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American Academy OF Cosmetic Dentistry

Charitable Foundation Annual Report

July 2012 – October 2013 Restore a Smile, Restore a Life

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American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Mission The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation’s (AACDCF) mission is to assist in rebuilding the lives and dignity of survivors of domestic violence through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs. Our program provides restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the smile-zone at no cost to qualified survivors through our nationwide network of volunteer cosmetic dentists and our support team of laboratories and dental manufacturers.


AACDCF Leadership AACDCF 2012-2013 Board of Trustees

AACDCF 2013-2014 Board of Trustees

Trish Jones, RDH, BSc, Chair Kenneth Banks, DDS Garrett Caldwell Kellee Kattleman Stanton, DDS Kerri White, DDS

Trish Jones, RDH, BSc, Chair Christopher Banks, DDS Garrett Caldwell Cappy Sinclair, DDS Kerri White, DDS

AACDCF Staff Lisa Fitch, CAE, Director, Charitable Foundation John Hanson, AACD Chief Operating Officer Barb Kachelski, CAE, AACD Executive Director Darcy Ranck-Lyons, Foundation Program Case Worker

Trish Jones, RDH, BSc

Kenneth Banks, DDS

Christopher Banks, DDS

Garrett Caldwell Cappy Sinclair, DDS

Kellee Kattleman Stanton, DDS Lisa Fitch, CAE

Kerri White, DDS

Barb Kachelski, CAE

Darcy Ranck-Lyons

To our Supporters Dear Friends: It is always an honor to share the accomplishments of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (AACDCF). While we continue to focus our efforts on restoring damaged smiles of adult survivors of intimate partner violence through our Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program, this has also been an exciting year of strategy, transition, and efforts toward increasing national awareness of the GBAS program. During this year of transition, the AACDCF’s fiscal year was changed from July 1 – June 30, to November 1 – October 31. Therefore, this report reflects the Foundation’s 16 month activity between July 1, 2012 and October 31, 2013. Also, in April 2013, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) welcomed its new Executive Director, Barb Kachelski. Barb brings an extensive background in association management and we are excited to have her on the AACDCF leadership team! Throughout our extended fiscal year, we are pleased to share that 113 eligible survivors of intimate partner violence were referred to generous volunteer dentists across the United States, to restore their damaged smiles. Many of these patients are still receiving dental restoration treatments and will soon have the life-changing opportunity to view their newly restored smiles for the first time.


There were 114 GBAS smile restorations completed for a total value of $1,498,407 in donated dental services. We were also able to provide two GBAS program recipients each with a $2,000 scholarship for higher education. Thanks to your support, we look forward to increasing our scholarship funding for GBAS program recipients in the future. Our Foundation leadership team is dedicated to fulfilling all of our philanthropic efforts with high regard to ethics and values. In carrying out our mission, interacting with our volunteers, donors, GBAS program applicants and Foundation staff, the AACDCF embraces and has now formalized the following values: Integrity: We approach all situations and stakeholders with respect, transparency, and we uphold the highest level of moral and ethical standards. We respect the confidential nature of our GBAS patient work and actively strive to protect program applicant information. Generosity: Our success depends on the generosity of our volunteers and supporters. We foster a culture that honors and recognizes those who make our work possible.

It feels so great to be able to smile with an open mouth rather than having to cover it with my hand. —GBAS Recipient

Peace: We believe that everyone deserves to live a life that is free of danger and violence. While we work to heal the effects of domestic violence, we also strive to promote awareness about domestic violence in hopes of stopping it. Compassion: We have a strong desire to provide our services in a caring and empathic manner by actively working toward understanding what our program applicants have survived. Compliance: We recognize that the organization operates in a regulated environment by virtue of its tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and are conscious of the need to comply with the constraints and obligations of that status.

Trish Jones, RDH, BSc 2012-2013 Chair, Board of Trustees

Much focus has surrounded planning for the Foundation’s near and distant future. We are committed to strategizing our efforts around: Charitable Impact, Volunteer Value, Financial Success, and Foundation Awareness. We are dedicated to restoring the smiles and lives of survivors of intimate partner violence, and allocating resources to increase awareness of our services to treat more eligible survivors of intimate partner violence in need. Volunteers and supporters who make it all possible: you are sincerely honored. You are invited to learn more about this year’s accomplishments by taking the time to read this report. On behalf of the AACDCF Board of Trustees and all of the courageous survivors of intimate partner violence who need GBAS services, thank you for making our work possible.

