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American Academy OF Cosmetic Dentistry

Charitable Foundation Annual Report

July 2011 – June 2012 Restore a Smile, Restore a Life

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American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Mission We are on a mission to assist in rebuilding the lives and dignity of survivors of domestic violence through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs. Our program provides restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the smile-zone at no cost to qualified survivors through our nationwide network of volunteer cosmetic dentists and our support team of laboratories and dental manufacturers.


American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Leadership AACDCF 2011-2012 Board of Trustees

AACDCF 2012-2013 Board of Trustees

Kenneth Banks, DDS, Chair Garrett Caldwell Lena Halikias, DDS Trish Jones Kellee Kattleman Stanton, DDS Kerri White, DDS

Trish Jones, Chair Kenneth Banks, DDS Garrett Caldwell Kellee Kattleman Stanton, DDS Kerri White, DDS

AACDCF Staff Lisa Fitch, Director, Charitable Foundation Darcy Ranck-Lyons, Foundation Program Case Worker


To our Supporters We are honored to report that the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (AACDCF) continues to heal some of the most devastating effects of domestic violence by restoring the smiles and lives of survivors of intimate partner violence through our Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program. Just this year, generous GBAS volunteers and their teams completed 139 smile restorations worth more than $1.4 million in donated dental services. The AACDCF leadership team has been focused on efficient GBAS program service delivery, GBAS patient prescreening improvements as well as revenue generation to ensure the Foundation has sufficient resources to carry out its mission. We are happy to report that initially qualified GBAS patients’ wait time for a volunteer dentist has been minimized and the number of GBAS patients unmatched with a volunteer dentist has been maintained to fewer than 50. At one point in the program’s history, there were more than 300 patients waiting to be connected with a volunteer dentist. The GBAS Whitening Challenge, one of our primary fundraisers, was revitalized this year. We are honored to partner with Heraeus Kulzer, who is generously sponsoring the whitening materials for the fundraiser. In case you missed it, the Celebration of Smiles GBAS fundraiser held during the 28th Annual AACD Scientific Session at Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar was a blast and generated more than $15,000 for GBAS! We’d like 4

to extend our gratitude to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to the AACD and MicroDental Laboratories for supporting the event. You may find yourself asking, “If GBAS volunteers donate their time and services to restore damaged smiles, why does the AACDCF need to raise money?” This is a valid and common question. We are committed to and focused on restoring smiles of eligible survivors of intimate partner violence who seek services through our GBAS program and your support makes it all possible. Your financial investment: • Assists GBAS patients with the cost of travel to and from their scheduled dental appointments. This year alone, 92 GBAS patients were provided with travel assistance to ensure they had sufficient resources to successfully make their scheduled dental appointments. • Assists with dental laboratory material costs and specialist fees often required to complete dental treatment.

• Supports the expenses to administer the GBAS program by ensuring GBAS patients nationwide are prequalified and efficiently connected with an available volunteer to restore their battered smiles. • Provides scholarships to eligible GBAS program recipients seeking higher education. AACDCF leadership is committed to making certain that our Foundation’s funds are utilized as efficiently as possible. We have decreased our Board of Trustees governance costs by reducing the number of face-to-face board meetings and have increased our communication through email and conference calls. We plan to increase national awareness of GBAS services and share what you, our volunteers and supporters, are doing to help heal some of the most devastating effects of intimate partner violence. We invite you to learn more about this year’s accomplishments by taking the time to read this report. On behalf of all of the courageous survivors of intimate partner violence who need GBAS services, thank you for making our work possible.

GBAS Whitening CHALLENGE Participating dental offices offer whitening treatments to their patients with 100% of the proceeds benefiting GBAS. All whitening kits are donated by Heraeus Kulzer, making it easy for dentists to participate! Click here to find out how easy and fun it is to participate.

