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Obama makes his health law case THE VOICE OF THE PECOS VALLEY

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SUPREME COURT OKS STRIP SEARCHES WASHINGTON (AP) — Jailers may perform invasive strip searches on people arrested even for minor offenses, an ideologically divided Supreme Court ruled Monday, the conservative majority declaring that ...



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April 3, 2012


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Monday issued a rare, direct challenge to the Supreme Court to uphold his historic health care overhaul, weighing in with a vigorous political appeal for judicial restraint. He warned that overturning the law would hurt millions of Americans and amount to overreach by the “unelected” court. Obama predicted that a majority of justices would uphold the law when the ruling is announced in June. But the president, himself a former law professor, seemed intent on swaying uncertain views in the meantime, both in the court of public opinion and in the minds of the justices about not overstepping the high court’s bounds. “Ultimately, I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress,” Obama said at a Rose Garden news conference. The majority he referenced was not quite

that strong; Congress approved the law two years ago in hard-fought party-line votes after a divisive national debate. Republican presidential contenders say they will make sure it is repealed if the Supreme Court doesn’t throw it out first. For a president to weigh in so forcefully about a case currently under deliberation by the Supreme Court is unusual, and it speaks to the stakes at hand. The law is the signature domestic achievement of Obama’s term and already a prominent source of debate in the presidential campaign. The Supreme Court will decide whether to strike down part or all of the law, including its centerpiece requirement that nearly all Americans carry insurance or pay a penalty. Obama essentially sought to reset the public view of the case to where the White House thought the baseline lay before the attention-grabbing court arguments and the commentary that followed — that strik-

AP Photo

President Barack Obama gestures during a joint news conference, Monday. Obama said that he remains confident that his health care law will be upheld.

RPL celebrates its 106th birthday with music JULIA BERGMAN RECORD STAFF WRITER

Commemorating its achievements, old and new, and its presence in the community, the Roswell Public Library celebrated its 106th birthday Monday afternoon. Various community musical groups performed at either end of the library. Cake cutting and further celebration occurred in the

Malone Room. Giant scrapbooks of archived articles and photos marked some of the cultural institution’s signature moments over the years from the availability of microfilm in 1977, to the donation of an 1895 Chandler & Price Platen Press, used at Hall-Poorbaugh Press, from the Thomas Joseph Hall family in 2002. RPL director Betty Long remembered some of the

See OBAMA, Page A3

library’s highlights during her time working there. “This building was built in 1978, moving from the Carnegie Library to over here in 1978. In 1989 we added the Malone Room to the library. In 1991 we automated the library (with a barcode and scanning system). In 2002 we expanded and renovated the library.” Long also witnessed the installation of the library's new digital billboard and


Julia Bergman Photos

Mayor Del Jurney reads a proclamation at the Roswell Public Library's 106th birthday celebration, Monday.

NELSON ELECTED TO HALL OF FAME NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Reggie Miller rode his sister’s coat-tails all the way to the Hall of Fame. The five-time All-Star joined longtime NBA coach Don Nelson and college standout Ralph Sampson ...



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its 100th birthday. Mayor Del Jur ney made an appearance at the celebration to read a proclamation declaring April 2, 2012, ‘Roswell Public Library Day.’ In the proclamation, he cited the library’s contributions to the community from its inception in 1906, when it was known as the Carnegie Library. Long also addressed the

importance of the institution for the community, “We’ve had people say the library was the deciding factor for them to move to Roswell. Businesses look at things like libraries and museums when they come in, if they decide they want to establish a business here. We play a very important role in the community.”

have said the origins of the prohibition are unknown. The church recently issued a statement from its offices in Utah denouncing racism and warning against what it called speculation about how the ban came to be.

Romney often talks about the decade he spent as a volunteer Mor mon pastor in the Boston area before becoming governor of Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney faces questions about Mormon faith Members of Goddard High School's choir perform at the Roswell Public Library's 106th birthday celebration, Monday.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was questioned about his Mormon faith while campaigning for Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary.

A Ron Paul supporter, 28-year -old Bret Hatch, asked Romney whether he agreed with a passage from the Book of Mormon that describes a cursing of people with a “skin of blackness.” Romney’s staff took away the microphone before the Green Bay man could read the passage.

“I’m sorry, we’re just not going to have a discussion about religion in my view, but if you have a question I’ll be happy to answer your question,” Romney said Monday. Hatch then asked whether Romney thought it was a sin for interracial couples to have children. “No. Next question,” Romney responded curtly. Hatch was citing verses from Mormon scriptures which he argued called it sinful for blacks and whites to have children.

Such allegations are often made by critics who accuse The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of racism and consider Mormon teachings heretical. The church barred men of African descent from the Latter day Saint priesthood until 1978. Some Mormons may have heard verses from scripture cited in their communities as an explanation of why blacks were not allowed to become priests.

“For a time in the church there was a restriction on the priesthood for male members of African descent,” the church said. “It is not known precisely why, how, or when this restriction began in the church but what is clear is that it ended decades ago.”

Not long after Hatch’s question, Romney reflected upon that experience.

“This gentleman wanted to talk about the doctrines of my religion. I’ll talk about the practices of my faith,” Romney said, noting that his service as a pastor helped him connect with people on “a very personal basis.”

Former FBI agent Dennis Kintigh seeks election to new district JULIA BERGMAN RECORD STAFF WRITER

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Dennis Kintigh

However, church leaders

Rep. Dennis Kintigh, R-Roswell, a former special agent with the FBI who served for a time as interim Roswell chief of police, says he is seeking election to the District 66 state House of Representatives seat. Due to a court-ordered redistricting plan for the House, Kintigh and Rep. Bob Wooley, R-Roswell, were lumped into District 66, currently represented by Wooley. In 2008, Kintigh was elected to the House to represent District 57, which encompasses norther n Chaves, norther n Lincoln and northern Otero counties. He was unopposed in his bid for reelection in 2010. If he is successfully elected to the District 66 seat, Kintigh

will serve his third consecutive term in the House. Kintigh is concerned with changing the way the House operates to provide for a more equal distribution of power. “Right now, there’s too much power in the hands of the speaker (of the House) and that’s not right regardless of which party is in place,” he said. Kintigh called for allowing each party to pick its own committee members. As for whether the state is in need of tax reform, a belief held by many Republicans in the Legislature, Kintigh said, “legal reform is just as important as tax reform but it’s not getting the attention it needs.” He cited, as an example, a component of business news channel CNBC’s website, which ranks states in a range of categories. “In

the area of what they call business friendliness, which they explain as litigation and regulation, New Mexico comes in at 46th. That’s worse than where we come in on taxes. I believe that’s the unrecognized anchor that is holding back our economy.” Kintigh would like to see changes made to the state’s criminal justice system, “to make it more respectful of victims and hold people who hurt people accountable.” While serving as interim Roswell chief of police, Kintigh became frustrated by individuals with behavioral health issues becoming involved with the criminal justice system. While serving in this capacity, Kintigh recognized that, “Law See KINTIGH, Page A3

A2 Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Supreme Court OKs routine jailhouse strip searches WASHINGTON (AP) — Jailers may perform invasive strip searches on people arrested even for minor offenses, an ideologically divided Supreme Court ruled Monday, the conservative majority declaring that security trumps privacy in an often dangerous environment. In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled against a New Jersey man who was strip searched in two county jails following his arrest on a warrant for an unpaid fine that he had, in reality, paid. The decision resolved a conflict among lower courts about how to balance security and privacy. Prior to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, lower courts generally prohibited routine strip searches for minor offenses. In recent years, however, courts have allowed jailers more discretion to maintain security, and the high court ruling ratified those decisions. In this case, Albert Florence’s nightmare began when the sport utility vehicle driven by his pregnant wife was pulled over for speeding. He was a passenger; his 4-year-old son was in the backseat. Justice Anthony Kennedy said the circumstances of the arrest were of little importance. Instead, Kennedy said, Florence’s entry into the general jail population gave guards the authorization to force him to strip naked and expose his mouth, nose, ears and genitals to a visual search in case he was hiding anything. “Courts must defer to the judgment of correctional officials unless the record contains substantial evidence showing their policies are an unnecessary or unjustified response to

problems of jail security,” Kennedy said. In a dissenting opinion joined by the court’s liberals, Justice Stephen Breyer said strip searches improperly “subject those arrested for minor offenses to serious invasions of their personal privacy.” Breyer said jailers ought to have a reasonable suspicion someone may be hiding something before conducting a strip search. Breyer said people like Florence “are often stopped and arrested unexpectedly. And they consequently will have had little opportunity to hide things in their body cavities.” Florence made the same point in his arguments: He said he was headed to dinner at his mother-in-law’s house when he was stopped in March 2005. He also said that even if the warrant had been valid, failure to pay a fine is not a crime in New Jersey. But Kennedy focused on the fact that Florence was held with other inmates in the general population. In concurring opinions, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito said the decision left open the possibility of an exception to the rule and might not apply to someone held apart from other inmates. Kennedy gave three reasons to justify routine searches — detecting lice and contagious infections, looking for tattoos and other evidence of gang membership and preventing smuggling of drugs and weapons. Kennedy also said people arrested for minor offenses can turn out to be “the most devious and dangerous criminals.” Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh initially was stopped by a state trooper who noticed McVeigh was driving with-

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico was shaken Monday by what officials described as the strongest aftershock yet from a powerful earthquake that killed at least two people and destroyed thousands of homes late last month. Officials said there were no immediate reports of serious damage or injuries from the quake, which the U.S. Geological Survey initially reported as a magnitude of 6.3, but later downgraded to a 6.0. Office towers rocked back and forth for several seconds in the center of Mexico City after the quake at 12:36 p.m. (17:36 GMT) Monday afternoon and workers evacuated their buildings and gathered in the street. The quake was barely perceptible in some other parts of the city. Mexico’s seismological service described it as the strongest of at least 280 aftershocks since the March 20 quake. Some were barely noticed, while others shook buildings throughout south and central Mexico. Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said via Twitter

that no major damage had been reported by helicopter overflights of the city and public transport and other services were functioning normally. Interior Secretary Alejandro Poire also said on Twitter that he had received no immediate reports of significant damage. The U.S. Geological Survey said Monday’s aftershock had its epicenter in southern Mexico near the border of Guerrero and Oaxaca states, very close to the center of the strong quake on March 20. Mexico has been shaken by a series of strong aftershocks since that quake, which killed at least two people and damaged about 13,500 homes near its epicenter. Civil protection officials in both states close to the epicenter said there were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage. Last month’s quake was among the strongest in Mexico since an 8.1-magnitude temblor killed an estimated 10,000 people in Mexico City in 1985. A magnitude-8.0 quake near Manzanillo on Mexico’s central Pacific coast killed 51 people in 1995 and a magnitude-7.5 quake killed at least 20 people in the southern state of Oaxaca in 1999.

Aftershock shakes Mexico, no injuries reported

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Roswell Daily Record

AP Photo

In this Oct. 11 file photo, Albert Florence, right, sits at his home in Bordentown, N.J., with his attorney Susan Chana Lask. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled against Florence, who faced strip searches in two county jails following his arrest on a warrant for an unpaid fine that he had, in reality, paid. An ideologically divided court ruled Monday that jailers may perform invasive strip searches on people arrested even for minor offenses.

out a license plate, Kennedy said. In his dissent, Breyer said inmates in the two New Jersey jails already have to submit to pat-down searches, pass through metal detectors, shower with delousing agents and have their clothing searched. Many jails, several states and associations of corrections officials say strip searches should be done only when there is reasonable suspicion, which could include arrest on drug charges or for violent crimes, Breyer said. Susan Chana Lask, Florence’s lawyer, said, “The 54 decision was as close as

we could get ... in this political climate with recent law for indefinite detention of citizens without trial that shaves away our constitutional rights every day.” The first strip search of Florence took place in the Burlington County Jail in southern New Jersey. Six days later, Florence had not received a hearing and remained in custody. Transferred to another county jail in Newark, he was stripsearched again. The next day, a judge dismissed all charges. Florence’s lawsuit soon followed. He still may pursue other claims, including that he

Woman arrested

Courtesy Photo

Erika Lara, 28, was arrested Saturday for four counts of abandonment or abuse of a child, seven counts of child safety restraint failure, failure to stop at a stop sign and reckless driving. Lara was driving an SUV-type vehicle with a bed area in the back and a tailgate, which was down. All seven children, who were being transported in the vehicle, were not wearing seatbelts. Four of the children, who were sitting in the bed area, were ejected. According to Roswell Police Department spokesman Officer Travis Holley, Lara drove around a corner too fast, ran a stop sign around South Union Avenue and West Jaffa Street, and hit a curb. “She told the officer that she didn’t want (the kids) in the front seat because they were wet. They had been playing in water or something of that nature,” Holley said. He called the injuries to the four children, who were ejected, “somewhat minor.” “Real Estate Corner”


by Connie DeNio of Roswell 622-7191 or 626-7948

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never should have been arrested. Florence, who is AfricanAmerican, had been stopped several times before, and he carried a letter to the effect that the fine, for fleeing a traffic stop several years earlier, had been paid. His protest was in vain, however, and the trooper handcuffed him and took

him to jail. At the time, the State Police were operating under a court order, because of allegations of past racial discrimination, that provided federal monitors to assess stops of minority drivers. But the propriety of the stop is not at issue, and Florence is not alleging racial discrimination.

Criminal Damage An officer responded to Rent-A-Center, 2601 N. Main St., Ste G., Friday, in reference to an alarm. Upon arrival the officer found the front door had been broken. He entered the business and saw that three televisions had been knocked off a shelf and a large rock was lodged between a chair and couch. The officer also observed several shoe prints on the back of a television that was lying on the floor. A Panasonic television had its screen shattered and two Toshiba televisions were also damaged. The manager advised the officer that nothing appeared to have been taken from the store. The cost of the damaged items were reported as $300 for the glass door and $1,183.63 for the Panasonic flat screen television.

Unlawful taking of a motor vehicle An officer was dispatched to the 3100 block of North Montana Avenue, Saturday, in reference to a female subject wanting to report her pickup truck being stolen from her residence. Upon arrival the officer spoke to the woman who stated her 1988 Dodge Ram pickup was parked in front of her residence on the 300 block of East Vista Parkway on Friday at approximately 10 p.m. When she checked on her vehicle at 10 a.m., on Saturday the truck was gone. The female estimated the value of the Gold Dodge Ram 50 Sport Cab to be $1,000. Residential burglary An officer responded to the 1400 block of South Jackson Drive, Sunday, where contact was made with a male subject who wanted to report that an unknown subject forced his back door open and took several items. The items were reported as; Brazilian cherry laminate flooring, estimated at $236.90, a Ryobi skill saw, estimated at $150, a Black & Decker cordless drill, estimated at $85, a Black & Decker jig saw sink, estimated at $40, and miscellaneous clothes, estimated at $2,500. Total cost of items taken was reported as $3,081.90. Anyone having information about these or any other crime is asked to contact Crime Stoppers, 888-594-TIPS (8477). Callers may remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward.

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Continued from Page A1

ing down the law would be a surprising reach for the court, and that the heart of the law is likely to be upheld. Up for re-election, Obama also wanted to remind people about the law’s purpose in real-life terms, as opposed to the abstract concept of whether it is constitutional to require insurance coverage. Yet to those whose opinions ultimately matter — the justices — he may have spoken too late to adjust the fate.


Continued from Page A1

After holding three days of arguments, the justices met Friday to hold an initial vote, as is custom. So the outcome may already be set. Justices may change their vote between that first meeting and the time when the opinion is released, but that is fairly unusual. Obama was primed to answer on Monday when asked about the law; this was his time to argue. His comments were his first since last week’s arguments, during which the law was questioned, sometimes in deeply critical terms, by the court’s most conservative justices and by presumed swing voter

enforcement is the concrete floor beneath the safety net of social services.” He described behavioral health as encompassing mental health, substance abuse, and at times individuals with traumatic brain injuries, “people who have trouble functioning in our socie-

Justice Anthony Kennedy. The four liberal justices seemed likely to vote to uphold it. On that core point of requiring people to have insurance, Obama seemed to send a message directly to the justices. “I think the American people understand — and I think the justices should understand — that in the absence of an individual mandate, you cannot have a mechanism to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions get health care,” Obama said. “So there’s not only an economic element to this and a legal element to this, but there’s a human

ty.” During the 2012 regular legislative session, Kintigh sponsored House Joint Memorial 16, which passed the House and Senate and was signed by Gov. Susana Martinez. The memorial establishes a state Interim Behavioral Health Services Committee, which will collaborate with entities that currently deal with behavioral health needs throughout the state.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

element to this. I hope that’s not forgotten in this political debate.” Obama also made a broader case against his conservative Republican antagonists by challenging them on a matter dear to them: stopping overreach by the courts. “For years what we’ve heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint — that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law,” Obama said. “Well, this is a good example,” he said. “And I’m pretty confident that

Kintigh said he continues to be concerned about the well being of the oil and gas industry. “ It is carrying this state on its shoulders economically ... We’re really carrying the state here and we need to make sure we don’t strangle the goose that lays the golden egg,” he said. Kintigh was and continues to be an advocate in the Legislature and locally for not listing the dunes sagebrush lizard on

this Court will recognize that and not take that step.” Obama declined to answer what contingencies his administration might have in mind if the court does overturn the law. He used most of his comments to explain the ways he believes the law is helping people, including young adults who are now allowed to stay longer on their parents’ health insurance, or seniors who are paying less for prescriptions. He said that doesn’t count the 30 million who ultimately stand to gain coverage they now lack. In the court arguments,

the endangered species list. He often lists in his reasoning the potential detriment to the oil and gas industry, if the species is listed. “I dig deep on issues. I do the research. I ask hard questions. I do my homework. I'm not bashful about asking hard questions ... I’m not going to allow people to push agendas that are not supported with good data and good


conservative justices raised questions about Congress’ power to force people to buy health insurance. The White House has cautioned anyone against drawing conclusions from the justices’ lines of questioning. Obama said flatly he is confident the court will uphold the law: “The reason is because, in accordance with precedent out there, it’s constitutional.” Obama is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and before entering politics he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School.

public policy,” Kintigh said. He was the first to challenge the subsidy for the film industry in New Mexico. On three separate occasions, Kintigh, during his time in the Legislature, was the only no vote on the House floor. Kintigh has been married to his wife Carol for more than 30 years. The couple have three grown daughters and six grandchildren.

Mexico’s PAN battling to retain presidency

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Expectations were high when a maverick businessman favoring cowboy boots and plain talk won the presidency in 2000, defeating the party that had governed Mexico for 71 consecutive years. Mexicans hoped that their country would take a new course under Vicente Fox’s center-right National Action Party, or PAN, with government corruption uprooted, the police and justice systems strengthened and poverty curtailed. But they have been disappointed by drug trafficking violence, and the failure to prosecute government corruption or correct judicial inefficiency under the PAN’s leadership, first under Fox and then under current President Felipe Calderon, who barely squeaked by in a contested 2006 election. Despite a more open economy and a bigger middle class, more than half of the nation’s 120 million people still live in poverty. Amid the dashed hopes of many Mexicans, the PAN is battling to retain the presi-

dency in July 1 balloting as the formerly entrenched Institutional Revolutionary Party known as the PRI seems poised for a comeback. “When I voted for Fox and for Calderon I expected change,” said Homero Aridjis, a Mexican poet, diplomat and environmentalist. “We thought corruption was going to end, that the country would be well-governed but now we see with disappointment that the lack of justice continues, the corruption we knew continues, and now we can add incompetence in governing to that.” Since its 1939 founding, the pro-business PAN has billed itself as an anti-corruption crusader that made pinpointing the abuses of PRI governments its main mission. Fox was elected largely because he promised to break with the past and vowed to crush the corrupt “black snakes” and “toads” of the old regime. The night Fox was declared the winner, thousands of ecstatic Mexicans donning masks of the mus-

tached leader and waving the country’s red-white-andgreen flag rushed to celebrate beneath the gilded angel of Mexico City’s Independence monument. A coffin decorated with the PRI logo was passed among the crowd. Many equated the PAN’s victory to the fall of the Berlin Wall. But the euphoria quickly wore off. Fox “marketed democracy to the Mexican people and sold it as a panacea for all of their individual, personal concerns,” said David A. Shirk, director of the University of San Diego Trans-Border Institute and author of a book about the PAN. “The expectations that people had were the expectations that Fox set for himself, and they were frankly unrealistic.” Once president, Fox made accountability for the PRI’s past crimes and the fight against corruption the centerpieces of his administration but achieved little in both efforts. In one of the most high profile cases of government corruption gone unpunished by the Fox administration, a

AP Photo

In this Dec. 1, 2000, file photo, Mexican President-elect Vicente Fox, left, takes the oath of office as outgoing Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo listens during the inauguration ceremony at the National Congress in Mexico City.

former union leader of the state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos company, known as Pemex, was accused of diverting as much as $170 million in state oil funds to the 2000 presidential campaign of the PRI candidate, Francisco Labastida. The party was fined about $90 million dollars but no one was criminally prosecuted in the case dubbed “Pemexgate.” The former rancher and governor of the central state of Guanajuato also had little success prosecuting former PRI officials accused of oppressing dissent, or strengthening the nation’s law enforcement. Faced with growing drug trafficking violence, Fox created the Federal Agency of Investigation, or AFI, shortly after taking office to replace the notoriously corrupt and inept Federal Judicial Police. The AFI was disbanded in 2009 after one-fifth of its agents were suspected of cooperating with drug cartels. Once seen as the hope for change, Fox is now often remembered for his quips and blunders, including his declaration that he would revive the countryside and solve a guerrilla rebellion “in 15 minutes.” Experts say PAN administrations have been unsuccessful because Fox and Calderon have faced stiff opposition in Congress, where many of their proposed reforms were diluted or killed. Others blame corruption for the party’s woes. “The problem with the PAN is that it got into power and it started desperately stealing, and they stuffed themselves as if they were dying of hunger,” said Manuel Clouthier Carrillo, a former PAN congressman whose father, Manuel Clouthier del Rincon, was among the party’s founders. Many PAN members are enraged that the PAN mayor

of Monterrey, Fernando Larrazabal, wasn’t kicked out of the party after a video showed his brother receiving wads of cash inside a Monterrey casino, whose owner claimed he was being extorted. He is currently running for a seat in the lower house of Congress. “Instead of the PAN cleaning up the system, the system corrupted the PAN,” said Clouthier, who wants to run for the presidency as an independent. “It’s incredible that after two terms of a PAN federal government, there hasn’t been a single crusade against corruption.” Mexicans disappointed with the PAN now seem ready to return the PRI to the presidency despite its reputation as a corrupt party that retained power through fraud, political clientelism and by crushing dissent. The conservative party is gambling that this country known for machismo is ready to be led by a woman and it picked Josefina Vazquez Mota, a 51-year-old economist and devout Roman Catholic as its presidential candidate. Vazquez Mota, a mother of

three, has presented a warm, affable image while pledging to improve public education and to make Mexico safer by continuing Calderon’s plan to clean up police departments. She has declared her oneword campaign slogan to be “Diferente,” or “Different,” in an apparent effort to distance herself from Calderon, whose approval rating has been dropping. In launching her campaign last week, Vazquez Mota said she would look to build consensus among parties when governing unlike Calderon, whose Cabinet is comprised of PAN allies. But the former education minister and congresswoman faces an uphill battle against former Mexico State governor and PRI candidate Enrique Pena Nieto, who leads in recent polls. Vazquez Mota’s first precampaign and campaign events were marked by poor planning, small crowds, or disruptive hecklers. And on Monday, she suffered a dizzy spell during a speech to anti-crime activists and had to interrupt her speech, sit down and continue speaking while seated.

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A4 Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Clean up the racing industry but don’t kill it

Some people were shocked by the revelation that five New Mexico race tracks had the worst safety records in the nation. According to the New York Times, trainers here “illegally pump sore horses full of painkillers to mask injury” and race them; if they’re caught the penalties are minimal. In the past three years, some 3,600 horses died at state-regulated tracks nationwide. In just 13 days in 2010, nine horses died racing at Sunland Park, five were hauled away, and two jockeys were hospitalized, one in critical condition. The March 24 story features a photo of a dead racehorse at a Ruidoso dump, its broken front leg visible, and a video interview with Jacky Martin, a New Mexico jockey paralyzed after his horse went down. One person who wasn’t shocked was Sen. Linda Lopez, D-Albuquerque, who chairs the Senate Rules Committee. Lopez had her




moments of shock months earlier, and began investigating. When members of the state Racing Commission came before the committee in February for confirmation, Lopez was ready. Questioning commission chairman Robert Doughty III about drugs and additives given to horses, she said New Mexico’s enforcement is so lax that it draws the worst in the racing industry. Said Doughty: “My personal opinion is we’ve been very tough. This commission as a whole has been tough on people trying to pull shenanigans. I believe this commission has taken a strong

stance.” Lopez continued: “Is testing being done so there are checks and balances? It’s very serious. We’re talking about drugs and injections shortly before a race. Who’s watching?” Commissioners offered assurances but didn’t really answer Lopez’s questions. Sen. George Muñoz, D-Gallup, asked if they test only the winning horses. Commissioner Ray Willis, of Roswell, said that because of funding cuts in 2010, only the first-place horse is tested in each race. There’s no funding to test second-and-third place winners, much less random testing. Both the Times and the Albuquerque Journal blame gaming for raising the purse so much that trainers and owners take chances and push their animals. The Rules Committee hearing revealed another problem. The quality of races has declined, both in horses and the

Roswell Daily Record

number of entrants. It’s possible that this too has contributed to a tolerance of drugged horses in lower tier races. An Albuquerque lawyer who represents accused violators told the Times that “our commission right now is not equipped to deal with it.” He wants to see federal regulation, and Sen. Tom Udall has introduced a bill to that effect. Meanwhile, the Racing Commission is trying to live up to its charge. Minutes of meetings, posted online, indicate actions to tighten the screws. In January, the commission prohibited possession of stimulants, narcotics or depressants along with needles to inject the substances. If any trainer is found in violation, all of his or her horses will be tested at the owner’s expense. In February New Mexico became the first state to ban clenbuterol, a drug intended to improve respiration but abused because it can build muscle. And during the

March 22 meeting, foreign substances and penalties were on the agenda. The New Mexico Horse Breeders Association says the industry adds $400 million to the state’s economy and provides 10,000 jobs. Breeders, who live all over the state, are among the nation’s top five in quarter horse starters. Federal regulation isn’t necessarily the answer. We want to clean up the industry, not kill it. That said, we need to see some self-regulation in the industry — a declaration that they won’t tolerate doping, that they will uphold safety for jockeys and horses. Commissioners are the governor’s appointees, so she can hold their feet to the fire. But regulation won’t work without testing and enforcement, and the budget-cutting governor will have to spend some money. As Sen. Lopez says, it comes down to who’s watching. © New Mexico News Services 2012

Stopping Obamacare

Arguments have concluded at the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s signature legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which we refer to as Obamacare. Now the anxious waiting for a ruling expected in June. We were encouraged by the three days of hearings, particularly by some justices’ sharp, skeptical questioning of lawyers supporting and attacking the law. The court will decide whether Congress has the power under the Constitution’s interstate commerce clause to require private individuals to purchase governmentapproved private health insurance or pay a penalty. The court also is asked to rule on whether Congress can dictate to states a vast, expensive expansion of the federal Medicaid health care program — called Medi-Cal in California — originally intended for the poor. Four liberal justices, appointed by Democratic presidents, are expected to uphold the law. At least three conservative justices, appointed by Republicans, appeared ready to find at least some of the law unconstitutional. There is some question whether Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., appointed by President George W. Bush, will side with the conservatives, although his questions during the hearings seem to indicate that is likely. Ultimately, upholding or striking down some or all of Obamacare likely rests with the generally moderate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, appointed in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan and described by the Washington Post as “the justice most likely to side with the court’s liberals.” It is no exaggeration to say the ruling promises to be a pivotal point in U.S. history. Will government be given a green light to expand even further liberty-killing intrusions into private lives? Or will the court at least slow the trend that has seen freedom increasingly suffer for decades? Will government be strictly limited, or limited only by the good graces of the governing class? For those, including this paper’s Editorial Board, who believe Obamacare is an unconstitutional expansion of government power, Justice Kennedy gave reason to hope the worst part of the law will be struck down. “Can you create commerce in order to regulate it?” Mr. Kennedy asked government lawyers. He suggested the 2010 law involves a power “beyond what our cases allow” in regulating interstate commerce. Moreover, Justice Kennedy said the individual mandate would fundamentally “change the relationship” between government and citizens. Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia was more blunt: “Government is supposed to be a government of limited powers. What is left if the government can do this? What can it not do?” We agree with the assessment of Timothy Sandefur, attorney for Pacific Legal Foundation, which submitted an amicus curiae brief in the case: “A majority of the justices seem to understand that the individual mandate represents a fundamental change in our constitutional government and an abandonment of our basic principles of limited federal power.” We take an even more absolute stance. The Constitution has morphed into something the founders would have difficulty recognizing. It is our position the federal government has no authority to impose mandates, regulations, taxes or other burdens on the citizenry simply to improve someone’s life. While government can be the glue holding together a lawful nation, it is not — and should not be — a substitute for personal responsibility. When we look to government to make health care accessible, for example, we ask government to do something it is not intended, or well-suited, to do. The founders intended the federal government to protect people from infringements on their God-given rights. As desirable as it may be to make health care universal and accessible, it is something for which government is not well-equipped, and neither should it try. Government’s role for decades has shifted from protector of rights to provider of benefits. Obamacare is where that statist drift has taken the nation. The health care law imposes literally hundreds of ambiguously worded new requirements, mandates and costs, the fine points of which will be determined by unelected bureaucrats, at the behest of administration political appointees. As rules are drafted, there will be no end of infringements on individuals’ legitimate rights. A prime example is the new requirement that religious institutions’ insurance must cover abortion-inducing drugs, even when to do so violates an institution’s beliefs. We hope the high court reverses this ominous trend to more expansive government and its resultant infringement on true constitutional rights. We optimistically await Justice Kennedy’s swing vote. Guest Editorial The Orange County Register

