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Cover:Thank You to Tracy Jenkins for supplying our cover shot taken at the Jenkins Lazy U Ranch southeast of Pincher Creek, Alberta.

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Dave’s Desk

Don't Panic - Just Think Again . . . OMG - all of a sudden the Angus breed is rampant with genetic defects! If this thought has crossed your mind while reading updates from your association, news stories or internet blogs recently, it's time for you to think again. Just as was the case when BSE first hit the news headlines in 2003, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion out there. First of all, genetic disorders have been around for as long as any species has been in existence. They are not caused by anything we humans can control. And the more we look for defective genes, the more we're going to find them, whether in cattle or human beings. Modern science techniques, information sharing between countries and affordable testing methods have certainly made them easier to find. But we're also going to improve both the Angus breed and our own species by identifying genetic abnormalities. Research into conditions prevalent in animals has historically provided insight and treatment for humans - just look at the advances in fertility and the multitude of

children alive today due to AI and ET practices developed with bovines. Carrier animals (just as carrier humans) lead normal lives and in many cases have substantially contributed to the growth and improvement of many desirable traits. By identifying them we can effectively eliminate the incidence of two carriers being mated together. In humans, it is a personal decision whether two carriers wish to reproduce. With cattle, we can go one step further and not mate carriers at all. Before you panic about AM, MA, NH or whatever the next acronym of the month will be, take a look at the incidence of genetic defects in humans. A little research on the internet netted the following results. Did you know: There are more than 6,000 single-gene disorders in humans which occur in about 1 out of every 200 births (examples are cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Marfan syndrome and Huntington’s disease). It is estimated that one in every 3,600 children born in Canada has cystic fibrosis and one in 25 Canadians carries a defective version of the gene responsible. The world-wide prevalence rate for sickle cell anemia is approx. 1 in 1,000; 1 in 5,000 have Marfan syndrome and for Huntington's disease about 1 in every 10,000. Add to all this genetic multi-factorial disorders (examples include heart disease, high blood

pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and obesity); Chromosomal disorders, caused by errors that occur in chromosomes (example Down syndrome); and Mitochondrial disorders (relatively rare and cause by mutations). It's obvious that very few of us are perfect, especially in our genetic make-up. Even the most talented athlete, the most original thinker or the bravest soul out there probably has something wrong somewhere. As the occurrence of genetic defects has been reported within the Angus breed the reaction of breeders and their various associations around the globe has been varied, from going overboard to minimal. A standardized, educated approach is key for each and every one. It is also important to point out that the Canadian Angus Association states that no cases of most defects have been reported to date in Canada. Yes, there are carriers. But informed breeding decisions are all that should be required. The Canadian Angus Association and both the American Angus and Red Angus Associations have information available on each defect should you wish to find out more. By identifying carriers and testing progeny as defect free before registration the number of carrier animals will be drastically reduced. Angus Association and both the American Angus and Red Angus Associations have information available on each defect should you wish to find out more. By identifying carriers and testing progeny as defect free before registration the number of carrier animals will be drastically reduced. Don't Panic - Just Think Again . . .

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Spring Edition 2010*

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Lillian Elizabeth McBride - Centenarian

One hundred Years have come and gone since Lillian Elizabeth McBride saw the light of day, April 1, 1910 in a log shack with a dirt floor, on a quarter section of land west of Red Deer, Alberta. She celebrated her 100th Birthday with a large gathering of family and friends enjoying bountiful food, appropriate entertainment, wonderful fellowship and a bouquet of 100 roses. Life in pioneer Alberta was quite a change for Lillian McBride’s mother Amy Krause, the former Amy Snell of Cornwall, England, a descendant of Norman Hartnell, dress makers to the Royal Family. At the age of 19 years she played violin in the London Symphony Orchestra. Suffering from asthma, she came to Canada with two of her five brothers in 1905 and took up a homestead at Leslieville. The dry prairie air would add years to her life. Amy would marry Bruno Krause, from a family of furniture manufacturers from Vancouver Island who came to Red Deer to build the Alexandra Hotel, site of the present Park Hotel. Prohibition was voted in July 1, 1916 and voted out in 1923. The hotel business suffered terribly in the interim. The business was bankrupt and the family moved west of Red Deer using hotel rugs and blankets for warmth in their log cabin. Daughter Lillian, the second in a family of nine children, still alert and energetic, has a storied past that includes marriage at the age of 17, turning bush and trees into prime agricultural land and with husband Jack, bearing five children and helping build one of the largest Canadian herds of Aberdeen-Angus cattle at their Riverbend Farm at Benalto. John Alexander “Jack” McBride, a grandson of Alexander McBride, Calgary’s first hardware merchant and the city’s ninth Mayor (1896-1898) would Page 14

Spring Edition 2010*

often say, “We owe a lot to Lillian, my wife was the best thing that ever happened to me. Right from the start, if there was a post to paint, she’d paint one side and I’d paint the other to save walking around the post.” Lillian has many childhood memories: fighting Spanish Flu at the age of eight, attending a red Deer convent from grades two to six and watching her mother play the piano at silent movies in Red Deer. The Krause family of nine children would often get together witha next door neighbor family of ten to paly baseball. Favourite memories include travelling to Red Deer for Christmas events, lying in the back of a sleigh with her brothers and sisters, smothered in rugs, with oven-heated stones at their feet to keep them warm for the 9 mile trip. “As we looked up at the night sky, my Dad would tell us about the stars.” We didn’t have any money, but no one else did either, so we didn’t know we were poor, she recalled. As a teenager. Lillian attended a fair in the small community of Benalto, and on entering a hall where there was music and dancing, she met her future husband, Jack McBride, who invited her to sit down beside him. “I took one look at her and I’ve never been the same since,” Jack would say. Later, while taking a secretarial course at Garbutt’s Business College in Calgary and doing housework for a Calgary couple in exchange for room and board, Lillian began to see Jack more frequently. She took employment as a doctor’s receptionist and on June 19. 1927, they were married during her lunch hour. Jack would later say, “We had nothing, absolutely nothing, we had to pawn Lillian’s watch to buy a five dollar ring.” They were married 73 years; Lillian wears that same ring to this day! Jack’s father, Edward McBride (18901948) had purchased land south of Benalto and that’s where the young couple established their home, turning a converted grainery into two rooms. Her first memory of this new home was a large mud hole at the entrance, for which she picked up flat stones wherever they went, to correct. Lillian did such a good job making a home that the family lived there until they moved into their magnificent new ranch house in 1955. The land was Angus World

rough and the work was hard. Their union was blessed with five children: John (Bud), James (Jim), Shirley (who died at 3 1/2 months), Lou and Robert (Bob). The family now includes eight grandchildren and twelve greatgrandchildren. Asked the three most memorable events of her life, Lillian replied, “Jack, the love of my life, the loss of our daughter Shirley and our good times in the cattle business.” On the losss of their daughter, perhaps a SIDS death, Lillian said she wept uncontrollably for two days, “Until feeling this was not common sense making everyone else unhappy besides myself.” The weeping stopped and their little girl was buried at Benalto between Good Friday and Easter Sunday in those Depression Years. Jack and Lillian started farming by milking cows. Lillian says, “The biggest mistake she ever made was admitting that she knew how to milk.” After ten years, they tired of milking and traded for Aberdeen Angus beef cattle. Family cooperation made possible the purchase of their first purebred Angus heifer. The family had saved $75.00, not to buy an animal, but to get Lillian her first new coat in 12 years of married life. She didn’t get it. The family attended a sale of 4-H club calves and there they saw a heifer calf that had won the Reserve Grand Championship. Here was the chance they had been waiting for, to get into Registered cattle. “We needed that calf more than I need a coat,” Lillian insisted. “Let’s buy her.” When bidding stopped, Safeway Stores had paid $400.00 for the calf and Jack was later able to buy the heifer from the grocery chain for $75.00. Lillian was a wonderful cook, delivering delicious meals to her family and threshing crews who always looked forward to their time at the McBrides. Benalto Stampede was a Class B circuit show in those days and Lillian took many prizes for her sewing and baking exhibits. She also raised a wonderful garden which provided many canned fruits and vegetables for the long winter meals. Slowly they ventured into show cattle and began winning awards across North America. Even when the McBrides were beginning to sell at the Calgary shows, for top prices, they were always broke. Lillian said in a 1957 Family Herald interview,

“The cattle lolled in luxury in the show barns groomed to the last hair, but the McBrides were sleeping on the riverbanks and eating lunches I fixed at home. It was a long time before we could afford hotel rooms.” Along with registered Angus, the McBrides had been growing registered grain for several years and in 1955 were thrilled to be named the “World Rye Champions” at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto - a feat that was repeated in 1957. They also raised registered Scottish Terrier dogs, anything to add to the farm income, and also a labour of love for the kids. As lillian says, “It’s been a wonderful life - the only thing I might change was the milking!” In 1962, Jack and Lillian moved to Winnipeg to help their son Bob operate the Midwest Flying School. Lillian says it was so enjoyable to have young people around excited to learn to fly - never a dull moment. They returned to Calgary in 1965 when the school was sold. Lillian says, “Early May, 1973, Bob called to say he had just gotten us a job for the summer, caretaking a silver mine in the Nahanni Valley west of Fort

Simpson. We found ourselves being flown by our son Bob around June 1, we had an executive trailer fully stocked with groceries and everything we could possibly need. Bob was to fly in supplies every two weeks, or as required. Our only contact with the outside world was a 2way radio that was subject to black-outs because of the mineral content of the surrounding mountains. One of our duties was to take the garbage to the end of the runway, remember, this is Bear Country! “One morning we looked out the windows to see a bear sitting in the back of the pick-up waiting for Jack to take the garbage to the airstrip, and from then on he followed Jack wherever he went, but eventually had to be destroyed as he had become too aggressive.”

Angus World

Lillian McBride’s Resume also includes ... - Lillian and Jack were involved in and led 4-H programs - Lillian named ‘Riverbend” from which many Champion wins came with the Aberdeen Angus cattle and seed grain. - Lillian and Jack took an amazing trip to Australia to visit Lou (daughter) and Allen - CBC TV program “Country Calendar” did the McBride story called “Nothing but the Best” as a run up to the family herd dispersal when the farm was sold to Bud and Barb in the late 1960’s when Lillian and Jack moved to Calgary. - Lillian and her family attended Benalto Baptist Church and she was baptized in the Medicine River, on the farm. - Lillian and Jack were married for 73 years.

Spring Edition 2010*

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Jim Brown - Double Four Angus

BROWN - James "Jim" Mr. James "Jim" Brown, long time resident of the Erskine area, passed away on February 5, 2010 at the age of 80 years. Jim is survived by his wife, Jean of Erskine; children: Marjorie (Bob) Blacklock of Saskatoon, Lee (Laura) Brown of Erskine, Lynne Brown of Vernon and Neil (Deneen) Brown of Erskine; grandchildren and great grandchildren: Curt (Jamie) Blacklock and their children Colt and Waylon, Camille (Jon) Scott and their children Shelby and Bow, Trish (Tim) Henderson, Jackie Brown, Rob Wasiliew, Ali Wasiliew, Danny Brown (Brittany Konowalyk) and Daylon Brown: sisters: Isabel Norris, Alice (Dale) Norris, Gladys "Toots" Anderson, Edith Olhausen and Audrey (Wally) Ward; brother Dave (Margaret) Brown; sisters in law Bernice Brown, Norma Brown and Wilda Gibbon; numerous other family members and many dear friends. Funeral services for the late Jim Brown were held on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at the Stettler Community Hall, Stettler, Alberta. e following is the commentary on Jim and Double Four Angus as appears in the book ‘Canadian Angus History Update’ written by Lloyd Pickard and published in 1985. James A. Brown Double Four Ranch, Erskine, Alberta The Double Four Ranch as known today was not always that way, for the small part of that which Jim Brown acquired in his youthful days was a quarter section of the homestead variety, and on which Jim had to learn how to feed pigs and milk cows as well as how to properly use a walking plow. After a few years of being resourceful by necessity, and taking time out to get married to Jean who was a lady of like energies, land holdings gradually increased with grain farming being a major endeavour. Coupled with that the feeding of commercial cattle came into being with that not relinquished to the Page 16

Spring Edition 2010*

present day. That feedlot had quite a bearing on the future activities that would be pursued, for through it went some three hundred Angus steers who had been purchased over a three year period from the large registered Angus herd bred by Marius Smith of Veteran. That feedlot became so efficient that when the combined artificial units in Canada went in search of an operation where exotic-cross heifers could be calved out to progeny test those “new breed” sires, it was Jim Brown’s Double Four Ranch that was chosen for such a purpose. At that time, Jim Brown was already into the Angus business, but he sure learned first hand which breed he could live with. The purebred Angus commencement at Double Four had a fast beginning. The first female group to unload had been on-loaded at the famous Spady Ranches and were of their finest families. When sales at Double Four Ranch commenced, twelve entries were from those Spady-bred dams, and of which the “Georgina” line were highly prominent. Several of those came into ownership of the Stampede Station and made quite an impact, with several of those later becoming part of the commencing Ken Caryl herd. There has hardly been a Spady Sale held since which has not seen some of the extreme ‘tops’ move to Double Four Ranch. A small group of Rocketing Bay females were also obtained from a sale held in Stettler by Geo. Salmon and Sons. It would be about 1967 or 1968 when a dozen females were obtained from Dale Chapman of Stettler who would have a mighty impact to later events, as would a smaller female group obtained from Victor Schierman which included at least three sired by Bar McHenry, the sire of ‘Great Northern’. The first herdsire was a son of ‘Model’ obtained from the Alberta Association ‘Star Time’ Sale, however as his bloodlines were viewed with some suspicion, most of his progeny probably went through the feedlot. Those Chapman females were all sired by Rowena Footprint 18’63 who had been purchased by Chapman through the 1965 Cross-Country Sale. Three females had been obtained from the Riverbend Dispersal of 1967, and that proved to be a masterstroke, for one of those was Cody Lawnwood 28S, and it was her’Colossal’ bull calf carried in-dam and named Lawnwood Chance, who really set up a chain of events for Double Four. He grew into a magnificent sire with extreme body length, and proceeded to sire progeny groups such as have seldom been seen. From his first crop came a rather sensational bull named Chance of Double Four 17B who handily topped the 1972 Cross-Country Sale at $9,500 to the Mabee Ranch in Texas. His dam was one of those Chapman females by the ‘Footprint’ sire, and a daughter from her would Angus World

sell for $5,100 at the 1975 Cross-Country Sale. A full brother to ‘17B’ would sell for an exceptional price privately to the Ken Caryl Ranch. Still another son would be Chance of Double Four 40C from one of the ‘Bar McHenry’ dams, and in whom 1/2 interest would sell for $7,500 to the Dinedune Corporation in Ontario, with interests being retained by Double Four and Waco. Several years later, Jim Brown would re-purchase that interest back because of the excellent job that ‘40C’ had done for Dinedune. Lawnwood Chance sired the $5,000 top selling bred heifer at CrossCountry ‘74 sold to Missouri, and was also sire of the $5,100 second high selling bred heifer at Cross-Country ‘76, purchased by Bill Gibb of Skillymarno. Another son became Reserve Grand Champion at the 1974 California State Fair for Dunipace Ranch, and many daughters by Lawnwood Chance helped bring the Double Four brand to prominence. He was a breeding bull. If any program evolved at Double Four, it was simply that of bidding last on many of the best obtainable, with those generally becoming expendable after having one or more progeny in Double Four pastures, and when other headliners could be obtained to repeat the performances. It was highly noticeable too, that if purchased animals did the required job, then Jim Brown would consistently add others from the same sources. At the 1967 Cross-Country Sale for instance, a ‘Juana’ from Prospect Farms was purchased, from whom several descendants were featured at Double Four Sales, and some of their descendants have since come back to Double Four. He purchased an ‘Elburnice’ from Prospect Farms at the 1971 Cross-Country, and she too was a moneymaker. Those probably set the stage for his purchase of the herdsire, ‘Prospect Adventure 43G’ from the 1977 CrossCountry, and who proved to be a herdsire with few peers in siring modern-day Angus type. Many extensive female purchases were made every year, generally at or near sale-topping prices, and in 1974 he was the volume buyer at the Stampede Sale, with progeny by and services to ‘Canadian Colossal’ being strongly in evidence, and for many years thereafter. The job that Lawnwood Chance had done was a key factor in influencing the high place which ‘Colossal’ took at Double Four, with the highlight of many of those being his super daughter Stampede Lassie 379’72 who was the $6,000 high selling bred heifer at Cross-Country ‘75. Double Four certainly were not loathe to pay whatever was necessary to obtain elite females, and were involved with both buying and selling of several at Canadian record prices. A few of those would include: $9,000 Dina Mabel Ole

Saskalta 12 in 1973; $21,500 Bluebird Anne 119 in 1973; $7,000 Willabar Countess 15Y in 1974; $9,100 Pride of Southolm 39C in 1974; $6,100 Willabar Ina 87B in 1975; $10,600 Delia of Heatherbrook 67’72 in 1976; also Stampede Lassie 379’72 in 1975 and she would have four progeny average of $10,375 by auction and then be sold for $35,000 in 1981 to Canus Ranch in Texas. All of those, whether bought or sold, had first been acquired from CrossCountry Sale. When females of such calibre were pasturing alongside others of near-equal status at Double Four, a succession of herdsires came into play with varying degrees of success. The first to survive the test was of course Lawnwood Chance, he followed by Coralta Eston 2’71 who had most illustrious lineage and co-shared duties for two seasons. Two older but well-proven sires appeared about 1975, those being the highly rated Bardolier of A L F 25T, and Camilla Chance 38Y who was a son of ‘Colossal’ and a full brother to ‘46W’. A.I. services from ‘Colossal’, ‘Trailblazer’, Diamond Legs Ranger’, ‘Q-Bar’ and ‘Massive of Kaharau’ were all used about his period. Semen from ‘Great Northern’ was also used in 1976 and from which came $25,000 valuation Double Four North Star, whose dam was the $10,600 Delia of Heatherbrook 67’72; record selling female in Canada, 1976.Chance of Double Four 40C had come back by 1976 for field service duties as well. Also, Skillymarno Super Event had been purchased for $21,000 at the 1976 CrossCountry Sale and his services were in high demand, with his first calf crop producing Double Four Super Blend who was sold for $16,500 and his first nine progeny averaged $3,272 at auction. Most regretfully, bloodtyping stated the ‘Super Event’ showed as being “non-traditional” and he was done away with. Later, with more data accumulating, the same official Lab confirmed their earlier reading was incorrect, but by then the damage had been done. It was in 1977 when Prospect Adventure 43G and Happyvale Grand Cap 46E ‘Big Sam’ came to service at Double Four. Progeny by ‘Big Sam’ at Happyvale had received an astounding reception, with his first nineteen bull calves and eight heifer calves averaging $4,512 a round. His first Double Four progeny at auction received a sensational $6,958 average in 1979, however in spite of that he was an unpredictable sire when working on unrelated females, and was gradually phased out. Not so with Prospect Adventure 43G however, for he proved to be a dominant “across the board” sire of stylish, look-alike females from every crop. Several were sold a five figure prices, and it is doubtful if there would be any Canadian sire who would have so many progeny sell so consistently well over any 5-year period. Since 1982, “43G” has been in service for the Skillymarno and Spruce View herds at Killam, Alberta. Next on the proving line came

