel, Kiran Patel of Weston Kay Accountants, Surendra Patel, ABPL, Vijay Patel

The Panel of Judges for the AAA 2011

Yashmin Mistry, Brethertons Solicitor, Gurjeet Singh Oberoi & Nirav Parekh, ICICI BANK

Dr Ramnik and Bhanu Mehta, Mr and Mrs Manubhai Taraiya, Mr. Dilip and Bhavana Raithatha, Dr. Dilip and Mona Rajpopat, Pilu Amin, standing Jyotsna Shah, Consulting Editor, GS

Sumant Bahl, President, World Media Connect Ltd

seated: Harjeet Singh, Harsh Ondhia, Lall Ondhia Accountants and Surendra Patel, ABPL standing: Harish Dahya, ABPL and Kamal Rao, ABPL

Prakash Patel, Only Eggless Cake, Jasbinder Singh, Extra Learning UK Ltd, Mr. & Mrs Ketul Joshi, Lotus India Properties, Sumeet Jain, Trade Grath Ltd & Amit Jajodia, Telpack Ltd

Bobby Kariya, Whizzworkers and Whizzpermits, Keshma

Sarah Hamaid, Abhishek Varma, CEO Best for you in Europ Ltd Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar


18-22-Celebrations_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 15:49 Page 22

Hemang Shah, Moni Shah, Girishbhai Shah, Star Tours Ltd

Nyala & Nick Parmar of Premier Banqueting Hall

Pramila Patel, Hiten Patel, Parul Patel of Travelpack Ltd

Suresh and Eana Vagjiani of Sow & Reap, Mr & Mrs Doshi

Nina Kabra, Setu & Kunal Manani, Dhaval & Kishore Parmar, Advertising Manager, ABPL group, Jagdish and Daxa Ghelani of Indigo Restaurant and Mrs Ansuya Parmar

Cllr Bhikhu Patel, Cllr Suresh Kansagara, Dina Maru & Cllr Ajay Maru, Sonu & Prem Malkani and Dal Babu of Harrow Met Police

Ujwal Sehgal and Pattani of Skylord Travel Plc, Bhrat & Ashok Kolak Snack Foods Ltd, B B Patel of John Comming Ross Accountant, Kanji Jesani, Trustee Swaminarayan Mandir Wellesden and Mavji Vekaria of Kenford Builders Ltd

Shalini Bhargawa, Solicitor


A P S Chawla and Deep Dhir of Roko Cancer Appeal, greeting Mr K Singh

Ken Popat of Finance House Ltd, Kishore Parmar, Advertising Manger ABPL group and Niles Mamtora

Asian Achievers Awards 2011 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Harish Gohil and Alpesh Gohil of Hari Aum Holidays Plc

Mrs & Mr Viram Jasani of Asian Music Circuit

Desai Ding-AAA_A4 Temp 07/10/2011 14:31 Page 1

Desai Ding and Oberoi Limited

Congratulations to all the Winners of the 11th Asian Achievers Awards

36 Upper Brook Street Mayfair London W1K 7QJ

Tel: 020 7499 5353 Fax: 020 7499 9335 Dx: 44440 Marble Arch

Lyca-AAA_A4 Temp 12/10/2011 16:03 Page 1

Asian Achievers Awards 2011  

British Asians inspiring the Aspirants

Asian Achievers Awards 2011  

British Asians inspiring the Aspirants