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4WD Industry Council Convenor, Nigel Bishop, provides an update on the goings on of the Council

With a number of Committee members starting new roles, there were quite a few changes to the 4WDIC lineup during the year.

However, the Committee is intentionally structured in a way that ensures continuity and we were able to welcome our new members and continue the work without disruption.

This year, we said goodbye to Mike Tomsett (SWD), Jeff Newick (Exclusive Tyres), and Kalen Ziflian (Club 4x4) after many years of combined service to the Committee. More recently, Chris Roberts also announced his departure from TRED Outdoors, and as such also stepped down from the Council.

I would like to thank all retiring members for their valuable contributions and wish them the very best in their endeavours.

In place of Mike, Jeff, and Kalen, we were pleased to welcome Daniel Gillies (SWD), David Cook (Exclusive Tyres), and Chris van Der Horst (Club 4x4) to the Committee to see out the existing terms.

Additionally, Emma Laukens (Committee Chair) made the decision late last year to leave RYCO and take on an exciting new role with FOX, leading business development in Australia. Replacing Emma on behalf of RYCO, we also welcomed Tony Sheedy to the Committee.

This is an unusual amount of change to occur within a single year, and as a demonstration of the support and respect for Emma Laukens, the Committee voted to co-opt her back into the committee to continue her role as Chair. I am thrilled that Emma accepted the invitation to keep leading the Committee and I look forward to continuing to work together with her on Council.


Emma Laukens is looking forward to an exciting rest of 2024

The past year has been huge for the Committee – our agenda has never been more full, and while the sales growth across the industry may have normalised somewhat from the unprecedented numbers we were seeing off the back of COVID, there has been no shortage of industry activity.

4x4 shows were back in full swing this past year and I am pleased to say that the 4WD Industry Council were able to run fantastic member networking events at all of the major shows once again for the first time since prior to the pandemic. This year’s events were better than ever, including panel sessions in Sydney and Melbourne which covered the important topic, ‘Managing your brand in the hands of influencers.’

We were pleased to have capacity attendance in Melbourne and Brisbane, while the Sydney event moved from Breakfast to an evening event and saw a record attendance. Meanwhile, the Adelaide and Perth events were far less formal, which created a fantastic forum style atmosphere which was really well-received.

Looking ahead, we have some big items coming up on the Committee’s agenda.

Advocating for the national rollout of the Cert II in Automotive Accessory Fitting (AUR 22021), assisting the AAAA on amendments to the GCM code, and the big one – the review of the National Code of Practice, VSB14 – are all high priority for the Committee. Looking at the VSB14 review in particular, this will be wide-reaching review and represents an important opportunity to clarify some of the grey areas that have led to state interpretations, and also to address new technologies.

Also coming up are our Committee elections, which are due to be held in July. In accordance with our charter, Committee elections are held in two rounds, ordinarily with six of the twelve positions up for election every two years. Successful candidates are then elected to the

The Australian 4WD Industry Council is a non-competitive, specialist council of the AAAA. It has been formed to provide advice, understanding and a strategic approach to market issues from regulators, governments, 4WD enthusiasts and community groups.

Committee for a four-year term. Dividing the elections into two halves in this way ensures continuity in Committee matters.

Anton Griffiths (Tuff Group), David Cook (Exclusive Tyres), Stephen Handbury (Saber Offroad) and Chris van der Horst (Club 4x4) are all due to retire from their Committee positions this round, however all retiring Committee members are eligible to nominate for re-election.

If you are a 4WD Industry Council member and you are keen to contribute to the governing committee to help drive change for the 4WD Industry, we would love to see your nomination – nominations close on Friday the 21st of June – contact Nigel Bishop at for details.

And if you’re an accessory manufacturer, supplier, retailer, or fitter, but not yet a member of the 4WD Industry Council, please don’t just sit on the sidelines – take an active role in futureproofing your industry by becoming a member and make your voice count!

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Emma Laukens Chair – 4WD Industry Council Nigel Bishop Council Convenor – 4WD Industry Council


The Club 4x4 Insurance team were on the ground at K’Gari as part of National Volunteer Week

Volunteers from Maroochydore-based Club 4x4 Insurance collected rubbish and debris from K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) recently as part of National Volunteer week and as a sponsor of the annual Four Wheel Drive Queensland (4WD QLD) K’gari Clean Up event.

Run by members of the 4WD QLD Association in collaboration with Queensland Department of Environment Science (DES), Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) and Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation (BAC), volunteers collected more than 6.5 tonnes of marine debris over three days. The debris is weighed and sorted by Tangaroa Blue Foundation and added to its database, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

The information is then used by the Australian Government and research agencies to help stop marine waste at its origin and inform environmental policies.

The team from Club 4x4 Insurance, a returning platinum sponsor, collected 45kg of rubbish from the Orchid Beach shoreline, including a GPS tracking beacon that Tangaroa Blue will restore and use to help track future marine waste.

“The K’gari Clean Up is a fantastic initiative and a great immersion experience for our team, highlighting how much the 4x4 community value our pristine spaces,” Club 4x4 Insurance Chief Executive Officer, Tony Mitchell, said.

“As sponsors of 4WD QLD, we’re honoured to work side-by-side with their members restoring the world’s largest sand Island.”

The 4WD QLD K’gari Clean Up does not receive government funding and relies solely on sponsors to ensure the event continues.

More than 800 volunteers from 4WD QLD’s 45 member clubs attended the annual event to ensure the UNESCO World Heritage-listed national park remains a ‘paradise’ as the Butchulla peoples’ traditional name ‘Kgari’ describes.

Club 4x4 Insurance offers comprehensive insurance which “goes anywhere in Australia you can legally take a 4WD,” and includes off-road recovery cover standard.

“Protect your family, and your lifestyle with Club 4X4 Insurance,” Tony said.

“The best bits of Australia can take a bit of getting to. But if you can cross it, climb it, and explore it in your 4WD, Caravan or Camper Trailer, Club 4X4 Insurance have you covered.

“We keep it simple: you discover, we cover.”

For more from Club 4x4 Insurance, please visit


Terrain Tamer has launched a new TV ad on various platforms

The new advertisement from Terrain Tamer will be running from May until September across regional Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, to air primarily during NRL, AFL and State of Origin matches.

Titled “Customer is King,” the ad follows the story of a young Frank Hutchinson, who founded the Terrain Tamer brand in 1969 and supplied strengthened 4WD parts to a young Bill King, who himself was in the beginning stages of starting what would eventually become the AAT Kings travel company.

Following Frank and Bill through the start of their journey, the ad shows the development of Terrain Tamer from its earliest years through to the

intensive process of research and development that goes into their expansive 4WD parts brand today, as well as their continuing focus on meeting customer needs and providing quality service.

Filmed in Alice Springs across three days, the “1969” portion of the ad was filmed using special camera equipment sourced by the project’s producers, to authentically represent the colours output by film at the time.

Terrain Tamer staff members Zac Perkins and Cameron McDonnell were called on to portray the younger versions of Frank and Bill and costumes were carefully sourced to match reference photographs.

Interspersed with footage of a Terrain Tamer vehicle travelling a red dirt road to deliver parts to a remote workshop, the present-day portion of the ad features the real Frank Hutchinson, along with his son Brent, the company’s General Manager, utilising the technology offered at the AAAA’s Auto Innovation Centre in Melbourne’s southeast to showcase the thorough research, design and testing that goes into Terrain Tamer’s parts development.

Terrain Tamer’s new Customer is King TVC can be seen on the brand’s Facebook and YouTube pages, or across AFL, NRL and State of Origin on Foxtel and various free-to-air stations around the country.

For more information, visit
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The Drivetech 4x4 DC-DC Battery Charger has you covered

When it comes to off-road journeys, having a reliable power source can make all the difference between a successful adventure and a logistical nightmare.

This is where Drivetech 4x4 says its DC-DC Battery Charger with Solar Output (DT-02022) comes into play, as “a game-changing solution designed to meet the demands of serious off-road enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and commercial operators alike.”

The company states the Drivetech 4x4 DC-DC Battery Charger is no ordinary charger, explaining it “is a robust, intelligent device engineered to optimise your vehicle’s power management, ensuring your batteries stay charged and ready, regardless of the conditions.”

Here’s a closer look at its standout features and applications, thanks to Drivetech 4x4.

Bluetooth connectivity and remote monitoring

Equipped with an easy-to-read remote mount

Bluetooth LCD screen, this charger ensures you can monitor your battery status in real time, even from a distance, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on your power levels.

Dual Voltage system

With a capability to handle 12-24V system inputs and provide a 12V output, this charger is versatile enough to suit a variety of setups.

Whether you are driving a rugged off-road vehicle or a comfortable caravan, the Drivetech 4x4 DC-DC Battery Charger has you covered.

IP67 rated

Built to withstand extreme conditions, the charger boasts an IP67 rating, meaning it is both dust-tight and protected against water immersion up to one metre for 30 minutes.

Whether you’re navigating through dusty trails or crossing a river, you can rely on this charger to keep performing.

Modular design

Thanks to its modular design, you can easily increase the amperage outputs using MST (Modular Sense Technology).

This enables you to add extra units to increase your current output as you increase your battery banks as the need arises.

If you update to three batteries, you can add another charger to increase the output to 60 amps. This scalability ensures that as your power needs grow, your charger can too.

Lithium battery compatibility

The charger includes a lithium battery charging profile, ensuring efficient and safe charging for modern lithium batteries.

This feature alone makes it an invaluable tool for anyone using advanced battery technology.

Wide operating temperature range

With an operating temperature range of 0-90°C, the Drivetech 4x4 DC-DC Battery Charger is built to perform in the harshest environments.

From the frigid cold of high-altitude passes to the scorching heat of desert dunes, this charger remains reliable.

COVER STORY 6 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2024

This maximum temperature range makes it ideal for under bonnet installations.

Many DCDC chargers on the market will start to de-rate at temperatures above 50°C and can even stop charging altogether as they get too hot.

With the ability to handle solar panels up to 50 volts and with the capacity to manage 450 watts of solar input, opening up great opportunities in the style and size of your solar panels.

This not only ensures optimal performance but

Whether you are exploring remote locations or towing heavy loads, the charger keeps your batteries charged and your electrical systems running smoothly.

The primary function of a DCDC charger is to take the inconsistent voltage from your vehicle’s alternator and smooth it out into a steady, consistent stream of energy that is ideal for your batteries.

This ensures that your batteries receive the optimal charge without any damaging fluctuations.

Simple, affordable, and compatible

The Drivetech 4x4 DC-DC Battery Charger is easy to install and use, making it accessible for both novice and experienced users.

Drivetech 4x4 says it is also cost-effective compared to other complex power management systems and works with various battery types.

A trusty steed

For weekend warriors with a basic dual battery setup, the Drivetech 4x4 DC-DC Battery Charger is your trusty steed, ready to tackle any challenge the terrain throws your way.

Whether you’re an extreme 4x4 enthusiast, an outback tourer, or a commercial operator, Drivetech 4x4 says it has the hard parts and accessories to fit your needs.

Drivetech 4x4 states its DC-DC Battery Charger 30A with Solar Input is more than just a charger; “it is your partner in ensuring every journey is powered to perfection.”


In this special feature, LCA discusses some key information around vehicle modification in New South Wales

The Licensed Certifiers Association (LCA) was established in mid- 2017 with the Department of Transport for NSW (TfNSW) seeing a need for an organisation for the endorsement of modified vehicles.

“We are all licensed VSCCS certifier members working cooperatively that have a wealth of knowledge in all areas, makes and models in the vehicles or Automotive Industry,” an LCA spokesperson said.

“Together we have more than 1000 years of experience of modified vehicles knowledge with a broad exposure to all aspects of industry.

“This ranges from passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, caravans, light trailers, light buses, to heavy buses, heavy trucks and heavy trailers, motorcycles, hot-rods and individually constructed vehicles (ICV).”


• For all modifications beyond those specified as Basic Modifications in VSB 14 National Code of Practice, you require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for registration in NSW. A person must not carry out modifications on a registered light vehicle (whether by the addition or removal of components or otherwise) that result in the vehicle failing to comply with the applicable vehicle standards (NSW Government Legislation – Road Transport [Vehicle Registration] Regulation 2017, Part

5 Vehicle Standards, Clause 64 Modifications To Registered Light Vehicles). A person must not use a vehicle on a road or road related area without such a Certificate, and the registered operator or owner of the vehicle must not permit the vehicle to be used in such a way if the vehicle has had a modification to which this Division applies (NSW Government Legislation – Road Transport [Vehicle Registration] Regulation 2017, Part 6 Certification Of Vehicles, Clause 84 Modified Vehicles Not To Be Used Unless Certified.)

• If you remove the seats in the rear most position in your vehicle and fit a drawer system you will require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. This comes under ADR 3, 4; VSB 5A

or 5B; AS/NZS 2596; VSB 14 Section LK Seating and Occupant Protection and Seatbelt Installation/removal, Modification Code LK1.

• If you put larger wheels over seven percent of the OE tyre sizes detailed on the tyre placard on your vehicle you will require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW (ADR 20, 23, 42; Tyre And Rim Standards Manual; VSB 14 Section LS Tyres, Rims, Suspension And Steering, Modification Code LS10).

• If you change or modify your exhaust system you will require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. Removal of the exhaust silencer/ muffler or the catalytic converter is illegal and will incur a defect notice when inspected by the police (ADR 28, 30, 37, 70, 79, 83; VSB 14 Section LA Engine, Modification Code LA5).

• Some Aftermarket Lighting installations require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. Most vehicle aftermarket LED lighting sold on eBay or similar are potentially illegal, you must check and ensure the LED Lights are of approved design to the Australian design rules and are marked accordingly. (ADR 1, 13; VSB Section LO Vehicle Standards Compliance, Modification Code LO1).

• All modified NSW vehicles requiring certification also require a new TARE Weight, Weighbridge docket. The vehicle cannot be certified without a current weighbridge certificate with a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. Vehicle Modifications often change the vehicles Tare Weight once modified. If the vehicle is fitted with aftermarket components – such as, fuel tanks, seats, suspension components and exhaust systems, to name a few items – the vehicle will need to be reweighed for TfNSW Registration

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purposes if falling outside of the specified Basic Modifications (VSB 14).