Kenneth Banks, DDS Lisa Fitch 2011-2012 Chair, Board of Trustees Director, Charitable Foundation


Restored LiveS



volunteer dental laboratories donated their time and talents to restore smiles

survivors of intimate partner violence located in 38 states and two Canadian Providences received smile restorations at no cost


GBAS volunteers donated

$1,466,187 in dental services

GBAS patients each received an average of


in smile-restoration services


volunteer dental offices restored damaged smiles



dental specialists donated their time and talents to contribute to the smile restorations

Your donations assisted


patients in



with the expenses of traveling to and from their GBAS dental appointments

college-enrolled GBAS program recipients were each awarded with a


educational scholarship

Dear D r. Cha fin, The ot her da cashier y I sha w h o was ri red a smile occurr w n e me. Fo d to me that ging up my g ith the fraz z r r burden me, it is a I was sharin oceries and led I am hu and opened gift that has g the gift you it t extende mbled by the he door to n lifted a gre gave a e d to m e. I sm generosity an w possibilitie t s ile whe n I thin d kindness yo . u k of yo u. Ma ry


Give Back a Smile Grassroots Fundraisers The AACDCF is grateful for all who coordinate fundraising and awareness events in support of GBAS. These AACD supporters and their teams engaged their friends and local communities to raise a total of more than $25,000!

Run for a Smile Dr. Joe Chafin and his wife, Mrs. Sharon Chafin, hosted Run for a Smile 5K Run and 1 Mile trot in McDonough, Georgia. Event proceeds totalled $14,480! Our deepest gratitude extends to Dr. and Mrs. Chafin and their team for such generous support!

UCONN Dental Students’ Hartford Marathon Run 45 dental students and members of UCONN’s local Chapter of American Student Dental Association (ASDA) ran the Hartford Marathon to raise awareness and money for GBAS. Their support, dedication and endurance generated $2,083 in support of the program! Thank you UCONN dental students!

NYU Student Associations GBAS Charity Event NYU Student Association members and their friends partied with a purpose at the luxury Sky Room in New York City. Thanks to their supportive efforts, the event generated $8,200 for GBAS! AACDCF recognizes the following NYU Student Organizations and their members who made the event a huge success: • ASDA: o Julia Niyazova, Philanthropy Chair o Svetlana Musheyev, Philanthropy Chair • Aesthetics Club: 8

o Zahid Juma, President o Parihan Tamkin, Vice President o Kostantina Abate o Rebekah Browder o Kristine Hassan • Marketing and Business Management: o Daniel Rubinshtein, President o Shawn Davaie • The Society of Women In Dentistry: o Kristine Hassan o Sweta Shah • Xi Psi Phi: o Justyna Ballicka o Kristine Hassan • The Hygiene Classes of 2012 & 2013: o Omar Batista o Kristy Lee • NYU College of Nursing: o Nicole Piasio • Canadian Club: o Nathan Cain o Gautam Matta • APSDA o Parthiv Mehta

Dance 4 Smiles Held at the Germantown Athletic Club, Dr. Mickey Bernstein hosted the 3rd Annual Dance 4 Smiles, a three hour dance-fitness event. This year’s event raised $1,220! Thank you for your continued support.

WVU 5K University of West Virginia Dental student Jennifer Gawthrop coordinated a 5K run in support of the GBAS program. Event proceeds amounted to $2,865 (Note: $865 of the total, received during this report period). Our thanks to Jennifer and everyone who made the event a success!


Financial Report Revenue Sources


2011-2012 2010-2011 Cash Donations $67,890 $52,724 Grant Funding 0 $7,500 Fundraisers $85,337 $53,694 Investments $3,639 $84,050 In-Kind Services $1,466,167 $1,755,880 Total Revenue $1,623,033 $1,953,848



Cash Donations Fundraisers Investments In-Kind Services



2011–2012 2010–2011 General & Administrative $55,878 $61,905 Fundraising $12,393 $31,184 Program & In-Kind Services $1,573,225 $1,853,574 Total Operation Expenses $1,641,496 $1,946,363 Net surplus (deficit) ($18,463) $7,485 Net assets $725,478 $743,941

3% 1%

General & Administrative Fundraising Program & In-Kind Services



Thank you to our Partners A M E R I C A

CORPORATE DONORS DMG America Springstone Patient Financing Align Technology, Inc.

