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ABI is the nation’s largest association of bankruptcy professionals and is comprised of nearly 11,000 members in multidisciplinary roles, including attorneys, auctioneers, bankers, judges, lenders, professors, turnaround specialists, accountants and others.

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Alane A. Becket (President)

The American Bankruptcy Institute is the nation’s largest association of bankruptcy professionals and is comprised of nearly 11,000 members in multidisciplinary roles, including attorneys, auctioneers, bankers, judges, lenders, professors, turnaround specialists, accountants and others. ABI is committed to serving our members with high-quality conferences, comprehensive continuing education, effective legal research, and dynamic networking opportunities. Founded in 1982, ABI plays a leading role in providing congressional leaders and the general public with nonpartisan reporting and analysis of bankruptcy regulations, laws and trends. ABI is often called upon to testify before Congress, analyze proposed bills, and conduct periodic briefings for congressional committees and legislative staff. ABI is engaged in numerous educational and research activities, as well as the production of a number of publications both for the insolvency practitioner and those dedicated to research and education on matters related to insolvency.

Hon. Barbara J. Houser (President-Elect)

Meet ABI’s Board of Directors


Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff (Board Chairman)

Samuel J. Gerdano (Executive Director)


American Bankruptcy Institute

From the President

Alane A. Becket President

In December, ABI announced that Amy Quackenboss had been selected as its Executive Director beginning January 1, 2020. Amy joined the ABI staff as Deputy Executive Director in November 2010, and added the title of General Counsel in 2012. In her capacity as Deputy Executive Director, Amy has been involved in all aspects of ABI’s operations, including educational programming, publishing, information technology, staff management and budgeting. She also led a team of ABI volunteers and staff in developing ABI’s 2020-22 strategic plan (see p. 31). Prior to joining the ABI staff, Amy practiced law at Hunton Andrews Kurth (Atlanta), where she focused on bankruptcy litigation and restructuring. She has significant experience representing lenders, secured and unsecured creditors, indenture trustees, creditors’ committees, and acquirers of assets in chapter 11 bankruptcies. In 2002, she was honored with the H. Sol Clark award by the State Bar of Georgia for her commitment to pro bono work. After graduating from law school, Amy clerked for two years for U.S. Magistrate Judge Mary Stanley in the Southern District of West Virginia.

She received her B.A. from Miami University of Ohio and her J.D. from Washington & Lee School of Law. Amy’s selection followed an extensive search, conducted by Sterling Martin Associates and a committee of ABI volunteers. I was ably assisted by CoChairs Ted Gavin and Judge Barbara Houser, and ABI members Judge Dan Collins, Steve Berman, Tom Horan and John Penn. In total, over 70 candidates were screened and considered, eventually narrowed down to six for in-person interviews by the full Search Committee. Three finalists were called back for meetings at ABI headquarters with both the Search Committee and ABI staff directors, at which time, in addition to interviews, each candidate made a presentation detailing their vision and strategy for the future of the ABI. Throughout the process, Amy demonstrated professionalism, leadership, business acumen and a deep understanding of ABI’s mission and challenges. The ABI directors gave thoughtful consideration to each candidate and shared insightful feedback with the committee. While it may seem that Amy had the advantage of institutional knowledge and support, it could likewise be said that the committee’s expectations of her

American Bankruptcy Institute


I’m excited about leading this organization that I love. I look forward to working with ABI’s amazing volunteer leaders, members and staff to bring a new generation of informative and innovative programs, products and services to insolvency practitioners around the world. — Amy Quackenboss, Incoming Executive Director Amy Quackenboss Incoming Executive Director

were higher for the same reason. Ultimately, the committee’s selection of Amy was a unanimous decision, accompanied by the full support of ABI’s staff and, importantly, Outgoing Executive Director Sam Gerdano. Amy is more than up to the challenge. “I’m excited about leading this organization that I love,” she said. “I look forward to working with ABI’s amazing volunteer leaders, members and staff to bring a new generation of informative and innovative programs, products and services to insolvency practitioners around the world. I know I have big shoes to fill, but I look forward to building up the strong foundation that has made ABI the industry leader and go-to organization for all things insolvency.” Of course, Amy’s assumption of the Executive Director position

means we will be saying goodbye to the face of the ABI for almost 30 years, Sam Gerdano. Sam became ABI’s Executive Director in 1991 at age 36. Although ABI had been in existence since 1983, it was still very much a start-up. There were three employees, two (slow) computers and one printer. ABI had somewhere around 2,500 members, though the record-keeping was suspect. Finances were equally sketchy (and unaudited): The year he arrived, ABI had an annual budget of about $330,000 and a grand total of $78,000 in reserves. “Our early volunteer leaders not infrequently helped make the payroll, and their successors also allowed me to make decisions to move us ahead,” said Sam. Blessed by the dedicated involvement of hundreds of volunteers each year and a devoted staff, ABI grew into what it hoped to become at the outset: a thought

leader, respected voice and central meeting location for the entire insolvency community. Reflecting on his retirement, Sam said, “After 29 years, I feel a bit like the ‘father to the bride’ of ABI. Fathers want to leave what’s important to them in the best hands for the long term.” Sam expressed the highest confidence in Amy. “Since she arrived on staff in 2010, Amy has been integral to all the good that ABI does: education, publishing, events and member benefits. She’s helped manage our professional staff and 10 years of different volunteer leaders with skill and diplomacy. She’s creative, collaborative and innovative, which is so important to our future leadership. I’m thrilled to see her rewarded with this opportunity and plan to be at Amy’s service throughout the year ahead in any capacity she needs.” I hope you will join me in congratulating Amy on her selection.