• All vehicles fitted with high lift suspension require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW.  All late model vehicles fitted with ESC are allowed a 50mm or two-inch suspension lift only, and seven percent tyres diameter increase over the largest option tyre for that vehicle – this is approximately a 25mm or one-inch tyre lift. The total lift of suspension and tyres included must give a total lift of approximately 75mm or threeinches as maximum. If exceeding the total lift as stated above, an ESC performance certificate after testing of the ESC must be provided to prove the vehicle remains safe to operate. The ESC testing requirement often defeats the cost of raised suspensions requiring ESC testing, says LCA. Therefore, the lift is uneconomical to be greater than the allowed approximate 75mm/ three-inch total lift. LCA says its members have been quoted figures of $15k to $25k per vehicle for ESC testing to ADR 88/00.

• Pod Style Air Filters are illegal and cannot be certified with a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. The fitment of open pod style air filters is illegal in NSW. The pod filter can be installed but must be in a cover/enclosure that covers the pod filter. Pod Filter Covers could cover the Pod like a Bell on all sides and top to reduce induction noise (ADR 83/00).

• If you install an aftermarket Turbocharger or a Supercharger to naturally aspirated engine you will require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. The installation of a Turbo Charger or a Supercharger to a naturally aspirated engine requires further testing requirements (emission,

noise and the brakes) for compliance (ADR 28, 30, 31, 35, 37, 83 and Brake Assessment Manual Ver 3.0) depending on the actual vehicle type or category.

• For aftermarket Brake Calliper and Rotor Upgrades or any modifications to brake systems, such as upgrading to larger brake components like callipers and rotors, you will require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. This is because these changes can potentially impact the brake balance and vehicle dynamics, especially under heavy loads or off-road conditions. The certification ensures that the upgraded braking system meets safety standards and performs reliably (VSB 14 Section LG Brakes, ADR 35, ADR31, BM3).

• For any aftermarket Suspension Components and Suspension upgrades outside of the specified Basic Modifications (eg, lifts beyond 50mm), you will require a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. This is a common modification among off-road enthusiasts. It can significantly alter a vehicle’s suspension geometry and handling characteristics which could potentially affect its stability and safety. The certification ensures the suspension upgrader meets the regulatory standards and maintains safe operation on NSW roads (VSB 14 Section LS Tyres, Rims, Suspension and Steering clause 1.2).

• Extended Rear Shackles are illegal and cannot be certified with a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW.  Extended rear shackles are a popular modification among 4WD enthusiasts as it helps achieve additional ground clearance and accommodate larger tyres. However, this alteration can impact the vehicle’s suspension geometry and load-bearing capacity, potentially affecting its stability and safety (VSB 14 Section LS Tyres, Rims, Suspension and Steering clause 4.11).

• Using Wheel Spacers are illegal and cannot be certified with a VSCCS Engineering Compliance Certificate for a modified vehicle for registration in NSW. Wheel spacers are frequently used in off-road applications to widen the vehicle’s track width, providing better stability and clearance for larger tyres. However, wheel spacers can affect the vehicle’s steering geometry and increase stress on wheel bearings, potentially compromising safety (VSB 14 Section LS Tyres, Rims, Suspension and Steering clause 4.2.2).

For more information, please visit

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Ideal for caravanners, motorhome owners and “van lifers”

Having “revolutionised Australia’s caravan and camping fridge market,” myCOOLMAN has now announced the launch of its new myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner.

It says no longer will caravanners, motorhome owners or “van lifers” have to swelter in Summer or shiver in Winter, with myCOOLMAN’s powerful 3000w output air conditioner ensuring campers can stay cool in Summer and toasty warm in Winter.

The myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner also has Anti Vibration Intercooling Technology (AVIT), which refers to the fact it has a market first heat exchanger to improve efficiency and longevity fitted as well as a computer balanced fan with

inverter technology to reduce vibration/noise overall.

“We are very proud to officially launch the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner to the Australia market,” Leisure-Tec Australia Chief Executive Officer, Paul Widdis, said.

“myCOOLMAN has built a very strong reputation for our groundbreaking single and dual zone fridges for the caravan, camping and 4WD market and we believe the technology and design we have developed with the roof top air conditioner can have the same impact in the caravan, motorhome and van life movement in providing world class air conditioning.

“We have spent a significant time in developing and testing in Australia’s harshest conditions to ensure that we developed an air conditioner that would meet the needs of Australian caravanners and campers.”

The myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner is sleek, modern, aerodynamic design and also has full Bluetooth capability allowing full control from your smartphone.

Leisure-Tec says the myCOOLMAN incorporates cutting-edge technology to reduce power

consumption, making it ideal for off-grid 12V systems and environmentally conscious users. Further, it states the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner boasts a smooth, soft start feature and operates at whisper-quiet levels, ensuring your comfort without any unnecessary disruptions. Weighing in at just 35kg, including the Air Distribution Box (ADB), the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner is designed for easy manoeuvrability, allowing you to install it effortlessly wherever you desire.

For hassle-free installation, the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner comes with both 400x400 and 360x360 sealing frames, along with bonus roof thickness adaptors, which Leisure-Tec says ensures a perfect fit in any setup.

The included Air Distribution Box (ADB) features a slimline design with multiple airflow angles, offering precise control over the direction of air flow. Plus, it adds an element of mood lighting to enhance your ambiance with a selection of colours to choose from. For more information, visit


All Trico 4WD replacement windscreen wipers are manufactured to Original Equipment specifications or better

Trico, which says it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and innovators in premium quality replacement windscreen wiper products, offers several specially developed 4WD application specific wiper replacement products to suit the vast number of these popular work, leisure, and daily commute vehicles on our roads.

4WD model specific applications are available across the well-known and trusted Trico Force, Trico Tech, Trico Shield and Trico Ultra product ranges.

These 4WD replacement wipers are available as Conventional, Hybrid, Beam Blade Wipers or as Refills, so no matter of the wiper design or 4WD vehicle manufacturer, Trico says there is a Trico replacement wiper to suit.

Aussie motorists have always been good at doing a safety check before heading off an a 4WD adventure, but in most cases wipers and windscreen washer fluid are forgotten.

Therefore, it is usually only when the wipers are needed the most, in an off road setting with severely obstructed visibility, that a motorist becomes aware of this.

In most cases it is a long distance from being able

to replace worn or ineffective 4WD vehicle-specific windscreen wipers, making the situation a more than significant safety compromise.

As many 4WD vehicles are also used as daily drives, this places even more importance on ensuring that windscreen wipers are working at their optimum to ensure the safest family vehicles.

All Trico 4WD replacement windscreen wipers are manufactured to Original Equipment specifications or better, which Trico says ensures they are designed to handle more off-road torture compared to several competitor products.

Trico explains that using high quality replacement windscreen wipers ensures a longer service life and a drastic reduction in product failure.

In Trico’s case, the company reports a warranty return rate of 0.003 percent, a glowing testament to their outstanding quality.

Another important factor that is generally overlooked is the quality of 4WD vehicle windscreen wash fluid.

Adding premium quality wiper fluid with every wiper fluid tank refill is also imperative to extending the optimum operating life of 4WD windscreen wipers.

Trico Screenwash Fluid contains no ammonia, so it doesn’t cause any damage or staining of the vehicle paint and rubber trims, it does not cause environmental harm and it repels oils and other contaminants that adversely affect clear windscreen visibility.

Locating the right Trico 4WD replacement windscreen wiper application can be done easily at

Trico 4WD windscreen wipers are also available from all Repco, AutObarn, Burson Auto Parts, NAPA and other leading automotive stores. For more information, visit

ACCESSORIES & ELECTRICAL 10 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2024


REDARC says its Manager Alpha redefines mobile power management

REDARC Electronics recently introduced what it describes as a revolutionary three-way battery charger, the Manager Alpha.

Designed for adventurers who seek to push the boundaries of off-grid living, all while powering the essentials from home, REDARC says its new Manager Alpha range offers adventurers unmatched efficiency, compactness, and power.

REDARC was delighted to introduce to the trade its Manager Alpha range in April at Melbourne’s 2024 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo.

Available in capacities of 50A, 75A, and the formidable 100A, attendees were able to get a close look at REDARC’s newest release and ask REDARC’s technical experts about how the Manager Alpha can enhance off grid travel.

Engineered to be up to 55 percent smaller and 28 percent lighter than comparable competitors, the Manager Alpha optimises precious vehicle space without compromising on performance.

With a charging rate that is up to three times faster than REDARC’s previous generation manager, REDARC says the Manager Alpha has no problem keeping pace with demanding appliances. What sets the Manager Alpha apart is its

versatility in charging capabilities. Equipped to harness power from a combination of AC, DC, and solar sources simultaneously, the Manager Alpha can run everything from induction cooktops and air conditioners, to fridges and devices, and still charge batteries faster than they can be drained.

A reliable power supply that eases power anxiety, REDARC says its intelligent design seamlessly manages both secondary and start batteries, providing up to 25A to jumpstart a traveller’s vehicle when needed.

Thanks to the inclusion of REDARC’s Smart Battery Monitor as standard, real-time system information is only a few taps away.

Featuring REDARC’s innovative RedVision technology and Bluetooth compatibility, charge and battery level information is available in real time through the included RedVision display and smartphone app.

As a result, REDARC says consumers can monitor data that’s up to five times more accurate than the leading competitor, up to 42 meters away from their vehicle thanks to market leading Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.


The company has revealed its latest LED driving lights

A new range of Hybrid Beam LED Driving Lights from Big Red Gear has arrived, combining “amazing” bright light output with a sleek “blacked-out” appearance that also provides a tough, “stealth” look for vehicles when the lights are not in use.

At the heart of the new range – which is available in seven-inch or nine-inch diameter model options – is a Covert Black Chrome appearance that gives visual impact while enhancing light clarity, helping users see further down the road.

Generating the light are high power OSRAM LEDs that emit a natural white light at 5700°K. Output per nine-inch pair is one lux at 790 metres and one lux at 680 metres for the seven-inch variant.

Another feature of the Covert LED Driving Light range is the prominent Dynamic Position Light, providing additional vehicle visibility to other road users. The position light is dual colour, allowing the user to choose between white or amber* output.

To ensure durability in tough Australian conditions, the lamps feature robust construction and what Big Red Gear describes as “virtually unbreakable” polycarbonate lenses.

They are also fully sealed and weatherproofed to IP67 and come with heavy-duty stainless-steel brackets (with three bolt mounting) and mounting hardware. An integrated and sealed DT connector is also included.

For added protection when not used, the lamps feature blacked-out polycarbonate lens protectors, while the included ‘plug and play’ wiring harness makes installation simple.

Big Red Gear Product Manager, Jake Smith, said the brand’s latest release provided buyers with a well-balanced range that combined strong lighting performance with attractive aesthetics at a costeffective price point.

“The new Covert LED Driving Lights from Big Red Gear showcase a stealthy black chrome reflector design that projects an impressive light output from

Aside from the release of the Manager Alpha range, REDARC’s market-leading status in offgrid mobile power was further recognised at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards and Australian Auto Aftermarket Innovation Awards.

Over the two events, REDARC was presented with Excellence in Export, Excellence in Business Sustainability and Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Electrical) for the TVMS Rogue.

Designed and tested to withstand the harshest conditions, the Australian-made Manager Alpha is built to endure extreme temperatures and challenging terrains, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even in the most unforgiving landscapes. For more information, please visit

the OSRAM LEDs, dramatically boosting visibility across a range of conditions,” Jake said.

“With this release, Big Red Gear has again made quality lighting accessible to recreational enthusiasts, proving that performance and great looks doesn’t have to cost the world.”

Big Red Gear’s new Covert LED Driving Lights are backed by a three-year warranty and can be purchased from for $449.00 (seven-inch pair) and $599.00 (nine-inch pair) including shipping.

Big Red Gear is an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of automotive lighting for the automotive, and transport industries. For more information, visit

*Amber is for off road use only; not ADR approved.

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ARB 4x4 Accessories says it has partnered with Nacho Offroad Technology to “shake up the off road lighting market and provide products that are tough, innovative and flexible to customers across the globe.”

The unique sizing of the Nacho range reportedly allows mounting locations on your rig to stretch as far as your imagination.

Whether it is a bar, rack, pillar, or custom mounts; Nacho says it distinguishes itself in putting control back into your hands and allowing you to mount the light where you want.

Introducing the Nacho Quatro

Nacho explains it has developed the Quatro to be a cutting-edge lighting solution that elevates your adventure, providing “unparallelled performance in a durable and compact package.”

Whether navigating through rugged terrain, executing recovery operations, or simply illuminating your surroundings, Nacho says the Quatro delivers.

Options include Spot (Off Road – everyday use); Flood (Off Road – wide area beam – crawling); Spot Flood Combo (all-rounder); SAE Fog/Spot Combo White (fog replacement compliant in some markets); and SAE Fog/Spot Combo Amber (fog replacement compliant in some markets).

Key features and benefits:

• Multi-function: the Nacho Quatro allows you to switch between multiple functions in the single light. You can control the light with a low power

output which engages the lower LEDs or a high-power output, which operates the light with all six LEDs.

• Body design: experience the industry’s first Forced Induction light designed for optimal performance. Engineered to maximise airflow, it channels air through the front of the light and efficiently exhausts it out the back, ensuring optimal cooling for enhanced performance. The housing is made of polycarbonate and is easily removable and is available as a spare part so is also replaceable.

• TRL (Trail Running Light): the TRL is a game-changer for off road enthusiasts seeking enhanced visibility and safety on the trail. This unique feature provides a low power mode that creates a captivating glow effect, ensuring you’re seen by oncoming vehicles without blinding them. Designed with versatility in mind, the TRL can be independently triggered, allowing you to wire it to a single switch or seamlessly integrate it with your factory running lights.

• Polycarbonate covers: included with the light are a pair of amber and smoke covers, easily installed by removing the front bezel and placing the cover in its grooves, then snapping the bezel back on the front of the light. Made out of polycarbonate material, the covers are another level of protection or a quick way to change the light’s output colour.

