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The Heart of Telemarketing The 8 Principles of BHT

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The 8 Principles BHT was established in 1997 by Christine Bonham and Colin Horton who insisted on there being these 8 Principles at the heart of our Telemarketing service:

1. The Right People

- who know what they’re doing

2. Accurate data

- the right people in the right places

3. Comprehensive statistics

- enabling analysis of campaigns

4. Benchmarking campaigns

- so the client knows where they stand

5. Factual Guarantees

- based on statistics and Benchmarks

6. Quality Assurance Guarantees

- calling and appointments

7. Partnership

- regular contact with the client

8. Affordability

- low-cost, flexible campaigns

Telemarketing is the only other form of “actively dynamic” marketing apart from “door-to-door canvassing.” We at BHT believe in this form of marketing as it provides our clients with genuine and immediate feedback. We will continue to strive to improve it and bring the best possible marketing support to each and every client we have.


1.The Right People who know what they’re doing

Our small, select team of operatives are hand-picked. We ensure that they: • Speak properly so that you can rest assured that the correct impression is being made when they represent you. • Have pleasant personalities to project a courteous and gentle approach so that your reputation, built up with care over time, is not put in jeopardy. • Have intelligence to understand your business and your proposition. They will understand why your proposition will be of interest in the market. Consequently, they will project it from the recipient’s point of view. • Like to be trained on new campaigns so that they increase their portfolio of knowledge allowing them to bring more experience to each new client’s campaign. • Take ownership of each new project and so have the desire to make it a success and thereby allow the client to have the confidence that the campaign has an emotional drive to it. • Can interact with the client to provide weekly performance reviews and feedback to allow for more refinement of the campaign. We will continue to strive to improve it and bring the best possible marketing support to each and every client we have. 3

2.Accurate Data

the right people in the right places

It’s no good having a good campaign if your target market is ill-defined. We assist you to be better targeted by: • Specification of data – to ensure the right size and type of company within the right geographical area and market. • Correct identification – we find the right person to talk to we don’t rely on databases to do this. We actually refine each database we are supplied with.


3.Comprehensive Statistical Analysis enabling detailed analysis of campaigns

Each client benefits from a statistical analysis of their campaign to facilitate: • A complete understanding of the market reaction – so that the client can turn the sales process into a mathematical formula rather than guesswork. • Identification of the level of interest – so the client can calculate how long a campaign needs to be to generate the level of return required. • Identification of current interest – to book immediate appointments or send information. • Identification of real interest within the next 6 months – so that you will know who to talk to in order to establish your future client portfolio. • Benchmarking of Campaigns – so that you will know what you can achieve. • Evaluation of the data-base – because we provide comprehensive statistics even showing the level of data error.


4.Benchmarking Campaigns so the client knows where they stand

By analysing each campaign we can provide each client with the security of clear insight into the way the market reacts to their proposition thus enabling:

• A realistic view of ROI – based on fact not fiction • A confidence that the market place has been evaluated • Guarantees – see number 5 Factual Guarantees


5.Factual Guarantees based on the statistics and Benchmarks

The Benchmarking process facilitates two things: • An evaluation of the effort required to achieve a certain return. • A guarantee that from the moment of benchmarking each weekly campaign will achieve the same overall results. Consequently, the client now knows that for a certain level of investment in telemarketing they can expect this level of return – guaranteed.


6.Quality Assurance Guarantees calling and appointments

The client has two more guarantees: • Each telemarketing hour will contain a minimum of 15 calls, each one properly annotated on the database facilitating an accurate record of the call trail. • Each appointment will only be made if there is genuine interest in taking the client’s proposition forward. To this end every client is asked to confirm the appointments by telephone 2 days prior to the meeting.



regular contact with the client

Over the period of the campaign there is very regular contact with the client in order to develop an increased awareness and so a steadily refined campaign. This is achieved by: • Face-to-face briefings – so that no “Chinese whispers” can corrupt the operative’s understanding of the market-place or the proposition. • Immediate feed-back – in the case of appointments or telephone appointments so that the client can take the necessary diary steps and be aware of the nature of the contact. • E-mail feed-back – to back-up the above telephone conversation and provide the client with the detail of the conversation as well as the contact details. • Weekly feed-back – by telephone to keep the client up to date with progress and any additional time which is being provided by BHT to boost the campign. • Review meetings – face-to-face either at BHT or at the client’s offices to review progress and discuss any changes or refinements to improve the campaign.



low-cost, flexible campaigns

The majority of clients have limited budgets and therefore want low-cost, effective and flexible telemarketing campaigns. This is achieved by: • Low Fees – to match the cost of “getting a girl in.” • Professionals on the ‘phone – no need to train them • Weekly flexibility – the client can change the number of days from week to week. • Campaign flexibility - the focus of the campaign can be changed without penalty during the campaign


How to Contact us Thank you for expressing an interest in telemarketing & BHT . We hope you found “The 8 Principles� helpful. We will ring you next week to see if a meeting would be helpful so that we can discuss this in more detail or you could ring us on 0808-172-1900. We do look forward to talking with you.

Colin Horton Colin Horton Director: New Business PS To say thank you for this enquiry we are pleased to make you these 2 Offers : 1. We will give you the first 2 days of any full 13 week campaign free of charge. 2. For every successful referral you give BHT we will add another 2 free days telemarketing to your campaign.


The Heart of Telemarketing - The 8 Principles of BHT  
The Heart of Telemarketing - The 8 Principles of BHT  

A guide to the 8 principles of Telemarketing and how BHT can help your company.