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Reaching for the STARS




The world at our feet

At ABBC you have a lot of opportunities to do interesting and exciting things!

Greeting from the Board

2019 has presented the College with many challenges but it has also been the best year for the College “by far”. The College has completed its first registration renewal visit by the Department of Education and Lisa and all staff are to be commended for their hard work and contribution to this process. The College has seen substantial growth in student numbers. We have moved from around 68 to 118 at year end and with 155 enrolled for the beginning of 2020. This is a phenomenal achievement and is placing enormous pressure on our facilities. More on that shortly! On behalf of the Board, I am very pleased to announce that we have offered a 3 year appointment to Lisa Potgieter to be our Principal. Lisa has undertaken these duties in an acting capacity for most of the 2019 year and has done an outstanding job. Lisa brings enormous passion, drive and hard work to the College but also importantly has a real heart and compassion for the students and school community. Please join me in congratulating Lisa and offering her your full support. I would like to sincerely thank all my Board colleagues; Ben Donaldson, Brendon Donaldson, Gary Rutter, Mark Morris and Novica Piletic (who left us in March 2019) for all their hard work and many hours of dedicated service to our College. The College has significant plans for facilities in 2019, as follows:  5 new demountables and toilet block, to be ready for February 2020 – approvals and funding in place;  Garrison perimeter fencing being installed as early as it can be in 2020 – approvals and funding in place;  We will then be completing plans for installing the oval, timelines to be advised in early 2020;  The first in-situ College building – the Multi-Purpose Resources Building: the Board has shortlisted tenderers for this down to two and will be selecting a preferred tenderer before year end. The design and DA process will take about 3 months but we are scheduling completion for no later than January 2021 – funding is in place. Finally, the Board would like to thank all of our hard working staff, all of whom give so much and regularly “go beyond” in their work and service for the College and our students. It will be an exciting year ahead. On behalf of the whole Board, I wish all staff, students, parents/carers, volunteers and our College community a blessed Christmas and a safe, healthy and fulfilling New Year. Jeremiah 29: 11-12; “For I know the plans I have for you”, says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope”…”If you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me”. Kind regards Greg Holland ABBC Board Chair

Message from the Principal My heart is full of praise and is overflowing with sincere gratitude. I want to say a thousand thankyous to our students, staff, parents and carers who have all worked tirelessly toward growing our college this year. The College and I have been blessed with abundant support and goodwill from all corners of our Two Rocks/Yanchep community. Throughout the year I have prayed that God will send the right people to engage and influence my life, thoughts and decisions in all that I do. I have earnestly prayed for knowledge and insight beyond my experience to steer this college. Now sitting in December and looking back over the last year and reflecting on events, it is abundantly clear that the Lord has carried us and guided us. The success of our phenomenal growth and the upliftment of our academic achievements in the college has been miraculous. We can only humbly say thank you. The excitement is bubbling for the new year with all the new children and new experiences we will embrace in this growth phase. New buildings, new fences, new faces, new lifelong relationships and friendships to build and nurture. Our college family is growing and we are establishing a healthy and positive culture. As we come to the end of one era, we move on to another. As we welcome new members of staff, we sadly have to say goodbye to others. Mrs Hayley Pearce, our Head of Primary, is following her dream and true purpose in life to become a Children’s Ministry Worker. As a foundation staff member, Hayley has given so much of herself to this college. She has managed with very little and has grown the Primary School with her commendable dedication to excellence. She has cast the primary foundations on a rock and she has done good solid work. We wish Hayley all the success in her new career. On the same note we wish to thank and bid farewell to Mr Mason Campbell, our Physical Education Teacher, Mrs Julie Campbell, our Friday Kindy Teacher and Mrs Rebecca Tinley, our Year 1/2 Teacher. These members of staff have truly left deep footprints in the life and minds of our students and we are grateful for the energy and passion they have invested. We wish them well in their future endeavours at other schools. I kindly wish the staff, students and the community of our college a peaceful and restful holiday season. May God keep you safe and bring all of us back together for 2020, refreshed and ready to work hard and make a success of our fourth year here at ABBC. Lisa Potgieter College Principal