• J575 vibration rated: the Quatro is engineered with J575 vibration rating, ensuring exceptional durability and performance on even the most punishing trails.

• Impact resistant: Quatro lights are engineered with impact-resistant lenses and covers made from polycarbonate. Durability has been achieved through rigorous tests, including 5g impact drop tests and reallife rock roosting to withstand the toughest conditions. Nacho lights have also been Baja and KOH tested, meeting the high standards of the most demanding off road environments.

• Built in America: Nacho Offroad Technology handles everything in-house; engineering, testing, building, packaging, and shipping all products from the Mesa, Arizona Nacho location.

Crafted with both utility and flair in mind, Nacho says the sleek four-inch pod design of the Quatro redefines traditional off road lighting.

ARB and Nacho invite you to set yourself apart and draw attention to your vehicle with its captivating aesthetics, all while revelling in its unmatched performance.

Engineered to withstand the harshest off road environments, ARB and Nacho state this light combines robust construction with superior lighting capabilities.

A pair of Nacho Quatro lights are available to order now for $749 (Australian East Coast Metro).

For more information, visit

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With Nacho Driving Lights


Hulk 4x4 has expanded its recovery equipment offering with new kinetic ropes and hyper soft shackles

The Hulk 4x4 kinetic ropes are available in two variants, 8.6 tonnes (HU210) and 13 tonnes (HU211), offering versatility for any recovery need. Crafted from 100 percent nylon, both ropes boast a 9m length and 30 percent elasticity for greater recoil during recovery, and are built to withstand the toughest recovery tasks.

Braided and coated for durability and long-lasting performance, the ropes feature orange (HU210) or red (HU211) ends for high visibility and enhanced safety during operation.

They are compatible with both steel and soft shackles, for maximum flexibility and convenience, and come with a 40L dry storage bag, to help protect the interior of the vehicle from any mud or dirt, which can also be used as a cable damper if required.

Also now available from Hulk 4x4 are hyper soft shackles in two variants, the HU215 which boasts a breaking strength of 14 tonnes, and the HU216 with a breaking strength of 21 tonnes.

Built with a 12-strand ultra-high-molecularweight polyethylene (UHMWPE), the new hyper

shackles are lighter and stronger when compared to traditional options.

Both hyper shackles provide robust support for even the most demanding recovery scenarios, with the lightweight design allowing for easier handling and operation.

The braided jacket and UHMWPE sewing on the hyper shackles enhance their resistance to wear and tear, ultimately extending their lifespan and ensuring durability in harsh off-road conditions.

With a one-piece design, the new Hulk 4x4 hyper shackles are incredibly easy to connect and disconnect, saving time and effort during recovery operations.

The HU215 comes with a 10mm diameter and 0.58m length, while the HU216 is available with a 12mm diameter and 0.56m length.

All of the new Hulk 4x4 recovery items have been batch-tested in Australia by an accredited NATA testing facility, with all exceeding load rating expectations.

Hulk 4x4 recommends that users choose the most appropriate product for their situation, and

if they’re unsure, they should research accredited 4WD training courses.

Australian-owned and operated, Hulk 4x4 says it is one of the fastest growing players in the local off-road and 4WD market, with a massive range of the latest hard-wearing innovative gear.

Hulk 4x4 says its core mission is to supply the best products for the off-roading community, with everything required to completely fit-out off-road vehicles to get to their next destination and back, time after time.

For more information, visit

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For all your 4WD adventures

Ultimate Suspension offers a comprehensive range of offroad accessories to enhance your 4WD experience in partnership with ARB Offroad Equipment.

It states its partnership with ARB Offroad Equipment allows it to provide you with highquality products designed to withstand the toughest conditions and see you prepared for any challenge.

Amongst the range are:

• Bull Bars: ARB bull bars not only enhance protection but also serve as sturdy mounts for accessories like driving lights and winches. Ultimate Suspension says it ensures these installations are performed correctly for maximum safety and efficiency.

• Roof Racks: robust and versatile, ideal for carrying extra gear on your adventures.

• Recovery Kits: for those unexpected moments, ARB’s comprehensive recovery kits provide the necessary tools for a safe extraction.

• Driving Lights: ARB’s Intensity LED light range ensures maximum visibility during your off-road travels and night-time treks.

Ultimate Suspension says its team is committed to delivering an “Ultimate” experience. It invites you to visit the Ultimate Suspension workshop to discover the difference its products and services make, ensuring your next journey – be it a weekend escape or an extended overlanding expedition – is supported by the best in the business.

For more information, visit


Offering complete control

Narva’s Ultima Connect+ Controller offers owners of the Ultima LED Light Bar range the ability to further maximise the performance of their light bars, by adjusting the beam shape and intensity to suit the environment and driving conditions.

An optional extra across the new Ultima LED Light Bar line-up, the controller offers further lighting adjustment with three preset, customisable driving modes.

For highway driving, the beam can be set for maximum distance with less spread to avoid road sign flare.

On 4WD tracks, distance can be reduced with a focus on maximum spread, while for more open dirt roads, all the light can be set to its maximum output.

Ultima Connect+ Controller also allows drivers to alter brightness (main and aux controls), provides a boost mode that delivers 15 percent more power for 30 seconds, and with its LIN Bus technology, acts as a single point of control for all Ultima Connect+ enabled products.

The controller’s generously sized buttons make it easy to use on bumpy tracks, while multiple mounting options and single wire installation provide easy fitment across a wide range of vehicles.

Narva says the Ultima Connect+ Controller is the perfect companion to the Ultima LED Light Bar range, which include eight and 24 inch models that can be combined to also provide 40 and 48 inch bar configurations.

With Ultima, owners can also select from both hybrid and flood beam light bar options depending on their preference. Together, Narva says this offers buyers customisation options like never before.

Narva’s Ultima Connect+ Controller, Ultima LED Light Bars and associated accessories are available nationwide from leading automotive, four-wheel drive and transportation outlets. For more information, visit


From LED Autolamps

LED Autolamps, a brand known for high-quality LED Automotive lighting, is offering a new housing designed to fit its popular 235 series single lamps while also providing an inbuilt diffused tail lamp using high-brightness LEDs and solid-state circuitry for superior vibration resistance.

The tail lamp housing allows the single recessed light to be mounted inside and, finally, be surface fitted to the vehicle or trailer.

It has a slick modern design that is perfect for vehicles and trailers, measuring just 261mm wide, 49mm high, and 23mm on its side profile.

Comprehensively tested to extreme IP67 standards for dust and water ingress, the diffused housing comes in two styles, either a red lens or a grey lens, lighting up seamlessly in the tail function.

Both offer 12 volts, with a specially designed lens and high-powered SMD LEDs that glow brightly,

which LED Autolamps says will make your application shine brighter than all the others. These lamps are available in a twin blister pack for retail display or single or bulk packs, and are backed by a five-year warranty. They are ready to order now.

Key features and benefits:

• Diffused Taillight

• Fits 235 Single Lamps

• Surface Mounted Design

• IP67 100 percent Waterproof

• ECE Road Approved

• Five-Year Warranty

• Measures 261mm x 49mm x 23mm

For more information, visit

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ColorSpec is pleased to offer its professional grade refinish system to the market

Nothing beats getting new accessories for your 4WD, such as a set of beefy wheel arch flares to cover those fat, knobby tyres. Maybe you’ve fitted a heavy-duty front bar, or even a new sun visor. What’s not so great is how the colour of your new bits, don’t match your vehicle’s body colour.

Traditionally, addressing this would require hundreds and hundreds of dollars along with a trip to the local panel shop. But ColorSpec says that thanks to its professional grade refinish system, that isn’t the case anymore.

“We’re not talking about some generic, sort of closeish, off-the-shelf paint,” MotorActive’s Matthew Bowen (Technical Sales and Support) said.

“We’re talking precise-matched paint – in the convenience of an aerosol! The key is having the paint custom mixed using the vehicle’s alphanumeric paint code.

“Using this code, the paint technician at your local SuperCheap Auto store will mix the vehicle’s colour in a 300g aerosol can – while you wait!”

You can check the ColorSpec website for information on how to locate and identify a vehicle’s factory paint code.

Each 300g can of ColorSpec Base Coat Colour is capable of attaining full coverage over an area of up to one square meter.

“If you’re more interested in using a contrasting colour – as opposed to matching the factory colour, that’s no problem, ColorSpec again has you covered,” Matthew said.

“Simply choose any one of the 565 luxury colours from the Signature Series. Just ask the Supercheap Auto paint technician to view the ColorSpec colour fan.”

Being a Clear-Over-Base (COB) refinishing system (the same system used by vehicle manufacturers), ColorSpec says it is vital the Base Coat colour be finished off with a couple of coats of clear – either Acrylic Clear Coat, or Deep Crystal Clear.

The clear not only seals the BaseCoat, it also brings up the shine. Without clear, the BaseCoat dries completely matte with no gloss, no UV protection and poor durability (i.e. it will quickly fade and deteriorate).


A range of new products have been introduced to the market

MSA 4x4 has been pleased to launch a number of new products recently.

Explorer Storage Bags

The MSA 4x4 Explorer Storage Bags offer endless possibilities to organise and secure items and are designed to perfectly fit within a MSA 4x4 Storage Drawer Module, and when stored in the drawers, are easily accessible via the top positioned zip. The bags are available in three sizes and made from spill and water-resistant, high-quality, durable, satin black, Hypalon exterior and matching grey, sturdy PVC interior, reinforced with high-density 4mm EVA foam sides and lid.

The bags are secured with a chunky nylon zip, incorporating MSA 4x4 branded zip pulls. A sturdy

top carry handle and grab handles at each end provide a comfortable means to maneuver the bags with heavier items inside. The four clear pockets on the lid, combined with the supplied blank labels, allow for a highly visible labelling solution for the bag contents.

Each bag comes with at least two bag dividers and a mesh pocket appears on the full height, 1/2 bag divider, providing an additional storage option.

The Deluxe Coffee Kit

The Deluxe Coffee Kit is superbly suited to brew a delicious cup of coffee, at home, in the office, or on the go, and is designed to fit snuggly into a MSA 4x4 Storage Drawer system.

The kit consists of a French press style coffee plunger, two cups, with a quality, clear, rubber sealed lid to help prevent spillage, two sealable storage canisters, a coffee measuring spoon, two teaspoons and a cleaning cloth – all presented in a stylish, spill and water-resistant, storage bag.

Thermo Drinkware Products

Enjoy a hot or cold drink in a stylish, double-wall insulated, Thermo Drink Bottle, Thermo Cup or

In addition to Primer Surfacer, the ColorSpec line-up also includes Etch Primer for larger, bare metal parts and Plastic Primer for all those raw plastic parts. ColorSpec explains that on previously painted parts you can go straight to Primer Surfacer.

ColorSpec recommends that you take your time with each of the cleaning, sanding and painting steps in ColorSpec’s easy-to-follow three-step process, stating there is no reason any competent DIYer can’t create a full-on professional-looking finish.

For more information, visit or call 1800 804 182.

Thermo Mug. These products are available in two modern colours, with the MSA 4x4 branding finishing the aesthetic styling.

Each product is constructed from durable, powder coated stainless steel and comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. When combined with the sealable lid, the double-wall insulation will keep the contents hot or cold for an extended period of time. Each product includes its own lid design with silicone rubber seals that create a snug fit, helping to limit spills.

MSA Merchandise Products

MSA 4x4 has entered the world of merchandising, developing an exciting range of fashionable unisex merchandise.

A choice of three shirt designs in six sizes, matched with two hat designs, offers multiple combinations to show off the MSA 4x4 brand.

For more information, visit

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Invicta says the new app is a perfect match for the Invicta Xero Battery

Invicta says it is taking lithium deep-cycle battery technology to the next level with the introduction of the Invicta Legion app, designed specifically to unleash the full potential of what it describes as its groundbreaking Invicta Xero range.

The Invicta Legion app is a free monitoring tool packed with features, but what truly sets it apart is its seamless integration with the Invicta Xero.

Unlike generic apps, Invicta says Legion delivers real-time, accurate data on individual batteries or your entire system, from 12V to 48V and up to 16 batteries connected in parallel.

Invicta says, “this magic happens thanks to the wired CAN bus communication system built into the Xero, allowing batteries to ‘talk’ to each other.”

The app provides a comprehensive live view of your battery system, including State of Charge,

Temperature, Current, Voltage, Cell Voltage, Cycles Completed, Active Status, and past protection events for up to two separate systems, allowing you to monitor your 24V caravan and 12V 4x4 setup all from the convenience of your phone.

The Invicta Legion app arrives alongside the “revolutionary” Invicta Xero, which Invicta describes as “a true next-generation deep-cycle battery.”

The Xero boasts cutting-edge features like CANbus technology, Bluetooth connectivity, an IP67-rated case for superior protection, enhanced BMS performance, and a new internal design with laser-welded terminals.

All this is backed by Invicta’s “industry-leading” seven-year full replacement warranty and IEC 62619 certification for your peace of mind.

Invicta says Xero isn’t just about raw power; it is about unmatched versatility.

Available in 100Ah, 120Ah, 200Ah and 300Ah capacities, with the ability to connect up to 16 batteries in parallel or four in series, Invicta says these portable lithium powerhouses offer unmatched flexibility and performance in the market.


The launch from Zetifi comes as the 3G shutdown looms

Wagga Wagga-based connectivity company Zetifi says it has “launched the world’s first locationaware smart antennas, revolutionising a product segment stifled of innovation for decades.”

The company states this patent-pending invention transforms traditional passive vehicle antennas into active self-optimising devices that are set to play a big role in improving phone coverage, a high priority for people in rural areas as they prepare for the closure of the Telstra 3G network on 30 June.

“The 3G shutdown has been on the radar for years and it’s something we need to take seriously. There are a lot of people who will need to upgrade their cellular boosters and antennas to make

them work with 4G and 5G,” Zetifi Chief Executive Officer, Dan Winson, said.

“From the day we started talking to regional and rural communities about connectivity, the thing we heard most often is they just want their phones to work.

“There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles in Australia with cellular boosters and our smart antennas provide a better experience for people using them.”