Shop to Give Partners Heraeus Kulzer Medelita Singular Payments

Whitening Fundraiser Sponsor Phillips 7/1/11-4/1/2012 Heraeus Kulzer As of 5/1/12


Laboratory Material Donors 3M ESPE DENTSPLY Ivoclar Vivadent


Thank you to those who Supported the AACDCF This Year! Monetary Donors $10,000-$14,999 Joe S. Chafin, DMD

$5,000-$9,999 NYU ASDA

$1,000-$4,999 Align Technology, Inc Kenneth L. Banks, DDS Mickey Bernstein, DDS Usa Bunnag, DDS Garrett M. Caldwell Bruce J. Crispin, DDS Ronald DiCara Lisa Elias, DMD Hugh D. Flax, DDS James D. Geren, DDS Ronald M. Goodlin, DDS Brandi S. Haley Lena T. Halikias, DDS Brian L. Henningsen, DDS Trish Jones, RDH, BSc Les Latner, DDS Hamada Makarita, DDS Tesa H. Reeves, DDS Jack Ringer, DDS Springstone Patient Financing Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton, DDS 12

UCONN ASDA Kerri L. White, DDS

$500-$999 Dana G. Colson, DDS David M. Coppola, DDS DMG America Charmen W. Douglas, DMD Francis J. DuCoin, DMD Rick P. Durkee, CDT Steven A. Ghareeb, DDS Eugene N. Goetz, DMD Ann Elizabeth Haggard, DDS Kenneth L. Hale, DDS Henry Schein Inc. Vahid Ipektchi Angela LM McKeefry, BDS Richard Meckstroth Frank W. Montoya, DDS Michele Salonia, DMD Lawrence D. Singer, DMD Tatiana Stoilova Bruce J. Wilderman, DDS

Under $500 Martin G. Abel, DDS Nicolo A. Addario, DDS Lawrence M. Addleson, DDS Alejandro Aguilar, DDS Nicolas Aguilera

Katherine S. Ahn, DDS Kimberly Alonge Richard J. Anderson, DDS Mira Andre, DDS Angela Andrews Eric D. Arias, DDS Donald J. Arima, DDS Daniel J. Armstrong, DMD Peter Auster, DMD Angela Austin Rebekah Axson Margaret Ayers Steven R. Bader, DMD Todd Bagatelas Jason Bain Craig Baird Bruce B. Baird, DDS Daniel B. Balaze, DMD Peter A. Balogh, DDS Stephanie Ann Barfield, DDS Robert J. Beall, DMD Dr. Joseph D. Bedich, DDS Gordon M. Bell, DDS Wallace J. Bellamy, DMD Chad M. Belongea, DDS Thomas G. Berry, DDS William R. Birdwell, DDS Angela Blackburn Carsten R. Blok, DDS Bobby McKeys

Joseph Boczanowski Joseph M. Bolil, DDS Genevieve Borello Robyn Bowie Dr. Lawrence S. Brannon, DMD Gary J. Braunstein, DDS Vickie Lynn Brodersen, RDH Rebekah L. Browder Gregory Buechele John R. Calamia, DMD Armando Castroverde Philip M. Cavada, RDA Joe S. Chafin, DMD Belen T. Chavez, DMD Peter E. Ciampi, DDS, MAGD Valarie A. Cicrich, DDS Emma Clarke Stephen A. Coates, DDS Stacy V. Cole, DDS Maureen G. Coleman Debra Connor Christopher E. Cooley, DDS Loren Corbridge Sergio Correa, DDS Travis V. Coulter, DDS Allin B. Crouch, Jr., DDS Emilia Suarez Croy, DMD Richard E. Cullinan, DMD

D. Timothy Culotta Ralph P. Cunningham, DDS Fred R. Curcio, DMD Lisa Daft, DMD Robert M. Daly, DDS Kathy Delva Dental Learning William M. Dern, DDS Gloria DeVere Denise Devgon Neil F. DiSpirito, DDS Jana Ditton John W. Drumm, DMD Kathrynne M. Dryke, DDS Fred Dubrowsky Thomas E. Dudney, DMD Econoprint Inc. Itzhak Eidelman Andrea B. Elenbaas, DMD Griffin Elkington Gregory E. Elliott, DDS Dale Ernst Carlos Falcao, MSC Anthony L. Falciano, DDS Vicente Faus-Matoses, DDS Richard W. Featherstone, DDS Fred R. Fielding, DDS Lizz Fitch

