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Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

FOR MORE THAN 200 YEARS, Abingdon Press has provided resources that challenge scholars, students, pastors, church leaders, and general readers to faithful scholarship, transformative practices, and social responsibility. Abingdon Academic publications offer a disciplined and balanced approach for a broad ecumenical audience. With a historic commitment to publishing theologically diverse resources, Abingdon has a strategic investment in providing critical and insightful books from a variety of viewpoints. When leading the way with digital texts, Abingdon Academic books are clearly and accessibly written with an emphasis on praxis. Thank you for trusting Abingdon Academic with your classroom needs.

Biblical Studies....................................................3

Reframing New Testament Theology...............8

Biblical Studies....................................................9

Spanish Language Resources......................... 12

Study Bibles.......................................................14

Wesleyan/Methodist Studies.......................... 16

Core Biblical Studies..........................................7

Theology........................................................... 22 Worship............................................................ 27 Preaching.......................................................... 28

Church History................................................. 33

Ethics................................................................ 35

Care & Counseling........................................... 37

Ministry Leadership......................................... 39

Religious Education......................................... 43

Evangelism & Mission...................................... 44

Common English Bible.................................... 45

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NEW! The Old Testament

Canon, History, and Literature Richard D. Nelson A comprehensive introduction to the Old Testament designed to equip readers with the knowledge and skills needed to read, interpret, and benefit from the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in their own context. Using scholarly consensus and current research with numerous examples, this book helps prepare students for further advanced courses related to exegesis, individual books, and special topics. More importantly, this introduction understands the Old Testament as a resource for the human quest for meaning making it an essential tool for helping students appropriate this, often neglected, part of the Bible for their own faithful living. Richard D. Nelson is professor emeritus of Biblical Hebrew and Old Testament Interpretation at Perkins School of Theology. 9781426759239, $42.99 — February 2019

Telling the Old Testament Story God’s Mission and God’s People Brad E. Kelle A thematic reading of the Old Testament as a complex but coherent narrative. Unlike standard, introductory textbooks that only cover basic background and interpretive issues for each Old Testament book, this introduction combines a thematic approach with careful exegetical attention to representative biblical texts, ultimately telling the macro-level story, while drawing out the multiple nuances present within different texts and traditions. Brad E. Kelle is Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, School of Theology and Christian Ministry, Point Loma Nazarene University. 9781426793042, $34.99

Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets James D. Nogalski Following the Hebrew canon, the author offers a basic introduction, which includes critical issues such as authorship, unity, dates of composition and revision, and structure. Drawing upon current scholarship, Nogalski shows how these issues are relevant to the theological themes and movements that help characterize the text and hold meaning for us. James D. Nogalski is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Religion at Baylor University. 9781426742286, $29.99




NEW! Jesus Darkly

Remembering Jesus with the New Testament Rafael Rodriguez The witness of scripture helps us remember Jesus well. The New Testament provides a deep and multifaceted witness to the saving reality of Jesus the Christ developed among the New Testament writers in the living context of a faith community’s memory. Rafael Rodriguez is Professor of New Testament in the School of Bible and Theology at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN 9781501839115, $29.99 — October 2018

The Ancient Near East An Essential Guide John L. McLaughlin An indispensable introduction that clearly addresses the important and complex questions about Israel and the Old Testament’s relationship to the ancient Near East. 9781426753275, $15.99

Best Seller

A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament: 2nd Edition Bruce C. Birch, Walter Brueggemann, Terence E. Fretheim, David L. Petersen Giving increased attention to issues related to gender, race, and class, the book introduces the Old Testament both as a witness of ancient Israel and as a witness to the church and synagogue through the generations of those who have passed these texts on as scripture. 9780687066766, $44.99

The Hebrew Bible for Beginners A Jewish & Christian Introduction Joel S. Kaminsky, Joel N. Lohr Shows how the Hebrew Bible forms faith, then and now. Emphasizes its influence on contemporary society and the complexity of reading ancient religious literature today. Discusses differing ways Jews and Christians approach the Old Testament. Joel S. Kaminsky is professor of biblical literature and member of the Jewish studies program at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Joel N. Lohr is director of religious and spiritual life at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. 9781426775 6 35, $39.99




Voice, Word, and Spirit

A Pentecostal Old Testament Survey Rickie D. Moore, Brian Neil Peterson The authors present thoughtful readers with an overview of the Old Testament that is explicitly engaged with the faith and practice of the Pentecostal movement and the recent scholarship that has been generated by this contemporary, global, Christian movement, especially as it bears upon biblical interpretation. Rickie D. Moore is Chair of the Department of Theology and Professor of Old Testament at Lee University. Brian Neil Peterson is Associate Dean and Professor of Old Testament at Lee University. 9781501815164, $34.99

The New Testament Methods and Meanings

Warren Carter, Amy-Jill Levine Introduces three aspects of New Testament study: the world of the text (plots, characters, setting, and themes), the world behind the text (the concerns, circumstances, and experiences of the early Christian communities), and the world in front of the text (the meaning for contemporary readers). Warren Carter is Professor of New Testament at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth. Amy-Jill Levine is Professor of New Testament studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville. 9781426741906, $39.99 Hardcover: 9781630885779, $49.99

The Abingdon Introduction to the Bible Joel S. Kaminsky, Joel N. Lohr, Mark Reasoner 9781426751073, $39.99

An Introduction to Jesus and the Gospels Frederick J. Murphy 9781426749155, $32.99

The New Testament Bruce M. Metzger 9781426772498, $29.99

How Israel Became a People Ralph K. Hawkins 9781426754876, $37.99

God in New Testament Theology Larry W. Hurtado 9780687465453, $22.99




NEW! 70 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know Matthew Richard Schlimm The basic message of the Bible can be understood in any language. At the same time, many biblical texts are hard to understand because they don’t quite make sense when translated into English. Something is missing. Many Hebrew words have multiple meanings, but the English translators have to just pick one (for example, the same Hebrew word can mean both hear and obey). Even more common are Hebrew words that have much wider meanings than their English translations. If you are just beginning to study Hebrew and want the insights and motivation to continue or if you have no intention of learning biblical Hebrew but want to better understand the Bible, this book is for you! Matthew Richard Schlimm (Ph.D., Duke) is Professor of Old Testament at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary in Iowa. He has published numerous books and articles and served as one of the editors for The CEB Study Bible. He is also an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church, having served churches in Michigan, Minnesota, and North Carolina. 9781426799969, $19.99 — August 2018

Paul Apostle and Fellow Traveler Jerry L. Sumney Covering the entire Pauline corpus the reader finds a man who was adept at persuasive arguments and providing theological answers to real and, often, thorny congregational issues. Readers will have a keen understanding of Paul’s place in the early church, the relationship between church and synagogue, and the relationship between the teaching of Paul and that of Jesus. These discussions set Paul firmly within the church that existed before, finding that he became an adherent to much that preceded him. Jerry L. Sumney is professor of biblical studies at Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky. 9781426741975, $29.99

From Crisis to Christ

A Contextual Introduction to the New Testament Paul N. Anderson Over the last century or more, scholars have unearthed valuable understandings of the historical and religious contexts out of which the New Testament writings have emerged. This accessibly written introduction notes over two dozen such crises and how the biblical text addresses and reflects them. Paul N. Anderson is professor of biblical and Quaker studies at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. 9781426751042, $39.99 Barnabas vs. Paul To Encourage or Confront? C.K. Robertson; Foreword by Desmond Tutu 9781630882778, $19.99 Christ and Community The Gospel Witness to Jesus Suzanne Watts Henderson 9781426793080, $39.99 The Roman Empire and the New Testament Warren Carter 9780687343942, $18.99



The Historical Jesus James H. Charlesworth 9780687021673, $19.99 New Testament Theology James D.G. Dunn 9780687341207, $22.99 The Moral Teaching of Paul Victor Paul Furnish 9780687332939, $32.99


NEW! The Prophetic Literature Carolyn J. Sharp This unique introduction to the Prophetic books provides a comprehensive examination of one of the most important, and misunderstood genres of the Hebrew Bible. It examines the nature and purpose of prophetic literature, as well as providing an in-depth account of the origins and development of each individual book. The book begins by placing the prophets in their historical context and introducing the idea of a prophetic book. A series of chronological chapters focus on each prophetic book examining its literary structure, authorship, and the editorial processes that produced each book. Readers are also introduced to the most recent scholarly research into the formation of prophetic books and the ongoing task of the scribes in updating previous works to meet new situations. Carolyn J. Sharp is Professor of Homiletics at Yale Divinity School. She is interested in ways in which contemporary preaching can draw artfully on biblical studies, feminist perspectives on power, and emancipatory pedagogy. An Episcopal priest and prolific writer, Sharp is a member of the Academy of Homiletics, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Society of Biblical Theologians 9781426765049, $29.99 — May 2019

The Holy Spirit in the New Testament John T. Carroll Explore the diverse ways that New Testament presents the meaning, activity, and significance of the Holy Spirit. John T. Carroll is the Harriet Robertson Fitts Memorial Professor of New Testament and Director of the Program for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. 9781426766374, $29.99

The Pentateuch Marvin A. Sweeney How the Pentateuch employs narrative and law to provide the foundations for an ideal national and religious identity. Marvin A. Sweeney is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Claremont School of Theology and Professor of Tanak at the Academy for Jewish Religion California. 9781426765032, $29.99 Christology in the New Testament David L. Bartlett 9781426766350, $29.99

Apocalyptic Literature in the New Testament Greg Carey 9781426771958, $29.99

John and the Johannine Letters Colleen M. Conway 9781426766398, $29.99

The Dead Sea Scrolls Peter W. Flint 9780687494491, $29.99

God in the New Testament Warren Carter 9781426766336, $29.99

The Apocrypha David deSilva 9781426742354, $15.99




Why Salvation? Joel B. Green When we say “Jesus saves,” we stand on scripture that proclaims a God who, through Jesus, heals, liberates, and rescues. Like each generation that has gone before, we too must find our own awareness and then respond and participate in God’s work as transformed people, serving together as the Body of Christ, who have also signed up for ongoing, personal, and social transformation. Joel B. Green is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. 9781426756993, $29.99

Why The Cross? Donald Senior; General Editor Joel B. Green The meaning of Jesus’s execution on a Roman cross is one of the most divisive issues in contemporary theological discourse, because issues related to the goodness of God and the place of suffering in the Christian life are at stake. It is important that we recover the meaning of the cross as a metaphor for discipleship. 9781426759345, $29.99

Why the Church? Robert W. Wall; General Editor Joel B. Green The church, God’s herald, with its sacred vocation, every demonstration of the church’s oneness, holiness, catholicity, and apostolicity—each eschatological mark enabled and brought to maturity by God’s grace—is the concrete means to address our theological crisis. Robert W. Wall is the Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington. 9781426759383, $29.99

Why Mission? Dean Flemming; General Editor Joel B. Green Recent years have seen heightened efforts at reading the New Testament in terms of God’s mission. This has pressed against commitments to a dispassionate reading of the New Testament books in favor of a selfinvolved, missiological reading. This book harvests recent efforts as well as extends the conversation by an approach that takes seriously the contributions of diverse New Testament voices. Dean Flemming is professor of New Testament and missions at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas. 9781426759369, $29.99




Reading the Good Book Well Jerry Camery-Hoggatt 9780687642755, $29.99 Scripture & Discernment Luke Timothy Johnson 9780687012381, $22.99 Biblical Interpretation Sharon H. Ringe, Frederick C. Tiffany 9780687016082, $27.99 Santa Biblia Justo L. González 9780687014521, $18.99 Essential Bible Study Tools for Ministry David R. Bauer 9781426755170, $45.99 Out of Babylon Walter Brueggemann 9781426710056, $14.99 Deuteronomic History Terence E. Fretheim 9780687104970, $21.99 Thus Says the Lord James M. Ward 9780687419029, $27.99 Worship in Ancient Israel Walter Brueggemann 9780687343362, $16.99 A Theological Introduction to the Book of Psalms J. Clinton McCann, Jr. 9780687414680, $25.99

An Illustrated Guide to the Holy Land for Tour Groups, Students, and Pilgrims Lamontte M. Luker 9781426757297, $24.99 The Bible and Homosexual Practice Robert A. J. Gagnon 9780687022793, $43.99 Old Testament Theology Walter Brueggemann 9780687340903, $35.99 Jesus & the Land Charles R. II Page 9780687005444, $24.99 The Triumph of Abraham’s God Bruce W. Longenecker 9780687035373, $28.99 Studying the Old Testament Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch 9780687646234, $32.99 Revelation and the End Times DVD (with Leader Guide) Ben Witherington III 843504011642, $38.99 (Participant’s Guide) 9780687660063, $10.99 The Life & Teaching of Jesus Christ James F. Stewart 9780687092499, $21.99 In Quest of Jesus W. Barnes Tatum 9780687056330, $25.99

The Kingdom of God John Bright 9780687209088, $27.99

An Introduction to The Gospels Mitchell G. Reddish 9780687004485, $27.99

God and World in the Old Testament Terence E. Fretheim 9780687342969, $32.99

Then the Whisper Put On Flesh Brian K. Blount 9780687085897, $24.99

You Are My People Louis Stulman, Hyun Chul Paul Kim 9780687465651, $24.99

What Does Revelation Reveal? Warren Carter 9781426710148, $13.99

Handbook to A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew Jennifer S. Green, G. Brooke Lester, Joseph F. Scrivner 9780687008346, $16.99 A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Revised Edition) C. L. Seow 9781426789076, $39.99




Abingdon New Testament Commentaries The Abingdon New Testament Commentaries series provides compact, critical commentaries on the writings of the New Testament. These commentaries are written with special attention to the needs and interests of theological students, but they will also be useful for students in upper-level college or university settings, as well as for pastors and other religious leaders. In addition to providing basic information about the New Testament texts and insights into their meanings, these commentaries are intended to exemplify the tasks and procedures of careful, critical biblical exegesis.

