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Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating 100

y ears

The Gur Sikh Temple

We invite the Abbotsford & Mission communities to join us in celebration. Find information inside about our celebratory weekend, August 26th - 28th, and centennial events. In 1911, determined Sikh pioneers from India built this temple, or Gurdwara with lumber donated from the nearby sawmill where many of them worked. Blending traditional Sikh and western frontier designs, the temple included a langar hall and a prayer hall of worship. It also became a centre for the the social and political life of Indo Canadian immigrants. Today, this oldest surviving Gurdwara in North America reminds us of the immigrants experience of Sikhs in Canada, and continues to be a sacred symbol of their spirituality. Completely renovated and beautiďŹ ed, this National Historic Site is being honoured by the community.

John van Dongen, MLA Abbotsford South

Sincerest congratulations...

103 - 1925 McCallum Road Abbotsford 604-870-5945

to the Sikh community on the centennial celebrations of the National Historic Site, Gur Sikh Temple, which is celebrating 100 years of pioneering spirit in 2011. Pioneer families persevered against great odds to build a community that is entrepreneurial, successful and involved today in all facets of Canadian living. A momentous year for a vibrant community.





B2 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011





BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS! on the Centenary Celebrations of the Gur Sikh Temple. For the past 100 years this Gurdwara has been a light and symbol of Hope for so many of the Sikh families who have settled in the Fraser Valley communities. May you continue to receive comfort and inspiration for generations to come.

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Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gur Sikh Temple

Celebrating 100 years


Khalsa Diwan Society Mayor and council Dear Friends, The year 2011 marks an important historical year of commemoration for Canadians in general and for Sikhs in particular across Canada as they celebrate the preservation and significance of the historic heritage site of the Sikh gurdwara in Abbotsford. The City of Abbotsford, the University of the Fraser Valley, the Reach Gallery, and many other groups are actively co-operating with us in organizing commemorative functions throughout this year. The celebratory functions start with a proclamation by the city mayor on Jan. 10, 2011 wherein the year 2011 was declared the centennial year of this national heritage historic site and the contribution of the Sikh pioneers in the development of this city was duly recognized. Since then, each month a commemorative function has been organized by the partnering groups in furtherance of the centennial celebrations. On behalf of the Sikh congregation, we most cordially invite you to join us at a special function that is being organized in the historic gurdwara complex on Aug. 28, 2011. A three-day reading of the Sikh Holy Scriptures will conclude at 10 a.m. on Aug.

28 at which time the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, P.C. M.P. will unveil a commemorative monument and bring greetings (to be confirmed). The Premier of B.C., the Honourable Christy Clark, and the mayor of Abbotsford George Peary have been invited to attend, as well as many other dignitaries, friends and supporters from B.C., Canada and beyond. Following the commemorative ceremony, the community will participate in a religious parade (nagar kirtan) from the temple to Rotary Stadium, in which you are also invited to take part. On Aug. 26, from 6-10 p.m., OMNI TV will be live on location at the historic temple and we invite you to attend the family focused festivities we have organized on the grounds of the gurdwara. We hope you will oblige us by your presence at all the functions and we invite you wholeheartedly to share in our community pride and celebrations.

Sincerely, Khalsa Diwan Society Abbotsford

We are honoured to be able to extend best wishes to the Khalsa Diwan Society as we celebrate the centennial of the Gur Sikh Temple in the city of Abbotsford. It is difficult for any of us to imagine the incredible sacrifices made by the Sikh pioneers who came to this city over 100 years ago. They immigrated to find work and to pursue opportunities in a strange new land called Canada. They laboured valiantly in the most challenging jobs in the Abbotsford Lumber Company mill and sent money back to the Punjab to their families who were left behind. These amazing men were buoyed by their unshakable faith. At the end of their long, physically challenging shifts, they carried the lumber for a new gurdwara on their backs to the site on South Fraser Way. There they lovingly fashioned their own place of worship.

