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Contents About BHT Sales Support Ltd


What makes BHT different?


Quality Control, Reporting & TPS


How can we assist you with Your sales drive?


Campaign Results: A typical example


Minimum Benchmarking


Relevant experience


We are proud of our association with these companies


Markets in which BHT Sales Support Ltd have operated


How Much do we charge?


Providing You with Peace of Mind




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About BHT Sales Support Ltd BHT Sales Support Ltd was established in 1997 by Christine Bonham and Colin Horton to provide intelligent telemarketing & comprehensive sales/marketing support for highly technical and niche concept business. Intelligent Telemarketing

• • • • • • • • •

No nonsense, common sense, frank approach Varying fee structures to suit budget & campaign Short, medium or long-term campaigns Appointment & Sales pipeline generation Statistical reports/reviews/discussions Cold calling Follow-up to Mail-shots and/or Exhibitions Customer surveys/mystery shopper Market research

Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Support

• Marketing - (SPIRR)

Strategy discussions and advice Planning Implementation Review Refocusing

• Sales

Letters composed or redrafted Brochures, Leaflets & Pamphlets

• Databases

Procurement – specification, purchase, Management – merging and refining

• Mailings

Trickle-shot campaigns Follow-up material

• Graphics

brochures/corporate identity/web-sites


Why? Maintaining a constant sales process can be very difficult. Other matters are often perceived to be more urgent and can get in the way. Then, before you know it there is a cash-flow crisis because sales have gone flat.

When? You need to develop your sales or want an impartial view - to develop and then maintain your sales process on a steady but regular basis.

Where? At your offices and then at ours. Initial discussions, research and planning will be carried out at your offices. The briefing and telemarketing will take place at our offices. Regular reviews take place at either.

Which markets and contacts? BHT specialises in the complex as well as the simple Technical/Design Engineering Environmental/Green issues Accountancy PR Consultancy Manufacturing Retail IT Within the IT sector we can support hardware systems, networks, platforms and software applications accountancy, manufacturing, CRM’s, Image solutions, CAD, CAE, FEA (Nastran & Patran}, CFD. We are comfortable talking to contacts at any level within any company or organisation.

Who? Christine Bonham: Colin Horton: Tracey Jackson: Christina Barnsley: Natalie Smith: Nakita Hancock: Gemma Martin:

Director Operations - 30+ years customer service and telemarketing Director Business Development - 30+ years sales/marketing experience Manager / Professional Telemarketer Deputy Manager / Professional Telemarketer Professional Telemarketer Professional Telemarketer Professional Telemarketer


What makes BHT different? In a nutshell, we take ownership of your campaign – your success is our success. We offer you a choice of trickle campaigns of 2 to 5 days per week and we can demonstrate what can be achieved, statistically We provide a mature, no nonsense, frank approach with honest advice. We help every step of the way from a toe in the water to full-blooded campaigns. We guarantee on-going campaigns based on statistics, in other words – on fact. Other key factors are

• • • • • • • • • • •

Bespoke strategies developed in partnership with you Permanent salaried staff – no bonuses to skew the results Maturity on the telephone ensures listening skills No scripts – intelligent conversations from maturity and experience Telemarketing developed by users – we understand what YOU want Regular statistics of campaigns facilitate a more focussed approach Tracking of interested parties to conclusion TPS screening to protect you from prosecution Assistance with sales letters if required Regular client contact because we are your marketing team Quality control checks Companies need to feel COMFORTABLE with their partners and so with those clients willing to work towards a common goal BHT works equally hard to develop mutual TRUST & RESPECT


Quality Control, Reporting & TPS Quality Control


If an operator perceives an issue during the campaign they will stop, discuss it with Christine Bonham and then the statistics will be drawn.

Easy-to-understand reports are prepared during and at the end of each campaign and will show:

The statistics will be studied and a decision will be taken whether to proceed or call the client for a discussion. If there is a problem the client will not be charged for the time used. Alternative ideas will then be suggested and discussed and a new approach developed.

