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Introduce a normal girl Natalie Understanding the things about Natalie

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This magazine is not about social gossip or the latest fashion, it is only about a girl who is a "small potato". There are no secrets, just information. There is no essay - only a story.

Contents Introduction of Natalie #4+5 Photographic from Natalie #6 Interview with Natalie #7 Comments on Natalie from people #8+9 Natalie's Mind #10-11

Introduce Natalie Natalie, a girl who is always

like magic, attracting a lot of

to satisfy tutors. Fortunately,

mistaken for being Japanese

people to see what is inside the

she announced that she will

instead of Chinese. In fact, she

windows. It will be her dream

not given up, until she dies. She

doesn't know how to speak

career to work on shop window

understands that these few

japanese, not even one word.

design. She is now studying

years will be a bit harsh and

in the Community College of

overloaded pressure, but she

Let's talk about what she

City University (CCCU) in the

also believe that if she does

wants. When she was a little

Associate Degree in Media &

her best in this few years, it

girl, she wanted to be a

Publications Design. While she

will be the best experience to

designer. Any types of design

had started her study in CCCU,

learn what is design.

she will also be interested in

she found that studying design

and willing to understand and

is not what she expected. As

learn, especially shop window

design need to be creative

design. She said that a good

and have sense, but sometimes

shop window design will be just

she found that it was so difficult

4 - Nata B*


1: Celebration of friend's birthday 2: Gathering on Secretarial Advanced Diploma 3: Last time to have donuts at Crispy Creme 4: Last day for temporary joy at UBS bank 5: Gathering with best friends in Secretary School 6: Family gathering at Hong Kong Disneyland 7: Girls' gathering at Lamma Island

Nata B* - 5

It seems like a pool, but actually it is just a pool of water on the small platform... You can also find this view when you have time to see details... *(the scene of this photo came from Sunny Bay MTR Station)

Some places are the scenic spots that can always remind the youngster "This is Hong Kong" *(this photo took place on Lee Tung Street)

Be gentle. Creatures will be willing to let you understand their thinking. *(this photo took place on Lamma Island)

Developing area will also have their charm which developed area do not have anymore - silence. *(the scene of this photo came from Mainland China)

6 - Nata B*


Sometimes, practicing to draw the cover of some products will also improve your drawing skills. Just relax, no pressure.

Q: Questions from Nata B* N: Natalie Q: What do you like to do? N: I love to taking photos, anytime, anywhere. Also, I love to take photos of pets and views. Besides,


second thing i love to do is drawing, especially the packages of the food. Q: What makes you feel so passionate to take photos? N: Because everyone has different direction to watch the view, While I think that view is ok, but may be some think it is too bright. Also, things are changing every second, we want to keep that moment, taking photo will be the best way to do so.

Nata B* - 7

In their eyes, who is d art, design an n o t n le a e er than m as great t h ld o o h is w e n h o pers art. S e has ts about atalie is a N lo , r e e m t ce. So, sh h n is c s ie a r e e t p My x d e n a e y kind e on life s inspire m e is a reall know mor h d S n . a y t a she alway w lo rnt a wrong e to help s, she lea go on the o t t o n e will com by 5 year e h S m . d n a io le le t ult situa fashionab ardian to c u t g s iffi o a d m n a , e t e in s b I am nice no matter elpful, the h d , n d a n in o K s . r w pe I kno he Natalie t is is h t , me d. ve ever ha sister I ha

Natalie is a hardworking person. She always try her best to do all the things in time. She never late. Natalie is dutiful, because she would like to realize the promise between others. It is really nice to be friends of her. Natalie knows how to care about others and her attitude is polite.

8 - Nata B*


Natalie? ion at first sight. ss re p im g n ro st a Natalie gives me strong is a girl who has a ie al at N , ew vi y In m ficulties d overcome all dif ul o w e h S . ity al n perso rted girl She is a kind-hea s. al go er h ve ie h to ac , she counter difficulties en le p eo p en h W also. openditionally. She is n co un em th p el will h ent on cept other’s comm ac to h ug o en ed mind the timism influences p o er h d n A . rk o her w t pleasure that I ea gr y m is It . er h people around Natalie. can be a friend of

When I first met her - Natalie. She looked cool and not really friendly, until I saw she talked and laughed. Although we have different career but we are still friend and we will always have gatherings. I found that she is very worried about her education. Sometimes I think she gave herself too much pressure on study which makes her sometimes feel depressed.

Nata B* - 9

10 - Nata B*


What is in her

I love vintage, traditional buttons, postage stamps, clothes with specific flowers or dotted patterns, laces, etc. Sometimes, old stuff can be upto-date instead to old fashion. It seems vintage is trying to fight back for its survival value! By Natalie


Nata B* - 11

Now, do you know who is Natalie?

Natalie - 2010  

Introduce a normal girl - Natalie

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