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Aberdeen Passion Plays

ANNUAL REVIEW And Financial Statements for the year ended 31 July 2014

Aberdeen Passion Plays is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SC044128)


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About Us


Founded in 2011, Aberdeen Passion Plays aims to use the theatrical arts to spread the gospel message to those living in the North-East of Scotland and to provide opportunities around which Christians across all denominations can synergise. We believe people’s lives get better when they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We equally believe the global Church is a stronger vehicle for positive spiritual & social change and improvement when all Christians are united and work together. Art and in particular the theatrical arts, is a powerful agent for doing just that. Alongside this Aberdeen Passion Plays is part of a wider movement to preserve the historical practice of passion plays, and so stages a major biennial production within the city. As the project grows our prayer is for the establishment of the passion play as part of an officially (City Council) sanctioned Easter programme for the City of Aberdeen and to use the staging of the play as a platform for raising funds to support other charitable organisations that live out the Gospel message of love and compassion to all people through spiritual & social improvement and individual betterment activities, both locally and further afield. Aberdeen Passion Plays is the parent charity for the theatre group whose players are drawn from Christians and non-Christians alike across the North East of Scotland. The charity benefits greatly from the talents of its group members be they performing, technical or production. All group members give their time voluntarily and become members purely by being involved.

You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. We are witnesses of this.

Acts 3:15 Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014


“For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his.” Romans 6:5

Reference & Administrative Information Charity Name

Charity Trustees

Aberdeen Passion Plays SCIO

Frazer Ramsay

Chair - Founding Trustee

Craig Smith

Elected - December 2013

Andrew Sykes

Artistic Director, Founding Trustee

Elaine Sykes

Chair FoTAP, Elected - January 2014

Charity Number SC044128

Other trustees who served during the year

Principal Office

Alan Campbell

Founding Trustee - Until 19th May

The Church Office Bridge of Don Baptist Church Centre

Additional Office Bearers

Dubford Road Bridge of Don

Ian Gourlay

Aberdeen, AB23 8GS

Finance Director

Appointed December 2013

Structure, Governance & Management Constitution

Appointment of Trustees


The organisation is a Scottish Charitable

The APP Board, which meets on a regular

The trustees are responsible for the

Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). It is

basis, are the charity’s trustees. Membership

strategic direction and governance of the

governed by its constitution which was

of the Board is open to any person aged 16

organisation as well as the day-to-day

adopted June 2013. The organisation was

or over, and who subscribes to the purposes

management. The trustees are aware of

granted charitable status by Office of the

of the organisation and wishes to see them

their responsibilities for Health and Safety,

Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) on 10th


especially for children. The organisation

July 2013.

Trustees are elected at the Annual General

Prior to 10th July 2013 the organisation was

Meeting. Under the constitution there must

an unincorporated association of members.

be a minimum of three and there is no

Following conversion to an SCIO all assets

maximum. The trustees can elect further

were transferred accordingly.

trustees during the year if they consider it to be in the interest of the organisation to do so.


holds comprehensive insurance and maintains a risk assessment register.

Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014


“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26

Objectives & Activities Activities During the period covered by this report Aberdeen Passion Plays successfully: •

Staged the production “The Aberdeen Passion: One Hope”.

Increased the number, quality and level of involvement of performers and technical personnel.

Agreed a timeline for the commencement of acting workshops within the community.

Our Purposes


To provide an environment where

Raised, through both the production

individuals are encouraged to develop

and associated fund-raising events,

The organisation is established for

skills, gifts and talents in the performing and

money for the two chosen charities

charitable purposes only, and in particular,

technical arts.

– the Lighthouse Support Centre and

the objects are: to advance religion; and to advance the arts & culture. In more detail:


the Solid Rock Café. These included a


ceilidh, quiz night, coffee mornings and

To use art as a means of promoting

the launch of the second volume of the

and encouraging Christian harmony

‘Made With Passion!’ cookbook.

through actively engaging with individuals,

To regularly stage a passion play in

churches and communities across all

the City of Aberdeen or its immediate

Christian denominations within the North

to generate capital to offset part of the

East Christian Community.

production budget of “The Aberdeen

surrounds. This should be a new play to the

general audience each time, of high quality, firmly rooted in scripture and be accessible and acceptable to a wide audience.


Ran a number of fund-raising events

Passion: One Hope”.


To identify and provide financial

support to good causes, including

Developed and expanded the ‘Friends of The Aberdeen Passion’ organisation.