Lisa Fitch, CAE Director, Charitable Foundation


Restored LiveS GBAS ach e patientsived rece age of an aver

0 0 0 , $13 on estorati r e l i m in s s service


volunteer dental laboratories donated their time and talents to restore smiles Actual GBAS Patient

114 survivors of intimate partner violence located in 32 states received smile restorations at no cost


GBAS volunteers donated

$1,498,407 in dental services

Your donations assisted

98 patients 34

dental specialists donated their time and talents to contribute to the smile restorations

with the expenses of traveling to and from their


dental appointments


volunteer dental offices restored damaged smiles


college-enrolled GBAS program recipients were each awarded with a


educational scholarship

Actual GBAS Patient


SARA’S STORY “Sara’s” (For confidentiality purposes, the patient’s name has been changed) experience with domestic violence began in her childhood, where she endured severe emotional abuse from her father. Domestic violence resurfaced when she married her second husband, who abused her emotionally. Then the abuse got physical when he started to use cocaine.

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Acknowledgments: Smile restored by Dr. Amanda Seay and team. Laboratory work donated by Signature Dental Studio. Periodontal treatment donated by Dr. Jenna Lohse.


After leaving her abusive husband for good, Sara was referred to Give Back a Smile (GBAS) volunteer Amanda Seay, DDS. After a long journey, Dr. Seay and her team restored Sara’s smile. When asked about her volunteer experience Dr. Seay stated, “I have been volunteering since I finished dental school but it is often for underprivileged individuals with no understanding of oral health or access to any dental health provider. With GBAS, the victims need restoring for entirely different reasons. To see how afraid Sara was of everyone, including us, was sad to see. It made me keenly aware that there are so many victims like Sara we may never hear about or meet, and repairing their smile is sometimes the first step.”

GBAS thanks Sara for sharing her story, and the entire dental team who restored her smile.


“I don’t even know how to begin trying to say ‘thank you’. You’re a wonderful, kind, generous angel who I will never forget. You saved me. What for so long seemed impossible, now exists. I have a mouth full of gorgeous, healthy teeth. They are just so gorgeous! The incredible feeling of relief from the debilitating embarrassment I felt. The depression and hopelessness I’ve isolated myself with, is gone. I finally feel like myself again.” ~Sara

*GBAS guidelines only allow for the repair/restoration of dental injuries within the smile-zone. It is the volunteer dentist’s discretion to treat beyond the smile-zone.





The second annual Race for Smiles 5K Run/ Walk resulted in a huge success for GBAS! This year’s race, which was Oct. 6 in Madison, WI, also offered athletes the chance to participate virtually. Approximately $5,000 was raised from both events.

Runners and walkers in Madison were joined in spirit by 43 others, who chose to participate in the virtual Race for Smiles, allowing them a chance to run or walk a 5K in any location and support GBAS.

Seventy-nine participants completed the 5K in Madison, and took part in a silent auction to benefit GBAS afterward.

Thank you to everyone who supported the race by participating or sponsoring!


Financial Report Extended fiscal year of July 1, 2012 – October 31, 2013

Revenue Sources

July 1, 2012 – October 31, 2013 Cash Donations $132,895 Grant Funding $15,000 Fundraisers $67,184 Investments $95,042 In-Kind Services $1,466,167 Total Revenue $1,498,401

7% 4%

1% 5% Cash Donations Fundraisers Grant Funding Investments In-Kind Services



July 1, 2012 – October 31, 2013 General & Administrative $76,959 Fundraising $13,502 Program & In-Kind Services $ 1,605,898 Total Operation Expenses $ 1,696,359 Net surplus (deficit) $112,163 Net assets $837,641

1% 4%

General & Administrative Fundraising GBAS Program & In-Kind Services





Thank you to those who Supported the AACDCF This Year! CORPORATE DONORS DMG America

Whitening Fundraiser Sponsor Heraeus Kulzer

Race for Smiles Sponsors Capital Brewery Culligan Total Water Glass Nickel Pizza Co. First Choice Dental Hilton Monona Terrace Hotel Red Hyatt Place HyVee Metcalfe’s Orange Tree Imports Road ID The Fit Zone The Shoe Box Tim Fitch Photography US Bank


Thank you to those who Supported the AACDCF This Year! Monetary Donors Above $15,000 NYU ASDA

