Aaron Dungca Needham MA | Business and Technology analyst

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Aaron Dungca Needham MA Senior Business Analyst

A Proud Filipino American

As a proud Filipino American, Aaron Dungca moved to the United States at age 9 and completed his education in health and fitness. He loves his current career which combines fitness, technology and health.

Served As A PTC Senior Business Analyst

Aaron Dungca recently served as a PTC senior business analyst. he is a results-driven, technology-savvy professional who designs KPI reports, automates reports and specializes in sales process improvements.

Specialized In Customer Discount Requests

Aaron Dungca has many business skills but has specialized in customer discount requests and business quoting in the past.

Launched New Digital Tracking Programs

Aaron Dungca launched new digital tracking programs and revamped vendor relationships for a recent employer, and he plans to continue adding to his credentials. While at Springfield College, Aaron Dungca joined AmeriCorps,and he enjoys giving back to the community.


Aaron Dungca Needham MA Loves to hike, mountain bike and kayak while spending time outdoors in New Hampshire and throughout New England. Aaron Dungca cheers on his favorite teams the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots.

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