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IN THIS ISSUE: • Small Business Health Coverage Solutions • The City Center at O-Town West • Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Continues their Mission • Construction Momentum Will Rise in 2024 • Legislation Shielding Employers from Deceptive Union Harassment • Industry Insight: Workers' Overall Wellness Photo: The City Center at O-Town West BUILDING CENTRAL FLORIDA 2023 • Issue 4 • AUG


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BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 2 COVER STORY The City Center at O-Town West
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WELBRO/Broadmoor JV to Build Iconically Cool W Hotel
Small Business Health Coverage Solutions
Construction Momentum Will Rise in 2024
Exterior Walls Hits a Milestone
Mills & Nebraska Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence
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Sky Builders USA LLC | Sunshine
WELBRO Building Corporation | Williams Company Management Group
The City Center at O-Town West
Where the Construction Elite Come Out to Play
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Located conveniently between the Walt Disney and Universal Orlando markets, Unicorp National Developments Inc’s O-Town West development is an exciting new addition to Orlando's southwest corridor. Four commercial centers that anchor the development will offer a range of new shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

President’s Letter

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence in Construction, Unveiling Remarkable Projects, and Advocating for Industry Advancement

Welcome to the August issue of Building Central Florida Magazine! As summer continues to infuse our region with vibrant energy, we are delighted to bring you an edition brimming with exciting developments, innovative projects, and inspiring stories from the heart of Central Florida's construction industry. Our aim remains to keep you informed and engaged with the pulse of Central Florida's construction landscape, offering the latest news, upcoming events, and insightful articles from industry experts.

First and foremost, we invite you to sign up today for the ABC Construction Expo, taking place on September 21, 2023, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. This premier event presents an unparalleled opportunity for you to connect with decision-makers from key industry companies, forge new relationships, and strengthen existing connections with clients and industry partners. With over 1,400 attendees expected, all gathered in one location for networking and collaboration, the ABC Construction Expo is an essential event on the construction calendar.

We are also thrilled to announce the upcoming 50th Anniversary Gala and Excellence in Construction Awards, set to take place on October 14, 2023, at the Hilton Orlando. This highly anticipated event will celebrate half a century of outstanding commitment to building Central Florida. Join us as we honor the visionary leaders, talented teams, and groundbreaking projects that have defined the past and continue to shape the future of Central Florida's construction industry and the community. From association milestones to unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to excellence, this gala will be a testament to the industry's remarkable achievements.

In this issue, we are honored to feature the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Building, a remarkable structure that stands as a testament to the power of philanthropy. This transformative project embodies the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation's commitment to empowering our community and making a positive impact. Delve into the design, construction process, and the legacy this building will leave for generations to come.

As advocates for the construction industry, we believe in championing important causes. This month, we shed light on the urgent need for Congress to act on small business health coverage solutions. We explore the challenges faced by small construction firms in providing affordable healthcare options to their employees and discuss how legislative action can alleviate these burdens. By supporting initiatives that ensure the well-being of our workforce, we can promote a thriving construction industry.

Turning our attention to the realm of hospitality, we explore the exciting development of the new W hotel, set to grace Central Florida's skyline. Welbro Construction has taken on the ambitious task of bringing this luxurious and iconic hotel brand to our region. Join us as we go behind the scenes, unveiling the design, amenities, and the meticulous construction process that will result in a worldclass destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Advocacy remains at the core of our mission, and this issue highlights ABC's support for legislation that aims to shield employers from deceptive union harassment. We delve into the importance of

maintaining fair and transparent workplace practices while protecting the rights of both employers and employees. By examining the details of this legislation, we shed light on the potential impact it could have on Central Florida's construction industry.

As always, we are committed to bringing you the latest news, updates, and expert insights from across the construction landscape. From regulatory changes to emerging trends, we aim to keep you informed and engaged with the ever-evolving construction sector in Central Florida.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all our readers, contributors, and advertisers for their unwavering support. Building Central Florida Magazine thrives because of your continued commitment to excellence and our shared passion for construction. Together, we will continue shaping the future of our vibrant region. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 3
BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 4


Chris Evans | Chair Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Julie Holmes | Chair-Elect

JK2 Scenic

Juan Garcia | Vice Chair

PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Roy L. Burkett | Secretary

S. I. Goldman Company, Inc.

Thomas Wert | Vice Chair

Dean Mead Attorneys at Law

Michael Parks | Past Chair Hoar Construction, LLC


Ray Bastin, CPA | Treasurer Withum

Michael C. Sasso | General Counsel Sasso and Sasso, P.A.


Jason Albu Albu & Associates, Inc.

Charles Bracco

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

Kevin Bradford Charles Perry Partners, Inc.

Roxana Hernandez

Turner Construction Company

C. L. Janeski

Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Michael Jordan Lithko Contracting LLC

John Kurtz

Gilbane Building Company

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Debbie Rodriguez

Competitive Edge Partners & Consulting, LLC

David Schultz


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Hensel Phelps

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Tavistock Development Company

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Towers Construction Company

Derrick M. Valkenburg Shutts & Bowen, LLP

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Michele Daugherty

Welcome New ABC Members

Condor Construction Corp.

Luis Pinzon 1800 Pembrook Drive

Suite 300 Orlando, FL 32810 (407) 895-2598

Site development and improvements, concrete, utilities, foundation

Subcontractor: $6M-$10M

Sponsor: Jason Albu

Country Boy Marine Dba Phoenix

Fabrications LLC

Michael Williams 540 N. St. Road 434 Unit 9502 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 (407) 276-1249

Misc metal fabrication & installation

Subcontractor : $1M-$3M

Durwood Construction, LLC

Cole Sullivan

301 Hudson Lane

Monroe, LA 71201 (318) 884-6694

Drywall, cold form frame, acoustical wall & ceiling, painting

Subcontractor: $1M-$3M

Sponsor: Wade Brooks

Fanfabulous, LLC

Michelle Johnson 3213 E. Crystal Lake Avenue Orlando, FL 32826 (321) 284-8235

Promotional items supplier Supplier Member

Nova Ceiling Design LLC

Margarita Valigun 6614 Kingspointe Parkway

Orlando, FL 32819 (689) 248-5800

Subcontractor: $1M-$3M

R.A. Rogers Construction Company

Robert W. Drane

234 N. Westmonte Drive Suite 2000 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 (407) 339-4001

General Contractor: Over $50M

Sponsor: Chad Tinetti

RedTeam Software, LLC

Alicia Mittelbach 8623 Commodity Circle Orlando, FL 32819 (407) 781-1500

Construction Software: field management, construction management Associate Member

Rose Fence Company

Ken Rose 7310 Old Cheney Highway Orlando, FL 32807 (407) 382-5000

Fence and gate contractor

Subcontractor: $3M-$6M

The Kinsmen Construction Co., Inc.

Greg Torres PO Box 1329 Orlando, FL 32802 (386) 216-0925

General Contractor: $1M-$3M

United Fire Protection, Inc.

Jeff Henderson 4602 35th Street Suite 100 Orlando, FL 32811 (407) 830-7000

Fire Protection: Alarm, sprinkler, suppression Subcontractor: $3M-$6M

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SF each.

A conference center is also part of the hotel design that includes an 8,000 SF ballroom with glass walls as well as a junior ballroom.. There will also be flexible meeting spaces with direct access to outdoor spaces for events.