Banner year for Hillary and Michelle? It isn’t often that you get a chance to see Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton together, without their husbands. But at a recent event at the State Department in Washington, D.C., a radiant Hillary Clinton stood next to a beaming Michelle Obama. At the annual Women of Courage Awards, they stood on stage together and gave 10 extraordinary women awards and hugs. Among them was the first woman to sue the Saudi Arabian government demanding the right to vote, a woman from Bur ma who served an 11-year sentence for empowering women’s suf-


DEAR DOCTOR K: I’ve always loved shellfish. But lately when I eat it, I break out in hives. Could I be allergic? DEAR READER: You sure could be. Such an allergy could cause more symptoms than just a rash, including low blood pressure and difficulty breathing, so you need to find out if you are allergic to shellfish. See an allergist, a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating allergies. Before your appointment, put together a description of your symptoms and the situa-



frage, and a Colombian journalist who survived a kidnapping and gang rape and has become a human-rights activist. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were honoring these women because of their courage to speak truth to power. But I bet there were


tions that triggered them. For example, are there foods other than shellfish you might be allergic to? Are there any other things that cause a rash — medicines, skin creams or deodorants, exposure to particular animals or plants? Jot down what you think are the likely allergens. Once you and your allergist agree on a list of

a few women in the audience who were holding their tongues and wishing they had brought a banner that said about the former 2008 presidential candidate: “HILLARY, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU!” Many of the women I spoke to talked about how Hillary might have made a better president than Barack Obama. She had experience working with tough Republicans — she wasn’t afraid to take them on or play the game of finding “common ground.” She is a hawk, but she would have delivered on immigration refor m and a

suspects, it’s time for allergy testing. Testing usually begins with a skin prick test. This is safe, easy and inexpensive, and the results are apparent within minutes. For this test, your doctor will puncture the skin on your forearm. He or she will then put a small amount of the allergen being tested onto the puncture site. If an allergic reaction is triggered, you’ll have an itchy, swollen, red spot on your forearm within 15 minutes. Several types of blood See DR. K, Page A5

stronger recovery for the middle class and working moms, these women told me. And then they said: “But I hear Hillary is retiring, so it’s over. Is she really going to walk away? She has done so much as secretary of state.” And she has. Hillary is seen as an effective champion who has made things happen. Just look at the number of dollars she has directed to programs for women and girls around the world. I also imagine that some of these women would have liked to unfurl another ban-



April 3, 1987 • Shay Wagner has been selected by the Goddard High School chapter of Future Farmers of America as the Student of the Month for March 1987. Wagner, 16, a sophomore, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wagner of Roswell. He is chapter treasurer and plans to judge crops, land, meats and farm management. He also works a four-acre vegetable garden with James Jones, a Goddard FFA member, and is in partnership in a 545acre chemical application to cotton. He also owns one dairy heifer and two sheep. In Agriculture-I, he serves as Greenhand sentinel and was on the Greenhand parliamentary procedure team and also judged crops. He served as the Ag-II treasurer, was on the parliamentary procedure team and judged lands and crops.



Easter marked during events at Roswell Public Library Roswell Daily Record

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The Christian observation of Easter will be celebrated this Sunday and the Roswell Public Library and the library’s book drop will be closed on Easter Sunday. Curiously, the modern word Easter is not found in the Bible, but is believed to come from Eostre monath or Eastremonath, the Anglo-Saxon word for the month of April. Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of both the 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize states “Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.” Curiosity, an inquisitive eager desire to know about things, is common to human beings at all ages from infancy through adulthood. All ages of curious people are invited to use the library’s resources to search for answers to their questions. In addition to making a personal visit, contact may be made by phone at 575622-7101, by e-mail at (using “Question” in the subject line) or by text. To start, text AskRPL and send to 66746. Message and data rates may apply. The online catalog of holdings may be accessed both at the library and through offsite computers at Reference librarians are available to assist patrons.

Book Talk

History buffs will reconnoiter hundreds of historical titles available at the library. Nancy Schummer, Young Adult and Audio Visual librarian, has selected the


following fiction titles along with non-fiction books and DVDs as a sampling of materials. For Americans, April included the “shot heard around the world” beginning the American Revolution. In 1775, the Second Continental Congress’ resolution founded The Marine Corps to serve as an infantry unit aboard naval vessels. Due to the availability of Marine forces, the U.S. Marine Corps has served in nearly every conflict in U. S. history. Marine Gen. Victor “Brute” Krulak offers an insiders’ chronicle of U.S. Marines in “First to Fight: An Inside View of the U.S. Marine.” He examines the foundation on which the Corps is built and its esprit de corps while maintaining an outstanding reputation. As a participant during World War II, Korea and Vietnam, he adds a journalistic view of the Corps. The Korean War was also known as “the forgotten war.” Half a century after Marine Lt. James Brady fought there, he returns to the brooding Korean ridgelines and mountains in “The Scariest Place in the World: A Marine Returns to North Korea.” The DVD of “Unforgettable: the Korean War” is a visual account of veterans as they recount their memories as young men from all over. Jess Goodell’s “Shade it Black: Death and After in Iraq” reveals her service in the Marine Corps’ Mortuary Affairs unit in Iraq. Her

Continued from Page A4

ner that said: “MICHELLE! PLEASE RUN SOMETIME SOON!” In a recent New York Times profile, the first lady comes off as tied to core human values and less politically defined ones. The reporting alluded to her believing that the president should speak more from his heart and listen less to his advisers — just the kind of politician women voters seem to like. At the Women of

Dr. K

Continued from Page A4

test are sometimes used as alternatives to a skin prick test, although they aren’t as reliable. One test measures levels of specific antibodies to the suspected food. A certain amount of antibodies indicates an allergy. But interpreting a positive blood or skin test is not as straightforward as you might think. Even a positive test doesn’t prove that you will have a reaction if you consume the food. A more reliable test is a food challenge. You eat small amounts of a suspected food until you begin to have an allergic reaction. If you can eat a normal serving without

consequences, the doctor can rule out an allergy to that food. Food challenges should always be done by experienced clinicians in medical facilities that can treat life-threatening allergic reactions. We have more information on food allergies in our Special Health Report, “Food Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity.” You can find out more about it at my website. Until you get tested for a shellfish allergy, avoid eating shellfish — no matter how tempting it may be. (Dr. Komaroff is a physician and professor at Harvard Medical School. Go to his website to send questions and get additional information:


platoon was tasked with recovering and processing the remains of fallen soldiers. Responsible for diagramming the outlines of the fallen, if a part was missing she was instructed to “shade it black.” The American Civil War began and ended in April, with battles fought across five Aprils. Since fiction can provide an “I was there” view and Schummer has selected fiction works for young people. Irene Hunt’s “Across Five Aprils” begins in April 1861 on the Creighton farm in Illinois and it ends on the same farm in April 1865. Hunt’s grandfather shared his stories which she incorporated into this novel. In Lisa Klein’s “Two Girls of Gettysburg” two cousins have plans to attend the Ladies’ Seminary in the fall. When the Civil War breaks out, Lizzie is committed to the cause of the Union, while Rosie is swept up in the passions of the old South. Torn in their different alliances, each girl grapples with the brutality of war and the elusive promise of love until the battle at Gettysburg brings them together once again. Adele Grif fin’s “Picture the Dead” is a combination of historical fiction, ghost story and scrapbook. Jennie’s twin brother, Toby, and her fiancé, Will, have been killed in the Civil War, the latter under mysterious circumstances. Jennie forms an alliance with a spirit photographer, who claims to be able to capture images from

the spirit world. She used this relationship to explore the signs and warnings she believes Will is sending her. With her sanity on edge and her life in the balance, can she expose the chilling truth before someone or something stops her? The inclusion of family portraits, invitations, newspaper clippings and letters make the reading experience rich with texture. For a visual overview of the war, read William J. Miller’s “The Illustrated History of the Civil War: Images of an American T ragedy” or watch the DVD “Horses of Gettysburg” which captures the relationship between soldiers and their horses. The Civil War came to New Mexico 150 years ago when Confederate troops invaded the state, engaging in two major battles. The Battle of Valverde in Socorro County was fought Feb. 20-21. On March 26-28, the Battle of Glorieta Pass, known as the “Gettysburg of the West” was a running battle along canyon and ridge culminating in the retreat back to Texas of the invading Confederate forces.

What’s Happening?

Easter in stories and crafts will be celebrated during all three story times this week. Following each story time, kids who attended the story portion of the program will enjoy creating related crafts using their imagination and precut materials. The stories may vary between programs and the quantities of some craft items may be limited. All materials are provided during these free presentations. The programs begin at 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday and at 2 p.m. on Saturday. The books could feature “The Easter Bas-

Courage event, Michelle towered over many of the women but held them gently and gave off that rare quality of someone who has a huge but humble presence. Michelle’s future is a far-away kind of question. She has always said that she has no interest in politics, but what if women plead with her to reconsider sometime in the future? It’s still unlikely. Perhaps she will remain that unattainable image of the perfect candidate who never runs. For now, though, the issue of Hillary and her future seems to be back on the table. Since Hillary was not


The Daily Record welcomes and attempts to publish all letters to the editor that meet guidelines. To be published, letters must include the writer’s first and last name, address and telephone number. Addresses and telephone numbers will not be published unless the letter asks for a response. Addresses and telephone numbers are used for

ket,” “Easter Bugs,” “Queen of Easter” or “The Story of the Easter Bunny.” The crafts may include creating an Easter headband hat, constructing a bunny shaped box, assembling a movable Easter bunny or decorating paper Easter eggs of various sizes.

Books Again

Books Again, 404 W. Second St., is a used book store operated by Friends of the Library. During April’s special sale, all religion books and all arts and crafts books will cost $1 each. Of course, the other titles only cost approximately one-fourth of the original cost. Books Again is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Parking is located behind the store. All proceeds are used to benefit the library.

Did You Know?

Taos is by custom one of the few places to fly the United States flag both day and night. A librarian from the Taos Public Library verified that a flag still flies 24 hours a day. In 1861, southern sympathizers repeatedly tore down the Union flag flying over the Plaza. Captain Simpson with the help of Kit Carson, St. Vrain and others, nailed the flag to a tall cottonwood pole and raised it over the Plaza, with the threat that anyone who molested the flag would be shot. The group then went to a nearby store and took turns, day and night, standing guard over the flag. Since the flag was nailed to the cottonwood, it could not be lowered at dark. When military officials in Santa Fe learned of the incident, they permitted Taos to fly the flag 24

named the president of the World Bank, maybe her name is back in the running for the vice-presidential slot. And maybe some women at the Women of Courage Awards were thinking about another banner: “HILLARY! GO FOR THE VEEP SLOT! DO IT NOW! DON’T THINK TWICE!” Maria Hinojosa is an award-winning broadcast journalist. She hosts the Emmy Award-winning “Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One” on PBS, and is the anchor and managing editor of her own NPR show, “Latino USA.” Contact her at © 2012 by Maria Hinojosa

verification or to contact the letter writer for more information. All letters except those sent by e-mail must be signed. Letters which are libelous, written in poor taste, promote or attack individual businesses or concern active civil court cases will not be published. Letters must either be typed or written or printed legibly.

Because of limited space, letters should not exceed 600 words. Because of the large volume of letters received, those unpublished may not be acknowledged or returned and a maximum of two letters a month will be printed by any individual writer. The Daily Record reserves the right to reject any letter.

Loubna T. Scally, M.D. Radiation Oncologist

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A6 Tuesday, April 3, 2012


US, Mexican leaders trade warnings on gun violence

WASHINGTON (AP) — The explosion of drug-fueled violence along Mexico’s border with the United States could harm relations between the two nations, President Barack Obama said Monday; Mexico’s leader retorted that much of the problem of drugs and guns begins on the U.S. side of the line. In the thick of political contests in both the United States and Mexico, Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon traded unusually direct claims about the cause and effect of the drug violence that has consumed a swath of northeastern Mexico. They were cordial and complimentary to one another, but did not hide the degree of worry on both sides about a six-year spasm of violence that had killed more than 47,000 people. “It can have a deteriorating effect overall on the nature of our relationship,” Obama said. “And that’s something that we have to pay attention to.” Calderon made a government crackdown on warring drug cartels the hallmark of his six-year term, which expires later this year. His center-right party has seen its election chances fall in the face of a wide perception in Mexico that the crackdown has not worked. The Mexican presidential election that formally began last week will culminate with elections July 1. Beyond the terrible human cost, the battling drug cartels in Mexico and in Central America cause economic problems and political and security concerns for the United States, Obama said.

“If they’re undermining institutions in these countries, that will impact our capacity to do business in these countries,” Obama said following meetings with Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The three leaders launched a new bid to pare back regulation and boost North American trade. After a one-day summit, Obama said the United States has trimmed outdated and burdensome rules in talks with both its neighbors, but all three countries will now go beyond that. “Our three nations are going to sit down together, go through the books and simplify and eliminate more regulations that will make our joint economies stronger,” he said. Obama noted trade among the three neighbors now tops $1 trillion a year, and he wants to see that number rise. “This is going to help create jobs,” he said. The summit ranged broadly across issues of energy and climate change, immigration and the war on drugs. Obama warned of a possible “spillover effect” on American tourism and American expatriates living in Mexico and bordering nations that have also had problems with drug cartels. Sounding testy, Calderon remarked that no American “spring-breakers” were harmed in Mexico this year. The flow of guns, especially assault weapons, from the United States to Mexico sabotage the work of his government in fighting the drug gangs, and the U.S. government has not done enough

Josephine Fortune

uled for 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, at St. Peter’s Catholic Church for Goldie Elizabeth Schmid, who passed away on Saturday, March 31, 2012. Father Charlie Martinez will be of ficiating with burial to follow at South Park Cemetery. Goldie will lie in state at the Ballard Funeral Home from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Goldie was born on April 29, 1927, in Roswell to Frank Robert Lively and Velma Medora Addington. Her parents preceded her in death. Also preceding her is one brother, Tommy Lively. Goldie’s survivors include her husband Herbert Schmid, of the home, to whom she was married for 67 years. She is also survived by three sons, John M. Schmid, of Roswell, Don R. Schmid, of Albuquerque, and Gary M. Schmid, of Colorado Springs, Colo.; five daughters, Wanda A. Silver, of Albuquerque, Connie J. Sims, of Farmington, Utah, Alice M. Bratcher, of Coolidge, Ariz., Joan E. Schmid-Norton, of Landolakes, Fla., and E. Sue Heaton, of Roswell. She is also survived by numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Goldie was a member of the Extension Club many years ago.


Arrangements are pending for Josephine Fortune, 88, of Roswell, at Anderson-Bethany Funeral Home and Crematory. She passed away on Sunday, April 1, 2012.

Rachel Faye Melvin

Services are pending at LaGrone Funeral Chapel for Rachel Faye Melvin, 82, of Roswell, who passed away on April 2, 2012. A complete announcement will be made at a later date. Friends may pay respects online at Arrangements are under the direction of LaGrone Funeral Chapel

Goldie Elizabeth Schmid

A funeral Mass is sched-

AP Photo

In this Aug. 10, 2009, file photo, President Barack Obama, right, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, center, and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper walk toward a stand for an official photo in Guadalajara, Mexico, for a North American summit. Obama is convening a summit with leaders from Mexico and Canada on Monday that aims to boost a fragile recovery and grapple with thorny energy issues against a backdrop of painfully high gas prices.

to stop it, Calderon said. “Despite the perception of my country, last year 23 million tourists came to our country by plane, plus another 7 million in cruise ships, plus another 50 million,” who came by land, Calderon said, during a rambling defense of his nation’s overall safety and stability. He credited Obama with making an effort to reduce the gun traffic, but said Obama faces “internal problems ... from a political point of view.” That is a reference to Republican opposition in Congress and wide opposition from Republicans and gun-rights advocates else-

where to a new assault weapons ban or other curbs on gun sales that feed the Mexican market. Calderon singled out the high number of gun shops along the U.S.-Mexico border, dangling the possibility that there is a deliberate attempt to profit from the Mexican market. The Obama administration claims that in the absence of an assault rifle ban that expired before Obama took office, it is working to tighten inspections of border checkpoints and require reporting of multiple sales of large weapons.

Pallbearers will be John Schmid, Don Schmid, Gary Schmid, Gerald Silver, James Silver, and Robert Brewer. The family requests that memorial contributions be made to the Alzheimer’s Association New Mexico Chapter, 404 1/2 N. Kentucky Ave. Roswell, New Mexico 88201. Arrangements have been entrusted to Ballard Funeral Home and Crematory. An online registry can be accessed at

Acevedo Archuleta. She is preceded in death by her mother Alice Acevedo; brother Steve Archuleta; and sister Mary Lou Sedillo.

Ernestine “Symbie” Archuleta

Er nestine “Symbie” Archuleta passed away on Friday, March 30, 2012, in Hobbs, NM. She was born in Roswell, NM, on July 27, 1963, to Orlando and Alice

Symbie was a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt and best friend to many people. She was outgoing, fun and a beautiful person with a great big heart. Symbie loved her children and grandchildren very much.

She is survived by her sons, Frankie Archuleta and wife Tabatha Hernandez, of Roswell, NM, Rudy “Johnny” Archuleta and wife Evelyn Herrera, of Albuquerque, NM; daughter, Stephanie “Baby Girl” Tzuni and husband Sancio Tzuni, of Albuquerque, NM; grandsons, Christian Melini and Dominic Hernandez; granddaughters, Jordan Archuleta and Heleen Archuleta; brother, Ernest Archuleta; sister, Corrine Archuleta. A rosary will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, April 3, 2012, at Ballard Chapel. A graveside service will be held on Wednesday, April 4, 2012, at 9 a.m. for the burial of “Symbie’s” ashes. Arrangements have been entrusted to Ballard Funeral Home & Crematory. An online registry can be accessed at ballardfuneral


Renee Swickard Agent/Owner

Medical - Dental - Vision - Group & Individual 400 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Ste 600


(Across from the Post Office)

20 years combined experience in Roswell

Swickard Agency Inc.

“We work for you, the client. We never forget we’re your agent.”

Nicole McWilliams-Agent

Roswell Daily Record

Obama acknowledged the U.S. role in creating the demand the Mexican drug market supplies. “The Mexican government has taken this very seriously, at great cost to itself,” Obama said during a Rose Garden news conference dominated by U.S. domestic political fare. “We have an obligation to take it just as seriously, in part because we are the ultimate destination for a large chunk of this market.” The Obama White house has ruled out any consideration of legalizing drugs such as cocaine or heroin, which would undercut the criminal

cartels. Notable by its absence from a post-summit news conference in the Rose Garden was the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada’s oil sands in Alberta to the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Obama shelved the plan pending further review — and has endured ferocious GOP attacks ever since, with Republicans calling the move a blow to job creation and U.S. energy needs. He maintains GOP leaders in Congress forced his hand by insisting on a decision before an acceptable pipeline route was found.

Ex-mayor of troubled border town traveled to DC LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — The ex-mayor of the troubled border town of Sunland Park charged taxpayers more than $4,600 for three road trips in his final months in office, including a visit to Washington, D.C., where he missed his appointment with New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce. The Albuquerque Journ a l ( ) reports that former Mayor Martin Resendiz said he got lost in the city and missed his Dec. 1 appointment with Pearce. “It (Washington) is a big place,” Resendiz said last week, adding that he felt “horrible” about standing up the congressman. “It was very much a learning experience.” Resendiz said he went

to Washington to drum up support for Sunland Park’s longstanding effort to open a new border crossing to Mexico. Though he was seeking to generate congressional support for the project, Resendiz said he did not schedule meetings with any other members of the state’s delegation. Of that visit, Resendiz initially told the Journal: “We met with the staff for Pearce.” A day later, Pearce’s spokeswoman said Resendiz had missed not only the scheduled appointment with Pearce, but a subsequent, unscheduled meeting with a staffer that was attended by Resendiz’s assistant, who had been fired the previous summer and had no official standing with the city of Sunland Park.

Final Week!!!...

“IF YOU’VE SETTLED AN AUTO ACCIDENT CLAIM IN THE PAST 6 YEARS YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO MORE $$$$.” New Mexico - the Supreme Court recently ruled that many insurance companies have been under-settling New Mexico automobile accident cases for years. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a vehicle crash in the last six years, you may be entitled to more money, even if you already settled your case. To find out if you qualify for more money, call Attorney John Howard at


FOR A FREE CONSULTATION Time limits apply, so please call NOW. Don’t miss out on money you could be entitled to. Hemphill & Grace, P.C. New Mexico licensed attorneys Practicing throughout New Mexico


Roswell Daily Record

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Allison's Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning can make spring cleaning easier

It is time for spring cleaning Now is the time to open up those windows and air out those rooms. It is also time to clean up all the dust mites, animal hair, dust, body dander and any other unseen critters that might have been lurking in your indoor environment over the winter. Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has been cleaning carpet and upholstery for over 25 years in Roswell. Harry Allison feels that people are looking for reasonable prices, good workmanship and trustworthiness. Now is the time to call Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning so they can schedule your spring carpet cleaning. With the economy the way it is, it really makes sense to take care of your carpets. A clean carpet will last a lot longer than a dirty one will and, with money tight, it only makes economical sense “to clean instead of replace.” Regular carpet maintenance will add to the longevity of your carpet investment. Harry was certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC) after receiving the Institute's excellent training. Harry also completed a course in "color correction" and can remove a variety of stains for you. Ask about it. Representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency have stated that "Every time carpets and fabrics are emptied of their soil and pollution buildup through professional cleaning methods, there is a health benefit." Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning recognize that you want your carpet to look better, smell clean and fresh, and to dry quickly. Their cleaning program will measure up to appearance improvement, health and

It’s spring! Now would be a great time to get your carpets and tile cleaned. Chelsie Allison (left) and Glenn Allison, of Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, stand with one of their two service trucks. Call Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning now, before their schedule book is full. Phone 625-2779 for more information or to schedule. Regular carpet maintenance adds to the life of the carpet and Allison’s Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offer special prices when you have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. freshness goals. Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can handle many carpet and upholstery problems. Allison's equipment employs the latest technology, both from a cleaning performance and safety perspective. Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offers experience, state-of-the-art equipment and free estimates. Reasons why people have their carpet cleaned: House cleaning; kids are out of school; Fido had an accident; Grandma's coming to visit; Bridge Club meeting is here; light blue color is looking brown; crying over spilled milk; wine and cheese party; Day Care kids; traffic lane patterns or the holidays - all are very good reasons why people have their carpets cleaned. Professional hot water extraction "steam" cleaning restores and renovates the appearance of your carpeting. It makes it look better and smell better. Yet, there is another extremely important reason you should have your carpets professionally cleaned

- your family's health. That's right, a cleaner carpet contributes to a healthier home environment. O.K., my carpet needs a complete cleaning. What do I do now? Let's face it. Good vacuuming habits and do-ityourself cleaning methods are very effective for most dry soil and dirt. But oily soil from cooking vapors, air pollution and grease tracked in from outside present different problems, and can cause fiber damage and significant dulling of colors. It's not that your color is lost - it's just under this dirty film buildup, and the pile has matted together. Overall cleaning of the carpet should be considered every 12 to 18 months, depending on: 1) the lifestyle in the household; 2) frequency of vacuuming; and 3) whether the carpet is a light or dark color. Overall cleaning should be often enough that the carpet is not allowed to become excessively soiled. Professional carpet cleaners will help keep your car-

pet fresher, brighter and newer looking longer. Any cleaning system is only as good as the person operating the equipment. After discussing the type cleaning you have chosen for your carpet with the cleaning company, you may wish to ask for name, phone number and date of his/her last three cleaning jobs for references concerning quality of work performed. Allison's Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning can handle many carpet and upholstery problems. If Harry is unable to handle a problem he has access to technical hot lines. Allison's equipment employs the latest technology, both from a cleaning performance and safety perspective. Tile and Grout Cleaning Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning now offers expert tile cleaning with their new Hydro-Force SX•12 tile and grout cleaner. Routine care and cleaning of tile and grout involves many decisions about what to use and how to use it. Another important element of tile and stone care

has to do with identifying the extent of cleaning needed. There's a significant difference between routine cleaning and something that goes beyond the average job. Routine cleaning has to do with removing everyday dirt. In addition to creating poor aesthetics, dirt particles can scratch the flooring surface. That's why routine tile and stone care starts with dusting or dry mopping regularly to remove dirt particles. For routine cleaning, it's important to not only know what to use, but what to avoid. To this day, some cleaning professionals mistakenly believe that it's OK to use products like vinegar, bleach, ammonia and general purpose cleaners or abrasive cleansers on tile and stone flooring. Those products should be avoided because they can erode stone, grout and some types of tile, and can strip sealers, leaving an unprotected surface susceptible to staining. Instead of using generalpurpose products for routine cleaning, it's important to use pH-neutral cleaners specifically formulated for tile or stone. Recommended for daily use, these products are chemically balanced to effectively remove a variety of material without damaging the tile or stone. Some are available as a wipe for easy cleaning of tile counter tops and other relatively small areas. Regular use of these cleaners prevents a buildup

of dirt, scum and other deposits that can compromise the floor's natural beauty. These products also require no rinsing. For routine cleaning of porous natural stone and grout joints, an ideal product is one that cleans and seals in the same application. This advanced technology removes dirt and adds a water- and oil-repellent sealer that protects the surface from staining and makes it easier to keep clean. The light sealer also helps extend the protection achieved when the tile or stone is originally sealed. Professional water damage service and restoration If you suffer water damage you should call Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning immediately - the quicker, the better. Shut off the water source and safeguard against safety hazards like slips, falls and electrical shock. Turn off the circuit breakers if necessary. Promote area airflow and move furniture off of the wet carpet while you wait for Allison's to arrive. They will take care of it from there. Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offers experience, state-of-the-art equipment and free estimates. Phone 625-2779 for more information. They hope to serve you now and in the future.

Other services that Allison's Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning provide are:

• Color Correction for stains caused by urine, food dye, coffee, etc.; • Certified emergency water-damage service and water damage restoration; • After cleaning, they can apply Dupont Teflon™ to protect your carpets and upholstery; • Carpet Repair; • Discounts for cleaning performed on a regular basis; • Pressure Washing, and Clean Oil Spots on driveways; • Tile and Grout Cleaning; • Grout Sealing; • Vehicle Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning; and • Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

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A8 Tuesday, April 3, 2012





Roswell Daily Record






Seattle 49/37 Portland 50/38


Billings 49/29

Minneapo 58/46

Salt Lake City 46/37

San Francisco 57/46

Sunny, breez y and warmer

Mainly clear




Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


Farmington 64/33



64 84


Albuquer que 69/42



54 40


54 60

54 380


Las Cruces





The Stars Show the T or CHave: Kind of Day You'll 75/44 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3Average; 2-So-so; 1-Diffi180 cult







Santa Fe 64/31


Gallup 62/30


Raton 64/28

Ruidoso 65/46 70



70 380





Winds gusting past 50 mph; mostly sunny

Mostly sunny and breezy

Sunny, breez y and pleasant






Roswell through 5 p.m. Friday Temperatures High .......................................................... 63° Low ............................................................ 41° Normal high .............................................. 74° Normal low ................................................ 40° Record high .................................. 90° in 1959 Record low .................................. 27° in 1988 Humidity at noon .................................... 11%

Precipitation 24 hours ending 5 p.m. Friday ................ 0.00" Month to date ........................................ 0.00" Normal month to date ............................ 0.02" Amarillo Year to date ............................................ 2.58" 74/44 Normal year to date .............................. 1.17"


High: 68° Low: 5°

Carlsbad Chama



Alamogordo 73/41


Clovis 72/41

Mostly sunny and breezy

Hobbs 78/46

Los Angeles 68/52 Phoenix 82/59

La Paz 88/52

Chihuahua 80/40

Chilpan 86/66

15 12 9 6 3 0

Shown are noon positions of weather systems and for the day. Forecast high/lo w temperatures are g 8 a.m. 10 a.m.


