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2010 Traditional Day Camps Specialty Camps Youth Theater Program for Boys & Girls Ages 2–15

June 21 – August 20

AFSEP 2010 Parents in the Philadelphia area have many camps to choose from when planning for the summer. With these choices comes the responsibility of selecting one that best fits the needs of your child, as well as your own schedule. At Abington Friends School (AFS) you will find summer camp programs that are responsive to these needs. For over 40 years the Abington Friends Summer Enrichment Program has been dedicated to providing campers with a truly enriching summer experience. We have a strong and proud tradition of providing programs that generate the smiles and memories to last a lifetime. Here at AFS your child can participate in a variety of “different camps” on our beautiful campus. Whether you choose the traditional day camp, a specialty camp, or an academic camp, our philosophy remains the same: we want children to be happy and we truly believe they find happiness through having fun and making connections in a variety of engaging activities. We invite you to see how a summer at AFS can make a difference in your child’s life. Be sure to register early. Space is limited! If you are new to Abington Friends and are not familiar with our campus, I’d be more than happy to take you on a personal tour of our beautiful facilities. Rusty Regalbuto AFSEP Director phone: (215) 576-3996 email:

overview specialty camps Weeks


Age 4














Tennis Camp (9am – 12 noon) MIDI (9am – 3pm) Pre-Camp

June 21 – June 25

Chess (9am – 12 noon) Trip Camp (9am – 3pm) Goin’ Fishin’ (9am – 3pm) Robotics Academy


June 28 – July 2


July 6 – July 9


July 12 – July 23


July 26 – July 30


August 2 – August 13


June 28 – July 30

Junior Great Books (9am – 12 noon) Rocketry Construction & Deconstruction Computer Animation Writing Workshop (9am – 12 noon) Youth Theater

day camps Camp



Early Childhood

June 28 – August 20


Junior Camp

June 28 – August 20


Senior Camp

June 28 – August 20

6 – 13

Counselor In Training

June 28 – August 20

14 – 16


traditional camps Early Childhood (Ages 2-4) June 28 – August 20 (8 weeks) $3,300 – Full Day (8am-4pm) $2,500 – Half Day (8am-12pm)

June 28 – July 23 $1,900 – Full Day $1,500 – Half Day

July 26 – August 20 $1,900 – Full Day $1,500 – Half Day

Any Two Consecutive Weeks $1,000 – Full Day $800 – Half Day Three, four and five day options are available. This eight week program is designed to continue many of the experiences preschoolers have during the academic year. The activities are specific to their developmental level and the focus is on having fun. The goal is to allow children to make discoveries, experience enriching activities, and have social interactions with the other campers by working individually and in small groups. The program is staffed by Abington Friends Early Childhood teachers and by assistants in college or recent graduates who have experience working with children. Parents must provide a lunch.


There are few things that children look forward to as much as the beginning of their summer vacation. It’s a time when they enjoy the pleasures of being outdoors, swimming, their friends, and seemingly endless play. In short, it’s a time for kids to have fun. At Abington Friends School, we offer a camp day that is filled with a variety of activities that will make it an unforgettable summer for your child.

Junior Camp (Ages 4-5) June 28 – August 20 $3,530 – Full Day (9am-3pm) $2,720 – Half Day (9am-12:30pm)

June 28 – July 23 $1,900 – Full Day $1,500 – Half Day

July 26 – August 20 $1,900 – Full Day $1,500 – Half Day

Senior Camp (Ages 6-13)

Any Two Consecutive Weeks

June 28 – August 20

$1,000 – Full Day $800 – Half Day

$3,530 – Full Day (9am-3pm)

In our Junior Camp, children are grouped by age in self-contained settings for an enriching sampler of scheduled activities that include art, music, games, free play, storytelling, creative movement, and drama. Junior Camp is designed to promote socialization, independence, creativity, and problem solving in the very young child while an emphasis is placed on having fun; after all children learn best when they enjoy what they are doing. All of our junior campers receive daily instructional swim lessons with one of our Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructors. In Junior Camp, our teachers follow weekly themes that culminate in exciting Friday activities. Designed to capture the interest of youngsters, past themes have been: Trains, Planes & Automobiles, Tea Time, In The Good Old Summer Time, Space Adventure, Surf’s Up, My Teddy Bear, Monster Madness, and Little Chefs. Half day options are available. Lunch / Snack: Lunches will be served daily and are included in the camp payment. Menus will be handed out at the beginning of each session. A morning snack, which usually includes juice, graham crackers, cookies, etc., will also be provided.

