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his week’s edition is brimming with even more interesting content ranging from the wonders of cucumber on

the beauty page and the effects of consuming too much salt on the healthy living page. On the cover this week we have Barrister Aisha Muhammad Abubakar, the wife to the governor of Bauchi state. In her interview,



p your plantain (dodo) game by going dodorishi. You can be sure this mouthwatering dish will be a delight to your taste budes. A sweet plantain and assorted meat a balanced meal which is very delicious and a good meal to enjoy with family and friends. Ingredients Half kilo of assorted meats (beef, goat meat, shaki, cowleg, snail, chicken etc. - you can pick and choose what type of meat to add). 5 peppers 6 tomatoes 1 red bell pepper (tatashe) 1 green pepper 1 yellow pepper 2 bulbs of onion Curry powder Seasoning cubes Thyme Bay leaves Salt Vegetable oil/cooking butter 2 - 3 pieces of ripe plantain

Di ti Directions Wash your assorted meat, put into a dry pot. Add your bay leaves, a pinch of salt, thyme and Knorr cubes. Use separate pots if using chicken and/or snails. Cover the pot tightly and shake all added ingredients together; mix them thoroughly. Leave inside pot for 20 minutes without cooking. This will allow for the ingredients to penetrate into your meats. After 20 minutes, add some water and cook for a few minutes more. Remove from the pot after cooking and fry. Wash and dice your peppers and chillies. Wash and slice your tomatoes onions. Blend two tomatoes, one tatashe, one onion and two pieces of chilli pepper to a smooth paste. Slice your plantain into cubes and fry. Fry or grill your assorted meat. Place a dried pot on the cooker. Melt your cooking butter or heat up vegetable oil in it and allow to heat up for two minutes. Add your sliced onions,

Tropical punch


ruity drinks are delicious and perfect when you need to cool off after the day activities, with packs of health benefits, you don’t need to

spend much to enjoy your tropical punch. Taste the difference. Ingredients • Pineapple juice • Watermelon

• • • • •

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Tasty dodorishi by HALIMA ABDULRAZAK

she discusses the passion behind her NGO, her career as a lawyer before politics and a lot more. Enjoy her story. – Amina Alhassan

juice Coconut milk 5 cups club soda 5 cups ginger ale 4 cups cranberry juice 2 cups orange

Add ambience to your home with window treatments by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU

Y red red, yellow and green peppers. Stir and allow cooking for one minute. Add your blended pepper, seasoning cubes, curry powder, salt, thyme and let it fry for threeb to five minutes, depending on the quantity. Add the fried dodo to the fried pepper sauce and stir. Let it simmer for two minutes. Add your fried assorted meats, stir and allow to cook for a few minutes. Let the bay leaves be added as the last ingredient because when the leaves are over heated they turn black instead of green. Taste for salt and seasoning. Readjust if necessary. Take it off the cooker and serve. Garnish with onions. With additional information from the internet

juice 1 lemon 2 limes Procedure C o m b i n e everything together and stir. Chill and serve with ice. You may also garnish with mint leaves. • •

our windows tend to be one of the most focal points of your home. With this being said, the kind of treatment you give your windows can play a vital role in the overall look of your home. Window treatments tend to do the trick by creating a sense of ambience and warmth to your home. Here are some ideal treatments to transform the overall look of your home. Kitchen: Your kitchen is one of the messiest parts of your home, let’s face it. It is prone to spills, steam and many other factors. Therefore, the best window treatment for a room such as the kitchen would be faux wood blinds as they are unaffected by factors such as moisture. They aree d natural ventilators and are easy to clean. Bedroom: Thiss is a room of privacyy and intimacy. Cellular shades are subtle and allow minimal yet soft flow of light. They are insulating depending on the weather and have different patterns

to choose from. In the end something that will give your room a calming yet welcoming feel after a long day will do the trick. Living room: The living room is statement room of your home. Something elegant that allows a good flow of light should do it yet at the same time, too much light rays may ruin furniture. Solar shades can do a great job of decorating and complimenting the windows in your living room. Dining room: This is also another room for entertaining just like the living room. After all, food brings everyone together. For a room like this, tall drapers or roller shades will add that dramatic touch your dining room needs.