Matthew Donald Senior 9780687057665, $31.99

2 Corinthians Calvin J. Roetzel 9780687056774, $24.99

Hebrews Victor C. Pfitzner 9780687057245, $22.99

Mark C. Clifton Black 9780687058419, $27.99

Galatians Sam K. Williams 9780687057078, $22.99

James C. Freeman Sleeper 9780687058167, $22.99

Luke Robert C. Tannehill 9780687061327, $34.99

Ephesians Pheme Perkins 9780687056996, $22.99

1 Peter M. Eugene Boring 9780687058549, $22.99

John D. Moody Smith 9780687058129, $32.99

Philippians, Philemon Carolyn Osiek 9780687058228, $24.99

1, 2 & 3 John David Rensberger 9780687057221, $22.99

Acts Beverly Roberts Gaventa 9780687058211, $31.99

Colossians David M. Hay 9780687058020, $24.99

Jude, 2 Peter Steven J. Kraftchick 9780687057627, $22.99

Romans Leander E. Keck 9780687057054, $27.99

1 & 2 Thessalonians Victor Paul Furnish 9780687057436, $22.99

Revelation Leonard L. Thompson 9780687056798, $25.99

1 Corinthians Richard A. Horsley 9780687058389, $25.99

1 & 2 Timothy, Titus Jouette M. Bassler 9780687001576, $23.99




Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries The Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries provide compact, critical commentaries on the books of the Old Testament for the use of theological students and pastors. The commentaries are also useful for upper-level college or university students and for those responsible for teaching in congregational settings. In addition to providing basic information and insights into the Old Testament writings, these commentaries exemplify the tasks and procedures of careful interpretation, to assist students of the Old Testament in coming to an informed and critical engagement with the biblical texts themselves.

Numbers Carolyn Pressler 978150184653, $39.99

Esther Linda M. Day 9780687497928, $27.99

Lamentations Dianne Bergant 9780687084616, $22.99

Ecclesiastes Julie Ann Duncan 9781501837579, $39.99

Psalms 1–72 Richard J. Clifford 9780687027118, $31.99

Ezekiel Nancy R. Bowen 9781426704451, $35.99

Leviticus Timothy M. Willis 9781426700170, $37.99

Psalms 73–150 Richard J. Clifford 9780687064687, $31.99

Daniel Donald E. Gowan 9780687084210, $23.99

Deuteronomy Walter Brueggemann 9780687084715, $38.99

Proverbs Christine R. Yoder 9781426700019, $41.99

Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah Daniel J. Simundson 9780687342440, $35.99

Ruth Judy Fentress-Williams 9781426746253, $21.99

Jeremiah Louis Stulman 9780687057962, $43.99

1–2 Kings Gina Hens-Piazza 9780687490219, $41.99

Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi Julia M. O’Brien 9780687340316, $31.99

I & II Chronicles Steven L. McKenzie 9780687007509, $38.99




Interpreting Biblical Texts series

Biblical texts create worlds of meaning and invite readers to enter them. When readers enter such textual worlds, which are often strange and complex, they are confronted with theological claims. With this in mind, the purpose of the Interpreting Biblical Texts series is to help dedicated students in their experience of reading and interpreting by providing guides for their journeys into textual worlds. The controlling perspective is expressed in the operative word of the title: interpreting. The primary focus of the series is not so much on the world behind the texts or out of which the texts have arisen as on the worlds created by the texts in their engagement with readers. The Gospel of Matthew Donald Senior 9780687008483, $22.99 The Gospel of Mark Donald H. Juel 9780687008490, $22.99

The Letters of Paul Charles B. Cousar 9780687008520, $23.99

The Wisdom Literature Richard J. Clifford 9780687008469, $24.99

The Apocalyptic Literature Stephen L. Cook 9780687051960, $23.99

The Historical Books Richard D. Nelson 9780687008438, $22.99

The Prophetic Literature Marvin A. Sweeney 9780687008445, $23.99

The Gospel and Letters of John R. Alan Culpepper 9780687008513, $32.99

The Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles F. Scott Spencer 9780687008506, $24.99

Psalms William P. Brown 9780687008452, $21.99

The Pentateuch Terence E. Fretheim 9780687008421, $24.99

Spanish language resources for Biblical Studies and Theology (AETH series, $19.99 each) Introducción a la teología mestiza de San Agustín Justo L. González 9781426785481 Introducción a la Última Cena Eliseo Pérez-Álvarez 9781426742170 Introducción al pentecostalismo: Manda fuego Señor Eldin Villafañe 9781426758119 Principios de educación cristiana Pablo A. Jiménez 9780687037162 Introducción al asesoramiento pastoral de la familia Jorge E. Maldonado 9780687037261 Principios de predicación Pablo A. Jiménez 9780687073771 Introduccion a la Ética Cristiana Ismael García 9780687073870 Introducción al Antiguo Testamento Guillermo Ramírez Muñoz 9780687073979


Una introducción a la misión Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi 9780687074174 Introducción a la teología cristiana Justo L. González 9780687074273 Introducción al culto Isaías A. Rodríguez 9780687495702 Introducción al Nuevo Testamento Aquiles E. Martínez 9780687496754 Introducción a las disciplinas espirituales Roberto Amparo Rivera 9780687655809 Introducción a Søren Kierkegaard, o la teología patas arriba Eliseo Pérez Álvarez 9780687656165 Introducción a la mística de San Juan de la Cruz Isaías A. Rodríguez 9780687657063 Introducción al griego de la Biblia I Ediberto López Rodríguez 9780687659845


Introducción al griego de la Biblia vol 2 Ediberto López Rodríguez 9781426716676 Introducción a la unidad cristiana Carmelo Álvarez 9780687660636 Comunión y comunidad: Una introducción a la espiritualidad cristiana Giacomo Cassese 9780687740710 Introducción a la vida y teología de Juan Wesley Hugo Magallanes 9780687740819 Introducción a la vida y teología de Martín Lutero Alberto L. García, Rubén D. Domínguez 9780687740918 Introducción a la vida y teología de Juan Calvino Salatiel Palomino López 9780687741014 Introducción a la historia de la iglesia Justo L. González 9781426740664


The New Interpreter’s® Bible Commentary Ten-Volume Set Leander E. Keck, General Editor The newest addition to the New Interpreter’s® Bible brand is a ten-volume set of the commentary-only from the New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary. The New Interpreter’s® Bible Commentary offers critically sound biblical interpretations. Guided by scholars, pastors, and laity representing diverse traditions and academic experience, this collection of commentary meets the needs of preachers, teachers, and all students of the Bible. This easy-to-use format offers a detailed, critical commentary providing an exegetical “close-reading” of the biblical text and reflections that present a detailed exposition of issues raised in the biblical text. It offers introductions to each book that cover essential historical, sociocultural, literary, and theological issues. The New Interpreter’s® Bible Commentary features an ecumenical roster of contributors and comprehensive, concise articles. The set features numerous visual aids including illustrations, maps, charts and timelines to enhance its use. Hardcover: 9781426739125, $499.99

The New Interpreter’s® Bible One Volume Commentary Beverly Roberts Gaventa and David L. Petersen, editors Hardcover: 9780687334117, $76.99 The New Interpreter’s® Bible Old Testament Survey Hardcover: 9780687053445, $47.99

The New Interpreter’s® Bible New Testament Survey Hardcover: 9780687054343, $44.99 Global Bible Commentary Daniel Patte 9780687064038, $41.99




The CEB Women’s Bible The CEB’s Women’s Bible provides an invitation into a deeper conversation with scripture—to question, wrestle with, explore, and receive the words and witness of the biblical texts. This deeper conversation helps readers discover their own voices as they listen for God’s voice. The editors and writers who have created The CEB Women’s Bible hope that it will come alive for all readers as a truly living word to change their hearts and lives. More than eighty contributors and editors created The CEB Women’s Bible. They are all women, and they come from different denominations and backgrounds: biblical scholars who train women and men for Christian ministry, pastors and leaders who equip faith communities with the knowledge and love of scripture, and writers who tell stories about human experience, of life together in relationship. Decotone: 9781609261894, $74.99 Hardcover: 9781609261887, $49.99 (pictured)

CEB Bible Map Guide

Explore the Lands of the Old and New Testaments The CEB Bible Map Guide opens up the Scripture by placing the events of the Bible in time and space with 21 full-color maps by National Geographic. A brief narrative accompanies each map, describing what is being shown and what chapters and verses of the Bible are being illustrated. 9781609260743, $19.99

The Wesley Study Bible

Experience the depth of John Wesley’s perspectives on scripture presented for the 21st-century disciple. The Wesley Study Bible highlights the depth of John Wesley’s perspectives on scripture and features accessibly written notes and articles contributed by pastors, theologians, and Bible scholars. Easyto-understand explanations of core terms encompass the following themes: eternal life, forgiveness, grace, heaven, holiness, justice, and mission. CEB Wesley Study Bible Clover Honey Bonded Leather 9781609262105, $59.99 CEB Wesley Study Bible - Brown/Burgundy DecoTone 9781609261108, $49.99 CEB Wesley Study Bible - Gray Cloth 9781609261979, $39.99 NRSV Wesley Study Bible - Green/Brown Decotone 9780687645039, $49.99 NRSV Wesley Study Bible - Charcoal Bonded Leather 9781501847554, $49.99

For more CEB resources, please see pages 45 to 47.