Christian endeavours, with a purpose of To encourage support for, and

social improvement & individual betterment

involvement in, the Aberdeen Passion

through the distribution of part, or all, of

bring additional knowledge and skills

from as much of the North East Christian

any monies arising from the productions

to both the oversight of the charity and

community as possible.

and associated activities after all costs have

the actual activities it undertakes.

Brought on-board new trustees who

been met.


• To work towards seeing the Aberdeen Passion established as an event as part

of the Aberdeen City calendar.



Appointed an experienced Finance Director who also has extensive

To raise and maintain funds which

knowledge of Scottish charity

shall be applied to the above aims.


Council of Reference Members Dr. Andrew D. Clarke

Aberdeen Passion Plays is blessed by a group of wise advisors who help to guide and direct our work.

Senior Lecturer in New Testament University of Aberdeen Pastor Iain Duthie Kings Community Church Aberdeen Rev. John Greenshields Ministry Development Coordinator Baptist Union of Scotland Fr. Keith Herrera St. Mary’s Cathedral Aberdeen

Council of Reference

Jason McAuley Artistic Director New Scottish Arts

The Council of Reference is a group of

Members are currently drawn from within

individuals who support Aberdeen Passion

the Christian community both locally and

Plays’ ethos, aims and objectives, and

nationwide and we seek to ensure the

are willing to be publicly recognised as

interdenominational nature of the project is

providing ‘reputational sponsorship’ for the

reflected in the membership of the Council.

project. We have deliberately set no limit on the Members of the Council also give occasional

number of members of the council as we

advice and encouragement as they are

believe that God will raise new members as

able. Some members are in a position to

and when we need them and so artificially

provide more input than others due to

capping the group could limit His moving

their commitments; however, together the

through it.

Council brings a broad perspective to the work of Aberdeen Passion Plays which is

During the coming year the trustees will be


looking to how the relationship between the of members of the council of reference and

It is also the members of the Council of

the board can be developed to support the

Reference who provide the main theological

development of the Passion Play project.

Rev. Eddie McKenna South St. Nicholas Church Kincorth, Aberdeen Rev. Jarod Meenan Bridge of Don Baptist Church Aberdeen Rev. Manson Merchant Dyce Parish Church Aberdeen Rev. Gary Smith Crown Terrace Baptist Church Aberdeen

sounding board for aspects of each production as well the final theological proofing of the scripts.

Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014

Ian White International Singer/Song Writer


Chairman’s Report Frazer Ramsay Chair, Aberdeen Passion Plays Board

“But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; on him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and by his stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

The Difficult Second Album 2013-2014 marked our first year as a charity and the second staging of The Aberdeen Passion.

This was also the year when we would know if the passion play project could have a life beyond the 2012 production. From early on in the development process, within the Trustees we began referring to Passion 2014 as the ‘difficult second album’. The Aberdeen Passion 2012: One Life had been an extremely well received production and as a result we were all were very much aware of the importance of ensuring the second production was both a worthy successor and one that would lay down the foundations for a sustainable long-term project. To that end much of the work that has happened within Aberdeen Passion Plays over the past year has been focused on planning for the future while delivering on the needs of the present. When we first started the project the steering group, who would go on to become the founding trustees, also took on the role of production planning and delivery. It was a model of project management that worked well and allowed us to deliver the first passion play with less than one year of work. They were tough months but ones in which we learned a lot. As we stepped up to consider the Passion 2014 production we adopted the same working model and to an extent it served us well. However, as we entered this year as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) the increased demands this entails have led us to reassess our management structure. As a result we have decided, as we move into planning for the 2016 production and additional projects, to separate the routine production planning from that of the core work of the governing board. This will make it easier to work on productions in a more focused manner while also laying the foundation for having more than one production being worked on at the same time without causing our board meetings to become clogged down in details

Keep up to date For the latest news check out our website:

that need not be discussed at that level. We anticipate this move will also foster an environment into which the board

can grow to meet the increased demands which will be placed on the charity as the project grows and develops. In particular, by removing production operational discussions from the board meetings the formal board meetings allow for greater time to focus on vision and long term strategy. Equally, by decreasing the frequency of board meetings from their currently monthly cycle we hope to be able to attract additional, experienced, people to attend the meetings, either as trustees or advisors to share their wisdom and experiences and help direct the charity forward. In staging the 2014 production we deliberately sought to produce a work that was both ambitious and challenging. Not because we were seeking acclaim or any other form of recognition, but because we strongly believe telling the story of Christ’s sacrifice and the hope and salvation that it brings to everyone deserves to receive our very best efforts and be presentable in a manner that will be as interesting and engaging as possible to everyone, be they seasoned church goers or ardent atheists. And so across the Easter weekend 2014, the

important that there is always some form

however, we are equally aware of the rising

of follow-up opportunity surrounding

costs of staging the plays and as such are

the productions and as such we will be

fairly sure that even with trying to reduce

exploring this in greater detail over the

the non-fixed costs elements of the 2016

coming year, in particular whether this is

production we will not meet our outgoings

something Aberdeen Passion Plays should

through just ticket income. To address this

be coordinating or whether it is best, and

the board has been looking at different

possible, to operate through the local

models for funding the productions on an

Churches instead.