The Gur Sikh Temple was opened in 1911 and still stands today as a beacon of Sikh industry and a symbol of our cherished right to worship. It was most fitting and appropriate for the Government of Canada to declare this building a national historic site. The restored structure is a symbol for our entire community of the spirit that makes the City of Abbotsford absolutely unique. We are proud to represent all of the citizens of our great city as we congratulate the Khalsa Diwan Society for their efforts to commemorate the noble legacy of our Sikh forefathers. We will never forget the brave men who had the courage and stamina to build this original centre of spiritual, social and political life for those who have followed.

Yours truly, George W. Peary Mayor

Congratulations on 100 years of heritage 1911 – 2011

GUR SIKH TEMPLE, ABBOTSFORD, BC National Historic Site A century ago, determined Sikh pioneers built the oldest surviving Gurdwara in North America, right here in the heart of Abbotsford. And by doing so, they laid the foundation for a vibrant Indo-Canadian community to grow and ourish. The Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley is honoured to partner in centenary celebrations throughout the year, to commemorate the contributions of the Sikh community in the development of the Fraser Valley.

The Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at UFV and the BC Regional Innovation Chair in Canada-India Business and Economic Development wish to congratulate the Gur Sikh Temple.

For more information and a list of events, visit

B4 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Congratulations to the Sikh Community on 100 years of history & community to build a nation!

Celebrating 100 years

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The Gur Sikh Temple

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Congratulations! to the Khalsa Diwan Society of Abbotsford on the Centennial of the historic Gur Sikh Temple

Michael de Jong, MLA Abbotsford West


Khalsa Diwan Society As the first Sikh establishment in British Columbia, the Khalsa Diwan Society is a key figure in the history of Sikh migration to B.C. At a time when newly migrated Sikh families needed a communal ground in order to share their collected experiences, and assist one another emotionally and financially, the society helped Sikhs build their community and lives in B.C. As the Khalsa Diwan Society refers to the corporate name given to the Sikh society, Gur Sikh Temple is the given name of the first Sikh temple established in Abbotsford. And since there would not have been any Sikh temples in B.C. without the Khalsa Diwan Society, it is important to understand its origins in order to understand the history of Sikh pioneers in the province. The Khalsa Diwan Society was first established on July 22, 1906, and officially registered on March 13, 1909 in Vancouver. In par with its official status as a formal society, a committee was also elected. As such, from 1907-1909, the first committee of the Khalsa Diwan Society of Vancouver was comprised of the following Sikh community figures:

President- Bhai Sewa Singh Vice president- Bhai Bhola Singh (Narinder Singh) Treasurer- Bhai Arjan Singh Member- Bhai Bhag Singh Member- Bhai Balwant Singh Member- Bhai Bhola Singh Between the process of its establishment in 1906, and its official registration in 1909, the first Sikh temple under the auspices of the Khalsa Diwan Society was built in 1908 at 1866 West 2nd Avenue. Following its construction, the Sikh Gurdwara was inaugurated on Jan. 19, 1908. Because the Khalsa Diwan Society and the Sikh Gurdwara’s were built for the well being and growth of the Sikh community, it was up to the Sikh community to raise the funds to build the Gurdwara. Following its first inauguration, the Khalsa Diwan Society continued to maintain its presence in Vancouver and spread to areas such as Abbotsford. And with the growth of the Khalsa Diwan Society into Abbotsford, followed the construction of the Gur Sikh Temple in 1911. –

Congratulations to the Gur Sikh Temple in celebration of your 100th anniversary!

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Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating 100 years

The Gur Sikh Temple


The history of the Gur Sikh Temple

The land on which the old Sikh temple stands was first registered by James Higginson of Abbotsford. The land was 32 acres and the southern boundary was on Yale Waggon Road, presently South Fraser Way. In 1908 the land was transferred to J.W. McCallum and John A. Peacock, both from Abbotsford, for $800, equalling $25 per acre. The new owners sold approximately one acre of the land, for an unknown price, to the Khalsa Diwan Society of Vancouver in 1910. The land was heavily covered in timber and had very little habitation. Tenders went out for the construction of the temple in 1911. J.O. Trethewey Senior, owner of the Abbotsford Lumber Company on Mill Lake, donated the lumber for construction, providing the best pieces from the sawmill. The temple was built by workmen of all ethnic groups and completed in the frontier style of architecture. The temple was officially opened to the public on Feb. 25, 1912 – a momentous day for the Sikh community. The Nishan Sahib (flag pole) in front of the temple was erected on November 16, 1918. This giant flag pole was approximately 70 feet high and was erected from one Douglas fir tree.

