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This present issue Of Abana Magazine invites all the readers to celebrate the various Feasts opening the New Ethiopic Year (starting on 11 September until mid October). Traditionally, these celebrations of the New Year are a great moment of unity, prayers, revelations of holy scriptures, consulting of the zodiac calendar, moment to prepare some good meals and fulljoy good music too. Regarding to the music, as all these fests are celebrating 'The Rebirth', this offers a great opportunity here to present Zally, the new champion of the 'Reggae Earth United' Contest 2012. This New Year provides also a great occasion to let you fulljoy our selection from the very best of Reggae Music with such great artistes as popular as Jahmali, Chrisinti, Richie Spice and his brothers Spanner Banner and Snatcha. ABOUT THE 2012 'REGGAE EARTH UNITED CONTEST' - This year four producers have provided riddims to the contest : Jahlight Records (Trinidad Tobago), Royal Warriors Muzik (Martinique), M-One Syndicate Records (Kingston Jamaica) and Mightyful13 (USA Jamaica), These producers are thus the official partners of the Competition. Seven artistes have registered to the competition with a song dedicated to Mama Earth : The champion Zally (USA – Jamaica), Fireson Bantu (Kenya), Bhyrr (Martinique), Djamakeita (Martinique), Banned Roots (USA), Matthew Greenidge (Trinidad Tobago), Iodel Ilize (Martinique). The quality of all tracks have created a very positive upliftment of the environmental conciousness. among the Reggae / Dancehall fans, promoters, and producers around the artists involved in the contest.. Large Up to Chalice Sound Interactive who have mixed all the tracks into a mix available for free download on page 34.











Reggae Earth United 2012

? E M A N A WHAT'S INn By Jahmali ritte Text Part 1 – W

TRUE NAMES AND UNREAL NAMES I decided to write this article on account of certain concerns I had (which sparked a slight misunderstanding between myself and my agent) regarding the proper form of my name when written (and by extension when pronounced),as it is not two words,but one…i.e…JAHMALI…and also because I’ve come to realize the depth of meditation this concern has evoked within me. I began to ask why usage of our mother tongue was forbidden,and why we were forced to adopt new names or titles. Giving ourselves and our offspring a meaningful and proper name was, and still is a very important part of our ancient culture, which lead me to conclude that our captors knew what they were doing. I began to question whether certain words, names and phrases set in stone by organized Religion is even close by extension or proxy, to any of the original words or name of the Most High, and Jesus, as they were before translation. Through research we have come to understand that it was never in the interest of those who translated the original texts, to place the Original names in order as they appear, so as to guard against giving any clues to future generations of whom they seek to oppress. ''And ye shall know the truth,and the truth shall set thee free'' (John 8:32.) Throughout the years, especially when I see my name printed incorrectly (JAH MALI) or hear it mispronounced I have felt and experienced emotions I’ve never been able to explain. This got me to thinking what the Most high Himself must feel when we attempt to address, to

approach or extol him by a name that was not given by Him in the first place. Eventually, this led me to discover one of the truths. At page 330 of the book entitled ''GNOSTIC SCRIPTURES'' by author Bentley Layton, there’s a chapter entitled TRUE NAMES AND UNREAL NAMES, and it says as follows : ''Names given to worldly things are very deceptive, since they turn the heart aside from the real to the unreal, and whoever hears the word GOD thinks not of the reality but has been thinking of what is not real, so also with the words FATHER. SON. HOLY SPIRIT. LIFE. LIGHT. RESURRECTION. CHURCH etc… It is not the real that one thinks of, but the unreal, although the words have referred to the real. The names that one has heard, exists in the world, but they deceive. If the words were situated in the eternal realm,they would not be uttered on any occasion in the world, nor would they be assigned to worldly things,their goal would be in the eternal realm''. End-quote. Now anyone who seeks to exemplify our God-Father Haile Selassie the !st or Yeshua the Christ should already know and understand this concept (greater is H.I.M that is in InI than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). Being unconscious, ninety-nine percent of what we see and feel is Unreal… By the illumination of the word of the Most High, we are able to recognize these things, but denying this reality only makes it worse for us. Are people really aware of the favor, grace, mercy and understanding the Almighty bestows on us when we attempt to call on him truly, but by a name that He knows not ? Scripture tells us to ''Study to show thyself approved'' (2 Timothy 2:15.). Qeddamawi Haile Selassie the 1st implores us to ''Seek secular knowledge''.