Four Weeks (June 28 – July 23 or July 26 – August 20) $1,900

Any Two Consecutive Weeks $1,000 Our Senior Campers enjoy a morning filled with scheduled innovative activities that are directed by adult professional teachers and coaches. Grouped according to age, participants attend a different set of activities each day. Sports, tennis, games, archery, karate, drama, music, dance, and art are all classes on the weekly schedule. Campers receive a daily instructional swim lesson by a Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor in one of our two swimming pools. At AFSEP we recognize the need for campers to participate in their favorite activities. To accommodate them, weekly clubs are offered that allow campers to choose activities that provide them with ample time doing what they enjoy most. Additionally, as we seek to prepare our oldest group, the “teens” for their future as possible CIT’s we schedule occasional off campus adventures that are specifically designed to promote teamwork and personal initiative. Past Teen adventures included rock climbing, canoeing, and hiking. Lunch / Snack: Lunches will be served daily and are included in the camp payment. Menus will be handed out at the beginning of each session. A morning snack, which usually includes juice, graham crackers, cookies, etc., will also be provided.


specialty camps

“My son had the best time this summer. I wish I had found AFSEP sooner” -Parent

Tennis Camp (Ages 10-17) June 21 – 25 $250 (9am-12pm) This week long camp offers a wonderful opportunity for young tennis players to hone all areas of their game. If you want to work on the strokes and strategies of tennis this is the camp for you. All the strokes of tennis will be worked on: baseline, volleys, and serves as well as analyzing your opponent’s game for strengths and weaknesses and how to take advantage of them. Instruction will be individualized for each camper. You can work on your overall game or a specific part. The week will end with a tennis “tournament” that will test the variety of skills worked on over the week.


Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)(Ages 10-14) June 21 – 25 $450 (9am-3pm)

AFS Chess Challenge (Ages 9-13) June 21 – 25 $250 (9am-12pm) Recent studies have concluded that children reap many benefits from learning and playing chess. Chess is known to: · Strengthen problem solving skills, teach how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently · Enhance reading, memory, language, and mathematical abilities · Foster critical, creative, and original thinking · Provide practice at making accurate and fast decisions under time pressure, a skill that can help demonstrate the importance of flexible planning, concentration, and the consequences of decisions. Given these educational benefits, it’s a clear conclusion that chess is one of the most effective teaching tools to prepare children for a world increasingly swamped by information and tough decisions.

Using computers, synthesizer keyboards, and sequencing software, campers learn how to create musical works, scores, and soundtracks. Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced there are many projects to fully acquaint campers with the equipment. Our instructors will teach campers “tricks of the trade”, compositional skills and help them develop their musical ideas so that others can hear them! There will also be instruction on the technique of recording and mixing acoustic instruments using a 4-track recorder, microphones, and DAT/cassette mixdown decks. By the last day of camp, campers will have a working knowledge of a MIDI computer system, and an understanding of basic compositional skills. Parents must provide lunch and snack.

Trip Camp (Ages 7-14)

specialty camps continued…

Goin’ Fishin’ (Ages 8-14) June 21 – 25 $450 (9am-3pm) Grab a fishing rod, grab your book, pack a lunch and off you go to a new location every day until noon. Return to AFS and spend your afternoon relaxing by the pool. There are going to be some great fish stories after this week. Parents must provide lunch and snack.


June 21 – 25 $475 (9am-3pm) During our one-week Trip Camp, campers spend each day traveling to and enjoying a different adventure. In the past we’ve visited places like The NJ State Aquarium, Ride the Ducks, bowling & laser tag at the Brunswick Zone, painting pottery at the Mermaid Art Studio, The Franklin Institute, and the Battleship NJ. If you like something different every day, Trip camp is for you! Parents must provide lunch and snack.

Robotics Academy (Ages 10-13) June 28 – July 2 $450 (9am-3pm)

Youth Theater Program (Ages 10-15) June 28 – July 30 $2,275 (Campers must attend the entire 5 weeks.) The youth theater program at AFSEP is truly a unique opportunity for campers who are interested in theater. Campers improve upon existing skills and develop new ones through a combination of movement, voice, and improvisational exercises. In addition, campers gain a working knowledge of the technical aspects involved in producing a play including set design, light design, costumes, and make-up. Mornings are spent in workshop classes where new skills are developed and our afternoons are spent in rehearsals for our blockbuster, end-of-summer performance. During these rehearsals campers are taught by theater, music, and technical professionals to create a production all campers will be proud of. When time allows campers will take a dip in the pool or participate in camp electives. As our goal is to create the best production possible, enrollment for all five weeks is required. Don’t miss out on this top-notch program for all young actors and actresses. Snack and lunch are provided. After viewing our year end show, a young actor attending a very well known center city summer theater program best summed up the quality of our YTP: “Wow! This set was awesome, my show tomorrow is not going to be half as good as this.”