BHT treats every campaign as if it was their own. We want success as much as you do because our continuing relationship with you depends upon it. TPS Screening

• • • • • • • • • • •

Number of companies called How many calls were made How many decision makers were contacted Number of appointments booked Number of interested companies within 6 months Tracking of interested parties to conclusion Number of interested companies longer than 6 months How many uninterested companies Level of data in error Number of non-contacted companies Campaign comparison for evaluation purposes

This is all supported by a written report and our professional recommendations at the end of each campaign, or sub-campaign.

All data is purchased from international data agencies and is screened to ensure that no companies are called who have registered not to receive cold sales calls with the corporate Telephone Preference Service.


How can we assist you with Your sales drive? (SPIRR) Develop the Strategy and Plan a campaign

During the marketing discussions with the client we discover the objectives and then, using our experience we will offer a marketing strategy and advice to develop a plan that fits your requirements and budget. This could result in the development of any or all of the following:• mail-shots • telemarketing campaigns to new or existing clients • new sales literature • revamped corporate identity • web-site design & multimedia • advertising campaigns • sales seminars • PR (SPIRR) Implement the Plan, Review and Refocus

When the campaign mix has been agreed and a plan decided we will implement it with you. Then because nothing is as constant as change we will agree to review it and include any changes that experience dictates are necessary. Composing Effective Sales Material

An impartial third party can look at the client sales material with an unbiased eye. We translate any jargon into plain English and produce a dynamic sales message/image. This can then be transposed into brochures, web-sites and of course, sales letters. Specifying, Procuring and Refining YOUR Database

If you don’t have a database we will guide you through the specification and procurement to ensure that the right commercial and regional profile is obtained. Then we will ensure that the right contact is identified by name and title. Print/Despatch of Mail-shots and any follow-up material

We can produce mail-shots prior to a telemarketing campaign and the requests for more information during and following an exhibition or telemarketing campaign. Graphic support

Effective, eye-catching and dynamic design work either paper or digital which enhances your marketing message, raises your profile and promotes your sales campaign.



You can choose a BHT telemarketing campaign to suit your requirements • • • • • •

Short, medium or long-term campaigns for the support you need assess interest in your services book appointments for your sales team refine databases customer surveys market research

We always recommend stepping into campaigns carefully so that we can Establish the basis of a working relationship Evaluate the level of response to the services being offered Compile a set of statistics for analysis and future comparison Agree a Benchmark of performance Agree future campaign duration & weight Once a Benchmark has been agreed, every campaign will be measured against it and the results will always equal or surpass the benchmark - we guarantee Whether you require • a short-term highly focussed campaign of 13 weeks • a medium-term 26 week steady trickle of support • a long-term campaign of 39 or 52 weeks In addition, all follow-up calls from previous campaigns are picked up during each campaign, at no extra cost to you. All sales opportunities are kept on the burner until they convert to appointments or drop off the system due to declared lack of interest by the potential. Marketing recommendations are given to each client following every campaign as well as written information about all interested parties. Consequently, as time goes by a clearer idea of the market place and what is required is built up.


Campaign Results: A typical example Campaign Report Numbers Companies on list




Level of Interest

















Appointments/Invitations APP/INV Telephone Appointments On File/Interest up to 6 months Send Information/Follow


On File/Follow













Not Interested




Wrong Data







Unable to Talk to



Minimum Benchmarking Periods The benchmarking takes place at the end of the benchmarking week and takes account of all data processed up to and including that week. Telemarketing Frequency

Benchmarking Week

2 days per week

Week 8

3 days per week

Week 6

4 days per week

Week 5

5 days per week

Week 4


Relevant experience BHT Sales Support Ltd has worked very successfully in many concept markets. The attached list of issues and clients demonstrates our depth of experience and we will willingly discuss non confidential aspects with you. On average each campaign will generate interest of between 10 and 15%. Telemarketing will develop a sales pipeline as well as generate appointments. Over time, with persistent and careful handling, the pipeline will generate a stream of interested companies who will want to book an appointment with your representative. We will discuss and agree with each client what kind of campaign is required:• • • • •

Cold calling – short burst of 13 weeks Continuous - trickle - 26 weeks or more Database cleaning and refinement Sales letter development Sales letter despatch in a strictly controlled trickle

• • • •

Follow-up telemarketing to sales letter Information despatch Follow-up telemarketing to information despatch Seminar/workshop invitation We are happy to provide relevant references.