American Bankruptcy Institute

Michael L. Bernstein Treasurer

Financial Report Dear ABI Members: The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) has net assets of over $14 million. ABI holds cash and investments of about $17 million, of which a little over $9 million constitutes the Endowment Fund. In the annual audit of ABI by CliftonLarsonAllen LLP (CLA), an audit firm specializing in nonprofit organizations, ABI was issued an unqualified “clean report” in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. The auditors found no matters involving internal controls and operations that were considered to be material weaknesses. This was the 24th straight year with a clean audit. ABI maintains three funds — General Operating Funds, General Reserve Funds and the ABI Endowment Fund — and establishes and adheres to prudent guidelines for the reserve levels of the two General Funds. These guidelines are based on industry standards and recommendations from outside financial advisors. The ABI Endowment Fund will continue to be kept in a segregated account, and any expenditures of the principal of the Endowment Fund will continue to require a two-thirds majority vote by the Board of Directors under the ABI bylaws. Respectfully Submitted, Michael L. Bernstein ABI Treasurer

American Bankruptcy Institute

Statement of Financial Position December 31, 2018

December 31, 2017

ASSETS: Cash Investments







Accounts receivable, net



Prepaid expenses



Contributions receivable, net



Property and equipment, net







Accounts payable and accrued expenses



Deferred revenue








Board-designated reserve



With donor restriction



Total Net Assets





Deposits and other Total Assets


Total Liabilities

NET ASSETS: Without donor restriction

Total Liabilities and Net Assets



American Bankruptcy Institute

Source of Income Investments

Conferences and Meetings





Publication and Other


Membership Dues


Growth in Net Assets 1995 - 2019 $ 18,000,000 $ 16,000,000 $ 14,000,000 $ 12,000,000 $ 10,000,000 $ 8,000,000 $ 6,000,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 2,000,000 $-







American Bankruptcy Institute

Thanks to the 2019 Partners ABI thanks its 2019 Partners for their support, dedication and generosity.


Presidential Partners


Executive Partners EXECUTIVE PARTNERS:

Capital Partners




American Bankruptcy Institute

Meet the 2019 Class of 40 Under 40 One of ABI’s most important initiatives in recent years has been recognizing the top 40 up-and-coming insolvency professionals in the industry under the age of 40. Now in its third year, the success of the program has been reflected in the high engagement levels of its honorees. The 2019 nomination process opened on March 15, and more than 250 candidates applied, up 19% from the previous year. Two of 2019’s honorees hail from other countries (Spain and Mexico). The 12-person selection committee was chaired by Jennifer Meyerowitz. Judge Dan Collins

and Kim Posin were the carryover members from 2018. Other judges were John Bollinger, Paul Deutch, Jim Irving, Melissa Kibler, Eric Johnson, Erika Johnson, Kristi Johnson, Doug Lutz and Adrienne Walker. In October, we announced the 40 selected individuals, who were honored during ABI’s Winter Leadership Conference in December. As with the first two classes, the 2019 group is very accomplished: More than 70% are partners, directors or managing directors at their respective firms, and 45% of the class is female. Every circuit is represented by at least two honorees.

The goal of the “40 Under 40” program is to engage honorees in ABI activities to ensure that ABI is on a path to meet the needs of insolvency professionals now and in the future. The program has since exceeded all expectations: All three classes of winners have been highly engaged in ABI activities, including speaking at national and regional seminars, writing several cover stories for the ABI Journal, and heading up ABI’s successful Professional Development Program. Many honorees have transitioned into leadership positions within the organization (three have been named to the ABI Board of Directors), and two even have become bankruptcy judges. Take a look at this year’s class and their bios at abi40under40.org/honorees.

American Bankruptcy Institute

Past honorees by the numbers • 3 have become members of ABI’s Board of Directors • 11 are ABI Committee leaders • 3 are members of ABI’s Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy, and two of them testified before Congress in the past year • 2 are members of ABI’s Veterans Affairs Task Force • 5 have edited ABI books • 6 are ABI Journal editors, and 8 have authored ABI Journal articles, over half of which were cover stories ABI Board of Directors

ABI Journal Editors

Paul R. Hage (2017) Jennifer B. Kimble (2017) Eric E. Walker (2017)

ABI Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy

Prof. Dalié Jiménez (2018) Arianne R. Holtschlag (2017) Adam D. Herring (2019) Veterans Affairs Task Force

Elizabeth L. Gunn (2017) Kristina M. Stanger (2018) "Eye on Bankruptcy" Guests

Rosa J. Evergreen (2018) Brian J. Lohan (2017) Daniel T. Moss (2018) Melissa Root (2017) Hon. Sage M. Sigler (2017) Eric E. Walker (2017)

Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition

Paul R. Hage (2017) ABI Book Editors

Kara H. Coyle (2018) Miriam Goot (2017) Elizabeth L. Gunn (2017) Monique D. Hayes (2017) Maegan L. Hurley (2018)

Elizabeth L. Gunn (2017) Paul R. Hage (2017) James R. Irving (2017) Jennifer B. Kimble (2017) Eric E. Walker (2017) Anupama Yerramalli (2017)

ABI Journal Authors

* cover story Adam Ballinger* (2017) Monique B. DiSabatino* (2019) Prof. Brook E. Gotberg (2019) Elizabeth L. Gunn (2017) Vincent Indelicato (2018) Stephanie C. Lieb* (2018) Lindsay Z. Milne* (2018) Oscar N. Pinkas* (2017) ABI Committee Leadership

Matthew T. Faga (2017) David M. Guess (2018) Andrew C. Helman (2019) James R. Irving (2017) Shanti M. Katona (2017) Robert S. Marticello (2017) Kyle J. Ortiz (2018) Shane G. Ramsey (2017) Oksana Kolto Rosaluk (2017) Tara J. Schellhorn (2019) Alexandra R. Schnapp (2019)

Becoming a member of a "40 Under 40" cohort gives honorees the ability to engage with ABI and the insolvency community on an unprecedented level. Take a look at what the 2017, 2018 and 2019 classes have been up to.