Jo Jo Beau Jack and Sir Wms Excalibur, both being co-owned by and in service with Torro Negro Farms where some mention to both appears. The current senior sire at Double Four as of 1983 is Sir Wms Wetonka 5979, born in 1979 and he is bred to fit into the Double Four program remarkably well. His dam is a paternal sister to Prospect Adventure 43G, and her dam is a maternal sister to ‘Great Northern’. That line-breeding has already shown to be highly successful, for to the end 1982, a total of 31 heifer calves sired by ‘Wetonka’ had averaged $2,335 at auction. Most recent in the herdsire parade is $51,000 (2/3) Premier High Rise, purchased from the 1982 Cross-Country Sale and who had been Junior and Grand Champion at Agribition ‘81. He too is bred to perfection for the Double Four program, being sired by the fabled ‘Sky High’, from dam who is topped through to the ‘Big Ben’ son of ‘Colossal’ and with her dam being a daughter of ‘great Northern’. The first calves by ‘High Rise’ in several herds are deemed sensational, and he surely seems headed for a brilliant siring career. More important than all of the acclaimed herdsires and great females who have come and gone at Double Four however, has been the involvements by every member of the family. Daughter Marjorie was Secretary of the Alberta Association during busy years and with husband Bob Blacklock maintain a fine herd of mainly Double Four derivation in Saskatchewan. Daughter Lynne owns a small unit and rode the backs of several of those through a University education. Sons Lee and Neil each have their own highly important herd units. Even prior to the days of the exotic-cross Progeny Testing, Lee grew up with every phase of the enterprise although probably with more love of the cattle than the land. His own unit produced the much heralded Eileenmere’s Paradise 44’80 herdsire by Sir William farms and most recently the $13,600 LLB High Times, sale top bull calf at the 1982 Double Four Sale. Many premium selling animals have been bought and sold by Lee as well. Younger son Neil has been highly successful with several entries at the Bashaw National Junior Heifer Show and he has a great rapport with big machinery units which are in high evidence and well used at the Double Four Ranch . . . a high gear operation in every respect.

Angus World

Helen Buttimer

Helen (Susie) Beryl Buttimer passed away at Bethany Meadow Lodge, Camrose Alberta, Saturday, February 20th, 2010. Helen was born June 19, 1921 at Peebles, Saskatchewan to Thomas and Annie Fisher. Helen married Willie Buttimer, June 24th, 1949 and they enjoyed 44 years of marriage before Willie’s passing June 25th, 1993. They began married life at Aylesbury, Saskatchewan, moving to Melfort, Saskatchewan in 1963, then to Morrin Alberta in 1973 and finally to Edberg, Alberta in 1981. After Willie’s passing she remained on the farm with George and Val until failing health necessitated a move to Camrose in November, 2003. Helen enjoyed being involved with farming, gardening and Angus cattle at Clonabreem Angus Farm until the end. Helen leaves to mourn her passing one daughter Florrie and John MacDougall of Pincher Creek, Alberta and one son George and Val Buttimer of Red Deer. She also has 2 grandchildren; Darryn (and Sarah) MacDougall of Fife, Washington, and Christiana MacDougall of Calgary. Helen was predeceased by her parents Thomas and Annie Fisher, brothers George, Albert, Jim and Robert (in infancy); and one sister Grace Johnson; Brothers-in-law Harold Johnson, John Buttimer and Robert Pryor; Sisters-in-law Gladys Buttimer and May Pryor. She is survived by three sisters-in-law Evelyn Fisher, Mabel Fisher and Helen Fisher. She also leaves to mourn many nephews and nieces, extended family and friends.

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Frank Slezina - Southolm Angus

Mr. Frank Slezina of Coaldale, passed away peacefully at the Chinook Regional Hospital on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at the age of 87 years. Frank was born October 7, 1922 in Knezdub, Czech Republic. He moved to Canada in May of 1937 at the age of 15. He settled in rural Coaldale, Alberta where he launched his farming and ranching career in 1947. Frank built up the family business, later to be called Southolm Angus Ranch. In 50+ years, Frank developed an Angus herd that has influenced the beef cattle industry in more than 13 nations. Frank also was the first producer in the world to export purebred Angus breeding stock back to Scotland, where the breed originates. Along with his commitment to his business, Frank was an avid traveler, who loved to talk about the many people he met across the world. Frank married Angela in 1947 and went on to have 4 daughters and 2 sons. Later divorced, Frank spent the rest of his life with his partner, Jean Peake. Frank is predeceased by his son Kenneth Slezina and survived by his 5 children; Millie (John) Boake, Fran (Garry) Sartison, Gary (Dena) Slezina, Evelyn (Colin) Yackulic, Lonnie Slezina, as well as 9 grandchildren and 3 greatgrandchildren. Frank has said he has had a good life. He will be missed and will be remembered. A Funeral Service was held March 31, 2010 in Lethbridge, Alberta. e following is the commentary on Frank and Southolm Angus as appears in the book ‘Canadian Angus History Update’ written by Lloyd Pickard and published in 1985. In the beginning of the now internationally renowned Southolm herd provides on of the most inspiring factual annals in Canadian livestock history. Frank Slezina came fro Page 18

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Czechoslovakia when a young man, after acquiring part of the present location went heavily into the commercial cattle business for some fifteen years - a process of learning what is”under the hide” that has always been invaluable to many successful raisers of pedigreed livestock. Even to that time, Frank had studied the merits of Angus cattle which were highly distributed in the Coaldale area, and almost overnight decided to dispose of his fairly substantial commercial Hereford herd and replace with registered Angus, with those being obtained in groups and in rapid succession. The first of those were a group of seven heifers obtained from near-neighbor Alex Jamieson; all born in 1959 and sired by Bandolier of Altario 49, who had been a Calgary Bull Sale prizewinner, and sired by Dalrene Ere Bardolier 3rd who had brought much prominence to the Altario herd of Albert Murphy. The next were a group of eleven Aljon heifers born in 1960, bred by John Bartsch of Milo and all sired by Eileenmere of Aljon 33L -161 949- he by Eileenmere of Old Hermitage, the first of four Calgary Bull Sale Grand Champions sired by the famed Eileenmere 1514. Over a number of years, Southolm continued to purchase large groups of both males and females from Aljon Farms, and many of the finest Southolm producers today and for many years have shown Aljon Angus commencements. The same applied as well to a large heifer crop obtained from the ‘Miner’s Coulee’ herd of O.L. Wareburg at Aden. All of the latter females had been given the “Blackcap” family name even though a goodly number were of other families. That Frank Slezina moves into the business with intent to stay and progress, is recorded in Herd Books which show that Southolm Farms had upwards of sixty females in their pastures before the very first Southolm-bred productions were born!! That very first heifer calf bred at Southolm was named Black Bell of Southolm 5S -213618- and born May 6, 1961. If Southolm ever holds a Dispersal Sale, then May 6th of whatever year should be a date to seriously consider to commemorate the occasion! Frank Slezina registered only 14 animals during 1961 of which only three were homebred. Those were sired by Blackbird Lad of Highmount who was sired by the noted A.I. sire Blackbird Bandolier of Anoka 30th who also figures prominently in a number of herds from Ontario to B.C. Purchases made from the November 1, 1960 Heatherbrook/Gibson Sale have had far-reaching impact; so great that those in-calf females require mention, with those being; Pride of Heatherbrook 2J whose calf in-dam became the notorious ‘Canadian Hercules’, and she was also maternal granddam of Southolm Bar Lad 50D Angus World

who was Grand Champion and Supreme Champion Angus at the 1973 Royal Winter Fair. Barbara of Heatherbrook 1S became the dam of Southolm Marshall 65V who sired the very noted Deep Ridge Marshall 48B and many other sensational females for Southolm and Deep Ridge Ranch. Blackcap of Heatherbrook 60J founded the Henderson “Blackcap” strain at Southolm from whom ‘Junior’ and many Champions descend. Pride’s Evening Tinge Lass is the granddam of the Southolm Ankonian 80’66 who was Grand Champion Bull at 1968 P.N.E. and sire of Southolm Excel. Then there was Erica Pride Gib who founded the “Chieftain Erica” line at Southolm from whom have come such reputable sires as “Big Ben”, “Hercules 10th”, “Marshall Lad 57W”, “Bar Lad 14F” and many, many other Champions. Two other groups obtained in 1961 have had far-reaching impact as well, with those having been obtained in Montana. Six females including calves came from the Deep Canyon Ranch of Porter Fender, also six females plus three bulls from the FairView Ranch at Melville, Montana. While the DCR females had prominence in early-day Southolm Show accomplishments, none of their descendents were represented in the 1979 Southolm Cow Herd Dispersal. Not so however with the FairView group, for those included “Queen Mother of FV 27” and the super producing “Flora of FV 4th”. She became the foundress of the ‘Advie Flora’ strain at Southolm whose descendents over the years have been almost without parallel in accomplishments. The FairView additions were further added to as being a landmark selection, for it brought to Alberta the young bull, FV Marshall A 11 -210670- born March 30, 1960, and it is he who has become known as the modern-day foundation sire of ‘Marshall’ bloodlines in Canada. The blending that have brought about so many successes for Southolm Farms have been engineered by the two founding herdsires who arrived at Southolm within a few months of each other, those being Pride’s Walmere of Southolm 4S “Canadian Hercules”, and FV Marshall A 11. Each sire was used on daughters by the other, and sons, grandsons and great-grandsons have been used continuously in a line-breeding program which had been molded into a fast generation turnover. During the formative years, one of the first bulls bringing attention to Southolm - and near demise - was Marshall of Southolm 54U. He was a strong Junior Champion at the 1965 Calgary Bull Sale and also high gain Angus at that event. He sold for a good price to Montana buyer but was turned down for export for the stated reason of having “soft testicles”. Shortly thereafter “54U” was purchased by Lawrence Stone of

Diamondhead Ranch who later that summer stated that he was a non-breeder and did not make payment. The bull came back to Southolm where he was exposed to less than a dozen heifers from which eight of the resulting calves became Champions at later events. Frank was terribly shaken by such happenings in the purebred business, and were it not for a congratulatory letter from the then Minister of Agricultural Harry W. Hays, Frank was ready to close the Southolm book right then. One of the “54U” calves turned out to be Marshall of Southolm 57W - Grand Champion at the 1967 Lethbridge Bull Sale who was purchased by Alex Sera of Coaldale Angus, and sire of Coaldale Marshall 15th, the sale top Cross-Canada ‘70 who became a high placing U.S. Sire of the Year award winner. Southolm Angus commenced firstly to appear at local shows, then rapidly to the major shows across Canada from the Pacific National in B.C. to the Royal Winter Fairs in Ontario and Canadian Western Agribition at Regina. The number of high awards won, plus Premier Breeder and Exhibitor Banners, are much too extensive to enumerate even if records had been kept. When the trend for larger, longer and more functional Angus commenced to blossom in the late 1960’s, Southolm moved to the forefront of suppliers to U.S. and other international herds. Southolm Bardoliermere 39Y became Grand Champion at most of the ‘A’ Shows in Western Canada, and was sire of Southolm Banker, the 1970 International Grand Champion Bull. Southolm Bardoliermere 54Z became Grand Champion at the Eastern States Exposition and Reserve Junior Champion at the 1970 Denver National Western. Southolm Bar Lad 88Z became Grand Champion Bull at the N.Y. State Fair and was 2nd in Class at the 1970 American Angus Futurity. Southolm Marshall 56C “Junior” became Grand Champion at the

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1972 P.N.E. and sired the Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull at the 1975 Chicago International. Southolm Bar Lad 50D climaxed a sensational show career by being Grand Champion Bull and Supreme Champion Angus at the 1973 Toronto Royal Winter Fair. One should not forget that the famous Prospect Farms brood cow, Starhaven Delia 55 is sired by Southolm Marshall 57’66. One of the highlight recognitions to Southolm Farms came in 1971 when a group of six females from the show string at the Toronto Royal were purchased by Mr. John Graham of the Tangier Herd in Scotland - the first Canadian Angus to be imported back to their home of origin. In

more recent years, upwards of twenty Southolmbred females have joined transplant programs of many breeders throughout North America. Southolm bloodlines are now almost global in distribution, from Scotland to South Africa to Japan, Argentina and Mexico; to Australia and numerous herds in Canada - all these have a part of the Southolm genetics. Occasionally, outcross and semi-outcross herdsires have been brought into service both by A.I. and natural services. All have mighty big footsteps to follow, and those who survive the sampling best will be the ones who may carry the Southolm tradition to perhaps even greater honours.

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110th Annual Calgary Bull Sale Angus Show March 3, 2010 - Calgary, AB Judge: Wayne Burgess, Carstairs, AB Junior Bull Calf - Group 1 1) RED MPV MAGNUM 17W (RED MPV MATRIX 12T) MPV Red Angus, Beiseker, AB; 2) LORENZ RIPTIDE 45W (LORENZ FUTURE 50S) Lorenz Angus Farms, Markerville, AB Junior Bull Calf - Group 2 1) RED MPV BANDIT 9W (RED BRYLOR BODASIUS 79K) MPV Red Angus, Beiseker, AB; 2) LORENZ RIPTIDE 37W (LORENZ FUTURE 50S) Lorenz Angus Farms, Markerville, AB Junior Bull Calf - Group 3 1) BELVIN WARCRY 61'09 (BELVIN THUNDER 12'07) Belvin Angus Farm, Innisfail, AB; 2) RPM WRANGLER RLP 9W (DUFF NEW ATTRACTION 6110) Pieschel Farms, Balzac, AB Junior Bull Calf Champion BELVIN WARCRY 61'09 Reserve Junior Bull Calf Champion RED MPV MAGNUM 17W Senior Bull Calf - Group 1 1) GH ADAMS FREEDOM MICK 207W (MJT FREEDOM 506T) Adams Hirsche Herefords, High River, AB; 2) DLH ADMIRAL 17W (SITZ ALLIANCE 6595) DLH Angus Ltd., High River, AB Senior Bull Calf - Group 2 1) BELVIN WANDERLEI 25'09 (BELVIN REBEL 33'05) Belvin Angus Farm, Innisfail, AB; 2) RED CJB SCOTTS MATRIX 754W (RED MPV MATRIX 12T) Scott Stock Farm Ltd., Crossfield, AB Senior Bull Calf - Group 3 1) BELVIN WATCHMAN 20'09 (BELVIN SPITFIRE 109'06) Belvin Angus Farm, Innisfail, AB; 2) BELVIN WARRIOR 6'09 (S A V HEAVY HITTER 6347) Belvin Angus Farm, Innisfail, AB

Senior Bull Calf Champion BELVIN WANDERLEI 25'09 Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion GH ADAMS FREEDOM MICK 207W Junior Bull - Group 1 1) COLDSTREAM BEN RINNES 147U (COLDSTREAM PARADOX 34S) Coldstream Angus, Airdrie, AB; 2) LLLL CH FRONTIER 50U (LLLL CH FRONTIER 32R) Four L Cattle Holdings, Stettler, AB Junior Bull - Group 2 1) MJT TRAVELER 5U (EAGLE VALLEY TRAVELLER 65R) Adams Hirsche Herefords, High River, AB; 2) LLLL CH HYLINE RT WAY 48U (HYLINE RIGHT WAY 781) Four L Cattle Holdings, Stettler, AB Junior Champion Bull MJT TRAVELER 5U Reserve Junior Champion Bull COLDSTREAM BEN RINNES 147U Senior Bull - Group 1 1) RED SSF SCOTTS MR. MAJOR 685U (RED LCC MAJOR LEAGUE A502M) Scott Stock Farm Ltd., Crossfield, AB; 2) MAF N306 BUDDA 20U (JUSTAMERE 253 BADA BING 406S) Matejka Farms, Ponoka, AB Senior Bull - Group 2 1) GH ADAMS SPECIAL ERIC 172U (GH ADVANTAGE ERIC 59S) Adams Hirsche Herefords, High River, AB; 2) GH ADMAS 59S ADVANTAGE 211U (GH ADVANTAGE ERIC 59S) Adams Hirsche Herefords, High River, AB Senior Bull - Group 3 1) GH ADAMS CB JUBILEE 34U (GH COVERBOY ERIC 110R) Adams Hirsche Herefords, High River, AB; 2) GH ADAMS BLK TRUMP 55U (SAV NET WORTH 4200) Adams Hirsche Herefords, High River, AB Senior Champion Bull RED SSF SCOTTS MR. MAJOR 685U

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Calgary Bull Sale Grand Champion Angus Bull Belvin Wanderlei 25’09

Calgary Bull Sale Reserve Grand Champion Angus Bull GH Adams Freedom Mick 207W Reserve Senior Champion Bull GH ADAMS SPECIAL ERIC 172U Pair of Bulls Belvin Angus Farm, Innisfail, AB Group of ree Bulls Belvin Angus Farm, Innisfail, AB Group of Five Bulls Belvin Angus Farm, Innisfail, AB Grand Champion Bull BELVIN WANDERLEI 25'09 Reserve Grand Champion Bull GH ADAMS FREEDOM MICK 207W

