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Prospectus 2013 – 14 Book 6

Visiting School

Photos throughout by Sue Barr, Valerie Bennett, Clem Blakemore, Irmgard Reiter, Inez Tan and Jeroen van Ameijde

Visiting School In the world of present-day architecture the AA alumnus Rem Koolhaas was one of the first to write, design and diagram his globetrotting into a contemporary conscience. The AA has taken that nugget of an idea and transformed it into its own ‘council of architecture’ – the AA Visiting School. In more than 50 workshops, laboratories and nomadic studios, one Night School, one One-Year and two Semester Abroad programmes, a Summer School, Visiting Teachers Programme and Independents Group, a wide spectrum of students of all ages and backgrounds will convene at Bedford Square, London and around the planet to make, think, discuss and debate, thus actively shaping the future of architecture. Where cultural externalisation has so often been about exporting an established and dogmatic model to far flung places, the aim of the AA Visiting School is to completely invert that practice. It is learning, exploring, collaborating and experimenting with a diverse group of international partners – schools, cultural institutions, local teachers and practitioners – in order to reimagine the shape, form and expectations of architectural education. No two of the Visiting School’s programme agendas are alike, a defining characteristic that is clearly visible over the following pages. The scale, material and methods are unique to each, but what they share is the AA’s unquenchable thirst for the unknown.


Visiting School Structure

2013 – 14

AA School, London One Year Abroad Programme 2013–14 The AA offers places to students from overseas schools of architecture who wish to take part in a AA unit during a year away from their home institutions. Students are accepted into the Second, Third or Fourth Year. The three-term, 32-week programme involves students in all aspects of undergraduate life at the AA.

AA School Director Brett Steele

AA School, London Autumn Semester Programme A Coruña. On the Edge September – December 2013 Spring Semester Programme Moscow. Microrayons January – May 2014 The Semester Programme is a fulltime 15-week studio-based course open to undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. The programme is integrated with the AA’s undergraduate history and theory seminars and media studies courses. Director Naiara Vegara


AA School, London Night School 2013–14 The AA’s Night School is an on-going speculative project dealing with alternative models of architectural education. It aims to turn an architecture school inside out, offering what are usually internal activities to a wide audience of professionals, clients, other creative practitioners, the general public as well as students.

Director Sam Jacob

AA School, London Summer School 7-25 July 2014 The three-week, full time AA Summer Architecture School presents a challenging programme of design studios, field study, seminars and lectures that emphasise the importance of both practice and theory in contemporary architecture.

Director Natasha Sandmeier


Visiting School Structure

2013 – 14

AA School, London Visiting Teachers Programme May 2014 A short programme to give teachers of architecture an opportunity to engage with the teaching and research of the school and to develop a debate about the aims and strategies of teaching architecture.

Director Hugo Hinsley

AA School, London Independents Group 2013–14 Led by two of the world’s leading independent architecture schools – AA School and SIAL at RMIT – The Independents’ Group is an international research platform for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration that brings together academic and industry partners to develop prototypes for the future of the built environment.

Director Alan Dempsey


Global Schools In less than a decade AA Global Schools have developed from a few scattered experimental workshops into a global network of more than 50 diverse, highly resourced and ambitious programmes running throughout the entire calendar year. Each one challenges different aspects of architecture and the workshop, and collectively have started a revolution in architectural thinking and production. These programmes are focused on highly attuned agendas that immerse a wide variety of student types into a temporary world (lasting from a few days to several weeks) often unlike anything its participants have ever previously known. Programme directors – current and former AA staff and graduates – work with other subject-specific experts/collaborators to invent workshops that are dramatically different in scale, focus, method and outcome, often responding to regional issues and specialties.


United Kingdom

2013 – 14

Hooke Park, Dorset LociMAKE Bouyancy January 2014

Hooke Park, Dorset MakeLab April 2014

Director Luke Olsen

Director Jeroen van Ameijde

Hooke Park, Dorset Maeda Workshop April – June 2014

AA School, London Visioning Architecture July 2014

Director Shin Egashira

Directors Trevor Flynn Anderson Inge Alex Kaiser


United Kingdom

2013 – 14

Hooke Park, Dorset SummerMAKE Dangerous Dwellings July 2014

London / Hooke Park, Dorset AA DLAB RED July 2014

Director Luke Olsen

Director Elif Erdine



2013 – 14

Madrid, Spain Trans-Computational Membranes September 2013

Paris, France Footware – Reinventing Shoes November 2013

Director Manuel Jiménez García

Director Jorge Ayala

Rome, Italy Form as Unknown January 2014

Principality of Liechtenstein Alpine AA – Forms of Weather February 2014

Directors Lorenzo Vianello Arturo Tedeschi

Directors Peter Staub Teresa Cheung



2013 – 14

Paris, France Digital Authenticity March 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland New Ground April 2014