// BARR. AISHA MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR COVER PHOTOS: Yemi Joseph Pictures @yjpictures

Changing lives one at a time

Career background I was with D.D. Dodo (SAN) Chambers. We spent two months or thereabout in his chambers and then after my law school I served with M.A. Abubakar & Co (Fortuna Chambers) and I also worked in Mahmud Magaji & Co (SAN) as a junior councel. Interview by AMINA ALHASSAN & HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU Can you tell us where your passion for law started from and did you as a young woman see yourself Introduction becoming a lawyer? My name is Aisha Muhammad Abubakar, but people know me as Aisha Galadima. I am from the family of I always dreamt of becoming a diplomat. But as you grow older, you begin to change views, so when I was Alhaji Architect Danjuma Galadima who hails from Bida in Niger State. My mother’s name is Zainab. I have 17 in SBRS, after our exams, (they usually give you a form where you fill in what course you want to study), I filled in siblings; seven boys and 10 girls. I am the fifth child. international relations as first and second choices and law I attended Hilltop Model School in Minna where I did my primary school. I also went to the Federal as third choice. At the end of the day, the best for me was Government College (FGC), Minna, and graduated in 2001. I went to the School of Basic and Remedial Studies chosen. (SBRS) in Funtua in 2003. Then got admission in ABU Zaria in 2005 to study Law. I graduated in 2009. I went to Challenges Being a junior lawyer; those were the periods when the Nigerian Law School in Bwari. I graduated in 2010 and was called to the bar. After that I went for my NYSC you were groomed to know how to handle cases. I can at MA Abubakar and Co., where I met my husband. I was employed at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal remember there was a time our head of chambers asked me to stand in for him in a case. I was so scared because I Studiesb (NIALS), but before then, I practiced my profession for one year at Mahmud Magaji (SAN) and Co. didn’t know what to do, and I was alone, so I went to him and asked, “Sir, what am I supposed to do.” And he replied, to the class with us, and they taught students, because we We have limited resources; which is a big challenge. “Am I supposed to teach you what to say? You’re a lawyer. want those students to emulate these leaders and make You find there are a lot of things you’d want to put in place You should know what to do.” I left. But I still had to ask them understand that if they are not educated, they cannot or people; especially our girls to enjoy these facilities, but some colleagues what I was supposed to do when I got to be like these emirs because the emirs are educated; that’s because of the challenges we’re having with resources, we the court and they just explained some things and ended what brought them to where they are today. So they have can’t do those things. So it’s one of the major challenges. telling me, “Aisha, you can do this.” At the end of the day to sit up, focus and learn that education is key to success. I remember when we were picking up some girls that I had the courage to face the judge and mention my case We have also visited girls’ schools where you find out we want to support. We picked up some that had never before her and afterwards, I was happy I overcame my fear. that some girls are facing a lot of challenges. For instance, been to school and we went from house to house in order Fond childhood memories you have a situation where they don’t have good sanitary to inform their parents and seek their permission to allow When we were growing up we were very keen of our facilities. That is a big challenge to girls because it can stop their wards and children to go to school. One family parents because we were always together. Every night my them from attending school. So we have been able to put turned us down, saying their daughter would never go to father took us out. We used to go to the famous Agura up a toilet facility in one of the schools because we want school. Hotel. There’s a video club in the hotel where we usually our girls to go to school and become good people and also However, we tried to encourage them that there was went to rent films. So he rented a lot of cartoons like Lion give back to society. need for their daughters to go to school. King which was a very famous cartoon then. He did a lot Is there a particular instance that made you decide on For instance, women that are not educated, especially of things for us, but as time went on, those things stopped. this initiative? widows, become a liability to the society because now that I can’t say I was daddy’s girl, but I can say that our When you look at the northern part of Nigeria where their husband’s are dead, and they have children, who will father is a type of person that likes everybody; all his it’s dominated mostly by Muslims, you realise there is