• ¼ of the 120 honorees had speaking roles at ABI programs in 2019 • 6 have been guests on ABI’s "Eye on Bankruptcy" program • 1 has co-written the case problem for the Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition • 2 have become U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judges • Several members of the 2017 and 2018 classes have successfully relaunched ABI’s Mid-Level Professional Development Program

ABI 2019 Conference Faculty Annual Spring Meeting

Kelly DiBlasi (2018) Shanté M. George (2018) Hannah W. Hutman (2018) James R. Irving (2017) Alexa J. Kranzley (2018) Lindsay Z. Milne (2018) Christine A. Okike (2017) Melissa Root (2017) Eli J. Vonnegut (2018)

Winter Leadership Conference

Matthew T. Faga (2017) Jeremy R. Fischer (2017) Monique D. Hayes (2017) Jennifer B. Kimble (2017) Jennifer L. Marines (2018) Daniel T. Moss (2018) Joshua Sussberg (2018)

Professional Development Program


Laura E. Appleby (2018) Katherine R. Catanese (2018) Kelly DiBlasi (2018) Rosa J. Evergreen (2018) Shanté M. George (2018) Vincent Indelicato (2018) Alexa J. Kranzley (2018) Ryan A. Maupin (2017) Kathryn B. McGlynn (2017)

PDP [continued]


Kyle J. Ortiz (2018) Evan J. Zucker (2019)

Christine A. Okike (2017) Kyle J. Ortiz (2018) Jane VanLare (2018) Blanche D. Zelmanovich (2017)

Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop

Ashley A. Edwards (2019) Katherine A. Cantanese (2018) Matthew T. Faga (2017) Jeremy R. Fischer (2017) James R. Irving (2017) J. Leland Murphree (2018) Hon. Sage M. Sigler (2017)

Mid-Atlantic Bankruptcy Workshop

Kimberly A. Brown (2019) Kara H. Coyle (2018) Monique B. DiSabatino (2019) Rosa J. Evergreen (2018) Elizabeth L. Gunn (2017) Hannah W. Hutman (2018) Daniel T. Moss (2018)

Delaware Views from the Bench

Kelly DiBlasi (2018) Jennifer L. Marines (2018) Kathryn B. McGlynn (2017) Oscar N. Pinkas (2017)

Insolvency Program

Midwestern Bankruptcy Institute

Hon. Whitman L. Holt (2017) Kathryn B. McGlynn (2017) Hon. Steven W. Rhodes Consumer Bankruptcy Conference

Paul R. Hage (2017) Charissa Potts (2019) Washington, D.C.,

Views from the Bench

Vincent Indelicato (2018) Southwest Bankruptcy Conference

Lindsi M. Weber (2019) Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

Paul R. Hage (2017) Kristina M. Stanger (2018) Elizabeth B. Vandesteeg (2018) Northeast Bankruptcy Conference and Consumer Forum

Maegan L. Hurley (2018) Lindsay Z. Milne (2018)

Learn About Each Class and Nomination Guidelines https://abi40under40.org


American Bankruptcy Institute

Bankruptcy Legislation ABI Played an Integral Role in the 2019 Enactment of New Bankruptcy Laws Helping Struggling Small Businesses, Veterans and Family Farmers The “Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019”

The timeline of the bills was as follows:

(“SBRA”; P.L. 116-54), “Honoring American Veterans in Extreme Need Act of 2019” (“HAVEN Act”; P.L. 116-

• Each of the bipartisan bills was introduced in spring 2019.

52) and “Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019” (P.L. 116-

• The House Judiciary Committee held hearings on the

51) were enacted in 2019, each law modernizing the

legislation in June, during which ABI members testified

Bankruptcy Code to more effectively help financially

in support. The Committee issued a favorable report

distressed small businesses, disabled veterans

on each bill in late July.

and family farmers. SBRA adds new subchapter V to

• The House passed the bills in late July.

chapter 11, providing a better path for small businesses

• The Senate passed the bills on August 1.

to successfully restructure, reduce liquidations,

• President Trump signed the bills into law on August 23.

save jobs and increase recoveries to creditors while

The HAVEN Act and Family Farmer Relief Act took

recognizing the value provided by entrepreneurs.

effect immediately; SBRA takes effect in February 2020.

The HAVEN Act adjusts the Code to exclude VA and DoD disability payments from the monthly income calculation used for bankruptcy means testing, as was already the case for Social Security disability payments. The “Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019” updated chapter 12 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to reflect the economic challenges facing today’s distressed farmers by raising the debt limit for chapter 12 filings from $4.3 million to $10 million. Former ABI President Robert J. Keach (second from left) joined several ABI members who either testified or attended a June 25 hearing in Washington, D.C., which also covered the Honoring American Veterans in Extreme Need Act of 2019 (H.R. 2938; S. 679), Puerto Rico Recovery Accuracy in Disclosures Act of 2019 (H.R. 683; S. 1675) and student loan debt treatment in bankruptcy.

American Bankruptcy Institute


ABI and its members were critical to laying the

strengthen us. Task Force members helped work on the

groundwork for each piece of legislation and for

HAVEN Act with members of Congress while highlighting

providing valuable testimony:

the issues for ABI members and the public via two articles in the ABI Journal and an op-ed in The Hill.

• ABI’s Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter

Task Force Member Holly Petraeus provided crucial

11 released its Final Report in December 2014, which

testimony to the House Judiciary Committee. The Final

contained many recommendations that were folded

Report of ABI’s Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy

into the SBRA. Commission Co-chair Robert J. Keach

also highlighted the need to correct the Code for

of Bernstein Shur (Portland, Maine) testified before the

disabled veterans.

House Judiciary Committee in June 2019. He also had testified in the 115th Congress at a March 2018 hearing

• In addition to providing testimony in support of the

of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Oversight,

Family Farmer Relief Act in June, ABI members well-

Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts that

versed in chapter 12 filings and family farmer financial

was examining proposals to modernize the Code for

distress were instrumental in providing information and

small businesses looking to reorganize.

support throughout the legislative process.