Sharon A. Foertsch, DDS Victor C. Foltz, DMD Adam A. Francois, DMD Lisa Franklin-Daisey, RDH Thomas F. Fraser, DDS Meredith Frazer Kathy L. French, DDS Alexander Fu, DMD Yoshio Fukushi, DDS Dean Gaber, DDS Warren R. Gase, DDS, FAGD Margareta M. Gavrila, DDS Alex Gawthrop Jennifer Gawthrop Karl D. Geiger, DDS Brian J. Gilbert, DDS Devon L. Gilkes Ronald M. Gilligan, DDS Aleksandra Glodek C. Eduardo Gonzalez, DDS Karen H. Gonzalez, DDS Jeremy Goodman, DDS GoodSearch Clyde Gorman Joseph J. Gormley, III, DMD Jeremy E. Grabe, DDS Kevin P. Grace, DMD Todd D. Gruen, DDS


Monetary Donors Under $500 (cont.) Jeffery W. Hadley, DDS,FAGD Christian W. Hahn, DDS Clifford Hathaway R. Henderson Curtis R. Henrichs Marcela Hernandez Patricia E. Higgins, DDS John M. Highsmith, DDS Jennifer H. Hill Nathaniel D. Hill, DDS Amanda D. Hindsman James Carlton Hodge, Jr., DDS Robert L. Holloway, DDS Rowland S. Holsinger, DDS Karen E. Homitz, DDS Jennifer Hopper-May Eric Huang, BDSc Allan R. Huffmire, DDS Laiza Jovanna Iniguez Job Itzkowitz Noel W. Jackson, DDS Joel K. Jacobsen Sheryl Alice Jenicke, DDS Megan Amy Jeziorski Carolyn Jones Nikki E. Jones, DDS Vern A. Jones, DT Fariba Kalantari, DDS Lisa E. Kalfas, DDS David Marcus Kalish, DDS William T. Kane, DDS Gerald L. Kennedy, DMD 14

Andrew I. Kleiman, DMD Mike K. Kluth, DDS Murray G. Knebel, DDS Victor A. Koehler, DMD Keith M. Koga, DDS Masha Kogan, DDS John P. Krueger, DDS Leslie Ladd Richard LaFergola Lawrence H. LaHoste, CDT Jean-Paul Lambert, LSD Theresa LaMotte Kathy Lang Thomas H. Lange, DDS Juergen Langenbach, DMD Miguel Lebed, DDS Bailey Lee, DDS Franc Lee, DDS Jenny M. Lee, DDS Jay M. Lerner, DDS D. Andrew Lewis, DDS, FAGD Anita Licata Jan Linhart, DDS Florence Lockhart, DDS Markus P. Lorch, DMD Andrew R. Lunn, DDS Mark A. Luria, DDS Tomas Machan, DDS Clara M. Macias, DMD Wendy Madden Martine R. Mandracchia, DMD Hamssa H. Mansour Thamer Yousif Marghalani, DScD Peter W. Martin, DDS David M. Mastro, DDS Mary A. Mays

Mary Lynne McElhaney, DDS Tara L. Meachum, DDS Medelita Scrubs & Lab Coats Rita M. Medwid, DDS Michael R. Meharry, DDS Carl J. Metz, DDS James J. Meyer, DDS Ann M. Meyer Alberto J. Meza, DDS Joseph Micheletti Frank J. Milnar, DDS Missionfish Randy R. Mitchmore, DDS Laurie F. Moeller, DDS Thomas Moller, DDS Joanna B. Mones, DDS Raul A. Montalvo, DDS Patrick Michael Moore, DDS William B. Moorkamp, DDS Frederick G. More, DDS Michael T. Morris, CDT Megan L. Moshea David L. Murrell Fujio Nagaoka, DDS Kazuya Nakashima, DDS David G. Nangle, DDS Julie R. Nathanson, DDS Kevin L. Neal, DDS C. L. Nelson Louis D. Neuburger Jay Neuhaus, DDS Andrew T. Nguyen, DMD Linda C. Niessen, DMD Dmitry Nikitayev Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS Jasen Nowak