The CEB Study Bible The CEB Study Bible is available with and without the Apocrypha. The notes were written by scholars and are academic rather than apologetic, evangelistic, or devotional. The translation and the notes are designed to make the text of the Bible as clear as it can be in English, so this Bible provides a strong foundation for beginning biblical study. It includes thousands of notes; hundreds of articles; book introductions; a comprehensive concordance; and fullcolor maps, illustrations, photographs, and charts. Several hundred leading biblical scholars were involved with the Common English Bible translation and as contributors to The CEB Study Bible. The Editorial Board includes Joel. B. Green (Fuller Theological Seminary), Seung Ai Yang (Chicago Theological Seminary), Mark J. Boda (McMaster Divinity College), Mignon R. Jacobs (Fuller Theological Seminary), Matthew R. Schlimm (University of Dubuque), and Marti J. Steussy (Christian Theological Seminary). . NEW! With Apocrypha, Hardcover NEW! Hardcover Vintage Tweed Hardcover Decotone Brown Bonded Leather Large Print Hardcover With Apocrypha, Cordovan Bonded Leather

9781609262150, $59.99 9781609262167, $49.99 9781609262051, $59.99 9781609260408, $69.99 9781609260279, $74.99 9781609261764, $69.99 9781609261900, $89.99

The New Interpreter’sŽ Study Bible Walter J. Harrelson, General Editor The best of biblical scholarship to the service of the Church. Sixty distinguished scholars have provided background and insight on the biblical text in the NRSV translation.. Features include extensive historical and theological annotations on the biblical text; brief introductions and outlines for each biblical book; excursuses giving further background and insight regarding particular themes and passages. Walter J. Harrelson retired, was University Professor at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Distinguished Professor of Hebrew Bible emeritus at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Hardcover: 9780687278329, $48.99



W E S L E YA N / M E T H O D I S T S T U D I E S

The Once and Future Wesleyan Movement Scott J. Jones Jones argues that several unique factors remain available to The United Methodist Church today from the period of rapid growth between 1800 and 1840. He argues that a viable future for United Methodism is to recapture the dynamism of being a movement, with many of the characteristics of early 19th century Methodism coming to the fore. Scott J. Jones is the Resident Bishop of the Great Plains area of The United Methodist Church. 9781501826900, $17.99

An Exact Likeness The Portraits of John Wesley Richard P. Heitzenrater A unique pictorial art history book that describes John Wesley’s legacy through the many portraits and sculptures that attempt his exact likeness, in life and in death. Looks at three categories: Oxford don, Methodist preacher, notable person. The types seemed to arise in chronological order, and there is overlap between categories, especially toward the end of Wesley’s life. Richard P. Heitzenrater is William Kellon Quick Professor Emeritus of Church History and Wesley Studies at Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina Hardcover. 9781501816604, $39.99

The Sermons of John Wesley A Collection for the Christian Journey Kenneth J. Collins, Jason E. Vickers, editors Embraces the historic 44 sermons that John Wesley approved, plus the 8 more of the North American collection (52 sermons) and to this is added 8 sermons, carefully chosen, to fill things out for contemporary interests resulting in a grand total of sixty sermons. 9781426742316, $49.99

A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley Kenneth J. Collins 9780687082469, $22.99 Making Disciples: Faith Formation in the Wesleyan Tradition Sondra Higgins Matthaei 9780687024759, $22.99 Reading Scripture as Wesleyans Joel B. Green 9781426706912, $15.99 John Wesley: Holiness of Heart & Life Charles Yrigoyen, Jr. 9780687056866, $12.99 John Wesley: A Theological Journey Kenneth J. Collins 9780687027880, $35.99



The New Creation: John Wesley’s Theology Today Theodore Runyon 9780687096022, $27.99 The Theology of John Wesley: Holy Love and the Shape of Grace Kenneth J. Collins 9780687646333, $38.99 John Wesley’s Sermons: An Anthology Arthur C. Outler, Richard P. Heitzenrater, editors 9780687204953, $28.99 John Wesley’s Message Today Lovett H. Weems, Jr. 9780687316816, $10.99 The Scripture Way of Salvation: The Heart of John Wesley’s Theology Kenneth J. Collins 9780687009626, $26.99

W E S L E YA N / M E T H O D I S T S T U D I E S

Five Marks of a Methodist The Fruit of a Living Faith Steve Harper This brief book provides a meditation on each of five characteristics of a Methodist: loves God, rejoices in God, gives thanks, prays constantly, and loves others. Steve Harper is a retired United Methodist Elder in the Florida Annual Conference, and a retired seminary professor who taught for 32 years in the disciplines of Spiritual Formation and Wesley Studies. Hardcover 9781501800597, $8.99 Leader Guide 9781501820243, $9.99 DVD 9781501820229, $29.99 Participant Character Guide 9781501820267, $4.99

Wesley and the People Called Methodists Second Edition Richard P. Heitzenrater 9781426742248, $29.99 Hardcover. 9781630885793, $39.99 The Method of Our Mission Laceye C. Warner 9781426767173, $34.99 John Wesley on Christian Beliefs: The Standard Sermons in Modern English, Volume I Kenneth Cain Kinghorn 9780687052967, $32.99 John Wesley on The Sermon on the Mount: The Standard Sermons in Modern English, Volume II Kenneth Cain Kinghorn 9780687028108, $32.99 John Wesley on Christian Practice: The Standard Sermons in Modern English, Volume III Kenneth Cain Kinghorn 9780687022267, $32.99 John Wesley’s Social Ethics: Praxis and Principles Manfred Marquardt 9780687204946, $22.99

Three Simple Rules Rueben Job 9780687649662, $6.99 Three Simple Rules - Leader Guide Rueben Job 9781501840173, $12.99 Three Simple Rules - DVD Rueben Job 9781501840166, $29.99 One Faithful Promise Magrey deVega 9781501824920, $9.99 One Faithful Promise - Participant Guide Magrey deVega 9781501824944, $4.99 One Faithful Promise - Leader Guide Magrey deVega 9781501824968, $9.99 One Faithful Promise - DVD Magrey deVega 9781501824982, $39.99 Five Means of Grace Elaine E. Heath 9781501835643, $9.99

John Wesley: A Preaching Life Michael Pasquarello III 9780687657568, $19.99

Five Means of Grace - Leader Guide Magrey deVega 9781501835551, $12.99

Key United Methodist Beliefs William J. Abraham, David F. Watson 9781426756610, $15.99

Five Means of Grace - DVD Magrey deVega 9781501835575, $34.99

Finding Our Way: Love and Law in The United Methodist Church Reuben P. Job, Neil M. Alexander, editors 9781630881696, $15.99



W E S L E YA N / M E T H O D I S T S T U D I E S

The Journal Letters and Related Biographical Items of the Reverend Charles Wesley, M.A. Edited by Frank Baker, Richard P. Heitzenrater and Randy L. Maddox This volume is part of a series dedicated to providing a complete and accurate published collection of Charles Wesley manuscript items beyond his sermons and verse. The various items included in the series constitute crucial primary texts for study of Wesley’s life, his ministry, and his increasingly contentious position within Methodism in his later years. The first two volumes of the series were devoted to Charles Wesley’s Manuscript Journal, a single bound item held at the Methodist Archives and Research Centre. The present volume gathers a number of scattered items (the majority also held at MARC), many of which are earlier— and more complete—drafts of material in the Manuscript Journal. The third major component of the series is publication of all of Charles Wesley’s surviving personal correspondence, which are replete with material of biographical and larger historical interest. The late Frank Baker was Professor Emeritus of English Church History at Duke Divinity School and editor of two volumes in the Works of John Wesley (Bicentennial edition). Richard P. Heitzenrater is William Kellon Quick Professor Emeritus of Church History and Wesley Studies at The Divinity School, Duke University. Randy L. Maddox is William Kellon Quick Professor of Church History and Wesley Studies at The Divinity School, Duke University. 9781501854965, $74.99

The Letters of Dr. Thomas Coke John A. Vickers, editor For forty years on either side of the death of John Wesley in 1791, Thomas Coke was a key figure in the development of Methodism on both sides of the Atlantic. His surviving correspondence is the most personal evidence he has left us of a man who “wore his heart on his sleeve.” Coke’s letters also give us contemporary insight into some of the events which began the transformation of an evangelical movement into a worldwide communion of Churches. John A. Vickers is retired as Head of Bognor Regis College, Department of Religious and Social Studies, in Bognor Regis, United Kingdom. 9781426757716, $89.99 Offering Christ John Wesley’s Evangelistic Vision Edited by Jack Jackson 9781501814228, $39.99

Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society Ted A. Campbell, Michael T. Burns 9780687039944, $13.99

A Living Tradition Critical Recovery and Reconstruction of Wesleyan Heritage Mary Elizabeth Mullino Moore, editor 9781426777516, $39.99 Reconsidering Arminius Beyond the Reformed and Wesleyan Divide Keith D. Stanglin, Mark G. Bilby, Mark H. Mann, editors 9781426796548, $39.99 The Elusive Mr. Wesley, 2nd edition Richard P. Heitzenrater 9780687074617, $39.99 Conversion in the Wesleyan Tradition Kenneth J. Collins, John H. Tyson 9780687091072, $31.99



Wesley: A Heart Transformed Can Change the World Study Guide Kenneth Cain Kinghorn 9781426718854, $10.99 The Wesleyan Tradition: A Paradigm for Renewal Paul W. Chilcote 9780687095636, $28.99 Grace & Responsibility: A Wesleyan Theology for Today John B. Cobb, Jr. 9780687007691, $21.99 John Wesley’s Theology Today: A Study of the Wesleyan Tradition in the Light of Current Theological Dialogue Colin W. Williams 9780687205318, $25.99 The Journals of Dr. Thomas Coke John A. Vickers, editor 9780687054213, $39.99


NEW! The Works of John Wesley, Volume 32 Medical and Health Writings James G. Donat , Randy L. Maddox From the beginning of his ministry John Wesley was committed to nurturing in his own life and in the communities he served “health of body and of soul.” This volume provides a window into his concern for “health of body” by collecting all of his writings related to health and wellness. These range from his best-selling home guide to health care, the Primitive Physic, through his recommendation of electrical-shock therapy, to his concern for nervous disorders. The volume will be of keen interest to all who are committed to recovering Wesley’s holistic understanding of salvation and ministry in the present church, as well as to those seeking a better understanding of medical care in the eighteenth century. John Wesley published a collection of advice for preserving health and treating diseases, and his Primitive Physick, went through twenty-three editions in Wesley’s lifetime—among the highest number of anything that he published—and stayed in print (and use!) continuously into the 1880s. James G. Donat graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary and the Wellcome Institute, University of London, receiving the PhD in the history and philosophy of science/medicine. He is an independent scholar with work focusing on John Wesley and medicine. Randy L. Maddox is William Kellon Quick Professor of Church History and Wesley Studies at The Divinity School, Duke University. Hardcover: 9781501859014, $59.99 — August 2018

All volumes of The Works of John Wesley series are hardcover with printed dust jackets and are priced at $59.99 per volume.

Sermons II (34–70), Volume 2 9780687462117

The Appeals to Men of Reason and Religion and Certain Related Open Letters, Volume 11 9780687462155

Sermons III (71–114), Volume 3 9780687462124

Doctrinal and Controversial Treatises I, Volume 12 9781426744303

Sermons IV (115–151), Volume 4 9780687462131

Doctrinal and Controversial Treatises II, Volume 13 9781426766978

A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists, Volume 7 9780687462186

Journal and Diaries I (1735–1738), Volume 18 9780687462216

Sermons I (1–33), Volume 1 9780687462100

The Methodist Societies History, Nature, and Design, Volume 9 9780687462148 The Methodist Societies, The Minutes of Conference, Volume 10 9781426711909

Journal and Diaries II (1738– 1743), Volume 19 9780687462223 Journal and Diaries III (1743–1754), Volume 20 9780687462230

Journal and Diaries IV (1755–1765), Volume 21 9780687462254 Journal and Diaries V (1765–1775), Volume 22 9780687462261 Journal and Diaries VI (1776–1786), Volume 23 9780687462278 Journal and Diaries VII (1787–1791), Volume 24 9780687033492 Letters I (1721–1739), Volume 25 9780687462162 Letters II (1740–1755), Volume 26 9780687462179 Letters III (1756-1765), Volume 27 9781501806223



W E S L E YA N / M E T H O D I S T S T U D I E S Bishop: The Art of Questioning Authority by an Authority in Question William H. Willimon 9781426742293, $18.99 Living Grace: An Outline of United Methodist Theology Walter Klaiber, Manfred Marquardt 9780687054527, $37.99 This Gift of Water: The Practice and Theology of Baptism Among Methodists in America Gayle Carlton Felton 9780687333271, $23.99 United Methodism and American Culture Volume 5: Marks of Methodism Russell E. Richey, Dennis M. Campbell, William B. Lawrence 9780687329397, $22.99 The Organization of The United Methodist Church: 2009–2012 Edition Jack M. Tuell 9781426707902, $16.99 Wesley and the Quadrilateral: Renewing the Conversation W. Stephen Gunter, Scott J. Jones, Ted A. Campbell, Rebekah L. Miles, Randy L. Maddox 9780687060559, $22.99 Good News to the Poor: John Wesley’s Evangelical Economics Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. 9780687155286, $24.99 United Methodist Doctrine: The Extreme Center Scott J. Jones 9780687034857, $32.99 Polity, Practice, and the Mission of The United Methodist Church: 2006 Edition Thomas Edward Frank 9780687335312, $28.99 Methodism’s Racial Dilemma: The Story of the Central Jurisdiction James S. Thomas 9780687371297, $21.99 The Greatest Story Never Told: Revive Us Again Leonard Sweet 9781426740329, $18.99