2 p.m.

4 p.m.

0-2, Low; 3-5, Moderate; 6-7, High; 8-10, Very High; 11+, Extreme

The higher the AccuWeather UV IndexTM number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection.


Yesterday ...................................... Ozone, 43 Today .................................................... Good

0-50, Good; 51-100, Moderate; 101-150, Unhealthy for sensitive groups; 151-200, Unhealthy; 201-300, Very Unhealthy; 301-500, Hazardous Source: Environmental Protection Agency


Showers Rain T-storms Snow Flurries







Alamogordo Albuquerque Angel Fire Carlsbad Chama Clayton Cloudcroft Clovis Farmington Gallup

Today Hi Lo W 73 69 55 78 55 70 62 72 64 62

41 42 25 45 23 37 32 41 33 30

s s s s s s s s s s


$200 - $2,000


Sunday Hi Lo W

82 72 60 84 61 77 65 80 67 66


s s s s s s s s pc s


Helena 46 25 seem pc 49to29 20) #### Others Honolulu 81 71 pc 81 69 need you, whether Houston 83 58 pc it81is66 Indianapolis 66 moral 46 t sup74 54 your feedback, Kansas 66 an 45 offer s 72to60 portCity or simply Las Vegas 76 54 s 76 55 Lospitch Angelesin. When 68 52you pc feel 66 52 Lubbock s 85 56 overwhelmed 77 by 49 everything Miami 68 s 81 68 accomplish, you need to 80 Midland 78 55 s 86 63 say "no." A 58 loved one59or40 Minneapolis 46 pc New Orleansfriend82could 62 pcbe 80 special vit-61 New York 70 53 s 72 56

pc pc pc pc s pc pc s s s pc pc pc


9 a.m. today .............................................. 48 (48 contiguous states) Noon today ................................................ 68 Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, cHigh: 93° Martinsville, Va. 3 p.m. today .............................................. 78 r-rain, sf-snow flurries Low: -8° Lake Yellowstone, Wyo. 6 p.m. today .............................................. 74 very aware of the politics of could occur. Tonight: Chat Jan. 19) # # # # Think Lubbock The patented RealFeel ATIONAL Temperature® is an exclusive index of the At effects of point, this a decision. 77/49 much andITIES say little. You with a friend over a favorite temperature, wind, humidity, Today Today Sunday yousunshine decideintensity, which way to go might be making Sunday too big a meal. cloudiness, precipitation, pressure and elevation on Hi Lo W Hi Lo W or City PISCES (Feb. Hi Lo W Hi Lo W C -- the winning side. ACity part- deal about 21-March the human body. a situation



Amarillo ner chimes in with agree-


74 44 s 83 49 back s conversation. Pull

75 54 pc 80 59 s AND M OON ment. Do not reactAtlanta to a sees what Baltimore some and 78 52 77 evolves. 49 pc

riolic. Tonight: Go with someone else's suggestion.

BORN TODAY Comedian Eddie Murphy (1961), astronaut Virgil Gus Grissom (1926), actor Alec Baldwin (1958)

La. feeds homegrown ‘American Idol’ contestant

“We want to make you a loan”


46 44 31 49 28 42 28 45 37 35

Call to set up your personal tour today! Over 20,000 square feet of Academic Excellence





Announcing “Visiting Valley Day” on April 10th.

a great boost for Louisiana.” Dardenne said the next dish on Ledet’s “Feed the Dream” menu would be tamales from Zwolle, a town near the Texas border that is home to the annual Zwolle Tamale Fiesta. On Monday morning, cooks at Lakefront Grocery in Zwolle were preparing to send several dozen tamales to Ledet. Ledet, a 19-year-old student who grew up singing in his family’s church, survived Thursday’s elimination round and is one of eight remaining contestants in the singing competition. Heejun Han, a 22year-old nonprofit organizer from New York, was voted off the show. Ledet got mixed reviews from the judges two weeks ago with his soulful rendition of Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way” but came back strong last week with his

Monterre 83/65

Guadalajara 88/45 Mexico City 79/48

Valley Christian Academy

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — “American Idol” contestant Joshua Ledet is getting a special delivery in Hollywood courtesy of his home state of Louisiana — tamales from Zwolle, a town rich in Spanish and Indian heritage. Ever since Ledet, a native of Westlake, La., mentioned on the Fox reality TV show several weeks ago that one of the things he missed most while competing in Los Angeles was Louisiana food, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne has been overseeing shipments of Louisiana eats in what he calls a “Feed the Dream” effort. Dardenne and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board sent about 60 pounds of boiled crawfish to Hollywood a few weeks ago. The crawfish were followed by a shipment of boudin — a Cajun sausage — and then by jambalaya. The crawfish were a hit on the show. The spicy boiled critters were carted out on stage, and the cameras rolled as Ledet showed host R yan Seacrest and others how to peel the crawfish. “We had no idea how much of a spotlight would be placed on the crawfish,” Dardenne said. “It was very exciting, and everybody was talking about it. It was

Da 77

El Paso 76/48 Hermosillo 91/61


Today Tomorrow pushy friend. Let it be. Stay as49neutral ARIES (March75/44 21-April 10 Billings 29 sh as 53possible; 32 pc Sunrise ................. 6:43 a.m. .......... 6:42 a.m. Boston 72 53 easily s 74could 51 pc be A force to be dealt Tonight: 19) # # # # Curb your your words Sunset .................. 7:20 p.m. .......... 7:20 p.m. Midland El Paso Chicago 62 44 sh 67 53 pc with. desire to prove yourself Moonrise ..................... none ........ 12:40 a.m. 78/55 76/48 Cleveland misinterpreted. 72 43 t 68Confirm 51 pc Moonset ............... 9:42 SAGITTARIUS a.m. ........ 10:35 a.m.(Nov. 22- what 77you through finances and conDallas 57 are s 82 66 pc hearing. YOUR HOROSCOPE Full You Denver Last New Dec.First 60 31 pc 66 34 pc 21) #### might Tonight: crete results. Once in a Indulge a little. will stay with you for a little sions. Ask questions and try to understand Des Moines 64 47 c 68 51 pc what while, with certain interperMeet a friend after work. Detroit 74 42 t 70 52 pc while. Keep your eye on a investigate everything you someone is really saying, or sonal relationships, this very important El Paso 76 48 s (Jan. 83 55 AQUARIUS project. If need to. Tonight: Balance the reasoning behind Fairbanks 16 pc 44 17 pc his or Feb. 3818) Apr 14 Apr 21 Apr 28 aspirationForecasts can onlyand help. In provided # # # # Deal graphics by really AccuWeather, Inc. ©2010your checkbook.Apr 6 is heartfelt, this idea her statements. Think posithe outside world, it could follow through. Prioritize, VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. tively, yet be aware of a directly with someone start a competitiveness that and you will not go wrong. 22) ##### You become regarding an issue that might become very uncom- Be careful with a fiery fami- revitalized. A boss or par- tendency to fall for decep- involves you. You could see fortable for everyone ly member or roommate. ent will notice your vibran- tion at this time in your many issues arise that you life. Tonight: Stay involved. Rethink your Tonight: At home. thought were settled. Use cy. When asked if you want detached. approach. Tonight: Reveal CANCER (June 21-July to join a common cause or CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- caution if money is your fiery side. involved. Mistakes easily 22) #### Express your- project, don't hesitate, but TAURUS (April 20-May self clearly. You might discuss where you might be 20) ### You might have notice that someone can be reticent. Those you must difficulty understanding hurtful. It is more likely respect or impress like some of the basics sur- that you are oversensitive what they see. Tonight: As rounding an important to this type of behavior. you like. issue. If you detach, you Keep communication flowLIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. will grasp the implications ing. Return calls, and do 22) ### You wake up with of a potential decision. not isolate yourself. a strong game plan, only to Make a judgment from a Tonight: Be a little more see it quickly dissolve. This solid base. You still might skeptical when meeting encourages you to demonopt to head in that direc- someone new. strate flexibility and contion, but with more knowlLEO (July 23-Aug. 22) sideration for others. The edge. Tonight: Brainstorm ### A friend is a source of choices you make now will with a friend over good news. Do not allow reflect who you are, more munchies. yourself to take a risk, even so than with most other sitGEMINI (May 21-June if this person believes it is a uations. Tonight: Take 20) ### Venus moves into sure bet. Confusion sur- some much-needed downyour sign and graces you rounds finances and joint time. with gentleness and a new- partnerships. Slow down, SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. found glow. These traits and you'll make better deci- 21) ##### You have been 285

Denver Den 60/31 60/3

version of Mariah Carey’s “Without You.” “I love you. I love your voice,” judge Randy Jackson, also a Louisiana native, told Ledet after his performance Wednesday night. Each week contestants per for m live on Wednesday, and then viewers vote for their favorites online or by phone for up to two hours after the show. The results are revealed during an elimination show that airs on Thursday night.

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LOCAL SCHEDULE TUESDAY APRIL 3 H.S. BASEBALL 3 p.m. • Clovis at Goddard (DH) 4 p.m. • NMMI at Texico (DH) • Tularosa at Dexter (DH) 4:30 p.m. • Roswell at Lovington (DH) H.S. GOLF Spring Invitational 5:30 p.m. • Goddard NMMI and Roswell, at Spring River Golf Course H.S. SOFTBALL 4 p.m. • Dexter at Jal 4:30 p.m. • NMMI at Texico (DH) H.S. TENNIS 3:30 p.m. • Goddard at NMMI




Kentucky claims first title since ’98 Section

Roswell Daily Record

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — No matter where Anthony Davis and his buddies go to make their millions, their ol’ Kentucky home will long remember this championship season. The Wildcats hit the jackpot with their lottery picks Monday night, ignoring Davis’ bad shooting night and parlaying a roster full of NBA talent into a 67-59 victory over Kansas for the team’s eighth national title — and its first since 1998. The one-and-doners did it in a wire-to-wire victory — a little dicey at the end — to cap a season in which anything less than bringing a title back to the Bluegrass State would have been a downer. They led coach John Calipari to his


first title in four trips to the Final Four with three different schools. Doron Lamb, a sophomore with first-rounddraft-pick possibilities, led the Wildcats (38-2) with 22 points, including back-toback 3-pointers that put them up by 16 with 10 minutes left. The Jayhawks (32-7), kings of the comeback all season, fought to the finish and trimmed that deficit to five with 1:37 left. But Kentucky made five free throws down the stretch to seal the win. Davis’ fellow lottery prospect, Michael KiddGilchrist, was another headliner, creating space for himself to score all 11 of his points in the first half.


AP Photos

The Roswell Men’s Amateur Baseball League team, the Roswell Sundowners, will hold a team meeting at McDonald’s (700 N. Main St.) on April 14. The registration fee to join the team is $140 and includes a new game jersey and hat. The first practice will be held on April 15 at 2 p.m. at the Stiles Park baseball field. For more information, call 623-8658.

Kentucky players celebrate at the end of their win over Kansas in the NCAA championship game, Monday.

The Roswell Tennis Association will hold its monthly board meeting on April 5 at 11:30 a.m. at Peppers. All RTA members and others interested in local tennis activities are invited to attend. For more information, call 626-0138.


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RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. (AP) — For 17 holes and four more strokes, I.K. Kim did everything necessary to win a major. She meticulously hit all 18 greens and patiently played 17 straight bogey-free holes, finally nosing out of the pack during the frantic final round at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. She stepped onto the 18th green two shots from the all-but-certain title. Her first putt went within 1 foot, and she calmly lined up the winner. That's when Kim joined Scott Hoch and Doug Sanders in golf infamy, and that's when Sun Young Yoo seized an improbable second chance. After Kim inexplicably missed a 1-foot tap-in on the final hole of regulation, Yoo won the LPGA Tour's first major of the season with an 18-foot birdie putt on the first playoff hole Sunday, earning her first major title. "I thought I had no chance," Yoo said. "I thought I.K. was going to make the putt, but it didn't happen." Kim lived every golfer's nightmare, and the 23year-old South Korean who lives near Los Angeles couldn't explain any of it. After barely missing a long birdie putt, she concentrated fully on her tap-in, and thought she hit it decently — but the ball toured the lip of the cup before coming out on the same side it entered. Kim raised her left hand to her mouth and turned her head away, unwilling to look at what had just happened at her feet. Fans at Mission Hills gasped, groaned and screamed in a chorus of shared pain. "I played straight, and it actually just broke to the right, even that short putt," Kim said. "So it was unfortunate on 18, but ... I feel good about my game. It's getting better." After tapping in for a bogey that dropped her into a tie with Yoo, Kim raised both hands to her ears as she left the green, elbows in front of her as she stared down blankly at the bridge while walking to the scorers' tent. The playoff ended four strokes later, with Yoo confidently seizing her second career LPGA Tour victory.

Davis, meanwhile, might have had the most dominating six-point night in the history of college basketball. He finished with 16 rebounds, six blocks, five assists and three steals — and made his only field goal with 5:13 left in the game. It was a surefire illustration of how the 6foot-10 freshman can exert his will on a game even on a rare night when the shot isn’t falling. Helps when you’ve got teammates like this. Davis is the likely first pick in the draft should he choose to come out, and KiddGilchrist won’t be far behind. Another first-round prospect, freshman Mar-

quis Teague, had 14 points. And yet another, sophomore Terrence Jones, had nine points, seven rebounds and two of Kentucky’s 11 blocked shots. Kansas also has a lottery pick in AP All-American Thomas Robinson. But he was harassed all night by Davis and Jones and finished with 18 points and 17 rebounds on a frustrating evening nonetheless. The Jayhawks won the “B” League this year, as Calipari avenged a finalgame loss to Bill Self back in 2008 when Cal was coaching the Tigers. Not a bad season in Lawrence, though, considering where KU began.

Nelson, Miller lead Hall of Fame class of 2012 Kentucky guard Marquis Teague, right, celebrates with teammates at the end of the NCAA

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Reggie Miller rode his sister’s coattails all the way to the Hall of Fame. The five-time All-Star joined longtime NBA coach Don Nelson and college standout Ralph Sampson on Monday as part of a 12-member class that will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in September. Miller’s sister, Cheryl, was enshrined in 1995. Miller was at home when he received the call a couple days ago that he had gained entrance to the exclusive club. He quickly called his sister, one of the pioneers of the women’s game. “I can still hear her screaming in my ear,” Miller said with a smile. Miller often recalls the story about how his sister would beat him in games of one-onone growing up. It wasn’t until he’d grown to 6-foot-7 and could block Cheryl’s shot that they finally quit playing those driveway pick-up games. “She was a role model. She is a role model. She set the bar high for the family,” Miller said, “and I’m just glad I’m on her coat-tails, dragging me along to the Hall of Fame.”

Miller certainly earned the trip in his own right. After a standout career at UCLA, he became one of the best perimeter shooters in the history of the game. He was part of the 1996 gold medalwinning Olympic team and played more games with one franchise than any player except John Stockton and Karl Malone. He also caused untold fits for the New York Knicks, for years the biggest rival of his Pacers. The night at Madison Square Garden that Miller scored an improbable eight points in 8.9 seconds, almost single-handedly winning Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, is chronicled in the Peabody Award-winning documentary, “Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks.” “To be a part of this exclusive club is pretty special,” Miller said. The club in Springfield, Mass., now includes two-time Olympic gold medalist Katrina McClain, four-time NBA champion Jamaal Wilkes, longtime AP Photo college referee Hank Nichols and the All-American Red Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductees Reggie Miller, left, and Don Nelson, Heads — the female version of smile as they are introduced at a news conference in New Orleans, Monday. Other inductees

are: Mel Daniels, Phil Knight, Chet Walker, Katrina McClain, Tammy Harrison, Hank Nichols, Ralph Sampson, and Jamaal Wilkes.

Union Rags out, Hansen in as No. 1 Derby contender

The near -white 3-year old colt who beat out Union Rags for last season’s 2year -old championship, has finally moved ahead of his rival to become the leading contender for the Kentucky Derby in less than five weeks. While Hansen was working five furlongs in 1:01.20 at Churchill Downs’ trackside training center over the weekend, 2-5 favorite Union Rags was finishing a less-than-invincible looking third behind Take Charge Indy in the $1 million Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park. With 109-1 long shot Hero of Order stunning the

See HOF, Page B2

Derby prep season with his win in the $1 million Louisiana Derby, and with Daddy Long Legs’ winning Derby audition in the $2 million UAE Derby, there’s a new look to the AP’s latest Run to the Roses Top 10. Hansen, winner of the Gotham Stakes and prepping for the Blue Grass at Keeneland on April 14, is No. 1 for the first time, with Union Rags falling to No. 3 with his second career loss. Take Charge Indy, with only a maiden win in five career starts before leading wire-to-wire under Calvin Borel, soars into the Top 10 at No. 4.

Trainer Todd Pletcher’s unbeaten Gemologist is second and Hall of Famer Bob Baffert’s Secret Circle is fifth. Despite finishing second behind Hero of Order, Mark Valeski drops out of the weekly rankings, and Daddy Long Legs replaces him at No. 10. T rainer Aidan O’Brien says his Daddy Long Legs is under consideration for the Derby. El Padrino, meanwhile, was far from his best and finished fourth in the Florida Derby, falling out of the top 10 from No. 3. Borel, nominated again this year for racing’s Hall of

Fame, will go for his fourth win in the Kentucky Derby aboard Take Charge Indy. “Calvin rides Churchill so well. He’s a smart, headsup rider. He’s a big-money rider, everyone knows that,” Take Charge Indy’s trainer Patrick Byrne said. “He suits the colt well.” It’s unlikely Hero of Order will make the Derby field. Owner/trainer Gennadi Dorochenko did not nominate the horse he bought for $3,000, and would have to pay $200,000 to supplement him, then hope less than a maximum field of 20 nominated horses are entered, which is unlikely.

Union Rags, impressive winner of the Fountain of Youth in February, was caught behind a slow pace and jockey Julien Leparoux was never able to find running room until it was too late. Trainer Michael Matz is looking at the upside. “I think he ran his race, I just think they went slow the first part and there wasn’t much we could do about it. The good part is I hope that Julien learned about the horse a little bit more,” Matz said. He added: “Obviously, I think he only ran the last quarter of a mile, so hopeSee ROSES, Page B2

B2 Tuesday, April 3, 2012 HOF


Roswell Daily Record

the Harlem Globetrotters. The newcomers were joined by five members of the class who already had been announced: Nike co-founder Phil Knight, ABA star Mel Daniels, seven-time NBA All-Star Chet Walker, Olympian Don Barksdale and Lydija Alexeeva, who led the Soviet Union to two Olympic gold medals. The class will be inducted during a ceremony scheduled for

Sept. 7. “I was sitting on my back porch, smoking a cigar, when I got the call,” said Nelson, a fivetime NBA champion as a player and the winningest coach in league history. “It was a great moment for me. I’m the luckiest man in the world,” Nelson said. “I’ve been involved with the game of basketball for over 60 years, and I’ve never had a bad day, even when we lost games. They’ve all been great days.” The 7-foot-4 Sampson was one of the most dominant college

players in history, a three-time national player of the year who led Virginia to the Final Four. He was the first overall pick in the NBA draft and a four -time AllStar before injuries finally slowed his career. McClain was dealing with her kids at home when she learned she had been inducted in the Hall of Fame. The two-time AllAmerican at Georgia helped the United States win Olympic gold in 1988 and 1996, and the bronze medal in 1992, blazing a trail for future WNBA stars. The son of a Baptist minister,

HUMBLE, Texas (AP) — Hunter Mahan has the perfect mindset heading into this week’s Masters. Mahan shot a 1-under 71 Sunday to win the Houston Open, edging Carl Pettersson by one stroke and becoming the first two-time champion on the PGA Tour in 2012. The 29-year -old Mahan finished 16 under for the tournament and moved to No. 4 in the world ranking, the first time he’s ever been the highest-ranked American. “That’s a pretty surreal thing to think about,” Mahan said. “It shows me what I can do, shows me what I’m capable of.” The Houston stop became the run-up event to the Masters in 2007 Mahan will play in the Masters for the fifth straight year. He finished eighth in 2010 and 10th in 2009, but he’s never felt more confident heading to Augusta than he does now. “I feel like for my mind and ball-striking, everything feels good,” Mahan said. “I feel like I can play well and play well in many different ways, so that’s nice.” Mahan credits Canadian sports psychologist Jim Murphy with teaching him to enjoy the game more, and that’s led to better results this year. He has six top25 finishes in seven starts this year, including a victory over Rory McIlroy in the final of the Match Play Championships in February.

“It’s easy to let your mind run wild and get down on yourself," Mahan said. “That’s what I used to do. I’m trying to pump myself up more and just believe in myself.” Pettersson (71) finished with eight pars for his second runnerup finish this year. Third-round leader Louis Oosthuizen (75) was another shot back at 14 under. Mahan began the day two shots behind Oosthuizen, who lost the lead with two double bogeys on his front nine. Defending champion Phil Mickelson (71), Keegan Bradley (71), Brian Davis (74) and Jeff Overton (68) all finished 12 under. Three-time major champion Ernie Els finished 10 under and fell short in his bid to earn an automatic invitation to this week's Masters. Els needed a victory to avoid missing Augusta for the first time since 1993. “It’s not going to change my life, either way,” Els said. “I’ve played many out there. It’s one of those things.” The Masters could offer a special invitation to Els, like tournament officials did for Greg Norman in 2002. Els has played well this year, earning top-five finishes at the Transitions and Bay Hill. But he said Sunday he would decline an invitation if he received one at the last minute. “To go through all of this, and then get an invite, I wouldn’t take it,” he said. “They can keep it.”

The problems for Oosthuizen began with a three-putt on No. 2. He holed a downhill 45-footer for a birdie on No. 3, but hit his tee shot on No. 5 into a divot and missed the green with his approach. He botched a chip and two-putted from 20 feet. pulled his Oosthuizen approach to the par -5 8th into the native area, leading to his second double bogey. “I’m not going to be bothered about the way I played the front nine,” Oosthuizen said. “I had a few horrific lies and bounces. It happens.” Mahan parred the first eight holes, then finally took advantage of Oosthuizen’s collapse with a 5foot birdie putt on No. 9. Pettersson missed a 19-foot par putt on No. 10, leaving Mahan in the lead by himself at 16 under. Mahan found a greenside bunker on No. 14 and bogeyed, then hooked his tee shot to the 204-yard, par-3 16th. He pitched onto the green, and the ball rolled down a slope to within 16 inches for an easy par. “I thought it was going to be good,” Mahan said, “but a tap-in there was huge.” Pettersson left an 18-foot birdie putt short on the 488-yard 18th, the hardest hole on the course, with a pond running down the length of the fairway on the left. Like Els, Pettersson needed a win to earn a trip to Augusta.

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Wilkes was a two-time NCAA champion with UCLA and a three-time NBA All-Star. His jumper was so smooth that announcer Chick Hearn called it a “20-foot layup.” Nichols refereed 10 Final Fours and six national championship games before coordinating officials for the NCAA, while the All-American Red Heads entertained millions of fans over the course of six decades, breaking untold social barriers along the way. “It’s a very special time for people who have been involved in

the game for a long time to be in the presence of those who have already been in inducted into the Hall of Fame,” Hall of Fame chairman Jerry Colangelo said. Louisville coach Rick Pitino, whose team was ousted by Kentucky in the Final Four on Saturday night, was among the finalists who were passed over by the committee. Also missing out were four time All-Star Maurice Cheeks, former Celtics and Rockets coach Bill Fitch, four -time All-Star Bernard King and longtime college and NBA coach Dick Motta.

Hunter Mahan wins Houston Open



The Altrusa Club of Roswell will host a four-person scramble golf tournament on Saturday, April 21, at NMMI Golf Course. The tournament begins with an 8 a.m. shotgun start. The cost is $80 per player, which includes two mulligans, green fees, cart fees, range balls, breakfast and lunch. The deadline to enter is April 18. Entry forms are available at the NMMI Golf Course pro shop. For more information, call 624-9799 or 622-6033.


All Saints Catholic School will hold its annual golf tournament on Saturday, May 19, at Spring River Golf Course. The four-person scramble begins with shotgun starts at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. The cost is $60 per player and includes green fees, cart fees, two mulligans and lunch. The deadline to enter is May 11. Entry forms are available at the course and at the school. For more information, call 627-5744.


The Roswell High School golf team will host a fundraiser tournament at Spring River Golf Course on April 7 at 9 a.m. The tournament is a threeperson scramble and the entry fee is $60 per person. One player may have a handicap less than seven and the total team handicap must be at least 25. For more information, call 622-9506.


There will be a tournament to benefit the Cafe Cha Cha Cha on April 14 at the Roswell Country Club. The cost for the four-man scramble is $60 per person and includes 18 holes and cash prizes. There is a 15-team limit and the deadline to enter is April 10. Money raised will be used for the HVAC units for the Pecos Valley Teen Center in Dexter. For more information, call 734-5797.


H.S. softball Roswell downs West Las Vegas Roswell's Anissa Munoz allowed just five hits in seven innings as the Coyotes improved to 8-10 with an 8-3 victory over West Las Vegas on Monday. Both teams plated two runs in the first before Roswell took the lead for good with two runs in the second. Tiffanie Bolanos and Marrissa Torres each had three hits for the Coyotes, while Natasha Chavez picked up two base knocks.

Goddard takes pair from Dexter Goddard improved to 7-6 with two wins over Dexter on Monday. In the first game, the Rockets won 10-0 and in the nightcap they picked up a 13-3 victory. In Game 1, Rebekka Franco picked up the win, while Kaitlyn Renteria, Chastity Urban, Ammarie Rossi and Mileena Sanchez all had two hits for Goddard. In Game 2, Ashley Sommerville got the win, while Danielle Hubbard picked up four hits, including two triples.


National Basketball Association The Associated Press All Times Mountain EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W L Pct Boston . . . . . . . . . . . .30 22 .577 Philadelphia . . . . . . . .29 23 .558 New York . . . . . . . . . .27 26 .509 New Jersey . . . . . . . .19 35 .352 Toronto . . . . . . . . . . . .18 35 .340 Southeast Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W L Pct Miami . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 14 .725 Orlando . . . . . . . . . . .32 21 .604 Atlanta . . . . . . . . . . . .31 23 .574 Washington . . . . . . . .12 41 .226 Charlotte . . . . . . . . . . .7 43 .140 Central Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W L Pct x-Chicago . . . . . . . . .42 13 .764 Indiana . . . . . . . . . . . .31 21 .596 Milwaukee . . . . . . . . .25 28 .472 Detroit . . . . . . . . . . . .19 33 .365 Cleveland . . . . . . . . . .17 33 .340 WESTERN CONFERENCE

Southwest Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W L Pct GB — San Antonio . . . . . . . .36 14 .720 Memphis . . . . . . . . . .29 22 .569 7 1⁄2 8 Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 24 .556 9 Houston . . . . . . . . . . .29 25 .537 New Orleans . . . . . . .13 40 .245 24 1⁄2 Northwest Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W L Pct GB x-Oklahoma City . . . .40 13 .755 — Denver . . . . . . . . . . . .29 24 .547 11 13 Utah . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 26 .509 15 Portland . . . . . . . . . . .25 28 .472 Minnesota . . . . . . . . .25 29 .463 15 1⁄2 Pacific Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .W L Pct GB L.A. Lakers . . . . . . . .33 20 .623 — L.A. Clippers . . . . . . .32 21 .604 1 1 Phoenix . . . . . . . . . . .26 26 .500 6 ⁄2 12 Golden State . . . . . . .20 31 .392 Sacramento . . . . . . . .18 34 .346 14 1⁄2 x-clinched playoff spot Monday's Games Milwaukee 112, Washington 98 Houston 99, Chicago 93 Memphis 94, Oklahoma City 88 L.A. Clippers 94, Dallas 75 Minnesota at Sacramento, 8 p.m. Utah at Portland, 8 p.m.