Reggae Earth United 2012

As a part of the body of peoples known world-wide by all sorts of adjectives and bywords (including the N-word) it became very important for I to seek out and find, know, recognize and understand my divine heritage and purpose. Tracing this divine heritage leads us to knowledge of our true selves as a people (Deuteronomy 28: 68) and in righteousness,our true God as a Nation (1 Peter 2: 9) Being unconscious of our true selves and purpose,calls into question what we know as self, and up until this time,what we have been referring to as GOD. Our parents and Grand-parents may just have been giving praises to a NAME they know not, while on the other hand, accepting deviant fallacies about their very own existence. Satan was always the counterfeit, a liar and a murderer from the beginning (see last scripture at end of this piece). Had it not been for our King and the God-Father (Qedammawi Haile Selasie) of our Adoni and savior Iyesus Christ, who revealed that (for my part, I Glory in the Bible), whom have not only FULFILLED certain passages in the bible, but have also most venerably translated the Oldest version of the Bible(Ethiopic Scrolls) Scriptures into ''A language which the people both understood and spoke'', InI would not have been able to make the connection..(Daniel 2:44, Revelation 5;5) What people hold as the Holy Bible,we now know for sure,has been tampered with(from its pure and simple Esoteric,to a more confusing Exoteric version) by and for the purpose of Gentile or White dominion.Therefore many of these words we use so religiously today are, for lack of a better word : FALSE.

Except for individuals (either without or within an organized sect of Religion), practicing by Faith and not following by Be-lie-F, the whole facade of organized and Exoteric Religion has no true value….. (For the Kingdom of God is within you - Luke 17:21). With that said, I can say with certainty, that most of us in this Diaspora attend Church / Mass every sunday without having a clue or clear idea of what NAME (as GOD is a title of something that may not be living or true) or whom our praise really goes up to. (2 Thess 2: 3-12)... Amen This is the very first of two parts of a meditation which I wish to share with my fans worldwide.. Below are a Few of the Translated Words/Phrases that have been tampered With from their original form in the Bible 1.Amen 2,Belief 3.Lord 4.Zealous God to Jealous God 5.Lead us not into temptation 6.God 7.Jesus’ 8.For God so love « THE WORLD » 9.1 Timothy 6: 1-2, »let all underneath the yoke of slavery regard their masters* 10.Holy Ghost

However, with Real and True Love, Faith and the Commandments we are guaranteed a safe haven from these lies. LOVE that encompasses and fulfills all…(1 John 4 : 7-10). FAITH which is the cornerstone and rock foundation of InI Livity (Hebrews 10: 39 & Hebrews 11: 1), and the COMMANDMENTS which through the King Of Kings and His no longer a stumbling stone( He that doeth the will of my father(Matt:7 21.,I and the Father are One…(John 17:11/John 14:7.).


Music&B &News logging

KERRI ANN LEWIS 5 QUESTIONS TO THE EMPRESS Could you describe Kerri Ann Lewis with only 5 of your songs? I TROD through this life with Jah by my side and as result I can STAND TALL when I am faced with life’s obstacles, knowing that He is with me which makes me strong. I am a loving person as well so I’m not afraid to say the I WON’T LET YOU GO and there is NO WAY that anyone can come between our love. However, I’m not a person for GAMES when it comes on to my heart.