$10,000- $14,999 Levity Impact Charitable Foundation

$5,000 -$9,999 Patterson Foundation

$1,000 -$4,999 Mahdi A. Ali, DMD Kenneth L. Banks, DDS Mickey Bernstein, DDS Kristi A. Crispin, DMD DMG America Ronald M. Goodlin, DDS William E. Hay, DMD Janice Hurley-Trailor Trish Jones, RDH, BSc Mitch Julis Joseph A. Khalil, DDS Florence Lockhart, DDS Randy R. Mitchmore, DDS Terry J. Preece, DDS Mark Schwenck, DDS UCONN ASDA Randall G. Viola, DDS


Kerri L. White, DDS WVU Delta Sigma Delta

$500 - $999 John F. Badolato, DDS Garrett M. Caldwell Helene M. Dolce, DDS Greg Friedman, DMD Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton, DDS Cheryl Manley Jennifer R. Moran, DDS Resmi P. Nair, DMD Michele Salonia, DMD Doris Wells Timothy Williams, DDS Laura Woodruff

Under $500 Kiran Abdullah, BDS Lazaro Acosta Michael P. Adams, DDS Lawrence M. Addleson, DDS Arash Afkham Matthew W. Allen, IV, DDS Husam Almunajed, DMD Tess R. Alonso Christopher P. Altadonna, DDS Mohammad Abdul Razak Anchassy Mira Andre, DDS Masateru Anzai

Eric D. Arias, DDS Stanley D. Armstrong, DMD J. Fred Arnold, III, DMD Peter Auster, DMD Bruce B. Baird, DDS Amy K. Ballard Julie Ballard Stephanie Ann Barfield, DDS Sanford L. Barr, DDS Amanda Beckler Milo Beckler Joseph D. Bedich, DDS Valerie R. Bell, DDS Keith Berg Matthew J. Bernal, DDS Thomas G. Berry, DDS Alan S. Bills, DDS Kristi Birkle Paul Blommel Heather Blumenthal Joseph M. Bolil, DDS Jeffrey T. Bond, DDS Robyn Bowie Alijah Omari Bradley Austin Brandt Lawrence S. Brannon, DMD Vickie Lynn Brodersen, RDH MaryLou Brooks William L. Brown, CDT Belinda W. Bryant, RDH

Mark Buddha Randall S. Burba, DMD Alice Busan Shirley E. Cagle, DDS John R. Calamia, DMD Marilyn R. Calvo, DDS Steve Campbell Richard Canizares, DMD Michael L. Cariens, DMD Conor T. Casey, DDS Daniel Castro, DDS David C. Chang, BDS Beth Chansler Belen T. Chavez, DMD Mary Ann Childs, DMD Vinay N. Chirnalli, DMD Jay W. Chrisman, DDS Valarie A. Cicrich, DDS Magdalene N. Clouser, DMD Stacy V. Cole, DDS Scott H. Coleman, DDS William J. Contente, DDS Carl M. Cotoia, DDS Elizabeth Cousineau Ginger L. Cox David Cranston Michael J. Crete, DDS Bruce J. Crispin, DDS, MS Curtis R. Crowder, Jr., DDS Lisa Daft, DMD Michael DiFrisco Anthony J. DiGregorio, DDS Arthur H. Dolt, III, DDS Cathy Donaldson Thomas E. Dudney, DMD Chris M. Dunton, BDSc

Bryce K. Duskin, DDS Kate Ellmer R. Eric Emery, DDS Alba Englade Carlos Falcao, MSC Vicente Faus-Matoses, DDS Don Ferguson Fred R. Fielding, DDS Scott W. Finlay, DDS Bryan D. Fisch, DDS Lisa Fitch Brent Fleming, DDS Robert Fraki Thomas W. Frank, DDS Lisa Franklin-Daisey, RDH Patrick O. Freeman, DDS John F. French, Jr., DMD Alexander Fu, DMD Toshiaki Fukui, DDS Brad Fulton Carmen Galloway Richard Gangwisch, DDS Jessica Garza Warren R. Gase, DDS, FAGD Steven A. Ghareeb, DDS Sami M. Ghareeb, DDS Mehran Gholami, DDS Chiann Fan Gibson, DMD Brian J. Gilbert, DDS Devon L. Gilkes Judith Gjertson Elizabeth Gokey Cary N. Goldberg, DDS Karen H. Gonzalez, DDS Joseph J. Gormley, III, DMD J Chris Gowan, DDS