Developed by the National Robotics Consortium at Carnegie Mellon University, this program is specifically designed to use the motivational effects of building robots to teach math, science, and engineering concepts to middle school students. Activities include designing and building robots, learning programming and presentation software, working in teams, mastering tasks, and sharing in robotic challenges with their fellow campers. In the afternoons campers will have the opportunity to join a variety of traditional camp activities, such as swimming, archery, sports, board games, computers and more. Snack and lunch are provided.

Construction & Deconstruction (Ages 8-10)

specialty camps continued…

Rocketry (Ages 10-13) July 6 – July 9 $450 (9am-3pm) Rocketry enables youngsters with no modeling experience to become seasoned rocketeers. Along the way they learn some basic physics, a little rocketry history, and have a lot of fun! Our campers build, craft, creatively paint, and launch their rockets under the careful eye of our staff. Our rockets are similar to rockets you find in a good craft store, with parachutes and small solid fuel engines. They come in all shapes and sizes and are launched from a safe distance with an electric signal from a control pad. In the afternoons our rocketeers will have the opportunity to join in our traditional camp activities. Snack and lunch are provided.


July 12 – 23 $900 (9am-3pm ~ Two Week Program) What goes up must come down. In this camp you will learn how things go up, such as bridges and rockets, and you will learn how things come down. Whether caused by an earthquake, volcano, avalanche, or man’s own doing, the science of destruction will be examined along with the science of construction. In the afternoons campers may have the opportunity to join a variety of traditional camp activities, such as swimming, archery, sports, board games, computers, and more. Snack and lunch are provided.

Junior Great Books (Ages 8-11) June 28 – July 2 $250 (9am-12pm) We are excited to introduce our JGB Discussion Group. The goal of the program is to instill in children the habits of mind that characterize a self-reliant thinker, reader, and learner. Great Books programs are predicated on the idea that everyone can read and understand excellent literature—literature that has the capacity to engage the whole person, the imagination as well as the intellect. The reading list might include selections from: Mr. Singer’s Nicknames (Selection) Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland James Krüss

Thank You M’am langston Hughes

The Water-horse Of Barra Scottish Folktale As Told By Winifred Finlay

The Story Of Wang Li Elizabeth Coatsworth

The Elephant's Child Rudyard Kipling

Vasilissa The Beautiful Russian Folktale As Told By Post Wheeler

Cedric Tove Jansson

Fresh Philippa Pearce

The Enchanted Sticks Steven J. Myers

Computer Animation (Ages 10-13)

Writing Workshop

July 26 – 30

August 2 – August 13

$450 (9am-3pm)

$475 (9am-12pm ~ Two Week Program)

Campers will learn and apply computer animation techniques to take ideas from an initial concept to a storyboard to a complete (but modest!) internet viewable animation. They will learn to tell a story or make a point through the use of animation. The focus will be to have fun while developing the foundations for a deeper exploration of animation. Using the Macromedia Flash program, campers will cover animation basics, such as creating shapes, tweening, incorporating sound, layering, importing graphics, registration, and communicating through motion.

Ever wonder if you might be the next great American novelist, like F. Scott Fitzgerald or Toni Morrison? Maybe you’ve considered the possibility of writing essays in the company of David Sedaris or Nancy Mairs? Perhaps you think of yourself more as a poet—a brooding Emily Dickinson or exuberant Billy Collins, the United States Poet Laureate. Or maybe you just want to improve your writing skills in a variety of genres. If any or all of these statements describe you, then you are invited to attend the Abington Friends School Summer Writing Workshop to experience great literature and perfect your writing skills. A snack will be provided.

(Grades 6-8)

Snack and lunch are provided.


extras!! The Counselor-inTraining Program (Ages 14+) June 28 – Aug 20 $1,792 – Full Summer This program is available to campers with special interests and talents who are entering high school. It seeks to develop the skills needed to become a competent junior counselor. In the mornings, our CIT’s are assigned to a group or an activity where they develop their leadership skills and sense of responsibility through their daily interaction with campers, camp staff, and parents. After lunch, CIT’s can participate in our weekly club activities, swim, or continue assisting the staff as needed. Our CIT’s are given specific group challenges over the course of the camp season and volunteering to participate is an essential component of the CIT camp experience. Most CIT’s spend two years in the program before applying for a position as a JC. Snack and lunch will be provided.