Pride of the Prairies Bull Sale Angus Shows March 7, 2010 - Lloydminster, SK

BLACK ANGUS SHOW Grand Champion Bull 20/20 POSI-TRACTION (DMM Posi-Traction 57P) OWEN & BERNADETTE LEGAARDEN, 20/20 ANGUS, Paynton, SK Reserve Grand Champion Bull DBRL FREE WHEELER 69W (HF Free Wheeler 193T) DIAMOND B RANCHES LTD., Livelong, SK


Lloydminster Bull Sale Grand Champion Black Angus Bull 20/20 Posi-Traction

Lloydminster Bull Sale Reserve Grand Champion Black Angus Bull DBRL Free Wheeler 69W

Lloydminster Bull Sale Grand Champion Red Angus Bull Red Selte Barney 995W

Lloydminster Bull Sale Reserve Grand Champion Red Angus Bull Red Alo Stalones Trend 103W

Grand Champion Bull RED SELTE BARNEY 995W (Red Spring Creek Barney 18R) IAN SELTE, Clandonald, AB Reserve Grand Champion Bull RED ALO STALONES TREND 103W (Red Vikse Stalone 152T) APRIL OCKERMAN, Dewberry, AB

Alberta’s Cattlemen Age-Verification Incentive Cattle producers to benefit from incentive program Edmonton... Alberta’s cow-calf producers will benefit from a new $15 million Age-Verification Incentive Program. This three-year program will provide cow-calf producers with an incentive for providing information to support marketing and food safety efforts. The incentive will be available in the form of a discount towards subsequent purchases of radio frequency identification tags. “Our government is committed to working with industry to build a stronger beef sector and age-verification is a crucial piece of that,” said Jack Hayden, Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “Age-verification supports foreign market import requirements and a growing domestic consumer and industry expectation.” The program applies incentive-discounts to radio frequency identification tag purchases

made between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2012. Incentive-discounts, of up to three dollars for each age-verified animal, represent critical information that producers contribute to support marketing and food safety efforts. Eligibility will be based on the number of animals a producer has, or intends to have, ageverified from the previous year’s calf crop. Encouraging cattle producers to provide vital information will help to assure greater industry participation in adopting tagging and ageverification best practices. Alberta’s livestock traceability system is dependent on tagging an animal and entering this information into the Canadian Livestock Tracking System. This process is critical to identify when an animal enters the food production system. “Alberta Beef Producers believes that the cattle producers of Alberta will appreciate the program being announced by Minister Hayden today,” said Chuck MacLean, Board Chair, Alberta Beef Angus World

Producers. “The payment acknowledges that age verification information has value. In these tough economic times, producers welcome the support of government.” In accordance with the Animal Health Act, age-verification improves Alberta’s ability to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from an emergency situation such as a foreign animal disease outbreak or a natural disaster that may affect public or animal health. Age-verification also assists industry in accessing existing and new markets. The Age-Verification Incentive Program is an investment in industry’s long-term success and the economic health of Alberta’s rural communities and is part of The Way Forward and the Government of Alberta’s clear plan for a strong economic recovery.

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Regina Bull Sale Angus Shows March 13, 2010 - Regina, SK Judge: Barry Young, Carrievale, SK

BLACK ANGUS SHOW Bulls born March 11 - 15, 2009 1) Ivanhoe Touchdown 22W, Ivanhoe Angus, Belle Plaine, SK; 2) Ivanhoe Widespread 20W, Ivanhoe Angus, Belle Plaine, SK Bulls born February 28 - March 9, 2009 1) Freyburn Bruno 79W, Freyburn Farms,

Regina Bull Sale Grand Champion Black Angus Bull Edwards Net Worth 87W

Regina Bull Sale Reserve Grand Champion Black Angus Bull Freyburn Bruno 79W

Regina Bull Sale Grand Champion Red Angus Bull Red JLCC Sakik 4W

Regina Bull Sale Reserve Grand Champion Red Angus Bull Red DKF X Over 36W Page 22

Spring Edition 2010*

Oxbow, SK; 2) Ivanhoe Touchdown 7W, Ivanhoe Angus, Belle Plaine, SK Bulls born February 10 - 25, 2009 1) Freyburn Alliance 45W, Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, SK; 2) Freyburn Touchdown 72W, Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, SK Bulls born February 6 - 9, 2009 1) Freyburn Tonka 34W, Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, SK; 2) SMW Freightliner 109W, Wagner Angus, Moose Jaw, SK Junior Champion Bull Freyburn Bruno 79W Reserve Junior Champion Bull Ivanhoe Touchdown 22W Bulls born January 24 - 28, 2009 1) Lodge Wildfire 33W, Valley Lodge Cattle Co., Balgonie, SK; 2) MHL Magnify 4W, Mokelky Holdings Ltd., Lampman, SK Bulls born January 19 - 22, 2009 1) MHL Cash 1W, Mokelky Holdings Ltd., Lampman, SK; 2) Freyburn Touchdown 9W, Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, SK Bulls born January 6 - 17, 2009 1) Edwards Net Worth 87W, Edwards Angus, Craik, SK; 2) Freyburn Tonka 6W, Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, SK Intermediate Champion Bull Edwards Net Worth 87W Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull Lodge Wildfire 33W Bulls born in 2008 1) MHL Chief 35U, Mokelky Holdings Ltd., Lampman, SK; 2) Klay Widespread 176U, Clay Enterprises, Wapella, SK Senior Champion Bull MHL Chief 35U Reserve Senior Champion Bull Klay Widespread 176U Grand Champion Bull Edwards Net Worth 87W Reserve Grand Champion Bull Freyburn Bruno 79W Best Pair of Bulls 1) Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, SK 2) Molkelky Holdings Ltd., Lampman, SK

Best Group of 3 Bulls 1) Molkelky Holdings Ltd., Lampman, SK; 2) Ivanhoe Angus, Belle Plaine, SK Best Group of 5 Bulls Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, SI

RED ANGUS SHOW Bulls born February 18 - 26, 2009 1) Red K F Sammy 49W, Kuntz Farms, Balgonie, SK; 2) Red K F Buster 44W, Kuntz Farms, Balgonie, SK Bulls born February 10 - 14, 2009 1) Red K F Ultimate 25W, Kuntz Farms, Balgonie, SK; 2) Red DKF Illicit 108W, DKF Red Angus, Gladmar, SK Junior Champion Bull Red K F Ultimate 25W Reserve Junior Champion Bull Red DKF Illicit 108W Bulls born January 27 - February 8, 2009 1) Red K F Canyon 96W, Kuntz Farms, Balgonie, SK; 2) Red K F Master 40W, Kuntz Farms, Balgonie, SK Bulls born January 21 - 26, 2009 1) Red DKF X Over 36W, DKF Red Angus, Gladmar, SK; 2) Red JJL Kapton Brass 13W, JJL Livestock, Melville, SK Intermediate Champion Bull Red DKF X Over 36W Reserve Intermediate Champion Bull Red K F Canyon 96W Bulls born January 11 - 17, 2009 1) Red JLCC Sakik 4W, Loveridge Cattle Co., Melville, SK; Red NRA Mr. X Over 1W, Larry & Laurie Nielson, Craik, SK Senior Champion Bull Red JLCC Sakik 4W Reserve Senior Champion Bull Red NRA Mr. X Over 1W Grand Champion Bull Red JLCC Sakik 4W Reserve Grand Champion Bull Red DKF X Over 36W Best Pair of Bulls, Group of 3 & Group of 5 DKF Red Angus, Gladmar, SK

Medicine Hat Bull Sale Angus Show March 15, 2010 - Medicine Hat, AB Judge: Murray Andrews, Moose Jaw, SK Junior Champion & Grand Champion BJ’S Forte 921, BJ Cattle Co. Reserve Junior Champion Reid Angus Alliance 25W, Reid Angus Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion C & N In Focus 517 W, Stromsmoe Angus Reserve Senior Champion Belvin Tailgate 66’07, Stromsmoe Angus Best Pair of Angus Bulls: Reid Angus Reserve Best Pair of Angus Bulls: Pahl Livestock Angus World

Medicine Hat Grand Champion Angus BJ’s Forte 921

Angus Auction Block M&J FARMS SIMMENTAL & ANGUS BULL SALE February 6 - Russell, MB Consultant: Venture Livestock 7 Two Year Old Angus Bulls $2,786 34 Bulls (Angus & Simmental) $3,116 High Selling Angus: Red MB King 13U (Red McRae’s King 47S) sold for $3,200 to Breault Ranching, Toutes Aides, MB; MJ New Design 25U (Muirhead’s New Direction) sold to Keay Farms, Inglis, MB at $3,100; MJ Kokanee 1U (HF Kodiak 5R) sold for $3,000 to Chad ompson, Belmont, MB. CHAPMAN CATTLE CO. “100% FORAGE DEVELOPED” BULL & FEMALE SALE February 11 - Stettler, AB Auctioneer: Don Raffan 55 Bulls $2,950 High Selling Bull: Chapman Joker 8505U (Crowfoot Joker 6172S x OCC Joker 620J) to Ole Farms Ltd. at $6,400. High Selling Cow: Chapman Bonanza 308N (OCC Bonanza 880B x Brown Creek Rito 414) to Forsyth Ranch. Large crowd on hand with cattle selling into five provinces. STAUFFER RANCHES TWO YEAR OLD BULL SALE February 11 - Fort Macleod, AB 82 Bulls $3,594 High Selling Bull: SAR Waterton 69U (SAR Waterton 2R) to Brylor Semen Sales for $8,700. OLE FARMS FAMILY DAY SALE February 15 - Athabasca, AB Auctioneer: Don Raffan Management : Douglas J. Henderson & Associates 96 Purebred Red & Black Angus Bulls $2,699 4 Simmental Hybrid Bulls $2,300 7 Commercial Angus Bulls $1,714 107 Lots $2,620 50 Commercial Angus Bred Heifers $1,064 High selling group to Tomahawk Cattle Co., Tomahawk, AB at $1,135 High Selling Bulls: Ole Freightliner 106U (Connealy Freightliner) sold to Derek Tallmadge of Meadow Lake, SK for $5,000; Red Ole 5103 213U (Red Crowfoot 5103R) sold to Bob Senyk of Athabasca, AB for $4,400. Buyers from BC, AB, SK, ON and the local area. 5TH ANNUAL SELECT GENETICS BULL SALE February 15 - Hebert, SK Auctioneer: Donnie Peacock Forsyth Ranch, Beverly Hills Angus, Pebble Ridge Angus 40 Bulls $2,530 27 Commercial Heifers $1,020 High Selling Bulls: FRL Centennial 52U (Beverly Hills Centennial x OCC Moonshine daughter) to Jack Ziegler, Eastend, SK for

$4,600; FRL Tuition 41U (Beverly Hills Centennial x Leachman Right Time daughter) to the Estuary Colony, Leader, SK at $3,800. VIKSE FAMILY FARM “TIP THE SCALE” BULL SALE February 15 - Daysland, AB Auctioneer: Ron Peterson 78 Bulls $4,160 45 Commercial Heifers $940 High Selling Bull: Red Vikse Fully Loaded 47W sired by Red Ter-Ron Fully Loaded 540R out of a Red Badlands Mr Beef 805 daughter purchased by Cattle Creek Ranching, Maple Creek, SK for $19,000. Second High Selling Bull: Red Vikse Divide 158W sired by Red Lazy MC Divide 8J out of a Red Eggen Lodi 1N daughter purchased by Corona Creek Cattle Co, Bashaw, AB for $8,800. High Selling Commercial Heifers consigned by Gadsby Colony purchased by Ron Haoslep for $1,225. WILLABAR RANCH BLACK ANGUS BULL SALE February 16 - Claresholm, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey 50 Long Yearling Bulls $3,420 High Selling Bull: Willabar Ambush 50U (Willabar Ambush 18P) to EMK Angus, Montana at $10,000. Volume Buyer: Burke Creek Ranch Ltd., Claresholm, AB. EARLY SUNSET BULL & FEMALE SALE February 26 - Edam, SK Auctioneer: Don Raffin Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 34 Yearling Bulls $2,870 16 Open Heifer Calves $1,344 6 Bred Heifers $1,917 55 Lots $2,374 High Selling Bulls: Early Sunset Supreme 44W (HF Supreme 37T) sold to Swenco Angus, Weyburn, SK, 1/2 interest & 1/2 possession for $7,700; Early Sunset Supreme 45W (HF Supreme 37T) sold for $5,600 to Jamie Mills, Frenchman Butte, SK. High Selling Female: Early Sunset Elba 50W (New Force Prospector 5S) sold for $2,300 to Hannah Garven, East End, SK. WESTERN ANGUS BLACK ANGUS BULL SALE February 26 - Lethbridge, AB Auctioneer: Bob Perlich Black Angus Bulls $2,522 Replacement Heifers $800 High Selling Bull: Western Freedom 9125 (TC Freedom 104) at $4,700 to Audrey Taylor. KFC COUNTRY ANGUS BULL SALE February 27 - Cache Creek, BC Auctioneer: Don Raffin Angus World

23 Yearling Bulls $2,615 20 Two Year Old Bulls $2,823 43 Bulls $2,710 High Selling Black Angus: KFC Predestined 9803W (GAR Predestined x KFC Lady Dewdrop 7H) to Fraser Irland of Morning Mist Ranch, 70 Mile House, BC. High Selling Red Angus: Red KFC NF Rob Power 9807W (Red KFC Rob Power 6250 x Red Mtn. Ash Pride Trend 18S) to the 7 O Ranch, Kamloops, BC. REMINGTON LAND & CATTLE VALUE IN VOLUME IV BULL SALE Auctioneers: Steve Dorran, Ryan Dorran March 2 - Del Bonita, AB 107 Angus Bulls $2,865 188 Bulls (Angus & Simmental) $3,424 High Selling Angus Bulls: Remington Old Post 26W (Double AA Old Post Bandolere) at $16,000 to Windwalker Cattle Co. & Eccles Flying Hat Ranch, Belleview, ID; Remington Max 149U (Basin Max 602C) at $8,400 to Dr. Nestor Orozco Araiza & Otilio Vales Corerea, Mexico; Remington Old Post 43W (Double AA Old Post Bandolier) to Mike Daychief, Standoff, AB for $7,000. CALGARY BULL SALE March 4 - Calgary, AB Auctioneer: Don Raffan 65 Angus Bulls $3,381 Average for all breeds: 231 bulls $3,967 High Selling Bull: Belvin Warrior 6'09 (SAV Heavy Hitter 6347) to Pahl Livestock, Medicine Hat, AB at $20,000. Grand Champion Belvin Wanderlei 25’09 (Belvin Rebel 33’05) sold for $6,100 to Lorenz Angus, Markerville, AB; Reserve Champion GH Adams Freedom Mick 207W (MJT Freedom 506T) at $4,900 to GW Murray Ranches Ltd., Tilley, AB. 15TH ANNUAL CATTLEMAN’S CONNECTION BULL SALE March 5 - Brandon, MB Auctioneer: Brent Carey 77 Yearling Bulls $3,338 High Selling Bull: MVF Dateline 36W (MVF VRD Dateline 913P) was purchased by Nielson Land & Cattle Co., Craik, SK for $10,750. WARD'S RED ANGUS & GUESTS 2ND ANNUAL BULL SALE March 6 - Saskatoon, SK Auctioneer: Mike Fleury Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 12 Red Angus Yearling Bulls $2,658 14 Red Angus Fall Yearling Bulls $2,225 9 Black Angus Yearling Bulls $2,550 16 Black Angus Fall Yearling Bulls $2,559 51 Bulls $2,489 High Selling Red Angus Bull: Red Letter Icon 30W (Red U-2 Icon 223M) to Last Chance Spring Edition 2010*

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Auction Block


Ranch, Biggar, SK for $6,300. High Selling Black Angus Bull: C.Ward’s Riot 45W (Gambles Hot Rod) to Stuart Redekop, Vanscoy, SK for $5,000. CUTTING EDGE BULL SALE March 6 - Rimbey, AB Auctioneer: Dan Skeels 36 Bulls $2,794 Open Heifers $1,245 High Selling Black Angus: LVA 4057 Wealth 21W at $4,300; High Selling Red Angus: Red Poplar Grove Grand 248W at $3,100. PRIDE OF THE PRAIRIES BULL SALE March 8 - Lloydminster, SK 32 Black Angus Bulls $2,950 11 Red Angus Bulls $2,573 Average for all breeds: 148 bulls $2,819 MAR MAC FARMS & GUESTS BULL SALE March 10 - Brandon, MB Auctioneer: Jerry Kanewischer Red Angus Bulls $2,827 Black Angus Bulls $2,455 60 Lots (Angus & Simmental) $2,925 High Selling Red Angus: Red BVR Weather man 28W, (Red VVV Nino 37R) consigned by Mar Mac Farms sold for $4,400 to Lawrence and Janette Shorey, Boissevain, MB. High Selling Black Angus: McRae’s Answer 11W (SAV Final Answer) consigned by Mar Mac sold for $3300 to Rohan Angus, Stonewall, MB. Volume Buyer: Last Straw Angus Farm. ARDA ANGUS ANNUAL BULL SALE March 12 - Acme, AB Auctioneer: Steve Dorran 54 Yearling Bulls $2,354 38 Two Year Old Bulls $2,759 92 Lots $2,521 227 Commercial Heifers $ 770 High Selling Yearling Bull: ARDA Direct 89W (ARDA Direct 23T) purchased by Barry Lang, Beiseker, AB for $4,100. High Selling Two Year Old Bull: Freeway Big Stick 91U (ARDA Mainstream 359P) purchased by Buffalo Jump Farms, Empress, AB for $5,000. BAR-E-L ANGUS ANNUAL BULL SALE March 11 - Stettler, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey Sale averaged $3,816. High Selling Red Angus: Red Bar-E-L Warden 144W (Red Bar-E-L Ribeye 103R) to T-K and McMillen Ranching in SK; High Selling Black Angus: Bar-E-L Wolfman 77W (HF Timberwolf 57T) to Section 7, the Decorby's.