Nick D. Gravino, DDS Larry B. Grillo, DDS Erika K. Grimm, DDS Ashley Grinnell Gary A. Groff, DDS Raul I. Guerra, DDS Jana M. Gyurina, DDS Johnny Haddad, DDS Jeffery W. Hadley, DDS, FAGD Kenneth M. Hamlett, DDS Marta Hansen John Hanson Erik R. Haupt Robin Heinemann Cindi Henige Steingrimur N. Hermannsson Victoria C. Heron, DDS Patricia E. Higgins, DDS Christopher J. Hill, DDS James Carlton Hodge, Jr., DDS William V. Holland Rowland S. Holsinger, DDS Karen E. Homitz, DDS Martin J. Hopf, DDS, PhD Andrew Huang, DMD Kathy A. Huber, DDS Dean V. Hutto, DDS William L. Ingram, DMD Richard W. Jackson, DDS Erin Jelak Jerrell A. Johnson Barb Julia Kachelski Manu D. Kacker, DDS Albert Kadosh, DDS Fariba Kalantari, DDS Ted C. Kawulok, DDS


Monetary Donors (CONTINUED) Jessica Kiecker Joan T. Kirschner, DDS Andrew I. Kleiman, DMD Dennis M. Klemp, DMD John D. Kling, II, DDS, MAGD Murray G. Knebel, DDS Mark A. Kochman, DDS Stephen E. Kozelko, DDS Karen Marie Krauth John P. Krueger, DDS Sheeba A. Kurian, DDS Albert J. Kurpis, DDS Denice Labertew Barbara Jean Lack, DDS Scott J. LaFont, DDS Edward Lam, DDS Jean-Paul Lambert, LSD Kay Langenfeld Margot Lanham Bertrand Larmoyer Les Latner, DDS Raul Ledesma, DMD Hyo J. Lee Christie M. Leedy, DDS Garry L. Lewis, DDS Jan Linhart, DDS Markus P. Lorch, DMD Sagar Lunagaria, DMD John T. Lynch, DMD Tomas Machan, DDS Clara M. Macias, DMD Carolyn Madaus Leslie Marconi Jill A. Martenson, DDS


Peter W. Martin, DDS Mayako Matsumoto, DDS, PhD Kent R. Mauduit Carrie Mayer Michael McCoy Mary Lynne McElhaney, DDS Molly Mcgrath Debra C. McIntosh, DMD Cynthia A. McKim, DMD Joshua J. McLean, DMD Jarka McSwain, BSc, CDT, RDT Tara L. Meachum, DDS Rita M. Medwid, DDS Eric W. Mee Michael R. Meharry, DDS Robert H. Melton, DDS David K. Metzger, DDS Alberto J. Meza, DDS Susan Mickelson Brenda E. Miller Frank J. Milnar, DDS Douglas S. Milner, DDS Alejandro G. Mizraji, DDS Laurie F. Moeller, DDS Thomas Moller, DDS Keith E. Moomaw, DDS Patrick Michael Moore, DDS William B. Moorkamp, DDS Joseph T. Mormino, DDS Nicole Moscinski Jessica Moss Kari Mulhern Scott D. Munro, DDS Sara Naatz

Etsuo Nakahara, DDS Hamid R. Nasr, DDS Julie R. Nathanson, DDS Gina Nelms Robyn Nelsen-Hanger Peter B. Nelson, DDS Andrew T. Nguyen, DMD Nancy A. Norling, DDS David A. Norstedt, DMD Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS Uchenna Okoye, BDS Richard L. Owens, DDS P Pang Hubert H. Parker, IV, DMD Gary Wayne Parnes, DDS Gilbert G. Parrott, DDS Dev Patel, BDS Wayne B. Payne James V. Penfield, DDS Cristiano Gabriel Pereira Alves, DDS F Davis Perry, DDS Kelly B. Peterson, DDS J Lee Pettigrew, DDS James H. Peyton, DDS Christine T. Phung, DMD Shefali Pilar, DDS Matt Pitzer David G. Polhemus, DDS Gary Pond Richard F. Porcelli, DDS Jeffrey G. Priluck, DMD Bruce Radcliff Gary M. Radz, DDS Walaa A. Razak, DDS