Black United Methodists: Retrospect and Prospect Board of Global Ministries Hardcover: 9781426749162, $24.99 Just Us or Justice?: Moving Toward a Pan-Methodist Theology F. Douglas Powe Jr. 9780687465538, $19.99 This We Believe: The Core of Wesleyan Faith and Practice William H. Willimon 9781426706899, $16.99 Leader’s Guide: 9781426708237, $7.99 Grace Sufficient: A History of Women in American Methodism 1760–1968 Jean Miller Schmidt 9780687156757, $33.99 American Methodism: A Compact History Russell E. Richey, Kenneth E. Rowe, Jean Miller Schmidt 9781426742279, $29.99 Considering the Great Commission: Evangelism and Mission in the Wesleyan Spirit W. Stephen Gunter, Elaine Robinson, editors 9780687493630, $37.99 Practical Divinity: Theology in the Wesleyan Tradition, Volume One, Revised Edition Thomas A. Langford 9780687073825, $32.99 Practical Divinity: Readings in Wesleyan Theology, Volume Two Thomas A. Langford 9780687012473, $29.99 The Methodist Experience in America: A History, Vol. I Russell E. Richey, Kenneth E. Rowe, Jean Miller Schmidt 9780687246724, $52.99 The Methodist Experience in America, Volume II: Sourcebook Russell E. Richey, Kenneth E. Rowe, Jean Miller Schmidt 9780687246731, $54.99

The United Methodist Deacon Margaret Ann Crain 9781426776113, $16.99

Methodist Doctrine: The Essentials, 2nd Edition Ted A. Campbell 9781426727016, $21.99

The Recovery of a Contagious Methodist Movement George G. Hunter III 9781426740381, $11.99


Waking from Doctrinal Amnesia: The Healing of Doctrine in The United Methodist Church William J. Abraham 9780687017188, $17.99

Autobiography of Peter Cartwright Peter Cartwright 9780687023196, $24.99


W E S L E YA N / M E T H O D I S T S T U D I E S The Yoke of Obedience: The Meaning of Ordination in Methodism Dennis M. Campbell 9780687466603, $18.99

John Wesley’s Conception and Use of Scripture Scott J. Jones 9780687204663, $26.99

Back to Zero: The Search to Rediscover the Methodist Movement Gil Rendle 9781426740398, $11.99

Methodist and Pietist: Retrieving the Evangelical United Brethren Tradition J. Steven O’Malley, Jason E. Vickers, editors 9781426714351, $46.99

A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader Rueben P. Job 9780687057016, $21.99

Rethinking Wesley’s Theology for Contemporary Methodism Randy L. Maddox, editor 9780687060450, $28.99

Lord, I Love the Church and We Need Help Virginia O. Bassford 9781426740404, $11.99 Early Methodist Life and Spirituality: A Reader Lester Ruth 9780687342747, $38.99 The Methodist Conference in America: A History Russell E. Richey 9780687021871, $25.99

Responsible Grace: John Wesley’s Practical Theology Randy L. Maddox 9780687003341, $33.99 Theology and Evangelism in the Wesleyan Heritage James C. Logan, editor 9780687413959, $22.99

Our Calling to Fulfill: Wesleyan Views of the Church in Mission M. Douglas Meeks 9781426700491, $32.99 Aldersgate Reconsidered Randy L. Maddox, editor 9780687009848, $21.99 Doctrine and Theology in The United Methodist Church Thomas A. Langford, editor 9780687110193, $26.99 Methodist and Radical: Rejuvenating a Tradition Joerg Rieger, John Vincent 9780687038718, $33.99 Wesleyan Beliefs: Formal and Popular Expressions of the Core Beliefs of Wesleyan Communities Ted A. Campbell 9781426711367, $49.99 Fellowship of Love: Methodist Women Changing American Racial Attitudes, 1920– 1968 Alice G. Knotts 9780687027194, $27.99




The History of Theological Education Justo L. González “[The author] provides historical case studies demonstrating the place of theological education in the formation of Christian communities, but he also reveals the connections between theory and practice, theological knowledge and cultural understandings, formation and knowledge, specialization and the people’s awareness, and action and reflection.”—Jack L. Seymour, professor of religious education, GarrettEvangelical Theological Seminary. Justo L. González has taught at the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico and Candler School of Theology, Emory University. 9781426781919, $39.99

Counterfeit Christianity

The Persistence of Errors in the Church Roger E. Olson The author describes major heresies and how the church dealt with them, the players, and what pastors can do to address these faith issues in order to educate congregations about Jesus, God, and salvation. Roger E. Olson is Foy Valentine Professor of Christian theology and ethics at Baylor University. 9781426772290, $19.99 9781501806360, $39.99, DVD and Leader Guide

Abingdon Pillars of Theology Abingdon Pillars of Theology is a series for the college and seminary classroom designed to help students grasp the basic and necessary facts, influence, and significance of major theologians. Written by major scholars, these books will outline the context, methodology, organizing principles, primary contributions, and major writings of people who have shaped theology as we know it today. H. Richard Niebuhr Donald W. Shriver Jr. 9780687657315, $14.99

Kierkegaard Lee C. Barrett, III 9780687465262, $13.99

Schleiermacher Terrence Tice 9780687343348, $12.99

Augustine Eugene TeSelle 9780687053612, $12.99

Tillich Donald W. Musser, Joseph L. Price 9780687343447, $13.99

Calvin George W. Stroup 9780687659135, $11.99

Reinhold Niebuhr Robin W. Lovin 9780687646128, $12.99


Barth Eberhard Busch 9780687492466, $13.99


Luther Scott H. Hendrix 9780687656417, $12.99


A New Church and a New Seminary

Theological Education is the Solution David McAllister-Wilson The future of the church and the future of the seminary are inextricably linked. Most students and most professors go to the seminary “to fix the church,” because they realize that the future of the church and its seminaries are inseparable. Seminaries provide scholars for the church, who learn how to think, who learn how to take the long view, who shape identity, who foster a “culture of calling.” A new kind of Methodist progressive evangelicalism is regenerating, which lives the great commandment (love) and the great commission (reproducing disciples) on a global scale. Before, seminaries prepared pastors to maintain healthy churches in stable neighborhoods. Now, every neighborhood is changing and many churches are losing their members and their confidence. They long for a recovery of their sense of mission and a new kind of leadership. A new kind of seminary is regenerating to foster hope, wisdom, creativity, and engagement with the great issues of our day. David McAllister-Wilson is president of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC. He is an ordained elder in the Virginia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. His main areas of interest are revitalizing the mainline Protestant church and excellence in church leadership. 9781501858895, $19.99

Belief Matters

The Belief Matters series assists pastors and clergy in explaining fundamental elements of the church and its worship to congregations. For small groups, Sunday school classes, and as a preaching resource, The Belief Matters series is suitable for a four-week study and includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter. The general editor of the series is William H. Willimon. Incarnation: The Surprising Overlap of Heaven & Earth William H. Willimon 9781426757549, $13.99

Trinity: The God We Don’t Know Jason Byasee 9781630887865, $13.99 Creation: The Apple of God’s Eye Justo L. Gonzalez 9781426785955, $13.99

Holy Communion: Celebrating God with Us Kenneth M. Loyer 9781426796333, $13.99

Race and Theology Elaine A. Robinson 9780687494255, $10.99

Proclamation and Theology William H. Willimon 9780687493432, $11.99

Music and Theology Don E. Saliers 9780687341948, $12.99

Jews & Christians: A Troubled Family Walter Harrelson, Randall M. Falk 9780687203321, $22.99

Philosophy and Theology John D. Caputo 9780687331260, $14.99

What to Expect in Seminary: Theological Education as Spiritual Formation Virginia Samuel Cetuk 9780687017287, $24.99

Film & Religion: An Introduction Paul V. M. Flesher, Robert Torry 9780687334896, $27.99 God Does Not Foreclose: The Universal Promise of Salvation David Lowes Watson 9780687149643, $21.99




NEW! Jesus vs. Caesar

For People Tired of Serving the Wrong God Joerg Rieger For two thousand years, empires have shaped Christian ways of thinking about Jesus. The good news is that no empire has been able to take over Christianity completely. The tension between lifegiving and malignant religion is a critical opportunity for those who seek to follow Jesus instead of Caesar. Joerg Rieger holds the Cal Turner Chancellor’s Chair in Wesleyan Studies and is Distinguished Professor of Theology in the Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion at Vanderbilt University. 9781501842672, $19.99 — April 2018

Calvin Vs. Wesley

Bringing Belief in Line with Practice Don Thorsen Points to the significant differences between Calvin and Wesley, although each wrote about major tenets of the church: who God is and what God’s will is for us; the place of Scripture; the atonement of Christ; the role of human responsibility; the work of God’s grace; and how these beliefs can connect to how people practice their faith. 9781426743351, $17.99

The Virtual Body of Christ in a Suffering World Deanna A. Thompson This book accepts digital connectivity as our reality, but presents a vision of how faith communities can utilize technology to better be the body of Christ to those who are hurting while also helping followers of Christ think critically about the limits of our digital attachments. Deanna A. Thompson is professor of Religion at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota 9781501815188, $19.99 The Holy Spirit Stanley Hauerwas, William H. Willimon 9781426778636, $13.99

Globalization and Theology Joerg Rieger 9781426700651, $12.99

Liberating Black Church History Making It Plain Juan M. Floyd-Thomas 9780687332755, $17.99

The Amnesty of Grace: Justification by Faith from a Latin American Perspective Elsa Tamez 9780687009343, $22.99

Introduction to World Religions: Communities and Cultures Jacob Neusner, editor 9780687660001, $43.99


I Was a Stranger: A Christian Theology of Hospitality Arthur Sutherland 9780687063246, $14.99


The Disabled God: Toward a Liberatory Theology of Disability Nancy L. Eiesland 9780687108015, $19.99 Redeeming Memories: A Theology of Healing and Transformation Flora A. Keshgegian 9780687129157, $26.99 Soul Theology: The Heart of American Black Culture Nicholas Cooper-Lewter, Henry H. Mitchell 9780687391257, $21.99


NEW! Holding Faith

A Practical Introduction to Christian Doctrine Cynthia L. Rigby This introduction to Christian theology shows how various understandings of particular doctrines play out in relation to the way we live our lives. It explores the content of core Christian doctrines and celebrates the “so what?” of each. Using theological literature and Scripture, but also current events, sociology, fiction, and movies, Rigby shows that theology is key to how we come to understand and negotiate our world. Cynthia L. Rigby is The W.C. Brown Professor of Theology at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 9781426758140, $39.99 — April, 2018

The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis: An Introduction Jerry Root, Mark Neal 9781426795107, $34.99

Exclusion and Embrace A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation Miroslav Volf 9780687002825, $28.99 The Rebirth of African Orthodoxy Return to Foundations Thomas C. Oden 9781501819094, $24.99 Do Jews, Christians, & Muslims Worship the Same God? Jacob Neusner, Baruch A. Levine, Bruce D. Chilton, Vincent J. Cornell 9781426752377, $17.99

Religious Foundations of Western Civilization: Judaism, Christianity and Islam Jacob Neusner, editor 9780687332021, $42.99 Divinity & Diversity: A Christian Affirmation of Religious Pluralism Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki 9780687021949, $21.99 Is There a Future for God’s Love?: An Evangelical Theology Henry H. Knight III 9780687660339, $21.99 From Hurt to Healing: A Theology of the Wounded Andrew Sung Park 9780687038817, $21.99 After Christendom: How the Church Is to Behave If Freedom, Justice, and a Christian Nation Are Bad Ideas Stanley Hauerwas 9780687009299, $21.99

Atonement and Violence: A Theological Conversation John Sanders, editor 9780687342945, $24.99 The Wounded Heart of God: The Asian Concept of Han and the Christian Doctrine of Sin Andrew Sung Park 9780687385362, $25.99 Theological Worlds: Understanding the Alternative Rhythms of Christian Belief W. Paul Jones 9780687414703, $25.99 The Evangelistic Love of God & Neighbor: A Theology of Witness & Discipleship Scott J. Jones 9780687046140, $22.99




Luther vs. Pope Leo

A Conversation in Purgatory Paul R. Hinlicky Discussing the key issues that divided Catholics and Protestants and birthed a Reformation 500 years ago, this book tells a story: the author’s imaginary reconciliation in heaven between Martin Luther and Pope Leo X who work through the issues that divided them in their historical encounter. Paul R. Hinlicky is the Tise Professor of Lutheran Studies at Roanoke College and an internationallyknown theologian. 9781501804205, $19.99

Black Church Studies: An Introduction Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Juan Floyd-Thomas, Carol B. Duncan, Stephen G. Ray Jr., Nancy Lynne Westfield 9780687332656, $27.99