It proudly carried the Sikh flag, and on top of this flag pole was a red electric light. When Sikh travelers were coming to Abbotsford, they would use the red light as a guide and a beacon directing them to the temple. In 1957, with the widening of the Fraser Highway and the increasing traffic, the Department of Fraser Highway felt that the flag pole might pose a hazard as it was 40 years old and may not be structurally sound. However, in 1957 when the flag pole was cut down, it was found to be solid and not rotten at all. As no Land Title had been registered in respect of the lands of the Old Sikh Temple, the Khalsa Diwan Society issued a petition in 1927 for a Declaration of Title. The next year, the first Certificate of Indefeasible Title was issued to the Khalsa Diwan Society. The original title was held by the Khalsa Diwan Society of Vancouver and never re-deposited with the Land Title Office. A Provincial Certificate of Title was issued on October 24, 1967. In 1973, the Khalsa Diwan Society (Vancouver) issued a litigation against the Khalsa Diwan Society of Abbotsford in respect of the aforesaid lands. The new title to the lands of the old Sikh temple was finally registered on July 7, 1977 under the name of Khalsa Diwan Society of Abbotsford. – Nash N.S. Gill, Barrister & Solicitor


Abbotsford News

The land on which Abbotsford’s Gur Sikh Temple sits has a long history.

In celebration of 100 y years of heritage, g it is my y honour to congratulate g our community on the historic centenary of the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple in Abbotsford. As a centre for the religious, cultural and political life of Punjabi immigrants this oldest surviving Gurdwara in the Americas reminds us of the immigrant experience of Sikhs in Canada and continues to be a sacred symbol of their spirituality.



n a t r u o g l a i t n o C

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B6 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating 100 years

The Gur Sikh Temple

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2011 is a Very Important Year for the Community! As a celebration and commemoration of the centenary of the National Historic Site Sikh Temple. 100 years later, we are here to witness history in the making as the community acknowledges the pioneering spirit that is imbued in the temple. A symbolic marker in the community, the temple is a cultural and religious icon. Congratulations to the Khalsa Diwan Society of Abbotsford!

B@AA çÅ ÃÅñ ÃÅâÆ ÕÇîÀ°ÇéàÆ òÅÃå¶ ÇÂÕ îÔÈåòê±ðé ÃÅñ ÔË, ÇÜà ÇòÚ éËôéñ ÇÔÃà¯ÇðÕ ÃÅÂÆà ×°ðÇÃÈÖ à˺êñ çÆ ôåÅìçÆ ç¶ Üôé îéŶ ÜÅ ðÔ¶ ÔéÍ ÁÈÜ A@@ ÃÅñ î×𯺠ÁÃƺ ÁÅêä¶ À°Ã ðÚ¶ ÜÅ ðÔ¶ ÇÂÇåÔÅà 鱧 åÈÕ ðÔ¶ Ô», ܯ ÃÅ鱧 à˺êñ ÇòÚ Ãî¯ÂÆ, ÃÅⶠî¯ã·ÆÁź çÆ êÇÔñ ÕçîÆ