this cater for the children? I can remember one inmate, who is children. You can’t tell who his favourite is. Maybe he belief that because of Islam, there should be a barrier for now an ex-convict, simply because her husband died, she has his favourite, but he never showed any difference or girls to be educated. So because of this, you realise a lot went to borrow money, about N50, 000. She couldn’t repay preference. He carried everybody along. of families will not allow their girls to go to school. I was and she got locked up. We had to go and rescue her. She’s One very good thing that sticks to my head till now very fortunate that I went to school without any difficulty. not old but she couldn’t stand up for herself. Because she’s is, it was after I wrote WAEC and NECO, I brought back Because I had the opportunity and education has brought not educated she couldn’t understand the consequences my result and it wasn’t too good and he said, “What the me to where I am today, there is need to give back to of her action, so we had to bail her out and give her some hell? What did you bring home? You have to stand up for society so that we can have better girls than me. So that is support. yourselves. One day I’m not going to be there for you so the main idea as to why we brought up this initiative. Like Sometimes we also want to work hand in hand with you have to stand up and ensure that you get this right I said, in northern Nigeria, we need more educated girls government to ensure that it does projects like renovation now. If you don’t get it, what’s going to happen to you?” and women. of schools. You find out that because a classroom or So the way he spoke that day kept me thinking. I think I What have been the challenges so far? school doesn’t have roof, it’s not conducive for students to grew up with it because he made it known to me that life study. We can’t do it but we can call on the government to is challenging and if you don’t get yourself educated, you help build or renovate classes for these children to have can’t be anything in this life. conducive environment to study. Life lessons With funding being one of the major challenges; do In every stage in your life, you learn lessons. When you have plans for international collaboration? growing up, there’s a lesson that one has to learn that We are looking forward to having collaboration with you have to be focused. This was what I wanted; to be a international donors. We have also approached two graduate and become somebody someday. agencies, but I believe every organisation has its own Secondly, when you end up in the university, you find activities. And what we’ve been made to understand is a lot of people. If you think you’re beautiful, you find a lot that if an organisation has its own activities for example, of people that are more beautiful than you. If you think are you going to work on child mortality or girl child you are brilliant, there are people who are more brilliant education? If they don’t have anything like girl child than you. So you have to be determined and know what education in their programme, there’s simply nothing they you really want in life. That’s also a challenge because can do for us. We’ll have to wait for when they have such a sometimes people get afraid of having an opponent or a programme before they can intervene. We’re still working competitor. on approaching some agencies in sha Allah because the I have also learnt that you can never predict people. So secretary of our group, who is the wife of the Deputy never expect too much from them. The stage that I’m in Governor of Bauchi State, Hajiya Amina. She worked with now has taught me never to predict people. People can NGOs; so she’s giving us a clearer picture. disappoint you at any time. So just have it at the back of Growing up your mind that whatever you’re doing, this person may I am sure if you approach someone from my family end up disappointing you; fine, if they don’t; good for today they’ll tell you Aisha has changed because I was them and not for you. on the quiet side. I minded my business. I was not the Tell us about your pet project talkative type. I did things the way things were supposed to My pet project is all about the girl child education be done. That was growing up for me. and also helping prison inmates. The name of my pet Joys of motherhood project is called Brilliant Girl Child Initiative (BGCI) I’ll say Alhamdulillah, Alhamdullillah and where we want to give girls an opportunity to realise their Alhamdullilah. potentials and become somebody tomorrow. We have How I met my husband toured most of Bauchi. We have this advocacy tour where I met him when I was posted to his law office as a NYSC we create awareness about how important it is for the member. I was the only a corper in that office. That’s how girl child to be educated. We have gone to the six emirate we met. I never thought that something would happen and councils in Bauchi State. We had two emirs who went