Bill Parcells as Saints coach? OK with Goodell

GB — 1 3 1 ⁄2 12 12 1⁄2

GB — 6 1 7 ⁄2 26 29 1⁄2

GB — 9 1 ⁄2 16 21 1⁄2 22 1⁄2


TV SportsWatch By The Associated Press All times Mountain Schedule subject to change and/or blackouts. Tuesday, April 3 NHL HOCKEY 5:30 p.m. NBCSN — Pittsburgh at Boston 8 p.m. NBCSN — Anaheim at Vancouver SOCCER 5 a.m. ESPN2 — Women’s national teams, exhibition, United States vs. Brazil, at Chiba, Japan 12:30 p.m. FSN — UEFA Champions League, quarterfinal, Marseille at Bayern Munich 6 p.m. FSN — UEFA Champions League, quarterfinal, AC Milan at Barcelona (same-day tape) WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL 6:30 p.m. ESPN — NCAA, Division I tournament, championship game, Notre Dame vs. Baylor, at Denver

NEW YORK (AP) — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he won’t stand in the way if the New Orleans Saints ask Bill Parcells to take over as interim coach for suspended Sean Payton. “That’s their decision. They need to make those decisions and we’ll move forward,” Goodell said Monday at the opening of an NFL pop-up store featuring new team apparel. “Bill’s a great coach, and I’m sure (he) will add a lot of personality and intrigue. And he’s as competitive as they get so I’m sure he’ll do a good job.” Before the Saints pick someone to run



Hunter Mahan poses with the championship trophy after winning the Houston Open, Sunday. Mahan won the tournament with a 16-under par 272.

the team this year, though, Goodell still has to rule on Payton’s appeal of his seasonlong suspension, along with the appeals of shorter suspensions to assistant coach Joe Vitt and general manager Mickey Loomis and penalties handed down to the team. Goodell expects to hear the appeals this week, and hopes to be making a ruling shortly thereafter. “Part of it depends exactly when the appeal is going to be, and second of all what information comes up in the appeal,” said Goodell, who has met with Payton twice before the appeal was filed. Meanwhile, league officials were meeting with NFL Players’ Association representatives Monday about penalties involving players who took part in the bounty program. The union has asked the NFL to provide it with all the information from the league’s investigation that revealed 22 to 27 defensive players were part of the Saints’ pay-forpain bounty pool. The pool awarded thousands of dollars in cash bonuses from 200911 for vicious hits that knocked targeted opponents out of games. One example, according to the league: Linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 to any New Orleans player who sidelined Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre during the 2010 NFC championship game. Goodell said the league has given the NFLPA two confidential reports on the investigation. “I think we all need to move forward,” he said. “We’ve been open about what we’ve been able to find. We released it publicly.” The commissioner said he’s hopeful the NFLPA will have a recommendation soon after meeting with league officials. The results of the appeal could well affect whether Parcells comes out of retirement to take over as interim coach while his

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fully it wasn’t a tough race on him. Maybe the good part of it is that he didn’t run a hard race going into the Derby.” This weekend is packed full of preps, topped by the Santa Anita Derby and the Wood Memorial. In the $750,000 Santa Anita Derby, San Felipe winner Creative Cause tops an expected eight-horse field that includes Robert B. Lewis winner I’ll Have Another, up-andcoming Midnight Transfer and Baffert’s Liaison; in the $1 million Wood, Gemologist and Withers winner Alpha are the headliners. 1. Hansen (Mike Maker, trainer; Ramon Dominguez, jockey): Worked 5 furlongs in 1:01.20 at Churchill Downs trackside training center over weekend. ... Inherits top spot with Union Rags’ defeat in Florida Derby (G1). ... Dominguez set to return from injury on Friday. ... Next start: Blue Grass (G1), Keeneland, April 14. ... Derby future

AP Photo

former offensive assistant and protege is suspended. Parcells has said he would consider coaching the Saints if asked. Payton and Loomis played golf with the former NFL coach last week to talk to him about the team’s predicament.


Monday’s Sports Transactions By The Associated Press BASEBALL Major League Baseball MLB—Suspended Cleveland RHP Ubaldo Jimenez five games and fine him an undisclosed amount for intentionally throwing a pitch at Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki during an April 1 game. American League BALTIMORE ORIOLES—Designated LHP Dana Eveland for assignment. CLEVELAND INDIANS—Designated RHP Rick VandenHurk for assignment. DETROIT TIGERS—Optioned LHP Duane Below, LHP Andy Oliver and RHP Brayan Villarreal to Toledo (IL). LOS ANGELES ANGELS—Optioned LHP Brad Mills and SS Andrew Romine to Salt Lake (PCL). OAKLAND ATHLETICS—Placed LHP Dallas Braden and RHP Joey Devine on the 15-day DL. SEATTLE MARINERS—Placed RHP Mike Carp, OF Franklin Gutierrez and C Adam Moore on the 15-day DL. Selected the contracts of RHP Kevin Millwood, RHP Erasmo Ramirez and INF Munenori Kawasaki from Tacoma (PCL). Optioned RHP Chance Ruffin to Tacoma. TAMPA BAY RAYS—Optioned RHP Brandon Gomes to Durham (IL). National League

wager odds: 12-1. 2. Gemologist (Todd Pletcher, Javier Castellano): Unbeaten colt worked 5 furlongs in 1:00.44 at Palm Meadows on Sunday ... Only start this year after three wins in 2011 was seven-length allowance score March 16 at Gulfstream. ... Next start: Wood Memorial (G1), Aqueduct, Saturday. ... Odds: 12-1. 3. Union Rags (Michael Matz, Julien Leparoux): Caught inside behind field, and finished third in Florida Derby as 2-5 favorite. ... Upside is colt heads to Derby without having hard race. ... Next start: Kentucky Derby (G1), Churchill Downs, May 5. ... Odds: 4-1. 4. Take Charge Indy (Patrick Byrne, Calvin Borel): Wire-to-wire Florida Derby win makes colt big Derby factor. ... Next start: Kentucky Derby. ... Odds: 15-1. 5. Secret Circle (Bob Baf fert, Rafael Bejarano): Rebel (G2) winner worked 5 furlongs in 58.40 at Santa Anita last week. ... Next start: Arkansas Derby (G1), Oaklawn Park, April 14. ... Odds: 30-1. 6. Alpha (Kiaran McLaughlin, Dominguez): Withers (G3) winner has chance to step up with big

ATLANTA BRAVES—Placed 3B Chipper Jones, LHP Robert Fish, RHP Anthony Varvaro and RHP Arodys Vizcaino on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to March 26. Optioned RHP Cory Gearrin and RHP Julio Teheran to Gwinnett (IL), Reassigned C J.C. Boscan, C Jose Yepez, INF Andrelton Simmons, INF Drew Sutton, INF Josh Wilson, OF Luis Durango and OF Jordan Parraz to their minor league camp. CINCINNATI REDS—Optioned INF Paul Janish to Louisville (IL). COLORADO ROCKIES—Optioned RHP Alex White. MIAMI MARLINS—Selected the contract of OF Austin Kearns from New Orleans (PCL). Optioned LHP Wade LeBlanc and RHP Bryan Peterson to New Orleans. MILWAUKEE BREWERS—Optioned LHP Zach Braddock, OF Caleb Gindl, 3B Taylor Green, C Martin Maldonado and OF Logan Schafer to Nashville (PCL). Placed RHP Brandon Kinztler on the 15-day DL. NEW YORK METS—Optioned RHP Chris Schwinden to Buffalo (IL). Agreed to terms with INF Bobby Scales on a minor league contract and assigned him to Buffalo. PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES—Optioned LHP Jake Diekman to Lehigh Valley (IL). ST. LOUIS CARDINALS—Optioned C Bryan Anderson to Memphis (PCL). Placed RHP Chris Carpenter, OF Allen Craig and 2B Skip Schumaker on the 15-day DL. SAN DIEGO PADRES—Reassigned RHP Casey Kelly, RHP Jeff Suppan, RHP Joe Wieland and INF-OF Matt Clark to their minor league camp. COLLEGE AUBURN—Named Terri Williams-Flournoy women’s basketball coach. CANISIUS—Named Jim Baron men’s basketball coach and signed him to a five-year contract. CENTRAL MICHIGAN—Named Keno Davis men’s basketball coach. LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE—Named Garry Brodhead women’s basketball coach. MINNESOTA STATE-MANKATO— Reassigned men’s hockey coach Troy Jutting to special assistant to the school president.

effort in final Derby prep. ... Next start: Wood Memorial. ... Odds: 211. 7. Creative Cause (Mike Harrington, Joel Rosario): San Felipe (G2) winner worked 6 furlongs in 1:12.80 last Wednesday at Hollywood Park. ... Next start: Santa Anita Derby (G1), Santa Anita, Saturday. ... Odds: 8-1. 8. Bodemeister (Baffert, Bejarano): San Felipe runner-up looks to be heading to Hot Springs for final Derby prep. ... Next start: Arkansas Derby. ... Odds: 22-1. 9. I’ll Have Another (Doug O’Neil, Mario Gutierrez): Robert B. Lewis (G2) winner certainly well rested for first race in three months. ... Worked 7 furlongs in 1:26 Friday at Hollywood Park. ... Next start: Santa Anita Derby. ... Odds: 21-1. 10. Daddy Long Legs (Aidan O’Brien, Colm O’Donoghue): Won UAE Derby (Group 1) to possibly earn trip to Derby. ... Next start: Kentucky Derby. ... Odds: 6-1 (mutuel field). Keep an eye on: Howe Great, Mark Valeski, My Adonis, Optimizer, Prospective.



Duck uniform revolutionary Nike takes on the NFL Roswell Daily Record

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Back in 1998, Oregon and Nike teamed together to tinker with the Ducks’ traditional but tired uniforms. Out went emerald green and lemon yellow, in came spruce, mallard and a little something called “lightning.” That was just the start. The gaudy unifor m craze that began with Nike cofounder Phil Knight’s alma mater has gripped every school from Maryland to Boise State, hitting Notre Dame and Michigan along the way. Is the NFL next? Nike is taking over the pros from Reebok with a gala uniform unveiling set for Tuesday in New York City. The design details are a closely guarded secret at the Beaverton-based shoe and apparel maker, but some images — there’s no way to know if they’re real or fake — have circulated on the internet. The biggest changes will likely be in the performance aspect of the uniforms, like newer lightweight fabrics and a sleek silhouette, but a few teams could get the Cinderella treatment. Nike isn’t commenting until the big reveal. “I think that what we’ll see is a subtle homage to the collegiate revolution in unifor m design, but in the framework of arguably the most successful sports franchise there is, the NFL, which is more steeped in tradition that the college landscape was when Nike really got into it with Oregon,” said Paul Swangard, managing director of the university’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center. The Ducks signed their contract with Nike in 1996. After the first major makeover in 1998, the school introduced the Nike-designed “O” logo in 2002. In 2003’s opener against Mississippi State, the Ducks wore neon yellow from helmet to shoe, which some dubbed the “Human Highlighter.” In 2006, Oregon introduced black uniforms, while “wings” were incorporated to jerseys in more recent years in a nod to the school’s mascot. “We aren’t like USC or Notre Dame or Penn State or Alabama, which are really traditional,” said Jim Bartko, who holds the title of executive senior associate athletics director at Oregon and has close ties to Knight. “Our philosophy was that every four years we were going to change, so that every player that comes into Oregon in the football program will have a chance to be a part of a design.” Today Oregon has five different helmets, seven jerseys and six pants for 210 possible uniform combinations, enough to carry them through 17-plus seasons, minus bowl games, which usually get new garb. And that’s not counting different shoes, socks and undershirts. Old-schoolers claim that Oregon’s countless uniforms are an annoying distraction, while kids see them as cool. There’s no doubt that they benefit the Ducks in lots of ways, from merchandise revenue to the immeasurable buzz among potential students and recruits. “It’s taken off,” Barko said. “I don’t think we would have ever thought back in 1998 that the uniform craze would be where it is now. Our goal and philosophy has always been to be a step ahead of everybody. If they want to copy us or follow us, that’s great. We want to be the leader.” Copycats abound. Arguably the most shameless was Maryland’s so-called Pride uniform, a hodgepodge of so many elements that one critic suggested it looked as if someone had thrown up the state flag and put it on a jersey. The uniforms were the work of Under Armour, whose CEO, Kevin Plank, played football at Maryland. Say what you will about the design, they got noticed. “If this university had to go pay for that publicity, we’d be broke,” Terrapins coach Randy Edsall said at the time. Many college programs, even the most traditional ones, are bandwaggoning with throwback uniforms or even “alternate” jerseys, so as not to stray too much from convention. Notre Dame and Michigan wore retro adidas attire to mark last season’s first night game at Michigan Stadium.

For Results You Can Measure


ANNOUNCEMENTS 015. Personals Special Notice

PAY CASH for household items, furniture, appliances, antiques, collectibles, tools, saddles. Entire households & estates welcome. Call 627-2033 or 623-6608.

MAY THE sacred hart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us. Saint Jude worker of miracles pray for us. St. Jude hope of the impossible pray for us. Say this 9 times a day for 9 days. Never has been known to fail.

025. Lost and Found

Try The Classifieds!

FOUND LAB Golden Retriever mix, collar with no tags in the area of Garden & Linda Vista. Call to identify 623-6287 FOUND AN expensive dog. Call 575-347-0250.

The Fighting Irish’s showy shamrockemblazoned helmet still raises the ire of some of the team’s more stodgy followers. “I think in some ways we’re seeing now what we always see with marketing, which is that a good idea is originally seen as innovative, but now that everyone is going it is becoming sort of commoditized,” Swangard said. “I think some teams have almost tried too hard, whether it’s the highlighter uniforms of Baylor in the tournament, or what Maryland did with their


---------------------------------Pub. April 3, 10, 17, 2012


STATE OF NEW MEXICO, ex rel, CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES DEPT. In the Matter of: X.R. and M.R., Children. and Concerning: TINA RAMUS and STEVEN RICKETSON, Respondents. NO: JQ-2011-30


TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: STEVEN RICKETSON You are hereby notified that an action has been filed against you in the said Court and County by the State of New Mexico in which the State of New Mexico has filed a petition alleging that you have neglected or abused X.R., a child born to you on October 26, 2004, and M.R., a child born to you on October 19, 2003, and the State is requesting the Court to enter judgment against you. The above procould ulticeeding mately result in the termination of your parental rights You are further notified that this matter will be presented to the Children’s Court Division of the District Court in Chaves County, New Mexico, thirty (30) days after the last publication of this notice. WITNESS my hand and Seal of the District Court of the State of New Mexico.

KENNON CROWHURST Clerk of the District Court Children’s Court Division By: /s/Cynthia Brackeen DEPUTY

The name of the State’s attorney is Andrew J. Malone, whose address is #4 Grand Ave Plaza, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201, and telephone number is (575)624-6071

uniforms this past season. “Now people are doing it just to do it, rather than doing it to convey something about the school’s brand or its athletic brand.” A handful of teams, like USC and Penn State, are still shunning the trend for now. But Nebraska — Egads! — will wear an alternate adidas jersey at a home game this season, athletic director and former coach Tom Osborne told The Associated Press on Monday.


-----------------------------------------------------------------------Publish April 1, 3, 2012 Public Notice to Provide HIV Care New Mexico Department of Health HIV Services and Treatment Program Fiscal Year 2012

The New Mexico Department of Health, HIV Services Program, is seeking agencies to provide medical care, case management and social services to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Successful offers will be able to provide some or all of the following services: 1. Outpatient medical care 2. Early intervention services 3. Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance 4. Home Health Care 5. Mental Health Services 6. Medical Case Management 7. Substance abuse outpatient services 8. Non-medical case management 9. Emergency financial services 10. Food bank assistance 11. Housing 12. Medical transportation

Interested parties may ask for more detailed information, and propose to offer services by sending an email by 3:00 pm on May 1, 2012 to: Gayle Kenny, Infectious Disease Bureau Chief •

• • •

You must include in the Subject Line “Response to Call for Services” Include the services you propose to offer and for what population of PLWHA for the fiscal year (July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013). Include a brief description of offeror capacity to perform the services described above, including experience serving people living with HIV and AIDS. Include contact information for further communication about the offer. The Department will select providers based on ability to perform services at a competitive price.

The HIV Services Program will respond by May 15, 2012 in writing. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Publish April 1, 3, 2012 Public Notice to Provide HIV Dental Care New Mexico Department of Health HIV Services and Treatment Program Fiscal Year 2012

The New Mexico Department of Health, HIV Services Program, is seeking agencies to provide Dental Services to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). Successful offers will be able to: 1. Assess and treat clients verified as enrolled in the HIV Services program 2. Submit treatment plans for preventive and restorative care for approval by the Program 3. Maintain confidentiality of patient records and treat per ADA guidelines for HIV/AIDS patients. 4. Agree to limit annual treatment per patient to $1500 unless prior approval is given by the Program. 5. Bill using current ADA claim form, and using the HIV Services Dental Program Fee Schedule.

Interested parties may ask for more detailed information, and propose to offer services by sending an email by 3:00 pm on May 1, 2012 to:

• • • • •

Francesca Estrada HIV Services Program 505-476-3616

You must include in the Subject Line “Response to Call for Services” Include the services you propose to offer and for what population of PLWHA for the fiscal year July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. Include a brief description of offeror capacity to perform the services described above, including experience serving people living with HIV and AIDS. Include contact information for further communication about the offer. The Department will select providers based on ability to perform services at a competitive price.

The HIV Services Program will respond by May 15, 2012 in writing.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Publish March 27, April 3, 10, 2012

NOTICE is hereby given that on March 9, 2012, RCMA, LLC, P.O. Box 516, Hagerman, NM 88232, c/o Atkins Engineering Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 3156, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202-3156; filed Application No. RA-1323 POD4 with the STATE ENGINEER for permit to change location of well by ceasing the diversion of up to 397.95 acre-feet per annum, plus carriage allowance, of shallow groundwater from shallow well No. RA-1323 located in the SW1/4NW1/4NW1/4 of Section 14, Township 14 South, Range 26 East, N.M.P.M.

The applicant proposes to drill a replacement well approximately 200 feet in depth and install a casing 12 3/4 inches in diameter at a point in the SW1/4NW1/4NW1/4 of Section 14, Township 14 South, Range 26 East, N.M.P.M. for the continued diversion of up to 397.95 acre-feet per annum, plus carriage allowance, of shallow groundwater for the continued irrigation of up to 132.65 acres described of land, described as:

SUBDIVISION Pt. E1/2 Pt. NE1/4 Pt. W1/2 Pt. NW1/4

SECTION 3 10 11 14

TOWNSHIP 14 S. 14 S. 14 S. 14 S.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RANGE 26 E.) 26 E.) 26 E.) 26 E.)


Up to 132.65

The proposed replacement well will be located within 100 feet of the existing well. The well will be drilled, equipped and immediately put into use pursuant to Section 72-12-22 NMSA (1978).

The above described points of diversion and place of use are located approximately one mile east of the Town of Hagerman, Chaves County, New Mexico.

Any person, firm or corporation or other entity having standing to file objections or protests shall do so in writing (objection must be legible, signed, and include the writer’s complete name, phone number and mailing address). The objection to the approval of the application must be based on: (1) Impairment; if impairment, you must specifically identify your water rights*; and/or (2) Public Welfare/Conservation of Water; if public welfare or conservation of water within the state of New Mexico, you must show how you will be substantially and specifically affected. The written protest must be filed, in triplicate, with the State Engineer, 1900 West Second Street, Roswell, New Mexico 88201, within ten (10) days after the date of the last publication of this Notice. Facsimiles (faxes) will be accepted as a valid protest as long as the hard copy is hand-delivered or mailed and postmarked within 24-hours of the facsimile. Mailing postmark will be used to validate the 24-hour period. Protests can be faxed to the Office of the State Engineer, (575) 623-8559. If no valid protest or objection is filed, the State Engineer will evaluate the application in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 72 NMSA 1978.

“It does seem to appeal to the studentathletes. Most older fans don’t get overly excited about it,” he said. “We’re walking a fine line because we are traditional, but we also recognize the fact that we don’t have to stay the same all the time.” That said, Osborne suggested the iconic “N” on Huskers’ helmets isn’t going away. “We will protect our tradition,” he said. AP Sports Writer Eric Olson in Nebraska contributed to this report.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Publish March 27, April 3, 10, 2012

NOTICE is hereby given that on February 28, 2012, Thomas and Dorothy Visser, 222 East Darby Road, Roswell, New Mexico 88203, c/o Henninghausen & Olsen, P.O. Box 1415, Roswell, New Mexico 88202-1415; filed Application No. RA-376-A, RA-376-A-S, RA-960 with the STATE ENGINEER for permit to combine 330.9 acre-feet per annum of artesian groundwater diverted from the following wells: WELL NUMBER RA-960 RA-376-A RA-376-A-S

SUBDIVISION NW1/4NW1/4NW1/4 SW1/4NE1/4NE1/4 NW1/4NE1/4NW1/4

SECTION 23 15 15

TOWNSHIP 12 S. 12 S. 12 S.

by combining the irrigation of 35.3 acres of land described as follows:






TOWNSHIP 12 S. 12 S.


with the commercial dairy purposes located within:

RANGE 25 E. 25 E. 25 E.

ACRES Up to 35.3

RANGE 25 E. 25 E.

Application is made to combine the artesian groundwater rights described under State Engineer File No. RA-375-A, RA-375-A-S, and RA-960, owned by Chaslee Dairy, with the artesian groundwater rights described under State Engineer File No. RA-960 owned by Baca Linda Dairy. The combine will allow for irrigation and/or commercial purposes for more efficient farming practices on the 35.3 acres of irrigated land and allow the applicant greater flexibility during the irrigation operations.

The above described wells and places of use are located approximately one mile northeast of Orchard Park Road and nine miles south of Roswell on NM Highway 2, Chaves County, New Mexico.

Any person, firm or corporation or other entity having standing to file objections or protests shall do so in writing (objection must be legible, signed, and include the writer’s complete name, phone number and mailing address). The objection to the approval of the application must be based on: (1) Impairment; if impairment, you must specifically identify your water rights*; and/or (2) Public Welfare/Conservation of Water; if public welfare or conservation of water within the state of New Mexico, you must show how you will be substantially and specifically affected. The written protest must be filed, in triplicate, with the State Engineer, 1900 West Second Street, Roswell, New Mexico 88201, within ten (10) days after the date of the last publication of this Notice. Facsimiles (faxes) will be accepted as a valid protest as long as the hard copy is hand-delivered or mailed and postmarked within 24-hours of the facsimile. Mailing postmark will be used to validate the 24-hour period. Protests can be faxed to the Office of the State Engineer, (575) 623-8559. If no valid protest or objection is filed, the State Engineer will evaluate the application in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 72 NMSA 1978. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Publish March 27, April 3, 10, 2012 NOTICE is hereby given that on March 16, 2012, DeGroot Dairy, 3715 Lover’s Lane, Roswell, New Mexico 88201, c/o Atkins Engineering Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 3156, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202-3156; filed Application No. RA-4033 POD9 with the STATE ENGINEER for permit to change location of well by ceasing the diversion of up to 1080.0 acre-feet per annum (756.00 acre-feet per annum, total consumptive irrigation requirement) plus carriage allowance, of shallow groundwater by ceasing the use of shallow well No. RA-4033-S located in the SE1/4NW1/4SW1/4 of Section 6, Township 11 South, Range 25 East, N.M.P.M.

The applicant proposes to drill a replacement well approximately 200 feet in depth and install a casing 13 3/8 inches in diameter at a point in the SE1/4 Part of Lot 6, Section 6, Township 11 South, Range 25 East, N.M.P.M. for the continued diversion of up to 1080.0 acre-feet per annum (756.00 acre-feet per annum, total consumptive irrigation requirement) plus carriage allowance, of shallow groundwater for the continued use for commercial dairy purposes and/or the irrigation of up to 420.4 acres described as follows: SUBDIVISION Part of E1/2 Part of NE1/4 Part of SW1/4 & W1/2NW1/4

SECTION 1 12 6

TOWNSHIP 11 S. 11 S. 11 S.

RANGE 24 E. 24 E. 25 E.

ACRES 202.0 73.0 145.4 420.4

Applicant seeks to replace shallow well RA-4033-S, which has failed. The proposed replacement well will be located within 100 feet of the existing well. The well will be drilled, equipped and immediately put into use pursuant to Section 72-12-22 NMSA (1978).

The above described points of diversion and place of use are located approximately 21/2 miles east of the City of Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico.

Any person, firm or corporation or other entity having standing to file objections or protests shall do so in writing (objection must be legible, signed, and include the writer’s complete name, phone number and mailing address). The objection to the approval of the application must be based on: (1) Impairment; if impairment, you must specifically identify your water rights*; and/or (2) Public Welfare/Conservation of Water; if public welfare or conservation of water within the state of New Mexico, you must show how you will be substantially and specifically affected. The written protest must be filed, in triplicate, with the State Engineer, 1900 West Second Street, Roswell, New Mexico 88201, within ten (10) days after the date of the last publication of this Notice. Facsimiles (faxes) will be accepted as a valid protest as long as the hard copy is hand-delivered or mailed and postmarked within 24-hours of the facsimile. Mailing postmark will be used to validate the 24-hour period. Protests can be faxed to the Office of the State Engineer, (575) 623-8559. If no valid protest or objection is filed, the State Engineer will evaluate the application in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 72 NMSA 1978. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Publish April 3, 10, 17, 2012 NOTICE is hereby given that on March 19, 2012, Kaywal, Inc., Michael Lackey, P.O. Box 1060, Roswell, New Mexico, 88202-1060, c/o Atkins Engineering Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 3156, Roswell, New Mexico 88202-3156; filed Application No. RA-1470 & RA-1470-S; RA-1470-A with the STATE ENGINEER for permit to change place of use of 595.50 acre-feet per annum, plus carriage allowance, of shallow groundwater diverted from shallow wells RA-1470 located in the NW1/4SW1/4SE1/4 and RA-1470-S located in the SW1/4SE1/4SW1/4, both in Section 15, Township 11 South, Range 24 East N.M.P.M., The subject water rights are presently authorized for the irrigation of 206.7 acres described as follows:

SUBDIVISION SECTION TOWNSHIP RANGE ACREAGE Move-From Part of S1/2S1/2NE1/4; Part of E1/2SE1/4SE1/4NW1/4; Part of SE1/4; Part of SE1/4SW1/4; Part of E1/2E1/2NE1/4SW1/4 and Part of E1/2E1/2SW1/4SW1/4 15 11 S. 24 E 196.7 Part of E1/2E1/2SE1/4SE1/4 15 11 S. 24 E. 10.0 206.7

Applicant proposes to change the place and amount of irrigated acreage to the following:

SUBDIVISION Move-To Part of SE1/4 Part of S1/2NE1/4 Part of S1/2NW1/4 Part of SW1/4

SECTION 15 15 15 15

TOWNSHIP 11 S. 11 S. 11 S. 11 S.

RANGE 24 E.) 24 E.) 24 E.) 24 E.)


Up to 198.50

Application is made to reconfigure the location and amount of irrigated acreage under State Engineer Files RA-1470 and RA-1470-A to match land presently being irrigated. Applicant will reduce the amount of irrigated acreage to an amount not to exceed 198.5 acres of irrigated land. If less than 198.5 acres is irrigated the water right will be stacked on the acreage being irrigated.

The above described move-from and move-to lands are located approximately 1/2 mile southeast of the City of Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico. Any person, firm or corporation or other entity having standing to file objections or protests shall do so in writing (objection must be legible, signed, and include the writer’s complete name, phone number and mailing address). The objection to the approval of the application must be based on: (1) Impairment; if impairment, you must specifically identify your water rights*; and/or (2) Public Welfare/Conservation of Water; if public welfare or conservation of water within the state of New Mexico, you must be filed, in triplicate, with the State Engineer, 1900 West Second Street, Roswell, New Mexico 88201, within ten (10) days after the date of the last publication of this Notice. Facsimiles (faxes) will be accepted as a valid protest as long as the hard copy is hand-delivered or mailed and postmarked within 24-hours of the facsimile. Mailing postmark will be used to validate the 24-hour period. Protests can be faxed to the Office of the State Engineer, (575) 623-8559. If no valid protest or objection is filed, the State Engineer will evaluate the application in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 72 NMSA 1978.