ongoing basis.

company of amateurs gave themselves

Finances continued to be an issue for

In saying this we were very blessed this

wholly to declaring the gospel message

staging the productions. The passion plays

year to receive dedicated fund-raising

of hope and salvation and did so with a

are very expensive to stage, particularly

support from so many people, especially

professionalism to rival that of the most

with regards to venue hire. It would be fair

the work of the Friends of the Aberdeen

hardened West End producer.

to say that the 2014 production made a

Passion in organising so many fund raising

loss of around £10,000 against ticket sales

events. We were also particularly inspired

alone and it was only through sponsorship,

and blessed by the efforts of Chika Edeh,

donations and fund raising that we met our

Pastor of Vinespring Church, who led the

costs and managed to give a small amount

“Walk for Passion” during November 2013.

of money to the charities.

Along with his daily walkers Chika walked

second Aberdeen Passion production was staged with almost 140 people involved on-stage or in the background. Months of rehearsals, prop and set building, technology testing, music arranging, costume making to name but a few of the activities required to stage the production all came together as a single element over those 3 performances. Once again this

A total audience of around 1850 witnessed the performances, and feedback received to date has been on the whole positive with solid indicators that future productions if handled correctly will be equally well supported. One area where we were not as successful as we had hoped was in the provision of follow-up sessions which were designed to help anyone who wanted to know more about the Christian faith. Themed around the central question of “Who Is This Jesus?” these were informal evenings of a meal and a discussion time. As a board we feel it is

Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014

We were always aware that the type of venue required for the size of production the passion play is, and the associated costs of having so many people involved, could only be met through either commercial level ticket pricing or large scale fund-raising. We feel we are at the

around 120 miles along the North East coast, from Stonehaven to Portsoy, and in the process raised almost £800 towards the production. Our “Made With Passion!” team were also back in force again this year with the follow-up cookbook, “Soups, Savouries & Snacks”.

top end of where we can pitch ticket prices

We are also very thankful for the continued

for the type of production we are staging;

support from BreadPR and Graham Dargie


Photography who donate their services free

project it was something that only had a

amazing community of supporters within

of charge to the project and from which we

visible life every two years. To this end the

the Friends of the Aberdeen Passion that a

benefit greatly. The 2014 passion production

board agreed to not pursue the idea further

project such as this can flourish.

also became the first to receive financial

for the time being. It is hoped as future

sponsorship with Ken Sturgeon Training

projects come on stream the portfolio of

Ltd. very kindly sponsoring the sound

work emanating from Aberdeen Passion


Plays will mean developing arrangements

The situation regarding the number of

such as can be returned to at a future date.

people involved in production tasks has

The joys of the past year have only been

improved over the reporting period. We

tainted by loss we felt as a board with the

are also very pleased to see a number of

stepping down of Alan Campbell, one of

those previous involved stepping up their

the founding trustees, as he and Helen, his

commitment and involvement; however,

wife, made the move down to Edinburgh to

as with most projects of this nature we

be closer to their grandchildren. Both Alan

continue to see a core grouping carrying a

and Helen were involved in the project from

large number of roles and as such the board

the very beginning and gave an enormous

is committed to supporting the productions

amount of time and energy to seeing the

to seek out additional workers to relieve

productions come about - much of which

burdens. If you are skilled in an area of use

went unseen. We are forever grateful to

to the project please get in touch and we can

them and miss them both greatly.

discuss how you can get involved.

And so in closing we wish to thank everyone

The board had been working to develop

who in one way or another has contributed

more formal relationships with a number of

to this remarkable project. We as trustees

churches; however, as we worked through

are a small group and one who ourselves

this over the past year it has become

are wholly unable to bring about the

clear that this was not going to be a viable

productions and foster the impact that

option for the time being given the size of

the passion is having. It is only through our

the charity and that to most outside of the

extended family of cast & crew as well as our


Again we thank you all but give the glory and honour to our Lord Jesus, maker of all things.

Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014


Artistic Director’s Report Andrew Sykes Artistic Director, Aberdeen Passion Plays

“According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” 1 Peter 1:3

Challenging Ourselves, Challenging the Audience After our first venture into producing a large scale Passion Play the challenge was to do a second that built on the lessons learned from the first and to move things forward. So I tried introducing some new elements. Now I would accept that not all of them were universally liked but the aim was to challenge the audience and so I think it’s inevitable that there will be a range of opinion. The new elements were a challenge to the actors and the technical team as well as to me. The use of pre-recorded material projected on a big screen did, I believe, add greatly to the look of the Aberdeen Passion 2014. The striking image of Jesus on the cross as the audience entered the room made a statement from the very outset. The use of this filmed material was an artistic challenge - how to mix this with on-stage action in a way which didn’t distract or confuse the audience. And it was as also a technical challenge to get an image that size at a good quality. We are indebted to Gillian Martin and her team at Aberdeen College and Adam Bolton for their help. And it wasn’t just new technical elements that were tried. The idea of a narrator in the person of Barabbas was something which set the tone for the play and allowed the character to speak directly to and challenge the audience. I know not everyone was keen on the noise of the cherry picker as it raised Barabbas above the action and brought him back down into it but I rather liked it. And at the end of the play, the disciples changed into modern dress to signify the change in their lives after Jesus’ resurrection and the relevance of the story today.


These were elements incorporated into the play to surprise and challenge the audience. And they can all be seen as a risk - a risk as to whether they would work in the way intended but I felt they were risks worth taking and I was very pleased with the final product. Everyone involved gave everything they could to make the play work and the combination of music, singing, drama, lighting and technical came together as a moving and powerful telling of a great story And since then? Some might think I would hibernate for a few months before emerging to begin the process again but there is a heightened atmosphere of creativity during the performances that I have tried to use and sustain by looking to the next project. And of course after the difficult second album the expectation is to step it up a level again. I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but you can be sure that I will do my best to dream big and aim high so if you’re up for it, we’d love you join us again for a whole new Passion journey.

Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014


Financial Statement Ian Gourlay Director of Finance

“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.” Romans 8:11

Financial Statement As a charity we take great care in ensuring our financial dealings are in compliance with the relevant regulations. As Christians we aim to go further in seeking to be honouring to our Lord’s name. economic conditions, in the knowledge

Reserves Policy

that production income will replenish the

The Board of Aberdeen Passion Plays have designated a reserve fund. The general purpose of the fund is to help to ensure the organisation’s ability to meet its financial commitments associated with its activities

reserve. Designated reserves at the end of the year were £1000.00 with additional funds due to be transferred by board decision at the AGM.

majority of its income following the events play; however, much of this is in the form of ticket sales through a third party agency and as such the organisation does not receive any monies until after the event has been staged. Almost all of the charity’s expenditure associated with staging the

Risk Management The trustees have assessed the major risks to which the charity is exposed and in particular those relating to the operation and finances of the charity and are satisfied that systems are in place to mitigate the charity’s exposure to any major risk.

production is required to be made in

Donated Facilities & Services

relies on interest-free loans from private individuals to underwrite the production

During this year the charity received freely

cash flow; however, the Board recognises

donated services and support from the

this is not a sustainable model to operate

following commercial businesses:


a Board-Designated Reserve Fund to achieve the following objectives: 1. To enable the organisation to meet the advanced expenditure associated with staging productions and associated

confidence in the long-term sustainability of the project by preventing a chronic cash flow crisis that can diminish the reputations of both the organisation and

The turnover for the period was £42,662. donations of £8,074; fund raising activities of £7,759 and Friends of Aberdeen Passion Plays £985. Costs for the year amounted to £39,534 leaving a surplus from the production and fund-raising of £3,128 after making charitable donations to the Rock Solid Café in Fraserburgh and the Lighthouse Support pre-SCIO bank balance of £5,343.53 from a previous production and fund raising activities which are reflected in the surplus shown of £8,471. This amount has been carried forward as a reserve into the new

As at 31 July 2014 the charity held an


unrestricted reserve of £8,471. The ultimate

BreadPR (public relations services & press liaison)

Sir Jack and Lady Stewart-Clark, Dundas Castle (loan of costumes)

Alford Heritage Centre (loan of props)

In addition, Bridge of Don Baptist Church freely donated: •

Rehearsal space

3. Allow the organisation to focus on its

Fund-raising event hosting



Graham Dargie Photography

associated groups/individuals; and

primary objectives in times of varying

Administrative support.

financial year.

activities; 2. To promote public and supporter

Centre in Aberdeen of £1,850. There was a

advance. Currently Aberdeen Passion Plays

Aberdeen Passion Plays therefore maintain

Short-term storage

raised through ticket sales of £25,825;

long-term. The charity generates the it stages, in particular the biennial passion

aim of the trustees is to build a sufficient reserve in a designated fund to meet the costs involved in producing a performance without the need to borrow funds for cash flow purposes ahead of ticket income flowing.

STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS For the period 10 July 2013 to 31 July 2014

Notes Unrestricted



RECEIPTS Ticket sales



1 13,418 13,418



Friends of The Aberdeen Passion






Miscellaneous 18 18 TOTAL RECEIPTS



PAYMENTS Venue hire



Scenery, lighting and sound



Costumes, wigs, props and make-up



Other production costs





Fund-raising costs


Tickets and posters printing



Programme printing



Gifts 1,976 1,976 Insurance 522 522 Postage and stationery



Website costs



Storage for scenery & costumes



Miscellaneous costs









4, 5


Donations - The donations figure includes the pre-SCIO bank balance of £5,343.53 for the unincorporated organisation as at 10 July 2013 when Aberdeen Passion Plays was granted charitable status.


Ticket Sales - Donations of £796 were made to allow those less well-off to attend performances. This figure is included under the donations heading.


Fund Raising Costs - The fund raising costs of £5,729 includes the printing of recipe books, some of which the charity holds in stock


Surplus - The closing balance excludes £17.76 in the charity’s PayPal account.


Surplus - There is an outstanding liability of around £900 due to PRS in respect of music used during the 2014 performance. The company has not yet calculated our liability.

Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014


Charitable Giving Craig Smith Trustee

Helping those in need is one of the major themes of the Bible and of Jesus’ ministry. As far back as the thirteenth century B.C., the Hebrews’ law institutionalised assistance to the poor: When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very edges of your field, nor shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest. You shall not strip your vineyard bare, or gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard; you shall leave them for the poor and the alien: I am the LORD your God. (NRSV, Leviticus 19:9-10) Both the Old and New Testament writings give many examples of the importance of service and charity:

make the world better for someone else and to help them find true meaning and satisfaction in their lives. Unfortunately this year, due to increased much funds as we would have hoped; however we are committed to protecting this aspect of the passion project and are actively looking into how we can increase that element of our work for future years.

how you can help these charities, or others you know of. Each of us has something to give. Some have wealth, some have talents, some have time. Whatever gifts we have been given - large or small - we should share generously and the Lord will make good use. And [Jesus] looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury. And He saw a certain poor widow putting in two small

“What then should we do?” In reply he said

this poor widow put in more than all of them;

to them, “Whoever has two coats must share

for they all out of their surplus put into the

with anyone who has none; and whoever has

offering; but she out of her poverty put in all

food must do likewise.” (NRSV, Luke 3:10-11)

that she had to live on.” (NAS, Luke 21:1-4)

To show unconditional love by respecting and valuing each individual

To develop self esteem and self worth

To provide one–to-one support

To act as role models, mentors and advocates

To encourage spiritual development through life courses and pastoral care

The project is dependent on a team of committed volunteers, from churches, who are involved in running drop-in sessions for men on a Monday and women on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings (due to the ever swelling numbers of women). On Thursday mornings the project is now also running two groups alternatively. A creative craft group for ladies to help develop skills and self esteem and a parenting support class for mothers. On Thursday afternoons the project has

But whoever has the world’s goods, and

abide in him? (NAS, 1 John 3:17)

We would ask that you prayerfully consider

copper coins. And He said, “Truly I say to you,

heart against him, how does the love of God

The aims of the Lighthouse community is:

costs, we have not been able to raise as

And the crowds asked [John the Baptist],

beholds his brother in need and closes his


The Lighthouse Support Centre

started a “Celebrating Recovery” group. This group focuses on addiction issues and

The Lighthouse Support Centre is a

includes a step by step programme towards

community outreach project situated in

freedom. Last year 7 people completed the

It is with this in mind, for each passion play

Tillydrone Shopping Centre. The project

25 session course!

production we work with two locally active

offers one-to-one and group support to

charities that visibly demonstrate Christ’s

socially excluded and disadvantaged people

comPASSION to help raise their profile and

in the surrounding community.