Adjacent to the hotel, a 30,000 SF music venue will be constructed along with a parking garage for both hotel and venue guests. The parking garage will go out for a design-build bid with delayed construction compared to the hotel, beginning April 2025 and completion set for Q1 2026.

The cast in place concrete hotel will use an early procurement bid process for the structural components, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, etc. The idea is to bring people on board to create a team early on to collaborate and make decisions throughout to have the


Schedule Overview:

• June/July 2023 – Design Development/Early Bid Procurement Packages

• December 2023 – Approximate Bid Date

• December 2023 – Early Groundbreaking/Site Development

• Q1 2024 – Vertical Construction to Begin

• Q1 2026 – Completion Date

• Music Venue Construction – August 2024 to December 2025

The W Hotel Orlando aims to be an understated but iconically cool addition to the Orlando skyline and a great destination for future visitors.

BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 6 BUSINESS
HOTEL PHOTO COURTESY OF COOPER CARRY As presented at the ABC Central Florida Builders' Breakfast on May 25, 2023. More information on WELBRO at Darick Bennett David Ziesig Nathan Hunter
Kathy Logan Ivi Kusta W HOTEL ORLANDO
We Make Power Work for You doing ctricians, ns deliver services r When you’re looking for brilliance, look to ESI. 352-787-1322 EC#0001415, CA#9435

YOUR DUES DOLLARS AT WORKABC and Other Industry Organizations tell Congress to Act on Small Business Health Coverage Solutions

The Council for Affordable Health Coverage issued the following news on June 21, 2023 and a letter:

ABC along with the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, and more than a dozen business and health organizations, sent a letter to the House of Representatives in support of H.R. 3799, the CHOICE Arrangement Act.

The letter calls on Congress to lower costs and expand coverage with legislation that provides small businesses with additional options, flexibility, and knowledge about their choices. The CHOICE Act makes several improvements, including:

• Association Health Plans Act Would Allow Businesses to Pool Risk and Negotiate Lower Costs

• Self-Insurance Protection Act Levels the Playing Field for Small Business

• Custom Health Option and Individual Care Expense Arrangement Act Creates Certainty and Improves Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRAs)

• The Small Business Flexibility Act Would Help Small Businesses Better Understand and Pick the Coverage Option that Works Best for their Workforce

The following excerpt is from a letter written in support of H.R. 3799, the CHOICE Arrangement Act, addressed to the House of Representatives:

Inflationary pressures and regulatory costs continue to threaten small businesses. Price growth has been eating into buying power and driving up costs, and regulations cost small firms $11,700 per year per employee.

Congress must lower costs and expand coverage with legislation that provides additional options, flexibility, and knowledge about their choices. Because the bill makes the following improvements, we support its passage:

* Association Health Plans Act Would Allow Businesses to Pool Risk and Negotiate Lower Costs. The Department of Labor has concluded ERISA rules treat association arrangements as mere collections of individual plans, subjecting employer members to a complex and costly compliance environment where members

Devoted to helping you get the job done since 1977, we’re there with general construction, HVAC, electrical, welding, landscaping and paving equipment— along with the power to back it up. Day or night. Rain or shine. Our people come to work every day ready to serve no matter how big or small the job. With a wide selection of equipment, tools and accessories, we empower customers to get the job done on time, every time.

( 888 ) 456-4560 |


may be simultaneously subject to large group, small group, and individual market rules. As a result, current AHPs are limited in their effectiveness to allow businesses to pool risk and offer affordable coverage to workers. The legislation empowers employers to band together and use their collective strength to negotiate lower premiums and out-of- pocket costs while offering better coverage for their workers at a lower price.

* Self-Insurance Protection Act Levels the Playing Field for Small Business. Level-funded plans allow employers to design their plans and shop for the best deals. Recognizing the savings and benefits of this model, 36 percent of covered workers at small firms reported enrollment in a level- funded plan in 2022. Unfortunately, some states have started limiting small employers' ability to offer selffunded plans by banning the sale to certain size groups or making the sale of low attachment point plans illegal. The legislation corrects this by protecting small employers' right to self-fund their plans. This will lower health plan costs and encourage businesses to continue to offer coverage, which is often less expensive and provides more access to doctors, specialists, hospitals, and drugs than government-run programs.

* Custom Health Option and Individual Care Expense Arrangement Act Creates Certainty and Improves Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRAs). In 2019, the Trump Administration created a new version of Health Reimbursement Arrangements called ICHRAs. These benefits allow employers to provide employees with funds to purchase health insurance on the individual market, including exchanges. Employees may use these funds to pay for premiums and to cover out-of- pocket costs. Because the regulation can be changed, we encourage Congress to codify ICHRAs into law, through the CHOICE Arrangement Act that creates certainty for employers who want to help their workers gain coverage.

* The Small Business Flexibility Act Would Help Small Businesses Better Understand and Pick the Coverage Option that Works Best for their Workforce. Too often, small businesses don't know or understand the different products available to them to cover their employees. The legislation would require the Secretary of Treasury to educate employers about their choices, including ICHRAs, qualified small business HRAs, and the small business health insurance tax credit.

We believe Congress should enact these reforms to expand coverage options and lower costs for small businesses. The ability of small businesses to offer affordable health plans would help them and the economy grow, create jobs, and expand competition.

Posted June 22, 2023 by Newswires | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 9 | 800.539.2224 Building better structures, building better lives. We are powered by our purpose. We do things the Baker Way. We put people first. We honor our word. We possess the grit to take on challenges. We work to the highest standards. We deliver peak performance. We never compromise safety.
Only 1 in 5 (17%) small business leaders strongly agree that the employer health care solutions available to them have kept up with the changing times. Purveyors Of Fine Commercial Plumbing 407 295 2370 Celebrating 47 Years Celebrating 47 Years Celebrating 47 Years Purveyors Of Fine Commercial Plumbing 407 295 2370

EXTERIOR WALLS HITS A MILESTONE 25 Years of Exterior Excellence

For over two decades, Exterior Walls has been a family-owned and operated subcontractor specializing in exterior finishes, serving the Central Florida construction industry. The company has become a household name in the region and a trusted partner for major industry players, including Disney, Universal Studios, Balfour Beatty, Brasfield and Gorrie, Mader Southeast, Coastal, and many others.

Ivan Moreno, the director of operations, and Carlos Moreno, the president of Exterior Walls, have been instrumental in leading the company to its success. Ivan, responsible for sales and operations, has an excellent reputation with clients, while Carlos, in charge of finances and permits, ensures that the company runs smoothly and efficiently.

What sets Exterior Walls apart is the company's commitment to excellence and a personalized approach to each project. The team of architects, project managers, project engineers, estimators, and staff have all contributed to the company's impressive portfolio of projects, completed to the highest standards and to the satisfaction of each client.

The company's dedication to building strong relationships with clients has earned them a loyal following of repeat customers, who appreciate the quality of their work, and the exceptional service

they provide. As Exterior Walls celebrates 25 years of excellence, the company remains committed to continuing to grow and expand its services.

Looking to the future, Exterior Walls plans to explore new opportunities in the industry while continuing to build on their reputation as a trusted and reliable subcontractor in the Central Florida construction industry. The company's commitment to providing high-quality work and excellent customer service remains steadfast.