B4 Tuesday, April 3, 2012 025. Lost and Found

Found male Dachshund area of Cherry and El Dora. Please call to identify 625-8889 LOST Male Schnauzer, black & silver, 8yrs old, “Ernie”, vicinity of 20 La Paz. 622-7703 LOST white/cream, Pomeranian answers to Snooky vicinity of Berrendo & Atkinson. 910-4461, 622-2231 FOUND BOSTON Terrier, female, E. College Rd. Call to identify, 840-0949. FOUND PUPPY on Jefferson St. Call to identify, 420-3149 FOUND DACHSHUND dog near Mescalero & Garden. 575-420-5745



045. Employment Opportunities


045. Employment Opportunities

ADMIRAL BEVERAGE is hiring CDL driver position must be filled immediately, and only serious prospects need apply. Must have clean driving record. Great benefits, excellent pay, group health insurance. 1018 S. Atkinson Avon, Buy/Sell. Become Ind. Sales Rep $10 to start Sandy 317-5079 ISR

SOLITAIRE HOMES of Roswell is offering a position in sales. Applications are being accepted in person. No phone calls please. 4001 W. Second St. Roswell, NM 88201. ARBY'S AND Dairy Queen of New Mexico and Texas is currently accepting applications for HVAC Technician and must be able to work on restaurant equipment. We offer: Top Salary and Benefits. Send resume or employment history to 204 W. 4th St. Roswell, New Mexico 88201 or fax to 575-623-3075. Medical Office Transcriptionist: Full Time M-F 9am-6pm. Excellent grammar, punctuation, spelling, and communication skills mandatory. Typing and grammar testing will be conducted. Please send cover letter with resume and three references to

045. Employment Opportunities

BURRITOS AND More is now taking applications Monday-Friday after 1pm. THE ROSWELL DAILY RECORD is now accepting applications for the position of: GRAPHIC and WEB DESIGNER

The ideal candidate will produce print advertising for local accounts. Responsibilities include designing and implementing work of a high visual and conceptual quality, working directly with sales, clients and design team members. Desired Qualifications:

• Experience with Adobe InDesign, Quark Express PhotoShop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat • Web Design

• Proficient in using Mac platform

• Proficient in creating all levels of advertisements

• Be pro-active and organized, manage work effectively under multiple deadlines and handle concurrent projects This is a full-time position. Interested applicants, please send resume & references to: ROSWELL DAILY RECORD Attn: Vonnie Fischer 2301 N. Main Roswell, NM 88201 Or e-mail to: addirector@ NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!



045. Employment Opportunities

FAST PACED growing medical practice in Roswell, NM looking for experienced Accountant or Full Charged Bookkeeper with management experience, knowledge of medical billing cycle or practice management experience a plus. Electronic Billing in management software used. Please send resume to Medical Office Billing: Full-time 8-5 M-F. Experience with medical insurance billing, payment posting, CPT and ICD-coding preferred. Insurance contracting a plus. Competitive salary and full benefits including health insurance, 401K, and profit sharing. Preemployment testing will be conducted. Send cover letter with resume and three references to medicalbillingroswell@ Applicants will be held in strictest confidence. SELF-STORAGE FACILITY seeking parttime Employee. Must be responsible for renting units and computer Literate and people friendly. Hours will vary Monday thru Friday. Saturdays are mandatory from 9-5:30 p.m. If interested please send resume to: PO Box 1897 Unit 298, Roswell, NM 88202 ALL ABOUT SPAS is accepting applications for a Sales Associate. We are looking for responsible individual who is seeking long term employment. Join our team, selling quality hot tubs, pool tables and Tempur-pedic mattresses. Great earning potential with opportunity for advancement. Must be able to pass drug screening & background check. Inquire at All About Spas, 3700 N. Main St., Roswell. WAREHOUSE/DELIVERY Local chemical company looking for individual to assist in manufacturing, warehouse, delivery of our products. Prior experience in manufacturing, warehousing, and delivery. Excellent Computer skills MS office, SAP Commercial driving experience, Class A with Hazardous Endorsement, Clean driving record. Send Resume and DMV printout to: Human Resources PO Box 1454 Roswell, NM 88202-1454

Or Fax Resume and DMV printout to: Human Resources 575-347-2319

3 LINES OR LESS . . . ONLY $ 68 9 NO REFUNDS • Published 6 Consecutive Days

• Ads posted online at no extra cost

(includes tax)




SEND TO: Roswell Daily Record, Classified Department, P.O. Box 1897, Roswell, N.M. 88202 WE ACCEPT: 

EXPIRES ________

Card # __________________ 3 Digit # (ON BACK OF CARD)________ NAME ____________________________________________ ADDRESS _________________________________________ PHONE ___________________________________________

WORD AD DEADLINE To Place or Cancel an Ad

COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NOON SATURDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .FRIDAY, 2:00 PM SUNDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .FRIDAY, 2:00 PM TUESDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MONDAY, 2:00 PM WEDNESDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TUESDAY, 2:00 PM THURSDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .WEDNESDAY, 2:00 PM FRIDAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .THURSDAY, 2:00 PM POLICY FOR CLASSIFIED ADTAKING

Personal Advertising totaling less than $20 will not be billed on an open account, unless the advertiser already has a history of good credit with us. Visa, Master Card & Discover are accepted as prepayment. There will be no refunds or credit on prepaid cancellations. All individuals who are not in our retail trade zone must prepay their advertising. All new commercial accounts must have a standard application for credit on file. If we do not have an approved credit application on file, the advertising must be charged on a credit card until credit is approved. CORRECTING AN ERROR — You are responsible for checking your ad the first day it appears in the paper. In the event of an error, call the Classified Department immediately for correction. THE ROSWELL DAILY RECORD WILL ONLY ALLOW ONE ADDITIONAL DAY FOR INCORRECT INSERTIONS.


NOON - Two Days Prior To Publication. OPEN RATE $10.18 PCI NATIONAL RATE $11.26 PCI. _________________________________________ Contract Rates Available _________________________________________


11:00 AM Two Days Prior To Publication. _________________________________________ CONFIDENTIAL REPLY BOXES Replies Mailed $6.00 - Picked Up $3.50

Add 12 word count to word ad for approved addressing directions.

NEED EXPERIENCED bartender for part time/relief work. Must have or obtain servers license. Apply at the Eagles, 3201 S. Sunset. REQUISITION# 104423

PRODUCTION WORKERS -Production workers needed. Must be able to pass drug test. Apply at AmeriPride Linen between 8:00am and 11:am 03/27/12 to 04/04/12 at 515 N Virginia, Roswell NM 88201. Competitive salary and benefits. This is for full time and part time employees No phone calls will be accepted. AA/EEO EMPLOYER M/F/D/V

Counselor/Therapist needed for the Roswell location. Full time salary position. Must be licensed by the State of NM. Requirements and duties will be discussed at the time of interview. Please submit resume to mlopez@

SEEKING OFFICE person, 1pos. open. Apply in person 1015 S. Main, GED or diploma required. No Phone Calls Please. CANDLEWOOD SUITES Full time Houseman/Maintenance. Some holidays & weekends required. Some experience preferred. Apply in person at 4 Military Heights Dr. NOW ACCEPTING applications for housekeeping and front desk at the Roadway Inn located at 2803 W. 2nd St. No phone calls please. Apply in person.

045. Employment Opportunities

APPLIANCE SERVICE Technician needed for Roswell’s busiest appliance store and service department. Applicant must have some experience with repair of home appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwasher and ranges. No refrigeration experience required, but must be willing to learn. Applicant must have good communication skills in order to provide good customer service. The applicant must be able to pass a background test and drug screening. Drop off your resume tat Bush Appliance & TV, 111 W. Country Club Rd. in Roswell. CABINET SHOP looking for someone with a background in cabinet installation and trainable in fabrication of laminate and solid surface counter tops. Applicant must have a good working knowledge of shop tools such as routers, table saws and other equipment used in woodworking. It is a must that you can pass a drug test and have a good driving record. Stop by Bush Woodworks & Appliance at 111 W. Country Club in Roswell to fill out your application. BEGIN A rewarding career as a Comfort Keeper. We are currently looking for people to provide in-home, non-medical, homemaker/ personal care services for our clients. Varied shifts are available. Stop by our office at 1410 South Main to complete an application. Mi Via Lead Consultant Roswell

We have an opening for a people-oriented, self-starter to provide support services to individuals in the Mi Via self directed waiver program living in communities in the Roswell area. As a consultant services provider, our goal is to provide the most prompt, respectful and professional services possible. The Mi Via Lead Consultant will assist participants with developing service and support plans for Mi Via authorized services and support on-going activity. Requires ability to network and build collaborative relationships. You must be a computerliterate, detail-oriented, multi-tasker with strong interpersonal and teamwork skills. Some in-state travel is required.

"6+ years experience serving individuals with disabilities, Baccalaurate level degree in related field may offset requirement for experience." Bilingual is highly preferred.

Great opportunity for career advancement with a competitive salary. For starters: fax your resume to 1-505-883-0761, attention Sandra Woodward, or email your resume to sandraw@ Equal Opportunity Employer / Drug-Free Workplace

SOLITAIRE HOMES of Roswell is offering a position in Administrative Assistant. Applications are being accepted in person. No phone calls please. 4001 W. Second St. Roswell, NM 88201.

Accounts Receivable Clerk position available. Applicant must have a background of accounts receivable and of general bookkeeping procedures. Position requires daily bank deposits, reconciliation of accounts, customer invoices and processing of incoming payments. Applicant must have good basic computer skills and be able to learn the accounts receivable program. It is a must that the applicant be able to backup the Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk and communicate effectively with them to cross train for that position in times of need. Please drop off your resume at Bush Appliance, 111 W. Country Club Rd. in Roswell.

Roswell Daily Record

045. Employment Opportunities

Dennis the Menace

100 PERCENT Guaranteed Omaha Steaks - SAVE 65 percent on the Family Value Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 FREE GIFTS & right-to-the-door delivery in a reusable cooler. ORDER TODAY at 1-877-291-6597 or family22, use code 45069TVP. ATTENTION JOINT & Muscle Pain Sufferers: Clinically proven all-natural supplement helps reduce pain and enhance mobility. Call 888-466-1077 to try Hydraflexin RISK-FREE for 90 days. AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Train for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified – Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-886-7324. EVER CONSIDER a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & Effective! Call Now for your FREE DVD! Call Now 877-841-2034 FOOD SERVICE AIDE – to perform routine food service work involving a variety of tasks, required to prepare and serve food, as well as the cleaning of equipment and the work areas. Primary function is to assist the cooks in the preparation of meals for students and staff. The Aide must have a moderate experience as a cook’s helper in an institutional setting or kitchen and must read and write English in order to read recipes, menus and simple calculations in order to read measures. The position offers full time benefits. Please submit a resume to Roswell Job Corps, 57 G Street, Roswell, NM 88203 or email to

Career Opportunities, Inc. is an EEO/AD/DV Employer.

DISH NETWORK. Starting at $19.99/month PLUS 30 Premium Movie Channels FREE for 3 Months! SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL 877-867-1441

Help needed: Office Manager for busy Automotive Accounting Office in Southeastern NM. Minimum 5 years experience in management auto business required. Reynolds computer knowledge a plus. E-mail resume to

or mail to PO Box 551, Artesia, NM 88211. EEOC

L&F DISTRIBUTORS Class A CDL Drivers For Roswell, NM Area Qualified applicant must have good driving record. Current commercial license preferable. Previous experience delivering product a plus. Good communication and customer service skills. Interested applicants apply at: L&F Distributors 2200 North Atkinson Roswell, NM 88201 575-622-0380 An Equal Opportunity Employer SEEKING OFFICE person, 1pos. open. Apply in person 1015 S. Main, GED or diploma required. No Phone Calls Please. 2&3BD, 1&2BA, pmt hist reqd, No Hud, No pets, appt M-Th 8a-4p 624-1331

FARMWORKER, 5/1/12-12/15/12, Ben & Donna Walter Farms. 20 temp jobs. Operate harvesting machines to harvest crops in OK/KS/CO/MT. Operate harvesting machines to harvest crops. Adjust speed of cutters, blowers, conveyors, and weight of cutting head, using hand tools. Change cutting head as appropriate for crop. Service machinery and make in-field repairs. Drive pick up to pull camper trailers. Valid Driver’s license, clean MVR, 3 mo exp req’d. $10/hr $2000/mo plus room/board, depending on location. 3/4 work guarantee, tools/equip/ housing provided, transportation & subsistence exp reimbursed. Apply at Workforce Solutions, 575-624-6040. Job#514417. GARDEN CREST is now hiring for a full time position of Tree Climber Trainee. Must have NM driver’s license. Call 624-1611.

ROSWELL INN Growth requires Operations Manager. We are seeking a strong people person with communication skills a must. Live on-site with compensation based on your abilities. As we grow so does your pay program. Apply in person at 2803 W. 2nd St. ready to go to work. NO PHONE CALLS.


105. Childcare

NEED CHILD care? Find the widest range of available childcare for your children and their needs. 1-800-691-9067 or www.newmexic You may also call us; Family Resource & Referral 622-9000 and we can help you navigate the system.

125. Carpet Cleaning

R.B. Carpet Cleaning. Home and Commercial. Free Estimates. Cell 910-0685 or 910-1300

140. Cleaning

JD CLEANING Service, Licensed and bonded. References. 623-4252 B & L’s Hauling and Cleaning Services. We are fast and affordable, call us today 575-626-9343 SUPERIOR SERVICES, parking lot & tree services. 575-420-1873 SUNSHINE WINDOW Service Free estimates. 575-626-5153 or 626-5458 SPRING CLEANING Special 10% discount lisc; bonded; ins free est. 575-622-3314

150. Concrete

Running Bear Concrete Construction Foundations, patios, driveways & curbing, 317-6058

185. Electrical

BIG HORN Electric Professional work, affordable price. 575-317-8345 NM Lic#367662. ELECTRICAL SERVICES Any size electrical job. Lic#367386. 575-840-7937

195. Elderly Care

DEPENDABLE PRIVATE Caregiver to the rescue, yrs. of exp. Tina 420-8877

200. Fencing

M.G. HORIZONS free estimates for installation. Chainlink, wood, metal & block. 575-623-1991

210. Firewood/Coal

ELM $205 - cord delivered. Fir - $225 - cord delivered. Pecan $330 - cord delivered. You pick up or half cords available. Call 575-420-9751 or 575-420-8447. Graves Farm, 622-1889.

225. General Construction

General contractor builds, remodeling/roofing 30yrs exp. guaranteed 317-2510 Handyman: Free estimates, complete remodeling including plumbing, additions, tile, roof, stucco, windows & dorrs. Guaranteed Work. 910-7035 Miguel. Renovation projects? Need help? No job too big/small. 25 yrs. exp. Qualified in framing, trim carpentry, on-site custom cabinets, painting, sheet rock, drywall, doors, & windows. FREE est. Call Jerry Martin at 910-6898 or 622-8682 Leave Message.

230. General Repair

CARPENTRY, DRY wall, painting & concrete. We guarantee. 626-2050 I DO small concrete jobs as in sidewalks & driveways. Also tile & painting. 420-9986 IT’S SPRING Time! D&B Property Maintenance is your repair specialist for all of your home repairs or upgrades. Free estimates. Call 623-8922. “No job too small, one call does it all” Milligan Contracting for all your home improvements call Geary at 575-578-9353 look for me on Angie’s list.

235. Hauling

PROPERTY CLEANUPS Tear down old bldgs, barns, haul trash, old farm equip. 347-0142/317-7738

270. Landscape/ Lawnwork

Spring Clean-up rake leaves, tree trimming, weed eating, haul trash, property clean-up & much more. Call Joseph, 317-2242.

270. Landscape/ Lawnwork

GARCIA’S LAWN Mowing, Trimming, Sprinkler Repairs, Trash, much more. Call 575-914-0803. Lawn mowing, trimming, cutting down trees etc. 626-8587 or 910-2033 WE WORK Cut Lawns Lots - Trees - Haul & rototilling. Will 317-7402 Basic Lawn service, property clean-up and much, more Danny 575-420-4385 or 623-1773. Mow lawns, pickup trash and all types of unwanted metal. 575-308-1227 CLEAN, MOW & other necessary work prices will vary based on job 914-2033 Yard Srvc. odd jobs gen. yard work weeding, mowing etc. 910-2486/578-8705 WW LAWN Service Property cleanup - Lawn & field mowing - Shrub & hedge trimming - Rock installation & much more. Call Juan, 626-6121. LANDSCAPING, ROCK & gravel. Specializing in sprinklers, fencing, odd jobs. Gonzales Enterprises, 317-8053. Lawn, trim bushes, alley cleaning, pull weeds, tree pruning, rototilling, haul & odd jobs. 840-7930 Mow Grass, Trim Bushes, Clean Ups, Hauling Trash Leaf Raking, flower beds, tree pruning, rock yards & rototilling. Repair sprinklers & fences. 347-8156 or 347-8157, Pedro LAWN CLEANING & basic cleanup. 910-1300 or 910-0685

285. Miscellaneous Services

ATTENTION SLEEP APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get FREE CPAP Replacement Supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 866-938-5101. ATTENTION DIABETICS with Medicare. Get a FREE talking meter and diabetic testing supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, this meter eliminates painful finger pricking! Call 866-406-2158 THE NEW MEXICO SEED LOAN PROGRAM is available to small businesses owned by individuals with disabilities and provides low interest loans for the purchase of equipment and related supplies needed to expand or start a business. Contact the New Mexico Seed Loan Program at 1-855-891-8295 or for more information. A low interest loan program of DVR State of New Mexico.

310. Painting/ Decorating

Quality Painting! Affordable prices, Sr. Discounts. Mike 622-0072 TIME TO PAINT? Quality int./ext. painting at affordable prices. Call 637-9108.

316. Pet Services

Groomer pick-up & take home 16yrs exp. Groom S-M-L dog. 317-3269

332. Pool Services

Need pool service? D&B Property maintenance is your certified pool operator specialist. Weekly, bi-weekly & monthly pool service available. Free Estimates. Call 623-8922.

345. Remodeling

BERRONES CONSTRUCTION. Remodeling, painting, ceramic tile, sheds, additions, fencing. Licensed, Bonded. Ray: 625-9924 / 626-4153. NO JOB too small, repair, remodeling, etc. Reasonable rates, quality work. Licensed and bonded. 5-C Const., Inc. 626-4079 or 622-2552.

Roswell Daily Record 350. Roofing

Guaranteed Shingle Roof jobs. Locally owned. Licensed and bonded. 5-C Const. 626-4079 or 622-2552. GUTTERS For All Your Rain Gutter Needs! Call WH Seamless Aluminum Gutter Systems, LLC. Locally owned. Free estimates. 575-626-0229.

393. Storage Sheds

490. Homes For Sale BEAUTIFUL 3BR, 2 bath NE Roswell updated appliances, mature landscape. Sprinkler system front/back 514 Sunrise Rd. 626-9607 4/3/2, 20X20 shop, 2776 sqft, $300k. Call for appointment, 575-910-9691.

492. Homes for Sale/Rent

Starting at $45/mo 4718 W. 2nd at Brown Rd. 420-1274 or 637-4972

400. Tax Service

Anaya Gross Receipts Consulting & Tax Service. For all of your tax needs personal, business, e-file. Compare our prices. Habla Espanol 575-623-1513 508 W. 2nd St.

410. Tree Service

STUMP GRINDING. Big Stumps & back yard stumps. Tree and shrub work. Free estimates. 623-4185 SUPERIOR SERVICES, parking lot & tree services. 575-420-1873 Allen’s Tree Srvc. Trim top removal, good clean up. Free estimates. 626-1835



490. Homes For Sale CHEAPER THAN rent Townhouse, 1400 sqft, 2br/2ba, laundry room/ study, new roof, cedar fence, stucco, porch, tile & carpet. Refinished kitchen, bath cabinets & new paint throughout, w/d. Large corner lot. $98,600. Call 575-491-4235 3BR 1BA 1 car garage, fenced yard, 81 Lighthall, $75k possible owner finance w/down payment. 627-9942 FSBO BEAUTIFUL NW all brick 3/2.5/2 2486 sq ft. Large eat-in kitchen with granite countertops, new tile floors & light fixtures, Dining room, gorgeous spacious yard, quiet cul-de-sac. Walking distance to shopping. $260,000.00 Call Kim 575-626-5353 FSBO: 4/2/2, large kitchen, great neighborhood. 2 Isla Ct. No Owner Financing call-317-8131 NORTH WIND Loop, 4br/2ba, 2515 sf, granite in kitchen, $249k, 317-3703. 3107 Futura, 3 bed 1 3/4 ba. 2 car garage. Ex. cond. w/lots of updates 622-7703 Enchanted Hills, 3/3, 2 Sep. Liv. Areas 40k Remodel 2307 sq ft. Lge. FPW/G 902 Mason Price Reduced $199,900. 208-0525 FSBO: $95k, 4br/2ba 2000 sqft w/upstairs br & balcony, 323 E Hervey. 626-9593 4Bd 1Ba, well & city wtr, fncd yrd, new carpet, drs & paint, M-Th 624-1331 4BR/2.5BA plus bonus room, owner financing, large dining & family rooms, new carpet, paint, flooring & more. $7k down, approx. $525 per month plus T&I, 504 W. McGaffey, 910-1050

520. Lots for Sale

Mobile Home Lots for sale: Lot size 60x134 $18,000. Owner financing w/ $4000 down. 50 lots to choose from. On Washington & Brasher. We Take Visa and Mastercard! 420-1352.


535. Apartments Furnished

NMMI AREA, 1br duplex, no smokers, no pets, $550/mo includes utilities, $300/dep, 623-4589.


495. Acreages/ Farms/ Ranches/Sale

Do You Own Water Rights? We Buy, Sell, Lease, and Research Water Rights. Lea, Eddy, and Roosevelt Counties. Call WaterBank 505-843-7643 20 ACRES WITH WATER! Near Ruidoso $34,900. New to market, municipal water, maintained roads and electric. Won’t last at this price! Call NMRS 866-906-2857.

505. Investment/ Commercial/ Business Property

Main & Poe, 4600 sf $60sf, busy crnr, lrg prkg lot, kit equip, M-Th 624-1331

510. Resort-Out of Town ADVERTISE YOUR VACATION PROPERTY, to more than 284,000 New Mexico newspaper readers. Your 25-word classified ad will appear in 32 newspapers around the state for only $100. Call this newspaper for more details or visit for more details.

515. Mobile Homes - Sale 2BR/2BA in nice adult park, $25k. 622-6786

‘04 Solitaire, 18x80, 3br/2ba, walk-in closet, garden tub , shower, refrig, DW, range, W/D, covered deck & parking, 420-1824. FOR SALE by owner a doublewide 3 br, 2 bath, includes lot. $60k 10% down payment. For more info call 575-840-8424 or 622-6203 2002 FLEETWOOD, double carport, 2 storage buildings, 1000 E. College #38. 622-7703 VERY NICE 14x72 Lancer Mobile Home, 2br/2ba, exc. cond., furniture avail. if wanted, must be moved, 575-622-2400.

520. Lots for Sale

PREMIUM 5 acre tracts, good covenants (no mobile homes), Pecan land West on Brown Rd between Country Club & Berrendo. Owner will finance with 10% down. 622-3479, 624-9607, 626-6790, 626-6791, 626-3848.

1&2Bd, util pd, pmt hist reqd, No Hud, No pets, appt M-Th 8a-4p 624-1331

540. Apartments Unfurnished

VALLE ENCANTADA YOUR BEST $ RENTAL VALUE! LARGE 1,2,3 BEDROOMS. FREE UTILITIES. unfurnished, laundry room, playground, pool, ample parking. 2001 South Sunset. 623-3722. Town Plaza Apartments New Owners, friendly new managers. New Renovated EXTRA LARGE 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Each 2 & 3 bedroom is multi level, upstairs & downstairs w/ large closets, stove & refrigerator, private patios, and private parking. Complex has a pool, laundry room, and a quiet garden setting environment. Friendly managers on-site. Senior HUD WELCOME. Good credit? Pay less rent! 575-623-2735. 1st MONTH FREE All Bills Paid, Free Cable, 1BR $530 2BR $630, 3br/2ba $730 mo., ref air, newly remodeled. 502 S. Wyoming. 622-4944 EFFICIENCY 1 br, wtr paid, No pets, laundry fac, stove/ref. Mirador Apts, 700 N. Missouri. 627-8348. EFFICIENCY 2 BR, downtown, clean, water paid. Stove & frig. No Pets/HUD Call 623-8377 PICK UP A LIST OF AVAILABLE RENTALS AT PRUDENTIAL ENCHANTED LANDS, REALTORS, 501 NORTH MAIN. 1 or 2bd, furnished-unfurnished, no smoking/Hudpets all bills pd. 623-6281 1 AND 2 bedroom Unfurnished Apts - Call Ron 575-694-8077 302 W. Mescalero, 2/1, $600/mo, $400/dep, no hud/pets, wtr pd. 910-1300 1&2Bd, wtr pd, pmt hist reqd, No Hud, No pets, appt M-Th 8a-4p 624-1331 ROSWELL 2 br apartment $600/mo, wtr pd, fridge, w/d hookups, stove 1700 N Pontiac Dr. 626-864-3461

545. Houses for Rent-Furnished

FLETC Homes for rent. Long & short term rentals. 5 minutes from FLETC. Brand new & beautiful! Visit our website: or Call 420-0519. NW ROSWELL all new 2br furnished townhome, 2 car garage, FLETC ready. 575-420-0519 Townhouse furnished, 2br/2ba, 1car garage, fireplace, ref air, washer & dryer, secluded area close to Roswell Regional and ENMMC 575-910-1605 2BD 2BA, shrt term, $500 wkly, util pd, No Pets, appt M-Th 8a-4p 624-1331


550. Houses for RentUnfurnished

TIRED OF Landlord Headaches? We can help! Prudential Enchanted Lands Realtors Property Management 575-624-2262 4br/2ba laundry rm, storage, $850/mo, $500/dep, 3200 Radcliffe, 317-7760. 3BR, 2br & 1br, $600 + $250, will sell w/$5k dn, Al 575-703-0420. 3 BDRM, 2BA, 408 S. Cypress. $800m. $500 dep. No pets/HUD. 626-3816 NICE 3BR/2BA, Enchanted Hills, loft overlooking lvng rm w/FP, sprinklers front & back, $1200/mo, $1200/dep, 622-4722 or 575-937-1183. 3br/2.5ba, 319 Broken Arrow, $900/mo, $900/dep, avail. now, 432-260-3192 114 W. Oliver St. 3br/2ba, $950/mo. $950/dep. newly remodeled, new appliances,Granite counter tops, ref. air, sky lights. No smoking/pets! Leroy (702)232-7578 1008 W. 1st, small 2br. Please call 575-317-9647 between 1pm-6pm to view. 2BR 73 Brewer Place $500 mo $300 dep. 578-8198 Very nice clean 4 br good safe neighborhood avail. 4/11 420-8706, 623-8353 Available April 1st. 2 large bedrooms, 1.5ba, large eat-in kitchen, living room w/dining area & FP, hardwood floors, 1 car garage, fenced yard w/sprinklers, $750/mo, drive by 1011 N. Kentucky. If interested call 575-653-4654 or 575-973-1332. 2&3Ba, 1&2Ba, pmt hist reqd, No Hud, No pets, appt M-Th 8a-4p 624-1331 LOOKING FOR a place to rent? Let us help you!! Prudential Enchanted Lands Realtors, 501 N. Main. (575) 624-2262 Stop by to pick up a list of our available rentals or check them out online at! FOR RENT In NE. 1104 Kachina Dr. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage with sun-room. No pets $1300, $1000 deposit. Call 575-317-1605. NICE 2BR/2BA, AC, w/d, furnished, good area, water & lawn cutting provided, NO PETS, no smoking, $850/mo, dep. required. 210-386-0373 Mary 3BD/1BA, family room $800/mo, $500/dep, contact 420-6396 AVAILABLE MAY 1st, 3br/2ba, 3105 S. Wyoming, $950/mo, $950/dep, non-smokers, no pets, no HUD. 575-578-0772 FOR rent or sale: 3br/1ba, remodel home. Call 910-0756 for more info.

