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Laurelin Gimore: creator of curiosities

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forest, 2019

Artist, entreprenuer, and community advocate Laurelin Gilmore is bringing her dreams to life on and off the canvass.

Laurelin began turning her dreams into reality in 2010, when she made the decision to part ways with her career working for the Governor’s Office to pursue her passion for art.


In 2020, Laurelin

Co-Founded Amatoria

Fine Art Books in Sacra- mento, CA. Laurelin states, “I’m excited to serve our creative community with a massive variety of books on any and all creative pursuits. I write whenever I can, and making thrifted fabric into clothes, rebinding old books never gets old.”

As a key supporter of the local creative community, Laurelin also utilizes her business space as a dependable location to host maker’s fairs, poetry readings, book signing, artist talks, and much more.

Along with Amatoria Fine Art Books, Laurelin also creates fantasy art utilizing oil paint to give life to the mystical realms and magical beings that inhabit her art.

Wonderfully expressing her creative energy, Laurelin is redefining what it means to create fantasy art that speaks to the deepest core of our human essence and more importantly our interdependence with earth.

"The fallacy of armor is that it makes you strong. In this case, the armored person (the knight) has landed in an unknown world, no idea what dangers await, totally unprepared. Inside this carapace, the shell, the knight has no internal fortification. The knight’s protector has almost no exterior armor, but is clearly capable, is obviously at home in this strange place. In unknown circumstances, the only protection, shield, or fortification that really matters is internal."

“Dreaming” , 2021

"A soft, dark place for an unquiet mind to rest. Vacillating over the doorway between childhood and adulthood, a young girl’s mind explodes with uncertainty. What should be sweet is frightening, what should be scary is cute, metaphors are made literal, dangerous entities bloom with wildflowers. This is a safe space to let it all run free, unbottle the whole wild mess and finally sleep soundly."