Alaafin of Oyo and his wives welcome two set of twins The co-wives and mothers of new twins Olori Memunat and OloriAjoke are best of friends; they always share pictures of each other on social media encouraging each other. The Alaafin, Lamidi Adeyemi III, and his wives, Memumat Adeyemi and Olaitan Ajoke have both welcomed a set of twins each. One of his queen, Memunat, was delivered of a set of twins and an elaborate naming ceremony held last week at the palace in Oyo. Just as the celebration was on, another young queen, Olaitan, was delivered of another set of twin boys on Monday.

some day we’d get married. I never saw it coming. But I’m glad I’m married to him. Most cherished attribute of his There are a lot of attributes, but I’d say he’s a focused, determined, truthful, courageous, has a listening ear and he’s the type of person who puts God first in everything he does. He’s a very patient person, and I can tell you that he’s the most loving husband. Top five things on my wish list One of my wishes is to learn Arabic. I also wish to be the best thing that will ever happen to my kids as a mother. I want to be a role model to them. I have three kids: two girls and a baby. I want to die as a good Muslim and leave a good legacy because if God has uplifted you, there’s a need for you to uplift others as well. And finally, that in my next world, I’ll choose H.E. Dr. Muhammad Abubakar as a husband, partner and my all. First app I check in the morning/at bedtime The first app I check is the dua and athkar. I have it on my phone. It’s also the last thing I check at night. I’m fond of the app because we all need prayers and sometimes when your dreams don’t come true, you feel disappointed not knowing God has something better for you, and when that time comes, you see that God indeed had better plans for you. Most cherished gift My husband gave me a gift before we got married. I remember he called me and asked where I was and I told him I wasn’t home. He told me he dropped something for me and I asked him what it was but he didn’t tell me. So when I got home I saw that it was a parrot. The parrot died last year. I’ve had it since 2013. Favourite music on replay I like Nupe music like those of Ndako Kutigi. There’s this song he sang during my wedding. I really cherish that song. I also love RnB and Nigerian songs. Favourite fashion item(s) I like wristwatches: I’m really fond of them. Flats or heels I’m a heels person. Most expensive fashion accessory My wristwatches (Backes & Strauss) and jewelry. What I wouldn’t be caught wearing Anything revealing. Favourite travel destination I love Saudi Arabia because of its spirituality. How I relax My favourite time of relaxation is when my husband is around with my kids: we do have a great time.


Favourite quote I believe what will be, will be; and there’s also a saying, “Don’t leave what you can do today for tomorrow.” Which book did you recently read that has made an impact on you? I’m not a book person at all. TV series I would say Battlefield, that a man will do anything to protect his family regardless of the dangers involved is amazing. Favourite food Spaghetti. Definition of style Simplicity; I love simplicity. Favourite fashion designer Gucci and Hermes. Mum’s advice that has stuck with me over the years She has always said I should follow my heart and it has brought me to where I am today. She has supported me always. Favourite colour, car, sport and weather I love white and green. White is a peaceful colour and green is the colour of heaven. I love Range Rover. I love skipping. Favourite day of the week Monday; because it’s a day where you have to make things happen. Whatever you do on Monday determines how the week goes. Role model(s) Nana Aisha, wife of the Prophet (PBUH) and my mum Hajiya Zainab Galadima. Beauty routine I do gyaran jiki; the local one. Looking back, what I would tell a younger me I remember when I was in law school, my lecturer would pass the microphone when we were studying in class. So when he’s talking he’d just say take the microphone and pass it around and then surprise you by calling you out to answer the question. At that time we couldn’t tell that they were grooming us to be courageous. Right now, I’m no longer afraid of the microphone because I’m holding one almost all the time. So I’m used to it now and I tell my friends if only we had studied hard, we wouldn’t have been fearful because you’re afraid when they come onto you, you won’t be able to give the right answer; but there’s nothing wrong in that. If you don’t know, you can learn from it. By the time you make that mistake, you’ll learn from it and I want to believe that hardly, will that same mistake repeat itself.

Williams Uchemba buys house Former Nollywood child actor Williams Uchemba buys a house for himself in United States of America. The actor gave the good news on his instagram handle with a couple of pictures of his beautiful house, “MY NEW CRIB!!! Ladies and Gentlemen... still in the first quarter of the year and God’s faithfulness keeps increasing everyday...So since I’m not yet married this is going to be for me, myself and I...Let’s get to work with furnishing.

‘Bad belle’ is rampant in Nigeria The son of Nigerian Billionaire and Entrepreneur Paddy Adejuga took to his social media handle to speak about how jealousy and hatred has eaten deep into peoples mind in Nigeria. He added that the same energy spent on hate can be used into making someone’s life better. Paddy, via Twitter, wrote; Bad belle (jealousy) is such an epidemic in Nigeria so much energy spent being hateful and envious of someone else’s success or pedigree when that same energy could be applied to making one’s life better or doing positive things.. GOD helps us.