Valerie Resop Mary Lucy Reuter, RDH Dwight G. Rickert, CDT Melissa E. Rinck, DDS Jack Ringer, DDS Jeffrey J. Roach Deborah Roberge Parris Robey Lynnette Rogers Joyce Rolnick Fred M. Rosen, DDS Thomas S. A. Rosenberg, DDS Natalie S. Roth Stephen J. Rothenberg, DDS Bonnie J. Rothwell, DMD Kelly J. Rozen Stephanie Rupple Nasrin Sadeghi, DMD Alex Sadusky Mirjana Salkovic Robin M. Santiago, DMD Sami T. Savolainen, DDS Mark G. Sayeg, DDS Thomas W. Scherrer, DDS Marc D. Schlenoff, DDS William T. Schlosser, DMD Michelle Schmidt David M. Schneider, DMD Boris Schwartzman Christian Scull Michael C. Seastrom, DDS James R. Seligman, DMD Catherine Sesing Sanjiv K. Shah, DDS

Maykel E. Shalaby, DDS Alex Shalman, DDS Eric Shamban Mehdi Shams, BDS C. Ray Sheppard, DMD Amr Sheta, DDS Chris S. Sholota, DDS Harris B. Siegel, DMD Betty Jo Simas, DMD Dan H. Singley, Jr., DMD Stanley Sisk, DDS Jaroslava Skiba Gary A. Smith, DDS David P. St. Ledger, DDS Athanasios N. Stamos, DDS Jessica Steinhoff Daniel L. Steinke, DDS Bruce A. Stewart, DDS Joe Stibler Roumiana B. Stoycheva, DDS Robert L. Strain, DDS Tiffany Stronghart John K. Sullivan, DDS Larry Sumrall, DDS Jenny C. Sun, DDS William H. Swearingen, DDS Yoshitomo Takaishi, DDS Stanley C. Tang, DDS Melissa A. Taylor-Burton, DMD J C Thompson, DDS Mary Tierney Charlius Tjiptarahardja, DDS Nancy Tobin, DDS Trieu P. Ton, DDS

Kilby L. Townshend Louis J. Traci, DDS Amy Tran, DDS Sarah Traynor Darya Tsalko Eugene A. Tynes, DDS Paul Uliasz, DDS Raj Upadya, DMD Kazuya Uyesugi, DDS Peet J. Van Der Vyver Larry I. Vass, DDS Christopher Vele, DMD Stephen Velky Dora Vilk-Shapiro, DMD Lisa Vullings Clifford A. Walker, DMD Douglas R. Wall, DDS Gary V. Walton, DDS Edward E. Ward, DMD Barbara Warner Wojdan, CDT Hans-Juergen Weh, DMD John F. Weston, DDS J. Quint Whipple, CDT Emily Whited Bruce J. Wilderman, DDS Stefan Wilson Bradley Wuotila Gregory J. Wych, DDS Donald B. Zalucky, DDS Camille J. Zelen, DDS April L. Ziegele, DDS


Thank you to the Patterson Foundation for helping to fund our efforts to ensure GBAS patients have sufficient resources to travel and to and from GBAS dental appointments.

Whitening Fundraiser Participants The Teams of: $5,000-$9,999 Kenneth L. Banks, DDS Kerri L. White, DDS Germantown Dental Group

$1,000-$4,999 Sam Pominville, DDS Ronald M. Goodlin, DDS Charles A. Puntillo, DDS Nelson C. Kanning, DDS Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton, DDS Katherine A. Brown, DDS Rory A. Knapp, DDS



Richard W. Featherstone, DDS Cecil Lamberton, DDS

Eric D. Arias, DDS Daniel J. Armstrong, DMD Catrise L. Austin, DDS Joyce L. Bassett, DDS Kari E. Bender, DDS Kris M. Blodgett, DMD John G. Boyd, DDS Kelly D. Bridenstine, DDS Jeff H. Bynum, DDS Shirley E. Cagle, DDS Marilyn R. Calvo, DDS Christopher J. Cantrell, DMD Kathleen S. Carson, DDS Bruce E. Carter, DMD Daniel Castro, DDS Cary T. Chavis, DDS Claire C. Cho, DDS Dale E. Colclasure, DDS Stacy V. Cole, DDS Bruce J. Crispin, DDS, MS Aleksandar Damevski, DMD Lloyd H. Darby, DDS Candace DeLapp, DDS Declan J. Devereux, DDS Keri L. Do, DDS Jeffrey D. Eaton, DDS

Under $500 Frank Michitti, DDS Eric S. Schikowski, DDS Dell Ariel Goodrick, DDS Michael A. Weiss, DDS Victoria C. Callicutt, DDS C. Lee Wyant, DDS

Click here for more information about the Whitening Fundraiser.