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Spring Edition 2010*

LLB ANGUS SPRING SPECTACULAR BULL & FEMALE SALE March 13 - Erskine, AB Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Announced from the block: 101 Black Heifers $2,550 13 Red Heifers $2,477 91 Black Yearling Bulls $2,421 19 Red Yearling Bulls $2,358 29 Fall Black Bulls $2,331 5 Red Fall Bulls $1,880 72 Black Two Yr. Old Bulls $3,060 9 Red Two Yr. Old Bulls $2,500 339 Lots $2,616 Commercial Heifers $817 High Selling Two Year Old Bulls: Remitall Full rottle 644U (LLB Free Wheeler 268S) sold to Salt Creek Ranch, Texas for $11,000; LLB Iceberg 562U (Dryland Iceberg 411) sold to Willow Springs Ranch, Westbridge BC for $6,750 High Selling Yearling Bulls: LLB Gridlock 293W (Timber Trail Gridlock) sold to Crooked Creek Angus, Fort Saskatchewan, AB for $13,000; LLB Heritage 497W (SAV Heritage 6295) sold to Edge Hill Angus, Mayerthorpe, AB for $4,500 High Selling Heifers: LLB Lavender Lady 53W (Timber Trail Gridlock) sold to Wilgor Farms, Mirabel, Quebec for $13,500; LLB Sandra 460W (Timber Trail Gridlock) sold to Kevin Bolduc, Stavely, AB for $5,500. SCOTT STOCK FARM PRIVATE TREATY BULL SALE March 13 - Crossfield, AB 20 Angus Yearling Bulls $3,070 3 Angus Two Year Old Bulls $4,200 High Selling Bulls: SSF Scotts Advantage 767W (Sandy Bar Advantage 43M) purchased by Neil Perry, Balzac, AB for $5,000; Red SSF Scotts Mr. Major 685U (Red LCC Major League A502M) purchased by Elkwater Farming Company, Irvine, AB for $5,000. RANCHLANDS BULL SALE March 13 - Stavely, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey 12 Red Angus Yearling Bulls $3,459 4 Black Angus Yearling Bulls $3,100 13 Simmental Yearling Bulls $3,115 High Selling Angus Bull: Red Brown Creek Smash 3W (Lazy MC Smash 41N) sold to Bar N Ghost Pine, Granum, AB for $5,100. THE CATTLEMEN'S BULL EVENT March 13 - Saskatoon, SK Auctioneer: Mike Fleury Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 20 Black Angus Yearling Bull $3,445 8 Black Angus Two Year Old Bulls $3,612 23 Red Angus Yearling Bulls $3,093 1 Red Angus Mature Bull $6,250 52 Lots $3,369 Angus World

High Selling Black Angus: Fleury Bardolene 150W (Double AA Bardolene 47’04) to Ron Winder, Wyoming, ON for $9,500. High Selling Red Angus: Full possession and 1/3 interest in Red SVR Gangster 14S (Red Geis Hi Ho 180’04) to Pieper Red Angus, Hay Springs, NE and McEntire Red Angus, Sweetwater, OK for $6,250. CANADIAN REDS 37TH ANNUAL RED ANGUS TEST SALE March 13 - Medicine Hat Auctioneer: Darren Lutz Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 44 Yearling Red Angus Bulls $2,258 High Selling Bull: Red HRH Mulberry 32N 56W sired by Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P out of a Red ANCR Northern Logan 22L daughter consigned by HR Hahn Cattle Co, Sherwood Park, AB purchased by Rock Lake Colony, Coaldale, AB for $4,500. Volume buyer: Sanderson Farms, Piapot, SK

5TH ANNUAL BASIC BLACK BULL SALE March 14 - Maidstone, SK Auctioneer: Jerry Hewson 32.5 Yearling Angus Bulls $2,405 2 Two Year Old Angus Bulls $2,300 High Selling Yearling Bulls: Standard Hill Wrangler 16W (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold to Bear Creek Angus, Brent & Jackie Weiss, Maple Creek, SK for $5,400; Standard Hill Warlord 54W (SAV Bismarck 5682) sold to Neil & Terry Lynn Geall Lloydminster, SK for $4,450. THE BLACK PEARL BULL & FEMALE SALE March 14 - Tisdale, SK Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 32 Yearling Bulls $2,606 3 Two Year Old Bulls $3,167 16 Yearling Heifers $1,722 51 Lots $2,362 High Selling Bull: Royal Net Worth 29W (SAV Net Worth 4200) was purchased by Clevelands Farm, Canwood, SK for $4,100. High Selling Heifer: Royal Pride Dolly 24W (SAV Net Worth 4200) to Sandean Farms, Vanscoy, SK at $2,400. REGINA BULL SALE March 14 - Regina, SK 28 Red Angus Bulls $2,625 35 Black Angus Bulls $3,007 Average for all breeds: 146 bulls $2,943 High Selling Black Angus: $5,100 - Freyburn Alliance 45W (MVF Alliance 156T) from Freyburn Farms, Oxbow, to Blaschuk Land & Cattle Co., Chaplin, SK. High Selling Red Angus: $4,500 - Red DKF X Over 36W (Red Blu Dawn Cross Over 305S) from DKF Red Angus, Gladmar, to Dean Meyers, Minton, SK.

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FRASER’S F-R RANCH ‘TOTAL PERFORMANCE’ BULL SALE March 15 - Brooks, AB 28 Two Year Old Black Angus Bulls $3,489 22 Yearling Black Angus Bulls $2,906 27 Two Year Old Hereford Bulls $2,937 KBJ ROUND FARMS BULL SALE March 15 - Clyde, AB Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 14 Two Year Old Bulls $2,650 51 Yearling Bulls $2,685 65 Lots $2,678 High Selling Black Angus: KBJ Tommy Boy 44W (Figure 8 Angus Tom Boy 509R) sold for $7,500 to Dryland Angus, Cypress River, MB; KBJ Black Marlin 012W (SAV Carbon Copy 7664) sold to Jim Hansen, Tawatinaw, AB at $6,000. High Selling Red Angus: Red KBJ Hustler 999W (Red BCAR Wild Card) to Heart Bar Cattle, Crossfield, AB for $5,250. MEDICINE HAT BULL SALE March 16 - Medicine Hat, AB 26 Angus Bulls $2,857 High Selling Bull: BJ's Forte 921 (Royal Forte DRCC 5138R) Grand Champion from BJ Cattle Co., Del Bonita, AB at $5,100 to Bruce Reiger of Medicine Hat, AB. Volume Buyer: Remount Grazing. ON TARGET BULL & FEMALE SALE March 16 - Barrhead, AB Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 74 Yearling Bulls $2,728 2 Choice Lots $4,250 High Selling Bull: Red Cinder Hypnotiq 101W (Red Hidden MMD Patriot 214M) at $5,200 to Delar Cattle & Quarter Horses, Iron Springs, AB & Brent Brewin Farms Ltd., Taber, AB. High Selling Angus Pick: 2009 Black Angus Heifer Pick from Dwajo Angus sold for $4,500 to Bone Creek Angus, East End, SK. 15TH ANNUAL TOOLS OF THE TRADE BULL SALE March 17 - Saskatoon, SK 16 Red Angus Yearling Bulls $4,088 22 Black Angus Yearling Bulls $3,014 38 Sale Lots $4,366 High Selling Red Angus Bull: Red Wilbar Latitude 235W sired by Red Ter-Ron Reload 703T out of a Red Six Mile Knockout 459K daughter purchased by Blairs.Ag, Lanigan, SK & Blairs West Land and Cattle, Drake, SK for $6,100. High Selling Black Angus Bull: Wilbar International 32W sired by SAF 598 Bando 5175 out of an Early Sunset High Time 47G

daughter purchased by Flavel Gleann Farms, Bulyea, SK for $6,000. ANGUS FOR THE FUTURE BULL & FEMALE SALE March 17, 2010 - Westerose, AB K-Deen Angus Farm, Zaniabar Angus – Ger-Ris Angus – Bayshore Angus- Harold & Lil Smithinsky- GMC Cattle Co. Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Marketing Agent: DJH & Associates Ltd. 49 Yearling Bulls $2,247 2 Yearling Females $2,175 13 Two Year Old Females $1,436 4 Two Year Old Bulls $1,750 High Selling Yearling Black Angus Bulls: Lot 3: KDF Heritage 77W (SAV Heritage 6295) sold to Needmore Angus for $5800; Lot 37: Zaniabar Tex’s T 109W-09 (Remington Tex 155R) sold to Kevin McGee, OK for $6,250; Lot 51: GMC Sure Fire 10W (Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96) sold to Battle T Cattle Co., New Norway, AB for $5,000; Lot 52: GMC Wild Fire 12W (Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96) sold to Belvin Angus, Innisfail, AB for $5,200; Lot 53: Bayshore Net Value 03W (SAV Net Worth 4200) sold to Cody Innocent, Stettler, AB for $3,300; Lot 48: KZJ Windy One (SAV Masterpiece 5289) sold to RHO Angus, Bashaw, AB for $3,200. Volume Buyer: Lyle Karlo, Alhambra, AB purchased 9 heifers from Ger-Ris Angus. TER-RON & REDRICH ‘GET-A-GRIP’ BULL & SELECT FEMALE SALE March 18, 2010 - Forestburg, AB 53 Yearling Red Angus Bulls $3,656 3 Two Year Old Red Angus Bulls $3,433 19 Open Red Angus Heifer Calves $2,442 High Selling Bulls: Red Ter-Ron Wallace 142W (Red Soo Line Mr H0904 7076) sold for $10,300 to Chickadee Farm, Innisfail , AB; Red Ter-Ron Wako 45W (Red Soo Line Mr H0904 7076) sold for $8500 to at’ll Do Ranch, Westerose, AB; Red Ter-Ron Watch Out 57W (Red Ter-Ron Fully Loaded 540R) sold for $7000 to Hadwin Cattle Co. Consort, AB: Red K Adams Wrangler 2W (Red Ter-Ron Reload 703T) sold for $6000 to Jensen Red Angus, Leader, SK High Selling Heifers: Red Ter-Ron Goldie 112W (Red Ter-Ron Olympian 822P) sold for $3200 to Lacombe Research Center, Lacombe, AB; Red Ter-Ron Cresta 118W (Red Ter-Ron Olympian 822P) sold for $3200 to Blairs.Ag, Lanigan, SK; Red Ter-Ron Alison 7W (Red Soo Line Mr H0904 7076) sold for $3100 to Lacombe Research Center, Lacombe, AB; Red Ter-Ron Miss Impact 167W (Red Ter-Ron Olympian 822P) sold for $3100 to Lacombe Research Center , Lacombe , AB.

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ALLENCROFT & BORDER BUTTE 10TH ANNUAL BULL SALE March 18 - Medicine Hat, AB 52 Angus Bulls $2,901 High Selling Bull: Border Butte Bottom Line 56W (SAV Net Worth 4200) purchased by Layne & Leroy Gleim, Coaldale, AB for $5,600. JOHNSON LIVESTOCK BULL & FEMALE SALE March 18 - Peebles, SK Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 70 Yearling Bulls $2,805 11 Two Year Old Bulls $2,650 19 Heifer Calves $2,550 100 Lots $2,740 High Selling Bulls: JL Royal Answer 9018 (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold to Waveny Angus Farms Ltd., Vermilion, AB for $7,700; JL Player 9095 (SAV Young Jock 6457) sold for $7,600 to Craig Angus, Tompkins, SK. High Selling Open Heifers: JL Evening Tinge 132W (SAV Carbon Copy 7664) sold for $7,600 to Gilchrist Farms & Ken-Mac Angus; JL Forever Lady 9271 (SAV Net Worth 4200) sold to Bellstar Angus, Lombardy, ON for $4,000. BONE CREEK RANCH 18TH ANNUAL BULL SALE March 19 - Medicine Hat, AB 28 Red Angus Bulls $3,737 26 Black Angus Bulls $3,357 18 Red Hybrid Bulls $3,150 High Selling Red Angus Bull: Red TGA Sake 5024-8163U (Red TGA Sake 5024R) 1/2 interest sold to Murray Knutson for $5,750. High Selling Black Angus Bull: TGA Blackman 8311U (Geis Blackman 224’05) sold to White Sand Angus and Northern View Angus for $9,900. High Hybrid Bull: 219U sold to Brad Beeser for $5,000. DURALTA FARMS 5TH ANNUAL BULL SALE March 19 - Vegreville, AB Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 1 Two Year Old Angus Bull $3,200 20.5 Yearling Angus Bulls $3,283 15.5 Yearling Red Angus Bulls $2,910 37 Bulls $3,124 High Selling Black Angus: $7,000 - Duralta 32R Direct 76W (Arda Direct 32R) to Rafter 4T Farms Ltd., Hairy Hill, AB. High Selling Red Angus: $4,100 - Red Duralta 54T Vision 54W (Red Mcrae’s Vision 54T) to Lakeford Angus, Killam, AB.

Spring Edition 2010*

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BOWERMAN BROS & NESSET LAKE ANGUS 5TH ANNUAL BLACK ANGUS BULL SALE March 19, 2010 - Meadow Lake Saskatchewan Bowerman Bros., Harvey & Leonard Bowerman Nesset Lake Angus, Ivan & Julie Demmans & Family Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Marketing Agent: DJH & Associates Ltd. Sale Conducted by: Meadow Lake Stockyards ½ Interest in 1 Mature Bull $7,250 27 Yearling Bulls $3,089 25 Long Yearling Bulls $4,598 3 Two Yr. Bulls $3,667 20 Yrlg Heifers $1,048 5 Cows $1,700 High Selling Bulls: Lot 1: ½ Interest B.B.A.R. Eureka 459 sired by OCC Muscle Man 710M (OCC Eureka 865E) sold to Cactus Ranching, Redcliff, AB for $7,250; Lot 2: 2/3 Interest B.B.A.R Eureka 8124 (B.B.A.R. Eureka 459) sold to Cactus Ranching, Redcliff, AB for $8,750; Lot 22: B.B.A.R Muscleman 8139 (OCC Muscle Man 710M) sold to Rinas Stock Farms, Shellbrooke, SK for $9,500; Lot 38: Nesset Lake Final Answer 40W (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold to A & E Schafer Farms, Makwa, SK for $4,500. (retained ½ semen interest). SIGNATURE SERIES XIV RED & BLACK BULL SALE March 20 - Brooks, AB Lazy MC Angus, NCJ Cattle Co., Bandura Ranches, Stewart Cattle Co. 80 Bulls $3,433 High Selling Two Year Old: Red Lazy MC Stout 139U, (Red Lazy MC Stout 30S) $7,600 to Y3 Bar Ranch, Lynne Stewart, Sherwood Park, AB. High Selling Red Angus: Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W (Red RMJ Redman) $21,000 to Ter-Ron Farms, Forestburg, AB and Towaw Cattle Co., Sangudo, AB; Red Lazy MC Tidalwave 14W (Red Lazy MC Splash 14T) $12,250 to Y3 Bar Ranch, Lynne Stewart, Sherwood Park, AB. High Selling Black Angus: BAN Reliabull 52W (HF Reliabull 41S) $3900 to McNiven Ranch, Cessford, AB, and BAN Worth A Lot 13W (Youngdale Worth A Lot 49T) $3,900 to Richard Hiebert, Gem, AB. Volume Buyers: PFRA, 8 head; Andrew Walde, Gem, AB, 5 head. MINBURN ANGUS BULL SALE March 20 - Minburn, AB Auctioneer: Don Raffan Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 15 Two Year Old Bulls $2,987 50 Yearling Bulls $2,876 65 Bulls $2,902 High Selling Bulls: Minburn Main Event 40W (Minburn Main Event 181N) sold for ½ Interest & ½ Possession to Eastondale Angus, Wawota, Page 26

Spring Edition 2010*

SK for $7,800; Red Minburn Oscar 306W (Red Crowfoot Ole’s Oscar 2042M) sold for $7,500 to MTC Cattle Co. & Willow Farm Co., Derwent, AB; Minburn Yellowstone 88W (Soo Line Yellowstone 237P) sold to Minburn Colony, Minburn, AB for $5,100. HILLCREST FARM & GUESTS BULL SALE March 20 - Kerwood, ON 12 Yearling Angus Bulls $2,841 3 Mature Bulls $2,483 10 Other Breed Bulls $1,887 6 Commercial Heifers $1,055 High Selling Angus Bull: D.S. Marvel 901W (SAV Density 4336) purchased by Highland Stock Farms, Hillcrest, LLB & Premier for $8,000. IMPACT ANGUS/CHAROLAIS BULL & FEMALE SALE March 21 - Saskatoon, SK Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 5 Yearling Angus Bulls $2,320 4 Two Year Old Angus Bulls $2,225 7 Yearling Red Angus Bulls $2,507 41 Bulls (Angus & Charolais) $2,602 11 Open Yearlings Angus Heifers $1,205 High Selling Angus Bull: $3,900 - JS Heritage 919 (SAV Heritage 6295) to Rude Ranch, Bengough, SK. High Selling Female: $2,500 JS Primrose 957 sired (SAV Net Gain 7385) to Blairs.Ag Cattle Co., Lanigan, SK and Soo Line Cattle Co., Midale, SK. U-2 RANCH BULL SALE March 23 - High River, AB Auctioneer: Brant Hurlburt Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 15 Two Year Old Bulls $3,050 75 Yearling Bulls $4,104 90 Lots $3,853 High Selling Bulls: Red U2 Mission Impossible 150W (Red LJC Mission Statement P27) sold for $14,000 to D-Bar Angus, Hartney, MB; Red U2 Mission 61W (Red LJC Mission Statement P27) sold to Geis Angus Farms Ltd., Barrhead, AB for $14,000; Red U2 Kid Rock 138W (Red U-2 Big League 544R) sold for $13,000 to Top Grade Red Angus, Gem, AB; Red U2 Mission Statement 66W (Red LJC Mission Statement P27) sold for $8,500 to Hugh Atkin, La Glace, AB; Red U2 Mission 315W (Red LJC Mission Statement P27) sold to Paradise Ranch, Medicine Hat, AB for $8,200; U2 Griz 444W (HF Grizzly 12T) sold for $7,200 to Clay Enterprises, Wapella, SK. SOOLINE CATTLE CO. BULL SALE March 25 - Midale, SK Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 8 Fall Bulls $2,838 Angus World

