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My name is Aga Wozniak, I'm a designer with an exceptional eye for detail and colour - and a heart and ear for the client. I'm always looking, studying and taking inspiration from the world around me. Analysing daily and learning from my surroundings makes me a designer. Being an active observer is not only about gaining inspiration from what I love, but also how I would improve some of the spaces/designs myself. I gained a first class degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland - and during my studies and in my work afterwards I have worked on projects that have inspired me, pushed my design skills and have given me great satisfaction in providing my clients with a well designed, attractive space. I put supreme attention to detail in every project I'm involved in, and I'm always working to translate peoples desires into real life designs - helping them realise what they need and leaving them with bespoke spaces they love.

BESPOKE HOUSE BY THE FOREST Bespoke interior architectural design of a family home. Designed for clients who wanted a more spacious and tranquil setting following a life spent in the city. While planning the layout of the house I was focused on tailoring the space to the owners' lifestyle and personality. I had the pleasure to work with a family who wished to have a house open for inviting friends and family, however with zones of total privacy.

Location: Bojano, Pomeranian, Poland Build time: Sep 2017 - Oct 2018 Client: Private Size of the plot: 1250m2 Size of the house: 320m2 + basement 160m2 - 3 stories + attick, double garage - 4 bedrooms - 3,5 bathrooms - Basement with access to garden,party space, wc and kitchen.


-View From The Entrance-

-View From Lounge Door-

-View From The Guestroom Door-


Designed to give access to the terrace, main entrance and bathroom without walking into the main living zone of the house, providing guests with privacy and the feeling they're not intruding on the household.

With a calming view and a colourful interior, guests can enjoy relaxation and energy in their stay in this rural, peaceful home.


While I was working on the layout of the house, I wanted to make sure that the location of the bathroom is going to be very 'elegant'which means that anyone who sits at the table or on the sofa is not able to see the bathroom door. At the same time it's located next to the guest room providing them with comfort and ease of access..


The colour scheme of this space was inspired by a photograph of the surrounding area during the winter. The rich shades of blues, greens and beiges create the perfect calming ambience needed for an important living and socialisng space in the house.



A well equipped and formatted kitchen and breakfast bar with bespoke designed cupboard doors and draws, designed by myself. It was important in this design that the decor was not defined by the function, but the function was not compromised by the design of the decor. This leads to an attractive, neat and unique styled kitchen, which has the space and functionality expected in modern designs.

The stairs mask a hidden pantry and route into the garage, giving ease of access and flexible storage as well as directing storage away from a populated and at times busy area of the kitchen.




The bed can be the epicentre of a teenage room, not only using it for sleep but for a place to work, read, watch, converse and spend time with friends.

Aside from the bed, a larger table replaces the conventional idea of a desk, which can be a solitary piece of furniture. Instead, it is a space that can be opened up for additional uses, where more than one person can sit and enjoy the space.

student city flat

This small flat may only be 29m2, but there are still 6 zones within this space without over-cluttering the design to preserve a healthy and comfortable living space - no matter how compact - for a young adult. With kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining, living and office zones, there's plenty of areas for work, rest and entertainment.

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' Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.' -PANTONE about COLOR OF THE YEAR 2018

To see more go to: w w w . a g a w o z n i a k . c o m +44 7377 130452

Aga wozniak portfolio interior architect and designer  

I'm a freelance Interior Architect and Designer and I never stop thinking about design. I have a vast experience working in both 3D & 2D so...

Aga wozniak portfolio interior architect and designer  

I'm a freelance Interior Architect and Designer and I never stop thinking about design. I have a vast experience working in both 3D & 2D so...