555. Mobile Homes for Rent RENT TO own- 3br 2b. Small down payment and space rent under $500 monthly. 1137 McCall Loop #153. 624-2436

570. Mobile Home Courts

SOUTH FORK. A 55 & above community w/large quiet and attractive lots for people that care. 624-1742 500 W Brasher Rd.

580. Office or Business Places

Professional office 4 rent, 111 S. Kentucky @ Walnut St.,150 or 185sq. 623-8331 Office space: newly remodeled, 750 sf $800, 350sf $400 all bills paid 622-2564 FOR LEASE - Space in Sunwest Centre aka the Bank of America Building. Various size spaces available. Owner-paid utilities and janitorial. Suite customization available. Call Ed McClelland, Broker or come by Suite 606. Office 623-1652 or mobile 420-2546. BUILDING FOR rent or lease divided in three parts:1st& 2nd 4000sq.ft. 3rd 10000sq.ft 507 E 2nd owner will remodel to suit tenant ready to move in completely remolded Will lease part or all sections. 575-622-4596 or 575-420-6270 ask for Dean FOR RENT: 2000 sqft building w/office & warehouse, etc, etc. Avail. 4/15/12, $595/mo, call 626-4685 for info. STORES, OFFICES and warehouse for rent. Reasonable rent, 1723 SE Main. 626-3738

103 N. Pennsylvania, 1500 sqft, break room, 3 nice offices, ref air, $550/mo, avail. 3/1. Owner maintains yard. 317-6479 OFFICE OR Retail space for Rent. Prime downtown area. Please call 622-8711. 6 ROOM OFFICE or, level entry,plenty parking, North area,newly remolded,$550 monthly,plus Utilities, 420-2100 Steve 2108 S. Main, storefront, 1200sf, $500/$500dep. Call Don or Barbara 627-9942 30x75 business front office w/shop; 25x50 business front office w/shop. Call for appointment 627-0814.


605. Miscellaneous for Sale

NEED FURNITURE? Shop Blair’s Trading Post for the best prices in town for your household items. We buy & sell furniture, appliances, home decor, collectibles, electronics, saddles, jewelry, tools, fishing & camping items, movies plus everything else from A-Z. Including many hard to find items. Serving Roswell for 40 years. Open daily 9-5. Accept Visa & MC. 5611 Hummingbird Ln. 627-2033 FAST TREES Grow 6-10 ft yearly $13.95 +. or 800-615-3405

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

605. Miscellaneous for Sale SHOP SMITH Mark 5, looks new, $1250. Call 623-7716.

SAMSUNG STEAM w/d $900 each, top of the line, includes pedestals; Mitsubishi 65” screen, 1080 dpi, internet ready, 3D, surround sound, includes stand, $1200; Frigidair professional upright series freezer $500; handmade bookshelves, 3 lrg, $300-$500; massage recliner, $200. 622-1323

615. Coins, Gold, Silver, Buy, Sell, Trade

U.S. & FOREIGN coins and currency, buy, sell or trade, gold and silver coins. 622-7239, 2513 W. 2nd

620. Wanted to Buy Miscellaneous

PAY CASH for household items, furniture, appliances, antiques, collectibles, tools, saddles. Entire households & estates welcome. Call 627-2033 or 623-6608.

630. Auction Sales

AUCTION SAT. 9 AM APRIL 7, 1357 HYDE AV, TorC, NM SIERRA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS. BOATS, QUADS, GUNS, FISHING EQUIPMENT, TOOLS RV’S. Claud McMillen Auciton Co. Ph 1-888-763-9838 We will accept consignments for this auction.

PS2 $35; Leapster learning game $30. 627-0830 THE TREASURE Chest. Roseville, Weller, Hull, McCoy, Rare Tiffin, depression & carnival glass, china cabinets, Kimbel Piano, thrifts, toys. Wed-Sat, 10-5, 1204 W. Hobbs, 914-1855. 1991 6CL Nissan, 4 wheel dr, king cab $1800; 1980 GT Yamaha, $400. 420-2737

PUPPY LOVE Grooming Large Dogs Welcome, Cats also - 575-420-6655 5 beautiful Golden Retrievers for sale. Males $550, females $600. For more info call Cynthia 420-1150. CKC COCKER Spaniel female, needs to be an only dog free to good home. Red & white party. Call 910-5254 or 910-1287 AKC GREAT Dane pups Health tested parents, Champion lines $800. Please call Joy or John 910-5254 or 910-1287

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies. Highly intelligent, great disposition breed, $300-$400. 575-317-1237

K-9 German Shepard pups 3F, 2M, 6 wks old $350 for more info 623-3258 FINCHES $20; Bantam & Fancy chickens $10 & up, rabbits $15, pigeins $5. 575-734-0114

RECREATIONAL 765. Guns & Ammunition

RICK’S FIREARMS now open 500 S. Sunset in Roswell. New Mexico concealed handgun course now being scheduled in Roswell. Call 622-4989

770. Boats and Accessories

640. Household Goods

16FT ARROW Glass boat, 50 horse mercury motor & trailer, $375 obo. Historical Musuem, 200 N. Lea, 622-8333.

650. Washers & Dryers

2007 KAWASAKI Vulcan Classic 900. Green candy paint job w/ghost patterns, custom seats, pipes n tires + lots of extras, bags & windshield, 6700 miles, $8000. 575-420-3946

Children’s loftbed set. Set includes 2 twin bed frames, bookcase, desk, ladder; also has separate night stand, bookshelf & double dresser w/mirror, whitewash finish, $380. 622-0243

BOSCH FRONTLOADER washer & dryer, 2.5 yrs old, works great, $750 for pair w/pedestals, 626-8044.

700. Building Materials

Steel Buildings 18x26-$2850 20x31-$3620 24x31-$4560 30x41-$8345 420-1274 or 637-4972

720. Livestock & Supplies

2 MINIATURE donkeys, 1 3yr old female, 1 4yr old cut male, $250 ea, 627-6337 or 626-6851.

745. Pets for Sale

775. Motorcycles & Scooters

‘09 H-D Softail custom, 1500 miles, $13,500 OBO. 420-5153

2009 SUZUKI LT-R450/Z Quad special edition, low riding time, new tires, great condition, every scheduled maintenance up to date, $6500 obo. 575-420-0431

2002 HONDA gold wing 1800 beautiful yellow only 30k mi. 1997 Harley Davidson FXDWG (dyna wide glide) loaded, new motor. Call Segundo 420-8707 2005 SUZUKI V-Strom 650cc extras, only 3300 miles, must see like new. Call Segundo 420-8707

Power wheelchair, hospital bed, walker, lift chair, commode chair. 622-7638 Top Quality reconditioned appliances on sale. Many like new less than half the price! Washers, dryers $75 & up. Refrigerators, stoves from $100. Excellent selection, Camper’s Appliances, 300 E. McGaffey 623-0397. Everything guaranteed!

745. Pets for Sale


FREE TO good home must have new home by end of March, 7yr old pair of cats fully de-clawed, spayed & nuetered, need to be indoors. If interested please call Connie 626-9155 or Dave 626-5837. SELLING BOSTON Terrier pups. 1M, 1F, ready in 3 wks. If interested, please call 575-623-7985 or 575-937-1351.

‘96 HARLEY Davidson, 883 pumped to 1200, new tank & carb-tune-up, $4000 offer. Ron, 734-0114.

2009 MOTOR scooter, runs great, $600, 575-208-0795.

780. RV’s & Campers Hauling

MAIN TRAILER Sales Inc. New & Used Travel Trailers & 5th Wheels. Parts & Service. 2900 W. 2nd St. 575-622-1751. Mon-Fri, 8-5:30, Sat. 9-2. 2004 FLEETWOOD Pride triple slides, 5th wheel, 1 owner, under cover, very clean, easy to live in, $25,900. 575-622-0655 or cell, 575-637-8403.


780. RV’s & Campers Hauling

6’X11’ Trailer w/side boards single axel good cond. $650 obo. 578-1216

TRANSPORTATION 790. Autos for Sale


Police special ‘97 Ford Crown Vic. 318, excellent, $2200. Al 575-703-0420 2004 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED, AUTOMATIC, 8 Cylinder, leather interior, black exterior, tan interior, 17” chrome wheels, power locks & windows & driver’s seat, heated seats, sunroof, CD player, anti-theft system & keyless entry. Great condition, high mileage, $6700 OBO, Call 575-317-3092 (cell) or 575-625-9500 (office). 1991 BUICK Park Ave Luxury, excellent condition inside/out, new tires, well maintained mechanically, $2800 obo. Must sale. 623-0804

1992 Mercedes 500SL conv. 120k mi beautiful white Palomino int. $8490. 1991 GMC customized van great cond. $3500 obo low miles. Segundo 420-8707 2004 350Z convertible silver w/black top 25.75K miles 18” wheels. $17,500. Call 420-2456.

1992 PONTIAC Bonneville, 4 door, $1000 firm. 317-2332. Tired of the Hassle in trading or selling your car or truck? Economy Motors will either purchase your vehicle or consign it for sale at No Cost To You!! Call or come by for details. Economy Motors 2506 N. Main Roswell, NM 88201 625-2440. * 16 yrs in business * * Family owned & operated * * Licensed, Bonded & Insured *

795. Pickups/ Trucks/Vans

2002 FORD Van E150, $4200, 1401 Old Dexter Hwy. 626-7488 1997 FORD Van E150, $1850, 1401 Old Dexter Hwy. 626-7488.

‘84 DODGE van, runs nice, plenty of seating for $700 obo. 578-9742 lv msg

796. SUVS

2005 FORD Explorer XLT 4x4, 3rd seat, excellent condition, clean inside & out, $6950. 420-1352 2005 CHEVY Trail Blazer, excellent condition, $6850, 1401 Old Dexter Hwy. 420-1352 or 626-7488

2001 FORD Expedition, excellent condition, $5600, Old Dexter Hwy. 420-1352 or 626-7488 2001 FORD Explorer XLT, excellent condition, $3650, 420-1352 or 626-7488

B6 Tuesday, April 3, 2012



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22.30 +.30 HeclaM .05f 4.73 +.11 CNO Fincl ... 7.95 +.17 HelmPayne .28 54.96 +1.01 ... 15.27 +.23 CSX s .48 22.12 +.60 Hertz .40 59.55 +.60 CVS Care .65 45.07 +.27 Hess CYS Invest2.00 13.29 +.20 HewlettP .48 23.88 +.05 CblvsNY s .60 14.63 -.05 HollyFrt s .40a 32.24 +.09 CabotOG s .08f 32.04 +.87 HomeDp 1.16 49.99 -.32 Calpine ... 17.14 -.07 HonwllIntl 1.49 61.12 +.07 Cameco g .40 21.55 +.06 HostHotls .24f 16.54 +.12 Cameron ... 53.05 +.22 HovnanE ... 2.42 -.03 CampSp 1.16 33.83 -.02 Huntsmn .40 14.99 +.98 CdnNRs gs .42f 34.02 +.84 ICICI Bk .63e 35.80 +.93 ... 8.41 +.09 CapOne .20 56.36 +.62 ING ... 16.34 +.07 CapitlSrce .04 6.66 +.06 iShGold CardnlHlth .86 42.76 -.35 iSAstla 1.09e 23.63 +.12 CareFusion ... 26.33 +.40 iShBraz 1.50e 65.38 +.72 CarMax ... 34.50 -.15 iShGer .67e 23.63 +.35 Carnival 1.00 31.69 -.39 iSh HK .41e 17.62 +.18 Caterpillar 1.84 107.25 +.73 iShJapn .20e 10.19 +.01 Cemex .32t 7.80 +.04 iSMalas .60e 14.83 +.23 Cemig pf 1.78e 24.67 +.89 iShMex .78e 63.62 +1.10 CenterPnt .81f 19.87 +.15 iShSing .47e 13.00 +.11 CntryLink 2.90 38.73 +.08 iSTaiwn .47e 13.35 -.07 ... 32.05 +.67 ChesEng .35 23.31 +.14 iShSilver Chevron 3.24 108.30 +1.09 iShChina25.77e 37.09 +.43 Chicos .21f 15.15 +.05 iSSP500 2.63eu142.32+1.11 Chimera .48e 2.81 -.02 iShBAgB 3.33e 109.62 +.01 Cigna .04 49.43 +.18 iShEMkts .81e 43.55 +.60 Citigrp rs .04 36.87 +.32 iShiBxB 4.87e 115.53 +.30 CliffsNRs 2.50f 70.88 +1.62 iShEMBd 5.47e 112.74 +.48 CobaltIEn ... 30.00 -.03 iShB20 T 3.77e 112.53 +.62 CocaCola 2.04f 74.14 +.13 iS Eafe 1.71e 55.53 +.64 CocaCE .64f 28.92 +.32 iSSPMid 1.16e 99.72 +.50 ColgPal 2.48f u98.44 +.66 iShiBxHYB6.94e 90.33 +.16 Comerica .40 32.29 -.07 iSR1KG .81e u66.66 +.58 CmtyHlt ... 23.16 +.92 iSR2KV 1.38e 73.95 +.98 ComstkRs ... 16.33 +.50 iSR2KG .68e 96.41 +1.03 ConAgra .96 26.55 +.29 iShR2K 1.10e 83.83 +1.02 ConocPhil 2.64 76.87 +.86 iShREst 2.20e 62.70 +.40 1.44 57.17 +.05 ConsolEngy.50f 34.86 +.76 ITW ConstellA ... u23.95 +.36 IngerRd .64f 41.67 +.32 3.00u209.47 +.82 Corning .30 13.90 -.18 IBM CoventryH .50 35.00 -.57 IntlGame .24 17.16 +.37 1.05 35.17 +.07 Covidien .90 54.73 +.28 IntPap CSVS2xVxS ... 7.04 -.19 Interpublic .24 11.16 -.25 InvenSen n ... 18.93 +.83 CSVelIVSt s ... 12.29 +.02 .49 26.77 +.10 CrwnCstle ... 53.37 +.03 Invesco Cummins 1.60 121.71 +1.67 ItauUnibH .84e 19.35 +.17 IvanhM g ... 15.76 +.02 D-E-F J-K-L DCT Indl .28 u5.96 +.06 DDR Corp .48f 14.71 +.11 JPMorgCh1.20f 46.13 +.15 .32 25.41 +.29 DR Horton .15 15.02 -.15 Jabil DanaHldg .20 16.32 +.82 JanusCap .20 9.08 +.17 Danaher .10 u56.07 +.07 Jefferies .30 19.05 +.21 Darden 1.72 51.26 +.10 JohnJn 2.28 66.21 +.25 DeanFds ... 12.10 -.01 JohnsnCtl .72 32.85 +.37 .70 75.35 +1.85 Deere 1.84f 82.19 +1.29 JoyGlbl DeltaAir ... 10.01 +.10 JnprNtwk ... 22.73 -.15 DenburyR ... 18.90 +.67 KB Home .25 8.77 -.13 .74e 15.01 +.18 DevonE .80 72.33 +1.21 KKR ... 15.73 +.28 DiamRk .32 10.57 +.28 KeyEngy Keycorp .12 8.48 -.02 DxFnBull rs ... 111.60 +2.45 DirSCBear ... 17.07 -.61 KimbClk 2.96f u74.57 +.68 .76 19.23 +.16 DirFnBear ... 20.21 -.44 Kimco DrxEnBear ... 9.45 -.30 Kinross g .16f 9.97 +.18 DirxSCBull ... 64.61 +2.21 KodiakO g ... 10.05 +.09 1.28f 51.50 +1.47 DirxEnBull ... 52.83 +1.51 Kohls 1.16 38.38 +.37 Discover .40 33.70 +.36 Kraft .46 24.39 +.16 Disney .60f 43.84 +.06 Kroger LSI Corp ... 8.78 +.10 DollarGen ... 46.76 +.56 DomRescs2.11f 51.50 +.29 LVSands 1.00 58.02 +.45 Name

Name Sell Chg Amer Beacon Insti: LgCapInst 21.46 +.18 Amer Beacon Inv: LgCap Inv 20.36 +.16 Amer Century Inv: EqInc 7.72 +.03 GrowthI 28.73 +.25 InfAdjBd 12.85 ... Ultra 26.75 +.27 American Funds A: AmcpA p 21.37 +.13 AMutlA p 27.75 +.13 BalA p 19.82 +.12 BondA p 12.66 +.02 CapIBA p 51.69 +.35 CapWGA p35.89 +.32 CapWA p 20.96 +.05 EupacA p 39.98 +.51 FdInvA p 39.70 +.34 GovtA p 14.36 +.02 GwthA p 33.18 +.26 HI TrA p 11.07 ... IncoA p 17.58 +.09 IntBdA p 13.65 +.01 IntlGrIncA p30.00 +.33 ICAA p 30.22 +.26 NEcoA p 27.91 +.17 N PerA p 30.16 +.41 NwWrldA 52.31 +.50 SmCpA p 39.11 +.32 TxExA p 12.71 ... WshA p 30.65 +.23 Artisan Funds: Intl 23.15 +.25 IntlVal r 28.17 +.25 MidCap 40.19 +.40 MidCapVal 21.69 +.14

Baron Funds: Growth 55.97 +.36 Bernstein Fds: IntDur 13.85 +.02 DivMu 14.76 ... TxMgdIntl 14.11 +.14 BlackRock A: EqtyDiv 19.75 +.15 GlAlA r 19.73 +.10 BlackRock B&C: GlAlC t 18.36 +.10 BlackRock Instl: EquityDv 19.80 +.15 GlbAlloc r 19.83 +.10 Calamos Funds: GrwthA p 54.70 +.58 Cohen & Steers: RltyShrs 67.21 +.39 Columbia Class A: Acorn t 30.98 +.24 DivrBd 5.09 ... TxEA p 13.88 ... Columbia Class Z: Acorn Z 32.08 +.25 AcornIntZ 39.79 +.31 LgCapGr 14.50 +.07 ValRestr 50.06 +.51 Credit Suisse Comm: ComRet t 8.37 +.11 DFA Funds: IntlCorEq n 10.52 +.09 USCorEq1 n12.22 +.10 USCorEq2 n12.02 +.10 DWS Invest S: MgdMuni S 9.29 -.01 Davis Funds A: NYVen A 36.60 +.34 Davis Funds Y: NYVenY 37.00 +.35

NEW YORK(AP) - Cattle/hogs futures on the Chicago Merchantile Exchange Friday: chg.

+.40 +.65 +.58 +.65 +.82 +.72 +.67 -1.00 -.75

+.70 +.30 -.05 +.02 +.65 -.05 -1.10


-.61 +.19 +.22 +.38 +.20 +.65 -.62 -.21 -.07 ... +.92

MBIA ... 10.09 +.29 MEMC ... 3.60 -.01 MFA Fncl .96m 7.34 +.11 MGIC ... 5.09 +.13 MGM Rsts ... 13.72 +.10 Macys .80f 40.24 +.51 MagHRes ... 6.71 +.30 Manitowoc .08 14.08 +.22 Manulife g .52 13.83 +.28 MarathnO s .68f 32.23 +.53 MarathP n 1.00 43.44 +.08 MktVGold .15e 50.39 +.85 MV OilSv s ... 40.90 +.28 MktVRus .58e 31.20 +.33 MktVJrGld1.59e 24.96 +.41 MarIntA .40 38.04 +.19 MarshM .88 32.85 +.06 Masco .30 13.22 -.15 McDrmInt ... 13.14 +.33 McDnlds 2.80 98.36 +.26 McMoRn ... 10.70 ... McEwenM ... 4.52 +.08 Mechel ... 9.51 +.53 Medtrnic .97 39.54 +.35 Merck 1.68 38.51 +.11 MetLife .74 38.00 +.65 MetroPCS ... 9.11 +.09 MobileTele1.06e 18.70 +.36 Molycorp ... 34.42 +.59 Monsanto 1.20 81.48 +1.72 MonstrWw ... 9.83 +.08 MorgStan .20 19.81 +.17 Mosaic .20 55.67 +.38 MotrlaMob ... 39.23 -.01 MuellerWat .07 3.54 +.21 NRG Egy ... d15.60 -.07 NV Energy .52 16.05 -.07 NYSE Eur 1.20 30.08 +.07 Nabors ... 17.60 +.11 NOilVarco .48 80.27 +.80 NY CmtyB 1.00 13.78 -.13 NY Times ... 6.77 -.02 Newcastle .80f 6.26 -.02 NewellRub .32 17.87 +.06 NewmtM 1.40 52.11 +.84 Nexen g .20 18.87 +.52 NextEraEn2.40f u61.83 +.75 NiSource .92 u24.48 +.13 NikeB 1.44 109.02 +.58 NobleCorp .54e 37.90 +.43 NokiaCp 1.26e 5.47 -.02 NorflkSo 1.88f 67.02 +1.19 NStarRlt .54f 5.51 +.10 Novartis 2.46e 56.30 +.89 NuSkin .80f 56.72 -1.19 Nucor 1.46 43.49 +.54 OcciPet 2.16f 97.48 +2.25 OfficeDpt ... 3.41 -.04 OldRepub .71f 10.64 +.09 Omncre .28f 35.43 -.14 Omnicom 1.20f 49.91 -.74 OpkoHlth ... 4.86 +.13 OwensCorn ... 35.04 -.99 OwensIll ... 23.37 +.03


PG&E Cp 1.82 43.49 +.08 PNC 1.40 u64.72 +.23 PPL Corp 1.44f 28.20 -.06 Pandora n ... 10.15 -.06 PatriotCoal ... 6.29 +.05 PeabdyE .34 29.41 +.45 Penney .80 35.75 +.32 PepcoHold 1.08 18.84 -.05 PepsiCo 2.06 66.74 +.39 PetrbrsA 1.23e 25.41 -.15 Petrobras 1.23e 26.61 +.05 Pfizer .88f 22.59 -.06 PhilipMor 3.08 u89.38 +.77 PioNtrl .08 112.10 +.51 PitnyBw 1.50f 17.74 +.16 Potash .56f 46.75 +1.06 ProLogis 1.12 36.25 +.23 ProShtS&P ... d35.47 -.29 PrUShS&P ... d14.86 -.23 ProUltQQQ ... 121.38 +2.43 PrUShQQQ ... 29.66 -.62 ProUltSP .27e u59.21 +.85 ProUShL20 ... 20.23 -.22 ProUSSP500 ... d8.86 -.20 PrUltSP500.03e 86.89 +2.10 PrUVxST rs ... 14.52 -.04 ProUSSilv ... 10.11 -.44 ProUltSlv s ... 56.78 +2.32 ProctGam 2.10 67.56 +.35 ProgsvCp .41e u23.30 +.12 ProUSR2K ... 28.91 -.71 Prudentl 1.45f 64.50 +1.11 PSEG 1.42f 30.62 +.01 PulteGrp ... 8.67 -.18 QEP Res .08 31.55 +1.05 QksilvRes ... 5.01 -.03 RadianGrp .01 4.35 ... RadioShk .50 6.30 +.08 Raytheon 2.00f 52.70 +.42 RedHat ... 60.80 +.91 RegalEnt .84 13.51 -.09 RegionsFn .04 6.58 -.01 Renren n ... 5.64 +.12 RepubSvc .88 30.88 +.32 ReynAmer 2.24 41.56 +.12 RioTinto 1.45e 57.25 +1.66 RiteAid ... 1.78 +.04 Roundys n ... u11.51 +.81 Rowan ... 33.03 +.10 RBSct prT ... 19.07 +.07 RoyDShllA 3.36 71.19 +1.06


SAIC .48 13.21 +.01 SpdrDJIA 3.51eu132.30 +.50 SpdrGold ... 162.94 +.82 SP Mid 1.65e 181.77 +1.06

Delaware Invest A: Diver Inc p 9.20 +.01 Dimensional Fds: EmMCrEq n20.00 +.16 EmMktV 30.26 +.25 IntSmVa n 15.91 +.06 LargeCo 11.19 +.08 USLgVa n 21.72 +.15 US Micro n 15.06 +.22 US Small n 23.38 +.27 US SmVa 26.60 +.34 IntlSmCo n 15.93 +.10 Fixd n 10.33 ... IntVa n 16.54 +.16 Glb5FxInc n11.08 +.01 2YGlFxd n 10.12 ... Dodge&Cox: Balanced 74.70 +.37 Income 13.57 +.01 IntlStk 33.38 +.42 Stock 115.34 +.71 DoubleLine Funds: TRBd I x 11.17 ... TRBd N px 11.16 ... Dreyfus: Aprec 44.96 +.46 Eaton Vance A: LgCpVal 19.02 +.15 Eaton Vance I: FltgRt 9.00 ... GblMacAbR 9.97 +.01 LgCapVal 19.07 +.15 FMI Funds: LgCap p n 17.03 +.09 FPA Funds: NwInc x 10.63 -.07 FPACres 28.65 +.09 Fairholme 30.46 +.10


Open high low settle CATTLE 40,000 lbs.- cents per lb. Apr 12 120.70 121.25 119.77 120.85 Jun 12 116.40 117.15 115.52 116.80 Aug 12 120.02 120.50 119.07 120.25 Oct 12 125.70 126.30 125.20 126.25 Dec 12 127.20 127.95 126.80 127.92 Feb 13 127.80 128.60 127.40 128.57 Apr 13 128.70 129.30 128.15 129.27 Jun 13 127.00 127.00 125.50 127.00 Aug 13 126.50 126.50 126.25 126.25 Last spot N/A Est. sales 7203. Fri’s Sales: 89,884 Fri’s open int: 360269, up +6439 FEEDER CATTLE 50,000 lbs.- cents per lb. Apr 12 149.55 150.35 147.57 149.52 May 12 149.55 150.17 147.37 149.42 Aug 12 153.00 153.42 150.62 152.65 Sep 12 154.00 154.65 152.00 154.02 Oct 12 154.15 154.70 152.65 154.67 Nov 12 154.75 155.40 152.75 154.70 Jan 13 154.00 155.25 153.50 155.25 Mar 13 156.00 156.00 154.50 154.50 Last spot N/A Est. sales 997. Fri’s Sales: 13,011 Fri’s open int: 43507, off -4260 HOGS-Lean 40,000 lbs.- cents per lb. Apr 12 83.52 84.85 83.17 84.72 May 12 92.02 93.55 91.75 93.50 Jun 12 90.70 92.30 90.70 92.17 Jul 12 91.70 92.70 91.70 92.70 Aug 12 92.02 93.27 91.85 93.00

LennarA .16 26.57 Level3 rs ... 25.92 LillyEli 1.96 40.48 Limited 1.00f 48.38 LincNat .32 26.56 LinkedIn n ... 102.64 LionsGt g ... 13.30 LizClaib ... 13.15 LaPac ... 9.28 Lowes .56 31.38 LyonBas A1.00a 44.57

