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Expose II

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G Eric


Expose II

T-shirt Design

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My Portfolio E for Eric





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Eric 1935




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Leung Words related to Eric Leung: Energetic Book 14 Football Arsenal Design White Drawing Emotional Friendly

I love to work, play and stay with others. I love to communicate with them and through our effort to get a good result. I am an active and dynamic person who cannot tolerate nothing to do in my life.

I love to travel to other places to see more and feel more. I enjoy the feeling of learning the culture and the things that are different to Hong Kong through my travels.






ER Bookmark








A set of bookmarks is designed to show the characteristics of different typefaces. I use the spotlight to light up the part of the typeface and analyze it in the back side.

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y h p a r g o r p e t s Ty o P ng d stro be n a p r can sha ate a l Sans l e i r G c f n cya ion o ck and d informat a l B . s y an l San of Gil oster, histor l a n i erm sp ecial t reading thi p s a s carrie . After Cyan hing effect tc eye ca ood. st under

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STUV PQR MNO yz HIJKL qr stuvwx p DEFG ABC fghijklmno e abcd 90 5678 1234 ^/] ’* (:=&

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Typography This is the final version of the typography poster. It is designed by following the Underground logo which use the Gill Sans to be the logotype. It can carry out the feeling and mood of Gill Sans.

These two are set to use a number and letter to mix together.

This is a slip to show a strong using rhythm the typeface.

The top piece shows a progressive mood which match the wording. And the bottom one, I use the oo between the L and K as a pair of eyes.


Design Fundamentals

T-Shirt Design Expose II

T-shirt Design

C:0 M:50 Y:100 K:0 C:41 M:64 Y:100 K:2 C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:50 C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:20 C:0 M:100 Y:100 K:0







This is a T-shirt design that can reflect my own character. Energetic is the meaning i want to express. I use the batteries to represent the power and energy in my mind and body that can lighten my heart and shine towards the people around me.

MatchBox Discovery

MatchBox Discovery Front view

Top view

Side view

Prespective view AAPMD Associate of Art in Media and Publication Design Leung Tsz Kin 51851445 14/10/2009

This is a match box that carries a message. In this project, I use “Say No to Drugs“ as my theme. First, I designd the shape of the match box as a grave to represent the feeling of death. And drugs are placed inside the box. Also a “Death is place“in the bottom of the box. In the result,people approach and take drugs more, get closer to death. It is the message I want to express.


Photography This is a poster which is used to promote a book about street art in Hong Kong. I focus on a part of these street art which include photos taken everywhere in Hong Kong. It can catch the audiences’ eyes and attract them to buy this book. It is the main purpose of this poster.

This is a board which showing the Ngau Tau Kok lower estate. I took snapshots of objects and people around the estate. It can produce a mood of memory. I use some photos which can represent the estate and the characteristic of the estate. It can call up the memory of who grew up in there. 12

EnergeticEndureEndeavorEndlessEncoura geEngageEnjoyEnkindleEnlightenEnrageEnt rustEnthusiasticEmotionalEmissiveEmpath icEmpowerExplicateEnergeticEndureEnde avorEndlessEncourageEngageEnjoyEnkindl eEnlightenEnrageEntrustEnthusiasticEmoti onalEmissiveEmpathicEmpowerExplicateE nergeticEndureEndeavorEndlessEncourag eEngageEnjoyEnkindleEnlightenEnrageEntr ustEnthusiasticEmotionalEmissiveEmpathi cEmpowerExplicateEricEnergeticEndureE ndeavorEndlessEncourageEngageEnjoyEnk indleEnlightenEnrageEntrustEnthusiasticE motionalEmissiveEmpathicEmpowerExplic ateEnergeticEndureEndeavorEndlessEnco urageEngageEnjoyEnkindleEnlightenEnrage EntrustEnthusiasticEmotionalEmissiveEmp athicEmpowerExplicateEnergeticEndureE ndeavorEndlessEncourageEngageEnjoyEnk indleEnlightenEnrageEntrustEnthusiasticE

Eric - 2010  

Eric Portfolio

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