Director Jorge Ayala

Directors Mattia Gambardella Massimo Santanicchia

Istanbul, Turkey Urban Interventions March – April 2014

Athens, Greece Cipher City – Revolutions March – April 2014

Director Elif Erdine

Director Alexandros Kallegias



2013 – 14

Cologne, Germany OMU’s Idea of the City Spring – Summer 2014

Lugo, Italy Lugo Land April 2014

Director Sam Jacoby

Director Sue Barr

Lyon, France Mud Body and Scripts May 2014

Barcelona, Spain Bodega – Enological Metabolism July 2014

Directors Stephanie Chaltiel Marie-Perrine Placais

Directors Edouard Cabay Carles Sala



2013 – 14

Ivrea, Italy Factory Futures July 2014

Bilbao, Spain Computing Topos July 2014

Directors Tommaso Franzolini Pierre Cutellic Maria Shéhérazade Giudici

Directors Maider Llaguno Munitxa Clara Olóriz Sanjuán

Muxagata, Portugal Muxagata Building Workshop July 2014

Berlin, Germany Berlin Take-away July 2014

Directors Shin Egashira Pedro Jervell Mafalda Nicolau de Almeida

Directors Olaf Kneer Marianne Mueller



Nicosia, Cyprus Cyprus – UN Buffer Zone September 2014 Directors Kostas Grigoriadis Pavlos Fereos


2013 – 14

Africa/Middle East

2013 – 14

Muscat, Oman Patterns February 2014

Tel Aviv and Negev, Israel Drifting Rooms – The Wind Chamber April 2014

Director Omid Kamvari

Director Gary Freedman

Amman, Wadi Rum and Petra, Jordan Eroded Morphologies May 2014

Nomadic Design Studio Unknown Fields July 2013

Director Kais Al-Rawi

Directors Kate Davies Liam Young


Summer School presentations, July 2013, AA School, London



2013 – 14

Bangkok, Thailand From Abstract to Concrete December 2013

Beijing, China Su(pe)rReal January 2014

Directors Mark Cousins Jing Rakpanya

Director Li-Qun Zhao

Shanghai, China Urban Formation July 2014

Penang, Malaysia Streetware July 2014

Director Tom Verebes

Director Naiara Vegara



2013 – 14

Beijing, China The Losing Intelligence July 2014

Taipei, Taiwan Generative Glass July – August 2014

Director Yan Gao

Director Immanuel Koh

Singapore Objectify July – August 2014

Seoul, South Korea Emerging Corporate Territories August 2014 Directors Hussam Dakkak Costantino Sambuy Beom Kwan Kim Jin Kim

Directors Nathalie Rozencwajg Michel da Costa Gonçalves



2013 – 14

Koshirakura / Tokyo, Japan Koshirakura / Tokyo Workshops August – September 2014

Moscow, Russia Re-Programming: Culture Clusters July 2014

Director Shin Egashira

Director Maria Fedorchenko

Bangalore, India Breed and Evolve December 2013

Taiwan Taiwan Project January 2014

Director Shajay Bhooshan

Directors John Palmesino Ann-Sofi Rönnskog



2013 – 14

São Paulo, Brazil Vem Pra’ Luta November 2013

Medellín, Colombia Nanotypologies December 2013

Directors Franklin Lee Anne Save de Beaurecueil

Director Sergio Pineda

Kenscoff, Port au Prince, Haiti Experimental Bamboo January 2014

Alto Patache and Santiago, Chile Wandering Above a Sea of Fog January 2014

Director John Naylor

Director Pedro Ignacio Alonso



2013 – 14

Aditnálta Department of Ghost Geographies February 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Infrastructure Padrao Fifa April 2014

Director Mond Qu

Directors Anne Save de Beaurecueil Franklin Lee

Los Angeles, USA Machining Adaptive Living June 2014

Chicago, USA Campaigning Architecture June 2014

Director Alvin Huang Kevin McClellan

Director Kirk Wooller



2013 – 14

San Juan, Puerto Rico Play With Your Food June/July 2014

Bogota, Columbia Up the River, Up the Mountain July 2014

Directors Jorge X. Méndez-Cáceres Drew Merkle Miguel Miranda

Director Diego Pérez Espitia

San Francisco, USA Post-Industrial Landscapes July 2014

Eugene, USA Marking the Forest August 2014

Director Tobias Klein

Directors Kristin Cross Stewart Dodd



2013 – 14

Houston, USA Interscaless: Border City August 2014

Pacific Highway 1 Windscreens August 2014

Director Victoria Goldstein Arturo Revilla

Directors Goswin Schwendinger

New York City, USA Embedded Intelligence Summer 2014 Directors Gil Akos Evan Greenberg Ronnie Parsons



2013 – 14

Sydney, Australia Matrix – Non-Discrete Architectures January – February 2014

Broken Hill, NSW, Australia The Arid Zone Garden July 2014

Director Jeff Turko

Director Fionnuala Heidenwreich

Opposite: Building Community, rural India, 2013



Visiting Schools Student Work

Infloatables, Sydney, February 2012


Bleaching Green, Madrid, July 2010


Unknown Fields, Chernobyl to Baikonur, July 2011


Building Community II, New Delhi, 26 January – 6 February 2013


Top: Chile by Night, Santiago San Pedro de Atacama 3–11 January 2013


Bottom: Post-McQueen Embryos, Paris, March 2012

FAAshion, Paris, March 2011


Top: Tender is the Night, Summer School, London, July 2010


Bottom: Deserta, Santiago de Chile, January 2011

Top: DLab/Green 02, Hooke Park, Dorset, 23 July – 5 August 2012

Bottom: MakeLAB, Dorset, April 2012


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AA Prospectus 2013-14 Visiting School  
AA Prospectus 2013-14 Visiting School