Manuel Nunez, DDS Masanobu Oka, DDS, PhD Wynn H. Okuda, DMD Louis G. Orsatti, DDS Charlie A. Palano, DMD Carl Parnell Gary Wayne Parnes, DDS Shabs Patel, BDS Robert C. Patton Wayne B. Payne Ivy Peltz Cristiano Gabriel Pereira Alves, DDS David S. Philip, DDS Isabelle Pierre Nathaniel D. Podilsky, DMD David G. Polhemus, DDS Donald J. Powers, DDS Jeffrey G. Priluck, DMD Richard G. Pyle, DDS Neil B. Pyser, DDS Gary M. Radz, DDS Yara L. Ramos, DDS Thomas Randolph Mary Lucy Reuter, RDH James H. Rhone, DDS Elizabeth Riedemann Neil F. Riley, DDS Melissa E. Rinck, DDS Irma Rivera-Duffy Warren Roberts, DMD Richard L. Robinette, DMD Fred M. Rosen, DDS Joseph A. Rota, DMD Alan F. Saczawa, DMD Nasrin Sadeghi, DMD SADHA

Mehri Safari, DDS P. Sager Armond Sarkisian Sami T. Savolainen, DDS Mark G. Sayeg, DDS William T. Schlosser, DMD James L. Schmidt, DDS David M. Schneider, DMD Boris Schwartzman Carolyn B. Schweitzer, DDS James R. Seligman, DMD Anthony M. Sementa, DDS Jill H. Sentlingar, DDS Buddy H. Shafer, Jr., CDT Alex Shalman, DDS Caroline Sheehan C. Ray Sheppard, DMD Chris S. Sholota, DDS Lauren Siegel Harris B. Siegel, DMD Elva Bjork Sigurdardottir, DDS Roy A. Smith, III, DMD Steven H. Smith Ronald C. Smith, DDS Andrew Spielman Bruce T. Spink, DMD Gilbert R. Stehbens, BDS Harold I. Steinberg Nancy M. Stewart, DDS Bruce A. Stewart, DDS Roumiana B. Stoycheva, DDS Larry Sumrall, DDS Jenny C. Sun, DDS Sanya M. Sweeney, DMD James M. Sweeney, DDS Houman Tajbakhsh, DDS

Yoshitomo Takaishi, DDS Rita Antonini Tempel, DDS Pamela Therrell Satyanarayanan Thirumalai, DMD J. C. Thompson, DDS Charlius Tjiptarahardja, DDS Trent E. Tobler Elizabeth A. Tomalin, RDAEF Pasteur Tran, BDS Eugene A. Tynes, DDS Reginald C. Udouj, Sr. Raj Upadya, DMD Dean C. Vafiadis, DDS Clifford J. Van Putten, DDS Robert C. Wageman, DDS Edward B. Walk, DMD Clifford A. Walker, DMD Mark A. Wallace, DDS Jessica D. Walter, DMD Barry L. Watson, DDS Dan White Karry K. Whitten, DDS Kimberly Williams Brad Williams, DDS Janet Williams Stefan Wilson Rob N. Wilson Ned W. Windmiller, DDS Jim Woble Eric B. Wolfman Thomas Wright, Jr., DDS Anthony R. Yamada, DDS Kelli Yarbrough Jane & Dave Zalewski April L. Ziegele, DDS 15

3rd place (tied)

Todd D. Gruen, DDS Zacharias J. Kalarickal, DDS Rory A. Knapp, DDS Robert L. Knudson, DDS Susan McMahon, DMD Alexander H. Nguyen, DDS David Ouellet, DDS Sam Pominville, DDS Tesa H. Reeves, DDS Kellee N. Kattleman Stanton, DDS Mark A. Wallace, DDS Kerri White, DDS John Whittemore, DDS C. Lee Wyant, DDS

Germantown Dental Group 16 whitenings


Whitening Challenge Winners 1st place The office of Dr. Kenneth Banks 80 whitenings

2nd place The office of Dr. Kerri White 24 whitenings

3rd place (tied) The office of Dr. David Ouellet 16 whitenings

Whitening Fundraiser Participants Kenneth Banks, DDS Daniel B. Balaze, DMD Mickey Bernstein, DDS Victoria C. Callicutt, DDS Amy Dayries, DMD Richard W. Featherstone, DDS Steven A. Ghareeb, DDS Jeremy Goodman, DDS Dell Ariel Goodrick, DDS Erika K. Grimm, DDS 16

