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Evening Lecture Peter Cook Stuff and Nonsense for Architecture Monday 16 January, 6.00 Lecture Hall The Architecture and Education lecture series co-ordinated by Mark Cousins asks invited speakers to introduce a broad field of architectural issues and issues of architectural education. The point is not to argue for some particular view but to describe the plurality of views within architectural discourse so that the audience becomes more aware of the choices open to them in terms of the central issues of architectural debate. SED MArchJury Tuesday 17 January, 10.00 Lecture Hall Sustainable Environmental Design MArch candidates present their dissertation projects. SED Keynote Lecture Mike Taylor, Klaus Bode, Ed McCann London 2012 Velodrome Tuesday 17 January, 6.00 Lecture Hall Three key players in the design of the London 2012 Velodrome discuss the methods and solutions underpinning the project. The lightweight, double-curving and cable-net roof structure reflects the shape of the cycling track based on an economical use of materials. Strategically positioned glazed roof lights provide diffuse light throughout the track and infield areas, avoiding direct sunlight. Whilst mechanical systems seamlessly integrated into the building envelope deliver the warm temperatures required for the record breaking races, the Velodrome can be fully naturally ventilated during most of the year, reducing its energy consumption and related carbon emissions. Mike Taylor is a Senior Partner of Hopkins Architects. Klaus Bode is a Director of BDSP Partnership Consulting Engineers. Ed McCann is a Director of Expedition Engineering. Emtech MArch Jury Wednesday 18 January, 10.00 36 SFB Emtech candidates present their dissertation projects. Emtech Keynote Lecture Branko Kolarevic Architecture of Change Wednesday 18 January, 6.00 Lecture Hall This lecture surveys essential concepts and significant past and current projects that deal with interactive, responsive

environments, ie buildings that can change their configuration, appearance and environmental conditions in response to patterns of occupation and context (and in return can shape those too). The principal argument is that change in architecture is far from being adequately addressed or explored theoretically, experimentally or phenomenologically. Branko Kolarevic teaches architecture at the University of Calgary, where he also holds the Chair in Integrated Design and co-directs the Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID). He has authored, edited or co-edited several books, including Manufacturing Material Effects (with Kevin Klinger), Performative Architecture (with Ali Malkawi) and Architecture in the Digital Age. DRL MArchJury Thursday 19 and Friday 20 January 10.00, Lecture Hall DRL MArch candidates present their dissertation projects over two days DRL Keynote Lecture Philippe Morel What is Computationalism? Thursday 19 January, 6.00 Lecture Hall ‘One of the dimensions I am referring to when speaking of Computationalism concerns what I call “The Last Domestic Landscape” – an abstract and physical global landscape based on the computational power of electronic machines (ie computers), a landscape intrinsically associated with the idea of an effective postmodernism and that is still awaiting its theory. In this lecture I will address both the necessity for such a theorisation as well as some of the foundations of my theory of computationalism.’ Philippe Morel is co-founder of EZCT Architecture & Design Research, a collaborative practice created in 2000. He is associate professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais (Architectural Theory and Computational Practices) and a studio master at the Berlage. He has written about the consequences of technological phenomena on global disurbanism and has lectured and/ or exhibited at Harvard GSD, Mori Art Museum, TU Delft, Columbia GSAPP and MIT, among others. Graduate School Open Day Friday 20 January, 9.30 Lecture Hall This open day offers an introduction to the AA Graduate School with an opportunity for prospective students to meet current students and staff, tour the AA’s facilities and view presentations of current work. There will also be a chance

to attend the AADRL final jury, where teams of students present their thesis design projects to a panel of leading international architects, theorists, critics and designers. Participants are encouraged to attend the Evening Lecture by Hernán Díaz Alonso at 6.00. DRL Keynote Lecture Hernán Díaz Alonso The Forms of Plenty Friday 20 January, 6.00 Lecture Hall Díaz Alonso is the principal and founder of Xefirotarch, a practice based in Los Angeles. He is also the Graduate Programs Chair at SCI-Arc, where he has served for the past several years as Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Graduate Thesis Coordinator. Previously, he taught design studio at Columbia University GSAPP, and was the head studio professor in ‘Excessive’, a postgraduate programme at the Universität für angewandte Kunst in Vienna. He was honoured by Yale University with the Louis I Kahn Visiting Assistant Professorship of Architectural Design in autumn 2010. His work has been widely published in magazines and periodicals worldwide. 2012 will see the publication of a monograph from Thames and Hudson and a solo show at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Hooke Park Permaculture Session Saturday 21/Sunday 22 January Hooke Park The permaculture sessions aim to build the knowledge and infrastructure for a newly productive and self-sustaining forest landscape at Hooke Park. As step one, volunteers are invited to help establish a new kitchen garden within the development masterplan. Further details can be found here: http:// designandmake. Please apply via email to Applicants will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