S&P500ETF2.64eu141.84 +1.03 SpdrHome .16e 21.19 -.16 SpdrS&PBk.39e 24.02 +.17 SpdrLehHY3.70e 39.22 +.09 SpdrS&P RB.46e 28.67 +.20 SpdrRetl .53e 61.78 +.53 SpdrOGEx .38e 57.85 +.94 SpdrMetM .51e 50.58 +.86 Safeway .58 20.29 +.08 StJude .92f 43.89 -.42 Salesforce ... 157.18 +2.67 SandRdge ... 7.96 +.13 Sanofi 1.76e 39.29 +.54 SaraLee .46 21.81 +.28 Schlmbrg 1.10f 69.84 -.09 Schwab .24 14.55 +.18 SeadrillLtd3.14e 37.95 +.44 SealAir .52 19.42 +.11 SempraEn2.40f u61.14 +1.18 SiderurNac.81e 9.63 +.17 SilvWhtn g .24e 33.68 +.57 SmithfF ... 22.20 +.17 Solutia .15 28.03 +.09 SouthnCo 1.89 45.06 +.13 SthnCopper2.07r 31.91 +.20 SwstAirl .02 8.26 +.02 SwstnEngy ... 30.90 +.30 SpectraEn 1.12 31.57 +.02 SprintNex ... 2.86 +.01 SP Matls .76e 37.49 +.52 SP HlthC .71e u37.74 +.13 SP CnSt .89e u34.35 +.27 SP Consum.62e 45.21 +.12 SP Engy 1.10e 72.45 +.70 SPDR Fncl .22e 15.92 +.13 SP Inds .75e 37.66 +.25 SP Tech .39e 30.48 +.32 SP Util 1.40e 35.22 +.18 StdPac ... 4.29 -.17 StarwdHtl .50f 56.39 -.02 StateStr .96f 45.88 +.38 StillwtrM ... 13.15 +.51 Suncor gs .44 33.41 +.71 Sunoco .80f 38.77 +.62 Suntech ... 2.95 -.11 SunTrst .20 24.28 +.11 SupEnrgy ... 26.80 +.44 Supvalu .35 d5.66 -.05 Synovus .04 2.06 +.01 Sysco 1.08 30.04 +.18 TCF Fncl .20 11.85 -.04 TE Connect .72 36.97 +.22 TECO .88f 17.59 +.04 TJX s .38 u39.87 +.16 TaiwSemi .52e u15.40 +.12 TalismE g .27 12.98 +.38 Target 1.20 58.29 +.02 TataMotors.45e 27.80 +.83 TeckRes g .80f 36.97 +1.31 TeekayTnk .72e 6.17 +.10 TelefEsp 2.14e 16.48 +.07 TenetHlth ... 5.37 +.06 Teradyn ... 17.02 +.13 Terex ... 23.08 +.58 Tesoro ... 26.80 -.04 Textron .08 u28.84 +1.01 ThermoFis .52 56.38 ... 3M Co 2.36f 89.23 +.02 TimeWarn 1.04f 37.59 -.16 TollBros ... 23.72 -.27 Total SA 2.38e 52.36 +1.24 Transocn 3.16 55.21 +.51 Travelers 1.64 59.33 +.13 TrinaSolar ... 6.91 -.22 TwoHrbInv1.60e 10.28 +.14 TycoIntl 1.00 55.80 -.38 Tyson .16 19.44 +.29 UBS AG ... 14.07 +.05 UDR .88f 26.90 +.19 US Airwy ... 7.47 -.12 USEC ... 1.13 +.07 USG ... 17.20 ... UltraPt g ... 22.67 +.04 UnionPac 2.40 109.60 +2.12 ... 21.49 -.01 UtdContl UtdMicro .19e 2.45 ... UPS B 2.28f 80.67 -.05 US Bancrp .78f 31.71 +.03 US NGs rs ... d16.20 +.28 US OilFd ... 40.03 +.80 USSteel .20 30.26 +.89 UtdTech 1.92 82.73 -.21 UtdhlthGp .65 59.12 +.18 UnumGrp .42 24.58 +.10


Vale SA 1.55e 23.93 +.60 Vale SA pf1.55e 23.20 +.51 ValeroE .60 26.33 +.56 VangTSM1.37e u72.87 +.61 VangREIT2.10e u64.10 +.45 VangEmg .91e 43.96 +.49 VangEAFE1.06e 34.42 +.39 VeriFone ... 53.33 +1.46 VerizonCm 2.00 38.52 +.29 Visa .88 118.98 +.98 VMware ...u114.40+2.03 Vonage ... 2.25 +.04 WPX En n ... 18.45 +.44 WalMart 1.59f 61.36 +.16 Walgrn .90 34.16 +.67 WalterEn .50 60.74 +1.53 WeathfIntl ... 15.31 +.22 WellPoint 1.15f 72.95 -.85 WellsFargo .88f 34.51 +.37 WDigital ... 41.91 +.52 WstnRefin .04e 19.13 +.31 WstnUnion .40f 18.13 +.53 Weyerhsr .60 22.16 +.24 WhitingPet ... 55.12 +.82 Willbros ... 3.93 +.69 WmsCos 1.04f 31.06 +.25 WmsSon .88 37.75 +.27 WT India .17e 19.57 +.29 Wyndham .92f u47.09 +.58 XL Grp .44 21.91 +.22 XcelEngy 1.04 26.58 +.11 Xerox .17 8.15 +.08 YPF Soc 3.40e d24.01 -4.40 Yamana g .22f 15.94 +.32 YingliGrn ... 3.63 +.01 Youku ... 22.91 +.92 YumBrnds 1.14 70.00 -1.18 Zimmer .72 65.25 +.97

Federated Instl: TotRetBd 11.40 +.02 StrValDvIS 4.91 +.04 Fidelity Advisor A: NwInsgh p 22.85 +.24 StrInA 12.36 +.01 Fidelity Advisor I: NwInsgtI n 23.14 +.24 Fidelity Freedom: FF2010 n 14.07 +.08 FF2010K 13.01 +.08 FF2015 n 11.76 +.07 FF2015K 13.06 +.08 FF2020 n 14.25 +.09 FF2020K 13.51 +.09 FF2025 n 11.89 +.08 FF2025K 13.69 +.10 FF2030 n 14.17 +.10 FF2030K 13.85 +.10 FF2035 n 11.78 +.10 FF2035K 14.00 +.12 FF2040 n 8.22 +.07 FF2040K 14.05 +.12 Fidelity Invest: AllSectEq 12.92 +.12 AMgr50 n 16.20 +.09 AMgr20 r n 13.17 +.04 Balanc n 19.98 +.13 BalancedK 19.98 +.13 BlueChGr n50.82 +.44 Canada n 53.76 +.81 CapAp n 29.18 +.29 CpInc r n 9.23 +.02 Contra n 78.37 +.83 ContraK 78.34 +.83 DisEq n 24.45 +.21 DiscEqF 24.42 +.20 DivIntl n 29.16 +.42 DivrsIntK r 29.13 +.43

Oct 12 83.00 84.50 83.00 84.40 Dec 12 80.00 81.60 80.00 81.55 Feb 13 80.90 82.40 80.90 82.00 81.75 82.50 81.75 82.30 Apr 13 May 13 87.50 87.50 87.50 87.50 Jun 13 88.25 89.40 88.25 89.40 Jul 13 87.00 Last spot N/A Est. sales 11290. Fri’s Sales: 43,748 Fri’s open int: 264264, off -197

DivGth n 30.37 +.27 Eq Inc n 45.86 +.31 EQII n 19.18 +.12 Fidel n 35.90 +.33 FltRateHi r n 9.82 +.01 GNMA n 11.84 +.03 GovtInc 10.69 +.02 GroCo n 98.86 +.85 GroInc n 20.84 +.15 GrowCoF 98.79 +.85 GrowthCoK98.80 +.85 HighInc r n 9.00 ... Indepn n 25.86 +.21 IntBd n 10.91 +.01 IntmMu n 10.49 ... IntlDisc n 31.38 +.42 InvGrBd n 11.71 +.02 InvGB n 7.75 +.01 LgCapVal 11.40 +.09 LevCoStk n29.64 +.24 LowP r n 41.06 +.34 LowPriK r 41.04 +.34 Magelln n 73.89 +.61 MidCap n 30.43 +.20 MuniInc n 13.20 -.01 NwMkt r n 16.52 ... OTC n 64.50 +.39 100Index 10.02 +.07 Puritn n 19.63 +.11 PuritanK 19.63 +.11 RealE n 30.99 +.18 SAllSecEqF12.92 +.12 SCmdtyStrt n9.14 +.12 SCmdtyStrF n9.16 +.12 SrEmrgMkt 16.64 +.15 SrsIntGrw 11.59 +.16 SrsIntVal 8.87 +.10 SrInvGrdF 11.72 +.03 StIntMu n 10.82 ...

+1.50 +1.68 +1.20 +1.05 +.50 +1.40


NEW YORK(AP) - Cotton No. 2 futures on the N.Y. Cotton Exchange Friday: Open high low settle COTTON 2 50,000 lbs.- cents per lb. May 12 93.48 93.70 92.05 93.12 Jul 12 93.87 94.00 92.30 93.57 Oct 12 93.50 93.50 92.85 92.85 Dec 12 90.95 91.00 89.47 90.75 Mar 13 91.42 91.54 91.12 91.45 May 13 90.72 91.35 90.40 91.35 Jul 13 90.72 91.17 90.40 91.17 Oct 13 89.77 Dec 13 90.25 90.70 90.25 90.70 Mar 14 91.21 Last spot N/A Est. sales 22485. Fri’s Sales: 30,175 Fri’s open int: 192184, up +3616


-.40 -.35 +.01 -.25 -.17 -.16 -.19 +.01 +.23 +.23


CHICAGO(AP) - Futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade Thursday: Open high +1.30 +1.58 +1.77 +1.05 +1.15

low settle

WHEAT 5,000 bu minimum- cents per bushel May 12 658ø 666ø 649ü 657 Jul 12 671ø 679ü 661 669ø Sep 12 681ø 694ü 676ø 685ü


-3fl -4ø -4fl

Roswell Daily Record






Vol (00) Last Chg Name BkofAm 1732453 9.68 +.11 S&P500ETF1302247141.84 +1.03 SPDR Fncl 857806 15.92 +.13 iShEMkts 593234 43.55 +.60


Vol (00) Name Vringo 174919 CheniereEn 48586 NwGold g 38495 NovaGld g 34474 BarcGSOil 20716

Last 3.10 15.58 10.19 7.27 26.43

LOSERS ($2 OR MORE) Chg -4.40 -.40 -1.72 -2.17 -.39

Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume

2,278 764 110 3,152 156 9 3,472,346,708


52-Week High Low 13,289.08 10,404.49 5,627.85 3,950.66 467.64 381.99 8,718.25 6,414.89 2,498.89 1,941.99 3,134.17 2,298.89 1,419.15 1,074.77 14,940.48 11,208.42 868.57 601.71

%Chg -15.5 -14.8 -10.4 -10.2 -9.5

%Chg +87.9 +17.0 +11.1 +9.3 +8.5

Name BostPrv wt CEurMed Theravnce WinnerMed Fonar

Last 6.09 2.70 5.28 3.60 2.35

Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume


Last 4.08 8.49 23.29 4.00 3.05

Chg +.71 +1.39 +3.79 +.60 +.37

%Chg +21.1 +19.6 +19.4 +17.6 +13.8-

Chg %Chg Name Last -.55 -8.3 PrincNtl 2.17 -.20 -6.9 OptiBk rsh 2.35 -.32 -5.8 MitekSys 9.37 -.20 -5.2 Telik rs 3.40 -.13 -5.2 Groupon n 15.28

Chg -1.52 -1.17 -2.23 -.80 -3.11

%Chg -41.2 -33.2 -19.2 -19.0 -16.9


296 171 26 493 17 8Lows 96,482,051465


Last 13,264.49 5,305.50 461.18 8,280.83 2,461.51 3,119.70 1,419.04 14,916.89 840.63

Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume







YTD %Chg Name


+1.8 PNM Res

YTD 52-wk % Chg % Chg +8.57 +6.97 +5.69 -1.37 -.75 +11.08 +10.75 -2.38 +8.04 +2.04 +19.75 +11.85 +12.84 +6.46 +13.09 +5.17 +13.46 -1.03ontl


YTD %Chg


16 54.92 +.25


10 18.63 +.33


CocaCola 2.04f

20 74.14 +.13


17 66.74 +.39




17 43.84 +.06 +16.9 Pfizer


18 22.59 -.06




27 113.35 +2.25 +15.1 SwstAirl






7 12.62 +.14 +17.3 TexInst


18 33.26 -.36 +14.2

-7.3 TimeWarn 1.04f

8.26 +.02

14 37.59 -.16




HollyFrt s


5 32.24 +.09 +37.8 TriContl


... 16.06 +.14 +12.9



12 28.38 +.26 +17.0 WalMart


14 61.36 +.16



16 209.47 +.82 +13.9 WashFed



19 38.51 +.11



8 23.88 +.05

+6.0 PepsiCo

1,760 760 111 2,631 114 3316.25 1,717,621,465

PE Last

9.68 +.11 +74.1 Oneok Pt s 2.44f

8 108.30 +1.09


Net % Chg Chg +52.45 +.40 +52.34 +1.00 +2.25 +.49 +73.90 +.90 +55.59 +2.31 +28.13 +.91 +10.57 +.75 +111.34 +.75 +10.33 +1.24


PE Last

Chg +.09 +.70 +.04 +.04 +.37



Name CT Ptrs Electrmed AvalonHld AdcareHlt GreenHntr

Name Dow Jones Industrials Dow Jones Transportation Dow Jones Utilities NYSE Composite Amex Index Nasdaq Composite S&P 500 Wilshire 5000 Russell 2000



Vol (00) Last Name SiriusXM 1380308 2.40 PwShs QQQ37684268.25 Microsoft 350247 32.29 Cisco 292209 21.19 Oracle 282855 29.53


Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg Name iP LEEmM 138.88+36.88 +36.2 Vringo 3.10 +1.45 TrnsRty 3.10 +.69 +28.6 HMG 5.03 +.73 Willbros 3.93 +.69 +21.3 WizrdSft rs 2.60 +.26 Avon 22.70 +3.34 +17.3 CPI Aero 16.25 +1.38 BiPNG 4.23 +.43 +11.3 Timmins g 2.43 +.19 Last Name YPF Soc 24.01 OwensC wtB 2.30 iP SESPX 14.75 BarcShtC 19.10 XuedaEd 3.71

Chg +1.45 +.60 +.31 +.09 +.55



15 16.73 -.10 +19.6

+2.1 WellsFargo .88f

12 34.51 +.37 +25.2

HOW TO READ THE MARKET IN REVIEW 12 32.29 +.04 +24.4 XcelEngy


15 26.58 +.11 -3.8a

Here are the 525 most active stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, the 400 most active on the Nasdaq National Markets and 100 most active on American Stock Exchange. Mutual funds are 450 largest. Stocks in bold changed 5 percent or more in price. Name: Stocks are listed alphabetically by the company’s full name Div Last Chg (not its abbreviation). Company names made up of initials appear at Name the beginning of each letters’ list. AAR .48 12.88 # Div: Current annual dividend rate paid on stock, based on latest quar- ACMIn 1.10 9.75 +.13 ACM Op .80 7.25 # terly or semiannual declaration, unless otherwise footnoted. ACM Sc 1.10 8.50 -.13 Last: Price stock was trading at when exchange closed for the day. ACMSp .96 7.50 # Chg: Loss or gain for the day. No change indicated by ... mark. Fund Name: Name of mutual fund and family. Sell: Net asset value, or price at which fund could be sold. Chg: Daily net change in the NAV.

Name Sell AAL Mutual: Bond p 9.49 CaGrp 14.47 MuBd 10.43 SmCoSt 9.73


-.03 Stock Footnotes: cc – PE greater than 99. dd – Loss in last 12 mos. d – New 52-.01 wk low during trading day. g – Dividend in Canadian $. Stock price in U.S.$. n – -.05 New issue in past 52 wks. q – Closed-end mutual fund; no PE calculated. s – Split or stock dividend of 25 pct or more in last 52 wks. Div begins with date of split or stock dividend. u – New 52-wk high during trading day. v – Trading halted on primary market. Unless noted, dividend rates are annual disbursements based on last declaration. pf – Preferred. pp – Holder owes installment(s) of purchase price. rt – Rights. un – Units. wd – When distributed. wi – When issued. wt – Warrants. ww – With warrants. xw – Without warrants. Dividend Footnotes: a – Also extra or extras. b – Annual rate plus stock dividend. c – Liquidating dividend. e – Declared or paid in preceding 12 mos. f – Annual rate, increased on last declaration. i – Declared or paid after stock dividend or split. j – Paid this year, dividend omitted, deferred or no action taken at last meeting. k – Declared or paid this year, accumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m – Annual rate, reduced on last declaration. p – Init div, annual rate unknown. r – Declared or paid in preceding 12 mos plus stock dividend. t – Paid in stock in last 12 mos, estimated cash value on ex-dividend or distribution date. x – Ex-dividend or ex-rights. y – Ex-dividend and sales in full. z – Sales in full. vj – In bankruptcy or receivership or being reorganized under the Bankruptcy Act, or securities assumed by such companies. • Most active stocks above must be worth $1 and gainers/losers $2. Mutual Fund Footnotes: e – Ex-capital gains distribution. f – Wednesday’s quote. n - No-load fund. p – Fund assets used to pay distribution costs. r – Redemption fee or contingent deferred sales load may apply. s – Stock dividend or split. t – Both p and r. x – Ex-cash dividend.



Source: The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial.

STBF n 8.54 +.01 StratInc n 11.06 ... TotalBd n 10.99 +.02 USBI n 11.76 +.02 Value n 73.04 +.52 Fidelity Selects: Gold r n 41.43 +.66 Fidelity Spartan: 500IdxInv n50.46 +.38 500Idx I 50.47 +.38 IntlInxInv n 33.46 +.36 TotMktInv n41.10 +.32 Fidelity Spart Adv: ExMktAd r n40.93 +.36 500IdxAdv n50.47 +.38 IntAd r n 33.46 +.35 TotMktAd r n41.10 +.32 First Eagle: GlblA 49.24 +.23 OverseasA 22.24 +.11 Forum Funds: AbsStrI r 11.07 ... Frank/Temp Frnk A: CalTFA px 7.29 -.02 FedTFA px 12.33 -.04 FoundAl p 10.84 +.08 GrwthA p 50.86 +.43 HYTFA p 10.54 ... IncomA px 2.17 -.01 NYTFA px 11.90 -.04 RisDvA p 37.53 +.18 StratInc p 10.47 +.01 USGovA px 6.88 -.01 Frank/Tmp Frnk Adv: GlbBdAdv n13.14 +.04 IncmeAd x 2.16 ... Frank/Temp Frnk C: IncomC tx 2.19 -.01

Frank/Temp Mtl A&B: SharesA 21.83 +.19 Frank/Temp Temp A: ForgnA p 6.72 +.07 GlBd A p 13.18 +.05 GrwthA p 18.44 +.17 WorldA p 15.56 +.15 Frank/Temp Tmp B&C: GlBdC p 13.20 +.04 GE Elfun S&S: US Eqty 44.73 +.34 GMO Trust III: Quality 24.35 +.20 GMO Trust IV: IntlIntrVl 20.51 +.18 GMO Trust VI: EmgMkts r 11.77 +.09 Quality 24.36 +.20 Goldman Sachs Inst: HiYield 7.14 ... MidCapV 38.18 +.31 Harbor Funds: Bond 12.46 +.02 CapApInst 44.40 +.46 IntlInv t 60.30 +.87 Intl r 60.88 +.87 Hartford Fds A: CpAppA p 33.87 +.29 Hartford HLS IA : CapApp 43.55 +.37 Div&Gr 21.47 +.13 TotRetBd 11.83 +.02 Hussman Funds: StrGrowth 11.55 -.05 IVA Funds: Wldwide I r 16.32 ... Invesco Funds A: Chart p 17.83 +.09 CmstkA 17.23 +.13

Dec 12 705ü 715fl 698ü 707ø Mar 13 719ü 728fl 713fl 722ü May 13 722 729ü 720ü 729ü Jul 13 722 735 719 730 Last spot N/A Est. sales 275133. Fri’s Sales: 200,456 Fri’s open int: 459849, up +484 CORN 5,000 bu minimum- cents per bushel May 12 655 659ø 646ø 655 Jul 12 651 655 642 651 Sep 12 562 573ü 556ü 571 Dec 12 543ø 547ü 535 545 Mar 13 551ø 559ø 546fl 559ø May 13 559ü 567fl 555 567fl Jul 13 561fl 573ü 559fl 573ü Sep 13 549 549ø 543ü 549ø Dec 13 538ø 545 535ø 545 556ü Mar 14 552 556ü 552 May 14 557 563ü 557 563ü Last spot N/A Est. sales 790470. Fri’s Sales: 515,988 Fri’s open int: 1337987, up +16932 OATS 5,000 bu minimum- cents per bushel May 12 343 345ø 333ü 334fl Jul 12 343 343 333 336 Sep 12 340ø 340ø 336fl 336fl Dec 12 343ü 343ü 338ø 338ø Mar 13 344ü 344ü 344ü 344ü May 13 344ü 344ü 344ü 344ü Jul 13 344ü 344ü 344ü 344ü Last spot N/A Est. sales 3690. Fri’s Sales: 2,808 Fri’s open int: 10843, up +156 SOYBEANS 5,000 bu minimum- cents per bushel May 12 1420 1433fl 1406ø 1421 Jul 12 1427ü 1439ü 1411 1427ü Aug 12 1412 1430 1407fl 1419ø Sep 12 1388ø 1407fl 1383ø 1399ø Nov 12 1380ü 1395ø 1360 1385ü Jan 13 1365ø 1390 1355ü 1381ø Last spot N/A Est. sales 619723. Fri’s Sales: 362,818 Fri’s open int: 720726, up +31499

-4ø -5ø -5 -1fl

EqIncA 9.00 +.05 GrIncA p 20.50 +.15 9.68 ... HYMuA Ivy Funds: AssetSC t 24.87 +.20 AssetStA p 25.65 +.21 AssetStrI r 25.87 +.20 JPMorgan A Class: CoreBd A 11.86 +.01 JPMorgan R Cl: ShtDurBd 10.98 +.01 JPMorgan Select: USEquity n 11.39 +.09 JPMorgan Sel Cls: CoreBd n 11.85 +.01 HighYld n 7.90 +.01 IntmTFBd n11.24 ... ShtDurBd n10.98 +.01 USLCCrPls n22.75+.16 Janus T Shrs: BalancdT 26.83 +.18 OvrseasT r 37.93 +.25 PrkMCVal T22.38 +.17 Twenty T 62.06 +.72 John Hancock Cl 1: LSAggr 12.70 ... LSBalanc x 13.25 ... LSGrwth 13.26 ... Lazard Instl: EmgMktI 19.85 +.14 Legg Mason A: WAMgMu p16.70 +.01 Longleaf Partners: Partners 30.30 +.21 Loomis Sayles: LSBondI 14.71 +.04 StrInc C 15.30 +.05 LSBondR 14.65 +.04 StrIncA 15.22 +.05



NEW YORK(AP) - Trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange Friday: Open high

+11 +7fl +7fl +4fl +7fl +8 +8ø +6ü +6ü +6ü +6ü

-6ø -6 -3ü -5ø

+18 +19 +19 +23ø +27ü +27

Loomis Sayles Inv: InvGrBdY x12.38 -.02 Lord Abbett A: AffilA p 11.91 +.08 BdDebA p 7.95 +.01 ShDurIncA p4.60 ... Lord Abbett C: ShDurIncC t 4.63 ... Lord Abbett F: ShtDurInco 4.60 ... MFS Funds A: TotRA 15.05 +.08 ValueA 25.28 +.20 MFS Funds I: ValueI 25.39 +.20 MainStay Funds A: HiYldBA 5.93 ... Manning&Napier Fds: WldOppA 7.76 +.09 MergerFd n 15.82 +.06 Metro West Fds: TotRetBd 10.55 +.01 TotRtBdI 10.55 +.01 MorganStanley Inst: MCapGrI 38.88 +.16 Mutual Series: GblDiscA 29.43 +.29 GlbDiscZ 29.81 +.30 QuestZ 17.61 +.14 SharesZ 22.00 +.19 Neuberger&Berm Fds: GenesInst 49.98 +.38 Neuberger&Berm Tr: Genesis 51.84 +.39 Northern Funds: HiYFxInc 7.31 ... Oakmark Funds I: EqtyInc r 29.19 ... Intl I r 19.50 +.17

low settle


LIGHT SWEET CRUDE 1,000 bbl.- dollars per bbl. May 12 103.27 105.49 102.06 105.23 +2.21 Jun 12 103.78 105.99 102.59 105.76 +2.22 Jul 12 104.21 106.48 103.10 106.27 +2.24 Aug 12 104.80 106.87 103.51 106.67 +2.27 Sep 12 104.63 107.16 103.82 106.98 +2.32 Oct 12 104.36 107.38 104.13 107.20 +2.34 Nov 12 104.50 107.51 104.21 107.37 +2.32 Dec 12 105.73 107.68 104.40 107.51 +2.28 Jan 13 105.65 107.78 104.82 107.58 +2.25 Feb 13 105.43 107.54 104.64 107.54 +2.22 Mar 13 105.66 107.40 105.66 107.40 +2.20 Apr 13 107.16 107.17 107.14 107.14 +2.20 May 13 107.21 107.21 106.81 106.81 +2.19 Jun 13 104.00 106.65 104.00 106.49 +2.18 Jul 13 106.07 +2.17 Aug 13 105.66 +2.16 Sep 13 105.30 +2.14 Oct 13 105.00 +2.12 Nov 13 104.66 +2.10 Dec 13 102.54 104.58 101.56 104.35 +2.09 Jan 14 103.84 +2.08 Feb 14 103.35 +2.07 Mar 14 102.88 +2.07 Last spot N/A Est. sales 506276. Fri’s Sales: 459,683 Fri’s open int: 1550934, off -9482 NY HARBOR GAS BLEND 42,000 gallons- dollars per gallon May 12 3.3225 3.3919 3.2776 3.3822 +.0741 Jun 12 3.2581 3.3226 3.2203 3.3137 +.0644 Jul 12 3.2081 3.2626 3.1657 3.2554 +.0607 Aug 12 3.1559 3.2095 3.1139 3.2010 +.0619 Sep 12 3.1068 3.1515 3.0589 3.1472 +.0648 Oct 12 2.9377 2.9970 2.8999 2.9878 +.0668 Nov 12 2.8655 2.9500 2.8539 2.9415 +.0675 Dec 12 2.8670 2.9236 2.8295 2.9174 +.0680 Jan 13 2.8324 2.9145 2.8324 2.9103 +.0693 Feb 13 2.9183 +.0697 Mar 13 2.9314 +.0697

Oakmark 48.04 +.33 Old Westbury Fds: GlobOpp 7.32 +.03 GlbSMdCap15.37 +.14 Oppenheimer A: DvMktA p 33.97 +.30 GlobA p 62.03 +.51 GblStrIncA 4.21 ... IntBdA p 6.34 +.01 MnStFdA 37.31 +.30 Oppenheimer Roch: LtdNYA p 3.36 ... RoMu A p 16.55 ... RcNtMuA 7.20 ... Oppenheimer Y: DevMktY 33.60 +.31 IntlBdY 6.34 +.01 IntGrowY 29.34 +.36 PIMCO Admin PIMS: TotRtAd 11.11 +.02 PIMCO Instl PIMS: AlAsetAut r 10.69 +.06 AllAsset 12.19 +.05 ComodRR 6.80 +.11 DivInc 11.65 +.01 EmgMkCur 10.55 +.02 EmMkBd 11.68 +.01 FltInc r 8.69 ... HiYld 9.29 ... InvGrCp 10.62 +.02 LowDu 10.41 +.01 RealRtnI 12.01 +.06 ShortT 9.80 ... TotRt 11.11 +.02 TR II 10.71 +.01 TRIII 9.78 +.02 PIMCO Funds A: LwDurA 10.41 +.01 RealRtA p 12.01 +.06