95 Yearling Bulls $5,199 10 Semen Packages $3,650 113 Lots $4,895 High Selling Semen Package: 10 Straws of HF Kodiak 5R sold for $4,500 to Enright Farm, Renfrew, ON. High Selling Black Angus Bulls: Soo Line Alternative 9127 (HF Kodiak 5R) sold for $30,000 to Laflin Ranch, Olsbury, KS, Pollard Farms, Enic, OK, Malson Angus, Parma, ID, Silverria Bros., Firebaugh, CA, Cat Cattle Co., Willird, MO, David Spencer, Gibbon, NE. Fast Angus, New Salem, ND. Chestnut Angus, Pipestone, MN, Rocking R Ranch, Plainsville, KS, & Rocking H Livestock, New Salem, ND; Soo Line Kodiak 9194 (HF Kodiak 5R) sold to Genex, Shawano, WI for $28,000; Soo Line Kodiak 9084 (HF Kodiak 5R) sold for $24,000 to Stauffer Angus Ranch, Pincher Creek, AB; Soo Line Kodiak 9110 (HF Kodiak 5R) sold for $20,000 to Salt Creek Ranch, Memphis, TX; Soo Line Kodiak 9034 (HF Kodiak 5R) sold for $18,000 to Semex Alliance, Guelph, ON; Soo Line or 9186 (Bar EL or 6T) sold for $15,000 to Bush Angus, Britton, SD & Vin-Mar Cattle Co., Gordon, NE; Soo Line Kodiak 9211 (HF Kodiak 5R) sold for $13,000 to Greg Hill from Ontario. High Selling Red Angus Bull: Red Soo Line On Target 9308 (Red CG On Target 18T) sold to Rob Garner, Simpson, SK for $16,000. 4TH ANNUAL THISTLE RIDGE RED ANGUS BULL SALE March 26 - Taber, AB Auctioneer: Bob Perlich Management : Optimal Bovines Inc. 51 Lots $2,850 High Selling Bulls: Red TR Mistical 548W (HF Prairie Smoke 124T) sold for $10,500 to Dwajo Angus, Camp Creek, AB & Bone Creek Ranch, Eastend, SK; Red TR Prairie Wolf 497W (HF Prairie Smoke 124T) sold to North Point Angus, Mark Zahacy, High Prairie, AB for $7,500; Red TR Prairie Fire 500W (HF Prairie Smoke 124T) sold for $6,000 to South View Ranch, Ceylon, SK. BRYLOR RANCH 39TH ANNUAL BULL SALE March 25 - Fort Macleod, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey 39 Yearling Bulls $5,090 20 Two Yr. Old Bulls $3,900 1 Herd Bull $3,200 60 Bulls $4,667 High Selling Yearlings: Red Brylor West Jet 69W (Red U2 Ambush 6T) 1/3 interest & full possession sold for $28,500 to Soo Line Cattle Co., Midale, SK; Red Brylor Walkerton 10W (Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P) 1/2 interest & full possession at $10,750 to Stuart Gilbert of Stockport, Iowa; Red Brylor Wind Pine 8W (Red CYT Lead-Pine 14P) 1/2 interest & full possession for $10,000 to Top Line Red Angus

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of Waskada, MB; Red GRA Brylor Goldrush 3W (Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P) at $8500 to Rock’n R Angus of Plainville, Kansas. High Selling Two Year Old: Red Brylor No Surprise 83U (Red LCB Lancer 1202S) for $14,000 to Graham’s Red Angus of St. Mary’s, ON. Herd Bull: Red Brylor ALC rill 18T (Red Basin Sensation 702E) to Perry Whipple of Pincher Creek, AB for $3,200. Semen Jump on 85U: US Rights - Scott Lund (Gunnison, Utah); CAN Rights - Lloyd Cavers (Neepawa, MB) EVERBLACK ANGUS COMMON SENSE BULL & FEMALE SALE March 29 - Vermilion, AB Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 46 Two Year Old Bulls $3,040 24 Yearling Bulls $2,579 71 Bulls $2,842 12 Open Heifers $1,854 High Selling Bulls: Everblack Kodiak 1W (HF Kodiak 5R) sold for $6,700 to Windy Willows Angus, Hodgeville, SK; Everblack Drylander 95U (Dryland Alliance 259) at $6,000 to Bob Wilson, Vermilion, AB; Everblack Windy 189U (Everblack Windy 18R) sold for $6,000 to B-BarB, Vermilion, AB. High Selling Heifer: Everblack Gertie 61W (Minburn Main Event 71N) sold for $2,500 to Soo Line Cattle Co., Midale, SK. GERRARD CATTLE COMPANY BULL & FEMALE SALE March 30 - Innisfail, AB Auctioneer: Chris Poley Angus section of sale 7 Angus Yearling Bulls $2,671 1 Angus Two Year Old Bull $2,450 7 Angus Open Heifers $2,043 11 Heifers (Angus & Charolais) $2,105 High Selling Angus Bull: $4,600 - Gerrard Expedition 903W (Oneills Expedition) was purchased by Sunny Grove Angus, Radville, SK. High Selling Angus Heifer: $3,400 - Gerrard Tidy Bee 944W (SAV Wall Street 7091) was purchased by Next Year Cattle Co., Edberg, AB. TRIPLE ‘J’ FARMS THE JEANNOTS 2ND ANNUAL BULL SALE Friday, April 2, 2010 - Whitewood, Sask. 41 Bulls $2,378 10 Heifers $1,433 High Selling Yearling Black Angus Bulls: Lot 4: TJF Freedom 24W (Western Freedom 505) sold for $4,600 to Rod Williams, Crane Valley, SK; Lot 43: TJF Checkmate 6W (Young Dale Checkmate 126S) sold to Cor-Vet Angus, Melita, MB for $4,600; Lot 42: TJF Checkmate 4W (Young Dale Checkmate 126S) sold to Carey Scrimbit, Crane Valley, SK for $4,200 ; Lot 20: TJF Freedom 505

84W (Western Freedom 505) sold to Carey Scrimbit, Crane Valley, SK for $3,900. High Selling Yearling Black Females: Lot 61: TJF Flora 35W (Western Freedom 505) sold to Mathew Wilson, Brigden, ON for $3,200; Lot 65: TJF Countess 179W (Young Dale Checkmate 126S) sold to First Line Angus, Hagersville, ON for $1,650. PURE COUNTRY BULL SALE March 30 - Melita, MB Triple V Ranch, Ramrod Cattle Co., Cor-Vet Cattle Co. Auctioneer: Brent Carey High Selling Black Angus: Cor Vet Conclusive 7W (Buffalos Conclusive BN46) to Hamco Cattle Co., Glenboro, MB for $5,500; Triple V Glanworth 57U (Glanworth Waigroup 130-03), to Fertile Valley Angus, Conquest, SK for $4,500. High Selling Red Angus: Red Triple V Grand Canyon 112U (Red VVV Canyon 40S) to Rick Lee, Pierson, MB for $3,900; Red Ramrod Stub 954W (Red Gara Heavenly 108R) to Ken Voth, Medora, MB for $2,900 and Red Ramrod Heavenly 969W (Red Gara Heavenly 108R) to PFRA for $2900. Volume buyer was Playgreen Farms, Fisher Branch, MB. LAURON RED ANGUS & GUESTS 19TH ANNUAL BULL SALE April 3, 2010 - Olds, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey 53 Red Angus Yearlings Bulls $2,352 High Selling Bull: consigned by Lauron Lot #24 Red Lauron Watchmego 54W (Red Six Mile Sakic 832S) purchased by Walter & Lyla Koening, Walaco Red Angus, Innisfail, AB for $5000. NE SOURCE BULL & FEMALE SALE April 3 - Tisdale, SK Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 52 Bulls $2,329 14 Heifers $1,332 High Selling Black Angus: OK Final Answer 96U (SAV Final Answer) to Ashley & EGR Messner, Porcupine Plain, SK for $2,900. High Selling Red Angus: Red Pasquia Vaquero 72W (Red Stuart Vaquero 74S) was purchased by Rocanville, SK for $5,000. High Selling Red Angus Heifer: Red Pasquia Lassie 4W (Red Brylor Toast 30T) to Wraz Red Angus, Wawota, SK for $2,600. High Selling Black Angus Heifer: OK Blackbird 95U (G D A Universe 725G) to Vernon Gunter, Melfort, SK for $950. DUNFORD ROYAL CATTLE COMPANY BULL SALE VOLUME V April 3 - Listowel, ON Auctioneer: David Carson 18 Fall Yearling Bulls $3,522 14 Spring Yearling Bulls $2,886 32 Bulls $3,244 Angus World

High Selling Fall Yearlings: Royal Helios DRCC 8063U (Leachman Right Time) to Limestone Ranches LLC, Stillwater, OK at $7,500 2/3 interest, full possession; Royal Adaptor DRCC 8076U (SAV Adaptor 2213) sold to Karalisha Cattle Company, Harley, ON for $6,000 2/3 interest, full possession; Royal Adaptor DRCC 8096U (SAV Adaptor 2213) to Harley White, Mooretown, ON for $5,000. Top Selling Spring Yearling: Royal Final Answer DRCC 9012W (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold to Darrel Drain, Lakefield, ON for $7,500 2/3 interest,full possession. Excellent weather, great crowd and many repeat customers. CLARK FARMS DISPERSAL April 3, 2010 - Assiniboia, SK Auctioneer: Don Raffan Consultant: Castlerock Marketing 129 Cow/Calf Pairs 6 Bred Cows 41 Yearling Heifers 40 Yearling Bulls 3 Herd Sires 219 Lots

$1,355 $1,100 $907 $1,995 $2,350 $1,395

TOWAW CATTLE CO 31ST ANNUAL BULL SALE April 3 - Sangudo, AB 15 Yearlings $2,314 37 Summer Bulls $2,543 52 Lots $2,477 20 Straws Semen $6,100 High Selling Bull: Red Towaw Digger 165U (Red Ter-Ron Digger 11L) purchased by Kidd Brother, Mayerthorpe, AB for $4,900 Volume Buyers: Herr Ranches, Valleyview, AB (7); X Bar X Ranch, Lomond, AB (4); Jack Pine Grazing Association, Seba Beach, AB (4). EASTONDALE BULL SALE April 5 - Wawota, SK Auctioneer: Don Raffan Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 6 Two Year Old Bulls $3,617 25 Yearling Bulls $3,000 31 Bulls $3,119 8 Open Heifers $1,525 High Selling Bulls: Rockin Ox Endorsement 95W (SAV Net Worth 4200), consigned by Rockin Ox Ranch sold to Elliot Livestock, Borden, SK for $5,100; Eastondale Tommy Boy 03’09 (Figure 8 Angus Tom Boy 609R) sold for $5,000 to Bob Brickley, Kennedy, SK; Eastondale Titanium 79’09 (Dryland Max 533) sold to Fred Lansdell, Leross, SK for $5,000. High Selling Heifer: Eastondale Countess 32’09 (Dryland Max 533) sold to Kemp Farms, Pilot Mound, MB for $2,000.

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WINDY WILLOWS & GUESTS BULL SALE April 6 - Hodgeville, SK Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 57 Bulls $2,755 High Selling Bulls: Windy Willows Main Street 142W (Minburn Main Street 146S) sold to G.A.G.C. Farms, Marquis, SK for $4,600; Windy Willows Final Answer 4W (SAV Final Answer 0035) to Ian Wasden, Spiritwood, SK for $4,600; for $4,600 sold to G.A.G.C. Farms, Marquis, SK for $4,000; Windy Willows Final Answer 6W (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold to Brian Guilloux, Kennedy, SK for $4,000. PEAK DOT RANCH LTD. BLACK ANGUS BULL & FEMALE SALE April 7 - Wood Mountain, SK Auctioneer: Steve Dorran 4 Females $13,625 64 Fall Bulls $4,920 50 Yearling Bulls $4,794 118 Lots $5,161 High Selling Bulls: $35,000 - Peak Dot Bold 204U (Mohnen Dynamite 1356) to Hill Crest Enterprises, Coronach, SK; $20,000 - Peak Dot Predominant 27W (SAV 004 Predominant 4438) to Black Ridge Angus Farm, Dysart, SK; $18,500 - Peak Dot Encore 29W (Duff Encore 702) to Hill Crest Enterprises, Coronach, SK; $15,000 - Peak Dot Predominant 236U (SAV 004 Predominant 4488) to SooLine Cattle Company, Midale, SK; $11,500 - Peak Dot Encore 32W (Duff Encore 702) to Solberg Livestock, Westby, MT; $10,500 - Peak Dot Predominant 214U (SAV 004 Predominant 4488) to Geim Ranch, Twin Bridges, MT; $10,000 - Peak Dot Dynamite 208U (Mohnen Dynamite 1356) to Ron and Leanne Cordes, Rosetown, SK. High Selling Bred Cows: (all sired by SAV Predominant 4488 )$18,500 - Queen of Peak Dot 652S and $17,500 - Duchess of Peak Dot 544S to Salt Creek Angus, Memphis TX; $12,000 - Lady of Peak Dot 808S to Hill Crest Enterprises, Coronach, SK. CROWFOOT CATTLE CO. BULL SALE April 8, 2010 - Standard, AB Dallas & Sandra Jensen, Chris & Jennifer Jensen, Jackie & Janice Jensen, Johnny & Wendy Johnsen Auctioneer: Brent Carey Sale Consultant: DJH & Associates Ltd. 41.5 Black Angus Yrlg Bulls $2,627 27 Red Angus Yrlg Bulls $2,693 13 Black Two Yr Bulls $3,131 7 Red Two Yr Bulls $2,629 88.5 Sale Lots $2,721 High Selling Black Yearling Bulls: Lot 1: Crowfoot 9191W (Crowfoot 5456R) sold to McCutcheon Farms, Athabasca, AB for $10,000; Lot 16: XO Crowfoot 9905W (Crowfoot Equation 5793R) sold to New Dimension Cattle Co Page 28

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Linden, AB for $5,700; Lot 12 XO Crowfoot 903W (Crowfoot Equation 5793R) sold to New Dimension Cattle Co for $5,500. High Selling Red Yearling Bulls: Lot 61: Red XO Crowfoot 937W (Red 5L Norseman King 2291) sold to Helland Land & Cattle Co. Ltd., Lomond, AB for $5,200; Lot 64: Red Crowfoot 9154W (Crowfoot 6604S) sold to McCutcheon Farms, Athabasca, AB for $5,000. CHOPPER K/MAJESTIC LIVESTOCK BULL SALE April 8 - Alameda, SK Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd. 8 Two Year Olds $2,663 19 Yearlings $3,695 27 Bulls $3,389 High Selling Bulls: Red Chopper K Red Ice 39W (Red Chopper K Bellagio 39T) to Namken Red Angus, Lake Norden, SD for $8,100; Red Chopper K Cut Above 28W (Badlands Cut Above 012) 1/2 interest to South View Ranch, Ceylon, SK for $4,300. JOHNSTON/FERTILE VALLEY ANGUS BULL SALE April 9, 2010 - Saskatoon, SK Auctioneer: Mike Fleury Marketing Agent: DJH & Associates Ltd. 60 Black Angus Yearling Bulls $3,414 High Selling Bulls: Lot 10: F V Final Answer 127W (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold ½ Interest for $8,250 to Clifford Land & Cattle, Chauvin, AB; Lot 1: F V Final Answer 122W (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold ½ Interest for $7,600 to Isla Bank Angus, Rosetown, SK; Lot 22: Johnston King 923W (FV 20K King 308M) sold for $7,000 to Clifford Land & Cattle; Lot 7: FV Final Answer 126W (SAV Final Answer 0035) sold for $6,000 to Connell Ranches, Consort, AB. SIX MILE RANCH LTD. 35TH ANNUAL BULL SALE April 10, 2010 - Fir Mountain, SK Auctioneer: Brent Carey. Sale Staff: Mark Stock, Bouchard Livestock, Nathan Marin, Donnie Peacock, Castlerock Marketing 81 Red Angus Yearling Bulls $ 4,260 7 Two Year Old Bulls $ 2,850 22 Black Angus Yearling Bulls $ 3,111 7 Red Angus Yearling Heifers $ 2,286 2 “ Indeed” Semen Packages $700 119 Lots $3,895 High Selling Yearling Bull: Half Possession and Half Semen Interest in Red Six Mile Wild West 0913W sired by Red Six Mile Mastermind 854M and out of a Red Six Mile Outback 219P dam sold to Jeffries Land & Cattle Co., Oklahoma for $16,500. Second High Selling Yearling Bull: Red Six Mile Integrity 691W sired by Red Towaw Indeed 104H and out of a Shoderee Destiny 114P dam sold Full Possession and Half Semen Interest to Jeffries Land & Angus World