Terrain really makes a difference when it comes to antenna performance. The flat radiation pattern of a high gain antenna is ideal in open country but is less suited to hilly areas where the wider beamwidth of a low gain antenna is more effective.

Zetifi explains that with traditional antennas you have to compromise on performance or deal with the inconvenience of swapping antenna whips as you move from flat to hilly country.

It states that its revolutionary smart antennas are the first vehicle antennas engineered with an integrated GPS, reconfigurable antenna element, and data processor — allowing them to adapt to the surrounding terrain by automatically switching between high and low gain modes.

With a proven track record of over five years, Invicta says Invicta Lithium is a pioneer in lithium battery technology, stating the Invicta Xero and Legion app are the next chapter in its commitment to innovation, building on the groundbreaking Invicta Hybrid batteries.

You can download the free Invicta Legion app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

To learn more about the Invicta Xero, visit your nearest Invicta reseller or contact Invicta Lithium directly at

An accompanying phone app that connects to the smart antenna via bluetooth is used to load terrain maps to the antennas onboard processor and also allows users to select between automatic switching or manual selection of high or low gain mode. Designed and manufactured in Wagga, Zetifi’s Smart Antennas are available now. For more information or to purchase, visit

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Delivering a boost to stranded adventurers

When heading off-road, there’s no doubt that a wide range of issues can bring your epic expedition to a disappointing standstill.

Images of a shredded tyre or underbody component failure, brought on by a challenging rocky track, spring immediately to mind. However, gremlins that you can’t see are often the ones leaving aspiring adventurers stranded, hours away from emergency backup.

“Dead batteries are a fairly common problem on 4x4 trips, especially when making multiple stops, switching the vehicle on and off as you scout trails, or if you haven’t used your car as much before hitting the wide-open road in general,” CTEK APAC Regional Sales Manager, Paul Oddy, said.

“In Australia, we are right on the doorstep of so many amazing natural areas. Travelling off-grid can be a great break from your regular routine, but it’s more essential than ever to pack a bit of extra power when heading off on a road trip.

“A modern vehicle has more than 200 Electronic Control Units (ECU) controlling many of the vehicle’s functions. When you attach a CTEK charger, not only do you ensure the battery is charged, you maintain its long-term performance.

“The CS FREE is therefore the perfect bit of kit – in fact I would recommend that whether you are on your next adventure or taking a ride in your daily

drive, you should always carry the CS FREE – it is the ultimate emergency kit!”

The CS FREE is an Adaptive Booster to quickly power up dead batteries, and Portable Battery Charger to charge and maintain your vehicle battery wherever you are. It can also be used as a hi-tech power bank and is designed to keep your essential devices charged and ready to go.

It is also a safe-start that can be used instead of jump starting or using a traditional booster that could damage the battery or the vehicle’s complex electronics.

Following are CTEK’s top tips to make sure you can enjoy your next road trip with complete peace of mind:

Understand what makes your battery die

It is important to understand what can drain your battery while out on the road.

That’s because your battery provides power to things like the clock, the radio, and the alarm system even while your car is turned off. And if you’re parked up by your tent, your keyless entry key fob might still be trying to connect with the car, drawing further power from the battery.

20 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2024 MINI FEATURE

Plus, every time you open the doors or trunk to get something out, your car springs into life and the interior and door lights will drain the battery, as will playing the radio or music from the vehicle. When you’re away from a power source, you may also charge your phone or other devices from the car which can draw much more power from the battery than you realise.

Charge before you go

Make sure your battery is fully charged and in tip top condition before you leave home. Driving around in your car will only charge your

battery to 80 percent capacity so, to top it up to 100 percent, you’ll always need an efficient battery charger.

A smart battery charger and maintainer like the CS FREE will check how much charge you have in your battery and get you fully charged for your trip. This is especially important if you are going away in a motorhome or another vehicle you aren’t using regularly, as a stationary vehicle can lose 0.1V of energy every month, even more so if your parked vehicle is running an alarm system, onboard computer, remote locking, and a host of other systems.

Take a portable charger with you

CTEK says its CS FREE is the perfect companion on a road trip, stating this innovative portable battery charger is compatible with all types of batteries and will get you safely started should your battery die.

Simply charge the CS FREE before you leave home, and then, if you do find yourself stranded, the CS FREE uses patented adaptive boost technology to gently and safely give you enough charge to get you going in a few minutes.

The CS FREE also has USB-A and USB-C ports so you can charge your mobile phone, PC, tablet, camera and other devices while you’re away.

There’s also an optional, easily transportable folding solar panel accessory available to power up the CS FREE while you’re in a remote location away from the power grid.

Don’t be tempted to run the engine

CTEK advises you to not be tempted to start the car and run the engine to put power back into the battery, as this could do more harm than good.

Not only is this bad for the environment, but it actually takes a significant amount of battery power just to start the car, so you’d have to run the engine for a considerable length of time for the alternator to replace this charge. Not to mention the fuel that’s being wasted, especially with soaring fuel prices in mind.

Have fun

Finally, CTEK reminds you to enjoy yourself, stating that following this battery care advice from CTEK will help to ensure that you make the most of your road trip with complete peace of mind. For more information about CTEK’s range of products, please visit

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The Xtreme Outback range of performance 4x4 clutch upgrades have been designed and developed to suit the toughest terrain

As a division of Australian Clutch Services (ACS), Xtreme Outback upgrades are designed and engineered in-house to offer the ultimate balance of clamping force and drivability for modified 4x4 vehicles and towing applications.

The Xtreme Outback range offers a variety of different upgrade options for hundreds of vehicles (ACS says it has more than 99 percent coverage of the Australian manual passenger car parc) and also provide custom clutch solutions for those completing engine or transmission conversions.

“Our range has been developed over two decades to provide the most extensive range of complete clutch kits, accessories and hydraulics for modified 4x4s around Australia and the world,” Australian Clutch Services Sales Manager, Colin Jevons, said.

“The Xtreme Outback range is trusted by enthusiasts who are looking for a performance clutch upgrade to handle a higher torque capacity with a minimal change in drivability.

“Our engineering team are focused on providing performance solutions that meet the performance

needs of these vehicles whilst always keeping the engagement and drivability characteristics as close to OE as possible for ease of use on the street.”

The Xtreme Outback range, like all ACS clutch solutions, comes in kit form and as a “one box solution” for value and efficiency for the installer.

The kits can be provided with a variety of components depending on what the vehicle requires, but basic kits include a heavy-duty pressure plate, friction disc, release bearing, pilot bearing or bush, alignment tool and spline grease.

The kits can be expanded to include replacement flywheel, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts and concentric slave cylinder as required.

ACS also offers a hydraulics and accessories range for those looking to replace master cylinder, clutch booster, hydraulic lines, dampener, clutch fork, pivot ball and even guide tubes for the transmission.

“We are focused on providing the complete clutch solution for our customers,” Colin said.

“We are constantly updating our product line to

include various components in the clutch system to ensure we have everything available, from the pedal all the way to the engine.

“We are even offering complete pedal assemblies, shifter kits and replacement pedal pads for specific applications.”

The Xtreme Outback range of kits is available through the nationwide ACS distributor network. For more information, please visit


The updated range for the four-wheel drive market is now available at CoolDrive Auto Parts

CoolDrive Auto Parts says Bremtec Brakes is a leader in braking products for the global aftermarket, with the brand recently confirming updates to its brake disc rotor and brake pad ranges in the four-wheel-drive market.

Bremtec Brakes’ Evolve brake disc rotor range has expanded, with a new line catering to the specific demands of off-road vehicles, known as Evolve P4X Extreme Edition.

Born from racing technology, these new Evolve High-Carbon rotors redefine braking performance for four-wheel-drives and are specifically engineered for extreme conditions.

Features of the P4X Extreme Edition rotors include thermal paint heat indicators and a midnight black-coated anti-rust coating. These new high-carbon rotors offer greater resistance to heat stress cracking and thermal judder, with hyper slotting and hyper pillar cooling for superior heat reduction.

As part of the upgrades, Bremtec Brakes has also updated its heavy-duty Pro-Line brake pads, with the range now referred to as Pro-Line HD4X.

Aimed at four-wheel-drivers seeking an upgrade from standard or OEM equipment, the Pro-Line HD4X brake pads are specifically formulated for increased stopping power and durability when towing, or when fully loaded.

Using the highest-grade friction composites available, the Pro-Line HD4X disc brake pads are uniquely blended with ceramic fibres, graphite, fillers and binders and then compressed at a greater rate than normal disc pads.

The result of this unique process is increased density of the friction material, providing Bremtec’s Pro-Line HD4X heavy duty disc brake pads a greater stable operating temperature when braking, even under heavy loads.

The result is a longer lasting, cleaner and quieter disc brake pad for optimum braking in heavy-duty conditions.

As with all Bremtec Brakes’ brake pads, the ProLine HD4X brake pads are now manufactured without copper, as part of the company’s move to make it products more environmentally friendly.

The new Bremtec Brakes’ Evolve P4X Extreme Edition rotors and Pro-Line HD4X brake pads are available from CoolDrive Auto Parts as separate units, or in Brake Upgrade Kits.

Both rear and front brake upgrade kits are available for popular four-wheel drives including the Ford Ranger, HSV Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Navara and Patrol, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser, and VW Amarok.

CoolDrive Auto Parts says the entire Bremtec

Brakes range is tested to the extreme to ensure an exceptional balance of performance, reliability, and comfort, with all products manufactured to exceed OE specifications.

With more than 4,000 part numbers covering over 21.5 million cars, Bremtec Brakes’ brake pad and rotor ranges offer cleaner, quieter and safer braking, says CoolDrive Auto Parts.

For more information, visit

22 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2024 DRIVELINE & BRAKES


One for (almost) all

The number of vehicles with automatic transmissions or automated manual transmissions is constantly increasing.

Worldwide, two out of three registered vehicles are equipped with this technology.

Liqui Moly has developed its Dual Clutch Gear Oil 8100 precisely for this purpose.

The range of applications for this successful product is now being expanded and can be used in almost all wet dual-clutch transmissions.

It is now available in the Australian market and it suitable for 4WD applications; however, the approvals it carries are specific to each vehicle and Liqui Moly says it is always recommended to use its oil finder to confirm what lubricants are suitable for their specific needs.

“The goal was to have as much vehicle coverage as possible,” Liqui Moly Application Engineer, Reiner Schönfelder, said.

To ensure that the great advantage of this oil is retained, the German lubricant specialist is expanding its claim. In this way, it can be used in more than 90 percent of vehicles with wet-running

dual-clutch transmissions on the European automotive market.

The special composition of extremely shearstable viscosity index improvers, wear protection additives and constantly hard-wearing friction modifiers ensures excellent shifting under all conditions.

This is particularly noticeable in city traffic when the transmission is subjected to significantly higher loads than on long journeys.

A conscious decision was made to forgo a new product and instead rely on the existing one.

“The variety of lubricants is already huge. Wherever we can, we make it as simple and clear as possible for workshops and retailers,” Reiner said.

Product range reduction is the keyword. In this way, the customer saves on warehousing and ties up less capital.

Gear oil is a wearing part. As the running time increases, the shifting quality gradually decreases. This can lead to shift jolts or clutch slippage.

“Lifetime filling is obsolete,” Reiner said.

“A transmission fluid also reaches its performance peak and then it needs to be changed.”

Previously extremely time-consuming, the task of flushing and changing the lubricant in the transmission is now easier and more thorough, thanks to modern technology.

As part of its workshop solution under the designation Gear Tronic III, Liqui Moly says it offers a proven and constantly improved device for an automatic transmission fluid service including cleaning with a special additive.

For more information, visit

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X-1R Premium CVT treatment can solve driveline shuddering at a fraction of the cost

Many modern vehicles, including popular 4WDs, SUVs and Utilities, are fitted with Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT).

These transmissions can develop a nasty shudder as they age. Car manufacturers build CVT onto their vehicles because it provides better fuel economy and is supposed to be cheaper to live with.

However, if a CVT is not looked after properly, soon after it begins to move, the driver and passengers will notice a serious shudder, slipping and/or whining, or the transmission may start to smell or leak transmission fluid.

These problems traditionally cost big dollars to fix or replace. But there is an affordable solution, says the team behind X-1R.

It states that its clever scientists, the same ones that have supplied products to NASA, have developed X-1R Premium CVT Treatment – a product that took a year in development.

X-1R Premium CVT Treatment is reportedly scientifically proven to stop shudder, eliminate hesitation, and generally silence noise in CVT transmissions.

X-1R Premium CVT Treatment claims it is suitable for both push belt and chain CVTs and that it will:

• Extend oxidation stability of transmission fluid

• Increase CVT life

• Improve fuel economy

• Dramatically reduce friction

• Reduce transmission wear and tear

• Recondition seals for better leak protection

• Increase torque capacity

• Increase anti-shudder protection

As such, if your customers can’t afford expensive repairs, the team at X-1R says why not try X-1R Premium CVT Treatment at a fraction of the cost. To use, just pour it in and your customer is ready to go.

X-1R advises that this special treatment is for CVT Transmissions only to help stop shuddering and erratic shifting.

X-1R Premium CVT Treatment should also only be administered by a qualified technician. For more information visit


Brake products for your hard-working 4WD and pick-up vehicle

In this modern era, vehicles are larger and capable of carrying and towing more weight, but not all are equipped for the diverse demands of adventurers and tradies using heavy haulers and work vehicles.

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) says this is where it steps in, providing solutions that meet and exceed the needs of both 4WD adventurers and professionals alike.

As road conditions and vehicle capabilities evolve, so too do the expectations for performance, safety, and reliability.

DBA’s Upgrade Performance range is designed to address these needs comprehensively, offering a ‘one-stop shop’ for all 4WD requirements.

Whether navigating uncharted terrain or handling heavy loads, DBA says its products ensure superior performance and peace of mind for all drivers.

Included in this new range is the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster, designed specifically for selected 4WD models that often suffer from inadequate braking capabilities.

DBA explains this advanced component significantly enhances braking power while reducing the effort required by the driver.

It states the benefits are immediately apparent: a reduction in required pedal pressure, increased braking efficiency by up to 20 percent, and notably improved emergency stopping distances.