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Wonders of cucumber by HALIMA ABDULRAZAK


ave you ever wondered what cucumber can do in your beauty routine? Cucumber has a lot of health benefits and contains proteins that get rid of tiredness and keeps you going. It can be used for making smoothies and eaten raw. It’s more than 90 per cent water, which helps to normalise body temperature. Cucumber juice is diuretic and is able to prevent kidney stones, uric acid and inflammations like arthritis, asthma and gout. Cucumber is good for healthy gums and fresh breath. It gives sparkling eyes without the bags, dark circles and puffiness and a beautiful skin due to the nutrients it contains like biotin, Vitamins A, B1 and C. Cucumber helps in lightening and revitalising the skin and your overall health: it improves the heart’s health, brain and is good for diabetics. Its antiinflammatory properties can help to deal with nasty skin break. Cucumber promotes healthy hair growth and can treat skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis and acne. It also helps to get rid of red skin due to heat burn sensation. To get a cooling and suiting skin,

Fibroids and heavy menses

apply the cucumber juice over the skin. Cucumber, when placed on the eyes while resting helps check eye bags. Daily consumption

of cucumber cures chronic constipation and also helps to reduce weight.

With additional information from the internet


Breast milk stoppage


Effects of too much salt By HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU Salt is a necessary part of our diet as our food would be pretty much tasteless without it. Sodium, which is one of the key constituents of salt, plays a vital role in body development such as regulating blood pressure, while the chloride in it aids digestion. However, like everything else, too much salt has its side effects

which can do harm to the body. Here, Dr. Jamila Adam of the General Hospital, Bwari, Abuja, gives some insight on the effects of consuming salt in excess. Taking salt in excess may cause your body to hold extra water. Your kidneys keep a certain ratio of sodium and potassium to water; so when the water is in excess, it

results in swelling in places like your ankles, feet and even arms. This means you have excess fluid in your system; which also means excess blood flowing through your body which could lead to high blood pressure. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, when taking salty food, it tends to make you thirstier than usual. This is because the excess sodium in the body makes you more dehydrated. The more water you take in, the more frequently you urinate thereby making you lose a lot of important minerals like calcium; which lack of weakens your bones and teeth. Salt plays a role in slowing down your cognitive function as well; not to mention the effects it has on organs such as liver and your stomach. Overall, taking salt in excess is not ideal for your health. With this being said, it is best to limit the amount of salt you consume by regulating how much of it you put in your food. Also, when eating out, try to stay away from meals that you know will probably have high percentage of salt. This way, you’re one step closer to living a happier and healthier life. With additional information from the internet


I was told I have fibroids and I bleed heavily during menses. My doctor advised I have the fibroids removed. Is there no other way? I don’t want operation. – Mariam, Abuja. What you have is what we call symptomatic uterine fibroids. It’s not only the size that determines whether to operate a fibroid or not, but most importantly the location. In this your case you are likely to be having sub mucous fibroids. This usually results in excessive and prolonged menses and can lead to anaemia. What to do depends on a lot of factors. How old are you, have you completed your family size? Though these may not be acceptable by you, but those who have completed their family size may opt for removal of the womb, called Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. In your case, medical treatment with drugs like progesterone tabs and sometimes contraceptive pills have some benefits. Drugs like tranaxemic acid are also of immense benefit. In case of anaemic patients, monthly injection of GnRH analogues or antagonist have very good efficacy. The menstrual flow will cease and fibroid size will reduce. But it is usually advisable to still remove the fibroids to avoid rebound growth. In case you are over 40, endometrial sampling for histology should be done first before any medical treatment in order to rule out malignant cases.

I have taken bromogon for four months now to stop breast milk, yet it has not stopped. What other drug can I use? – Chinelo, Kaduna Bromagon is one of the trade names, but the active ingredient is bromocriptine. The limitation of this is the twice daily dosage and the side effects. Apart from bromagon not being the main brand, there is also the possibility of substandard and fake drugs. One alternative is carbergoline which is usually administered twice weekly and with fewer side effects. Meet your doctor for prescription. I encourage people to buy from reputable pharmacy shops to avoid fake and substandard drugs. See your gynaecologist for prolactin before changing medication and if necessary skull X ray to rule out possibility of pituitary adenoma.

Wound breakdown after appendix operation I had appendix operation and for over a week now the wound has not healed. Does it mean my intestines are damaged? – Aisha, Kano From what you stated, though not detailed, I don’t think your intestines are affected. From what you described, it’s likely just a wound breakdown which is not uncommon after surgical operation; especially contaminated surgery. With antibiotics, daily dressing initially and later alternate day dressing will help in the healing process. The use of original honey in wound dressing aids quick healing.