Mañana: Christian Theology from a Hispanic Perspective Justo L. González 9780687230679, $21.99

The Promise of Despair: The Way of the Cross as the Way of the Church Andrew Root 9781426700620, $17.99

The Truth About God: The Ten Commandments in Christian Life Stanley M. Hauerwas, William H. Willimon 9780687082025, $11.99

New & Enlarged Handbook of Christian Theology: Revised Edition Donald W. Musser, Joseph L. Price, editors 9780687091126, $43.99 A Community Called Atonement: Living Theology Scott McKnight 9780687645541, $18.99 An Introduction to Christian Theology Justo L. González, Zaida Maldonado Pérez 9780687095735, $21.99 Ethics: Systematic Theology Volume 1, Revised James Wm. McClendon, Jr. 9780687090877, $38.99 Doctrine: Systematic Theology Volume 2 James Wm. McClendon, Jr. 9780687110216, $39.99 Witness: Systematic Theology Volume 3 James Wm. McClendon, Jr. 9780687098231, $34.99 Readings in Christian Thought: Second Edition Hugh T. Kerr, editor 9780687355471, $36.99 Hispanic Christian Thought at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Apuntes in Honor of Justo L. González Alvin Padilla, Roberto Goizueta, Eldin Villafañe, editors 9780687098132, $27.99



Toward a Theology of Radical Involvement: The Theological Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Luther D. Ivory 9780687014538, $24.99 The Soul of the Congregation: An Invitation to Congregational Reflection Thomas Edward Frank 9780687087174, $21.99 Caretakers of Our Common House: Women’s Development in Communities of Faith Carol Lakey Hess 9780687009633, $27.99 Mission: An Essential Guide Carlos F. Cordoza-Orlandi 9780687054725, $17.99 Feminist & Womanist Pastoral Theology Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Brita L. Gill-Austern, editors 9780687089109, $25.99 Feminism and Christianity: An Essential Guide Lynn Japinga 9780687077601, $18.99 The Quintessential Porcine History of Philosophy and Religion James Taylor 9781426754753, $9.99


NEW! Curating Church Strategies for Innovative Worship Jacob Daniel Myers In Curating Church, readers learn how curation can reorient and sharpen the ways and work of the church. Curation can inform how we connect with cultures beyond the church, preserve what is best in the rich history of Christian thought and expression, and nurture spaces where contemporary persons may be transformed by the gospel. Jacob Daniel Myers is Assistant Professor of Homiletics, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA. 9781501832482, $29.99 — October, 2018

Lovin’ on Jesus

A Concise History of Contemporary Worship Swee Hong Lim, Lester Ruth A compact—but thorough—history of changes in North American Protestant worship that occurred in the second half of the twentieth century and that came to be known as “contemporary worship.” This scholarly but accessible work reveals a fascinating and complex lineage, which led to the worship forms that are now so common in many Christian worship services across the globe. Swee Hong Lim is the Deer Park Assistant Professor of Sacred Music and Director of the Master of Sacred Music Program at Emmanuel College, Toronto. Lester Ruth is the Research Professor of Christian Worship at Duke Divinity School. 9781426795138, $29.99

Worship Ways For The People Within Your Reach Thomas G. Bandy with Lucinda S. Holmes 9781426788079, $22.99 Worship Together In Your Church as in Heaven Josh Davis, Nikki Lerner 9781426788062, $22.99 Let the Whole Church Say Amen!: A Guide for Those Who Pray in Public Laurence Hull Stookey 9780687090778, $22.99 Introduction to Christian Worship: Third Edition, Revised and Expanded James F. White 9780687091096, $33.99

Human Disability and the Service of God: Reassessing Religious Practice Nancy L. Eiesland, Don E. Saliers, editors 9780687273164, $29.99 Sacraments as God’s Self Giving James F. White 9780687095650, $21.99 Baptism: Christ’s Act in the Church Laurence Hull Stookey 9780687023646, $22.99 Eucharist: Christ’s Feast With the Church Laurence Hull Stookey 9780687120178, $24.99

Calendar: Christ’s Time for the Church Laurence Hull Stookey 9780687011360, $22.99 Worship as Theology: Foretaste of Glory Divine Don E. Saliers 9780687146932, $27.99 Worship Come to Its Senses Don E. Saliers 9780687014583, $17.99 The Sacraments in Protestant Practice and Faith James F. White 9780687034024, $20.99 A Brief History of Christian Worship James F. White 9780687034147, $21.99




The Artistry of Preaching series NEW! Preaching with Empathy Crafting Sermons in a Callous Culture Lenny Luchetti Preachers can find help from many resources to get the text right, the structure right, and the delivery right. Preaching with Empathy aims to help preachers and homiletics students learn to deeply understand and love their listeners, in order to get preaching right. Lenny Luchetti is Professor of Proclamation and Christian Ministry at Wesley Seminary of Indiana Wesleyan University. 9781501841729, $19.99 — September, 2018

NEW! Words that Heal

Preaching Hope to Wounded Souls Joni S. Sancken Preaching can encourage connections to foster healing for wounded souls. Joni S. Sancken is Associate Professor of Homiletics at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH. 9781501849688, $18.99 — April, 2019 Preaching in Pictures: Using Images for Sermons that Connect Peter Jonker 9781426781926 $18.99 Preaching as Poetry: Beauty, Goodness, and Truth in Every Sermon Paul Scott Wilson 9781426764042 $18.99 Actuality: Real Life Stories for Sermons That Matter Scott Hoezee 9781426765933 $18.99

How to Preach a Dangerous Sermon Frank A. Thomas

Preaching that causes actual turnaround in the hearts and lives of hearers. Learn to use four characteristics of “preaching with moral imagination” to proclaim freedom for all. The author describes the four characteristics using examples like Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Prathia Hall, and the Moral Monday Movement, along with musicians and other artists of today. Moral imagination helps the hearer to see what they cannot see, to hear what they cannot hear—to inhabit the lives of others, so that they can embody Christ and true freedom for those others. Frank A. Thomas is the Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Homiletics and Director of the Academy of Preaching and Celebration at Christian Theological Seminary of Indianapolis, Indiana. 9781501856839, $17.99

Introduction to the Practice of African American Preaching Frank A. Thomas An important, groundbreaking book which acknowledges African American preaching as an academic discipline, and invites all students and preachers into a scholarly, dynamic, and useful exploration of the topic. 9781501818943, $34.99




NEW! The End of Preaching Thomas H. Troeger The End of Preaching is equal parts instruction and inspiration, offering practical help for every preacher and seminarian, and providing a new way of thinking about the purpose and craft of preaching. Tom Troeger explores the end—or purpose— of preaching as prayer. He gently reveals layer after layer of meaning for the preacher and the practice of preaching, giving deep insight into the preacher’s approach, the task of preaching itself, and the impact of preaching on the hearers. Thomas H. Troeger is Lantz Professor emeritus at Yale Divinity School and Institute of Sacred Music. 9781501832574, $21.99 — November 2018

Exodus Preaching

Crafting Sermons About Justice and Hope Kenyatta R. Gilbert Exodus Preaching is the first of its kind. It is an exploration of the African American prophetic rhetorical traditions in a manner that makes features of these traditions relevant to a broad audience beyond the African American traditions. It provides readers a composite picture of the nature, meaning, and relevance of prophetic preaching as spoken Word of justice and hope in a society of growing pluralism and the world-shaping phenomenon of racial, economic and cultural diversity. Gilbert includes dozens of practical suggestions and five practical exercises to equip the reader for preaching in new ways and in new environments. He offers an holistic approach, fully equipping the reader with the theological and practical resources needed to preach prophetically. Dr. Kenyatta R. Gilbert is Associate Professor of Homiletics at the Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, DC. 9781501832574, $21.99 The Sermon without End: A Conversational Approach to Preaching Ronald J. Allen, O. Wesley Allen, Jr. 9781630883218, $29.99 Keep It Real: Working with Today’s Black Youth Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, editor 9780687497027, $16.99 Unleashing the Scripture: Freeing the Bible from Captivity to America Stanley Hauerwas 9780687316786, $21.99 Preaching Old Testament: Proclamation & Narrative in the Hebrew Bible John C. Holbert 9780687338702, $18.99 Preaching Biblical Wisdom in a Self-Help Society Alyce McKenzie 9780687090501, $25.99

Abingdon Theological Companion to the Lectionary Paul Scott Wilson, editor Preaching Year A 9781426740350, $28.99 Preaching Year B 9781426740367, $28.99 Preaching Year C 9781426729775, $28.99

God Sense: Reading the Bible for Preaching Paul Scott Wilson 9780687006328, $21.99

Sermon Treks Ronald J. Allen 9781426763861, $29.99

Conversations with Barth on Preaching William H. Willimon 9780687341610, $27.99

A Sermon Workbook Thomas H. Troeger, Leonora Tubbs Tisdale 9781426757785, $24.99 Preaching in the Small Membership Church Lewis A. Parks 9780687645848, $14.99

Preaching the Psalms J. Clinton McCann, Jr., James C. Howell 9780687044993, $18.99

Connecting with the Congregation: Rhetoric and the Art of Preaching Lucy Lind Hogan, Robert Reid 9780687085293, $18.99 Crisis Preaching: Personal & Public Joseph R. Jeter Jr. 9780687073924, $21.99




NEW! Preaching Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts William Brosend Good preaching has always been a challenge, a combination of exegesis, insight and craft in witness to the Gospel and in service of the Church. Cultural forces, in particular the proliferation of media outlets and the explosion of available entertainment sources, have only made the challenge greater. And that was when most agreed on a common set of facts. Those days are now past and gone, and preachers may be forgiven if at times it feels as if the task is impossible. William Brosend is Professor of New Testament and Preaching for the School of Theology at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. 9781501870248, $17.99 — August, 2018

Preaching and the Human Condition Loving God, Self, & Others O. Wesley Allen Jr. Sermons often suffer from a lack of adequate analysis and presentation of the human condition. The result is that preachers either: 1. offer self-help type messages or 2. fail to help hearers experience the breadth of the good news of Jesus Christ because the “bad news” of the world is not presented with weight. O. Wesley Allen, Jr. is Lois Craddock Perkins Professor of Preaching at Perkins School of Theology, Dallas. 9781501818905, $24.99 Will Willimon’s Lectionary Sermon Resource William H. Willimon Year A, Part 1 9781501847509, $24.99 Year A, Part 2 9781501847523, $24.99 Year B, Part 1 9781501847233, $24.99 Year B, Part 2 9781501847257, $24.99 Year C, Part 1 9781501847271, $24.99 Year C, Part 2 9781501847318, $24.99 Preaching: An Essential Guide Ronald J. Allen 9780687045167, $18.99 The Hum: Call and Response in African American Preaching Evans E. Crawford 9780687180202, $17.99


The Burdensome Joy of Preaching James Earl Massey 9780687050697, $17.99 Preaching Paul Brad R. Braxton 9780687021444, $21.99 Performing the Word: Preaching as Theatre Jana Childers 9780687074235, $19.99 A Concise History of Preaching Paul Scott Wilson 9780687093427, $21.99 Púlpito: An Introduction to Hispanic Preaching Justo L. González, Pablo A. Jiménez 9780687088508, $21.99


Speaking Well Adam Hamilton 9781501809934, $14.99 The Six Deadly Sins of Preaching: Becoming Responsible for the Faith We Proclaim Robert Stephen Reid, Lucy Lind Hogan 9781426735394, $14.99 The Jazz of Preaching: How to Preach with Great Freedom and Joy Kirk Byron Jones 9780687002528, $18.99 A Healing Homiletic: Preaching and Disability Kathy Black 9780687002917, $21.99


NEW! The Four Pages of the Sermon, Revised and Updated A Guide to Biblical Preaching Paul Scott Wilson This completely revised edition guides readers through the sermon process step by step, with the aim of composing sermons that challenge and provide hope, by focusing on God more closely than on humans. It has been largely rewritten to include an assessment of where preaching is today in light of propositional preaching, the New Homiletic, African American preaching, the effect of the internet, and use of technology. A chapter on exegesis has been added, plus new focus on the importance of preaching to a felt need, the need for proclamation in addition to teaching, and developing tools to ensure sermon excellence. New sermon examples have been added along with a section that responds to critics and looks to the future. Paul Scott Wilson is Professor of Homiletics at Emmanuel College of the University of Toronto. 9781501842399, $34.99 — September, 2018