We are proud of our association with these companies Management Consultants MGA McNicol Associates The Change Partnership Millar & Associates First Report Rolton Group

Accountants Mason Law Morley & Scott Foxley Kingham Moore Stephens Garbutt & Elliott Associations Institute of Export

Recruitment / Training Maythorne ITEC DAH CGTC Laidlaw & Constable DFNL Results International Vigilaris TDD Sciences IHS IT Companies Abtec Agile Computers Alta Systems Autoscribe Babytech BT Compulog Consyse CPL Compliant Corich Computing Cameo Concurrent Croner Cube Software Diptec Definitive Solutions Fotoware Graphite Highgrove Computing

Engineering/Printing Shakespeare EHL MTL Vine Engineering Mills Computer Products

Artos Ingersoll-Rand General Printers ECS Keymas

Services The Marshall Group Aark Design EnSafe SM & MS Checkmate Fire Solutions Agent Phone Petans Fire & Health & Safety Insignia Integranet IntY Keyfort Landmark LBT Liberty Data Lore Network Solutions London Bridge Lovell Johns Microsystems Support MTAS Mantissa MGM MicroConcepts Mitech Moose MSC Software Network Resource Niche Publishing Services

Open Business Ohm Paralogic PMS Pudsey Computers QC Technology QED Qualtec Quintic Rand Worldwide SalesAchiever Smartgroups Sweethaven Systems Created Tarragon The VI Group Touch Technology Tyler Loveridge Triumph USL


Markets in which BHT Sales Support Ltd have operated Management Consultants Finance Manufacturing Computerising commercial systems Psychological assessment

Accountants Pension Scheme Audit VAT & PAYE services Business turn-around General accountancy services

Recruitment / Training Export specialists Youth training vacancies Materials handling training Soft Skills training IT Skills training Driver Recruitment Senior Executive Recruitment IT Recruitment Fire fighting Financial skills

Associations Membership development

Sciences Measurement of compounds Histopathology Chromotography LIMS CIS DNA Molecular & Sample tracking IT/Technical Hardware/software maintenance Computer provision to schools Java technology research 3D Cad/Cam technology Internet security IBM Partner promotion Point of Sale Interface Document scanning Interactive web-sites System Development Virtual commerce Front to Back office solutions CCTV Security Systems Control Computer maintenance contract negotiators Oracle installation, training & consultancy Internet/Extranet/Intranet systems Quality assurance systems Inter-office connection and security ERP

Specialist Corporate sector Will preparation Engineering / Printing Monofilament market investigation Cabling/Networking Intrinsic safety Printing / Graphic design Oil & Petro-chemicals Services Benefit Report Consultancy Database research and acquisition Exhibitions Health & Safety Assessments Car Service Sales Follow up Datacubes Accountancy software Access/monitoring systems Emulation software AS 400 promotion Interactive Group web-sites Document management systems Document storage and Imaging CCTV Image Enhancement Space design H&S systems Project management systems Networks Publishing software Package tracking systems Fire Training Biometric door access Environmental Issues Passive Fire Protection 13

How Much do we charge? Daily Rate Data-base: Specification & Procurement £ 380 (Database prices vary from supplier to supplier and are charged extra) Telemarketing Briefing/Set-up Statistics/Review

£ 380 £ 380

Continuous x 13 weeks (Discounts for longer periods) 2 days per week 3 days per week 4 days per week 5 days per week

£300/week £400/week £500/week £600/week

Design Support Our sister company Aark Design provides a large array of design support such as web design, email marketing, podcasts, videocast, DVD’s, graphic design and corporate ID to name just a few. Prices start from £250 so if your company has a design requirement and you would like to discuss it. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Providing You with Peace of Mind • BHT Guaranteed Telemarketing Call Rate 15 calls (minimum) are made every hour/operative*. Therefore, you can calculate the duration of each campaign.

• BHT Guaranteed Success Rate –

based on your Benchmark

The levels of interest are determined during the trial campaign. THEN

• BHT will match or beat your benchmark Everytime we repeat your campaign Even, if we have to work longer at our own expense.