• ABI’s Veterans Affairs Task Force was assembled in 2018 to unite and effectively deploy the best of the varied talent resources across ABI to understand, respond to and coordinate with other institutions and organizations to educate, remediate and prevent adverse debt concerns and impacts on veterans and service members to ensure that we financially strengthen those who

Stay Informed on Bankruptcy Legislation


View the Latest Bankruptcy Statistics


Listen to Recent ABI Podcasts


Watch Recent ABI Videos



American Bankruptcy Institute

The Consumer Commission The ABI Commission on Consumer

1,300 times and cited as authority in

Bankruptcy was created in December

two bankruptcy court decisions: In re

2016 to research and recommend

Littlejohn (N.D. Ga.) and Shenk v. U.S.

improvements to the consumer

Dept. of Education (N.D.N.Y.).

bankruptcy system that could be

Hon. William Houston Brown (ret.) Co-Chair

implemented within its existing

A reception honoring the

structure. The Commission’s work

commissioners also was held during

culminated in its Final Report in

the ASM, and the Commission’s

April 2019, which identified nearly 50

Reporter, Prof. Bob Lawless, received

discrete issues for study. The Final

the 2019 ABI Annual Service Award.

Report was officially rolled out at a live-streamed session during the

The Commission, supported by

Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) on April

grants from the ABI Endowment

11, and several of the conference’s

Fund and the National Conference of

CLE sessions focused on the report’s

Bankruptcy Judges, was comprised of 22

content. Printed copies of the 250-

commissioners (with 17 of them voting

page report were distributed to the

on the recommendations) and three

commissioners on site at the ASM, and

advisory committees composed of a

the report was made available on the

total of 52 bankruptcy professionals, who

Hon. Elizabeth L. Perris Commission’s website. The report has (ret.) Co-Chair

since been downloaded more than

represented the diverse stakeholders in the consumer bankruptcy system. Commission Reporter Prof. Robert M. Lawless (University of Illinois College of Law) (l) received the Annual Service Award during ABI’s Annual Spring Meeting for his work on the Commission’s Final Report, released in April. ABI Chairman and Retired Bankruptcy Judge Eugene R. Wedoff, an ex-officio member of the Commission, presented the award.

See the Work of the Commission and Download the Final Report https://consumercommission.abi.org

American Bankruptcy Institute


Membership Builds Connections ABI’s committees are where young practitioners make their bones and seasoned professionals cement their reputations. ABI’s committees encompass a wide range of insolvency topics and allow volunteers to share their knowledge and experience with other members. Participation in committee activities is the most effective way to establish and build relationships with other members. All members are

Ethics and Professional Compensation Tara E. Nauful

Beal, LLC • Columbia, SC

Alexandra CC Schnapp

Leslie Ann Berkoff

Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP • New York, NY

John G. Loughnane

Nutter McClennen & Fish, LLP • Boston, MA

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Ga. • Atlanta, GA

Financial Advisors and Investment Banking Jordi Guso

Berger Singerman, LLP • Miami, FL

encouraged to join one or more committees.


Real Estate

Michael A. Rosow

Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A. • Minneapolis, MN

Scott Underwood

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC • Tampa, FL

Lucian Murley

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP • Wilmington, DE

Asset Sales

Dawn M. Cica

Carlyon Cica Chtd.• Las Vegas, NV

Evelyn Meltzer

Pepper Hamilton LLP • Wilmington, DE

Commercial and Regulatory Law

Susan A. Berson

Berson Law Group LLP • Overland Park, KS

John T. Farnum

Health Care

Andrew C. Helman

Murray Plumb & Murray • Portland, ME

Andrew H. Sherman

Sills Cummis & Gross PC • Newark, NJ

Commercial Fraud

Drummond Woodsum • Portland, ME

Freeborn & Peters LLP • Chicago, IL

Steven S. Flores

Melissa Davis, CPA, CIRA, CFE


Ryan W. Blackney

E. Patrick Shea

KapilaMukamal, LLP • Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP • Toronto, ON

Consumer Bankruptcy

Loeb & Loeb LLP • New York, NY

Cole & Cole Law, P.A. • Sarasota, FL

Dan B. Besikof

Shane G. Ramsey

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP • Nashville, TN

Spencer Fane LLP • Kansas City, MO

Unsecured Trade Creditors May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie, P.C. • Phoenix, AZ

Simon E. Fraser

Cozen O’Connor • Wilmington, DE

Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena Elliott Greenleaf • Wilmington, DE

Business Reorganization

Eric L. Johnson

Grant L. Cartwright

Bankruptcy Litigation

Rhode Island Legal Services, Inc. • Providence, NY

Miles & Stockbridge PC • Washington, DC

Suzanne Koenig

SAK Management Services, LLC • Riverwoods, IL

Jeremy R. Fischer

Secured Credit

Young and New Members Brendan Gage


Richard John Cole, III

Ferve Emma Khan

BakerHostetler • New York, NY

John Jay Lieberman

Sottile & Barile LLC • Loveland, OH

Paul Hastings LLP • Chicago, IL

Evan T. Miller

Bayard, P.A. • Wilmington, DE

Elizabeth E. Stephens

Sullivan Hill Lewin Rez & Engel • Las Vegas, NV

Claims Trading

Emerging Industries and Technology

Berger Singerman LLP • Miami, FL

Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP • Wilmington, DE

Christopher A. Jarvinen Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, E.D.N.Y. • Brooklyn, NY

Ericka F. Johnson Dylan G. Trache

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP • Washington, DC

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American Bankruptcy Institute

Members at 2019 Events

ABI members learned, mingled and networked at ABI events throughout 2019, which included national and regional conferences, specialized educational programs and ABI Endowment fundraisers. Scenes from the 37th Annual Spring Meeting in April

The conference kicked off with an Opening Reception in the atrium of the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. Past ABI Presidents Melissa S. Kibler (Mackinac Partners LLC) and James T. Markus (Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker LLC), along with Vincent E. Lazar (Jenner & Block LLP) and David M. Baker (Aurora Management Partners, Inc.) (below l-r), were among the 900 in attendance.

Shane G. Ramsey (Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP) (l) introduced award-winning author and investigative journalist Bob Woodward (c), who signed copies of his latest book for attendees.

The Women’s Networking Reception was a great way to mingle after a busy day of educational sessions.

For more photos, visit flickr.abi.org! The ABI Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy presented its Final Report and celebrated with a reception (above and below). Their recommendations are available at ConsumerCommission.abi.org/commission-report.