Exterior Walls' dedication to excellence has earned them numerous accolades and recognition in the industry, including awards for their outstanding work and commitment to the community. As the company looks forward to the next 25 years of success, their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains at the core of everything they do. Congratulations to Exterior Walls on this incredible milestone, and here's to another 25 years of excellence!

PHOTOS COURTESY OF EXTERIOR WALLS | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 11 Florida License No. CGC0/1150 Dixie Metal Products, Inc. 352-873-2554 Ocala, FL Large Scale Commercial, Governmental and Industrial Construction, Water and Electrical Utilities, Infrastructure

CELEBRATING 90 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE Opening Doors to Unlock Potential

This June, Mills & Nebraska proudly celebrated a milestone in their journey - their 90th anniversary. For nearly a century, they have been at the forefront of innovation, providing unparalleled service and building lasting relationships. They owe their success to your trust and unwavering support. Thank you, Central Florida!

From their humble beginnings in 1933, they are proud to be a third-generation family-owned business that is now 100% women owned. As an industry leader, Mills & Nebraska has consistently adapted to the changing landscape of the construction industry, while staying true to their core values of family, stewardship, learning, honor, transparency & smart grit that have kept a strong company culture at the center of their success.

Recognizing that their employees are the driving force behind that success, they continue their long-standing resolve to prioritize growth and development, fostering a thriving and dynamic workforce with comprehensive training and development programs. This has helped the Mills team to remain committed to pushing boundaries, driving positive change, and creating a better future for all.

Their journey in providing division 8 architectural products for the education, financial, hospitality, amusement, medical and entertainment industries is in high gear as they excitedly embark on the next chapter to their centennial anniversary.

Here's to the next 90 years of success, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of their employees, valued clients and customers.

For more information about Mills & Nebraska visit their website at or contact their sales team today at 407-298-5600 to discuss your commercial door, frame and hardware needs.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF MILLS & NEBRASKA | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 13 Celebrating a Tradition of Excellence in Construction 407-877-8818 Orlando / Tampa Drywall ervices m ation ng nst ructi on s / Stucco ile systems GEMENT FIELD MANAGEMENT Career Positions Available Apply At MADERSOUTHEAST.COM Asphalt Paving Concrete and Asphalt Recycling 5658 Lucerne Park Rd. | Winter Haven FL, 33881 Phone: 863-299-2262 | Fax: 863-294-1007 LL C
Three Decades of Success in Commercial Roofing 7326 South Orange Avenue Orlando, Florida 32809 (407) 857-9392 AdventHealth Celebration
and CEP
Bed Tower Three
The Julian Apartments at Creative Village Downtown Orlando

Member News is a forum for companies to share information with the Central Florida Chapter membership, free of charge. This service is available to all member companies on a first-come, first-serve basis, as space permits. Content should be editorial in nature, such as new contracts, finished projects, employee promotions, etc. and not promoting business products and services.

For more information contact Alssa Mathews at 407.628.2070 or send an email to:

For detailed descriptions download the Media Kit from: Request an ABC Member digital logo by sending an email to:

Barton Malow

…Engineering News-Record has named construction management firm Barton Malow Builders its Southeast 2023 Contractor of the Year. Selected from over 100 firms who participated in this year’s ranking, the firm rose from 72 on last year’s list.

“Barton Malow had a big year in 2022,” said Derek Lacey, Southeast regional editor at the Engineering News-Record. “The firm more than tripled its revenue in the Southeast region year-over-year as it continues to grow, focusing on safety, sustainability and its people.”

Barton Malow secured multiple large projects last year. They include construction manager for Vanderbilt University’s Athletics Master Plan Project in Nashville. The firm’s sports construction team is delivering the preeminent student-athlete experience in college athletics, transforming the school's sports facilities, and setting the benchmark for collegiate athletic excellence. Considered the most significant undertaking of its kind in school history, the “Vandy United” plan encompasses renovation and additions to McGugin Center, the home of Vanderbilt's athletics.

Barton Malow also completed a $32 million renovation of the American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte that earned the firm an ABC Carolinas Excellence in Construction Eagle Award. A historic landmark dedicated to honoring the region’s veterans who fought in World War I, the project respected the style of the original 1936 design with a 100% recycled original stone field wall, replicated ticketing booths, and concrete walls at the top of the seating bowl.

Barton Malow’s southeast region also recently completed the Peppa Pig Theme Park in Winter Haven; significant renovations to Camping World Stadium in Orlando; a current new build of the BayCare South Florida Baptist Replacement Hospital in Plant City, and several other projects.

“This recognition is a tremendous honor for our entire team,” said Larry Arndt, vice president of Barton Malow’s south region. “I am truly gratified to ENR for shining a light on the contributions of my exceptional colleagues, who have worked tirelessly to help drive our performance. The future for Barton Malow is extremely bright as we continue to invest in our people, safety, and other priority initiatives.” Founded in 1924 in Detroit, Barton Malow’s southeast offices include Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, and Charlotte, totaling 104 employees.

Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI)

…is excited to announce that construction began in May on the Lawton Elementary School addition and renovation project in Oviedo. With a budget of more than $15 million, the project promises to bring significant improvements to the campus and surrounding area. The scope includes a two-story building addition spanning over 31,500 SF, as well as a new chilled water central energy plant. The renovation will include the demolition of four existing buildings, overall campus upgrades, and a roadway extension to Lake Jessup Avenue with modifications to parking and service drive areas. CPPI is proud to be a part of this project, which will benefit the community for years to come.

…broke ground on the HCA Florida Osceola East Emergency on May 9, 2023. The new facility will offer a full range of emergency services, including advanced diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. This is one of several freestanding emergency facilities that CPPI has underway for HCA Florida Healthcare, including the HCA Florida Foxwood Emergency facility in Ocala. CPPI is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue its partnership with HCA Healthcare and is committed to delivering a state-of-the-art facility that will enhance the top-quality emergency care to the residents of Osceola County.

The Collage Companies

…completed A Garden of Hope. New Hope for Kids is an organization whose mission is to support children and families grieving the death of a loved one and to grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses in Central Florida. Each year, approximately 400 children and their families participate in the healing activities and support found at their Center for Grieving Children. The Garden of Hope is a multi-use play area and memorial garden, which Collage joyfully constructed for New Hope prior to the COVID Pandemic. In March, the community gathered for the much-anticipated grand opening celebration.

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BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 14
PHOTOS FEATURED IN THIS SECTION ARE COURTESY OF THE MEMBERS WHO HAVE SUBMITTED THE NEWS. | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 15 BUILDING SKYLINES & CAREERS Orlando Construction and Business Litigation Attorneys 1031 W. Morse Blvd. Suite 120, Winter Park, FL 32789 407-644-7161 | PUT A STRONG ADVOCATE ON YOUR SIDE One Firm. One Focus. Construction Law. 15 W. Church Street, Suite 301 • Orlando, Florida 32801 407-740-6600 •

Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.

… is pleased to announce, that Mark Woehrle has been promoted to the role of executive vice president. In his new role, Mark will be responsible for continuing the advancement of Comprehensive Energy Services’ relationship based and performance driven culture and service offerings across the state. Mark has over 30 years of experience within the mechanical and plumbing trades, and currently holds state licenses for both trades, respectfully. Mark has a bachelor’s degree in building construction from the University of Florida’s M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management.