Cattle Co., Oklahoma for $14,500. ird High Selling Yearling Bull: Red Six Mile King Ranch 721W sired by Red 5L Norseman King 2291 and out of a Red Six Mile Priceless 268P dam sold Full Possession and Half Semen Interest to Lodoen Cattle Co, North Dakota for $13,000. Other Bulls: Half Possession and Half Semen Interest in Red Six Mile Wind Chill 828W sired by Stewart Primus 52R and out of a Red Flying K Dynamo 6Y dam sold to Lodoen Cattle Co., North Dakota $12,000. Red Six Mile Wrangler 836W sired by Red Six Mile Sakic 832S and out of a Red Six Mile Park Ave dam sold to Lonnie & Karen Brown, Alberta for $11,000. High Selling Black Angus Yearling Bull: Six Mile Final Round 914W sired by SAV Final Answer 0035 and out of a Connealy Freightliner dam sold to Hamilton Farms, Alberta for $9,750. Second High Selling Black Angus Yearling Bull: Six Mile Right Answer 923W sired by SAV Final Answer 0035 and out of a Justamere Right On Time dam sold to Bar 27 Stock Farm, Alberta for $4,600. High Selling Yearling Heifer: Red Six Mile Rosie 9W sired by Red Leachman End Cut 1383G and out of a Red YY bullet 105L dam sold to Don Brooks, Texas for $4,000.00 High Selling Semen Package: 10 units of Red Towaw Indeed 104H semen sold for a total price of $7000.00 valuing each unit of semen at $700.00 per unit. Two packages were sold a this price with one going to Box X Ranch, Saskatchewan and the other going to A1 Land & Cattle Co., Texas. MURRAY FARMS INC. GENETICS FOR PROFIT BULL SALE & ANGUS DISPERSAL April 10 - Decker, MB Auctioneer: Don Oberg Management: Transcon Livestock Corp. 2 Black Angus Two Year Old Bulls $3,550 16 Black Angus Yearling Bulls $2,113 37 Black Angus Bred Females $1,802 31 Black Angus Open Heifers $1,526 Total Sale (Fleckvieh, Angus & Simm/Angus) 284 Lots $2,037 BLUE COLLAR BLACK ANGUS BULL SALE April 10 - Yorkton, SK Auctioneer: Sheldon Nicolson Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 50 Bulls $2,626 High Selling Bulls: Northern View Quantum 83W sold to Windy Willows Farms, Hodgeville, SK for $7,600; Northern View Heritage 6W sold to Spring View Ranch, Beaubier, SK for $4,400. CRESCENT CREEK ANGUS BULL & FEMALE SALE April 12 - Goodeve, SK Auctioneer: Steve Dorran Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 58 Yearling Bulls 39 Open Heifers

$3,350 $1,617

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High Selling Black Angus Bulls: Crescent Creek Tomboy 15W sold for 1/3 interest to Bar CR Angus, Saskatoon, SK for $26,500; Crescent Creek Scotchman 46W sold to Allen Henderson, Gainsburg, SK for $7,500; Crescent Creek 07 Emblazon 62W sold for $5,300 to Ivanhoe Angus, Belle Plain, SK; Crescent Creek Scotchman 42W sold to Garry Gervin, Goodlands, MB for $5,100. High Selling Red Angus Bulls: Red Crescent Creek Suiji 4W sold for $4,000 to Flat Lake Red Angus, Neilburg, SK; Red Crescent Creek 602M Chief 12W sold for $4,000 to Lars & Becky Lunde. High Selling Females: Crescent Creek Rosebud 138W sold for $2,900 to Larry Nielson, Craik, SK; Crescent Creek Bonnie 149W sold to 7Z Ranch, Ponteix, SK for $2,500. LACOMBE BULL SALE April 13, 2010 - Lacombe AB Auctioneer: Danny Skeels Sale Mgnt: Central Alberta Agricultural Society 21 Yrlg & 4 - Two Yr Old Angus $2,066 6 Yrlg Shorthorn Bulls $2,250 17 Yrlg & 2 Two Yr Olds P-Hereford $2,053 11 Two Yr Olds H-Herford $2,282 High Selling Angus Yearling: Belvin Updraft 85’08 (Belvin Panther 21’04) from Belvin Angus, Innisfail, AB sold to Dean Erickson, Forrestburg, AB for $3,000. RODGERS RED ANGUS 24TH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE TEST BULL SALE April 14 - Brooks, AB Auctioneer: Ross Annett 46 Red Angus Bulls $2,794 100 Commercial Heifers $ 845 High Selling Bull: Red Rod King 18W sired by Red Gold Bar King V415 107K purchased by Lazy H Ranch, Foremost, AB for $4,800. JUSTAMERE 15TH ANNUAL BULL SALE February 14 - Lloydminster, SK Auctioneer: Steve Dorran 36 Angus Bulls $3,314 High Selling Bulls: EXAR Raven 9733B sired by BC Raven purchased by Bandura Angus, Duchess, AB for $8,000; Justamere 422 Superb 345U purchased by Gordon Gerrard, Southey, SK for $6,200. COOKE LIVESTOCK & GUESTS BULL & FEMALE SALE April 14 - Blackie, AB Auctioneer: Brent Carey Consultant: Douglas J. Henderson & Associates 35 Bulls $2,657 20 Heifers $1,078 Nice crowd despite the dump of heavy, wet snow and power outages in southern Alberta & Saskatchewan.

RIVERCREST-VALLEYMERE 7TH ANNUAL BULL SALE April 15 - Alliance, AB Auctioneer: Steve Dorran 60 Bulls $2,183 High Selling Bull: Valleymere TTT New Day 13W sired by Duralta 8005 Sooner 27S purchased by Rick Housch, Hanna, AB for $3,500. MOUNTAIN VIEW FARMS SPRING BULL SALE April 16 - Virden, MB Auctioneer: Brent Carey 25 Long Yearlings $3,262 41 Yearlings $2,454 66 Bulls $2,760 High Selling Long Yearling: MVF Dateline 409U (MVF VRD Frontier 25P) was purchased by Royalta Angus, Drayton Valley, AB for $6,500. High Selling Yearling: MVF Frontier 202W (MVF Frontier 25P) was purchased by Randy Kehler, Eriksdale, MB for $4,500. BADLANDS ANGUS RED & BLACK BULL SALE April 17 - Fort Macleod, AB Auctioneer: Brant Hurlburt 91 Black & Red Angus Bulls $3,220 High Selling Bulls: Bad Lands Alliance 14W sired by KMK Alliance 6595 out of a High Valley 4C6 Ambush daughter purchased by HD Ranching, Pincher Creek, AB for $13,000; Bad Lands Image Maker 65W sired by H A Image Maker 0415 out of a Bad Lands Daquante 26L daughter purchased by Merit Cattle Co, Radville, SK for $5,500. Nice crowd turn out for sale that was delayed for two days because of heavy, wet snow and power outages in southern Alberta & Saskatchewan on scheduled sale day. Remington Round Up Feeder Sale REMINGTON ROUND UP FEEDER SALE April 16th - at the ranch in Del Bonita, Alberta Sale managed by Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange Auctioneer - Frank Jenkins 3386 head sold 1223 Commercial Heifers $0.9841/lb average wt: 751 lbs 2163 Steers $1.0633/lb average wt: 787 lbs High Selling Steer Lot: Pen of black steers averaging 847 lbs at $1.0575/lb., sold to Lakeside. High Selling Heifer Lot: Pen of black heifers averaging 852 lbs at $0.9400/lb., sold to Cantriex. NORDAL LIMOUSIN & ANGUS BULL SALE April 17 - Saskatoon, SK Auctioneer: Chris Poley Management: Optimal Bovines Inc. 8 Angus Bulls 5 Angus Open Heifers 48 Lots (Angus & Limousin)

$2,638 $2,660 $3,124

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32ND ANNUAL SHORT GRASS BULL & FEMALE SALE April 17, 2010 - Aneroid, SK Auctioneers: Bruce Switzer, Don Raffan 150 Bulls $2,885 20 Heifers $1,400 305 Commercial Heifers $805 High Selling Bulls: Sandy Bar Advantage 93W to J & S Cattle Company, Kenaston, SK for $10,500; Sandy Bar Advantage 65W to Benlock Farms & Dusty Inn Farm Corp., SK for $10,000; Sandy Bar Advantage 85W to Cody Bateman, Lundbreck, AB for $7,250; Sandy Bar Grasslands 187W to R. Math Farms Inc., Whitewater, MT for $5,750. Volume Bull Buyer: Kornfeld Ranches. High Selling Purebred Heifers: Valley Blossom Lady 905W to Deer Hill Ridge Angus Farm, Fiske, SK for $2,400; Valley Blossom Pride Lady 25W to Deer Hill Ridge Angus Farm, Fiske, SK for $2,200; Sandy Bar Erica 184W to Bircham Ranch, Leigh Bircham, Piapot, SK for $1,800; Sandy Bar Mia 71W to John & Donna Donaldson, West Bolton, QC for $1,700. Volume Heifer Buyer: Deer Hill Ridge Angus Farm. High Selling Commercial Heifers: 24 Black Yearling Heifers from Paul LeBel sold to Weedon Ranch, Hazlet, SK for $830; 35 Black Yearling Heifers from Kornfeld Ranches sold to John Brown Farms, Carlyle, SK for $820. High Selling Horses: 5 yr old Gelding owned by MFD Cattle Company sold to Jim Wilson for $3600; 4 yr old Gelding owned by Turin Colony sold to Kornfeld Ranches, Val Marie, SK for $3570. 12 yr old Gelding owned by Ashley Loverin sold to Cody Bateman, Lundbreck, AB., for $2,750.

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Alberta Angus Association Message Fame Awards Banquet”. This event was supposed to be held in December in conjunction with the AGM, but was rescheduled due to inclement weather. We will be inducting three new members into our Hall of Fame. The Bolduc families of Cudlobe Angus, and the Sibbald’s of Triple S Red Angus will be inducted into the “Contemporary Breeder” category, while Mike and Ella May Rodgers will be inducted as “Breed Builders”. We will also be honoring our 2010 Honorary President, Dr. Ben MacLeod. Congratulations to all of these very deserving recipients. The event will be held at the Crossfield hall, with cocktails beginning at 5:00 pm, with dinner at 6:00 pm and award presentations to follow. Please contact Denise at the AAA office (1-888-556-9057) for tickets and details on this fun event. At our recent meeting the new AAA Executive was elected. With myself being President, the new Vice President is Carol High, Bob Hahn is the Finance Chair, while Dwayne Emery and Laurie Hunter sit on the executive as directors at large.

As we move well into 2010, we are finally starting to get some warm temperatures, and hopefully some grass across Alberta, and the rest of the country. Our spring has been full of extreme weather, with snow and windstorms in Southern and Eastern parts of the province, and severe dry conditions to the North and West of Edmonton. We can only hope those who need moisture get some in the near future. On June 13th, in Crossfield, we will be holding our Alberta Angus Association “Hall of

In other new developments, the successful “Autumn Angus Legacy Weekend” will be moving from mid-September, to October 1st3rd. The show will now be held in conjunction with the Olds “Fall Classic” Cattle show, a new initiative of the Olds Ag Society. We will still be holding our Gold Show and futurity show the same as in past years, but now our show champions will be able to qualify for the RBC Supreme Challenge, as will all of the breed champions from the “Fall Classic” show. Please watch for details of this exciting new event, and remember to check the Alberta Angus Website for updates and details on AAA events. In closing, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Lillian McBride, who turned 100 years old on April 1st, 2010. She is a longtime Angus supporter, and is the mother of Bud McBride, who himself is an Alberta Angus Hall of Fame Member. Congratulations Lillian. Colton Hamilton President Alberta Angus Association

Saskatchewan Angus Association Message seemed to be some difficulty in getting bulls of less quality moved. The moisture that most of the province has received in the last couple of weeks will be very much welcomed by everyone. Pastures should green up nicely and cereal crops will germinate more evenly providing, hopefully, a beautiful harvest of feed for everyone. The cull cattle market has come around and is rather strong this spring. Cows and bulls are selling as good as they have since the BSE, making this a sign that the overall cattle market is on a rebound and that prices this fall will be good for our commercial cattle sector as well. Our summer Gold and Junior Show will be held on August 4 - 7 in Prince Albert. Watch for entry information in the Edge. As well the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Angus Association will be held in Halifax from June 16

As I write this bull sales are done, calving is nearly over and most breeders are well into AI’ing and turning out bulls. The spring bull sales were relatively good despite the economical state of most producers. Good bulls sold strong as always but there

- 20. We would like to thank Bob Switzer for his years of service to our breed and welcome Kevin Blair as he starts his first term as a Canadian Angus director. As the busy summer schedule of everyone starts to take place, remember to take time to visit with your customers. Many commercial producers have brandings and they usually appreciate a visit as well as the help. This is also a good way to check out the progeny of bulls you have sold them. In closing I hope everyone has a good summer with plenty of rain. We will see you down the road at the summer shows and fairs, or maybe just passing through. Remember if you are going to do anything do it wisely and safely. Clint Smith, President Saskatchewan Angus Association

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Maritime Angus Association Message

Hope everyone's spring is going well and the grass is green on your side of the fence! The big event in the Maritimes this June is of course the annual general meeting in Halifax. The Nova Scotia crew is very busy preparing for

this event so I hope as many of you can attend as possible. The Prince Edward Island Easter Beef Show and Sale was held March 11 in Charlottetown with Lee and Dawn Wilson of Miller Wilson Angus sorting the market steers and heifers. Congratulations to Junior Angus member Kyle Younker for claiming Reserve Champion 4-H steer with his Angus. Kyle also was Reserve Showman and fellow Angus breeder Colby MacQuarrie took Champion Showman. The Maritime Beef Testing Society Annual Bull Sale was held April 3 with the Angus breed having the second high average. This is considerably higher than last year. The Cumberland County Steer Show was held

April 27 in Nappan, NS. The Angus breed had a tremendous day as Scott Dixon exhibited his purebred steer to Grand Champion and the Estabrooks family had their Angus sired steer named Reserve. Angus breeders Ernie and Joanne Mutch judged the Cumberland Steer Show. The Igenity Angus Classic Futurity is adding a different twist to the agenda this year. Following the judging, all bull and heifer calves will be entered in a silent auction with the winning bidder selecting his or her choice. This Futurity is held in August at the PEI Provincial Exhibition and is generously supported by Merial Canada. Until next time, Tim Dixon

Amendments to Bluetongue Regulations Amendments to the Reportable Diseases Regulations and the Health of Animals Regulations: Bluetongue The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has amended the Reportable Diseases Regulations and the Health of Animals Regulations to change the status of five types of bluetongue, from "federally reportable" to "immediately notifiable." There is no human health or food safety risk associated with bluetongue. It affects domestic and wild ruminants, and is only transmitted by insects known as biting midges. In Canada, biting midges are only present in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, as well as in the southern parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and

Alberta, where they have a limited ability to survive and spread bluetongue. Bluetongue types 2,10,11,13 and 17—all of which are considered endemic in the United States—are now listed as immediately notifiable diseases in Canada. The change in disease status reflects the highly integrated nature of the Canadian and American livestock markets. All remaining types of bluetongue, exotic to the U.S., are still listed as federally reportable diseases. The changes were developed in consultation with a range of stakeholders, including livestock industry groups and provincial governments. The changes are based in science, and do not affect Canada's international reporting obligations to trading partners and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

All suspected or confirmed cases of federally reportable diseases must be reported to the CFIA, which immediately applies control measures. In general, there are no response programs for immediately notifiable diseases; however, laboratories are required to report confirmed diagnoses to the CFIA. This enables prevalence verification and supports international reporting and certification requirements. Changes to the Reportable Diseases Regulations and the Health of Animals Regulations have been published in Canada Gazette, Part II and posted on the Canada Gazette website, at Copies of the amendment are also available on the CFIA website, at

Scientests Take Animal Breeding to the Next Level Next Generation Sequencing Technology Applied to Commercial Cattle in Canada University of Alberta scientists successfully sequenced the genome of two influential bulls, one beef and one dairy. These are the first animals to have been fully sequenced in Canada and take Alberta to the forefront of livestock genomics science worldwide. Sequencing the genome of these two bulls enables scientists to more accurately identify the genetic markers that are responsible for economically important traits such as efficiency, yield, fatness and tenderness, to name a few. Producers can then use that information to breed healthier dairy cattle that produce more and higher quality milk as well as beef cattle that produce better quality beef. “Consumers will benefit from more cost-effective and healthier products on store shelves,” said Dr. Stephen Moore, head of the Bovine Genomics

Program at the U of A, who along with his colleague Dr. Paul Stothard, accomplished the sequencing. “Understanding what genes contribute to specific cattle traits will also have spin-off applications related to other fields like human health and disease.” The team sequenced the bulls’ genomes using a new technology, the SOLiD™ 3 System by ABI Life Technologies, which enabled it to complete the work in seven months at a cost of $130,000. The first cow was sequenced in 2009 after four years at a cost of $50 million. The animals used in the project have had a high impact on the breeding and commercial sectors in dairy and beef. The dairy bull was sequenced in collaboration with Semex Alliance, a Canadian Dairy Bull breeding company that owns and samples 450 dairy bulls per year globally and marketed over 7.5 million doses of semen in 2007. Angus World

“This sequencing is significant to the dairy cattle industry because the bull’s genes are likely to make an important contribution to the genetic make-up of future generations,” said Dr. Jacques Chesnais, Chief Geneticist at Semex Alliance. There will also be benefits for the beef industry. Better knowledge of the genetic variation across the breeds will, through better breeding decisions, improve production efficiency, product quality and animal health, and reduce the environmental footprint of beef cattle production. “SOLiD technology has allowed us to generate high density sequence information in a small number of runs. Combined with the high accuracy of the data it has made the recent sequencing much more effective than was previously possible” said Dr. Moore.