The Homiletical Beat Why All Sermons Are Narrative Eugene L. Lowry The sermon ceases to be something a preacher constructs, like a thesis or even a painting. Instead, it is more like a piece of music— something a preacher plays within intuitively, to a constant beat— time after time, week after week. Eugene L. Lowry served as William K. McElvaney Professor of Preaching for over 30 years at Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri. 9781426751431, $16.99

Preaching: 25th Anniversary Edition Fred B. Craddock 9780687659944, $24.99 The Web of Preaching: New Options in Homiletic Method Richard L. Eslinger 9780687012978, $28.99 The Holy Spirit & Preaching James Forbes 9780687173099, $16.99 What Do They Hear?: Bridging the Gap Between Pulpit & Pew Mark Allan Powell 9780687642052, $16.99

Preaching from the Soul: Insistent Observations on the Sacred Art J. Ellsworth Kalas 9780687066308, $19.99

Transforming the Stone: Preaching Through Resistance to Change Barbara K. Lundblad 9780687096138, $19.99

Celebration & Experience in Preaching: Revised Edition Henry H. Mitchell 9780687649198, $19.99

So That All Might Know: Preaching That Engages the Whole Congregation Thomas H. Troeger, H. Edward Everding Jr. 9780687652389, $18.99

Black Preaching: The Recovery of a Powerful Art Henry H. Mitchell 9780687036141, $18.99

Designing the Sermon: Order and Movement in Preaching James Earl Massey; William D. Thompson, editor 9780687104901, $17.99




NEW! Practicing the Preaching Life David B. Ward A holistic view of preaching that paints the way to good preaching and good living. Practicing the Preaching Life unites Christian practices, contextual virtues, and the best of homiletical pedagogy to pave the way to a beautiful preaching life. Preaching is best learned as a formative Christian practice embedded within a web of other Christian practices that form a way of life from which great sermons emerge. Therefore, preaching requires not only a way of speaking well, but also a way of living well. David B. Ward is Associate Professor, Homiletics & Practical Theology at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. 9781501854941, $29.99 — March 2019

Who Lynched Willie Earle? Preaching to Confront Racism William H. Willimon Pastors and leaders long to speak an effective biblical word into the contemporary social crisis of racial violence and black pain. They need a no-nonsense strategy rooted in actual ecclesial life, illuminated in this fine book by a trustworthy guide, Will Willimon, who uses the true story of pastor Hawley Lynn’s March of 1947 sermon, “Who Lynched Willie Earle?” as an opportunity to respond to the last lynching in Greenville, South Carolina and its implications for a more faithful proclamation of the Gospel today. William H. Willimon is Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke University Divinity School and retired Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church. 9781501832512, $17.99 The New Interpreter’s® Handbook of Preaching Paul Scott Wilson, General Editor 9780687055562, $62.99

From Pew to Pulpit: A Beginner’s Guide to Preaching Clifton F. Guthrie 9780687066605, $15.99

Thank God It’s Friday: Encountering the Seven Last Words from the Cross William H. Willimon 9780687464906, $15.99

Imagining a Sermon Thomas H. Troeger 9780687186945, $17.99

Preaching Without Notes Joseph M. Webb 9780687090884, $16.99 How To Preach a Parable: Designs for Narrative Sermons Eugene L. Lowry 9780687179244, $21.99 Thank God Its Thursday: Encountering Jesus at the Lord’s Table As If for the Last Time William H. Willimon 9781426743375, $13.99


Attentive to God: Thinking Theologically in Ministry Charles M. Wood, Ellen Blue 9780687651627, $16.99 Shared Wisdom: A Guide to Case Study Reflection in Ministry Jeffrey H. Mahan, Barbara B. Troxell, Carol J. Allen 9780687383351, $19.99 The Practice of Preaching: Revised Edition Paul Scott Wilson 9780687645275, $28.99


Unleashing the Word: Preaching with Relevance, Purpose, & Passion (includes DVD) Adam Hamilton 9781426707001, $29.99 Sermon Sparks: 122 Ideas to Ignite Your Preaching Thomas H. Troeger 9781426740985, $18.99 Story Journey: An Invitation to the Gospel as Storytelling Thomas E. Boomershine 9780687396627, $24.99 God in Pain: Teaching Sermons on Suffering Barbara Brown Taylor; Ronald J. Allen, editor 9780687058877, $15.99


NEW! World Christianity

A Historical and Theological Introduction Lalsangkima Pachuau Non-Western Christianity is reshaping Christianity for all of us. This shift is not just geographical. World Christianity is ultimately about the changing and diversifying character of Christianity and a renewed recognition of the dynamic universality of Christian faith itself: Christianity is a shared religion in that people of different cultures and societies make it their own while being transformed by it. Dr. Lalsangkima Pachuau is the John Wesley Beeson Professor of Christian Mission and Dean of Advanced Research Programs at Asbury Seminary. 9781426753183, $34.99 — July 2018

A Sense of the Heart

Christian Religious Experience in the United States Bill J. Leonard Traces the nature of religious experience from the colonial era to the present, defining its nature while describing common and distinct approaches in the work of various writers and practitioners. Bill J. Leonard is James and Marilyn Dunn Professor of Church History and Baptist Studies at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 9781426754906, $44.99 Hardcover: 9781630885854, $54.99

To All Nations From All Nations

A History of the Christian Missionary Movement Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi, Justo L. González Broadly introduces missionary practices and historical figures using three perspectives: missionary activity proceeding from the margins; the cross-cultural, cross-confessional, and cross-religious dynamics; and the view that much missionary activity is generated by national rather than international missionaries. Includes a chapter on the postmodern and postcolonial world. 9781426754890, $49.99 Hardcover: 9781630885762, $59.99 A New History of Christianity Hans J. Hillerbrand 9780687027965, $41.99 Church History: An Essential Guide Justo L. González 9780687016112, $17.99 Hell Without Fire: Conversion in Slave Religion Love Henry Whelchel Jr. 9780687052837, $21.99 A Concise History of Christian Doctrine Justo L. González 9780687344147, $27.99

And You Welcomed Me: A Sourcebook on Hospitality in Early Christianity Amy G. Oden, editor 9780687096718, $32.99

The Medieval Church: From the Dawn of the Middle Ages to the Eve of the Reformation Carl A. Volz 9780687006045, $28.99

The Early Church: Origins to the Dawn of the Middle Ages E. Glenn Hinson 9780687006038, $32.99

Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church Robin Maas, Gabriel O’Donnell, O.P. 9780687392339, $33.99

The Modern Church: The Dawn of the Reformation to the Eve of the Third Millennium Glenn T. Miller 9780687006052, $27.99

In Her Words: Women’s Writings in the History of Christian Thought Amy Oden, editor 9780687459728, $32.99




NEW! Handbook of Denominations in the United States, 14th Edition Roger E. Olson, Frank S. Mead, Samuel S. Hill, and Craig D. Atwood The Handbook of Denominations in the United States has long been the gold standard for reference works about religious bodies in America. The purpose of this Handbook is to provide accurate and objective information about the most significant Christian traditions and denominations in the United States today. It contains descriptions of over 200 distinct Christian denominations as well as overviews of the several major Christian traditions to which they belong—based on shared historical and theological roots and commitments. The 14th edition is completely updated with current statistics, new denominations, and recent trends. The book has been made more useful and manageable by moving very small groups into broader articles while giving more detail and description to the large and influential denominations. 9781501822513, $29.99 — May 2018

Nuestra Fe

A Latin American Church History Sourcebook Ondina E. González, Justo L. González Spanning more than 500 years, includes sources that look at the way Christianity manifested and continues to manifest itself in the life of Latin American society. Ondina E. González is an independent scholar who has been a visiting professor at Agnes Scott College and Emory University. Justo L. González has taught at the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico and Candler School of Theology, Emory University. He is the author of many books, including Church History: An Essential Guide and To All Nations From All Nations, both published by Abingdon Press. 9781426774263, $44.99 Hardcover: 9781630885816, $54.99

A History of Christian Thought In One Volume Justo L. González In this revised and updated version of his popular history, Justo González shows how Christian thought evolved from the birth of Christ, to the Apostles, to the early church, to the flowering of Christianity, to now. He takes the reader through Nicea and Chalcedon, the Latin West and Byzantine East in the Middle Ages, and the continuing development of Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christianities through modernity in the twentieth century to postmodernity in the twenty-first. 9781426757778, $49.99

Hardcover: 9781630884192, $59.99

A History of Christian Thought Volume I: From the Beginnings to the Council of Chalcedon, Revised Edition Justo L. González 9780687171828, $33.99 A History of Christian Thought Volume II: From Augustine to the Eve of the Reformation, Revised Edition Justo L. González 9780687171835, $33.99 A History of Christian Thought Volume III: From the Protestant Reformation to the Twentieth Century, Revised Edition Justo L. González 9780687171842, $33.99



The Life & Ministry of William Booth: Founder of The Salvation Army Roger J. Green 9780687052738, $27.99 The History of the Evangelical United Brethren Church J. Bruce Behney, Paul H. Eller; Kenneth W. Krueger, editor 9780687172061, $35.99 The Story of Evangelism: A History of the Witness to the Gospel Robert G. Tuttle Jr. 9780687352036, $32.99


Sacred Resistance

A Practical Guide to Christian Witness and Dissent Ginger Gaines-Cirelli Get empowered to speak out and act in troubled times. In the midst of polarized communities and nations, religious leaders across the theological spectrum are seeking help with how to respond and lead in troubled times. The need for courage to speak out and act is ever-present, because every generation faces a new set of fears and troubles. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli is the Senior Pastor at Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. 9781501856853, $14.99

Holding Up Your Corner

Talking about Race in Your Community F. Willis Johnson Lead your congregation to see and solve problems of race and justice in your community. This book equips pastors to respond with confidence when crises occur, lower their own inhibitions about addressing this topic, and reclaim their authority as prophetic witnesses and leaders in order to transform their communities. F. Willis Johnson is senior minister of Wellspring Church in Ferguson, MO and Vosburgh Visiting Professor of Ministry and Social Engagement at Drew Theological School. 9781501837593, $15.99

DVD, Video Stories about Race, 9781501837616, $39.99

Participant Book, Guided Conversations about Race, 9781501837623, $9.99

Fear of the Other No Fear in Love

William H. Willimon There is a distinctively Christian way to engage the so-called “outsider” and “stranger.” Willimon invites readers to an on-the-ground faith that remembers the God who comes to us again and again through so-called outsiders, strangers, immigrants, and those without status. Beyond welcome, Christians must become “other” to the world, shaking off the dominant culture’s identity and privilege through practices of listening, humility, and understanding. William H. Willimon is Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke University Divinity School and retired Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church. 9781501824753, $14.99

DVD, 9781501857249, $29.99

Leader Guide, 9781501857300, $9.99




Our Strangely Warmed Hearts Coming Out into God’s Call Karen P. Oliveto Coming out into one’s authentic, God-created self fosters spiritual renewal and call to ministry. As John Wesley discovered his true spiritual identity, he experienced a strangely warmed heart. Through poignant stories and wellreasoned principles, Karen Oliveto discloses why and how spiritual renewal and a personal call to ministry emerge in the strangely warmed hearts of lesbian and gay Christians. Karen P. Oliveto is bishop of the Mountain Sky Episcopal Area for the United Methodist Church. Previously for eight years, she served as senior pastor of the 12,000-member Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco. She is the first openly lesbian bishop in The United Methodist Church. 9781501858918, $17.99

The Fight for Marriage

Church Conflicts and Courtroom Contests William L. Harbison, Phillip F. Cramer Unique perspectives from Christian attorneys on the front lines of the U.S. Supreme Court battle for marriage equality. Bill Harbison works in corporate law and with trusts and estates. Phillip Cramer specializes in plaintiff’s recovery cases and other litigation. They both practice law in Nashville, TN. 9781501858932, $14.99

Moral Injury Restoring Wounded Souls Larry Graham

Drawing upon neuroscience, narrative spirituality, and collaborative communal engagement, the author gives tools to aid pastors, chaplains, and spiritual caregivers ameliorate the distress caused by dissonance and resulting in moral injury. The book will also provide resources for helping people bear the burdens of moral responsibility and for navigating the sometimes unbearable consequences of particular moral actions. Larry Graham is Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care at Iliff School of Theology in Denver. 9781501800757, $19.99 Me and We: God’s New Social Gospel Leonard Sweet 9781426757761, $17.99 GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth Fletcher Harper 9781426781759, $19.99 Jesus Weeps: Global Encounters on Our Doorstep Harold J. Recinos 9780687031856, $19.99