Constructed from powder-coated steel, the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster is a direct bolt-in replacement for original equipment, ensuring easy installation with minimal downtime.

It is compatible with both the original master cylinder and DBA’s Street Series master cylinders, offering flexibility for various setups. Furthermore, the booster is ADR-certified, ensuring it meets the rigorous standards for safety and performance.

DBA says its innovative approach doesn’t stop at brake boosters, noting the introduction of its Upgrade Performance kits marks a significant milestone in its product range, starting with a bespoke kit for the next generation Ford Ranger. This kit is engineered to deliver unparalleled braking performance and reduced stopping distances, with DBA stating it is a “game-changer” for this popular vehicle.

Key to the kit’s performance are the six-piston calipers, which drastically reduce pedal effort by up to 60 percent.

DBA says this translates to smoother, more responsive braking that instils confidence in drivers, particularly in emergency situations.

The inclusion of the Kangaroo Paw rotor vane design further enhances cooling properties, preventing brake fade even under the most demanding conditions.

The T3 slot design, coupled with XP friction level pads, ensures low brake fade and high bite, providing consistent performance and reliability. Stainless steel braided hoses enhance resistance to heat and pressure, maintaining performance integrity and longevity.

The entire kit is designed to fit within the 17” OE wheels, making a wheel change optional. Like the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster, the kit is fully ADR-approved, and caliper mounting brackets are supplied where applicable, simplifying the upgrade process.

DBA says its commitment to innovation and quality is evident in every aspect of the Upgrade Performance range.

By addressing the specific needs of modern vehicles and drivers, DBA says it not only meets but often exceeds expectations, setting new standards in automotive braking technology.

In an era where vehicle demands are higher than ever, DBA says it has proven itself as a leader in providing comprehensive braking solutions for both adventurers and professionals.

DBA says the introduction of the Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster and the bespoke Upgrade Performance kit demonstrates its unwavering commitment to enhancing safety, performance, and reliability.

These products are designed using DBA’s staple technologies in disc rotors and brake pads to tackle the challenges faced by modern 4WD vehicles, ensuring drivers can control their vehicles with confidence and ease.

By continuously meeting the rigorous standards of today’s automotive landscape, DBA says it solidifies its position as a go-to source for top-tier braking technology, making every journey safer and more efficient.

For more information, visit

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Providing one solution for all transmission types

Rislone Trans Fix is a synthetic-blend treatment that restores older and high mileage transmission performance, and resolves common transmission issues in a wide variety of automatic and manual transmissions.

It is formulated with premium seal conditioners which work with all types of transmission fluids and rejuvenates seals, restoring their performance to stop leaks, and prevent future leaks.

Further, Rislone says the extreme pressure and anti-wear agents provide better metal-to-metal friction properties to stop slipping, jerking, hard shifting, chatter, and shudder, which improves shift feel, delivers better driving comfort, and extends the life of your transmission.

Meanwhile, premium cleaning detergents and performance additive boosters renew worn bands, controls, improves fluid, disperses sludge and varnish from moving metal parts, ensuring they perform smoothly.

Rislone Trans Fix is safe to use on regular automatic (step, overdrive transmission, 2WD, 4WD, AWD), CVT (continually variable transmission), eCVT (electronic continually variable transmission), DCT (dual clutch transmission), ECT (electronically controlled transmission), manual and transaxle applications.

Rislone notes that transmissions are notoriously expensive to fix when there is noise, rough shifting and slipping issues, and the newer the technology, the bigger the expense when it comes to fixing the transmission.

It states that with regular maintenance and adding


mycar is ready to make sure your brakes are ready for your next 4WD adventure

Australians love a bit of 4WDing, and with plenty of diverse tracks in easy reach of our cities, it is always worth the drive to see what nature has to offer.

So, whether it’s Wheeny Creek, Watagans, Wombeyan Caves or wherever, you have always got somewhere to go on the weekend. That is why it is important to make sure your ride is always in good nick, ready to tackle whatever you have in store for it.

This is especially true for your brakes – your car’s brake system is the most important safety system

in your car, giving you control of the vehicle and letting you stop gradually or suddenly, keeping everyone safe.

If your brakes are sounding like a choir of singing cats, it is important these are checked by a qualified technician.

They will make sure that you are back on the road with confidence.

A spongey feeling, taking longer to slow, and a brake light flashing are all common problems that mycar technicians deal with daily.

mycar says its experienced technicians can conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system components and can advise you on any necessary brake repair service items.

It states its inspections include but are not limited to looking for a spongey brake pedal, low brake fluid levels, and uneven wear on brake pads and brake rotors.

mycar recommends you always perform a brake system check when planning long road trips, or some off-roading.

It says this ensures the best possible car performance and safety.

The company says it uses only the most trusted brands, such as Bendix for parts, and all work is

Rislone Trans Fix when you first experience any symptoms, you can extend the lifecycle of your transmission, and reduce the likelihood of an expensive repair bill.

Rislone says its Trans Fix is the first transmission additive formulated to work in all types and colours of transmission fluid.

It starts working the minute you install and start driving your vehicle, and Rislone says results are noticeable within 400kms or three days of driving. For more information, visit or email

backed by the mycar “industry-leading” Australiawide guarantee.

mycar also states it knows brake pads aren’t something you love to get fixed, but it is necessary for your safety.

That’s why it offers brakes for life – when you come into mycar and buy any set of brake pads, you receive replacement brake pads, for the life of your car, for free (terms and conditions apply).

“Remember, a strong rig is your best defence against bush breakdowns! So, before you take off, stop by your local mycar and ensure your brakes, and your tyre pressure is up to scratch,” says mycar.

For more information, visit

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Advanced brake solutions for 4WD and high-performance vehicles

Engineering company Delios explains that its Promek Series discs feature Symmetrex Technology casting, defined venting, and a burnished finish for superior pad bite and immediate response.

Made from Carbon Advantage, a proprietary metal blend, Delios Promek series rotors are wearresistant, noise-dampening, and thermally stable, ensuring extended lifespan and high efficiency. Each rotor is subject to rigorous inspection to meet stringent performance and safety standards.

When paired with Delios Mekatrax III brake pads, Delios says the result is a seamless upgrade requiring no modifications.

It states this combination enhances braking performance, endurance, and control across various road surfaces.

Further, Delios says its brake parts excel in thermal resilience, effectively managing high braking temperatures to prevent brake fade.

It explains its noise suppression technology ensures a quiet ride, while the durable design reduces maintenance costs and extends service life.

According to Delios, integrating its brake discs and pads into your vehicle offers significant benefits, including optimal compatibility and enhanced braking dynamics.

Those behind the company state these meticulously matched sets provide improved deceleration and superior control, ensuring a safer and more reliable driving experience.

Further, Delios notes that its brake systems are designed to perform consistently across diverse driving conditions, prioritising safety and enhancing overall vehicle performance.


When it comes to off-road adventures, Toyota LandCruisers have long been the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking rugged reliability.

However, even the most robust vehicles can face challenges, especially when pushing their limits.

Dwiz Diff Housing says this is where it steps in with its innovative solution: the 80/105 Series LandCruiser Front and Rear Upgraded Diff Housing. The need for reinforcement

Based on over 30 years of experience with bent and broken housings, Dwiz says it recognised a common weakness in the factory LandCruiser diff housing.

The stock housing, while sturdy, can struggle under heavy loads, aggressive terrain, and modifications.

To address this, Dwiz set out to create a housing that not only offered a heavier load rating but also significantly enhanced strength.

Patented inner tube design

Dwiz’s engineers went back to the drawing board, focusing on areas where the factory housing tends to fail.

This resulted in a unique upgraded axle housing that boasts a patented inner tube design.

Dwiz says this innovation provides superior strength and durability, ensuring LandCruiser owners can tackle challenging terrains without worry.

Load ratings

The Dwiz Super Strong Diff Housing for the 80/105 Series LandCruiser comes in two variants:

1. Rear (Load Rating 3000kg): this heavy-duty housing is designed to handle increased axle loads, making it ideal for LandCruisers modified for off-road adventures.

2. Front (Load Rating 1850kg): while the rear housing takes the brunt of the load, the front housing is equally critical.

Installation and compatibility

Whether you’re driving an 80 Series or a 105 Series, these upgraded housings are compatible with both.

Plus, DWIZ provides a list of preferred installers, ensuring a professional setup for your peace of mind.

In summary, Delios says that its brake systems elevate technical performance and operational reliability, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances both the efficacy and safety of your vehicle.

With a commitment to innovation and quality, Delios says it continues to evolve its brake products to provide advanced braking solutions for demanding driving environments.

For more information, visit

Testing and validation

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) process plays a crucial role in ensuring the strength and durability of Dwiz Diff Housings.

Dwiz says its engineers meticulously analyse the areas where the factory housing tends to fail. These critical points are identified through years of experience with bent and broken housings. Dwiz explains its Diff Housing range undergoes rigorous testing, with more than 100,000 kilometers of testing on Fraser Island, in Queensland ensuring real-world performance. All Dwiz Diff Housings are supported with FEA evidence of stated load ratings.

For more information, visit or call 07 4124 9281.

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HPD is reporting a big increase in demand, and huge decreases in trans temps

An increasing number of 4WD vehicle owners are becoming aware of the importance of transmission cooling.

For those in the know who tow, High Performance Diesel (HPD) says the most important modification on their 4WD is an auxiliary transmission cooler.

HPD reports it has experienced an average 23 percent yearly increase in sales for its vehicle specific transmission cooler (Transcooler) kit for the past five years.

HPD Sales and Customer Support Officer, Rob Varga, connects with scores of customers (rather loudly) every day and explains why HPD Transcoolers are so popular.

“No other company makes an oil cooler with a 50mm thick bar and plate core. Customers are telling us they’re achieving big trans temp reductions, plus they love the way they look,” Rob said.

Rob has fitted two 300x300x50mm HPD Transcoolers to his Y62 Patrol.

“It is a relatively affordable way to provide protection for expensive automatic transmissions that are subjected to trans-killing temps from

towing a trailer loaded with tools and a digger, maybe it’s a massive boat, or maybe, like me, they’re dragging a three and a half tonne caravan through sand and mud,” Rob said.

Due to the considerable demand experienced by

the sales team, HPD says it has released a new range of Universal Transcooler Kits for customers looking for a flexible solution to fit HPD’s tried and proven oil coolers to vehicle projects that are a little (or a lot) out of the ordinary.

HPD Transcooler Kits are available with a choice of three sizes of oil cooler units: 400x110x50mm, 300x200x50mm and 300x300x50mm, to suit both space constraints and cooling requirements. They can be optioned with either 8mm or 10mm banjo bolt fittings that are CNC machined in-house from billet alloy.

Customers have the added option of ordering the length of 8mm or 10mm premium quality fuel, oil and heat resistant hose required.

They are shipped with a pair of 90° brackets that are lasercut from 3mm thick 304 grade stainless steel as well as supporting nuts, bolts and washers.

HPD reports the -6 ORB (dash fitting) compatible inlet/outlet threads are a feature that’s received much positive feedback from workshop owners.

HPD reports impressive figures during testing and remarkable real-world results

HPD reports that one of its 300x200x50mm Transcooler units fitted to a current model D-Max reduced transmission fluid temperatures by 13°C during controlled testing on a dyno, despite the ambient air temperature being six degrees warmer than before the transmission cooler was installed. HPD says it has also received numerous testimonials from customers who claim far greater cooling results.

28 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2024 MINI FEATURE
Rob Varga’s Y62 Patrol with two 300x300x50mm HPD Transcoolers fitted tows his 3.5tonne full off-road caravan through the bush. The new HPD Universal Transcooler Kits – Dash Fitting compatible – are available in three sizes to suit space constraints and cooling requirements.

“The most memorable message was from a customer called David. He rang us as he was concerned that his transmission temps were now too low!” HPD Sales and Customer Support, Karl Venning, said.

“I asked him to send us his temperature recordings in an email.”

David’s Scan Gauge III on his 2nd generation D-Max

showed an incredible 52°C reduction in transmission oil temperature towing his 24ft caravan.

Before installing a HPD Transcooler, David’s transmission oil temperature was a frightening 116°C towing his 2600kg caravan up a hill.

After fitting a HPD Transcooler, David recorded his transmission oil temperature at 64°C, driving up the same hill on a 26°C day.

HPD says its stunning Transcooler Kits feature end tanks that are CNC machined from solid billet alloy, with a minimum 4mm wall thickness to withstand high fluid pressures and impact from rocks and other debris.

It says they not only look great, but they’re also developed to cope with the toughest off-roading and touring conditions.

Once HPD’s rock star team of highly skilled precision welders bond the tanks to the extremely durable bar and plate cores, all HPD Transcoolers are tested to cope with pressures beyond normal operating conditions.

As a result of HPD’s research and development, HPD says its hoses with superior heat resistance are supplied to cope with higher temperatures produced by the latest generation of automatic transmissions.

Further, the end tank/bar and plate core design of HPD Transcoolers also provide the benefit of creating minimal added pressure on the transmission pump compared to typical stacked plate oil coolers.

HPD Universal Transcooler Kits can also be used for other cooling applications including motor oil and coolant.

HPD explains they have been fitted to race cars to cool engine oil, and they are also used to cool power steering systems as well as transmission coolers for street machines.

For more information about Transcoolers and many other HPD products, visit

29 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2024 MINI FEATURE
David’s Isuzu D-Max is fitted with a 300x200x50mm HPD Transcooler and claims an extraordinary 52°C reduction in transmission temps.


A seasonal staple in Flashlube’s ever-growing range of additives

Heading into winter, diesel vehicle drivers face the threat of having their fuel experience gelling due to the plummeting temperatures, particularly when heading into regions such as Victoria’s High Country or the New South Wales Snowy Mountains.

A seasonal staple in its ever-growing range of additives, Flashlube says its Winter Fuel Formula is an inexpensive and efficient solution to the problems presented by these extreme winter conditions and can provide those who are braving the Alpine regions with much needed peace of mind.