"I love to have persons thinking about issues that are crucial to the development of life... " My music is mainly conscious and love related. I love to have persons thinking about issues that are crucial to the development of life or people on a whole or to allow someone to really analyze what is taking place and try to make a change. My style of music is a mixture of Reggae, R&B, and Alternative. Reggae Earth United 2012

What are your current and future musical projects? I’m currently working on promoting myself as a solo artiste, getting more into the public’s eyes, writing new music, promoting my current single, Trod (I and Jah) with a follow up video to be created shortly. I’m currently working with a team who are working on bringing my talent to the wider world. This year, Jamaica celebrates 50th years of independence... What is your opinion about this part of history: what is good and positive over the negative?

50 years of independence is a significant landmark for Jamaica. Just as any country, we have gone through many experiences as we develop as a nation. We, however, can be proud as a people in remembering the reasons as to why we are able to celebrate a half century. Our ancestors fought for our freedom to win for us INDEPENDENCE! Among the Jamaican heroes... few is said about Queen Nanny... Can you say something about this Divine empress? The second part of the question concern also the female but not in history just in the music entertainment: what is the conditions of the Jamaican woman in the local music industry?

Firstly, Nanny of the Maroons was a brave warrior, a black woman who believed in freedom for all black people. She was a courageous woman who led the Maroons through many battles into victory. She was an exceptional leader and widely respected by others for her wisdom and leadership abilities. She was and is definitely a woman to emulate. As it relates to Jamaican women in the industry, more women are coming out and making their mark. It is still hard for a woman to penetrate the market and make her mark but it’s definitely not impossible. I also believe that there is a demand for more female artistes but also for those providing uplifting words for the nation as a whole and women, women that our younger generation of females can see as role models. Last words are yours: Do you want to share a special message with your fans?

What you make of your today will determine your tomorrow. Don’t take the opportunities you have at the moment lightly. Go after your dreams!


Music&News MASSICKER The 21 September 2012, MasSicker will be in Jobuzz Cafe (in Newtown - Johannesburg) for a special party show : this will celebrate the official date of release for the Album ”ONE WISH” on digital format by 'Viral Sounds Entertainment Music Label' and at an international scale. Take a time to listen to the preview.: flash the QR-code to get it on your smartphone. More infos

M U B L A T U B E D EPT. 2012 21 OUT ON THE



Trinidad Tobago artiste King Solomon, just releases his first EP entitled, ‘Worthy To Be Praised’ with JahLight Records.. PRESS RELEASE : Exciting, fresh, rootical and smooth are just a few words that can be used to describe this new set. Packed with five (5) solid tracks the world is in for a blast with this new release. Here we see King Solomon teaming up with his management team to release his first EP album called , ‘Worthy To Be Praised’. JahLight Records on this one gathers some solid versions to back up King Solomon’s smooth vocals. Long awaited, highly anticipated and now it is finally here released on digital platforms worldwide on August, 1st 2012.


Reggae Earth United 2012

RICHIE SPICE CHANGES Richie Spice released in June the single on Machete Records entitled “Changes” (People Get Ready). Another opportunity for Richie Spice to sing a powerful uplifting song with a very positive message for all the downtrodden people of the world. The song is taken from the yet to be released Riddim Track Album “Feeling It Riddim” and uses the musical talents of Dean Fraser on Horns and Mafia & Fluxy on the rhythm section. This latest single “Changes” (People Get Ready) is available on all Digital Download stores :

The EP consists of tracks of noteworthy mention especially his debut single, Living In Love, Things that We Do, JahLight, I Know and the 1st single for the EP the self entitled, Worthy To Be Praised. This EP is cultural, positive, smooth and fun to listen. Picture the legendary Dennis Brown, Luciano or even Everton Blender backed by some rootical digital reggae riddims and you can get a good idea of what you can expect from this EP. One thing for sure is that you won’t be disappointed. It is a great selection for fans of authentic reggae music with that soothing yet uptempo vibe to it. Don’t you miss this opportunity. Catch it while you can. This new talent is sure to draw your attention if you give him the chance. Look out for the 1st single with its promo video as it hits the internet and radio worldwide. ‘Worthy To Be Praised’, an Ep that delivers what original reggae fans are looking for.