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Canadian Junior Angus Association Message

Quinn Hamilton Hello everyone, I hope calving/breeding season is going well for you all. The 2010 GOAL Conference held in Saskatoon was a really great success with juniors from all across the country as well as four American participants. There was positive feedback from the Junior’s that attended the conference and hopefully we will be seeing all those

faces again next year! The main event for the CJAA this year will again be Showdown, which will be held in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, July 8 – 10, 2010. The weekend will be the same format as previous years and we are looking forward to getting many new faces out to the show. Entry forms can be found in the Junior Connections Newsletter as well as on line at Please note that the dates for Showdown are earlier than usual so the entry deadlines have moved up as well. See you in Quebec! For all those Juniors who are attending postsecondary school or are planning on it in the near future, remember we have three $1000 scholarships available. The deadline for applications is June 15th, 2010 and can also be found in the Connections Newsletter or on-line. The CJAA is continuing to sponsor exchange

programs with the Junior Association’s in the States. The American Junior Angus Association’s LEAD Conference will be held in Tennessee in August and the Junior Red Angus Association of America’s Round-Up will be in Oregon the end of June. Junior members will attend these events and in return members of their associations attend Showdown and our GOAL conference. This is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and to see different parts of the world! We have three new coming directors on our board that will be starting their terms in July. Megan Kemp from Manitoba will be replacing Melissa McRae, Amanda High from Alberta will be taking the place of Mat Bolduc and Emily Puch will be completing my term as I have decided to step down. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the Canadian Juniors. Quinn Hamilton ~ CJAA President

Quinn Hamilton - President

Mat Bolduc - Treasurer

Miranda Frey

Box 6134, Innisfail, AB T4G 1S8 403.224.2353 Fax: 403.224.2380

Box 1055, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0 403.549.3833 ~

Box 60, Oxbow, SK S0C 2B0 306.483.2720

Erika Easton - Vice President

Jori Taylor

Laurie Noiseux

505 New Dale Rd, Prince George, BC V2N 5Z6 250.330.4423 ~

Sean Enright

20, Rang Elmire, Rout 235, St Paul D’Abbotsford, QC J0E 1A0 450.379.9989

70 Kennelly Road, R.R. #2, Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z5 613.649.2313

R.R. #3, Cornwall, PEI C0A 1H0 902.675.2229 ~

Box 410, Wawota, SK S0G 5A0 306.739.2805

Melissa McRae - Secretary R.R. #1, Box 57, Brandon, MB R7A 5Y1 204.728.3058 ~

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Andrew Dixon

Belinda Wagner Junior Programs Coordinator Box 3771, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3N8 (306)757-6133

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Canadian Angus Association - CEO Message

John Donaldson This will be my last column in Angus World as my one year term as President is ending in June. It has been a tumultuous year for me as well as the Breed. The World Angus Forum was wildly successful beyond all expectations. John Lee did a fabulous job as President of the WAF Committee and I would like to thank him again as well as all the committee members that tirelessly gave hours of their time for the benefit of all of us. As the Host it was my responsibility to Chair the Secretariat Meeting attended by the Delegates from the 22 member countries and I would like to report that the meeting went well. I had expected that the minutes of the meeting would be posted on the Canadian Angus website and I did not report on the meeting to you at the time and I apologize for that. Genetic defects were brought up at the meeting as that has been a major topic of discussion this past year. The Australians were concerned that defects were not being reported in a timely manner but the American Angus Association assured them that

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they were taking all steps to ensure that prompt disclosure was made of any and all defects. I was personally involved in a genetic defect when I had my herd tested and was devastated to find that I had one carrier female. Unfortunately the test results were delayed and I had already sold her. Luckily all her progeny tested free and I advised the current owner of the cow of her status and gave him a 100% refund. If we are to maintain breed integrity and the respect of the industry we must be diligent in reporting and weeding out any genetic defects. I have received many telephone calls and emails this year from disgruntled members requesting that I make changes in the CAA office and I had to explain that the CAA is run by governance and as President I have no authority to do so. The Board of Directors is not allowed to get involved with the administration of the association except to develop policies and ask the CEO to follow those policies. The Board only meets three times a year and as we all have busy lives it is difficult to make the time to get the Directors together to formulate policies that benefit the members. I established some committees within the Board this year so that each Director has fewer issues to focus on and recommend policy changes and executive limitations to the balance of the Board when the Board meets. Governance works best when Boards meet often and as you are aware, this is not the case with the CAA. I am hopeful that this Committee structure will result in new policies that will help the members. Brian Good has been on the road for many

Angus World

years attending Angus events and during discussions with commercial cattlemen and consumers he hatched the idea of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program. It has been in effect for a year now and is achieving success. I hope you all get behind the program as well as our readily identifiable Green Tags. The more members that participate, the greater the effect on our industry it will be. As many of you are aware the CAA will be hiring a new General Manager next year as the contract with Doug Fee is ending. We will be advertising in trade publications and if any of you are interested or know of someone qualified the Succession Committee looks forward to receiving the applications. I am in good health again after my recent bout with cancer and thank many of you for your kind notes and get well wishes. I did a bit of traveling earlier this year and met many breeders and made some new friends. I thank you for the opportunity and honour of fulfilling the position of President of the largest beef breed association in Canada in the past year and look forward to seeing many of you again along the way. John Donaldson President Canadian Angus Association

Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors

CanadianAngusAssociation Staff

John Donaldson President 329 Brill Road, West Bolton, QC J0E 2T0 Phone: (450)539-1862 ~ Fax: (450)539-4195

Bob Switzer Past President Box 193, Aneroid, SK S0N 0C0 Phone: (306)588-2545 ~ Fax: (306)588-2321 email:

#142, 6715 - 8th Street N.E. Calgary, Alberta T2E 7H7 (403)571-3580 ~ 1-888-571-3580 ~ Fax (403)571-3599 CAA Tag Number: 1-866-571-8093 eMail address: Web Address:

Kirk Wildman President Elect Box 444, Sangudo, AB T0E 2A0 Phone: (780)785-3772 ~ Fax: (780)785-3403

David Bolduc

P.O. Box 1055, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0 Phone: (403)549-3833 ~ Fax: (403)549-3833

Canadian Angus Association

Lee Brown

- Fee Schedule -

P.O. Box 217, Erskine, AB T0C 1G0 Phone: (403)742-4226 ~ Fax: (403)742-2962

Effective June 30, 2010


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Registration of Imported Animal ..................... $50.00 Registration of Lease ....................................... $10.00 Registration of Herd Name ............................. $25.00 Registration of Tattoo Letters ........................ $25.00 Transfer of Herd Name or Tattoo Letters ........ $10.00 Name Change of a Registered Animal (animal must have no registered progeny) ......... $200.00 Performance Certificate Update ........................ $3.00 Duplicate Certificate ....................................... $10.00 Five Generation Pedigree ............................... $25.00 Pedigree Extract (for sales catalogue) With Registration numbers, sent electronically ........ $2.00 Without Registration numbers or faxed/mailed ....... $5.00 Photos ................................................................... $3.00 Correction Fee .................................................. $5.00 Pedigree change as a result of a DNA test ........ $50.00 Rush Fee (paid per item) ................................. $20.00 GST is not included in above prices.

Angus World

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Canadian Angus Association - CEO Message


Doug Fee

It’s that wonderful time of the year in the purebred cattle cycle when most of the calves are on the ground, the world is turning green and once again we can get optimistic about our business and life in general. I presented a budget to the Board in February that was based on a conservative but we felt realistic outlook for this year. We felt it was too soon for any recovery and didn’t plan on any growth in our core indicators of registration and transfers. The Finance Committee and the Board agreed that the Association should maintain the same level of service but approved a few small adjustments to our fee schedule. Some will come into effect in June; the others take effect in January. The committee did feel the need to maintain the lowest registration rate of $15 per animal up to four months old to allow those who continue to register early to be able to maintain the lowest cost. Business Outlook The first quarter of 2010 has been very positive. Reported bull sales have for the most part been strong, our registrations are slightly ahead of last year although our memberships and transfers are down. Sometimes economy is not always a saving. In order to save mailing costs of 3,000 membership renewals in December, we held off and included them with your female inventories in January. Now that we are entering May, many of the members who

A S S O C I Ask the CEO do we pay directors? A HowThismuch would have been a better question to ask T directors than me but none of them will be able to retire on their honorariums. The director’s I honorariums and expenses totaled $142,852 in 2009. have budgeted close to the same for this year. There O We was a time many years ago when the annual report the cost of each director. That practice was N listed discontinued because the total made it look like the

person who had the largest trip to the meeting usually ended up looking like they made the most money. Directors travel expenses to board and committee meetings are reimbursed as are meals and hotel when necessary. In addition, they are eligible for an Page 36

Spring Edition 2010*

traditionally renew their memberships as soon as they get the letter in December haven’t yet done so. I think we will go back to our previous practice and send out membership renewals separately in December. Genetic Tools Science has just given us another test and we can debate if it’s a blessing or a curse. There have always been recessive genetic factors in all species of animals, even humans. Every so often one of these defects surfaces and depending on how prolific the family was it may have a huge impact or a small impact. Good breeders have always been alert for these situations and able to identify and avoid problem matches. A few years ago the identification of a defect could ruin entire cow families as everyone assumed they all carried the negative genetic markers. Today the new DNA tests provide an accurate tool to identify carriers and non carriers allowing breeders to identify the carrier animal rather than family. A significant point we all need to reinforce is that we have very few genetic defects manifest in the Canadian Angus herd. They are not a problem and with a few tests and some good breeding practices they never will be a serious problem. New scientific tests have provided information that will allow breeders to avoid lethal defects like Arthrogryposis Multiplex (Curly Calf Syndrome), Osteopetrosis (Marble Bone Disease), and Neuropathic Hydrocephalous. A new test has identified some carriers of the recessive gene that causes Mannosidosis. I am not aware of a confirmed case in North America for many years and if everyone takes advantage of the scientific facts available and avoids breeding carriers to carriers, there will still be none. The same holds true for another defect people are talking about south of the border and in Australia called Fawn Calf Syndrome. Scientists are looking for a gene that causes it. I have never seen one nor have I heard of a confirmed case in Canada. I’m not sure we need the research or the test but if there’s a potential problem let’s

take advantage of the research and identify any potential problems and avoid them. Contrary to some comments that have been made we certainly aren’t out looking for problems but if someone manages to identify them let’s take advantage of the information available and make sure we don’t allow a problem to develop. Annual Meeting The Maritime folks are gearing up to see that our annual meeting on June 19 has their traditional down home feeling. I have a sentimental attachment to Maritime meetings because the first Angus annual meeting I ever attended was there. It was the year I was hired to run your office and this meeting will be my first after completing two full cycles of meetings since I started working for you. Final Thoughts With my favourite hockey team already on the golf course before the playoffs even began I decided to be philosophical rather than melancholy. My team has an excellent general manager; after all they have Angus roots and family still in the breed. The same goes for the coach. We also have some top quality players and a captain who was an overtime hero in the Olympics. But they are already on the golf course and everyone is looking for a scapegoat. So I got philosophical; what’s the difference between a winner and a loser when both have opportunity and talent? This applies to our business as well. We’ve got good Angus breeding programs that have excellent sales. We have some outstanding animals that go for the floor price. There is a common thread. Look at the confidence, the attitude and presence of a winner. People around them gain confidence just by being around them. It’s true in sport and it’s true in business. You need to believe in yourself if you are to succeed. If you confidently believe in yourself others will see that confidence and share it. We are privileged to be in a leading position in the purebred beef cattle industry but we need to retain our confidence, our quality and equally important we need to keep a positive attitude if we are to remain there.

honorarium of $200 per day for board meetings and $150 per day for travel or committee meetings. There is no honorarium for teleconferences or attending meetings other than of the Canadian Angus Association. There is also an honorarium and travel expenses paid when the president or another board member is authorized to represent the Association at an event or official business.

them demand quality Angus beef, we have a program to help identify those black and red cattle that do have Angus genetics and not just the hide colour. Our program was developed to take advantage of the cattle identification program requirement to identify all animals. We have been able to have a block of numbers designated as Angus and we have the exclusive rights to issue those tags to breeders to identify their Angus calves. As a convenience we have also sold dangle tags as a more visible sign but they are secondary to the importance of the RFID tag. We do not want to risk weakening our program by just selling the dangle tag without first ensuring the animal has proper electronic identification.

Why don’t you just sell Angus dangle tags? There is a principle we haven’t managed to communicate and this question illustrates it. The Association is promoting a program, not just selling tags. As consumers and the distributors who serve Angus World

Commercial Outreach

By the time you read this article, bull sale season will be just over. The majority of sales were very successful, with the good bulls bringing a premium but not many were looking for average ones. “Makes sense to me.” Some interesting things come up at bull sales when you visit with a lot of commercial and purebred breeders. We have approximately 3,000 members in Canada, which by rights should give us 3,000 salespeople and 3,000 to police our business on certain issues that pop up, such as white in the wrong spots, breed purity, and no papers on so-called purebred bulls. “Keep up the good work members.” Back to the 3,000 salespeople, this has to go forward to develop our tag program. The only way the order buyers and cattle feeders can be assured they are getting Black and

Red Angus cattle is through the verification provided by the Angus ear tag. Order buyers are being instructed to locate and purchase Angus calves that are identified as Angus for programs such as Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed. So the question is, “Is the possibility of receiving market topping prices for your calves worth the little extra price per tag over what you can realize per head?” If it is then don’t delay in certifying your calves for the upcoming fall feeder sale circuit, sponsored by the Canadian Angus Association and its 3,000 members right across Canada. I have also been asked many times this spring to look for a herd bull for members. I certainly don’t mind letting them know where and when the sales are, however, it would be a conflict of interest to locate bulls or for that matter breeding stock of any sort for members. It was a busy spring and I was able to attend 34 bull sales since February 8, all in Western Canada. Wayne Gallup and Jack Brown also reported on sales in their areas and were very upbeat about the demand and interest in good Angus bulls. With spring upon us and summer soon to appear, it is time to start analyzing your calf crop and deciding

where to best market your calves come fall. Again our sales will be listed later this summer or early fall in Angus World and Canadian Cattlemen magazine. If you miss that, check with any of our field staff on our website for details. For those of you interested, the national LMAC (Livestock Markets Association of Canada) conference will be held in Winnipeg on May 28 & 29. Please contact me for more information. I will attend this most important event which brings commercial producers, auction markets, order buyers, auctioneers and purebred producers together. In closing, I would strongly recommend that you make time to pay your bull customers a visit and discuss the best ways to market their calves this fall. Don’t forget that it is the most important day of the year for many commercial breeders who sell their calves in one single day. It becomes the job of every purebred breeder to help your commercial customer be aware of all the Canadian Angus Association programs and make this a special event for your number one customer, the commercial man. See you throughout the summer. Brian Good

Canadian Angus Association - Registry Department

Accurate Pedigrees The Canadian Angus Association is at a real advantage when it comes to having accurate pedigrees because of policies set by the Board of Directors over the years. Accurate pedigrees are the backbone of our existence. People buy animals for their pedigrees and use them for breeding based on their pedigrees in combination with other tools such as visual assessment. Decisions are also made using performance

information, and the performance results (EPDs) are calculated taking into account not only the individual weights of the animal, but also its pedigree, including sire and dam information. Our policy on having a DNA parentage test done on every herd sire, in place since 1996, ensures that all breeding bulls have verification of their sire. If a mistake is made on a pedigree, it would be most common for that mistake to have been made on the sire side, and with our DNA policy on herd sires, we have taken away the potential for error before calves are registered. We also have a policy that all bulls used for AI (when semen is being sold or shared among our breeders) must be DNA parentage verified to the fullest extent possible. If you need a DNA parentage test kit on a herd sire or any registered Angus animal, you can order a kit by email ( or by calling the office. We require the tattoo and the registration number of the animal you wish to test. The Association also has a random spot test

Angus World

program. Every 200th animal that is registered is selected for a spot test. The selected animal and its dam must both be DNA parentage tested. The Association pays for these tests. This policy helps us monitor what is being registered and provides feedback to producers about the accuracy of their records. Though the Association has these programs in place, it is still up to the individual breeder to make sure that they DNA parentage test any animal that is questionable, BEFORE a registration number is assigned. The Registry Department is happy to facilitate providing members with the paperwork and DNA kit to test any questionable animal. We require the identification of the dam, the potential sires, the calf tattoo, birthdate and sex when you order a kit. We welcome any questions you may have in respect to ensuring the animals you are registering are as accurate as possible. Sharmayne Byrgesen, Chief Registrar

Spring Edition 2010*

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Canadian Angus Association - Breed Development


Making Sense of Selection Tools Available to Angus Breeders Today Breeding Goals: Healthy calves and profitability are what most Canadian Angus breeders are aiming for when making breeding decisions. And, the more accurately you can select the animals to use for breeding—the faster you will see progress towards that goal. The Association’s Breed Development department exists to provide tools that help with animal selection. EPD Tools: Expected Progeny Differences are estimates

of Angus animals’ breeding values, and are provided for several economically relevant traits. These can be used to predict how an Angus animal’s calves will perform for specific traits in comparison to other Angus calves. DNA Tools: DNA testing is available for several recessive genes including Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), Neuropathic Hydrocephalous (NH), Osteopetrosis (OS), and Alpha Mannosidosis (MA). These too are tools that help you select breeding animals—with the goal of eliminating these genes from the herdbook. The DNA test for Mannosidosis has only recently become available in North America even though the inherited condition is one of the oldest defects known in several breeds of beef cattle including Galloway, Murray Grey and Salers. Like AM, NH, and OS, MA is simply inherited so a carrier animal, one that is normal phenotypically, will pass on a normal gene to half its calves and the defect causing gene to the other half of its calves. An affected calf would only be seen if two carrier animals are bred. Affected calves are born alive and do not display any symptoms of the condition until they reach sexual maturity. Around yearling age these affected calves will

A N Canadian Angus Association - CACP G red in colour or the newly released green Universal Total U Tagger +. These taggers are designed to apply our tags and do not stretch the neck of the tag during application. This S ensures the two pieces of the tag fit together perfectly and A S S O C I A T I O N

Maximize Tag Retention Nothing lasts forever and there are plenty of factors which can affect the retention rate of Angus tags. Angus tags are manufactured by Allflex. Only six tag manufacturers including Allflex are approved for CCIA use and all tags are subjected to rigorous retention testing before being added to the list. Tags must pass a trial with a 99% retention rate in the lab and in the field. This means that under normal circumstances the tags will remain in the animal’s ear for life. Management styles and poor application will limit tag retention. Bale twine left in a feeder will lead to lower retention rates and improper application can greatly reduce your retention and also lead to problems like infection and can make tags difficult to read. Maximizing retention rates also reduces cost as tags cannot be reused. Using the proper tag equipment is a critical step in achieving optimum tag retention. Each tag manufacturer has a tagger built for their specific tags. Angus tags must be applied with the Allflex Universal Total Tagger which is Page 38