Denise Dessel (c) received the ABI Law Review award from Prof. G. Ray Warner (St. John’s University School of Law) (l) and ABI Vice President-Publications Lisa S. Gretchko (Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC).

Almost Queen rocked the Final Night Dinner.

American Bankruptcy Institute


The room was packed for the conference’s plan and confirmation issues panel, which featured Melissa M. Root (Jenner & Block), Michael R. Nestor (Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP), Bankruptcy Judge Michelle M. Harner (D. Md.) and Sheryl L. Toby (Dykema Gossett PLLC) (l-r).

The popular “ABI Talks” session included presentations by (l-r) Bankruptcy Judge Christopher S. Sontchi (D. Del.), Teresa C. Kohl (SSG Capital Advisors, LLC) and Past ABI President Michael P. Richman (Steinhilber Swanson LLP).

Scenes from NCBJ in October

ABI hosted an opening reception at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, welcoming the more than 1,000 attendees to the Nation’s Capital in style.

ABI President-Elect Hon. Barbara J. Houser (N.D. Tex.) (second from left) and Hon. Stacey G. C. Jernigan (N.D. Tex.) (second from right) accepted the 14th Annual William L. Norton Jr. Judicial Excellence Award on behalf of Hon. Harlin D. Hale (N.D. Tex.) (inset) during the ABI Luncheon. They are pictured with (from left) ABI President Alane A. Becket (Becket & Lee LLP) and Kathryn Coleman (Thomson Reuters).

ABI Publication Awards Presented During NCBJ

ABI Director of Communications James H. Carman (r) presented publication awards to (from left) Geoffrey L. Berman (Development Specialists, Inc.) for authoring General Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors: The ABCs of ABCs (4th Edition), Mark A. Gittelman (PNC Bank, NA) for co-authoring Navigating Banking in Bankruptcy: A Guidebook, and Zach B. Shelomith (Leiderman Shelomith Alexander + Somodevilla, PLLC) for co-authoring Individual Chapter 11.


American Bankruptcy Institute

Scenes from the 31st Annual Winter Leadership Conference in December

The 2019 “40 Under 40” honorees cut loose after their recognition program during the conference. Read more about this group on p. 10.

Retiring ABI Executive Director Sam Gerdano toasts the 2019 “40 Under 40” honorees as ABI President Alane A. Becket (Becket & Lee LLP) looks on.

Endowment Awards Presented During WLC

Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in NFL history and the first woman to play professional football, delivered the “40 Under 40” keynote.

ABI Vice President-Development Robert P. Reynolds (Reynolds, Reynolds & Little, LLC) (l) presented Endowment awards to (from left) Patricia A. Redmond (Stearns, Weaver, Miller, Weissler, Alhadeff & Sitterson, PA), Donald A. Workman (BakerHostetler) and Elizabeth B. Vandesteeg (Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger LLP) for their contributions to the ABI Endowment Fund. Richard S. Lauter (Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith LLP) (far right) was presented with the Mark G. Stingley Leadership Award, which recognizes a member who has demonstrated extraordinary support for the ABI Endowment Fund.

Running enthusiasts were up before the sun to participate in the ABI Fun Run. New York-based professionals Jennifer A. Christian (ASK LLP), Jonathan L. Flaxer (Golenbock, Eiseman, Assor, Bell & Peskoe LLP), Bankruptcy Judge Elizabeth S. Stong (E.D.N.Y.) and Marianna Udem (ASK LLP) (l-r) chat between sessions.

Bankruptcy Judge Deborah L. Thorne (N.D. Ill.) (l) catches up with Lucian Murley (Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP) (c) and Prof. Brook E. Gotberg (University of Missouri Law School), a 2019 “40 Under 40” honoree.

Joshua A. Sussberg (Kirkland & Ellis LLP), Charles A. Beckham, Jr. (Haynes and Boone, LLP), Retired Bankruptcy Judge Kevin J. Carey (Hogan Lovells US LLP), Laura Davis Jones (Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP) and Eric E. Walker (Perkins Coie LLP) (l-r) discuss venue importance in chapter 11 cases.

Conference attendees enjoyed the outdoor Opening Reception at the Terranea Resort on the Pacific Coast.

photos @ flickr.abi.org

American Bankruptcy Institute 19


American Bankruptcy Institute

Publications and Communications ABI publications have had another productive year, producing a number of new books as well as updated editions of existing titles. Recent publications include: Navigating Banking in Bankruptcy: A Guidebook, by Lisa Bittle Tancredi (Gebhardt & Smith LLP) and Mark A. Gittelman (PNC Bank, NA) — a comprehensive guide for bankers, company financial officers and legal professionals that offers practical guidance on issues that arise at the intersection of banking and bankruptcy. Trade Creditor’s Guide to Risk-Mitigation Tools and Remedies, by Bruce S. Nathan (Lowenstein Sandler LLP), Scott Cargill, Eric Chafetz, Lowell A. Citron, Theodore C. Sica and Mark S. Kurzweil — designed to provide trade creditors with a single resource that they can reference to help them obtain payment of their claims against their financially distressed customers, both prior to and after a customer’s bankruptcy filing. Substantive Consolidation: A National Survey, by R. Stephen McNeill and D. Ryan Slaugh (Potter Anderson Corroon) — the quintessential guide to the complex world of substantive consolidation, including both a circuit-level cheat sheet and a chart of the tests that have been adopted by every district court in the country. Preference Defense Handbook: The Circuits Compared, 3rd Edition, by Hon. Deborah L. Thorne (U.S. Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Ill.), John H. Andreasen and Ian Follansbee — a handy reference guide that assists practitioners and credit professionals in evaluating the available defenses that may be asserted in a preference avoidance action, detailing relevant cases and decisions in each circuit. Individual Chapter 11, edited by Alan R. Rosenberg (Markowitz, Ringel, Trusty + Hartog, P.A.) and Patricia A. Redmond (Stearns, Weaver, Miller, Weissler, Alhadeff & Sitterson, PA) — a handbook written by a team of seasoned professionals that explains why, while most individual debtors who restructure their debts file for bankruptcy under chapter 13, certain debtors possess characteristics that make chapter 11 a more attractive option. General Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors: The ABCs of ABCs, 4th Edition, by Geoffrey L. Berman (DSI, Inc.) — an update by former ABI president Geoff Berman that details how the rise of ABCs across the country has brought about considerable litigation regarding how an assignee conducts a sale, secured creditors’ role in allowing an assignee to liquidate their collateral, and claims of breach of fiduciary duty by assignees. Most ABI books are sold in both printed and digital editions.