Education is not the filling of a pail but a lighting of a fire - W.B.Yeats

Message from the Head of Primary It has been a privilege to serve Atlantis Beach Baptist College as Head of Junior School this year. It has been a year of many blessings and positive change. Our primary school has grown exponentially and we have even more enrolments on the books for next year. The primary school has powered this growth and has allowed us to look to the future and plan with confidence and direction. I acknowledge the primary school parents who have been loyal to this school for some time now, giving of themselves repeatedly without complaint through all circumstances. To the new parents who have recently joined us, I welcome you whole-heartedly and encourage you to dig deep into our school community, collaborating with us to continue creating a school which focuses on the needs of our families. The happiness and success of our children are the greatest rewards for our tireless labours of love. I recognise the amazing primary school children we have at our school. We have seen such growth, friendship, endurance and determination over this year. I thank the children for making the effort to welcome new students into the classrooms with big smiles and making them feel comfortable. Our students have made us proud by displaying the values of our school, strength, faith and honour, being eager to learn and bettering themselves as citizens of our community and the world. I pray for God’s protect over our school and our community in the year ahead and I encourage everyone to love mightily. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." 1 Corinthians 13 v6-7. May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other, just as ours does for you. Many blessings Hayley Pearce

Meet our staff

Absent: Julie Campbell





Celebrating WELL DONE!



Academic achievements

Graduation and Awards



Kindy and Pre-Primary

Year 5&6

Haylee Grover gave a solo performance

Year 7&8 Form


We are proud of all our student for always giving their best

Winners of the City of Wanneroo Citizenship award: Isabella Fleming and Cazaly Butchart

Meet some of our Year 10, 6 and Kindy students who graduated

Life at our college

In the classroom we are friends, teammates, artists, explorers, authors and dreamers.


Kindy to


Page compiled by Mrs Rebecca Tinley and Kerrie Whitehead

Page compiled by Mrs Hayley Pearce

Page compiled by Mrs Michelle Halliday

Page compiled by Miss Lia Roodt

Year 7 & 8 Form On their way to greatness

The year 7 students had an excellent start to their first year of high school. Term 1 was packed with fun activities inside and outside of the classroom. The main highlight for the term was definitely the secondary camp in Pemberton where students had an incredible time on camp and were pushed to the limits of their comfort zones in a variety of activities from mountain biking to canoeing and much more. - Miss Gregoriadis

Come and see what’s cooking!

Terms 3 and 4 were incredibly packed with loads of incursions and excursions for the secondary students as well as plenty of hands-on learning in the classroom.

The main highlight for term 2 was the house carnival where students dressed up in their house colours and competed in numerous fun and challenging sporting activities. It was such an enjoyable day and I am so proud of Tarin house for winning.

Year 10 Graduation social at Outback Splash.

Year 9 &10 Form “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X

This year has been an exceptional year for the year 9 and 10 cohort which has been full of incredible experiences and opportunities. I have had the pleasure of developing a positive relationship with each and every one of these students, not only in the classroom, but also in a variety of different situations. From the Year 9 students, being able to attend the y-Lead Year 9 Altitude Leadership and Training conference was such an empowering and impacting experience for them. It gave them the toolkit to develop strong relationships and develop networking skills with students from other colleges, which is invaluable. The conference certainly took them out their comfort zone and it was pleasing to see some of them really lean in and have a positive mind-set to the experience. For my Year 10 students, I have had the pleasure to mentor and guide each of them throughout the year at the 2019 secondary camp, various academic and beach excursions and morning devotions. I will miss this group of students and wish them all the best in their future studies and endeavours. - Mr Campbell

Fun with a favourite teacher!

A highlight was the WHEELCHAIR BASKET BALL for all year 7-10 students

Don’t let the struggles of life hold you back!




Exciting adventures await you at ABBC!

Image via



TECHNOLOGY LIKE ART IS A SOARING EXERCISE OF THE HUMAN IMAGINATION Daniel Bell Top and Right: Secondary students visited the Technology Showcase where they were given the opportunity to use futuristic technology applied in the mining industry.

It casts a VISION for the FUTURE

Left: RAC Imagine Program™, a primary school excursion initiative giving young Western Australians the opportunity to discover past and future technologies and learn about the changing nature of transport, mobility and road safety.

Learning is FUN in the classroom...

...and when we are out and about

The year 10 students spent a morning at the Holocaust museum. We learned about the Jewish Holocaust during WWII and were privileged to see many original photographs and a striped outfit from Auschwitz.

The secondary students visited the Constitutional Centre to enhance our learning and understanding of Australian politics.


2019 CAMP


Year 7 students harnessed energy from the sun when they did some experimental cooking with solar ovens.

Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best. Students’ interests were piqued when they got a chance to look at space through a telescope.

Bob Talbert

Nitro Mike proved that science can be fun.

Students used separation techniques filtering water.

The year 3 students built marshmallow catapults to investigate different forces.