Div Last Chg CmplGnom ... 3.01 +.19 Compuwre ... 9.15 -.04 A-B-C Comverse ... 6.85 -.02 ... 4.22 +.08 ASML Hld .59e u50.75 +.61 CorinthC .96 u91.84 +1.04 ATP O&G ... 7.32 -.03 Costco ... 31.58 -.05 AVI Bio ... 1.11 -.43 Cree Inc Achillion ... 10.17 +.59 CrimsnExp ... 4.09 -.06 ... 21.15 +.23 AcmePkt ... 27.60 +.08 Crocs ActivsBliz .18f 12.82 ... ... 21.73 +.09 AdobeSy ... 34.70 +.39 CybexIntl ... 2.85 +.32 Adtran .36 30.93 -.26 CypSemi .44f 15.48 -.15 AEterna g ... d.73 -1.41 D-E-F Affymax ... 12.15 +.41 AkamaiT ... 36.73 +.03 DeckrsOut ... 63.28 +.23 Akorn ... 11.84 +.14 Dell Inc ... 16.77 +.18 AlaskCom .20 3.07 -.01 Dndreon ... 10.23 -.43 Alexion s ... 93.05 +.19 DiamndF lf ... 23.25 +.43 Alexza h ... .61 -.01 DirecTV A ... 49.94 +.60 AlignTech ... u28.70 +1.15 DiscCm A ... u50.99 +.39 Alkermes ... 18.62 +.07 DiscCm C ... 47.29 +.41 AllotComm ... u23.58 +.33 DishNetwk2.00e 33.58 +.65 AllscriptH ... 16.60 -.01 DollarTree ... 94.96 +.47 AlteraCp lf .32 39.40 -.42 DonlleyRR 1.04 12.43 +.04 Amarin ... 10.81 -.51 DrmWksA ... 17.89 -.56 Amazon ... 198.05 -4.46 DryShips .12t 3.50 +.02 ACapAgy5.00m 29.91 +.37 Dunkin n .60 30.63 +.55 AmCapLtd ... 8.76 +.08 DurectCp h ... .80 ... ARltyCT n .70 10.27 ... E-Trade ... 11.09 +.14 Amgen 1.44 68.11 +.14 eBay ... 36.59 -.31 AmkorT lf ... 6.16 +.01 EagleBulk ... 1.98 +.04 Amylin ... 23.60 -1.36 EstWstBcp .40f 23.06 -.03 AnalogDev1.20f 39.90 -.50 ElectArts ... 16.71 +.23 Ancestry ... 24.73 +1.99 EndoPhrm ... 38.73 ... A123 Sys ... d1.02 -.10 Endocyte ... 4.66 -.32 ApolloGrp ... 39.25 +.61 Endologix ... 13.88 -.78 ApolloInv .80m 7.44 +.27 EngyXXI ... 37.09 +.98 Apple Inc 10.60 618.63 Entegris ... 9.47 +.13 +19.08 EntropCom ... 5.73 -.10 ApldMatl .36f 12.50 +.06 Equinix ... 158.65 +1.20 AMCC ... 6.87 -.07 Ericsson .37e 10.35 +.04 ArQule ... 7.59 +.58 Euroseas .20m d2.04 -.24 ArenaPhm ... 3.10 +.03 Exelixis .10p 5.21 +.03 AresCap 1.48f 16.51 +.16 Expedia s .36 33.33 -.11 AriadP ... 16.23 +.25 ExpdIntl .50 46.58 +.07 Ariba Inc ... 33.47 +.76 ExpScripts ... 55.50 +1.32 ArmHld .16e 29.01 +.72 F5 Netwks ...u136.66+1.70 ArrayBio ... u3.44 +.04 FLIR Sys .28f 25.07 -.24 Arris ... 11.27 -.03 Fastenal s .68f 54.65 +.55 ArubaNet ... 22.67 +.39 FifthStFin 1.15 9.84 +.08 AscenaRtl ... 44.48 +.16 FifthThird .32 14.44 +.40 AsiaInfoL ... 11.95 -.65 Finisar ... 20.20 +.05 AsscdBanc .20f 13.87 -.09 FinLine .24f 21.12 -.10 Atmel ... 9.72 -.14 FstNiagara.32m 9.79 -.05 Autodesk ... 42.34 +.02 FstSolar ... 24.53 -.52 AutoData 1.58 55.94 +.75 FstMerit .64 16.89 +.03 AvagoTch .52f 38.69 -.28 Fiserv ... u70.41 +1.02 AvanirPhm ... 3.48 +.06 Flextrn ... 7.30 +.08 AvisBudg ... 14.26 +.11 FocusMda .14p 25.34 +.22 BE Aero ... 46.69 +.22 Fortinet s ... u28.42 +.77 BGC Ptrs .68 7.50 +.10 Fossil Inc ... 133.80 +1.82 BMC Sft ... 40.71 +.55 FosterWhl ... 23.26 +.50 Baidu ... 146.70 +.93 FrontierCm.40m 4.27 +.10 BedBath ... 66.88 +1.11 FuelSysSol ... 24.71 -1.45 BiogenIdc ...u127.63+1.63 FuelCell ... 1.51 -.06 BioMarin ... 33.78 -.47 FultonFncl .28f 10.47 -.03 BioSante h ... .75 +.07 FushiCopp ... 7.57 +.02 Broadcom .40f 38.89 -.41 BroadSoft ... 41.70 +3.45 G-H-I BroadVisn ... 24.50 -3.96 GT AdvTc ... 8.38 +.11 BrcdeCm ... 5.76 +.01 Garmin 2.00e 47.30 +.32 BrukerCp ... 15.97 +.66 Gentex .52f 25.12 +.62 BuffaloWW ... 88.09 -2.61 GeronCp ... 1.69 -.01 CA Inc 1.00f 27.78 +.22 GileadSci ... 48.78 -.08 CBOE .48 28.13 -.29 GluMobile ... 5.09 +.24 CH Robins 1.32 65.91 +.42 GolLNGLtd1.30f 39.36 +1.31 CVB Fncl .34 11.80 +.15 Google ... 646.92 +5.68 Cadence ... 11.89 +.05 GreenMtC ... 45.90 -.95 Caesars n ... 15.08 +.34 GrifolsSA n .55t u7.92 +.21 CapFedFn .30a 11.83 -.05 Groupon n ... 15.28 -3.11 CpstnTrb h ... 1.03 +.01 GulfportE ... 29.23 +.11 CareerEd ... 8.15 +.09 HMS Hld s ... 31.02 -.19 Carrizo ... 28.85 +.59 Harmonic ... 5.41 -.06 Cavium ... 30.57 -.37 Hasbro 1.44f 37.29 +.57 Celgene ... 78.20 +.68 HawHold ... 5.24 +.01 CelldexTh ... 5.19 +.10 HercOffsh ... 4.78 +.05 CEurMed ... 8.49 +1.39 Hologic ... 21.78 +.23 CentAl ... 9.04 +.16 HudsCity .32 7.35 +.04 Cerner s ... 76.87 +.71 HumGen ... 8.09 -.15 CerusCp ... 4.08 +.06 HuntBnk .16 6.56 +.12 ChrmSh ... 6.04 +.14 IAC Inter .48 49.47 +.38 ChkPoint ... u64.52 +.68 IconixBr ... 17.44 +.06 Cheesecake ... 29.75 +.36 ... 10.03 +.24 ChildPlace ... 52.75 +1.08 IdenixPh Illumina ... 51.37 -1.24 CienaCorp ... 16.37 +.18 CinnFin 1.61 34.80 +.29 ImunoGn ... 14.39 ... ... 19.73 +.43 Cintas .54f 39.27 +.15 Incyte ... 7.79 -.33 Cirrus ... 24.00 +.20 Infinera Informat ... 54.15 +1.25 Cisco .32f u21.19 +.04 CitrixSys ... 79.95 +1.04 Infosys .75e 57.37 +.34 IntgDv ... 7.13 -.02 CleanEngy ... 20.74 -.55 .84 28.38 +.26 Clearwire ... 2.24 -.04 Intel InterMune ... 14.50 -.17 CognizTech ... 77.01 +.06 .48 11.22 +.02 ColdwtrCrk ... 1.12 -.04 Intersil .60 60.62 +.46 Intuit Comcast .65f 30.05 +.20 ... 9.03 +.02 Comc spcl .65f 29.61 +.26 IstaPh




JA Solar ... 1.46 -.09 JDS Uniph ... 14.59 +.10 JamesRiv ... 5.37 +.25 JetBlue ... 4.85 -.04 KIT Digitl ... 7.70 +.50 KLA Tnc 1.40 54.67 +.25 KratosDef ... 5.86 +.52 Kulicke ... 12.65 +.22 LKQ Corp ... 31.41 +.24 LamResrch ... 44.17 -.45 Lattice ... 6.60 +.17 LeapWirlss ... 8.74 +.01 LexiPhrm ... 1.94 +.08 LibGlobA ... 50.80 +.72 LibCapA ... 90.17 +2.02 LibtyIntA ... 19.17 +.08 LifeTech ... 48.91 +.09 Lincare .80 26.47 +.59 LinearTch 1.00f 33.03 -.67 LinnEngy 2.76 38.17 +.02 LoralSpace13.60e79.87 +.27 lululemn gs ... 74.74 +.01


MAP Phm ... 14.28 -.08 MSG ... u34.71 +.51 MAKO Srg ... 41.80 -.35 MannKd ... 2.46 -.01 MarvellT ... 15.88 +.15 Masimo ... 23.89 +.51 Mattel 1.24f 34.13 +.47 MaximIntg .88 28.38 -.21 MelcoCrwn ... 13.92 +.28 MentorGr ... 15.09 +.23 Microchp 1.40f 37.32 +.12 MicronT ... 8.10 ... Microsoft .80 32.29 +.04 Momenta ... 16.08 +.76 MonstrBv s ... u63.31 +1.22 Motricity ... 1.18 +.08 Mylan ... 23.51 +.06 NII Hldg ... 18.26 -.05 NXP Semi ... 26.12 -.49 NasdOMX ... 25.93 +.03 NatPenn .28f 9.31 +.46 NektarTh ... 7.78 -.14 NetApp ... 45.05 +.28 Netease ... 59.91 +1.81 Netflix ... 113.97 -1.07 NewsCpA .17m 19.92 +.21 NewsCpB .17m 20.20 +.23 NorTrst 1.20f 47.83 +.38 Novlus ... 49.35 -.56 NuanceCm ... 26.72 +1.14 Nvidia ... 15.33 -.07 OReillyAu ... u92.86 +1.51 Oclaro ... 4.11 +.17 OmniVisn ... 20.79 +.79 OnSmcnd ... 8.98 -.03 OnyxPh ... 37.85 +.17 Opnext ... 1.64 +.09 Oracle .24 29.53 +.37 Orexigen ... 4.14 +.04


PDL Bio .60 6.47 +.11 PMC Sra ... 7.20 -.03 Paccar .72a 47.14 +.31 PainTher ... 3.74 +.12 PanASlv .15f 22.32 +.26 ParamTch ... 28.50 +.56 Parexel ... 26.95 -.02 PattUTI .20 17.27 -.02 Paychex 1.28 31.76 +.77 PnnNGm ... 43.47 +.49 PeopUtdF .63 13.30 +.07 PerfectWld2.00e 16.17 -.01 PetSmart .56 57.27 +.05 PetroDev ... 37.33 +.24 PinnaclA ... d.69 -.66 Polycom s ... 18.94 -.13 ... 2.05 ... Popular Power-One ... 4.48 -.07 PwShs QQQ.49e 68.25 +.70 Powrwv rs ... 1.87 -.18 Pozen ... u6.45 +.45 PriceTR 1.36f 65.69 +.39 priceline ... 719.97 +2.47 PrUPShQQQ ... 10.45 -.34 PrUltPQQQ ... 123.29 +3.65 ProspctCap1.22 11.08 +.10 QIAGEN ... 16.08 +.51 QlikTech ... 33.15 +1.15 Qlogic ... 17.79 +.03 Qualcom 1.00f 68.32 +.26 QuantFuel ... .68 -.01 Questcor ... 38.15 +.53 QuickLog ... 3.09 +.36 QuinStreet ... 10.84 +.35 RF MicD ... 4.84 -.14 Rambus ... 6.39 -.06 Randgold .20 86.33 -1.65 Regenrn ...u120.20+3.58

RentACt RschMotn RexEnergy RiverbedT RosettaR RossStrs s Rovi Corp RoyGld

Div Last Chg ChiMarFd ... ClaudeR g ... ClghGlbOp 1.08 CrSuisInco .32 CrSuiHiY .32 Crosshr g ... DejourE g ... DenisnM g ... EV LtdDur 1.25 ElephTalk ... EntGaming ... ExeterR gs ... ExtorreG g ... FrkStPrp .76 GamGldNR1.68 GascoEngy ... Gastar grs ... GenMoly ... GoldStr g ... GldFld ... GranTrra g ... GrtBasG g ... GtPanSilv g ... HstnAEn ... iBio ... ImpOil gs .48f

TotRtA 11.11 +.02 PIMCO Funds C: TotRtC t 11.11 +.02 PIMCO Funds D: TRtn p 11.11 +.02 PIMCO Funds P: TotRtnP 11.11 +.02 Parnassus Funds: EqtyInco n 28.48 +.20 Perm Port Funds: Permannt 48.97 +.23 Pioneer Funds A: PionFdA p 42.60 +.30 Price Funds: BlChip n 46.28 +.38 CapApp n 22.69 +.11 EmMktS n 32.41 +.28 EqInc n 25.69 +.17 EqIndex n 38.25 +.29 Growth n 38.24 +.32 HlthSci n 38.73 +.28 HiYield n 6.74 ... InstlCpG 19.40 +.14 IntlBond n 9.90 +.03 Intl G&I 13.02 +.13 IntlStk n 14.17 +.18 MidCap n 60.24 +.54 MCapVal n 24.07 +.23 N Asia n 15.96 +.11 New Era n 45.08 +.50 N Horiz n 36.23 +.24 N Inc n 9.71 +.01 OverS SF n 8.27 +.09 R2010 n 16.30 +.09 R2015 n 12.73 +.08 R2020 n 17.68 +.12 R2025 n 13.00 +.10 R2030 n 18.71 +.14 R2035 n 13.27 +.11

Apr 13 3.0509 May 13 3.0404 Jun 13 3.0189 Jul 13 2.9869 Aug 13 2.9529 Sep 13 2.9158 Oct 13 2.7814 Nov 13 2.7473 Last spot N/A Est. sales 225515. Fri’s Sales: 208,333 Fri’s open int: 347674, off -129 NATURAL GAS 10,000 mm btu’s, $ per mm btu May 12 2.122 2.163 2.069 2.152 Jun 12 2.259 2.300 2.214 2.290 Jul 12 2.389 2.440 2.354 2.432 Aug 12 2.461 2.518 2.433 2.511 Sep 12 2.492 2.552 2.466 2.544 Oct 12 2.569 2.634 2.543 2.625 Nov 12 2.824 2.879 2.804 2.873 Dec 12 3.181 3.246 3.179 3.240 Jan 13 3.324 3.401 3.320 3.394 Feb 13 3.344 3.412 3.344 3.405 Mar 13 3.328 3.393 3.327 3.387 Apr 13 3.319 3.381 3.308 3.372 May 13 3.366 3.427 3.366 3.417 Jun 13 3.441 3.478 3.441 3.474 Jul 13 3.499 3.535 3.488 3.529 Aug 13 3.503 3.563 3.503 3.552 Sep 13 3.526 3.565 3.523 3.555 Oct 13 3.543 3.602 3.540 3.594 Nov 13 3.677 3.724 3.675 3.724 Dec 13 3.893 3.950 3.893 3.942 Jan 14 4.000 4.055 4.000 4.054 Feb 14 4.012 4.042 4.012 4.042 Mar 14 3.950 3.990 3.950 3.990 Apr 14 3.806 3.884 3.806 3.873 May 14 3.870 3.900 3.870 3.892 Jun 14 3.908 3.926 3.908 3.924 Jul 14 3.962 Aug 14 3.979 Sep 14 3.983 Oct 14 4.030 4.030 4.020 4.020 Nov 14 4.090 4.115 4.090 4.115 Last spot N/A Est. sales 305153. Fri’s Sales: 331,687 Fri’s open int: 1233060, off -8896

1.10 +.06 1.06 -.04 11.83 +.05 3.78 +.05 3.11 -.01 .44 -.06 .38 +.03 1.52 -.01 16.16 +.11 2.18 -.07 .50 +.05 2.83 +.09 6.55 +.51 10.78 +.18 16.25 +.09 .24 -.02 2.95 -.04 3.45 +.10 1.97 +.11 u1.20 +.23 6.41 +.12 .71 +.03 2.34 +.09 d5.07 -.15 1.21 +.09 46.63 +1.24

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37.97 +.38 14.37 -.33 11.01 +.33 28.23 +.15 49.38 +.62 58.53 +.43 33.00 +.45 67.46 +2.24


SBA Com ... 50.91 +.10 SLM Cp .50f 15.81 +.05 SXC Hlth ... 74.10 -.86 SanDisk ... 49.60 +.01 Santarus ... u6.05 +.20 SavientPh ... 2.19 +.01 SciGames ... 11.94 +.28 SeagateT 1.00f 27.96 +1.01 SearsHldgs .33t 66.69 +.44 SeattGen ... 20.83 +.45 Sequenom ... 3.99 -.08 SvcSource ... 15.78 +.30 Shire .45e 98.12 +3.37 ShufflMstr ... 18.28 +.68 Shutterfly ... 31.02 -.31 SigaTech h ... 3.51 +.15 SilicnImg ... 6.04 +.16 Slcnware .28e 5.99 -.05 SilvStd g ... 15.36 +.32 Sina ... 63.66 -1.34 SinoClnEn ... 2.26 -.43 SiriusXM ... 2.40 +.09 Skullcdy n ... 16.08 +.25 SkywksSol ... 27.71 +.06 SmithWes ... u8.47 +.72 SodaStrm ... 32.77 -.91 ... 54.23 -.94 Solazyme n ... 14.31 -.32 Sonus ... 2.98 +.08 SpanBrd rs ... 6.65 -.10 SpectPh ... 12.60 -.03 SpiritAir n ... u20.65 +.58 Spreadtrm .40 16.76 +.26 Staples .44f 16.50 +.31 StarScient ... 3.24 -.04 Starbucks .68 u56.67 +.78 StlDynam .40 14.86 +.32 StemCell rs ... 1.02 -.09 SunPower ... 6.25 -.13 SusqBnc .12 9.99 +.11 SwisherHy ... d2.25 -.21 Symantec ... 18.80 +.10 Synopsys ... 30.93 +.27 TD Ameritr .24 19.89 +.15 THQ h ... .55 -.01 tw telecom ... 22.12 -.04 TakeTwo ... 15.44 +.06 Tangoe n ... 19.02 +.21 Tellabs .08 3.98 -.08 TeslaMot ... 36.58 -.66 TevaPhrm .96e 45.58 +.52 TexInst .68 33.26 -.36 TexRdhse .36f 16.66 +.02 Theravnce ... 23.29 +3.79 TibcoSft ... 31.30 +.80 TiVo Inc ... 11.93 -.06 TripAdv n ... u37.37 +1.70 TriQuint ... 6.75 -.14 USA Tech h ... 1.42 +.14 UTiWrldwd .06 17.24 +.01 UrbanOut ... 29.54 +.43


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R2040 n 18.90 +.16 USAA Group: TStkAdm n 35.47 +.28 TgtRe2045 n14.44 +.11 13.18 +.01 ValAdml n 22.64 +.14 Wellsly n 23.66 +.08 ShtBd n 4.84 ... Inco WellslAdm n57.32 +.20 Welltn n 33.65 +.17 SmCpStk n 35.79 +.33 VALIC : 26.45 +.20 WelltnAdm n58.12 +.29 Wndsr n 14.72 +.10 SmCapVal n38.70 +.53 StkIdx Windsor n 49.68 +.34 WndsII n 29.16 +.19 SpecIn n 12.69 +.02 Vanguard Admiral: Value n 25.50 +.18 BalAdml n 23.48 +.13 WdsrIIAd n 51.77 +.35 Vanguard Idx Fds: MidCpIstPl n110.95 CAITAdm n11.48 ... Vanguard Fds: Principal Inv: LgCGI In 10.59 +.10 CpOpAdl n 76.23 +.33 DivdGro n 16.72 +.12 +.81 TotIntAdm r n24.71+.25 Energy n 62.20 +.64 EMAdmr r n36.38 +.29 LT2020In 12.35 ... LT2030In 12.35 +.10 Energy n 116.78 +1.20 EqInc n 23.71 +.14 TotIntlInst r n98.81 +.99 EqInAdm n n49.70 +.30 Explr n 82.26 +.72 TotIntlIP r n 98.83 +.99 Putnam Funds A: GrInA p 14.43 ... ExplAdml n 76.55 +.67 GNMA n 11.02 +.01 500 n 130.76 +.98 VoyA p 23.83 +.25 ExtdAdm n 45.42 +.40 GlobEq n 18.24 +.17 Balanced n 23.47 +.12 500Adml n130.76 +.98 HYCorp n 5.85 +.01 MidCap n 22.44 +.17 Royce Funds: PennMuI r 12.17 +.11 GNMA Ad n11.02 +.01 HlthCre n 139.51 +.73 SmCap n 38.06 +.38 PremierI r 20.81 +.13 GrwAdm n 36.87 +.33 InflaPro n 14.25 +.08 STBnd n 10.61 ... HlthCr n 58.87 +.31 IntlGr n 18.89 +.26 TotBnd n 10.95 +.01 Russell Funds S: StratBd 11.09 +.01 HiYldCp n 5.85 +.01 IntlVal n 30.20 +.31 TotlIntl n 14.77 +.15 InfProAd n 27.99 +.15 ITIGrade n 10.09 +.01 TotStk n 35.46 +.27 Schwab Funds: 1000Inv r 40.17 +.30 ITBdAdml n11.74 +.03 LifeCon n 17.03 +.07 Vanguard Instl Fds: S&P Sel 22.19 +.17 ITsryAdml n11.53 +.02 LifeGro n 23.39 +.16 BalInst n 23.48 +.13 IntGrAdm n60.08 +.83 LifeMod n 20.72 +.12 DevMkInst n 9.49 +.10 Scout Funds: ITAdml n 14.09 ... LTIGrade n 10.21 +.03 ExtIn n 45.41 +.40 Intl 32.23 +.46 ITGrAdm n 10.09 +.01 Morg n 20.65 +.18 FTAllWldI r n87.90 +.91 Selected Funds: LtdTrAd n 11.14 ... MuInt n 14.09 ... GrwthIst n 36.87 +.34 AmShD 44.30 +.41 LTGrAdml n10.21 +.03 PrecMtls r n19.59 +.31 InfProInst n 11.40 +.06 Sequoia 162.42 +1.27 LT Adml n 11.48 ... PrmcpCor n14.84 +.10 InstIdx n 129.91 +.97 TCW Funds: MCpAdml n101.84 +.75 Prmcp r n 68.62 +.48 InsPl n 129.92 +.98 TotRetBdI 9.86 +.01 MuHYAdm n10.91 ... SelValu r n 20.61 +.11 InsTStPlus n32.10 +.25 Templeton Instit: PrmCap r n 71.20 +.50 STAR n 20.52 +.13 MidCpIst n 22.49 +.16 ForEqS 18.89 +.19 ReitAdm r n90.81 +.59 STIGrade n10.75 +.01 SCInst n 38.09 +.38 Third Avenue Fds: STsyAdml n10.75 ... TgtRetInc n11.99 +.05 TBIst n 10.95 +.01 ValueInst 45.97 +.45 STBdAdml n10.61 ... TgRe2010 n23.84 +.12 TSInst n 35.48 +.28 Thornburg Fds: ShtTrAd n 15.92 -.01 TgtRe2015 n13.25 +.07 ValueIst n 22.64 +.14 IntValA p 27.12 +.44 STFdAd n 10.82 +.01 TgRe2020 n23.59 +.13 Vanguard Signal: IncBuildC p18.74 +.10 STIGrAd n 10.75 +.01 TgtRe2025 n13.47 +.08 500Sgl n 108.01 +.81 IntValue I 27.72 +.46 SmCAdm n38.09 +.38 TgRe2030 n23.18 +.16 MidCpIdx n 32.14 +.24 Tweedy Browne: TxMCap r n70.95 +.52 TgtRe2035 n13.99 +.11 STBdIdx n 10.61 ... GblValue 24.03 +.24 TtlBAdml n 10.95 +.01 TgtRe2040 n23.00 +.18 SmCpSig n 34.32 +.34

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METALS NEW YORK (AP) _ Spot nonferrous metal prices Mon. Aluminum -$0.9518 per lb., London Metal Exch. Copper -$3.8463 Cathode full plate, LME. Copper $3.9185 N.Y. Merc spot Mon. Lead - $2020.50 metric ton, London Metal Exch. Zinc - $0.9085 per lb., London Metal Exch. Gold - $1677.50 Handy & Harman (only daily quote). Gold - $1677.50 troy oz., NY Merc spot Mon. Silver - $33.210 Handy & Harman (only daily quote). Silver - $33.083 troy oz., N.Y. Merc spot Mon. Platinum -$1645.00 troy oz., N.Y. (contract). Platinum -$1649.10 troy oz., N.Y. Merc spot Mon. n.q.-not quoted n.a.-not available r-revised

Roswell Daily Record

might “give up on us.” He was married once before, and told me that he had to stay with his brother for a while afterward to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. His family lives 400 miles away, and he wants to visit them soon. Would it be wrong of me to call him while he’s there and tell him it’s over? I feel he’ll need support when he gets the news, and I don’t want him to be alone. He’s a good father and good friend. I do love and care about him, and don’t want him to do anything that will hurt himself or his children, but I can’t stay married to someone who cheats on me. Any suggestions? TORN IN PIECES


DEAR ABBY: I have been separated from my husband, “Fred,” for several months because of his infidelity. He is pushing to move back in together and has been very insecure and overly clingy. He constantly accuses me of not paying enough attention to him, no matter what I do or how much time I spend with him. Fred and I have two children, so this has been difficult for all of us. But I’m frustrated with his disrespect for my space and seriously considering divorce. I want to tell him, but I’m worried about his reaction since he cries every time I mention anything that implies that I

DEAR TORN: To stay married to someone because you think he might hurt himself would be giving in to emotional blackmail. Fred is clingy and needy because he now realizes what his cheating may have cost him. Of course it’s a turn-off. However, before ending the marriage, it’s important that you understand your disgust with him is



mixed with your anger at his betrayal. That’s why you could both benefit — and communicate more honestly and safely — if you schedule some appointments with a licensed marriage and family counselor. If, during that time, you decide you still want a divorce, the place to tell him would be in the therapist’s office. You won’t be alone. He will have emotional support, and his family can be told immediately afterward. #####

DEAR ABBY: I am a 46-year-old married man and have been with my wife for 23 years. We were both married before and have two children from our prior marriages. Our children are now grown and live their own lives. I have recently learned that I’m terminally ill and, as I come to the end of my journey here on Earth, I need some advice. My son, 26, does not know he’s not my biological child. His mother was pregnant when she met me and we never told him. As I make my final preparations, I am conflicted as to whether I should. How do I address this? Or


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words.

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DALANS SPOOEP Print answer here: Yesterday’s

If I do it before I pass away, I’m afraid he will be upset and angry and turn away from me. If I do it afterward, via taped video message or handwritten letter, I won’t be there to answer the questions he’s bound to have. Where do I go from here, Abby?

Family Circus



Please accept my sympathy for your poor prognosis. Your situation is regrettable, but please don’t shoulder all the blame. Your first wife shares some of it, too.

The young man has the right to know that, while you love him and have raised him as your own, he isn’t your biological child. He should be told before your death, in person, and nothing should be left out. If possible, his mother should participate in the conversation. And if she knows who the father is, your son should have access to an accurate family medical history.


Beetle Bailey



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do I even address it all?

Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.

(Answers tomorrow) GIDDY TATTOO SHIFTY Jumbles: VALET Answer: He was nervous about making a free throw with one second left, but he would — GIVE IT A SHOT

Today’s Crossword Puzzle

Dear Heloise: I LIKE TO WALK, and I always put my driver’s license in my pocket when walking in case something should happen to me. Yesterday, a lady walking in our neighborhood collapsed and passed out, and no one knew who she was. An ambulance came to help her. I hope she had her driver’s license in her pocket, since no one recognized her. I told this story to several friends who walk, and they don’t carry identification when they walk, but said they will start doing that right away. Thanks for your helpful columns! Connie in San Angelo, Texas

I do hope the woman was all right! Thank you for the reminder. I’d like to offer a suggestion, though: Don’t carry your driver’s license. Make up a “Contact ID” emergency card. Be sure to include your name and the contact information of a relative or close friend to call. Also include any medical conditions and allergies you may have. You can use a 3-by-5-inch card and even seal it in plastic to make it durable. Heloise #####

Dear Heloise: My wife, Shirley, always reads me the hints that appear in your column in The Washington Post. I have a terrific idea that makes shaving much easier, almost nickproof and faster. My wife recently has gotten me to use body lotion for my dry skin. Building on her suggestion, I now apply the body lotion to my face before I apply shaving cream — the result is miraculous! Shaving has never been easier or more effective. Hope you print this — I think a lot of men would benefit. Thanks for years of wonderful advice and suggestions. Gene R. in Washington, D.C.



For Better or For Worse


Gene, this is an old but still good hint, and works when shaving legs, too. My column is for everyone. Thanks for the great hint and the nice compliment! Heloise #####

Dear Heloise: Rather than discarding that old duffel bag or backpack, I use it to prepare a “go bag,” which is always packed and ready to go in an emergency. I have a supply of food, a six-pack of water, batteries, underwear and socks. I pack one outfit of a shirt, sweater and jeans. When discarding old clothes, I replace some of the items in the bag. I place a tag on the outside of the bag with a list of items that cannot be stored in the bag, such as medication and cellphone charger. Charles, via email

The Wizard of Id

Charles, way to go! With the drastic weather many of us have had lately, being able to grab and go is crucial. Also think about updating your cellphone. What business contacts would you need? How about your insurance company, medical doctors, spouse’s work, any schools that your children attend, etc.? These numbers may come in handy if you have to evacuate. Heloise

Hagar the Horrible

Snuffy Smith


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


B8 Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Roswell Daily Record

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Allll pr A prices ices in ad based on rrarity arity and condition condition

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04-03-12 rdr news  

Roswell Daily Record