National historic site The Gur Sikh Temple in Abbotsford, With the support of the Khalsa Diwan a national historic site, first opened its Society, Nachittar and the committee redoors for the sangat – also called a con- alized the community’s desire to bring the Gur Sikh Temple back to its pristine gregation – in 1911. It was not only one of the first Sikh gur- glory. To begin with, the committee memdwaras to be built in North America, but bers began examining also the longest standing. the potential of the site So it came as no surprise and also requested that the when it was declared a naCanadian government astional historic site by Prime sist by providing a grant Minister Jean Chrétien on for the renovation of the July 31, 2002. Gur Sikh Temple, with the A number of people from condition that the Khalsa far and near Abbotsford atDiwan Society would foretended. see all renovations, which Following its declaration, was approved. the Gur Sikh Temple unThe Gur Sikh Temple derwent renovations. was fortunate to have Much work was put in many members from the to preserve and modernize community, such as truck the structure of the gurdowners and drivers, to do wara. FILE PHOTO Abbotsford News It took nearly five years Jean Chrétien declared the tem- the work for free. By the time the Sikh temto bring the gurdwara to a ple a national historic site. ple had been restored to its presentable state. original glory, the project There were a number of cost had reached$2.5 million. people who helped transform the site. The site of the Gur Sikh Temple was One of them was Nachittar Singh Sangha, who became the elected presi- now in good shape for another hundred dent of the Khalsa Diwan Society in years. 1998. Continued on B7

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Congratulations on the Centennial Anniversary of the

Gur Sikh Temple


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Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gur Sikh Temple

Celebrating 100 years


Another hundred years From B6

A large-scale celebration for honouring the Sikh temple was held on April 1, 2007, as community members, community leaders, and politicians joined

the then premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, in recognizing the Gur Sikh Temple as a national historic site of Canada. – CanadianSikh

Congratulations on

100 Years of History!

I would like to congratulate the community and City of Abbotsford on this 100th year Anniversary of the Gur Sikh Temple. My family has been living in the Fraser Valley since 1923 and we have been part of the Gur Sikh Temple. We have had the honour of providing our service and being part of the Governing Board. It is my honour to welcome the broader community members to help celebrate on the 28th of August, 2011 - 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Gur Sikh Temple, located on South Fraser Way! WEB PHOTO

The Gur Sikh Temple in Abbotsford was declared a national historic site by the government of Canada on July 31, 2002.

Congratulations! Councillor Moe Gill

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B8 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating 100 years

The Gur Sikh Temple

S i kh Parade


Nagar Kirtan (Procession) Celebration of the Heritage Sikh Temple - Abbotsford Evil Elh nUr aup`ieE` kudriq ky sB bMdy || eyk nUr qy sBu jgu aupijE` kaun Bly ko MmMdy ||


A ugust 26

33094 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 2A9 Ph: (604) 850-7338, Fax (604) 854-1165 Web: Email:

On behalf of the Khalsa Diwan Society, we cordially invite you and your family to participate in the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple’s Centennial Celebration Sikh Procession (Nagar Kirtan) to be held on August 28th, 2011. Ÿ The residents and the businesses in the area are informed that during the parade there may be street closures and traffic interruptions. Ÿ The management apologizes for any inconveniences. Ÿ Canadian Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper will unveil monument the commemorative Dignitary will unveil the commemorative monument and address the at audience at at 10:00am the Gur Sikh Temple and address the audience 10:00am the GuratSikh Temple (National Historic (National HistoricSite). Site). Ÿ The schedule of the procession and the route is as follows: - Procession start time: 10:30am from the Sikh Temple - Kirtan and speeches: 1:00pm - 5:30pm at the Abbotsford Exhibition Park (Rotary Stadium). Ÿ Arrangement have been made for parking, portable toilets, ambulance and police services. Map ofMap August 28th, 2011 of August 28th, Procession 2011 Procession Start 33089 Start 33089 South South FraserFraser Way Way Right on Gladwin Right on Gladwin Road Road on Maclure Left onLeft Maclure Road Road End Abbotsford Exhibition End Abbotsford Exhibition Park Park Entrance) (Maclure(Maclure Entrance)

For more information please contact: 1. City By-Law enforcement 604-864-5512 2. Kabal Singh Hundal, President Khalsa Diwan Society 604-825-1440 3. Bagi Brar, Vice President Khalsa Diwan Society 604-825-7161




Three day prayer ceremony (Sri Akhand Path Sahib ji) commences at the Heritage Gurdwara .................................... 9:30 am National Historic Site, Khalsa Diwan Society, Abbotsford Family festival on the grounds of the Heritage Gurdwara ........ 6 - 9 pm OMNI Punjab Edition Newscast Live on Location .................. 9 - 10 pm