Parents and students viewed the projects at the Science Expo held at the college.


There was great excitement when year 5 and 6 students let their volcanoes erupt.


Artemis as my mother. In the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Percy discovers that he is the son of the Olympian god Poseidon. If you were to discover that you were the child of an Olympian god, who would you want your divine parent to be? Why would you choose that particular god or goddess, and what special powers would you like to possess? Reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief provokes a lot of thoughts in your mind and you also start forming questions of your own. The whole storyline of the book is that Percy is told he is a demi-god, the son of Poseidon. He travels all over America trying to find his mother. While reading you try to imagine yourself in his shoes – who would your divine parent be? If I could choose a Greek god/goddess as my mother/father then it would be Artemis. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, animals, virginity, the moon and the wilderness. Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is an independent, confident and strong woman who has sworn to be a maiden. Her powers and strengths are the ability to turn herself and others into animals, complete control over nature, perfect aim with a bow and arrow and able to talk to animals. I idolise Artemis because of her strong, womanly will and how connected she is to the wilderness and the natural world. Now with gods and goddesses come powers – what powers would I like to possess if my mother was Artemis? Artemis is not talked about very much in the book of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and is not the most powerful goddess ever but I admire her connection to nature and the bow and arrow. Artemis possesses powers in both of these areas. In conclusion, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is based on the Greek legends and myths of the gods (for example Zeus, Hera and Hades etc.). As a divine parent I chose Artemis for her power over nature and strong will. She also possesses the powers to turn herself and others into animals, talk to animals, perfect aim with a bow and arrow, and complete control of the wilderness and nature. I also picked Artemis because if she was my mother I would possess some of these powers. If I could choose I would pick perfect aim with a bow and arrow and complete control over nature. Artemis is strong and powerful and I would love to be her daughter. Written by Zakaya Benkendorf, Year 7

After reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and The Book Thief, students were asked to complete a short writing assignment in response to the question given in bold type.



In Markus Zusak’s book The Book Thief, the main character, Liesel Meminger, is affectionately known as ‘The Book Thief’. Name three of the books that she steals and the significance of each one to her story. In the novel The Book Thief, the main character Liesel, steals several different books throughout the story. I am going to discuss three of the books she stole, The Grave Digger’s Handbook, The Shoulder Shrug and The Dream Carrier and the significance of them to her and the story. The first book Liesel ever stole was The Grave Digger’s Handbook. She took it after her brother’s funeral and the book is her only reminder of her real mother and her brother. The book became a tool, helping her to learn how to read and write and it allowed her and her foster father, Hans, to bond during her lessons. It also started her thievery of books. The Shoulder Shrug, the second book she ever took, Liesel stole from a Nazi book burning ceremony. She was seen by the mayor’s wife which turned out to be a good thing because the mayor’s wife then invited her into her library and allowed her to borrow books, opening up a whole new world to Liesel and creating a craving in her to read more literature, which led to more book stealing. When Hans, her Papa, realised what she had done at the book burning, he immediately covered for her, strengthening their bond even further, telling her she was safe. He also said he would keep her secret but in return if he ever asked her to keep a secret, she would do the same for him, which she agreed to do. The Dream Carrier was the first book she stole from the Mayor’s wife’s library. She took this book when Max Vandenburg, the Jew hiding in their cellar, was very sick and she was worried he was going to die. She read this book to Max while she spent time with him, praying he would recover. It became her mission. She chose this book because it reminded her of Max with his bad dreams and her own dreams of her dead brother. So out of all the books that Liesel stole, I have chosen these three, as the first one became her only link to her previous life but helped her in her new life and started a bond between her and her new Papa. The second book strengthened her bond with her new Papa and the third book was the first book she actually chose to steal. Written by Samuel Daddow, Year 9

Blackout poetry Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right words to express yourself? Many writers confess to times when they’ve experienced ‘writer’s block’ and were unable to find the words they needed for their next step in their literary masterpiece. But with blackout poetry you don’t have to invent the words, you just have to seek them out from all the others. Blackout poetry is where you begin with a page of printed text – for example, from a book or magazine – and then redact the text by crossing or blacking out the words you don’t need until a poem is formed. The blacking out also becomes an artistic expression of the poem as a visual element is often produced through the blacking out process. Mr. Ward, English Teacher

Here are an example from one of our year 8 students.

When stories come to school ...

ou y f i r e d I won ise n g o c e r can me?

...and turn fantasy into reality!