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ABI Journal and ABI Law Review

The ABI Journal, published monthly, is ABI’s flagship publication and features a wide range of articles on timely insolvency topics, all written by ABI members. The ABI Law Review, the largest-circulation bankruptcy law review, is published twice a year in conjunction with St. John’s University School of Law in New York and this year covered such topics as the Supreme Court’s Jevic decision, the sale of personally identifiable information in bankruptcy, the constitutional authority of bankruptcy judges, and unmatured interest and debt under the Bankruptcy Code. Notably, the Summer 2019 issue featured a report by two law professors on the Affordable Care Act’s effects on bankruptcy; the study was funded by ABI’s Anthony H.N. Schnelling Endowment Fund.

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“Eye on Bankruptcy” This year, “Eye on Bankruptcy,” ABI’s web-based video series of hour-long CLE programs, completed its fifth and final season, having aired about 60 episodes. ABI handled all aspects of the show, including guest acquisition, promotion, streaming and CLE credit (in states where pre-approved), and Prof. Charles Tabb U. of Ill. College of Law Host

ABI staff recorded, edited and posted the final product. Guests in 2019 featured several “40 Under 40” program honorees (Eric Walker, Zach Smith, Melissa Root, Brian Lohan, Dan Moss, Katie Catanese, Hon. Sage Sigler) and a number of first-time judges to the show (Alan Trust, Elizabeth Stong, Ashely Chan, Paul Black, Jeffery Hopkins and Kevin Phillips). Prof. Charles Tabb was the most recent host. Though the show had a loyal following (150+ members per show), it carried a budget cost of about $25,000 (mostly guest and host travel), with no revenue offset. Accordingly, a decision was made that the December 2019 episode would be the final one.

Chief Bankruptcy Judge Jeffery P. Hopkins (S.D. Ohio) (c) and Dan T. Moss (Jones Day) (r) joined host Prof. Charles J. Tabb (University of Illinois College of Law) to record the November episode of “Eye on Bankruptcy” with a salute to World Series winners Washington Nationals.

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Rochelle’s Daily Wire Bill Rochelle joined the staff in mid-November 2015 as ABI’s Editor-at-Large, and he continues to be a valuable resource and ambassador for ABI. Bill’s daily case commentary site launched in January 2016, and he has since analyzed nearly 1,300 opinions by more than 600 judges. Rochelle’s Daily Wire is now available to members only, and in 2019 the webpage was given a facelift. Dovetailing with his daily analyses, Bill caps off each week with a short video Bill Rochelle Editor-at-Large

highlighting the week’s key cases, and he has recorded special video segments on Supreme Court matters. The videos are available on ABI’s social media sites. In addition, he has been active in public speaking at both ABI and industry events, such as at the NCBJ and Westbrook UT Seminar. His work is uniformly respected, including by many judges, and was also cited in a petition for writ of certiorari in Lorenzen v. Taggart.

Testimonials from the Bench “A huge help in keeping up on developments — it’s my go-to source, particularly when I am busy and can’t canvass other sources. In short, it’s a life-saver.”

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane (S.D.N.Y.)

“An incredibly important asset to the entire bankruptcy bar and bench.”

“I love your column! Read it daily!”

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Phyllis Jones (E.D. & W.D. Ark.)

“As a lawyer once said to me at an ABI conference where you were a featured speaker: ‘That Bill Rochelle is a treasure.’ We all look forward to your column.”

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Daniel Collins (D. Ariz.)

“I read it before the New York Times each morning.”

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Deborah Thorne (N.D. Ill.)

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Grossman (E.D.N.Y.)

“An amazing job every day finding and summarizing cases of interest to the bench and bar. Many thanks for providing this needed and helpful service.”

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Daniel Opperman (E.D. Mich.)

“It is a great way to keep up on current developments.”

“You are part of the regular reading habits of more judges than you know.”

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Brian Lynch (W.D. Wash.)

“Keep up your great work with your column — I know everybody enjoys the columns and learns from them.”

—U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Guy Humphrey (S.D. Ohio)

—Judge Michael Melloy, Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

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ABI Endowment Fund The ABI Anthony H.N. Schnelling Endowment Fund was created in 1989 to provide resources for research and education to the bankruptcy community and was renamed in 2009 to honor the late Tony Schnelling, a former ABI Vice PresidentDevelopment. Gifts and pledges allow ABI to meet new requests for funding, which may include studies relating to bankruptcy or insolvency; surveys or other analytical investigations; the education of judges, court personnel, other governmental personnel and the general public; or scholarships and other educational grants.

Anthony H.N. Schnelling Annually, the Endowment funds scholarships, moot court competitions, corporate Former VP-Development

restructuring competitions and ABI’s Resident Scholar program. The Endowment also funds major research projects, including support for the ABI Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy, the ABI Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11, a study to look at the effects of the ACA on bankruptcy, the Ethics Task Force, a study of the effectiveness of financial education on distressed consumers, and an empirical study of postBAPCPA distributions to unsecured creditors. Endowment contributions may be paid in equal installments for up to five years. All gifts are cumulative to allow donors to advance their level of contribution. All contributions are tax-deductible. The ABI Endowment is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Endowment Churchill

Endowment Hockey

Endowment Wine

Supporters gathered in late May at the historic ABI Endowment supporters enjoyed a private suite to Supporters of the ABI Endowment Fund gathered in Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky., to raise funds for watch the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning take on the St. late September for a wine dinner in Los Angeles. the ABI Endowment. Louis Blues during the Paskay conference in January.