SEPT. 2012 1 2 E H T N O OUT





Garrison Hawk’s new album is entitled ‘SURVIVE’, featuring Sly & Robbie and produced by Bill Laswell. This album is available since April 17 on CD and limited edition LP. A live performance has celebrated on May 10th 2012 in New York City the launch of the official release. For a taste of this authentic Garrison Hawk’s album “SURVIVE”, check out this official video titled ‘Sweet Music’ and enjoy !


Album - Playlist 1. Wild 2. Murderer 3. What She Wants – 4. Gangster for Life – 5. Survive (feat. Teddy Afro & Gigi) 6. Reggae Music 7. Running Red 8. Don’t Ya Know 9. Save My Life 10. Apocalypse 11. Remember

Reggae Earth United 2012


Free download the ‘Daily Bread Riddim’ produced in the Bonner's Cornerstone studio. The riddim is featured by artists such as Richie Spice (Small corner), Adventurous (Eyes wide open), Admiral Tibet (Beware), Snatcher (Prayer), Iyah Shine (Free), Spanner Banner (Happiness).


The FYAH FUREAL RIDDIM is available on Itunes and Ernie B’s. This is the first complete riddim released by I Dwell Records featuring Khari Kill, Lymie Murray, Jah Mali, Original Mikey General, Kulcha Knox Dixon, Laza Morgan, Niyorah, Pressure, Isasha & Million Voice, Luciano, Al Pancho, Norris Man and more…


‘‘Still On The Mission’ is produced by Culture Rock Records and featured artistes like Michael Fabulous and Ginjah with the track 'Still On The Mission', PZed with ‘Africa We A Come’, Banjo Simmonds & Pluggy Terrible with ‘Rat Race’.


The Rainfall Riddim is produced by Sajay Productions and featured Vybrant with the single ‘Ok One Day’, Bugle with ‘Think You Know’ and also Kiprich and Vysionaer. The official Riddim Video is available now on youtube with the Medlay of both Vybrant and Bugle's tracks.


Have a listen to the 'Badmind' EP delivered by the label Signature Records with various artistes such as Natty King with 'Bad Mind', Guidance with 'No Hate Me', Junior Vibes with 'Badmind & Grudgefull', Danny English & Tuffy Melody with the song 'Say What You Wanna' and the beautiful track from Pad anthony 'Real Real People'.






Could you describe Icientcy Mau with only 5 of your songs? – I know “Jah Blessings” is always with us, pinch yourself and you will know. – There is Always “Work To Do” works to be done – When you are with Jah it is so visible proven to you shows you “Can’t Follow None A Dem” no time. – The world knows who comes from “Trench Town” so much great people the Mau Mau WarriorZ are doing that now…carrying the torch again again and again – My People continues to “Struggle” all over this earth the politicians gets richer mypeople stays poorer…this is evidential all over…just look around you How do you define your music and your style? My music is strictly Roots, Rock, Reggae…My style is variations versitility (eg) sing J, chant, sing listen you will hear.


What are your current and future musical projects? Finishing my acoustic album from “When Words Come To Life” plus we have started our new album no name as yet. This year, Jamaica celebrates 50th years of independence… What is your Mau Mau Warrior’s opinion about this part of history : what is good and positive over the negative? We, as peculiar set of people have come a far way to what we are 50 years later. Our roles have been played has risen to inter-outernational recognition spanning the globe so people has to take ful notice of us reminding them that we are who we are great Jamaican people. The good positive things we have done has subsided all negatives to put us in a great feeling for our children to be assured them of good still prevails over bad. Reggae Earth United 2012

Now it is a question about the empresses… Could you say something to bless up Queen Nanny… What more about the ladies? As Icientcy Mau, the leader of the Mau Mau Warriorz, Queen Nanny has personally inspired I in all forms. All Empresses are special, they are the backbones of many, specifically in motherhood, always being there for their children. I say this out of experience within my life and to all Empresses, you are who you are…So Jah has made it we have to acknowledge you are the begining and surely not the end. Empresses all over this globe I always want to be where things are alwyas great with a real Empress. Last words are yours : what do you want to share with your fans or promoters? To all my fans all over the globe, life has many roads choose one stay focus, don’t let anyone deter you in no form, shape or what go for your goals. Remember stay focus and you will see. Promoters, it is not all about money as you all think…Link us and you will see what the Mau Mau WarriorZ has to say, it is not what you think. this the Work of many started in Kenya now in Jamaica…So Jah Seh!