A ugust 27

Cultural Events ................................................................. from 12 pm

Khalsa Diwan Society, Abbotsford

Turban tying contest ................................................................1 - 6 pm Taped live by OMNI

END: Abbotsford Exhibition Park

Honouring Pioneer families .....................................................6 - 8 pm

A START: Gur Sikh Temple (33089 S. Fraser Way)




ugust 28

Three day prayers concludes with Bhog Sri Akhand Path Sahib Prayer at National Historic Site ......................................... 9 am Canadian Dignitary to address the audience and unveil the Centennial Monument Ribbon cutting and Official Opening of the Sikh Heritage Museum by the Chief Guest ........................................ 10 am Khalsa Diwan Society, Abbotsford


Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gur Sikh Temple

Celebrating 100 years

celebrations A

ugust 28 continued...

Nagar Kirtan (Sikh Religious Parade) Commences from the Hisotric Site Temple down South Fraser Way to Gladwin to Maclure and concludes at the Rotary Stadium ....................... 11 am

Rotary Stadium Stage:

Speeches by representatives/dignitaries of different faiths and different institutions ......................................................................1 pm Festivities at the Stadium ..................................................... 1 - 5:30 pm

The Reach Gallery & Museum will be offering tours of the Sikh Heritage Museum


O ctober 26

Diwali Celebrations Community-wide

O ct 27 - J an 8

2012 Celebration of Punjabi Art and Culture Exhibition Opening Reception September 23 The Reach Gallery and Museum

N ovember 15-16

Ehsaas South Asian Film Festival-Sikh Documentaries Centre for Indo Canadian Studies, UFV

Community kitchen open every day at the Khalsa Diwan Society Gurdwara For more information please contact: Kabal Singh Hundal (President Khalsa Diwan Society) - 604-825-1440 Bagi Brar (Vice President Khalsa Diwan Society) - 604-825-7161

D ecember 17

OfďŹ cial Opening of the Sikh Heritage Museum National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple,

Closing ceremony of Centennial Year by Chief Guest Khalsa Diwan Society, Abbotsford


B10 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Celebrating 100 years

The Gur Sikh Temple

The first migration The first Sikhs to enter B.C. were on Because wages were so low, most housan official trip as part of the Hong es had 20 to 50 men living together. Kong army regiments who were travelAfter many years of racial tension, ling through Canada in commemora- there was another major Sikh migration tion of the Queen Victoria of England’s to Canada in the 1920’s. Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Adapting to such unfamiliar settings A second contingent was difficult; however, of Punjabi soldiers visSikhs adjusted through a ited B.C. in celebration process often referred to The first of the coronation of King as “Canadianization.� Edward VII in 1902. And although racial period of significant The landscapes were tensions remained until migration of Indians later in the 20th century, very appealing to the Punjabi soldiers because from the Punjab area the community continued it reminded them of the commenced between to prosper through the terrain in their homeland support of institutions 1904-1908 of Punjab. such as the Khalsa Diwan And thus, the first period Society in Vancouver and of significant migration of Abbotsford. Indians from the Punjab As the Sikh community area commenced between 1904-1908. in British Columbia grew in the mid Within these four years, approximately 20th century, so did the establishment of 5,000 Punjabi men (women were a rarity) their identity through entities such as arrived in Canada to begin their new the Sikh temples. lives. As the first Gurdwaras were built, they Almost all worked in such labour became a site of common ground for industries as forestry, fishing and rail- all Sikh community members to come way. together, help one another, and provide On average, they earned from $1 to moral support for one another as they $1.25 a day – sometimes even $2. built their lives in B.C.


Congratulations to the Khalsa Diwan Society commemorating 100 years of history, culture and religion at the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple! 1812 Vedder Way, Abbotsford


Congratulations! Congratulations to the Sikh community on 100 years of history and commitment to build a nation.