Hassan M. Adam, BDS Jeffrey Alvarado, DDS Richard A. Alverson, DDS Michelle B. Asselin, DDS Michael A. Atencio, DDS Peter Auster, DMD Bryan S. Baker, DDS Kenneth L. Banks, DDS Michael J. Bannan, DDS Thomas M. Bilski, DDS Jorge R. Blanco, DDS Larry C. Breiterman, DMD Kimberly A. Caldwell, DDS Stacie T. Calian, DDS Christopher J. Cantrell, DMD David T. Cappetta, DMD Raymond E. Carpenter, DDS Lauren L. Carr, DDS Joe S. Chafin, DMD Andrew C. Cobb, DDS

Randall G. Cohen, DDS Paul H. Coleman, Jr., DMD Mitch A. Conditt, DDS Brian C. Cross, DDS Justin J. D’Abadie, DDS Stephen Dallal, DMD Candace DeLapp, DDS Edward T. Dougherty, Jr., DDS Joshua A. DuBose, DMD Lawrence D. Duffield, DDS Sam El-Ebrashi, BDS Joseph H. Emmert, DDS Scott W. Finlay, DDS David D. Finley, DDS Cheryl G. Freeman, DDS Kathy L. French, DDS Steven A. Ghareeb, DDS Dina Jackson Giesler, DDS Frederick Gilbeaux, DDS Jerrold K. Goldsmith, DDS Michael S. Gore, DDS Elaine Gorelik, DDS Paul G. Grandsire, DMD Randy J. Greenberg, DMD Jack D. Griffin, Jr., DMD Jamielynn M. Hanam-Jahr, DDS William E. Hay, DMD Ross S. Headley, DDS Kristopher D. Heap, DDS James F. Helmkamp, DDS Dale Herrero, DDS J. Eric Hibbs, DDS Jeffrey E. Himler, DDS James Carlton Hodge, Jr., DDS Michael E. Huguet, DDS John K. Humphrey, Jr.

Michael B. Hutcheson, DDS Clyde S. Ikeda, DDS Zacharias J. Kalarickal, DDS Louis R. Kaufman, DDS Jennifer W. Kernagis, DMD Jeffrey S. Kessler, DMD Debra Gray King, DDS Kevin M. Landers, DDS Paul Landman, DDS John F. Lann, DDS Les Latner, DDS N. Summer Lerch, DDS Brian P. LeSage, DDS Jeffrey W. Lineberry, DDS Ellis K. List, DDS Edward Logan, DDS David P. Lopes, DDS Elizabeth L. Lowery, DDS Robert N. Marshall, DMD Jill A. Martenson, DDS Caitilin R. Martini, DMD James P. Marzolf, DDS Robert S. McGonigle, DDS Susan McMahon, DMD Douglas E. McMaster, DDS James P. Merrett, DDS Joseph Mirci, DDS Alvin W. Neff, DDS David E. Nelson, DDS John R. Nosti, DMD Marie Louise Onesto, DDS Marc A. Panet-Raymond, DDS William Papadopoulos, DMD Robert A. Pate, DMD Fred H. Peck, DDS Robert Penning, DMD

Wayne M. Peterson, DMD Long N. Phan, DMD Paul Stanley Phillips, DDS Zachary L. Potts, DDS Preston L. Reynolds, DMD Edwin M. Richardson, DMD Jack Ringer, DDS William B. Risk, DDS Kathy S. Sanders, DMD Mark G. Sayeg, DDS David A. Schaefer, DMD James L. Schmidt, DDS Martha E. Schreiner, DDS Sanford N. Schwartz, DDS Thomas Skleba, DDS Bobbi A. Stanley Linda M. Steel, DDS Bruce A. Stephenson, DDS Christopher J. Stevens, DDS Philip K. Talley, DDS Stephen P. Tassone, DDS Shital S. Tayde, DMD William C. Tellman, DDS Joseph P. Thomas, DDS Christopher J. Thompson, DMD William G. Toburen, DDS Richard W. Van Gurp, DDS Randall G. Viola, DDS Clifford A. Walker, DMD Derek H. Wall, DDS James E. Watson, DDS Steven P. Weinstein, DDS Michele Y. Williams, DMD Harvey Winter, DDS Gregory J. Wych, DDS Manami Yamaguchi, DMD