Exhibitions are open from Saturday 14 January to Saturday 11 February Monday to Friday 10.00–7.00, Saturday 10.00–5.00 Critical Territories Groundlab and Plasma Studio AA Gallery Critical Territories presents the work of two practices, Groundlab and Plasma Studio, which share a transdisciplinary approach and operate at multiple scales, from product and building design to landscape and masterplanning. The installation – a site-specific grid

arrangement of light boxes covered with technical drawings – has been conceived to immerse visitors in the systemic approach of the practices and their preoccupation with grids, ground and context. A plethora of conceptual and presentation models floating loosely within this grid communicate recurring aims, ideas and spatial and phenomenological effects. Among the projects on show are the Xian International Horticultural Expo and the Longgang Masterplan. ecoLogicStudio H·O·R·T·U·S Front Members’ Room H·O·R·T·U·S (Hydro Organisms Responsive to Urban Stimuli) is a new exhibition from ecoLogicStudio that engages with the notions of renewable energy and urban agriculture through a new gardening prototype. Over a fourweek growing period, flows of energy (light radiation), matter (biomass, carbon dioxide) and information (images, tweets, stats) will be triggered to induce multiple mechanisms of self-regulation and evolve novel forms of self-organisation. H·O·R·T·U·S proposes an experimental hands-on engagement with these notions, illustrating their potential applicability to the masterplanning of large regional landscapes and the retrofitting of industrial and rural architectural types, as exemplified in the project ‘Regional Algae Farm’ developed by ecoLogicStudio for Österlen on Sweden’s Baltic coast. ARTitectural Production Curated by Friedrich Gräfling AA Bar The title ARTitecture evokes the close connections between fine art and architecture from the medieval period till today. In this exhibition three artists – Jorinde Voigt, Anne Hardy and Hynek Martinec – will offer their perspectives on the links between the disciplines, opening up a broader discussion that asks: Where are the contact points between architecture and art today? How do they compete or profit from their close relationship? The exhibition will be accompanied by a roundtable discussion at the AA on Wednesday 8 February. Both the exhibition and the roundtable event are sponsored and supported by the Czech Centre London and Kleine Wundertüte. Forthcoming in Winter Term Lina & Gio – The Last Humanists The Work of Lina Bo Bardi: Photographs by Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre Homes of the American Dispossessed: Photographs by Ben Murphy Private views, Friday 24 February; open Saturday 25 February to Saturday 24 March

AA Annual General Meeting The AA Annual General Meeting has been rescheduled to Monday 5 March. The previously scheduled meeting on Monday 23 January will now be used for an ordinary meeting of Council. Starting time for both meetings remains at 6.30. AA Bookshop Closure The AA Bookshop will be closed for a week from 16 January to allow for its relocation to the back room of 32 Bedford Square. It will reopen on Monday 23 January. AA Library Athens Access Available Athens is an access management system that provides remote access to the online databases and journals subscribed to by the AA Library. To set up an Athens account, please email Simine Marine at or fill out a form at the library issue desk. AA Modelshop The Modelshop is now located in the basement area of 16 Morwell Street. Student Forum Darkroom The opportunity has arisen for a possible AA-run darkroom (black/white and colour) offsite in Bethnal Green, run by students for students. In order for this to go ahead, the Student Forum needs to gauge the level of interest in the school. If you have any prior experience of working in a darkroom or are interested in using it or helping out, please email January Progress Reviews Dates for January Progress Reviews are First Year: Wednesday 18 January Intermediate: Monday 16 January Diploma: Tuesday 17 January Students who are repeating the year are required to attend these reviews. All other students will have been notified by their Unit Masters/Tutors if they are required to attend the reviews.