Diesel fuel crystallises and gels in cold temperatures, and diesel fuel gelling, also referred to as clouding, can be catastrophic, causing an array of issues, such as fuel and filter line blockages, a rough running engine, issues with hard starting and in extreme cases even complete shutdowns.

Not only can this impact the journey and incur some unwanted expenses, it can also prove dangerous, leaving a driver stranded in the extreme cold.

Whether a fleet operator, a long-haul truck driver, or simply a recreational 4WDrive owner relying on diesel power to get through the colder months, Flashlube says diesel drivers can rest assured that their engines will be protected against these issues with Flashlube Winter Fuel Formula acting to stop gelling, protect the engine and ultimately provide a smoother journey.

For best results, it is recommended that drivers begin using Winter Fuel Formula one week before their trip. 100ml treats 50L of fuel. For more information, visit


DPF HQ (formerly DPF Regen) says it is ready to face the problem

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) have been mandatory in Australia since 2008, but the lack of education around the system has become a source of confusion, frustration, and legal ramifications.

DPFs were created to resolve the environmental impact of particulate matter in the atmosphere by capturing carbon and soot from the engine’s exhaust and capturing it inside the filter.

The problem is even a filter needs to be cleaned, and that’s what has not been communicated effectively.

As a result of this lack of education, DPF HQ reports consumers are spending exorbitant amounts of money to have their DPF replaced or in worse scenarios, having to completely replace their car; and technicians are unknowingly using the scan tools to perform multiple on-vehicle forced regenerations (which leads to destroying the DPF), or even using computer programming to perform illegal actions like DPF delete.

Why is particulate matter a concern?

Particulate matter is defined as microscopic solids or liquids (finer than sand or hair). From a diesel engine, this particulate matter includes a mixture of gases, chemicals and solids that are produced during the operation of a vehicle.

For humans, the inhalation of particulate matter increases the risk of heart attacks, decreased liver function and overall breathing ability.

The environmental impact is great, with studies showing damage to soil, farming crops and nutrient imbalance in coastal waters and rivers.

How can the automotive industry help?

As mechanics, diagnostic technicians, and vehicle repairers, we may be at the reactive end of the cycle, but we are not incapable of impact. DPF HQ says it is our responsibility to uphold the standards in vehicle care through upskilling our workforce and utilising the technology available to us in the right way.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report, trust in the Automotive Industry increased to 69 percent in 2024. This means we are doing an amazing job at flipping the historically negative perception of our industry. It also means we are at the peak of opportunity to educate our consumers in sustainable vehicle maintenance and repair.

Technology-enabled sustainable solutions

Ensuring DPFs are cleaned at the regular recommended intervals will help the filters not only do their job but ensure customers are saving money and increasing our value to them.

Unfortunately, DPF HQ says on-vehicle cleaners cause further damage to the DPF and emit more toxic chemicals out of the exhaust pipe and into the environment. It states these additives will not result in the sustainable outcome we are looking to achieve as an industry.

Because of this, DPF HQ recommends the use of technology to resolve DPF issues.

It says this is a sustainable approach which starts with an accurate diagnosis, as without getting to the root cause of the issue, the solution will be flawed.

The first steps in diagnosis are to scan the vehicle and extract the fault codes; to pay close attention to fill levels and back pressure of the DPF; to check oil levels and dilution; to check for turbo intercooler leaks, split hoses or turbo related issues etc; and to remove accessible parts of the air intake system to check for excessive carbon/soot build up in the inlet manifold, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve, and/or EGR Cooler.

DPF HQ says you should ask your customer the following questions: what is their typical driving frequency and distance? When was the last time they had a repair and what was it? And have they noticed noise, smoke etc?

At this point, DPF HQ says you can now determine the best approach.

If cleaning is the best approach, DPF HQ says it employs a repeatable method, called ultrasonic cleaning, stating this non-caustic solution ensures the DPF and other engine components are returned to near-new condition and able to be refitted.

A united industry

Knowledge share is imperative to driving the future of our industry. DPF HQ points to Capricorn’s latest Ignition Magazine which documented 43 percent of employers are struggling with a skills shortage. DPF HQ would like to remind readers that uplifting that number starts with the people in the industry, stating “together we grow, individually we stagnate.”

For more from DPF HQ, visit

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Sakura Filters Australia discusses this important question

In an era marked by soaring costs across the board, from basic necessities to high-end purchases, making smart decisions about where and how to allocate expenses has become a higher priority.

This holds true not only for households but also for businesses, where every dollar spent can significantly impact the bottom line.

In such a landscape, Sakura Filters says it is a beacon of cost-efficiency and quality in the Australian automotive market.

As one of the largest manufacturers of filtration products in the Asia Pacific region and supplier to 120 different countries worldwide, Sakura Filters says it has strategically positioned itself to meet the evolving needs of Australian consumers.

Backed by direct support from its manufacturing base in Indonesia, Sakura Filters Australia says it boasts a formidable track record spanning over three decades, supplying reliable products at affordable prices.

At the forefront of Sakura’s offerings are its 4WD

and Van Kits, which serve as comprehensive filtration solutions for businesses, fleets, and everyday users alike.

Whether embarking on daily commutes or adventurous journeys into the outback, Sakura Filters says it ensures optimal performance and peace of mind.

It states the long-term benefits far outweigh the upfront investment.

By replacing all filters – air, oil, fuel, and cabin in one service – Sakura says its 4WD Kits and Van Kits ensure all your bases are covered, thereby minimising the likelihood of breakdowns and costly downtime.

For transport companies reliant on seamless operations and timely deliveries, minimising the risk of vehicle malfunctions is essential to maintaining profitability.

Sakura says its 4WD, Van and Commercial kits offer a practical solution by streamlining the maintenance process and reducing the frequency of service intervals.


There are few better ways to enjoy Australia’s great outdoors than in a 4WD

This great land Down Under has thousands of kilometres of picturesque bush tracks to explore, along with breathtaking outback scenery and the world’s best beaches.

However, the moment your big adventure has you leaving the bitumen is the moment you start to work your engine harder. And much harder again when you begin tackling rugged, rocky tracks, aggressive inclines, or pushing through sandy or boggy terrain.

Watching the fuel gauge plummet uncomfortably fast is a sure sign your engine is under appreciably increased strain.

Then factor in the fact that the harder your engine is

working, the more heat it produces. Worse still, it is typically producing all this extra heat at low to very low speeds. Understandably, it quickly becomes a real struggle to keep your engine from getting a little hot under the collar.

All in all, while touring and off-roading is fantastic fun for all the family, it is not such fantastic fun for your engine – given the sustained high loads, increased heat stress, and inevitably dusty conditions it is required to deal with.

Mobil says that fortunately it is under tough and arduous conditions like these that Mobil Super AllIn-One Protection shines.

Mobil Super All-In-One Protection is a range of premium quality, full synthetic, high-performance motor oils, available in viscosities and specifications to suit an incredibly broad range of modern petrol and diesel 4WD vehicles.

Each product has been developed side-by-side with vehicle manufacturers to meet the latest specifications, including a factory-approved offering for Ford Ranger.

The high-performance Mobil Super range has been engineered to prolong engine life and maintain engine efficiency while minimising exhaust emissions.

Mobil says this enhanced All-In-One Protection is backed by a long history of innovation in lubricant technology by ExxonMobil.

In the long-run, it states businesses can optimise productivity, increase revenue, and mitigate operational costs simultaneously.

In essence, Sakura Filters says it embodies the synergy between efficiency and affordability, offering tangible solutions to real-world challenges faced by Australian consumers and businesses alike.

By prioritising product reliability, costeffectiveness, and customer satisfaction, Sakura Filters says it continues to carve a niche for itself as a trusted partner in the automotive industry, empowering businesses and owner-drivers to navigate the road ahead with confidence.

For more information, visit

In addition to fighting sludge and deposit build-up, another key element to the superior performance of the Mobil Super range is Mobil’s Heat Activated Anti-Wear Molecule.

Mobil – which states it is the world’s leading synthetic motor oil – says it means the more your engine heats up, the harder Mobil Super works to protect your engine.

Mobil states it allows for extended driving at elevated temperatures without the oxidative oil thickening or oil breakdown you typically get with ordinary engine oils; all of which keeps your hardworking engine running like new, for longer.

For more information, visit

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In the early 2000s, a number of 4x4 vehicles had factory-fitted plastic aluminium radiators instead of the more traditional copper-brass construction

While this brings cost savings and light weight, it also resulted in some negatives, says ADRAD.

Typically, when a plastic aluminium radiator has a leak or blockage, it gets replaced as they are difficult to work on or to repair.

ADRAD states copper-brass radiators have an advantage of being readily serviceable and repairable.

The soldered-on brass tanks can be removed allowing the core to be examined and any debris or blocked tubes cleaned out. The tanks can then simply be soldered back on again.

If a brass radiator tube develops a leak, it can be easily patched using solder.

The Adrad copper-brass four-row radiator for 70 series Landcruiser provides more cooling and is more durable and repairable compared to the regular plastic / aluminium two-row radiator.

Not having to wait on ordered parts to arrive means you get your vehicle back on the road right away.

With some knowledge and basic tools, this repair can even be performed on the roadside which could be lifesaving if you break down in a remote area.

The downside of copper-brass is the weight and cost, both of which can be double or more. Extra rows of brass tube deliver plenty of cooling for towing or when the going gets slow and tough.

ADRAD says if you want peace of mind and the option of a quick fix, then you’ll prefer the old school design.

ADRAD has copper-brass radiators to suit 70 series Landcruiser, Y61 Patrol and more.

To find out more about the full range of ADRAD parts available, speak with your local ADRAD parts distributor or contact the ADRAD Customer Service Team on 1800 882 043 or

For more information, visit


From Ryco for Toyota 1GDFTV 2.8L engines

When asking workshop mechanics how often they service the secondary fuel filter on a Toyota 1GDFTV 2.8L engine, the Ryco team says they found that not many of them knew what Ryco was talking about.

This engine however is fitted with both primary and secondary fuel filters.

This is why Ryco has developed the new R2885P Secondary Cartridge Fuel Filter for Toyota 1GDFTV 2.8L engines.

Where the primary fuel filter maintenance is performed using standard servicing protocols, Ryco says the lack of awareness around the secondary fuel filter’s existence is compounded by the fact that it only needs to be serviced every 70,000 kms.

Servicing at shorter intervals is always recommended depending on driving habits or if contaminated fuel is detected.

Servicing prevents future driveability issues, as it assists with cleaning of the 5th injector, preventing increased oil dilution and providing filtered fuel to the separate DPF fuel injector, which ensures complete DPF regeneration.

A lack of servicing can also be associated with awareness of the secondary fuel filter.

With it being located beneath the intake manifold, it is already in a fairly hidden and hard to reach spot, made harder by the lacklustre instructions found in the workshop manual.

To assist with servicing and installation of the R2885P, Ryco also developed a fitting instruction video that can be found on their YouTube channel which demonstrates just where the secondary fuel filter is located for those who are servicing one of the applicable vehicles.

Ryco’s R2885P Secondary Cartridge Fuel Filter is designed to extend engine life, filtering down to four micron at 99.97 percent efficiency.

The new R2885P Secondary Cartridge Fuel Filter can be found at all good Ryco stockists.

For more information, visit


From Burg Design

Burg Design recently introduced its five-in-one X-1R Diesel Treatment to the market, in response to the enormous change seen in diesel engines over the years, which is seeing Tier 4 Diesel engines becoming the norm across the globe.

Burg Design says key features of the X-1R Diesel Treatment are as follows:

• Removes Carbon deposits and cleans fuel injectors.

• Noticeably improves fuel economy and power delivery.

• Results in a much smoother running engine.

• Lubricates upper cylinder and reduces engine wear

• Stabilises fuel.

• Eliminates moisture from the fuel tank and lines.

“Our Diesel Treatment formula will ensure consistently high engine performance by cleaning dirty injector nozzles and then keeping them free from deposits, more commonly called Clean-Up and Keep-Clean effect,” Ray said.

“The X-1R Diesel Treatment features a Cetane Booster. This cetane biossting technology ensures that when used, the machine operator will clearly feel a difference in the power delivery.

“Our new formulation contains an improved water dispersant that stops water/ethanol separation and of course reduces exhaust emissions.

“The product also improves lubricity. We took four representative diesel fuels from various outlets and using a treat rate of 96ppm, we conducted tests using the ASTM D6079 test protocol.

“At this treat rate we saw a reduction in Wear Scar Diameter (WSD) of 73µm from the D975 target of 520µm, thus making all of the fuels EN590 compliant and proving our X-1R Diesel Treatment Technology leads to improved lubricity.”

For more information, visit

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Responsive Engineering says it has the solution

Water contaminated diesel fuel introduced into Common Rail Diesel Fuel Systems spells disaster for the fuel system causing all metal components to rust.

Responsive Engineering explains it does so very quickly – almost instantaneously due to heat in the system – and this is then pulled at high pressure through all the components of your fuel system, causing extensive wear and damage to components that require very accurate and precise fuel supply rates and pressures.

Responsive Engineering explains that research has shown that a fuel-water separator has the ability to detect emulsified water and remove free and dispersed water as well as particles with greater than 98 percent efficiency.

It explains Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicle fuel filters are sedimentation and coalescent types, containing a water trap, which does not cope with providing water entrapment at the high flow rates experienced in a CRD system (for example, 60 Litres/Hr for a typical three Litre engine) and thus rust and debris is continually cycled around the fuel system.

Further, it states extra secondary filters can cause a restriction to fuel flow in Common Rail Diesel vehicles because the filter medium is a physical barrier designed to trap particles.

It further states that in high pressure fuel systems typical of common rails, mechanical filtration (filters) is unable to remove all water, as dispersed and emulsified water cannot be completely captured by even the most advanced filters; such as factory fitted OEM filters or secondary filters.

Responsive Engineering states this is why water in diesel contamination has become such a significant issue for Common Rail Diesel vehicles.

It states genuine factory fuel filters are technologically very advanced and fitted with a restriction alarm, but they often prove to be unable to protect the CRD vehicle from water in diesel contamination.