''We, as peculiar set of people, have come a far way to what we are 50 years later. Our roles have been played has risen to inter-outernational recognition spanning the globe...''




jukebox Various artistes and singles have been recorded this year to celebrate the 50th years of Independance in Jamaica. Here a selection of 5 songs (From Top to Bottom and Left to Right) Accid 'Jamaica (Capital A Di world)' (Sajay Records)... Jamaica 50th Song ‘On A Mission’... Mr Vegas 'Sweet Jamaica' (MV Music)… G-Mac “Man A Star” (Judgement Yards) … Bunny Rugs 'Land We Love' (VP Records)...


Reggae Earth United 2012



Since its release, the album has garnered a lot of interest in England, America and various parts of Europe and Africa. Consisting of some solid tracks and a nice blend, Roots Rock Reggae Showcase Vol.1 is a collection worth having. Roots Rock Reggae Showcase Vol.1 is available digitally on itunes and all major online stores. Physical CD distribution is done by Signature Music Company Limited.

More infos about Kingston 5 Productions Kingston 5 Productions is an independent Record Label based in the Kingston 5 area of Kingston Jamaica. Kingston 5 Productions have embarked upon a journey which will have them being recognized and respected for producing pure conscious roots rock reggae music. An affiliate of Signature Music Group, the Management and Production Team have analyzed the music being produced and played by today’s generation and have decided to placed emphasis on the type and quality of music which is considered to be the foundation of Jamaica’s Music and Culture, hence Roots Rock Reggae Showcase Vol.1 is the first official the birth of Kingston 5 Productions. release from the Kingston 5 Productions Label, a fourteen track album which comprises twelve artistes, a mixture of Tracklist veterans and young artistes who gave their individual 1. Sattelite – Where Is The Love renditions of this well produced album, to which the listener 2. Patrick Andy – Away With Your Poverty is treated with two different versions at the end of the 3. Dane Spice – It’s Working Time collection. It was in 1968 that the original riddim “You Don’t 4. Junior Vibes – Say You Want Me Care” was made by Tommy McCook and The Supersonics 5. Pad Anthony – She Gone and made famous by The Techniques, in the year 2000 it 6. Super Blacks – Good Old Days was resurrected by Bobby Digital and featured hit tunes 7. Eddie Fitzroy – Too Much Gunshots “Grab Yuh Lass” by Mickey Spice & Louie Culture, and 8. Little John – Ready Fi Done Dem Again “What We Need Is Love” by Morgan Heritage. 9. Fyah Spryng – Universal Love 10. Emanuel Stain – Under His Wings In 2012, twelve years later, Kingston 5 Productions, have re11. Texas Ranger – Words Of My Mouth introduced the riddim made of live instrument and features 12. Vibes Matrixxx – Bring Back The Love artistes such as Eddie Fitzroy, Little John, Pad Anthony, 13. Showcase Rub A Dub Junior Vibes, Patrick Andy, Super Blacks, Dane Spice (Mikey 14. Showcase Instrumental Spice Brother), Sattelite (Garnet Silk sound- alike) and more.




Reggae Earth United 2012

Ethiopia Coptic calendar is very similar to the Ancient Egyptian calendar. Both calendars have 13 months per year, 12 of 30 days each plus an intercalary month of 5 or 6 days. Each year is composed with 365 days or 366 days in a leap year (every fourth year). Each month is composed with 3 weeks of 10 days. The year starts on 11 September in the Gregorian Calendar or on the 12th in leap years. September 11 is the first day of the first month of the Year (This 1rst day is named Tut 1 in the Egyptian calendar and Meskerem 1 in Coptic Calendar), celebrated with the feast of the new year.