Hugh Ellis and staff offer their congratulations to the Khalsa Diwan Society of Abbotsford, BC on the centenary celebrations of the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple. For 100 years this Gurdwara has stood as a beacon of hope for many Sikh families who settled in the Fraser Valley and beyond. We hope it will continue to inspire and give comfort to the next generations for whom this legacy is preciously restored.

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Congratulations to the Khalsa Diwan Society on celebrating 100 years of heritage.


nYsLnl ihstoirk sfeIt gur iswK tYNpl dy sLqfbdI smfrohF smyN Kflsf dIvfn susfietI, aYbtsPorz nUM hfridk vDfeIaF | ieh gurduafrf 100 sflF qoN bhuq sfry iswK pirvfrF leI cfnx munfrf bixaf hoieaf hY, ijhVy PRyjLr vYlI aqy ies qoN bfhr af vsy | afs hY ik ieh afAux vflIaF pIVHIaF nUM pRyrnf aqy skUn pRdfn krdf rhygf, ijnHF vfsqy ieh ivrsf bVI imhnq nfl sMBfl ky rwiKaf hoieaf hY|

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Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gur Sikh Temple

Celebrating 100 years


Pioneer Paul Dhaliwal Original settler helped build the local Sikh community

Paul Singh Dhaliwal, who is in his 90s, came to Canada in 1932. He landed in Victoria before taking a small boat to Vancouver, where he waited for three days to receive a ride to Abbotsford to join his uncle. Visiting the Gur Sikh Temple was one of the first things Dhaliwal did upon his arrival in Abbotsford. According to Dhaliwal, the temple was very different then. The front portion of the Gurudwara was constructed first, followed by the back portion. The Nishan Sahib was a cedar tree pole. “It was really tall. There was an iron staircase which was attached with the Gurudwara. After the World War, in the 1940s, hydro suggested that the cedar pole might fall down, hence should be brought down, which was later accomplished,” said Dhaliwal. “I have always been associated with the Gur Sikh Temple. Even now I go to the Gurudwara,” he said. It took many years for the Indo Canadian communities to obtain the right to vote. It wasn’t until 1947 that the community received citizenship. Dhaliwal went back to India that year and got married, remaining in the country until 1949. He returned to the city of Mission in 1950. His six children were born there. He is now settled in Abbotsford.

According to Paul, life was very different during those times, and required more physical effort to sustain oneself. “I have struggled all my life. But especially in those days – all of them had to struggle very hard to sustain themselves,” said Dhaliwal. He worked for 10 cents an hour at a local saw mill and there was no help from the government, he said. He stressed the fact that life has now become very easy to live. “During those times, everyone knew each other in Abbotsford and Mission and were very fond of each other,” he added. Dhaliwal is proud at the progress of the community and his family. His kids studied in university and “did very well for themselves.” “I will like that the whole of Canada knows about this Gur Sikh Temple,” he said. “Everyone around the world should know, learn and be able to see through this Gur Sikh Temple, our history of success.” He believes that Waheguru (God) has been very kind to him and the Sikh community. The community should always listen to the Gurbani and respect one’s elders, he added. –

Canadian Sikh Heritage WEB PHOTO

Paul Dhaliwal is one of the few living pioneers of Abbotsford’s Sikh community who helped build the community into what it is today.

Our team of lawyers are very proud to be

A proud partner in the

providing legal services to such a culturally diverse community. Congratulations to all Abbotsford residents for supporting the centennial celebration

Heritage Gurdwara Centennial

of the Gur Sikh Temple!

Contemporary Punjabi-Sikh Exhibition October 27, 2011 to January 8, 2012

Exhibition Opening October 27 at 7pm Admission is FREE

Manu Kaur Saluja Maharajah Ranjit Singh “The Lion of the Punjab” 2009, Oil on canvas

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B12 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating 100 years

We proudly celebrate this historical milestone in our community.

The Gur Sikh Temple

Congratulations on the 100th Anniversary of the Gur Sikh Temple!