“Wow, what a summer. I can’t believe how much my children enjoyed this summer. And, to see them in that show speaks to the ability of the AFSEP staff to be able get Maria and Joseph to move beyond their comfort zones, and have fun in doing so. When do we start next year?” -Parent

Transportation June 28 – August 20 Within 3 miles from AFS: $92 per week RT or $51 per week one-way Within 3.1-6.0 miles from AFS $97 per week RT or $54 per week one-way Longer Distances: Inquire for price Van transportation is available to and from Abington Friends School. Transportation Fees depend upon the distance you live from the school. One-way and round-trip transportation are both offered. Areas served are subject to determination depending on enrollment. Once service is arranged, no refunds will be granted.

Extended Day Program June 28 – August 20 AM (7:30-9am) $70 per week PM (3-6pm) $110 per week AM & PM $140 per week Staffed by experienced teachers and assistants, the Extended Day Program offers working parents the support they need to make camp fit into their busy schedules. Mornings begin in the Hallowell Gym at 7:30am. At 3pm, campers gather at the assembly area to begin their afternoon. A snack is provided for our campers along with an opportunity to rest and relax after a busy day at camp. Afternoon activities might include swimming, sports, board games, craft projects, and dramatic play. Whether outside or in one of our air conditioned classrooms, children will have the opportunity to play and mingle with friends and peers. What a great way to begin and end a wonderful day at camp!


general information General Policies and Procedures · A $250 non-refundable deposit is required for each child.

· Make checks payable to Abington Friends School. · There will be no refunds for any reason including absence due to illness.

· Balance of tuition must be paid by May 31, 2010. · AFS reserves the right to dismiss any child who does not comply with the expectations of the program or who cannot be appropriately accommodated by our staff and program. · We reserve the right to assess a $25 processing fee for changes made after registration.

Discounts Tuition discounts are available if two children from a family (residing at the same address) enroll in our Summer Camp Program for all eight weeks. In this instance, a $50 discount will apply to the second child. If additional siblings enroll for the full eight week program, the discount will increase to $100 per additional child.

Registration Mail all registration forms with a $250/child deposit to: Abington Friends School Attn: Camp Office 575 Washington Lane, Jenkintown, PA 19046


registration form Camper Information Child (Full name): ___________________________________ Prefers to be called: __________________________ Grade (Fall ’10): ________ School: _________________________________________________________________ Age on 6/28/10: _____yrs_____ mos.

Birth Date: _____________


Allergies or special conditions: ____________________________________________________________________ Medications (physician authorization form required): _________________________________________________ Physician: ________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________ Camp Shirt Size: (circle one) Youth: XS S M L Adult: S M L XL

Family/Household Information Street Address:_________________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _________________________ Parent 1: ____________________________________ Parent 2: __________________________________________ Home #: _______________ Parent 1 Work #: __________________ Parent 2 Work #: _______________________ Parent 1 Cell #: ______________________________ Parent 2 Cell #: _____________________________________ Parent 1 Email: ______________________________ Parent 2 Email: _____________________________________ In case of emergency, if parents cannot be reached, please contact: Name: _____________________________________ Phone #: _____________ Relationship: _ ________________ Name: _____________________________________ Phone #: _____________ Relationship:_____________________________ Please place my child in the same group with ________________________________________________________

Are you new to AFSEP? If you are new, how did you hear about our programs?_________________________________________________

Dismissal Authorization Besides ourselves, the following individuals are authorized to pick up our children (list names): _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Early Childhood

Number of weeks: ______ Dates: _______________  Full Day  Half Day Tuition $:_____________________

Day Camps (select all that apply)

 Full Summer June 28 – August 20  Four Weeks June 28 – July 23  Four Weeks July 26 – August 20  Any Two Consecutive Weeks

 $3,530  $1,900  $1,900  $1,000

Full Day Full Day Full Day Full Day

 $2,720Half Day (Junior Camp)  $1,500 Half Day (Junior Camp)  $1,500 Half Day (Junior Camp)  $800 Half Day (Junior Camp)

Special Programs

 Youth Theater entire five-week program / June 28 – July 30 / $2,275  Counselor-in-Training* (ages 14 & up) / Full Summer June 28 – August 20 / $1,792

Enrichment Programs Course Name: _______________________________ Dates: _____________ Tuition $: ______________________ Course Name: _______________________________ Dates: _____________ Tuition $: ______________________ Course Name: _______________________________ Dates: _____________ Tuition $: ______________________ Course Name: _______________________________ Dates: _____________ Tuition $: ______________________