Tut / Meskerem 11 Sept – 10 Oct

Khaoihk / Tahesas 10 Dec – 9 Jan

Baramhat / Megabit 10 March – 9 April

Babab / Tikemet 10 Oct – 10 Nov

Toba / Tir 9 Jan – 8 Feb

Baramouda/ Miyaza 9 April – 9 May

Paoni / Sene 8 June – 8 July Bashans / Ginbot 9 May – 8 June

Athor / Hidar 10 Nov – 10 Dec

Mezra / Nehase 7 August – 6 Sept

Mashir / Yekatit 8 Feb – 10 March

Epep / Hamle 8 July – 7 August

Nasie / Paguma 6 Sept – 11 Sept



Exclusive pages with the musical news and interviews from the 3 Rastafarian Bonner Brothers



Reggae Earth United 2012


Exclusive interview with our favorite Nu Roots Reggae artist Richie Spice. This interview happened around to September 8th, the day of Richie Spice's earthstrong.... A great opportunity for Reggae Earth United to send the best wishes to the King to fulljoy his day and also the upcoming ethiopian new year on September 11.


Did you know that in the ethiopic calendar your birthday date belongs to the 13th month (some say the 13th tribe of Israel) and not to the month related to the 'Virgo' astrological sign in the Gregorian calendar ? Have you a comment to do on the ethiopic calendar ? Richie Spice :Every few years, due to technology and non stop research, I have to familiarise myself with the new meaning of most Calendars. On this specific topic, i only have to add that FREEDOM is the key to all existense and celebration of the Ethiopian New Year is just another additional reminder of how much our forefathers fought for this and how much fight is still left for us to partake in. You have new songs released : 'FREE', 'CHANGES', 'SMALL CORNER'... one titled 'CRYING'... will these songs be included in your upcoming album named 'SOOTHING SOUNDS ACOUSTIC' ? Could you give more infos about this new album ? Richie Spice  : I am not sure what song you call, CHANGES, however the singles from the new album are FREE and CRYING. The date of release is October 23, 2012 and it is completely acoustic produced by me, Richie Spice and distributed by Tads Records Inetnational. I have been toying with the idea for awhile and many fans have requested one of such type for a couple years now. I am not quite ready to disclose details about the album just yet, hopefully in your next issue, but what i can tell you is, this album will have existing fans falling in love with Richie Spice's music all over again, new fans actually being able to understand and relate fully to what i am saying and righteousness and upliftng lyrics being reborn again. The album is mature, soothing and a very personal projection of Richie Spice. PAGE 22

Reggae Earth United 2012

SPECIAL BONNER BROTHERS The 'DAILY BREAD RIDDIM' (produced by the BONNER CORNERSTONE MUSIC) features Richie Spice, Spanna Banner and Snatcha. It's not the first time that you are recorded on the same riddim with your brothers. Have you already been on stage together too ? In Europe no show has already presented you all ? What do you think about such a project ?

Richie Spice : We have graced stages locally, in Jamaica, yes, but i think the world has never experienced the Bonner brothers in their elements. We have so much more to offer, different styles, sounds and flavor. We all sing of righteousness but in our own delivery and Europe woud be very surprised that as natural siblings we all bring a different vibe to the stage, drawing different fans within. What do you want to say to your fans or the world in the name of Jah ?

Richie Spice : Good over evil, life over death, be your brothers' and sisters' keepers and remember that mental FREEDOM and perseverance exceeds over all

I was touched by the video of 'FREE', when this woman realize that she is slave minded and chained to some criteria of beauty with her false hair. What a gwaan today : women use lots of chemical products to bleach skin, relax hair permanently... Major risk is for the health (cancers, reproductive related problems on women) and pollute Mama Earth. Are you optimist or not about the future ? What is the aim of this song ?