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Congratulations on 100 years ‘Gur Sikh Temple’ ÇÃ“Ö íÅÂÆÚÅð¶ ç¶ ÇêÛñ¶ A@@ òÇð·Á» ç¶ ÇÂÇåÔÅà Áå¶ À°é·» ò“ñ¯º ÕËé¶âÅ ç¶Ã çÆ À°ÃÅðÆ êzåÆ ÇòÖÅÂÆ ×ÂÆ òÚéìèåÅ ñÂÆ ñ“Ö ñ“Ö òèÅÂÆÁ»!


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Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Gur Sikh Temple

Celebrating 100 years


Embracing 100 years of history Anecia Gill has worked as a work experience student at the centre and continues to share her time and energy with the 100 year Pioneer History Project. Being an Indo-Canadian, I thought working with the Center would strengthen the understanding of my Indo-Canadian identity. A third generation Canadian, I have naturally become quite detached from any sense of heritage beyond perhaps Canadian history. Then last summer, while studying about my great-great grandfather who immigrated to Canada over a century ago, I realized my missing identity could be established in learning about these pioneers who bridge the gaps between my Canadian and Indian pieces. Through working at the Center I have suddenly become closer to my family, found a sense of belonging and a respect for my heritage. During my time with the CICS, I have focused on the record of the pioneer history. Since the early pioneers of the lower mainland consisted of only a handful of families, including mine, their history feels more like

my own family history. Being bullied during childhood, I had developed a deep resentment for anything ‘Indian’ as I came into adolescence. Yet after slowly discovering pioneer history, I learned about everything I should be proud of.

The struggle of Indian immigrants attempting to find a place for them in a new country is nothing short of heroic. Anecia Gill The struggle of Indian immigrants attempting to find a place for them in a new country is nothing short of heroic. The sheer amount of work they did is staggering. I learned that despite being paid less than the average worker, these pioneers still managed to send great portions of their pay

Westberry Farms congratulates Khalsa Diwan Society and the community on the 100 year celebrations of the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple.

cheques to their families in India. They also put an incredible effort to integrate into the mainstream Canadian communities. In fact, it was made an official order by early Gurdwaras that Indians should strictly wear Canadian clothing to show Canada that this was their new home. I was also proud to learn about pioneer efforts during the Great Depression. Indians refused to be a burden on the people of their new land. Collectively they decided not to attend any soup kitchen nor receive any charity at this time of economic disparity. Instead, they pooled their wealth and readily gave it to any struggling member of their community. By learning about my forefathers I found I was able to accept the Indian portion of my identity—a piece I could relate to. And by doing this, I feel I am acknowledging the sacrifices they made. I am excited to continue my volunteering there because with everything I learn and with every person I meet, I feel slightly more grounded and sure about who I am as a Canadian.


Anecia Gill has a greater appreciation for her heritage after researching her past.

Randy R andy H Hawes, awes, M MLA LA Abbotsford-Mission Abbotsford-Mission Marc M arc Dalton, Dalton, M MLA LA M Maple aple R Ridge-Mission idge-Mission

Westberry Farms Ltd.

I would like to take this opportunity tto Honour The 100th Anniversary of the Gur Sikh Temple Randy Hawes MLA

This is truly a legacy worth celebrating!

Abbotsford - Mission

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B14 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Insurance & Financial Centre Inc.

The Gur Sikh Temple

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Celebrating 100 years Gallery presents contemporary Punjabi Sikh show

Open 7 Days a Week!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Sikh Community on the 100th Anniversary of the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple.

Blackwood 604-853-6471

The Reach exhibit

Building Centre Ltd.