Spring Edition 2010*

fully engage the locking mechanism in the tag. When applying RFID tags with either tagger, the black insert must be removed for the tag to fit under the jaw properly. The insert then snaps back in to apply a dangle tag. To load the RFID tag, depress the silver clip and insert the female half of the tag. Slide the male portion of the tag completely onto the blunt applicator pin. Test the alignment of the tags by slightly squeezing the jaws together. The RFID tag should be placed in the middle of the ear between the two cartilage ribs. If the ear is split in half from the head to the tip, the RFID tag should be applied in the middle of the half closest to the head. The dangle tag should be applied as close to the middle of the ear as possible. The female portion of the tag must be on the inside of the ear, and should sit perpendicular to the ground; it should not be on the top of the ear, parallel to the ground. This location may cause poor readability with certain electronic readers. To help prevent infection every tag should be submersed in disinfectant or antiseptic solution after being loaded into the applicator and prior to application. The application site should be clean before touching the tag to the ear. Be sure to inspect the tag after it is applied to ensure there is sufficient space between the ear and tag. This air space aids in proper healing and retention. Keeping the tags in the ear or properly identifying animals when they do not stay in are key to programs like Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed. If an Angus tag falls Angus World

become aggressive and will have difficulties with muscle control, and ultimately die. Animals that have been tested for the gene that causes MA are listed on our website ( MAF indicates that they have been tested free and MAC indicated that they have been tested as carriers of the causative gene. DNA testing for markers that have been associated with certain traits like growth and carcass are also available on the market, and the Association is currently evaluating these to incorporate this information into EPDs. Experience and Expertise: EPDs and DNA tests can identify a good animal to breed on paper, but they do not identify healthy and profitable phenotypes. Sound structure and profitable body shape are traits that only experience and expertise can identify accurately. Canadian Angus breeders are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to visual appraisal of beef cattle. Balance: All of the above are tools which should be used collectively to select animals that will propel your breeding programs towards your own specific goals, and towards profitability and health. Kajal Devani, Breed Development

out at a feedlot for example, that feedlot must retag the animal but will not have access to Angus tags, the animals will no longer qualify for some Angus branded beef programs. Like most things the onus of this falls on the primary producer at application but with little effort the tags can be utilized to their full capacity and retain their desired effect, which is to stay with the animal for life. Cheryl Hazenberg, CACP Co-ordinator Have you ordered your Angus Tags yet? The Canadian Angus Association represents 3,000 Angus producers nationally. When members succeed, the Association succeeds. Our programs are built by Angus members to aid not only the Angus breed in Canada but Angus members as well. While the Angus tag program targets commercial cattle by requiring tagged animals to be progeny of one registered parent, purebred animals qualify as well. Requiring a registered, transferred bull or cow to get tags drives demand for Angus breeding stock, which means greater demand for your product. Show your pride in the Angus breed and use Angus tags in all your qualifying animals. Remember to let all your bull customers know! To learn more or to order contact: Canadian Angus Association 142, 6715-8th St. NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 7H7 (403) 571-3580 Toll Free: 1-866-571-3580

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Phone: (780)674-2335 ~ Cell: (780)305-4813 ~ Fax: (780)674-4398 P.O. Box 11, Camp Creek, AB T0G 0L0 -

Ron & Laurie Hunter & family “Quality Registered & Commercial Stock”

RR 2 Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0



Willard Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-381-3191 Cell: 403-382-1990 Fax: 403-381-9093

Jack Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-327-9618 Cell: 403-330-6123 Fax: 403-327-9629

Box 25, Lethbridge, AB T1J 3y3


P&H RANCHING CO. LTD. lindsay & donna Penosky & family

P.O. Box 37, Botha, AB T0C 0N0 Phone: (403)742-4337 ● Fax: (403)742-4341

lee & laura Brown Box 217, Erskine, AB T0C 1G0 Ph: (403) 742-4226 Fax (403) 742-2962

Nagib- Krameddine

Registered Angus

KBJ Round Farms P.O. Box 238, Clyde, Alberta T0G 0P0

Jim Round (780)348-5638

Barry Round (780)348-5794

Annual “Top Genes” Bull Sale 3rd Saturday in February Robert & Karen Harris Box 175, Islay, AB T0B 2J0

Ph: (780)744-2236 Fax: (780)744-2190

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Spring Edition 2010*

- Breeders of Quality Performance Tested Angus -

P.O. Box 2044, Fairview, Alberta T0H 1L0 (780)835-3530




Richard & Joyce Lorenz

(403)728-3285 R.R. #1, Markerville, Alberta T0M 1M0

MINBURN ANGUS Breeding 150 Functional Black Angus Females Since 1945 Danny & Conna Warrilow Bill & Barbara Warrilow Ph/Fax: (780) 593-2205 (780) 593-2208 P.O. BOX 39, MINBURN, ALBERTA T0B 3B0

Angus World



Duane Parsonage



R.R. #3, Site 18, Box 17, Innisfail, AB T4G 1T8

19th Annual Bull & Female Sale March 14/09

Roy & Cindy Bjorklund R.R. #3, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 1X1 H (780)352-0813 W (780)585-2003



Quality Service Selection

RM Cattle Co.

Murray King 780/846-2691

Richard King Ph/Fax:780/846-2476

R.R. #2 Red & Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0 403/309-0905 Black Angus


P.O. Box 5728, Westlock, AB T7P 2P6 Breeding stock always available by private treaty



Box 610, Delburne, Alberta T0M 0V0 (403)749-2953 email:

Stauffer Ranches V


Valleymere TTT Black Angus Ranch

Stacey & Michel Stauffer

Travis & Halley Spady & Sons 780.879.2298 Alliance, Alberta, T0B 0A0

Ring 403.627.2511 Fax 403.627.2650 Box 2377, Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0

‘Black Angus - a Spady tradition for over 70 years”

Rick & Deb Cones

Sebastian, Sarah & Julien Box 31, Millarville, Alberta T0L 1K0 Ph: (403)931-3276 Fax: (403)931-3295 email:

Box 10, Site 15, RR 2, Cochrane, Alberta Canada T4C 1A2 Ph: 403.932.5590 Cell: 403.803.0730



RIvERBEND FARM LTD. Bud, Barb & John McBride Box 51, Benalto, Alberta T0M 0H0 Phone: (403)746-2555 / Phone/Fax: (403)746-2630



The Koenning’s

Ken & Sharon Chitwood

Walter & Lyla (403) 227-2071 Chris & Stacy (403) 227-5567

Box 8, Site 7, R.R. #4, Innisfail, AB T4G 1T9

Ph:(403)948-3094 Fax: (403)948-6329 R.R. #2, Airdrie, AB T4B 2A4

Elllamae & Mike Box 247, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 Ph/Fax: (403)642-2055 email:

Premium Quality Since 1972

Shawn & Cathy

Glen, Dale, Wayne & Terry Elliott Ph/Fax: (403)832-3774 l Ph: (403)832-3112 P.O. Box 113 Seven Persons, AB T0K 1Z0




Box 115, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 (403)642-2041

ROyAL vALLEy CATTLE CO. RED ANGUS A Place Where Performance, Style and Meat Come Together

Box 127, Sangudo, Alberta, Canada T0E 2A0


(780) 785-3205

FAX (780) 785-2453

Registered & Commercial Red Angus

THISTLE RIDGE RANCH Ben & Carol Tams P.O. Box 4205, Taber, Alberta T1G 2C7 Phone/Fax: (403)223-4118


Box 1052, Coaldale, AB T1M 1M9 (403)345-3835 Fax (403)345-3836

SPRuCE ViEw AnGuS RAnCH Wayne Grant P.O. Box 174, Killam, Alberta (780)385-2216

P.O. Box 444, Sangudo, Alberta T0E 2A0 Fax 785-3403





Park F w a o ll


Dave & Gail (780) 785-2091 Kirk (780) 785-3772

"The Home of Angus Beef Cattle" Gary Slezina


Angus Ranch

Purebred Black Angus since 1920

Jim & Betty Richardson (403)224-3286

Box 32, Bowden, AB T0M 0K0

Lassiter Brothers

X Angus

Box 763, Bassano, Alberta T0J 0B0 Ph: 403/641-4467 ~ Fax:403/6412355 Spring Bull Sale ● Female (Private Treaty) ● Embryos Using A.I. program & Embryo transfer to raise well balanced cattle.

Angus World

Angus - Always in Demand Spring Edition 2010*

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Double AA Angus Bill Dillabaugh P.O. Box 91, Coleville, SK S0L 0K0 (306) 965-2554

Annual Rancher’s Choice Spring Bull Sale




Linwood Angus functional & Competitive Elwood, Linda & Jeremy Smith P.O. Box 92, Nokomis, SK S0G 3R0 (306) 528-4422


MANTEI FARMS ANGUS Allan & Sherry Aitken & Sons Box 53, Eyebrow, Saskatchewan S0H 1L0 (306)759-2701










Doug & Lynn McIvor

(306) 567-4702

Box 688, Davidson, SK S0G 1A0

Belmoral Angus Darrell & Jacqui Bell & family P.O. Box 193, Dubuc, SK S0A 0R0 Ph: 306/877-4402 - Fax: 306/877-4402 Don & Glenda Bell - 306/877-2014

Bull Sale Annually Mid-March Whitewood, SK

Jim & Peggy Grant P.O. Box 220, Edam, SK S0M 0v0 (306)397-2541

Cecil & Brenda, Jesse, Tyler & Calay Mantei Box 873, Estevan, Sask S4A 2A7



Flying K Ranch Registered Red Angus Since 1972

Brian & Christine Hanel

Donna Hanel

Box 1902, Swift Current, SK S9H 4M6 (306)773-6313 email:

R.R. #1, Wymark, SK S0N 2Y0 Ph/Fax: (306)773-6984

10 miles south of Swift Current on Hwy #4 & 8 miles west



RANCHING LTD. David Flundra

Purebred Red Angus Bulls, Females & Commercial Cattle

P.O. Box 1453, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7N4

16 km east of Walsh, Alberta

Tel: (306)662-2449 Fax: (306)662-2556

Cell: (403)502-4776

Wes & Kim Olynyk (306)876-4420 Irene Olynyk (306)876-4400 Annual Bull Sale Second Monday in April Box 192, Goodeve, SK S0A 1C0

Ho we R e d A n gu s Doug Howe (306)693-2163

Mike or Dale Howe (306)693-2127

183-325-4th SW, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 5v2 Fax (306)692-0081 //

Ranches Inc. Don’t Roll - JustRock Jon & Shelly Fox P.O. Box 320 Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2

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Spring Edition 2010*

Angus World

Phone: 306-825-9702 Fax: 306-825-9782 Res: 306-825-9624 Email:

Kim Robertson Box 159, Alsask, SK S0L 0A0 Res: 306/968-2637 / Cell: 306/463-8405 5 miles east of Alsask and 2 miles north on Merid Grid

Z RED ANGU A R Phil Birnie W Box 461, Wawota, SK S0G 5A0 S Roger Hardy Registered Red Angus Commercial Angus

Box 455, Midale, Saskatchewan S0C 1S0 Ph: (306)458-2359 - Cell: (306)458-7521

Ph: 306/739-2988 ~ Fax: 306/739-2137 ~ Cell: 306/577-7440 email: Red Angus Bulls & Females For Sale ~ Commercial Heifers Herdsman: Gordon Murray 306/739-2177 - cell: 306/646-7980


S South Shadow Angus & Paints S A P Registered Bulls - Commercial Females - Ranch Horses

Don & Connie Delorme & Family Box 28, Robsart, Saskatchewan S0N 2G0 (306)299-4494 ~

Classic Black Cattle For The Practical Rancher Quality Paint Horses For Versatility




Shane, Alexis, Keaton, Kamrie, Kohen Registered & Korbyn Kaufmann 306/454-2688 Red & Black Angus P.O. Box 130, Ceylon, SK S0C 0T0 ● Fax: (306)454-2643 ●

P.O. Box 183, Luseland, SK S0L 2A0

(306) 834-2844

Luseland - .5 mile W, 12 Miles S & .25 mile W. Kerrobert - 12 miles W, Hwy# 51, .5 mile N, .25 mile W


Box 28, Carievale, SK S0C 0P0

Tim & Wendy Baker (204)966-3320

(306) 928-4810




Brent, Dale & Kelsey Box 908,

Russell, MB E 1W0 WA R0J204/773-2356 fax: 773-3579 R CATTLE CO. e-mail:

Ontario Bruce & Ione Anderson R.R.# 2, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0 (204) 734-2073 Red Angus "Visitors Always Welcome"



Quality Angus Cattle


Box 718 Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0

Barrie & Bernice Baker (204)966-3822

Barry & Marj Young & Family

SPlEndoRViEw AnGuS fARM John Gottfried & Family

R.R. #1, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0


“Raising Quality Cattle To work for You”

Keith, Linda & Stacey Kaufmann

Greenbush Angus

visitors Always Welcome

Les & Ethel Smith & family (306)893-4094

WRed il-Sel Angus

Est: 1980

Doreen 306/263-4407 306/263-4923 Fax Corbin, Lynette, Cole & Conner 306/263-4407 The Selody’s ~ Flintoft, SK S0H 1R0

Willows W WindyFarms W F Collin A Sauder Michelle Potapinski

Box 55, Hodgeville, SK S0H 2B0 Phone/Fax: 306/677-2507

Jack & Barb Hart General Delivery, Brookdale, Manitoba R0K 0G0 (204) 476-2607

Nberry Cree A k ANgUS Cr David & Jeanette Neufeld 204/534-2380

Box 171, Boissevain Manitoba R0K 0E0

#636077, holland-Euphrasia Townline, RR 3, markdale, On n0C 1h0 Office Phone: (519)986-1330 Fax: (519)986-4736

Purebred Black Angus Bulls & Females for Sale.

Website: / E-mail: “OuR STREnGTh IS CREATEd By OuR CuSTOmERS SuCCESS”

Dealers for Merritt Aluminum Trailers Call today!!

Roy & vicki Forsyth

Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0 (204)448-2245

ANGUS Ian Gross

Registered Red & BlackAngus

P.O. Box 29, Rush Lake, Saskatchewan S0H 3S0 ● (306)773-6873

Fax: (204)448-2126

Allen & Merilyn Staheli Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0


Angus World

DunforD royal Cattle Company Stan & Eva Dunford R.R. #5 726040 Township Rd 3 Woodstock, Ontario N4S 7v9 Casey Fanta - Farm Manager - 519/467-5757 Office: 519/467-5700 ~ email:

Spring Edition 2010*

Page 45







Don & Jeannette Currie R.R. #1, Nottawa, Ontario L0M 1P0 Ph/Fax: (705)445-1526 Luc Noiseux et Chantal Boisvert

Service Animal Noiseux 20, rang Elmire “route 235” St-Paul d’Abbotsford, Qc J0E 1A0 Tel: (450)379-9989 Autoroute #10, sortie #55, 3 km sur la #235 Nord.

John & Donna Donaldson Ryan Currie - Herdsman JD Farms 329 Brill Road, West Bolton, Quebec J0E 2T0 Tel: (450)539-1862 E-mail:

Les Fermes

Rolling Acres

Angus & Hereford

C260 Heath Road, Shawville, Quebec J0X 2Y0 “Breeding for foundation Cow families”

John & Pat Duivenvoorden


1672 10th Line, Innisfil, ON L9S 3P3 ❋ (705)431-0319



“Quality Genetics and a Commitment to Service”

Jeff Whitely 1212 Safari Rd, RR #1 Millgrove (Flamborough) Ontario L0R 1V0

Stephen & Paula

Laird & Mary



Fax: (819)647-3541 //

United States

Home: 905-659-4071 Fax: 905-659-4316 Email:

Rideau Angus Farm Jim & Gwen Peaker

Red Angus Association of America

& American Red Angus Magazine

R.R. #4, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 (613)258-2762 (613)258-4089 R.R. #4, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

4201 N. Interstate 35 Denton, Texas 76207-3415 (940)387-3502 - Fax: (940)383-4036

Doug & Carolyn Milne-Smith

email: Internet address:

D & C Cattle Co

Rob & Sandy Foubert 613/258-1062 4373 Rideau River Road, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Angus - Always in Demand When you want to know what is happening


in the Angus Business immediately use the world wide web . . . Sale Results, Show Results and lots of other information!

12201 TORBRAM RD, CALEDON. ONTARIO L7C 2T4 * (905)843-1236

Page 46

Spring Edition 2010*

Angus World

Events Calendar June 13 Alberta Angus Association Hall of Fame Banquet, Crossfield, AB June 16 Manitoba Angus Field Day, DJ Cattle Co, Brookdale, MB June 19 Canadian Angus Association Annual General Meeting, Halifax, NS July 13-17 Alberta Junior Angus Association Show, Olds, AB July 23 Manitoba Angus Gold Show, Harding, MB August 3 - 7 Sask Angus Gold & Junior Show, Prince Albert, SK September 6 49th Parallel Partners in Genetics Sale, Brunner, ON September 11 Georgian Angus Premier Sale, Maxwell, ON September 12 Graham Red Angus Dispersal, St. Mary’s, ON September 19 40th Annual Preview Show, Brampton, ON September 25 Brylor Ranch ‘Tradition With A Vision’ Female Sale, Fort Macleod, AB October 1-3 Autumn Angus Legacy Weekend, Olds, AB October 9 Top Line Red Angus Dispersal, Virden, MB October 2 Black Magic Sale, Olds, AB October 15 Soo Line Cattle Co Complete ‘Red Angus’ Dispersal Sale, Midale, SK October 16 Six Mile Female Sale, Fir Mountain, SK October 22-23 Red Round-up, Red Deer, AB October 28 Bar E L & Guests Red Angus Production Sale, Byemoor, AB October 29 Chickadee Farm Red Angus Dispersal Sale, Innisfail, AB October 30 LLB Autumn Opportunity Female Sale, Erskine, AB November 5-13 National Angus Show, Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB December 4 Saskalta Giant Cow Sale, Saskatoon, SK December 4 Keystone Classic Sale, Brandon, MB December 11 Atlasta Bull & Seriously Black Female Sale, Sylvan Lake, AB December 14 Remington Land & Cattle Co Select Female Sale Del Bonita, AB

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Spring Edition 2010*

Page 47

Spring Edition 2010*

Angus World

Angus World Spring 2010, Volume 18, Issue 2  

Angus World Spring 2010, Volume 18, Issue 2