Richie Spice : Exactly as you interpreted it. When most people think of the term FREEDOM, they often times only rest on the physicality of being FREE. For generation long before I, physical freedom has been the least of our problems. The enslavement of the mind and psyche have been the reason for stagnation of the bigger picture, growth and progress for many of us and issues that affect us, as a people, person or unit. Freedom of ones mind, thinking and perception is the key to ones successful existence.

RICHIE SPICE READY TO OPEN A NEW CHAPTER Read the press release online






LION Reggae Earth United 2012

SPECIAL BONNER BROTHERS What does your nickname Snatcha mean ? How this one has come on you ? Is there a link with your music or your way of being ?

Snatcha : Well my name Snatcha is just to show the world that something good can come from something bad. This name came on to me from a youth because I use to thief things frm my mother's shopping bag and got caught... So from then mi get di name. How much new singles have you released in 2012 ? What about your future musical projects ?

Snatcha : Two singles namely 'EGO' on the Rock N' Sway Riddim for Exterminator label for the late Fattis Burrell, 'PRAYER' on the Daily Bread Rhythm for home label. Bonner Cornerstone Music and currently doing a lot of recordings for different producers. My next project is finishing up my album. What are your musical influences ?

Snatcha : Some of my musical influences are Peter Tosh, Tenor Saw, nephew Fontano Thompson managing director of Bonner Cornerstone Music, my brothers Spanner Banner, Richie Spice and Jah Mikes and also Buju Banton. Can you define yourself as rastafarian ?

Snatcha : Well I can identify myself as rasta because mi have clean hands and a pure heart. Music is not an easy road... Real artists usually are not recognized as able to teach the nation and the leaders. What give you the energy to stay on this way ?

Snatcha : Well di love of music give I di energy every time and the knowing that I'm doing what I'm suppose to be doing inna earth fulfilling gods will.




Reggae Earth United 2012

SPECIAL BONNER BROTHERS Could you describe Spanner Banner with only 5 of your songs ? How do you define your music and your style ?

S. B. : Life Goes On, Solid As A Rock, What We Need Is Love, Im A Winner, and Happiness can describe me. I define my music as motivational and my style can be defined as a Lovers Rock type. What are your current and future musical projects ?

S. B. : I am currently working on my new album and i have some wonderful new singles released, including: Happiness, Celina, and Another Mans Baby. This year, Jamaica celebrates 50th years of independence... What is your opinion about this part of history : what is good and positive over the negative ?

S. B. : My opinion of this part of history is all Jamaicans should be happy to know that Jamaica has come this far as an independent country. I'm looking forward to the continua tion of success in our music, sports, agriculture and all unmentioned fields of the Jamaican people. Three questions into one now : About your great album 'I am a winner' and especially the title : a winner of what ? what was your motivation while you did this album ? What is the message ?

S. B. : I'm a winner of life. My motivation while doing this album was to inspire myself and the people during the recession to persist through out the ruff times. My message is for people to always have faith and never think of giving up. Last words are yours : have you a special message to share ?

S. B. : I never have any last words, i leave that to the Almighty Jah (God)... The special

[...] fe li f o r e n in w a I'm people My message is for ith and fa e v a h s y a lw a to up. g in iv g f o k in th r neve



message I would like to share with my fans, reggae lovers, entertainers and promoters is to love God and and live loving with each other.




'UNITE' CHAMPION SONG 2012 On the riddim 'SEIZE THE DAY RIDDIM' produced by JAHlight Records PAGE 28

Reggae Earth United 2012

CONTEST SOUND CLASH What did motivate you to get back again into this competition (Last year you were finalist versus the Champion Song done by MasSicker) ?

As jamaican, how do you comment the 50th of Independance for Jamaica ? What's positive in this history ? What's negative ? Is positive above negative ?

Music motivated me and Lisa Irie, because when she told me about it, I'm like naah and she wouldn't stop, she would play the riddims in the competition. When I and I heard JahLight Records "Seize The Day Riddim" I said, "play that again" and I laughed and said, "I like that, hook it up." Lisa Irie, Abana Magazine, Earth United, and JahLight Records came together and made this possible. Give thanks for the strength.

