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Week 7 Journal E589 Apartments on 587-589 Elizabeth street. The basic information:  Construction Value: $11,985,000  Step: Finishing 75%  Client: Austgroup Holdings Pty Ltd  Consultant: Architects EAT  Completion Date: December 2013  Description: 10 story, 55 apartments, no basement

This building is concrete masonry units (CMU) which we can see concrete blocks are used on the wall. Concrete masonry units are precast of Portland cement, fine aggregate, and water, molded into various shapes to satisfy various construction conditions. The concrete block that often incorrectly referred to as cement block is a hollow concrete masonry unit having a compressive strength from 600 to 1500 psi. Thus, it is able to support this heavy building.

The forced-air heating is used in this building which is a widely used heating system by means of air heated in a gas, oil or electric furnace and distributed by a fan through ductwork to registers or diffusers in inhabited spaces.

Steel trusses— Due to the slenderness of the truss members, connections usually require the use of steel gusset plates. This is the flat trusses which have parallel top and bottom chords. They are generally not as efficient as pitched or bowstring trusses.

Trusses require lateral bracing in a direction perpendicular to their planes.

This is channel studs. It is built to provide smooth, non combustible, light weight framing systems in order to achieve relevant Building Codes for fire-rated, acoustic and load bearing requirements. Light-gauge steel studs are usually prepunched to allow piping, wiring, and bracing to pass though. The advantages are available in custom lengths, more safety and increased strength and flexible available for curved walls. It is also consult manufacturer for specific shapes and available sizes and gauges.

Diagonal steel strap bracing welded to studs.

The hole is a gallery for the rubbish. It is very convenience that the rubbish is able to go to the ground floor from every floor through this hole so residences do not need to go the ground floor in order to throw rubbish.

This is the main column in this building which is concrete building. It will change bigger on the ground floor. The advantages are high load capacity, less expensive than some other options, faster and easier construction time and reduction in formwork and propping. It is also a sustainable solution that has less waste

The glossary is PLY BRACING which t He bracing system uses structural plywood of various types to provide sheet bracing for walls and subfloor foundations in both internal and external applications. According to my In Situ, the building uses lots of PLY Bracing on the wall in order to resist all the loads.

Bibliography: Ching, Francis D. K., Building Construction Illstrated. Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011 e- Book. Chapter 11, Chapter 7, Chapter 5

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