Responsive Engineering says that if you try adding an aftermarket filter before the OEM filter and the restriction, it can cause the vehicle to go into limp mode. And installing an aftermarket filter after the OEM filter will bypass the restriction flow sensor in the OEM filter – but that doesn’t mean the restriction in fuel flow won’t cause damage.

The company explains that its Diesel Water Watch fuel-water seperator was invented and developed in Australia in response to the fuel contamination issues that were being experienced on the introduction of Common Rail Diesel to Australia in 2001 (CRD had been released in Europe much earlier).

The design focused on efficiently removing water from fuel without causing any restriction within the fuel system and providing the operator with a warning alarm to avoid damaging the expensive fuel system.

Responsive Engineering says it was quickly found that Water Watch also removed particulates and any other contaminants that are heavier than the diesel fuel flowing through it.

Diesel Water Watch is a verified “Australian Made” product that is specifically designed to protect Common Rail Diesel Systems from water contamination.

Responsive Engineering says “the cost of the Diesel Water Watch is cheap insurance that really does protect the diesel fuel system. If you think about it – filters are designed primarily to remove particles – not water!”

For more information, visit


Rislone Radiator Stop Leak Cooling System Supplement Tablets are reportedly used by many OEM auto and truck manufacturers as both a supplement and preventative for cooling systems during assembly.

Rislone says the use of these tablets ensure there is no coolant seepage due to manufacturing tolerances of cooling system parts.

Rislone Radiator Stop Leak Cooling System Supplement Tablets are now available in Australia for fleet managers, collision repairers and consumers.

Rislone says they are a great addition to regular cooling system maintenance programs for fleet, a perfect additive when installing a new radiator as part of a collision repair, and of course handy to keep in the glovebox in case of an emergency.

Rislone Radiator Stop Leak Cooling System Supplement Tablets inhibit the formation of rust and scale, neutralise pH imbalances, control electrolysis, lubricate the water pump seal and seal both internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks. They also enhance the use of antifreeze, or can be used in plain water – however, when used in water, Rislone says it is also recommended to add a cooling system anti-rust and extra water pump lubricant.

Further, Rislone says the tablets are quick to dissolve and are safe to use on all plastic, metal, hoses and connections found in a cooling system.

Rislone says the tablets boast a professional strength formula which works with all types and colours of antifreeze coolant including conventional, extended life, waterless and straight water. It states there is no need to drain the cooling

system, unless it is particularly dirty with scale and rust build up, explaining the tablets are fast working and in most cases the leak will be sealed in as little as 15-20 minutes of idle/driving time.

If the leak is not sealed, Rislone says you can simply add another application. One pack treats systems up to 15 litres at a dosage of one tablet per three litres of cooling system capacity.

For more information, visit or email

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More than just a stop leak solution


Rival is well set for continued expansion in the coming years

As “a true pioneer in designing and manufacturing loopless aluminium bumper bars to the Australian market since 2013,” Rival says it has demonstrated a forward-thinking approach and a willingness to challenge traditional bullbar design stereotypes.

“With our globally known flagship products such as Rival Aluminium Bumpers and Underbody Armour, we have earned a reputation for delivering reliable and durable gear that exceeds the expectations of our customers in more than 65 countries,” Rival 4x4 Director, Ben Lavis, said.

“In our core, we believe that quality is paramount. We invest heavily in the latest technologies, manufacturing processes and testing to ensure that our products are truly premium and deliver performance for the long haul.”

With manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Kazakhstan, Rival is well set for continued expansion in the coming years.

“Rival 4x4 Australia is an integral part of the global Rival brand. Australia has set the benchmark internationally for 4x4 product design, and Rival is no different,” Ben said.

“Rival Australia sets the standard for developing accessories before being released to the rest of the world. Once the products pass the stringent requirements of the Australian market, they are then released to the other Rival international distribution centres in Germany, USA, Middle East and Europe.”

Rival 4x4 is well-known for its deep stamped 6mm aluminium underbody armour that provides extra protection and strength to the vulnerable under carriage of the vehicle.

Designed to allow access to major service points and without affecting ground clearance, the Rival Underbody armour mounts to the OE mounting points, making the upgrade “effortless.”

Rival says its underbody armour (bash plates) are

very light compared to traditional steel skid plates, assisting in keeping the weight down without compromising on strength.

“This is a huge advantage when considering GVM issues with modern four wheel drives and fitting heavy accessories,” Ben said.

The Rival 4x4 bumper replacement bull bars are designed with the style of the vehicle as a major priority.

38 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2024 MINI FEATURE

“On offer is sleek styling which complements the vehicle’s looks while still being able to offer the highest protection from a hoop-less aluminium bull bar,” Ben said.

The Rival bull bars are winch compatible, come with rated tow hooks, and are fully ADR compliant and air bag tested.

Further, Rival says that adding driving lights, CB aerials and a winch does not

include the need for a GVM upgrade due to the strength and lightweight aluminium construction.

“Rival 4x4 pioneered the hoop-less design more than 10 years ago in Australia; Rival is now a brand synonymous with quality, durability and uniqueness,” Ben said.

Rival 4x4 Australia is pleased to announce that the full range of 6mm aluminium Skid Plates and

Bull bars will soon be available to order through your local Cooldrive Auto Parts Branch.

“This terrific partnership will complement the existing extensive Cooldrive 4x4 product offer, providing an extensive range of Rival accessories to the market, and making the Rival range much more accessible for the Trade market,” Ben said.

“As the 4x4 market grows, many businesses have diversified their service offer, and 4x4 is the natural choice for many.

“Cooldrive’s expansion in the 4x4 range naturally offers many trade businesses to expand their sales opportunities into the lucrative four wheel drive market.

“With this unique partnership, Cooldrive will now be able to offer Rival 4x4 products to over 35,000 trade accounts across Australia and New Zealand.”

Rival 4x4 will complement the existing and extensive range of four-wheel drive accessories already available from Cooldrive, which can be easily ordered through Cooldrive’s B2B iShop portal.

“As the 4x4 market continues to grow and more and more four-wheel drives are seen in our workshops, Rival skid plates and Bull bars may provide an excellent opportunity for workshops to diversify and grow their business,” Ben said.

“Make sure you keep an eye out for Rival 4x4 products in your Cooldrive iShop portal – coming soon!”

For more information, contact your local Cooldrive Auto Parts Branch or visit

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CTO Industries offers GVM Upgrades for a number of US trucks

CTO Industries says it stands at the forefront of innovation in the US truck market, offering advanced Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrades for renowned models such as the Ram, Silverado, and F-150.

These upgrades, utilising premier suspension systems from King Shocks and Fox Shocks, are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of both commercial and recreational users.

Operating at a state level with ongoing efforts to secure federal approval, CTO says its GVM upgrade packages are bolstered by its development work with the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC), while the work of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) on the GVM approval pathway has also proved important.

CTO says its collaboration with the AIC ensures every upgrade not only meets but exceeds industry standards for performance and safety, while further collaborations with leading caravan manufacturers and boat builders has allowed it to access invaluable feedback on ride quality and safety.

It says the result is a comprehensive package that enhances the overall driving experience, ensuring that trucks equipped with CTO’s GVM upgrades can handle increased loads with stability and control.

The company continually engages with the AIC and other key companies and engineers to refine its testing protocols and product standards.

It says this dedication to R&D ensures that CTO remains at the cutting edge of innovation, setting new benchmarks for quality and reliability in the Australian market.

One of the key differentiators of CTO is its utilisation of King Shocks and Fox Shocks in its GVM upgrades. It states these suspension systems are renowned for their durability and performance, making them ideal for the demands of increased vehicle mass.

By incorporating these top-tier components, CTO says it ensures that its GVM upgrades deliver a smoother, more stable ride, regardless of the terrain.

CTO states feedback from its industry partners


Parabolic Leaf Springs now available for Ford Ranger P703

Initially released in 2018, Terrain Tamer Parabolic Springs apply an already well-established idea in the trucking industry, combined with modern technology and a special grade steel, to create a carefully researched design specifically for 4WD vehicles.

Now, Terrain Tamer has added to its popular range of Parabolic Leaf Springs, with an option now available for the Ford Ranger P703 model.

Traditionally heavy linear leaf packs can be uncomfortable and loud and can create a safety issue, as they offer little to no flex, meaning that when a driver hits a bump, or finds themselves in a rough offroad situation, the rigidity of the leaf pack will cause the opposite wheel to lift, spinning and losing traction, ceasing drive, and effectively endangering the driver.

Terrain Tamer explains Parabolic Leaf Springs typically contain fewer leafs and get their name from their tapered “parabolic” design, meaning they are thicker in the centre and thinner at the ends. The tapered design of each leaf allows the stress to be distributed more evenly across the spring,

each leaf is allowed to work independently with enhanced flex, keeping all four wheels on the ground while ensuring the strength needed to bear heavy load capacities.

Terrain Tamer says this is particularly useful in 4WD applications that carry excessive load on the driveline, or when challenged with difficult terrain. It explains the flex afforded with a Parabolic Spring lets it give a little when the driver hits a bump, allowing the differential housing to rotate with the springs and effectively providing a smoother ride, reducing the shock transferred to the crown wheel and pinion, stopping the wheel from spinning, and maintaining safety and drive.

Terrain Tamer notes the same force with a standard leaf pack would almost certainly cause more shock to the vehicle and driver.

This design dramatically reduces the unsprung weight of the vehicle, freeing up the weight needed for practical use, addressing the issue of GVM limits, and accommodating the varying and everchanging applications that the modern day 4WD is used for – such as towing heavy loads, carrying

is integral to the continuous improvement of its offerings, ensuring it addresses the practical needs and expectations of end-users, while enhancing product performance and building trust and confidence.

As CTO continues to lead the charge in GVM upgrades for US trucks, it says it remains focused on delivering products that combine enhanced safety, superior performance, and long-lasting durability.

By leveraging advanced suspension technologies and maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality, CTO says it is poised to redefine standards and expectations within the US truck market in Australia.

For more information, visit

tools or touring with the family, and ensuring a comfortable ride whether empty or loaded.

The Parabolic shape also provides better axle articulation, as well as almost no interleaf friction, allowing the spring to compress or extend with ease without touching each other until there is a reasonable load on the vehicle.

This feature means that the springs are not only quieter, but it also acts to help minimise any issues with rust build up, which can be a major cause of failure in standard leaf springs.

This new release adds to the existing range available for Toyota, Mazda, Holden, Isuzu, Mitsubishi models and more, as well as the Ford Ranger PX 1, 2 and 3 models, which are offered in standard parabolic, heavy duty and extra heavy-duty options. For more information, visit

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Norweld says it is cementing itself as an innovative Aussie manufacturer

A leading Australian premium 4WD tray and canopy manufacturer, Norweld says it is proving locals do it best in the wake of the recent ‘Australian Made Week’ with a suite of recent groundbreaking industry projects.

Partnering with leading automotive accessory fitters and vehicle manufacturers including Mareeba Mitsubishi, ARB and INEOS, Norweld says it continues to push boundaries to create unique solutions for customers locally and overseas.

Customising its unique tray and canopy products for new and unreleased models, Norweld recently showcased its capabilities for vehicles including the INEOS Quartermaster, Ford F-150 Lightning, Toyota Tundra and Mitsubishi Triton.

With what it describes as a “world-first aftermarket fit-up” to the new Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric ute, Norweld partnered with GB Auto and AUSEV to deliver its Deluxe Plus trays for fleet use in some of the country’s toughest mining conditions.

“Our goal is to deliver a world class product, made in Australia, that showcases what local manufacturers are capable of,” Norweld Managing Director, Jaime McIntosh, said.

“To do this we must continuously improve and always look to innovate our design, invest in production and collaborate with like-minded businesses.

“By doing so, we can develop best-in-class solutions for customers and have the opportunity to work on new 4x4 models before they’re released in Australia.”

ARB Business Development Manager, Beau Sweetman, said the decision to partner with Norweld to showcase its new product releases was the obvious choice.

“Norweld’s premium products align perfectly with the needs of ARB’s customers which is why we continually trust Norweld for aftermarket tray and canopy fit-outs on all of our new demonstration vehicles,” Beau said.

For more information, visit


Hamer 4x4 is expanding into American truck accessories

Hamer 4x4 says it is expanding its renowned product line into the American truck accessories market with the introduction of the new Atlas bull bar for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ.

The popularity of American pickup trucks in Australia has surged, driven by their powerful engines, robust design, and unmatched performance capabilities.

This trend has created a demand for high-quality, durable off-road accessories tailored to these vehicles.

By expanding into this market, Hamer says it is poised to captivate truck enthusiasts with products that promise enhanced performance and style for off-road adventures, catering to the growing appetite for premium accessories among American truck owners.

New Atlas Bull Bar for the Chevrolet Silverado LTZ

The Atlas bull bar for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ is designed with off-road enthusiasts in mind. It features sequential indicators, daytime running lights, and a fog light as standard, combining functionality with sleek design.

Made from 3mm premium steel, Hamer 4x4 says it ensures the durability and robustness required for challenging terrains.

The Atlas bull bar is also ADR approved and airbag compliant, meeting stringent safety standards. Additionally, it is winch compatible and offers options for mounting additional Spotties/Light bars, providing added versatility.

Expansion of the Hamer 4x4 product line

Building on the success of the King series bull bars for the Ram 1500 DS and Ram 1500 DT models, Hamer 4x4 says it continues to innovate and expand its offerings.

The popularity of these models has driven Hamer to develop new products to cater to the growing market of American pickup trucks in Australia.

With the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ZR2 and the Ford F-150 next in line, Hamer says it is poised

to become a leading provider of premium off-road accessories for American trucks.

The growing popularity of American pickup trucks in Australia

Hamer 4x4 says customers opting for its accessories for their American trucks benefit from superior quality, competitive pricing, and local availability.

Made from the same high-grade steel as used in Hamer’s other products, Hamer 4x4 says these accessories ensure reliability and longevity.

“Compared to imported accessories, which often come at double the price, have long lead times (two-three months), and limited stock availability in Australia, Hamer’s products stand out,” Hamer 4x4 Marketing Manager, Mark Gelo, said.

“Being ADR approved and readily available, Hamer 4x4 accessories offer a hassle-free and costeffective solution for truck enthusiasts.”