Authentic Transformation: A New Vision of Christ and Culture Glen H. Stassen, D.M. Yeager, John Howard Yoder 9780687022731, $28.99

Ethics and Spiritual Care: A Guide for Pastors and Spiritual Directors Karen Lebacqz, Joseph D. Driskill 9780687071562, $21.99

There Shall Be No Poor Among You: Poverty in the Bible Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M. 9780687000593, $25.99

An Introduction to Christian Ethics Robin W. Lovin 9780687467365, $29.99

Pastoral Ethics: Professional Responsibilities of the Clergy Gaylord Noyce 9780687303380, $24.99


A Christian Justice for the Common Good Tex Sample 9781501814266, $17.99

C A R E & CO U N S E L I N G

Pastor as Counselor

Wise Presence, Sacred Conversation John Patton Offers no-nonsense instructions for pastors, chaplains, and ministers whose real specialty is the practice of relational wisdom. Provides a helpful, step-by-step template for pastoral counseling sessions and clear guidelines for understanding when to defer and how to refer—while remaining faithful to the basic pastoral calling to connect persons seeking help with the relationships and resources they need to deal with their lives. John Patton is the emeritus professor of pastoral theology at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia, and a retired United Methodist minister. 9781630886905, $19.99

What Do We Tell the Children? Talking to Kids about Death and Dying Joseph M. Primo One out of seven children will lose a parent before they are 20. Professionals of all types are often at a loss when dealing with a grieving child. Supporting grieving children requires intentionality, open communication, and patience. Normalizing grief and offering support requires us to be in tune with kids through dialogue as they grapple with questions of “how” and “why.” Joseph M. Primo is President of The National Alliance for Grieving Children. A graduate of Yale Divinity School and a former hospice chaplain, Primo writes regularly as a blogger and contributor and has appeared on CNN and Fox as a grief advocate. 9781426760495, $15.99

The Care of Men Christie Cozad Neuger, James Newton Poling, editors 9780687014514, $26.99 The Abuse of Power: A Theological Problem James Newton Poling 9780687006847, $24.99

Relational Refugees: Alienation and Reincorporation in African American Churches and Communities Edward P. Wimberly 9780687087983, $21.99 Balm for Gilead: Pastoral Advocacy for African American Families Experiencing Abuse Toinette M. Eugene, James Newton Poling 9780687023479, $21.99

Listen My Son: Wisdom to Help African American Fathers Lee H. Butler Jr. 9780687467495, $13.99 The Gift of Compassion: A Guide to Helping Those Who Grieve Becca Stevens 9781426742347, $10.99



C A R E & CO U N S E L I N G

Pastoral Care

Telling the Stories of Our Lives Karen D. Scheib Affirms the historic link between Christian formation and pastoral care by locating the distinctive nature of pastoral care in the mission of the church to form persons in the Christian life of love. Karen D. Scheib is associate professor of pastoral care and counseling at Candler School of Theology; Director, Women, Theology, and Ministry Program at Candler School of Theology, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. 9781426766473, $35.99

The Elephant in the Church

What You Don’t See Can Kill Your Ministry Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner, Mary Lynn Dell Discussing common blind-spots of congregations and church leaders, the authors provide examples and illustrations for how to stop these “elephants” from ruining a ministry. 9781426753213, $16.99

Pastoral Care: An Essential Guide An Essential Guide John Patton The essentials of pastoral care involve the pastor’s distinctive task of caring for those who are estranged—the lost sheep. This book outlines the quintessential elements pastors need to wisely minister in today’s context by discussing four major kinds of lostness: grief, illness, abuse, and family challenges. 9780687053223, $19.99 Moving from Shame to Self Worth: Preaching & Pastoral Care Edward P. Wimberly 9780687082261, $18.99 The Concise Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling Glenn H. Asquith Jr., editor 9781426702310, $42.99 When the One You Love Is Gone Rebekah L. Miles 9781426745867, $9.99


Resurrecting the Person: Friendship and the Care of People with Mental Health Problems John Swinton 9780687082285, $24.99 The Gift of Presence: A Guide to Helping Those Who Suffer Joe E. Pennel Jr. 9781426702143, $10.99 African American Pastoral Care: Revised Edition Edward P. Wimberly 9780687649495, $18.99


Addiction: Pastoral Responses Bucky Dann; Daniel G. Bagby, editor 9780687045044, $18.99 Hearing Beyond the Words: How to Become a Listening Pastor Emma J. Justes 9780687494996, $17.99 Cut Dead But Still Alive: Caring for African American Young Men Gregory C. Ellison II 9781426703041, $22.99

C A R E & CO U N S E L I N G / M I N I S T RY LE A D E R S H I P

NEW! God vs. Money

Winning Strategies in the Combat Zone J. Clif Christopher God and Money both make a lot of promises. God keeps all of God’s promises, while Money keeps none. However, Money has better advertising, and we keep falling for it. Here’s how to turn that trend around in your life and in the lives of those you lead. Get practical, up-to-date, expert advice on fundraising—one of the biggest challenges facing church and not-for-profit leaders. J. Clif Christopher is the CEO of Horizons Stewardship Company. 9781501868115, $16.99 — August 2018

A New Day in the City Urban Church Revival

Donna Claycomb Sokol, L. Roger Owens Renewal of the city church means discovering how the Spirit wants to renew this particular congregation. Churches with revived hope learn to let go of nostalgic dreams and tired habits and to walk with God into a new day of vibrant mission and ministry. The authors share lessons they’ve learned on the job and from other urban pastors. Along the way, they challenge clichés about church leadership and strategic planning by showing what congregational renewal can look like and how it can become a reality. Donna Claycomb Sokol is the pastor of Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church in downtown Washington DC. L. Roger Owens is associate professor of leadership and ministry at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. 9781501818882, $18.99 Christian Social Innovation: Renewing Wesleyan Witness L. Gregory Jones 9781501825774, $16.99 Science, Scripture, and SameSex Love Michael B. Regele 9781426798290, $22.99 Counseling Troubled Teens & Their Families: A Handbook for Pastors and Youth Workers Andrew J. Weaver, John D. Preston, Leigh W. Jerome 9780687082360, $28.99 Listening & Caring Skills: A Guide for Groups and Leaders John Savage 9780687017164, $18.99 Using Scripture in Pastoral Counseling Edward P. Wimberly 9780687002511, $18.99

Understanding and Counseling Persons with Alcohol, Drug, and Behavioral Addictions Howard Clinebell 9780687025640, $39.99 Suicide: Pastoral Responses Loren L. Townsend; Daniel G. Bagby, editor 9780687492978, $18.99 Crisis Counseling in the Congregation Larry E. Webb 9781426726989, $15.99 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling Loren Townsend 9780687658350, $21.99

Counseling Families Across the Stages of Life: A Handbook for Pastors and Other Helping Professionals Andrew J. Weaver, Linda A. Revilla, Harold G. Koenig 9780687084159, $33.99 Counseling Survivors of Traumatic Events: A Handbook for Pastors and Other Helping Professionals Andrew J. Weaver, Laura T. Flannelly, John D. Preston 9780687052431, $22.99 Basic Types of Pastoral Care & Counseling Howard Clinebell, Bridget Clare McKeever, editor 9780687663804, $34.99

Christian Counseling H. Newton Maloney, David W. Augsburger 9780687332830, $21.99




NEW! The Millennial Narrative

Sharing a Good Life with the Next Generation Jaco J. Hamman Jaco J. Hamman is the Director of the Program in Theology and Practice & Associate Professor of Religion, Psychology and Culture at Vanderbilt Divinity School. 9781501839139, $19.99 — February 2019

The Millennial Narrative Participant Guide Sharing a Good Life

9781501839153, $10.99 — February 2019

NEW! Roots and Routes

Calling, Ministry, and the Power of Place Randy G. Litchfield Why do so many pastors and leaders in seminary and local church ministry feel confused, dissatisfied, or, strangely enough, like they’ve missed their calling? Randy Litchfield’s fresh look at the perennial question of vocation combines theological reflection on the development of personal spiritual identity with a thoughtful look at the significant dimension of place – how the realities of our contexts call for particular responses to vocation in specific times and places. Roots and Routes helps pastors and leaders claim a rich vocational imagination for recognizing God’s ongoing call to partnership in the specific, concrete locales of ministry. Randy G. Litchfield is the Browning Professor of Christian Education at Methodist Theological School in Ohio. 9781501868153, $34.99 — March 2019

Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations Revised and Updated Robert Schnase Over the past ten years, thousands of church leaders have successfully transformed congregations with the principles from the original Five Practices: Radical Hospitality, Passionate Worship, Intentional Faith Development, Risk-Taking Mission and Service, and Extravagant Generosity. However, much has changed in the world and the Church. Leaders have discovered new ways to implement the Five Practices in settings that were not imagined when the original book was released. This revised and updated edition of the ministry leadership classic includes a significant amount of new material. 9781501858871, $18.99 Small On Purpose: Life in a Significant Church Lewis A. Parks 9781501827327, $15.99

Just Say Yes!: Unleashing People for Ministry Robert Schnase 9781426776137, $15.99

Servants and Fools: A Biblical Theology of Leadership Arthur Boers 9781426799785, $19.99

Leader Guide 9781501825262, $9.99

Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry, Revised Edition William H. Willimon 9781501804908, $29.99



Participant Guide 9781501825286, $10.99 Devotional 9781501825798, $4.99 DVD 9781501825309, $39.99


NEW! Sideline Church

Bridging the Chasm between Churches and Culture Thomas G. Bandy Bandy describes the church in America as “sidelined”—observing cultural change but not participating in the game. He suggests proven provocative ways the church can reengage and empathize with the people within their reach. By mining the lifestyle data revealed by the nation’s economic engines and social trends, this frank and ground-breaking sociological analysis is a must read for every church leader who embraces hope for a fragmented, diverse, and polarized world. Thomas G. Bandy is an internationally-recognized church consultant and leadership coach. 9781501871474, $19.99 — August, 2018

Strategic Thinking How to Sustain Effective Ministry Thomas G. Bandy

Strategic thinking involves an element of risk. This is because the goal is not only to perfect ongoing programs, but to initiate new ideas and terminate ineffective tactics. In order to go beyond the box to be relevant to the changing community, churches must accept more risk. They must be willing to go beyond the comfort zones of members to improve the effectiveness of programs. They must be willing to risk failure and learn from mistakes by implementing creative new ideas. Thomas G. Bandy is an internationally-recognized church consultant and leadership coach. 9781501849619, $21.99


Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Women in Ministry Karoline M. Lewis She provides theoretical, theological, and practical frameworks and strategies for flourishing as women in ministry and engages critical reflection on the practice of ministry in light of current feminist theory, biblical interpretation, and experience. Karoline M. Lewis is associate professor of biblical preaching and the Alvin N. Rogness Chair of Homiletics at Luther Seminary, in St. Paul, Minnesota. 9781501804946, $19.99 Participant Book 9781501842696, $10.99 DVD with Facilitator Guide, 9781501842702, $39.99 Switch Off: The Clergy Guide to Preserving Energy and Passion for Ministry Heather Bradley, Miriam Grogan 9781501810466, $14.99 Cryptomnesia: How a Forgotten Memory Could Save the Church Christine A. Chakoian 9781426790607, $18.99 Church Conflict: From Contention to Collaboration Norma Cook Everist 9780687038015, $19.99 Journey in the Wilderness: New Life for Mainline Churches Gil Rendle 9781426710650, $16.99 Leadership in the Wesleyan Spirit Lovett Weems 9780687046928, $18.99

The Web of Women’s Leadership: Recasting Congregational Ministry Susan Willhauck, Jacqulyn Thorpe 9780687072965, $18.99 Ultimately Responsible: When You’re in Charge of Igniting a Ministry Sue Nilson Kibbey 9780687334926, $21.99 Pastoral Care in the Small Membership Church James L. Killen, Jr. 9780687343263, $14.99 Awakened to a Calling: Reflections on the Vocation of Ministry Ann M. Svennungsen, Melissa Wiginton, editors 9780687053902, $10.99 Calling & Character: Virtues of the Ordained Life William H. Willamon 9780687090334, $21.99

Ducking Spears, Dancing Madly: A Biblical Model of Church Leadership Lewis A. Parks, Bruce C. Birch 9780687092857, $17.99 See, Know & Serve The People Within Your Reach Thomas G. Bandy 9781426774171, $19.99 Church Leadership: Vision, Team, Culture, Integrity, Revised Edition Lovett H. Weems Jr. 9781426703027, $18.99 Leading the Congregation: Caring for Yourself While Serving the People, Revised Editon Roger Heuser, Norman Shawchuck 9781426711398, $29.99