Librada C. Yamat, DMD Peter S. Young, DDS C. Lee Wyant, DDS

Dental Laboratories* Absolute Dental Services Advanced Dental Lab Aesthetic Creations Aesthetic Design Laboratory American Dental Lab Artist Concept Aurum Ceramic Dental Lab Bay View Dental Lab Bramlett Lab Burbank Dental Lab Cosmetic Creations Dental Studio Dani Dental DDS Dental Lab Den-Mat Dental Arts Dental Craft Corporation Dental Creations Dental Dynamics, Inc. Dental Masters Dental Prosthetics Dental Services Group Digital Dental Technologies Elite Aesthetics Excel Studios Laboratory Expertec Dental Lab, Inc., CDL Fitz Vital Dental Lab Frontier Dental Lab James Gambino Glidewell Laboratories Global Dental Solutions Gold Dust Dental Lab

*Volunteers 17 who have contributed to the completion of one or more GBAS case(s)

Dental Laboratories* (Cont.) Grant Dental Laboratories Halls Crown & Bridge Harmony Dental Laboratory Haupt Dental Lab Hermanson Dental Horizon Dentla Studios Imagdent Imaging Center Indiana Dental Prosthetics Intelligent Touch Dental Invisalign Jen Dental Lab Joy Dental Lab Kachina Dental Lab KDL Prosthetics Keller Dental Lab Key Element Knight Dental Group Kuwata Pan Dent Lantz Dental Prosthetics LK Dental Studio McCulley Dental Lab MicroDental Mueller Prosthetics Nu Technologies Nu-Art Nu-Life Long Island Orchid Dental Ceramics Palmer Lab Payne Dentla Lab Pittman Dental Lab Precise Removables Precision Elite Preferred Dental Ceramcis Preferred Dental Lab 18

Primodent Studios Prodenco Group Dental Laboratories Prosthodontix Plus Quality Dental Arts Re-Creations Dental Studios Riezebos Dental Lab Rios Prosthetic Dental Lab Riverside Dental Ceramics Saber Dental Studio Satellite-Artistic Concept Dental Satisfaction Dental Lab Select Dental Lab Smile By Design Smile Solutions Dental Studio Smiles Inc. Spencer Dental Lab Sun Dental Lab Superior Dental Lab The Dentists The Tooth Shoppe TPS Veneers Ulitmate Dental Creations Verch Dental Ceramics Williams Dental Lab

Specialists* Dr. Alijanian Dr. Rocklin Alling Dr. Louis Berman Dr. Michael Brenegan Dr. Jason Cataldo Dr. William Cohen Dr. John Darling Dr. Tagle Flagstaff Dr. William Foster Dr. Andrew Gaten

Dr. Matthew Hlavcek Dr. Robert Hinkle Dr. Nathan Hornsby Dr. Barry Johnson Dr. Christine Kamaris Dr. Paul Kazmer Dr. Daniel Klemmedson Dr. Jeff Moffett Dr. J. Eric Moore Dr. Steve Mohorn Dr. Sam Morhaim Dr. Jeremy Orchin Dr. Gary Orentlicher Dr. Robert Peak Dr. Anthony Pitrowski Dr. Jorge Ramirez Dr. Paul Rigali Dr. Dempsey Smith Dr. David Stoker Dr. Steve Thomas Dr. David Timmis Dr. Brett Ueeck Dr. James Vlassis Dr. Matthew Waite Dr. Andrew Weber

Silent Auction Item Donors 3M ESPE American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Blatchford Solutions Clinician’s Choice Dental ContacEZ Dental Marketers DMG America, LLC

Dr. Phil Garrett & Lisa Caldwell Garrison Dental Solutions Giuliani Partners Henry Schein Heraeus Ivoclar Vivadent James Goolnik Jane Fonda Joan Baez Kerri White, DDS

LK Dental Studio Minnesota Vikings Morgan Fairchild NU-Life Long Island Osteogenics Biomedical Patient News Peter Kouvaris Dental Studio Protech Dental Studio Quintessence Publishing Re-Creations Dental Studio Ronald Goodlin, DDS

*Volunteers who have contributed to the completion of one or more GBAS case(s)

Rusty Wallace Racing Six Month Smiles Susan Sarandon Terri Clark Tim Fitch Photography Trish Jones, RDH, BS Ultradent Products, Inc. Valley Dental Arts


2011-2012 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Annual Report  
2011-2012 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Annual Report  

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation Annual Report July 2011 - June 2012 Restore a Smile, Restore a Life