… is pleased to announce the recent completion of the underground chilled water, the pneumatic compressed air system, and underground and above-ground plumbing, in addition to the HVAC scope for one of 2023’s most anticipated roller coasters - SeaWorld Orlando's Pipeline: The Surf Coaster. Pipeline, which opened at SeaWorld Orlando on May 27th, is the world's first surf coaster and a first-of-its-kind attraction that features a rise and fall motion of the seats that mimic the sensation of riding a wave, including five airtime movements. The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida is the official conservation partner to Pipeline, working with SeaWorld to raise awareness of marine life and overall conservation and restoration of Florida's coral reefs. The Comprehensive Energy Services team is honored to work on such a unique coaster concept that not only continues the overall economic development of the Central Florida area but pays homage to the State of Florida's continuous conservation efforts statewide.

… is pleased to be a 2023 recipient of Orlando Business Journal’s Fast 50! The annual list recognizes the 50 fastest-growing private companies headquartered in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake Counties. The firms are ranked based on their percentage of consistent three-year revenue growth, between 2020-2022. To participate, companies must be at least 51% privately held and headquartered in Central Florida with all corporate functions originating at this location.

Finfrock Construction, LLC

…Career Source Florida has partnered with Orange County Technical College to offer their 2023 Summer Youth Program which encourages high school students to explore various career opportunities and local industries. Depending on the track they apply for, students will get the opportunity to try out a day-in-the-life in careers, build project portfolios, or gain resume-worthy work experience – all while getting compensated up to $1,200. As part of their four-week itinerary, the program coordinated two visits to FINFROCK’s Apopka facility to showcase the various trades and career opportunities available to all skill levels of Orange County’s up-and-coming workforce.

During their visit, the students were able to network with FINFROCK employees, have an inside look at our manufacturing facility, and learn what steps to take should they pursue a career opportunity at FINFROCK upon graduation. With a nationwide shortage of skilled laborers currently in the construction sector, these programs help bridge the gap between the industry’s needs and our future talent pipeline.

Florida Surety Bonds, Inc.

… is proud to have received WBE certification with both the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) and Orange County Florida. This certification demonstrates their commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and fairness in their business practices. Working with a WBE-certified agency like Florida Surety Bonds not only helps clients fulfill their surety bond requirements but also contributes to the advancement of women-owned businesses and promotes equal opportunities for all. Florida Surety Bonds' 25 years of experience, WBE certification, and commitment to excellent service make them a trusted partner for all bonding needs in the Florida area.

Hill, Rugh, Keller & Main, PL

…Board certified construction lawyer Andrew Showen of ABC member Hill Rugh Keller & Main spoke at the North American Society for Trenchless Technology’s (NASTT) annual convention in Portland, Oregon in May. Andy discussed the results of a Manatee County, Florida lawsuit he defended against a directional drilling contractor for alleged damage to a bridge 90 feet away from the bore. The defense team for the contractor defeated a novel claim by the plaintiff that directional drilling was an abnormally dangerous activity for which strict liability should be imposed. Andy and his team obtained an unusual summary judgment for the contractor against this claim. The defense team also obtained an unusual summary judgment in which the court decided that, because all the experts in the case testified that they had no knowledge of any event where a directional drilling process had damaged property so far away, the alleged loss was unforeseeable, and the contractor could not be forced to a jury trial on the claim. The contractor and its insurer ultimately recovered their attorneys’ fees from the plaintiff. Andy co-presented with directional drilling expert Dr. David Bennett of Bennett Trenchless Technology, co-author of the industry manual HDD best Practices, and a defense expert in the case.

Continued on Page 20...

Mark Woehrle Andrew Showen

300+ Founded: 1992
Licenses: CM C039581 (mech) CF C043045 (plbg) PE 45955 (PE)

THE CITY CENTER AT O-TOWN WEST Where Office Sophistication Meets Magic

As one of the Orlando region’s hottest new communities, Unicorp National Developments Inc’s $1 billion O-Town West project is defining mixed-use. Located in one of the largest commercial centers featured in the development, the City Center at O-Town West offers a variety of restaurant, retail, and entertainment space, along with the new office building for Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp.’s Headquarters.

In securing one of the region’s biggest office lease agreements ever with Marriott, Unicorp knew they would need a builder that would be able to handle a project of this size and scope while minimizing schedule delays. Because of FINFROCK’s fast and reliable build-out speed, Unicorp selected FINFROCK as the architect of record, engineer of record, precast concrete manufacturer & installer and general contractor for the project’s office building and attached parking garage.

Central Florida Chapter MEMBERS

DPR Construction

Keller North America

P&A Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.

The Plummer Painting Company

Sims Crane & Equipment Co.

Southern Foam Insulation, Inc.

Speedy Concrete Cutting of Central Florida

Steel Fabricators, LLC

The Stowell Company Incorporated

Tharp Plumbing Systems, Inc.

Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc.

Located conveniently between the Walt Disney and Universal Orlando markets, Unicorp National Developments Inc’s O-Town West development is an exciting new addition to Orlando's southwest corridor. Four commercial centers that anchor the development will offer a range of new shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The City Center at O-Town West office tower boasts an innovative and modern design that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding area. The sleek design of the columns and beams leaves plenty of opportunities for the exterior glass design, including the encompassing floor-to-ceiling windows on the northern part of the structure. The office tower also includes double-height entry space on each level, leaving room for some of the best views in the Orlando area overlooking sections of the I-Drive corridor and downtown. Due to program and code requirements, FINFROCK’s architecture, engineering, and construction teams collaborated to create a new, deeper structural product that would meet the design criteria for heavier loads and vibrations –FINFROCK’s first 36” deep DualDeck.® This innovative pre-stressed, precast concrete piece is unique to FINFROCK design and allows for column-free spans throughout the building, allowing for future space flexibility.

With the core and shell of the nine-story office tower and parking garage complete, the interior build-out remains with an anticipated completion date of Fall 2023. When finished, the tower will provide 350,000 SF of Class-A office space, making it an ideal fit for over 1600 daily employees. Parking is supported by an attached eight-story parking garage and attached central energy plant, housing 2,021 stalls across 609,611 SF, also designed and constructed by FINFROCK. | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 19
VIDEO SURVEILLANCE | LIVE MONITORING | PROJECT MANAGEMENT 888.671.2202 | READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SECURITY? Scan for more info. SECURITY IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Don’t leave your project’s safety to chance. Audible Warnings Warning Sirens Strobe Lights Thermal Imaging Police Dispatch U.S-Based Live Video Monitoring

Sky Builders USA LLC

…is working with Andretti Indoor Karting & Games on a new project in Chandler, Arizona. The new facility will be 96,000 SF and feature a multi-level track for high-speed electric Superkarts, a state-of-the-art arcade, virtual reality experiences, racing simulators, a two-story laser tag arena, duckpin bowling, and a 7D Xperience Motion Theater. It is expected to open in November 2023 and create

reverse the tens of thousands of times per year that damages occur to underground utility lines.

