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About Us

WHO BGU Is First Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion recognized that the Negev Desert holds the key to Israel’s future. A world renowned institution of research and higher learning, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) brings that vision to life — transforming the Negev region, Israel and the world.

WHAT BGU Does Through groundbreaking research, education, and innovation, BGU has become an international powerhouse in academia, scientific advancements and technology. Comprised of 3 campuses, 5 faculties, 50 departments, 10 national research institutes and over 60 research centers, BGU is home to 20,000 students and attracts 1,000 international students from over 50 countries.

ISRAEL AND BGU Constituting over 60% of Israel’s land, the Negev is home to less than 15% of the country’s population. With BGU driving innovation in the Negev, the possibilities for growth are endless.

WHO We Are Americans for Ben-Gurion University (A4BGU) plays a vital role in support of a 21st century unifying vision for Israel by rallying around BGU’s remarkable work and role as an apolitical beacon of light in the Negev. A4BGU engages a community of Americans who are committed to improving the world.

We are Americans living in the diaspora. We believe the world is simply better off because Israel is in it. DOUG SESERMAN, CEO of Americans for Ben-Gurion University

WHAT We Do l



R AISE FINANCIAL RESOURCES to advance BGU’s remarkable work.


AWARENESS of BGU’s unique role in nurturing the Negev community, while sharing the University’s expertise locally and around the globe.

RUN PROGRAMS, like the Zin Fellows Leadership Program, which engages and immerses the next generation of leaders in support of Israel.

We engage over 22,000 Americans for Ben-Gurion University

We produce more than 40 events annually nationwide

We facilitate leadership opportunities across the United States

WHY Our Work is Meaningful Our work transcends political differences, addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems, including public health issues like COVID-19, cancer research and brain science. We support breakthrough research that addresses contemporary challenges like cybersecurity and environmental sustainability.

We’re Americans for Ben-Gurion University because of BGU’s work in sustainability and inspiring our family to do the same. CRAIG, MICHAEL & ERIC, Illinois

ZIN FELLOWS: FORGING THE NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS The Zin Fellows Leadership Program creates a cohort of passionate community leaders who are committed to improving the world by advancing Ben-Gurion’s vision for creating a world-class institution of education and research in the Negev. Learn more:

There are more than 80 Zin Fellows in 19 States in over 23 Cities around the U.S.

Join the Movement! Be part of a movement that supports a 21st century unifying vision for Israel. By uniting behind BGU’s remarkable work, we are changing the conversation from arguing over what’s wrong about Israel to rallying around what’s right. Inspired by the remarkable vision of David Ben-Gurion, we are proud to join BGU in bringing this vision to life. What we build today in collaboration with BGU will lead us to the promise of a better tomorrow. We are Partners in the Remarkable.

HOW You Can Get Involved STAY UP TO DATE


“It’s not enough to be up to date, you have to be up to tomorrow.” — DAVID BEN-GURION

Meet the Americans for Ben-Gurion University who help make the remarkable possible.

I’m an American for Ben-Gurion University because great things are coming out of the Negev and I want to be a part of it. MARCI, California To support our work, go to

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