33050 South Fraser Way

The Reach Gallery Museum is present- are identity specific to the South Asian ing the Contemporary Punjabi-Sikh exhi- Diaspora, investigation of themes includbition in celebration of the 100th anniver- ing consumer culture, desire, security, sary of the Khalsa Diwan Society Sikh militarism and human rights, the history Temple in Abbotsford. of South Asian immiThe show runs from gration to Canada, and October 27 to January 8 intervention into coloin the great hall. nial narratives about This exhibition brings Punjabi/Sikh history. together regional, Participating Artists national and interinclude: Jeet Aulakh national artists who (Windsor, Ontario), explore the social memSarindar Dhaliwal ories and cultural heri(Toronto, Ontario), tages of the Punjabi/ Shilpa Gupta, (Mumbai, Sikh communities. India), Ali Kazimi, The artists in this (Toronto, Ontario), exhibition employ Manu Kauri Saluda, various visual strate(New York, NY, USA), SUBMITTED PHOTO gies revealing original and Jarnail Singh and and unconventional This oil painting by Jeet Aulakh, Nano Bali Kauri, (Surrey, approaches that are Dhyana Dhyane, is part of the Reach’s British Columbia) and characteristic of some upcoming exhibition. Jiten Thukral and of Canada’s most diverSumir Targa (Thukral gent, rising visual artists. and Tagra) (New Delhi, India) These strategies include: exploration For more information visit thereach. of spiritual, religious and mythological ca. The Reach is located at 32388 Veterans systems, exploration of symbols that Way.

s n o i t ratula

g n o C

for a wonderful Centennial Celebration of the Gur Sikh Temple

We join our fellow citizens in congratulating the Khalsa Diwan Society of Abbotsford on the centenary of the National Historic Site Gur Sikh temple as we celebrate 100 years of heritage. The Gurdwara is a national symbol of the courage and perseverance of those Sikh pioneers who built this Gurdwara. It is a testament to the pride, vision and steadfastness of a pioneer community at the turn of the twentieth century, as they fought against many odds and much adversity.


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We join the community in celebrating and commemorating 100 years of heritage for the Sikh community in Abbotsford. The strength and courage of the pioneers at the turn of the last century has withstood the test of time. Today, we can all agree that the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple is a true testament to their vision and dream to make Canada their home.

Congratulations to the Khalsa Diwan Society, Abbotsford. 2855 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford - 604-557-5201

Celebrating 100 years

The Gur Sikh Temple

Promoting growth

Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011





ÃÅñ B@AA -éËôéñ ÇÔÃà¯ÇðÕ ÃÅÂÆà ×°ðÇÃ“Ö à˺êñ ÇòÖ¶ ÇêÛñ¶ A@@ ÃÅñ ç¶ ÇÂÇåÔÅÃ, ÕñÚð Áå¶ èðî ç¶ ïÅç×ÅðÆ Üôé» çÅ ÃÅñ ÔËÍ

– Submitted by Balbir Kambo, President of the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association and Royal Bank mortgage specialist

The Punjabi business community has broadened its native skills in all types of jobs, including farming, trucking, restaurant and food services, real estate, entertainment, property development and The Punjabi community promotes home construction and renovations. social, economic, political and cultural The success of these businesses is due advancement of the Indo-Canadian com- largely to family and community support. munity in the Fraser Valley. Family support often comes in The promotion of multiculturthe form of child care and extendalism, entrepreneurialism and ed family residing together, which understanding are the focus. In allows better financial outcomes. turn, this aids in financial sucThe financial industry is also cess. providing flexible financial bankCanadians are encouraged to ing products and services. build their own businesses and the No longer are financial instituPunjabi business community has tions focusing only on income but KAMBO taken this to heart, continually also on net worth and banking seeking opportunities to establish relationships. itself within the ever-changing corporate The Punjabi business community has and business world. done a very good job of networking and Being self-employed is not always a integrating its versatile skills within the choice but often a necessity in finding community. work. Many Punjabi professionals have volunHowever, Punjabi people adapt quickly teered their time to become representaby learning new skills, learning about the tives on a large number of boards and community they reside in and how they committees. can use their entrepreneurial drive to This allows them to be a part of the establish their employment as a prosper- community fabric and contribute to the ous business. community’s growth and success.


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B16 Abbotsford News Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrating 100

y ears

The Gur Sikh Temple

Centennial Celebration Partners:

Gur Sikh Temple - 100th Anniversary - Tue Aug 23 2011 Abbotsford News  

Congratulations to the Sikh community on the centennial celebrations of the National Historic Site, Gur Sikh Temple, which is celebrating 10...

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