• BHT will work until: The benchmark is matched OR The data is exhausted * This figure is calculated using a standard Excel database. The figure may change with other forms of data or if input is required. 15

Testimonials We are impressed with their rapid grasp of our company ethos and our market place and feel completely confident that they will represent us properly on the telephone. BHT communicates with us regularly throughout our campaigns. They begin by feeding us with prospects who want information and then they follow up to convert that interest into sales appointments. Each appointment is properly qualified and the timing and address are confirmed. Very quickly we are enlarging our pipeline of prospects. I am very happy to say that I was and continue to be thoroughly impressed by the down-to-earth, professional approach that BHT adopt and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies. Bob Law Partner Mason Law LLP -------------------------------------------------We have collaborated with Christine and her team at BHT regularly over the past three years. We have always been impressed with the level of service they have delivered to us and all the leads supplied and appointments arranged were well qualified and a good use of our sales teams valuable time. Campaign feedback received is second to none and the information returned shows evidence of deep conversations around the subject matter which was both different and refreshing compared to traditional tele-marketing agencies we have used in the past. A fantastic, friendly professional service - a real cut above the average tele-marketing resource. Lee Edmunds Director Concurrent Engineering Ltd. -------------------------------------------------SM & MS appointed BHT as telemarketing partner some months ago, undertaking telemarketing campaign when required. During this period we have found the staff to be professional. The results excellent and the flexibility of sales support a competitive advantage. Richard Edwards Director of Sales & Marketing SM & MS --------------------------------------------------


MTAS are a leading software developer with over 20 years experience in providing software applications via three distinct arms of the business; Facilities Management, Maintenance Management and Medical Applications. Although the business has had 24 years of sustained profitable growth we realised that our Maintenance & Facilities Management software UltraSys is potentially a strong player in the marketplace and so we developed a sales strategy to increase sales. The initial contact I had with BHT Sales Support was a ‘cold call’ as a potential customer. I receive at least 5 calls a week from companies offering data cleansing and telesales appointment making, but the call from BHT stood out at the time as the telesales operative was professional and knowledgeable and had obviously researched our company. She took the time to listen to my plans for the sales strategy and my reservations for using outsourced telesales and we agreed a call back for several months time. When the call back came, although it was now a different person, the previous conversation had obviously been well documented and the rapport with Christine who did the follow up was instant so I agreed to an appointment. At our first meeting, it was apparent that BHT was looking for a long term partnership rather than a one off sales campaign, which suits our business as we have a lengthy sales cycle. From my own experience as a ‘cold call’ I was confident BHT would have the same effect on our potential clients, and BHT’s partnership approach would make this a successful strategy. I also met with 2 other companies and although the pricing was fairly similar I didn’t have the same confidence in the organisations. After a visit to BHT’s office to meet the telesales team, we agreed to an initial 13 week campaign. The initial campaign exceeded all of our expectations. The appointments were well qualified so when I confirmed them, they knew who we were and why we were going and had been expecting a confirmation call. When our representative attended the BHT appointments, he also commented on the quality of the appointments and 12 months later can not remember the last time he went on an appointment where he felt it was a waste of time, which was frequent feedback from previous telesales campaigns. The initial 13 week campaign has continued for almost 12 months and has produced an additional pipeline exceeding £0.5m and our first BHT generated new business win this month with many more to follow. BHT’s willingness to fully understand our marketplace, our business and how we want to approach our potential clients has really made this venture a true partnership and we look forward to their continued support with our on going sales campaign. Helen Evans Sales Manager MTAS -------------------------------------------------BHT bring value to our marketing process and play a vital role in sales development and lead generation. BHT’s greatest strength is their willingness to be flexible and fluid in their approach to telemarketing which is invaluable to us as we market our product in the modern business environment. BHT’s regular feedback and ease of contact make working with them very simple and effective. I often call them up with a suggestion or idea and it is looked into immediately. BHT provide a friendly yet professional service and we are happy to recommend them to other businesses. Tim Barton Marketing Coordinator Keymas


How to Contact us By Mail Colin Horton:

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Director : Operations

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