NEW! Eight Virtues of Rapidly Growing Churches Matt Miofsky, Jason Byassee Leaders who are interested in planting or revitalizing congregations often feel discouraged and defeated after leadership conferences, or after reading about the ‘heroes’ of church planting and church growth. Authors Matt Miofsky and Jason Byassee carefully researched, interviewed, and profiled successful church-growers across the U.S., and identified 8 characteristics these leaders and their congregations have in common. Matt Miofsky is Lead Pastor of The Gathering United Methodist Church, Saint Louis, Missouri. Jason Byassee is the Butler Chair in Homiletics and Biblical Interpretation at Vancouver School of Theology. 9781501852732, $16.99 — October, 2018

NEW! Ultimate Reliance

Breakthrough Prayer Practices for Leaders Sue Nilson Kibbey Learn to pray in faithful new ways to bring powerful renewal and progress to your spiritual life and ministry. Adding a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative to the teamwork of your church or ministry’s leadership will change everything—and transform what may have become routine administrative work, into riding the exciting rapids of a God-led spiritual adventure together! Sue Nilson Kibbey is an ordained United Methodist elder who serves as the Director of the Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI) for the West Ohio Conference. 9781501870934, $17.99 — March, 2019 Thriving in the Second Chair: Ten Practices for Robust Ministry (When You’re Not in Charge) Mike Bonem 9781501814242, $18.99 Spiritual Leadership: Why Leaders Lead and Who Seekers Follow Thomas G. Bandy 9781501825590, $19.99 re: MIX Transitioning Your Church to Living Color Mark DeYmaz, Bob Whitesel 9781630886929, $17.99 Spiritual Kaizen: How to Become a Better Church Leader Grant Hagiya 9781426753220, $19.99 Effective Small Churches in the Twenty-First Century Carl S. Dudley 9780687090907, $21.99


From Members to Disciples: Leadership Lessons from the Book of Acts Michael W. Foss 9780687467303, $16.99 Pastor: A Reader for Ordained Ministry William H. Willimon 9780687097883, $28.99 Urban Ministry: An Introduction Ronald E. Peters 9780687642250, $22.99 Studying Congregations: A New Handbook Nancy T. Ammerman, Jackson W. Carroll, Carl S. Dudley, William McKinney, editors 9780687006519, $28.99 Wake Up: Hip-Hop, Christianity, and the Black Church Cheryl Kirk-Duggan, Marlon F. Hall 9781426703010, $27.99


Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony (Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition) Stanley Hauerwas, William H. Willimon 9781426781902, $19.99 Where Resident Aliens Live: Exercises for Christian Practice Stanley Hauerwas, William H. Willimon 9780687016051, $18.99 Not Safe for Church: Ten Commandments for Reaching New Generations F. Douglas Powe Jr., Jasmine Rose Smothers 9781426775765, $16.99 Brain-Savvy Leaders: The Science of Significant Ministry Charles Stone 9781426798337, $24.99


Right Here Right Now

The Practice of Christian Mindfulness Amy G. Oden Growing interest in Christian mindfulness practice is rooted in the rediscovery of ancient Christian practices. Many Christians practice mindfulness outside of church and believe it does not belong to our faith tradition. This book reveals the Christian roots of mindfulness and the actual practices that, when reclaimed, deepen the life of faith and the power of our mission of love in the world. When we understand how radical it is to live in God’s presence right here, right now, our lives are transformed toward mercy, justice and abundant life. Amy G. Oden is Professor of Early Church History and Spirituality at Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University. 9781501832499, $14.99

Reset the Heart

Unlearning Violence, Relearning Hope Mai-Anh Le Tran Educating for faith and justice in a violent world requires an imaginative unlearning and unmaking of the values of violence. Thinking and teaching for violence-resisting action as Christians requires an on-purpose setting of our hearts in a world that violates and harms with impunity. Against violent “disimagination” and its conscience-numbing instruments, Christian religious communities are being challenged to regenerate radical forms of prophetic, protested faith, the skills and instincts of which must be honed deliberately. Mai-Anh Le Tran is Associate Professor of Christian Education at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis. 9781501832468, $34.99

I Wonder

Engaging a Child’s Curiosity about the Bible Elizabeth Caldwell A resource for adults who want to explore ways to help children read, engage, wrestle, and grow into deeper understanding of the Bible. 9781426799921, $19.99 Teaching the Way of Jesus: Educating Christians for Faithful Living Jack L. Seymour 9781426765056, $29.99 Formation in Faith: The Congregational Ministry of Making Disciples Sondra Higgins Matthaei 9780687649730, $15.99 7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Children: Includes 25 Lessons, Plus Activities That Satisfy Different Learning Styles Barbara Bruce 9780687020683, $18.99 OMG: A Youth Ministry Handbook Kenda Creasy Dean, editor 9781426700088, $25.99

Black Religious Experience: Conversations on Double Consciousness and the Work of Grant Shockley Charles R. Foster, Fred Smith 9780687044795, $31.99 Mapping Christian Education: Approaches to Congregational Learning Jack L. Seymour, editor 9780687008124, $18.99 Educating Congregations: The Future of Christian Education Charles R. Foster 9780687002450, $19.99 Christian Education in the Small Membership Church Karen B. Tye 9780687650996, $15.99 Teaching Biblical Faith Jack L. Seymour 9781630884307, $15.99

Soul Stories: African American Christian Education, Revised Edition Anne E. Streaty Wimberly 9780687494323, $21.99 Teaching Today’s Teachers to Teach Donald L. Griggs 9780687049547, $22.99 Contemporary Approaches to Christian Education Jack L. Seymour, Donald E. Miller, with Sarah P. Little, Charles R. Foster, Allen J. Moore, Carol A. Wehrheim 9780687094936, $21.99 The Church As Learning Community: A Comprehensive Guide to Christian Education Norma Cook Everist 9780687045006, $31.99




NEW! Here, Now, With You

Six Movements of Compassion for Life and Leadership Gregg Louis Taylor Families, communities and faith organizations comprise more people who suffer being alone and disconnected than people who find wholeness through healthy, supportive, connection with others. This has profound social implications for individuals, for society, for faith communities, and for those who lead. Compassion is the conduit through which divine to human, and person to person connection flows. Here, Now, with You provides an interactive framework which pastors, leaders in faith communities, organizations, and agencies can use within their respective contexts to facilitate meaningful conversations about compassion imagination and application. Gregg Louis Taylor is an ordained United Methodist minister. As a pastor and community architect with Houston: reVision, he shapes the spiritual and communal infrastructure of this innovative organization which connects the city’s most disconnected youth with caring adults and positive peer relationships. 9781501868177, $17.99 — February, 2019

The Sacred Secular

How God Is Using the World to Shape the Church Dottie Escobedo-Frank, Rob Rynders The church can learn from secular society how to “be the church.” Dottie Escobedo-Frank is an elder in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, where she serves as the District Superintendent of the South District. Rob Rynders is the co-founder and previous co-pastor of City Square Church, an innovative United Methodist faith community in downtown Phoenix. 9781501810442, $16.99

Walking with Nehemiah

Your Community Is Your Congregation Joseph W. Daniels Jr. Too often congregations ignore their neighborhoods. They don’t consider the vast resource of people surrounding their church and seem to forget that Pentecost, the very event that gave birth to the church, happened in the streets. This book will give readers inspiration and practical tools for engaging with their communities in ways that help congregations and communities become whole. Joseph W. Daniels Jr. is the lead pastor of the Emory United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. He also serves as Superintendent of the Greater Washington District in the Baltimore Washington Conference. 9781426781933, $16.99 The Celtic Way of Evangelism How Christianity Can Reach the West... Again, 10th Anniversary Edition, Revised and Updated George G. Hunter III 9781426711374, $17.99 New Wine, New Wineskins: How African American Congregations Can Reach New Generations F. Douglas Powe Jr. 9781426742224, $21.99


Radical Outreach: The Recovery of Apostolic Ministry and Evangelism George G. Hunter III 9780687074419, $22.99 Church for the Unchurched George G. Hunter III 9780687277322, $19.99 Needs-Based Evangelism: Becoming a Good Samaritan Church Robert D. Pierson 9780687332489, $16.99


Evangelism in the Small Membership Church Royal Speidel 9780687335794, $15.99 Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism: Living in a ThreeStoried Universe Walter Brueggemann 9780687412334, $18.99 How to Reach Secular People George G. Hunter III 9780687179305, $21.99

CO M M O N E N G L I S H B I B L E The Common English Bible is a new translation. One hundred and twenty biblical scholars from twenty-two faith traditions worked as translators. These women and men balanced rigorous accuracy in translation of the ancient texts with an equally passionate commitment to clarity of expression in contemporary English. The result is a clear, direct, and powerful English version of the scriptures for use in Bible study, devotional reading, and worship. Find out more about the scholars involved at:

The CEB Storytellers Bible

Jesus and the prophets taught through story, and The CEB Storytellers Bible helps readers see the big themes and important truths of the Bible while also guiding them in how to tell these stories in contemporary language. KEY FEATURES • Articles about reading and telling Bible stories • Extensive commentary on all the best-known (and many of the less common) stories of the Bible, including Jesus’ parables • Multiple indexes • “Learning to Tell Bible Stories,” a self-directed, nine-step workshop to help speakers learn to tell stories to make them come alive for listeners Improve sermons with better storytelling and with better understanding of the Bible’s stories. 9781609262082, $39.99

CEB Bibles with Apocrypha The CEB Thinline with Apocrypha is highly portable yet easy to see with generous 9-point type and a convenient trim size. Available in hardcover and in a Black DecoTone simulated leather binding. The Apocrypha-only softcover edition in the Common English Bible translation is perfect for the classroom setting, a personal library, or for those who have never studied these books. The binding and price make it a cost-effective choice. This edition is also for Catholics, Anglicans, Episcopalians, and those interested in the Apocrypha.

Thinline with Apocrypha, Hardcover: ISBN 9781609261160, $19.99

The Apocrypha: 9781609261337, $16.99




The CEB Navigation Bible

Finding Your Way Through the Bible (Decotone) The CEB Navigation Bible is an easy introduction to the challenging world of the Bible. From a guide to looking up passages to a dictionary of terms, it has everything a person who is new to the Bible needs to quickly become comfortable exploring this ancient book and start growing in faith. Ideal for many readers including Bible study leaders, new believers, and young people. Available in two bindings: a graphic hardcover for repeated use, such as in a classroom, and a beautiful dark blue for those wanting a finer cover. KEY FEATURES: • Brief introductions to each book of the Bible, complete with main characters, places, and memorable passages • Notes that are factual, devotional, and inspirational • List of favorite Bible stories and passages (with page numbers) • 16 maps with index • Dictionary of Bible terms • Guide to using a Bible • Reading plans (with page numbers) 9781609262136, $34.99

CEB Study Bibles for Teens and Kids Reading the Bible will change your heart and life. Living the Bible will change the world. The CEB Student Bible will help you to read and live by asking challenging questions, connecting the Bible’s words and today’s world, and showing you how to participate in the story of God’s people. Kids will dive deep into Scripture with the CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible. This engaging, interactive Bible offers four-color icons and illustrations throughout with a wealth of notes, devotionals, Bible trivia, and other interactive elements to capture inquisitive young minds.


NEW! The CEB Student Bible: 9781609261795, $29.99


CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible Compass 9781609262112, $22.99


NEW! The CEB Lectio Divina Prayer Bible Reflective reading of the Scriptures to lead us into prayer has been a practice in the church since the earliest centuries. The method of Lectio Divina, or “Divine Reading,” is a systematic reading of each section of a book with pauses for reflection and prayer. The CEB Lectio Divina Prayer Bible makes it simple to do. For every chapter of the Bible there is: • A recommended passage for slow and thoughtful reading, • Questions for guiding a time of reflection and meaning of the text, • A prayer, • Suggestions for putting your new insights into action. This Bible is perfect for personal devotion and reflection and for leading small groups. It will guide you to a lifelong source of fulfilling prayer, a conversation with God. 9781609262174, Hardcover, $31.99 — October 2018 9781609262181, Bonded Leather, $49.99 — October 2018



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Abingdon Academic Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 Catalog  

Abingdon Academic Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 Catalog

Abingdon Academic Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 Catalog  

Abingdon Academic Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 Catalog