To learn more about Sunshine 811 and its initiatives and resources (including 811 Day on August 11), visit or contact Elliot Patterson at

280 Gus Hipp Blvd | Rockledge FL 32955 | 407 956 8980 WE BUILD UNIQUE CREATIVE, LARGE-SCALE, COMPLEX & HIGHLY RELIABLE STRUCTURES & MACHINES Mechanical, Structural & Control System Design & Professional Engineering Metal, Timber & Composites Fabrication Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electrical Systems Scenic & Certified Automotive Paint Applicators Installation & Erection & Startup Certified General Contractor's Certified Welding Continued on Page 22...
Welcome Marqui | LED Board $2 00 x2 VIP Wine Tags for VIP Tables Exclusive $4,500 x2 GET THE PARTY STARTED Champagne Wall EXCELLENCE IN CONSTRUCTION EIC 2023 Saturday, October 14, 2023 Annual Awards Celebration Annual Awards Celebration 50 Years of Excellence 50 Years of Excellence A celebration to remember Hilton Orlando Destination Parkway 6001 Destination Parkway, Orlando, FL 32819 5:30 - 9:00 pm SPONSORSHIPS Gain exclusive exposure! SCAN FOR MORE INFORMATION AND OTHER AVAILABLE SPONSORSHIPS: SPONSORSHIP QTY PRICE

WELBRO Building Corporation

…Bruce E. Holmes, former president, and COO for WELBRO Building Corporation has retired after 35 impactful years.

He began his construction journey as an enthusiastic intern after high school. His exploration of nearly every position the industry offered broadened his capabilities and catalyzed his reputation of excellence. Bruce’s leadership directly contributed to hundreds of successful projects. He served as president of the Associated General Contractors of Central Florida, in addition to earning numerous distinguishable certifications.

Bruce quickly became more than a mere associate at WELBRO. CEO, Steve Davis, says “I have worked with Bruce for 45 years. His contributions to WELBRO’s successes and the Central Florida community are immeasurable, and while his retirement is well deserved, he will be sorely missed.” President Ken Wuenschell describes “Far too seldom in our lives are we fortunate enough to meet, let alone work side by side with, a person like Bruce. My career was shaped by learning from Bruce. He is the consummate example of a leader and mentor and quickly became my cherished friend. He played a significant role in shaping the culture of our company and lead by example every day.”

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Bruce is an incredible asset in the community alongside his wife, Kathie, and six children. He represented The Community School as president, and served as the Children’s Home Society Chairman, among numerous additional involvement roles. WELBRO could not be more grateful for Bruce’s hard work and the legacy of individuals made truly better by his 35 years of measureless contributions.

Williams Company Management Group

… Williams Company proudly announces Dirk Heller’s promotion to vice president of operations. Dirk will provide overall leadership and strategic direction to the Tampa office. With a finance degree from the University of Florida, Dirk brings an impressive track record of over 30 years, excelling in estimating and construction management across diverse project markets. Dirk’s unparalleled customer service and unwavering commitment to cost control make him an invaluable asset to our clients.

…Williams Company and Leo A Daly completed the design-build of a 110,000 SF freezer expansion, dry warehouse, battery charging rooms, and loading docks at Sysco’s flagship distribution facility in Schertz, TX. This facility is Sysco’s highest volume and revenue producing distribution facility in the nation.

As an added challenge, an existing retention pond fell squarely in the direction that the dry warehouse needed to expand towards, which lead to the design and construction of a 1,600 LF mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall that required 76,000 CY of fill placed in 8” compacted lifts to reach the wall’s final height of 30 feet. Throughout the entire duration of working within a 24/7 operational facility, the talented team successfully completed this project with an unwavering commitment to meet the schedule, ensure a high quality of work, and provide excellent customer service.

CONSTRUCTION MADE SIMPLE Nevada, US — Toronto, Canada +1-888-403-0321 So easy to use, binders are scared.
Dirk Heller


Dodge Outlook: Starts Will Rise 6% in 2024, Only 2% This Year.

The Dodge Momentum Index (DMI), issued by Dodge Construction Network, fell 2.0% in May to 180.5 (2000=100) from the revised April reading of 184.1. Over the month, the commercial component of the DMI fell 6.1%, while the institutional component improved 5.6%.

Commercial planning in May was negatively impacted by continued weakness in office and hotel planning activity. Institutional planning accelerated alongside steady growth in education, health and amusement projects. Year over year, the DMI remains 11% higher than in May 2022. The commercial and institutional components were up 7% and 18%, respectively.

A total of 30 projects valued at $100 million or more entered planning in May. The largest commercial projects included Buildings 3 and 4 of the Blue Sky Data Center project in Omaha, Nebraska, each valued at $466 million, and the $400 million Prime Data Center building in Avondale, Arizona. Leading the way on the institutional side were the $500 million Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville, and the $440 million Rady Children’s Hospital ICU/EMS Pavilion in San Diego, California.

Dodge Construction Network expects the total dollar value of construction to rise just 2% in 2023, but is set for a three-fold jump next year, said Sarah Martin, associate director of forecasting in the group’s mid-year industry outlook update on June 15. Watch Associate Director of Forecasting Sarah Martin discuss May’s DMI here.

Total Construction

Construction spending during April 2023 was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,908.4 billion, 1.2 percent (±0.7 percent) above the revised March estimate of $1,885.0 billion. The April figure is 7.2 percent (±1.2 percent) above the April 2022 estimate of

$1,780.9 billion. During the first four months of this year, construction spending amounted to $566.7 billion, 6.1 percent (±1.0 percent) above the $533.9 billion for the same period in 2022.

Private Construction

Spending on private construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1,500.7 billion, 1.3 percent (±0.3 percent) above the revised March estimate of $1,481.6 billion. Residential construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $845.4 billion in April, 0.5 percent (±1.3 percent)* above the revised March estimate of $841.6 billion. Nonresidential construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $655.3 billion in April, 2.4 percent (±0.3 percent) above the revised March estimate of $640.0 billion.

Public Construction

In April, the estimated seasonally adjusted annual rate of public construction spending was $407.7 billion, 1.1 percent (±1.2 percent)* above the revised March estimate of $403.4 billion. Educational construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $88.3 billion, 0.1 percent (±1.8 percent)* below the revised March estimate of $88.4 billion. Highway construction was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $124.7 billion, 1.3 percent (±3.5 percent)* above the revised March estimate of $123.1 billion.

AGC Needs Your Insight on Civil Construction

AGC and Procore are working to uncover the process, technology and regulatory trends for civil and infrastructure construction within the industry. Please take a few seconds to answer the following questions by July 3 and contribute to an industry report that AGC, in partnership with Procore, will release later this year. Everyone who completes the survey will receive a $20 gift, as well as a copy of the finished report. Take the survey!

ABC’s Construction Backlog Indicator Holds Steady in May Associated Builders and Contractors reported on June 13 that its Construction Backlog Indicator remained unchanged at 8.9 months in May, according to an ABC member survey conducted May 20 to June 7. The reading is 0.1 months lower than in May 2022.

View the historic Construction Backlog Indicator and Construction Confidence Index data series.

Backlog in the infrastructure category ticked up again and has now returned to May 2022 levels. On a regional basis, backlog increased in every region but the Northeast. | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 23
Reprinted from The Contractor's Compass - The Official Educational Journal of the Foundation of the American Subcontractors Association Source:

ABC Golf Tournaments are where the big players are! Executives who play golf earn an average of 17% more than those who are not golfers.