今年 日本語 を 勉強 してくれ てありがとう、スミス先生 Thank you for studying Japanese this year, Mrs. Smith

ずっと日本語 を練習してく ださい Keep practicing your Japanese

メリークリスマス、 そして、あけまして おめでとう。 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.


- Pablo Picasso


During Term 1, the Year 7 and 8 students went on a photography tour around Two Rocks. The students enjoyed getting out and about learning interesting photography and editing techniques.

During Term 3 the Year 9-10 students worked in groups to up cycle small pieces of furniture found at roadside collections. We’ve had many bar stools turned into plant stands, a bedside table and coffee tables turned into a statement pieces.

In a world where you can be anything be kind In July a project was created for the entire secondary college. The year 7-10 cohort designed and painted the school’s kindness tree. The tree was filled with positive messages that the students wrote to each other.

Left: During Term 4 the Art theme for our secondary college students was “Stage Make Up’. They learned about basic make-up application techniques, ageing make-up, Kobuki and gory wound creations.

Woodwork and Food Technology

Mindstorms and Kodeklix


Taking a hand Opening a mind Touching a heart

IN MEMORIAM ASHLEY GODRIDGE 05.03.2003—27.11.2019


career expo




A prep t ABBC w a stud re and e aim care ent in assist to e c er p ath hoosin ach for t that is g a hem bes t .

Dream BIG Dare greatly SHINE brightly!

On Friday 27 September we had our Kindy orientation day at school, during which we met the new Kindy students for 2020. We started the morning off with fun introductory games and story reading. The book that we read was called “The Kissing Hand”. It was about little Chester Raccoon who had to go to school for the first time, but was really frightened to. In the book his mum kissed his hand and told him that she would always love him and be there for him. All he had to do was look at his hand, and remember what she said. After our story reading, we did heaps of ‘kissing hand’ craft activities and games. Finally we had a snack, and then a lovely play outside. It was a fun filled day and lovely to meet all our new students.




YEAR 6 ORIENTATION On the 4th of July a large number of students from local primary schools joined us for our Year 6 Orientation Day. It was a day filled with fun, games and educational activities. Students were introduced to Zeek and had hands-on experience with reptiles. Our loyal P&F and our students treated the group with sausage sizzle. The joint effort of staff, parents and ABBC students helped to make this event a great success.

GRADUATED YEAR 6 IN 2019? JOIN OUR RANKS. Enrolments for Year 7 in 2020 now open!

Our P&F sizzle Firstly, I would like to thank Jodie Grover and Chris & Chrissie Brooks for all their hard work over the past few years in their roles within the P&F. You have done an amazing job and all your efforts are greatly appreciated. The P&F plays a vital role in building and sustaining a sense of community within our growing college. In the coming years I would love to see our P&F expand and support the growth of the college by contributing towards the school’s facilities and encouraging community participation and support. I would love to welcome and encourage all families to become involved in the P&F in 2020 and beyond. Lets band together and support each other. Karyn Hood




Mothers Day To the world

YOU ARE A MOTHER To your family


Every year our students celebrate Mother’s and Father’s day. We get the opportunity to show our appreciation for all that they do. We gather together for morning tea and join in some fun activities. We enjoy these special moments with the mums and dads. It is wonderful that we can share this memorable experience with them.

Fathers Day

Any man can be a


But it take someone special to be a




2019 FETE

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Our mascot, Zeek had a busy year making his appearance at the Yanchep Central Community Fair, ABBC Bunnings sausage sizzle, ABBC Year 6 Orientation and ABBC Fete and Open Day. Zeek (Ezekiel) was the brain child of Mrs Hayley Pearce after reading the scripture Ezekiel 3:4 “He then said to me: "Son of man, go now to the people of Israel and speak my words to them.” Mrs Potgieter’s creative flair is responsible for Zeek’s sparkly and quirky appearance. His main purpose is to surprise and delight students and visitors alike. He is sure to make everyone feel welcome with his friendly smile, high fives or snuggly hugs. Come and meet him at our next big event!




Students from Kindy to Year 2 put a smile on everyone’s face when they performed a few Christmas songs with great enthusiasm. A Year 5 group brought extra Christmas cheer when they sang “Jingle Bells”.




We Lookforward ahead inin moving



Back to the

We had highs and lows, setbacks and comebacks. We are grateful for the success and achievements of 2019. God carried us through every moment. We thank you for embarking on this journey with us. With your support and cooperation we were able to expand and grow. We are excited to welcome all our old and new students back in 2020 again.

2020 TERM DATES PRIMARY AND SECONDARY STAFF AND STUDENTS Administration Office will be open from Wednesday 15 January 2020

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