*Volunteers who have contributed to the completion of one or more GBAS case(s)

Stephen E. Edgerton, DDS Jared Eisen, DMD Robert W. Erlach, DDS Richard W. Featherstone, DDS Kevin Floyd, DDS James F. Fondriest, DDS Daryl W. Frederick, DDS Michael T. Fulbright, DDS Patrick D. Garcia, DDS Jeremy Goodman, DDS Gregory H. Grady, DDS Justin W. Griffin, DMD Christian W. Hahn, DDS Marshall W. Hanson, DDS Kristopher D. Heap, DDS J Eric Hibbs, DDS Susan Hollar, DDS Paul M. Holliday, DDS Michael B. Hutcheson, DDS Dean V. Hutto, DDS G. Earl Hydrick, DDS Paul L. Kadzik, DDS Michael K. Keating, DDS Jeffry S. Kerbs, DDS AnnaLee S. Kruyer, DDS Les Latner, DDS Julia Lee, DDS Michael W. Lee, DMD Jeffrey M. Leinassar, DMD D. Andrew Lewis, DDS, FAGD Guy M. Lewis, DDS Jeff Y. Lu, DDS Angela M. Lueck, DDS Brett B. Magnuson, DMD Michael Maniscalco, DMD Anthony Marengo, Jr., DDS

Richard B. Marill, DDS David O. Marks, DDS Jill A. Martenson, DDS Charles G. McDonald, DDS John A. Merrill, DDS Randy R. Mitchmore, DDS Rex Monif, DDS Michael J. Morgan, DDS Michael J. Moroni, DDS Nancy A. Norling, DDS Kim S. Okamura, DDS Hugh W. Oser, Jr., DDS Charlie A. Palano, DMD Gena F. Pineda, DDS Nicholas S. Polito, DDS Richard S.C. Poole, DMD Tesa H. Reeves, DDS Preston L. Reynolds, DMD Edwin M. Richardson, DMD Neil F. Riley, DDS Ginnylee Roderick, DDS Fred M. Rosen, DDS William J. Rowe, Jr., DDS Mehdi Sadeghi, DDS Mark G. Sayeg, DDS Monica L. Scheurer, DMD James L. Schmidt, DDS Earl M. Schneider, DDS Amanda N. Seay, DDS Sheldon Seidman, DDS John W. Simmons, IV, DMD Andrew E. Skasko, DDS Mack Snead, DDS Christopher R. Sprout, DDS Wyn D. Steckbauer, DMD Linda M. Steel, DDS

Daniel L. Steinke, DDS Scott O. Szotko, DDS Eric Wang, DDS Chad Wassink Michael A. Weiss, DDS Johnathan R White, DDS Michael A. Wong, DDS Jerry J. Woolf, DDS

Dental Laboratories* Biomet 3i Abbott Dental Lab Artista Dental Studios Bryce Canyon Dental Burbank Dental Laboratory Collins Dental Laboratory Colonial Dental Lab, Inc Corr Dental Lab Cosmetic Creations Dental Laboratory Crown Dental Lab Crystal Medical Technology Dental Creations Dental Dynamics, Inc Dental Lab Associates Dental Laboratory Services Dental Masters Laboratory Dentistry Design Institute Dentsply International Diamond Dental Lab Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd Drake Precision Dental Lab Drake Precision Dental Laboratory, Inc. Esthetic Professionals Evans Dental Lab

*Volunteers who have contributed to the completion of one or more GBAS case(s)


Expertec Dental Lab, Inc, CDL Frontier Dental Laboratory Georgia Dental Laboratory Glen Douglas Studio Glynn Dental Gold Dust Dental, Inc. Halls Crown & Bridge Haupt Dental Lab Hornbuckle Dental Lab Image Gallery Implant Bars Implant Direct Intelligent Touch Dental Knight Dental Lab Lafayatte Lab Las Vegas Estentics Michaelangelo Dental Studio MicroDental, a DTI Company Myron’s West Nakanishi Dental Lab Nature Like Ceramics Nu Art Nu-Life Long Island Laboratoy Oral Arts Dental Laboratory Precision Dental Designs Prodenco Group Dental Laboratories R-dent Dental Laboratory Inc. Rego Lab Restorative Solutions, Inc. Riverside Dental Ceramics Rock Creek Dental Ceramics Roseville Dental Lab Sattelite-Artistic Concepts Dental Sierra Dental Ceramics Signature Dental Studio, Inc