It's a sport for everyone - it doesn't require a lot of physical strength. You can master the rules and become a decent player quicker than other sports - partner with an avid golfer in your company or business network to show you the ropes.

Goldmine for NETWORKING - establish new business contacts and relationships. An average networking event may be an hour, this gives you a longer amount of time, just one on one with clients.


September 8 - Fall Golf Tournament #1

Orange County National, Crooked Cat Course

September 29 - Fall Golf Tournament #2

Orange County National, Panther Lake Course



35 attorneys across

Gain insights on working with others, internally or externally - see how others react in stressful situations, manage emotions, how they follow the rules, and how they handle themselves - essentially how others might act in business.

Doug Gartenlaub

Peter Vilmos

Michael Smith

Troy Smith

N E E D E D 2 0 2 4 C O M M I T T E E S / V O L U N T E E R S V E M B E R 7 , 2 0 2 3 M I T T E E O P E N H O U S E S A V E T H E D A T E

Come learn how you can help the chapter grow, engage with membership, and more! Help make a difference by being a part of the ABC team.

BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 24 CONNECT
WHERE THE CONSTRUCTION ELITE COME OUT TO PLAY! 350 Attorneys. 20 Offices. 1 Firm. Orlando, FL (407) 540-6600 BURR.COM
questions about Florida projects or legal issues, contact:
the Southeast
in construction and project development, the
Chris Meyer Construction team can address all aspects of your project. CAC1815793
For sponsorship interest and sign up, reach out to Taylor Tidwell, Events & Engagement Director,
Build mental strength - work on your concentration and practice shutting out all other noise to focus on the task at hand.



JUNE 22, 2023

16 Young Professionals went head-to-head in hopes to be the first ever YP Trivia Night champions at the local Deadwords Brewing. They competed on their knowledge of ABC CF history, the construction basics, hot-topic entertainment, and general trivia.

Thank you to the sponsors; Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc. and Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. for supporting the next generation of construction.

Trivia Winners:

Owen Fortner – Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC

Mary Pierce – Competitive Edge Partners & Consulting, LLC

John Strickland – Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.

Brian Acquard – Finfrock Construction, LLC

Upcoming YP Events:

Sept. 21 - Construction Expo at Central Florida Fairgrounds

Sept. 28 - Happy Hour

Interested in joining the 2024 Committee? Or need more information on young professional events , 25
Southeast Florida Concrete: 561-844-9994 Block: 321-866-2724 Central Florida Concrete: 407-339-5311 Block: 386-668-1606 Tampa Bay Concrete: 813-341-9994 Block: 813-341-9994

ABC IS THE VOICE OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Members Voicing their Opinions at the Annual Legislative Hobnob


CF ABC Members and partnering organizations participated in the annual Legislative Hobnob to mingle with Central Florida Legislators and voice their opinions on current issues that affect the construction industry.

After the 2023 Legislative Session full of wins for ABC and the construction industry, attendees were able to personally thank Florida Representatives Doug Bankson, Jennifer Canady, Johanna Lopez, David Smith, and Keith Truenow, who were all in attendance for the event, for their support on ABC backed legislation. There were also local elected officials in attendance such as Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, Seminole County Commissioner and long time ABC supporter, Lee Constantine, as well as Orange County School Board Member Pamela Gould who recently announced her run for Orange County Commissioner.

This annual hobnob creates an opportunity for direct conversations between our members and local elected officials that make real-life impacts on the construction industry and the community in which members live and work. We are continuously advocating for the rights of merit shop construction work at all levels of government for the betterment of the industry.

Add to your Calendar!

ABC of Florida LegCon in Tallahassee – January 17-18, 2024

Support ABC’s Political Advocacy Today!

You can donate to the ABC National PAC at

(Password: ABC PAC) and to the Central Florida Chapter’s PAC at abc-voluntary-contributions/

ABC National PAC

BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 26 ADVOCATE
Central Florida Chapter PAC Scan QR code to DONATE TODAY!
From Left: Rep. Keith Truenow; Roy Burkett, S. I. Goldman Company, Inc.; Michele Daugherty, ABC CF; Jason Albu, Albu & Associates, Inc.; Rep. David Smith; Debbie Rodriguez, Competitive Edge Partners & Consulting, LLC; David McCallum, Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.; Julie Holmes, JK2 Scenic; Tom Wert, Dean Mead Attorneys at Law; Rep. Jennifer Canady; Michael Jordan, Lithko Contracting, LLC; Rep. Johanna Lopez; Ben Goodin, Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.; Rep. Doug Bankson; Derrick Valkenburg, Shutts & Bowen, LLP; David Schultz, CEMEX; Mike Dodane, MiGre Engineers, LLC From Left: Mayor Jerry Demings; Michele Daugherty, ABC CF; Taylor Dupree, ABC CF From Left: Rep. David Smith; Tom Wert, Dean Mead Attorneys at Law; Doug Storer, Hoar Construction, LLC

With over 60 years of commercial and industrial mechanical contracting experience throughout Florida, we understand what it takes to deliver a quality product across a multitude of market sectors from design to delivery.

Goldman Company, we do more than get the job done, we get it done right. | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 27 From 1,500 lbs up to 60,000 lbs in electric, gas, LP propane and diesel, Jamco, Inc. can handle all your forklift rental needs! • Forklifts • Scissor Lifts • Forklift Attachments • Pallet Jacks Jamco Inc. Orlando North Orlando, FL 3800 Enterprise Way Sanford, FL 32771 407-302-5400 Jamco Inc. Tampa East Tampa, FL 2007 Wood Court Plant City, FL 33563 813-543-JAMCO (5262) Forklift
Integrity pricing, customer satisfaction, and reliability since 1986.
GAINESVILLE OFFICE 4111-A NW 6th St. Gainesville, FL 32609 (352) 367-0200 MAIN OFFICE 799 Bennett Dr. Longwood, FL 32750 (407) 830-5000 BREVARD OFFICE 150 Venetian Wy., Ste. 109 Merritt Island, FL 32952 (321) 636-3170 • CMC057041 / CFC1429535 / CUC1224857
Rental Experts


Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12), a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, recently reintroduced H.R. 4320, the the Truth in Employment Act.

This legislation would amend the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to protect small businesses and their employees from a coercive tactic used by large unions known as “salting,” which makes small businesses targets of harassment campaigns designed to increase forced unionization. Upon the bill’s introduction, Congressman Allen issued the following statement:

“Big labor and union bosses will stop at nothing to coerce more American workers into unionization, even if it means targeting small businesses in need of new employees. The deceptive practice called ‘salting’ is becoming more common across the country and is nothing more than a desperate attempt to strongarm non-union employers into unionizing their workforce without a vote—or forcing them to shut their doors. The Truth in Employment Act is necessary to ensure employers are not required to hire an employee who enters the hiring process for the purpose of unionizing a workplace or to put the nonunion company out of business. Access to a reliable workforce is often the number one issue facing employers, and this legislation is an important step to make certain job creators are free to use their valuable time and resources to hire workers who actually want to work.”

Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Committee:

“Because the vast majority of Americans have little or no interest in unionization, union bosses are increasingly turning to unionization tactics that don’t rely on worker support. They hope that by sending in 'salts' to bring chaos and litigation, employers will capitulate and turn their workers over to union bosses they never voted for. The National Labor Relations Board often sides with union agents in these matters, ruling against employers who did nothing more than fire paid agitators from an outside organization. Congressman Allen’s Truth in Employment Act blocks this union legal tactic by making it absolutely clear that employers are well within their rights to refuse to hire union

salts. Congress should pass the Truth in Employment Act to protect workers from being deceived and harassed at work by agents of a union that only want to take dues money out of their paychecks.”

“ABC supports Rep. Allen’s Truth in Employment Act, which would amend the National Labor Relations Act to make it clear that an employer is not required to hire any person who seeks a job primarily to organize employees or put nonunion companies out of business—or both. This commonsense bill would alleviate the legal pressures imposed on employers to hire individuals who seek or gain employment in order to disrupt the workplace of the employer or otherwise inflict economic harm designed to put the employer out of business. This change would not infringe on any rights or protections otherwise afforded to employees under the NLRA. Simply put, given the skilled workforce shortage, job creators should not be forced to use precious time and resources to hire employees who do not intend to actually work.”


Salting applicants often openly identify as union organizers during the job hiring process, but at this stage, it is still too late. Employers are caught in a multi-step process:

1. If the employer hires the union job applicant, it gives the union the opportunity to begin a union election process or call for union recognition, even without a vote; OR

2. If the employer does not hire the union job applicant, or when an employer attempts to fire a union applicant who turns out to be a disruptive employee with the goal of unionizing from the inside, the union activist can file a claim citing an "unfair labor practice" charge on the employer.

3. Once a claim is filed, employers can either enter into a NLRB investigation or settle and allow unionization of a worksite.

BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 28 ADVOCATE
Reprinted from | Press Release on June 26, 2023 Source: PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALLEN.HOUSE.GOV CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 29 Ph: 407-277-8766 Fax: 407-277-9596 1043 Upsala Rd., Sanford, FL 32771 Providing you with worry-free project management through completion of your commercial concrete project. Specializing in: • Structural Concrete • Post Tension • Tilt Up • Elevated Decks • Masonry 407-331-3805 Find out more PROUDLY SERVING THE PROUDLY SERVING THE PROUDLY SERVING THE SOUTHEASTERN USA SOUTHEASTERN USA SOUTHEASTERN USA Painting Painting Waterproofing Waterproofing Waterproofing Seamless Flooring Seamless Flooring Flooring Sandblasting Sandblasting Sandblasting Fire proofing Fire proofing Intumescent Intumescent Intumescent coatings coatings Themed finishes Themed finishes finishes


The Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Continues their Mission Nearly Half a Century Later

In 1966, Edyth Bush moved permanently to Winter Park, FL and established the Edyth Bush Foundation with the mission of alleviating human suffering and to help people help themselves. Nearly half a century later, the foundation continues to create innovative civic solutions to implement their motto and to help nonprofit organizations be better managed, governed, and led.

In August 2020, the foundation announced a new landmark building to replace its existing space in the heart of Winter Park near Park Avenue. Completed in 2022, the new, modern headquarters building is affectionately called “The Edyth” and weaves its philanthropic legacy with the founder’s remarkable background and historic city roots. The vision for the building was to draw from the influences, inspire its surroundings and become an extension of the community.

Jack Jennings & Sons, Inc. served as the general contractor for the 17,000 SF, three-story facility with structural steel frame and a glazed curtain wall exterior. N-RG Cladding was contracted for the exterior finishes scope for the new headquarters. The project was completed over 20 months which included dealing with COVID as well as material shortages.

Demolition of the existing building as well as the construction of the new facility required extensive coordination of material deliveries and crane usage while working in an active area with a restaurant just 14” away. The exterior now has an elegant landscape seating area as well as a paver gathering area at the front entrance which has a 20-foot-wide folding door system that, when opened, allows the lobby to flow out to the hardscape. A covered outdoor terrace on the third floor allows for a great view to the east.

Central Florida Chapter MEMBERS

• Certified Finishes

• Interior Specialties, Inc.

• Jack Jennings & Sons, Inc.


• Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

• N-RG Cladding, LLC

• Sutter Roofing Company of Florida

• The Plummer Painting Company

• Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc.

• Westbrook Service Corporation


The glass façade creates a porous cohesion between person and place. In giving the community a view into the building, the project promotes outreach, serving as a backdrop for a variety of events, meetings, networking, showcases, and art performances. By creating adaptable spaces for public use, the project intends to activate the building beyond the typical workday and realize its vision of being a true physical extension of the community.

Edyth Bush’s affinity for dance, theater, and the arts is reinforced in the design of the new headquarters, creating an “urban stage” that distinguishes the building from its immediate surrounding during the day and allows the interior to come alive at night. The foundation has an innovative and modern new home to continue Edyth’s legacy of community activism and deep and abiding affection for people, especially those less fortunate. | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 31
Special thanks to our project teams and designers who contributed to our Eagle Awards for Blue Origin Orbital Launch Site, AdventHealth Fish Memorial Hospital, Harmony Middle School and UCF District Energy Plant IV Providing Complete Commercial and Industrial Insulation Solutions Since 1998 / 386.532.6963



CONGRATUATIONS to the 2023 NEXGEN Graduates!

The NEXGEN Leadership Program Class of 2023 officially graduated! The 25 students, families, their sponsors, as well as the sponsors and speakers from throughout the program came out to celebrate their achievement on June 6 at Harry P. Leu Gardens.

The class successfully completed the eight-month program with sessions covering everything from team building, political advocacy, business development strategy, corporate citizenship and community involvement, and more.

At the graduation ceremony and dinner, they were able to get professional headshots and any group shots they wanted.

Shel Hart, Chief Catalyst, FL Venture Catalysts, was the keynote speaker at the graduation. He spoke to the new graduates about their next steps towards moving into their individual leadership skills and goals. “A leader must achieve a delicate balance between vision, alignment, and execution. A leader strives to unlock the full potential of their team in service of a greater purpose.", impressed Hart on the group.

The dedication of these NEXGEN graduates shines a spotlight on their potential to leader the future of the construction industry.

Amphibious Group

Julio Centeno

Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.

John Kiely

Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Mike Schellhammer

CORE Construction

Alden Gunder

DPR Construction

Jamal Gay

EFCO Forms

Douglas Whipple

Energy Air, Inc.

Brandon Ulmer

Ian Fraser

Shannon Gould

Taralynn Kessler

F. L. Crane & Sons, Inc.

Collin Manuel

GMF Steel Group

Luiz Jacintho

Hoar Construction

Erika Charlassier

Jason Sneed


Carlos Gonzales

Jason Lanzone

Matthew McCallister

Maschmeyer Concrete

Erik Lunde

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

Joslynn Gallo

N-RG Cladding, LLC

Kyle Burgess

Pirtle Construction

Danielle Gump

Randall Family of Companies

Chris Condello

S. I. Goldman Company, Inc.

Tyler Brooks

Work Horse Temps, LLC

Corrine Melendez

Leo Tarver

BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 32 EDUCATE
“A leader must achieve a delicate balance between vision, alignment, and execution. A leader strives to unlock the full potential of their team in service of a greater purpose."
— Shel Hart
The 2023-2024 Session Starts September 18th . For more information, scan QR code or email | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE 33 At PCL, we are committed to shaping the future of construction through long-lasting partnerships with clients, trade partners, and our local communities. As client advocates and strong community partners, we’re interested in building more than iconic projects. We build on what we know works and continually find new ways to deliver for a more diverse mix of clients. We bring together the right teams to find the best way forward and elevate your vision of success. When we focus on mutual success, everyone wins. 407-281-9000 • Family-Owned • Same Day Shipping • Custom Hi-Viz Apparel • Product Experts SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY Visit our showroom at 365 W. Taft Vineland Road, Orlando, FL

INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Workers’ Overall Wellness

For over 30 years, ABC has helped contractors protect the physical safety of their employees on the jobsite through the STEP Safety Management System. Now the association is expanding on STEP with the introduction of the Total Human Health Initiative, or THHI. THHI “encompasses actions, initiatives and policies that emphasize the health, well-being and livelihoods of workers … [it incorporates] a wholeperson approach to engage a person’s body, mind, heart and soul.”