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View the Current List of Endowment Donors https://www.abi.org/endowment/contributors

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American Bankruptcy Institute


American Board of Certification (ABC) The American Board of Certification is the nation’s

The ABC continues to see strong demand for certified

premier legal specialty certification organization, certifying

specialists from the public. The ABC website is

attorneys as specialists in business bankruptcy, consumer

continuously being updated and improved, with the most

bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law. The ABC serves the

recent changes designed to make it easier for attorneys to

public interest by allowing potential clients to make an

complete applications for certification (and recertification).

informed decision in selecting bankruptcy and creditors’

Currently, attorneys who are age 40 and under are

rights counsel. ABC certification encourages attorneys to

authorized to take the exam and apply for FREE.

strive toward excellence and recognizes those attorneys who have met the ABC’s rigorous standards. The ABC is sponsored by ABI and the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), and all three ABC certification programs are accredited by the American Bar Association and many states. ABC certification is available to all qualified attorneys without regard to membership in ABI or CLLA.

The American Bankruptcy Institute has an ABC Prep Course designed specifically to assist certification applicants with exam study. The course is available to ABI members for $295. There are also six hours of CLE credit available when an applicant takes the course. For further information, contact The American Board of Certification toll-free at (877) 365-2221.

2020 American Board of Certification Leadership • Robert C. Furr, Chair Furr Cohen, P.A.; Boca Raton, Fla. • Kirk B. Burkley, President Bernstein-Burkley; Pittsburgh

• Patricia B. Fugée, President-Elect & General Counsel FisherBroyles, LLP; Perrysburg, Ohio • Donna T. Parkinson, Treasurer Parkinson Phinney, Sacramento, Calif.

2020 Exam Schedule Date



ABC has more

April 23, 2020

Washington, DC

ABI Annual Spring Meeting JW Marriott

than 700 certified

May 5, 2020

Chicago, IL

Commercial Law League of America National Conference Chicago Marriott

members nationwide

San Diego, CA

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges Marriott Marquis

October 12, 2020

December 3, 2020 Scottsdale, AZ

ABI Winter Leadership Conference Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort

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and in Puerto Rico, including 35 bankruptcy judges.


American Bankruptcy Institute

The International Scene More than 150 delegates from 13 nations attended ABI’s International Insolvency & Restructuring Symposium (IIRS), held Nov. 14-15 in Paris. Chair and Organizer Ian G. Williams of London — in his 15th year — created this initiative and has headed it up ever since, whether in London, Rome (where attendees had an audience with Pope Benedict), Madrid, Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam or Paris.

Annerose Tashiro Schultze & Braun GmbH VP-International

Next year, the IIRS returns to London, where it all began. While ABI’s focus is necessarily based

and maintains GlobalINSOLvency.com.

in the U.S. for our more than 10,000

More than 5,000 subscribe to the Global

members, the global restructuring space

Daily Headlines via the site. In addition,

has always been important to ABI. In

ABI members from around the world

fact, ABI members hail from 40 different

contribute monthly content to the ABI

countries. ABI’s International Committee is Journal and have published several books among its most active, and in November the committee hosted ABI’s annual New York Cross-Border CLE program. The International Committee also organizes Ian G. Williams London a panel at the Annual Spring Meeting Chair, IIRS Former VP-International and the Winter Leadership Conference,

on EU protocols and other developments. ABI is a founding member association of INSOL International and the largest in the U.S., with nearly 400 members. Dr. Tashiro serves on INSOL’s Board of Directors.

American Bankruptcy Institute


International Insolvency & Restructuring Symposium (Paris, October)

Program chair and organizer Ian G. Williams is pictured with William A. Brandt (Development Specialists, Inc.) and Hon. Christopher M. Klein (U.S. Bankruptcy (E.D. Ian Cal.)) Conference chair andCourt organizer G.(l-r). Williams (l) is pictured with William A. Brandt (Development Specialists, Inc.; New York) (c) and Hon. Christopher M. Klein (U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D. Cal.); Sacramento).

Dr. Rand Hindi, co-founder and CEO of

Dr. Rand Hindi,delivered co-founder and CEO of Snips in Paris, a keynote during Snips in Paris, delivered a keynote on on AI, innovation and the future. AI, innovation and the future.

Alexandre Le Ninivin (Oxynomia Avocats), Ruben GarciaQuismondo (Quabbala Lawyer and Economists), Rashmi Dube (Legatus Law), and Enrica Maria Ghia (studio Legale Ghia) (l-r) provided a European perspective on Brexit.

Alexandre Le Ninivin (Oxynomia Avocats; Paris), Rubén García-Quismondo (Quabbala Lawyer and Economists; Madrid), Rashmi Dubé (Legatus Law; London), and Enrica Maria Ghia (Studio Legale Ghia; Milan, Italy) (l-r) provided a European perspectiveProgram on Brexit. (New York City, Cross-Border Insolvency November) Fernando Daniel Hernandez (Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal), Jeffrey A. Liesemer (Caplin & Drysdale; Chtd.), Evan J. Zucker (Blank Rome LLP) and William A. Brandt, Jr. (Development Specialists, Inc.) (l-r) led a panel discussing developments in cross-border practice over the past two years.

Caribbean Insolvency Symposium (Grand Cayman, February) Noel Zamot (Infrastructure Revitalization Coordinator for Puerto Rico), Bankruptcy Judge Enrique S. Lamoutte (D. P.R.), Luisa S. Valle-Castro (C. Conde & Associates) and Cate Long (Puerto Rico Clearing House) (l-r) examine the effects thus far of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA), as well as Puerto Rico’s economy. The panel also included Bankruptcy Judge Brian K. Tester (D. P.R.) and Sonia Colón (Ferraiuoli, LLC) (not pictured).

