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• The Allianze bpo industry is a dynamic industry which is growing rapidly and requires high quality data to be completed efficiently. Moreover outsourcing can help to manage the data effectively at a very low cost. • Our role is to ease the job of our client, suggest and implement measures which will help our clients to focus on core competencies of the business effectively. • At the time of need, data can be retrieved quickly, because we would manage and process the data in a fine manner.

 Data Entry Services  Data Processing Services  Data Conversion Services  Web Research Services  Scanning & Indexing Services  Transcription Services

DATA ENTRY SERVICES Data Entry is important and essential for every business enterprise to cut down raw data and process them systematically and effectively to generate results with higher proficiency.Our accuracy is 99.99%

WEB RESEARCH SERVICES • Allianze bpo international possesses an excellent infrastructure, good communication and experienced staff. We recruit only people with a keen eye for details and carry an earnest attribute in research.

DATA PROCESSING SERVICES • Data processing pertains largely to IT enabled services dealing with collection, converting, digitization and processing raw data existing in an unrefined form to a rather valuable knowledge based resource.

SCANNING & INDEXING • We provide indexes with improved cross reference ability to yield faster and accurate results. Our document scanning approach is outfitted for both manual data entry as well as high speed OCR/ICR mode of scanning.

DATA CONVERSION SERVICES • Allianze BPO Data Entry provides an exclusive and flawless Data Conversion Service from India. Our services are done with maximum efficiency at a margin of no less than 99.995% accuracy.

TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES • Allianze BPO International is the ultimate choice to fulfill your transcription requirements. We hold a rich supply of resources consisting of rigorously trained personnel and hightech software/tools.

OUR ADVANTAGES  Reduced time to market by accelerated production  Risk management & transfer, sharing  Increased Business Capacity  Improved Quality, Quantity, Revenue  Structured Contracts to manage process on long  Cost restructuring  Market Competitiveness  Wider experience and know-how  Improved Operations Management  Increased time to focus on your business

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