THHI grew out of the construction industry’s recognition of the high rate of suicide among its workers. “Construction workers are five times more likely to die by suicide than they are from any work-related accident,” said Frank Trujillo, vice president of risk management at Miller & Long Co., Inc. and chair of ABC’s national Health and Safety Committee.

While safety professionals have always been focused on preventing people from getting hurt at work, they are now paying more attention to the other types of problems that workers may be dealing with at home and on the job. They understand that when workers do not get the necessary help with these issues, the results can be tragic. “Many industry professionals either know someone who died by suicide or had to get help to prevent that from happening,” said Trujillo.

ABC’s Health and Safety Committee appointed a subcommittee dedicated specifically to addressing suicide prevention. But as the subcommittee members began their work, they realized that they needed to broaden their assignment and address total human health. “The subcommittee members went from an awareness of suicide to a deep dive into mental health to a focus on overall human wellness. It was a cascading issue,” Trujillo said.


The people who developed THHI included construction industry and safety professionals and mental health professionals. The committee members referenced resources like the National Institutes of Health’s Emotional Wellness Toolkit, and information from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The results of their efforts can be found on ABC’s Total Human Health Initiative ( resources page. The page has links to materials that companies can use during Suicide Prevention Month in September, such as posters, social medial toolkits and toolbox talks. The page also provides links to articles and resources that companies can share with their workers.

In the Total Human Health Resources for Leadership section, companies will find a comprehensive toolkit developed specifically for this program as well as an assessment they can use to determine where they are on the road to promoting total human health.

The toolkit covers the four categories of THHI:

• Heart, which includes emotional and social wellness;

• Body, which covers physical wellness;

• Soul, which relates to spiritual and community wellness; and

• Mind, which includes intellectual, occupational, mental and environmental wellness.

The toolkit contains suggested activities that companies can use to encourage conversations about each area with small groups of employees or with the entire company. It provides detailed, step-bystep instructions for toolbox talks, workshops and helping employees create their own personal wellness toolkits.

The Total Human Health Assessment provides a way for contractors to measure how far they have progressed (or need to progress) in each of THHI’s four categories. It lists questions that companies should ask themselves, and provides four scoring categories: “Not on our radar,” “Planning phase,” Under construction,” and “Fully integrated.” It also provides specific steps that companies can take to improve their performance and move up the scale.


ABC has introduced THHI in its STEP safety self-assessment this year so that members can familiarize themselves with the program and evaluate where they need to improve. ABC will not count THHI scores toward a rating of Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Bronze or Participant this year, but starting in 2024 the association will count them in the STEP scoring.

Getting the word out at ABC Central Florida about Total Human Health (THH)

May 22-25, 2023, ABC Central Florida held our first Total Human Health Week. Programs offered included:

• Vital Cog: Train the Trainer for Suicide Prevention

• A Total Human Health panel and demonstrations on creating a company culture encompassing a THH employee program

• The traveling ABC National Safety Academy that is designed to help members on their journey towards world-class safety programs.

BUILDING Central Florida 2023 - AUGUST 34 EDUCATE
Serving the Construction Industry Statewide for over 32 years. No Setup or Membership Fees (407) 834-9288 • 2917 West State Road 434, Suite 101 • Longwood, FL 32779 Reprinted from Building Washington Magazine by
Jay. Source:
Mary Lou



MAY MAY 22-26, 2023 22-26, 2023


May 22 – Suicide Prevention Awareness class

Taught by Joe Xavier, ABC National

MAY MAY 22-26, 20 22-26, 20

This 90-minute training gave participants the skills and tools to appreciate the critical need for suicide prevention while creating a forum for dialogue and critical thinking about workplace mental health challenges, and promoted help-seeking and helpgiving. Each participant received a certification.

May 23 – Total Human Health Panel & Interactive Demonstrations (in partnership with NAWIC Greater Orlando)

Discussed creating a company culture encompassing a total human health employee program.

Panel: Michele Daugherty (ABC Central Florida), John Smalley (Hensel Phelps), Debbie Rodriguez (Competitive Edge Partners & Consulting), Chris Evans (Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC)

Discussion Highlights: How are you and your company combating the issues with mental health and dealing with your employees?

Interactive Demonstrations: Body Stretch Preps-Desk to Jobsite: Heidi Goff, E3 Safety Squad

Intro to Yoga: Tara Salmon, Kula Yoga

May 24-May 25 – Safety Academy


Taught by Joe Xavier & Greg Sizemore, ABC National

The Academy is designed to help attendees understand the importance of leadership commitment, cultural transformation, and the safety management processes in achieving a world class safety culture. | CONNECT EDUCATE ADVOCATE




Acousti Engineering Company of Florida

Advanced Green Technologies, Inc.

Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.

Burr & Forman LLP


Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.

DeWitt Custom Concrete, Inc.

Electric Services, Inc.

Energy Air, Inc.

Entech Innovative Engineering

GMF Steel Group

Guignard Company

Hensel Phelps

Hoar Construction, LLC

Kirwin Norris, P.A.

Mader Southeast

Maschmeyer Concrete

National Trench Safety, LLC

PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Percopo Coatings Company, LLC

Power Bolt and Tool

Quality Metals, Inc.


S. I. Goldman Company, Inc.

Safety Consultants USA

Sasso & Sasso, P.A.

Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC

Tucker Paving, Inc.


Aagaard-Juergensen, LLC

American Pools and Spas

Austin Commercial

Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

DPR Construction

ERC Provider

Fine Tune Enterprises, Inc.

J. A. Croson, LLC

Jamco Inc.

JK2 Scenic

Mechanical Insulation & Technologies, LLC

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

R. C. Stevens Construction Company

Robins & Morton

Sciens Orlando


Terry’s Electric, Inc.

Tharp Plumbing Systems, Inc.

Titan Electric Southeast, LLC

Trade Management, Inc.

Universal Forming, Inc.

Waste Pro USA


Albu & Associates, Inc.

Certified Slings & Supply

Competitive Edge Partners & Consulting, LLC

Dean Mead Attorneys At Law

Hartford South, LLC

KBI Staffing Solutions, LLC

Lake Glass & Mirror, Inc.

LRA Insurance

Shutts & Bowen, LLP

Turner Construction Co.

Winter Park National Bank


651 Danville Drive, Suite 200 Orlando, FL 32825-6393 PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID ORLANDO, FL PERMIT NO. 150
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