The positive is always above the negative, we've been going through 50 years of growth and Reggae music plays a big role and a positive one. Negative energy is the politics they bring in the music. Rastafari is a positive thing about Jamaica, we got great athletes, teachers, doctors, you name them. But this colonialism is messing up the third world countries. As I say u know politics don't help nobody, unity is strength.

When I and I heard JahLight Records "Seize The Day Riddim" I said, "Play that again"

Could you describe Zally with only five of Last words are yours. Have you some your songs ? Which ones ? How do you words for your fans or the whole world ? define your style? Just be loving and full joy life you know, as

I love all my records, but I could pick 5, "Hard Work," "Alright," "Sow Some Love," "Jamaica," "RoadBlock." Anybody listen to these five songs, that is really me. And as for my style, I think my style is right between Capleton and Buju, but I try to stay Zally. I write all my own lyrics, come up with my original melodies, and I got me, I like my style. That's Zally.

the song say. I tell it all in that record, "Unity." Don't listen to the government, they get paid to mislead the people; listen to yourself, your heart, it never lies, you know? Rastafari.

What are your current and future projects ?

Website Facebook Twitter soundCloud

My current project is working on my own EP. I already recorded all the songs. My future project is to record a Live Reggae Album. In the meantime, I am voicing for a lot of different producers, as long as I am feeling tha vibe you know? Rastafari.

Fireson Bantu (Kenya) Represented Mother Land Africa for this contest. Fireson Bantu and his motivated fanbase have faced Jamaica represented by Zally in a serious sound clash. The song from Fireson Bantu was titled 'CELEBRATE EARTH' and recorded also on the SEIZE THE DAY RIDDIM'. Thanks to all contestants : Matthew Greenidge, Iodel Ilize. Djamakeita, Bhyrr & Banned Roots







Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and RnB : this is the sound coming out from Ijah Iba, the new Reggae sensation, resident in Montreal Canada… This versatile singjay, is originated from Grange Hill in Jamaica. A mixtape titled ‘World Inna Stress’ is available in free download, released by Dpc Movements and Poison Dart Sound. His debut album, named "the signature", is still in the works.



The title of the song is Exodus, one the track from the upcoming album ... WORLD A CRY from the jamaican rootical artiste Fyah Spryng. The single is released by the label: Kingston 5 Productions.


Reggae Earth United 2012





Da’Ville’s 3rd album, Krazy Love, is officially available since June 19nd 2012 on iTunes, released on the Fashozy label, owned by Da’Ville himself. Tracklist : 1. Took a Break / 2. Give You My Love / 3. Deh Pon Mi Mind / 4. This Love / 5. When I’m With You / 6. Krazy Love / 7. Woman / 8. I Was Wrong / 9. Your Swagg / 10. You Got Di Ting / 11. Don’t Wanna Leave Without You / 12. Thug Like Me / 13. Now I Am Strong / 14. You Got Di Ting (Cadenza Remix)





The complete album ''BROKEN PIECES RIDDIM'' is available on iTunes and other online store since September 17, 2012. This riddim is released by Signature Records and presents various artistes including : Shayde, Priceless, Storm, Emanual Stain, Prestige, Fyah Spryng, I Thunder...



Flash the QR-codes to check out the last releases by Chalice Interactive Sound (from left to right and top to bottom) : the mixtapes 'Changes' – the mixtape 'The Right Medz' - the great tune single from Mr Royal 'Herbalist' - the Reggae Earth United Competition Mix 2012.


Reggae Earth United 2012





Abana Magazine - Special Ethiopian New Year - Reggae Earth United Celebrations  

This present issue Of Abana Magazine invites all the readers to celebrate the various Feasts opening the New Ethiopic Year (starting on 11 S...

Abana Magazine - Special Ethiopian New Year - Reggae Earth United Celebrations  

This present issue Of Abana Magazine invites all the readers to celebrate the various Feasts opening the New Ethiopic Year (starting on 11 S...