11.30 Housing and Urbanism Shaping the Modern City Hugo Hinsley & Nick Bullock H&U Studio 2.00 Housing and Urbanism Cities in a Transnational World Jorge Fiori H&U Studio 2.00 AAIS 33 FFB 6.00 Evening Lecture Peter Cook Stuff and Nonsense for Architecture Lecture Hall

10.00 HTS First Year History of Architecture – A Critical Outline Introduction to the History of Architecture and to Its Categories: Form, Space, Project, Politics and Subjectivity Pier Vittorio Aureli with Mollie Claypool, Emma Jones, Alison Moffett and Zaynab Dena Ziari 36 SFB Please note associated seminars will take place in 36 SFB and 38 FFF/FFR – change in venue for this week only. 10.00 Sustainable Environmental Design (SED) MArch Jury Presentation of thesis projects Lecture Hall 11.00 History and Critical Thinking The Post-Eurocentric City John Palmesino 32FFF 2.00 History and Critical Thinking Contemporary Forms of Architecture and Agency Douglas Spencer 32FFF 6.00 SED Keynote Lecture Mike Taylor, Klaus Bode, Ed McCann London 2012 Velodrome Lecture Hall

10.00 Emtech MArch Jury Presentation of thesis projects 36 SFB 11.30 SED Refurbishing the City Part II: Introduction to Term 2 Events & Project Brief Programme Staff 32 FFB 2.00 Landscape Urbanism Critical Territories Doug Spencer New Soft Room 2.00 Projective Cities Theories of the Contemporary City Sam Jacoby and Chris Lee 32 GFB 3.00 Housing and Urbanism The Reason of Urbanism Larry Barth H&U Studio 6.00 Emtech Keynote Lecture Branko Kolarevic Architecture of Change Lecture Hall

10.00 DRL MArch Jury (Day 1) Presentation of thesis projects Lecture Hall 10.00 HTS Second Year Architectures – Their Pasts and Their Cultures The Engineer and Infrastructure Mark Cousins with Ryan Dillon, Ross Adams, Daniel Ayat and Roberta Maraccio 32 SFB Please note seminars will take place in 32 SFB, 32 FFF/FFB and 33 FFB 10.00 HTS Third Year Architectural Coupling (+) Delirious NY vs Manhattan Transcripts Mollie Claypool and Ryan Dillon with Ivonne Santoyo Orozco, Shumi Bose, Orit Goldstein-Mayer and Emanouil Stavrakakis 36 SFB Please note seminars will take place in 36 SFB and Studios 1 and 2 – change in venue for this week only 10.00 TS First Year First Applications – Environmental Group Giles Bruce 33 FFF

10.00 TS First Year First Applications – Materials Group Christina Doumpioti 37 FFF 10.00 TS First Year First Applications – Structures Group Marissa Kretsch 38 FFF 2.00 TS First Year First Applications – All Groups One-to-one work First Year Studio 2.00 TS Second Year Option course: Materials – Steel Carolina Bartram 36 SFB 3.00 Housing and Urbanism Critical Urbanism Larry Barth H&U Studio

2.00 Building Conservation/Year 2 Colour in Interiors ‘The Past is a Foreign Country’ Ian Bristow 33 FFB 2.00 AAIS Studio 2 6.00 DRL Keynote Lecture Hernán Díaz Alonso The Forms of Plenty Lecture Hall

Hooke Park Permaculture Session First of two weekend permaculture sessions at Hooke Park. Continues on Sunday. Hooke Park

3.30 TS Second Year Option course: Environmental Design in Practice The climate outside our buildings and why it matters Giles Bruce 36 SFB 6.00 DRL Keynote Lecture Philippe Morel What is Computalisation? Lecture Hall

9.30 Graduate School Open Day Lecture Hall 10.00 First Year Jury Jury continues on Monday 23 January 38 SFB 10.00 Intermediate 8 Jury 38 FFF 10.00 DRL MArch Jury (Day 2) Presentation of thesis projects Lecture Hall 10.00 Building Conservation/Year 1 Introduction To Timber Framing Richard Harris 33 FFF 2.00 Building Conservation/Year 1 Damp Exercise Visit David Hills & Karen Butti 10.00 Building Conservation/Year 2 Georgian Interiors John Redmill 33 FFB

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AA Events List Winter Week 2 - 16.1.2012  
AA Events List Winter Week 2 - 16.1.2012  

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