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Accessories Used In Advertising

3 Prong Platform These 3 prong platforms are used for displaying flags and banners. These have a non-slip mechanism and are plated with chrome that provides them with durability and stability.

Cold Air Pump Where inflatable structures are concerned these are an intrinsic part. They are generally used externally but can be used internally to keep the inflatables full.

Wall Mounts Wall mounts are necessary to be used for displaying flags and banners. This 35 degree wall mount is ideal for flags to be displayed yet not fall or droop down.

Ball Bearing Platform Fitted with a ball bearing base this is ideal to be used for rotating displays. Flags and banners attached to this base can be rotated 360 degree for everyone to have a better view.

Flag Poles Flag poles are necessary to display flag and banners and thus they should be durable and stylish. These poles are made of innovative design made for indoor advertising displays to be displayed from them.

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Accessories Used in Advertising  

These are some of the accessories that are used when advertised through flags and banners. Know more at

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