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Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) CARE’s mission is to educate individuals, with a focus on young adults, on the responsible use of credit and the fundamentals of financial literacy. CARE gratefully acknowledges ABI’s ongoing support of CARE from the

Tammy Hettinger CARE Executive Director

Fundraising This year, for the first time ever,

organization as a whole, its

CARE raised over $100,000 in private

leadership and its members at

donations. As of Nov. 25, 2019, we

large. Our accomplishments this

have pledges and gifts in the amount of

year are predicated on the financial

$106,884. In addition to a cy pres award

assistance and support received from

of $30,000, our year-end fundraising

ABI, which recently donated $250,000

efforts have been very successful. Our

to CARE’s endowment. So, first and

annual Holiday Reception is on target

foremost, we say, Thank You!

to raise over $33,000. While we are extremely appreciative of our recurring

As 2019 comes to a close, we are pleased

donors, CARE has worked hard to

to report that CARE has made significant

broaden its donor base, and in addition

progress this year, especially over the

to our Holiday Reception fundraiser, we

last few months. In summary, we have

received a first-time gift from Ascendium

raised more money than ever before; we

in the amount of $10,000.

are actively working to formalize new and diverse partnerships to help us grow

We also recently relaunched our

exponentially; and we have a strategic

monthly donor e-newsletter focusing

plan to chart our longer-term path

on profiling the stories of our volunteers


and chapters. In our first issue, we profiled CARE Program Manager Ian

Find Out How You Can Help CARE https://care 4yourfuture.org

Redman’s personal student loan story, and we have received positive feedback from donors and volunteers across the country. We will continue to tell stories connecting people to why CARE’s work is so important.

American Bankruptcy Institute

Programs Since our last report, the pilot website for the Chicago chapter has gone live. You can visit carechicago.org to see the future CARE chapter website template. In coordination with our Technology Committee, we are also now building a unified presentation request form and evaluation forms that all chapters can use on their new chapter websites. This will enable centralization and automation of chapter data collection that we have not had before. It will also allow us to understand programmatic data at a deeper level and support impact statements we make to sponsors and assist in our fundraising efforts. Additionally, we’re laying the groundwork for the WordPress multi-site architecture that will allow us to quickly add new chapter websites as chapters request them. Further, focusing on our roots, we have endeavored to strengthen our footprint within the NCBJ and both exhibited at its recent conference and presented at a judges-only breakfast. We also are looking at potential partnerships with organizations such as the National Creditor Bar Association (NCBA) and the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) to assist in the recruitment of volunteers and the promotion of CARE at their events. We exhibited at TMA’s Annual Conference this fall and are in discussions regarding attending other events. We look forward to providing an update on the progress of our partnership discussions in the future.

Forward Growth CARE recognizes the value of fresh ideas and innovation, and to that end desires for its board membership to continue to expand. We also have been cognizant of the challenges of a startup organization, and as a result we are determined to maintain our existing executive leadership through the first year of the tenure of ABI’s new Executive Director, Amy Quackenboss. As that date approaches and we move forward with our Strategic Plan update, a new executive committee slate will be formulated and presented to the board with the goal of


transitioning leadership in the new year (some faces will remain the same with new roles).

Strategic Plan Overview CARE’s board of directors will meet in December to discuss and formally approve our 2020-22 Strategic Plan. The strategic goals include (1) establish financial self-sustainability, (2) maintain and expand CARE’s organizational structure and leadership, (3) elevate CARE to a nationally recognized leader in financial literacy education, (4) strengthen existing CARE chapters and expand reach to all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and (5) implement technologies and innovations that support CARE’s mission and vision. Some of the key activities include (1) launching a pilot program to explore the opportunity to provide pre- and post-bankruptcy counseling services to generate earned income revenue, (2) recruiting board members outside of the bankruptcy community that can help raise our profile and funds, and (3) launching a corporate council of supporters to advance our work. Again, we are grateful for the assistance of ABI and look forward to a successful 2020. Thank you for your partnership and support of CARE.

Tammy Hettinger CARE Executive Director


American Bankruptcy Institute

Looking Back at 2019 We are grateful for the assistance of ABI and look forward to a successful 2020.

Christopher Muniz (l) received the 2019 Rising Star Award from Lynn Lewis Tavenner (Tavenner & Beran, PLC) for his work with CARE.

Lynn Tavenner (far right) presented members of the Los Angeles Chapter of CARE with the 2019 Chapter of the Year award.

Bankruptcy Judge Michelle M. Harner (r) received the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award from Lynn Tavenner for her work with CARE.

CARE’s founder, retired judge John C. Ninfo, II (here accepting the 2018 NCBJ Lifetime Achievement Award), will present a new series on CARE’s blog.

Bankruptcy Judge John E. Waites (r) received CARE’s Lifetime Achievement Award from CARE Chair Lynn Tavenner.

NCBJ Past President Hon. John E. Waites (U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. S.C.)) greets former law clerk Kayce M. Seifert, who is the D.C. CARE Coordinator, during NCBJ’s annual conference.

“See how you can help support CARE” https://care 4yourfuture.org/

American Bankruptcy Institute


ABI’s Strategic Plan, 2020-22 During 2019, a joint group of ABI members and staff worked with McKinsey & Associates, an outside consulting firm, to formulate a new strategic plan, a process that was directed internally by our incoming Executive Director, Amy Quackenboss. The plan, to be implemented in stages over the next three years, creates a framework around four key drivers: 1. To develop, market and deliver relevant and accessible programs, products and services. 2. To create unique and disruptive solutions in a dynamic marketplace. 3. To identify and develop volunteer and staff leaders to collaborate and deliver strategic priorities. 4. To raise awareness and use of ABI’s programs, products and services. During the year-long review and discussion process to devise strategies and action plans that would support these initiatives, it was discovered that ABI achieves extremely high marks with its members in a variety of areas. Nonetheless, there was also general agreement that some existing programs, products and services would likely be sunsetted, others strengthened, and still others identified as worthy of further development. This review drew upon interviews with both existing and former members, prospective members and staff, as well as information gleaned from surveys and an analysis of the existing bankruptcy and insolvency market. ABI is in the final stages of budgeting and confirming different aspects of the Strategic Plan with a Board-level review, and looks forward to implementing the plan in the coming years. The final plan will be released in the spring of 2020.

66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 600 • Alexandria, VA 22314 • (703) 739-0800 • www.abi.org

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