Future innovations

Hamer 4x4 says it is committed to continuous innovation and development, ensuring its products meet the evolving needs of off-road enthusiasts.

“The forthcoming bull bars for the Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 and the Ford F-150 will further solidify Hamer’s position as a leading provider of premium off-road accessories,” Mark said.

“These new products will offer more options for customisation and performance enhancement, catering to the growing market of American pickup truck enthusiasts in Australia.

“With this expansion, Hamer 4x4 reaffirms its commitment to delivering top-quality, innovative solutions for off-road adventurers.”

For more information, visit

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4WD owners require different suspension options to best suit their needs

Whether you’re tackling tough off-road tracks, towing heavy loads, or simply daily driving and doing the school drop-off, Pedders says it has a range of leaf springs that tick all the boxes.

It says its Parabolic Leaf Springs and Traditional Leaf Springs both have key benefits.

Pedders says its Parabolic Leaf Spring range is ideal for drivers seeking improved ride comfort and better off-road capability.

Pedders Parabolic Leaf Springs can adjust based on your driving conditions and will maintain ride comfort while navigating through town or the city. Even while not carrying weight or heavy loads, Parabolic Leaf Springs are said to provide a smooth

and comfortable ride thanks to its reduced leaf count – which results in a much lighter product –and tapered design, which provides flexibility and improved articulation, all while still being capable of maintaining high load-carrying ability.

Pedders TrakRyder Leaf Springs meanwhile is a more traditional option, tried and tested through time, and perfect for heavy-duty needs, says Pedders.

Available in 300kg, 400kg, and 600kg constant load designs, TrakRyder leaf springs cater to a wide range of 4x4 and 2WD vehicles.

From everyday workhorse vehicles to large commercial trucks, Pedders says TrakRyder Leaf Springs are a reliable option for tough and rugged terrain with heightened off-road performance.

Featuring Interleaf Friction Pads and redesigned spring rates, this design minimises noise while strengthening load-carrying ability.

Further, Pedders says strength and flexibility is a standout with these springs, which are manufactured using High-Grade steel for reliability and longevity. Pedders explains that the difference between the two comes down to design and intended purpose.

Parabolic Leaf Springs may feature fewer leaves, but are perfect for mixed scenarios, improved comfort, and a much quieter ride while not compromising load capacity.

Whereas TrakRyder Leaf Springs are available in various Constant Load Designs, built for a specific purpose.

When choosing what is best for you, Pedders encourages you to think about your needs and what kind of driving you do.

It states the Pedders range of Leaf Springs will ensure that you find the best option for your requirements, with a suspension solution ready to take you on your next adventure.

For more information, visit

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Airbag Man launches wireless air control app

Airbag Man says adjusting air suspension has never been easier thanks to its new app-operated onboard air control system.

Powered by Firestone, the wireless app allows the user to remotely inflate and deflate their airbags, right from the palm of their hand.

Suitable for both coil and leaf-assist airbags as well as two-corner full air coil conversions, it features two memory presets for easy ride height adjustment. With no gauges or wiring required inside the cab, users can adapt the ride for various load and road conditions and get live system diagnostic monitoring – all within the app interface.

Airbag Man Founder and Managing Director, Richard Clamp, said it was exciting to see this technology take off in Australia.

“Over the last 30 years, Airbag Man has been pioneering air suspension innovation, in partnership with world-leading brands like Firestone,” Richard said.

“To introduce the latest technology alongside Australia’s widest range of air suspension kits and components is just the next step in our evolution.

“Airbag Man is proud to offer customers the benefit of choice and convenience. We rely on our phones for just about everything these days, and now that can also mean turning your smartphone into your air suspension command centre with a simple tap of your finger.”

Airbag Man says it is no surprise that the new wireless control system has been well received by the 4x4 industry, with its eager appetite for the latest, most exciting, and advanced mods.

Airbag Man says interest has been keen, with installs ranging from influencer-owned Jeeps to Jayco campers.

The wireless app control system is available now from Airbag Man, with the free app downloadable on both Android and iPhone.

Airbag Man says it has been Australia’s leader in air suspension since 1995. It designs and manufactures high-quality air suspension systems to suit thousands of vehicles from light passenger to heavy transport, as well as a broad range of industrial and agricultural applications.

Airbag Man explains that its suspension carries a

multitude of benefits, which can include adjustable levelling control; reduced spring sag and bottoming out; safer load carrying; better braking; improved steering, handling, and ride quality; stabilised body roll; reduced tyre wear; and lower maintenance costs.

Airbag Man says it has “revolutionised the vehicle suspension industry, creating bespoke solutions that allow vehicles to carry load and tow more safely.”

For more information, visit


MCC 4x4 Accessories presents its Front Rocker Bull Bar and Pegasus Bar Series

MCC 4x4 Accessories says it has long been at the forefront of providing robust and reliable protection for off-road vehicles.

Its latest additions, the Rocker Bull Bar and Pegasus Bar Series, are designed to complete the front protection product line for the 300 series, offering “unparalleled strength, functionality, and style.”

The Rocker Bull Bar Series

MCC 4x4 Accessories says the Rocker Bull Bar Series is a testament to its commitment to durability and resilience.

Constructed with high-quality steel, this series is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.

The Rocker Bull Bar Series features an innovative design that not only protects the front of your vehicle from impacts but also integrates seamlessly with the aesthetic of the 300 series.

Key features include:

• High-strength steel construction: ensures maximum protection against collisions and rough terrains.

• Integrated LED lighting: enhances visibility during night drives and off-road adventures.

• Winch compatibility: designed to accommodate a winch, making it a versatile addition for any off-road enthusiast.

• Powder-coated sand black finish: provides

an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity.

• Tailored to suit your preference:  the Rocker Series is available in Triple Loops, Single Low Loop, Single Stainless Steel Loop and Single Black Steel Loop. All the Single Loop variants are removable.

MCC 4x4 says the Rocker Bull Bar Series is perfect for those who demand more from their vehicle’s front protection without compromising on style and functionality.

The Pegasus Bar Series

MCC 4x4 says the Pegasus Series is the ideal choice for those seeking a blend of elegance and ruggedness.

This series brings a refined aesthetic to front protection while maintaining the robustness MCC 4x4 Accessories is known for.

The Pegasus Series is crafted from premium aluminium sheets, offering a sleek design and lightweightness that enhances the overall look of the 300 series.

Highlights of the Pegasus Series include:

• Sleek aluminium construction: lightweight yet durable, providing a sophisticated look while ensuring robust protection.

• Aerodynamic design: minimises drag and

enhances fuel efficiency, a perfect blend of form and function.

• Extreme approach angle: slim line design gives an extra amount of approach angle compared to traditional bull bars.

MCC 4x4 says the Pegasus Bar Series is the epitome of style meeting strength, designed for those who want their vehicle to stand out on the road and off the beaten path with a lighter weight. The perfect finish for the 300 Series

With the introduction of the Rocker Bull Bar and Pegasus Bar Series, MCC 4x4 Accessories says it has completed its front protection product line for the 300 series while providing options for every type of driver, from the hardcore off-roader who values rugged durability to the discerning motorist who appreciates a touch of elegance with their protection.

For more information, visit

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With CalOffroad

For over 30 years, CalOffroad says it has been developing and producing some of the most advanced and highest-performing 4x4 and offroad suspension systems in Australia, and since becoming an official member of the CoolDrive Auto Parts family, the brand is going from strength to strength.

CalOffroad explains that its connection to Australia’s remote and outback destinations and its local offroad testing facility enables constant testing, continuous refinement, and development of cutting-edge products for local conditions.

Earlier this year, CoolDrive announced the launch of CalOffroad Nitro Pro, a new offroad suspension that has been designed and tuned by the team at CalOffroad and manufactured in Australia.

Nitro Pro is suited for four-wheel-drivers seeking a suspension upgrade, a higher load carrying capacity, more comfort for touring, better 4x4 capacity, or wanting a lift of up to two inches.

Nitro Pro suspension products boast twin tube construction which allows higher oil capacity and a lower gas rate to reduce shock temperatures, and a 18mm induction hardened chromed piston rod for increased strength and to maximise durability.

Delivering unparalleled handling, performance and control, Nitro Pro offers application-specific fitments to suit vehicles exposed to varying conditions, load, and weight factors, including GVM requirements.

CalOffroad also offers its Platinum Series of shocks which have been developed through many years of testing and collaboration with Bilstein.

Locally designed, manufactured in Germany but tuned for the harshest Australian conditions, CalOffroad says the Platinum Series is “amongst the world’s most advanced shocks for offroad reliability and performance, whether touring, daily driving, or racing.”

It states the CalOffroad Platinum Series offers more height adjustability, race and performance style valving, specific body coatings for corrosion protection and greater lift heights.

CalOffroad is also an authorised Fox offroad suspension distributor and service centre, offering the brand’s “world-renowned” extreme high-performance shocks and racing suspension products.

With decades of experience and backed by the national network of CoolDrive Auto Parts, CalOffroad says it “truly does stand at the forefront of 4x4 suspension systems, offering the ultimate in quality and performance.”

The comprehensive product ranges from CalOffroad, Bilstein, and Fox cover a complete line-up of hassle-free, bolt-on suspension components, such as coil over struts, shocks, springs, control arms, and steering stabilisers, as well as lift kits.

CalOffroad says all the most popular offroad vehicles in Australia are covered, including the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-MAX and MUX, Jeep Wrangler, Mazda BT-50, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara and Patrol, Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser, and the Volkswagen Amarok.

CalOffroad also boasts a comprehensive delivery and service network staffed by the CalOffroad and CoolDrive teams, many of whom are 4x4 enthusiasts themselves.

For further information on CalOffroad, visit or to become part of the CalOffroad Official Dealer Network, contact CoolDrive Auto Parts.

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With Nolathane Upper Control Arms

Lifting your four-wheel drive by even a couple of inches can dramatically enhance its appearance and performance.

However, such modifications come with a set of considerations, particularly regarding your vehicle’s upper control arms (UCAs).

Nolathane says it offers an innovative solution that addresses these concerns effectively.

Understanding Upper Control Arms

In a typical modern 4WD front end, the UCAs play a crucial role. These components, often made from high-grade materials, provide the necessary support and flexibility for your vehicle’s suspension system.

Why upgrade to Nolathane UCAs?

When you lift your vehicle, maintaining proper wheel alignment becomes a challenge.

Nolathane says this is where its upper control arms come into play, stating they are engineered to provide three degrees of caster rectification, which is essential for restoring the caster angle to its optimal range after a lift.

It states this ensures that your vehicle’s handling and stability remain intact, allowing for precise and responsive steering.

Moreover, Nolathane says its UCAs offer enhanced camber adjustment.

Camber, the angle of the wheels relative to the

ground, is critical for even tyre wear and overall vehicle stability.

By installing Nolathane UCAs, Nolathane says you can bring the camber angle back to its ideal range, avoiding the adverse effects of improper wheel alignment.

Advanced bushing technology

Nolathane says one of the standout features of its UCAs is the GIIRO bushing technology.

It explains this innovative design includes a series of materials and bushings that allow for smooth and unrestricted movement.

These bushings have undergone extensive testing and development, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of off-road driving.

Nolathane states the GIIRO bushings provide exceptional articulation, allowing the UCAs to move freely without placing undue stress on the inner rubber components.

It says this reduces wear and tear, prolonging the lifespan of the bushings and maintaining optimal performance. The result is a smoother ride with reduced maintenance requirements.

Benefits of Nolathane UCAs

Nolathane notes the following as key benefits of its UCAs:

• Improved alignment: restores caster and camber angles to their optimal range after lifting.


TAG Towbars signs new Ambassador

Malin from ExploreJimny has gained a huge following online for her helpful content and amazing pictures of the JB47 making its way in the great outdoors, and TAG Towbars is now proud to introduce them as its newest brand ambassador.

Malin moved to Australia back in 2016 as a student and has called Down Under her home ever since.

She bought her first Jimny in 2021 which has opened up a world of opportunities and has introduced her to some amazing people, especially the famously wholesome Jimny community including the JB74 QLD and Jimny Girls QLD groups.

Just recently Malin and her partner Dre introduced the second Jimny to their fleet – a five-door Jimny XL.

“We are super excited to partner with TAG and showcase how the Towbars can be useful for the Jimnys, especially when it comes to rear recovery and opportunities for towing mini trailers,” Malin said.

“Starting this new five-door build has so far been a lot of fun and we’re keen to showcase how versatile and capable these two Jimnys can be onand off-road.”

Malin’s three-door Jimny has a huge list of modifications that have helped to turn this cute little SUV into a proper offroad champion.

The key performance enhancements include a four-inch Snorkel by Meredith Metalworks and an Airbox, Throttle Controller and 2.5” Exhaust from Torqit.

To increase offroad capability and clearance, Malin opted for the TAG Extreme Recovery Towbar, in addition to the pre-registration GVM Upgrade and two-inch lift from Ironman 4x4, and 235/75/15 BFGoodrich tyres paired with ROH One Twenty Wheels.

Meanwhile, Malin’s shiny new five-door Jimny is just getting started, with its first modifications really giving it a sleeker street style that would see the Jimny XL just as at home in the city as out on the dirt roads.

• Enhanced articulation: allows for greater movement and flexibility, crucial for off-road driving.

• Increased clearance: provides more space for the coil-over strut, reducing the risk of contact and damage.

• Durability: high-quality materials and advanced bushing technology ensure longlasting performance.

For anyone looking to lift their 4WD, Nolathane says its upper control arms offer a comprehensive solution to common alignment and articulation issues.

Whether you’re a workshop professional or a DIY enthusiast, Nolathane says these UCAs provide the necessary adjustments and durability for an improved driving experience.

For more information, visit

The key mods to mention so far include the same air-in-air-out combo as the three-door, a Formula 4x4 Suspension upgrade, and of course, the TAG XR Towbar bringing up the rear.

TAG says if you are just as obsessed as it is with these mini and mighty machines, you should make sure to follow the journey of these builds in realtime on the ExploreJimny Instagram and YouTube Channel.

For more information on Jimny products from TAG, visit or call 1300 669 122.

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