to seek to raise some money for their work. The scriptures tell us our good deeds should be motivated by a sincere desire to help others and that public recognition should not be the goal. That is something we recognise in the humble, Christ-like service our two charities for the 2014 production show every day as they selflessly seek to


The Lighthouse Support Centre works in partnership with other social action agencies such as Bethany Christian Trust,

Holistic (emotional, material and spiritual)

Prison Fellowship, Integrate and St. Machar

support is provided to men and women who

Parent Support Project.

have life controlling issues such as alcohol or drug addiction; ex-offenders and families of prisoners; single parents; lonely and isolated individuals. Help is given with form filling and accessing essential items of furniture and household goods. Food is distributed

For more information please contact John Merson, DCF Church (01224 733979)

We were very pleased to have been able to support the Lighthouse Support Centre and Solid Rock Café as our two partner charities this year.

The Solid Rock Café, Fraserburgh The Solid Rock Café has been at the very heart of Fraserburgh since the North East town was first ravaged by the effects of drug abuse in the late 1990s. The outreach initiative provides desperately needed help for those battling addictions, as well as support for families, who often suffer greatly when loved ones become entangled in drugs. Operating a host of services, including a drop-in centre and one-onone appointments, Solid Rock’s dedicated team of staff and volunteers

Along with hopefully increasing awareness of the amazing work they do we also managed to raise funds towards their work. We thank everyone we came along and supported the fundraising events and also those who came to the play from which money was also raised.

work hard at building relationships, offering assistance and providing counselling to those in need. The café – which is often the first port of call for those looking to change their lives – acts as a feeder to the Teen Challenge programme, referring local, hurting people to centres across the UK. Solid Rock, which is open between 10am – 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, recently introduced ‘Street Church’ on the third Sunday of every month. At the sessions, attendees enjoy a free meal before having the opportunity to listen to a sermon, as well as an inspiring life story from someone who has overcome their problems to live a life free from drink or substance abuse. And the café – which also hosts drug prevention seminars for local schools and youth groups to raise awareness of the dangers of substance misuse – has now joined forces with the Apex Church in Peterhead to bring ‘Street Church’ to the town. For further information on the Solid Rock Café, please call Paul Innes on 01346 515608 or

Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014


Friends of the Aberdeen Passion Elaine Sykes

Chair, Friends of the Aberdeen Passion

“…who through him are believers in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.” 1 Peter 1:21

A Community of Support Following the Aberdeen Passion 2012 we were encouraged and blessed by the sense of community which had grown up around the project. We had a number of people who were keen

were pleased to welcome friends and their

to keep in touch in the years in between


productions, they wanted to be able to support us both financially and through prayer. These people wanted to see the Good News of the Aberdeen Passion spread further afield and they wished to see the project grow and thrive. They wanted to stay as a community.

take a lead on the fund-raising activities which are so important to being able to fund the staging of the shows and to give money to the supported charities. A small steering group works with Elaine Sykes to plan and run events in the time leading up

The Aberdeen Passion steering group

to each production. This year the Friends

took advice from many good friends in

of Aberdeen Passion also supported the

the Aberdeen Christian community and

launch of the second Aberdeen Passion

considered how we could do this. It was

cookbook – ‘Soups, Snacks and Savouries’.

decided to form what has become known as the ‘Friends of Aberdeen Passion’. This was launched in 2013 and to date we have 84 memberships.

Being a Friend is more than just signing up for updates and information, it is crucial in helping to enable staging a major passion play for the North East of Scotland every

Becoming a Friend means you commit

two years. Friends are among our biggest

to a small financial payment once a year,

prayer support and because they span

£10 for an individual and £25 for a family

across the country they spread the news of

membership. When people became a

each passion play meaning people come

Friend they received regular newsletters

from far and wide to each production.

which kept them up to date on the latest Passion news, including the work of the supported charities. As a welcome gift they received a car sticker, a postcard advertising the Aberdeen Passion – One

We hope that Friends of Aberdeen Passion will continue to grow with many people joining us to support this project and all the things it could become.

Hope and a keyring. Friends were also

If you would be interested in becoming a

given invitations to Friends events.

Friend of the Aberdeen Passion either sign

Friends events this year included a Beetle Drive, a quiz night and a ceilidh, these were all fun filled family events and we 30

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Annual Review for the Year Ended 31st July 2014


The Aberdeen Passion: One Hope, Cast & Crew

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Aberdeen Passion Plays Annual Review 2014  
Aberdeen Passion Plays Annual Review 2014