Support Services (Available June 28- August 20) Extended Day  AM (7:30 - 9am)  PM (3 - 6pm)  AM & PM

$70 x _____ $110 x _____ $140 x _____

weeks = $___________ weeks = $___________ weeks = $___________

Transportation* (Available June 28 – August 20)  AM  PM  BOTH  Within a 3 mile radius of AFS ($92 RT/$51 one-way) x______  Within a 3.1-6.0 mile radius of AFS ($97 RT/$54 one-way) x______  Longer distance (To be determined) x______

weeks = $___________ weeks = $___________ weeks = $___________

Nearest cross street is: __________________________________________________________________________ *Limited availability. No refunds once routes are set. Mail with all necessary fees to: Abington Friends School / Attn: Camp Office / 575 Washington Lane / Jenkintown PA 19046 Total Tuition Fees*


Deposit ($250/child)



$___________ *Balance due on or before May 31, 2010

Permission Statements I have read and agree to abide by the general guidelines of AFSEP. I hereby give permission for my child to participate in all trips and activities sponsored by the Abington Friends Summer Enrichment Program (AFSEP). I give permission for my child to travel to and from events with an ASFEP staff member in either a chartered bus or school van with an adult driver. I give AFSEP staff members’ permission to act on my behalf in any situation that may arise concerning my child’s health and welfare. I recognize that in the event that my child loses consciousness or is otherwise severely ill or injured while participating in an AFSEP sponsored activity, it is AFSEP’s policy to contact Emergency Medical Services immediately. Afterwards, the AFSEP nurse will be contacted, and then AFSEP will call the parents. Lastly, in case of emergency, I give full authorization for my child to be transported to the nearest emergency medical facility. AFSEP will take photographs of camp activities and campers this summer for use in future marketing materials. Parent’s Signature:________________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Refund Policy There are no refunds for any reason including absence due to illness. A $25 change fee may be assessed for changes made in schedule. Questions? Call 215 576 3996 or

Abington Friends Summer Enrichment Program Early Childhood Please attach and send in with your registration

Per Week Options

(two consecutive week minimum)

Four Weeks

Five Weeks

Six Weeks

Seven Weeks

Eight Weeks

Half Day

(8am - 12pm) 3 days 4 days 5 days

$ $ $

240 320 400

$ 900 $ 1,200 $ 1,500

$ 1,125 $ 1,500 $ 1,875

$ 1,350 $ 1,800 $ 2,250

$ 1,446 $ 1,928 $ 2,410

$ 1,500 $ 2,000 $ 2,500

$ $ $

300 400 500

$ 1,140 $ 1,520 $ 1,900

$ 1,425 $ 1,900 $ 2,375

$ 1,710 $ 2,280 $ 2,850

$ 1,860 $ 2,480 $ 3,100

$ 2,052 $ 2,640 $ 3,300

Full Day

(8am - 4pm) 3 days 4 days 5 days

Extended Day

4 - 5pm


Week 1 June 28 – July 2 Week 2 July 6 – 9 Week 3 July 12 – 16 Week 4 July 19 – 23 Week 5 July 26 – 30 Week 6 August 2 – 6 Week 7 August 9 – 13 Week 8 August 16 – 20






Full Day

Half Day

Extended Day PM

(for 3 or 4 day option, list days)

(for 3 or 4 day option, list days)

(check if needed)

“My children enjoyed every fun filled day! Every year they have a ball. They continue to make new friends and love catching up with the old ones.”

“Once again, your teachers and counselors were outstanding.”

“It’s so obvious that everyone enjoyed being there, and it was contagious. The creative spirit was everywhere.”

“Thank you for the continued support, guidance, and love to our son.”

“Wow! OMG, what a summer! The kids

absolutely loved their summer at AFSEP. When will camp be available for parents?”

“AFSEP is simply the best place for my kids. From the minute we’re greeted in the morning to the end of the day, I know my daughter is well cared for.”

Questions? If you have any questions regarding any of the camps or programs contact the Summer Enrichment Program office by phone: (215) 576-3996 or by email:

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Abington Friends

Summer Enrichment Program

2010 Traditional Day Camps Specialty Camps Youth Theater Program for Boys & Girls Ages 2–15

creating another

great summer! June 21 – August 20 575 Washington Lane / Jenkintown, PA 19046 215-576-3996 /

AFSEP Brochure 2010  

AFSEP summer camp brochure 2010

AFSEP Brochure 2010  

AFSEP summer camp brochure 2010