Simpson Dental Trendz Slade Dental Lab Steve’s Lab Strauman Summit Dental Lab, LTD TPS Veneers Trident Dental Laboratories Utah Valley Dental Lab Valley Dental Arts Vividx Westlund Dental Studio Inc. Winter Laboratory Yes! Dental Laboratory, Inc

Specialists* Farhad Boltchi Matt Bush, DDS Orson P. Cardon, DMD Dale Ellis, DMD Jed Feller, DDS Frank Feuille, DDS Tom Gerrets, DMD David Guba, DDS Jeffrey Hamlin John A. Johnson Paul Korb Gregory Langston, DMD Barry P. Levin, DMD Matthew Litz, DDS Benjamin Logiudice, DDS Jenna Lohse Thuan Loi Patrick Louis, MD George Maranon Lara Merker

Marineyda Oyola Stephen R. Pickering, DDS, MSD Daniel Quon, DMD Kevin Ramsey Pat Ricalde, DDS Stu Robb Paul San Marco, DDS Steven Sanders, DDS Barrett Sexton Heath Snell Jason Stoner Michael Thompson, DDS Mark C. Tingey, DDS Miles Derek V, DMD

Silent Auction Item Donors 3M ESPE Dental Products Benco Dental Supplies Blatchford Solutions Brasseler USA Chiann Fan Gibson Clinician’s Choice Dental

*Volunteers who have contributed to the completion of one or more GBAS case(s)

After being accepted for the GBAS program, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I felt hopeful again and after all the time and work that Dr. Kevin and his staff were generous to donate, I gained so much back. I got a job, I participated in social activities. I’ve also been able to lose weight and I feel pretty and happy again.

—GBAS Recipient


CliniPix, Inc Coltene/Whaledent Kenneth Banks, DDS DMG America The Doctors Dr. Phil Van B. Haywood, DMD Garrett Caldwell GLO Science HydraFacial MD Edge Systems Corp Jameson Management jane fonda Joan Baez John Sullivan John Weston, DDS Kathy Ballard Keating Dental Arts


Knight Dental Group LK Dental Minnesota Vikings Morgan Fairchild Patterson Dental Philips Sonicare Practice Solutions Inc RDH Magazine/PennWell Ron Goodlin, DDS Scientific Metals Scrimshanders Six Month Smiles Skalitzky Jewelry Tim McGraw Fan Club Trish Jones Ultradent Products, Inc Valley Dental Arts Whip Mix Corporation

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Susan Mickelson Nicole Moscinski Jessica Moss Kari Mulhern Tim Mulhern Sara Naatz David Nelms Gina Nelms Ashley Otis Matt Pitzer Bruce Radcliff Valerie Resop Jeffrey J. Roach Joyce Rolnick Mindy Rowland Stephanie Rupple Catherine Sesing Megan Steiner Jessica Steinhoff Carla Stephani Joe Stibler Tiffany Stronghart Mary Tierney Sarah Traynor Lisa Vullings Emily Whited Bradley Wuotila Brenda Arndt Christopher M. Banks, DDS Kenneth L. Banks, DDS Rhonda Banks Ashley Boecker Jennifer Bradshaw Sue Cagle Marilyn R. Calvo, DDS Jay W. Chrisman, DDS

Adriene Clampitt Scott H. Coleman, DDS Emily Cook Merideth Denton Karen Greenfield, RDH Gary A. Groff, DDS Missy Hull Deanna James Trish Jones, RDH, BSc McKenzie Klocker Edward Lam, DDS Sarah B Langford, RDH Brian Locke Carolyn Madaus Brittany Marsh Dianne Marsh P Pang Hubert H. Parker, IV, DMD Dwight G. Rickert, CDT Jennifer Rickert Jack Ringer, DDS Lesley Ringer David Schmid Jaroslava Skiba Janelle Soukella John K. Sullivan, DDS Mallory Sullivan Christy Thompson Christopher Vele, DMD Barbara Warner Wojdan, CDT J. Quint Whipple, CDT Kerri L. White, DDS Kay Winebrenner Camille J. Zelen, DDS


2012-2013 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Annual Report  
2012-2013 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Annual Report  

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Annual Report July 2012 - October 2013 | Restore a Smile, Restore a Life